Final Chapter: Walking Tall (1977) Movie Script

Walking Tall III
I had to take position
And you know what I did.
Until all men do not take positions for their beliefs
same misfortune can happen to you each of you!
Now is a year, right?
I bet Mike thinks about his girlfriend.
- Do not you, Mike?
- Come on Carl. Give me that.
Since his grandfather's say, Carl?
I said that's okay,
between us as adult men.
Have you ever thought about how I feel when I say an adult
, Grandpa?
If this chicken thing probably
want to tell you and I by name.
You could.
Stay 's your hair grow some white
and talk about it.
I bet the Lurner Jennie was given.
Talk of little Jennie Lurner,
they play last summer?
It's not small,
has some big tits.
- Dwan, to shame.
- But it's true.
Okay, Grandma, I apologize.
- It's not nice to talk like that.
- Thus says everyone these days.
- Pa tre` to go to school.
- Pa.
- See you soon, Buford.
- However, it is high.
Son to me about my father,
How do you tell me all the time?
Know that Dwan is right,
girl has some balconies...
jerk you are!
Today is one year old, Pauline.
If I had listened,
If you give up the post of sheriff,
today you were still alive.
Me and children
I painted the house a few weeks ago.
A nice out.
You always said to paint.
Children is doing well.
I miss you, baby.
Would you like how things go
here now.
We still have some problems from time to time.
But it's not like it was before, Pauline.
That's much better.
I have to go now.
Bye, baby.
We want to do it in a professional manner.
We do not speak up, Pusser.
Analyze your affirmations well.
We have no solid proof,
which to build the case.
John Witter was behind
ambush that killed my wife.
And I know it, you know it.
Think, serifs and trust us.
But we can not prove.
- No evidence, no witnesses.
- What do you mean, no witnesses?
What about Pinky Dobson and his girlfriend?
Pinky Dobson paralyzed.
Unable to testify.
Girl is scared to death, and he retracted
any previous statement.
There's no solid evidence.
I hear, sheriff?
Evidence to prove that Witter ordered ambush.
Your feelings for the deceased...
Sir, talking to my wife.
Your feelings for your wife...
Thank you.
I warn you to look at the problem from a proper perspective.
I want the fucking guy for first degree murder.
To stay away from him.
The day you shot Dobson,
Witter went to New York,
because he was frightened of what you could do it too.
And we are afraid of the same thing.
I warn you, Pusser.
This will be resolved in a lawful manner.
Legal manner, you've got it?
Yes, Brownard, I understand.
Thanks a lot, guys.
Wait, Pusser.
Come back here.
- Lloyd, I want to talk to you.
- Sure, Buford, what's wrong?
Just came from the FBI.
And Brownard
I only mumble nonsense about legal
I am not able to catch him on Witter.
Tre` to hear from you, Lloyd.
So it works?
You have said it correctly.
So go law today.
A work that way,
but there's something wrong with the law that shielded the guilty
and do not care about the innocent.
It's not fair.
I know it's not right, Buford,
but you must have patience.
I do not have patience, Lloyd.
I know that, Buford.
But to have to leave it alone.
John Witter make a mistake these days.
And you close it forever.
But they should do it,
not you.
Buford, I want to be your
more useful.
It's not your fault, Lloyd.
Thank you.
That's all, Mr. Witter?
Yes, that's all.
Thanks so much.
Pay attention to what I say.
Pusser will make a mistake sooner or later.
I still have eyes and ears out there.
to tell me when something happens.
And then I was
settle accounts with him once and for all.
No, John.
Haste you again.
We do not have any game mechanic
any distillery or prostitutes remaining in McNairy County.
And caused us many problems
Pusser, do not want back there.
Get out of there,
and recognize that you won.
I leave my ass.
John, I decided that because all
dirt and...
unwanted advertising that we've brought
to transfer a quarter of your territories, some other gentlemen.
Do not have to support it.
Yes, I do.
Hard to believe, right?
It came out from prison two weeks ago
And coming back to the same pit,
the same boiler as the last time.
Since his wife learned
as bail,
fled with her lover.
A boy left.
Do you think you could go and slower?
- But it's hard, Dad.
- Tough on hell.
How do you do muscles?
You did that on purpose.
You act like a girl.
