Fifty Shades Freed (2018) Movie Script

Anastasia, I vow to
love you faithfully
forsaking all others.
I promise to love, to trust
and to respect you.
To comfort you in times of
need and keep you safe.
All that I have
is now yours.
Fifty shades freed.
I give you my hand to my heart.
For as long as we both shall live.
Christian, I vow to be
your faithful partner
in sickness and health,
I promise
to love you unconditionally.
To honor and respect you.
To bring you solace
in times of need.
I promise to cherish you
as long as we both shall live.
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Mrs. Gray?
That's me.
Yeah, you.
Let's get out of here.
You own this?
We own this.
Mrs. Grey, Mr. Grey.
I didn't sleep last night.
Don't count on any tonight either.
Will you put some of
this in my back?
If you insist.
- Take off the whole thing.
- Not a chance.
- Why?
- You're showing plenty as it is.
I am wearing more
than any woman here.
You want to be goggle by every
guy in the beach...
Including Taylor?
When's Taylor gonna get a vacation?
We need security.
- On the beach, why?
- Because we do.
You are done.
I'm gonna go for a swim.
You coming?
I'm right behind you.
Here you go sir.
"Access granted"
What the hell are you doing?
I must have turned over in my sleep.
Yeah, it's not funny.
Come on,
it's a little funny.
Christian, look around. There is nothing
but boobs for as far as I can see.
Boobs in boob land.
Nobody cares about mine.
They will when they are on the
cover of some sleazy tabloid.
We are going back to the boat.
You insist on defying me Mrs. Grey.
What should I do about that?
Learn to live with it.
It's not my style.
How come you
always braid my hair?
Do you remember
your safe word?
- Purple.
- Anna.
Lift up your arms.
Tomorrow I'm gonna call this deal.
Don't pull.
Don't bite.
- Do you love me?
- You know, I love you.
- Then why do you defy me?
- Because I can.
I should misbehave more often.
Yeah, maybe you should.
Hey Ross. What's up?
I'm sorry to interrupt
your honeymoon.
We had a fire in the main
server room this morning.
Was any one injured?
No, and the damage could
have been much worse.
The fire suppressant system kicked in.
It looks like Arsen.
Someone planted an explosive device.
This guy... Security is sweeping
the room for fingerprints and DNA.
Did he get any data?
He took some of your personal files
and then he might have set
the fire to cover his tracks.
Can you go back?
Oh, my God.
That's Jack.
- Who's Jack?
- Jack Hyde
- A formerly of SIP.
- He was my boss.
Not any more,
he's been dealt with.
I'm sorry, we need to go home.
Ross, can you tell Andrea I need
the jet in Nise tomorrow please?
- Got it. I'm sorry, Mrs. Gray
- Oh, don't be.
Why would Jack do that?
It's insane.
I got a report from the FAA,
they don't think that the
helicopter crash was an accident.
They said it looks like sabotage.
Sabotage? Why wouldn't
you tell me that?
I didn't want you to worry.
You think Jack did that too?
Why would he be
going with these links?
I don't know.
But don't worry.
I swear to keep you safe,
and I will.
Ana, it's not funny.
- Hey.
- Oh, uh.
Mr. and Mrs. Gray, welcome home.
- Hi, Gail.
- Sawyer, Ma'am.
- Hello, hi.
- This is my colleague, Prescott.
Just Sawyer and Prescott.
That's it?
Keep it simple.
They will be in charge of
your personal security.
Oh, both of you?
We'll mostly take turns, Mrs Grey.
You will not even know we are here.
That seems unlikely,
but thank you.
Can I get you something to eat
before I unpack your bags?
I'm good.
- Some tea perhaps?
- Yeah, yes. Thank you.
I mean, please.
And thank you.
- I'll be in my office
- Okay.
Later, baby.
Now when you have a moment,
we should discuss how you'd
like to run the household.
Run the household?
The dinner menus,
the wine list,
the flowers...
...and what changes you'd like
made to the decor?
I know it's a
lot to take in.
- Mrs. Grey, there is no rush.
- Can't you just call me Anna?
Well, Mr. Gray likes to
be called Mr. Grey.
So, that would be a little odd.
Now what would
you like for tonight?
I have beef...
Actually I was kind of
thinking that maybe I
could just cook dinner
for Christian tonight.
Mrs. Grey.
I'm so sorry. You prob...
I don't wanna
mess up your plans.
Mrs. Gray,
this is your home.
This is your kitchen.
