Fighter (2024) Movie Script

My name is Faizan Hamid.
I joined Jaish one year ago.
And after waiting for one whole year,
by God's grace that day has arrived
when I am about
to accomplish my life's purpose.
This is my last message to Kashmir.
By the time you watch this video,
I will be in heaven.
My fight is for Kashmir.
My fight is for freedom.
We have just received
breaking news from Srinagar
that "Operation All Out"
has succeeded.
The most dangerous militant
of the Kashmir valley, Ruhaan Ghani,
has been shot down by
the Indian army after a 48-hour operation.
This special operation
by the Indian government
has eradicated almost all
traces of terrorism in the state.
Years of our hard work
has been destroyed
in just a few weeks by the Indians.
All our warriors who believe in a
free Kashmir will soon be captured.
It took so much effort to spread
terror throughout the Kashmir valley.
What are you planning, Maqsood?
I am bringing in a Jihadi
whose caliber has never
been seen before by the Indians.
He carried out many operations
for us in Afghanistan
and its neighboring nations.
The nightclub bombing in Istanbul,
the bombing
of the Indian Embassy in Kabul,
the bombing in Mazar-i-Sharif.
No one understands
explosives better than him.
The General is from ISI
and Majeed belongs
to Jaish of Independent Kashmir.
The ones you wanted to meet.
I have heard a lot about you
and now we are finally meeting.
If you need anything from us,
we'll be happy to help.
I have a task for which I need you.
But you
aren't worthy of executing it.
Last time, during the Mumbai
attacks of 26/11
you made the mistake
of sending Pakistani boys.
They were identified,
and your motives were exposed,
leading to your country
facing humiliation across the globe.
This time,
we won't involve anyone from Pakistan.
We will flood the Indian soil
with their own blood.
We will attack their
most well-guarded area.
The heart of the Indian military.
Srinagar Air Force Station.
-Is this your first time in Srinagar?
-Yeah, it is.
-Jai Hind, sir!
-Jai Hind, sir!
-Flying Officer Ajeet Deshpande.
-Flying Officer Manoj Bhardwaj.
Hi, guys. I am Bash.
-Good morning, sir.
-Sir! Good morning, sir.
At ease, boys. Why don't you relax
a bit before getting the bad news?
Bad news, sir?
We received urgent posting orders.
I am sure Air Headquarters didn't call
us to Kashmir for some fun river rafting.
Am I right?
When I told my parents that
I was going to heaven
my mom was really scared.
You're married, bro.
Couldn't you have waited a bit
before reminding me?
Hi, Jeet. Good to see you.
-Jai Hind, ma'am.
-Jai Hind, ma'am.
Squadron Leader Minal Rathore.
Weren't you the one who was
awarded the Vayu Sena Medal
for the rescue operation
in Operation Desert Hound?
I was lucky I was nearby
and could land my chopper.
Fortune only favors the brave, ma'am.
I am really happy to meet you
also a little scared.
Happy because a decorated
hero like you is on our team.
And scared, because if a decorated
hero like you is in our team
that means that the danger level
is definitely going to be very high.
Actually, I should've
guessed at that very moment
when I heard that he was coming.
Who is coming?
So Sorry.
Control, this is Patty, requesting
permission for a low inverted run.
Control, this is Patty on finals,
requesting permission
for a low inverted run.
No way.
Is he joining your team?
Requesting permission
for a low inverted run.
Let him.
Clear for inverted run. Runway 27.
Roger. 27.
It's our first day, Patty.
At least let me see the runway
the correct way today.
Amazing control
Who is he?
Sword of honor.
183rd course Airforce Academy,
Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania.
Call sign Patty.
-Race to ten!
-Race to ten!
-One, two, three, four, five,
-One, two, three, four, five,
-six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
-six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
Same old Patty!
Same old Taj!
You good?
Meet Taj.
-Hi, Taj.
-He is one of my oldest friends.
He means our friendship
is old, I am not old.
It's been too long, man!
Two years.
-Hi, I am Unni.
-Basheer Khan. Hi.
-That's Minal Rathore.
Unni, and that is
And that's Sukhi.
He is in my unit.
Sorry, I am a little late.
A little?
You missed the whole briefing, Sukhi.
The CO is very angry.
Oh, no!
Didn't you know that
the briefing time had been changed?
Oh, man
Hey, the CO is here.
Jai Hind, sir.
Sorry, sir. I didn't know that the time
for the briefing had been changed.
I thought it was at eight but
I am really very sorry, sir.
Relax, young man.
Briefing begins in 05 minutes.
Okay, sir.
What is this, dude? Did you have
to do your first missile strike on me?
This is not fair.
Sorry man, but our speed
as fighter pilots is very fast.
You and your helicopters will need
to be a bit faster to catch up with us.
Friendly fire on day one.
When the need arises, it will only
be Sukhi and I who will rescue you.
If the need arises.
At ease.
Welcome to Srinagar, Air Warriors.
I am group Captain Rakesh Jaisingh.
Call sign Rocky.
Your CO.
We are Air Dragons.
You all are top aviators
in the Indian Air Force.
And thats why you were hand-picked
by us to form a quick response team.
Militant activities across
the LoC are spiraling out of control.
This is why Air headquarters
has decided that our unit
will be the first one to tackle them.
There are three attributes that
will make us better air warriors.
Practice, practice, and more practice.
The more you sweat in here,
the less you will bleed in war.
This is Wing Commander Harish Nautiyal.
Call sign Nauty,
an experienced Sukhoi pilot.
My number two.
Let's do a quick warm-up
to understand the attributes
of each other's aircraft.
What is the top speed
of an ALH helicopter?
-Two hundred and ninety kilometers.
-And how many passengers can it carry?
With high-density seating.
Both answers are correct,
but we can only
achieve the full potential of
the machine if we think aggressively.
Sukhoi 30, maximum height it can fly?
Fifty-six thousand feet.
Twice the speed of sound.
Twenty-one hundred kilometers per hour.
And for how long can a Sukhoi
remain airborne?
Three and a half hours.
Ten hours with air-to-air refueling, sir.
Think aggressively, guys.
Patty is right.
Apart from your
personal skillsets,
you are all here
to form a cohesive team.
Individually, you all are the best
combat aviators in the Indian Air Force.
Now let's become the best
combat team in the world.
In this unit, there is no
room for arrogance and ego
or fancy stunts.
We start training tomorrow.
Take some rest.
Get to know each other.
Bond with each other.
It's your interpersonal relationships
that will help you win in war.
Remember, the one who plays alone,
plays against the team.
-Any questions or doubts?
-No, sir.
I think I should change my
call sign to Rambo.
I am sure that will make Rocky happy.
Guys, we have been asked to bond.
What should we do? Any ideas?
-Let's go to the gym!
-Hell, no!
Should we go eat?
-I like it.
Sir, will you be joining us or
We heard that you prefer Zomato.
Latest news for today,
the leader of Jaish-e-Mohammed
Maulana Maqsood Abrar
made a declaration.
The Indian army has killed
another one of our brothers.
If even this incident doesn't flame
the fire
in our Kashmiri hearts then what will?
Until we Kashmiris
decide to take to arms
That's the day we will decide
Look, that's an officer
from the Indian Air Force.
Our mission is not
to kill just one soldier
but to destroy
the entire Indian military.
Welcome to Srinagar, Saachi.
God, it's so good to see you.
It's been so long
Two years.
And we've been
married for five years.
I don't know why but whenever he
talks to you, I feel very insecure.
By the way, Taj.
-I have known Patty longer than you.
-That's true.
-Guys, our table is ready, come.
-Yeah, actually!
-Let's go! I am starving!
-Have you been okay?
-Yeah, I have been okay.
Have you ever thought
that when we are hungry
-At your service, sir.
-I am famished!
Sukhi sir, you're always late!
Jokes apart, order something.
I am hungry.
May I?
Or am I too boring for you?
I don't know about boring but
you are definitely sarcastic.
Guys, I have ordered
rogan josh, and wazwan.
-And if there are any vegetarians
please come tomorrow.
Hey, order palak paneer for me.
