Figyua na anata (2013) Movie Script

Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend
Listen, moron!
You work your ass off but where's it get you?
We let you become an editor like you wanted.
But none of your books sell!
It's unacceptable.
Because of you Editorial suite 3
is in jeopardy.
A decision will be made by Management.
"Morons shouldn't edit books."
That's what the Director said.
The profit from your books
wouldn't cover your salary.
You work 'till midnight
but it's to no benefit.
It's a waste of electricity.
Doing nothing
would be better than
making unprofitable books.
Those books
were proposed by clients you couldn't refuse.
Are you blaming me?
They were good proposals that you ruined
by not finding a market!
But I told you that the
proposals had no focus.
The guys in sales
want enticing books for the bookshops.
Now they have a bad
impression of all our books.
Right, guys?
It's not that bad.
But 70% of our last publication didn't sell.
That is a concern.
It affects all our products.
It destroys the trust we've built up.
But if you took on these books as a favor
Editorial 3 must be held accountable.
If you understood you wouldn't say that.
It's this guy who's useless.
You can't blame us for his error.
Your incompetence is dragging us all down.
Cancel all further projects immediately.
Apologize to the writers you've lined up.
Losses from the unsold books can be recouped
with electronic sales.
Us editors are good at troubleshooting.
As long as Uchiyama isn't involved.
Listen bastard!
You knew it wasn't going to sell.
And that the Manager was getting a cut.
Now you're kissing his ass!
You're hopeless.
Why aren't you as sharp as him?
You ruin it for everybody!
You convinced me to do it
and now you're blaming me!
I worked my ass off!
Was it really my fault?
Who hired you anyway?
We're losing money on you.
Quit reading porn magazines.
Read some business motivation
books, for God sakes!
That's going too far!
Who do you think you are?
"Disciplinary memo for Kentaro Uchiyama."
"Move to Equipment Management next week."
What's this?
I wasn't consulted.
I wasn't consulted about this.
It's a company order. You just obey.
I forgot to tell you because I was so pissed!
Good luck in Equipment Management.
Make sure we don't run out of office supplies.
While we try to recover the losses you made.
Go now.
Get out of here!
Don't stand there!
Move it!
"Hi, Hosoki, I'm in a fix."
"The manager was told off by
Senior Directors so he blamed me."
"He needed a scapegoat 'cause
he's got a family to feed."
"But why me? It can't be all my fault!"
"What's going on?"
"I know you'll understand how I feel."
"I'll try not to complain to you tonight."
"If I do, I'm sorry."
"What would I do without you, Baby?"
"You should quit."
"The company is trying to make you leave."
"Have some pride and quit
before you're fired."
"Save your dignity."
"I wouldn't find another job in this economy."
"I don't have savings and I
don't want to leave you..."
Even a genius couldn't sell those books!
We're all in this shit together!
They don't get it.
Those suckers.
They think they're superior.
I'm home.
Where am I?
You get a cut, you thief!
I did everything while you did nothing!
Damn it!
Who are you to tell me off?
Hi, darling Jody.
I only have you.
If I didn't have you I'd be
Good morning.
Hi, what's happening?
Ms. Kataoka was promoted from Sales.
We're helping her out.
Thank you, everyone!
But this is my...
Yeah, so why don't you move
your stuff out for her?
She has work to do.
I'll do my best.
What about me...?
Trash that.
You read the memo.
You can quit...
It's effective next week!
I have time to convince them with my proposal.
It'll stimulate sales. Give me a chance!
I developed it with a good writer.
I'm an editor. Equipment isn't my thing...
Your career's short compared to my 30 years.
If you want to complain,
take it to the labor court!
I don't care.
What's wrong?
This isn't working...
Why only I get punished?
Up yours, you idiot!
You figured I was a pushover...
We have gorgeous girls!
You can look at their pussies from below.
Bunch of morons!
She canceled our hotel booking!
Now why would she do that?
I wanted to go.
Hey, Hosoki.
Let's go to a love hotel.
No! I want a suite at a luxury hotel.
I'll book it.
What idiot thinks I could afford a suite!