You don't need to ask permission.
Now, why don't I show
you what's in the freeze
and you can take it from there.
Perfect timing.
- Where's Gail?
- I gave her a night off.
Just how sir likes it.
I can get used to this.
Well, we 're kind of married,
so you might have to.
I meant you, in my kitchen.
You mean, barefoot and pregnant?
- That was a joke.
- Yeah.
I'm assuming it wasn't the
barefoot part that made you
nearly choke on your food.
You do wanna have
kids some day, right?
Someday, sure.
You don't really sound sure.
You know what I'm sure about?
- That's great stake.
- Christian.
- Do you not wanna have kids?
- Of course.
One day, just,
not now.
I'm not ready to share you
with anyone.
- Mrs. Grey.
- Thank you.
Anna, nice of you to join us.
Hi Liz, am I in the right office?
We had a makeover,
Mr Roach wanted to welcome
the new fiction editor.
- Who's the new fiction editor?
- You are.
You got a promotion.
- I got a promotion?
- And you were not even here.
- Anna!
- Hi, Hannah.
- Hi.
- Welcome back.
- How do you like your new desk?
- Amazing.
I'm gonna let your get settled in.
And Anna, good luck.
Not that you need it.
So... Who is that beautiful man?
Oh, that's Sawyer.
My personal security.
I know... It's very very fancy.
- Can we find a spot for him?
- I might have an opening.
Down girl.
Everything is in
relativelythe same spot.
Oh, and I asked I to change your email.
Because they still have you as
Anna Steele instead of Anna Grey.
Oh, um... Let's just leave it for a while.
Done. And Boyce Fox is in town.
Awesome, thank you,
thanks Hannah.
This is amazing. Anna, I
can't thank you enough.
Well, you did the work.
Now, when am I gonna see
pages for book too?
Already? Well, I have
written 3 chapters so far.
Christian, Boyce.
This is my husband, Christian Gray.
- Christian, this is Boyce Fox
- Pleasure to meet you.
Absolutely. Do you mind?
I need a word with Mrs Steele here.
No. Actually no,
we are not finished.
You know, I'm just gonna grab a coffee.
It's nice to meet you.
- Good looking guy.
- Seriously, Christian?
You evading my authors now?
I tried emailing you, it bounced.
There is no Anastasia Grey at SIP.
I know, Anna Steele is
the name I use at work.
And I know you're gonna
say I don't need to work.
But I can's stay home and do
lunches and choose wall paper.
I'll loose my mind.
I work because I love my job.
Understood, but you can't
love it as Anna Grey?
I need to have my
own identity here.
People already think I got to
where I am because of you.
But you didn't.
You got this through
hard work and talent.
Why does it matter
what you call yourself?
Who gives a shit
what people think?
Apparently you do.
Would you change your name for me?
Yes, if it meant that much to you.
Okay, I'll think about it.
- You will?
- Yeah.
That's how this works.
Talk, listen,
work stuff out.
Now, get lost.
I gotta find my author.
And you need to shave.
I'll pick you up at five.
I might not be done by then.
My boss's boss's boss is
kind of a pain in the ass.
Sawyer comes right with Taylor.
You're coming with me.
- Can I drive?
- This? I do not think so.
- Let me drive it.
- No.
- Let me drive it.
- No.
I feel like I have been here before.
You saw it.
When we were sailing on the south.
- It's beautiful.
- I bought it.
For us, there is a home.
I should have asked you first.
If you don't like it
we can always.
- I love it
- You do?
Oh, my God!
- Christian
- Hi.
- Anastasia.
- Hi.
This is Jaya Matteo, the architect.
- She is a friend of Elliott.
- This location is perfect.
I'm gonna build you
a fabulous house.
- I'd like to show Anna inside.
- Of course.
That JQ profile on you.
- I love what you're doing in Africa.
- Oh, thank you.
let me show you
what I have in mind.
A state of the art, self
sufficient, smart house.
Marine steel self cleaning glass.
A guest wing with an entertaining
area to the west.
And this, infinity pool, will
really make that beautiful sound.
Um... You wanna tear the
whole house down?
Don't you?
It's so dated.
I like it.
I think it has character.
Well, a new house
would be a statement
and Ecologically efficient. I mean
this older places are so impractical.
- But it's up to you.
- Actually it's up to my wife.
What she says goes.
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
Hey, Ross.
Huh, I suppose we could reuse
some of the existing stone.
It is Jaya, right?
I'm sure you are very
good at what you do.
