Field Day (2023) Movie Script

Isabelle, come down!
Did you finish your breakfast?
We need to leave enough time
for the first day
of school photo.
Oh, I haven't unpacked my tween
to English dictionary yet.
I'm just gonna assume
"ugh" means I'll be right there.
Hey! Language!
Uh... okay.
Oh, look at you.
Do you have everything?
- You got your backpack?
- Yes.
- Your binder?
- Yes.
This is your lunch.
I'm not worried.
As soon as that creep
realizes we found
his deleted social media post,
I guarantee he settles
out of court.
Sweetie, let's go outside
for a picture.
No, Carl.
On what planet do I call
my paralegal sweetie?
Maybe in the south?
Five minutes in the car?
I will talk to you
when I get into the office.
No, around 9:00 AM.
I'm taking Lucy to school
and then I have that PTO thing.
I thought Dad was gonna
do that.
This is your last year
of elementary school.
I don't wanna miss a beat.
Oh, you look great.
Hi everyone.
Good morning.
Uh... Kell, do we have any
half and half in here?
It's in there.
I promise.
I don't see it.
Okay Jordan, are you ready
for our annual
first day of school selfie?
Hi everyone.
It's BMF Kelly with some
first day of school pic tips.
What's a BMF?
It means best mom friend.
Sweetie, do we really have
to post everything in our lives?
And I can assure you, there
is no half and half in here.
It's not everything.
It's just what I think other
moms might find helpful.
Like... how to get
your husband
to look behind the mayo when
he's trying to find the creamer.
I could've put mayo
in my coffee.
Now that would've
been content worthy.
That's disgusting.
I mean, there's
an audience for it.
Okay guys,
talk to you soon. Muah!
- You got your lunch?
- Yes.
- Do you have your confidence?
- No.
Oh, wait! We need our first day
of school photo.
Um, you know the drill.
We gotta get a good one
for the grandparents
and a silly one for us. Okay?
It was a tradition with you,
me and Dad at our old house.
It's not the same here.
Honey, I know it's not.
But in a way, your dad,
he is here with us because
this is where he grew up.
This is where your
grandparents live.
It's what we planned on.
This is where your dad
wanted us to be.
What if no one likes me?
Well, that's just impossible.
You're the coolest kid I know.
And even if you weren't my kid,
I would wanna hang out with you.
Yeah, 'cause you're
not cool, so...
That's true, I'm not cool.
You have a point there.
we're running late.
Alright, one big smile, sweetheart.
It's perfect, I love it!
Let's go.
Why are you still
in your pajama pants?
Well, no one's gonna see them.
I'm not getting out of the car.
Here we go.
Have a great day, sweetheart.
Oh, I love you so much.
I love you too.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Isabelle! Isabelle!
Isabelle! Your lunch!
Your lunch!
I am, uh, so sorry!
You can't park here.
No, I understand... okay.
Okay, here we go.
Just conference me in, okay?
I can't miss this PTO thing.
Yes, Tim usually does it.
Just get Wallace on the phone
so I'm not late.
Last thing I need is to get
stuck doing Field Day.
Hi! Um...
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
I have a... um...
I just need to get through the...
Hey! Still me.
Uh, I have lunch,
it's my daughter's lunch.
She's wearing headphones.
Oh! Sorry. I...
Can we buzz her in?
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I'm back.
The door, it closed.
I didn't get to it in time.
Hello! Hello! Uh...
Oh, hi.
Thank you.
Happy to help.
I like those pants.
I did not think I would be
getting out of the car.
Well, don't be embarrassed,
I have seen worse.
Trust me, I have seen things.
I guess I should get
in there
and give the office
my daughter's lunch.
Actually, you don't have to.
Oh, so I didn't need to...
Oh. What can I say?
I'm new.
Hi New, I'm Dan.
Oh, no... did you just
dad joke me?
I did, sorry. It's kind of
a force of a habit.
The, uh, the kids hate it.
How many kids do you have?
About 150.
Yeah, you know,
give or take.
Well, that's my cue.
It was nice to meet you...
- Jen.
- Jen. Right.
Oh... sorry.
I'm still Ben.
- Bye!
- Thank you.
What do you mean
Wallace isn't answering?
Just try his backup,
backup cell.
Um, excuse me.
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to interrupt.
No, you're not.
Actually, I'm just waiting
for a conference call to start
and I'm evidently
gonna be waiting
until the PTO meeting's over.
That's where everyone's going.
I thought that was next week.
No, it's today.
I'm actually heading there too
if you want to follow me.
Are you coming?
I can't go like this.
You were running late
and didn't think
you'd be getting out
of the car?
We've all been there,
no one's gonna care.
I just can't meet
a bunch of moms
for the first time dressed
like this.
Just get in there,
sign up for what you want,
and then make your escape.
We really need to get in there
otherwise we're
gonna get stuck...
Yes! Hello, Mister Wallace.
Yes, we just need a quick
statement from you.
Stuck with what?
Oh... hello.
Kelly and I wanted to start
by telling you how happy we are
that you all came out
this morning.
If everyone could, uh,
please take their seats.
Thank you.
Now, the individual
event committee meetings
should take place one month
prior to the date...
Not happening.
Uh... Marissa, if you could
please just sign up
for an event and take a seat.
Uh-uh... I'm not doing
Field Day.
Now Marissa, you know
that every committee event
is equally important.
- Hmm.
Besides, I'm sure your daughter
will be so happy
to know you're getting involved
this year.
There you go.
So, Field Day
is what you didn't want
to get stuck with.
How'd you guess?
- Thank you.
- Mmhmm.
Oh... wow.
It is wonderful to see how much
school spirit you all have.
I can already tell that this is
going to be a great year.
But I see that we only have
two names for Field Day.
- That's us?
- That's us.
Well, I'm sure we can
find someone
who missed the meeting to do it.
That being said, it is only
a month away,
so we'll need someone
with experience
in planning school events.
- Mmhmm.
Ah! Is Tim available?
- Who's Tim?
- Husband.
Now, we definitely
should have someone
on the Field Day committee who
we can trust to get things done.
You should do it, Kelly.
Oh... no, no, no.
No, I didn't mean me.
Oh, I did.
That's why I told you,
you should do it.
Well, I'm in charge of
Trunk or Treat.
I know, and you would do
an amazing,
absolutely amazing job.
But I really need you on this, Kelly.
I mean, you'd be doing me
and the kids a huge favor.
No problem.
What are friends for?
So, we're all set then. Wonderful.
Shall we move onto
the next item?
So, you're new to the school, right?
Yes, I am. We moved here
this summer.
I'm Jen, Jen Davis.
Well, welcome.
I'm Kelly Stewart.
This is Marissa Morris.
Yes, we met this morning.
I would not have known today
was the PTO meeting without her.
I am so sorry.
