Fiesta (1947) Movie Script

Very interesting.
But just what kind of a pass was that?.
It was not a veronica.
It was not a chicuelina.
-It was not a gaonera.
-Oh, no, senor.
It`s my own pass.
When I am famous,
they`II name it after me.
Don`t you think you are giving the bull
too much time?.
Oh, no, senor.
Well, we shall see. Chato, you`re the bull.
Are you ready?.
CROWD:. Ha, ha.
You want to be famous, huh?.
AIways remember,
if you wish to Iive beyond your first fight...
...the bull does not stop
to admire pretty pictures.
Oh, senor, Iook at me.
MAN: Look at me--
-Senor, Iook at my veronica.
One at a time. Let`s see you.
The mayor.
Senor Morales.
Don Antonio, please forgive this interruption
of your most important work.
Of what service can I be?.
Sanchez is overcome with gratitude.
You are the father of the boy who fought
his first bull yesterday, at TIaxcala.
Your son was a very good pupil.
You can be proud of him.
Perhaps you`d be kind enough
to read what it say, senor.
It`s a pleasure.
""Yesterday`s fights were distinguished
by the appearance...
...of a novillero,
one Jose Sanchez Perio...
...a country boy
from the village of Tamantla.
Critics were impressed by his daring...
...and a style which reminded them...
...of the great matador,
Don Antonio Morales...
...who you will remember
was injured some years ago--""
Senor, the doctor,
he says to come, and quickly.
Chato, do you hear what he says?.
-The doctor--
-Where`s the doctor?.
Senor Morales...
...permit me to present you
a new guest in your house.
-May I?.
Are you not the father?. Ha, ha.
-How is the senora?.
-Oh, fine, fine.
Thank you, doctor.
-Is it, uh, all right?.
I mean, uh,
Iegs and arms and everything?.
An idiot could tell just by Iooking
that he`s perfect.
Manuel. Manuel, bring wine.
We`II drink to Morales the second,
my son.
But, Antonio, it is not a son.
Not a son?.
What is it, then?.
It is a daughter.
-A daughter?.
-He`s joking, maestro.
-Tell him you`re joking. Quick.
-I`m not joking.
What kind of a doctor are you, anyway?.
-Don`t you know anything?.
-We must take what comes.
What are you saying?.
What can a matador do with a daughter?.
You`ve ruined everything.
-Don`t pay him, maestro. Not a centavo.
Doctor, please. Quickly, quickly.
Here, hold her.
Baby, mira. Ha, ha.
By gosh, she knows me.
And we never saw each other before.
Doctor, is she all right?.
If it were not for frantic fathers,
the medical profession would be a pleasure.
Querida, are you all right?.
Oh, I was afraid.
-Antonio Morales, afraid?.
PIease, darling, don`t think I`m--
Don`t think I`m disappointed
because she`s a girl, you know.
I`m very happy, very happy.
-But the doctor--
-The doctor`s a fool. Don`t you believe him.
I`m as happy as any man could be.
You are a very Iucky man, matador.
The father of twins. Ha, ha.
Well, aren`t you even going to Iook
at him?.
Why don`t you go and introduce your son
to your friends outside?.
Doctor, are you sure--?.
This is a boy. Take my word for it.
Here, take him.
And I will go with you.
I have a few words to say
to that Senor Chato.
My friends...
...this is the greatest day of my Iife.
I feared I would be denied a son of my own
to follow after me.
But now, at Iast, amigos...
...I ask you to drink to my son,
Mario Morales...
...the future greatest matador
in the whole world.
More slowly, Mario. More slowly, please.
Now, try again. Veronica. Ha, ha.
Now the chicuelina.
And now the navarre.
Very well.
We`II now go from a navarre to a gaonera.
But first, what kind of a bull are you?.
Oh, Iet me see.
Now, I`m a bull who`s very fast on his feet
and hooks to the Ieft.
You hear?.
How must you play such a bull?.
A bull who circles to the right
must be played to the Ieft eye.
Right. Correct.
Talk to him, Mario.
Talk to him, Mario.
Keep the bull`s concentration on you.
Your feet, keep them together.
Arch your back.
CIoser to the bull.
How many times have I told you
never to Iose your concentration?.
To be distracted by nothing?.
Haven`t I told you time and again?.
Men have been killed because of a piece
of paper blowing into the ring.
A Iittle swirl of dust.
So now you have done it.
You have been gored.
You are dead.
Don`t try to blame the bull,
because it`s not his fault.
It`s your fault this time.
As usual, Iack of concentration.
Uh, what am I going to do with that boy?.
Now, what have you to say for yourself?.
Well, I--
You forgot your very first Iesson.
-What is that?.
-Never take your eyes away from the bull.
Not for one instant.
Not for a fraction of a second can you Iose
your concentration. You understand?.
Well, for this mistake,
we`II start over at the beginning.
...just where did you Iearn such things?.
Oh, it`s you.
-It`s your work.
No, I got nothing to do with it.
She`s your daughter, isn`t she?.
Why shouldn`t she know such things?.
Well, all right. Let`s go back to work.
Oh, maestro...
...he`s been working for hours.
One hundred times, he`s run around
forwards. One hundred times backwards.
Two hundred knee bends.
Even the bull is a Iittle tired.
That`s all for today.
...would you Iike to select the bulls
for shipment to Mexico City?.
Yes. Of course.
The bull is a Iittle tired, huh?.
-I can`t.
-Why not?.
-Mother is out there.
-No, she isn`t.
I just came through.
AII right.
Is that your Iesson?.
No, Mother. I`m sorry.
-What is it, then?.
MARIA: It`s entirely his own invention.
It comes into his ears in the field.
It comes out of his fingers on the piano.
It`s as beautiful as a hundred butterflies.
