Filip (2022) Movie Script

One last time.
- Ouch.
- You're doing it on purpose.
Sure! Why bother practicing?!
Hold this.
They keep falling down.
He must've been a fat guy.
- But I've never performed before.
- Me neither.
- But you learn fast.
- And you don't.
We'll be rich.
I know how to hustle.
- I'm about to die...
- Me too!
Filip, hurry up.
I love you.
- We'll be late.
- Calm down.
I love you, do you understand that?
- Come
- Hurry up.
Why are you dragging your feet
all of a sudden?
This is my friend, Sigmund.
- He works with me in the sewing room.
- Good day.
Mom and Dad,
my sister Ewa, my brother Filip.
And this is Sara,
his sweetheart...
or perhaps...
You know that Sigmund wants
to get into the African coffee trade?!
Well, not now, obviously...
This is us. See you.
Keep your fingers crossed for us!
And keep yours crossed for us.
I'm a bundle of nerves.
I love you.
Good luck, son.
Come on.
There's more room here
than in the attic,
so let's take one step forward
and two to the side...
Filip... I'm scared...
I have something for you.
I wanted to give it to you at the end,
but I can't wait any longer.
Will you be my wife?
- Are you crazy? Now?
- When, then?
If you'd rather not...
Please give them
an equally warm welcome.
Youth, joy, charm.
They've toured
Monte Carlo, London, and Brussels.
- For the first time in our cabaret!
- What the hell did you tell him?
-Sara et Fil!
- I'll kiss you later.
Stop, stop!
Come on, shoot them!
You hear?
Come on!
You people are out of your minds.
You should all be hanged.
But all your boys have left
and are dying at the front.
We're all you have left.
I wouldn't mind
if all foreign waiters were
to be hanged from the lampposts.
For the torment we suffer
looking at your fat faces.
Are you laughing?
Is something wrong?
I was assigned to a factory.
Can you imagine
me working some machine?
Even our ministers work
at the munitions factories.
- So does one of the royal family...
- Good for them.
But while I still have
these legs and this butt,
nobody will make me stand
next to some machine.
Not the Reich Ministry of Labor,
or the Gestapo...
Careful there, they're cracking down
on dodgers now.
You're like Danish, or Dutch,
or something, right?
- Belgian.
- That's what I said...
It's all the same. Leo, right?
Not Leo. Pierre.
Great. Pierre.
And him?
- Czech?
- French.
But Francesco mentioned
that he's not exactly French.
Did he?
What do I care...
Francesco is a very nice guy...
- Isn't he pretty?
- You're the pretty one.
I have to pee.
Don't peek, or I won't come back.
I like her.
There's something different about her...
And I like that.
- You just fancy her, that's all.
- I do.
I'll be in Kassel tomorrow,
then in Dortmund,
and then I'll go to Stuttgart.
My ass is already sore from
sitting on trains.
But that's why they'll never get me.
Compulsory laborers within
the Reich are forbidden to:
leave Frankfurt;
maintain intimate relations
with citizens of the Reich;
own any valuables,
furs, woolen blankets,
books, magazines...;
own ration coupons for clothing,
fish, meat, chocolate,
coffee, fruit, or milk...
- Nothing about wine?
- Nothing.
Well, that's alright!
So, pleasure-wise, we're left with:
searches, torture, prison,
labor camp, concentration camp
and... and...
and what?
Certain... certain...
They'll be conscripting infants soon.
Blanka, the master race
uses the front door,
the slaves are off to the pigsty.
Remember, first floor.
Door marked Private.
Say at the reception that you are
going to comfort a widow - Mrs. Stein.
- Room 109.
- Room 109. I know.
Here's what we'll do.
Stay with us for a while,
but not too long.
When I get down to business,
make yourself scarce.
Where is she?
She should be here by now.
Maybe she got lost.
At last!
From heaven to hell.
Welcome to hell, then.
Hello. Good day.
It's going to be a hot evening.
- It's going to be hot.
- Fifteen minutes, tops!
Maybe I'll turn Churchill down a bit?
They can hang you for that, too.
No, leave it.
The sound of his voice soothes me...
As you wish.
It's hot...
Finally, a great idea.
Don't you have any more?
I'm thirsty.
I'll grab something from downstairs.
What would you like?
- Maybe Schloss Johannisberg?
- I love that one.
