Fight Club: Members Only (2006) Movie Script

Good morning people.
Good morning.
- Hey Miss. Daisy.. Drive me crazy.
Hey my precious diamonds.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, Miss Breganza!
Good morning.
Is dad in?
- He is in the conference room.
Happy birthday, dad!
Happy birthday to you..
- Thank you..
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dad!
- Thank you.
Oh I am sorry;
I came in just like that.
You see meetings keep
happening everyday..
..but birthday's come
once in a year.
Anyway, see you later.
Son, birthdays are as good
as any other day.
Sorry dad..
I'd forgotten what's important
in your life. Sorry about that.
Well gentlemen, we can continue now.
C'mon ten more..
9.. 8.. 7.. c'mon push..
6.. 5.. stretch c'mon..
4.. 3..
- Karan..
20 more c'mon..
19.. 18.. push..
17.. c'mon..
..come and help me.
Push hard, Karan.. Yes..
Push harder.
- Very good. Very good. Fatso.
I think I should get down now.
Put me down now. Put me down slowly.
What are you doing? I got hurt.
Sorry, sorry.
- Now give me your hand.
Are you all right?
Be careful. It's high.
But it was too good, baby.
Come let's go for next.
Press the button.
Press the button. Don't waste my time.
- I'm pressing. I'm pressing.
Don't worry.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
How can he do this?
I am sorry, madam. I am sorry.
What kind of instructors do you keep?
Hey, where is he going? Stop him.
- Nice.
Let's party.
Bacardi with lemon, please.
- Sure.
Two vodkas.
It is a treat for you baby.
- Thanks.
"Moving and shaking,
the party on tonight."
"Moving and shaking."
Here you go.
Empty bottle is full.
"Moving and shaking."
"Moving and shaking."
Saumil. Saumil. Saumil.
What are you doing, buddy?
"Moving and shaking,
the party on tonight."
"Moving and shaking,
the party on tonight."
Oh, my God.
Now what?
Liquor. Liquor.
Liquor. Liquor. Liquor.
Shut up.
We lost our jobs because
of your stealing spree. Idiot.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Yes, dude. I am ashamed.
That's why till I don't get drunk..
..I won't be able to look
at myself in the mirror.
Hey, guys.
- Come.
Hey, what's up?
- Hey, Karan.
Yo, dude.
You clown.
Who? Me?
Why have we come here?
Sorrow and Rum gel.
In Rum, the strength dwell.
Giving us a kick.
Will you shut up?
Let me have some liquor
and I'll be shut and go up too.
Waiter of a dance bar,
how many times have I told you?
It's not liquor, but drinks.
Drink, chinks, winks anything.
I just want to get drunk.
It's not to get drunk,
but to get a high.
To get high, why shy?
I like your English, man.
You're going to drink liquor
in our country. So, keep complaining.
I just want to drink and dance..
Will you just cut it?
Why are you behind my zip?
Just leave me alone.
But where is Vicky?
My poor friends have
been kicked out of their jobs.
Call of the unemployed
and Vicky is here.
What's up, guys? It's time to disco.
Don't touch me. You don't know me.
They are from our college,
aren't they?
Leave it,
what have we got to do with that?
Yeah, let's party. Let's disco.
Let's disco.
- Come on. Let's go in.
Come on, dude
Hit me. Hit.
- Sorry.
Can't you see where you're going?
Who are you staring at?
Do you know who I am?
What are you looking over there?
Talk to me.
Just meet me alone once, understood.
I am always alone,
not like you who need support.
You've survived today
because this is a public place.
I will come alone to meet you.
Just once.
Just tell me the place.
I'll thrash you alone.
Hey, people!
It's a special night today, so whosoever
sings today, booze on the house for him.
Yo. Yo.
A song?
Okay, buddy, here's the plan.
This is it.
We sing. You play. Yeah?
"O' my beloved I just
have to say this.."
"You are my heart, you live in it."
"O' my beloved I just
have to say this.."
"You are my heart, you live in it."
"Now we start with
the rhythm and the walks.."
"Move your body
and have a good time."
"Like we should with the rhythm
that makes you wild."
"Party till you drop and
drink all night."
"You and me don't keep it tight."
"We move against the
floor with the moves so nice."
"Shake to the left
and step to the right."
"This is how we move
and this is our style."
"Party hard."
"Feel like a star."
"Live life large."
"Let's not leave anything."
"I don't know any God."
"My friend is my God."
"I don't know any God."
"My friend is my God."
"Those madly in
love care for nothing."
"Unique among all!"
"I don't know any God."
"My friend is my God."
"Those madly in
love care for nothing."
"Unique among all!"
"Let bygones be bygones!"
"And welcome the budding tomorrow."
"Let the past slip by!"
"And await the unfolding events
of the future."
"Dream of the impending moments."
"Where is any other God?"
"Except my friend!"
"Smile and she's yours."
"Cause I got it like that.
Bollywood style."
"You want some fun, come
on let's party."
"Let the sun come up and then
we can drink some more."
"So stop acting fussy."
"Move your body,
baby. Shake your body, honey."
"Move your body,
baby. Shake your body, honey."
"Girl, you're so sweet. You
got to dance, I've got the money."
"The world always tries to scare us."
"But we're not frightened!"
"Why should we be frightened?"
"The gem of a friend is the one.."
"..who lays his life for friendship."
"I don't know of any God!"
"Except my friend."
"Those madly in
love care for nothing."
"Unique among all!"
The end, guys.
And let's go.
I am not drunk.
Diklesh, you will never change.
Come on, guys, let's go.
Didn't I tell you? Don't you understand?
- Vicky.
Don't you ever understand?
You don't understand.
I've had enough, understand. Enough.
Why alone? Are you scared here?
I'll show you! Understood!
'I'll come to meet you.'
'But you won't return.'
'Meet me just once, just once.'
- Just tell me when and where.
You tell me when and where.
- Your friend.
Vicky Khanna, the stud.
Preeti Mathur, the bombshell.
Guys, Preeti Mathur the bombshell.
How are you?
- Hi.
Won't you buy me a drink?
I am very thirsty.
I can see that.
Can I get you one?
- Diku, shut up, dude.
Diku's down, dude. Come on.
Right now?
- Yes, right now.
You take your time,
we're waiting outside.
But guys.. Come on..
You guys.. Saumil! Karan!
I'll have to give you a call.
Yeah, sure.
- Some other time.
Yeah, sure. It's all right.
What's the matter, dude? You seem
to be lost somewhere since yesterday.
Karan, I have a deadly idea.
Deadly idea.
- Yes.
Dude, your deadly ideas
are actually very dangerous.
Just hear it.
I will have to hear it. So tell me.
Karan, do you know
what Mohit and Sapru...
...were saying while
they were fighting last night?
No, what were they saying?
That they want to
beat each other alone.
'Just once.'
Then when we were sitting upstairs.
The two guys were saying the same.
That they want to
hit each other alone.
'You meet me alone once.'
Then what? Look there.
They are also saying the same.