You're not classy enough for a suite.
It takes courage to walk into a love hotel.
It feels like you're being
watched even if you're not.
Hey, look at that couple.
They just went into the love hotel.
I don't care about them.
You're fucking with me...
Don't fuck with me.
Show some respect!
I've done nothing wrong. You know that.
I do!
They won't survive without you.
Stupid company!
They are clueless.
Oh, it's so big!
That's how it was meant to be.
It's not to be.
Everybody hates me. Don't they?
You scared me!
Go home! Your mumbling creeps me out.
I'm creepy...?
Don't say that!
What do you want?
Let me go!
Sir, you've had too much drink.
Come again!
In your dreams, asshole!
I'll diss you on the Net.
You have a nerve picking a fight with me!
Yoshi, ignore him.
I don't care if you're Yoshi or yakuza.
You owe me an apology.
Leave him alone, Yoshi.
Come on, stop it. Let's go.
Forget it.
Yoshi, come on.
I want to go home.
Stay out of it.
Let's go, honey!
What's wrong with you?
Come on, get up!
Let's go! Please don't do this.
Shut up!
Son of a bitch!
Leave me alone!
Please don't!
It's OK!
Whoops, excuse me!
Yoshi, please don't.
Where has he gone?
He's around here!
Let go of me!
You're covered with blood! Let's go.
I'm fine! He's gone this way.
Where is he?
You need first aid.
Hiromi, look at that.
The open door.
Come on.
Wait for me!
That was close!
Was I here before?
It's open...
"Dolphin Lounge"
"Pub Sachiko & Akkina"...?
Is anyone in there?
Oh, my God...!
They're mannequins.
I thought Sachiko and the girls had
been tortured and dumped here.
Is this a body?
A mutilated high school co-ed!
I can ever see the veins under her skin...
But she's not bleeding.
She's not decomposing.
She's not moving but not dead...
No heartbeat.
It must be a dummy.
Or a doll?
It's firm...
And taut...
It's not synthetic resin...
It's so smooth.
It feels like an action figure, but it's not.
How soft.
Very well made.
She's cute...
Amazing detail!
Look at the frills on the shorts.
OK, these are real!
It must be some kind of life-size art figure.
Maybe not.
I can't see from here.
OK, I know.
Nobody's on the 3rd floor.
He must be on the 4th.
I'll know where he's hiding.
By the cobwebs that are in every entrance.
Right, you're amazing, Yoshi!
Every strand of hair's separate.
So real!
This is a work of art!
How realistic...
How can it be so soft?
Let me massage you.
What craftsmanship...
It feels alive.
Oh, no!
There's no hole!
It really is a doll, not a human!
That's shocking.
A life-size art figure with pubic hair.
You fooled me, girl.
I'm going to screw you!
Let's go home.
I'm tired.
Dolphin Lounge.
That's fishy.
How corny!
There's a dolphin!
I know he's here!
Any cobwebs?
This is not porn, it's art.
Who made it?
Oh, my God...!
I'll fuck you!
Please don't!
Anything but that!
Think again, fool!
I won't stop.
No, please I'll scream for help.
Nobody will come. Nobody knows we are here.
No, please!
That's enough! I don't want to!
You bitch.
Don't resist if you want to live.
Got it?
I'm serious. Help!
No, don't touch me there!
Stop talking!
How do you like this, huh?
Oh, it's so good!
What is good?
You're so big!
Oh, Kentaro!
Oh, this is perfect!
You won't complain or hit me.
You just accept my love.
Come out!
Stop hiding! Come out!
Come the hell out!
How are you doing? Are you coming?
I'm coming! I'm coming now!
I'm coming too!
You're so tight.
I'm coming!
Me too! Come together!
We'll come together!
Oh, God!
Let's go!
He's not here. It's spooky in here.
Leave me alone!
Let's go! Nobody's here.
Come out!
I've been here before.
With who?
Are you jealous?
I worked part-time here.
Did you sleep with your customers?
Where's the light switch?
I found it.
Nobody's here.
Let's give up and go home.
I'm going to teach him a lesson.