I bet you lean when you pee.
I did not.
Do not you answer me back to me.
Do not hear you, boy.
No, leave me alone.
That's it. I'll take care of O.Q.
- Teach you mind, boy.
- I hurt.
- Leave me alone.
- Mouth.
Get out of the water.
- Grady?
- Here.
- You got him?
- Yup.
What's your name, son?
Look, Robby.
I was often cut,
and do not want to be.
Leave me alone.
You must go to the station.
You know that, right?
Want to put that aside,
siren if we go back on while you want?
- How old are you, Robby?
- Do not say anything.
Know what to expect.
Do not worry about anything.
Only your dad to make.
See what I said.
Out of the car, O.Q.
Come on.
What the hell are you doing, Pusser?
Grady, me and O.Q.
We'll have a little chat.
I would appreciate it if you showed him
Robby, how to walk on the radio.
And give it to the fullest.
- See the thing with the red button?
- Yup.
Want to give me?
You're not supposed to do that, Pusser.
I know that.
Now give your pants.
Take off your pants, O.Q.
Or I will.
Is it inhumane, Pusser.
Stop taking yourself to your boy?
- Day one more.
- YUP !!!
Normal yes.
Shoot your back that you.
Come on, get out of here.
- Hello, Aaron.
- Hello, Grady.
- I think I know Teal brothers.
- Yup.
- Hello, sheriff.
- Joan.
I want you to get acquainted with
a friend. Robby, she's Joan.
Hi, Robby.
You think you can get a milkshake and a cheeseburger
Yes, I can.
You would like that, Robby?
Yes, sir.
How about then some chocolate chip cookies
I have ever eaten.
Well, son,
one to eat now.
Joan, call the orphanage.
Let's get a warrant for the boy.
Yes, I understand.
Send me to jail, sheriff?
No, son. Do not send.
- Have a seat.
- I can not take place.
- I said sit down.
- I said, go fuck.
I know right, nigga.
I have the right to an attorney.
And I can not afford one, and the new law says that tre`
provide me one.
And I know exactly who I want.
I bet you do.
I said sit down.
This is, Robby.
- E-n Valley?
- Yup.
What kind of place is this?
Has good food. Very good.
Most guys your age.
You have your own room, a clean bed and
bus to take you to school.
Watch this.
- View riders that?
- Yup.
Hello, sheriff.
Who you got?
He's your new friend.
I called Robby.
Hi, Robby.
- What about ponies?
- Are beautiful.
You like to ride one?
- Are you sure?
- Yup.
- Are you ready?
- Yup.
Success, Robby.
- What do Robby?
- Okay. All the best.
- Listen, you ate something?
- No.
Buford, I
me some bacon and eggs.
I can go after some biscuits.
Sounds good.
Okay, let me
least to get ready.
Joan, what is this?
A woman called you.
Do not give me her name.
Said it was personal.
So saying?
Okay, come right to you.
Joan, do not need this.
Sheriff Pusser here.
- Luan?
- Yes.
Where are you?
One hour.
- Joan?
- Yup?
Think we can rearrange another time to table?
Sure, they do it another time.
- You wanna go home?
- No.
Extinguishing the light when you leave?
Yeah, sure.
And I apologize.
- Buford?
- Yup.
You look good.
You have not changed at all.
Yes I have changed.
Some extra pounds.
Let's go.
's Been a while.
- Are you surprised?
- Yup.
Are you happy?
You said not to come back.
But I'm back for good.
I just arrived this afternoon,
and are only passing.
- Where are you going?
- On the coast.
Are you still...?
- Prostitute?
- Yup.
No. I'm in real estate.
- Are you kidding me?
- No.
You directed?
I am very good at it.
That's great.
Good for you.
I knew you to be happy.
Oh yes.
- You want a drink?
- Yes, I would.
- How long will you stay?
- I do not know exactly.
Even you did not?
For us?
Buford, I heard about your wife.
Yes, and me.
- Tell me something.
- What?
I was the best information you had?
Course you were. I guarantee.
And that criminals did not know what they crackpot.
I knew.
Can I tell you something that I've never told anyone
When I was...
What do I dislike the word.
I had a dream
that one day you will meet a man
you can only
call it mine.
And to love me,
to take care of me.
It's too early, Luan.