-I heard it's worth dying for.
Well, that's nice, we came here
to give our lives for our country
you can give your
life for paneer instead.
Nice one!
By the way, Patty.
Taj was telling me stories about
your academy days.
Something about your famous smile
The "please" smile.
-I can't believe it.
-Whenever we stepped out from the academy
it was Patty's duty to get us a lift.
And he would always say please
and flash that smile of his.
And everyone even girls!
What do you mean by "even" girls?
-What are you trying to say, man?
-Any kind of living being,
would let him in their car without
asking any questions, remember?
It's a good thing that
he only asked for a lift.
How is that even funny?
I want to see a demo of this.
That biryani on their table
What about it?
I want it.
Yeah, right.
-Come on Patty. Come on.
-Too easy. Too easy.
Forget about staying
airborne for ten hours,
some people can't
even take off from the runway.
You will have to do it now, Patty!
Sorry, I don't mean to disturb but
I just wanted to ask you
if they serve good biryani here.
We could tell you
if you let us eat it.
Actually, we were wondering
if we could taste some
biryani before we order it.
I mean, if you don't mind.
Can you share some
of your biryani with us?
Yes, okay.
We couldn't have finished
the whole thing anyway.
-That is so sweet of you.
-I have quit eating rice.
-Actually, I am dieting.
Take my plate too.
-Yes, ma'am.
What are the options for sugar-free?
Make it two.
So sweet. Thank you.
No problem.
You're welcome.
Told you!
I told you
it's too easy.
Biryani for you.
Anybody else? Biryani? Anyone?
This is a superpower, sir.
-Black magic
-Black magic, sir.
Still got it, man!
So Minni, when did you decide
to join the Air Force?
Since my childhood.
It was my dream to become a pilot.
Actually, thanks to Dad,
I would watch aircraft
taking off and landing every day.
Your dad was in the Air Force?
No, Air Bharat. Ground Operations.
Then why did you choose
to be an Air Force pilot?
Because some people felt
that I wouldn't be able to do it.
What's wrong with you?
Hey, guys!
I can feel a joke coming.
Who can stop you? Go ahead.
-How is the gosht?
-Tasty, sir!
Sir, that paneer was delicious.
I am so full.
You want to eat phirni, correct?
-Saachi and her phirnis.
Anyone else?
-One for me.
-Me too.
-I'll accompany you.
-Thank you.
It's within walking distance.
I don't need a chopper. So
I think I will manage.
Is he a son
of an Air Marshal or a General?
No, Uncle was an upper-division clerk
in the Public Works Department of Jammu.
Now he's retired.
I have never seen a pilot with
so much attitude.
That's the thing.
He doesn't consider himself a pilot.
So what does he consider himself as?
Your hair is like clouds
Your eyes shine like stars
My love is as colorful
As the heavens themselves
Your hair is like clouds
Your eyes shine like stars
My love is as colorful
As the heavens themselves
Those who live on land
Cannot understand
Those who live on land
Cannot understand
-The sky is my one true love
-The sky is my one true love
Our love story
Is written in the skies
Our love story
Is written in the skies
-The sky is my one true love
-The sky is my one true love
-It goes deeper
-Than fate
-God himself wanted us
-To be together
-It goes deeper
-Than fate
God himself wanted us
To be together
I know the day we part
I know the day we part
There will be a downpour
Like no other
This will be the only sign
I leave behind
This will be the only sign
I leave behind
The sky is my one true love
Those who live
On land cannot understand
Those who live
On land cannot understand
-The sky is my one true love
-The sky is my one true love
My one true love
My one true love
My one true love
My one true love
My one true love
The Indian military
bases have been turned
into fortresses after
the Uri and Pathankot attacks.
It's impossible to infiltrate
into the Srinagar Air Base now.
So what is the plan now, Azhar?
Faizan and Waseem are waiting
at the Shalimar Bagh hideout.
The RDX belt is in the shikara outside.
Everything will be
transported through the lake now.
We will neither have to worry
about the checkpoints
nor will there be
any fear of accidents.
I will meet you there.
Halt! Don't move!
The information is correct, sir.
This amount of RDX
can blow up a hotel.
What will happen now, Brother?
An explosion.
For today's training mission,
choppers will drop
the commandos here at Baltal
and will wait there till
the commandos destroy the mock target.
In exactly 15 minutes,
the choppers will pick up
the commandos from the same drop point.
Taj and Patty.
You will provide air cover
to the choppers.
And Taj, you will lead this.
Nauty and I will be
your enemies for today.
Our objective is to shoot
down those choppers.
And your objective
is to protect them.
We know how
advanced our aircraft are
but what we want to see is
how advanced
are our fighter pilots.
Reaching the drop
point in two minutes,
commandos, prepare for the drop.
Commandos, ready to go!
Minni, we are providing you cover.
Visibility is good as of now.
The enemy can't hide from us.
Stay alert, guys. Rocky and Nauty
can show up any second.
Green on. Go.
How is it going?
Has the enemy been spotted yet?
Not yet, sir.
Bogey. Two o'clock!
Alright, visual contact.
I am going after him.
Wait, Patty, we need
to protect the choppers.
I will handle this one, you handle
the other one, Taj.
Sir, someone is chasing us.
I know who it is.
Some people never change.
Smart move by Rocky,
he has lured Patty
away from the choppers.
Where is Nauty?
Nauty is too close to the choppers,
let's see how Taj manages
to protect them.
Guys, the task is about to end.
The commandos will
be back in two minutes.
Fall back, Patty.
The task is about to end.
The target is on my radar, Taj.
I am not going to spare him.
Oh, shit! Another Fighter
near the choppers!
What the hell, guys?
Caught you, Minni!
Sukhi, you are next.
-Come on, Taj! Let's get him!
Taj, this bogey is in my range.
You protect Sukhi.
Almost there
Sir, they're locking
their missile on us.
Let him.
Diving right! Hold tight!
Damn, Unni! He peeled off.
Do you see him?
Negative, Patty.
-Patty! He is on our tail!
-Oh, shit.
You are done for, Patty.
Patty, his missile is about
to lock on us. He has almost locked.
Do something, Patty.
Come on.
Patty, he has almost locked us.
Shake him off, Patty!
Do something, Patty!
Shake him off, Patty!
-Initiating lock.
-Patty, he is on our tail.
At eight o'clock.
We've got time, come on
Lock. Lock. Lock.
Patty, he has almost locked us.
And locked.
We got him, Unni!
Yes, Patty!
You failed the mission, Patty.
Because Nauty got Minni and Sukhi
and you failed to protect the choppers.
Meet me at the base. Now!
Damn it, Patty! Damn it!
It's your fault.
This is all your fault, Taj.
You were the
leader of this team.
But it looks like you have
no control over this team.
This is not Taj's fault, sir.
As soon as I spotted
the enemy Sukhoi I went after it.
By pulling a fancy
stunt over Taj, right?
If someone had to go after us
that should have been Taj.
Don't you trust, Taj?
I would have tackled one
and Taj would have handled--
Incorrect tactics!
What was your mission?
Attacking the enemy
or protecting the choppers?
Sir, handling the enemy jet was
essential to protect the choppers.
And what if there were
more than two fighter jets?
The enemy won't tell you their exact
strength before attacking you in a war!
You failed your team today.
Don't fail your country tomorrow.
Zero marks!
I defeated the best pilot, sir.
Won't I get any marks for that?
You either win or lose a war.
There is no "Man of the Match" award.
Once again, because of your mistake,
the chopper pilots are dead.
Once again, because of your mistake
the chopper pilots are dead.
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
I am going down. I am hit!
Patty, I am hit! I am going down!
I am hit.
Patty, I am going down!
Patty, I am hit!
Patty, I am going down.
-Oh, I love this song!
-My love
-Listen to me my love
-Listen to me my love
-Listen to me my love
-Listen to me my love
My love, the moon will
Sneak into your home
-In the silent twilight
-In the silent twilight
Are you thinking about today's
training session?
Look, Patty,
don't mind what I am about to say.
You are this team's strength.
But you have to accept that
this team can also be your strength.
-Come, let me make you a drink.