PIay it for me.
It`s beautiful, Rosa.
Tell them to start stringing the Ianterns
on the patio.
I want everything ready
by tomorrow morning.
Mother. Maria.
What is it, Mario?.
MARIO : It disappeared.
Somebody has taken it.
-My music, the rhapsody, gone.
That`s impossible, dear.
Well, then, where is it?.
-In your room?.
-I never kept it anywhere but here.
Do you know when you had it Iast?.
Last Sunday, when Pepe was down
to see Maria.
She insisted that I play it for him.
AII of it.
Then I put it back in the chest,
where it`s always been, and now I--
So it was you, huh?.
-Hello, everybody.
MARIA: Hello, Daddy.
-Oh, did you get it?.
-Of course. Ah, ah, ah.
Tomorrow is your birthday, not today.
Hello, mamacita.
-Big news for you, Mario.
-Oh, really?.
-Is it very beautiful, Father?.
You know, Mario, it is exactly my size.
MARIA: Your size?.
MRS. MORALES: What are you talking about?.
Mario`s bullfighting costume, of course.
Uh, Father, Maria means the party dress
for her birthday.
Oh, that`s all right, Mario.
The younger always comes first.
Younger?. You are twins.
I`m older by 1 5 minutes.
-Fifteen minutes.
MRS. MORALES: Antonio...
-...did you or did you not get the dress?.
Of course.
It`s a good moment
for your career, Mario.
You see, your measurements are exactly
as mine were when I was your age.
We`II show them something tomorrow.
Like father, Iike son. Ha, ha.
You know I`II do my best. For you.
Antonio, I know Mario must fight
in this exhibition tomorrow.
Of course. How else will Barrios know
he`s good enough for Mexico City?.
-Is he really coming to see me fight?.
-Tomorrow`s his birthday.
Now, Mother, don`t worry.
Morales men,
they know how to handle bulls.
Have you picked your bull yet?.
I was just about to Ieave when--
We`re going now.
Are you ready, Maria?.
I`II get my hat.
I`II be waiting.
That`s quite a boy I`ve got there.
I wonder if you`ve ever forgiven me
for the fact that your first child was a girl.
Well, it was a shock.
But you made everything all right.
And immediately. Ha, ha.
You always make everything all right.
Mario, no, no! PIease, Mario, no!
Tell me, where is my music?. Where is it?.
-I`II tell you.
-You promise?.
-Yes, I promise.
-AII right, where is it?.
CIose the gate.
Miguel, what are you trying to do
to that bull?.
What is the bull trying to do to Miguel?.
-Ha, ha. I Iike that one.
-You do?. That`s good enough for me.
Maria`s right. With him,
you`II put on a good show tomorrow.
He`II charge straight, you`II see.
He`s got strong Iegs, good shoulders,
and his eyes are on fire. That`s a true bull.
Isn`t it wonderful
how much Chato knows about a bull?.
How do you account for it, Maria?.
Well, that`s simple, Mario.
AII you have to do is think Iike a bull.
Well, I`II see you Iater, Chato.
-You`II be over Iater, Maria?.
I`II be right back, Papa.
Now, suppose you tell me:
-Where have you been?.
-Out of my mind.
Now you tell me:
which way does the world go round?.
This way or that way?.
-You`re wrong. Today, it goes this way.
-And this way. And this way. Ha, ha.
-Oh, please, Mario.
Now will you tell me?.
When Pepe gets here,
we`II know everything.
And who did it?. Who thought of it?.
Maria. I`m telling you, she`s--
-Oh, Mario, you`re not telling me anything.
-Oh, she`s so smart.
If it weren`t for her, I--
Conchita, if I ever amount to anything
in this world... know who`II be responsible.
Oh, Conchita, I`m not....
I know, darling, she`s your twin.
But what happened?.
Well, I-- My music manuscripts disappeared.
Now, wait a minute.
I Iooked all over for them.
And when I was about to go crazy...
...I suddenly see Maria
smiling Iike a porcelain cat.
Do you know who has the music now?.
-Maximino Contreras.
-The symphony conductor.
-That`s right.
-Oh, Mario.
I wouldn`t have the nerve to send my music
to a man Iike that. I couldn`t.
But Maria, well, she just gave it to Pepe,
who`s a friend of Contreras...
...and forced Pepe
to make Contreras play it.
-And I am scared to death.
-Oh, but it`s good, Mario.
It`s beautiful.
He`s sure to Iike it.
Oh, I don`t know. I can`t believe it.
But if he does Iike it....
I mean, if Maria is right....
Conchita... know that`s what I Iive for.
That and this.
It`s wrong. AII wrong.
-Have you done something wrong again?.
-No, I didn`t.
And it is not necessary for me to think
Iike a bull to know where Mario went.
Oh, you`re beginning to cackle
Iike an old hen.
Oh, I`m a hen now. Oh, right.
But Iet me tell you something.
You cannot fight a bull without rest.
You just can`t.
Tomorrow is his birthday. His friends
wanna give him a Iittle party, that`s all.
A Iittle party, how sweet.
Tonight, they give him a party.
Tomorrow, he gives them a party.
You know as well as I do...
...when he gets together
with those musicians, he stays out all night.
-He`II be all right tomorrow.
-Don`t always defend him. It`s all wrong.
With Senor Barrios coming all the way
from Mexico City to watch him.
It`s a very important day, and--
No, I`m sorry.
This time, I will have to tell your father.
Oh, no, you won`t.
-Why won`t I?.
-You know why.
-Because you never have and you never will.
Come on. Come on, baby.
""You never have and never will.""
-Say, what`s all the rush?.
-Oh, great news.
Where`s Maria and Mario?.
Where do you expect Mario to be?.
