Fifty (2015) Movie Script

Go away, troubled waters
I'm gonna drown
myself in you
Come day, I see
you going down
- [Voiceover] Also on the
show today we see top 5,000--
I'm gonna come
out and rescue you
- [Voiceover] Howdy folks!
We're starting off with the
latest celebrity swing--
So close your eyes
and count to ten
Dust yourself
down and try again
Close your eyes
and count to ten
Put your best foot
down and start again
Start again, start
again, start again
- I'll see you soon.
Gonna hitch my wagon
to a shooting star
It's gonna carry us up,
it's gonna carry us far
I got no money to my name,
but what I got's for free
Sundays position for
you: doom and misery
So close your eyes
and count to ten
Dust yourself
down and try again
- Oh, yes.
And count to ten
Make yourself, dust yourself
down, hold your head high
And start again
- Ohh.
- Praise the Lord.
(crowd cheers and applauds)
I said praise the Lord!
- Hallelujah!
- Children of God, It is
time for a miracle tonight.
If you want a miracle from
God, stand on your feet.
Open your mouth,
lift up your hands.
I speak to your
Father right now.
I'll tell him you have come
here for a miracle tonight.
Oh, damn God, we are
serious about this!
Let us see you!
Cry out for a genuine miracle!
(crowd starts praying)
In Jesus' name we pray
- Amen!
Try again, close your
eyes and count to ten
Make yourself
(make yourself)
Dust yourself
(dust yourself)
Hold your head high
and start again
- Morning.
- Morning.
- In the name of the
Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit, amen.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the lord is with thee.
Blessed are you among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
- Ugh.
- Hail Mary, full of grace,
the lord is with thee.
Blessed are thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
In the name of the
Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit, amen.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the lord is with thee.
Blessed are you amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the
hour of our death.
Glory be to the
father, and to the son,
and to the holy spirit.
(continued praying)
(Chekay sighs)
(intense music)
- (knocks on wood)
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to art house
contemporary here in Lagos.
Without further ado,
let's get started.
Okay, starting with part one,
Monte Dupearl, part side one.
Starting the bid at
one thousand dollars,
do I have one thousand dollars?
Thank you, I have one thousand.
Do I have fifteen hundred?
Fifteen hundred. Two thousand?
Two thousand at the
back of the room,
thank you mum, you're beautiful.
Twenty five hundred. Three
thousand here at the back, sir.
Any advance on three thousand?
Three thousand five hundred,
lady in the red dress.
Thank you very much, mum.
Any more bidders, three thousand
five hundred, last time.
Thank you very much, mum,
may I see your card, please?
That's card 220.
Thank you very much.
- [Voiceover] Hello,
and welcome to the show .
Today we are discussing the
folly topic of wedding women,
and what do we see?
(muffled radio)
- Kichi, why is the
table set for two?
- Ma, I thought that
your friend Sal was
going to spend the night.
- Unless I told you so,
never assume that my guest
is staying the night.
- Yes, ma.
I'm sorry, ma.
Happy birthday, ma.
- Oh! Thank you!
This is very nice of you.
- You're welcome, ma.
What about the party?
- What party?
- Last year, you said you were
going to three big parties
to celebrate a
birthday this year.
- I did? Hm.
I wonder what made me say that.
- You work too hard, ma.
- Nonsense, Kichi.
In my line of business,
there's no such thing
as working too hard.
(phone rings)
- Elizabeth, don't tell me
you're going to remind me
again about your talk.
because if you have,
(speaking Nigerian)
- No, Maria, that is not why
I'm calling you this morning.
I just called to wish you
a happy birthday, my dear.
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Maria,
happy birthday to you.
- Thanks, Lizzy.
- A-huh. Happy
twentieth anniversary
of your thirtieth
birthday, darling. Mm-hm.
Let's paint the
town red tonight.
I have just the place in mind.
- Ooh, I can't wait.
- Doctor Famakuwa?
- Hold on a second, though. Yes?
- We're ready for you.
- Okay, which way are we going?
- This way.
- Ah, fine.
I have to go.
- Okay, sweetie.
Break your leg, okay?
I'll be watching you.
- When we go, I'll set it all up
and you make sure you
wear something sexy.
- [voiceover] We'll be right
back after this message.
Stay fabulous.
- What is this?
This dress is ugly.
These shoes, they look so cheap.
I want brand news.
My show is called "Rich
and Fabulous Tola".
I want items that scream
class, style, glamour.
Does that coconut
brain of yours know
what those words even mean?
How many times must I say it?
Money's not my problem,
but how to spend it.
So buy me nice things!
I want beautiful things!
Has anybody heard from Kate?
Why do I even bother
talking to you people?
I have to do everything myself.
(phone rings)
- Hello?
- Where is Kate?
Why is she not
picking up her phone?
How am I supposed
to shoot the scene
where I talk with
my party planner
about my fiftieth birthday
party without my party planner?
- She's on her way, Tola.
She left over
thirty minutes ago.
I'm sure it's the traffic.
- Oh, whatever.
Just a bunch of
incompetent fools.
- What time did you
get in last night?
- I was at a night vigil.
- Night vigil, api?
And now you're late for
your meeting with Tola.
When are you going to get
your priorities right?
- My priorities are right.
God is first.
- Look, Chekay, I'm not ready
for your nonsense this morning.
- All this "church, church,
every day" must stop.
- What are you doing here?
What happened to
the job interview?
- I cancelled it.
- You did what?
- You know me, Kate. I'm
not the nine-to-five type.
I function best when
I'm my own boss.
- You need to get a job.
- Pot, kettle, black.