Meet me alone outside. I don't
say anything to you in a public place.
Meet me alone and
you won't remain alive.
Come on, get lost.
- What are you trying to say?
Karan, there might be
many people in college..
..who'd want to fight with each other?
I can't understand anything.
What's your idea?
That's the idea.
What is it?
- Just think.
What if we come to know..
..there are many guys in college
who want to fight each other?
So, we'll make them
confront each other.
We will give them that
opportunity to fight alone.
You seem to be running temperature.
Karan, seriously, dude.
As it is they're going
to thrash each other.
Why not just take
advantage of the situation?
We'll decide their fight. Come on.
- Mind-blowing, mind blowing.
- Karan, come on.
Dudes. How do I look?
Like a bouquet. Now sit down.
How are you, Saumil?
- Good.
By the way,
what are you two talking about?
One second, one second.
Our friend's got a deadly idea.
Not bad.
- Wow.
Listen. Listen. Listen.
Since yesterday he's
been watching that guys..
..want to fight each other, alone.
And he wants to arrange their fights.
Mind blowing! Mind blowing idea, dude.
- What are you saying?
Last night you were saying
the same thing in my dream.
But there was only one difference.
- What?
You had already landed in a mental
asylum and we were visiting you.
What's there to laugh about?
What if we find a place where
two guys can fight peacefully?
And how can one fight peacefully?
Like Shanti the maid.
Brother, you are getting carried away.
Let's go out.
It's simple, guys.
- Quiet.
We aren't committing any crime.
They want to fight
of their own accord.
We are just going to arrange
for a place and organize their fight.
And we'll be able
to make money as well.
Okay. And when the police arrest us
then they'll organise our fights, right?
The police won't arrest us.
Because we will
organise the fights secretly.. the night at a secluded place.
Vicky, what if someone gets hurt?
No one will get hurt
because we'll have rules.
What rules? Is this some club?
Yes, it is a club.
Fight club.
Oh, so you've also thought of a name.
Look, look, look.
If you guys don't trust me..
..then let's go ask
around in the college.
And let's see what response we get.
If we get 20 to 25 guys, then..
What if we don't?
Let's do one thing.
We will meet in an hour.
And let's see if I'm right or wrong.
Boss, look. If you are wrong then you
couldn't ever be more wrong than this.
And if you are right,
then what an idea, boss. Nice.
Okay, boys. One hour.
What do you think, Karan?
I don't believe I'm doing this.
Me neither. Come on.
Twenty seven.
Yeah. We're doing this, baby.
Fight Club, guys.
Fight Club.
Welcome, welcome.
Fight Club.
Welcome to Fight Club.
We have some rules that
all of you will have to abide by.
Rule No. 5. Valid reason.
Rule No. 4. No weapons.
Rule No. 3, is the left hand rule.
Rule No. 2, once and for all.
There should be a
valid reason to fight.
No weapons will be
allowed in this fight.
If one of the fighters raises
his left hand, this means fight over.
Any two guys can fight
only once against each other.
Okay, boys and girls. Rule No.
1 and the most important rule.
Do you know what the Fight Club is?
Good, good.
Because there is no Fight Club.
So guys are you going
to stick to the rules?
You want to see some action.
Are you done, shall we go?
Okay, boys and girls,
let's get this party rocking.
Contestant No.1, please come in.
Hey fatso,
aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Didn't you find anyone else
to show your rhino like strength?
You brought this sucked
up mango with you.
Where have I brought him?
He brought me.
Yes, I did. I am going to beat him up.
Tarzan, you are going to bash him up.
Because he teased me.
Oh, what did he call you?
Sucked up mango.
Approved, approved.
Here's your number. First money.
Contestants No. 2, please come in.
Whom are you going to fight with?
-With him.
Do you wish to take a child's
life? What's your problem?
He nudges me behind the
knees and runs away.
That is a valid reason. Approved.
Contestant number
3 please come in.
What's the problem dude?
What is the problem?
Fight number one begin..
Come on..
Come on.
Hey! It's enough!
Coming next is our contestant
no.2! What? -Fight!
Hey! -Move.
Come on! Go. Go.
It's not free, it's fight no 3.
Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Come. Come.
Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Come. Come.
Come, come. Take this.
- Come on, come on.
Come. Come.
Take this.
Come on. Come.
Ladies and Gentlemen! The show is
over, the curtains are down.
Thank you very much.
I can't believe that people can..
..give so much money to fight.
No, it's a sin.
We are committing sin with..
this kind of money.
Okay, give the money back.
We'll keep it.
Hey! What are you doing?
We have supported each
other in everything.
Then I'll share this sin too.
We all are sinners.
You are a sinner too. You also..
This is not a sin.
This is hard earned money.
Huh? - What?
- Just joking.
10th August,
guys, we'll always remember that.
Hey, what's the time now?
It's my Suhas uncle's birthday.
I forgot to call him.
Here, take my mobile to call him.
Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to you..
- Thank you.
Tell me, how are you celebrating
your birthday?
What will I celebrate
at this age?
Son, I'll call after some time.
Uncle Suhas, are you alright?
Your voice seems tensed.
I am alright.
I am at the police station.
Why? What happened?
Nothing. Some locals want
to take over my club.
When I refused,
they threatened me..
You know my friend SP?
SP Mehta? I've come to meet him.
Uncle Suhas,
I'll come to Delhi now..
No dear,
there's no need, don't worry.
How can I not be worried?
I am coming to Delhi.
Son, I'll hang up now, I have
to register a complaint.
Uncle Suhas..
Oh no!
Listen to me and agree
to their demands.
You are saying this?
You are my friend and
so I am saying this.
Everything else depends on you.
It is your club and
you have to decide.
Yes. Well the club and the
problem both are mine..
I won't ever leave the club.
Saumil, are you sure? Don't you
think you are over reacting?
No Vicky. I know my uncle.
He is in trouble.
If you think so..
Then we'll come along with you.
Diku, it's a serious matter.
So keep quiet.
You know that he took care
of me when my father died.
And I feel that he needs me.
His life lies in that club.
It means everything to him.
I will have to go..
Why isn't Anu coming out?
Relax, she'll come..
Why is she taking so much time?
You know.
She has secured a job too.
She is very intelligent.
She always stood first.
Now we'll have to think
about her marriage.
Yeah, we'll get her married.
Hey, you've come here to flirt..
Aren't you listening to me?
Yes, I am listening to you..
Anu has grown up,
she is intelligent..
Anu.. - She is sharp.. Brother!
My God! She is so grown up!
Anu.. - Anu..
Hello my little sister.
- Hi.
I good to see you.
- Good to see you too.
That's Vicky.. - Hi, he has bored
me talking about you.
Nice to meet you.
Why? Huh?
I mean hello..
nice to meet you too.
Hey! What has happened to you?
You go ahead..
-Bring the luggage fast.
Come on, Anu..
Oh God.
Come on, darling.
C'mon.. -Hey, help me..
- I am the one who is lifting them.
C'mon.. just two more to go..
