Fighting the Sky (2018) Movie Script

What is that noise?
You people, where
did you all come from?
Hello, Robert.
Hey beautiful.
How are you?
I'm alright, how are you?
You look beautiful, as always.
Why'd you call me, Robert?
Well honestly,
I wanted to invite
you to a party tomorrow night.
But now that I'm seeing you,
I'd like to see you
now if that's possible.
I can't get you out of my head.
I wanna see you like that
night out at your dad's cabin.
You remember, the hot
tub, that little skirt
you were wearing, all the
things you weren't wearing.
It was so hot that night.
I could literally watch
the sweat evaporate
from your belly button
and the little birthmark
on your back that looks
like a little eclipse.
You know what I'm talking about.
Are you drunk?
Well, it doesn't matter.
You can't tell me you
don't remember that.
That was a long
time ago, Robert.
And no I don't remember that.
But I guess some people change.
I haven't changed.
Yeah, exactly.
There appears to
be quite the frenzy
here at J. Marion
Hospital where 12 people
who claimed to have
fallen from the sky
have been admitted
into the facilities
and are now being escorted
by the police and staff.
Now none of these people
have been identified yet,
and there have been
several reports
within the last 24 hours
of similar incidents
taking place around the world.
Now U.S. officials have yet to
make a comment on the matter
as the President of
the United States
is set to make a
statement later tonight.
Now many people have
begun to speculate
that these people from the sky
are somehow connected
to the strange sounds
that have been heard
around the world
in the last four days.
As you can see, there's
quite the commotion
going on around me
here at J. Marion.
We are witnessing a global.
What sounds like something
out of a science fiction novel
is a reality throughout the
world and in our backyard.
You know this whole
sounds from the sky thing,
it's kinda ridiculous.
No one even knows where
they're coming from,
- no one knows what to do.
- Is it even real?
I think they're
actually making it up.
- I think so too, honestly.
- I can hear it.
Hey, how are all my favorite
ladies doing, including you?
One for you, punk.
Hell yeah.
This one's to naked
people from the sky
and my future baby from above.
STEVEN: I'm Steven
Farris for Channel 2 News,
live at the J. Marion Hospital.
What, don't you wanna
just chill with me?
What are you doing here?
Whoa, the sounds
are alive tonight.
Oh yeah, boys.
I got an idea
about those sounds.
Every time we hear a sound,
we gotta chug down a beer.
BUDDY: Oh yeah.
You would lose.
That's for sure.
Hey, is that Lorraine?
You remember her.
BUDDY: Didn't she move
like eight months ago?
It was a year ago.
MAN: That was right before
her sister died, right?
that guy she's with?
Have you ever seen him before?
He seems like a bigger
punk than you, though.
I got some ideas.
Let's see your ideas.
Please, you remember
what happened last time.
No, I was drunk, I
hardly remember anything.
You peed your pants!
(LAUGHING) Really?
No, you don't get
any more drinks.
Just get me one.
Okay, I'll be right back.
Whoops, sorry.
Looks good on you.
Been a long time.
That was really low.
Let me as you a question.
This should be good.
Why did you leave?
Let's see, you were
arrogant, pompous, possessive,
- a womanizer.
- Not that.
Need I say more?
The club, URS, everybody.
You guys were a force.
That wasn't a force,
that was a circus.
Something real.
Those guys kept me
on constant run around
with random evidence about
supernatural bullshit.
You don't believe
that for one second.
And you're gone for a year
and you show up with that guy?
Are you serious?
What's it to you?
He's not even a man.
You jealous?
I don't get jealous.
You are so jealous.
You miss me so much.
You wish.
Look at him,
he's probably gay.
You're right, he is
gay, and he's my cousin,
and he's more of a man
than you will ever be.
Whoops, sorry.
been a lot of buzz
over the last few weeks
about strange sounds
being heard in the atmosphere.
People around the
world and here at home
have reported hearing
some bizarre noises.
Do you think
this might be real?
The latest were reported in
the Battlefords last weekend.
I think they're
Extra what?
It's so obvious.
It's coming from the sky,
what else could that mean?
Valerie, stop, you're
scaring your sister.
There's no such thing as
aliens, it's just the news.
They're just making up
stories to sell articles.
There's nothing to worry about.
How do you know, Mom?
Because I'm a grown up, and
grown ups know these things.
And how old are you?
I'm 40, and 40 is a long time.
I have a lot of
knowledge up here.
I've seen a lot of things.
Well, I'm 13, and I think
I'm wise enough to know
there might be extraterrestrials
or any other type of things.
This is not fake, Mom.
You are old enough to know
not to scare your
little sister, okay?
So no more talk of aliens.
I'm just preparing
for the future.
Well, I'm going to
prepare for my future, too,
because I'm gonna go
upstairs and take a shower.
You girls finish eating, 'kay?
Dishes in the sink?
REPORTER: I've heard
that Jesus is coming back.
I've heard that the
world is ending.
I'm right.
