Fighter (2019) Movie Script

Looks fine to me.
What now?
Jerzy sends his regards, and reminds
you of your prior commitments.
Good luck!
For years, his name struck fear
into the hearts of his opponents.
His fighting spirit was always
a guarantee of an amazing spectacle.
Love him or hate him.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the
contender for the World Championship title...
We have an extraordinary guest. He's gained
a cult following in the world of MMA.
My next guest is Tomek Janicki.
You were supposed to fight for the belt.
Your opponent was changed
at the last minute,
So are you going to fight
your childhood friend?
- So it seems.
He's a boxer, though.
And it's his first time in the octagon.
- Yeah, but it's a freakfight.
- What do you mean, freakfight?
Freakfight is a matchup made to mainly
entertain the audience, so to speak.
- Kind of a circus.
- But Marek is a really great boxer.
- He's no MMA fighter.
- I have a surprise for you.
Ladies and gentlemen: Pretty Boy,
Marek Chmielewski is my second guest today.
- Hi!
- Hey bro, it's been a while.
- Do you remember how the two of you met?
Where did that happen?
- Whoa, it's been a long time.
- At the boarding school, yeah.
- Boarding school?
- I lived in a two person room alone.
One day I bring a girl home,
and I see this fella on the other bed.
- So I close in and bam.
- But you were down for the count later.
- Yeah, but from what I remember
it took the janitor to break it up.
- So what makes a boxer
step inside the octagon?
- Why not? I just want to try.
A fight is a fight.
- But this is MMA, not boxing.
There's no punch-proof fighters. Just
botched strikes.
With your MMA and your teeny-tiny... gloves.
Wait, are you serious?
- What?
- Seriously?
- I did 21 fights, 18 won by KO.
I know what I'm talking about.
- You realize I can take you down
and choke you out in 3 seconds?
- Tyson said: everybody has a plan
until they get punched in the mouth.
- You got that one right.
- Wait, this is a freakfight.
I'm being straight here.
It's not MMA. Not even boxing.
- What's up? You scared?
- I'm not. I just think it's...
- You're scared of going down in the first?
- Me? Scared of you?
- Fucking please,
why should I be scared of you?
- What do you think?
- Yeah?
- Gentlemen, please.
- Fuck off. I'm done. Fuck both of you.
- The show's not over yet.
- Tomek, don't embarrass yourself!
- Is this my camera? Kowalski? I'm not
a clown, get me a normal fight, ok?
What do you say about that?
He's a sucker
- Tomek! For God's sake,
you're being childish.
- Childish?
- Yes, that's right.
It was supposed to be a title fight.
I get a fucking freak instead.
- It's just one fight.
- I am an athlete.
This is my whole fucking life.
- What about me?
- What about you?
- I just thought I would have a say in it.
- Do I tell you how to teach your classes?
- As always. It's all about you.
- What's your problem?
- My problem? There's no place for me here!
You understand? It's always about you.
And what you want.
Whatever I do,
I'm just another fucking prize for you.
- No way. What are you talking about?
- Isn't it?! So please tell me, honey,
what do I want to do in life?
Let's start with something easier then.
What's the name of my best friend?
Paulina? I don't fucking know which one
is your bestie. You've got tons of friends.
- Have a nice life, Tomek.
- Agata! Come on! Are you kidding me? What...
Hey bro.
It all got... you know...
I actually fucking don't.
- Suspension was a bit much.
- It wasn't a suspension.
You've got fucking fired.
- We're gonna think of something, right?
- No! There's no bloody something.
You fucked up. Got it?
- It's supposed to be about a sport, man.
- You told me that.
- Things change. Now, it's business.
- I think I need a break.
- Don't start with this shit now
Tomek, wait.
Go home. Shower, take a breather.
I'll see you tomorrow at the gym.
I've made my decision.
If there's no fight, there's no money.
All our work goes down the drain.
- But I'm not feeling this anymore.
- Not everything revolves around you.