Where`s Maria?.
Say, uh, what`s in that box?.
Something for Senor Morales.
Now, where is Maria?.
Where would you expect her to be?.
Thank you, old goat.
Now I`m a goat.
Hey, Maria.
AII right, darling. Just a moment.
Ah, Pepe, I`m so glad to see you.
AII day Iong, just one thought
has been running around my head:
When will Pepe get here?. When?.
Music, music to my ears.
Now Iet me tell you the big news.
-About Mario?.
-No, about us.
You did take Mario`s music
to Senor Contreras, didn`t you?.
-Yes, I did, but something came up--
-You don`t think Mario`s music is important?.
-Did Contreras play it?.
-Will you Iet me--?.
Contreras must be a fool
if he doesn`t Iike my brother`s music.
Instead of conducting an orchestra,
he ought to be on the street...
-...blowing a tin horn--
-Will you Iet me tell you what he said?.
That`s what I`m waiting for, darling.
What did he say?.
Nothing?. How could he possibly
say nothing?.
-PIay that music once, and--
-He played it more than once.
He played it over and over.
He got so excited he couldn`t talk.
-Now, will you Iet me tell you--?.
-I knew he`d Iove it.
Oh, that`s wonderful.
He`s gonna play it with his orchestra.
-He is, isn`t it, Pepe?.
-I don`t know.
He`s coming tomorrow.
He`s coming to see Mario personally.
Here?. Oh, Pepe,
thank you for doing this for Mario.
He`II be so happy. Oh, this is wonderful.
Now, will you...
-...Iet me tell you something about us?.
-Don`t say a word to Mario. Not a word.
-What now?.
-Well, don`t you see?.
Mario won`t know anything about it.
Tomorrow will be Iike any other birthday.
And then, suddenly, someone comes to him
and says:
""Mario, there`s a gentleman
to see you from Mexico City.
A Senor Maximino Contreras,
about the music you sent him.""
Oh, it will be the greatest moment
in Mario`s Iife.
And in yours.
Yes, darling, it will.
Everything is Mario.
Mario and his music.
Mario and his bullfighting.
-Mario this. Mario--
-Darling, it`s only natural. He`s my twin.
I know that, but I`m marrying you.
AII of you, but only you.
I Iike Mario. He`s a wonderful guy.
He`II be the best brother-in-Iaw
I ever had in my Iife.
But there`s one thing
I want you to understand.
After we married, you`re not gonna take
an aspirin every time he has a headache.
Yes, Pepe.
AII right, now about us.
I received an offer
from the Institute of Research of New York.
-We`re gonna have to Iive there for a year.
-Darling, that`s wonderful.
But there`s something else.
I don`t know when I have to Ieave.
We may not be able to wait months
to get married.
-It might be three weeks.
-Three weeks?.
Maybe Iess time.
It depends on when they need me.
Well, darling, that sounds grand,
New York for a whole year, but--
Well, suppose Mario needs a--
Oh. Mario again.
What, darling?.
The only time you seem to be happy
is when you`re doing something for Mario.
Pepe, wait a moment. I`m sorry.
AII right.
Will you Ieave on short notice
if we have to?.
Any time you say.
-It`s good to see you.
-Thank you.
-Hello, maestro, you`re Iooking well.
MORALES: Thank you.
Put it down. Tomorrow is your birthday.
I understand you brought this for me.
Well, not exactly, maestro.
I brought it over to show you.
You always say you can`t understand
what a man sees in my profession.
Well, I wanted you to Iook in and see.
Oh. The Iast time I saw you, Pepe,
you were terribly excited.
You were Iooking
for a very important bug.
-Well, have you found it?.
-Not yet.
Why not?.
Well, for one thing,
we don`t know what it Iooks Iike.
You don`t?.
Did you hear that?. Ha, ha.
He`s Iooking for something he can`t find.
But even if he did find it,
he wouldn`t know what it Iooks Iike.
Now, there--
There is a profession for you.
Bullfighting is easier, huh, maestro?.
That reminds me, where is Mario?.
He chose a fine bull for tomorrow,
a beauty.
He`s got horn this wide
and a red gleam in his eyes...
-...and a neck just Iike a--
-Like a bull, I`m sure.
Where is Mario?.
Well, he`s resting, maestro.
Yes, he wants you to be very proud
of him tomorrow.
If he wants me
to be proud of him tomorrow... better get him away
from those musicians tonight.
You know everything, don`t you, Father?.
No one has ever put over anything
on Maestro, never.
And no one ever will.
I make you responsible
to get your brother home.
Yes, Father.
AII right.
Come on, Pepe.
And I make you responsible
to see that she does.
Uh, you mean that she, uh--?.
Trust me, maestro.
I don`t see anything.
Not a thing.
Now play ""La Bamba,"" muchachos, huh?.
Don`t forget, Pepe.
Not a word about Contreras
coming here tomorrow.
That`s his birthday present.
Only one thought
has been running around in my head.
Yes, I know.
""When will Pepe get here?.
-When will Pepe get here?. ""
-How do you know?.
You think on carbon paper.
Everything comes out in duplicate.
Well, what happened?.
What happened where?.
The music. Senor Contreras.
Oh, uh, the music. Uh....
-The manuscript with the Iittle notes on it?.
I delivered them.
What did he say?.
He, uh--
Didn`t he play any of it, Pepe?.
-Yes, but--
-He didn`t say anything, though.
Which part did he play, Pepe?.
-I don`t know. I was in the other room.
-Yes, but you heard him, didn`t you?.
Oh, come on.
Try to remember, Pepe.
Did he play this?.
-I don`t know, Mario. Don`t worry about it.
-Maybe it was this.
Didn`t he Iike that?.
Darling, how can Pepe remember?.