REPORTER: This phenomenon
stretched beyond
North Battleford.
Similar experiences
were reported
in Saskatoon,
Northern Saskatchewan,
and parts of the
U.S., even in Europe.
U of S Professor Jean
Pierre Sanmarie says
there is a natural explanation.
You hear it?
We're all in.
Lorraine, hey, listen.
Hi Lorraine.
Yeah, good to
see you last night.
Um, unfortunately
didn't get to say hi.
Not a big deal, lots of people,
lots of things going on.
Not offended.
We just wanted to
send you a quick video
and let you know that we really
need you back in our group.
There's something
going on and we know
that you heard the sounds
in the sky the other night.
This is huge, Lorraine.
I'm serious, we
are on to something
and without you
we cannot do this.
This is what we've
been waiting for.
This is what we have
been waiting for!
TERI: We need you, Lorraine.
Something big is
about to happen.
We can feel it.
Listen, we know with
everything that happened
you needed time and space,
and we respect that.
But this, this is what
we created this group
for to begin with, and
without you we are incomplete.
It's true, Lorraine.
You were the glue
that held us together.
The four of us, yeah.
And we really need you.
Plus we need you for
your geographical sense.
You knew exactly where to look,
you knew exactly where to go,
and we need our leader back.
- Yeah, seriously.
- We need our powers combined.
That is the key, we
need our fourth member.
So we expect you to
call us back, tonight.
Please call us, Lorraine.
We love you and we miss you.
ROY: Call us, love you.
TERI: Bye.
Excuse me, miss.
Hi sweetie, how can I help ya?
Um, do you have any books
on aliens and stuff like that?
That's all the craze today
with all the noises in the sky.
Um, you know, I think the
last one has been checked out.
Um, oh, you know what?
Actually, that
gentleman right there,
he actually has the last book.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
Yeah, that's a great
book, what do you think?
MAN: Well, I'm
trying to figure out
what happened this morning.
Did you see anything?
I just heard stuff.
I don't know, it's
pretty crazy though.
MAN: I know, it's weird.
WOMAN: Those sounds,
they're just so scary.
MAN: I know, I heard
'em all last night.
MAN: They said they heard
'em all over the world.
WOMAN: I just have no
idea what to think about it.
MAN: It's so weird,
have you heard 'em?
WOMAN: Oh, I have.
...different directions.
WOMAN: It does, it just
keeps me awake at night.
I don't know what it...
MAN: You scared?
WOMAN: You think it's
the end of the world?
VALERIE: Rosie, what
are you doing here?
I'm selling chocolates
for my school fundraiser.
Okay, I'm not gonna buy one,
so why are you talking to me?
Mom also sent me
here to tell you
to go pack for our
field trip tomorrow.
You know you could
have called me, right?
But you never answer my calls.
You know what, just go.
Rosie, come here my
beautiful sister.
Hello sir, would
you like to buy
some chocolate for
my school fundraiser?
How much are they?
They're one dollar each.
I can go for that.
Thank you.
I'd like to check out
these books, please.
Oh my God, I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
Yeah, it's fine.
But what are you doing?
I'm just trying to
track long range sounds
in the sky, what are you doing?
Oh, I'm just reading.
It's peaceful down here.
Young girl reading
alone in a secluded field?
Wait, I know you.
You're Lorraine Garder from the
Unexplained Research Society
at the college, right?
It's Gardner, and not quite.
That was just a
silly little hobby
that I did a while
ago in school.
Then what are you doing?
I don't know.
Good question.
Well, I'm Valerie.
Those sounds you're
hearing, what are they?
Honestly, I don't know.
But they could be
I knew it.
Do you think this might
be the end of the world?
Who's to say?
I can tell you this much, if
it was the end of the world
I wouldn't be anywhere
near this city.
Those sounds that we've been
hearing sound really hostile.
It's not a safe place.
And where would you go?
I don't know.
My father owns a cabin in
Cayo Woods, probably go there.
It's secluded and safe.
See you around, Valerie.
Where the hell is Cayo Woods?
Well, we're all
hearing the sounds.
They're coming from all over
the place, all over the world.
But what are they?
And we ask ourselves
that with no possibility
of a good answer
or definite answer.
The governments of
the world don't know
what the hell is going on,
and they cannot come to
any kind of agreement.
But these beings are
among us, they are here,
they are in the clouds,
they are in the sky.
Now they have no carnal nature,
they don't have any fixed form,
but what they are is
millions upon billions
of tiny alien molecules,
and they're here,
and they have traveled
billions of light years
across space to come here.
It's the first alien
visitation we have
ever had on this
planet, and it looks
as if they are here to stay.
I'm sorry, but I think
this guy is full of crap.
I mean, did you
listen to this guy?
What is he saying
that makes any sense?
It's all theories.
He's using this
as a reason to get
on his soapbox and
preach fantasy.
Where's the proof?
- Proof, right.
- Yeah, the proof.
There's been an
incredible temperature
drop in the atmosphere.
There's absolutely
nothing this guy's saying
to back up his theories!