-No, I will do it myself.
It's okay man, can't I make
a new drink for a new friend?
Can someone tell me
why does pizza taste
better on the next day?
-I know.
-I wish I could say the same about Taj.
"I wish I could say
the same about Taj. " I knew it!
-Have a drink.
-Shut up!
Patty, can you recite the poem you
used to tell us in the academy days?
No, man.
Look, we have the vibe,
the people, and pizza!
So, please don't say no.
Come on, let us hear it.
Please. You recite it really well.
Do it, otherwise
I will just recite it very badly.
-Patty, come on!
"You will find many
lovers in this world
You will find many
lovers in this world
but no lover can compete with
the love you have for your country.
Many die in a coffin wrapped in diamonds,
many die wrapped in gold,
but there can be no coffin more beautiful
than a coffin wrapped in Tricolor. "
-Amazing, dude!
That was superb!
Hey, guys.
I just remembered another one.
-It's very deadly. I swear.
-No, no, no.
-When the bell was ringing
-No, no, that's enough. Please.
Taj, please, no!
You're flying solo here too?
Can I ask you something
if you don't mind?
You are a single child, aren't you?
Is it that obvious?
Loners like you are usually
found in smaller families.
I see.
Let me guess.
You probably have a large family.
And I am sure they love you a lot.
In fact, they probably
tell everyone they meet
that their daughter
is an Air Force pilot.
Hit a nerve?
Yes, you did.
What is the problem if
you don't mind me asking?
The day my dad signed my Air Force
consent form he considered me a martyr.
He wanted me to finish
my studies and get married.
Air Force is not for girls.
That is the last thing
he said to me.
It's not his fault.
There are still
people in our society
who can't stand
the sight of a girl taking flight.
That is what I am fighting against.
We are all equal up in the sky.
What are you guys doing here?
We are all dancing over there.
-Come on, let's go.
-Hurry up.
-Hey, Saachi.
Why did Patty suddenly leave?
He left?
It's okay. At least he is
stepping out of the house again.
-What do you mean?
-You don't know?
Patty's fianc.
Naina Jaisingh. Enjay.
She was an Air Force helicopter pilot.
Two years ago,
she lost her life in a mission.
She was Patty's fianc?
Hey, Saachi.
Give it here, I'll take it.
Take this.
Who is that?
Before we go to Jammu
for combat search and rescue practice
I would like to give all of you
the latest intelligence update.
This is Zareena Begum.
Our top RAW intelligence agent.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
My identity is so secretive
that I can't even share it
with you Air Force officers.
That is why you need
to stop focusing on my identity
and start focusing
on my information.
This is the last straw,
Kareena on the outside
and Saif on the inside.
Jaish is planning something big.
200 kilos of RDX was confiscated
in the valley last night.
Majeed Khan, a senior commander
operating in POK was also captured.
This caused many stone-pelting
incidents across the valley.
But our biggest concern is
Azhar Akhtar.
Jaish's western asset.
He was operating in
Afghanistan before this
and he is an explosives expert.
He was spotted at
the training center in Balakot recently.
This is a sign that he
is heading towards India.
ISI is planning something major.
One more thing, they just
posted two of their F-16 squadrons
right in front of POK.
And this is Wing Commander
Imran Rasool.
Their top fighter pilot.
He goes by the call sign Red Nose
and he too is currently
posted in POK.
Sir, I think we should cancel
our training in Jammu today.
No, Rocky sir, there are
CRPF reinforcements coming in
to control the stone pelting.
You can continue with your training.
I agree.
Any questions?
No, thank you.
We will leave for Jammu in ten minutes
for the training session.
I will meet you at the base.
Sir, everyone is having lunch
at my house in Jammu today.
Please do join us.
My lunch has already been
arranged at the Air Force station.
Give my regards to your dad.
Sure, sir.
Look, it's our CRPF convoy.
Look! There is a chopper out there!
Sukhi's coming on foot, right?
Enjoying the flight, boys?
Traveling by train would
have been better.
A train can't do this.
They both are falling for each other
-May they be together forever
-It's falling
Like a leaf floating on water
Flowing through the story
That felt complete before it began
For someone
Like a sea in the sky
Let's swim through it
Your words are like the open sky
Let's fly through them
You and me together are
A single soul and a single body
Why should I be the one
Who tells you
That all I want is you?
Am I losing my heart
Or giving it away?
I would stop it
But it refuses to obey
Am I losing my heart
Or giving it away?
I would stop it
But it refuses to obey
Put a label on your feelings
Give your idle heart something to do
Or put a label on it
They both are falling for each other
May they be together forever
Like a leaf floating on water
Flowing through the story
That felt complete before it began
These days, every single moment
I spend thinking about you
When you stand so close to me
I forget about the rest of the world
You and me together are
A single soul and a single body
You and me together are
A single soul and a single body
Why should I be the one
Who tells you
That all I want is you?
Am I losing my heart
Or giving it away?
I would stop it
But it refuses to obey
Put a label on your feelings
Give your idle heart something to do
Or put a label on it
Let's swim through it
Let's fly through it
Let's fly through it
What a beautiful house, Uncle!
Thank you!
Actually, Shammi's mother made this house.
Taking care of it has become
a hobby of mine.
And this is my wife Beena.
And that is Naina.
Our Enjay.
Yes, Shammi. I will be right there.
I will see what he wants, Uncle.
Dad I tell you!
How are you, Shammi?
I see
Washing the dishes, Shammi?
-Can I help?
You are our guest.
But I want to.
Can I?
You can't do it. Stop trying.
Yes, Rocky sir. Jai Hind!
Guys! Rocky sir called.
Because of bad weather,
we get the day off!
So, that means we're
going to stay here tonight!
This is my house.
At least, ask me.
Yeah, yeah.
Let's start with tea.
-Yes! Yes
-Tea, tea, tea.
And you get amazing
kullad tea here.
Shammi, go out and get it
for your friends.
Yes, sir. Let me get my jacket.
If Rocky sir could see him
following orders like this
I am sure he would get emotional.
Come, let me show you Jammu.
Why? Was your ex from here?
but my next could be.
By God's grace that day has arrived
when I am about
to accomplish my life's purpose.
This is my last message to Kashmir.
By the time you watch
this video I will be in heaven.
My fight is for Kashmir.
My fight is for freedom.
It is time to fulfill your purpose
for your community, your family,
and your country.
May God protect you.
-"The fire doesn't start on time
-The fire doesn't start on time.
-Don't burn me in my dreams. "
-Ask him when he will come home.
-When will you come home?
"Did you eat?"
-Sir, that red car!
-Pull up next to it!
A red Eco is overtaking
the convoy, stop it!
Come on! Drive faster!
Stop that Red Eco! Hurry!
-Say "Dad. "
-Look she is saying hi to all of you.
Hey, stop the car! Stop the car!
Somebody please bring a stretcher!
Hurry, get a stretcher!
Somebody! Please!
Patty! Patty!
Crew room.
By God's grace, that day has arrived
when I am about
to accomplish my life's purpose.
This is my last message to Kashmir.
By the time you watch this video,
I will be in heaven.
Jaish has taken
responsibility for this attack.
-Cowards! I will--
-Relax, Taj.
Let's follow protocols.
Sir, forget protocols.
They don't follow any so why should we?
Because that's the difference
between us and them!
And you? What is the point
of you being undercover?
What are you trying
to say, Squadron Leader?
Settle down, Patty.
All of you settle down.
Zareena, please give us a rundown
of this situation.
Seventy soldiers are dead
and eighty are injured.
Azhar was the mastermind of this mission.
He knew that infiltrating
the Air Force base was impossible.
And that is why he got
Majeed Khan captured
which resulted in a
stone pelting across the valley.
To control the situation we asked
for CRPF reinforcements from Jammu.
En route, he attacked the CRPF convoy.
CRPF was the target all along.
And this whole plan
was Azhar Akhtar's.
As of now, we have no information
on Azhar's whereabouts.
Pakistan has put their Air Force
and army on high alert
and they have increased
their air patrolling on the border.
Sir, they are anticipating
a commando strike like Uri.