's Good about it.
Glad you like it.
- Come here, son.
- Sure.
Sit down, son.
Know, you complete
sheets from your income tax,
it's hard to see how you stand.
What do you mean?
At all expenses that you had last year.
The different
machines that needed your aid.
Any idea about how much money you have approved?
N-a you like what you're gonna say.
$ 1,168.
- Not much, right?
- Absolutely not.
Know son, I'll have to think of Mike and Dwan
They grow.
Yes, you're right.
Okay, next time after the elections,
I have to ask for a raise.
Are you sure that you still want a warrant?
Yeah, I know that I do.
After all the suffering and wounds
you that job you have caused,
You really like to be sheriff?
Yes, I do.
Know, is that when you look for a good pair of shoes
, and a find.
One good to get fit.
And you see as you come well,
do not want to give them away.
You know what I mean, Dad?
Yes, I know.
Then it must be, son.
I'm going to make my coffee.
You want one?
Yes, I want one myself.
If you put something hard in it.
Okay, Dad.
$ 1,168. Lord.
Good morning.
This is usually the time you get to the office, sheriff?
No, on some days,
at all not enough.
What do you want?
I have some pictures that I want to see.
The man I know.
I find that I O.Q. Teal.
It's a report from the doctor,
if you want to see.
Yes, it O.Q. Teal.
There's a nice view,
no serifs?
I disagree.
- I argue?
- Yup.
Pictures of wounds and bruises,
who maliciously and deliberately
them have caused this man?
Yeah, right.
If I can add,
I could do even better than that.
I do not like your humor Pusser.
A shame.
- Are appointed lawyer's O.Q. Teal.
- Congratulations.
I want to explain something.
When you take a case like this,
receiving less than my usual fee.
The reason I do this,
's because I feel that Volunteer
to defend citizens,
is a civic cause.
If you want, you can believe that.
If not, I'm still matter.
O think.
So, be careful what you will say.
I need a professional compromise from both sides.
Want to get to the point?
What I propose is this:
dropped all charges against him OQ Teal,
And in return for this,
I will not press charges against police brutality from you.
Be reasonable, sheriff.
Try to acquire some perspective.
- Do what?
- We do not deal.
Sheriff, I
powerful political connections.
And sheriff station,
soon approaching elections.
I said that we do not deal.
Words inhuman and unusual punishment tell you something?
Be sure to tell me.
Why do not you explain that his boy
and OQ Teal?
I hope you will not forget what you said, or
when they count those votes.
'll Remember.
Buford Pusser That's .
Do not cry.
You do not think that suck beer?
I'll break your hand.
Think well.
What car has flour.
Face cent immediately.
I would like to try them out car.
- Hell, you do not know how to drive Jud.
- Whatever. Avery, you know nothing.
- You have to take that car for a test.
- Bet c-do?
- Bullshit.
- You have blood in you.
Hell, Buford.
You gave me coffee away.
- How are you?
- Aging.
- Though not all aging?
- Yup.
Want to save me?
Bring something to Buford.
Want to tell me something?
No, Buford, do not say anything.
More tragic than time.
Why you wanted to see me?
- Connors know in western realm?
- Sure, your territory belongs.
before the land belonged to Hardin.
Then the land was given McNairy
and then hitting territory.
They sent some people out there,
have not found anything against them.
And what's the problem?
The problem is that we have a deal
started there in March called devils.
And scatter drink, naked women,
gambling, like old times.
Attorney districtural
told me that it is not my jurisdiction.
If you go there to jump my ass
's woe.
And I want to go there, alas
to be my ass?
What you want?
I can not do it, Clegg.
I am involved in elections next month.
I asked you not to go there.
- No?
- No, I asked.
I said only if you're around,
you could do them
a courtesy visit.
Yes, as you said.
Who is the man behind it?
Guy who owns the property is local.
But the name of the contract is outside.
Is not his name is John Witter?
No, John Smith.
- John Smith.
- Good John Smith.
Here's what I do, Clegg.
I think I'll stop by
one evening to check.
- I appreciate that, Buford.
- I know you would.
- Have your car keys in your pocket?
- Yes, why?
That's not your car?
Of course it's mine.
- Buford Wait, that's my car.
- I know, get on it.
Still starts and girofarele.