Can I just ask what is so bad
about Field Day?
Isn't it just relay races
and games?
Um... who... who was in charge
of Field Day last year?
- Michelle Grant.
- Hmm.
- She homeschools now.
- Mmhmm.
Maybe that's how it was,
but it...
Excuse me.
But it's not gonna be
how it is.
Not with me in charge.
Those moms are gonna wish
they were us.
I bet you wish you stayed
in the car.
You have no idea.
So, Izzy, did you make a lot
of new friends today?
Yeah, a few.
Um... this one girl Jordan,
she's really nice.
Why didn't you tell me
that when I asked you?
Grandma pays for information.
Here you go, sweetie.
I'll take that bribe.
Okay then...
Did you meet any new friends
at school today?
I met a few other PTO moms.
- That is it.
- Names?
Do you want the chocolate
or not?
Um... Kelly and Marissa.
We're on the Field Day
planning committee together.
Are they nice?
You should invite them
for brunch.
Oh, but don't make that eggplant
casserole thing.
It's not for everybody.
I'm not sure I'm ready for
the whole mom group thing yet.
Plus, I don't think either
of them are my friend type.
You mean like your friends
in Maine.
Just give her a chance
to get settled in. Hmm?
I'm sure you made a great
first impression.
I was wearing my breakfast
pajama pants the entire time.
Thank you.
Yup. Yes, absolutely.
As soon as I get back
in the office
I will make up the time
on the back end.
Go to text only
for the next hour, Carl.
You can't focus on Field Day
if you're on your phone, Marissa.
You literally just
videoed yourself
doing a pumpkin spiced
latte dance.
Yes, but that was before
the FDPC meeting started.
What's the FDPC?
The Field Day
Planning Committee.
That's what I'm calling us.
Not the suckers?
By the way, you don't follow me
on social.
It's @Kellyyourmombestfriend.
All one word.
Great, I will be sure to.
- Oh, you mean, like, right now?
- Mmhmm.
Yeah, just do it.
She's not gonna let it go.
Okay. What kinda stuff do
you post about?
Oh, you know, mom life,
school, uh kids, cooking...
Fashion, skin care, hair,
TV shows, marriage stuff...
Oh, you saw that post?
Oh, I was just joking.
You know which one
I did see though?
The one where you talked about
how you felt sorry
for all the kids whose moms had
to work full time.
I... I don't remember saying
anything of the sort.
Maybe we should just
get back to Field Day.
Great idea.
By the way, what do you
do Jen?
I'm a web designer.
I work full time.
But I make my own hours
from home
so, I guess, it's
a happy medium.
That's lucky.
How about your husband?
He passed, actually.
A little over two years ago.
Oh... I'm so sorry.
I can't imagine.
Your poor daughter.
Is she okay?
It's a struggle.
But, yeah, she's doing
really well.
It must be hard to move away
from home,
leave all your friends.
It is. But we wanted
to be closer to family.
My parents live here.
Nate's parents are
a few hours south.
So, it was... it was really
the right move.
Um... Let's see.
Kelly. Here we go.
Five PTO meeting don'ts.
I was running late.
I didn't say you.
I... I didn't mean you.
I, um...
You know what?
Let's just start this meeting.
Okay, first thing...
first thing we need is,
uh, we need someone to go
over to the school gym
to check inventory
for the storage closet.
We need to know what
we're working with.
Cones, mats, tables, chairs.
Jen? You can tackle this.
Oh, I can go right now.
No time like the present
and no present like time.
Did you come up with that?
Georgia Byng did.
I... I didn't see that.
Alright. I'll see
you ladies later.
- Bye!
- Bye.
- I didn't see that.
- Okay.
Okay... see what we got
in here.
Come on, get outta there.
Who's in there?
Oh. Sorry.
I'm, uh, taking inventory
for the PTO.
Jen... with the breakfast pants.
I am taking those pants and I
am burning them in a fire pit.
- What's that?
- What?
- What?
- Nothing.
No, no. What did you say?
I'm just wondering how
a seemingly innocuous
fashion decision can haunt
a person for her entire life.
Ah, so if I'm hearing
this right,
you'd prefer me not to mention
the breakfast pants.
If you don't mind.
Never to be spoken again.
Sorry for yelling at you,
it's just that the students like
to hide in here
to get out of running laps.
Oh! I should, um...
Okay! You play.
I used to. But, um, I got
injured so that was that.
Right. Yeah, I had
a complete ACL tear.
Kind of ended my
football career.
Achilles rupture,
two surgeries.
Thought I was gonna play
in college
but that didn't work out.
Well, I should get back to it.
Right. Hey, so, uh... what are
you taking inventory for?
If you don't mind me asking.
I mean, it is my closet
after all.
Field Day.
I'm on the planning committee.
Oh. How'd you get roped
into that nightmare?
I was 10 minutes late
to the PTO meeting.
And I missed the late night
email from the Department Chair
which is why you're looking
at the staff advisor
for the aforementioned nightmare.
That's what I said but in a
slightly more... colorful way.
Well listen, if you need
any help, just... let me know.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Hey kiddo!
I know you're back there.
Let's go.
Let's get to class.
Here we go.
Teacher's intuition.
Have a good one.
Kelly, you do realize
we cannot bring everyone
to this mountain retreat
on Field Day, right?
The owner has a mobile
adventure course
for fundraisers and schools.
And he's giving us a discount
if we post about it online.
And, of course, I'm gonna
post about it
for all of my followers.
How many followers
do you have?
About 10,000 and growing.
Hey! Maybe you can help me
design my website.
Sure. I would love to.
I just have to warn you
my rates are quite high.
Oh, well I thought
we could barter.
For what?
Run away!
I think we should talk about
this after Field Day.
I like your optimism.
That I can design her
a web site?
That we're actually gonna
make it to Field Day.
Hey Lucy, hold on.
I'm still going over
the liability waiver.
Excuse me.
Are you Marcus?
I am. Welcome
to Jericho Hill.
What can I do for you?
I have an issue with
the arbitration clause.
I'm sorry ma'am, but
that's not negotiable.
Everything's negotiable.
Not if you want your kid to do
the course today it isn't.
Mom, come on.
Everybody's already
up the ladder.
Ah... it's okay.
There's always a way around
the waiver if something happens.
Nothing's going to happen.
He's right.
They're actually quite safe.
Nate and I used to do them
all the time in Maine.
What she said.
Now... let's get your gear on, ladies.
Oh... no, no, no.
It's okay.
We just wanted the kids
to try it
to make sure it made sense
for our event.
You sure?
I found that both kids
and parents find the course
very empowering.
It's a safe way to conquer
their fears.
Oh, it's not fear.
I'm just not dressed for it.
You're wearing workout clothes.
Well you very well know that
this isn't for actual exercise.
Ah, think of all the content
if you did get up there.