Maybe it wasn`t your music
that the maestro played.
You don`t think you`re the only one
sending Contreras music?.
He receives manuscripts
from hundreds of people.
Yes, I know. I know.
Listen, Pepe. Listen to this.
If he played this,
you will remember, I`m sure.
Yes, he played that. I remember.
And he didn`t say anything?.
I don`t know. I was in the other room.
Now, Mario, what do you expect?.
You think Senor Contreras
would Ieave his work...
...and come down here
to see you personally?.
As a surprise birthday present
or something?.
Oh, no. Of course not. I--
-I was just hoping that--
MAN: Cheer up, Mario.
You`ve important things to think about.
Tomorrow, you fight an exhibition
for Barrios.
Come. To Mario:
the son of a great matador,
who will follow in his father`s footsteps.
To your heart`s desire, Mario.
The Iady drinks to herself.
-Oh, no. I didn`t mean--
MARIO: I know.
I know what you meant, my darling.
Thank you.
I drink to you.
Senor, the visitor has arrived.
It`s about time.
I thought he would never get here.
...get ready. Barrios is here.
-Senor Morales?.
Oh, what a happy moment.
Excuse me. I must praise you.
You know, when I--
But you are much older than I expected.
Oh, no, no. It`s not true. Don`t believe it.
Appearance has nothing to do
with the age.
You are as young as your creation.
And that is alive with the spirit of youth.
With the spirit of Mexico.
I`m at a Ioss, Senor....
Maximino Contreras.
I`m the Director of the Modern Conservatory
of Music.
An honor, Senor Contreras.
-Won`t you sit down.
-Thank you.
But what have I to do
with the Modern Conservatory?.
Oh. Such modesty.
But I`m not surprised.
I know your kind of people.
I came to make you an offer.
I want to take you with me
to Mexico City... that you can study music
under my personal supervision.
I think that much of your music.
You have made a mistake, senor.
You must have come to see Mario,
Don Antonio`s son.
Well, you are a fortunate man
to have such a talented son.
Would you be so kind
to tell him to get ready?.
I`m sorry. But at the moment,
he`s not available.
But you mean--
-He`s not here?.
-He`s here.
But I can`t permit him to be distracted
by anything at the moment.
In a few minutes,
he`s going to fight in the bullring.
What?. This young composer?.
And you`d risk the Iife of that boy
in a bullfight?.
Senor, I demand
that you stop it immediately.
You demand?.
You seem to forget that this is my house
and my son.
Why don`t you bring your son here?.
Let him decide.
PIease, senor, try to understand.
His appearance this afternoon... was arranged Iong in advance.
He`II be in no danger...
...unless he is distracted beforehand
by you.
Oh, no. You can`t make me responsible.
When can I see him?.
I have to go back to Mexico City.
I`m conducting tonight.
My son will return your courtesy.
He`II visit you
at the earliest possible moment.
AII right. Then tomorrow.
Si, senor. Tomorrow. Without fail.
Here is my card...
...and, senor...
...I make you personally responsible
for the safety of your son.
Until tomorrow, then.
Study under him for two years.
Dedicating songs to a matador,
I suppose.
Oh, no.
In two weeks, my son will be famous
as a bullfighter...
...and they will be dedicating songs
to him.
My friend, Barrios. Ha, ha.
Senor Morales, how are you?.
How are you?.
Come. We`ve been waiting for you.
-Come on. Let`s go.
-AII right.
-You see the way he hooks to the Ieft?.
-He turns short. Watch that.
-AII right.
Go now.
Mario, you were wonderful. Wonderful.
-Bravo, Mario.
MARIO: Thank you.
Congratulations, my son.
I`m very proud of you.
Congratulations, Mario. You will go far.
MARIO: Thank you. Thank you.
-Bravo, Mario.
Well, what do you think?.
If I dare say it,
he`s almost better than you were.
Why not?. Who taught him?. Ha, ha.
How soon can you use him?.
Hmm, Mexico City?.
Six weeks from next Sunday.
It must be sooner.
Impossible, Antonio.
That is for Mexico City.
-I have contracts.
-Somewhere else, then.
It must be within two weeks.
Father, why somewhere else?.
You always said his first fight
would be in Mexico City.
Senor Barrios and I will settle this.
CHATO : One Iittle bull,
and you can`t take him out of the ring.
Maria, come back here.
Hey, somebody stop her.
She`II be gored.
Don`t say such things.
Maria, get out of this ring.
Maria, Maria.
Next time.
Pepe, it`s all over.
The bull is safe in the toril.
The bull is safe?.
-Life with you is gonna be Iovely.
MARIA: Ha, ha.
-Mario, how about you dance?.
-Oh, yes. Come on, Mario.
-No, I can`t.
-Come on.
-Mario, dance.
-Oh, you just wanna be coaxed. Come on.
-Come on.
-Would you Iike to?.
-Well, all right.
AII right.
Mario, darling, you were wonderful.
-What`s the matter, darling?.
-Oh, everything.
Our surprise is ruined.
-Where`s Contreras?.
-I can`t imagine what happened to him.
Maybe he didn`t Iike Mario`s music so much
after all.
Maybe he was just being polite, Pepe.
If I thought that, I`d go to the Conservatory
and pull it down over his head Iike a--
Like a hat that`s too big for him.
Now, come on, darling,
don`t be unhappy tonight.
Antonio, now.
MORALES: Chato, the Iights.
-Yes, maestro.
Don`t ever Iet anything happen, ever...
...that would take music
out of Mario`s Iife.
I?. Why should I?.
Sometimes I wonder
if you really understand him.
Do you know what comes first
in his Iife?.
First comes his faith in you...
...and then his Iove for music.
Well, blow them out.
-Thank you, Mario.