It's bull!
I'm sorry.
Dude, it's a chick.
Teri go hide somewhere.
Hi, um.
Are you guys members of the
Unexplained Research Society?
Actually, we are.
We are the founding members.
And this is Teri.
Okay, great, because
I have something
you guys are really
gonna wanna see.
Oh my gosh, those are
the molecules you guys.
Oh my God, do you see this?
These are the molecules!
That is a blatant
beam of green light.
There's nothing
molecular about that.
We have to get this out there.
We have to get this out there.
No, you know what
happens right now
if we take this viral?
We take this viral,
a bunch of people
are gonna say a bunch
of kids got stoned
and made a video with some
green light and put it on line.
No one's gonna
take it seriously.
TERI: She has the
proof right here,
she took this video herself.
This is not proof.
Right now this is the equivalent
of that dude and his
freaking molecules.
Molecules, huh?
That's possibly the dumbest
thing I've ever heard.
Let me guess, Doctor
Mathis' theory, right?
You guys, these
things aren't lost,
and they're certainly
not molecular.
These things are living,
breathing organisms
with just one purpose,
and that's to study us.
Okay, well then how'd you
come up with that conclusion?
The right answer's usually
the obvious one, Teri.
These sounds from the sky, they
all differ from one another.
They all have similar
rhythmic patters and structures,
it's not right.
Hooper, it's like a French
man and an Italian man
speaking English to one another.
It's not their language, but
they're still communicating.
What are you trying to say?
I'm saying that it's
a broken communication
between beings of
the same species.
Big green space invaders.
Is that what you're saying?
Well not exactly big or green
or of any particular shape,
just beings of highly
advanced intelligence.
Right, so why is it they
haven't made contact yet?
Who's to say they
haven't already?
Lorraine, not the 1967
theory again, come on.
It's possible.
What theory?
In 1967, this group of
people came out of nowhere
and they claim that they were
abducted by aliens, okay?
Aliens from the future.
They saw bright lights.
Which is basically what's
been happening right now
with all these
people from the sky.
So what happened back then?
Absolutely nothing.
They were just all
deemed mentally unstable.
Wait, so what
you're saying is that
the other night what
I actually saw was a...
An unidentified flying object.
That's crazy!
It's out of this world.
Alright, so say that
this is really happening.
I mean, we need to
try to look into this.
We need to try to set
up some interviews
or, I don't know,
get some samples,
audio samples,
anything, I don't know.
I developed an app that tracks
all the sound patterns in
the sky, we can use that.
TERI: Sweet.
But I think we
need to get in touch
with one of these
people that claim
that they've fallen
from the sky, today.
That's impossible.
They've basically
been quarantined.
Well, the media coverage
for this story has
been ridiculous.
I mean, if we're
really gonna try to get
in that hospital,
there's nothing
we can do other
than to sneak in.
Sneak, huh.
I think I have an idea.
Sorry we are late,
but (MUMBLING) was
absolutely ferocious.
Ashton Cranberry, world
renowned celebrity
film making
documentary film maker,
and this is my team.
We have Bipsy,
makeup artist galore,
we have Nugget, cinematographer,
and we have Bill.
And last, but not least,
we have my personal
assistant, Cookie.
Right, I'm Cookie.
May we proceed?
Can I help you with something?
Can you help us
with something?
Yes, you can take
me directly to my
personal, private
interview with Mr. Wexler.
Mr. Welder.
I'll be right back.
Let me go ask him.
Time is money!
Time, tick, tock!
Imagine if worn like a suit?
I have some people here.
They wanna talk to
you for an interview.
Is that okay?
Uh, yeah, yes.
Mr. Welder, hi, my
name is Ashley Swanson,
we're with World Kraus Magazine.
BOB: Hi.
This is my team.
It's so nice to meet you.
It's a pleasure.
We were hoping to ask
you a few questions,
if you don't mind.
Sure, that's fine.
Um, I don't have seating
for all of you, but...
- No, you're fine, it's okay.
- Not a big deal, no, no.
Well, sit, please.
So are they treating
you nicely here?
It's primitive,
but it's adequate.
Is the hospital food alright?
Now come on, you
really didn't come here
to ask me about food, did you?
No, nah.
Mr. Welder, truthfully we
wanted to come here today
and ask you if yo
could tell us if you
remember anything
from that night?
All I can tell you is
that it felt like a feather
blowing in the wind
amidst this great storm,
and it was beautiful and it
was terrifying all at once.
Um, some things are
better left unsaid.
Have you seen any
of your family since?
Surely, the hospital's
tried to contact them for you?
No, no.
Listen, we didn't
mean to offend you.
No, no, no.
I'm not offended at all.
There have been rumors that
you have been from the future?
You know what, I like you.
So I wanna tell you a secret.
I am from the future.
Now ask me what year?
What year?
I'm from the year 2074.
changes everything!
It's true, I don't know how.
You gotta remember something.
- Remember, please!
- Tell us about it.