Otherwise, Christian wouldn't
have asked for your input.
But please stop speaking of
my husband as if I weren't here.
I have designed many
prestige projects.
You may call me Mrs. Grey.
And this is not a Prestige project,
this is gonna be our home.
So, if you want this job,
I suggest you stop making
eyes off my husband
and keep your hands to yourself.
Or you can go and
climb back into your
shit color car and
drive back to Seattle.
It's up to you.
Look, I'm sorry Mrs. Grey
but I would never...
It won't happen again.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah.
We were just discussing
an alternative approach.
Something less in your face,
more respectful.
Sure, only start over.
I'll draw up new plans
and you'll have them in
the next few weeks.
Great, we look forward to it.
- Mr Grey.
- Thanks, Jaya.
Mrs. Grey.
This is gonna be fun.
I am paying for extra security and
you are scarier than any of them.
You can handle her,
you can handle this.
Wow, Anna.
Easy, Anna.
We've lost Taylor and Sawyer.
I am a race car driver.
Hey, Taylor.
The SUV.
I see it.
We are being followed.
- That's Dodge?
- Sawyer ran the plates, it's fake.
- Loose them.
- Seriously?
Loose them.
You can make it, don't slow down.
Heads up and get us home.
Good work.
Taylor, I've got you on speaker.
We are right behind the Dodge.
Mr. Grey,
he's still trying to
catch up with you.
Can you make out the driver?
No, not yet.
Come on, dude.
- Flash rear lights.
- That's a dick move.
Get out here.
There, the parking lot.
- Taylor?
- Yes sir.
- Have we lost him?
- We're still in pursuit.
You okay?
- We are in a parking lot.
- I know.
Sorry, Mr. Grey, we lost them.
That's gotta be Hyde.
I got this from Highway Patrol.
That's not Hyde.
That looks like a woman.
Where's Leyla Williams right now?
Still with the family in Connecticut.
Whoever it is
she's gotta be working with Hyde.
- What's the latest on him?
- He hasn't been seen for month.
No purchases,
no ATM transactions.
What about friends, family?
Yeah, not much of either.
OK. I want everything there
is to know about Hyde.
Where he comes from,
his shoe size. All of it.
And I want the three of
you with us in New York.
I have to go there for a meeting
this week. You're coming with me.
Can you guys give us a second?
You know I can't go to New York,
I have to work.
- Take it with you
- I have meetings.
- Reschedule.
- I have to show up.
I have responsibilities, you
can't keep me in a cage.
- I just want you to be safe.
- I will be safe.
I have Sawyer and Prescott.
I'll be fine.
You need a haircut.
Not the priority
- I can do it.
- No.
Yeah, I used to cut my
dad's hair all the time.
I don't want to
look like your father.
- Christian.
- What?
- You're distracting me.
- Okay.
You 're done?
Okay, enough.
- Where are the scissors?
- On my desk.
Wait here.
Don't move.
I am not going anywhere
Why is there a
gun in your desk?
It's Leila's.
Why didn't you give it to the cops?
She's in enough trouble.
Like a river.
- Good morning, wife
- Good morning, husband.
I am off.
Fly safe.
Text me when you land.
Stay close to
Sawyer and Prescott
Come straight home after work.
I really promise.
I love you.
Hi, Mr. Roach.
Jerry, come on,
Jesus it's Jerry, OK?
Pre-orders for Boyce Fox,
check that out. Check it out.
Two hundred thousand?
That includes the
books and the marketing
hasn't yet gotten
off the blocks yet.
Oh, my God.
You were right
about his readerships.
That's really just.
That's good work, really
good work Anna.
Keep it coming.
Kate- Hey stranger! Drinks tonight?
I got us a table at the Bunker club!
Sawyer, can we go to the
bunker club please?
Mr. Gray said to take
you straight home.
Oh! Mr. Grey is not here, I am.
So... Bunker club please.
Yes Ma'am.
So really? A personal bodyguard?
Because Elliott wasn't exaggerating.
What do you mean?
He said that Christian
ran security for the
whole family after what
happened with Hyde.
Apparently it's driving
them nuts and
Mia keeps giving
hard time to sleep.
Why do you look me like
you don't know what
I am talking about?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
After they found all those
files on Hyde's computer,
stuff about Christian, the Greys
he didn't tell you any of that?
No, no, he didn't. But I'm
sure, he had his reasons.
Hey, hi, excuse me, can we get
two more Martinis, please?
