Fighting For A City (2018) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen...
Go! Go!
You can't fucking do that!
Sean, get down! Sean!
- You can't do that!
- Sean, get down!
- Josh?
- Stopping it? Stopping it?
Johnny? Johnny?
Sean, don't get up!
They'll stop the fight!
Josh, straight on it!
Go on, Josh!
I've always said I wanted
to put Leeds on the map.
When you grow up,
and you're saying how you've
become connected to that,
you just start to appreciate
things about the city.
People from it.
Being Leeds's
first world champion,
that's the dream.
I want to make history
for the city.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
There, there.
Yeah, whichever way it goes.
Come on. Get your feet right.
And again.
And again.
Go shake your hands
down on the bags.
When I look back,
I think boxing's
always given me a different
way of looking at life.
When the Leeds Arena got built,
I had dreams
about fighting there.
Dreams of people walking up
and the excitement building.
Every time I drove past it,
I'd think...
Even my pals would say,
"Imagine fighting here."
Now I'm gonna build
an empire, make a legacy.
Go on, then.
Feet as well. Can we do feet?
Yeah! Yeah, we're rolling now!
Look who's there. Josh is there.
Go on, get him. Come on.
- How you going? You all right?
- I like your suit.
Good afternoon, everyone.
Welcome back to Leeds.
The top-of-the bill fight
between Josh Warrington
and Hisashi Amagasa
is a wonderful fight.
Josh Warrington has, by far,
the toughest test of his career.
It's a fight that when we had
the press conference initially,
I took my hat off
to the team for accepting.
Josh, I think you know this is
a real fight for you
on Saturday night.
Yeah, most definitely.
It's someone that I have been
training a hundred percent,
and I'm testing myself to see
if I can belong
with the elite fighters.
you've got huge support,
and you've captured
the imagination
of the Leeds people,
but I think in boxing terms,
you've always had a bit
of a raw deal
from guys that think you're just
a fighter with huge support.
And perhaps this is the win
that will give you the credit
on the world stage.
Yeah, I mean, you gotta look
at how quickly we came up.
I've always taken every step
as it's come.
And I seem to pass each test
with flying colors.
This year,
it's all about showing
that I can move on
to a world title
and I'm eligible to fight
for the world title.
Josh has a habit
of wanting to test himself,
and he wants to prove
everybody wrong.
I feel like we're in a position
where we need to be giving
the fans good fights,
while we're learning
and preparing
for a world title, but...
you don't really want to take
too much of a risk,
because you want
to ultimately move on
to that world title shot.
I'm quite concerned
about the fight.
He really has to be ready.
And if he's not, he won't beat
him. Quite simple.
Come on, Johnny.
Don't fuck about. We've lots to do.
Relax, relax, relax.
- Yeah, over the top.
- You gotta fly high.
Off you go.
That's it. Just get
the angle right on that shot.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
I'm gonna put his muzzle on now.
Oh, here we go! Here we go!
Let's have a look
in my box of tricks.
I quite like those ones
that you're not posing for.
You know what I mean?
They're natural.
You don't know
when they've taken them
and you don't know
they're being taken?
This is him here with his, er...
English title.
A few more boxing ones in here.
Let's have a look.
That's one of
my favorite pictures, that.
That's Joshua.
Look at the hairdos there.
Fucking hell!
I might have that blown up
and put it
on the front wall, anyway.
I can show you a few here.
We've got Ring magazine there.
Everybody wants their kids
to do
the best they can, don't they?
Most of all, I wanted him
to enjoy what he were doing.
I took him down
to the local gym with me,
and he were hitting bags
and things.
He had his first bout at 11,
and that were it from then on.
Boxing mad,
absolutely boxing mad.
He just scribbled on it there,
"Dad, we did it, mate.
British champion, 20 fights."
We boxed one kid
called Ryan Bradley.
And twice we got ridiculous
decisions against us.
It got to a bit of a point
I just climbed
that ring and said,
"What do I have
to do to get a win?"
Before I could answer him,
our official said,
"Get another trainer."
It's not genuinely the case
that I'm only there
because I'm his dad.
He wants me to train him
'cause he thinks
I'm the best man for the job.
Please welcome
the challenger to the scales,
from Japan, Hisashi Amagasa!
Who are ya? Who are ya?
Eight stone, 13 pounds
and eight ounces
for the challenger.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome to the stage,
the Leeds Warrior,
Josh Warrington!
Oh, Warry, Warry!
Warry, Warry,
Warry, Warry, Warrington...
When you have the kind
of fans Josh Warrington has,
everybody labels you
as a ticket-seller.
And I think they're missing out
on sometimes how good he is.
That's why
he wants the big fights,
because he feels like
he's got a point to prove.
Some people suggest
that you're only where you are
because of
your ticket-selling abilities,
and people regard that over
your actual boxing talent.
They just see me
headlining this big Leeds show
and they note the atmosphere
and they think
I've always been like that,
but it's been five years
of progression
and I've worked hard
and I've had to pull out
some good performances,
and I don't think
it gets noted enough.
- Can you sign my arm?
- You want me to sign your arm?
- Yeah.
- You're gonna wash it off tonight?
- See you tomorrow, Josh.
- See tomorrow, man, yeah.
- Ingle's talked about me.
- What does Ingle say?
He said
some nice things, actually.
- Has he boxed Amagasa?
- No.
How does he know that Amagasa
has a strong punching power?
- 'Cause of his record.
- Okay.
As soon as the weigh-in's done,
Josh will change as a person.
And he's just thinking
about that fight.
If I'm worried about the fight,
that has a big reflection,
so I need to keep calm
and chilled.
When we leave that hotel room,
he's willing
to die in that ring.
Josh Warrington
will be in action this Saturday
live on Sky Sports. He's up
against Hisashi Amagasa.
What do you make of this
challenge for Warrington?
Josh Warrington's a
very, very good fighter.
He lacks mad punching power
but his work rate
could be enough.
And I like his fan base.
some people get a bit snobbish
about the football element
to his boxing support,
but it certainly creates
a wonderful atmosphere,
- and it sells tickets.
- Course it does.
An amazing atmosphere,
and here we go again,
with this addictive,
exciting boxing journey
in front of the masses.
Warrington, the 25-year-old,
who wasn't even sure
he'd win a British belt...
Keep in focus, keep in shape.
This is where you're gonna
show your class now.
