Fin (2012) Movie Script

- Hi.
- Hi.
Okay. What have we got,
five hours?
Just about.
A lot of people to get to know.
You don't have to know them.
Well, they're your friends.
Friends from almost 20 years ago.
- Some I haven't seen since.
- Yeah, but...
everybody likes to feel special.
Don't you?
Let's see.
Sara, right?
- She organized the reunion.
- Yeah.
Felix, Felix!
I can't believe it!
We called her Mother Theresa.
A great girl,
but she always put
everybody else first.
You haven't changed at all.
Amazing, amazing.
I look amazing?
Amazing to see you, silly!
Rafa! Maribel!
Look who's here!
Maribel and Rafa.
I couldn't wait to see you.
- How are you, gorgeous?
- Let me look at you.
You look fabulous.
So do you.
Damn, kid.
She? A sweetheart.
- Doing well, huh?
- Not bad.
Rafa is a little more complicated.
Sergio was the artist
of the group.
He took us everywhere.
His family owns the house
where we're meeting.
It's been a long time!
Damn, feast your eyes.
Good lord.
That's Hugo.
- He's nothing special.
- No?
Looks pretty hot to me.
That's great.
Knowing him, he'll hit on you.
He's unbelievable.
What do I do if he hits on me?
Hey, it's up to you.
His wife Cova will be there.
I haven't met her, but she must be
something if she puts up with him.
Who's this freak?
That's Angel.
We called him the Prophet.
Why the Prophet?
It's a long story, don't worry.
Sara probably tried to convince him,
but I don't think he'll show up.
Where's Hugo?
- In back chopping firewood.
- A fire, in this heat?
We're building a campfire,
like on St. John's Eve.
I thought Angel would like it.
Here we go.
I don't know, something symbolic...
With a little wind we'll end up
burning down half the forest.
Now that would be symbolic!
It's a great idea.
We're still in time
for St. Laurence.
And we'll see the meteor shower.
It'll be spectacular out here.
Come on, I want you guys
to meet someone.
- Listen...
- Yeah?
What about me?
What about you?
What's my name?
Hi, I'm Eva.
- Hi, sweetie.
- Hi.
- I'm Maribel.
- Nice to meet you.
- You must be Rafa.
- Yes.
- How are you?
- Hi.
What about your kids?
Are they here?
No. We never get to see each other
so we left them with my sister.
- You're Sara.
- Yes.
Felix talks so much about you
I feel like I've known you
my whole life.
I was dying to give you a hug.
- And you're Sergio.
- Hi.
How are you?
This place is beautiful.
I love it.
Felix told me what a great time
you had here.
The things you must have heard!
That he was dying to come.
He's been talking non-stop about you
for two months, like a little boy.
He really loves you guys.
Let's go inside,
I'll show you your room.
A little young for you, isn't she?
We're almost over the hill.
This house is amazing.
It's been 20 years,
but everything is exactly the same.
It's like riding
in a time machine.
Eva, what do you do?
I work at a magazine.
That's okay, Sara.
Long time, asshole.
You look good.
How are you?
- You must be Cova.
- And you're Felix?
Nice to meet you.
- Do you like it?
- What?
The room, do you like it?
Yes, it's beautiful.
You don't mind me giving them
this room, do you, Maribel?
Why would I?
Well, since you two slept in here.
Don't be silly.
Felix must have told you
we hooked up. Nothing serious.
Yeah, he told me.
Hugo and Sara are next door,
I'm in front,
Rafa and her, down the hall
and Sergio's downstairs.
What about Angel?
He always slept in the attic.
I set up a bed for him.
Tell me about Angel.
Felix doesn't talk about him.
Well, there's a story behind that,
not just with Felix,
with everybody.
Okay, let's go make dinner.
- I'll be right down.
- Okay.
We'd better have dinner soon,
smoking pot makes me hungry.
Smells great!
I haven't smoked in ages.
Time to loosen up a little.
This is unbelievable.
All of us together again...
I was eager to meet you.
He's told me a lot about you.
- Good things?
- Well, sort of.
Like what?
- How did you two meet?
- Huh?
Felix and you. How did you meet?
Taking lessons.
To get a boating license.
- Did you get it?
- Sure.
Is it hard?
Well, considering I couldn't
remember how to cross-multiply...
Then there's navigating
by the stars, maps of the sky...
I'm always telling Rafa
we should do it.