Alright, one more.
You can do it, man! - Do it!
Hi! - Hi!
Ah.. What are you doing here?
I came here for shopping.
- Shopping?
Where did he go.
Behind you? - Behind me? Yeah.
Your friend..
My friend?
Oh my friend! One second.
Hey, Diku..
Chill out, man. Take it easy.
Vicky. - Yeah.
Yeah.. me..
- Sure, anytime..
Shall we go? - Where?
To my house..
To drop me.. what else?
Of course.
Shall we go?
Oh God!
-Anu, where are you going?
I just came,
you seem to be going out..
Ah yes! I am going.. bye..
Nowhere.. just going on a walk..
Yeah. In this time.
-You go in..
I stay here..
Ah.. I know..
I mean, even I..
-I know, I have seen you..
What do you mean? -I mean when
you passed by.. -Okay..
Are you going somewhere?
-Dance rehearsals..
Dance rehearsals..
fantastic. I dance too.
I know all kinds of dances.
What do you know?
I have learnt Kuchipudi but
I know other dances too.
That's fantastic..
So, I'll take your leave now.
Yeah we'll be..
meeting each other.
Your mobile..
-You need it?
No it's ringing..
-Yes. Let it..
You receive the call,
I'll take your leave.
No don't,
who will I talk to if you go?
On the phone..
-But I don't have your number.
I'll give it to you some
other time. Bye!
Sonali, Sonali Malhotra..
I am Chopra.. Karan Chopra..
I know.. Bye.
Diklesh, you always call at the
wrong time. - Listen Karan!
What happened?
-We got another venue.
You'll all get a chance to fight.
Keep your money ready 1000
rupees per person.
Spectators to the left and..
..the ones fighting will
go to the right..
But before that you will have
to pay the charge.. -Diku.
Now, welcome..
Name.. -Satya and he is Vishwas.
-And your reason?
Being my friend he was going
around with my girlfriend.
Hey! - Shut up!
Your name is Vishwas yet you
cheated on your friend.
Anyway guys the reason
is reasonable.
Take the token and get
in to the line. Hmm.
Next.. -He is my step-brother..
-And you?
If he is my step-brother then
won't I be his step-brother?
Right! Sorry..
-Next.. stand straight..
I want to bash him up.
Do you want to?
Then why have you come here?
I didn't come here of my own.
He brought me here.
In our fight club,
both the parties should be ready.
Get lost from here..
Get lost from here..
The name is Mohit and Sapru
And the reason is old enmity.
-Hey come on. -Hey stop!
There are some rules in the
Fight Club you know.
What rules? Keep an ambulance
ready. It will be needed. Come.
What are you trying to say?
I am ready..
And let's see who needs
the ambulance the most.
Hey you.. Hey!
The enmity is between you two.
Go and fight in the ring..
Come on, you!
Shall I call them back?
No, let them die.
Come on, come.
Come on.
Hit him!
-Get him!
Come on.
Raise your hand, or you'll die..
Raise your hand.
Raise your hand. Hey, Sapru.
How can he lift his
hand so easily!
How dare you raise your hand?
Raise your hand..
You want to lock horns with me?
Come on hit me! -Oh no!..
Hey, stop!
Hey, he'll die.. Stop it..
Leave me! Will you kill him?
-You scoundrel!
Hey, let go of me!
I'll take him out.
-Let go of him!
Let go of him!
Don't lock horns with me.
You don't know who I am.
You! I'll not spare you today.
-Hey, wait.
Wait! -What will you do?
Hey!.. -The police.
Pandey, take him in the jeep.
Yes sir. -Come on, come.
Don't worry! -Tomorrow's fight.
-Hey, there is police outside.
Run, run.. Run, run. Fights
over, fights over..
Run, run.. -Run, run..
Fight club!
Government medicine
can be very strong.
Pandey-ji, his friend had
come here, didn't he?
But I told you,
he isn't my friend.
Why are you offended if
he isn't your friend?
You don't seem to understand
what I am saying.
Lower your volume. Understood.
I am speaking to you nicely.
So answer my questions
in the same tone.
Otherwise I will do exactly
what he did.
I'll keep quiet and you'll
start talking.
His name is Vicky.
He is not alone, his three
friends are with him too.
Karan, Diku Saumil.. they all
had started the fight club.
Fight Club,
that's what was written there.
And what happens in
the Fight Club?
When fights take place in
colleges, pubs and discos..
..then someone tries to stop it.
But in Fight Club nobody
stops the fight.
That means if two people
wish to fight..
..then there's a special
Sir, the locations change but
Fight Club remains as it is.
Vicky and his friends inform
about the venue.
People only have to pay money.
Each fight costs 2000 rupees.
Pandey-ji, did you hear that?
These guys have started
a great side business.
Listen carefully..
..tell your friend that that
was the last fight. -Sir..
I know he isn't your friend.
C'mon go home now..
Mohit, how are you?
Must be having the time of
your life in college.
That's rubbish. Listen..
I got into a scuffle
with some guys..
I want to thrash them all.
Send some guys here..
They don't know who I am.
Do you know who you are?
Anna's brother.
Think properly..
Anna won't ever like
that his brother..
And he can bear his isn't it?
Will you bear your
friend's insult?
College fights cannot make
or break one's life.
Forget everything.
You've got a long haul ahead.
just once let me prove that..
Don't worry about that.
I and my club belong to you.
You are most welcome.
No problem, finish your call.
I will call you later.
The traffic has increased a lot.
It's a ten-minute drive
yet it took me 2 hours.
I am very tired.
Problems are arising
one after the other.
For instance, my coming here..
that is a problem too.
You can ask me anything else..
..but how can I give
you this club?
Why are you making me do it?
You know it's easy for me.
Yes it is easy for you.. can do anything.
No, it's you who will do it..
..that too in 14 days.
I am telling you for the second
time that this club..
I am saying it for the last time.
Listen to me..
Either my problem
will be solved..
..or you will lose your life.
You must take some action.
Okay, I'll hang up now.
Who were they?
They had come here
for some business.
Don't avoid the topic, uncle!
Isn't he?
Yes, he is the one.
And you let them go?
Not me, they did it.
If they wished then they could..
-What could they do?
What will they do?
This is our club and it will work
according to your wish.
You are very naive.
I don't know who they are
or where they come from.
But these people are rich.
They have power and contacts.
And we have this club.
And this club is in
the right location.
It's on the Delhi.
-Haryana border.
They can't find a
better place in..
..the city for drug trafficking.
And you don't worry.
I have been running this club
since 25 years with honesty.
I won't let them turn
it into a drug den.
I'll make them understand.
It's difficult but they'll
Now who's being naive?
Hi! -Anu, you?
I didn't know that you were
coming to meet me.
I was passing by and
I thought that..
Thought you'd meet Anu..
No.. -No?
Then why have you come here?
I came here for shopping.
You know shopping.
Did you like something?
- What?
Do I have to tell you?
You don't have to tell me.
But you could tell..
Because there are some things
that you can't hide. -Yes.
