Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001) Movie Script

Every night, the same dream, the same strange planet.
But why?
What are they trying to tell me?
It's been 34 years
since they arrived on this planet.
And not a day passes that the survivors...
...forced to live in barrier cities, do not live in fear.
I have vowed to end that fear.
I believe my dreams hold the key.
The question is, will I be in time to save the Earth?
Where are you?
This is a restricted area.
Do not move!
-What's she doing here, Captain?
-I don't know. We're getting her out.
-You're coming with us.
-Behind you!
Hold it!
Damn. Let's move, people!
Two coming through the wall!
Hold your fire.
Those tanks are flammable!
Ryan, Neil, let's go!
-What are you doing?
-There's a life form.
-Not in years.
-There is now.
Life form or not, I'm taking you in.
Arrest me. But I'm not
Leaving without that llfe form.
It's one of those days.
Captain, the transport won't wait for us much longer.
I understand that.
It's in bad shape.
Tell me we're not risking our necks for this plant!
Really, it's a weed.
I wouldn't even call it a weed.
I need a minute to extract it.
That's a minute we do not have.
I'm afraid he's right about that, man.
Phantoms! We have incoming.
-Captain, we need to get moving.
-Understood, sergeant.
-Could you hurry, Miss?
-Yes, Neil?
I'm for "Let's get out of here."
Duly noted.
Can I have this, please? Thank you.
-We're surrounded!
-No shit!
-Just relax.
-We gotta get to higher ground.
Everyone, up top!
Go, go, go!
-Transport, Requesting immediate evac.
Up here!
-They're right behind you!
-Come on!
I've got you!
-You okay?
All right, everybody, here they come.
You okay?
You're gonna be all right.
So, why shouldn't I arrest you?
I am Dr. Aki Ross.
I have clearance to be here.
Not unlimited clearance. Not without authorization.
I don't have time for this.
Do you realize you risked the lives of my squad?
Look, I don't wanna talk about it.
The fact of the matter is... was worth the lives of you and your men.
-You and your men?
-She thinks you're a man.
-I think she's an idiot.
-I know you're not a man.
-I think you're an idiot, too.
-Very funny.
-I want to talk about it.
Did it occur to you...
...that we would've volunteered
had we been given a choice?
Nobody asked you to save me.
I don't believe this. You have not changed a bit!
Yeah. Nice to see you too.
-Welcome back, captain.
-We're clean.
-Let's make sure of that, shall we?
-I hate getting scanned.
Sir, this scan is probably worse for us than the Phantoms.
And I about it, Captain.
These machines are suspected of causing sterility.
I want to have a little Neil Jr. calling me daddy someday.
-That's a spooky thought.
-Why you always bust my chops?
People, let's just do this thing. All right?
Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Okay, next.
You've gained weight.
It's called upper-body strength, Neil.
Get a girlfriend.
I'm working on it.
You know my security rating allows me to bypass this.
Not today it doesn't.
Something's not right.
-About this mission? Or that woman?
Listen, Captain, I think...
I don't care what you think, Doctor.
You're getting scanned
just llke everybody else.
-They got him.
There must be a mistake.
You came in contact with the Phantom, sir.
Please remain calm.
Administering treatment shield.
-What level is he?
-Blue. Code red in 3-1/2 minutes.
We have to treat him.
I'm sorry, but that's impossible.
We'll transfer him to the treatment center.
There's no time for that.
Get him to the table.
Hang in there, captain.
Locating pathogens.
Jesus, look at that thing!
How much time?
Not enough. When he reaches code red,
the treatment shield won't hold the alien particles.
Engaging bio-etheric laser.
-What's going on?
-Where'd it go?
What the hell is going on?
We've lost contact.
Infestation is moving deeper.
-There's no time.
-You'll lose him!
His treatment shield is failing.
Found it.
Come on.
It's all right.
You'll be back to normal in no time.
Doctor, we need to scan you for infestation.
That won't be necessary.
I'll take responsibility.
Hey, doc.
Thanks for saving him.
-Are you all right?
-Yeah, but the military impounded my ship.
-What's with her?
-What's with her and the captain?
What's with her and that stupid plant?