See that ruin my car, Buford.
Move slowly, please.
Get the right.
We'll kill you if you so silly.
This is not funny, man.
I thought you said you know you drive.
Oh, damn.
- I did.
- You've made my ass. Look there fixed it.
Damn it be if the children
catch one, you put him in jail,
and you'll make it to polish all tevaraia
Buford, would you slow down?
I do not see anything in front.
Slow down, man.
Look out.
Buford, watch biker.
What biker?
Watch the road bathrooms.
Damn you to be.
Get off.
May be.
You drink?
Yes, sir.
I believe you have more sense than that.
- Buford, I know the guys?
- Yup.
- I want to bring into my prison.
- You can not take them.
- Why not?
- Because now we are in McNairy County.
I started in Hardin County.
- I do not care where we started.
- I started my car.
I took six years to convince a world
give me that car.
Now look at it.
I went through the bushes in the forest.
By ditches.
Not go to her than anything girofarele.
And I went through the barn.
Should I say give us
way. I was hungry.
What is going on here?
These guys stole the sheriff's car.
Buford, I heard you had something
fork to catch them.
Yes, it was.
Vi was the end.
Can we go home now, Sheriff?
- Have you learned your lesson?
- Yes, sir.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, sir.
You do well.
- Acu`, here you are carrying.
- Thank you, sheriff.
I hear you've
personal handcuffs boys together. So is it?
The fact that all three are poor, and one of her black
has nothing to do with this, right?
No thing.
Do not believe you.
You would be happy if I'd
arrested for car theft?
That would be given 18 months correction
and criminal, Counselor.
You do not know a thing about
civil rights, not Pusser?
O.Q. Teal, this is the man that Pusser
whipped him?
Thanks, I appreciate knowing that.
Now tell me everything about these civil rights.
Handcuffed some color copies, right?
Only one was colored.
Other two,
were some white trash.
I'll tell you what I do, dear.
I want to check your inbox, for I will come
frumusei some money.
Ever call me toll
reverse when Pusser take the world.
So I do, sir Pusser.
Do n't worry about it.
Good to be your heart.
Hell to stay quiet.
Good evening, sheriff.
You went for a walk?
Well, so you can see, Virgil.
- What are you doing?
- Pretty pretty well.
Even the sheriff's man.
To be damned.
If not, Buford Pisi.
- Buford whom?
- Pisi.
- You know you have problems in your mouth?
- I thought.
Since you hit me in the mouth
haired guy.
I still have them.
This is not McNairy County.
It's not actually territory.
You're not only a fool, sheriff. That's about all.
Put a bet, drink the drink,
choose a bitch, but I do
Mr. Witter you doing?
John Witter, your boss?
Name that I do not say anything.
Do you want some action, sheriff?
Make a bet.
There's no way to lose.
How can I serve?
Give me a Bud.
Wait a minute.
Talk to you later.
Hello, sheriff.
You come for business or pleasure?
I came to take a look.
I'd like to think
you came looking for me.
You come after me, Buford?
No, I did not come.
Last time I talked to you
, you headed to the coast.
And work in real estate.
Is not that what you said?
Well, I decided to halt.
And the next thing you do...
here I am.
In this dump?
Take a good look around.
You belong here.
not you be here.
But then where is my place?
Buford, that's the only thing that
know how to do it.
I understand.
Do you need some money?
You do not want your money.
A good bitch does not take money, but it
Pa, Buford.
Take care of yourself,
for me.
Serif You know quite well?
- It is unknown to me.
- I did not have seemed so.
- Then you are stupid as you look.
- Do not give me this stuff, doll.
- Whatever.
- So I intend.
I think you and I
tre` to have a word.
Get some drinks here.
Everyone wins to 3 devices.
To have fun.
That's why we're here.
Find me up,
if you work with me.
And I like Buford Pusser I say, we can achieve
3 devices.
E-n outside the jurisdiction of his.
And in addition to this,
Bulow can handle any problem that might occur.
Legality is not to question.
You open 3 devils without my permission.
Damn it to be, just e-
in my territory.
John, force things too much.
- Want to hear less?
- I do not want to listen.
For the last time I say,
to stay away from McNairy County.
And that includes Connors.
Let the Pusser
to go to hell in his own way.