Oh, my God!
This looks like Sachiko, a girl I worked with!
What are these?
This looks like Masako!
It's spooky!
There he is!
Come out!
Where are you going?
I found you!
Don't Look, I'm bowing for forgiveness.
You want some more?
I beg you to let me go.
Please let me off.
I lost my job so...
So what!
Kick him!
You idiot!
You should've said sorry in the beginning!
Please don't kill me...
I have to send money to my mom back home.
If you'd apologized this
wouldn't have happened.
That's why I hate men!
Too much trouble!
You're to much trouble! Die!
Hey, Hiromi.
Nobody has manners these days.
Nobody teaches them.
I know! He must be so dumb!
You're the best!
I love you.
Sorry, that guy bothers me.
Come on.
Yoshi, wait for me!
I'm in trouble...
I feel like calling for Mom...
Maybe I'll die...
I just might.
Come out, I know you're there!
Leave him alone.
Let's go and pick up where we left off.
I can see you hiding!
You dirty thieves!
I want to go now.
Give it up, Yoshi.
I can see you. What are you hiding for?
I want to leave now please!
Why are you howling, brother?
Or maybe you're a sister.
What were you snorting?
Is it a crime to sleep?
You going to charge us for sleeping here?
You fell asleep smoking? It stinks!
You know everything. Want some?
You bitch!
Who are you with?
Which gang?
I'm not a yakuza.
You must be.
Were you looking for a quiet place to screw?
You want me to get the cops?
She's dead.
She wasn't after us?
Who's after you?
The yakuza got pissed with
us and kicked us out.
So we stole heroin from them.
I thought they'd sent you.
Apparently not. You scared the shit out of me.
I don't know what you're talking about!
Hey, you!
You're talking to the dummies?
Let go! Help me!
You have to help me!
Which end do you want? Front or rear?
How about the boss?
He doesn't give a shit about women.
He hates them.
We'll decide with rock, paper, scissors.
One, two, three!
I won!
Rear end again! I feel homo!
Oh, God, Yoshi is dead...!
Take care of me now.
Make her stroke you.
The bitch isn't dead!
I'll make sure you are!
Man or woman?
She's a dyke.
She's the butch.
Let's go.
How about her?
I'll count to 10.
And you run.
Here I go!
One, two...
Three, four...
Don't wait around! Five, six...
- Seven, eight...
- My purse!
There's a man down here. He saw everything!
I found him for you!
Let me go instead!
Is there another one?
I told you so.
You want him dead?
He fucks dead women.
He'll be right with you.
See? He's a quick draw.
What's your problem?
My mother has dementia...!
Mine too but she's fine!
So I won't talk!
But you saw everything.
I'm the unluckiest man.
Killing me would put a jinx on you!
We're lucky motherfuckers.
Yeah, ass-fucking mothers.
That's cool!
What are you looking at?
OK, timeout. Now what?
You bitch!
Damn it!
Are you OK, Kentaro?
Do I know you?
You want a piece of me?
Are you OK?
Wait for me!
I'll call an ambulance!
No, we shouldn't be seen.
Maybe they have a first aid
kit in their hideout.
Thank you.
No, thank you...
Who are you?
That's right...
She's the one in the uniform
who saved me and got shot...
I bandaged her up.
How's the wound?
There's no blood or wound...!
Shit, I'm late!
That's right.
I don't have to go to work...
I thought you were a human.
It's gone!
It's gone!
They've gone too!
So it was all a dream?
Was I hallucinating?
How much of it?
How much of it did I hallucinate?
Come to my place.
You have nowhere to go.
I'm the same.
You must be tired.
Let's go.
Thank you for saving me.
Legs together.
Here we go.
Oh, that wasn't right...
I'll lift you...
Wow, I dropped you!
I'm sorry.
Hold on, I'll get you.
Off we go.
She's too big for the train.
I'll get a cab.
It'll cost a lot but who cares...
OK, one, two, three!
It's scary!
This is great.
It's a bit messy but it's cozy.
Isn't it weird how they
blamed me for everything?
Everybody hates me!