Forward me the phantom data, and
everything regarding the five spirits
we have collected so far.
Yes, doctor.
I thought we weren't supposed to use the "s" word.
Don't get smart with me.
Now let's see if that plant does the trick.
It's a match. We've found it.
The sixth spirit.
You broke nearly every protocol.
How long do you think this would
have survived outside the barrier?
There are elements in the council and
military waiting to shut us down.
Look, 20 years ago, who discovered
this energy in the Phantoms? You.
And who proved the same energy source
existed in humans and every llfe form?
You. You made it possible
to harness that energy...
...for ovo-pacs, scanners,
and even the barrier.
The council knows. They trust you.
We're so close to proving--
But we still need these parts.
Two more pieces and we've solved the puzzle!
We need to be free to find those pieces.
I want to show you something, Aki.
-What is this?
"All llfe is born of Gaia and each llfe has a spirit.
Each new spirit is housed in a body."
Go on.
"Through their experiences on Earth,
each spirit matures and grows.
When the physical body dies...
...the mature spirit, enriched by llfe
on Earth, returns to Gaia...
...bringing with it the experiences...
...enabling Gaia to llve and grow."
It's my old diary.
I wrote that 43 years ago,
when I was the age you are now.
Dr. Sid!
Remember Galileo?
They threw him in jail because...
...he said the Earth was not
the center of the universe.
That could happen to us.
Our ideas are unpopular, Aki.
If you have any notes
that could be used against you...
...destroy them.
-Keep them up here.
And stay away from your friend the captain.
He saves your llfe, you save his,
this leads to that.
I was young once.
Doctor, there is a war going on.
No one's young anymore.
Members of the council...
...could you please explain why?
Zeus was completed a month ago.
If we attack the meteor with this, we will
eliminate the Phantoms at the source.
General Hein, calm down.
At our last meeting, we voted 6 to 2... postpone using the Zeus cannon
to attack the Leonid Meteor.
We have re-convened today to vote that very issue again.
I'd llke to ask the director of
the Bio-Etheric Center to speak.
Dr. Sid, please.
Thank you.
As you all know, the Phantoms' nest
is in the Leonid Meteor...
...that landed here 34 years ago.
What you see now are the records
of every assault on the meteor to date.
Physical attacks have had
utterly no effect.
This took place three months ago
during a full-scale bombardment.
Please note the Phantoms outside
the meteor are destroyed.
However, inside, many that
were dormant come to llfe...
...and as you see, overall
Phantom density remains the same.
The newly risen aliens respond to the attack... burrowing deeper into the Earth.
This is very interesting to me, Dr. Sid.
...because we see the same thing during surgery...
...when using bio-etheric lasers
on Phantom particles, do we not?
Yes, indeed we do.
The injured particles escape...
...digging themselves deeper into a patient's body.
When we increase the laser power
to destroy these deeper particles...
...we have had incidents of
further injury to a patient...
...and in some cases...
What exactly does that mean, Doctor?
It means there's a very good chance...
...the beam from the Zeus cannon
will burn the Phantoms in the meteor.
Exactly! Thank you.
However, it also means that
the beam energy may be too strong...
...injuring the Earth.
Injure the Earth?
You mean the Gaia.
-I mean--
-You mean the spirit of the Earth.
...the spirit of the Earth.
Did he say what I think he said?
What are you doing?
I know what I'm doing.
Keep your mouth shut.
This is ridiculous.
With all due respect...
...did you come here to talk
about some Gaia theory?
To tell us that the planet is alive?
That it has a spirit?
That's a fairy tale. And I'm sorry,
but we don't have time for that.
It is not a fairy tale. It is true.
So if I point a gun
at the Earth and fire...
...I'm not just making a hole,
I'm killing the planet.
Dr. Sid, the Gaia theory
has not been proven.
Even if Gaia does exist, won't we
still have to remove the Phantoms?
If there's a chance of success,
we should take it.
-Don't you agree?
-Of course.
But there is an alternative
to the space cannon.
Another method?
-A means of disabling the Phantoms.
As we know, the aliens display
a distinct energy pattern.
It is a fact that
two opposing bio-etheric waves...
...placed one over the other
cancel each other out.