Of course, right away.
I can't really. I promised
Christian, I would go home.
Oh come on, you're afraid that your
hot bodyguard's gonna knock on you.
Yeah, probably.
- How is Elliott? What's going on?
- He is busy.
He is working on this Eco project
with that architect Jaya Matteo.
- One with the the really big...
- Plans.
Yeah, Hugh plans, and boy, does
Elliott like to look at those plans.
- No, he adores you Kate.
- I don't know, I just...
I have this feeling.
Why don't you just
ask him straight out?
Honestly I don't know
if I know the answer.
What ever. I hate that
I even care this much.
- No, no!
- There you go.
Thank you, just keep
'em coming. Will you?
- And don't ever stop. Thank you.
- Of course.
No, I really can't, I am gonna
get in so much trouble.
Look at you,
you're so...
- What?
- Married.
I know.
Honestly, it happened so fast.
Make my head spin.
- It suits you.
- Yeah, I think it does.
Yeah, except you don't
see enough your friends.
- I know, I know, I'm sorry.
- I missed your face. Cheers.
- To your face.
- To my plans.
Oh, my God, what is that?
You know me,
I hate jelly fish.
And I'm like halfway out of the
water and halfway off the terrain.
Oh, my God.
You are so cute.
- I missed you.
- I missed you.
I'm gonna stalk you until
you make another date OK?
Oh sorry, my phone.
It's just crazy.
- It's OK
- Oh Jesus.
- Come on, we'll give you a ride.
- Okay.
This is Christian Gray.
Leave a message.
if you speak to my
husband tonight,
just don't say anything.
Let me tell him
that I was out with Kate. OK?
Mr. Gray already knows.
I spoke with him
when you got off work.
Mrs Gray?
Anna, you are
gonna be a good girl.
And you will walk to the elevator
nice and slow.
Mrs. Gray!
Let her go.
- Go ahead. Take the shot.
- Drop the knife.
Hands on your head.
Hands on your head or I will fire.
You okay, Mrs. Gray?
- Did he hurt you?
- No. I am fine.
- Better restrain him.
- I don't have anything.
We do, I can find something.
- So, Hyde's a former colleague of yours?
- Ah, yes. He was my boss.
Until a few weeks ago but,
they let him go.
- Can I ask why?
- Because he attacked me.
Sir, we recovered this from an elevator
maintenance vehicle
parked in lower garage.
Stolen plates,
must have been how the
suspect gained access.
This mean anything
to you, Mrs. Gray?
No, nothing.
Mr. Grey is on his way home,
we will need to wrap this up.
We will finish this another time
Mrs. Gray. You rest.
And uh...
Don't worry about Hyde, we've
got enough to hold him.
He won't be going heavy.
Come to bed.
Maybe later.
I can't.
Anna, hey.
I just saw this.
Are you okay?
Must have been terrifying.
Are you sure you should be in work?
Yes, it was but I'm, I'm...
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
One of the reports said
that it was Jack Hyde.
It was.
What did he want?
Liz, I appreciate your concern
but I don't wanna talk about it.
I don't know what
I'm gonna tell Mr. Roach.
I will talk to Jerry.
Whatever you say,
Mrs. Gray.
Welcome home Anastasia.
Where's everybody?
I thought you were mad at me.
Turn around.
We're going to the playroom.
I'm gonna drive you wild.
That's how you make me feel.
You promise one thing
then do the opposite.
Now you know how that feels.
Christian... What are you doing?
- Don't stop.
- Frustrating, right?
Why are you stopping?
Frustrating like you.
Red, red.
Red, red, red, red!
That was not love.
Christian, that was revenge.
You told me you were coming
straight home
Don't use the red room
to even the score.
I was scared for you.
I was safer in that bar
with Kate than I was here.
I denied you,
so you would understand
what it feels like
for me when you
break your promises.
You denied me to punish me.
I felt powerless knowing
that Hyde was out there.
I was angry,
I was away from home.
I just wanted to see my friends.
But Christian, why didn't
you tell me that
he was keeping files
on you and your family?
What is that about?
Anna, please.
The truth is I have no idea.
Why is he going to these
links to get to us?
There has to be a reason.
There is gotta be some connection.
I know.
You know, I had a dream last night.
That you are dead.
And you are lying on the concrete.
And you were cold and
I couldn't wake you.
I'm fine.
I'm right here, I'm fine.
Hyde is locked up now.
And I'm right here with you.
I'm sorry.