-You`re welcome.
That was very nice, darling.
I wanted a bigger piece anyway.
This is a great day for me.
One for which I have Iong waited.
I`m proud to announce
that in two weeks... son will make his first public fight
at Puebla.
This is my present to you, my son.
May you wear it in honor
and in success.
Thank you, Father.
If I fight well, it will only be natural...
...because all I have Iearned of honesty...
...Ioyalty, and honor,
I have Iearned from you.
-Thank you.
MAN: Bravo!
Morales! Mario Morales.
Well, do something. Get us inside.
Thank you, Juan. Good Iuck to you too.
Thank you, Pacho. Thank you.
PIease, maestro, it`s almost time.
Oh, yes. Yes.
Well, my son.
Thank you, father.
I`II try to be worthy of you.
-I Ieave him to you.
-Trust me.
Senor Morales.
I`II meet you at the barrera.
Don`t forget,
throw the cape to your father.
PIease, how do I get
to where the matadors are?.
Not now, senor.
They are already at the entrada.
Here. Wet your mouth.
-I don`t need it.
-You need it. Everybody needs it.
-Here. How do you feel?.
Morales. Mario Morales.
Mario. Mario Morales.
It`s Contreras.
-Wait. Morales.
-PIease. Not now.
-Young man--
--my name is Maximino Contreras.
-And I beg of you, don`t go into that ring.
Tell me, why didn`t you come
to see me?.
Why did you break your promise?.
What promise, senor?.
PIease watch the bull, Mario.
-Get him out of here.
-Watch the bull.
Keep your hands off me!
I came to your house two weeks ago
to ask you to study music with me, senor.
PIease, I`m not a fool. I came because
I believe you have an outstanding talent.
I spoke to your father, and he promised me
he`II send you to me the very next day.
I don`t believe it.
You-- Look at his face.
Of course it`s true.
Get into that ring. Go on.
-Mario, go. PIease, go.
-Do you want to ruin me?.
-Get in there.
-Mario, please come back.
Is it true?.
The bull, Mario! Look behind you.
My son, hold on. You know
you`II regret it for the rest of your Iife.
PIease, don`t.
I told you he would come home.
Father, try to understand.
Oh, Pepe.
-I have Iooked everywhere.
-Did you try Senor Contreras?.
He`s Iooking for him too.
Contreras is Iooking for him?.
Hasn`t he done enough harm already?.
Look at those papers.
Because of him, all of Mexico
is calling my son a coward.
-Father, you know you can`t--
-I know one thing.
He`s responsible for this. By all the saints,
I swear he`II pay for it with his Iife.
-Father, you can`t blame Senor Contreras.
I took Mario`s music to him.
So it was you.
I might have known.
Perhaps you were conducting a scientific
experiment on the Morales family.
That`s what we can expect from someone
who studies bugs under a microscope.
Father, I asked Pepe
to take the music to him.
It doesn`t matter
who brought the music to the man.
It was Contreras who made my son to Iose
his head at the moment before the fight.
He destroyed him.
If Contreras is not to blame, who is?.
You are, Antonio.
Do you remember the night
of Mario`s birthday party?.
I told you then, if anything happened that
would take Mario`s music away from him... would break his heart.
You knew that.
And yet you deliberately destroyed
the thing he Ioved.
You destroyed more, Antonio.
His Iove for you.
You betrayed him.
And now all you can think of
is disgrace to you.
-I did what I thought was best.
-For yourself.
Even now, you`re only thinking of yourself,
of what the papers are saying about you.
Never mind about Mario.
Where he is. What he`s suffering.
When I heard what happened yesterday... Mario walked out of the ring...
...I was very happy, Antonio.
I felt at Iast my son would Iive the Iife
he wanted to.
For himself...
...not to satisfy your pride.
That`s very strange.
In 20 years... all the time I trained him... haven`t said a word.
No, Antonio.
I didn`t say anything
when you were fighting either.
But I Iived only when you did not fight.
Then in fear.
Fear of what would happen
when you fought again.
When, finally, you were hurt...
...all of Mexico, yes, all of Spain, even...
I wept too.
Mine were tears of relief...`d never fight again.
And now Mario will never fight again.
And for that, I am very thankful.
Tell Mario I`II be waiting to see him
in my room when he comes home.
But he`s not coming home. He--
I`II be waiting in my room.
Pepe, I`m going to find him.
I`ve checked every place.
Railroad stations, airports, bus terminals.
There`s only one thing Ieft to do.
Try the police.
No. And you are not Ieaving here, Maria.
-Father, I have to. You saw Mother--
MORALES: He`II be back.
The moment he`s hungry, he`II be home.
Don`t worry.
No, father.
I`m going to find him somehow.
I forbid you.
Maria, do you understand
that you are to stay home?.
I`II go with you, Maria.
Do you understand?.
You are not to Ieave.
Whenever you want to start, Maria,
I`m ready.
Well, wait a minute.
Where are you going?.
Start where?. If Mario wanted to be here,
you wouldn`t have to Iook for him.
If he insists on staying away,
you`II never find him.
A needle in a haystack
is not hard to find...
...if you have a magnet.
They can`t call Mario a coward.
-I`m gonna demand they print the truth.
-They don`t know the truth.
They would question your father.
I don`t care.
They`ve got to take it back.
A Morales is not a coward.
I`II prove it to them.
PEPE: Maria.
-Yes, I`II prove it to them.
I`II go see Barrios.
He`II give me a chance to fight.
-You will not.
MARIA: Why not?.
Why not?. What about us?.
You think that would bring Mario home?.
-No, just the opposite.
If you fight, it doesn`t prove
your brother is not a coward.
You`d only make it worse.
It would seem you were doing something
your brother was afraid to do.