Fucking manchild.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Let's go kid.
- Where?
- Czarna gra.
I'm not done yet!
- I've got a family picnic.
- See you!
- Bye!
[speaking Spanish]
- What does that mean?
- You'll find out on the payday.
- It's Spanish
Krasnal, can you grab my saw?
With which hand?
This one's a fucking mountain goat.
Look out!
- Tomek, give me some coffee.
- In a moment.
- [regional dialect] Krucyfiks, look out...
- Spare me your fucking lisp.
It's no lisp, it's a dialect
you plain-dwelling arse.
I knew a highlander once.
Really fucked him over.
Put him in the trunk. Fucked him up.
Is there anyone you have fucked over?
- I've seen your fight, You were good.
- Come on.
- His guard was shit though.
- Like you'd do better.
- That's not my style. I'm like a train.
I bust in and run them over.
- Like a delayed train...
- You're fucking delayed.
- Will both of you shut the fuck up?
Where's the saw?
- What saw?
- The third fucking saw.
- What's your bloody problem, Krasnal?
You wouldn't forget Zoka, would you?
- Leave me alone.
Can someone get off your arse and get it?
Krasnal forgot it, Krasnal will fetch it.
Fine, I'll go.
Why you?
See if they haven't left anything else.
Even your fucking laugh has a lisp.
You, what the fuck are you looking for?
Get the fuck out of here.
Fuck off, and don't let me see you again.
Don't hurt me, please, it's my first time.
What do I care?
You carry your ID on a job like this?
- Get the fuck out of here!
- What?
- Fucking off with you!
- And my bag?
- Fuck off!
- What happened?
- Nothing.
Can't you just tell me?
No, I fucking can't.
Bloody squirrels happened.
Break is over.
I said break is over!
Zoka, your future-crush-to-be is here.
- Tomek, your groceries!
- Did you get the kibble?
- Hi Zosia, how's it going?
- With extra ham.
- Great, thanks.
- Want to come over for dinner?
- I don't have a whole day here!
- I've got to run. See you tomorrow!
- Bye!
- I'd love to!
- Love to what?
- The dinner.
- Uh, there's scrambled eggs,
burger and grilled salmon.
Just hurry up, the chef leaves early.
- I'll be there!
- Jacu, you'd make a great spy.
- Spy?
- Yeah, you're fucking invisible.
- Yeah, right.
- If you ever bring a girl here, and she
doesn't run away screaming, you marry her.
- Very funny.
And very true
I'm gonna get a dachshund instead.
You need a red carpet?
For a little challenge.
[TV news anchore speaking]
Step on the scales, please.
You seeing this clown?
Marek Chmielewski Pretty Boy
weighs in at 90.1 kg
Come here please.
- The belt is mine
- I'll fucking destroy you in the first.
- I'll fuck you up, run you over.
- And then I'll fuck your wife.
The belt is mine.
Okay folks. I'm running through
this clown in the first round tomorrow.
I am the champ and I will stay the champ!
Fuck! I'll fucking kill you,
faggot! You'll see!
What's with the theatrics?
-What is it?
-Go... them over.
Enter the dragon! Congratulations!
- It was over before it begun.
- But the fire was there, right guys?
The boys said you found their bag
in the woods. You should return it.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- You know me.
It's expansive stuff. I want it back.
- I don't have it.
- That's not good.
You're talented,
we'll figure something out.
We'll think of something.
Come on! Okay, next one.
Come on, come on!
- Something for the body.
- Is it legal?
- After 10 years in England,
I brought two things back:
- The bandana
- exactly... and the recipe for this.
- Fuck, it reeks!
- It tastes worse. Bottoms up!
I like it
- Why did I drink it?
- For company!
It's great!
Wojtek, you realize you were lucky
I was there?
- I had it under control.
- Yeah, stuff it.
-In a moment!
Thanks for being there.
That's what friends are for.
-Hi. Just wanted to thank you
for that thing in the woods.
- No problem!
- To make it official, I'm Marcin.
