Fifi la plume (1965) Movie Script

Release the lions!
But what is this?
What the hell are you doing here?
Nothing nothing...
I was just passing by here.
- Fool!
- I'm not doing anything.
Get out of there!
To your place! To your place!
Calm down, calm down!
- What's up?
- Watch out, the lion!
Give me that!
To your place.
Come on!
Now you and I...
Take him!
Leave me alone! Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
I have not done anything wrong!
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
I was passing by!
I have not done it!
Leave me, fatass!
Do you know what happened?
Here you go.
I'll introduce you to your new tamer.
- Enchanted.
- Enchanted.
He has made fun of me.
He's changed my number.
These are my watches!
They are mine!
- This?
- That's a real collection.
- What a beautiful watch!
- Do you like it, miss?
It is beautiful and plays music.
Can you hear?
- It's nice.
- The music.
It's nice...
- No, no, it's for you.
- Really?
- I give it to you.
- Give me that!
I'll buy you a watch.
And prettier.
The bird man goes next.
- Your turn.
- And if I do not fly?
Everything will be fine.
Do not be nervous.
- Hey! What do I do with this bird?
- Whatever you want.
Ah, whatever I want?
Do not you trust your director?
Everything will be all right, man.
Do you recognize it?
It will be your partner
You'll live together.
No, please no.
No no no.
Before your eyes, the bird man!
The show continues.
Before your eyes, the bullet man
in his brilliant trajectory.
Your bullet man is great.
Very good, great. Perfect.
But did you know that our
bird man suffers a...
slight indisposition?
- I've seen the body go by.
- Yes Yes. He lacked confidence.
An amateur. But you,...
space is yours alone.
Oh yeah.
- I knew you'd be interested!
- Bullet man, yes.
Bird man no.
- He does not want to know anything.
- I get it.
Cowards! That is what they are!
That's easy to say.
With my new system
there is no danger.
You will not find a single stupid.
who will risk life
with your inventions.
- Yes, you will.
- Whom?
One! Two three four!
One! Two three four!
One! Two three four!
One! Two three four!
- One!
- Two three four!
- One!
- Two three four!
- One!
- Two!...
Three, four ... four!
Two three four!
No, it is not enough.
It's loose.
One, the head.
Two, the legs. Three, the wings.
That way. More arms. Stronger.
No, no, do not pull me!
Do not pull me!
Come on, let me down!
Get me out of here! Get me down!
I'm tired! I'm tired!
Get me down!
Get me down now!
Let's go. Come on, raise your head.
And the wings.
Move it. One, two.
One, two, one
Watch out!
I have not done it on purpose!
As you want.
We'll continue this afternoon.
I'm going to the bar.
Come here!
Get me down, get me down!
Get me down!
Mr. Director, I do not want to
be a bird man anymore.
But it can not be done.
Giving up just like that, all at once.
No, I do not want any more.
- Have you done all the exercises?
- Yes, I have done them all.
Every and each one.
And the pulley? Have you done the pulley?
Great, let's talk about the pulley.
I've been hanging there for more than an hour.
An hour!
Yes, but you can not fly
at once, can't you understand?
The training
is difficult at first.
No, I do not want to train anymore.
I'm quitting.
Take off my wings!
Come on, take them off!
Remove them, remove them ...!
Its easy to say.
If you knew how to put them on,
you must know how to get rid of them.
It's just that in my new system
The placement of the wings is...
Can not be...
- Can I enter?
- Mimi, come and see this.
How do you find him with his wings?
They look very good.
Are you going to work with us?
He does not want to stay with us.
He wants to leave.
It's a shame.
But I did not say I wanted to leave.
But you have said that ...
Well, I did not say that
I would really like to go.
Maybe I'll stay.
Are you already flying?
Yes, flying.
I do some short flights.
- Show me.
- I've flown a lot this morning.
And my wings are tired.
- Just to please me.
- No, I'd rather not.
Do not you want to please me?
Yes, I do want to please you.
Nothing would make me happier.
Show me. I'm looking at you.
You wanted it.
- Bravo!
- I flew!
I flew!
I have a gift to you.
- A lovely watch.
- I'm really sorry.
So am I.
I'm starting to get tired of you.
You're a mess,
Man, do not you see?
Mimi, come quickly.
Come here a minute.
Fix the suit.
It is very bad.
We never find two
with the same size
It is done. Come on, children.
- This bracelet is missing.
- Come on!
This one as well, please.
- And the sequins on the neck...
- It's done, It's done.
- It is done. It will be a success.
- Are you perfectly sure?
Maybe it's more fun
than we think.
- Enough!
- Enough!
Come on... come on, come on.
- Are you afraid of the puppies?