It would be a disgrace for Mario.
He`d never be able to return.
Can`t you see
I`m telling you the truth, darling?.
We`II find Mario. I promise you.
That`s right. It is not the name of Morales
that has to be cleared.
It`s Mario`s.
Only he can do it.
Only Mario.
No, no, not the good ones.
Give me the bad ones.
I understand.
Everybody buys the bad ones.
Mario Morales. I can`t wait.
The promoter had better Iock the gate.
Yeah. Maybe Morales
will jump over the wall today.
Your public seems to be
a Iittle temperamental.
Oh, don`t worry.
They`re just in a playful mood.
Yes, I see.
I wouldn`t want to see damage done
to your magnificent establishment.
So say, perhaps, we would call off
this engagement.
Are you crazy?.
Call off the most profitable day
I have had in five years?.
-Come, old man. Get your man ready.
Yes, I think, uh....
PIease, Maria, don`t go through with this.
We can find him some other way.
We could advertise in the newspapers.
There`s one way to find Mario.
When he reads the papers and finds out...
-...somebody is fighting under his name--
-I know, but it`s so dangerous.
-If anything should happen to you--
-Will you please stop saying that?.
It`s bad Iuck.
Big crowd, Chato?.
Oh, no, not so big.
You know, Maria,
I`ve had the most wonderful idea.
-In Monterrey, I have many relatives.
If we went there right away, we could
get them to start Iooking all over for Mario.
If you`re in a hurry to see your relatives,
you can Ieave right now.
I made a mistake. I should never
have Iet you talk me into this.
It`s crazy.
If anything happens,
how could I ever answer for this?.
Not only to your father, but to myself.
Look, Chato...
...I believe there`s only one way
to bring Mario back. This way.
It`s my responsibility.
It isn`t fair to ask you to share it.
To Iet you go down there alone?.
It`s bad Iuck to be Iate.
I`II wait outside.
Good Iuck, Maria.
Thank you.
You know, Chato,
there`s one thing worrying me.
What`s that?.
What if my wig should fall off?.
I wish that was all I had to worry about.
MAN: How are you going
to make your boy fight, Chato?.
He hypnotized the bull. Ha, ha.
MAN: Hey, Morales.
You`d better not run out on us.
Maria, we gotta get out of here.
Right now.
Before it`s too Iate. PIease.
They don`t need to worry.
The only way I`II go out
is to be carried out.
No, no, don`t say such things.
It`s bad Iuck.
He`s fast.
Aha. Hooks to the Ieft.
Turns quickly.
Come on out, Morales. The bull
won`t hurt you. He just wants to play.
Not too close. Not too close, Maria.
Bravo, matador, bravo!
Hey, come here, everybody.
Look at the news about Mario.
What`s going on there?.
MAN: News about Mario, maestro.
Amigos, we`II celebrate Iater.
Excuse me now, and see....
You can come out
into the sunshine again.
You`ve found Mario?.
No, querida, better than that.
He has found himself.
He has regained his honor.
Now, remember, it was his own choice.
I had nothing to do with this.
That`s why I`m so proud of him.
Yes, Antonio. That`s why he did it.
Because of your pride.
Not for himself,
not because he thought you were right.
Well, perhaps you`II permit him
to go on with his music now.
But he has already chosen his career.
Read this.
See?. ""Agrees to fight at Puebla
within the next two weeks.""
His own choice, mind you.
I had nothing to do with it.
So Chato and Maria
were going to find him in Mexico City.
Well, we can telegraph them
to come home now.
No, Antonio.
I don`t think Mario will come home.
Tell me. What are they singing now?.
Oh, that?.
Just a song, senor.
Music seems to come
right out of the earth in your country.
And the sugar cane, the corn, the mud,
we make into houses and music.
Evidently, you don`t Iike music.
Excuse me, senor,
I didn`t mean to be rude.
You see, these boys and I
are going to a job on a plantation.
I`m afraid my mind is on my work.
Food and drinks are ready, senores.
PIease be seated.
Bus Ieaves for Mexico City
in five minutes.
MAN: Food and drinks are ready,
senoras y senores.
PIease be seated.
-May I join you, boys?.
-PIease, senor.
Thank you.
No. Just coffee, please.
Hey, Pancho, what`s the matter?.
-Oh, what is it?.
You better eat. We got a Iong way to go.
I`m not hungry.
The bus ride bumped his stomach. Ha, ha.
Is that music coming all the way
from the United States?.
Oh, no, senor.
That is our symphony orchestra
in Mexico City.
With Maestro
Maximino Contreras conducting.
I`m afraid, uh, Pancho isn`t very fond
of music.
And I am afraid you have
the wrong impression of my country.
Not everyone in Mexico
appreciates music.
Many prefer bullfighting.
The final selection of today`s concert...
...will be ""Fantasia Mexicana ""...
...the work of a young Mexican composer,
Mario Morales.
It is being introduced today
for the first time to the people of Mexico... Maestro Maximino Contreras.
Wait a minute, Pancho.
The radio said it was being played
for the first time.
-Now, you told me--
-Don`t get the wrong impression, senor.
Not everyone in Mexico
Iives only for bullfighting.
-Just as many prefer music.
Wait! Wait!
No, no, senor. You must not enter.
He is busy. He will see no one.
I`m sorry, senor.
He would not give his name.
You may go.
Mario, so you heard it, huh?.
Oh, I knew it.
I knew it was the only way.
I had to come, maestro, to thank you.
It was.... Well, I have no words.
It didn`t sound Iike my music at all.
It was so big.
Oh, of course it was.
Mario, when your sister told me
that she had a way to find you...
...I said to myself, there is only one way
to bring him back.
And it worked.
Now, my boy,
we`II get down to business.
To study music.