- Sawyer.
- Hanna.
Anna Stee... Gray.
Mrs. Gray, it's your boss's boss's boss.
Look out your window.
I think you deserved
a break from all this.
I'm taking you away for the weekend.
Mrs. Jones has packed your bags.
It's in the trunk.
Did she know? Do I get to know
where we are going this time?
Yes babe.
You won that auction.
Right as where gets
- your money's worth.
- Okay I'm coming.
- Nice to see you again, Statham.
- Mrs. Grey, Mr. Grey.
- Surprise!
- Oh my God!
You don't wanted to see
more of your friends?
That's beautiful.
You think this is nice?
You should see it in the snow.
You should totally hit
the sauna together.
Okay, this one's yours,
I am at the other end of the house.
And you two can make
as much noise as you can.
And there's a piano.
No way.
You guys must have
heard him play before.
- We have never heard him sing
- Ever.
Maybe I've heard enough.
Do you think Elliott would
ever cheat on Kate?
She thinks he is sleeping
with Jaya Matteo.
I'm sure he has but
that doesn't mean he has now.
Really? He has?
Probably, Elliott's slept
with half of Seattle.
I didn't know he was so...
- Anna, that's none of our business
- I know.
Well, it will be our business when I
murder him for breaking Kate's heart.
Mia said you hardly ever come here.
There's never been someone
I wanted to bring up here.
I was waiting for you.
Nice one.
There you are.
I was looking for you.
You alright?
I couldn't sleep.
You wanna talk about it?
I've always talked this
pint of icecream about it.
I'll make you some tea.
I'm so sorry.
Not funny.
Oh God, it's dripping,
I'll get it.
This is mine.
- What?
- It's my turn.
- Anna
- What?
Keep it down, no need to
wake up the whole house.
I really don't care
about the whole house.
Christian, Elliott is taking
us hiking, you coming?
No, I have work to do.
Come on, it's just
stroll in the hills.
When Elliott says stroll he means
twenty miles straight
uphill with but tree bark.
What if I run into a bear?
Good luck to the bear.
How was Christian
like when he was little?
He hasn't ever really talk about it.
That's a miracle he talks at all,
when Mom and Dad
first brought him home,
he never spoke.
He didn't cry, I mean
he's never cried.
He did kick the
crap out of me a few
times when mom
wasn't looking though.
You guys seem like
you're pretty close now.
Yes, we've grew up
a lot since then.
Now I'm just in awe of him.
He's the bravest guy I know.
Nothing scares him
You seem pretty fearless.
Me? Nah.
What are you so afraid of?
Hey Elliott, when's this
forest march gonna end?
I promised Anna
we would go shopping.
Well, guess we could go back through town.
I got some errands to run to.
Sir, this just came in.
More background on Hyde
Went to Princeton on scholarship,
Smart guy.
Worked for publishers in
New York & Chicago before SIP.
What else?
We tracked down an exorcist
and since Hyde slept with her
made a sex tape,
used it to blackmail her.
- Has she told the police?
- She would go on record.
And another thing apparently Hyde was
in and out of foster homes in Detroit.
So was I.
- Good work, keep digging.
- Sir.
And Taylor...
Anna is still shaking up.
Not a word about this for now.
Yes sir.
Oh, yes!
I don't know,
it's really low in the back.
- It's hot
- Yeah, but...
Christian is gonna
love this dress.
Help, my zipper's stuck.
Oh, let me see.
- What do you think?
- Oh my God.
Look at you,
you are like a valentine.
Turn around.
- Elliot's gonna love it.
- He's gonna love it.
Let's have a drink.
Oh, girl.
Look at you.
I know
It's kind of like a napkin.
Tell me you didn't
wear that to go hiking.
Of course I did.
I did.
It's um...
It's good for sweating and
has full range of motion.
Very short.
I know.
And it's not too far from here.
To here.
To there.
To here.
So just don't bend over,
we should be fine.
Hey Elliott, did I see that
architecture up in town today?
Jaya Matteo. Yeah.
- She has a place here.
- OK.
Are they real, like,
can they be real?
I never asked.
Two bottles of champagne
And six glasses, please.
Are we celebrating something?
At a certain point the idea,
of spending the rest of my
life with one person seemed
And then I met Kate.
And I fell head over hills in love.
I fell in love with your beauty.
Your grace, your wisdom.
For everything that you are.
Now the only thing I can't
imagine is being without you.
Ever, so...
marry me?
- Yes, yes, yes, yes!