You belong at world level.
That's why we're here again.
We've re-mortgaged houses
to do this. Seriously.
He's not coming here to fucking
take that away. Not a prayer.
I never feel alive...
until fight day.
Everything what's happened
in the time
between the last fight day
has been just going through
the motions.
I've kind of like
been in a coma.
Everything you have built up
to throughout your life
has come down to this fight.
There's no feeling like it.
And now making his way
to the ring at this time,
from Leeds, Josh Warrington!
Seconds out
for the 12th and final round!
It's been
another really good one,
and another grueling affair.
The Leeds man Josh Warrington,
he'll still want
to finish this in style
and apply
the pressure on Amagasa.
In the heat of battle!
Listen to this fanatical support
in Leeds for Josh Warrington!
Another good left hook.
Amagasa can't get out of the way
of these punches.
Back comes Warrington!
Takes loose. Left hook!
His eye's cut.
He's in trouble here.
Amagasa unraveling
in front of the Leeds faithful!
It is over.
A tremendous 12-round affair.
Real high-class.
All three judges are unanimous
with their decision.
Your winner from...
Josh Warrington!
It's very,
very wide on the cards.
And I've gotta say,
we thought it was closer...
It's like, fuck me!
Warrington, a deserved winner?
Yeah, most definitely.
He did what he had to do.
He fought it out...
I'm only disappointed because
I felt like
I could've gone up
and down a gear any time.
Got on my front foot.
I know I shouldn't
get carried away,
but I feel like
when I get fucking going,
- I wanna give them a finale.
- Everybody screaming.
He's one of the most
awkward kids you've come across.
I'll give you a bollocking
later, but listen.
- You don't stop 21 fighters.
- Yeah.
Do you? Stopped 21.
A lot better than what
they're giving you credit for.
He's a lot better than
they give him credit for.
Lee Selby
watching back in the Sky Studios.
I wonder what
he's making of this.
He may have to come up here
again one day.
Well, Lee Selby, obviously
a very interested spectator,
and licking your lips
after that fight
and that performance
from Josh Warrington?
Well, it'd be easy work
for me, I think.
You asked me before the fight,
do I think he was world level?
And I said no, and after the
fight, I still think the same.
I think it'd be
an easy night's work.
IBF World Champion Lee Selby
is quite keen on coming to Leeds
to get the fight on
with yourself.
He's up for coming here
or if you want to go to Wales,
or he comes here,
he's up for the fight.
Potentially, can we get
this fight on in 2016?
Course he is, he's, you know...
- Thank you for talking to me.
- Thank you, thank you.
Josh Warrington said he took,
I think,
three pages of notes on me.
Well, I took all I needed
to know about Josh Warrington
and wrote it down
on the back of a postage stamp.
So, what did you learn
this evening, watching him?
I didn't learn nothing new.
I know he can punch.
He's got limited boxing ability.
And I think if he got
in the ring with me,
it could end disastrous for him.
The Leeds fans
are impatient people.
They want the Selby fight.
You know, they want it now.
They want their fighter to
fight for the world title next.
Joshua will put too much
pressure on him.
He won't be able
to deal with that.
Selby likes to work
at his own pace.
Josh will cut that gap and...
No, he'll batter him.
Fans don't wanna listen to me
saying about
how we're gonna protect a guy
and build him into the right
position and get him ready.
Fans say, "No, no, we want...
We wanna see blood."
They're over there, aren't they?
They're on the pitch, eh?
Can I walk over
and see them, yeah?
- Superstitious.
- How are you?
It's not like
any other normal team.
We're all fucking pals,
aren't we?
- We're close mates.
- Yeah.
Have a word with them.
Come and have a word.
I'll let you do
your thing first.
- Give me two minutes.
- Come and wish 'em well.
'Cause we've gotta go
in now, look.
Here, boys!
Ash! Crawford!
Berry! Quick word!
No, honestly, I can see it.
Warrington, Steve,
over the past two,
three years in particular,
has built this following,
this fan base around Leeds,
and he's built this kind of
Ricky Hatton-style following.
It's no different to that.
It's a straightforward
working-class lad.
He's on the terraces,
he's in the pubs,
and he's personable.
This kid has not lost
the human touch.
Come on, boys!
The city looks at Josh
and says, "We like you.
You're Leeds
through and through,
and you're the kind of bloke
we wanna get behind."
And I think that says
a lot about a person.
Go on, boys! Get in!
Yes! Get in!
The story so
far has been perfect.
Now it's all about
getting the opportunity,
and the rest is up to him.
I'm joined by
the world champion, Lee Selby.
The Josh Warrington fight,
is that
off the table
for the near future?
Yeah, that's gone.
We offered him the fight.
Like, he called me out
after every fight he has.
And now we put the fight to him,
he come up with some...
some lame excuse
that he's getting married.
And a couple of weeks later...
Well, a week later,
two weeks later,
he's announced
he's fighting the same date,
so it's a load of rubbish,
it's a farce.
I think he's just conning
them Leeds fans.
Josh Warrington will headline
a massive night of fights
in Leeds this Saturday night
against Patrick Hyland.
What do you make of that?
I think it's a sensible
fight for Josh Warrington,
but at the same time,
I do understand
why some people are saying,
"Why's he not boxing
Lee Selby?"
That seems like such an obvious
fight for Josh Warrington.
It is an obvious fight,
but also the man,
he's got momentum.
Well, let's build
more momentum.
This Hyland fight isn't no
walk in the park for him.
Two toast, a few beans
and one egg, love, please.
And I'll have a tea.
What you having, love?
- Just a tea.
- Oh!
She's not eating today,
Rachel. She's all nervous.
- You what?
- It's fight night.
- Thank you.
- There you, love.
The situation was that
they started
negotiations for Lee Selby.
We said we could
do it any month,
but August, he's getting
married, it's his wedding.
So far, boxing's been his life
and he's sacrificed so much.
One thing that he won't do,
he is very,
very family orientated,
and he won't let his family down,
he won't let his missus down
who's stood
by him thick and thin.
The mileage she's put in,
you wouldn't believe.
So, he's not gonna let her down.
Before we could kind of
conclude negotiations,
Lee Selby's management team
took to social media
started being a bit silly.
Final decision
on the Selby fight,
this were me and me alone.
When you can't speak
to people or negotiate
because they're being so...
unprofessional, if you like...