But you know that, ID and all, right?
Thanks for not selling me out.
Honestly, I saw the fight today.
You're lightning fast!
Man, it was, like hot knife through butter.
Get lost.
For me, the kick was the best.
A kick like that can totally kill someone.
Holy fuck, I know! Start a fucking gym.
Me and my mates will sign up. For sure.
- Shit, what happened?
You beat up kids now?
- He started it.
Go home. Now!
Why the fuck would you come up to him?
- If I see you around him again,
I'm calling police.
- Everyone's looking.
- Good!
Who was that?
- I don't know.
- Nice one.
- You and your taste in women.
- That's wife material.
Cooks, cleans, kicks arse.
I'm not convinced.
One more round?
- No, no, mine's the green one.
- See?
Shush, quiet.
The cat is sleeping
Here, here.
You got something wrong.
What's up?
Oh shit, I overslept. Sorry. Come in.
Wakey, wakey!
You ok?
Am I ok? Are you still fucking fifteen?
You keep stirring shit up at Kokos'
and then you go drinking until morning!
Sit, I'm not talking to you!
You're in my home, stop yelling.
Okay, I fucked up.
That's what you wanted to hear?
Does that make you feel better?
Wojtek, come on.
- Get out!
- I just wanted you to grow up.
Get your life together.
Andrzej never got this shit from you...
-Got yourself some breakfast?
-No, Zoka gave it to me.
- For you.
Out of the way!
- We're taking him to a hospital.
- One, two, three!
- Hop in!
- Hold on!
- I wanna go to heaven.
- Sure thing.
The nurse will take care of you.
It's going to be fine.
Fuck, that hurts.
- How are you feeling?
- Don't even ask.
- Is he going to make it?
- He's going to be all right.
The doctor will see you in a minute.
- Hang in there.
- I'll be fine.
Come in.
Come on in.
- Mr. Tomasz Janicki?
- Yes.
- Take a seat and take off your boot.
The sock too.
- Does this hurt?
- How about here?
Looks like it's just a sprain.
You should be fine in a couple of days.
You might want to refrain from
beating up kids until then.
- That's not what happened.
- What happened then?
Kid's can't resist those.
What's your name?
Magda. Pretty name.
- How long have you been working here?
- Seriously?
You almost break my brother's nose
and now you're trying to hit on me?
I was trying to be nice.
A nice guy doesn't punch a kid
on his night out.
Kids, right.
Did you say something?
Did you want to hear something?
Thank you, doctor.
- You think a lot of yourself.
- Is that bad?
Thank you, doctor. Goodbye.
- With ice?
- If whisky was supposed to come with ice,
Scots would bottle it that way.
I am not a Scotsman. So yes, with ice.
See, Grzechu. No one's perfect.
You're on your own today?
Zoka took a day off.
Hanka should be here soon. Why?
It's a shame.
These two will fuck up his life.
And now you'll have to pay interest.
I have a proposition. Leave him alone.
I'm going to fucking end you
one of these days.
- Nice friends you've got there.
- They are not my friends.
Your sis will think I remodeled
your face again.
- Fuck you.
- Go home.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- I wasn't asking
for your opinion
- Wait.
- Now we're even.
- Can you tell me
what the hell is your problem?
First you beat him up,
now you defend him?
- Will go grab lunch with me?
- Is this some bad joke?
- I don't know. Maybe.
- Saturday? 4 p.m.? PKS.
- PKS?
Yeah, you like steaks, right?
- To...
- To...?
- Turn it off.
- What?
- Turn off the TV.
- Sure. No problem.
- Something wrong?
- No, everything's fine.
- To our date.
- To our date.
- So why did you come back?
- Do you watch MMA?
- No, but I like to know who am I seeing.
I needed a reset. A fresh start, in a way.
Did you kill someone?
Should I be scared?
No... no need to be scared.
- I was gonna fight for a title.
- And?
They found PEDs in my blood.
Listen, Marcin said you could open up
a gym here.