And you are trying to hide it..
But I have come to know
what you like.
Really! What?
Oh God, know.
This.. -Anu,
I swear these don't belong to me.
Manager, please come to the
back office. Thank you.
They are calling me.
But if you do like something
call me. -Phone..
I would like to know whether.. blush as much on the phone.
Call me..
"Tell me."
"What is love?"
"Is anyone aware.."
"..of its sweet secret?"
"This playful sky teases me."
"The weather seems to
be mischievous."
"Love is such a wonder!"
"Tell me!"
"What love is!"
"Is anyone aware.."
"..of its sweet secret?"
"Love pervades in the velvety
sunlight of dawn.."
"..and in the mystical
shadows of dusk."
"Which charm has cast
its spell over us?"
"With you in my life,
everything changed in a moment."
"Life's music has reached
its crescendo.."
" melodies have sprung
from nowhere."
"Love is such a wonder!"
"Tell me!"
"Tell me!"
"What love is!"
"What love is!"
"Is anyone aware.."
"..of its sweet secret?"
Brother, don't answer..'s for me. Hello, hi..
My name isn't Angel, it's Anaya..
no I cannot meet you today.
Didn't I tell you? Bye!
Who was on the phone? -My friend.
I have to go now,
I'll meet later.
The battery has stopped
working again.
What are you doing?
We have to go now.. -Vicky.
I need to speak to
about something.
Okay, we'll talk later. Come on
Vicky, now.. -What happened?
I need a favor from you.
Then tell me..
Some guy is giving calls
to Anu since a few days.
Who? - Don't know but
he calls her Angel.
He calls her Angel?
Did you find anything else?
That's why I am asking you.
If I find that guy then
I won't spare him.
So you want to kill me..
-What did you say?
I mean,
what can I do in that matter?
I need your help.
-How can I help you?
You are a good friend, aren't you?
You've good sense of humor.
I am not his friend.
I am talking about Anu.
Anu? -She won't tell me anything.
You are her friend.
She might tell you something.
Good idea! But Karan..
..what if you come
to know about him?
If I come to know, then I'll
beat him black and blue.. hard that he forgets
the name Angel.
Then I'll break his teeth so
that he won't ever smile.
Then I'll crush his
fingers so that..
..he cannot call any other girl.
Then I'll take off
his eyes so that..
..he won't be able to see again..
What happened to your eyes?
You see I can't bear
so much violence..
I mean I cannot see it.
You have opened a fight club..
..yet you are scared of violence.
Where have you guys been?
Just see who has come to
our Fight Club to fight.
It's a cat fight.. cat fight.
Today in our Fight Club
we have two beautiful..
..powerful girls..
Fully rounded!
On my left side is Sonia darling,
age 19..
Vital stats of 36:26:36.
Her flowing tresses..
..cheeks flush with blood..
When you look at her.. feel like,
she has been made.. for me.
And on the other side
is Karishma darling..
..has similar vital stats!
Age 19..
And she is a total knock out!
Come on, girls.
Vicky, give me your phone
for a second, buddy.
Angel. -Amazing.
Vicky. -What? -Vicky, it's you?
That's not my mobile.
- Is it your father's then.
I said leave me.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself!
You love Anu and you are
surrounded by girls.
Karan, I promise, I don't
know her at all.
Karan, I was going to tell you.
He loves, Anu?
Do you know for who these two are
fighting? For Vicky.. -What?
Diku.. -What Vicky?
You are a very bad boy, buddy?
Have you gone mad? -Karan, I..
promise you.. I.. I..
Karan.. -Karan..
Brother, what happened? -Nothing.
You know Anu,
I have always seen you as..
..that small girl who never lies.
That day when a boy..
you tried to hide it from me.
No, it was like..
-That's okay..
I can understand.
Then I asked Vicky,
after all he is your friend.
What did I know that Vicky..
-I am sorry, brother.
Please forgive me.
I should have told you about him.
If you don't like him then..
I am happy that Vicky
is my friend.
Vicky is a nice guy, brother.
He is nice..
-Thank you, brother.
I'll go and set the table.
Get aside..
Hey Tanya! -Hi.
Excuse me. -Yes?
Can you tell me where the
final year classes are?
Go straight and turn right.
You will find him in the garden.
- I'll kill you.
Excuse me, are the final year
classes here itself? -Yes..
I want to meet Mohit Shetty.
You will find him outside.
I don't know about the problem
amongst you all.
But he is my younger brother.
And I apologize to
you on his behalf.
What are you doing here, brother?
When did you come out?
I am sorry, brother.
Because of me..
This hasn't happened
for the first time.
I am sorry to say but if Mohit
keeps on going like this..
..we will be forced to
discontinue him from the school.
Who are you to tell me all this?
Because whatever you do
is the worst of all.
Sandy, I feel that I am responsible..
..for Mohit's mistakes.
I will have to change myself
to change Mohit.
What do you mean!
And that's why I handed myself
over to the police.
Is Mr. SP here? -Yes.
Tell him that Anna wants
to meet him. -Ok.
And you know it very well,
I did it for you. -Yes.
What yes? I didn't feel it
that way after seeing..
..that fight in the morning.
I feel as if those seven
years were.. -Brother..
Nothing doing, you are going
home with me.. Delhi. Okay?
Delhi? -Yes..
Mohit, we are going to Delhi
tomorrow morning.
Oh lovely! What a punch! C'mon!
Wow, that was a good punch,
isn't it, Karan?
It should have been
better than that.
Is that so? How? -Should I?
I already know how it will be.
I didn't understand,
tell me Karan, how should it be?
Hey, Radio Mirchi, why
don't you shut up?
Otherwise I'll give you one.
Hey, he raised his hand up.
Fight over.
Hey filmy entry! Who are you?
-Who is he?
Hey, I can't believe this,
Samsonite suitcase.
Samsonite? -One minute.
Vicky, do you know this guy?
Yes, he used to study
with me in my school.
But that time he was a little..
And you made my life hell by
exploiting that weakness.
Do you know my real name?
-Of course I know it.
Your name is.. -Samsonite..
Sameer.. -Sameer..
Sameer.. Sorry friend..
But look at you now,
you have become a dude.
You are the reason.
I trained myself for a few months.
Some punch bags but
I punch faces.
So, why do we have to fight for that?
Do you all want to see
if Vicky can fight?
Then repeat after me.. We want?
Vicky.. -We want Vicky.. -Vicky?
An elite hospital or a municipal
one will do for you?
Shut up! -Vicky..
Karan, what are you doing?
I am helping you. Vicky.. it will
be good for our business. Come on.
Stop it, buddy!
Karan, have you gone crazy?
So you won't fight?
-You think I am scared? -Yeah..
come on. -Okay Karan Chopra!
Vicky Khanna isn't
scared of anyone.
And I'll fight..
I'll fight for you.
And I'll bury this guy six
feet under.. -Very good.
I'll beat the darn out of him..
-Very good.
And I love your sister.
-Very good.. -Very bad.