Did I already tell you that?
After I quit, all I do is complain.
Eat up. It'll get cold.
Have some tea too.
What's your name? Is it Mannequin?
You know.
You have no heartbeat so I
thought it was sleep apnea
but you'd still have a heartbeat.
So I had an inspiration.
How about the name Kokone?
It means heartbeat.
You like it?
It's nice. Thank you.
I'm Kentaro Uchiyama. Nice to meet you.
Are you uncomfortable? Let me fix it.
Why are these things here?
Hold on.
I'll remove them.
That's better.
Whoops, sorry!
Hang on...
Excuse me.
Are you OK?
"Tokusen Publishers"
"Yachiyo Press"
I'm home.
Are you hungry?
I got 7-Eleven food.
Miss me? Sorry about that.
You peed!
I'll take care of it.
Back up.
Your hair's messy.
Can you wee?
I visited some companies.
Maybe I've been blacklisted.
If only someone would give me work.
Turn around.
Hang on.
Let me tidy your hair.
How's the wound?
I'll change the bandage.
That's it for now.
I still have money.
So stay here as long as you want.
To your heart's content, Kokone, Get the pun?
That's corny.
I can't!
You're making me self-conscious.
Can I turn you away?
Right, how come I didn't notice?
You're cold!
You can put mine on.
Those sons of bitches.
So what if I don't have work?
I still have money.
I have a good feeling though.
My horoscope says I'll be lucky tomorrow!
I wouldn't lose a bet!
I'll win the daily double! I fucking will!
Suck my big one!
No losing, my ass!
The horses hate me too!
Times are bad but a little
win wouldn't hurt...
They win, I lose.
Right, Kokone?
That's not true. Cheer up.
Am I hallucinating from the drink?
Or is it paranormal?
Do you hear me?
I'm no good.
Whatever I do fails. I don't deserve to live.
It'd be better for everyone if I died!
By gas, knife or hanging...
You can pull my legs then.
Gas is too catastrophic.
You know what?
I can do it
sitting down like this.
I can hang myself sitting.
You're not useless. Cheer up.
What's to be cheery about?
I won't fall for that.
Who are you?
I'm with you everyday.
I'll help you change.
the life-size figure.
Who are you really?
Did you turn into a human at the building?
I thought I imagined it...
I am Kokone.
Listen to me!
So you're...
a human?
What are you? Stop fooling around!
I'm drunk but I'm not!
Don't be rough.
I won't let them tread on me!
I won't stay down without a fight!
It hurts.
Be gentle.
Tilt a little.
How's that?
I'm running out of money.
But there are always loan sharks.
I'm good at mahjong.
I'll win big and make money
so I can start looking for work.
But I've been unlucky.
So I want you to help me win a game.
Tell me what moves to make.
Don't worry. You are lucky.
Just believe in yourself.
I know nothing about mahjong.
Just pick one.
Da Shan Yuan...
13 Orphans, 9 Gates of Heaven.
9 Gates of Heaven sounds good.
9 Gates!
The chance of winning with 9
Gates is one in a million.
I'll go for it!
I'll do it.
You're my lucky star.
I'll win with 9 Gates of Heaven!
You can do it.
See you later.
I'll go for 9 Gates of Heaven.
Good luck!
9 Gates of Heaven!
9 Gates of Heaven!
My hand stinks...
I'm going mahjong!
Three Color Runs! Quad meld!
Not again...
I've been chanting 9 Gates of Heaven.
And nothing happens.
I have 2 pairs.
The dealer wins. 12,000 points.
That's not fair...
Kokone, please...
Kokone, I love you.
Kokone, I love you...
Kokone, I love you...
It's looking good!
I can win.
I thought 9 Gates was
impossible but I'm close!
There's no going back. I trust her.
Come on eighty-thousand!
Oh, couldn't you wait?
I love you, Kokone.
Kokone, I love you.
Come on!
I won with 9 Gates of Heaven!
Did you hear that, guys? 9 Gates of Heaven!
I'm the luckiest bastard!
I did it! Thank you, Kokone!
Pay up, pay up!