Like in the movies,
a washed-up fighter comes to a small town
and opens a martial arts gym.
- Or a chinese restaurant.
- You can't, PKS would go broke.
- Everything ok?
- Perfect.
- It's really good.
- Thank you.
- Bravo!
- Grzechu?
- What?
Ok, enough about me.
Tell me something about yourself.
I don't know... How did you end up
working at the hospital?
I graduated medical school.
- Thanks for the ride.
- Sure, no problem.
You live here?
Yep. The swimming pool
and hot tub are upstairs.
Come in for a moment?
- Just a moment.
- Sure.
- A moment.
Sorry for the mess.
So, I've got...
pitted cherries...
and buttermilk, family pack.
- I think I'll go with water.
- Hmm, a kitty cat, what's his name?
- Tomasz
- Tomasz the cat?
I guess. I don't think he likes me much.
So you have a cat that doesn't like you...
and you like to fight?
Just a hobby.
- Can you show me?
- What?
- How to fight.
- What do you mean?
- Come on. Show me.
- Oh come on.
- What?
You're all so... masculine.
- Here?
- Yeah. What should I do?
- Stance
- Stance!
- I don't know...
Ok, I should go.
Do you really have to go?
You could stay.
- Good morning!
- Good morning.
- Coffee?
- I'd like that.
- Hi.
- What do you want?
- Just to talk.
Are you going to make me stand here?
- Just hurry the fuck up.
- It's a nice place you've got here. Cozy.
- Get to the point.
You got jumpy lately.
I am an experienced businessman.
Open to different opportunities.
Someone wants to invest big money with me.
You can get a piece of that cake.
Not interested.
Wrong answer.
There's a lot to gain from this.
Well, that's a surprise.
The gentleman was just leaving.
I was just about to leave.
I have errands to run.
Excuse me, you're Marcin's sister, correct?
Nice family, huh? Think about it.
- You can't work with your leg like this.
- I was going to take some time off anyway.
We're on pause anyway. Logging is on hold.
What happened?
They're investigating the accident.
- Vacation then.
- Yeah. Still gotta pay the bills.
Put on a smile, hang out with this Magda.
The girl's got a future.
The guys said she's a doctor, right?
- Wasn't it women who were supposed
to be looking for loaded guys?
- Screw this. I'm all for equality.
- Soon the chicks will be
holding the door open for you.
- I'd like to see that.
- You sure you don't want anything to eat?
- No, thanks.
- If you need something,
anything, just let me know.
- Ok.
- Jacek would bloody die
for an offer like that.
- Jacek would kill me first,
if I acted on it.
- How is he, anyway?
- He's getting discharged on Monday.
- Wait a second.
- You didn't take her up on that offer,
did you?
- What?
- You'll see.
- Seems like you're leaving us soon.
- No, it's, really nice here,
but I'd like to go home now.
- Sure thing!
- You want to help Marcin?
It's all good,
you being chivalrous and all.
You win a match for me,
and the boy's off the hook.
- Sure, where can I get changed?
- Pick a room.
Fine, ladies and gentlemen.
You're all wondering who's the toughest
son of a bitch in the neighborhood?
Today, we find out! Let's go!
- What are you doing here?
What's going on?
- Defend yourself
- What?
- Tell me what's going on.
- Kokos
- Now you fuck off and leave the boy alone.
- As we agreed.
- As we agreed.
- You have potential.
You could make good money with me.
- I already have a job.
- Really? You don't say?
- I'm not done yet.
- I'm done.
Hello Agata.
Did you hear?
I may get to fight in New York.
That's amazing. I love this city.
- Hello!
- Hello.
- Hi!
- Hey there!
- I think you have a guest.
- And you're going home?
- Has something happened?
- Marcin didn't come home
for the night again.
- He doesn't want to talk to me.
I don't know. Maybe you could talk to him?
- I can try.
- Great. Thank you.
- Is this why you came?
- No...
- Halo?