And Action.
- Come on VIP.
Come on Samsonite.
Come on.
Hey, come on.
Catch all of them.
-Hey, police! Come on, run.
Hey, leave me. Police is here..
Vicky, run. Fast.
Come on, run.
Quickly, run.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, run!
Come on, go inside.
Come on.
Hey! -Coming, sir.
Come on.
Fight Club.. Seal this place.
Vicky, I am talking to you.
Some day your fight club will
take all of us to jail.
I am telling you.
-He isn't even listening to us.
There is a lot of danger in it,
I think we should shut our
fight club for some days.
Who says that the police
don't come on time?
Yeah, we narrowly escaped today.
From whom?
-The police.
Hey dude, do you know the
police saved you today.
From whom?
-From Sameer.
Hey dumbo, open the door.
-I am telling you if I get hurt..
I am scared of Sameer?
Oh God. The lock is already open.
Now he has forgotten to lock the
door too. -Come let's go inside.
Hey, Diku, see who is
there in the house!
Hi Saumil.. How are you, buddy?
You scared us.
What happened?
-These two were saying..
Hey, what's the matter?
Everything is alright, isn't it?
What happened?
So you are going?
Vicky, life isn't so easy.
I didn't gain success running
behind my friends.
Well, you'll do what you wish.
If you wish to go, then go to
Ahmedabad with your friends.
What mummy?
Ahmedabad is not the right place.
Oh God, please protect them.
I am going but I'll be
anxious about you.
Don't worry about me..
And I will be coming
there for my work.
May be you are right,
I won't be able to change much..
..but atleast I can be there
with the changing time.
"If we make it happen."
"If we make it happen."
We have changed the whole look.
But the real work will begin now.
I will be busy with administration.
-There's no problem.
If it's a question of security
and service..
..then Vicky and I will
handle it. -Superb.
And I'll handle the bar.
I am experienced too.
You are right..
- He is right.
you are forgetting something.
A club cannot be run only with..
..administration bar and security.
It runs because of
music and dance.
There should be entertainment,
And along with it there should
..adventure and what else..
Vicky, what are you trying to say?
That we should have a singer..
a female singer.
Vicky is right.
We should have a singer. But who?
Whoever she is.
The girl should be good. -Yeah..
She should have a good voice..
She should be pretty..
a beautiful girl.
Not just the face, she should
have a good figure too. -Yeah..
But we have to reopen the
club by tomorrow evening.
Where will we find such
a girl in 24 hours?
We won't find? -We will.
Sonali Malhotra..
Sonali Malhotra.
-Sonali Malhotra? -Nice.
Sounds good but who is she?
She's got good voice and
she is beautiful too.
And he has a fantastic body.
And.. -And.. tell us..
Karan, knows her quite well..
-Karan? -What?
Karan, if you have any problem
then we'll drop it.
What say, guys? -I have no problem..
-Then call her here.
Come here.
Hey, drink it.
- Waiter.
I don't want it.
-Very smart..
You got me right.
I like it..
Trust me. This place will rock.
Keep your fingers crossed.
I think she's here.
Hi Sonali, this is Saumil,
welcome to Crossroads. -Hi.
This club is quite beautiful..
-Thank you..
Hi Vicky.. -Hi Vicky,
thanks for calling me here.
You didn't have problem finding
the Club did you?
Just a bit.
Some people were unaware of it.
That's why you've
been called here.
Now everyone will know about it.
He means to say that we
need artists like you.
That's great mister?
-Diku.. just Diku..
Nice to meet you, Diku.
-Nice to meet you.
Karan? There.
Okay, I'll see you later..
-See ya. -Bye. -Bye.
Can I slap this idiot.
Hi Karan..
Hi -Hi, nice to see you.
How are you?
So.. shall we hear the song? -Yes.
"The boy's words are
agonizingly nice."
"But he has a vice."
"His eyes are mesmerizing.."
"..and fill me with
a dizzy zing."
"This heart sings.."
"The boy's words are
agonizingly nice."
"But he has a vice."
"The boy's words are
agonizingly nice."
"But he has a vice."
"His eyes are mesmerizing.."
"..and fill me with
a dizzy zing."
"This heart sings.."
"You are a fair and lissome,
I watch you on the sly."
"You too are handsome.."
"..very young and agile."
"Why now are we apart.."
"Why this flutter in the heart.."
"My life is in your hands,
this heart sings."
"My beloved is out of his wits."
"..but this the world
doesn't know a bit"
"My beloved is out of his wits."
"..but this the world
doesn't know a bit"
"My tresses can hide
even the sun."
"Once in my embrace, in the sea
of my heart you'll drown"
"Hold your heart,
as this heart sings.."
"The boy's words are
agonizingly nice."
"But he has a vice."
"His eyes are mesmerizing.."
"..and fill me with
a dizzy zing."
"This heart sings.."
Excuse me.
Hey! Hey!
Take it easy, boss. What is this?
- Who are you?
Who are you?
-Is this the way? -Yes it is..
Why did you hit him?
-Now you'll teach me to behave?
You'll teach me? -Yes..
Sorry. Sorry.
-Then take this.. -Excuse me..
You pushed her..
I didn't push. He did..
You pushed, didn't you?
- Why should I?
I didn't do anything.
Hey, listen. Don't touch it.
Why did you push me?
Excuse me.
I haven't done anything at all.
Take it easy guys.
- I've already apologized.
I've already apologized.
Hey, take it easy.
-It's okay, guys.
Hey, listen to me.
Hey Saumil get him.
Vicky, don't let them go.
Hey, move out!
Hey, move.
I'll chase him out,
you take care of him.
Throw them out.
Get out.
They went.
What a rowdy crowd?
Guys, we'll have to be ready.
These guys will come again.
I think we should hire
5 to 6 bouncers.
Not five but one.
Pick them up.
One day we went and helped
Saumil to reopen the club.
The club has been reopened but
those goons have come back.
We can handle such people
but these people..
..seem to be difficult.
And we need a professional
man for such people.
Professional and we thought that..
-Sameer would help.
Right. -Wrong.
What? -Okay tell me how
much will you pay?
What? -If I leave this job
and come to Delhi..
..then how much will
your friend pay me?
But Sameer this..
-Then you are wasting my time.
And actually you are wasting
your time too.
Let me give you an advice,
friendly and free..
Working for a friend
for free is rubbish.
You won't understand what
is friendship, Sameer?
You don't know how
to make friends.
And you know what..
you are right about one thing.
I am wasting time not there
but here with you.
Have a nice lonely life, brother.
I haven't seen a girl like you.
People say anything and you
don't even know about it.
I just know that I haven't
made any mistake by coming here.
Thief.. Saumil, Vicky, thief..
This Diku, always lands
up at the wrong time..
Hey, why are you shouting?
Where is the thief?
Any problem? It's you?
No problem at all..
-Come on. -Everything is fine.
Fine with us. - You carry on, enjoy.
- Okay bye.
It is not thief,
but love birds on the roof.
So where were we?