Okay, yeah. I'm in.
You coming Jen?
Yeah. I'll... I'll be right
behind you.
Alright. Who's ready
for a mountain adventure?
Let's go.
Stay safe.
- Hey.
- Hi.
You okay?
Piper, why don't you go meet me
at the checkin, okay?
Piper, that's a beautiful name.
Is she your daughter?
You didn't answer
the question.
What was the question?
Are you okay?
I'm great.
Yeah, just... enjoying
the mountain air.
You don't wanna
join them up there?
Bum Achilles. Remember?
If you're scared of heights
I'll go up there with you.
It's not a heights thing.
I used to do stuff like that
all the time.
It's, uh... it's a 'what happens
to my daughter
if something happens
to me' thing.
- Hi Mom.
- Hi.
Um, can I get some water, please?
Of course, I'll go with you.
The course is so fun.
It is, huh?
I thought you'd like it.
Off you go!
You got this!
That's so nice.
I love that Isabelle and Piper,
they're rock climbing together.
Yeah, it's so cute.
I just hope they're
both careful.
Ah, they'll be fine.
Isabelle is strong.
She's had to be since
her dad passed.
I'm so sorry, I had no idea.
Yeah. I try not to lead with it
when I meet new people
because everything changes.
I'm no longer just Jen.
I'm Jen,
the one whose husband died.
It was nice being just Jen
while it lasted.
Right. Or Jen with
the breakfast pants.
Oh no. No.
That's too soon.
Sorry. I just couldn't help
myself there.
Well, I should probably let
you get up to the ropes course.
No... I mean, once
you've climbed Everest,
you know, zip-lines are... yawn.
- You've climbed Everest?
- Yeah.
You don't believe me?
Pics or it didn't happen.
Oh... wait, my camera froze
'cause it's so cold up there.
Yeah, I bet.
Mmhmm. Hey listen,
do you want...
- Cider?
- Cider, yeah.
Ooh. Do you think they have
hot cider?
I don't know.
I'm just gonna see
what I can do here for us.
You really love being
a teacher, don't you?
I do.
What I really love
is teaching them a new sport.
And showing them, you know,
that they can do something that
they didn't think they could.
See, for me it would be
having the absolute power
of the whistle.
Oh no, it's that too,
'cause that's the elementary
school's mjlnir.
And after school everyone's
You said my dad joke was bad.
That was funny.
I thought that was funny.
Admit it, you're probably
gonna use it tomorrow.
I'll admit nothing
and I probably will 'cause
it was actually pretty funny.
Well, I should, um...
I should probably go check
on Isabelle.
Right, yeah. Of course.
I will... see you...
in the storage room.
Thanks for the cider.
You're welcome.
Hey guys.
What were we just looking at?
I was looking at trees.
Oh, come on, you know what
she was talking about.
You were just flirting
with Dan Aldridge.
No, I wasn't.
Then why are you blushing?
I'm drinking hot cider!
Oh, there is nothing to be
embarrassed to be about.
There have been plenty of
single moms at the school
who have tried to get
some physical education
from Dan Aldridge.
Okay, you can stop.
Until they found out
that he has a rule
against dating anyone
whose kid goes to the school.
I thought you were married.
Not for me!
Okay. Well, rules are rules,
so, there's nothing
to talk about.
Are you saying there would've
been something to talk about
if he didn't have
that rule?
Okay, you're a scary lawyer, lady.
Thank you.
- You guys want some cider?
- I'd love some.
No. I stay away.
I don't ever remember you
ever working on a Sunday.
I know. I'm so behind
on my web gigs.
I've been spending so much time
working on Field Day.
The PTO's like a second job.
Which is why I'm here
to help you keep unpacking.
Doesn't seem like you've
done much yourself
since the last time.
Well like I said, I have
a lot going on, Mom.
Don't you think it sends
the wrong message to Isabelle?
Like you're not all in
on this fresh start?
I'm just not there yet.
Which drawer do you want to put
the serving utensils in?
The middle drawer... no...
back, back drawer?
I don't know.
I can't decide.
Why not?
Because I don't want to pick
the wrong drawer
and then a year from now we just
have to start all over again.
One thing I can tell you
for certain is
you're never gonna feel like
you're home
until you make it one.
You have to start somewhere.
Hi Mom.
Are we going
to the fall fair today?
Oh... Izz, I've got so much work
to catch up on.
But everyone's going.
Think of it like another spoon
in the drawer.
Okay. We can go.
Thank you.
What time did you wake up
this morning?
Oh, I wanted to get
all my work done
so that I could come to
the fall fair with you two.
We'd love that.
But only if you're really
with us.
You can't be on your phone
all the time.
I know, which is why I'm going
to be unreachable.
- Really?
- Yes, really.
I'm going to leave my phone
at home and my laptop.
And my watch.
- Let's do this.
- Let's do it.
Kell. We've been waiting for you
for 10 minutes.
By the time you're ready
it's gonna be winter festival.
I know, okay?
I'm sorry. I'm ready.
Oh... unless... unless you think
I should wear my other boots.
If my life depended upon it,
I could not identify one name
brand that you're wearing.
But I think you're beautiful and
I think you would be beautiful
if you were wearing
a burlap sack.
Is it a designer burlap sack?
If it's yours... obviously.
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
Okay, okay.
Don't underestimate me.
You know, you know
I'll just do it.
You know what?
While we wait, I think
I might try to rustle up
some more volunteers
for Field Day.
- Sure.
- Okay.
Hi, I'm Jen.
I'm on your wife's committee.
Jen. Yes. Pajama pant Jen.
- Yeah.
- Of course.
- Mmhmm.
- Good to meet you.
Dad, can I go to
face painting?
Can I go too?
Sure. You guys have fun.
Oh wait, Lucy. I thought
we were getting donuts.
Can't I go with Isabelle
and Jordan?
Of course you can.
Jen, hi.
This is my husband Tim.
- Oh, hi.
- Nice to meet you.
Very nice to meet you.
And this is Kevin,
Kelly's husband.
- Good to meet you.
- Yeah.
Is Kelly here too?
Yeah, she's rounding up
some volunteers for Field Day.
Oh, and here we thought we had
one day off from all of that.
I hope she's having more luck
than I've had.
Everyone I ask,
they just look at me
like I'm asking them
to help me move.
Hey, any luck?
Well we have three for sure.
Not including us.
You've gotta be kidding.
We need help, Kell.
I know. Okay?
It's gonna be fine.
It's fine!
You know there's a hard
cider truck a few carts down.
- You're reading my mind.
- Excellent.
I know you didn't wanna be
in charge of Field Day
but this is your committee.
You gotta figure it out, Kell.
You know what?
We didn't actually come here
for a Field Day meeting.
We came here to enjoy
the fall festival,
so that's what I'm gonna do.