- No, I'm not afraid of dogs.
Bravo, how brave...
- I like animals a lot.
- He likes animals?
- Yes, I like puppies.
- Ah, he likes puppies...
Well, I have a surprise for you.
Moco, come here!
It's a delicious puppy.
Very pretty.
Come here, come.
It is very beautiful, very beautiful.
- OK, good bye.
- You're leaving now?
Yes, I have to leave.
I have things to do.
Hey, easy!
Do not bite.
Bye. Stay with your master.
Bye bye...
Do not escape.
After him, go!
You again! Please, no!
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
Ay ay ay!
Leave me!
No, my pants, no!
Coo-coo, coo-coo!
Coo-coo, coo-coo!
Oh, an angel!
No... I'm not an angel.
And if you were not an angel,
what would you be?
Well, I would ... I do not know what I would be.
- What?
- What the fuck?
- I'm going to be ridiculous with that.
- No, it's going to be a lot of fun.
- You can not look.
- Well, I count to ten.
One two three four five
six seven eight nine ten.
- Is it done?
- It is done.
It is already but I do not dare to show.
How handsome you are!
Does it really suit me?
Look at yourself in the mirror.
It's true, you look like an angel.
You're going to cause a sensation...
- Is something wrong, sister?
- No, everything is fine.
- Are you troubled, sister?
- No sister.
- Oh my God!
- An angel!
What is it, sisters?
Do you see visions?
- Sorry.
- We are sorry.
Hey! What is it?
- Ah, it's you.
- Yes, it's me. Can I enter?
Where were you?
I was in heaven.
- Liar!
- I have the proof here.
- Tell me, what's the proof?
- It's a surprise.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Look what I brought you.
- Thank you.
- It's beautiful, eh?
- It's huge.
Yes, it was the biggest.
- Do you like it?
- Thank you. I like it very much.
You do not know how happy I am.
Long ago I wanted to tell you.
One day I will have my own circus.
A very big circus.
I'll need an amazon. Always
You need an amazon in life.
You look so pretty on horseback!
I've always dreamed about you.
I think about you all day.
But I dare not tell you.
I feel like a kid.
If you want...
What's going on?
- What are you doing here?
- I...
And that bell, what is it?
What is that ring?
What is this?
Hey? What is it?
It's a surprise.
Surprise, surprise, surprise!
Look what I do with your surprise!
I'm taking it!
I've looked everywhere for it.
Where was it?
I was sad.
The watch was so pretty...
Do not be sad.
I will bring you many more.
I will bring them from heaven.
- From the sky?
- Yes, from the sky.
Or from any other place.
I'll manage.
The more turns I make,
the more I convince myself
that it's you
the one who took that nice alarm clock.
Mom had given it to me as a souvenir.
It was Mom's.
I'm fishing, so
enough with your mother!
So you confess it?
You're making fun of us.
Fishing is only for you.
Listen. Let us reason.
You had that alarm clock
And I intended
to wake me up.
So far we agree.
- The alarm clock is gone.
- And I've been more harmed.
We are two hours late
And I have not put the bait.
And it does not catch!
Neither will ever catch!
Thank you.
It's broken, of course.
I'll take it to fix.
Is this paradise?
If you were not here,
I would believe that I am in my house.
Yes, it is the paradise of watchmakers.
In addition, an arrangement has to be made.
- So we continue.
- Yes, and you should hurry.
Do I have to keep fixing
clocks and alarm clocks?
It is not worth suicide.
Yes, because this is time
to enjoy the eternity.
- Did you kill yourself for her?
- Yes.
She is pretty.
She is very beautiful. What's her name?
I'll try to fix it.
What happened?
- It's her father.
- Her father?
He did not want us to get married.
And as long as you keep thinking
about that watchmaker...
you will be locked up!
What have I done?
What will be of me?
I'm unhappy.
My God, have mercy on me.
Help me.
- Do not be afraid.
- I'm not afraid.
So what do you think is normal?
I arrive by the window and...
- No, of course, but...
- But what?
- I was expecting you.
- Me?
Yes, you or someone else.
Do you often see angels?
No, but one came
when I was 4 years old
And as it was at night,
they said I was dreaming.
No, no and no!
I will not give in!
It's Dad.
She will marry whom I want.
- What have you got there?
- It's a girl.
We are not going to leave her
to starve...
- Are you sure you can?
- Yes, completely.
I will get married
to the man I love?
Yes! The Angels
can not deny anything...
the young girls
who give them a kiss.
All right.
- Now take me where I tell you.
- Where?
- Through the window, in his arms.
- No, I can not do it.
- Why? Is it prohibited?
- No, it's the weight.
- I'm too fat?
- That's not what I meant.
- You're lovely.