Yeah, we can afford a boat...
- What can you sail, a zodiac?
- Up to 12 meters.
And the kids would love it.
- You have kids?
- Yeah. Two.
Get my bag over there.
He's not answering.
He must be driving.
Belen and Enrique.
Seven and nine.
They're adorable.
I would have loved having kids...
And your dipshit boyfriend
goes and says,
"Um, weren't we gonna play cards?"
- December 21st, 1986.
- What a memory.
How could I forget?
It was my birthday.
Okay, here's another one for you.
May 14th, 1987.
The Colbys, season finale.
Fallon gets abducted by aliens.
The best season finale
of all time.
Purely epic.
It wasn't The Colbys.
You guys want a clue?
You must have gone wild there,
looking at you now...
Ilka and Blumchen.
Damn! What a couple
of little hussies.
- Where did you get that?
- I save everything.
Let's change the subject.
These two are getting bored.
No, it's okay.
They're your memories.
Well, I have a long night ahead,
I'll save some for Angel.
Angel isn't going to come.
I think he is.
If he's not here by now,
he's not coming.
It would have been strange
if he showed up.
He must have changed his mind.
I don't understand.
How about some mojitos?
I saw plenty of mint outside.
Cool. Let's light the campfire.
Cova, wanna come with me?
- We need to clean up.
- No, go ahead.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
What's wrong?
No, it's Angel...
I don't understand.
Sara, not again.
You don't understand.
This was all his idea.
It was Angel's idea.
Gathering us all here tonight
was Angel's idea?
He had me call everyone
so you would all come,
but it was his idea.
Why would he do all this
if he wasn't planning to come?
How could you, Sara?
You're making him sound sane,
and he isn't.
He was better the last time
I saw him.
I hope we don't regret this.
Okay, this is taking.
Have you seen any falling stars?
Sirius is missing.
Excuse me?
Sirius should be right there,
in the dog constellation.
And it's not.
Jesus, you must be pretty drunk!
I'm not kidding around.
It's the brightest star in the sky
and it's not there.
You're quite an artist.
I worked in a bar
for a long time.
To pay for your yachting license?
Not exactly.
Who are you?
- I'm Eva. And you?
- Eva, right
I imagine you probably are
the first.
- What?
- What are you doing here?
What about you?
Why did you come?
To make sure everybody else
is as screwed up as you are?
Smart girls really turn me on.
You look like just about anything
turns you on.
Not anything.
Something is missing.
I don't know what.
A little shame?
A little what?
I think it's sad that Cova
has to put up with this.
Don't worry about Cova.
Except that she's watching us.
- Here.
- What's this?
You don't remember?
Write down all the bad stuff
you want to get rid of
and throw it in the fire.
Poof, goodbye grief.
You got your campfire,
spare us the self-help bullshit.
We always did this
on St. John's Eve.
- That isn't tonight.
- But tonight is magical too.
There's a meteor shower.
The tears of St. Laurence!
Enough with the tears already.
What I do remember
is everybody getting naked.
Excuse me, the only one
who got naked was you.
Really? I think your memory
is failing you.
That's for my mother dying!
No more hospitals this year!
Would you stop acting
like a retard?
Why? We have to put our problems
behind us.
It's St. John's Eve!
You too, Rafa.
Come on, here we go.
That's for your company
going under!
- You're looking to get smacked.
- Rafa...
What's wrong?
Isn't anybody else going
to make a wish?
Okay, I'm going to bed.
I got dizzy.
It must be the alcohol,
we've had a lot.
Or the shrooms.
You're kidding. Seriously?
Did you spike the drinks?
We can't let
another 20 years go by, Sara.
From now on, friends stick together!
I'm talking to you, asshole.
Did you spike our drinks?
Cova, calm down.
Cova, take it easy.
- Open the doors of perception.
- This isn't funny.
- I hardly know you guys.
- I don't think it's funny either.
How about we go inside
and you can sing for us, princess?
I should kick your ass!
Don't you respect anything?
Wasn't the last time enough for you?
Damn it!
Not the Prophet again...
Where's the fucking Prophet?
He's always here,
even when he's not.
Lay off Angel,
we were doing just fine.
What the fuck was that?
They're here...
The aliens.
Has anyone ever seen the sky
like that?
It has a weird glow.
We have just witnessed
a supernova exploding.
We are about to be swallowed
by a black hole.
Shut up already.