You have good taste.
So that we'll hear his footsteps.
Just as I thought...
We're a good match.
I'm out of here.
I don't have the heart to tell him...
He's so nice.
And so into me.
My train leaves in an hour.
I'll see you... after the war.
Remember, for sleeping with guys like me,
the Gestapo will give you a new haircut.
So it's not just rumors.
That you're a Jew.
I had to check for myself.
I'll see you...
Morning, Fil.
Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler, Fil!
Fil! Coffee for Herr Eissler!
Coffee for Herr Eissler. Got it!
Bohumil, where's that
coffee for Herr Eissler?
Fil's on it.
Good morning, Herr Brutsch.
Coffee coming right up.
Move your asses.
Bohumil, you've got to be faster with
those tablecloths. It's almost 7:00.
- Jupp! Hurry up!
- Bugger off.
Want me to kick your ass?
You miss being thrown down the stairs?
Not now, Fil.
You could just help me instead.
Have you ever seen a French waiter
help a German dishwasher?
Fil! Where is breakfast
for Herr Eissler!
Breakfast for Herr Eissler!
Where's that coffee?!
Buongiorno, bon apptit.
- Guys, come on.
- It's hardly even funny anymore.
I can't.
My waiter's honor won't let me.
One more, for me.
And for Laszlo.
Enough, or it'll get too watery.
- A little more...
- No, Eissler is a good man.
- Cutlery!
- Coming right up, boss!
Look, Blanka and Francesco
loved each other so much.
And now Francesco is "servicing"
the general's wife on the second floor.
- He's moving on up.
- Yes, he is.
You're still thinking about Blanka?
You're not made for each other.
Leave her.
Stop talking in French. Get him
that blasted coffee right now!
Hello boys!
I've seen a rat again.
Something should be done about it.
- Good morning, Herr Direktor.
- Good morning.
In our hotel, under
these circumstances,
everything needs to run smoothly.
I am very sorry, Herr Direktor.
I love coffee...
but it's a bit cold.
Butter, cream, and a portion
of our excellent beetroot jam.
Bon apptit, sir.
Yes, yes. Thank you.
Of course.
Fil, are you on deliveries today?
- Right now I'm busy here.
-"Right now I'm busy here."
Move your ass and go to her...
Two cream puffs
to the Schwarze Rose.
If I don't get a bottle of Moselle,
I'll screw her myself.
Delivering pastries to the Schwarze Rose?
They have a fine bakery next door.
The client claims ours are better.
True, Fil?
On my way.
I can't be alone.
come back from the Russian front
in four months.
I miss him so much.
Years from now,
they will discover his body in a ditch
somewhere in Russia,
and they'll say,
"Oh, look, another German."
They'll throw some dirt over him
and move on.
Stop confiding in me, then.
I'm not some kind of male whore.
You're not paying me.
I'm sorry.
Filip, don't leave.
Filip, please.
Please stay.
Don't leave.
Was it tasty?
A pretzel, please.
- Good morning.
- Gather round and listen!
Your attention please!
I have great news.
An event of national importance
will soon take place at our hotel.
We will be hosting
Obergruppenfhrer Joachim Gukst.
Sturmbannfhrer Baumller was
assigned to oversee the preparations.
We're excited...
Would you like to add anything,
Herr Sturmbannfhrer?
I would like to meet your staff.
Here's the best that conquered
Europe has to offer,
the crme de la crme.
If you please.
Helga, our cashier, is German,
Bohumil, our head waiter, is Czech,
Francesco - Italian,
Ilie is Romanian,
Lucas... is...
- I'm Dutch.
- Really?
I've been to Amsterdam once.
It was ugly and rainy.
Artur, also Dutch...
Hungarian, our sommelier.
Filip - French,
Pierre - Belgian,
and Jupp, straight
out of the Black Forest.
When he turns 17,
he'll head to the front.
How old are you?
I'm twenty.
Thank you.
You can go back to work.
You heard, back to work.
Seems like a swine.
Do you realize what you have done?
You want us all to face a firing squad?
For a few bolts?!
I don't tolerate theft!
If you don't like it, get out.
And if you don't fancy a German workshop,
you can always die in a German camp,
and I will die with you.
Back to work, I said!
Well, look here.
His Lordship graces us
with his presence.
- Haven't seen you in a while.
- I'm here to see Staszek.