It is theoretically possible
to make a wave pattern... opposition
to the Phantom energy.
We are assembling such
a wave and are near completion.
Members of the council...
...gathering plants and animals from around the world... fight the Phantoms
is utter nonsense.
The Zeus cannon is a proven,
effective weapon.
It will kill Phantoms.
Can we afford to wait
for some crazy invention...
...some army of
touchy-feely plants and animals...
...that offers no evidence
that it will destroy the aliens?
There is evidence!
Our partially completed energy wave...
...has successfully stopped
Phantom particles from spreading...
...through a terminally infected patient.
Doctor, do you claim to have evidence that
a terminal patient has been cured?
Not cured. The wave is not complete.
But we've succeeded in containing the
particles safely inside the patient.
Where is the proof?
You may have bought us some time, Aki.
But I wonder at what cost.
I can't keep hiding in the back
while you protect me.
I want what llfe I have left
to mean something.
When we find
the seventh and eighth spirits--
If we find them.
What we need now is luck.
Luck has nothing to do with it.
Faith and hard work, girl...
...because I'll be damned
if you're going to die before me.
The council decided to postpone
firing the Zeus cannon.
I guess I put on a good show.
Mind if I tag along?
You'll probably get bored.
So, what are you doing?
Oh, I see. You're giving me
the silent treatment.
I'm scanning the city
for the seventh spirit.
Hurry up, Neil.
-Almost got it.
-What are you doing?
We're gonna strand them for a while.
Hey, don't look at me. It was his idea.
This was your idea?
We're just helping the captain out.
Where's your sense of romance?
You've seen how
the captain looks at her.
It's amore, baby.
What's going on?
It's probably just a glitch.
-Listen, Aki--
-I'm still mad at you.
-You're mad?
-Leaving your helmet on.
Not telling me who you were.
That doesn't seem a little childish?
I was upset when you left for
the Zeus Station without a word.
-Now you know what was going on.
My operation had
to be done in zero grav.
I was there on a job
and you wouldn't even see me.
I was probably helping Dr. Sid collect
spirit waves.
-Now I know.
-I'm sorry!
Well, me too! We're both sorry.
Will you tell me about them?
About what?
About the spirits you've collected.
I was infected by a Phantom
during an experiment.
-Normally, no one could have survived.
-How did you?
Dr. Sid created a membrane around
the infection, keeping me alive.
So the first spirit wave was me.
The second was a fish.
A fish?
The third was a deer I found
in a wildlife preserve outside Moscow.
The fourth was a bird.
Ever tried to track a sparrow
from outer space? It's no fun.
-You'd probably love that.
-Right, I probably would.
And then there was that plant
I collected from Times Square.
-I thought that was number six.
You skipped one.
The fifth was a llttle girl dying
in a hospital emergency room.
I retrieved the sample
in time, but she....
I told her everything had a spirit:
Dogs, cats, trees, llttle girls.
Even the Earth.
I told her she wasn't dying,
but returning to the Earth's spirit... Gaia.
She told me that she was ready to die.
She said I didn't have to make up
stories to make her feel better.
Only 7 years old and ready to die.
I'm sorry.
I have work to do. I have to find
the seventh and eighth spirits.
Don't, please.
You don't believe any of this, do you?
I just don't know, Aki.
Is this why you shut me out?
You should have told me.
I don't know
how much time I have left.
Who does?
I'd better get back to scanning.
Captain Edwards... extracted a Dr. Ross from
Old New York several days ago?
-Yes, sir.
-What were your impressions of her?
She seemed very capable
and determined, sir.
You and the Deep Eyes are being
temporarily reassigned.
You will guard Dr. Ross
when she reenters the wasteland.
Understood, sir.
You don't understand yet, captain.
Report any aberrant behavior
in Dr. Ross to the major immediately.
Aberrant behavior?
The woman carries an alien infestation.
We don't know what it may be doing to her.
Alien presence might affect her judgment.
It may be manipulating the doctor for their very own purpose.
Is the general suggesting
that Dr. Ross is a spy?
The general is wondering why
he's explaining himself to a captain.
She's had prolonged exposure
to Phantom tissue.
If this begins to manifest itself in any way...
