Fight to the Finish (2016) Movie Script

Here we are sports fans,
the fight of all fights.
Silas "Mad Dog" Gooding
and "Big" Jeff McGill...
for the championship belt
that could take one of them to the top.
Big Jeff is getting the best
of this fight, but,
Silas doesn't look like
he's fighting back.
It's not looking
really good right about now.
I think we know who's going
to win '(his one.
Come on.
I don't know.
Silas has a great track record.
Well, they both
have great track records, man.
Seven and both of them,
not one of them
have ever lost a fight.
But tonight, I think
we know who's going to win.
And the winner is...
- Good morning, Mom.
- Good morning, babe.
- Morning, son.
- Morning, Dad.
You... ready for your new life?
I'm not going off to war,
Dad, it's just my new place.
Yeah, but it's
a big step to independence.
I mean, you've graduated.
You've worked hard for three
years, all those odd jobs.
You've saved up a lot of money And now you will
have your own, and I'm very excited for you.
And I'm very proud of you.
I'm proud of you, too.
Whatever, you just Want my room.
That's right.
Bigger bed, bigger windows.
Bed you got's big enough, buddy.
I'm taking mine with me.
Come on, man.
- Yeah...
- Guys enough. Eat your breakfast.
So, Mom... you excited about
the tournament tonight?
- Sure, son.
- You are going, right?
It's my last fight, and you said
you were going to be there.
I know, son.
But I may have to work.
Tonight's win could really
help out around here.
That win is no guarantee and we
can take care of ourselves.
Like I said, I have to work.
When it comes to my fights
you always have to work.
Let me see What I can do,
but I'm not making any promises.
Of course not.
Why would you do that?
Hey, you show her some respect.
I'm sorry, I... I just Want her
to be there for me.
If she says she will make it,
she'll make it.
I'll be there.
Can we just all enjoy one last
family breakfast together?
Glasses up.
To, Sean, my oldest boy.
You have worked hard
for three years saving up
and now you're on your own.
And we are very proud of you.
- Yes we are.
- And we love you.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Jake, pay attention
in class, alright?
And remember, no video games
until after your homework, OK?
OK, but, when are you
coming back to see us?
I'm not going away forever.
I'll make you a deal.
How about, you can come by and
visit me anytime on the weekends
when I'm not Working. Cool?
- Deal. See you, Sean.
- Alright. Later.
Hey, Mr. Griffin.
Damn, Jake getting big, What
are y'all feeding him, people?
- My man, What's good?
- What up, man.
You finally ready to out
the old apron strings?
Yeah, have you?
I don't need to,
my mom supports me.
Wait to aim high.
What's up, you finished packing?
Yeah, I packed most of it last night,
just a few more things
then We're out of here.
Damn, it must be nice, man.
Your own spot.
- You sound surprised.
- I don't have rich parents.
First of all, We're not rich,
we worked hard for everything we got.
Second, I busted my ass for three
summers so don't even...
Hey, relax man,
I'm happy for you.
For real, are you really?
You look a little
salty right now.
- Sounding a little bit like a hater.
- A hater?
You ain't got nothing for me to
hate on, so jump off a cliff.
Bring it.
Take me off that cliff, son.
Hey, out it out.
- Good morning, Mrs. McGill.
- Good morning, Billy.
There's breakfast
in the kitchen if you're hungry,
and tell your mother
to call me later.
Thank you, yes ma'am.
- Bye, baby.
- Have a good day at work, Mom.
Hey, Mom, I'll see you
at the tournament, yeah?
You, got everything son?
Yeah, Dad.
- See you later? Alright.
- Yeah.
You take care.
I Will.
Bye, Mr. McGill. Good to see you.
Billy. Take care.
Man... I wish I had that at my
place. I hardly see my folks.
- You don't see your folks?
- Nope.
They seem to like it that Way.
Come on, man. Cheer up.
You'll be alright.
Whatever. So who's
getting the booze for the party?
I don't know. Jessica, Katy, Sheila,
Jessy, I can't remember which one.
Man, man, you're lucky
they all like you.
Who needs luck
when you look this good...?
You realize that after
the mirror cracked?
- Grab my stuff man.
- All right, I got you.
We've got to get moving.
Man, you pack like a girl.
Put it in the back.
Yo, seriously, thanks again
for helping me outwith this.
Yeah, no Worries, man.
- What about the tickets?
- I told you, I'm working on it.
I told you, man,
I can't miss this fight.
Gotta see you take
this dude out. Win that money.
It's not about the money, Billy.
It's about the money.
I don't care What you're saying, man,
no dude's getting his
brains beaten in just for fun.
True, but when I win,
I'm giving it to my folks.
Your folks?
What about a new place, man?
- New car, some fresh kicks?
- I don't need new kicks, man.
And they need it more than I do.
Mr. Perfect.
Always doing the right thing.
When are you going to explore
your bad boy side, bro?
In a minute,
if you don't stop complaining.
- You're sure now?
- Yeah, I got it.
All right.
Earn that food, buddy.
Drop that shit.
- Whoo...
- Yeah, man.
- Nice!
- This is it, this is it.
- Nice.
- What do you think?
- Nice for real, dude.
- It's gonna be fun.
No doubt, man. The parties
We're gonna have, boy.
- We?
- For real.
The dance floor's right here,
you know that right?
- Like that?
- Yeah man, for real.
Hold-up a second, man.
When I have parties,
they're gonna be chill..
- What?
- Yes, chill and relaxed,
because after you leave,
I still gotta live here.
Man, but with the girls
you could bring back here,
"Hey, honey, I got this nice
spot, come check it out."