If he wants to see you...
Just be careful not to touch
anything or you'll get dirty.
Nice shoes,
care to give them away?
Who is this?
I don't know you.
I'm sorry. The boss says
he doesn't know you.
You're not getting in.
Come in.
You've been gone three weeks.
- Fancy some cherry liqueur?
- Sure.
- I thought the Frenchie's avoiding me.
- Come on.
Aren't you?
I made a Frenchman out of you.
I got you the papers,
brought you from the ghetto,
- and now you're avoiding me...
- I'm just working day and night.
I know I owe you everything.
Two Burgundys and two Moselles.
- Are they not selling anymore?
- Some do, some don't.
The older it is,
the more expensive it gets.
You said so yourself.
I'll get a better profit. Here.
I have a ton of tea and two tons
of sugar to sell - you want some?
It's too much.
You didn't even count it.
Just take it.
You're my friend, right?
Sit down.
I have a hundred Poles working for me,
but you're the only one I like.
I don't like Jews at all,
but you I like.
You're like a brother or son to me.
Well... you're alive
because you crossed my path.
- Do you miss Poland?
- No.
I do, you see.
Our guys are fighting over there, dying.
And us?
We don't do shit!
You know they've closed all the ghettos
in Poland, burned them to the ground?
There are no more Jews there.
You're the only one left.
Have you got anyone here?
Besides me, I mean?
I have.
I get a little something every night.
I pay for it.
- Want me to buy you some?
- No, come on.
- You don't want to?
- Maybe someday.
What would you like?
What do you even like?
Nothing. I like going
to the train station.
Steam engines?
Do you remember?
White Lilacs.
Listen, I can't do it anymore.
I can't go on like this.
I don't know what to do
with the money...
I know it's not nice to profit
from a war, but... I earn it.
I have everything.
I have three suits, shoes,
any whore I want.
I eat caviar and drink cognac...
But what next?
Hold on.
Ever seen one of these?
A Fremdenpass.
I had a picture of you,
so I got one for you as well.
You were only legal in Frankfurt,
but with this, you can move
all over the Reich.
All over Europe.
A stateless person...
Nice, eh?
See how I think of you.
I don't need to leave.
I'm working, doing fine.
When you need it, come back.
Now fuck off.
Maybe you want a gun, huh?
- Take it.
- No.
- Come on.
- No.
Come on.
- No.
- Take it.
- Take it.
- No, no, no!
My sister fell in love
with the new mailman.
My mother didn't like that.
Are you listening to me?
Drop that Jew crap. You're obsessed.
My mother got angry
and went to the post office
and asked them to reassign him
to a different area.
Might already be too late, though,
if she's in love.
You're right.
Still no news from your folks?
We agreed they'd only write
if something was wrong.
So that's good.
Good night.
I'm never going back there.
To Poland?
You'll go back.
If Poland reemerges.
But you must have hope...
What are you doing?
Going for a run again?
Go to bed!
You'll be back again in an hour,
making noise, waking me up.
- Go to sleep.
- I can't sleep.
Everything's pissing me off.
I hate what I'm doing,
I hate how I look,
how I breathe, how I speak,
how I think!
You're repeating yourself.
I know this one by heart.
Hitler will be gone soon,
and we'll finally get to live in peace.
I don't want to live in peace!
And most of all, I don't want to think.
I want to move, to get tired.
I want action. I don't want
to just live, live, live.
- And now I'm just rotting.
- You keep saying that.
Come on. You have food and water.
What more do you want?
This really is better than...
Dachau, or Auschwitz.
Hear, hear. Amen.
Come here.
Isn't it beautiful?
For my princess.
I hit my knee.
- What are you looking at?
- Nothing.
- A beautiful flower...
- From a model fascist family.
I think so.
Shit, Filip!
Aren't you scared of crocodiles?
I could have drowned!
So I saved your life.
No, I could have drowned
because of your stupidity!
I wanted to save you.
So this usually works?
This being what?
A dumb smile and some pathetic line?
That's enough?
Do I pay you now?
Your allowance might be too little.
You seemed nicer from a distance.
I assure you that it works.
It works very well.
I'm so sorry,
I was trying to do the butterfly.
It's alright.
I'll bring you a dry towel.
No need.
I'll go get changed.
Once again, I'm terribly sorry, miss...
I'm married.
You speak German well.