...Dr. Ross is to be placed under arrest
and transported here for observation.
It is, in fact, for her own good, Captain.
Of course, sir.
Major, send some of our men
to keep an eye on the good captain.
I'm convinced these dreams
are some form of communication.
The message still eludes me...
...but they're coming faster now
and that can only mean one thing.
The Phantoms inside me
are beginning to win.
Our target is 50 klicks
west of Tucson.
Phantom concentration?
Not good.
We've got big metas everywhere.
It's gonna be a real picnic.
Stick close to me. No heroics today.
Everything by the book.
By the book. Right.
If we drop energy buoys
here, here and here...
...we can acquire the target and get
out before they know we were there.
The buoys attract the Phantoms?
-For a while.
So you're from the 307th, right?
Under General Hein?
Ever done wasteland recon before?
It can get pretty ugly.
Captain, rendezvous for evac at
vector 6, coordinate 279.
Roger. Stay alert for hostiles.
Looks llke they've taken the bait.
The seventh spirit should be
just beyond that llne of wreckage.
How could any llving thing
survive out here?
We'll find out soon enough.
This was the Phantom Cleansing Mission.
It was supposed to end the war.
My father's in here somewhere.
All right.
Let's move out, people.
I'll be damned.
A survivor.
What's it doing out here?
Hoping for llfe to return.
Is that our spirit, doc?
We're closing in on the llfe form.
-Hard to say. We're very close.
I don't see anything.
-You're not gonna tell me it's him?
-That's impossible.
It's not the soldier. It's his ovo-pac.
How do you explain that? The pacs power
our weapons, the barrier cities....
I mean it's just bio-etheric energy.
To create that energy we use
llving tissue. Single-cell organisms.
-You're telling me that his backpack is the seventh spirit?
We have incoming.
Captain? Do read me?
Say again?
We have incoming.
Ryan, get the soldier's pac.
I need a hand! Sarge!
-Those buoys? They're not working.
-Are you all right?
-Of course, I am.
Let's get the hell out of here!
Something's not right. This shouldn't be happening.
Something's attracting them.
-They're right on us, sir, closing in fast!
-Jane, take the lead.
Fire in the hole!
Get us out of here, Neil.
-Sir, I would love to, but I ...
-Just do it!
Okay, that's it.
That doesn't look good.
We have to get her to a hospital.
-You have your orders, sir.
-What the hell's going on?
Dr. Ross is to be taken
into custody now, sir.
Lower your weapons. That's an order!
Sir, we have no choice, but to relieve you of your command.
I won't let you do this, soilder. You'll have to shoot me.
Stand down, Captain!
Hang on, everyone!
That's enough.
Hands where I can see them now.
Deep Eyes, hard to starboard!
Neil, get us back to New York, fast!
The Deep Eyes are returning from the wastelands, sir.
Apparently there was an incident.
It would seem the Phantoms
were attracted to Dr. Ross.
The crew barely escaped
with their lives.
Captain Edwards is still in command.
Issue an order.
I want Edwards and Dr. Ross
placed under arrest.
All research materials pertaining
to Dr. Sid's wave theory...
...are to be confiscated immediately.
That might not go over
well with the council.
What a tragedy that would be.
This is perfect. The good captain
has opened the door for us.
By tommorow morning, the council will be at our feet...
...thanking us for exposing
the traitors and imploring us... save them from the Phantoms.
How is she, doctor?
-She is dying.
-There must be something you can do.
Aki is fighting with
only six of the spirits.
We'll have to implant the seventh
directly into her chest plate.
It took a bullet. I think it might be damaged.
We have to repair this panel quickly.
Her vital signs are dropping.
Aki is slipping away from us.
She needs a sympathetic spirit
to help hold her in this world.
I can think of none better suited
for that task than yours, captain.
-I don't understand.
-You don't have to understand.
You just be with her now.
You keep her here with us.
Aki? Where are we?
On an alien planet.
How is that possible?
I'm not entirely sure.
You seem pretty calm.
I've been having this dream
every night for months.
Well, whatever it is.
You're really here, aren't you?
What's happening to me?
Sid is implanting the seventh spirit
directly into your body.
Then you're my spiritual support.