You know, you sound like
you have this all planned out,
you're gonna have
a lot more fun than I am.
Maybe you're right,
man, maybe you're right.
- This is nice man, for real.
- Thank you.
You know, with your own spot
and everything, just...
don't forget about
us little people.
Hey, man...
Hey... you know
I got you, right?
I'm still just
a phone call away.
- Alright.
- Alright.
- Alright.
- Alright.
I got to drop the truck off later on
and get ready for tonight.
- Want me to drop you off?
- Sure. I Want those tickets.
I told you, I got you man.
I got you.
You said that last time
and I'm hustling little kids
for candy like
I'm a Girl Scout or something.
Yeah, you need the cash.
Keep those hands up, you guys.
Keep those hands up.
Try using the leg.
Watch the leg kick. Watch the knees.
Keep it up, keep it up.
Come on, keep those hands up.
Out of the way, there you go.
Keep it up, keep it up.
Watch the hand,
watch it, watch it.
Good kick, there you go,
there you go, keep it up.
Keep those hands up.
Watch the...
Watch the knees.
Keep that guard, there you go.
Grab and pound. Hit her!
Watch the legs more,
watch the legs.
Alright, alright,
you got it, you got it.
Hammer-fist, hammer-fist.
There you go.
Yeah, hit her, hit her.
There you go. That's it.
Hey, man, sorry,
I didn't mean to disturb you.
It's, OK. Do your thing.
Man, I don't mean to pry,
I know you got
a fight coming up, but,
you got some
pretty nice moves there.
You ever think about
fighting professionally?
No. I'm...
I'm not a professional.
I don't know, with moves like that,
I'd definitely consider it.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You think I'm that good?
And I've been
around the game a long time.
And, I know a champ when I see one.
What about you? You ever fight?
I Wasn't skilled or fast enough.
Come on, nobody aspires to be
just changing out towels.
I did a little something
back in my day. Little bit.
Yeah? What happened?
Age happened. I got old.
What'd you say
your name was again?
I'm Silas.
Nice to meet you.
I hope to see you around again.
Good luck.
Your chariot awaits, Mr. Champ.
Thank you, thank you.
Excuse me, can I get
your autograph please?
Him or me?
- Big Jeff, please. We're big fans.
- Sure.
- Have at it.
- What?
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- I really appreciate it.
- Can I also get your autograph?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Have a nice evening.
- You too.
Little more practice,
you too can be a legend.
With a little more practice?
Have the fans chase you
all night long,
everywhere you go.
- Can I please?
- Yeah.
- Sounds exciting.
- Are you ready for that?
Obviously not.
Well, look at this, I'm on
with two champs tonight?
- Get in the car, let's go.
- OK, just give me...
What have you got here?
- I Want you to have it.
- What is it?
Open it.
Five K. You won that'?
That's a lot of money.
Make sure you pay your taxes.
I Want you to have it.
It's gonna help out a lot
with the mortgage, Dad.
- Sean, I can't take...
- Dad!
What are you always telling
me and Jake about pride?
With mom facing possible layoffs
and your disability check
barely making ends meet,
this could tide you guys over.
I mean, just until something
better comes along.
- I can't do it, Sean.
- I know it's due two Weeks.
All right, son. Thank you.
Love you, too.
- What?
- Just a little tender.
Just a bit.
Yo, we going or What y'all?
I'm hungry.
You're always hungry.
Can't take you anywhere.
- Get in the car.
- Tell him to get in the car.
- Get in the car.
- And, and you get in the car...
- Let's move it.
- I'm working on it.
You act like you've
been in a fight or something.
- Nice fight, son.
- Thanks.
Do you wanna come up
and see the place?
Nah, maybe next time.
If I don't get home soon,
I may be your new roommate.
I wanna see.
Next time, you've got school tomorrow.
Yo, I'll catch you latter champ.
- All right, man, take it easy.
- Good night, Jake.
Later, man.
- Goodnight.
- See, ya.
Night, son.
Open this door, Melissa!
I know you're in there, open up.
It's me.
Good morning, gentlemen.
- Morning, Mom.
- Morning, sweetie.
L-Hey, hey, hey!
So, so What,
you gonna make it a habit
of coming by here
for breakfast in the morning?
Nah, I just haven't gone grocery
shopping yet, Dad.
- Hello, Mom.
- Hello, Sean.
I won last night.
I see. Very proud. Congratulations.
Did anybody remember to bring in
the newspaper this morning?
So how was your first night
at your place, son?
It was good,
Dad, thanks for asking.
Hey, Mom, listen...
Jake, do you have
your things ready for school?
Yeah. Bye, Sean.
Later, bud.
- Bye, Dad.
- Bye, son.
Is the trophy not big enough
for you or something?
I will speak to you later.
I love you.
And I'm glad you're all right.
Damn it!
- Thanks.
- There you go.
Nice face.
Thank you.
Are you new to the building?
Yeah. I just moved in.
Nice. Well, I'll see you around.
Master Kiko...
I won tonight.
You'd be proud. I'm on my own.
I've managed to stay out of trouble.
Just like you taught me.
I miss you.
Thank you.
Strength through serenity.
Be calm.
Subtract everything around you.
Skill will win, anger will lose.
The body's tough to control
when '(he mind is not focused.
Breathe. Be steady.
Focus. Then strike.
A fighter who fights to win,
loses nothing and gains everything.
But if he believes,
he's a winner who fights to win,
he loses... everything.
Open this door! Now! Open up!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Can you keep it down?
There's other people living here.
Mind your business.
Look, man, I don't mean
any disrespect, OK?