What are you doing here?
I work in a hotel, in the kitchen.
A cook?
a dishwasher.
Do you have children?
Not yet.
Why do you ask?
My husband used to be a musician,
now he's an officer somewhere
in Poland, making sure
his men don't get the clap
from those Polish whores.
Poles disgust me...
They're dirty, primitive, stupid.
And they reek.
My mother was Polish.
You know Polish!
Say something in Polish.
Your body is horrible...
You're getting old,
Time is running out.
What does that mean?
Your body is horrible...
You're getting old,
Time is running out.
Soon no one will want to touch you,
because there will be
no more German men left.
They won't be coming back.
Your husband will die
in that stinking Poland.
And you'll never have children.
This might have been your last time.
Get out.
I'll call the police.
Okay, I'll wait with you.
A German woman with a foreigner?
You know the law.
It would be a shame.
Your hair is so strong.
Oh, Fil!
I just found out that
Polish women are dirty,
primitive, stupid, and they stink.
What is he saying?
Foreign rabble!
You can't get a moment's peace and quiet!
My son is out there on the front line,
while they're poisoning our air.
Watch out for Poles.
They stink, they stink.
And they're killing
your brave little sons.
Speak German, or not at all.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Out with the foreigners!
So how was it?
This one won't be that easy.
- Which one? I'm losing track...
- The beautiful flower.
Ah yes, you could use more finesse.
I'll make her fall in love with me,
turn her into a whore,
- and then dump her like trash.
- Cool...
A new method of revenge
on the German nation.
How's that new?
Try to come up with more than
"fuck and humiliate."
Maybe this one doesn't deserve that,
for a change?
Even better.
Wanna bet?
For what?
I'll succeed.
It will end badly.
You're afraid to lose.
Have you changed your mind
about me by any chance?
The sun...
You're blocking my sun.
Were you successful?
In your seduction?
That depends.
On what?
On whether I made
an impression on you.
I'm just getting my hopes up,
and you run away?
I have to get to work.
Where do you work?
Is it a secret?
At the Institute of Experimental Phototechnology.
and what do you do?
I label reagents for
photosensitive emulsions.
What's your name?
- Lisa.
- Filip.
I'm a waiter.
At the Park Hotel.
When the war is over,
you'll go back to university.
Why do you think
I went to university?
I just assumed...
What were you studying?
I'm a waiter, nothing more.
What are you doing in the evening?
- Tonight?
- Yes, tonight.
- I'm busy.
- But surely your fianc is at the front?
- I'm just busy.
- Tomorrow, then.
I'm busy tomorrow, too.
- So, no dice?
- That's right.
I don't know you.
Who are you with?
Are you Luise's brother?
No, I'm a compulsory laborer
working in a hotel.
- I like jazz.
- Then you're very welcome.
Would you like something to drink?
It's kind of a high school party.
Five years after graduation.
Many of the guys aren't with us
anymore, or they're off fighting.
A few are back
but they've changed a lot.
That figures. A great Germany
requires great sacrifices.
Very funny.
Make yourself at home.
I'll change the record.
Duke Ellington!
Don't tell me you're
going to rat us out!
Do you know him?
Who is this jerk?
Who is this?
No one.
I'm one of your foreign flunkeys.
Then get the fuck out of here.
Fuck off.
Take your hands off her.
Stop it.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
- Come on, let's have a drink!
- I'm going already.
Hey Fil, the thing
Eissler mentioned yesterday...
It's going to be the wedding of that
Obergruppenfhrer Gukst's cousin.
I hear he likes to screw.
- So we'll have a competition.
- Yes, of course.
Gukst's cousin is probably
marrying Gring's daughter...
And she's bound to be yours.
Or will you go after Gring himself?
I've already had Gring.
That's so little...
Still, thank you.
With this coupon,
that's all I can do for you.
Mind if I split?
Stop giving me attitude,
or I'll tell them a compulsory laborer
is sleeping around with Germans.
They saw you with that blonde...
Fine, you can go,
just serve that woman first.
Hello. May I take your order?
What are you doing here?
Pardon, madam?
I don't think I understand.
You do...
But alright, as you wish.
Marlena Adler.
My father had a factory in Warsaw.
Don't you remember?
We've met...
You must be mistaking me
for someone else.
You even came to my name day party...
But for a Jew
to show up in Frankfurt?