Apart from this information, I have no
other intelligence to share as of now.
Jai Hind.
Jai Hind.
We are on red alert.
We will start air patrolling
on the LoC in one hour.
I want everybody focused and ready.
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
Debu sir has been called to Delhi.
To meet the Chief
of the Western Air Command.
Patty, you will go
to Delhi with Debu sir.
Be ready to leave in one hour.
Minni, Sukhi, you are on standby.
With due respect, sir.
The Pakistan Air Force
can attack us at any time.
And when they do
I want to be here, sir.
This is not a request, Patty.
This is an order.
Get ready for your first patrolling.
What do the latest
intelligence reports say?
After the setback of Uri,
Pakistan doesn't want to take any risks.
That is why Jaish has emptied
all their launch pads in POK
fearing a counterattack by us.
Now all the terrorists
are holed up
deep inside Pakistan
at the Jaish headquarters.
Some in Peshawar, some in Balakot,
and the rest in Bahawalpur.
So, how do we respond to this attack?
There is one option.
But we haven't done
anything like it since 1971.
So, you're saying
that we should launch
an air strike on Pakistan?
Not on Pakistan but on Jaish which is
operating from Pakistan's territory.
If we want to teach them a lesson
we have to speak their language.
Done. Sometimes the only way
to get justice is through--
Right, gentlemen.
Ball is in your court.
Come back with a plan.
You were saying something.
Why don't you say it
in front of everyone?
Yes, sir.
Sir, I think we should strike
Jabba Top, the area near Balakot.
That is their explosives
training center
where more than 300 militants
are currently being trained.
Most probably the explosives
used in Pulwama came from there.
But the main reason I feel this is
because the probability of Azhar Akhtar
being there is very high.
It is all our fault.
Train blasts,
bomb blasts,
and now
We have been putting up with their
terrorism for years.
And for the past 50 years, no government
has given them a befitting reply.
But now
It is time to show them
who their boss is!
We are ready, sir.
But bear in mind,
that there should be no
civilian casualties.
Our fight is against terror.
Not their people.
Take me through the plan.
Permission to begin, sir?
Sir, on 25th February you
will be on a jungle safari,
and on that very day, all senior
officers of the Indian Air Force
will be attending
Air Marshall Rawal sir's farewell party.
Good fellow
He's a jolly good fell
Rawal sir will leave that party
at exactly twelve o'clock
to head to Srinagar.
And once he reaches there, he will monitor
the mission from the operations room.
The mission "Operation Bandar"
will be launched from Gwalior air base.
The enemy would not expect us
to launch an attack from so far away.
All the air bases in
and around Srinagar and the LoC
will be inactive on that night.
Air Commodore
Debojyoti Biswas sir, AOC Srinagar
will command this operation
from our early warning aircraft.
At 0200 hours, 12 Mirage aircraft
will take off from Gwalior air base.
Maintain formation.
Exactly 30 minutes
after that, at 0230 hours
two Sukhoi fighter jets
will take off from Bareilly
for the protection of the
Mirages and for air defense.
Target area clear of enemy.
We are entering POK.
We have 16 minutes.
The mission is a go.
Roger. Crossing LoC.
Switch on all radio jammers.
Wilco. Radio jammers on.
04 minutes to target. Split.
Hit, hit, hit. Confirmed impact.
Mike 2 you are clear.
Mike 2 coming in for a run.
Mike 3 you are clear.
Roger. Coming in.
Target destroyed.
Heading back to base.
Patty, we will cover
the Mirages till the LoC.
Roger, Taj. This is Patty
diving in for a check.
Good job, Mike 1 and team!
Still no enemy in sight.
The air situation is still in our favor.
Incoming missile. Seven o'clock!
Deploying flares hang on.
All systems good, Patty.
The infidels have destroyed
our training center.
We have lost hundreds
of our mujahideen.
Their fighters will
still be in our airspace.
Send them to hell!
05 minutes, boys. It's getting tight.
Scramble, scramble, scramble.
Vector 290. Range 100 kilometers.
Target, two bandits.
I repeat, range 100 kilometers.
Target, two bandits.
Be alert! One Pak F-16
scrambled from Islamabad.
Mirage boys, drop all load
and get back immediately.
Approaching LoC. 02 minutes.
Hurry up boys, you are in the range
of their surface-to-air missiles.
Command, this is Mike 1.
Four of our Mirages
have crossed the LoC.
The rest will cross in a minute.
Last four crossing LoC.
All in safe and sound.
Mission accomplished.
I repeat, mission accomplished.
Good job, boys.
Patty, Taj, return to base.
All right, heading back.
See you at the base, Taj.
Roger. See you at the base.
Where did he come from?
Bash, can you see anything?
-Negative, Taj. I can't see anyone.
-He is tracking us. Deploying flares.
Unni, a missile is tracking me,
can you see the enemy?
Negative, Bash. I can't see anyone.
How far is the F-16 from Taj?
Ten kilometers and closing, sir.
-Where did Patty go?
-I can't see him on the radar, sir.
Bloody hell! Debu, Rocky,
where is Patty?
-Where the hell is he?
-Patty, this is Command.
Where are you?
Where are you, Patty?
Where are you, Patty? Damn it!
Taj, he can lock us any second now.
He is right behind us.
He is closing in, the missile
warning is increasing.
Unni, radars on.
Roger, Patty.
Command, this is Patty.
Permission to engage.
Patty, clear to engage.
Get him.
-Track him, Unni. Come on.
-Almost there.
Locked. Taj, extricate.
Get out of here I
have him locked.
I can't. He has me locked.
Fire, Patty, he can
fire at Taj at any moment.
Bloody hell, it's a two-way lock.
Command, switching
to emergency frequency.
This is Serra One India on guard.
-Ready to die?
-Red Nose on guard.
Your aircraft has trespassed into
Pakistani airspace, my friend.
Pulwama is in India where
you trespassed, my friend.
You might have heard the saying,
"All is fair in love and war. "
But in my India, we don't
betray in either love or war.
I can't fall in love with you.
So I will settle for war.
You want an eye for an eye?
I want revenge for a betrayal.
Then keep a Param Vir Chakra
ready for your fighters.
Don't you go to school?
Param Vir Chakra is not
just awarded to martyrs,
it is also awarded to bravehearts.
And they will surely get one.
But you are the one
who is going to die today.
You have five seconds my friend.
Just five seconds.
Think about it.
Do you want to die reciting poetry or
do you want to go home peacefully?
The lock is off, Patty.
He has disengaged. I am out of here.
Patty, disengage your
missile and fly back.
You are lucky that our
fight is against terrorism
and not against your country.
Your cunningness might
have won this battle for you,
but the war is due, my friend.
We will meet again soon
and on that day there
won't be a countdown.
I will eagerly wait for that day.
Operation Bandar is a success.
Shame on us!
They have been planning this
for so long and we had no clue.
Jaish is better than us.
At least they can execute
their missions, unlike us.
In a way, we should be
thankful to the Indians
for targeting the Jaish camp.
If they had attacked our military base
then all of us would be dead by now.
Have you lost your mind?
You are being thankful
to them for the attack?
No, sir, all I am trying to
say is that the Indians knew
that we had given Jaish's mujahideens
permission to operate on our land.
This attack is just a warning.
That the Indians can--
Attack us in our own territory
whenever they want.
Is that what you will tell
the people of this nation?
No, sir. I was just trying to say that
maybe it is time for us to stop
harboring Jaish's mujahideens on our land.
Please continue your conversation.
I was just saying--
That you no longer
need the mujahideen.
You're right.
But how can you achieve bigger goals
when your thinking is so small?
We carried out a suicide attack while
they replied with an air strike.
We dug more than 300 graves today.
But now it is time for
the Pakistani forces to think bigger.
Because now
we will not
forget the graves
nor the funerals
nor will we forget to take revenge.
There won't be any
more terror attacks.
There will be war.