Mr. Welder, would you say that
you had an extraterrestrial
are you alright?
Yes, I saw them!
Get back.
I saw them!
No, back!
They tore at my soul!
They don't believe me!
Don't touch me!
You don't believe me!
I saw them, it's true!
I saw them!
You're too cool to
answer your phone?
I really just needed
to be alone, Robert.
Just get away from all that.
Have some serious radio
silence, you know?
It is really
beautiful up here.
This view, it really makes
you think, doesn't it?
You ever really
wonder what's out there?
All I know is that it's
something far greater
than anything we
could ever comprehend.
You know there's
these people on the news
popping up everywhere,
claiming to be
some kind of accidental
time travelers.
Can that even happen, like
time warps and stuff like that?
It's happened before.
Back in 1967.
I was doing some
research and I found
that eight people
came out of nowhere
claiming to be from the sky.
They were bruised,
beaten, disoriented.
They were just brainwashed.
And yet their case
still remains open.
I don't know.
I really feel like these
sounds from the sky
are what are causing
these people to go crazy.
Is that what you really think?
Skylar, can you please
put your phone away?
Mind your own business.
Ms. Duvall.
Skylar, put your phone away
unless you wanna lose it.
May I help you?
Uh, yes, actually.
We're here to meet
with Ms. Laura Deming.
Oh, are you with the URS?
Yes ma'am.
I've been expecting you kids.
Please, come inside
where it's warmer.
Yeah, we'll only be
here a little bit longer.
I'm thinking about six,
maybe a little bit after.
Is that okay?
Mrs. Duvall, we're bored.
When are we gonna leave?
You're bored because
you're just sitting there.
Try getting up, moving
around, play a game.
It's so cloudy,
it's gonna rain.
It's not gonna rain.
Wanna play tag?
Yeah, let's go ask Valerie.
Hey Valerie.
You wanna play tag?
Do you see what I'm
doing right now?
I'm reading a book.
Can't you read it later?
You could.
No, because I'm actually
having so much fun.
- Come on!
- Please!
Stop, please.
Just come play with us.
Come on!
SKYLAR: We can go
on a walk if you want.
You know, actually I
think it's about to rain,
and we don't wanna be
caught out in the rain.
No, I just think
it'll be better
to be away from them.
Okay, I'll play.
What are you guys playing?
- Hide and go seek.
- Hide and go seek.
Oh, I'm in!
- You're it.
- You're it.
That's not fair.
- You were last.
- You were the last one.
That's such a dumb kid's game.
Alright, I'm in.
Thank you for welcoming us
into your home, Ms. Deming,
and for offering to share some
of your experiences with us.
May I offer you some tea?
I'm okay, thanks.
I'm fine.
I have red, green,
black, peppermint, peach.
I'm good, really.
Seriously, cool.
Okay, red then.
Is she crazy?
I don't know.
no, I'm not crazy.
No, I just haven't had
company in a while.
It's called hospitality.
Drink the tea.
I know you didn't
come here for tea.
You came here to
find out if I've
made contact with
14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19.
Ready or not, here I come!
I think I hear you guys!
Tell us everything you know.
It was about eight months ago.
My husband and I were hiking
by the old power house.
It's an old decayed
building now.
It was early in the morning,
the sun wasn't out yet.
I saw a shooting star.
No, actually we both did.
And then another, and another.
It was like a beautiful
meteor shower.
Until they started coming
closer, and closer,
until you could
almost touch them.
We followed one
into the building.
We were petrified, but
something told us to keep goin.
Were the lights of
any particular shape?
I don't remember.
When we finally went into the
building, everything stopped.
The lights went out, the air
became thick, almost unbearable.
It was like they
were watching us.
Who's they?
The visitors.
MS. DEMING: When the
lights suddenly came back on.
MS. DEMING: We were blinded
and I fell to the ground.
That's when I saw my husband
being sucked into the light.
You saw your husband
abducted by aliens?
Before I fled the building,
I saw one of them
standing in front of me.
He was waiting for me.
He wanted me to be afraid.
He was enormous in size, and...
Thick skinned, green.
Almost reptilian.
Would you like to see it?
Ms. Duvall!
I don't know, I
just heard something
really, really afraid
in the woods, and it's...
You heard something
in the woods?
Yeah, yeah.
We all did!
Okay, calm down, calm
down, I'll go look.
No, Ms. Duvall, I
think we should just go.
No, it'll be fine.
It's probably your imagination,
just stay there, okay?
No, Ms. Duvall, don't.
We should get back in the car.
You heard it over here?
Ms. Duvall, I don't
think that's a good idea.
IAN: Really, you
don't have to do this.
We should probably go.
- We should just leave.
- Yeah, we should probably go.
I don't hear
anything, but I think
we should get to
the car, okay, guys?
ROSIE: Okay.
KIDS: Holy shit!
Oh my God!
And we're headed west.
ROY: Can we not head west?
AVA: Yeah, why
are we headed west?
RICHARD: Ask her.