But don't worry.
I won't tell anyone.
For now.
How's Sara?
What would you like to order?
May I recommend our delicious
pancakes with beetroot jam?
good to see you back.
Do you know who this young man is?
You won't believe it...
He's a vegetarian!
A waiter who doesn't eat meat,
by choice.
Isn't that beautiful in a time of war?
Shall we order?
I'll bring the menu.
I didn't recognize her at first.
She was thin and pimply at school.
And now?
Now she's pretty.
And fucking some Nazi scum.
You think she could be trouble?
I don't know.
It's not like they'll hang you
for being Polish.
Don't panic.
They're not here for us.
Not yet.
Leave me alone!
Put me in touch with General
Kurt von Waldstein at once.
He's my husband!
What are you doing?
Where is Francesco, the Italian?
Follow me, please.
This is a hotel!
There are guests here.
He has it coming.
For sabotaging the Reich's
industrial output!
Please follow me.
I understand, but I must insist.
We're finished.
An Italian gigolo sleeping with
the wife of a German general.
That looks like defiling the race to me.
Was it worth it?
Betraying Mussolini?
Where's the back exit?
I can't work, I'm shaking.
It's like someone is pressing
on my chest. I can't breathe.
Say something.
Are you alright?
Say something.
Why are you in a daze like that?
Hey, Ilie!
Want some?
No, thanks.
I have to get back.
We'll all end up like that!
They'll murder us all!
You too!
- Too bad!
- Too bad?
How can you say that?
They'll kill Francesco!
Yes, then they'll kill me.
Or not.
And then they'll kill you, or not.
Who cares? What's important is
that there's some action.
Something going on.
Get it?
No sleeping on the job.
The three ladies wish to order.
This is the ladies' room.
Missed me already?
No, it's my father's birthday.
It was his idea.
If you don't leave now,
I'll start screaming!
And then I'll tell everyone that
you barged in and started groping me.
One, two, three... help!
Tomorrow, outside
St. Stephen's church, at 5 p.m.
I can do Friday at the earliest.
Just don't tell me she was German.
Please, not that again.
You can throw me down the stairs...
Just tell me, how was she?
You have visitors.
Who is it?
Philippe Junot.
So we got to know each other...
Now I'd like to know how long
you've been sleeping with Blanka Brandt.
- Who?
- Blanka Brandt.
I have no clue who that is.
And now?
- And what did this Madame Brahms do?
- Brandt...
Sorry, regulations.
Nothing. She's been fornicating
with foreigners and avoiding work.
I don't know anything.
Philippe, we know that she slept
with this fucking Italian boy.
But there was another.
She visited someone else there.
Licked someone else's popsicle...
- I really don't know.
- Sit down.
They say you like to fuck,
a lot.
But not with German women.
Who with, then?
- With whom?
- Czech and Polish women.
Near the train station... where I pick them up.
And, of course,
you don't know their names?
You prance around in a tailcoat,
eating the best food,
getting a tan,
picking up whores,
and you have the nerve to brag about it?
I have to see your insolent faces
day after day.
Is this what war is about?
Maybe I'd like to swap places with you.
Have you thought about that?
I'm fed up, too.
Sign it. Now.
So that you don't forget about me...
Now go.
Who worked you over like that?
A slippery razor.
That's a beautiful portfolio case.
You like it?
So do I.
- So where are we going?
- I don't care.
A walk? A caf? A movie?
A walk.
It's going to rain.
- How about Caf Wien?
- No.
My friends from work might be there.
So you'd rather not be seen
with a stranger.
- I can pretend to be German.
- No.
You don't have to pretend at all.
There's no shame in not being German.
I've just had enough of my girlfriends
blabbering on and on about
the "Great Victory" and world domination.
Why are we just standing here?
You do it so oddly...
Completely differently...
Very well.
It was just different than I imagined.
There might be an air raid today.
Low cloud cover.
How do you know?
My father used to be a pilot.
Tell me, who gave you such a beating?
This one Untersturmfhrer
was jealous of my smile.
Linden trees.
I like it when they bloom.
They smell beautiful.
You're tense all the time.
I can feel it.
You were tense at the pool, too.
You act all relaxed, but it's like
you're always on the lookout.
And today you're also so...
- As if...
- You came here out of pity?
- What?