We have the right to do
Something crazy tonight
-No matter what
-No matter what
The world says
-We are spoiled brats
-We will break all the rules tonight
-We will break
We haven't been sober all evening
Meet me tomorrow
If you need something
Take a look, we are out of our minds
No one is going home tonight
Everyone who sees us can testify
The lions are on the prowl tonight
No one is going home tonight
We are out of our minds
Singing at the top of our lungs
Everyone who sees us can testify
The lions are on the prowl tonight
I am going to do
Something stupid tonight
Please make sure
I don't upset anyone
I am being naughty tonight
My heart is all over the place
We haven't been sober all evening
Meet me tomorrow
If you need something
Take a look
We are out of our minds
No one is going home tonight
Everyone who sees us can testify
The lions are on the prowl tonight
No one is going home tonight
We are out of our minds
Singing at the top of our lungs
Everyone who sees us can testify
The lions are on the prowl tonight
The lions are on the prowl tonight
Bye, Minni.
"Sometimes the journey
is so beautiful
that you never want
to reach your destination. "
Did you just come up with that?
I read it on the back of a truck.
Will you just keep thinking
or finally ask me?
Why didn't I drop her to her door?
Maybe she would have
invited me in for a coffee.
Come on, Patty,
do I need to do everything?
Four F-16s are heading from
Pakistan to Srinagar.
Scramble, scramble, scramble.
Initial vector 200.
Climb 28 kilometers.
Accelerate to .9 mach.
Target, four bogeys.
Range 60 kilometers.
Scramble. Scramble. Scramble.
Scramble. Scramble. Scramble.
Tanya, put them on the big screen.
-That's more than four.
Scramble 12 Sukhois
from the Udhampur base.
Incoming aerial threat.
16 Pak fighters.
Rocky and the team, head toward Rajouri.
They are heading
for the ammunition dump.
12 Sukhois will be joining
you from the Udhampur base.
Roger. Heading towards Rajouri.
Approaching target.
Ready to fire.
Air Defense Unit.
Surface weapons free.
Roger. Fire!
Stay alert, boys!
Incoming missiles!
Flares, flares, flares!
Come on! Flares! Banking left.
-30 degrees right!
The Indian Fighters are
right behind us.
Command! We have eyes on the enemy.
We have deceived the Indians!
Phase one is successful boys!
Drop your bombs and get out of here.
Command, something is wrong.
The Pak Fighters are turning back.
It is time for phase two.
Sir, two more F-16s from Pakistan
are heading for Batalik.
Looks like Batalik could
be their next target.
That's right.
Rocky, send two aircraft toward Batalik.
The rest of you continue the pursuit.
Roger. Taj and Patty,
head towards Batalik.
The Pak fighters
are about to cross the LoC.
Command, give us permission
to cross the LoC.
Permission denied.
Nobody crosses the LoC.
Fall back. I repeat, fall back.
Roger. Falling back.
Patty, it's Red Nose!
I won't spare him today.
Patty and Taj, you are heading
towards the LoC. Fall back.
Nobody will cross the LoC.
I repeat.
Do not cross the LoC.
Sir, Pakistan has
jammed all the radios.
Patty, they have split up.
They're heading for the LoC.
We should head back to base.
I will get them before
they reach the LoC.
You can go back if you want to.
Damn it, Patty! Let's go, come on!
I am going after the left.
I will take the other one.
Engaging missile,
I am taking a shot.
-Shit, I missed.
-Patty, we are about to cross the LoC.
Command, permission to cross the LoC.
Patty, I think they have
jammed our radios.
Bloody hell! They have crossed the LoC.
Damn it, Patty.
Damn it, Taj.
Two F-16s, Taj! It's an ambush!
Get out of there!
Get out of there now. Taj, come in.
-The radio is back.
-Bash, it's an ambush!
You have crossed the LoC.
Two bogeys behind us, Taj.
It's a trap! It's not just two,
there are four F-16s.
Nine o'clock and three o'clock!
They have trapped us.
There are too many of them, Patty.
Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania.
Welcome to Pakistan.
Today, it's our turn
to teach you a lesson.
You won the last round
and it looks like luck is
on your side even today.
This trap was set
up for you Pathania sahib.
But I am afraid that
the price of your actions
in Balakot that day will
be paid by your friends.
How far is Taj from us, Unni?
30 kilometers, Patty.
Vector three zero.
I am coming, Taj. I am on my way.
No, Patty, don't come here.
There are too many of them.
Today your friends will meet
the same fate as Naina Jaisingh.
Call sign Enjay.
I am sure you remember the name.
What's wrong?
You are not the only ones
who get intelligence reports.
We also keep tabs on you.
You will soon be mourning the loss
of your friends, Shamsher Pathania.
Once again.
If you think you
can save them, then come.
Incoming missile! Defending!
Flares! Taj, flares!
Roger. Deploying flares.
Taj, flares!
-Oh, shit.
-We're hit. We're hit.
Shit! I am on my way, Taj.
Just hold on.
We are going down!
-Mayday, mayday, mayday.
-We're going down.
I am on my way, Bash!
No! No!
Command, Taj and Bash are hit.
Both have fallen in Pakistan.
Patty, Unni, back to the base.
You are in POK.
Send the rescue choppers.
I have my eyes on their fighters.
-I am going after them.
-Permission denied!
I don't want any more casualties.
Return to the base. Now!
We didn't just lose our
soldiers in Batalik today
but we also lost two fighter pilots
on the other side of the LoC.
Who authorized you, Patty?
Who authorized you to cross the LoC?
I asked for permission, sir.
But the radios were jammed.
We were in the middle
of the chase. I almost--
Chasing what?
Individual glory?!
This is exactly what I was afraid of,
that the nation would pay
for your careless actions.
Two of our aviators
are currently missing!
All because of you!
This force pays the price
for your ego every single time.
But this time
you will also have to face
the consequences.
I am ordering a court of inquiry
for your conduct in the air.
Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania
and Squadron Leader Rajan Unnithan.
You both are grounded
till further orders.
-I'm going down. I'm hit! Patty, I'm hit!
-We're going down! We're hit!
-I'm going down! I'm hit!
-Going down! We're hit!
-We are going down!
The diplomatic channels
are doing their jobs.
Basheer will be home soon.
My Basheer is a lion.
And even in a cage,
a lion remains a lion.
Pakistanis cannot hurt my Basheer.
Just wait and watch.
After going through the cockpit
recordings, surveillance unit records,
and crash site location data
we have concluded
that Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania
and Squadron Leader Sartaj Gill
crossed the LoC while
pursuing their targets.
Squadron Leader Sartaj Gill
was ambushed on
the other side of the LoC.
Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania cannot
be held responsible for this incident.
there will be some changes
in the Air Dragons unit.
Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania
will no longer be a part
of the Air Dragons unit.
He has been posted to the
Air Force Academy in Hyderabad
as a flying instructor.
A new Sukhoi pilot
will replace him in the next 48 hours.
This inquiry now stands closed.
Good day, gentlemen.
Sir, may I?
Sir, the decision you made today
We are not happy with it.
For your own good
I don't mind seeing you
all upset for a few days.
-Sir, but Patty--
-Minni, this is not the first time
that this force has lost
fighters because of him.
After a raid operation
in Naushera three years ago,
our Garud commandos
required evacuation.
The enemy was
using artillery guns
-to fire at the position of our commandos.
Our choppers were ready
to evacuate the Garud commandos
and Patty's Sukhoi was protecting them.
Because of the heavy shelling,
our choppers were unable to reach
the pick-up point of the commandos.
But we had a brave helicopter pilot.
Squadron Leader Naina Jaisingh. Enjay.
Charlie one. I am coming to get you.
No, ma'am!
Stay back it's too dangerous!
Because of the heavy fog, we couldn't
pinpoint the exact location of the guns.
Do you have the exact location, Enjay?
Negative, Patty. I can't see the exact
location because of low visibility.
I am moving closer.
Roger. But not too close.
It's dangerous.
Chill, Patty. It's not easy
to catch me in the air.
I know you can do it, Enjay.
I am right behind you.
Let's get them.
Patty let Enjay go close
to the position of the guns.
Patty, there are six artillery guns
firing non-stop.
-Co-ordinates, Enjay?
-Right in front of me.
Aim at my chopper.