- Don't "pot, kettle, black" me.
I'm not the unemployed one.
I got the contract
to plan Tola's party
just to see us through
the next two months.
- I'm self-employed,
not unemployed.
- What difference
does it make if
you're not putting
bread on the table?
Tola only wants me
at her house early
because of that silly reality
tv show she is filming.
I don't want to be
in a reality show!
- Kate, Kate, listen.
A public appearance
will do you no harm.
It's free publicity
for your business.
- My business was fine until
you started being
reckless with my money.
- Your money?
Just get out of bed.
And for the record, Kate,
our money problems are
just as much your fault
as they are mine.
- How many of your
schemes have to fail
before you wake up,
Chekay? How many?
- High-risk business
investments reap good rewards.
That's why they are
called high-risk!
- And where are
these rewards? Where?
All I have is stress, worry--
- The stress from all the
hours you spend in church,
with your fasting and
endless prayer meetings!
- We need God to
save this family.
Chekay, I do not want
to argue with you.
We need to work together.
Not against each other!
- All you do is spend our
money on prayer for this,
and prayer for that.
- Better spending the
money on God's blessings,
rather than wasting it on
your grandiose
"let's-get-rich-quick" schemes!
And for the record,
it'll be your money when
you start making some!
- Thank you, my wife.
That was what I was
waiting to hear!
I hope you have a good day.
- Thank you very
much, distinguished
ladies and gentlemen.
Now, today, I would like
to start by telling you
about my late mother.
She was a great nurse,
one who absolutely
loved to help people.
Now, when your mother
loves her work,
you are inspired
from a very early age
to take up that profession.
Now, I was named after the late,
great Doctor Elizabeth
Abimbola Awoliyi.
She was my mother's hero.
She was West Africa's first
female medical doctor,
a renowned gynecologist.
Now, I knew what I
wanted to do with my life
from a very tender age.
I wanted to help save lives.
I was completely obsessed
with that born between
a mother and her child.
- (violent heaving)
- Why don't you
call in sick, Ma?
- I am not sick.
- This one looks like
morning sickness to me.
- Can you just tell the
driver to get ready?
I'm late for work.
- Yes, ma.
Silent night, holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon virgin
mother and child
- If you don't stop
singing that song,
I'll come up there
and strangle you!
- Thank you very much.
Aw, how sweet.
Thank you so much for
coming. Enjoy the book.
Hello! How sweet!
What is your name?
- Kechay. But it's for
my mom, her name is Nena.
- Right. Ne-na. How
old are you, Kechay?
- Twenty-three in December, ma.
- That's almost ten months away,
why don't you just
say you're twenty-two?
- I can't wait to
be twenty-three.
- Can't you now. (laughs)
- Step back from madame.
Hold back.
(phone rings)
(phone buzzes)
- Father, I receive
healing from you
in the mighty name of Jesus.
The mighty name of Jesus.
- What kind of party
planner are you?
Your behavior is just
totally unacceptable.
Highly unprofessional!
Don't interrupt me.
- I'm not interrupting you.
- I said, don't interrupt me!
Look, if you're not here
in the next thirty minutes,
you're fired and I might
as well tell you now
that I will not be recommending
your services to anyone,
any time soon.
Well, well.
Look what the cat dragged in.
- Mrs. Zia, I think
we should still wait
until Kate gets here.
You know, get some
reaction shots.
- Excuse you, madam producer,
but if I want your
opinion I'll ask for it.
- What she's actually
trying to say
is that if she
wants your opinion,
she will tell you
what to say. Sis?
- Yes, Jamal?
- I think you need to
listen to your producer.
The blogs, they're
calling you neurotic.
A drama queen.
- Really, Jamal, I wonder
what they say about you?
That's what I thought. Nothing.
- If you don't take that
camera out of my way,
I will have you escorted off
my premises and you be fired.
Jamal, Jamal. My dear,
sweet little brother.
But, if I may recall, your
presence isn't required
on this set today, or
tomorrow, or the day after.
In fact, your presence
isn't required here at all.
Not on RFT.
So with that, I bid you
welcome. And goodbye.
- If I may interrupt--
- You may not.
- If we include your brother--
- You may not interrupt.
My family is off-limits.
- (speaking Nigerian)
- Oh, yeah, (speaking Nigerian)
Excuse me. Wakey, wakey.
A-huh. Let's do this.
- Stand by, everyone.
- All right, all right, all
right, enough, enough. Enough!
- And action.
- Welcome to yet another
fun and glamour-filled day
with RFT.
In today's episode, we're
going to be discussing
the preparations for
an upcoming event:
the celebration of a
milestone in my life.
Yes, people, I'm going to
be hitting the big five-oh,
and with you viewers, I'm
going to be marking it
with style and pizzazz.
And that's what this-- pizzazz.
I don't think I like that word.
It's too akada.
Shadi? Change it.
(dramatic music)
(muffled shouting)
(violent heaving)
(phone buzzes)
- Hey. Shadi?
- I've told you to
stop calling me.
- Honey--
- If you call me one more time,
I'm going to change my number.
- Are you okay?
Who was that?
(sad music)
- Doctor Famakuma's
clinic, Kamos.
- Yes, ma.
- So I'm thinking,
we fill the pool with
balloons and lights.
- Hmm. Lovely.
- Put patty packs all
around the pool edge,
and then a firework display.
- Brilliant!
I'm so happy that I chose
you to plan my party.
Everything sounds perfect.
- Cut. Take five, everyone.
- Four hours late, Kate.
(speaking Nigerian)
Asha-kasha. I ought to just
cancel your contract now-now.