- You thought:
I'll pull out all the stops,
let the guy get to see
what it's like
to be sitting in a caf
with a girl straight out of one of
the master race's fashion magazines.
Let him forget about stinking bars,
and the emaciated,
dirty, lice-ridden
Slavic dishwashers he fucks.
Please, I beg you.
You won't tell anyone
I groped you, right?
You must admit it's better to be
ordered around here at the Park Hotel
than to await death in Dachau.
Before the war,
I studied architecture.
I was supposed to build cities,
and now I'm a filthy slave,
and that's how it should stay.
I live nearby.
Don't walk me home.
You're angry.
When can I see you again?
I don't know.
But can I call you?
Our phone has been cut off.
Then maybe I can call the institute?
During work hours?
Good afternoon, sir.
Are you alright?
No, thanks.
Well, I'll have a drink.
You look satisfied.
Did your Lisa help lick your wounds
after your interrogation?
And your Polish girl was looking for you.
She wants to see you badly.
Just get off your butt and go to her.
You'll get it off your mind.
Do what you like.
Step aside!
Stand aside!
Stand aside!
Now you will see
what happens
to all those who have intimate relations
with German women.
Here you see your colleagues
sentenced to death.
In a moment, these filthy traitors
will hang for their shameful actions.
I owe him a bottle of Moselle.
I owe him a bottle of Moselle.
...forbidden intimate relations
with German citizens.
Don't you dare even look at
German women.
Anyone who commits such a crime
will face the same punishment - death.
Our German blood is pure,
and will remain so.
In the name of the German people,
carry out the sentence!
Institute of Experimental Phototechnology,
how may I help you?
Dragging her suitcase with one hand,
and holding her skirt at the waist
with the other, for some reason.
I could tell she was really
struggling with something.
Maybe she'd lost something, so I wanted
to go up to her and help her...
But the train arrived,
everyone rushed to board it,
and I lost her.
Then the train leaves, and in the middle
of the platform are these huge knickers!
The countess had lost her panties!
You wanted to hear a silly story.
Well, there you go.
I just can't fathom it.
How beautiful you are.
May I show you my photographs?
I was expecting flowers,
beautiful dresses and women
in fabulous hats...
How are you not ashamed?
He's a foreigner.
Can't you wait for our boys?
She's a common whore.
Real German girls don't act this way.
I want to go to cafs with you.
Don't you like the photographs?
On the contrary.
I really feel like kissing you.
When will I see you again?
- On Thursday.
- Where?
My place.
My parents and brothers are away.
My father's time off is ending...
I never told you, I have
two younger brothers, twins.
I know.
I will be alone.
That doesn't scare you, does it?
- I'm in deep shit.
- Good evening.
I have a train to Chemnitz
in a couple of hours.
The Gestapo interrogated me...
and all the staff... about you.
No one spilled the beans,
but you have to go.
I know.
I'll just wash up.
Will you get me something to eat?
Sure, I have some roast meat and bread.
Nice photos, why am I not in them?
Here you are.
You're wonderful.
I'm glad we'll get to spend
a little time together at least.
First let me wash up.
Give me the key.
I'll bring you some water
into the room.
Stop overreacting.
I know the hotel and
where to run if I need to.
Don't be mad...
I'm not a saint,
but I'm definitely no whore.
I just ran out of luck.
I found it funny
to have an Italian lover,
and trick those Gestapo idiots.
But when Francesco got caught...
Let's run away together.
I know you want that too.
You're a swine.
A filthy swine!
That's for making me feel like a whore.
Thanks for that!
You'll regret this.
Come in.
Come on.
Yes, I accept your proposal.
Come on.
For you. All of them.
You like it?
You have no idea how much.
No. I don't like photos.
What's going on?
I don't know...
It's been a while since I was
in a room like this...
and I'm still anxious
someone will come in.
No one's coming.
Don't think...
Don't think about anything
for a while, please.
I'm not French.
I am a Jew from Poland.
I was born in Warsaw.
When they find out,
they'll shave your head...
or kill you.
I'm worried about you.
I really want
you to be
happy one day.
So, until the crack of dawn...
I was jealous and worried...
I didn't hear you come back.
Did you at least fuck her?
Don't be crass.
Oh, you're not joking any more.
So is it serious? Is it love?
Shut up.
Too bad I didn't take
your bet back then.
Make her love you and turn her
into a whore. I can't believe it!