I will move on your command.
Roger. On my count of three.
Turn a hard left.
-Roger, Patty.
One. Move!
Patty's missile might have reached
the position of the guns
but the enemy's artillery firing
-Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! I am hit!
I am going down! I am hit!
-Patty, I am hit! I am going down!
I am going down. I am hit!
Patty, I am going down! I am going down
No, Enjay! No!
Patty knew exactly
how dangerous it was.
If he had stopped Enjay that day
then she would have still been alive.
Neither the Air Force would
have lost a capable pilot
nor would a brother
have lost his sister.
Yes, Minni.
Naina Jaisingh was my younger sister.
I am sorry, sir.
But if Enjay wasn't your sister
would you still blame Patty?
I blamed him then
and I blame him now.
Patty is our best pilot.
But there are disadvantages
to being the best.
They can't see the
limitations of others
and push them
way past their limits.
The price of Patty's attitude
was paid by Enjay back then
and now Taj
and Bash are paying for it.
And trust me, if I hadn't
separated him from the rest of you
you would be next.
So, you're leaving?
Without fighting for your right?
I am a fighter.
I fight wars.
Not petty arguments.
I know what Rocky sir thinks.
Rocky sir is right, Minni.
It's better for everyone if I stay
away from operational flying.
And from me, as well!
What do you want to hear, Minni?
What you want
to say but refuse to say it.
I am not good for you Minni,
it's as simple as that.
And I can't decide that for myself?
You saved me, Minni.
You really saved me.
I did not think I could
ever be happy again
But you became my reason to smile.
I even dared to see
a future with you.
I got in our way.
I am broken, Minni.
I hurt the people who love me.
I cannot make anyone happy.
So you decided to make me cry
so that I can be happy?
Don't punish yourself like this, please.
Then who should I punish, Minni?
Who should I punish?
This is all my fault.
I caused this.
You don't have enough
power to do all of this.
You are not that important.
Get over me, Minni.
Focus on your work.
This is pointless.
I am no good for anyone.
Maybe, you are right.
All the best,
Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania.
Flight! Eyes right!
Jai Hind, sir!
Welcome to Air Force Academy, Patty.
Your reputation precedes you.
Thank you, sir.
Well done on
the Balakot strike.
The entire nation is proud of you.
We are very proud.
And don't bloody worry.
Wherever our pilots might be,
they are fine.
Yes, sir.
Take over Brar Squadron
as their flying instructor.
These days a lot of cadets
are on their first solo stage.
You will get all the details.
-Excuse me.
-What is going on?
-Sir, there is a flight cadet
It's her first solo
and she has panicked mid-air.
Okay if I come?
Sure, sir. Come on.
Neha, your speed is too high,
your heading is wrong,
maintain zero-niner-zero.
-What is her situation?
-She is on finals, sir.
Her first solo in such
strong crosswinds?
The weather suddenly changed, sir.
She is unable to handle it.
What is her name?
Flight cadet Neha Joshi, sir.
-Call sign?
Neha Joshi. NJ.
Hi, NJ, this is
Squadron Leader Pathania.
I am here to guide you home.
How do you read me?
Strength five, sir.
You are absolutely fine, NJ.
Check heading.
Check heading zero-niner-zero.
Yes, sir, it's zero-niner-zero.
Do you see the center line
on the runway, NJ?
Yes, sir. I see it.
Align the nose of the aircraft
with the center line.
Can you see me, NJ?
No, sir. I can't see you.
It's a black car on the runway.
Can you see me now?
-Yes, sir. I can see you.
-Okay, good.
Turn the nose of the aircraft in
the direction of the wind, NJ.
A little more, NJ.
NJ, reduce your speed a
bit, you're too fast.
Speed reduced.
That's good.
You're almost home, NJ.
Hold that position.
Almost there, hold that position.
And now! Left rudder!
It's an honor, sir.
Why have You taken away my light?
I am tired of counting
All the reasons for my pain
I heard that You can
Change the tides of destiny
If You made it to break so easily
If You made it to break so easily
O maker of hearts
It is time you stopped making hearts
If You made it to break so easily
If You made it to break so easily
O maker of hearts
It is time You stopped making hearts
If You made it to break so easily
If You made it to break so easily
O maker of hearts
It is time You stopped making hearts
Show me how to heal this pain
Don't delay, do it today
The ones whose prayers
You disregard will stop praying to you
The stars lied to me
As they fell one by one
And now the sky is empty
I got left behind
Chasing my dreams
Where did I lose what I once had?
-If You can't answer my prayers
-If You can't answer my prayers
-What good is Your heaven?
-What good is Your heaven?
-Please accept my prayers
-Please accept my prayers
Or come down from the sky
If You made it to break so easily
-If You made it to break so easily
-Break it
-O maker of hearts
-O maker of hearts
It is time You stopped making hearts
If You made it to break so easily
If You made it to break so easily
-O maker of hearts
-O maker of hearts
It is time You stopped making hearts
Show me how to heal this pain
Don't delay, do it today
The ones whose prayers You disregard
Will stop praying to You
It is time You stopped
The ATC was continuously asking Sunil,
"What's your height and position?"
And this idiot replied,
"Sir, my height is 5' 10
and I am sitting in the front seat. "
Don't even get me started about Neha!
The ATC told her to land the other
day but she just couldn't do it.
Neha pulled off her first
solo landing quite well.
-I was there.
-Because you guided her, sir.
If the girls here found out that you
instruct during emergencies
then all of them will come up with
new landing issues every day.
Shut up, Sunil. Sir, please ignore him.
Thank you for coming, sir.
I like it.
Looking at all of you here reminds
me of my time in the academy.
The bond forged between
course-mates here
this is for life.
-Cheers, sir.
-Take care.
Jai Hind, sir.
Where is your drink?
Permission to speak, sir?
Go ahead.
Sir, I am putting in my papers.
I have decided to quit the force.
Sir, I
Patty, you haven't taken
any leave after Balakot.
Take a break.
We will talk when you come back.
Come on.
I won't change my mind, sir.
Jai Hind, sir.
-Hi. KI793?
Sorry, sir. Your flight has been
canceled and rescheduled for tomorrow.
Aren't there any other
flights to Jammu?
I am an officer in the Air Force.
Sorry, sir.
The other two flights are full.
It's very important
that I go, ma'am.
Any flight will do.
Sir, you can speak
to our Operations Manager.
I am sure he will
be able to help you.
-He is right there.
-Thank you.
May I come in, sir?
I am going by cab
you bring the car.
Hello, sir.
I am Squadron Leader Pathania.
Indian Air Force.
My flight was canceled, sir.
I need to reach Jammu.
If I could get a seat
on the next flight
Only if possible.
Air Force
-That's Minal Rathore.
Your dad was in the Air Force?
No, Air Bharat. Ground Operations.
My dad considered me a martyr the day
he signed my Air Force consent form.
Sir, by any chance, is your
daughter in the Air Force?
Do you want something, Usha?
Do you not have a daughter?
Or is she not in the Air Force?
What do you mean?
I was part of a special
Air Force unit in Srinagar, sir.
Minal Rathore was a part of my team.
I thought that
she might be your daughter.
If I had a daughter then she
wouldn't have been in the Air Force.
That's so sad, sir.
I wish she was your daughter, sir.
Because her parents
don't accept her anyway.
She is on a special posting in Srinagar.
She is one of the top pilots
in our country.
Her parents wanted her
to get married and settle down but
this fool risks her life
every single day so that
people like you
can sleep peacefully.
Every Indian is proud of Minal
even if her dad isn't.
People say that the armed forces
is not a place for women.
I wonder why they say that, sir.
The enemy's bullets don't
discriminate based on gender.
We do.
Her dad wanted
her to get married.
So she did get married.
She got married to her country.
And this fool will be true to this
relationship till her final breath.
It's a good thing that all the girls
in India are not like Minal.
Otherwise, we men would
have to sit at home.
Hand this in at the check-in counter
and you will get your boarding pass.
Next time, I think you should take
the credit for being her parents.
Because her parents
have lost that privilege.
Thank you, sir.
She is fine.