- Good luck for tonight.
- Cheers, love. Thank you.
- Are you watching it?
- Yeah.
- Good.
- Aye, so, good luck.
Cheers, love.
Thank you. See ya later.
That's a good combination
of four, five punches
together there.
He packs this place out
every single time.
His name is up in lights.
And he's looking to try
and tee off on Hyland.
It's a good smearing left-hand
there from Warrington.
And he goes down again!
The towel has come in!
And the fight is over!
Warrington celebrates...
Josh, sorry to
break you away from the photos there.
Is that the most
accomplished performance
of your career to date
do you think?
Yeah, I think so.
There's a lot of pressure
to keep on winning,
when you're just on the verge
of fighting for the world title,
so there's a load
of added pressure,
but when you get performances
like that, they pay off.
I have to talk to you
about Lee Selby,
who brought up the wedding
and said the reason that
that fight couldn't happen
and that that ship had sailed
was because
of the fact you were,
well, you know,
getting married to Natasha.
When is that fight,
and can it be made still,
in your eyes?
Listen, we wanted the fight
at the end of the year.
So, if he wants it,
he can have it.
We've got fans
who will come anywhere.
If we have to go to Cardiff,
we'll do it.
If we have to go to America,
we'll do it.
Going to have
a quick word with Eddie Hearn.
Just clear up
that world title picture.
The fans here want
a world title shot,
Josh wants a world title shot.
- Can you deliver that?
- For sure. I disagree with Josh.
The world title shot
should be here in Leeds.
And if Lee Selby wants the
fight, he's a great champion,
we can do that in November here,
no problem at all.
Josh Warrington
is ready for a world title
and we really want
to bring it to Leeds.
Well done to Josh and
your team marching on together.
That's for her to hold there.
Is someone gonna be up here
to do that before you walk down?
Uh, yeah.
Do you see that, Lee?
Two hundred quid
and I only get half a waistcoat!
Isn't it?
- Give up worrying.
- Making sure you look smart.
- I do look smart.
- You do look smart, actually.
- I'm proud of you.
- Thank you.
It is my privilege
and pleasure to tell you
that you are now legally
married, husband and wife.
You may kiss your bride.
Look at that. Catch 'em!
It's now time for big Seanio.
Pleasure and an honor
to be here today
to witness and celebrate
such a wonderful occasion.
What a fantastic place.
I mean, look at it!
When you've got
a start like this,
and you're so young, you know
they've had to work for it.
You know
that they've made sacrifices.
The stuff
that she's had to put up with,
absolutely horrendous.
Not just him.
But I mean, when we're in camp.
He's away training, sparring,
comes home in a bad mood.
Not only that, on top of that,
weeks before a fight,
there's a sex ban imposed.
I do it with him as well.
So, I'm gonna ask you all
to join me in a toast.
To Josh and his lovely bird...
I mean bride...
Josh and Natasha!
Health and happiness!
Cut a long story short, Natasha,
she's special to me.
She sacrifices so much.
Her character, her personality,
she's so unique.
I don't know
a character like her.
She's my best mate,
and I love spending
so much time with her.
She's loving,
she's addictive, a laugh.
She makes me smile.
She's beautiful inside and out.
I love you, Natasha. Thank you.
Come here.
- You okay there?
- Yeah.
Here we go, nice and slow.
You okay there, Josh?
- Yeah.
- Well done.
It's really
just a soft tissue machine,
so anything soft and squishy,
muscle, fat, water, tendon,
ligament, anything like that,
which is predominantly
what you injure.
And they'll be looking
for any gaps
and any changes
that'll look like...
um, there's been sort
of an alteration.
And it could be
as subtle as that,
and they'll stop you boxing.
You okay?
There you go, all done.
You look too good-looking
to be a boxer.
Oh, thanks very much.
You must win
all the time, do you?
Ah, here we go.
When we look at your scan here,
so this is slicing
your elbow through,
so going back to our model here,
and that's your elbow like that.
That corresponds to that,
in that position there.
And this bit of bone
shouldn't be there.
That bit of bone has grown
as a result of boxing.
You have been repeatedly
throwing your arm
into hyperextension,
but also repeatedly being
forced into, into flexion.
So that is addressed
with keyhole surgery
to remove the loose body.
I don't have no...
I don't have no routine,
I don't have no focus
when I'm not training.
when you've got an injury,
you're limited
to what you can do anyway.
It makes it
even more frustrating.
People presume stuff.
I've even seen some stuff
on fucking social media,
what, says I'm retired, so...
People slag me off.
"You'll never win
a world title."
But I've seen it, man.
That's my focus, and...
When I do it,
I just wanna turn around
and say, "I told you so."
- Yeah!
- Come on, Leeds!
Come on, Leeds, yeah?
- Cheers, mate.
- Nice one. See ya later.
All right, mate? Cheers, mate.
- Go on, Josh.
- Get in, lads.
Good lad!
I can clear up
his obsession with me.
Like, for the last three years,
he's been mentioning my name.
Even during his
last fight in between rounds,
I heard his father saying,
"Lee Selby this, Lee Selby that."
I don't know what it is.
He's obsessed with me.
Who's leading
the animosity there?
I think Selby's
trying to wind Josh up.
- He's winning.
- Initially it was Josh.
It's a phenomenal
business opportunity
in Leeds with Josh Warrington.
- Would you risk him against Selby?
- No way!
Lee Selby is probably
the most naturally
talented boxer in the country.
I think he boxes
Josh's head off.
Josh Warrington,
25 years of age.
People argue maybe hasn't got
his peak man strength yet,
but just four knockout
He's a young man
that works on volume.
He throws loads and loads
of punches.
- Yeah.
- Right?
And he doesn't get
the desired effect
of knocking guys out...
Concentrating on quantity
more than quality.
Too frenetic? Absolutely.
I think that if he boxes
someone like Lee Selby,
I don't think it's a fight
that Warrington wins.
I think, you know,
taking nothing away from him...
All right, love. Two seconds.
Do you wanna do a bit
about the future and all that?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.
Well, Josh, before we get
onto your first love,
Leeds United,
your boxing career
has taken a big turn, hasn't it?
It's taken a very big turn.
I've just signed
with Frank Warren.
BT Sports and BoxNation.
The journey continues.
Um, you know, still focused
on getting that world title...
Mr. Josh
Warrington released a statement
the other day
saying that you've parted ways.