I just simply
asked you not be so loud.
You don't mean to disrespect,
but you're coming
in between me and my girl?
I don't Want any trouble, dude.
Trouble? You ain't seen trouble,
but you're about to
if you don't get out...
No, Gage!
- Open the door!
- Hey! That's enough!
Go away!
It ain't no fight if you don't
come with something.
You really Want to do this here?
Stop! Stop it!
Gabriel, get off of him!
This ain't over by a long shot.
You OK?
I should be
asking you the same thing.
I'm fine. You should have
just minded your own business.
You're welcome.
Wait. Are you sure you're OK?
I'll live.
Just, let me patch you up.
Come on.
So What are you? Some kind of
neighborhood watch nurse?
Drop the neighborhood Watch.
Just nurse.
What happened to you?
Your girl beat you up?
Her neighbor jumped me.
Just stop moving
and it wouldn't hurt so much.
You this mean
to all your patients?
Just the ones
who try to be heroes.
- He's got a mean right hook.
- Kids got some moves then?
Yeah, that's What I just said.
I can't stop
this freaking bleeding.
You are not going to
make this easy on me are you?
Well, I was trying to.
How much longer is this going to take?
I'm done.
You know, I got some boys
that will take care of him,
if you know What I mean.
Hey, I've been out for eight months,
you think I wanna go back?
That's not What I'm saying.
OK, I'm just saying, you know,
if you Want to get him handled.
I need you to chill out and stop
stressing me out about a hit.
You understand What I'm saying?
Not bad.
Thank you for helping me.
He just needed to cool off.
- You two breaking up?
- Yeah.
Doesn't feel like
he's taking it too well.
I need you to put the word out
on the street for me.
Find out who this guy is.
- Alright. Tomorrow I can..
- Did you hear What I said?
I need you to find out
who this guy is
and get back to me
so I can finish What he started.
I'm actually having this little
housewarming party
get together a little later.
Do you wanna stop bye?
Could be pretty cool.
I live right across the hall.
Maybe. I need to think about it.
OK. Maybe I'll see you later.
Maybe. I'll Walk you out.
I'll finish it.
You better believe it.
- Who is it?
- Billy.
It's open.
What's up?
Well, I came over
after I heard What happened.
My neighbor's... boyfriend was being
a prick so we Went a couple rounds.
Damn, really?
Wish I was here, man, that would have
been a great YouTube moment.
- Could he fight?
- He had heavy hands.
Yeah, it looks like it.
You think he trains?
- Well, did this neighbor thank you?
- Yes, she did.
She. Is she fine?
Hell, yes.
So you gonna sweep her off her
feet when she dumps this dude?
- Hell, no.
- Why not?
Because I promised my folks
that I'd mind my own business
regarding her and I'm not going
to get myself into anything
I can't get out of
so that's that.
Damn, man.
Is it cool if I crash?
I don't feel like
taking the bus home.
Sure. You get the couch.
- The couch?
- Yep.
Wow, what a way
to treat a guest.
You don't have like
a futon or something?
What does it look like?
No, I don't have a futon.
And you're not a guest.
I've known you since the fifth grade.
I don't care, I should still
be treated better.
I've got a very big career ahead of me.
What, in video games
and Hot-Pockets?
First off, I don't even
like Hot-Pockets, dude.
And second, I've got a career
goal it's just, you know,
not really in play right now.
OK, alright, sure.
- Why you hatin'?
- I'm not hatin'.
- Hater.
- Good night, Billy.
Well, I like the Way the
whole team thing is Working.
Yeah, it really is. It's great.
- That's the most import aspect.
- Hey, Dad, Where's my gloves?
My God. What happened?
What are you talking about?
Your face. Who did this?
Did you have another tournament?
Another tournament?
I thought that was the last one.
What's next?
A street fight? Gang fight?
My neighbor was about to be beat-up
by her boyfriend so I stopped it.
What are you the new
neighborhood Watch?
Do you think it's OK
to hurt another human being?
No, he was acting like a goon.
I asked him to stop, he didn't,
he swung at me, so I ended it.
- Self defense.
- Wait a minute, honey.
Sean, I understand What you did;
But you cannot go around
fighting every person that does
something Wrong to a woman.
I don't see
What the big problem is.
I'm here aren't I? I'm fine.
I don't know why you're so
Worried about me all the time.
Because I don't Want you
to end-up like your fa...
watch movies and series!
Sit down.
I said, sit down.
Sean listen to me, son.
What you did was the right thing.
Protecting somebody. It was noble.
Sean, it could have gotten ugly.
People are on edge these days,
and you have got to be careful.
Dad, this guy had it coming.
Listen, win, lose, or draw,
I always fought
for the sport of it.
Never to kick somebody's ass
or to show off.
- If someone...
- It ended in the ring,
and that's Where I left it.
Fighting is the last resort,
it's not a first.
I know. I know, Dad.
I got to get some rest.
Don't worry.
I'll talk to your mom.
Go on, go on home.
- You OK?
- I'm fine, I'm just tired.
This thing with Sean,
it's crazy!
I mean, What happens
when Jake gets into
his first fight at school?
Baby, it's going to be fine.
We just have to trust our kids
to make the right decisions,
make good judgments,
the Way We've raised them.
It's just...
mortgage and power bill
and the property taxes
and Jake's school tuition...
Yeah, well, maybe this
might help a little bit.
What is it?
What... What is this?
Don't you worry about it.
- Did you take your medication?
- Yeah, I did.
Well, your treatment start soon.
I know, I'm OK.
Listen, I'm sorry
about What I said downstairs.