We should probably go
after her.
Oh really?
I was thinking that the hard
cider sounded good.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Here we go.
Woo hoo!
I will pay you $100
to show me the way out.
She's kidding. Come on.
Hey there.
Uh... I'm not lost, if that's,
you know, what you're thinking.
It is. And you totally are.
I am not.
Shh! Don't let the kids
find out.
They'll never let me
live this down.
I'm not gonna let you
live it down either.
Marissa and I are lost too.
Great. Now I have to find
Kelly and Marissa.
This maze is nothing
but dead ends.
You know, I have this theory
that no one really likes
corn mazes.
Maybe 'cause they're too much
like real life.
How so?
You just stumble around
not sure where you're going,
praying you're on
the right path,
and just as soon as you think
you've got it all figured out...
Bam! Wall of corn!
Wall of corn, that's a really
good band name.
I was just gonna say that.
I think I'm gonna backtrack,
try to find Marissa.
You can come with me
if you want.
No, I think I should go
this way.
You know, my pride
is on the line here.
So why don't I meet you
out there?
- Suit yourself.
- Great.
Good luck!
Yes, absolutely.
I will get back to you tonight.
Alright, thank you.
Here you go.
Thank you so much.
Oh... hi! Hi.
Please, don't tell Tim
that you saw me on the phone.
Because I promised him and Lucy
that I would not work today
and here I am begging a complete
stranger to borrow their phone
just so that I could check in
at work.
What is wrong with me?
You're just trying
to find balance
and you're very lucky
that Tim is there for you.
Yeah, he's the best.
I don't know what I would do
if something happened to him.
Oh... I'm... so sorry.
I didn't... mean, um...
No, it's okay.
I worry about something
happening to me too.
Okay. The way you're looking
at me right now...
that's why it wasn't hard for me
to leave my friends in Maine.
Because they had all
already left me.
They couldn't imagine what
happened to me happening to them
and every time they saw me
they did.
So they just...
they all faded away.
It doesn't sound like they were
very good friends.
That's the worst part.
I didn't see it coming,
any of it, and I...
I don't wanna feel like
that again.
Hey. There you are.
We were looking for you.
Why? To tell me what a terrible
committee chair I am?
We're gonna find people, Kelly.
And if we can't then I will get
my interns to do it.
Yes. Sometimes I use my scary
lady lawyer powers for good.
Alright. Let's get outta here.
Wait, I have to pick up
one straggler.
One straggler.
Come on!
Oh, man.
Let's go, Aldridge!
Yes. Oh, thank you.
I was about to send up
a flare.
Do you know how
to get outta here?
Nope. He does.
Top of the hour, shift change,
he's outta here.
Come on!
- Whoo! We did it!
- Freedom!
I owe you one.
Maybe we should just forget
about PTO stuff today
and enjoy being
with our families.
That is your best idea yet.
- This way.
- No, I think it's this way.
- Definitely this way.
- Is it this way?
- Do you know where you're going?
- No!
- It's this way.
- Okay...
It's very important
that we have all this lined up.
Do you understand?
- Hi!
- Hi.
Are you ladies here
for the pumpkin bake?
What exactly is
a pumpkin bake?
Oh, it's like Iron Chef
except the secret ingredient
is always pumpkin.
So, it's not actually
a secret then?
We are excited to be bringing
the golden pie tin
back to Rock Oak
for another year.
Oh, you seem so
confident there.
We are.
Hey Suzanne. Suzanne. Suzanne.
So, I heard that you have
almost 20 people
on your Trunk or Treat
committee, is that right?
Yes, it's a very popular event.
Very interesting,
because we actually...
we still need 20 people
to volunteer on Field Day.
Oh. I heard.
Um... anything I can do to help?
Well, you are PTO president, Suzanne.
You could get people to help
if you wanted to.
Well, unfortunately
I can't force anyone
to do anything, so...
So, I had this idea.
What if our team wins this whole
pumpkin bake-off thing?
You could send all of your Trunk
or Treat committee
to help us volunteer
on Field Day.
And when you don't win?
We will volunteer at every
other PTO event this year.
- Oh, I don't know that I...
- Oh, uh, I actually feel like...
I would love to take you
up on that
but unfortunately all of
the tables are full.
That... that table's actually,
that's not full.
That's an empty table.
Can we...?
Yeah, one of the teams
didn't show.
So, can we have that table?
She can't have that spot!
There was an official
sign-up sheet.
What is it with her
and the sign-up sheets?
This isn't a TV show and I'm
not being paid for any of this.
Take the spot.
Thank you!
So we have a deal?
Works for me.
Why did you do that?
Because she is awful!
And she's not even helping
her own PTO
and now we can poach
her volunteers.
So, what? You have a can't miss
pumpkin recipe or something?
I do. My mom's
pumpkin cheesecake.
I'll just, I'll text her
for the recipe.
Uh, actually
that's not allowed.
There's no recipes.
Wait, what? Why?
Why... why are there
no recipes?
I don't know.
Because baking's supposed
to come from the heart
or something.
I don't know.
I don't make the rules.
Okay. I don't know...
I... I... don't know how to bake
from the heart.
I know how to follow
a very specific recipe.
So, what about you?
You post about baking
all the time.
What've you got?
Right, and when I do post about
all of my baking, I... I...
Buy it from the store,
put it in a dish
and pretend that you made it, right?
How did you know that?
Oh, no.
Please, I invented
the pastry pass-off.
I have never felt closer
to you.
So we've got nothing.
- Kinda seems that way.
- Yeah.
Pumpkin bake teams...
please make your way
to the tables.
What have I done?
Okay, so now we need eggs
and we need baking powder.
Izzy, it was four cups
of flour.
Does that sound right?
Yeah, it was four.
Okay, let's do
four cups of flour.
What's this?
That's baking soda.
Put in some baking soda, okay?
- Two eggs?
- Just a little-
- Just two?
- Oh no! No!
Yes, we need butter. Butter!
Oh, and milk. Milk!
I'll get the milk.
- Okay.
- I can get that out.
Um... so we have decided
that this is a loaf, right?
It cannot be a loaf,
it has to be a cake.
Which is just a circular loaf.
It's a different density.
I think there was
more eggs.
Are we really bringing
math into this?
Why don't you go see
what Suzanne's doing?
That might help.
- I'm gonna add some milk.
- Okay.
- I think milk is great.
- She said two more eggs?
Woo-hoo! Good to go!
Don't touch that.
That's not the pumpkin.
How do you open this?
We don't have a can opener.
Hi. Oh, yay.
What are they doing?
Uh... laughing and dancing?
Like in a baking montage?
But what are they making?
Oh, uh... cookies, I think.
- We should make cookies too.
- No. No, no, no.
Why do you wanna be like her?
We have to beat her.
We're making a cake!
This is a cake!
It's gonna be a cake.