She misses both of you.
Always stay happy, Son.
God bless you.
What a pleasant surprise!
Something wrong, Shammi?
Is everything okay?
Everything is fine, Dad.
I missed you so I came to meet you.
Come on. Let's go in.
Yes, I will come
Breaking news from Srinagar.
Two of our brave Air Force officers
who have been imprisoned
in Pakistan for the last 40 days
are reportedly being released.
Pakistan occu
Hey, Shammi!
Come fast, Shammi.
Hurry up. Come in here.
-Squadron Leader Basheer Khan.
-and Squadron Leader Sartaj Gill
will soon be released
by the Pakistan government.
This is a positive
and important result achieved
because of the Indian government's
negotiations with Pakistan.
The families of both officers and
the entire nation are filled with joy.
Our brave fighters are coming home.
To know more about it
Wear this. They are sending you back.
We will go back the same way we came.
You mean
Don't cry too much when we leave.
Bloody infidels!
Hey, man, I bet he has
never read the Quran.
Explain it to him.
"There is no greater religion
than the love for
your nation. "
I will give you such a gruesome death
that you will forget
both your nation
and your religion.
That reminds me of a poem
my friend once told me.
Let him hear it.
We have the opportunity,
we have the vibe
and the enemy.
Listen, you rascal.
"You will find many
lovers in this world
but no lover can compete with
the love you have for your country.
Many die in a coffin wrapped in diamonds,
and many die wrapped in gold,
but there can be no
coffin more beautiful
than a coffin
wrapped in Tricolor. "
Jai Hind!
-Free me and we will see who is stronger.
-What are you doing, sir?
We have to send them home safely.
We have strict orders
from the Prime Minister.
-I will kill these infidels!
Your father is an infidel,
you bloody terrorist!
We have strict orders from the
Prime Minister to send them home safely.
Control yourself, sir.
-Roger. Thanks.
-In two minutes.
It was a call from the ATC.
Taj and Bash will be here soon.
Landing in 03 minutes.
-How are you, my friend?
-I am good, dude.
Good to see you back, Patty.
Hi, Minni.
Hi, Shammi.
Good to see you.
I am here to meet the boys.
Sukhi will be bringing them soon.
Good to see you again, Patty sir.
Sir, I always tell Unni
that I couldn't have cleared
TACDE without Patty sir.
You are my replacement?
Hello, young man.
How are you, Patty?
How is everything
back at the academy?
Sir, I
What happened to Bash?
Where is Taj, Sukhi?
Where is Taj, Sukhi?
They didn't send him back.
They said they don't
have orders for it.
They have tortured Bash, Patty.
They killed him mercilessly
after a lot of torture.
They are bloody animals!
His body was in pieces.
In bloody pieces.
Is this their diplomacy?
Are these their ethics?
They say he was already
badly wounded, bloody liars!
I have seen his wounds, sir.
He was murdered by them.
Tortured and then murdered!
How much longer can we bear this, sir?
Let's hunt them down
and blow them to pieces.
Calm down, Rocky. We are angry
and that is what they want.
-Yes, sir. But--
-First, we need an update on Taj.
How is he and where is he?
Is he even alive?
I have returned your soil to you
I have repaid your debt
This head that has never
Bowed in front of an enemy
Is bowing here in front of you
Dying for you is like a celebration
Only a blessed few can
Experience such a death
I want to be reborn on your land
Just so I can say "Vande Mataram"
Team! Salute!
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
Not many people
Would sacrifice their lives
Who would give up their youth
For the sake of the country
Those who put their country
Before friends and family
Who would gladly step
Into the pyre for their country
So what if I was turned to ash?
So what if I turned into smoke?
I will keep a watch on
Our borders like the wind
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
I know what you're thinking.
That this could be Taj tomorrow.
But you're wrong, Saachi.
Your Taj will be fine.
He will be standing
in front of you very soon.
Cracking his lame jokes.
And letting you hit him.
As long as I am alive,
nobody can hurt Taj.
I want your trust, Saachi.
No one else's
only yours.
Can you put your trust
in me one last time?
He is wounded but still alive.
His life is now
inconsequential to my mission.
There is a video call from Srinagar
on our secure line, Azhar.
As-Salaam-Alaikum, Azhar.
Our plan was successful.
The Indian forces will be attacking
tomorrow night
under the guise of darkness.
Stay alert.
Salaam, Sartaj Gill.
I can see that Azhar has taken
good care of you in Pakistan.
The next time we see
each other will be in heaven.
You thought he was a RAW agent?
He is ISI's top agent
operating in India.
Rocky, tell me the plan
for Taj's rescue mission,
we need to get him
back no matter what.
According to Zareena Begum, Taj is
being held here at this military camp.
He has been tortured
but he is still alive.
We will drop the Garuds
here and our choppers--
Jai Hind, sir.
-Yes, Tanya?
There is an update that Pakistan
has shut down its airspace.
Even for domestic flights.
No aircraft is allowed
to fly over their territory.
Along with that, they have
activated two fighter squadrons
and four surface-to-air
missile squadrons at the LoC.
They have closed off all other
modes of entry, sir.
Pakistan is now a no-fly zone.
Getting into Pakistan
is now impossible, sir.
You may leave now.
Jai Hind, sir.
This is bad news.
We will need to come
up with something else.
Permission to speak, sir?
Permission denied.
Sir, I just want to know what
we are doing to bring Taj back.
This is an internal matter
concerning me and my team, Patty.
It is none of your business now.
The hell it is, sir!
I think you are forgetting that you
are no longer a part of this team.
But I am a part of the Air Force, sir.
For how long?
You have already decided to resign.
Am I wrong?
You were a fighter,
or were you just pretending?
General sahib!
You know India
will seek revenge, right?
You killed one and imprisoned the other.
They will come for us.
That is exactly what I want.
That is why I sent that infidel
back in a body bag.
My agent has
informed me of how
and when they
will be attacking us.
We are ready.
You should be too.
We are leaving at 04:00 a. m. Just ensure
that all the systems are in place.
Check Dhruv one and three.
And check the winching equipment.
Roger that.
Jai Hind.
We will bring Taj back.
I promise.
Don't worry, we will give them a
few good whacks from your side, as well.
Jai Hind, ma'am.
The AOC has asked you
to come to the main gate.
I will be right back.
How are you?
you are an officer.
Stop crying like a child.
Your mother would never say it
but I always wanted a son.
My father used to say that
a son is an asset
and a daughter is a responsibility.
That is why I kept
fulfilling my responsibility.
You wanted to fly high in the sky
and I kept you caged
on the ground.
But you still flew.
And you flew so high
that to look at you today
I need to raise my head.
Today, my daughter
has defeated my father.
I want to tell everyone with pride
that my daughter is a squadron leader
in the Indian Air Force.
Can I have the privilege
to say that?
be forgiven,
my child?
is that Pathania
just a friend of yours?
-No, no, he's
a good chap.
A true gentleman.
I have to go now.
Thank you, Patty.
You're welcome.
Minni! Rocky sir is calling
everyone for the briefing.
Garud commandos will do a HALO
jump from 30,000 feet
and from there they will head
towards the main target area
where Taj has been held hostage.
You will have 20 minutes
to extract Taj
and to destroy their base camp.
More than 100 militants
are guarding that area.
And Azhar Akhtar will
also be among them.
Your coordination cannot be off
even by a single second.
They have ruthlessly
murdered Bash,
but we will bring Taj back home.
Go get them, guys!
-Jai Hind!
-Jai Hind!
-Jai Hind!
-Jai Hind!
We are crossing LoC,
maintain external radio silence.
The IL-76 has crossed the LoC,
the Garud commandos will be
dropped in the next five minutes.
Damn, this is so stressful.
Rocky, where are their
surface-to-air missiles?
Here, sir. In this area.
-Radio speed to 220.
Get ready for the drop.
All stations alert!
Rawalakot Missile Squadron
standby to launch.
An unidentified IL-76 has
entered our airspace.
I called him here.
This is Radar Squadron 552
of the Pakistan Air Force.
You are in Pakistani airspace.
Identify yourself.