- Hello, mr. Tomasz Janicki?
- Miss Agata Lech had your number
as the emergency contact.
She had an accident.
- Get in!
- What's going on?
- Do you need a fucking invitation? Get in!
- That's how it goes, Maciu.
That's exactly how it goes.
- Marcin.
- Maciu sounds so much nicer, doesn't it?
- Of course, mr. Kokos.
Where are we going?
- Where to, Maciu? Where to?
- Where to are you taking me?
- What do you think? Three sons of bitches
driving you into the unknown,
What do you think?
- The woods...
- Has anyone asked your opinion?
Don't you worry Maciu.
If I wanted you to disappear,
you'd be in the trunk.
Oh fuck! Hold it!
Give me something!
Fucking hell, I always get myself filthy.
Come on, take a bite. It's good..
Go on.
Take a fucking bite!
Good, huh?
- What are you doing here?
- They called me.
- Who?
- What do you mean who?
- Who called you?
- She had my number set up
as emergency contact.
Why the fuck did you come here?
Get your arse back in your forest.
Leave her alone.
- I can't be worried?
- You can... leave. I'm here.
- Jealous?
- Gentlemen, what's going on?
This is a hospital!
- Fucking boss.
- What?
- Where are you? Come here.
- Good morning.
- Chop chop, fuckers.
- Listen, come by next month, ok?
- Kokos, mr. Kokos has entrusted you
with a package. Where is it?
- Tell mr. Kokos
the transfer price went up.
- That's really rude
to increase the prices just like that.
That wasn't the deal.
Kokos, come on, you didn't tell me
what's inside, did you?
The fuck did you expect, flour?
Oh look, I got my hand dirty.
This package is not my property.
I've been trusted with it.
I need to hold up my end of this.
Fine. Enough. Enough!
- Is it clear now?
- And you? What are doing?
Someone asked you? Lift him up.
See Maciu? Someone was supposed
to bring two packages into Poland.
This imbecile was responsible for one.
You were responsible for the other.
He has the package, but he's greedy.
And you lost yours.
Let me tell you what happens now.
Now tell me,
where are my drugs?
Are you already shitting yourself?
- The fuck are you trying to do?
A boat?
No, bout means a fight.
He's offering you a fight.
He offers you a fight.
Standard rates apply.
Plus a percentage on PPV profits.
Split 65/35 for the champ
- Not an option.
You can't box. Everyone knows that.
Agata knows that.
And the lady here also starts to
realize that, don't you?
- You wanna step outside?
- Want me to fuck you up?
- Tomek! Stop it!
I'm not going to fight this clown.
Do you always have to run away?
You're acting like a coward.
Make a decision.
I want it.
Well, he might be a little angry with me.
You coming or not?
- Can you wait here?
- Sure.
That's right.
- Can we talk?
- Okay, stop. Go with Piotrek.
- What do you want?
- How are you?
- Get to the point, kid.
- Marek offered me a fight.
- You want to step back into the octagon?
- Into the ring.
- Who's the chick?
A one-timer or something more?
- I don't know yet.
- You're not a boxer.
Go back to dad.
- Andrzej, you know what went down.
- What? What went down?
- You know I would have won that fight.
- So why didn't you go out there and win?
- You left me alone with all of this.
- Listen, I'm going to
fight Marek regardless.
I need a coach here.
I can't have a camp there.
Get the fuck out.
Back to work.
Left, right, left, cross.
- No, the fight is happening.
- Have you heard Tomek
wants a camp in Warsaw?
- He should be careful
not to get lost.
- Is everything official yet?
- Yes. Everything's ready.
Now we meet in the ring.
The fans want to see who wins,
and why it's gonna be me.
- Funny. You said ring.
Isn't it your MMA debut then?
- It's a real boxing match.
- Exactly. The internet is buzzing.
Especially the video that shows that
if they didn't break it up then Janicki...
- Janicki would what?
What would he do?
- Don't be ridiculous.
Janicki wants a real fight? He'll get one.