Believe me, people like them, always
fatigued to death.
3 Devils will remain open.
Close it and get out now.
You and the Buford Pusser damn.
O tell us all about it.
And now this doll.
Johnny, give me that.
Know how's this?
Bulow, you son...
What do you think, Lloyd?
Going to be effective?
Course it is effective.
I have written reply.
Fight law!
I really want to fight in liabilities, to be re-elected.
As several posters,
not going to make you and the sheriff.
I am not a politician, Lloyd.
I know that, Buford.
But this lawyer, French,
has initiated a campaign against you.
There never liked him.
Do you think might work for someone else
No, not the case.
Man is not that kind.
But it's a real predator.
's A lawyer right,
and pulls the nerves when someone does something
civil rights.
And Buford, not so
help us to win the job.
Can spanking of OQ,
for some funny looks,
but merely to win votes
Give me a match.
Bring newspapers and now.
Not that says it's good or not, they will only
exciting titles.
Every time you walk by the rules,
Buford, get a story in the newspaper.
For example, the thing with guys
handcuffed together.
Making them mature lawn court.
A group of people in McNairy County
that thy days as sheriff coming to an end.
What did you do, Buford, is that you
removed fears the people.
Do not feel like you still need
. It's human nature.
Reason I stopped by,
I'm going to a meeting later in court
on citizens in McNairy County.
And the French will be there.
Buford, I think you should apologize
I do not mean that you should keep in a speech
If you hear what the French have said.
Could you answer
if you want. That's all.
Lloyd, if I go to the meeting,
and if I hold some people
talk about what the soul, it would be fair to them.
Hell, Buford,
I think you make a big mistake.
Then it first.
Aaron, talk to him.
I am not listening.
Bye, guys.
Thank you.
Hello, sheriff.
501, Sheriff Pusser looking.
501 here.
Buford, here's the sheriff Clegg.
Come see us highway 22,
the old Baptist church.
I need an ID.
Okay, I'm on the road.
ladies and gentlemen.
'm Here tonight to talk about
A man who risked his life in the service of debt
For you.
Buford Pusser .
Sometimes we tend to forget just what this man has done for us.
A clean criminals in the land.
Made this place one of
decent living for you and your children.
Was good enough to represent,
to protect your rights before.
And I think he is the man
needed for the job.
Thank you.
Do not think anyone will ever forget what he did
Pusser for us.
All I'm saying, is that
Buford Pusser I do not think it
kind of man we need
to represent us
public order and peace in the land today.
Looks bad, Buford.
What are you?
I wanted to see her.
I think it's a bitch to 3 devices.
US city crime.
May know what name they gave us
newspapers? Remember that?
Pusser, cleaned offenders.
done a good job in his own way.
breaking anything and anyone who stood in his way.
I think it's time to show the rest of the country,
as McNairy County,
no longer needs a new Wyatt Earp,
Come here and shoot bad guys.
Thank you very much.
Stay there, Pusser.
You're in your jurisdiction.
This place is closed.
Everybody out.
Get out.
Go away.
- What is it?
- E Pusser.
Catch it.
Get out, come on.
Come outside.
To see you, Kitty.
Do you have a minute,
take out of here.
Okay, buddy.
You now know who to vote for.
Watch your step, Martha.
Bring it here.
- Look, Grandpa.
- What have we here?
- Who caught him on that big?
- I.
What a good girl you are.
- I've got one.
- You always catch one.
What about fish that I caught myself?
I guarantee that guy had about 2 kilograms.
My dad knows all the best places.
Yes, because you have taken very early morning
And Dad, how did we do?
It was close, Buford.
Because of the rain, few were to vote.
In fact, it was so close,
that they counted again at night.
At how close it was, you lose
sheriff station.
How to be a dad?
Not to be sheriff?
I will find something else to do, son.
Go home,
and start cleaning the fish.
Wait, that I help you.
- Hello, Richard, how are you?
- Welcome back home, Mr. Witter.
It's good to be home.
I say, Johnny.
You can have New York, London and Paris
but still like it better in Tennessee.
Who the hell is that fat?
- This is Sally.
- Oh, yes.
Hi, good to be your heart.
Glad to see you.
I say, Richard, home is home.
Well you handle the task. Thank You.
I was so disgusted as I stayed at the hotel.