- God.
Congrats dude!
Now I know why you're acting so weird.
- Did you pick it out yourself?
- A little help from an old friend.
And old girlfriend?
Hey, not everyone marries the
first girl they ever dated.
Some of us like to get a
ride the first time, bro.
Just roll your eyes in me.
What are you gonna do about it?
Top drawer on your right.
Top drawer on the right. Go.
- No way.
- Anna.
Do as you are told.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
You alright?
Hey, Dr Green called in,
and there is a Detective
Clark here to see you.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Gray,
but my lieutenant asked me
to check something out.
Jack Hyde claims you and
him were sleeping together
when you worked at SIP.
He tried to break it off,
you got upset.
And you made up this whole sexual
assault story to get him fired.
Says he came to you apartment to
try and straighten things out,
but your security people got
involved and it all went south.
No, that is complete bullshit.
- I'll put that down as a denial.
- Jack attacked me.
He attacked me and then
he He tried to kidnap me.
Do you believe what he's saying?
Officially, Mrs. Gray, it doesn't
matter what I believe.
I believe Hyde is a lying piece of shit
who say anything to get bail.
You need to be ready for that.
- Thank you for your time
- Wait, Jack is applying for bail?
New wing today,
municipal courthouse.
Does your client deny forcing
entry into this penthouse?
He does not, Your Honor.
My client has exhausted all
legitimate means of redress
and merely wanted
to confront the party
responsible for destroying his career.
I think he wanted to do more
than confront them, counselor.
These are not the actions of an
innocent man seeking redress.
given his clean record, the
court will grant bail.
- Set of five hundred thousand dollars.
- Your honor.
Next case.
Okay, let's go.
I did leave a lot of messages.
I know, I have been so busy,
it just kind of slipped
though the cracks.
Before we start...
It seems you are pregnant, Mrs. Gray.
The shot is almost
a 100% effective.
When administered regularly.
There, it's heartbeat.
Just there.
A little blue.
That's it, six seven weeks.
Oh my God!
How did it go today?
Good, I got a visit
from detective Clark.
Apparently Hyde is trying to
say that I came onto him.
He expects people to believe that?
This is his word against mine.
Is that what's bothering you?
Anna, no one will believe him.
And the other assistance,
they'll tell the detectives,
I'm pregnant.
Six or seven weeks.
You forgot your shot.
I'm sorry.
- I know it's not good timing.
- I had plans for us.
I wanted to give you the world.
Do you really think that
I'm ready to be a father?
No, I don't,
and I'm not ready to be a mother either
but we'll just figure it out.
I'm not ready to figure it out.
He will come back.
Christian, it's me.
Where are you?
Please come home.
You look mighty fine, Mrs. Gray.
Wow, you look mighty drunk.
Where have you been?
Alright, let's go to bed.
- Now you're talking
- OK, big guy.
Come on, lean on me.
You are so beautiful.
Oh yeah, both of me?
Okay, time for sleep.
This is where it starts.
Where what starts?
Babies mean no sex.
That can't be true,
there would be no siblings.
You are funny
No, come on.
Come on, come on.
We have an intruder.
You're gonna take her from me, aren't you?
You'll see.
You'll choose him over me.
Nobody's choosing anybody.
- And he might be a she.
- Oh Jesus.
ELENA - Good to see you tonight.
I'm here for you, anytime.
Go through the entire apartment
Check every room.
Taylor, check the garage
See if you can talk to the concierge.
Sawyer take a look at the cc TV.
we're leaving for work in 20 minutes.
Yes, ma'am.
Where the hell were you?
Open the door.
That's it? You are ignoring me?
- Why are you behaving like this?
- I don't know.
May be you should go ask
your friend Mrs. Robinson.
You've been reading my texts?
I have been picking up your shit, Christian
I told you, we were just friends.
The time for talking to me was yesterday.
But instead you decided
to go get drunk with
the woman who taught
you how to fuck
when you were a child.
The going gets rough, and
you go running to her.
- I thought you were better than that.
- It wasn't like that.
- You sleep with her?
- No.
- What do you think? I'll cheat on you?
- You did.
You confided in her.
About our private life,
you chose her over me.
And then you came home.
And you said, I would
choose this baby over you.
You know what?
If I have to, I will.
I will choose this baby
over anybody
because that is what
descent parents do.
It's what your mother
should have done for you
and I am so sorry
that she didn't Christian.
I'm sorry. But you are not
a kid anymore, Christian.