- The lights went out in the house.
- Anyone got a lighter?
A flashlight.
- Mine doesn't work.
- No battery.
Mine either.
Probably a technical problem.
The whole area
must be without power.
We need to talk to someone
to find out what's going on.
How? The batteries are all dead.
I have a charger in the car.
Guys, I'm starting to get
a little nervous.
Do any of your cars have
manual locks?
- My truck. What's wrong?
- Get your keys and come with me.
Get dressed.
With what?
- Cover yourself, damn it.
- Take it easy.
Come on, let's go!
Turn on the lights.
What the hell?
I'll try mine.
It's no use.
You won't be able to open it.
It might be
an electromagnetic pulse.
Yeah, right.
It can be caused by lightning
and affects anything electrical.
That wasn't lightning.
Or it could be caused
by a meteor impact,
or a nuclear bomb.
Sure, or a terrorist attack,
or World War Ill...
Give me a break.
Are you saying this was caused
by a meteor impact?
You guys, get a grip.
It's a blackout.
This isn't a blackout.
What about the cars
and cell phones?
- Sara...
- Angel!
This has to be
Angel playing a joke on us.
Angel, knock it off!
You're scaring us!
You guys are starting
to freak me out with all this.
Would someone explain this whole
prophet thing to me?
- It doesn't concern you.
- Okay, but I'm here.
So stop being so mysterious
and tell us what happened.
The last time we saw each other
things got out of hand.
Look, Angel always carried a bag...
of candy on him.
We'd get totally wasted.
We'd get here
and he'd start passing them out.
"Here, open your mouth. "
We didn't even know
what we were taking.
One day Sergio and Hugo grabbed him
and Rafa and I made him swallow
his own pills.
The girls encouraged us
and gave him water to wash it down.
- It was a joke.
- Come on.
Don't act naive,
we knew what we were doing.
Bullshit, Rafa.
Nobody expected that.
His family had a history
of schizophrenia.
We looked for him all night
and finally found him by a tree,
foaming at the mouth
and speaking nonsense...
Stuff from the Bible
mixed with insults,
that this was the end,
the end of everything.
At first we laughed.
But then it wasn't funny anymore.
They put him in the asylum,
we grew apart
and stopped seeing each other.
We didn't do anything that bad.
- Yes, we did.
- No, we didn't.
Yes, we did, Hugo.
But not that night. After.
We abandoned him, guys.
All of us.
But he's okay now.
I saw him.
- All this was Angel's idea.
- What?
Sara only called everybody.
He wanted everybody
to see each other again.
I guess to tell us
he'd forgiven us.
Or just the opposite, you dumbshit.
You guys make him sound like
a psychopath.
He's violent. Why do you think
he was in an asylum?
Let's go back to the fire,
at least we can see there.
Will you stop
with the fucking campfire?
- Haven't you had enough?
- Rafa...
Nice bunch of friends!
One laughs in my face
about my company going under...
and this one kept nagging us
to come back out here
to remind us why we haven't
seen each other in 20 years.
- Rafa, please.
- What about you?
Still in love with
your high school boyfriend
who blew you off and always will.
But we forget everything, right?
No problem. We smoke a couple joints
and forget everything.
And now all that prophet crap
has to come out...
There's my list, Sara.
Toss it in the fire for me.
I'm going to bed.
Rafa, don't go like this.
Forgive him, okay?
He's had a shitty year.
- I'm going to bed too.
- I'll go with you.
That went well, didn't it?
I don't get it, man.
Hey, it's Sleeping Beauty.
Come and give us a hand.
I don't know about cars.
I prefer having mine towed
and getting it fixed.
The phones aren't working.
We'll look for help in town.
We can't stay here.
On foot? It would take
a full day, or longer.
There's a house down the hill,
We can try there, maybe somebody
can give us a ride.
What's wrong?
Rafa's gone.
That's right, gone.
He left all his stuff.
In the room, all of it.
His wallet, cell phone...
Don't worry.
He can't have gone far.
He'll show up any minute,
you'll see.
We can ask at the house
down the hill.
- What time is it?
- Nothing works.
Hey, maybe we should talk about
what happened last night
in the bedroom.
Just so you know...
it's included in the arrangement,
- if you want...
- Look...
This isn't going to work.
You're free to do
whatever you want, okay?
Let's not keep doing this.
Don't be so melodramatic.
It sounds like you're dumping
your girlfriend.