I know.
I just don't Want
our boys to get hurt.
I understand.
Listen, remember What we had
to go through to adopt Sean?
- Yeah.
- It was not easy, alright.
But when we did,
we made the agreement didn't we,
that you were going to
love him to death, right?
But I was going to teach him
how to be a man.
Sean cannot grow up to be a man
if you keep treating him like a boy.
- Remember my first fights?
- Of course.
I was scared
every single one of them.
I was afraid
you wouldn't get up.
I know you Were. But I got up.
And we made it through.
And that's What counts.
So We've got to support our boys
no matter What they do...
no matter
What decisions they make,
We've always got to be
in their corner,
We've got to stand behind them.
Even when they drive me crazy?
Particularly when they drive you crazy.
Come on, sweetie,
let's get some sleep. Come on.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Love you, sweetie.
These children are gonna kill me.
- Boom!
- Damn, big place.
- Yeah, right. Lot of bags.
- Can I help you, fellas?
Yeah, I'm new to the area
and I'm just looking for
a new place to train.
You've found the place.
We've got
something for everybody.
We've got heavy bags,
we've got showers,
- We've got workout facilities.
- Great.
- You got a sauna?
- Yup.
This is how it Works:
Obey the rules, pay your dues upfront,
or get kicked out, understood?
- Thank you.
- Let's do it.
Nice work.
Man, I'm tired.
- Nice work today though.
- Thanks.
How, how'd that blind date
of yours go, man?
- I wish I was blind, man.
- Seriously? That bad?
I don't see how a girl
could look so fine on Facebook
and then in person be totally different.
So you guys aren't, you guys
aren't hanging out again later?
We're actually hooking-up Friday.
- Gross.
- I had to.
Bring her by the party,
please bring her by the party.
Dude, not even if Tupac
was in three 3-D.
I have to see this.
There'll be other
cuties there anyways.
All right.
Silas, right?
Hey, kid, What's up? Great fight
the other night. I was impressed.
- Thank you, so much.
- Who's your friend here?
Where are my manners,
this is my best friend, Billy.
- Silas, Nice to meet you.
- Pleasures all mine, sir.
I'm not going to be able
to sleep tonight now.
Excuse my friend,
he's been hit in the head.
Way too many times, by me,
he's not thinking straight.
Whatever, man,
you don't know who this is?
Silas "Mad Dog" Gooding, man, one of
the best fighters back in the day.
That's Where I know you from.
Are you not fighting anymore?
- No, man, not anymore.
- What happened?
Man, life happened.
Sometimes you've got to put
your dreams on hold for bigger things.
Wow. I hope that happens to me.
Well, I mean, like,
the championship fight
not like the life
and the drama and everything.
- This guy.
- I'm sorry, my bad.
So What brings you to they gym?
Man, I still come in here
every once in a while,
you know, get the blood flowing;
Doctor's orders.
I still fight a little bit.
Dang, you think
you could train me, sir?
He doesn't mean that.
It's cool, man,
I could show you a thing or two.
Nice, I'm getting
trained by a champ!
This is a good day, man.
Sean, you down?
I would love to,
but I actually have that job,
remember, that I have to run to.
Come on, man, this is like fate.
The champ wants to teach us a few
things, get ready for the next fight.
I would really love to,
but I actually got to do this job.
It's cool, bro.
No Worries, man. Next time.
- Thank you, sir.
- Yeah, next time. No problem.
Whatever, man.
You good?
Yeah, I'm cool,
I'll catch the bus home.
- OK.
- Later man.
- So you've trained right?
- Yeah.
- Hey, Mr. Gooding.
- Hey, Billy.
Hey, I appreciate you showing me
a few things today.
Yeah, anytime. Loved it.
Hope it comes in handy
one of these days.
Especially when
you need it most.
Yeah, no doubt.
Man, now I know two champs.
It's pretty bad ass
if you think about it.
Wait a minute, two champs?
Yeah, my friend you met today,
his dad used to fight back in the day
but had to stop for health
reasons, you know.
- Really? What was his name?
- Big old Jeff McGill.
Jeff McGill
is your friend's father?
- Yeah, you heard of him?
- Well, yeah.
He used to be
the best back in my day.
Well, you should come to the
neighborhood sometime and meet him.
I'm sure you guys have got
plenty of old war stories and stuff.
Nah, I don't think
that's such a good idea.
Why not? Two champs reunited?
It's like epic
if you think about it.
I'll tell you... Why don't you
just show up in a couple of days
and we'll
work on some more stuff.
- Is that cool?
- Alright, sounds good.
- We'll see ya.
- Thanks again.
Alright, you bet.
You forget something,
Mr. Gooding?
Yeah. Have you ever thought
about fighting professionally?
Well, yeah, I mean do you know someone
that could train me professionally?
Yeah, I can.
Don't you have a home?
Man, my parents' basement is not
a home, it's a prison cell.
Come on in.
Don't act like you're not
happy to see me, come on!
- You hungry?
- Naw, I'm cool.
Since when do you not eat?
I got a lot on my mind.
Alright. Listen, I'm doing
this patio job a little later.
You should join me,
make some good money.
I'm good.
I actually got a job lined up.
What? Seriously?
OK, OK... lay it on me, man.
Can't really talk about it just
yet, it's still in the works.
Alright, well, congratulations.
I hope this thing
works out for you.
It Will.
Hey, you remember Clark?
Who can forget that jerk?
Well, Clark's right-hand man
was dating the nurse at
Valley General, named Melissa.
Dude, she's a nurse,
and it is a hospital,
lots of people go there.
What's your point?