A little bit of a shock.
You'd been building
Josh Warrington
for a while now. Why?
I wanted to talk to you
the Josh Warrington situation.
Bit of a shock.
Steve, what's happened?
You know,
things have to move on,
and we're grateful
for what he's done,
but we're just gonna get on
with building Josh's career.
I wanted him to fight Lee Selby
last summer.
And he should've boxed Lee Selby
last summer.
We was quite happy
to fight Lee Selby,
and I'd verbally agreed
to do it with Eddie,
but we never got the offer in
right, which we had verbally.
Josh wants
the Selby fight. Yeah?
But there's people around him,
they want it too,
but they want it
at the perfect moment
for the perfect amount of money,
and sometimes,
when you're a challenger
for a world title shot,
that doesn't happen.
His dad had spoken
to some other people,
and I just said, "If you
don't want to be with me,
then... that's it, really."
Everything came...
Everything came too quick.
I'm 26 years old,
and I'm my own man.
And I've got to make
my own decisions at times.
I wanted to just sit down
and go through it together
the pros and cons about
which route we take, but...
I think it just happened
a little bit quicker than that.
This side of
the boxing is just...
it's what I dislike
the most, you know?
I just wanna put the gloves on,
go train and go fight.
There's been
two or three occasions
where the meetings
with Josh Warrington's team,
I've asked for
Josh Warrington to be there
and they've told him
not to come.
It would all be very different
if he would have turned up.
- Granddad!
- What are we having?
Can I see Casey's bedroom?
Casey's bedroom? Course you can.
Go get Casey then, Lou.
Everybody's on
about Eddie and Sky,
and you live
in that little circle there.
I grew up in an era
where Frank Warren were the man.
And I've seen him
build and build and build and...
Josh has only ever grown up
with Sky, you know? And Eddie.
I don't think we've...
I don't think we've made a bad decision.
We just wanted
to be active, really,
not against
Matchroom or Eddie, but...
we just wanted to be active.
With Frank,
we're a lot more involved.
You know, everyone says, "You
don't know what you're doing
because you haven't been
a world champion."
I don't think it's about that.
I think it's about being good
at what you do.
Simple as that, you know?
Some people are fighters,
some people are trainers.
And I'm a trainer, apparently.
What's your name, mate?
- Josh Warrington.
- I-I'm gonna look you up.
- Thanks very much.
- Good luck with it.
Can you pass me a receipt,
as well, mate?
Yeah, just stick it in Google.
Leeds lad.
Yeah, I seen that.
Top man. I appreciate it.
Thanks, yeah.
I don't know about that. Cheers.
Where are we, then?
Fucking hell.
Welcome, everybody,
to BT Tower today,
as we announce
our schedule of live events
for 2017 on BT Sport.
I am not the person to do that,
but our esteemed promoter,
Mr. Frank Warren, is here
to fill in the big picture
of what it will all mean
to our viewers on BT Sport.
We moved to the 13th of May,
Leeds's own Josh Warrington,
who I'm really delighted
has come over
and joined our camp.
He will be on that card
fighting Michael McCullough.
Josh has been out for a while,
he had an injury,
so I'm looking forward to seeing
him in action.
Let's find out if they are
looking forward to it as much as we are
because I have both
of the two chaps here.
Thank you, Josh.
How you doing, Josh?
To you first.
I think within the trade
of boxing, you have been...
Josh, can I have an interview?
Go on, mate.
What we doing it for again?
- Pep Talk UK.
- Pep Talk UK.
I tell you who we had.
Two days ago, we had David Haye.
We've had
all the heavyweights on now.
So, you go do that,
and then what we'll do,
we'll catch you in Leeds
and go and have
something to eat, yeah?
All right?
With me,
I've got Josh Warrington.
How are you, Josh?
Excited to have announced
the next date.
I'm not sure
that opponent's confirmed.
I think there's been
a bit of a-- some mix-up there.
- I'm assumin' it was Michael McCullough.
- Ye-yeah, but...
That was on the
top, on the board thing.
I'm not sure about that one.
But anyway,
the date's announced.
That's the most important thing.
So where we are,
I'm going to see
Frank Warren tomorrow.
So, I wanted to close off
what we want to do.
Obviously, in boxing,
it all changes around,
but we've got
to find an opponent now.
Obviously, you know what
happened with Gavin McDonnell.
Just... I don't... For me...
I don't like...
I don't like it.
I think it's
too far a step back.
I like Gav as a lad and that,
and I've known him for years.
But I don't know,
you can't go from Amagasa,
and then go to someone
like fucking Gav McDonnell.
Do you know what I mean?
So, is there any other names
on there? Ryan Walsh?
Are we up for Ryan Walsh
if we get into WBO Eliminator?
I am. He's got a really good following.
He's a nice lad as well.
His two brothers
help him sell tickets.
- He's a pick.
- I like him.
I like him, me.
Right, give us a name.
You give us a name.
You can't say that because
all I wanna say is Lee Selby.
Do you know what?
They did try Selby again, but...
- They tried him again.
- They didn't wanna know?
They didn't want to know.
This is all the time.
It feels like a lot of fans,
with Eddie building it up,
they're always known
for that now.
"You should be fighting
for the world title now."
Eddie started all that media stuff
and world title far too early.
Far too early.
Um... Golden Boy
have offered you $100,000
to go over to America
and fight him.
I'm taking it you'd be happy
to go over there,
even though it means you're
earning less money, but...
it's great experience,
isn't it,
in case we have
to go over to America?
I think it'd give the Arena
a rest for one.
It'd give the Arena a rest,
so everyone would be chomping
to come back to it.
- For half of the money?
- Yeah. Yeah.
And earning a wage slip.
Don't make sense, does it?
You're lucky if you walk away
with 50 grand
with that, aren't you?
- Yeah.
- You're taking a big hit there.
You know, money is
a massive part of it now,
because we're
in a very good position,
but fighting on a massive card
like that would be a good step,
getting ourselves out
to the American audience,
and worldwide exposure.
If you're going to Vegas,
it's got to be for something.
It's got to be
for the right money.
You know what I mean?
You've had a bit of success,
but not that much success
where you can chuck nearly
a couple of hundred grand away.
- I'm not saying that.
- You know what I mean?
I'm not saying that whatsoever.
You asked me my opinion. I just
said my opinion, that's all.