I'll pay you the other half
when we get back.
I made a mistake, I'm sorry.
I feel uncomfortable.
Okay, whatever you say.
You're a very special girl.
I don't know why
you do this for a living.
Don't worry.
They might have dogs or something.
We shouldn't just waltz in here.
Is anyone there?
- What is it?
- There was a vulture in here.
It scared me.
The area filled with vultures
when they built the incinerator.
How did that thing get in here?
Just like I did.
Everything's open.
They left in a hurry.
- Maybe they were evacuated.
- Don't start.
Something had to happen
for them to leave like this.
She's right.
They probably saw Rafa
and took him with them.
Don't worry.
If they'd seen Rafa
they'd have come looking for us.
The cars aren't working.
I don't like this one bit.
I need to talk to my sister.
You may be worried about your kids,
but we all have families here.
So stop hogging
all the attention already!
We should take what we can carry
from the kitchen and walk to town.
You can't walk to town, Felix.
It's way too far.
By road.
We can take the shortcut
through the gorge.
Did you try the phone?
- What do you think?
- It doesn't work.
What the fuck?
Relax, it's probably only this area.
I'm sure they're fine.
Don't touch me. Leave me alone.
Felix is right.
We should get going.
If they're hikers, it's normal
for them to get up early.
And leave everything like this?
This is used for hiking.
And it's expensive equipment.
It makes sense
to take it with you,
not leave it here
for anyone to take.
What then?
I don't know.
It seems odd to me.
There's somebody up there.
Maybe it's Rafa.
No, that's not Rafa.
It must be one of the hikers.
- Where the hell did he go?
- Must be a shepherd.
Probably thought we're a bunch
of city slickers and took off.
Should we climb up there?
We won't find a phone booth.
I'm tired.
Promise me you won't do
what Rafa did.
What are you talking about?
You brought me here
to break up with me, right?
You had to do it
in front of all your friends.
Hey, what's wrong?
Are you crying?
That's why we came, isn't it?
- Why?
- To break up.
This is the end, right?
Run. Run!
Don't move!
Where's Cova?
She's gone.
She's not here anymore.
It's a trap.
This is why he brought us here.
The person we saw on the mountain
could be Angel.
He probably let the goats loose
in the gorge.
He seemed fine the last time
I saw him,
but they warned me
he was still on medication
and had fits of violence.
After all, he's the reason
we're out here.
Would you shut the fuck up already?
Angel fried the cars?
And caused the blackout?
He had everybody evacuated?
It was meant for us.
Cova was an accident.
- Shut the fuck up!
- Hugo, damn it!
- I can't stand her.
- Let's keep watch.
We don't know what's happening.
There could be animals,
or people lost like us.
We have to be on the lookout.
We'll take turns every few hours.
Why keep watch?
There's nobody.
You want me to stay with you?
No, you'd better get some rest.
We'll have to come back tomorrow
with a rescue team.
What did you see?
You looked worried before.
You were going to say something...
All this...
Wake me up, no matter what, okay?
Hugo, where are you going?
- You don't hear it?
- What?
A car just drove by!
I can still hear it!
- It's only birds.
- No, damn it. It just drove by.
We missed it.
Who the hell was keeping watch?
Who the hell was keeping watch?
- We did it earlier.
- We were with Sergio and he said...
'Sergio! Sergio!
From now on nobody strays
from the group.
It's cold.
There's no smoke or anything.
It's been here for a while.
It's not what you heard.
It was at 12:20.
The same time.
This makes no sense.
There's somebody down there!
He's dead.
He must have died in the crash.
At 8:15.
Before the blackout.
- Shut the fuck up!
- Calm down, Hugo.
Tell her to calm down!
It's Angel!
Don't you recognize him?
It's Angel!
It's all just like he said.
The animals,
the empty houses,
the abandoned cars...
He said a million things.
He was locked up for years.
And none of you ever visited him.
Look. I bet it was you calling,
that's why he crashed.
Shut the fuck up!
No, you shut up!
You shouldn't even be here.
- Don't think you fooled anyone.
- That's enough!
Just be quiet.
We can't leave him there.
- He can rot there for all I care.
- Come on.
Let's go.
I can't...
You'll get a sunburn.
The last one.
You smoke it.
I don't know if we'll have
another chance to talk.
- Felix, no".
- Hugo.
Listen to me.
We have nothing to talk about.