Clark's right-hand man,
also known as Gabriel Parker,
people call him Gage.
Am I supposed to be scared?
I'm just saying, man,
you fought someone
who knows What he's doing.
So, he works out. So what?!
He works out at the gym Where
all the pro fighters train.
And he caused kidney failure
to a kid from one punch.
What are you telling me, man?
I'm saying, buy a gun.
'Cause that is the only Way
you are going to stop him.
This dude's an animal.
Well, I'm not Worried about it.
Well, you should be.
Listen, I've gotta get moving.
So, last chance, are you sure
you don't wanna come?
Make some good money?
- Naw.
- Your loss, man.
Yeah, I got a work order
form for
Hello, Sean.
Yeah, I got your number
from some friends at work.
They said if I didn't hire you
it would be
the mistake of my life.
I do my best.
- Come on in.
- I aim to please.
Wow, this place is beautiful.
Well, work really hard
and get one just like it.
I will do that, sir!
Have you guys met?
This is my daughter, Melissa.
Hi, Shane, Melissa,
nice to meet you.
- Sean, actually.
- Sean, my bad!
- No problem.
- So, anyway, it is nothing major,
but anything for the Wife.
She is going to be
back in two days from Ohio
and I Want her to be surprised.
I understand.
OK, guys, listen,
I am running late for a meeting.
I'm going to take off. The check is
on the table when you're finished up.
And feel free to help yourself
to whats in the fridge.
Love you.
- Look it up when you leave.
- I will.
Bye, Daddy.
- The patio is this Way.
- After you.
Brought you some water.
Thanks. Just set it up there.
So, you're a handyman
and a fighter.
Where do you find the time?
I never said
that I was a fighter.
I've seen enough bruises
in my lifetime to know the difference.
And, I kinda saw you fight.
Took a couple
classes here and there,
fell in love with the hard work
and discipline it gave me.
And the focus.
Turns out,
I'm actually pretty good at it.
Yeah, I'd say so. I assumed
it was your profession.
No. No, the professional
is my dad.
Big Jeff McGill.
Maybe you've heard of him?
Yeah! I think everyone's
heard of him.
Well, that's him.
And, me, I just fought in a few
small competitions, that's it.
Nothing too big.
I like that.
You do?
Yeah, you're passionate
about your discipline.
You're not just fighting
to hit something.
Well, now if only my mom
though the same thing.
You mean, you can't blame her.
I mean, I wouldn't want
to see my baby get hit.
See, I knew you cared.
Caring is kind of
my job description.
- Sorry, I don't get it.
- What?
Why does someone like you
put up with him?
Gabriel Wasn't always like this.
I mean, after everything
that happened this year,
he just got messed up
and I Wanted to be there for him
and try to help him through it.
You don't have to make excuses
for him, you know that right?
I'm not. I'm just... everything
got completely out of control.
Look, I can maybe
teach you a few things?
Just to protect yourself.
Yeah? Like What?
Like a right hook?
Whoa, easy there.
No, just put your hand up.
I Want you to take
the palm of your hand,
right here on the heel
and drive straight up.
It's cartilage,
so it Won't hurt my hand.
You teach your girlfriend
self-defense, too?
Well, if I had a girlfriend,
she wouldn't need it.
I should let you get back to work.
The grill is not
going to fix itself.
Alright... OK...
Damn, champ.
Look, you wanna be the best,
you've gotta beat the best.
Yeah, but...
We're just training.
- You wanna be a pro?
- Yeah!
Then learn how to take a punch!
There it is.
That's good.
That is What I doing.
That's exactly What I was doing.
- Here you go.
- Thank you!
I'm sure my dad's going to be
really proud of the work that you did.
I hope so.
Listen, I would love to stay
and chat some more,
but I have to go home
and set up for a party
that I've got going later on.
You're still invited
to that by the Way.
Well, I don't know
if I can make it yet.
Well, you know Where I live,
just follow the loud music.
Damn. Those punching bags
starting hitting back?
What, you got jokes?
What's your problem?
Here you go.
So, lay it on me. What's up?
It's just, my life's going
nowhere right now, man.
I ain't got no school, no job...
I mean, I see you,
and you've got your tournaments
and your new place.
But, don't get me wrong,
I'm happy for you,
but I'm living with my mom.
Think about it this way, the stuff
you are going through right now,
is just going to
test your endurance.
Kiko used to tell me,
the real things in your life
leave you feeling fulfilled.
Everything else is just noise.
Get rid of it.
'Cause only then
will you truly be at peace.
Thanks, man.
That's What I'm here for.
Feel better?
There he is, yeah!
Gabriel, What are you
doing here?
I'm Working.
I know that, I just wanna talk.
No more apologies, OK.
It's over.
Where is this coming from?
You know What I've been through.
OK, yes, I've been upset.
Is that What you were, upset?
All the other times?
That's not me anymore.
I've changed.
I'm trying to change here.
Yeah, so you go
and beat up my neighbor.
What was I supposed to do,
let him show me up in front of you?
That's not going to happen.
You still love me.
I know you do.
I need you to leave.
- Baby...
- Gabriel, Gage,
or whatever the hell
people are calling you,
I Want you to leave.
Or What?
I'm going to call security
if you don't leave.
Call the cops for all I care.
See! Why do you keep doing this?
It's always the same thing.
You are never going to change.
Scream and I'll break your neck.
No one will ever
love you like I do.
- What?
- Why are you sitting here moping?
I'm not... I'm not moping.
I just...
I don't think she's coming, man.
Who? Your naughty neighbor?
there's other girls here, man.
Yeah, I know. But...