- I said I was sorry.
- Don't interrupt me.
- It won't happen again.
- I said, don't interrupt me.
- O-kay. Turn of
a, and three, two.
- So I booked the chopper,
and the venue is secured. And,
- Cut.
- Are you okay?
Do you need a break?
- Please.
- Why are you holding
your breasts, Lizzy?
- Oh. I had to go down
to the back-street coop.
I booked an appointment.
One of Harvey Street's best.
- Lizzie.
- I am giving these
beauties some TLC.
What do you think?
- I think your breasts
are fine the way they are.
- I've always wanted a D-cup.
A D-cup!
Mon cher, let's face it,
these beautiful hills
are going to head southwards,
whether we like it or not.
And I believe that we owe
ourselves a duty to stop them.
- Lizzy, how long
are we going to spend
talking about the
size of your breasts?
- Ah, (speaking Nigerian)
Your test results
have only just arrived
from the lab this minute.
This exam must get results
without pass or fail.
- And?
- Hm. And you, my lady, you've
passed with flying colors.
- Meaning?
- Right. Now, there's
good news and good news.
Which one do you want first?
- See--
- Ah, chill. How is it?
The good news is that
the fetus is in utero.
- Can you talk to
me in plain English?
- The other good news is
that you are approaching
the end of your first trimester.
- That's not possible.
Trust me, Maria.
Not only are you preggers,
you're nearly three months gone.
- That isn't possible, Lizzy.
I'm fifty.
- Clearly, you're
still ovulating.
And you're certainly fertile.
Plus, someone with
a nice mating call
and a healthy sperm-count
has been servicing you,
you naughty, naughty girl.
Abracadabra, (speaking Nigerian)
And you didn't even tell me
that you were getting some.
And there I was, thinking I'd
put some meals in your mouth.
(speaking Nigerian), Maria.
Don't get me wrong--
- Oh, Lizzie. Can you help
me get rid of the damn thing?
This late in the
game? At your age?
No, milady.
I'm going to have to
strongly advise against
that line of action.
(speaking Nigerian)
- I've never wanted
children, never.
- Why not? Kids
are good for you.
They grow up to be
fascinating adults.
- Who refuse to speak
to their parents.
- That was low.
- I really shouldn't have
said that, I'm very sorry.
Have you spoken to her recently?
- She won't speak to me.
Not since it happened.
- (speaking Nigerian)
- (speaking Nigerian)
- Anyway.
It's just, have you seen
that yeye reality show with
that hysterical primadonna?
- RFT?
Yeah. She's still producing it.
- And that "yeyeshua", as
you so casually refer to it,
is being watched by millions
across the continent.
- Your point being?
- Tola can be a
primadonna, yeah.
But she's not stupid.
- You would say
that, wouldn't you.
You get on with her
like a house on fire.
- She's a dear friend, yes.
But that's not why I
jump to her defense.
She has a heart of gold.
Do you know how much
money that show raked in
in advertiser
revenue last season?
- A lot of money.
- A fortune.
And we're talking dollars.
- Do you know what
she did with it?
- Gave it to charity.
- All of it. And she's done
that ever since the show began.
- Doesn't make her
any less irritating.
- (speaking Nigerian)
- Welcome to another
fun and fabulous-filled
episode with RFT-- ugh.
What a load of horse shit.
- Hey. You really
don't like her, do you?
- Mm-mm.
- Anyway, that's aside.
Here. Just me.
Who's the father?
- Mm.
- Ah. (speaking Nigerian)
You won't tell me.
You'll be back. (laughs)
(roulette wheel spinning)
(phone rings)
- Hello?
- Chekay. It's me, Tola.
What on earth is
wrong with your wife?
I've never seen
her this erratic.
- I wish I knew, Tola.
She must be suffering from
some severe form of
sleep deprivation.
- What do you mean?
- She's been coming home
from work at odd hours.
She came home at
five this morning
claiming that she spent
the night in church.
- Really.
(roulette wheel spinning)
- Are you okay?
- I've been trying to call you.
What sort of advice have
you been giving my husband?
He's lost all our money
on another deal again.
Let us just say
that I warned him
not to invest in that stake.
I warn all my clients
if a business opportunity
sounds too good to be true,
and it usually is!
- But you could have called me.
- You're my friend,
Kate, but so is Chekay.
And he wouldn't take
too kindly if he hears
that I've been running
to you to report on him.
If you want to
discuss it further,
why don't you both just
come to the office?
And don't look so
worried. I'll always--
- Of all the people
in the world, Kunle.
Of all the people in the world!
- I have no idea what
you're muttering,
my dear, darling wife,
but whatever it is,
I wish you the same.
- How dare you
call me your wife.
Where have you been
since last night?
Oh, are you going
to deny the fact
that you only
decided to come home
because your mistress is here?
Where do you think
you're going, Kate?
Don't you dare
play dumb with me.
How could I have been so stupid?
He's the reason why
you were late today.
- You've completely
lost your mind.
Don't listen to
her lies too much.
Me? I'm going back
to the office.
- I am not going to allow you
to continue disrespecting
me in this house, Kunle.
You were having an affair
right under my nose,
and I didn't suspect a thing.
I knew you were spreading
your seed all over Lagos.
But what I didn't know
was that my party planner
was one of them!
- What you're saying
is complete rubbish,
and somewhere in that
paranoid mind of yours,
you know it's rubbish,
but you say it so well.
- I stretch out my hand
to you in friendship,
and you spit into it.
- Come on.
- I let you into my house.
I pay you good money.
And this is how you
choose to repay me?
So be it.
You're fired.