What is it? -That club..
Our Crossroads? -No his nephew
took it over again.
They gave it a new look.
Last night that club
was jamm-packed.
Everything is new there..
a new dancer.
They have new bouncers too.
How many of them?
5 to 6.. they are his friends..
They have come from Mumbai.
Has he lost his mind?
Didn't he get the message?
No they don't..
Foolish uncle,
foolish nephew, Foolish family..
All of them will die.
Okay don't worry..
you may leave now.
I'll see them.
Where are you going, Mohit?
-College, brother.
But today is Sunday.
We have extra classes in
our college, brother.
Is it true? -Yes..
You shouldn't be scared to
speak the truth, Mohit.
You know that I don't like
you meeting wrong people.
Brother, trust me, I am going
to college for extra classes.
Okay.. go.
No Sandy, I wasn't with Dinesh.
I met him on the way.
Okay speak to him..
Sandy, the work is done.
Mohit, what are you doing here?
I just came along..
Nothing happens in life
without a reason.
The club is reopened.
-The nephew's friends..
Don't speak in between..
Don't you understand that?
I wish Anna had been here.
-What can Anna do?
He would think about it.
He is very intelligent.
He must have done something
and this guy is useless.
He is useless.
Anna is right.
We are nothing before him.
We all know who we are.
I called you here to go and see
what's going on in the club.
Did you get that?
And listen.. see everything.
Let's find out who they are.
Didn't I tell you,
these guys are from Mumbai.
Hey what do you want?
-Here take this.. -Thank you.
Don't you want to live
for too long?
What happened, brother!
-Tell him what happened.
Who are you?
-Let's break his hands and legs.
Trying to act smart?
Come on, hit him!
Hit him!
Come on. Kick him! -Kick him!
Come on. Kick him!
You are acting smart.
Who are you?
Don't you get it?
What's your problem?
I have a problem.. but with him.
Me? What have I done?
I got drunk here so
they threw me out..
..I couldn't do anything then.
So I came here to take revenge.
But it seems he is already
busy with you.
Carry on..
Hey, won't you beat him up?
Please stand aside a little.
I need a little space to hit him.
You don't move,
stay where you are.
First class.
Will you keep talking
or hit him too?
I knew you would come.
I have come.
Where are your friends?
They are inside.
Oh no!
Stay together. -Yeah.
Stay together. -Yes, ok
Don't fight alone. Stay together.
Back to back.
Back to back.
"If you're young and gung-ho.."
"..and wanna proclaim your
name with gusto.."
"If you're young and gung-ho.."
"..and wanna proclaim your
name with gusto.."
"This is the place
for you to be.."
"Do you have the guts,
come let's see.."
"This is Fight club.."
"You got to go Fight club."
"This is Fight club.."
"If you're young and gung-ho.."
"..and wanna proclaim your
name with gusto.."
"This is the place
for you to be.."
"Do you have the guts,
come let's see.."
"This is Fight club.."
"You got to go Fight club."
"This is Fight club.."
"The air of thrill that
fills this place.."
"..beckons young hearts
at a heady pace"
"We send those hearts and
this ambience in a tizzy"
"On far off and forlorn spirits
we have such a draw.."
"..that you come seeking
pleasure fresh and raw"
"Stay as one.. Fight Club."
"You got to go Fight club."
"Go go fight club.."
"Here thrill and din
go hand in hand.."
"Eyes filled with mischief
and mirth.."
"..seeking to bring the
stars down to earth"
"The beloved is here and
so are the friends.."
"..melodies fill the place
with colorful trends."
"Love and frown are
here to mingle.."
"..victory and defeat
can never be single."
"You have to go fight club,
You got to go Fight club."
"This is Fight club.."
"If you're young and gung-ho.."
"..and wanna proclaim your
name with gusto.."
"This is the place
for you to be.."
"Do you have the guts,
come let's see.."
"This is Fight club.."
"You got to go Fight club."
"This is Fight club.."
It's a nice day today..
-Really!? I thought it was night.
That's why.. This nature of
yours makes people carry..
..different notions about you.
-Let them think..
They speak too. -Let them..
But I don't like it.
A guy was painting..
I feel like..
Not all but one.. -One?
Vicky, you don't get along
with him. -No..
Then Karan? He isn't what
he seems to be. -No.
Not Saumil, he's a good guy.
I like him. -I know.
If not Vicky,
Karan and Saumil then who? -You.
Me? What have I done?
You have wasted my time.
You wait here and..
..I'll go and purchase
some things.
And the guy said, try to mess with me.
I am organizing the
party tonight.
Cold beer for everyone tonight.
All of you be ready..
you all understood didn't you?
It's a nice day, isn't it?
This guy is here?
Hey he is the Fight Club guy..
Hey, c'mon it's party time.
Blindfold him.
Hit him hard.
Hold him!
Hit him!
Nab him!
Hit him! -Hey! -You!
Hey ran.. ran.
Catch him, Sameer.
Come on, hurry up.
Hey, wait!
Come on.
Don't let him escape!
Come on, hurry up!
Oh no!
Diku, who were those people?
Oh God, you've been hurt, Sameer.
Don't worry but who were they?
I don't know.
I had seen one of
them in the club.
We should go to the hospital.
Oh God, you are bleeding.
Don't worry I am a doctor.
It's good that I was passing by.
And I had a bandage in my bag.
Don't know where all you
would go like this.
The wound is quite deep.
But you don't have to worry.
This bandage is temporary.
You will have to get..
..the wound stitched
in a hospital.
You will have to stop
the bleeding.
So shall we go?
Sure. I will take you there.
He is here means the others
will be here too.
-He is one of guys with whom..
..I got into a scuffle
in the Fight Club.
You remember I asked you
to send me some help?
That time I was alone.
I won't spare them now.
Fight Club?
Yeah they opened one in Mumbai.
They used to organize fights.
Are you sure they are
the same guys?
What are you saying, Dinesh?
-I don't forget my enemies.
Let me meet them once,
I'll kill them all.
You will get that chance.
These are the same guys
who run Crossroads.
Crossroads? We should go there.
Youngsters of Mumbai in Delhi.
Crossroads Fight Club..
Dinesh, what are you saying?
I didn't get you.
Mohit, do you remember I told you..'ve got to work hard?
That time has come.
What? -Nothing. You keep driving.
It's beyond your imagination.
Anyway, are you fine? -She is
asking you if you are fine.
Everything seems fine.
He thinks so.
I know.. -If you keep speaking
like this then..
..I will have to stitch your mouth.
It's like a disease.
He speaks a lot.
And you don't speak much.
-Yes but seeing you, he..
You will have to come
tomorrow too.. get the stitches checked.
Why don't you get admit today itself?
-Come here.
Sorry.. Thanks.
Komal.. -Sameer.
Nice to meet you, Sameer.
I wish Komal but it's his name.
Let go of the hand,
he is saying it.
We run a club. Why don't
you come there sometime?
It's called Crossroads.
Well, thanks..
but I don't go to clubs.