- Didn't your conflict start with you
getting together with his girlfriend?
- Listen, I'm not discussing
my private life.
All of you need to remember that
I am the champ. This is my belt.
I'm not giving it up easily. And Janicki,
he doesn't have the heart for it.
I'm going to drag him into the ring,
and keep pounding till they pull me away.
- You can see the emotions are running hot,
and it's only getting more intense.
- Which camera is mine?
- This one.
- This? Closer. Zoom in on me.
Tomu, I'm coming for you,
you son of a bitch.
- O, hi. Come in?
- Better not.
- What's wrong?
Are you going to tell me?
Or should I guess?
- When are you moving to Warsaw?
Were you planning on telling me?
- I'm getting ready for a fight.
Can't do that here.
- I see.
Got with a country chick,
it was fun, thanks and bye?
- Then come with me.
Let's move in together.
Hi Marcin.
What's going on?
- Jesus Christ. Drop it. I got it.
- You got it?!
- We'll think of something.
- Sounds like a fucking plan.
- Where are you going?
- To the police.
- You can't.
- I can.
- No. Marcin worked with them.
He's going down with them.
And if there's a stink, my fight is off.
- Fuck! I am so sick of all of you.
You are just as dumb
as my fucked-up brother.
- Where are you going?
- Where is Marcin?
What did the tailor
think about his new job?
It was saw saw.
My daughter tells me this kind of jokes.
And everything I do, I do for her.
To give her a better future.
What are you doing about
the future of your kids?
I don't have kids.
But you could. With Magda, right?
Fine, what do you want?
- Where is my bag?
- I destroyed it.
Destroyed my property?
Wait. I just signed a contract.
A title fight, in boxing
I'll get the money.
- Do you think I'm going to
wait a few years?
- I'll take a dive.
- So you're fighting a fucking boxer
for twelve rounds.
- What do you mean twelve?
What if I can't?
Let's go.
Bob and weave. Right, left,
right, left. Keep the hands up.
Keep the hands up.
Good. Footwork.
Wait here.
Piotrek. Can you take a look?
I'm sorry.
- We have 12 weeks.
-Come on.
Hook. Bang, yes. Hook.
Uppercut. Hook, double.
Fuck, that can't be real.
What's wrong with you?
- What?
- Either we do this and you
give all you've got, or you scurry off.
And come back with a clear head.
This shit's not practice.
- But coach, we just started.
- There's nothing to discuss.
- What now?
- Now we need to get out of this.
- It's all my fault.
He killed Kokos, and I saw it all.
- Easy. Everything's gonna be fine.
- How?
- Does Magda know?
- No.
She can't know.
Got it? She's not talking to me already.
I'm sorry.
Look at them. These are real tough guys.
Can you see how they move?
Beautiful. Do you know how they got there?
- By training?
By making mistakes. A smallest mistake
can get you KO'd.
Wrong stance, hand too low.
Bang. You're down. It's over.
I don't get it.
We all make mistakes.
You either get up, take note of where you
fucked up and keep going, or you stay down.
- Your choice.
- But we're talking about a guy
who can put both of us in the ground.
You're not listening.
We were really lucky.
But if you don't change,
you'll end up like Kokos.
- Tomek, let's go!
We start.
- The fuck are you doing?
It's a ring, not MMA.
- Lose the chair. I can still walk.
- Yeah? Let's go then.
Easy, relax, loosen up.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Haven't talked to you in a while.
You didn't call.
Loosen up. Loosen up your guard.
Don't tense up.
Lower your elbow, don't walk back.
Loosen it up, load it.
- I train a lot.
- I know. Marcin told me...
Look, I really don't want to see him
in any more trouble.
- We took care of it. Really.
- Could you be honest with me?
- I am being honest.
- I don't think so.
See you Tomek. Bye.
Yes, prepare it. That's right. Real good.
See? You strike better when you loosen up.
Focus. Eyes on me.
- You ok?
- Do you think I can do this?