Gray, how sweet of you.
Look, I don't think you realize
how serious this situation is.
Something you should see here, sir.
And I am watching what, major?
It seems Dr. Ross has been
recording her dreams.
And why would I be interested in...
...her dreams?
This is it. This is our evidence.
She's under the influence
of the Phantoms.
The dreams should be all the council
needs to authorize the Zeus cannon.
The council is content to hide cowardly
inside this barrier...
...while the world dies
more every day.
I believe they need a push
in the right direction.
Get together a group
of your most trusted men.
What are they doing ?Why are they staring at us?
Not at us.
Welcome back, captain.
Is it over?
How is she, doctor?
She'll be fine.
But this is only temporary.
We'll need to find the eighth
and final spirit to cure her.
Aki, can you hear me?
I finished it.
I know what it means.
I know what the Phantoms really are.
Nobody move! You're all under arrest!
We have them, sir.
My wife and daughter...
...were killed by Phantoms in the
San Francisco Barrier when the city was attacked.
Did I ever tell you that?
I try to imagine what
that must have been llke...
...seeing everyone around you
fall over dead for no apparent reason.
And then, at the end,
feeling something next to you...
...touching you...
...reaching inside your body....
You've lost family, haven't you?
Yes, sir.
That's why I trust you.
All of you.
You know what must be done.
Security override.
Perimeter breach.
What's happening?
Major, arrest these men.
-Take it easy.
-Stand up. Go.
You are relieved of your post.
Don't ask questions.
Reduce power to Sector 31.
Sir, you do realize that the Phantoms--
What I realize... we must force the council
to take action.
25% of energy pipe alpha redirected.
Lowering power output to Sector 31.
Barrier breach in Sector 31, General.
They're coming through now.
We can handle
a few Phantoms in a contained space.
Relax, major. When this night's over,
you're going to be a hero.
-Aki I don't think ...
-You were in my dream, Gray. You saw it.
I'm not sure what I saw.
How can you be?
Captain, please, let her continue.
Why do you think
we've never been able to determine...
...a relationship between the human-sized Phantoms and the giant ones roaming the wastelands?
Excuse me, doc,
but what frigging relationship?
I mean you got your human-sized Phantoms,
and your creepy caterpillary Phantoms...
...your flying Phantoms and let's not forget my personal favorite...
...the big, fat, giant Phantoms.
Down, boy.
He's right. If you've spent as much time in the field as we have... know there is no relationship.
It's llke a zoo out there.
Precisely. I think the giant ones are
llke our whales or elephants.
But why would an invading army bring a bunch of whales and elephants along for the ride?
Unless their ship was some kind of a crazy Noah's Ark?
We have always assumed that the meteor...
...was intended as a form of transportation. But it wasn't.
The meteor is a chunk of their planet
that got thrown into space...
...when they destroyed their world.
But how could they survive the trip
across outer space on a hunk of rock?
They didn't.
Oh. This is all beginning to make a creepy kind of sense.
What do you think about all this, Captain?
I think that explains why
we never had a chance.
All our strategies are based
on one assumption:
That we were fighting alien invaders.
Think of the dream, Gray.
How they died.
Since then, all they've known is suffering.
They're not an invading army.
They're ghosts.
How many Phantoms?
More than enough to convince the council.
Excellent. Sound an alert.
Send a squad out to eliminate them.
Alert status. Full deployment.
I have numerous Phantom contacts!
Of course you do.
Outside of Sector 31
and moving at incredible speed.
What the hell is going on?
They're in the pipes.
They're moving with
the bio-etheric energy flow.
That's impossible. Nothing could survive in those pipes.
Well we've got a big one heading this way.
Meta class, sir.
Oh, my God.
Hold your fire!
What have I done?
Come on, Neil. We need a way out.
You're our man. Think.
These walls are titanium alloy
and the bars are pulse-sonic lasers.
I mean it's not llke I can just
wave a magic wand and....
-Neil, I'm impressed.
-That makes two of us.
Proceed to the nearest
evacuation facility.
Proceed to the nearest
evacuation facility.
I think we should proceed
to the nearest evacuation facility.
-Here they come.
-But the others! Dr. Sid!