- What just happened, please?
- I'm so sorry, Kate.
Really, I don't know
what's going on--
- Are you still here?
Get out of my house, you
shameless prostitute!
- Tola!
- Out!
- Tola!
- Oh, Jesus.
(solemn music)
- Good night, ma.
- Good night, Columbus.
- Madam, are you okay?
- Did I say I wasn't?
- Sorry, ma.
- Kichi.
- Ma?
- Thanks for the birthday card.
- You're welcome, ma.
- Get a glass. Have some wine.
- Ah, no thank
you, ma. I'm fine.
- All right. Good night, then.
- Good night, ma.
- Mm.
Oh, babe.
You're getting that so... mm.
Where'd you learn how
to do that, darling?
You should be a chiropractor.
- Really? Or do you want a
more thorough examination?
- Mm.
My friend just found
out that she's pregnant.
- And?
- She's fifty.
- IVF?
- Mm-mm. Not IVF.
And the thing is, she
doesn't even want it.
And the irony is
that I make my living
by helping women who are
desperate to have children.
Life is full of paradoxes.
(phone buzzes)
- Oh, wait. You're
not getting it.
- I'll be back. I'll
be back, I promise.
Hello? Baby, are you okay?
- Are you home?
- Uh, yeah. Where are you?
I'm at the front door. Can
you open up for me, please?
- Of, of course, darling.
This is Doctor
Elizabeth, from Akiwa.
Please leave a
message after the --
(doorbell rings)
(doorbell rings)
(doorbell rings)
- Good evening.
- Hello, darling, Shadi.
Did you miss your keys?
- You sounded awake on the
phone, just minutes ago.
- I did?
Air freshener.
- I just came to pick up
some stuff from my room.
Is that okay?
- That's fine, darling, but
before you do that, sit.
Let's talk.
We haven't done that in a while.
- You've got company.
- Maria. Maria came
to see me a while ago,
it was some great news.
Aren't you going to ask
me what the news is?
She just found out
that she's pregnant.
Can you believe that?
- Why do I think you're lying?
- Don't be cheeky, young lady,
you can ask her yourself.
- I thought she hated children.
- What gave you that idea?
- She says so, all the time.
- Right. How is RFT doing?
You must be proud of that show.
- It's okay. It pays the bills.
- Are you still sharing
that flat in Ikeja?
Shadi, your hair
is so beautiful.
Is this what's in at the moment?
- I don't know.
- Shadi, um--
- Hi.
- Shadi.
Shadi, Shadi. Shadi. Honey!
Shadi, wait.
Come on, darling.
- It's okay, it's nothing.
It's nothing I
haven't seen before.
At least this time,
it's not my boyfriend.
- I was tipsy that night.
- My boyfriend, mom.
My boyfriend.
- So what do you want me to do,
go down on my knees and beg?
- No. If I never saw
you kneeling again,
that wouldn't be too soon.
That was the position
I found you in
when I walked in
on you, remember?
- You will respect
me, young lady.
I am your mother.
- Some mother.
- And don't you ever come
back here, you hear me?
- And don't you
ever phone me again.
- I told you to go
into my bedroom, Sammy,
not her room.
- But you, but you put me in--
- No I didn't!
- You did, Lizzy.
- Are you calling me a liar?
- No, I'm not, but you
put me in that room.
- Okay, fine, so I
put you in that room.
But I thought it was
my room, not hers!
- You're scared
of your daughter.
- No I am not.
I just didn't expect her
to show up on my doorstep,
just like that!
- She scared the living
daylight out of you.
- Oh, shut up, will you?
- Are we still
going out tonight?
- You sound completely drunk.
- Is that against the law?
- Get dressed. We're going out.
- Sammy? Coming up.
- Yeah, a minute.
(dance music)
- No more drinking.
It's not good for the baby.
- Who says I'm having a baby?
- Hold this for me.
I won't be a second.
- Okay.
- Give me that.
- There's something I've
always wanted to ask you.
How come you never
look me in the eyes?
- My breasts don't have eyes.
- I hear you're pregnant, but
you don't want to keep it.
No, wait. It's just that,
Lizzy told me that
she wouldn't help you.
- And you will?
- Me? Listen.
I know some doctors in the area.
They have an operation
room and everything.
I can send you that
info, right now.
Give me your number.
Or better still, I can
take you there tomorrow.
Lizzy doesn't have to know.
- I'm sorry, Michael.
I don't do little boys.
- My name is Samuel.
- I don't care
what your name is.
I still don't do little boys.
- Do you think I was
going to toss you?
I was only trying
to help, I swear.
- Come to think of it, though.
I wouldn't mind having
some of, you know?
- Hey baby. Hey sugarbuns.
- Mm.
- Lizzy.
- Huh?
- Your smiley was
trying to chat me up.
- He was?
- No.
She took it the wrong way.
- Now I'm going to have to
spank you when we get home.
- But you spank me so hard!
I don't want you to spank me,
I want to be taking
your, you know?
- You want some of that?
- Nah, I'm good.
- See you in a bit.
- I don't know what you
see in that little thing.
- He's hung like a horse.
- Penny for your thoughts?
- Go away, Jamal.
Leave me alone.
- You seem to forget that
I live here too, right?
I hear her divaness has given
herself to terminate Kate.
Kate of all people?
- That's none of your business.
- Why so unhappy, sister?
- Why aren't you?
- Flick has a performance
at Freedom Park tonight.
I'm going. I'll come home early.
- I'm not going
anywhere with you.
- Good night, ma.
- Okay, okay, okay.
I've got you, take it easy.
- Oh! Okay, I've got
you. I've got you.