Just give me a second, alright
and I'll see you out
there on the dance floor, man.
No, man, look. I've been
listening to you a lot lately.
It's time you listen to me.
Get up and enjoy the party, dude.
Live a little.
OK. You're right.
Come on, let me introduce you.
- I've got a couple of cuties for you.
- OK.
Let's see What it's about.
Come on.
Yo! Word on the street is that
punk's having a party tonight.
That bastard is going to get
the rematch of a lifetime.
Plus, the whole neighborhood
is going to be there, too.
He's going to know tonight,
that when you enter my world,
you dance to my beat,
I don't dance to yours.
And, since we weren't invited,
I guess We're crashing this party.
Fancy seeing you here.
Wow! I didn't think
you were going to make it.
Well, the drive was really far.
So, I guess
you kinda owe me one.
OK, well... how about
I make it up to you in beer'?
That Works!
I just Want him.
If his little buddy acts up...
you take him.
I got him.
I'm really glad you came.
Me, too.
Hey, are you lost or something?
Naw, I ain't lost.
I'm here to party
like everyone else.
Yo, this is invite only. I don't
remember Facebooking you.
Why don't you got find some
business before you go missing.
Hey, don't I know you
from somewhere?
- Aww, damn...
- Let's get ready to party.
So this is who you left me for?
What are you doing here,
A man should be able
to go Where he pleases.
I agree, just not in my house.
You need to leave.
You're not going to let me
celebrate your new pad?
Nope. You do need to leave.
Don't be a bad host.
I mean, I think you should
at least get me
something to drink.
Look, man, I'm really trying
to be nice here.
Trying to be nice, is that What
Melissa's told you?
How nice I was to her
and how much she liked it?
Shut up, Gabriel.
And What are you going to do?
What have you ever done...
That's the spirit.
- Come on, Gage.
- Come on, Sean.
- Hit him Sean, go!
- Come on, Gage!
- Yeah!
- Come on, Sean, get up!
- Come on, Sean, get up!
- Yeah!
- Whoa!
- Come on, Sean, go!
Let him get
What's coming to him!
My boy's gonna rip his head off
and guess What, you're next!
I'm right here, punk.
Look out, move!
- Sean! Sean, bro, you OK?
- Billy?
Come on, man, We've gotta
get you to a hospital.
- No.
- Come on, man,
we gotta get you to a hospital.
Just get everybody out of here.
- You good, man?
- Just get everybody out of here.
Alright, you heard him, get out!
Go. Come on!
Party is over, let's go. Go!
Come on, let's go. Go, get out.
You kicked his ass, bro.
It was awesome.
Looks like you saw
some action yourself.
Yeah, a little bit.
Nothing compared to you though.
I Want him dead.
I think the party fight
pretty much sealed the deal.
No, I'm serious.
I Want him beat down until
there is no more life in him.
Gage, it's over. OK?
The kid is done.
It's over when I say it's over.
- Relax man, it's over.
- Don't tell me to relax, Billy!
This guy comes into my house,
embarrasses me in front of everybody!
You kicked his ass and he kicked yours.
When it gonna end, dude?
It ends when I put his face
into the ground, Billy.
And then what,
you go to jail, again?
You know you're not
getting out this time, right?
Seeing Melissa with him tonight.
Dude, that's the past.
You're going to have to
let that go.
I Won't let it go.
As soon as he
threw that first punch,
as soon as he came into my life,
as soon as he kissed her,
this thing
has gotten real serious.
And I tell you What,
it's far from over.
Release it, man,
come train with me.
Get back stronger.
Let's get him in the ring
and end this once and for all.
Train with you?
This isn't a competition, Billy.
This is my life. This is real.
I know, man. I know it's real.
So is the offer
I'm about to give you.
I have an idea.
I got a buddy of mine, runs this thing
called the Fight Future Competition.
It gets fighters Where they need
to go pro. Ever hear of that?
Yeah, so What?
So, let's take it in the ring.
We'll end it there.
You think I should end it there?
Kick his ass, man, legit!
Alright, I'm listening.
Get the rematch you want,
the cash, the contract,
and... the respect.
I can call the trainer.
Make it happen.
Silas, my man.
- It's been forever.
- What's up?
What's up, man?
You've got some nerve
bringing this guy into here.
Mr. Gooding, I apologize
for What happened in your class.
But that kid
would just not let up.
How's he doing?
How's he doing?
He's in a Wheel chair.
That's how he's doing.
Look, I don't
have time for this.
Silas, Silas,
just listen to him.
Just give him a chance.
I wanna go pro. I need your
training now, more than ever.
You got a fight
lined up or something?
Yeah. You know that competition,
Fight Future?
I just need you
to tell me What to do to get it.
If I do this, you have to show up
on time and do exactly as I say.
- You two go meet me in my office.
- Yes, sir.
- Silas!
- Billy. Sean...
Mr. Gooding.
Wow, what happened to your face'?
This? It's nothing.
You should
see the other guy, right?!
- That's right.
- What's going on?
- We need your help, champ.
- For What?
Fight Future.
Fight Future?
Dad? What are you doing here?
I need to talk to you.
Sean, your mother
heard What happened.
I'll talk to her tomorrow,
I'll stop by the house.
No. She doesn't
Want you at the house.
And she doesn't Want you
around Jake anymore.
Did you forget everything
that I taught you?
Everything that Kiko taught you?
He came into my house, Dad.
He Went after Melissa.
What the hell was I supposed...
Don't you dare
raise your voice with me, son.
- I am still your father.
- Sorry.
I don't Want
to fight this guy, Dad.