I didn't ask
your opinion, did I?
Yeah, you said,
"That's what I'm thinking."
- Then you said...
- No, I said it don't make sense.
It isn't even sport any more.
It's business.
- That's what it is.
- Yeah.
That's the way it's going
with everything.
But that's all I'm saying.
You've still got this thing
about being a world champion.
And you will be.
Five, four, three,
two, one.
Josh has, over the last
probably ten months now,
been out of action
for an injury
and various other reasons,
but now he's back in the game.
He picked Kiko
for his first fight back.
It's a tough fight back
for him,
and that tells you
what Josh is all about.
It's a great fight
for the fans.
It's gonna be a fantastic
atmosphere in Leeds.
I've heard so much about it.
And on Saturday, it should be
quite a unique evening.
Do you want to do a bit of
ropes and a bit of pads and stuff?
Where you going?
- Eh?
- Where you going?
What do you mean,
where am I going?
He's only little, Martnez.
He won't be hitting me up there.
Need to pull it down a bit.
Can you just fucking
leave it alone, please?
I fucking buy all those.
I tell you what,
you better shut your mouth
before I fill you in.
You're being
very particular lately
and precise and everything, you.
Just calm yourself down.
You're getting all giddy.
Just put
your fucking hands in here.
As he goes down
for that shot there,
just drop it, just single shot
to counter that.
Don't be in a rush. Settle down.
Very erratic today, mate,
very erratic.
You're drawing your feet
together and all sorts.
I don't where it's come from.
Some terrible fucking habits
coming back out there.
Settle them feet down, get
some movement from your waist.
Get your legs working
with your hands.
I know you are.
What the fuck's up with you?
I don't know.
- Alright, stick with it.
- Settle down.
Get your fucking head together
instead of falling apart.
Get your legs under you,
stop jumping forward.
Drop your weight back.
Feet are all over, yeah.
Well done.
I'm very close to my dad.
I always have been.
We have such a strong
and he'd be the first person
I turned to for advice.
But sometimes,
he can be overpowering.
He tries to dictate everything.
That's where a bit
of animosity can be created.
If I disagree
with something he thinks,
he might take that personally
and it carries into the gym.
If we're arguing,
the whole family feels it.
When my mom left us,
he held the family together.
He's put me first
in helping me achieve my dream.
You all ready to go?
Sixteen fucking weeks.
This is where you're gonna
show your class now.
Time I can
never repay him with.
Yeah, do you understand?
He wants to go to war,
you don't go to war.
Do not swing with him,
not until we're ready.
- On your head?
- In my eyes.
- Eh?
- In my eyes.
Let me get it out.
Fucking have it, boys! Come on!'ve all been waiting for.
Leeds, are you ready?
Let's go to work, yeah?
Everybody out!
I were a little bit
worried about him getting hurt
at one time
when he were only a kid.
And we've had this argument.
We've had massive
stand-up rows, me and him.
We might not talk
for two or three weeks.
That's it. Have a look.
It's not all about boxing.
We've got that mix of father
and son and the boxing. the
winner, Josh Warrington!
You've got
to look after your kids.
That's what we're here for.
That's why we have them--
to look after them.
I think you're having twins.
I know. It's all right.
- Yeah.
- Come on, babies.
I know.
- Did I feel something then?
- Yeah. Probably.
- I'm just gonna reverse a call.
- That's fine.
- I feel absolutely huge.
- You're tiny.
Do you think you'll have
a caesarean, then?
Well, I've told them I want one.
I think they should with twins.
They should operate.
They offer everybody an option,
just nobody knows
that they offer it.
- Really?
- Yeah.
When do you find out?
When's your next scan?
- Hopefully tomo-- Monday.
- Monday?
Yeah. I'm scanned
every week now.
Hopefully you find out.
I've said I think
they're girls anyway
because I've gone off meat.
I went off meat.
Do you have any names?
- For girls?
- Yeah.
It's gonna be Eliza and Olivia.
- So, you really have thought.
- Oh, yeah.
I'll park it in this one.
They've announced
the twins in the paper today.
About parenthood.
Giving Josh an incentive
for his boxing.
So, that's like the first time
anyone knows, really.
It's something we've
been working very hard on.
We was trying to get
a straight shot at Selby,
but unfortunately,
the negotiations
became very difficult,
so we thought
we'll force the issue.
We managed to get the IBF
to agree
to this Final Eliminator.
Josh has got
to get through Dennis,
and if he comes through it,
then Selby has nowhere to go.
I have noticed, this fight, that
every time BoxNation
or BT Sports
have put something up
about Josh,
everybody that comments
on it are Selby fans.
They don't think
that he's good enough.
But once this IBF World Title
Eliminator's won tonight,
then he's got nowhere to hide.
It puts him mandatory
to fight for that title.
There's a lot of trolls online.
Like, we found that out
near the wedding.
Like, one guy said,
"Oh, wouldn't it be funny
if Josh got his jaw broke
just before he got married?"
Oh, yeah, that's cracking,
that, mate. Hilarious.
I'll come and break yours
and see what you say.
So, has this pregnancy
really taken it out of you?
Josh is like, "I'll go
my separate way, now you go yours.
You're going to watch me,
I'm going to fight."
I know how hard he's trained.
I know how much he wants it
and how much determination
he has.
I think he feels a little bit
more pressure than I do.
Did Josh get there all right?
Because it is the IBF
World Title Eliminator.
He's nearly there,
he's touching dust now.
Oh, good.
He'll be there soon.
Hi. I'm Natasha Warrington.
Yep, thank you.
- That's for you.
- Yep, thank you.
He is
the number-five-ranked contender
in the world by the IBF,
the former undefeated European,
British and Commonwealth
Josh "The Leeds Warrior"
Go on, Josh!
Come on, Josh!
That's it! On him, Josh!
Put it on him, Josh!
One, two, three,
four, five, six...
Don't get up! Don't get up!, eight, nine...
Where are you,
Selby, you fucker?
Come on!
Brilliant! Amazing!
That was amazing.
After years
of build-up, it's finally on. announce what is
quite definitely going to be
one of the fights of the year.
May 19th,
Lee Selby will defend
his IBF World
Featherweight Championship
against mandatory challenger
Josh Warrington.
I feel like
I've already done this.
I've seen this many times.
And this is just meant to be.
And on May 19th,
I know a few things.