Don't fall on me, I've got you.
- Mm.
- Ohh.
(playful music)
- Praise the lord.
Praise, praise.
In the name of Jesus, praise,
praise, praise, praise.
Yes. In the name of the father.
Yes. Yes, praise.
- Hello, Kate.
- Pastor.
My life is falling apart.
You said it would get better,
but it's falling apart.
- Have you studied
your treatment?
It says here that you need to--
- The doctor is wrong.
I'm convinced that he is wrong.
I have faith that
this thing will pass.
- Hmm.
The ways of God are
full of mystery, Kate.
- I took heart.
I come to church.
Why is God unhappy with me?
Why has he cursed me with
this disease, pastor?
- You can't look
at things that way.
- I need to know what
I have done wrong.
I do not have cancer.
There must be a prayer
that you can say.
- Now you start your treatment.
- What can a doctor
do that God cannot?
Please. Help me, pastor.
Help me talk to God.
Help me beg him now.
- Kate.
Have you told your husband?
- I've been very busy.
- Talk to him. He needs to know.
You need all the support
that you can get.
We here at the church would
always be there for you,
but you need to talk
to your husband, too.
- I lost my job today.
- Oh dear.
- Pastor, please. Pray for me.
This is not the right
time for me to tell him.
What I really need is prayers.
- Okay. Do me a favor.
I want you to do this first
thing tomorrow morning.
Go to another hospital.
Do a test. Get a second opinion.
And if it's true,
well, that letter says
that you may need vasectomy
to save your life.
So be it. Accept it
as the will of God.
(phone buzzing)
- Tola. Hello.
- Good morning, Kate.
I hope I didn't wake you up.
- Wake me? I'm just
on my way home.
I was in church all night.
- That's what I
thought. Listen, Kate?
I'm really sorry about
what happened yesterday.
I was wrong.
I was totally out of order.
My husband and I
have our problems,
and you've got nothing
to do with them.
I shouldn't have made
those accusations I made.
I apologise, and I hope
you can forgive me.
You're back on as
my party planner,
if you're still interested.
I hope you are.
- Chekay.
You're still up.
- Where have you been all night?
- Night vigil. I
sent you a message.
- Mm. In that dress?
What kind of night
vigil with that?
- You know very well that
I went straight from shoot.
I could not come home to
change because of the traffic.
Chekay, please don't
be angry. I'm sorry.
- I'm not angry, Kate.
I just don't get this
thing you're doing.
- It's prayers. Prayers for us.
- Might as well
move into the church
and come home once a week.
- I'm sorry that
you feel that way.
I love you, Chekay.
- I love you too, Kate.
Come here.
Just give me a moment.
One moment.
- Okay.
(jazz music)
- You're here by yourself?
- Yes.
- No friends? Family?
- Just me.
- Very well.
- Now, let's just
stick to the plan,
stay on our medication, yeah?
And then we'll run
some more tests
for the next time you come in.
I do not want you to
worry about a thing.
We're on top of it.
See you during your next visit.
- Sorry, ma. It's
not going through.
- Bad network.
- Insufficient funds.
- That cannot be true.
- Kate?
- Sorry, ma.
- Lizzy.
- Hey, you. Is
everything okay here?
- She came here to
see Doctor Sugarbaum,
but there's a problem
with her card.
- Give me her bill.
Okay. This one,
my lady, is on me.
- Thank you, Elizabeth.
- Hey. Do you have a minute?
I was just on my
way to the canteen.
- Oh, I'm sorry, Lizzy.
I'm late for work.
- All right, call me.
I want to hear
every single detail
of that yewai you had
with Tola the other day.
- You heard about it?
- Come on, Kate. Me and
Tola are like sisters now.
Of course she called
me to moan about it.
And I told her to
drive to your house
immediately and apologise.
Did she?
- Everything is okay now.
- I'm glad to hear.
- Thank you.
- All right, see you soon.
- Bye.
But do you know something,
baby, life's gone down low
Yeah, life's gone down low
I can tell when I
know so-so, down-low
Life's gone down low
Yeah, life's gone down
Baby, you can come
and listen to me
I don't know yet what to do
You can take
And a little bit of understood
being life's gone down low
Yeah, life's gone down low
Yeah, life's gone
down, down, down, down
(phone ringing)
But it's not too
late for me and you
- Hi, it's Maria. Sorry, I can't
get to the phone right now.
Please leave a message.
- You know what?
Take me to Maria's.
- Yes, ma.
Life's gone down,
down, down, down, down
- Welcome, ma. Uncle
Kunle's here, ma.
- I know.
- Let me take your bag.
- Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you.
- That was yesterday, Kunle.
- Didn't she tell you
I was here yesterday?
- I was out with some friends.
- Well, what's wrong, Maria?
- Go home, Kunle. I'm tired.
- What's wrong, Maria?
- Just go home.
- What home?
- Home to your wife.
- We made a mistake. I don't
even know what I was thinking.
I'm going to make it
an early night tonight.
Go home, Kunle.
- You owe me an explanation.
I will leave, but not before
you tell me what's happening.
I mean, have you met
someone else? Is there--
- There is no future for us!
I'm pregnant.
- I love you.
I love you so much.
I'm so happy you're
having my child, Maria.
- Kichi, let me in.
- Madam, please stay here.
- Hello, Lizzy.
- Hello, Kunle.
How's your wife?
- Fine. I'll call you later.
- Madam, she--
- Kichi, get out.
- Kunle is the father?
- So?
- So? He's a married man, Maria!
- I know.
- To hear you talk about her,
people would think
that you caught Tola
sleeping with your husband!