I repeat, identify
yourself right now.
Green on. Go!
Identify yourself now or
we will take offensive action.
I repeat, identify yourself
now or we will fire our missiles.
No speak Hindi.
This is a Russian passenger plane
Aeroflot 382 going
from Delhi to Moscow.
Please do not take offensive action.
Is this Dubai air control?
No! You are in Pakistan airspace.
Report your heading.
Hameed, check the flight plans.
Is there any Aeroflot flight
that is an IL-76 model?
Yes, sir.
A flight plan was filed yesterday at the
Delhi ATC at six o'clock in the evening,
and the model of the aircraft is an IL-76.
My compass not working.
It show me we are cross Dubai.
Help me, my good man.
Aeroflot 382,
our Pakistan airspace is shut.
Turn back right now.
Your nearest runway is Jammu in India.
30 kilometers.
Establish contact. They will guide you.
Go for an emergency landing.
Turning back, heading for Jammu.
We are watching you
till you cross our border.
Sir, thank you for your help.
Enjoy Burj Khalifa!
Rest in pieces.
Sandy, head for Rawalakot airfield.
I am going to Kotli.
Oh, shit! These are
actually three aircraft!
We have been tricked! Scramble.
Scramble. Scramble. Vector eight zero.
Two F-16s scrambling from Rawalakot.
Let's get them, Sandy!
Bingo! That was for Bash!
Kotli and Rawalakot
airfields destroyed.
Commandos, time over target 03 minutes.
White Panther, target
heading towards you.
Launch Minni and Sukhi.
The commandos need
to be picked up in 30 minutes.
All teams. Proceed.
Tower one clear. Proceed.
Tower two clear.
Two bandits on Jeep.
Eagle Two, West Wing.
Eagle Three, South Wing.
Go, go, go!
-Who are these people?
-Indian commandos, sir.
They were supposed
to come tonight
I won't be requiring this anymore.
I can no longer
operate in this sector.
Thank you, Yafeth Salim.
For misleading them.
Double agent?
Let's go, sir.
Azhar Akhtar can't be spared!
We need to take him with us.
Azhar is dead, sir. This camp
will explode at any moment.
Visual on Taj.
He is safe.
Let's go home.
That bloody Azhar Akhtar got away!
Come in, Sukhi. I am taking off.
Roger, Minni.
Control, this is Sukhi.
Commandos loading.
Oh, shit! Shit, shit!
This is control, Sukhi.
Sukhi, come in.
Sukhi, this is control. Come in.
Sukhi, come in.
Sukhi, this is control.
Why isn't he responding?
Sukhi? Sukhi, this is control.
Sukhi, come in.
Sukhi, come in, Sukhi! This is con--
Sukhi, this is Patty. Come in.
Sukhi, come in damn it!
Sukhi, can you hear me?
Nauty, check on Sukhi's chopper
and report immediately.
Roger! Sandy, we are heading
towards the main target area.
Oh, shit! We are hit!
Ejecting, ejecting. I don't
know where the missile came from, sir.
I think there is an enemy
aircraft somewhere in the air.
Minni, turn back.
Look for Sukhi and Nauty.
Wilco, heading back.
Heading for the main target area.
Sandy, we are sending Minni
back for Nauty and Jai.
Stay in that area
and keep an eye out for enemy fighters.
Take position!
Take position behind the tank!
Sir, I have reached
the main target area.
Sukhi's chopper has been destroyed and
there is heavy firing taking place.
I am hit! I am hit!
I am moving away.
Sandy, cover Minni.
I am dropping commandos for backup.
Move! Move! Move!
Sandy, we are launching
the reserve Sukhoi.
You're on, boys.
Jai Hind, sir.
Sir, someone else is already
sitting in the reserve Sukhoi.
Control, this is Patty
requesting for a Wizzo.
Permission denied.
Patty, get off the aircraft immediately.
Who gave you permission
to sit in the cockpit?
I am responsible for
my own actions, sir.
The ground staff has
nothing to do with it.
I am warning you, Patty.
This is a court-martial offense.
You can court-martial
me if I return, sir.
This is my team, sir.
And they need me.
I might have made some mistakes
but if you tell me that I am not
the best man to be out there right now
then I will get off
the aircraft right away.
And if not, then I request permission
for a Wizzo to join me, sir.
Patty, there is no doubt that
you are our best fighter pilot
but I can't break the rules for you.
Let him go, sir.
I never thought
I would ever say this
but victory is far more important
than rules, sir.
I want our best fighter pilot
in the sky right now
and I am willing to
accept responsibility for it.
Patty is no longer
a part of your unit.
We are all one unit, sir.
The Indian Air Force.
I got him removed
and now I want him back.
I will fly with him as his Wizzo.
This is now our team's fight.
Damn it!
Go, Rocky.
Now if there is a court-martial,
all of us are in it together.
So, you bloody well get them!
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
-Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
-Let's get them, Patty.
Yes, sir!
Control to Patty. You are clear
for take off. Runway 27.
Lock. Lock.
Almost there, come on.
Two bogeys coming from behind us.
It's an ambush!
Lock. Lock. Lock. come on!
Command! Command! It's an ambush!
Patty, you son of a gun!
Right on time!
Patty and Sandy, head towards
the main target area.
There are too many of them, sir.
We can't hold on for long.
We are sending in reinforcements.
Patty, an enemy at eleven o'clock.
Roger. Going after him.
Sandy! Incoming missile!
Command, Sandy and Unni are hit.
I am going after the enemy.
Rocky, Patty, bandit six o'clock.
Patty! He is locking us!
Incoming missile!
Patty, the missile
is going to hit us!
Brilliant, Patty! One down, one to go.
Damn it!
We are hit! We are hit, Patty!
They have got the avionics box
and the weapons system.
Fuel tank and undercarriage hit!
Let's get out of here!
Incoming missile!
LC EMERG EXWhat the hell are you planning, Patty?
Why are we turning back?
Patty, peel off!
Left-wing hit!
Goodbye, Mr. Pathania,
I told you that there won't
be a countdown next time.
And I told you
that I will be eagerly waiting.
Patty, pull up! It's an order!
Sir, it's time to
take off your seatbelt.
Like every Indian, you will also
die crawling on the ground.
I wasn't crawling.
I was just resting.
You Indians will never
lose your arrogance.
Basheer also
had a lot of arrogance.
You know what I did to him?
I cut off his fingers one by one.
I left him alive even as I cut
his body into pieces.
But he was still arrogant.
Then we showed him the Indian flag.
And then we burnt that flag.
That was when he started
screaming like a madman.
What was it that he said?
Jai Hind
Jai Hind!
And that was when
I cut off his tongue.
I took his life but couldn't
break his arrogance.
I will do the same with you.
Now say it.
Jai Hind.
Say it.
-Say it! Say, Jai Hind!
Say, Jai Hind!
Say, Jai Hind!
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
-Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
-Say it.
Say it, Sukhi!
Jai Hind!
Jai Hind!
Now I will teach you
the meaning of Jai Hind.
Jai Hind is the pride
of every child in my country.
Jai Hind is the prayer
of every mother in my country.
Jai Hind is the pride
of every single martyr of Pulwama.
Jai Hind is the salute
of Basheer's mother and father.
You can't belong to any nation!
Pakistan may be your father today
but India will always be my mother!
POK stands for
Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.
You have occupied it.
But we are the owners!
If terrorists like you
push us to our limits
then every lane, every town,
every single inch
will turn into IOP.
-Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
-India Occupied Pakistan.
Jai Hind!
Sukhi, my boy.
Charlie one. Ten o'clock.
Taj, Rocky sir.
You are a terrorist.
Don't think of yourself as a martyr.
Jai Hind.
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
Sujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalam
Shasyashyaamalam vande mataram
Blaming someone is
the easiest thing in the world.
And the most difficult
is to face the truth.
A brother
blamed you his whole life.
And you
kept fulfilling your
responsibility like a fighter.
I am your culprit.
No, sir.
You are just my CO.
Well done, Patty! Well done!
Thank you, sir.
Patty, three o'clock.
-Very proud of you. Fantastic!