Well, I've been
collecting and mapping out
the patterns of the alpha
sounds that we've been hearing,
and it seems as though
they've been originating
from the more desolate areas
of the Midwestern United States.
Okay, desolate like where?
That's vague.
I'm thinking the
outskirts of Indiana.
- Indiana?
- Oh, boo!
- Indiana?
- Stop.
Why would we go to Indiana?
Well, if these
patterns continue,
I'm betting we're gonna find
our next sound blast there.
RICHARD: I doubt that.
Really, I don't
know, Lorraine.
I mean, what about
all the sounds
we've been hearing coming
from the city as well?
Well those sounds
are really subtle,
and as we travel west
the sound frequencies
have just been getting
significantly stronger.
ROY: Well listen
to you, you sure don't
sound like somebody
who quit the group.
Listen, you lead the
way and we will follow,
even if it means that
we're going to Indiana.
TERI: To Indiana.
The Captain's back, baby.
Let's do this!
Let's do this road trip!
Road trip, ha ha!
GROUP: Indiana!
What do we do?
I don't know.
Like, where are we going?
Okay, I don't know.
- Stop freaking out!
- What just happened?
We're gonna be fine.
- Where are we going?
- What was that?
I don't know, I don't know.
We're lost.
Thank you.
Alright, let's get
this show on the road.
Alright, you got that tube?
This is expensive,
expensive craftsmanship.
AVA: Oh yeah.
Got that?
ROY: Alright,
looks good, guys.
Yeah, let's do this thing.
Let's go.
I think we need to go
a little bit farther.
Hey, I see a clear
patch over there.
I was thinking if you wanna
set up shop, send her up.
Alright guys, headphones up.
Get anything?
A little bit, yeah.
ROY: It's quiet, we can
pick something up though.
I can send her up.
Yeah, take her out.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen,
for those of you
who may not have had
the pleasure of
meeting her before.
Roy, just take it out.
I hereby give you, Jody.
AVA: Jody?
Ooh, she's feeling
feisty this morning.
No wonder you don't
have a girlfriend.
Hey man, you thank your mom
for all that Tupperware
you stole for this crap?
Alright, guys, I think
we need to spread out.
Hooper, go south.
Got it.
You guys go that way,
I'm gonna go north
to a higher altitude.
Want me to send her up?
Yeah, take her by me.
Right when I get to
the top of the hill.
There she goes!
Come on, yes!
There's my girl!
Teri, what is all of this?
Okay, so these are
parabolic microphones.
They're gonna
intensify the sounds
that we're getting in the sky
and send them directly
to our headphones.
Can I take something?
You know what?
Film everything.
Okay, I can totally do that.
Guys, do you hear that?
I think it's getting louder!
Roy, fly directly above me.
Right there, a little higher!
I think I'm getting something.
Oh, I'm definitely
hearing something.
You hear that?
What was that?
You guys hear that?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
That was not me!
What's that?
She's fightin' back, hold up.
What was that?
My drone.
Oh my God.
Lorraine, bolt!
Come on, come on!
TERI: Okay,
come on, let's go.
Go now, let's go.
Move this car!
Where is Lorraine?
Come on, come on.
Come on, jump!
TERI: Go, go, go, go, go!
Are you okay?
Go, Hooper, just drive.
Drive, step on it.
Go, go, go, go, go, go!
TERI: Hooper,
don't slow down!
Oh my God.
ROY: Go, go.
What's that?
What is it doing,
what is it doing?
What is it doing?
TERI: Where is it
going, where is it going?
ROY: Oh my God.
Is there anymore?
ROY: What just happened?
- What just happened?
- That just happened?
That just happened.
Oh my God.
That just happened!
We're gonna be famous!
Let me see the photos,
let me see the photos.
Wait, where's the camera?
I thought you grabbed it.
Damn it.
It's getting dark soon.
Hey, Ian, do you
see that orange spot?
IAN: See what, I
don't see an orange spot.
It's right there, it
looks like a car, or a bus.
Let's check it out.
I think it'd be a better idea
if we just stay
here for the night.
I'm tired, you're tired, I'm
sure everyone else is tired.
We just need to chill, okay?
I'm scared though.
Like the scaredest
you've been in your life?
I'm afraid what
my mom's thinking.
How worried she is.
My little sister,
how's she taking this.
Well, it kinda reminds me
of when I was five or six.
It was the family reunion,
everyone was meeting up
at Grandma's house before we'd
all go to the park from there.
But they forgot about me
and they left me there.
It was scary, of course,
but I wasn't scared
because they forgot about me.
I was scared because
there was nothing
that I could do about it then.
I guess I just wasn't
important to them
in the grand scheme of things.
It stupid, just forget about it.
Open the door,
quick, quick, quick.
Oh, hey.
- I gotta call my mom.
- It's okay.
It's not okay, it's not okay!
I gotta call my mom.
AVA: Call your mom?
Oh my God, she's gonna
be so freaking proud of me.
Alright, everyone
just calm down.
Proud of you?
Calm down.