So damn
was fired.
Much I enjoy it.
Elections have not changed much though.
If you try to bring a hooker
bus and slot machines,
you'll have much trouble.
Know that.
Do not worry, Bob.
I can wait.
I have some other business outside the territory of McNairy.
Seeing Buford Pusser,
relieved badge and gun,
pleases me so fucking much.
Face wait easier.
Can I serve a drink?
I think you have kindly ask you to wait.
E-usually serve you.
Take liqueurs.
Find the kitchen and Diet Coke.
Because of French,
will not ever stop being sheriff.
You can run for two years and over.
But until then, what will you do?
A working the road.
Buford, that's great.
Yes, yesterday I sent the request.
That would be no problem
your history.
Buford, how about if you go to the office tomorrow
, visit us?
Many of the tribunal,
they would like to see you.
I do not think I'll do that for a while
Buford, we miss you.
I guarantee Joan,
as me I miss you.
If you would not rush
jumping on the first job that emerges...
Should rest for a while.
The only problem is with those
IRS. We recall the debt.
No make money repairing old cars and selling them.
Yeah, well, I'll have to
maintained for a while.
I doubt that the money you get it these days.
Savings account does not look too bright.
I thought maybe his brother may
to find them something good in Illinois.
There are good places to work here.
Let's move on Mike and Dwan
Oh, no.
Do not count on it.
Something good,
will be emerging here soon.
I hope you're right, Mom.
I hope in your heart.
- Move your car on the road.
- Do not do any damage.
If I have no car, that does not mean that I have to
road block.
People come to see me later,
and need place to park.
We'll see about that, motherfucker.
If I do not have any car
it does not give any right to block my path
Like coming here as head over all.
Do you want to stop, Mrs. Watley
and listen to me?
'll Say one last time.
Call the sheriff now.
- I will not call me, please.
- Well, it's my property.
And I do not see why you can not do what I want.
Who is it blocking my way?
Ms. Watley,
I do not care what you do.
Whatever you do, it's not my concern.
We guarantee it.
Thanks, Sheriff Pusser.
I'm serious.
I show you a few of now.
How do you like that, sir
white cloth?
Let your mouth shut,
until you do not move it in place.
Stop that.
Are you crazy?
Stop it, nebuno.
You pasta cool for that, you know.
Buford Pusser said it's not his care
I do on my property.
- Buford Pusser's not the sheriff.
- Right?
Then, call whoever you want.
Buford, remember when you gave up wrestling
and began to be partners?
Yes, I remember.
What were those good times, right?
I think about six logs daily passing by.
Mill not look now who knows what.
I heard forests of Tennessee,
or to multiply in the future.
Business or good when we go.
But that does not make us any better now.
I spoke on the phone with your brother
John Howard last night.
- I had a long discussion.
- How is she?
Good, very good.
We'll borrow 500 dollars to get around.
I tried to keep it away from you, Buford,
mortgage payment but I delayed a week.
I made excuses to the bank.
And social benefits,
can not cover taxes.
Savings account is nearly empty.
I did not know that.
news to hear soon from road patrol.
Times were good before,
or to be and to come all the same.
You just have to resist a while.
- That's it?
- Yes, that's it.
I took two weeks, right?
- I took.
- Pa.
Sheriff Hello, how are you?
Buford, wait a minute.
- What do Lloyd?
- Okay.
I'm glad I ran into you.
Do you have a moment?
I and more.
's About Mrs. Watley.
No doubt falls
co to pay damages to the car my client
but swear on the Bible,
as thou hast said to do it.
Lloyd, I have not said so.
They all say to the world that no longer serif
Buford, so I know it is.
But I tell you what she told me.
That's all.
What you do when you buy.
Glass that's kinda dirty, O.Q.
- Get clean it.
- Clean it immediately.
- Look, it's clean.
- Yup.
Wait. Do not push yourself so hard
. Let me out.
I want to ask you.
What you handle time now?
Buy a car, better
patch, and then sell.
From time to time, longer receive
circumstances in which it must investigate.
And I thought,
maybe you want to try.
What kind of cases?
For example, in cases of divorce
one party wants to
a check on the other.
Not much I would do to this.
it is not the only type of case.
Appreciate that, Lloyd,
but should soon receive news from road patrol.