- Thank you.
You realize?
With a watchmaker!
- I should like you.
- Like me!
I would like to be an angel
and fly through the sky.
Yes, yes,...
it has its good side and...
- Sometimes it's worth it.
- Yes, yes...
- Oh, and my boyfriend!
- It does not matter, I'm an angel.
Does not count.
What does this carnival mean?
- It's an angel.
- I'm an angel.
Do you want to tell me what you do in bed
Of my daughter disguised as a bird?
- I'll explain. I am...
- Come on, tell him.
- I'm an intermediary.
- I do not want explanations.
I'll sort out the accounts
with this guy!
But Dad!
To speak to an envoy of God...
- Moron!
- But Charles!
- And you, shut up!
- Please, sir...
That is what happens
With your religious teaching.
You want to tell me how
did you introduce yourself here?
Well, I've introduced myself...
I have entered
- Through the window!
- Yes, through the window.
Through the window?
Through the window?
- Do you go hunting, sir?
- Yes, I go hunting.
How nice!
It's a very nice collection.
This one... this one is the most beautiful.
No doubt,
it is the most beautiful.
It's nice, is not it?
It is the most beautiful.
Do not you think to shoot
the clock?
Not the clock.
I congratulate you...
Nice merchandise.
The hand!
Give it back.
- Have they arrived?
- All's fine, boss, they're inside.
Do you have a truck?
We will manage
to have one.
You go where I told you
and we'll see on the road.
And the pearls?
Do not worry.
I'll leave them in the oysters.
- The oysters?
- It's a joke.
What is happening here?
- And the merchandise?
- An angel came.
- He's taken everything.
- What?
- Everything for the oysters.
- The oysters?
I'm starting to badly digest
your stories
- And the merchandise?
- In the sky.
- You take me for a child?
- No, boss, no.
No more bad company.
Hey! Hello!
Come quickly, come!
It's an angel!
- Good Morning.
- Good Morning.
How nice you have it here.
These tiny beds...
Very pretty...
And you too,
you are also very pretty.
And you, with those pigtails!
He has brought us treasures!
No no! Give me the pearls!
Give me the pearls!
Enough, stop at once!
Do not play with that!
Do not play with pearls!
- Do not play with the pearls!
- A feather!
What feather?
Leave me, leave me!
Do not touch me!
Sir, these gentlemen
Are here for the clocks.
Ah, they must be
from the police.
- Definitely.
- Come in.
Very well, sir.
Come in, please.
Good morning sir.
I am delighted to see you.
Something abominable!
I've been robbed!
One of the best pieces
from my collection.
And my collection is for me!
- It's all my life.
- I understand. It is so beautiful...
It's marvelous!
I've never seen anything like it!
I had been told about them.
But what I'm seeing is...
Well, sir,
there is no problem.
No, no. Victor, take care of this.
Charlotte - the one in the back.
Receive my congratulations, sir.
Yes, yes, but I do not
understand very well.
Do not worry sir.
You'll see soon.
Nothing can escape us.
We take everything.
Oh, I understand. So if they come back,
they will find nothing.
That's it. We create emptiness.
There's the boss.
We are soldiers of the Good God,
yes, sir!
We are soldiers of the Good God,
yes, sir!
Machine guns or watches,
for us it's all the same.
The boss is an angel
so we are not afraid.
We are the good thieves
of the Lord.
Hey, you!
What are you doing there?
What is that?
Do not you like coocoos?
Yes. What I do not like are
the feathers of your thinning.
It's better if you do not see it.
Not so fast, young man!
The lion, no, no, no!
The lion, no!
You'll pay me!
No, do not do anything to me!
Leave me alone!
Open your mouth and say: `tic, tac'.
Bah! Tic, tac, eh?
Wow, this gets ugly!
He's crazy!
Is it the police?
- Do not hang up.
- Help!
Hello? Hello?
Hello? Hello?
They hung up...
Go, go!
Go, go!
Hey, he's gone, he's gone!
Follow him!
Must have been
hidden in there.
Over there, over there!
There he is, there!
Come on, get him.
Come on, he escapes!
Come on, quick.
Come on.
He escapes...
Let's go! Hurry up!
He must be there!
Register everything!
- Where did he hide?
- He is not here. Where is he?
Look, here he comes!
Come on, hurry up.
To the car, to the car!
Come on, follow me!
Sorry, it's nothing.
I'm just passing.
He takes the bike!
Come here!
Have you seen that up there?
- Get moving!
- There's an angel on a bicycle.
- Well, I have.
- And it flies and flies.
- Get moving!
- Move the train!
- Good luck, demons!
- OK, get going!.
I'm the boss here.
I want that bird!
It is very high!
How do you want us to climb?