Shut up.
Oh, your Polish girl
keeps looking for you.
Get it over with
once and for all, please!
You wanted to see me.
Yes, yesterday.
Come in.
Would you like to eat with me?
You'll regret it...
It could have been worse.
Back there, at the restaurant...
I apologize for calling you a Jew.
I was told that a Pole
works at the Park Hotel...
But I didn't know it was you.
I need your help.
It's good that you started using Polish.
They want to move me
to a different room.
But I like it here.
I've unpacked, I feel great.
They're preparing
some important wedding
and want to free up the entire floor
for the guests.
Make it so they don't move me.
A couple of days, that's all.
I won't help you with anything.
You will!
And I'll stay quiet.
After all, I don't have to...
At school, you were such a nice girl.
It's really important.
I need to stay here.
What are you talking about?
What were you thinking? Well?
You come here, threaten me,
and then disappear!
And you're fucking that
Kraut bastard, to boot!
And now you're going to fuck me?
For a stupid room.
I don't want to understand it.
I don't have the strength to.
You know what I understand?
Coffee: black or white?
That much I get.
I beg you.
I have to...
I don't want to know what or why!
I'll get you the room.
Is there something you'd like to tell me?
Baumller has a very nice room,
but what were you doing in there?
What do you fucking care?
I can ask what you're doing here.
- Fuck off.
- Ilie...
You forgot...
- Good night.
- Good night.
Is Staszek in?
Then you don't know anything?
Did he say anything to you lately?
You were with him, remember?
He completely changed after that.
He said, "People are stupid.
I thought I had a brother.
But that's bullshit."
Did you do something to him?
He left so much money... Jesus...
Who would have thought that Staszek...
And see how much wine there is?
He didn't even drink wine.
The Germans will find out and
they'll start snooping around...
What do we do?
We haven't touched anything.
We left everything the way it was.
He knew how to handle those Krauts
so well. Maybe you could...?
Well? Say something!
Look how many of us there are here.
They'll deport us!
They'll kill us, get it?
I beg you, please...
You're his friend, please...
Philippe Junot,
undetermined nationality...
The train leaves tonight at 23:20,
and arrives in Paris at 09:00.
You came to say goodbye?
You're coming!
I want to be with you all the time,
to survive this war and not go insane.
Say yes.
Please, say yes.
Say something.
Trust me.
We'll be happy...
and free.
I can't... just get on a train
- and leave everything behind.
- We'll leave this whole mess.
Just you and me.
But maybe I don't want
to leave everything behind.
You do!
I know, there's your family,
but sometimes you need to change
everything and start over again.
23:20, right?
Who's buying the tickets?
Are you sure it's for me?
- It's not for me, unfortunately.
- Philippe Junot speaking.
What's happened?
Can I wash up at your place?
And stay overnight?
I'm working until midnight.
And Pierre?
I'm famous...
Everyone wants to know
who I'm sleeping with.
I hope you're not angry with me.
No, why?
Those bastards.
Tomorrow is a big day for us.
As you can see, extraordinary things are
about to happen
in our restaurant and hotel...
I'm bailing today with Lisa.
A lot is going on, so they shouldn't
notice for some time.
Don't ask any questions.
I'll be in touch.
Blanka's in our room.
They shaved her head.
...over the course of the festivities,
you'll be watched closely,
and even the slightest irregularity
in your actions
or attire may end very badly for you...
Maybe I'll take her some wine?
If you want.
I don't have any more, though.
I have two bottles.
Will you look after her... anyway?
...the kitchen will get staff
from the Imperial Hotel,
while the Colosseum Hotel staff
will be on dishwashing duty.
I trust I don't need to explain anything
else to such seasoned professionals...
I hope and believe that
you won't let me down.
Thank you. Dismissed.
- Have you been to Blanka yet?
- Not yet.
Obergruppenfhrer Gukst has arrived!
Obergruppenfhrer Gukst is here!
Bohumil, you are to serve champagne
as soon as he enters the ballroom.
Please sit down,
Herr Obergruppenfhrer.
Sit down with me.
I'm not going to eat alone, am I?
- Prepare two more place settings.
- As you wish.
Excuse me...
You have no idea
what's going on out there.
This is for you.
Schloss Johannisberg...
And eat something.
You're so good to me today.
I know you're having a hard time.
Stop pitying me.