He is going down in the fourth.
Fifth, tops.
- I gotta make it to twelve.
- I cant's see it happening
Man, I've got to.
In MMA you did three rounds. At most.
Here, it's twice that distance.
Anyway you won't win
if it goes the distance.
It's going to be fine. Go home. Rest up.
I'm gonna do twelve.
I'm here.
How are you holding up?
What kind of a question is that?
We shouldn't be here.
We're fighting tomorrow.
What do you want?
Remember the first time
I took you to the gym?
- Long time ago.
- Too bad you quit.
I wasn't feeling it.
You quit on us.
You stopped talking to me.
You became a celebrity.
Fuck, you've had it all.
A family to take care of you.
Everyone supported you.
And I had to work like a fucking ox
to get where I am today.
But we're here. Now. Right?
And the show must go on.
I turned my back on you?
Me? On you?
What the fuck do you want from me?
What do you want?
You're going to win this fight.
And you came here just to tell me that?
The fight is going the distance.
- You're betting?
- No. They're threatening me.
I have to make it twelve.
What the fuck are you trying to do?
I fucking know.
You're trying to get into my head.
You fucking can't, understood?
You're going down in the second.
Marek. Marek!
Looks fine to me.
Ready. Gloves checked.
Let's go get them.
What now?
Jerzy sends his regards and reminds you
of your prior commitments.
Good luck.
No more talking, no more weak shit.
You know why you're here.
I do.
- You know what you have to do.
- I know.
- You know how much sacrifice went
into this. How hard you worked to be here.
Remember. You were a champ.
You are a champ. You will remain a champ.
You do all in your power so that at the end
of the day you remain the champ forever.
It's your night, your fight
What's up?
Tomek, for fuck's sake,
it's not about winning or losing.
There's no belt. No title.
None of this is worth shit.
You know what's the only thing
worth something?
Being better then you were.
Faster. Stronger. It's all that counts.
Nothing more.
I'm the champ.
It's your fight.
- Fuck off.
Come on.
For years, his name struck fear
into the hearts of his opponents.
His fighting spirit was always
a guarantee of an amazing spectacle.
Love him
or hate him.
Ladies and gentlemen, the contender
for the World Championship title...
Tomasz "The Lumberjack" Janicki
His name is synonymous
to pure destruction.
His fists are the stuff of nightmares.
Undisputed king of the knockout.
I give you...
...the reigning, undisputed
cruiserweight champion of the world...
Marek "Pretty Boy" Chmielewski.
I want a clean fight.
No strikes below the belt.
Listen to my commands
at all times. Good luck.
Get ready for great rumble.
Thunder and lightning.
A slow start.
He's trying to find his distance.
We know it's not his main sport.
He's an MMA fighter.
First right hook sends him sprawling.
Easy, Marek. Easy now.
Hands higher, higher.
Stop. Easy, Gentlemen.
Stay calm.
Good. Hold him.
Stop, stop.
The gong ends the opening round.
What the fuck are you doing.
This isn't MMA.
You wanna finish him?
-I'm gonna fuck him up.
Hey, listen to me. I'm here.
It's gonna be ok.
First instructions in the corner
and we start the second round.
Marek Chmielewski leads on points after
the first two rounds.
Protect the body.
Hands up.
Steady on your feet.
And the gong ends
the most even round so far.
We're midway through the fight.
and there's no doubt Marek Chmielewski's
winning at this point.
The other corner.
Man, what's wrong with you?
Are you falling asleep?
He's going down in the next round,
you understand?
-You gonna finish him in this round, ok?
He's going down.
Get up!
Six, seven...
Come on.
Listen, keep your distance.
Look out for his low punches.
When you get a chance
hit him with all you got.
Without a doubt Janicki
has already done something unbelivable.
They are both extremely exhausted.
A right hook!
An unbelivable turn of action
in the final round.
After 12 rounds of this bloody battle.
The winner and still undisputed champion
is Marek "Pretty boy" Chmielewski.