Here we go.
- Oh, no!
- Oh!
Well, that just defies
the laws of physics.
Okay, we have one more.
We have one more.
Make room for the...
Okay, so it's a single
layer cake.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
Ten minutes 'till judging!
Quick! Frost it.
How come no one
else made cake?
Because there
isn't enough time
for the cake to cool down
before you... frost it.
Nailed it!
That's why no one's
making cake.
Oh boy.
Well, um...
Uh... look at this.
Hashtag fail fair.
Hashtag caketastrophe.
We're gonna go viral!
Isn't that what you wanted?
Not like this.
You guys are obviously
gonna win.
What are you gonna call it?
I think just... it.
What are we gonna do?
Anyone wanna check out
the pumpkin patch?
Don't you wanna wait
'till they announce?
And look at Suzanne's face
when we lose?
No, thank you.
For the record,
I'm not following you.
It's just, Piper went and
joined the other kids, so...
Guess you're stuck
with us then.
Guess so.
Plus you might get lost
in a pumpkin patch
and need someone
to rescue you.
Right. Um... that's just
hurtful, so...
If you volunteer at Field Day
you can watch your daughter
have a blast on the
high-ropes course.
And all volunteer's kids get to
jump the line at the dunk tank.
And if you volunteer
we'll have a special
VIP section for your kids.
That's a thing?
It is now.
Guys, we have a problem.
The field's been swallowed up
by a giant sinkhole?
You wish!
We have to pick up
the trophies
for the winning color war
teams today, by noon.
I thought we could get
the trophies on the weekend.
We could but now he's going
leaf peeping in New Hampshire.
Not sure why he thought that
was important to share with me.
Well, the shop is only a few
blocks away from my office.
But I do have a hearing
'till at least 12:30.
Yes, we understand
you're busy.
I don't see you offering
to drive down there.
Well that's because
picking up trophies
is Jen's responsibility.
And getting volunteers
is yours, yet here I am.
Plus, with all the supplies,
my car's not big enough.
Well, Kelly's is.
- I have Pilates.
- Seriously?
Ugh! Okay fine.
But you're coming with me.
Field Day!
Step right up.
These trophies turned out great.
I know.
I wonder what's happening
over there.
No way.
No way!
What is it?
This is a Galwick Vodka
pop-up bar.
Their Bloody Mary's are huge
with influencers.
I can't believe our luck,
we have to go in.
It's noon...
on a weekday.
Well, we don't have
to drink anything.
I just want a couple
of photos.
Okay, I've really gotta
get home.
I've got work to do.
Oh, come on.
It'll be super quick.
You sure it'll be quick?
- Okay.
- Let's go.
So, I think we should...
Don't say it. We have
to get in there.
I just need a win, Jen.
I'm gonna go talk to the doorman
and see what I can do.
Good luck.
Hi there.
Just wondering
if I could just talk
to you for a second.
... Okay.
Any luck?
- We have to wait.
- How long?
An hour or two,
give or take.
Give or take how much?
Another hour.
Oh, my God...
I know it's ridiculous.
We can just go.
Wait, wait, wait!
Help is on the way.
You called Marissa?
I did. Her office is
just around the corner.
If anyone's gonna get us in,
it's Marissa.
Well, thank you for coming,
but I'm not quite sure
what you can do.
Well, lucky for you,
I am.
Hold tight.
I just love her confidence.
I know.
Hi there.
How are you doing?
After you.
What did you say to him?
I told them that they were
vulnerable to a lawsuit
if they didn't file
permit 926C with the City.
What's permit 926C?
It doesn't exist but they
don't have to know that.
Thank you.
Have fun.
Aren't you gonna
come in with us?
Yeah, we're just gonna take
some selfies.
It's gonna be super quick.
I was kinda curious
what's in there.
I guess I could spare
a few minutes.
Let's go.
I could cancel my lunch.
I can work tonight.
I didn't really have Pilates.
Oh, wow. Oh, my.
Thank you.
Thank you Galwick Vodka.
Cheers! Muah!
Thank you Galwick Vodka.
Thank you Galwick Vodka.
How was that?
The same as the other
seven takes.
Just pick one and move on.
You know, I did not think today
was going to involve
eating skewered bar food
out of a Bloody Mary.
Oh, I did.
This happens
all the time.
Does it make me sound old
if I say that I hate this music?
I was just thinking
the same thing.
I mean, who picks it?
It's on an app
so I think we do.
I'll give you 20 bucks
if you let me pick one.
And I promise I'll give it back
to you if your work calls.
I promise, I promise,
I promise.
It's okay, they can live
without me for an hour.
Are we dancing?
Step by step,
ooh, baby...
You picked a good one.
Gonna get to you, girl
Step by step, ooh, baby
Really want you
in my world
Hey girl,
in your eyes
I see a picture of me
all the time
and girl, when you smile
You got to know
that you drive me wild...
Step by step,
ooh, baby
You're always on my mind...
No, no, no!
No, no...
They're gonna post this!
Why do you care if they
post this or the cooking?
We're having a great time.
It's just not what
I wanna be known for.
What do you wanna be known for,
how many followers you have?
I mean, at least
that was the real you.
Yeah, it's nice seeing
the unfiltered Kelly.
On my camera?
On yourself.
You don't have to be liked
by everyone in the world.
You have a husband,
you have a daughter
that love you.
Isn't that enough?
You don't know how lucky
you really are.
You're gonna find
that again too.
That... that's not
what I meant.
I'm not looking
for that right now.
I think it's finding
you anyway.
It's Dan.
Oh, if that's not a sign
then I don't know what is.
Well, what does he want?
He wants to see if he can
call me tonight and ask me out.
Aww, asking to call.
That is so old school adorable.
It is, right?
Well, what about
Dan's dating rule?
I mean, there's a reason
for that, you know.
Everyone's gonna be talking
about you at school.
So, are you gonna
text him back?
I don't know.
But we should really get home
before the kids do.
So, I'll... I'm gonna call us
a car.
Well I'll drive.
Absolutely not,
we saw you dancing.
I actually didn't have
one sip.
Hey besties! Time to rank
my top five favorite foods...
See, aren't you glad
you came in?
I am.
I don't remember the last time
I did something like this.
You're finding balance.
It's what you wanted.
I'm really happy for you.
Thank you.
I'm happy for you too.
I don't know about me.
I haven't been on a date
in 15 years,
I don't know if I'm ready.
I think you are.
You just have your filter on.
Mom, you don't have to come
over every night
and help me unpack.
It's an excuse to spend time
with you.
I love that you're so close
to us now.
I do too.
I just... wish it were
under different circumstances.
I know, so do I.
But you're doing great.
I'm so proud of how far
you've come.
Nate would be too.
I'm not so sure.
What are you waiting for?
Text him back.
I don't know if I can.