Okay, buddy, do you need help sometime if
until you get back on his feet,
do not hesitate, you hear me?
- I appreciate that.
- Okay, buddy.
And we go again.
O.Q., here he comes.
Get out of the way.
When you are released from prison
the OQ ?
I do not think that's your job, sheriff.
Wait, now that you're no longer sheriff.
- Put down that hair.
- I have to put it next to your ear.
Let my hair down.
It's not normal to take a human child.
- And put him in an orphanage as a bastard.
- You're a parent unworthy, O.Q.
Come on.
Damn it to be.
What a mess.
Fucking morons can or to learn.
Hell, Buford,
What have you done now?
- Buford? What the hell are you talking about?
- What did he?
Sheriff, you know that these two have grudges on Buford
If you want to learn something from you, you ask.
He saw some of you what happened here?
People forget very quickly, Buford.
Yes, I see. O.Q.
have hair, and I destroyed the car.
What the hell are you gonna do about it
- This happened, Buford?
- What do you think?
- Yes.
- I think I owe you an apology. Have.
I do not want any trouble,
especially of you.
Want to press charges against two Astoria?
Grady, let's check on
guys to see how serious are injured.
I want to press charges.
I want to take
five minutes from here, and taken to solitary.
- What good idea.
- All right.
Thank you, Grady.
- Hello, sheriff.
- Buford Hello, how are you?
Buford here.
See you later, Earl.
I'm glad you came, Buford.
You saw that I could kick it?
Earl extorting money from him.
Let's drink.
- Jack & apos; s good?
- Yup.
Bring us some Jack Daniel & apos; s and water.
Buford, I thought.
I want to do some investigation
for me in the future.
No divorce.
I want to put the retainer.
And how's that?
Let's say I give you advance
dollars in 1000 to begin work on a case.
- To me it sounds like a loan.
- It's not a loan.
You can be a great help to me when
arisen with regard to a case is special.
And it will come.
Why do this?
Yesterday I had some business in the north.
I poked his nose while I was there.
Road patrol will refuse.
I understand.
You have said and why?
I think that they're stupid.
They said you're too Mahar
for the position you applied for.
What the hell does that mean?
As not see you walking on roads
of land, and looking for speeders.
Like any man, and I have to work
, Lloyd.
I have to support my family.
I agree with you.
It's stupid and wrong.
I say just how it works.
Buford, I took the liberty to collect that check
I would appreciate it more if you accept.
You've done a great favor.
I do not know what to do, Pauline.
I do not know.
Grandpa said, that you be here.
Going to be in order.
Come on now.
Should be in January-February.
Do not you, darling, it's time to shoot
liked in Miami?
50,000 and 5% of the total? No way.
Not for you, baby.
'll Tell you how.
50,000 and 15% of the total.
Okay, let's talk about it
. Tomorrow at dinner?
Wait, that call you immediately.
Buford Pusser former sheriff of McNairy County
reached the national press star,
what qualifies him as a modern Davy Crockett.
His wife was killed in an ambush.
Hundreds of books figuratively
were found on the road.
Sheriff Pusser survived the ambush,
and his jaw
much needed plastic surgery.
Sheriff of McNairy County crusader,
shot and stabbed seven times,
failed assassination target four in six years,
Concise say:
"I was lucky."
Follow sports news and weather, ABC immediately.
Hello, I'm looking for Mr. Pusser
- I am Mr. Pusser.
- I'm looking for Mr. Buford Pusser.
What do you want with him?
'm Nell Baskum, Mr.
and I am from Los Angeles.
I have a business proposal on
I would like to go with him.
It's there in the field.
Let me introduce you.
- My son, he is Mr....
- Nell Baskum.
- This is my son, Buford.
- Hello.
Mr. Pusser,
I am filmmaker.
In the newspapers and on TV, were given news story about your life
And frankly, I'm fascinated.
I want to make a movie about your life
Can we sit down somewhere and talk?
Yes, let's get him in the shade.
Buford, understand that to make money
many movies industry.
That might get us out of the impasse
money where we are now.
Yes, but...
Much of profit,
will help us a lot.
Carl, leave it on Buford,
to finish what he means.
Okay, Mommy.
Baskum a man that looks nice and all,
but said he must shoot
everything exactly how it happened.