You're alive,
that's what counts.
Want some cigarettes?
Take them...
What's important is that you didn't
support this shit in any way.
After the war,
that will be very important.
I don't give a damn.
that none of this crap is happening,
that you're on holiday
and we met,
as I'm also here, on important business,
staying at this hotel.
And we have a short, wild affair.
- Why is it short?
- Then maybe there's even a wedding.
I have to go.
I'm leaving.
You fell in love.
When you leave,
don't worry about the door.
We never lock it.
Run, the Allies are attacking.
They're going to destroy us.
I thought it was the end.
I was nearing the station
when it started...
We'll go tomorrow.
I want to be with you, always.
Never leave me alone again.
I don't ever want
to fear for you again.
My friend, here we are together again.
You didn't make it...
But you will tomorrow!
Or next week. That's also good.
Happy now?
They really went for it!
Some real action.
It's happening.
Your dream is coming true.
A real war.
People are dying.
We will die soon too. Brilliant.
You must be happy.
You like that.
I was so worried about you.
I couldn't sleep
because of your stupidity.
Man, you're lucky.
You have Lisa and me.
Really, that's a lot.
A lady like you,
all alone in Frankfurt...?
You're a true gentleman,
Herr Obergruppenfhrer...
I have brought your order.
Did you see that woman
I was talking to?
- Do you know anything about her?
- I'm afraid not...
Aside from the fact that she is
very beautiful. May I start serving?
Since you don't know anything,
then please do.
And buy me some condoms.
I'll pay you back later.
Of course.
Think of the scandal
if it turned out that the best of the
foreign waiters were stealing.
And that what I've been hearing
was true...
What's this?
- Where did you get it from?
- My rations.
Admirable foresight.
Really, what do you need lockers for
if you keep nothing interesting in them?
One would be enough for you all...
Whose locker is this?
Schloss Johannisberg...
excellent taste.
Is it a good vintage?
I asked you: is it a good vintage?
I don't know.
You never had a 1939
Schloss Johannisberg?
No, never.
Open it.
I know it's poor form to drink
straight from the bottle...
but times are tough.
Jupp, get out!
Close the door.
Come on, drink!
You have five seconds.
What's this?
And this?
- Yes.
- Lame.
Kill me!
I'm a Jew!
And maybe you're a Negro?
Or an Eskimo?
I'm a Jew!
I'm a Pole.
I fuck your German whores,
your broodmares, day and night!
Kill me!
You swine, you son of a bitch,
you're a piece of shit!
Come on.
Come on.
I beg you.
Let this end!
At long last, let this end!
Leave him be.
He's gone mad, but I understand that.
A true friend.
That's a true friend.
And I value true friendship.
Take him to his room,
let him calm down.
Pick him up!
Step aside.
What's happened?
Tell me, what's happened?
You're not going with me.
You must be joking!
I'm not!
Suddenly you don't want to go?
We don't have to leave today.
We don't have to go at all.
I don't understand.
- Exactly, you don't understand a thing!
- Then explain it to me!
It's simple.
I'm leaving, you're not.
You're not leaving until you tell me
what's happened!
Pierre is dead.
Francesco is dead.
And so is Staszek!
Sara, my family...
They're all gone.
I've grown bored of you.
I don't need you.
I don't need you for anything.
You don't really think that.
We're in love! I love you.
This is not a time for love!
Why are you lying?
Don't lie!
I made you into a whore,
and now I'm dumping you.
Because that was my plan.
To make you a whore
and humiliate you.
From the moment
I saw you at the pool.
Pierre was my witness.
It was just a bet.
A joke.
That's all.
Leave me.
You disgust me.
Why are you lying?
Why are you lying?
- I will miss you.
- Miss me?
Let's move it, gentlemen.
The guests are coming.
Lots of old cows.
The national anthem.
I'll come back once the dancing starts.
Ladies and gentlemen!
And now!
Especially for you,
Frankfurt Express!
You have to run. They'll remember
who let me keep my room.
You've done more for Poland
than if you were at the front.
- He was a real bastard.
- See you in Warsaw.
Let's thank Uncle for the wedding.
I'm sure he'll be happy.
My train leaves soon.
- And your luggage?
- I don't have any.
I'm going to be late.
I have to buy a ticket.
Paris, 23.20.
To Paris.
To Paris.
To the front.
To the front.
To Paris.