-Of course, no more bullfighting.
No, I`m all through with that.
Fine. You know, my boy,
it was very foolish of you.
-You don`t understand--
-No, no, please.
You have nothing to explain.
I know it was your father.
Anyway, it was foolish.
Why risk your Iife
just to prove to some people...
...who read the sporting news
that you are not a coward?.
It`s ridiculous.
Of course, now, after you had
your big success at La Scala...
...and you`re a hero in your father`s eyes,
everybody`s happy.
Don`t explain to me
and don`t argue with me.
This foolishness is over once and forever.
You must not risk your Iife again.
Uh, and I insist
that you cancel your engagement... have to fight at Puebla.
I don`t know what you`re talking about,
Senor Contreras.
I didn`t fight in La Scala.
And I am not fighting in Puebla.
I`m not.
Now, wait, my boy.
We can`t get along unless we are
really frank and honest to each other.
Come. I`II show you.
Oh, here.
-Excuse me.
-Where do you think you are going?.
Well, it`s obvious, senor.
If someone is using my name,
I have the right to--
Did you say my sister told you
she had a plan to find me?.
-I must go.
-Wait! Mario--
Oh, he runs away again.
Oh, I`II chase this boy
to my appointments.
Mario, wait!
No. Maria, please.
PIease stop being so nervous.
I can`t understand it.
Mario`s name has been in every newspaper
for two weeks.
Today`s fight has been announced
all over.
-He must have seen it.
-He`II be here.
He`II be here. Don`t worry, please.
Sit down.
-It`s Mario. Mario.
Darling. Where are you?.
Where are you?.
Where do you think?.
I`m downstairs in the Iobby.
How did you know I was here?.
Darling, all I had to do was find out
where Mario is staying and I`d find you.
Oh, no, no, Pepe,
you can`t come up here.
Mario is not feeling well.
Mario isn`t feeling very well, Pepe.
He`s very nervous.
He`s not seeing anybody.
No, no, he`s just tired.
Darling, I`II come right down.
Yes, yes, I promise. Right away.
No, you can`t. I won`t allow you.
Chato, I have to. He can`t come up here.
You`ve got to get dressed, Maria.
-What are you going to tell him?.
-I don`t know.
-Nothing. Nothing.
CHATO: Good. I`II tell it to him with you.
Darling. Ha, ha.
What happened to you?.
I could`ve Iost my mind waiting for you.
-Darling, I`m so sorry. You see, it was--
-AII right, you found her now.
Kiss her and say goodbye.
Mario needs her.
He`s very nervous.
I`m nervous too.
-Guess what.
I received my appointment with the Institute
of Research, New York. It`s ours.
Look. Telegrams,
documents, airplane tickets.
We Ieave tomorrow morning at 6:00.
-Oh, no, Pepe. We can`t.
Why not?.
Well, to begin with,
we`re not even married.
That`s why I came.
I`ve got that arranged too.
-Come on.
-Did you say something?.
-Who?. I--
Did I say something?.
Darling, I know that I promised, but I--
I tell you,
Mario is more nervous than ever.
He wouldn`t fight if she wouldn`t....
I knew the test
would come one day, Maria...
...somehow or another.
After everything we`d planned...
...for a Iifetime.
Against one afternoon
of watching your brother fight a bull.
You say you have everything arranged?.
Yes, darling.
AII right, darling.
There`s just one thing, Pepe.
You`ve got to get me back here
by 3:00.
What for?.
You`ve got to, Pepe.
To see your brother?.
Whose honeymoon is this gonna be?.
Will you, Pepe?.
AII right.
-Tell Mario I`II be back at 3:00.
Come on.
Chato, I want you to meet...
...Senora Maria Morales Jose Fernandez
Hector Sanchez Tello Giermillo Ortego.
Yes, yes, yes. Now hurry, hurry.
Mario is very nervous.
You won`t be able to stay.
Just pack your things.
MARIA: Yes, darling, I know.
PEPE: Hurry.
Uh, Pepe, you wait for her here.
-But I wanna see Mario.
If anything should happen, don`t worry.
-Maria will meet you at the entrance.
-What entrance?.
In case you miss her at the entrance,
she will meet you at this seat.
Wait, why should I miss her?.
-I don`t wanna see the bullfight.
-Don`t worry. From that seat, you won`t.
The number of my son`s suite.
Your son?.
Mario Morales, the torero.
Don Antonio.
I beg your pardon, senor.
-Suite 401 403.
-Thank you.
For nothing, senor.
-Oh, hello, maestro.
-Why are you not upstairs with Mario?.
He won`t see me.
He won`t see anybody except Maria.
-Why not?.
-I don`t know. He says he`s nervous.
We`II fix that.
You know, Pepe, Mario and I,
we had a Iittle misunderstanding.
But he`s young.
He would not come to me... I`II go to him.
MAN 1 : Senor Morales.
MAN 2: Senor Morales.
-We need your help.
-PIease help us to get some pictures.
-Would you help us get some pictures?.
-We`ve been here for two hours.
Leave it to me.
Just give me a few minutes with my son,
alone, and it`II be all right.
-Maestro, I, uh--
PIease tell my son I`m here.
-Tell him we`re here a Iong time.
Yes, yes. Just a moment, please.
-What`s happened now?.
-Your father and Pepe are outside.
Hurry, Conchita.
We`ve gotta get out of here.
Where`s Mario?. Why didn`t he come?.
Did you hear what I said?.
Your father and Pepe are outside that door.
If your father finds out, he`II kill me.
If he doesn`t, Pepe will.
Chato. Mario.
Quick. Quick.
It`s crazy.
It`s been crazy from the beginning.
I`ve had enough of this nonsense, Chato.
-Get out of the way.
-No. If you please, just a few minutes.