But, he kept
pushing and pushing...
Sean, how many times
do I have to...
Dad... listen to me.
For one second,
please listen to me.
I've decided to sign up for
the Fight Future competition.
No, it's not worth it, Sean!
It is not worth it.
You have got
to think about this.
It's all I've been
thinking about, Dad.
This can get ugly.
He's not going to stop,
until I make him stop.
What happens the next time
we meet?
If he can fight me
in my own house,
he can fight me anywhere.
No, he's going
to have to respect the ring
or lose whatever little
street-cred he's got.
You can't fight for revenge.
If you are going to be
a professional fighter,
then you've gotta learn
and understand
that you gotta take
the good with the bad.
I never said I Wanted
to fight professionally!
I'm not doing this
for Mom or you!
I'm doing this for me.
Do you understand that?
Alright, son.
I'll respect whatever decision
you decide to make.
Can you live with it?
I think I can, yeah.
OK. I love you.
And, yes, I will
talk to your mother, again.
I'm really sorry about that.
Yeah, I know you are.
Not as sorry as I am.
I'm sure someday
she'll understand.
Yeah, she will.
She'll understand.
That day will be when she
walks into one of your fights,
wearing one of your t-shirts,
that says,
"My son is the champ!"
- Wow!
- Yeah, how about that?
That's... that'll be something.
That will be the clay.
Yep. That will be the day.
Tell you what...
Tell you What I'm going to do.
I'm going to make
a few phone calls around here.
I'm going to find you the best
trainer there is in this area.
Not necessary, Dad.
I already got one.
One of your old training
buddies... Silas Gooding.
No. No, he's not
going to train you.
The only thing Silas Gooding
trains is dollar bills!
- He doesn't care about you, Sean!
- How do you know that?
Because I found out that
he was betting on the fights.
And he was getting
rich doing it.
He asked me to join him.
Then he hit a dry spell,
and do you know What happened?
He almost lost his life.
I don't want you anywhere
near that slimy piece of trash.
I can handle it.
Sean, this is a game
about money!
Will you trust me?!
For once, just trust me.
I am not asking, Dad.
Alright, Sean,
but you remember this, always:
Resolve comes in many forms,
but the most misunderstood
form of resolve
is fighting
for the Wrong reason.
Don't you forget that.
You be real careful.
Hold up. Hold up.
Whoa, Whoa. Hey!
Big Jeff, long time no see;
Especially in here.
You looking to get
back in the ring?
No, I came by to tell you
to leave my son alone.
He ain't fighting for you.
He's a grown man. I'm sure
he can think for himself.
I don't need you
to tell me about my own son.
I came by here to ask you
to leave him alone
with all of that pro crap, OK?
Wait a minute.
Who do you think you are,
coming back in here
after 15 years
and trying to tell me
What to do?
Look, you're the champ anymore.
And, neither are you.
What is it this time?
The mob after you? The bookies?
You tried to get me involved with
those little schemes of yours right,
so you've got the little
kids doing it now?
You lost and I won.
They picked a champ, a real champ, me!
You leave him alone.
Under one condition.
You and me,
we go one more round.
- Are you serious?
- Are you scared?
No. I'm not scared.
I've never been scared
of anything in my life,
particularly you.
This conversation is over.
And you have been warned.
Alright, alright, alright.
This could work out
for both of us.
Just leave him alone!
Jeff. Somebody call 911, now!
I need some help over here!
Hurry up, let's go,
come on, hurry up!
I need some help over here,
let's go!
This guy
just had a heart attack.
Hey, little man.
How you holding up?
I'm OK, I guess, but I don't
think Mom's doing very well.
I think she's still mad at you.
I'll talk to Mom.
You don't worry about that.
Take care of her
While I am gone, alright.
You're the man of the house now.
I Will.
I miss, Dad, already.
I do, too.
Hey, brother.
So sorry about your pops, man.
So What are we
going to do about this?
We continue training as planned.
I rid of Gage
and leave Silas to the streets.
The streets?
What do you mean, the streets?
Yeah, Dad said he made
some bad bets back in the day.
Nearly cost him his life.
We do this right,
the bookies handle them for us.
You serious about this?
You Want me to talk to her?
Nah, I'll handle it.
- Hey, Wait up.
- Hey, buddy.
Hey, y'all leaving?
See you, Sean.
See ya.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Hang in there, man.
My shift just ended,
so I gotta go.
I just need five minutes
of your time and... I'll go.
I promise.
I just Wanted to say
that I am sorry
for What happened at the party.
And, I am sorry
that I didn't stay
to see you get your ass kicked.
I didn't invite him.
How did your ex
hear about the party?
- You're accusing me?
- No. I'm sorry, OK.
I'm still trying
to make sense of all this.
Melissa, I liked you from the first
moment I saw you across the hall.
And, I know when you showed up
to my party, you did, too.
I mean, you, like,
taking care of people,
and... I can't help
fighting for people and...
I can't do this right now.
I mean, everything that's happened
with Gabriel and the fights...
I mean... It's just too much.
And, I just need
some time to think about it.
My father used to say that
everything happens for a reason.
I think you are this reason. I...
Sean, I'm really sorry
about your dad.
I can't even imagine
What you are going through
and What your family
is going through.
And, I Want to be there for you.
But, it just
wouldn't be fair to you.
I need time to heal,
and I think
that you need that, too.
I have a fight coming up...
and I'm not sure
I can do it Without you.
Fighting isn't
going to fix this.
It's not going to
bring your dad back.
But I have to do it.
Five minutes is up.
The fight community
has come to town to support
the annual
Fight Future competition.