There's gonna be
a royal wedding,
there's gonna be
an FA Cup Final,
and Leeds is gonna have
its first world champion.
The fight takes place
at the home
of Warrington's
beloved Leeds United
at Elland Road in front
of an expected crowd
of around 25,000 fans.
Warry, Warry,
Warry, Warry, Warrington!
Oh, Warry, Warry!
I think from today,
that's 17 weeks.
From my point of view,
17 weeks is a long camp,
and we want to make sure
he's not overcooked.
Obviously, we've got
the twins coming along,
so we've got to find
a rest period that suits them.
- Do you want to carry on, Sean?
- Yeah, I mean, to be honest,
our best performances
have come with shorter camps,
or when we've done
one camp straight after another.
My idea, War', is doing
an 11-week camp.
we're short there by six weeks,
so that six weeks, what's gonna
happen is, hopefully,
she's gonna fire the babies out.
He can get to grips with that,
feeding them and training
and anything else,
and then we'll start
a proper camp.
This one has got to be
the fittest I've ever been.
I would say, personally,
from my side,
being in the ring,
taking the shots,
I need to touch on my defense
a little more.
I think so.
We know the amount
of training now
to get to his peak.
We don't want to overcook it.
We all know what
we should be doing,
and we can finalize
that between us,
but we've got to stick to it.
You know what I mean?
Selby's a very good fighter.
You don't get a world title
and hang on to it.
I've never ever said
any other or thought any other.
What I'm saying is
that I think we can beat him.
Give me some sugar.
Yes, trust me.
What day is it?
Eighth of March, 2018,
your mom and dad here,
Olivia and Eliza.
Today you've been registered.
It's a beautiful day
outside Leeds Town Hall.
We're proud parents,
and you're officially
people today.
So, there you go.
Well done, guys.
"Well done, guys"?
- Stand with them, Tash.
- I am standing with them.
Ah, she's smiling.
She's happy now.
Gonna change the world.
And not get punched in the head
for a living. That's good.
I kinda don't wanna go. I wanna
stay here and just like...
Look at the town hall?
Making the bottles, because
it's feed time, apparently,
but it just don't stop.
I just wanna get a bath
and have some breakfast.
And this is what I get.
If it's not one, it's the other.
Obviously, this is the big one.
A lot of media attention.
Boxing's about timing,
and the timing's right now.
Maybe two years ago,
it weren't meant to be, but now,
this is the right time
to go for it.
It's been brewing
for a long time.
You said that
in the press conference.
It seems like
there's a lot of tension.
Something like
what does annoy me
is the fans getting stick
because there's an old clich
that they're just football fans,
but they're just supporting me
because I'm a local lad,
so they want to jump on
and make sure I have
as much support as possible.
- Thank you very much.
- No problem. Cheers.
- I appreciate it.
- All right?
Off we go.
One more time we're doing this.
One more time, yeah?
- Time.
- Well done, Johnny.
Get plenty of water.
Four minutes, and then
we're gonna go onto rhomboids.
...two, one, time.
Come on. Let's show
some skills off for your kids.
Oh, baby girl. It's okay.
Oh, sweetheart, don't cry!
Oh, no, I know, I know.
I'm an 'orrible dad,
aren't I? I know.
What's your daddy doing to you?
What you doing?
Terrible, isn't it?
Absolutely scandalous,
I agree with you completely.
Does that feel better?
Does that feel better now? Yeah?
Ey-up, lad, all right?
Ey-up, my lad. How you doing?
I'm good, geezer. Are you?
Good, mate.
Good, thank you.
Do you want me to drop the tickets
off at your dad's or yours?
Um, my dad's,
if you don't mind.
Right, sound. Sound.
He doesn't mind me
coming down
in, like, half an hour?
He's not gonna go to bed early?
No, no, no, I've told him.
I've let him know.
All right, mate, no worries.
No worries, pal. See ya, mate.
Gimme a kiss. Gimme a kiss.
Ah, champione!
As soon as they were born,
people were telling me,
it puts a different focus
on your life,
and I can definitely
vouch for that.
Definitely agree with that.
People don't realize,
as a professional boxer,
sometimes you don't get paid
unless you sell tickets.
So, I did that
from an early doors.
Tell people that, you know,
follow my journey,
they're part of it, and...
I just wanted people from Leeds
to just get behind me.
We've got
a massive fan base now,
but there's a select few who
have been coming from day one.
I still go along, see 'em,
drop them their tickets off.
Even though I could just
send them to the box office,
I like
the personal touch with it.
- Hiya, love.
- How you doing? You all right?
I am, love. Come on in.
You want me
to take my shoes off?
- No.
- Are you sure?
When were the last time they had
an event like this at Leeds?
Do you know what I mean?
It's 20 years.
It's probably another 20 years
before it happens again.
There you go. No worries.
And then there's 300... L-31.
I'm still waiting for
some from L-30 as well.
- Three hundred counted for there?
- Yep.
Last one to get tickets.
You don't want Daddy to go, no?
Shall I stay here
and have some cuddles?
- I won't be long.
- Bye.
A few weeks back, Tash were
sorting out some clothes
and baby growers and vests
and all that stuff,
and I hadn't even seen them
in half of that stuff.
I've missed them
little bits of times.
I could tell when I said
I weren't gonna be back today,
I won't be back in time,
I could tell she were gutted.
That's it. Yeah?
Yeah, don't miss. Don't miss.
One of
the key things with Selby,
just do exactly the same
as what you were doing,
but then get that off
from under there.
From there instead of
jumping back in.
- From there.
- So, bam-bam-bam, boof.
- I've come round, bam, bam.
- Yeah.
Dig in, dig in, keep going.
Mainly what we've been doing
when we're doing this part of it
regarding mental fitness,
is looking for distractions.
Getting distracted
by random thoughts,
getting distracted
by expectations,
what you're not achieving.
If you don't achieve it,
you are then dwelling on it
a little bit.
Our work has always been
with a good possibility
that we're gonna meet Selby
in a big showdown someday.
Selby's always
been on the radar.
If you can change
somebody's mind,
somebody's attitude,
you can totally change them
as a fighter.
With Josh,
it soon became apparent
that when
he started to get noticed,
people started
to talk about him,
he was selling
a lot of tickets...
Time. had an effect on him.
It had an effect
on his performance.
The crowd were getting to him.