We gotta find out
what's going on.
You guys, shh.
Roy, get off the phone.
a national emergency.
Important instructions
will follow.
Oh my God.
This is happening.
They're everywhere.
ROY: This is big.
ANNOUNCER: Providing
news and information
for the public in
assigned areas.
ROY: There's
one over New York.
We will continue...
ROY: This is planned.
This is planned.
It has to be.
They must have planned this.
They know what they're doing.
information for your local area.
You are listening to the
emergency alert systems
serving the San Francisco,
Port Townsend, Seattle.
I don't know.
We need to figure
out a game plan.
How do you make a game plan
around an alien invasion?
Crescent City,
Eureka, and San
Diego, California.
This is an update to
the previous alert.
It'll be okay.
It'll be okay.
are more than 100 miles
from any of the previously
mentioned cities,
consider evacuating the area.
You're lookin' at
pictures of Ellen?
I didn't know you were awake.
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
It doesn't get any
better, does it?
ROY: I'm sorry.
I really miss her.
She would have
really loved this.
When we were younger,
when we used to sneak out
late at night and
pretend to chase
UFOs with our fake microphones.
I used to do the same
thing with my siblings.
We never would have thought
that we'd see
something like this.
What do you think
exactly's going on?
All of this.
You really think this would
just come out of nowhere
without some kind
of organized plan?
I don't know.
There's no telling
what their motive is.
I'd be lying if I
said I wasn't scared.
Me too.
It'll be okay.
SKYLAR: Is it a bus?
IAN: The lights are on.
God, oh my God.
ROSIE: I don't think
there's anybody there, though.
VALERIE: Excuse me!
Okay, we need to get to
the city right now, please!
Please take us to the
city, please, please!
Just drive, right now.
We need to go.
We'll explain
everything on the way.
Let's go, sit down.
Calm down, please!
We're going, let's move it.
Lorraine, listen.
It's Robert.
Call me back as soon as you can.
Everything's going crazy, I
have no idea where you are.
Everyone's been
evacuated to the city,
this whole neighborhood's
already gone,
and I have no idea
where you are.
I'm going downtown to see
whatever I can find out.
You need to stay safe and
call me as soon as you can.
Just meet me in the
city if you get this,
if you don't call me back.
Just stay safe, whatever you do.
TERI: I wonder when there's
gonna be another sighting.
Have you seen anything yet?
It's all over the news.
Right over Jody.
You see that one?
It's huge.
ROY: They floated
after us in a space ship.
This things are more than
advanced, dude, these things are...
How big do you
think that ship was?
Like, it was massive.
I just don't understand how
this seems so planned, you know?
This seems very organized.
These things are appearing
at the same time.
TERI: All of a
sudden out of nowhere.
AVA: Yeah, it's
being, like, coordinated.
Wait, what is that?
TERI: Are you
getting something?
What does it sound like?
Is it just sound
like mechanical?
What is it?
Is it another one
of the space ships?
I don't know.
They're really
strange, you guys.
TERI: This one's different
than what you've been hearing?
Yes, very very different.
These aren't like the
sounds we've been hearing.
I think, I think it's coming
from that building over there.
Hooper, drive that way.
HOOPER: That way?
LORRAINE: Yeah, I think
we need to go check it out.
That looks like a hot
spot, go over there.
ROY: Dude, pull over.
Yeah, yeah, head over for sure.
RICHARD: Alright,
I'll go there.
I'll go there, we'll get there.
Stay close.
- Hooper!
- Come on!
touch anything!
Babysitting, geez.
Shh, shh, shh, do you hear that?
LORRAINE: I hear something.
I'm definitely
hearing something.
I had it just now.
It sounded like the same
noises we've been hearing.
That sounds like voices, guys.
TERI: What is it?
Unpleasant voices.
ROY: There is
like two or three
of these things registering.
Dude, this sounds like voices!
What is that?
What is that?
Here's a door.
It's getting louder.
They're all locked.
Let's check this out.
RICHARD: You guys
hearing anything?
I hear something.
There's a bunch
of static though.
It's not the same
noise it was before.
I don't hear anything.
There's definitely
something in here.
It's almost like pollution
from the electricity.
You know what guys?
You know, I hate to
be that guy, but, um.
I say we split up.
What, no.
No, seriously, think about it.
This is a huge building.
I wanna get in and out.
We just cover as much
territory as we can and we go.
No, man.
We've found stuff from some
homeless man living in here.
No, I agree with Roy.
I think we need to split up.
Yeah, you know what?
I'm gonna check upstairs.
Hooper, come with me.
We're all gonna die.
Be careful.
What about you?
It'll be okay, come on.
Yeah, Ava.
We got you.
What if the ghosts take me?
Lorraine, stay close.
Can we go, please?
Come on.
Lorraine, please stay close.
What was that?
Hey guys.
Don't do that to me,
I've got asthma, dude.
You come out of the
shadows like that.
TERI: It freaked me out!
It freaked you out?
You're the ones hanging
in all these dark rooms!