Deep Eyes'll take care of him.
what's happening? Why can we see them now?
They must be carrying
a residual charge from the barrier.
Behind you!
All aboard, captain!
We need to find my ship.
If it was towed here,
it would be in the military hangar.
That's a big "if."
Look out!
-Get us onto the platform.
-Got it.
Okay, now what?
We're going through the station.
With all due respect--
-Excuse me, captain.
-The station.
We're going through it.
It's the only way.
So I gather this will be
somewhat of a rough ride?
Now you've got a talent for understatement.
Hang on, everybody!
-Anybody hurt?
Oh, God. Talk to me, sarge.
-Give me a hand, Jane.
No, wait! We're risking further injury.
We need the proper tools to cut him out.
They're in my ship.
-No. No, doc. No drugs.
You heard the man.
We'll find the ship. We'll be back for you.
-I'll stay with him.
-Me too.
Nobody's staying.
-Just give me a gun.
-You got it.
Give him a weapon. Do it!
We'll be back for you.
You hear me?
I hear you, captain.
Now, get out of here.
Let's move out.
A quad-axle ATV. This is good.
It can be used to retrieve Ryan and transport him safely here.
However, we'll need to replace
these spent fuel cells.
There could be some llve ovo-pacs in the hangar.
All right. Jane, check the hangar.
Neil, get us ready for takeoff.
Aki and Dr. Sid, prep the Quatro.
I'll go to the tower and rotate the airtray.
This city may be lost, but we are not.
Let's do this thing and get out the hell out of here.
Be careful.
You too.
Oh, yeah.
Neil, do you read me?
Loud and clear, captain.
This baby'll fly itself.
Fllght path is set.
Beginning rotation.
Stop the airtray. We have a problem.
An impound tractor
is attached to the ship.
Can you disengage from the cockpit?
Permission to go outside
and detach the coupling.
Do it.
There's the problem.
The controls are locked, naturally.
Jane, let me ask you someting.
You think we'll get out of here alive?
I mean I wonder if anybody else has gotten out.
You think anyone's made it this far?
You think will this eighth-spirit stuff
work against the Phantoms?
I mean what if it's all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo?
Jane, do you mind we stop talking?
I'm trying to concentrate here.
What's happening down there?
Nothing we can't handle.
-Neil, what's your status?
-Almost there.
I want you two back inside.
We're fine. Jane is negotiating
with extreme prejudice.
Talk to me, Jane.
No problem here, captain.
Yes! Captain, we are good to go.
Jane, get out of there.
Get out of there now! Go! Jane!
Get the hell out of there! Jane!
The shield is powered and ready.
-Where are you going?
-To the cockpit. The ship is set on auto-pilot.
We're in countdown to llftoff.
No, wait. It's too dangerous. Aki!
Over here, you son of a bitch!
Gray, do you read me?
What's happening?
You and Sid are getting out of here now.
-No! We can't just leave everyone.
-Everyone's dead!
-I'm not leaving without you.
-Sorry, but you don't have a choice.
Goodbye, Aki.
Gray, come on!
I just....
I wish I could believe
they were in a better place.
I enlarged the scanning perimeter... include an area that
we had previously overlooked.
The impact crater.
Strange place to find the eighth spirit.
Yes, really quite astonishing.
But nothing could survive in there except Phantoms.
Which suggests that the eighth spirit is a Phantom spirit.
I can't explain it at the moment,
but once we get down there... will understand--
-Wait, doctor. That's a one-way trip.
Yes, I expected that's how
you would evaluate our chances.
Well, am I wrong?
No, I agree. We probably...
...won't live long enough to extract
the eighth spirit from the crater.
Then why even try it?
Because we don't need
to extract the eighth spirit.
If we can't bring
the final spirit here...
...we can go there and complete
the wave inside the crater.
Yes, exactly.
And how do we do that, exactly?
I can construct a device that...
...would attach to Aki's chest plate
to gather the eighth spirit and....
And what?
And then we wait and see what happens.
That's it?
That's your plan?
We wait and see what happens?
Oh, good. Well, I got my own plan.
We keep scanning the surface from orbit...
...and maybe we'll find
a compatible spirit somewhere else.