Josh would start
having thoughts,
could start feeling
that he's letting them down.
One-two, one-two.
Little mistakes here
can cost you the night.
One-two, left hook,
left hook to body.
It's not going
to be easy on May 19th.
Selby's one-dimensional,
but in that dimension,
he is very effective.
So, you have got to take
his confidence away.
- Two-five-seven-six.
- Yes.
Come on.
- Good!
- Come on!
A big card
in the UK this weekend
with Leeds favorite,
Josh Warrington,
challenging IBF Champion
Lee Selby at Elland Road.
It's a great fight.
Warrington accepts
that he's a huge underdog.
Lee Selby is as much
as four-to-one on
with the bookmakers.
He believes that at the age
of 27 now, his time has come.
Do you think there's a chance
that the pressure
could get to Selby?
It will not
get to Lee Selby.
That kid has got
ice in his veins.
There are gonna be times
in this fight, I think,
when Josh Warrington
finds Lee Selby
very difficult to pin down.
He's gonna need
the performance of his life,
and as the bookmakers suggest,
that has to be deemed unlikely.
Not impossible, but unlikely.
Lee Selby will be
thanking his lucky stars
that he's got Josh Warrington.
Beating up Josh Warrington
in front of his home fans
at Elland Road.
See ya, Selby!
There is this buzz,
and there's something special
about an outdoor fight,
there's no question about it.
You know when
he drives past Elland Road,
when he's going
from the gym to his house,
he has a lump in his throat.
He's got that rich affinity
with that club.
That means something to him.
Will that work for him
or will it work against him?
I'm not sure even he knows.
Every time I go out,
someone will pass me.
"Are you really fighting
at Elland Road?"
Now it's come to life,
I should be, like,
pinching myself, but...
I'm not surprised it has.
It's funny when I go down
Elland Road now
and I'm watching football,
I'll sit and...
look at the stands
and look at the crowd.
Envision myself walking out.
And now we're there.
All the pieces of the jigsaw
are just coming together.
This is definitely meant to be.
What the fuck's this one here,
as well?
You know what?
I'll just take all three.
A pair of trainers
for the night, look.
Have you got my trousers, love?
Are they my underpants?
I can't go with
no fucking undies on, can I?
Should I put them
in the dryer for a bit?
What? Nah, they're all right.
It's a bit of boxing,
love, isn't it?
I don't like to break
with tradition.
My lucky underpants
as well, look.
Bang on, them.
I always take two pair.
I like to be fresh,
know what I mean?
Hang on, have I got any on?
We all love Leeds!
We all love Leeds!
Cheers, pal!
You know,
myself included,
nobody would've had us down
for getting this far.
And still some people
don't have us down
for getting this far.
If it all went wrong tonight,
what they'd do is they'd say,
"Well, we told you so."
They forget about the English,
British, Commonwealth, European.
WBC with all the defenses.
IBF Final Eliminator.
They forget about all that.
You know. "Well, I told you so."
You know?
You'll always get that, though,
won't you?
It's a Leeds boy
fighting at Elland Road,
in front of all these fans that,
I keep saying it,
they're the best in the world.
They are to us.
I know nobody likes us
anywhere else,
but that don't matter
'cause we're not anywhere else.
We're in Leeds, aren't we?
I'm so excited.
He's already
warned me tonight, he said,
"It might look like I'm losing,
but that's part of the plan."
Thank you. Look in the mirror?
All right, thank you. Yeah.
Yeah, love it.
That's a lovely stroke.
A little bit too much.
There were too much length
on there.
Oh, it's just fallen short.
And you can see the frustration
in Tony's face.
He's not happy about that.
They'll be taking the piss
on Monday morning,
and he knows it.
What would Janine from Accounts
say about this?
What time is it?
It's the car outside.
All right, I'll be down
in ten minutes.
All right, bye-bye.
Come on. Come on,
it's your day. Come on.
- Thank you. Good luck.
- You're welcome. Cheers, lovey.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
I'm not fucking the hardest
hitter, the fastest, but...
Warry, Warry,
Warry, Warry, Warrington!
Knock his fucking head off!
Go on, Josh!
Oh, is that her?
Have you done yet? Are you
still waiting for a load, yeah?
Fucking hell!
Cutting it fine, aren't they?
Turn it back over.
Yeah, I'm happy with that.
All right.
Right, that's it.
Ready to fucking go.
- Fucking have it, boys.
- Go on, Johnny!
There's only one way
this is ending, pal.
There's only one way
this is ending, Josh.
First time you went to that
boxing gym when you were eight,
and it's gonna be finished
tonight. The world title.
Josh! Josh! Josh!
It's your night this, Josh.
...the challenger
from right here, Leeds, England,
Josh "The Leeds Warrior"
I predict a riot
I predict a riot
I predict a riot
I predict a riot
And if there's
Anybody left in here
That doesn't want
To be out there
I predict a riot
I predict a riot
I predict a riot, yes!
I predict a riot
And now let's welcome
to the ring
the defending world champion,
"Lightning" Lee Selby!
From Leeds, England,
this is our main event
of the evening!
Right, listen.
Nice and tight.
Don't be stiff.
Nice and relaxed.
Just gotta slip in jabs, yeah?
Right, lads,
you both know the rules,
so let's just have
a good, clean fight, okay?
Most of all, defend yourselves
at all times, all right?
Keep it clean.
Listen, we're doing this, yeah?
Don't get excited.
Keep relaxed. Johnny?
All right?
Warrington's plan has got to be
to not allow Lee Selby
any sort of rhythm.
Selby, technically,
I think by common consensus,
the better boxer.
Warrington's super fit,
super committed.
Just relax! Relax! Relax!
Selby, you see,
clearly the taller man
with the reach advantage.
Good body shot from Warrington.
Good boy!
Just relax, be patient!
Fast start from Warrington.
Trying to bully Selby
back onto the ropes.
Both getting a feel
of the strength of each other.
A good left-hander from Selby,
but Warrington replies
with one of his own.
That's it, Johnny.
He don't like it.
He's got a live opponent!
He's had a good
opening round here, Barry.
Come on, Josh!
That was a
really good opening round
for Josh Warrington.
- Right, listen.
- Yeah?
He's not strong enough
to hold you off.
But stop that fucking lead hook.
If I see you do that again,
I'll bounce this off your head.
All he thinks you've got
is that. Be patient.