Other venom, Maria?
The cheek of it!
The cheek of it!
- It's none of your
business, Elizabeth!
- How long has
this been going on?
- What part of "it's
none of your business"
don't you understand?
- This is wicked, Maria.
Kate? It's me.
You will not believe
what I just saw.
- Is your madam in?
- Yes, ma.
- Kate, dear.
- I know who's been
sleeping with your husband.
- Moses.
- Sir?
- Moses, open the gate.
- But, Madam says I should not
open the gate for you, sir.
- Huh?
- Yes, sir.
Sorry sir. Good night, sir.
(phone rings)
(phone buzzes)
(phone rings)
(phone buzzes)
- Good evening, sir.
- Open the gate for me.
- Madam is asleep, sir.
- And that's all
right. Open the gate.
- Madam said I shouldn't open
the door for anybody, sir.
- And since when have
I become "anybody"?
Open the gate, Kichi.
- Madam said I shouldn't
open the door for you, sir.
- Open the damn gate, Kichi.
- I'm sorry, sir. I can't open.
- All right. All right.
Good night, Kichi.
- Thank you, sir.
- Chekay, how are you, dear?
Kate left the house?
Night vigil, huh?
How your wife loves God.
Anyway, the Ghost Shrine.
You want to come?
Yeah, I'll come pick you up.
All right, all right. Bye.
(jazzy music)
(cards shuffling)
- Do the dealer's.
- Thanks, course.
There is twenty.
There is twenty-five.
Check or bet?
Checks under the bets.
Ten o-clock, seven
o-clock, eight of diamonds.
Check or bet, check or bet?
Player plays hundred.
Hundred or lose your place.
Fold or call.
Player calls for five hundred.
Five hundred.
Player goes all in.
- [Voiceover]
Welcome back to LLV,
your number-one spot for
celebrity news and gossip.
I'm here with my co-host.
- [Voiceover] Hey, welcome.
- [Voiceover] And what are
we going to talk about today?
(muffled news station)
(coffee cup clinking)
- No school today?
- I don't have lectures
until eleven a.m, so.
- Okay. So, I will
see you later.
(dramatic music)
Just wait here, I won't
be a moment. Okay?
- No problem, ma.
- Sammy?
(bass thumping)
- Ohh!
(music abruptly shuts off)
- I'm sorry.
- Out.
(sad music)
- So, gentlemen, if
you look at this slide,
you would see this, our
latest construction in Kalaba.
As you can see, it's
over fifty percent done.
So if we go according to--
- I need to talk to you, Maria.
- Couldn't you book
an appointment?
- Did you book an appointment
when you poked your ugly
nose into my marriage?
- You have no right to be here.
- And what right did you have,
jumping into bed
with my husband?
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
- So you're still
going to pretend
as if you don't know me, api?
- If you don't leave this room,
I will call the police.
- Oh. Go ahead! Call the police!
I would love to see them
try to arrest me, sir.
I'm only going to say this once.
Stay away from my husband.
And as for that child
you're carrying for him,
in that rotten womb of yours?
I hope you lose it.
I hope you have a miscarriage.
- Gentlemen.
- How stupid can you get, Maria?
yourself around town.
- Uncle.
- Having an affair
with a married man?
- Uncle Martin!
- How risque of you!
Is it true you're pregnant?
- Yes.
- From that woman's husband?
- Yes, uncle.
- Thank god my
brother is not alive
to see you do this to him.
- Uncle, please. Can you
leave that out of this?
- When were you
planning to tell me?
- Tell the company
that you were pregnant.
- I only found out yesterday.
- I am disappointed
in you, Maria.
- I'm sorry, uncle.
- Go home.
Take some time off.
Get your life back together.
- Uncle!
- Then you can
come back to work.
- Uncle, I'm in--
- Go home, Maria.
- Yes, uncle.
- How dare you, Lizzy!
I thought we were friends!
What are you talking
about, Maria?
- You know damn well
what I'm talking about.
She came barging
into my board room,
saying all sorts of
scandalous things!
- Well, they wouldn't
be scandalous
if they weren't
true, now would they?
Ave, Maria, stop
playing the victim.
You brought this on yourself.
Take responsibility.
- You're no friend of mine.
It's quite clear now.
You've never been a friend!
- If asking you to
take responsibility
for your actions is a
bad thing, then yes.
I am no friend.
- She came to my office.
She humiliated me in
front of my colleagues!
Everyone knows I'm
pregnant, Lizzy!
You made a mess of my life,
I hope you're happy now!
- (speaking Nigerian)
Your life was messed
up from the moment
you decided to jump
into bed with Kunle!
- You don't know him, Lizzy!
- I know him well enough.
So, you were not the first
and you will not
be the last woman
that Kunle has sneaked into
bed with behind his wife.
Come on, Maria.
He tried it with me once.
I told him where to get off.
- You would, wouldn't you?
He's at least thirty
years too old for you!
- Kunle is a serial philanderer.
- I don't care what he is!
All I know is he
doesn't love her.
- "He doesn't love her.
They don't love each other.
"Oh, dear." Wake up, Maria!
- Where's all this wisdom
that comes with age?
Every single man that cheats
gives the same excuse!
- Every man is not
your cheating, low
life exhusband, Lizzy!
- All I am saying is that he
could've ended his marriage
before taking up with you.
- Oh. So, apart
from being a doctor,
you're now a toy!
- I think with my head, Maria!
That's what I do!
Unlike you, who unfortunately
and consistently
thinks with her heart!
Which is rather amazing,
given how accomplished you are!
- You know what? Just
stay out of my business!