Sweetheart... going on a date
doesn't mean you're
disrespecting Nate's memory.
It means you're respecting
his wishes.
He wanted you to go on living.
But what about Isabelle?
Maybe she's not ready either.
It's only dinner,
that's all.
Just get your feet wet,
see how you feel.
You owe yourself
at least that.
- Hello?
- Hello? Hey, hi.
Hope to see you there.
We absolutely would love
to have you there.
It's gonna be the event
of the year.
Do either of you have a pair
of black pants?
I can't find mine in boxes.
Oh, are you kidding me?
I have all the blank pants you
want; pleats, no pleats, suede?
I'm not done.
Chinos, linen, wool?
Ah, you forgot athleisure.
No, I didn't.
Well, why don't you narrow
it down for us.
What's the occasion?
See, I told you.
I don't have anything to wear.
Yes, you do.
You just need some help
putting everything together.
Thank you guys so much
for coming over.
What are friends for?
Wish me luck.
You got this.
Okay. What do you think
about this?
It makes me wanna dance.
I kinda like it.
- Ooh.
- Oh.
- Bit disco.
- Bit much.
Business casual.
Ah... bit too business.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
It's a bit vanilla.
What about this one?
- Not...
- No, no. It's just...
Not you! Not you. Next.
Is this the one?
Yes, you look perfect.
Doesn't she look perfect?
Mmm. You look perfect.
How are you so good at this?
I don't know.
I've just always been good
at styling people.
I would kill to do a before
and after right now...
but I won't.
I'm proud of you.
So, you ready?
No, I am not.
But I'm going anyway.
- Yeah.
- Yes, you are.
I can do this.
Did I tell you how great
you look this evening?
You have, multiple times.
But I won't stop you.
Okay good, because...
have I told you how great
you look this evening?
I was gonna wear my breakfast
pajama pants
and then I just thought,
you know what that might be
a little too dressy.
A little too dressy, yeah.
- Hi.
- Welcome.
Thank you so much.
There you are.
Can I start you all
with a drink?
I will have a soda water
with lime, please.
I was gonna get a glass
of the rainy day red
and I thought you might
want some.
Do you want a glass
of that?
Oh, I would, but I had too much
to drink yesterday. So...
Okay, so just the one.
Sounds good.
Coming right up.
Too much to drink
on a Monday?
The Field Day
planning committee
went day drinking downtown.
No, you didn't.
- Oh, we did.
- You didn't.
- It was something else.
- Wow.
So, the PTO is a lot of fun.
Mmhmm. Except that I'm starting
to realize that fun
actually just means it's gonna
take me a week to recover.
Speaking of, ah,
getting older...
I, uh, I killed my knees
teaching volleyball
this morning.
I have a great menthol
ointment for that.
I just said ointment
on a date.
You said it twice, actually.
You said ointment twice.
Oh, no. I don't know
how I did that.
- Oh, sorry.
- It's okay.
I normally have my phone
turned off.
Is everything alright?
My sister just wants to know
if I can take Piper
this weekend for her.
I think it's great you spend
that much time together.
I try to take her
as much as I can
just to kinda keep her mind
off her parents' divorce.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It's been really hard
on all of them.
I know a couple people
who have been through that,
it's brutal.
They were so happy
at their wedding.
They were the last ones I ever
thought would split up.
I don't think anyone
goes in
thinking something
will go wrong.
No. But it always seems to.
It's like, everything's fine
and then, bam...
wall of corn.
Is that what happened to you?
Couple years ago.
Everything was perfect.
And then it was a week before
I was gonna propose and...
She broke my heart.
Her loss.
It didn't feel like it
at the time
but it's definitely
for the best.
You know, 'cause I don't think
I know anyone who's truly
happily married.
My parents are.
And I was.
Sorry, I don't know
why I said that. That was...
It's okay. I would rather
talk about it.
The avoiding... that's the part
I can't stand.
If you don't mind me asking...
how did he pass?
Uh... he had a headache
and we found out it was cancer
and a few weeks later...
he was gone.
Sometimes it feels like
it was yesterday
and other times like it was
a million years ago.
Wow. Talk about
being blindsided.
I can't imagine going
through that.
I hope you never have to.
It's scary to think about
opening myself up to
that kind of pain again.
Or at all.
Did we just talk ourselves out
of this being any kind of date?
I think we did.
In fact, I think we just
set the record
for the world's worst first date
ever on the planet of humans.
Oh no, how did we do that?
Oh, goodness.
Well, do we still eat?
Yes, we still eat.
- We can stay?
- We can stay.
I don't think they're gonna
kick us outta here, so...
So, how does one say
good night
at the end of the worst
first date ever?
Well, uh, we're still friends, right?
- I suppose so.
- Mmhmm.
Okay. So, how about a handshake
or high five?
What about as fist bump?
- Good night.
- Good night.
How was your date?
Well, turns out it wasn't
really a date after all?
What happened,
did he upset you?
Okay. Where does he live?
No Dad, it wasn't like that.
He's just... he's not ready
and neither am I.
You talked yourself out of it,
didn't you?
I started talking about Nate
and what happened
and I can't go through
that again.
So... it's easier this way.
I'm gonna go home and get it.
Hey Mom.
Did you forget something?
But... I have something
for you.
What is it?
You know those videos
Nate made for everybody
before he passed?
Of course.
There's one you
haven't seen yet.
What? Why?
He didn't want us to give it to
you unless you seemed... stuck.
I was just thinking that...
I wish I could talk
to him tonight.
Everything happens
for a reason, sweetheart.
I'll leave you to it.
And, um... open that after.
Hey Jenny.
Now I... I know you're
crying right now
but you don't have to, okay?
Heaven is awesome.
They got all you can eat sushi.
My dog Pepper from
when I was a kid is here.
I had hoped to hang out
with Shakespeare or Hemingway,
you know, but, uh...
you should see the line-ups.
Very popular.
Here's the thing.
I died. You didn't.
And I want you to live.
Laugh... and love.
I hate those signs.
I know how much
you hate those signs.
But that one's got a point.
You know?
It's okay to move on.
Do you hear me, Jen?
That's what I want for you.
I want you to be happy.
Not scared.
So, go... get out there.
Or I will haunt you.
Move your car keys
all around the house,
you'll never find them.
I hope that was a yes.
I love you so much.
I love you.
Live. Laugh. Love.
You don't have to put this up.
But I had to finish the joke.
Thank you.
Wait. So... last night you told
Dan you didn't wanna date him.
But now you do.
So what changed your mind?
Let's just say I got a sign.
But I'm not sure
I should tell him.
Why not?
Because he's not...
he's not really ready either.
Can I... can I just talk to you
for a second alone?
What's up?
Head's up!
That was a... that was
a lucky catch.
No, that was not lucky.
You're amazing and you're just
gonna have to deal with that.