You need to grow the fuck up.
You're not happy about this baby.
I got that.
I'm not ecstatic either given
the timing and your reaction.
But babies happen
when you have sex
and you and I tend to do a lot of that.
So we can either do this together,
or I'll do it without you.
And what about us?
Well, when your husband prefers
the company of his ex mistress,
it doesn't really say much
for your marriage. Does it?
Elena and I just talked.
- I was too angry with you.
- I am angry with you Christian,
you left me.
You left me when I needed you.
You fucked up.
I fucked up and I'm sorry.
I am standing here
telling you I'm sorry.
She doesn't...
She doesn't mean
anything to me.
I don't need her.
I need you.
Would have been good if you
felt that way yesterday.
It turned out so great,
thank you so much.
And if we can just
make the font size
two points bigger
on the hard copy.
Hey, Kate Kavanagh called you three times,
and your husband called,
he wanted me to remind you that
he is flying down to Portland
- but he'll be back this afternoon.
- Is that all he said?
You okay?
Can I get you a latte?
- No thank you.
- Anna Grey's office.
Miss Kavanagh.
Yes, she is, give me one
moment, I'll transfer.
- Kate.
- Hey... Christian is looking for you.
He called me at like 6 am.
Ah. It's fine, he found me.
What's going on? You okay?
I'm just at work and I'm so busy.
Can I call you back?
Hey, you know I am
here for you right?
I know.
Oh Anna.
- Kate, don't.
- Talk later?
- Yeah.
- Bye.
- Hi Mia.
- Damn, it's good to hear your voice.
Never got a chance to talk last week.
How the hell are you?
How are you calling me?
You should be in...
What? In jail?
I'm out on bail, sweetheart.
- This is Mia's phone
- It is, it is.
Yeah, Cool spec too.
Zeiss lenses,
20 megapixel camera.
Oh my God.
Yeah, I picked her up
outside the gym.
Seems like your husband's
security never learns.
Jack, what do you want?
What do I want?
I want my life back Anna.
I could have been Christian Gray.
I'm smarter.
I have got more balls than him.
He had it so easy.
They should have picked me.
That was supposed to be me.
- These people, they owe me.
- What are you talking about?
Forget about it. If you want
to see your sister-in-law again
Get me five million by 1 pm.
That's in less than two hours
Jack, that's completely impossible.
Oh please,
you are smart enough to take my job,
you'll figure it out.
And don't tell anybody,
not your husband.
Not his security, or you'll get
his little sister back in pieces.
Jesus Jack please.
- Keep your phone with you.
- No, let me talk to Mia.
Oh my God.
Please clear my calender for the
rest of the day, I don't feel well.
Sawyer, can you please take me home?
- Yes?
- You know she actually bit me?
I'm kind of turned on right now.
Jesus Christ, Jack, I'm
doing what you asked.
The clock's ticking, Anna.
You need to grab some bags,
5 million in cash
takes up a lot of space.
Tick tock.
Yes, Mrs Gray.
Sawyer, can you come help
me in the library please?
On my way.
Mrs Gray?
Mrs. Gray
She just ran out of the goddamn building.
Mrs. Gray, I am Troy William,
senior Manager.
Mr. William, I'm very sorry
to bring this on you.
But it's incredibly urgent.
Well, for a large cash
transaction like this one,
we have procedures we have to
follow, so they take time.
I don't have time, I need
the money immediately.
We might be able to... Do
you have identification?
Okay. Thank you.
Now you'll need to write a check
and I have to make a phone call.
Mrs. Gray, it's your husband.
- Christian?
- Anna.
What's going on?
What are you doing?
Is this about this morning?
Anna, talk to me.
That's how this works, right?
Tell me what's wrong.
I can't.
Are you leaving me?
Wait for me there, I'll
will be in fifteen minutes.
Christian, please. Don't.
Anna, what's happening?
This doesn't sound like you.
Put William back on the phone.
Give her whatever she wants,
do whatever she tells you.
Yes, Mr. Gray
Something's up. Anna's in trouble.
Head for the bank at first, hurry!
Yes sir.
Come on baby, pick up.
Pick up, please.
Mrs. Gray,
sorry to keep you waiting.
Sir, your sister Mia is missing
We can't find her.
They are quite heavy, Sam here
will take them to your car.
- Shit.
- Is there a problem?
- Can I make a phone call?
- Cutting it awfully close, Anna?
- Um, I have a problem.
I know. You were
followed to the bank.