Winning 9 Gates might kill you.
Watch out for cars.
It's so rare to win 9 Gates,
you've used up all your luck.
Go home! I'm done.
I have to go back to the love of my life!
She's my lucky star!
And my lucky star loves me!
I couldn't be happier!
The lights are kind of far.
I'll cross here.
The cars will dodge me
because I'm so lucky.
Watch out!
I'm back!
Kokone! I did like you said and won!
She's gone.
She's left me.
I see.
It makes sense.
Nobody stays.
Being with me isn't fun.
If she'd waited a little more
it would've been heaven.
Oh, shut up...
You idiot! Don't sing in
the middle of the night!
Just wait where you are, my dear girl.
Because I'm coming home soon.
You don't need to show your tears.
I will never go far.
One day, some day.
A bad day like today.
We will shrug it off with a smile.
With just a little bit of luck.
Even if you can't see me.
I'll always be nearby.
Just reach out your hand to me.
You'll feel your hand in mine.
As long as you think of me.
Forever and ever more.
I will stay right by your heart.
And never go away.
Don't worry. Cheer up.
- Shall we dance?
- Listen.
I won because I did what you said.
I'm not loaded yet but I'm getting lucky.
I'm not a loser!
I'm happy for you.
I'm happy to have helped you.
Dance with me.
I can't dance.
Yes, you can.
It's no big deal, it's just mahjong.
Thank you.
It was almost ruined.
Just when things started to look up
a speeding truck came zooming toward me!
I ran and leaped and there was a scream!
What happened?
They say there are 2 people in
the world who look like you.
She looked exactly like you, Kokone.
She left without thanking me.
What were you doing with a woman?
How could you?
No, I wasn't!
Let's dance.
Things are flying for you!
You have everything, winner!
Manager, why are you here?
Is this candid camera?
What a joker!
The company depends on you!
I was hard on you but I
knew you could do better!
Our future depends on you.
I wouldn't dare take over your position.
My condolences on this happy occasion.
I'm kidding.
You two look great together!
I envy you.
If you think so... it must be true!
Thank you, everybody!
Congratulations, Kokone!
Thank you.
I really envy you for marrying him!
No matter how I tried I
couldn't get his attention!
Gee, I don't know...
Can I dance with you?
Can I?
Let's dance.
All the things one could wish
for, hopes, dreams and life.
I will never bring them
up as long as I have you.
We each have each other, just
the two of us in the rain.
I can hear your song tonight
Life isn't all bad.
Kokone, dance with me!
Even if you can't see
me I'm always nearby.
Just reach out your hand to me
You'll feel your hand in mine.
As long as you think of
me Forever and ever more.
I will stay right by your
heart And never go away.
Group photo!
Kentaro and Kokone in the center!
Gather around!
Everyone, smile! Say cheese!
I'm home!
I did exactly what you said and won!
Hi, Honey. I'm happy for you.
If there's anything you want...
I'll get it for you.
I'm sorry.
I failed to make you happy.
Not at all. I'm so happy.
You're all that I have.
And that's all I want.
Kokone Sasaki
Rumi Kazama
Rina Sakuragi
Yuki Mamiya
Dan Mitsu
Naoto Takemaka
Executive Producer Shinichiro Inoue
Produced by Takeshi Yasuda
Executives in Charge of Production Katsuya Kamo, Takashi Ishii, Takeshi Yasuda
Based on the comic "Mukuchina Anata" by Takashi Ishii
Producers Ujikatsu Omori, Takashi Achiwa
Directors of Photography Yasushi Sasakibara (J.S.C.), Yoshiaki Yamamoto
Lighting Director Miyanobu Inori
Production Designer Takayuki Suzuki
Music by Goro Yasukawa
Sound Recording Mineharu Kitamura
Edited by Yuji Murayama
English translation by Dean Shimauchi
Subtitle timing, editing and for this version by famitsu1
Raw Provided by cacina
Special thanks to ikeda69
A Femme fatale Production
Kodokawa Pictures and Femme fatale Presents
Written and Directed by Takashi Ishii
2013 "Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend" Film Partners