Yeah, I don't know what kinda
dummy would talk himself
out of dating someone
like you, but...
Well, I think because I like
you so much I got nervous.
I like you too.
You like me?
Well... um... I wanted
to let you know,
if you wanted to try
a second first date,
I... I wouldn't say no.
You have no idea how happy
that makes me feel 'cause...
Did you give her kid
a bad grade or something?
No, I did not.
What was that about?
Suzanne asked me on
a date last year.
Did you go?
No, I didn't go.
She's... awful.
- Right?
- Yeah.
I know.
No, I told her that I have this
rule against dating parents.
Kelly mentioned that too.
Then you popped
into my life and I...
I threw that rule
right out the window.
You know, last night
you made this decision
really easy for me,
and now...
I just made it a lot
more complicated.
Yeah, you did,
really make it complicated.
I did do that.
You're new here,
you're making friends
and the last thing I want
is for you to get caught in
Suzanne's crosshairs, I mean...
look what happened
to Kelly.
- Ah, yes.
- Yeah.
What happened to Kelly?
You don't know?
Suzanne and Kelly
were best friends...
and then Suzanne's kid stole
something from another kid,
blamed Jordan, and of course
Kelly stood up for her daughter,
but Suzanne just, like...
dropped her from the circle.
She was instantly
an outsider.
I know what that feels like.
To get blindsided like that.
You know, maybe that's
why she's always trying to make
friends online.
She can't really get hurt.
She just doesn't
let people in.
...Okay, that's it there.
I think I've been doing that
a little bit here too
with friends and... with us.
So... now what?
Now, I help my friends
make this the best Field Day
this school has ever seen.
- And for the record...
- Yeah?
I'd rather deal with
a thousand Suzanne's
than wonder what
might've been... with us.
We only have two more
days left, ladies.
Maybe it's time I start
rounding up the interns.
Ugh. This is so embarrassing.
This is gonna be a disaster,
like always.
No, it's not.
We all need to forget about
what happened in the past.
What matters now is that
we find a way
to make this work together.
Oh... hi sweetheart.
Shouldn't you be going to class?
Yeah. But, uh, Mom,
they're making fun of Field Day.
Who is?
Excuse me, ladies.
Hi. Hi there.
Uh, quick discussion.
We're just about to start
our event committee meeting.
And we're about to have a Field
Day without any volunteers.
Are you really not gonna
help out with a PTO event
because someone here
has a problem with me?
This isn't about me.
This isn't about any of us.
This is about your kids.
I mean, what are we even
doing here?
We're supposed to be the adults
in the room
and you're all acting
like you're in middle school.
So grow up and help out.
Okay? Thank you.
That was amazing!
I am very impressed.
I... I probably just
made things worse.
Don't be so sure.
I don't believe it. Look!
You did it.
We did it!
Of course you made
a selfie station.
It's not for me.
It's for the kids.
I'm just there to supervise.
Guys, the tree top adventure
guy's been here for an hour.
Why isn't he set up yet?
Uh... I'm gonna
go talk to him.
Hi Marcus. Hi.
Um... why aren't you setting up?
There's rain in the forecast.
Can't set up until we're sure
of staying dry.
It's a liability thing.
Marcus, I checked the weather
app first thing this morning
and it says there's only
a 20 percent chance.
I mean, that's basically zero.
Mine says... 40 percent
- Oh, it does say that.
- Oh.
Okay, but the... it says
"slight" which is nothing.
- I gotta wait.
- It's nothing.
Okay, I'm gonna need
cotton candy now.
Nice work, ladies!
Hey there.
So, uh... guess what
teacher won the contest
to be in the dunk tank?
I hope it's not Mr. Carpenter.
His toupee is barely holding on.
You know, the key is to actually
use superglue.
It doesn't budge that way.
- Is that what you do?
- Yeah.
- That's your secret?
- That's my secret.
Don't tell anyone.
So what do we think,
is it gonna rain today?
It's not gonna rain.
It's not gonna rain!
It's not gonna rain!
It's not gonna rain!
Everyone! Call as many
people as you can
and get them to bring their
pop-up canopies to the field.
We can still salvage this.
That's a great idea.
Everyone has one of those.
I don't have one of those.
Oh, you will.
Everyone succumbs to the pop-up
peer pressure eventually.
If we can get enough,
it could actually work!
There's nothing
stopping us now!
Why are the sprinklers on?
No, no, no, no, no.
This can't be happening!
Someone turn off the sprinklers!
Well, I would if
I knew how.
Can you please find
the custodian?
Thank you so much.
It's just one thing
after another.
You know what we are?
We're cursed.
I don't know what to do.
Okay, everybody just
get everything off the field!
It's only water, people.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
It's just water.
It's 100 percent now.
We've got that, Marcus.
Understood, Marcus.
What do you mean you can't
turn off the sprinklers?
You're the guy with the keys.
Don't you have the 'zzz zzz'
thing on your belt?
I'm just the sub today.
My belt doesn't even 'zzz'.
I'm waiting to hear from Jimmy
about the key
for the main controller.
Why aren't the sprinklers
off yet?
I'm working on it,
okay lady?
I knew I should've
stayed retired.
Find something to do,
the wife said.
You can't just sit around
all day, she said.
- That's Jimmy.
- Ooh!
Just hang tight.
Okay. He'll be here in an hour
with the key.
An hour?
We don't have an hour.
Can't you just shut off the main
water supply to the school?
There's about a million reasons
why we can't do that, ma'am.
But it wouldn't...
What are we gonna do?
Maybe Dan has a key.
He's always using the field.
Great idea.
Still no keys.
How many stopwatches
does one man need?
Those are the PE
teachers' Rolex,
thank you very much.
This receipt is from
a different decade.
Okay, this is the kinda stuff
you're not really supposed
to see until we've been dating
for at least a year.
I like your optimism.
You've had so much upheaval
in your life and I just...
I don't wanna be
the cause of more.
We can't keep changing
our minds.
I know, I'm just...
Look, I'm really trying to do
what's best for you.
This isn't about me.
You've convinced yourself
that nothing like this
ever works out.
You're the one who said
no one ever thinks
anything goes wrong
but it always seems to.
And what if this is the same?
- I guess we'll never find out.
- Ok.
Nothing to see here, ladies.
Great job, guys.
Keep it up!
Hey. Did Dan have the keys?
Why did I go to
that PTO meeting?
If I had just gone
straight home,
none of this
would've happened.
Yeah, well nobody forced you
to put your name down
on that sign-up sheet.
I didn't really know
what I was signing up for.
I was on a call.
Really, Kelly?
We're still doing that.
I didn't say anything.
You didn't have to.
It's the same thing you did
when you guilted me
into staying on this committee
in the first place.
Guys, this is the worst.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Well, I'm sorry you both
have had a negative experience.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what
came over me.