This is yours,
but settle down now.
Trainers out! Round two!
and his father Sean O'Hagan
have studied long and hard,
the action of Lee Selby
in these big fights.
And he said he spotted
how easy he was to hit
with the left hook,
and it's been the left hook
in the first three minutes
which served
Warrington really well.
- And again there.
- And again.
And he pushes Selby
back, Warrington.
He's cut! He's cut!
Was it heads that did it?
He's cut over
the left eye, Lee Selby.
I'm not sure if that was
heads or the right hand, John.
is going after him now.
And the crowd respond.
They can see blood
on the face of Lee Selby.
It's gonna be fascinating
to see exactly what caused that.
If it's a clash of heads,
it could wind up being
a no-contest.
Oh, good shot, Warrington!
And again!
Right hand, left hand.
And Selby in trouble there!
His legs, I think,
momentarily stiffened.
What a great round
for Josh Warrington!
Confirmed by the organizer
that it is indeed a cut caused
by an accidental clash of heads.
Get out of the ring.
Get the fucking stool out!
Oh, dear, dear,
that was a bit of
a full-on piece of corner work
from Chris Sanigar.
They seem to have done
a good job on that cut,
at least for the time being.
He started this round better.
Good right hand, then a
left uppercut there from Selby.
Good round, this,
for the Welshman so far.
After a great start,
Warrington's just struggling
to find the range that
he did in the first two rounds.
Johnny, target his eye!
Target his eye!
And that's a great
right hand from Selby.
May have been
his best punch so far,
and Warrington said something,
as much as to say,
"Is that all you've got?"
Well, those who said that
he was gonna be
totally outboxed,
Josh Warrington,
they've been proved wrong here.
Come on! Good boy!
Good boy! Good boy!
Now he is told
to back away,
and the referee is
looking at the cut.
And the right eye
is cut as well.
Selby is an absolute mess
in there.
You can't do that!
You can't fucking do that!
Sean, get down! Sean!
Josh? Johnny? Johnny?
If it's accidental,
it would go to the cards.
You don't need
to stop that!
- That's nothing!
- Get down, please.
Sanigar's losing it!
He's losing it!
Josh? Johnny?
A lot of protests
coming from the corner.
I said Michael Alexander
could be a key man.
He certainly is now.
But he's saying
the action goes on.
Let's go! Let's go!
Let's turn the screw!
is busting Selby up
with massive headshots.
He is bullying the Welshman
around the ring!
Tremendous effort
from Warrington!
And that is a huge round
for Josh Warrington!
He's gonna look for big singles.
And the big single's gonna be
uppercut or right hand.
So, let's keep doing it,
let's keep the shape on
when he exchanges.
I've lost my fucking chewing
gum, Johnny. In the bucket.
Sean O'Hagan...
..brought Josh up
for much of his life.
Let's go, Johnny!
He's taken
a lot of shots, Selby,
and he's taking more now.
How many more of these
concussive headshots can he take?
And they're going now
toe to toe.
It could be pivotal moments now.
Good work from Selby.
A good left hook to finish
the combination from Lee Selby.
And again.
Better work from the Welshman.
You're letting him back in!
Come on,
don't let him control it!
Oh, yes!
It's coming down to the time
when it's will and desire.
I think the best work
of the round
came from Warrington,
but probably Selby did enough.
He's gonna come out
and give everything.
But he's only got a minute
in him, Johnny.
What we're gonna do now,
we're gonna slip inside
with that front hand
up the middle,
roll across
with right hand over.
Three minutes remaining.
Selby in no mood
to say, "Well done."
Likewise, Warrington.
And they are gonna go for it
tooth and nail.
No! That side!
That side!
One minute gone!
How long, Nicky?
Finish him, Josh!
And a wall of noise
is now cascading
out of the stands
and across the pitch
here at Elland Road.
They've waited
an awful long time for this.
Josh Warrington
decried by many experts,
and certainly
many armchair pundits,
as being
a domestic-level fighter.
He's shown himself to be
very, very much more than that.
Tremendous fight!
And Josh Warrington
raises his arms aloft!
And I think Lee Selby knows it,
that on the night,
he has been outgained,
and that the strategy
of the Warrington camp
has been spot on.
Wait a minute! Calm down!
Everybody, calm down!
Everybody, calm down!
Back to naught!
Always an anxious moment
for the fighters.
But I think now that Thomas
Treiber has the result up there.
Ladies and gentlemen,
after 12 rounds of boxing,
we go to the judges' scorecards,
and we have a split decision.
Judge Alan Davis
scores it 115-113,
in favor of Lee Selby.
Judge Phil Edwards
scores it 116-112
in favor of Josh Warrington.
And Judge Frank Lombardi
scores it 115-113
in favor of your winner...
and new...
..IBF Featherweight
Champion of the World,
Josh "The Leeds Warrior"
And how about a big round
of applause for Lee Selby?
- Fucking lift me up.
- Get here, then.
It started with just me,
my dad and my pals.
Now it's me and the city.
it just brings so much joy
and so much happiness, and...
I feel like
we've done it together.
Well done, darling.
How'd the night go for you?
Tell you what...
My dad,
it were always me and him.
I used to think as a kid if
I got into a fight and lost,
I'd feel like
I let my dad down.
But if he said,
"Well done, son,"
then I felt like a god.
'Cause he were my hero.
He still is now.
Why am I holding it?
Cheers, everybody.
each and every one of you.
Absolutely fantastic!
Throughout the years
of people saying,
"You won't go far
with your dad,
you might need
to change trainers."
I feel like
he's put so much into it
that I always wanted
to make him proud,
I always wanted
to represent him.
When we win, we win together.
When we go into battle,
we go into battle together.
I wouldn't have it
any other way.
I don't trust 'em.
Tash... why not?
Then they can't lose it.
Can't reach it.
Here you go, darling.
Daddy and daughter day,
let's go.
Go see Granddad?
Hello. Are you all happy now?
Are you all happy now?
Can I have a kiss now?
- Mwah.
- Look.
Johnny, look at her laughing.
What's he doing to you?
What's he doing to you?
I'm a natural with kids, Johnny.
Look, she's stopped now.
I'm a natural.
I've got it, you see? It's a gift.
Natural idiot.
Smashed it, haven't we?
We're a right team.
We've done it.
When have we got these?
Cannot fucking wait.
Heh... Yes.