How do you know that?
There's a blue dodge
parked in the alley
with tinted windows.
Get in. You have 3 minutes.
- No, I need more time than that, Jack.
- Give the driver you cell.
You won't be needing it anymore.
I need to use your emergency exit.
We don't usually.
Yes, Mrs. Gray.
I also need to borrow your phone.
Thank you.
He maid bail,
why wasn't I informed?
Detective the same day that Hyde
gets out, my sister goes missing.
And my wife takes $ 5
million out of our account.
You think that's a coincidence?
Get in the back.
Sir, she is gone.
Picked up in a blue car.
- Damn it.
- Think it the same car that tailed you.
They took her phone,
dropped it in the alley.
It's not her phone.
I am tracking her phone
and it's headed east.
Liz, what are you doing?
Why are you doing this?
- Is he paying you?
- Shut up.
South Michigan heading south.
Dispatch, get that?
All units be advised. Suspect vehicle
headed south on 4th through Georgetown.
Taylor, right here, over the bridge.
Oh, my God.
No, no, no.
You made it 20 minutes to spare.
Jack, I brought you all the money.
It's all in the car.
- Just let me have Mia.
- We'll get to that.
You loose her phone?
Yeah, in the alley right by the bank.
They stopped, the signal stopped.
Carrie street north,
ten blocks, hurry.
We have two units
converging on that area.
Going through in 3 minutes.
Jack, please just let us go.
That's for you stuck up little bitch.
Thanks for fuckin' up my life.
Jesus, Jack, stop.
I did what you wanted, I gave
you what you asked for.
You think you can humiliate me?
- No.
- You bitch.
- Where's Christian now Anna?
- Jack, don't.
- You said you wouldn't kill her.
- And she's not dead, not yet.
You have the money. Leave her alone.
Fuck the money.
I don't give a shit about the money.
Taylor, grab Mia.
Anna, Anna, Anna,
can you hear me?
Stay with me, Anna.
Please be careful,
she's pregnant.
Please, stay back, Mr Grey.
Let us help your wife.
I am still awful to her, mom.
The things I said, I
wanna take 'em all back.
If there was no room in
marriage for mistakes
none of them would last
more than a week.
Tell her you are sorry.
You mean it,
then give her little time.
But I thought
she was leaving me.
Not this one.
She is tenacious.
Especially about things that she loves.
And she does love you, Christian.
You know that, don't you?
Yeah, yeah I do.
Oh, my sweetheart.
- Anastasia.
- I will call Doctor.
Hey, how are you feeling?
- How is the baby?
- The baby is fine.
The baby's fine,
thank God!
Is Mia okay?
Mia's fine.
Anna, I wanna have
this baby with you.
I was just scared.
I wanted your world to
begin and end with me.
It does.
Christian, it does.
You're my whole life.
Are you crying?
Come here.
Why didn't ' you tell me
what was going on?
I couldn't.
Jack threatened me.
What happened to him?
He will live.
- I can't believe, I shot somebody.
- Should have aimed higher.
Liz was helping him.
She had sex with Hyde and he filmed it.
Seems he did that
with all this assistance.
Oh my God!
I know you think
you're gonna be a really shitty dad.
But you are not.
This baby is gonna love you.
Just like you loved your mother.
You just have to forgive her.
What is happening?
Are you cooking?
Yeah, I got this.
Prepare to be amazed.
- What is this?
- It's more information of Hyde.
Open it.
Look at his foster family.
That's Hyde.
That's me.
You were in a
Forster care with him?
I must have been.
Do you remember these people,
do you know these kids?
I barely remember anything before
I was adopted, I was too young.
That must have been what he meant
when he said you owe him a life.
Because your parents
adopted you and not him.
What's going on?
If I'd been left in the system
who knows how I'd have turned out?
That could be me, maybe
that should have been me.
Hey, no.
You are nothing like him.
You were given a life
with advantages, yes...
look what you made of it.
You're man of honor.
And you treat people well.
You care.
No one could ever say that
about a man like Hyde.
No matter who raised him.
I love you.
Yeah, if you could only cook,
you'd be perfect.
Oh God, okay...
Fuck it, let's get take out.
- Christian
- Yeah?
It seems like they have found where
your birth mother is buried.
Sir, I await your pleasure.
So you wanna play?
Yes sir.
You're tapping from
the bottom, Mrs. Gray.
But I can live with that.
There she is, now give a big kiss OK?
Give mommy a big kiss.
Come here... Hi!