Hey Kelly? We're sorry.
You did everything
you could.
It's just not fair,
we were so close.
I just can't believe
that I let Lucy down again.
It's not your fault.
I let everyone down,
including myself.
Okay no. No, no, no, no, no.
This is not happening.
Oh, clearly.
We've come too far
to just give up.
Look around, we can't do
anything out here.
Well then we'll just move it
all indoors.
We only have an hour, Jen.
That's impossible.
Not to mention that nothing
we planned works inside.
Then we're gonna find
something that will.
Come on!
Okay. So, this is
my inventory list
of all of the equipment
we have on hand.
We need to think of fun
activities we can do indoors
using only these things.
Oh fun, like an elementary
school Apollo 13.
I didn't see that movie.
Oh, you can come
and watch it with us.
Movie night.
Ooh! I'd like that.
Great. I'll get everything out
of the storage closet.
Okay. So... basketball.
Can I do the cake?
Can I do the cake?
- Yes, you can do the cake.
- Cake walk.
What about rope
for tug of war?
Who wants to be in-
- I could do that.
- Tug of war.
Oh wow, the sun's out.
Okay. I think this is
gonna work.
Kelly, do your thing.
Okay, everyone...
just pick one activity
and get it going.
Just pick a spot on Jen's floor
plan and make it happen.
Hey. Uh... did Dan say if
the dunk tank was still a go?
Uh, you or Marissa could ask?
Well, why not you?
What happened?
It's just not the right time.
I have never met someone
who's broken up twice
before even getting together.
Make up your mind.
I did. He's the one
who pulled back.
He saw how bad
the gossip could get.
Because of what Suzanne
did to me?
We just have to make sure
that none of the games...
He's a good man, Jen.
He's just trying to protect you.
Or he's trying
to protect himself.
You've already
flip-flopped twice.
Might as well go
for the hat trick.
- We need to focus on Field Day,
- Mmhmm.
We have a lot of work to do.
Oh! Kevin is on his way to help.
Why don't you call Tim?
No, no, no.
Absolutely not.
Because he already
does everything
when it comes to school.
This was supposed to be
my one thing with Lucy
and if he does this too then
what does that say about me?
It says you did everything
in your power
to do this on your own
and sometimes you have to do
the hardest thing
and admit you can't do it all.
None of us can.
And that's okay.
You know...
for someone who didn't want
to make any friends here,
you are doing a terrible job.
Thank you, thank you
very much.
I'm okay with that.
Hi babe, it's me.
Uh... I need a little help.
Looks like you might
actually pull this one off.
Looks like it.
And, uh... thank you
for all of your help.
Oh... I didn't... I didn't
really do anything.
Oh, I know.
You know, it's funny.
There's a rumor going around
that you're the one
who turned on the sprinklers.
What? I... I had nothing
to do with it!
Well, everyone's
talking about it.
Tell me where you heard it.
I really can't say.
It's not fun being on
the receiving end, is it?
Kell... look at this,
look at this.
Okay. All these posts that
you were so worried about?
People love them.
You have your own hashtag
right now.
It's humiliating.
No. It's real.
If you wanna be an influencer,
maybe this is what you're meant
to show people.
It's fine to be real and honest
and let yourself go and just...
be who you are.
After all, that's the woman
I fell in love with.
Wow. I kinda love her too.
And I love you.
Come here.
Oh, look who it is.
Hey you.
You having fun?
You having fun, yeah?
Listen. If you need me to take
over... I'm happy to.
Who said I'm going anywhere?
The office called the house
looking for you.
I'm assuming they found you?
I wouldn't know, I turned
my phone on silent.
Well, it sounded important.
Are you sure you don't need
to check in?
Not as important as this.
Hey. You guys did an incredible
job, seriously.
It looks wonderful in there.
Thank you. I'm very glad we got
to keep this dunk tank.
And, of course,
you're the first one in line
after... everything I did.
I'm not mad at you, Dan.
- No?
- No.
I know I can't talk
you into something that
you're not ready for.
But I am done being afraid
of what might happen.
If the past two years
have taught me anything
it's that all we have
is right now.
You're right.
I was trying to protect you
and sometimes I just get
in my own way
and I begin overthinking and...
I'm sorry that I pushed
you away.
We've been here twice before.
Third time's a charm?
Are you sure you're not worried
something's going to go wrong?
Nope. Never felt better.
We did it.
Field Day is a hit!
I can't believe that
we actually pulled it off.
I can. We're awesome.
Hey, you okay?
I just feel so terrible
that I ever made you feel
like you weren't as good
of a mom as anyone else
because you worked.
It wasn't fair.
I've never seen anyone
work harder for her family.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry that I made
fun of your social media.
I think you can actually
help people
if you do what Kevin said
and just keep being real.
But I think
I'm just gonna take a break
from being everyone's
best mom friend
and just try to be a good one
in real life.
So no more posts
about my pajama pants?
Well, if it weren't for those,
we would not all be
standing here.
That's true.
It's true.
You know, as happy as I am
that Field Day worked out...
being with the both of you...
it's been the best part.
This is the last thing
I thought I wanted
but turns out it's what
I needed the most.
I knew eventually Field Day
would make me cry.
So, we're still gonna
hang out after today, right?
Of course.
Yes. But we are not gonna talk
about the PTO, right?
Oh, do not worry ladies,
we are one and done.
We... we... that is it.
I don't know.
It was really fun hanging out
with Lucy at school.
Well, you could be a co-room
mom with me.
Job description?
Well, it does involve bringing
in a lot of store-baked goods.
Ooh, our specialty.
I'm in. Okay.
And what about you?
What are you gonna do
with all your spare time
now that Field Day's over?
Here you go. Okay.
Okay. Another shot.
Oh, there you go.
Can't get 'em all.
Let me show you how it's done.
I'm gonna unpack.
Oh... oh no.
What? No. No more
'oh no's'.
We are at our 'oh no' maximum
for this year.
What is wrong, Marissa?
I forgot one more thing that
I saved from the sprinklers.
Can't have a day like this
without taking a photo.
I, um... didn't have you pegged
as a selfie type.
- Really?
- Mmhmm.
Oh. Well, it's a big day,
you know,
I thought I'd make
an exception.
Field Day is a huge success.
But... that's not what
I'm talking about.
It's also the day I realized...
I'm falling in love.
Who's the lucky girl?
Her name is Jen.
Just Jen?
No nicknames?
No. Just...
Sexy... incredible...
It's kinda long.
Well, we got time
to figure it out.
You have to look at the camera,
you two.
Great timing you guys.
- Mom!
- Hi.
- You look so happy.
- I am.
Okay, everyone.
- Let's get everyone.
- Alright.
- We need a picture.
- Come on!
Alright, you ready?
Let's say... Field Day!
Field Day!