And that includes how Pauline died.
Wait, Mom.
Children know how you mother died.
Nothing have been hidden.
That's not the idea, Dad.
to enter into any cinema hall, and they'll see.
Buford, children have matured.
This movie
may be important for their future.
Really do not know.
And Mr. Baskum want an answer by tomorrow.
It's your decision to make, son.
Lloyd, Buford here.
- I'm sorry I woke you.
- You know what time it is?
I know it's 4 am to you and to me all
4 am is.
- Why are you calling me at this hour?
- I need a lawyer.
And I need right now, Lloyd.
Well, how was it?
- I guarantee, that looks great.
- Thank You.
Walking Tall premiere
I think you have searched all over the country,
an actor you play you, Buford.
Normal yes.
If we lived Clark Gable,
was perfect.
Let it out fine.
- You nervous, Buford?
- Yes, mother, I do.
Let's go,
as tre` to start the movie.
Yes, let's go.
- Buford, come with you.
- What did you say?
I think it's time to find out how my husband earn their bread
I rush!
= = Buford, what a beautiful day it is!
Thank you took me
with you.
Come here, I want to talk with you
- No, you drive.
- I know where I go.
- Come here, I want to give you a kiss.
- No!
Oh, God, no!
Do not let her die!
But John...
I think we talked about this before
Know what was happening here right now.
Face a mountain of money,
And what is it, how
left us with no business there.
Everything from A to Z
On my income now barely manage
to support my house where I live.
Forget about it, John.
I think I can forget it?
Not in a thousand years, sir.
Now press your foot.
dracovenia want to stop that?
Dwan is small.
Not want to have anything to do with
Yes, I want Grandma.
Mother, e-n rule.
It was the lowest I could find.
O to kill.
I did not. Watch Mike is having a great
O, breaking his neck,
this will do.
And I'll have to take care of him.
- God, look how it goes.
- I know, e-n order.
What you gonna do now, Buford?
'll Spoil those two puslamalele money?
Yes. I hope so.
I say, Buford, that is having a great
children with those.
You're as bad as him.
Watch as they go.
I can not help but wonder if...
Yet you have not made you change your mind about what I
spoke to us.
You mean candidacy for election?
I guarantee that more than two years
, Buford Pusser,
will be again in McNairy County Sheriff
Glad to hear.
I have something else to tell you.
You remember the audition I did?
Liked them.
- Yes?
- Yup.
asked if I wanted to play on my next film.
It's not that?
Buford, that's great.
You've been doing it, right?
I was doing.
But I want people to have the impression
as of now are hard-nosed.
I think they should do, Buford.
I thought was doing.
What beauty.
I say something,
Buford, that give the car.
You want one?
I would prefer to have a small tractor.
Looks cool.
'll Spend all day at the fair with us, Dad?
Now have more trains last year.
You mean, as I would like.
But I'll leave you there.
I have to go in Memphis
I have scheduled a press conference.
But when I get back home tonight,
a sample them all.
Let's climb.
Do not wander your car there.
I was a wandering, Dad.
- Hello, sheriff.
- Hello.
- Hello, sheriff.
- Good evening.
See here.
Finally, you came.
Hi, Buford.
How well they sleep at night or.
- I hope so.
- You promised to take me at all.
Where's Mike?
Went with other boys and their partners.
And guess who is Mike?
With Jennie Lurner.
- You know, the girl with prom...
- I know who it is.
However, he said that we meet
Do you want around to it lurks.
One day,
and you have to say so.
I had a great time tonight
, Daddy.
What I told you, the good times just now starting
I guarantee it.
I do not want to eat it. Bye bye.
Know, it's almost like I finished.
We can not continue a short, Daddy?
If Dwan wants to go home with the girls, I can get her.
- Anyway pass by your house.
- May, Daddy?
Okay, give me a kiss.
And another one.
See you later.
Want to hear something funny?
I arranged everything.
Things will be just right.
Business and to continue where I left it.
Goodbye, then.
Contract that the Witter?
You can start with him.
Guys, enough.
It took some fire.
- God, it's Buford.
- Daddy?
O Lord, Daddy.
State Tennessee
Buford Pusser
honored with a memorial,
in the exact spot where he died in car accident
on August 21, 1974.