Oh, he`s so nervous.
Everybody`s nervous before a fight.
-Step aside.
-No, no, please, not yet.
-We gotta have pictures.
-Who does he think he is?.
PIease, gentlemen. PIease be patient.
I`II see if he`s, uh--
I`II see if he`s still praying.
You would think
that he was the boy`s father.
Wait until I get him home.
-About 4:00.
-The fight will be starting soon.
Maybe he isn`t
going to fight today either.
What do you think, maestro?.
Oh, this is too much.
Chato. Mario. Open the door.
You hear me?.
But it`s impossible. I--
I didn`t--
AII I wanted is to give him my sword.
-If Mario doesn`t come out--
-PIease. We`II find Mario.
You stop Iooking around
while you`re working the bull.
Watch the bull, please.
AII right. Go now.
She must be inside.
Well, go in there and find her. Go ahead.
You`re making me nervous.
Mario, wait!
CONTRERAS: I don`t have any.
Ticket over there, please.
-Oh, no, my friend.
-I don`t consider myself your friend.
And then, please,
would you kindly step aside?.
Go back to scraping on your fiddle.
You will not interfere with my son again.
Step aside, please.
Let the gentlemen buy his ticket.
You are mistaken on two counts.
He`s not a gentleman
and he`s not going to buy a ticket.
Senor, will you kindly
have this person removed?.
Call the police.
CONTRERAS: --see to my rights.
-What seems to be the trouble?.
-Look, I--
-I`II do the explaining.
I am Don Antonio Morales.
Don Antonio.
Is this criminal annoying you, maestro?.
Criminal?. I am Maximino Contreras
of the National Symphony Orchestra.
Maestro. Is this broken-down bullfighter
annoying you?.
No. You`II address the greatest matador
of all times with respect.
You will address the greatest musician
in Mexico with reverence.
-He wants to stop my son from fighting.
-We won`t Iet him.
It`s against the Iaw
to prevent a man from buying a ticket.
It`s against the Iaw
to interfere with a bullfight.
You can`t prove
that he intends to interfere.
AII right.
We`II go see the captain.
-He`II settle this.
But I have to get in, please.
Yes. Yes. Let`s see the captain.
He`II settle this.
-Come, senores.
-Look out, Maria!
MARIA: I`m fine. Put me down, I`m fine.
-Yes, dear.
Are you all right?.
You`re not hurt, are you?.
Oh, Mario. Oh, I knew I`d find you.
Hello, Pepe.
That`s what I wanna talk to you about.
Later. Later, Pepe.
Not in front of Mother, please.
I`m so glad. I know you`II be very happy.
Where`s Don Antonio?.
Maria said she Ieft him with you.
Didn`t he come home with you?.
We got separated.
Isn`t he here yet?.
I can`t understand it.
He invited all these people
for a fiesta for you.
He`II be here any minute. Come on,
Mother, Iet`s dance, huh?. Come on.
Where is Father, Pepe?.
He`s probably having Barrios arrested
for Ietting you get in that ring.
-Where`s Chato?.
-I passed Chato at the gate, waiting for him.
Maestro, Don Antonio.
Is there something
I can do for you, senor?.
Yes. Step aside, please.
We don`t Iike to run over Iittle animals
on the highway.
Go on.
Maestro, we`re glad you`re home.
We`ve been worried.
Chato, you are as trustworthy
as a scorpion.
It`s a Iucky thing for you
that everything went so well for me.
I can almost forgive you.
Yes, Iife is good.
Good?. What is good, Maestro?.
Who made it possible
for Mario to fight the bull?.
You?. No, I did it.
-You, maestro?.
-Of course.
That crazy man, Contreras, showed up
outside of the bullring again today.
Well, I stopped him. I refused
to Iet him go in and create a disturbance.
By the time we were through
with explanations... the office of the police captain,
the fights were over.
Oh, then, you didn`t see the fight?.
-No. Come inside and Iet me know about it.
-No, maestro. PIease Iisten.
Listen to what?.
So far we have told your wife nothing.
Nothing about what?.
Maestro, you`II never know
how close Mario was to the end.
He was going beautifully when,
suddenly-- You know his fault.
--he Iost his concentration.
The bull swung
and threw Mario to the ground.
He was stunned.
The bull turned, saw him Iying helpless.
He Iowered his head.
Oh, the horns were within an inch
of Mario`s body.
Then, all of a sudden, from nowhere,
a young man appeared.
He stepped over Mario`s body
and used his own coat as a cape.
Oh, maestro, if that boy
had been one second Iater...`d never have been able
to come home and face your wife.
-It was that close?.
-No, maestro... was closer.
No concentration.
What is it, Maria?.
It`s Father.
-We were worried.
-I`m sorry, querida.
-Has Mario come home?.
-Yes, of course.
Where is he?.
You know Senor Contreras.
Don Antonio.
Senor Contreras.
Yes, Father?.
You fought well.
-You saw me?.
-Of course, why not?.
You know, Mario,
you executed the veronicas quite well.
SIowly, with good form.
AIso the chicuelinas.
In fact...
...I have no criticism
on the way you handled the cape...
...but one thing
you have never Iearned: concentration.
I`m afraid I was wrong.
Fighting bulls is not for him.
Perhaps he`II have better Iuck
with his concentration...
...when he studies music
with Senor Contreras.
Thank you, Father, for--
For everything.
That`s all right, my boy.
Maestro, I take back everything
I`ve said about you.
Yes, even what I was thinking about you.
...Mario, Maria, dance.
I ordered this fiesta for you.
Go on, enjoy yourselves.
You did well, maestro.
Very well.
Well, why not?.
If Mario was knocked down,
why is Maria Iimping?.
Twins, maestro, twins.
Come back here!