That's right,
my favorite time of the year,
where the locals get to compete with
one another for a grand prize:
An agent, and a professional career
that can take them very far.
We're going to have
some bone-crushing,
face-bashing, classic fights tonight,
the only way it can go.
My money is
on this kid. He's huge!
He looks like he can
move buildings with his body.
They call him Gage
and whomever he is fighting
should run out of town
right now.
Call me old school,
but the guy he is fighting
is the son of a true champ.
You heard right, Sean McGill
is following in his footsteps,
and winning this fight.
And the chance to win
$100,000 dollars,
go pro and earn
a little street-cred.
9 say, let the games begin!
Who will it be,
Gage or Sean McGill?
Fans and judges, you decide.
Let's do this!
Ready to go?
Ready, man? You ready? You good?
Keep it loose, man,
you know What to do.
Keep it relaxed,
don't worry, man...
I know how to fight, Billy.
Thank you.
You make me nervous.
I think
I'm more nervous than you.
You got this brother.
Make him feel that iron fist.
You're gonna send
that fool to the grave.
You're gonna make him
pay for everything
that's happened
the last three months.
- You all ready to win tonight?
- Yeah, he's ready.
Good, 'cause We've got
a lot of money riding on it.
You don't have to
tell me anything, old man.
This is going to be over
in the first round.
Not quite,
you may have to go a few more
so the bookies know
our bets are good.
I don't care about the bookies.
I don't care about whatever
debts you may have.
I'm here to win, get my money,
get paid and go home.
I set this up,
and I brought you in.
There's a big contract
riding on this,
and so is your ass
if you don't win.
You threatening me, pops?
I don't have to threaten you,
because you know
I don't play games.
- Hey, Billy?
- What's up?
If something happens me tonight,
tell my mom I had to do this.
Sean, What?
Dude, I can't do that.
Are you in this with me or not?
Well, What do you mean?
Of course, I'm in this with you.
Then tell her. Tell her
I did this to make things right.
Alright, man. I got you.
Let's just get this
fight over with.
You guys ready?
You're up in five minutes.
Alright, it's time.
Let's win this and go home paid.
He's gonna go down
just like his old man did.
Hey, show some respect.
He used to be the best.
Used to be. Doesn't matter so
much anymore though, does it?
let's do this.
Let's get it!
Ladies and
gentlemen, boys and girls,
Welcome to the championship
round of the 4th annual.
Fight Future competition,
where, if you can't
settle it on the streets,
the ring is Where you must meet.
The Winner
of tonight's competition
will have the opportunity
to fight professionally,
and this year we have upped the ante
with a grand prize of $100,000!
Now, let's meet our fighters.
We have a couple of newcomers
here in the championship round.
In the right corner,
the unstoppable heavyweight,
Gabriel "Gage" Parker!
And, his opponent, following in
the footsteps of his legendary father,
Big Jeff McGill, he's overcome
all odds to get to this point
and he hasn't given up yet.
In the left corner,
Big Sean McGilll.
Are we ready over here?
Are we ready over here?
Then... let's do this!
- Come on...! Yeah!
- Come on...
Water, water...
Great job, Gage.
That round is yours.
Come on, man. You can't let him
keep hitting you like that.
- I know, man! I know!
- You can't take those hits.
I know, he's... he's not
feeling anything right now.
Are you playing with this guy?
Stop playing
and start laying punches!
Use the whole ring and move around.
He's big. Tire him out.
Keep it moving, man. Keep it moving.
Don't keep taking those hits.
Get out there and fight!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, Sean.
Alright, man.
Time to get serious.
- OK, now end it.
- I'm having too much fun.
He almost had me
on that last one, man.
Stay focused, man.
- Take him out!
- You know What?
I'm getting
tired of you, old man.
So, shut up, sit down
and get paid.
You've gotta win this round.
- I'm trying.
- Well, don't try, do!
What are you, my coach?
Do you see anybody else in here?
Actually... I do.
Stay focused, man.
He's using
What Silas taught him.
Keep out of of his reach,
keep countering him.
Don't let him
take you to the ground.
- Who's the champ, baby?
- I am!
- Who's the champ?
- I am!
That's right, let's get him!
Come on, boy.
I got this.
A fighter who fights to win,
loses nothing
and gains everything.
But, if he believes he is
a winner who fights to win,
he loses everything.
And the Winner of the 4th annual
Fight Future competition:
Big Sean McGilll.
Go! There you go!
There you go, baby!
Yeah! Whoo!
That's What's up, baby.
Damn, $100,000. You killed it.
Wow, what a fight.
You're a winning sensation.
And What you Want, old man?
I Want to
congratulate the champ.
Your father would be
so proud of you.
He'd be real proud of that.
You just got knocked out, boy.
- Thank you.
- I missed you.
Lemme see this.
Lemme see this... Really?
It's not as bad as it looks.
Excuse me. That was amazing.
- Thank you.
- You really are ready for the pros.
Thank you,
but I don't think I'll be...
We are thinking about it.
Well, give me a call
when you are ready.
He'll be ready.
- And, who are you?
- I am his manager, Mrs. McGill.
Big Jeff would be
proud of this moment.
Don't hesitate to call.
I definitely see a winner.
So do I.
Go ahead.
Hi! Congratulations...
There's someone
I Want you to meet.
Your family?
Right now?
Yeah, right now.
Hey, guys.
This is family.
- I guess I meet his approval.
- I'd say so.
So, What's up?
Dinner on the champ?
- Yeah...
- I think I can pull that.
- Yeah.
- Nice. I'm hungry.
You're always hungry, man.
watch movies and series!