I like neither dancing
nor having drinks.
You can have coffee at least.
You are welcome.
I'd like to,
I just said what you wanted to.
Shall we leave? -Sure? Okay..
Bye! -Bye!
Bye Komal!
Come on, let's leave.
Mad boys..
Where are they? They aren't here.
Then they might be
sitting upstairs.
It's past one.
Where are these guys?
Here they are.
Where were you guys?
Sameer, what happened?
What are you asking him?
Look at this.
Some hooligans came to the market
and started bashing me.
You wouldn't have survived if
Sameer hadn't been there.
Who are they? -Don't know.
But I think I have seen one
of them in the club.
Really? In our Club?
But what happened?
I'll tell you what happened.
The Hero's hand started
to bleed..
..and the whole market
came to a standstill.
Everything stopped.
Then in slow motion entered
a beautiful girl.
She walked slowly towards Sameer.
Took his hand in hers.
And looked into his eyes..
And with the gust of wind
her veil slipped and..
And he lost his mind.
What happened next?
Nothing. She is a doctor.
She came and put..
..a bandage on my hand.
He is lying, he isn't as
stern as he seems to be.
She was putting stitches
on his hand..
..and he was looking at
her exactly like him.
What do you mean?
When he sees, little bit..
Nothing guys, she is.. -She is?
She is?
She is hot and he has invited
her to the club.
Oh nothing.
It's just courtesy.
-It's just courtesy?
So you don't like her?
Or just may be.
C'mon let's go..
Got you man..
Sameer, you are lucky.
Hey wait a minute.
Come soon..
He beats us a lot, Buddy.
Why are you so excited?
Why am I so excited?
You'll come to know.
Why are you holding my hand?
Don't you know who I am?
Why are you behaving
in an unruly manner?
We all are unruly people.
What will you do?
If you want to drink then please
go outside. -What will you do?
Speak properly.
-You'll teach me manners?
Leave my hand. -You have caught
my hand. Should I hold yours?
You will tell me how
to behave myself?
Please don't talk loudly.
-What will you do?
I will shout out loud.
Drink is not allowed here.
-Is drinking illegal here?
You'll teach me law?
Why are you just sitting there?
Make sure nothing else happen. Go.
- Yes sir.
I heard you fought with someone.
Mohit, you here?
What are you doing here?
Brother I..
-I asked what you are doing here.
I have ask you something.
Sandy.. -Anna..
How are you?
How are you, Anna?
- I am fine.
Say sorry..
Sandy there's no need.
Sorry, Anna. -It's okay..
I can't believe you have been
released from the prison.
We are old buddies.. -We were.
Now it's just..
-What are you saying?
Do you know how much..
..I remembered you the
past seven years?
Ask him.. do you remember him?
He was very small when
you'd gone to prison.
See, he has grown up boy now.
Take his blessings.
No, it's ok.
How are you, Mohit? -I am fine..
What is all this, Anna? It was
your decision to go to prison.
And I had supported your
decision. But what is it now?
Do you like working in this hotel?
Come back.
Anna, you still rule the
by-lanes of Delhi.
You have a share in
all the shops.
Sandy, you know I
have left that business.
I am happy in whatever
I am doing now.
Anna, we both know that you'll.
Come back in this business,
isn't it?
Sandy, I had left this
business for him..
'And you will come back for him.'
I will exact revenge from
these guys today.
Come, let's go in..
What will you do inside alone?
You can't do anything.
What do you mean?
Have you done anything alone?
Anna isn't here to back you.
I don't need anyone
to bash these guys.
Not even me?
You are there my friend.
Sameer, this is Komal..
Komal, this is Sameer.
She is a doctor and treats
brain patients.
Hi! So you work here? -Yes.
It's a very interesting place.
Fun and work go together.
Well.. party is inside
and work is outside.
So, don't you ever go in?
Yes Sometimes.
Only to throw the hooligans out.
But I can surely go in, can't I?
-Sure.. please come.
Lady? How can I go in alone?
Johnson.. -Yes sir..
Guard the door.
As it is, coffee is due on me.
Shall we? -Sure.
You scoundrel!
He is crazy.
Shall we? - Yes sure.
Place is good.
Coffee is better.
You sit there.
I'll get it for you. -Thank you.
Get up baby.
Hey Fight Club.. get aside..
Where is your fight club?
You have followed the suit too.
They've made a dance club..
a dance club.
A fight club has become
a dance club.
Will you please get down? -Why?
Get down.. -Fights over and dance
club opened? -Please get down..
I want to fight with
Vicky call him.
I am Vicky..
-Where is your fight club?
I want to fight now. -Get down.
I want to fight with you now.
Didn't you change even
after being beaten up?
What can you do to me?
What will you do?
-I want to fight now.
Let go of me and I'll show you..
Let go of me.. I won't spare you.
Let go of me once..
I won't spare you.
What can you do?
-I won't leave you.
Leave me, I will tell you.
- Yes I left you.
Hit me.
Excuse me. -Sure.
You scoundrel!
What can you do? You think you
have a lot of Power, don't you?
What happened?
-He was misbehaving a lot.
I'll teach you a lesson today.
Vicky, stop it.
I will show you what I can do.
Karan leave me.
Vicky, leave him.
Stop it guys, just stop it.
I'll teach him a lesson today.
Just stop it. You are drunk today.
You are acting very smart.
Vicky, stop it.
I will take care of him.
You go in.. take him inside.
Hey, our fight isn't over yet.
Hey the fight isn't over yet.
I'll come back.
He wasn't wounded much, was he?
He was wounded but
in drunken stupor.
He is not worth it.
Forget it.. -I can't help it,
I am a doctor after all.
Does it mean that you bandage
anybody's hand?
For a bouncer you have
a way with words.
Then I too can say that you are
very beautiful for a doctor.
So shall I take leave?
-Yeah let's go.
You didn't come to pick me up.
Why drop me back?
It was my mistake I didn't
come to pick you..
..but it will be a crime
if I don't drop you.
I won't spare them..
You didn't come.
But didn't you say that
you didn't need anyone?
Yes, but they beat me up.
It hurts, doesn't it?
They broke my bones.
Listen, don't tell Anna about it.
Otherwise for his brother's sake,
he'll kill everyone.
A brother's love cannot bring
life back, can it?
Did you have to do it?
You have ruined everything..
..and are now smoking happily.
Throw this away..
This smoke has muddled
your brains.
Do you have any idea..
-You don't have any idea..
..that your brother has
done a great work.
You've done a great job..
a great job?
Fool, you have killed Anna's
younger brother.
If Anna,
comes to know it then he will..
And it's the end of
all your problems.
Just think, brother.
Think it coolly.
Think what would you have
done if you were Anna.
Where did Mohit die?
Outside Crossroads.
Many people have witnessed it.
Those four guys bashed Mohit.
They took their revenge of the
fight club of Mumbai in Delhi.
Anna won't let this story
end so easily.
He will go to the club.
What will happen to those
guys no one knows.