We were looking for something!
We were looking for something!
Did you guys hear anything?
LORRAINE: No, did you?
What, so you guys ran into me?
TERI: We didn't
hear anything.
Oh God!
Lorraine, run!
What's happening?
Can we go faster?
You need to go faster!
Please, God.
Where are we going?
Do we even have a plan?
What are we gonna do?
We are continuing
to lose speed!
Oh no!
I have the throttle
to the floor.
How are you supposed to relax?
Do you not see what's going on?
Drive faster!
IAN: Rosie!
What are you doing?
We have to go!
The bridge is cracking!
SKYLAR: Oh my God!
DRIVER: What is that?
What's happening?
We have to go, go go!
I'm sorry, it's stopped!
This is it, guys.
MAN: Oh God, what is that?
MAN: What is that?
It's just this way.
Here it is.
Wait, Lorraine,
why is the door open?
I don't know.
Keep in mind there's
a lot of people probably
just looking for a
place to hide right now.
Out here?
The city's gone.
Shh, shh, shh.
Is anybody here?
RICHARD: Do you have
neighbors or anything?
check the basement.
The place is empty.
Think it was looters
or something?
You're sure you
heard a sound in here?
Yes, I did.
But I don't wanna go
in looking for it!
Come on.
You gotta figure out if
it's something or nothing.
Come on.
I'm fine right here.
How long have you
guys been up here?
AVA: Where'd you come from?
ROY: So what are you guys
doing out here by yourselves?
Uh, we were on a
summer camp field trip.
What is that?
Things got a little weird.
RICHARD: Give me that!
We were just
playing hide and seek,
and then we watched
our camp counselor
get sucked up into the sky.
ROY: You saw an abduction?
So how did you guys end
up finding this place?
Lorraine just randomly
ran into Valerie a way back,
and she mention Caya...
Oh, Cayo Woods.
Cayo Woods.
So Valerie just kinda
led the way here.
Well, I'm glad
you guys are here.
Alright, you're all set.
Do you hear anything?
I don't think it's working.
It's probably 'cause the
microphone's not turned on.
Well, how does this work?
Well this microphone
is rigged into
a built in app that I
designed a few months ago
when we first started
hearing the sounds.
And what happens is when
you turn this microphone on
it tracks all the
frequencies in the air
and transmits it into
a visual image there.
So that's what you were
using last time in the field?
That's right.
So you wanna give it a shot?
Why don't you climb up there?
You'll get stronger frequencies
with higher altitudes.
Do you hear anything?
Yeah, wow.
Oh, um, sorry.
Uh, they set up the radio if
you wanted to
come, like, listen.
Well I've got some
stuff on my shirt.
When I'm done.
Okay, cool.
Um, I'll let you
do your thing then.
How we doing in
here guys, good?
Good, yeah, you
guys are awesome.
The girls are making up food.
We'll eat dinner in a second
and then we can worry
about gettin' out of here.
Sound good?
Alright, alright.
Hooper, got a radio.
Come on, man.
Hooper, yo!
Get over here I need your help
with this thing, it's archaic.
Oh, that's a Holly '63!
No dude, it says Thomas on it.
No, it's the model.
It's a transistor radio.
Alright, I really don't care.
Let's just get this thing going.
So is it working for you?
RICHARD: This switch
should be on, here.
ROY: This is not, this is
not my genre of technology.
Let's try this.
Man, don't.
It usually works.
Yeah, it seems pretty
reliable, you know?
What you got?
Hmm, well, fuck me.
What do you
think's down there?
I don't know.
Maybe some weapons.
I don't know, I see some boxes.
Why don't you go check it out.
Okay, yeah.
It's freaky down here.
Teri, I think I found something.
Sorry for what?
Usually I'm the strong one.
But I just really miss her.
This is the last thing I
gave to her before she died.
You know this is her room?
And this was mine.
And I remember I'd get so mad
that she would
take this from me.
Stupid bear that we would
argue about all the time.
But she loved him.
And I just think that
if I had just spent
less time chasing the unknown
I'd be able to spend
more time with her.
Not your fault.
Then why do I feel so guilty?
You can't put
that on yourself.
I shoulda went in there.
I shoulda done something.
But no, I was too afraid.
I was selfish.
She died because of me.
She was my best friend.
ANNOUNCER: This is the
statewide emergency alert system.
The following message
is being transmitted
at the request of the
Department of Defense
and the Federal
Aviation Administration.
An unidentified aircraft
has been located
near the following counties
in the state of Indiana.
Allen, DeKalb, Lake,
St. Joseph, Tippecanoe.
The aircraft may pose a
threat to those in the area.
Reports coming in from across
the area are describing
encounters with aggressive
beings of unknown origin.
All residents are advised
to take shelter immediately
and remain silent at all times.
More updates will follow as
information becomes available.
What do we do?
It's okay.
Change of plans,
we are not leaving.
- Dude, what?
- What?
We're not taking
these kids out there.
This is a small army,
we can't risk that.