It's too short!
It's very cold!
Higher, damn it!
Higher! There, above that.
There's not enough pressure.
Very well, fatass!
Can not see anything. I have lost him.
Oh my God!
Thank God!
Oh, thank you, thank you!
I can not anymore!
I'm exhausted.
My wings are tired.
I'm hungry!
Do not you have anything to eat?
Yes, yes, for you I have
anything you need.
Here is more.
Take it.
Tell me...
I thought the angels did not eat...
Yes they do...
- And they drink.
- Sure, they also drink.
He likes wine, huh?
So, will you take me?
- Where?
- We'll go flying...
- Where? Where are we?
- What do you mean, where are we?
We are at sea.
- At sea!
- I'm lost.
- How come, you're lost?
- Yes, lost.
- So I'm not saved?
- No.
How come? He drinks my wine,
he eats my provisions and then...
I thought the angels
come to save the people!
I do not need an angel like that!
Leave me alone!
You're going to pay me now.
Let us turn to facts.
- That's it. I was drowning.
- I was drowning...
- Then I saw him in the sky. He came...
- He came...
- And he pulled me out of the water.
- And pulled me out of the water.
- He was handsome!
- He was...
Maybe you can also say
to the commissioner...
who left with your watch.
Yes, Commissioner, he is a thief!
He took everything from my house.
Oh, Daddy!
Well, have you seen him...
In the air?
Yes, yes, we saw him fly through the sky.
We said 'hello'
and went down on the terrace.
- He brought us pearls.
- Pearls, yes, I know.
And then... come on, show it to him.
- He left us a feather.
- Yes.
That is very interesting...
I found him sitting
on my daughter's knees.
No, Dad, no.
It was I who sat
on his knees.
Ah good...
- What is that?
- I don't know. Go see.
I found him on the shore.
God, he's an angel from heaven!
Help me. Slowly.
Slowly, slowly.
Go get something to warm him up.
I'm going.
Hey, the angels...
they have no habit
He's going to get drunk! Wait.
And how is the food in the sky?
- Like in the barracks.
- Ah!
- A piece of crap...
- Ah...
It's not like here...
The fish is not so fresh.
This is not quite fresh?
Because of the distance...
You see, it's hard.
How would you do?
I would do just like him.
I would do just like him.
What question?!
Tell me,
how is life in heaven?
The most difficult thing is...
to learn flying.
Oh, sure!
My son, stretch out your wings.
And then you have to learn
also to defend yourself.
we are sent to solve...
sensitive situations.
I'm going to take you to your boyfriend.
An angel! How handsome!
How handsome!
I'm an angel.
And I'm on duty.
What a pity!
What a pity!
She was a sweetheart, a sweetheart.
Now as far as I remember,
the wedding is today
- I have to go!
- But...
Do you know?
The real paradise is here.
- Bye.
- Bye.
The wind blows there
and I'll fly here!
I have surprised you again!
It has fallen...
I'm very heavy.
I have eaten too much!
Yeah right.
I can not take off.
Look, look how it flies.
Do you accept Marie-Nolle de Montsouris
as a legitimate wife?
according to the rites
of our Holy Mother Church?
Yes, of course.
Do you accept Gortrand de Meaux
as a husband
according to the rites
of our Holy Mother Church?
Come on.
What are you waiting for, Marie-Nolle?
Good morning, Mr. Priest.
It is not the right one.
No, he is not, Mr. Priest.
You can leave.
Go home.
He is not the real one.
Not you.
You can leave.
He's not the real...
Ah! There's the real one.
That's better.
This one is much more handsome.
- If it is the will of the Lord...
- Leave it, my dear.
In addition, in the state in which
is your collection
it is better that your son-in-law be a watchmaker.
What's going on?
Leave me, boys!
And he goes on saying
that he is an angel that flies?
- Of course I fly.
- Try it.
- Do you want me to fly for real?
- For real.
It's me.
- I do not want to see you anymore.
- What did I do to you?
- I do not love you anymore.
- You do not love me anymore?
- I do not understand anything.
- Go away.
Open! What I did, I did for you.
I love you. I love you.
Flexibility. Lightness.
Come on, like this.
- Move them.
- Do you think they will like it?
I'm sure.
When I see you with your wings...
But they are my wings...
What have you done?
- I cut them.
- With what right?
They were useful to me.
They were very practical for me.
That way you will not steal.
And you will not fly
behind girls any more.
I? You are jealous?
So you love me?
I thought you did not love me anymore.
It will be wonderful.
We will be happy.
Leave me. I am not an angel!
Look at me, I'm a tamer.
I am a tamer!
I am not an angel!
It's not me.
It's not me.
- Where do we go?
- To Paradise.