- I am your friend, you fool,
I can't stay out
of your business!
- Now, you did something wrong.
Say so, and move on.
- Well, there goes miss perfect.
Who's going to London this week
to get silly consommes
for her breast?
Not me.
- Oh, sure.
Says the botox junkie.
- Well, who is going
around sleeping with boys
young enough to be her own sons?
Not me!
Oh. Who was caught shagging
her own daughter's boyfriend?
Not me, Lizzy.
Do you know why you're
always poking your nose
into everyone's business?
It's because you're lonely!
Sort out your life, Lizzy!
Oh. Where is your daughter?
I rest my case.
"Well, fifty is the
new twenty-five."
What a load of rubbish!
Physician, heal thyself!
Watch where you're
going, honestly!
- Kate, please.
I apologise. Her head's not
on correct this morning.
Please, sit.
Shouldn't you be on set?
- Tola cancelled the shoot.
Her parents are visiting.
- What can I do you for?
- I came to give you this.
- Thanks for rescuing
me yesterday.
- Come on, Kate.
I already told you.
This is not a loan.
It's a gift from a friend.
- Thanks, Lizzy. I
really appreciate it.
But I can't.
I can't.
I can't take it anymore.
- Kate.
Talk to me.
- I have put up with
too much from her
and I have had enough.
I mean, it's just too much.
I can't take it.
I want this to be over.
Everyone can go
their separate ways.
- Is this what you want?
Is that what it'll take to
stop all these ugly rumors
that have been flying
around all over Lagos?
- (speaking Nigerian)
- Answer your father!
- Go, Kunle.
Who's begging you
to stay anyway?
Run to Maria.
- Who's Maria?
- Who is Maria?
Maria is his mistress.
His mistress that's
carrying his child.
- Look, don't listen to her.
I mean, first she accused Kate,
my best friend's wife.
That didn't wash.
Now she's accusing someone else.
- God punish you, Kunle.
- Profunda fire you, Tola!
- You're a born liar!
- (speaking Nigerian)
- He keeps having affairs!
- (speaking Nigerian)
- I can only respect a
man that respects himself!
- (speaking Nigerian)
- Look at you,
Tola! Look at you!
- But he's the one out
there sleeping around,
making me a laughing stock!
- (speaking Nigerian)
- You must respect your husband,
you must respect him!
- Daddy, if this sprawling
mansion wasn't yours,
if you weren't spoiling me
the way a wealthy philanderer
spoils his mistress,
I would tell you to get out
of this house right now,
go to Budaigou Beach,
and drown yourself!
- Talk to your daughter.
(speaking Nigerian)
- Kunle, let's take
a walk in the garden.
- Are you out of your mind?
(speaking Nigerian)
- What do you think?
- If you go around blabbing
your mouth about this,
you're the one who will suffer!
I've told you before and
I will tell you again:
let bygones be bygones!
- That's all you've ever
said, all these years.
Well, I'm sick and tired
of this rancid secret
that has ruined my entire life!
That man is nothing but a beast!
- He is still your father.
- He's a beast! I have to get
someone to slit his throat!
- Stop talking that way!
I know he was bad
to you, very bad.
But if this were to get out,
what do you think people
will say about you?
Do you think you'll be able
to cope with what they say?
- What about what
they'll say about him?
What about what
they'll say about you!
Or isn't that what you're
most concerned about, mother?
A mother catches her
husband raping his daughter,
her daughter, and
what does she do?
She helps him cover it up.
Well, bravo, mother. Bravo!
- Don't you dare
talk to me, you slut!
- What did you just call me?
- Running around the
house half-naked,
flaunting yourself in a towel?
- I was in my parent's home!
- Flaunting yourself!
- So it was my fault?
- I never said it
was your fault.
- No. You finally said it!
It was my fault he
forced himself on me!
- Stop twisting my words!
- Wow. Wow.
- "Wow. Wow."
Tola, you know the
consequences for you,
and for this family.
You would destroy
our entire family!
Our entire lives will
be laid waste to!
- Well, mine was laid
waste to a long time ago.
Do you know why that
spineless husband of mine,
who's only stayed
in this marriage
because he married into wealth,
do you know why he
keeps having affairs?
Because I can't even
bear for him to touch me.
Why else do you think we
haven't started a family?
Oh. You thought I
was barren, right?
Well, I'm not.
- Why did you marry him, then?
- Because I loved him.
And I believe there was a
time that he loved me too.
- (speaks Nigerian)
Why did you marry him?
- I married him because
I thought marriage
and companionship
would rid me of all the memories
of all the nastiness
that happened.
Well, obviously,
that didn't work!
- You should have let him go.
You should have let
him go a long time ago.
It would have been cheaper.
- I let him go.
He just never left.
- We will come to an
arrangement with him.
I'm so happy we
solved that problem.
- (laughs)
Oh my god.
- (speaks Nigerian)
Oh hello Yolanda,
Thank you
(speaks Nigerian)
I want you more
than I need you
I need you so bad
Are you coming back,
are you coming back
I'm waiting
I've been tired of
dreaming a long time
I've been unable to sleep
Are you coming back,
are you coming back
I'm waiting
I'm waiting
- Chekay.
- Just let me sleep, please.
- Wake up. I have
something to tell you.
- About your church kids?
Let me sleep.
- I found a lump in my breast.
- What?
- I saw a doctor,
and he tested me.
- Why?
- Because I found a
lump in my breast.
- Call your pastor,
this cannot be--
- Chekay. Chekay. Lizzy said
everything will be fine.
She says she'll help me.
- This cannot be happening.