And what will happen to
Anna no one knows.
But whom will the club belong to?
Only yours..
Is that so? -The story has a
happy ending, doesn't it?
Is that so?
My younger brother has grown up..
..and he thinks what I
can never think of.
Sandy, I think of things that
even Anna doesn't think of.
This city is ours.
I have taken care of him
with these hands.
These were the hands
that fed him.
I have played with him,
put him to sleep.
When it was too hot he used
to hide in these hands.
On rainy days he used to walk
holding these hands.
Happy birthday to you.
He used to laugh.
He used to sing.
He grew in these hands.
I brought him in these hands.
He was everything for me.
And now I have to light his pyre.
- I had controlled myself for him.
But now I won't stop myself.
That mark was on uncle's
neck too.
Doesn't it seem strange?
I mean don't you think that
Mohit and Uncle must have..
..been killed by the same person
for the same reason?
Fool! That mark can be
on our necks too.
Please do something.
This seems to be the handiwork
of one guy and one weapon.
Vicky Khanna,
you have been summoned by sir..
Only me? -C'mon..
Hey, what does that mean?
That we'll come to know.
First think how we can
get out of here.
In the governmental vehicle.
This is a murder case.
We won't be released so easily.
Hey, stop joking in this situation.
C'mon guys,
you have been granted bail.
He is speaking as if they
are going a favor on us.
Who bailed us out?
-Mr. Khanna did.
Vicky's dad?
-Where is that idiot? I mean Vicky.
He went back with his father.
Why did he go?
Don't think about him.
Think about yourselves.
You all are safe inside
and not outside.
Why? -Listen to me.
Mohit, for whose murder you
have been arrested..
..was Anna's brother
Anna is the don of this city.
He won't spare you guys.
We are dead. But I have an idea.
Before he does anything,
let's leave this place.
When we haven't committed this crime
then why should we fear anything.
Come, let's go to club.
Who knows what happened
her by now? -Thank you.
You are right, Saumil.
Club's safety is first.
I think we all should be there.
You go there. I will meet Anu
and Sonali and Komal's house.
I will see you later
Come let's go..
You guys go ahead..
-Why? Where are you going?
I've got some work. -Okay..
Let's go. -See you.
You come to club with everyone.
So you are going back?
Dad wants me to go back
to Bombay, Sameer.
On that deal he got
you all bailed.
We would have been better off in
jail than being out on bail.
Mohit is the brother of Anna,
who was the Don of this city.
You are ready, aren't you?
Yeah dad, I am almost ready.
See you in Bombay, Sameer.
No.. -What do you mean?
Won't you go to Bombay?
Vicky, I can't leave my friends
in this condition.
I know, Sameer.
I only know that someone
had told me..
..that I don't know how
make friendship.
But you don't know how to
fulfill that friendship.
Have a safe life.
Aren't they in? -No..
He isn't there even
in the out-house.
Don't go where they are.
Who is on the line? -Sameer.
Who are you? -Anna.
Hey Anna.
Here, speak with your friends.
Sameer, Anna has kidnapped us.
There's a white car
waiting outside.
Come here in that car.
Saumil, Diku, are you both alright?
They beat us very badly. -Why?
You killed Mohit..
Anna's younger brother..
..and you are asking why?
You all killed Mohit.
We didn't kill him,
we didn't even know him.
You knew it very well that
he was Anna's brother.
We don't know who Anna is?
Anna, they are the same guys.
Anna, we had no enmity with Mohit.
They did have enmity with him
which was very old too.
That started in Mumbai
and was finished here.
You all will die but Vicky
will die first..
..since he bashed Mohit first.
Where is Vicky?
Tell, where is he Vicky?
Where is he Vicky?
Where is Vicky? -I am Vicky..
Let my friends go.
You can do anything with me.
If you are Vicky, then who am I?
Karan, you did this for me.
-For Anu..
He is Karan, I am Vicky..
I just want to tell you that..
Now you are claiming to be Vicky.
Is this some kind of a joke?
You are Vicky, aren't you?
Anna, it's true that we had
a fight with Mohit..
..but we didn't kill him.
He is speaking the truth, Anna.
We had stopped him from
creating a ruckus.
Yes Anna,
I had left him out myself..
..and he was alive at that time.
Anna, these goons have some plan.
They are trying to implicate us.
They are trying to fool
us by talking rot.
Let's kill them all.
It's our business.
It's not business.
Mohit's revenge is not business.
I won't kill them so easily. No..
They have tortured Mohit a lot.
I'll torture and then kill them.
They spilled his blood.
And I will spill their blood.
They'll die like that. Slowly.
Anna, is right, Sandy.
They should be hurt and
feel the pain too.
Just as Mohit suffered
before dying..
..fighting in their Fight Club.
Fight Club..
Fight Club.. but there's only
one rule in our club..
..either you have to kill or die.
If we have to die then
we'll die fighting.
Come on.
Why did you kill Mohit?
I loved my brother very much.
-I became a respectable man.
But you people made me come back.
Anna left his business because..
..he loved his brother very much.
But Sandy wanted the club.
And for the club Anna.
Why would Anna come back?
And why would Mohit
come back if he..
..had enmity with us?
Mohit must not have come alone.
He must have been under the
influence of drugs..
..that he was laughing even
after being beaten up.
You had come here to protect
the club, hadn't you?
You'll save the club?
You have come to fight against
Anna. Now you'll die too.
Who was it who knew that
Mohit was the only one..
..who could bring Anna
and the club back?
First Uncle Suhas then Mohit..
Two murders, one reason..
One style, one murderer.
And one weapon.
Anna, let him go.
He is like your brother.
But he isn't like my brother, Mohit
You deceived me.
Hey, what are you seeing?
Attack him!
If he cannot be faithful
to Anna..
..then how can he be
faithful to us?
You will know now what
brother's love is.
You will feel the pain
of his death.
This is your punishment.
I just want to thank you all.
Let it be, Saumil. See how he'll
bore everyone as always.
Not really.
And Sameer, you especially.
If you hadn't come to Delhi then..
-You should thank me.
He came here because of me.
-Is it?
Anyway, you are welcome.
Correct, Vicky.
If you hadn't convinced me..
..then I would have missed the
chance of sitting like this.
Be thankful that I am
here or you would.. standing outside forever.
Actually Karan, I wanted to tell
you something. -Tell me..
But don't mind.. -No I won't.
I was tolerating you because of Anu.
-Me too.
Let go of her hand,
you scoundrel!
There's no way she's going
to get out of the house.
Brother, that's not fair.
-That's not fair.
Don't worry.
We'll take care of that.
After all they have
to come to us.
And above all,
Anna, thank you very much.
It feels good to see you
like this together.
You know life doesn't give
everyone a second chance.
You all have got that.
Make the most of it. Yeah?
You meet me alone.
Then I'll show you.
What will you do? -Come out.
-Come out.. -Get lost.
Come out.. -What will you do?
Shall we? No? -No..
Let's drink fast.
Hey liquor.
Saumil, when will we get girls?