We are staying
here, we gotta hide,
we gotta find some
weapons, and we gotta
get these doors and
windows blocked off.
Girls, get the curtains.
Lock the doors.
Come on, we gotta get this
stuff to the basement.
Hooper, help me with this.
Girls, please go check
the windows and the doors.
Get those kids downstairs.
God knows what's
going on out there.
Lorraine, we need a game plan.
You know the layout,
tell me about this house.
We've got basement,
we've got bathroom,
we've got the hidden
attic upstairs
above the kid's bedrooms.
Nice, nice.
Alright, we need to keep
these kids separate.
I don't need that panic,
they're gonna get loud.
We don't want that.
We need to keep quiet.
Lorraine, what the hell is this?
This is in your basement, why...
No, no, don't touch those!
Listen to me, my
father was a chemical
warfare specialist
in the military.
There are very
dangerous, very poisonous
gas things downstairs.
Whatever you do, do not
let those kids near them.
Do you hear me?
Let's get everyone
in here, guys.
Let's get everyone in here!
Okay, come on.
Let's see what we've found.
Guys, guys, listen
up, listen up.
Be quiet, listen.
Kids, I want every
single one of you
assigned to an adult, okay?
I don't want anybody
on their own.
Nobody goes left
unattended, do you hear me?
Right, then arm yourselves.
If we give you a weapon, you
gotta be ready to fight, okay?
You've got to defend yourself.
We do not know what's
happening tonight,
we gotta be prepared.
We do what we have
to do to survive.
Oh God.
Get the windows!
ROY: The lights!
SKYLAR: Where am I going?
I'll get this, I'll get this.
Alright, go, go.
Come on, come on.
Guys, get to the bedrooms.
AVA: Come in here, come in.
Get down, get down.
VALERIE: What do we do now?
We gotta get up.
Go, go, girls, go.
Quick climb!
Oh my God, we're gonna die.
Are we, are we safe in here?
We'll be safe in here,
we're gonna be fine.
Are they gonna get in here?
No, no, no.
Just wait, listen
to me, listen to me.
We're gonna be fine, okay?
If anyone comes close
to either of you,
I'm gonna rip their heads off!
You guys, you gotta
quiet down, shh!
Are they inside?
Shh, it's okay, it's
okay, don't worry about it.
I promise, I'm not gonna let
anything bad happen
to you, okay?
It's gonna be okay.
ROY: Shh.
They're in the house.
They're in the house.
LORRAINE: Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh.
No, Valerie!
It's okay.
Go, go, go!
Check the windows.
We should barricade the stairs.
Alright, is everybody here?
- I think so.
- I think so.
ROY: One, two, three, four.
TERI: What?
ROY: Where did she go?
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
ROBERT: Is she
still down there?
ROY: We can't go down there.
They're in the house,
we can't go down there.
What're we gonna do?
We can't go back down
there, what're we gonna do?
The masks!
Get the masks.
There's more in that chest.
Get the masks.
Are you serious?
What are you doing?
ROBERT: Just listen to her.
LORRAINE: Get them.
ROY: What are you doing?
Just trust me.
Listen to me.
Make sure everyone
gets one, okay?
ROY: What?
Be ready to put them on, okay?
What are you doing?
Wait, what are you doing?
Just trust me.
Okay guys, listen to her.
Get the masks.
Make sure everyone's
got a mask, okay?
Everyone got one?
One, two, three...
Stay quiet, okay?
We do not know how
many of them there are.
We need to stay quiet and
make it through the night
and we're gonna be fine, okay?
We're gonna be fine, just keep...
Oh my God, Lorraine.
AVA: Somebody go help her!
TERI: Robert, you
need to go help her.
Robert, man, you
gotta come help me.
Come on.
TERI: Robert,
please, please go.
AVA: Help her!
You go by yourself (MUMBLING).
Robert, come help me!
Lorraine is in
danger, come help me!
RICHARD: Roy, just go.
I can't go down there.
What is your problem?
ROBERT: It's not my
fault she went down for her.
TERI: Roy!
ROBERT: Lay off, man!
I said I'm not going down!
Typical, you
are such a coward!
RICHARD: It's gonna be okay.
No, no, Lorraine.
Let her go!
No, no.
Come on.
Go, go, go.
You want me.
No, no.
Lorraine, what are you doing?
You're going to die!
We have to get outta here!
The gas will kill
you within moments,
you have to put it on.
It's me they want.
ROY: Lorraine!
It'll be okay.
Where am I?
My husband, he found you
by the Cayo Wood last night.
He brought you here.
Looked like you
had a rough time.
What happened?
Where are my friends?
Well we only found you, dear.
What's your name?
Lorraine Gardner.
Hi Lorraine.
How old are you?
I don't remember.
Well then, where are you from?
Um, I'm from.
I don't remember.
I'm gonna talk to my husband.
I think we should get you to
the hospital straight away.
You look like you
got banged up good.
I think we need to
bring her to the hospital.
It's like she's from a
whole different time.