Hey, Kate. Don't leave
me, please, Kate.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- If you leave me,
Kate, if you leave me...
- I'm here.
I'm waiting
- What's wrong?
- Mommy and Daddy
were here today.
- Yeah, I knew that.
We talk every day, remember?
Mommy said she was coming
to talk to you about Kunle.
How did that go?
- Did she? Of course she would.
She tells you everything.
You've always been the
one she loved more.
Anyway, Kunle has moved out.
We've both decided to
finally go our separate ways.
- You finally kicked
him out of your space.
- It wasn't always
like that, Jamal.
There was a time when Kunle
and I were very happy together.
- Yeah, what happened?
Wait. How much did it cost?
- How much did what cost?
- To get rid of him.
- Nothing.
- I find that hard to believe.
- Daddy offered him complete
ownership of the law firm.
- And he turned that down?
- He not only turned him down,
he turned in his resignation.
- Well, maybe I was
wrong about the guy.
(knocking on door)
(knocking on door)
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning. Is madam in?
- She's--
- It's okay, Kichi.
- Tola and I are
getting a divorce.
I moved out yesterday.
- You moved out?
- Yes.
- I'll be staying with Kate
and Chekay about a week or so,
'til I find a place.
- Don't look so worried.
Now, I will talk you
through what the procedure,
the surgery, is.
- It's three days to go, people.
I'm so excited!
All around the world
You know we're making it
All around the world
We make it
All around the world
I got that magic
I know you've got the magic
I got the magic
I know you've got the magic
Hey fellas (Yeah)
You want to get down (A-huh)
Let me see your little
Hey ladies (Yeah)
Finally the big day is here,
the celebration of my fiftieth
birthday. Can you believe it?
(dance music)
- Camera one next, please.
Camera one.
Standby, camera two.
Hold it right there.
Standby, camera three.
Keep it there.
Love it.
Camera three--
- I just came to say
that you and your team
are doing a fantastic job.
I'm very proud of you.
And I love you.
Now, I'm going to take
myself out of here
before you throw me out.
- Who is that?
- Standby, camera two,
we're coming to you next.
- Okay, please, time to
hurry up. There's no time.
How hard can it be?
Yeah, I like it like this.
(dance music)
- Oh, really? Okay. What
happens if you get triplets?
- It's Elizabeth.
- Aww.
( gospel music )
( gospel music )
( gospel music )
- Jamal?
- What's up?
- Tola is refusing to come out.
- Why?
- I think she's had a
bit too much to drink.
I think you should
go and speak to her.
(gospel music)
- Happy birthday, sister.
- Thank you.
- I was in the crowd just now.
- Mm-hmm.
- They can't wait to see you.
They love you. You can feel it.
- (laughs) It's not me
they love, Jamal. Come on.
They love it that I'm here.
An idea I happen to represent.
Come on, let's face it.
I'm basically famous
for being famous.
And that's because the
world is so messed up.
- What?
- (laughs) You're such a
happy-go-lucky source, son,
I mean, brother.
Yeah, I'm fine, I just,
I just want you to
know that I love you
and it hasn't been easy
these past few years.
I just want you to
know that I've tried,
and I love you. Okay?
Anyway. How do I look?
- You look amazing, mom.
- What did you just call me?
- I called you mom, mother.
Is that okay?
- You know.
Who told you?
- Grandma told me yesterday.
- And you don't hate me?
- Hate you? You did
not rape anybody.
(Tola sobs)
(Tola sobs)
People are waiting.
Go celebrate, okay?
- All right.
- It's fine.
- Come here. Come
here. I love you.
- I love you so much.
Oh, I wish, oh,
I wish, oh I wish
That I really had a heart
Na only stone
fill deep inside
I didn't have a heart
See, I don't know
why they say
That love is blind
Sometimes e be like say
make I dey press rewind
eh aii iii eh aii
Cause this is the kind
of feeling you can't deny
If every time we hear
it each and everyday
See I can't understand it
why you treat me this way
Why does love
have to be this way
See me I wanna but
me can't wait for you
Your love dey make me
happy e dey make me hate you
Baby boo I pray for you
Na wetin I go
Cause this love
said to me too
Oh I wish, oh
I wish, oh I wish
That I didn't have a heart
Say na only stone
fill deep inside
I didn't have a heart
Oh I wish, oh
I wish, oh I wish
That I didn't have a heart
Na only stone fill
deep inside
I didn't have a heart
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh I wish, oh
I wish, oh I wish
That I didn't have a heart
Say na only stone
fill deep inside
I didn't have a heart
Oh I wish, oh
I wish, oh I wish
That I didn't have a heart
Na only stone fill
deep inside
I didn't have a heart
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh I wish, oh
I wish, oh I wish
That I didn't have a heart
Say na only stone
fill deep inside
I didn't have a heart
Oh I wish, oh
I wish, oh I wish
That I didn't have a heart
Na only stone
fill deep insiden
I didn't have a heart
Say na only
stone, na only stone
I didn't have a heart
Go away, troubled waters
I'm gonna drown
myself in your blues
Come the day I
see you going down
I'm gonna come out
and rescue you, you, you
So close your eyes
and count to ten
Dust yourself
down and try again
Close your eyes
and count to ten
Put your best foot
down and start again
Gonna hitch my wagon
to a shooting star
It's gonna carry us up,
it's gonna carry us far
Got no money to my name,
but what I got's for free
Sunday's position for
you: doom and misery
So close your eyes,
and count to ten
Dust yourself
down and try again
Close your eyes,
and count to ten
Make yourself up,
dust yourself down,
Hold your head high
and start again