You're a son of a bitch.
I was expecting to find someone
you're not.
Someone I had fabricated.
Because you're a piece of shit.
You've never loved anybody
in your whole life.
You don't know what it means.
I wish it had happened to you.
Or that brat you brought along
to trick whoever.
Anyone except Cova.
So I wouldn't have to see
how stupid I've been.
My whole life.
You're right.
I am a piece of shit.
What's wrong?
Don't go in the water!
Eva! Eva, no!
You knew what was happening
since Rafa disappeared.
We're going to vanish
one by one.
We should take all the food
we can carry.
Give me your backpack.
Where's Felix?
Come here, boy!
I have a dog.
His name is Blondie.
He's so cute...
He's a Jack Russell.
Why didn't you bring him?
Because he always runs away.
I was afraid he'd get lost
if I brought him.
I wonder if he's okay.
I must sound silly, thinking
about Blondie at a time like this...
But we keep each other company.
- And you?
- What?
Who are you thinking about?
What is that?
Let's go see what that was.
- What are you doing?
- Giving it food.
No, Sara. Let's go.
No, it must be hungry.
Here, boy!
Come here.
- Sara, let's go.
- I'm coming.
Here, here.
Come on, please.
Where did they come from?
I don't know.
They smell the food.
Get them away from me!
I'm getting nervous!
Sara, relax.
Sara, don't show your fear.
They could bite you.
Get away!
Lower your arms.
- I can't move, damn it!
- Lower your arms!
Stay calm.
Get on the bike. I'll toss them food
and we'll ride away.
Gently, Sara.
- Did it bite you?
- No.
Get on the bike.
Here they come!
Don't look back!
Pass me, Sara!
I can't!
Yes, you can!
Come on, pass me!
Come on!
Faster, Sara!
You can do it, Sara!
Look at me.
Come on, faster!
They stopped chasing us!
But keep going, Sara!
Eva, don't fall behind!
Don't leave me alone, Felix.
I'm scared. Please!
You're not alone, we're all here.
Please, don't leave me!
Don't leave me!
Talk to me!
Please, please...
Talk to me, Sara!
Talk to me!
She was all alone...
We have to keep going.
It's happening everywhere.
There should be bodies
all over the place.
What are you doing?
We might need it.
What for?
How can this get any worse?
Maybe the others were lucky
to get out of this nightmare.
If I go next, take care of him.
He knew.
What is this?
I found it in his car.
They're Angel's sketches.
I saw him on St. John's Eve.
He tried to talk to me
but I didn't recognize him.
I kept going, thinking he was
some kind of weirdo.
Maybe that's why he called Sara.
He organized the reunion
to say goodbye.
Not to be alone.
Why did you hide it?
She won't be there.
No, no.
Don't be afraid.
What was that?
Maribel. Maribel, wait.
This way.
Open the door.
Open up, don't be afraid.
Please, open the door.
You're not alone, sweetie.
We're just as scared as you are.
You're the first person we've seen.
Please, don't hide in there.
Don't be afraid.
I'm a mommy too. These are my kids,
Belen and Enrique.
Please, come out.
Very good.
Very good.
That's it.
Come out.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
I saw it.
I saw what's happening.
Shoot it.
No, it's too dangerous.
We'll sail out to sea.
Help me cast off.
Eva, take the stern.
You take that side.
Let's go.
Maribel, untie it.
Get on the boat.
- Maribel, get on.
- Get on.
Maribel, get on!
Maribel, get on!
Maribel, get on the boat!
Maribel, get on the boat!
Get on the boat!
Felix, please, shoot!
Shoot again!
I'm sorry...
We should save this one.
Put that away.
We won't be needing it.
If I go next,
would you want to be alone?
I don't want you to disappear.
More stars are missing, right?
The ones we see
might not be there either.
We could be seeing the light
from stars which died long ago.
The same could be happening to us.
Maybe we only exist as long as
there's somebody watching us.
Somebody who cares about us.
I think it's simpler than that.
You're born,
you live your life and...
one day you disappear
and leave nothing behind.
We're not that important.
What matters is what you do
with that time.
Why did you stay with me?
Because I'm alone.
Like you.
What's your name?
You could have picked any name
and you picked mine.
What about you?
I've always been whoever
everybody else wanted me to be.
And now that I'm alone,
I don't know who I am.
You're not alone.
Don't be afraid.
We didn't disappear.
How do you know?