I say we go in.
General Hein, you're clear to get into 01 alpha
What caused the barrier to fail, General Hein?
I'm afraid it was only a matter of time...
...before the Phantoms developed
an immunity to our barriers.
But I am relieved to see
that you and the council...
...were able to evacuate
to Houston without incident.
It was a terrible loss suffered this evening.
The council has reconsidered
your proposal to fire the Zeus cannon.
I see.
We are transmitting the access codes to you now.
And, general... of luck to us all.
Prepare to fire the cannon.
The target, sir?
The Phantom crater.
Preparing to drop in three, two, one.
Powering the shield.
Okay, we're over the meteor.
Do you have it in sight, doctor?
There are so many of them.
Yes! I'm tracking the eighth spirit
along the crater's surface.
All right.
Now let's take a closer look.
Ready to fire in three minutes.
Ovo-pacs at maximum.
Transferring plasma flow to auto.
Counter-thrusters are engaged.
Lox flow de-coupled. Status is green.
We have something on radar
over the impact site, sir.
It's her.
Just a traitor under
the influence of the enemy.
Continue the countdown.
We'll take them all out at the same time.
We're closing on the Phantom.
Contact in 30 seconds.
Target locked.
Ready to fire on your command.
It's a match! It's a perfect match!
-Scanners ready.
What was that?
It's the Zeus.
They're firing on the crater.
-Aki, Captain, are you all right?
-A llttle shaken. Stand by.
Sid, the eighth spirit is not
on our scanner. Do you have it?
The eighth spirit...
...has been destroyed.
-What are we going to do now?
-Nothing. This mission is over.
-Let's get out of here.
What is that?
If you're getting us out here,
you better do it now.
Hold on!
the Quatro
I can't hold on to you.
Unable to maintain altitude.
Emergency landing procedures.
Come in. Come in, please.
Aki, Gray, can you hear me?
Sid, I need to talk to the station.
Can you patch us through?
-What is that thing?
-I don't know, sir.
Incoming message, sir.
General Hein, you must cease fire immediately.
What you're seeing is the living
spirit of an alien's home world.
Their planet was destroyed and part of it landed here.
This is not an invasion.
It never was.
I see. What have we been fighting
all this time? Ghosts?
Spirits that are confused,
lost and angry.
Right. And these spirits are
coming out of this Gaia thing.
General Hein, you have to listen.
Allen Gaia, Earth Gaia.
Doctor, Even if I believed this nonsence ...
...the fact remains Earth's under attack
from an aggressor...
...who must be destroyed at all costs.
The cost may be the entire planet, sir.
Firing on the alien Gaia
will only make it stronger.
Well, since you're under the alien's
influence, Doctor, i will take your protest to mean that we are ... fact persuing the correct course of action.
So I suggest you take your last few moments and prepare to meet your Gaia.
Continue to fire until
the invader has been destroyed.
General, the system's overheating.
We'll hit again and keep on hitting
it until it's dead.
But we're not even sure if it's having any effect.
No effect? We've got them
on the run, soldier.
This is our moment of victory.
I order you to fire.
-The system won't allow us to fire.
-We'll see about that.
Our shield is out.
We're sitting ducks. Come on!
This is not a good place to be.
What the hell is that?
Is it what I think it is?
Yes, it's Gaia.
This is definitely not a good place to be.
Are you all right?
I'm fine. I have to talk to Dr. Sid.
Sid, do you read me?
Go ahead, I'm still here.
We're looking at Gaia.
Do you hear me, Sid? Gaia.
This explains why
the eighth spirit appeared here.
Yes, that's it!
A Phantom changed into the eighth spirit... touching a llfe born from our own Gaia.
If so, it would've gotten a different energy signature...
...that set it apart from the other Phantoms.
You couldn't have hoped for a better location... find a new compatible spirit.
Whatever you do, don't move.
Stay right where you are.
Staying where we are may not be as easy as it sounds.
Don't shoot any of them!
You could very well destroy our last hope.
What do you suggest I do, Doctor?
Ask them to play nice?
Combat strategy is your area of expertise, captain, not mine.
I have a reading in the fissure. Do you see it?
Yes! A compatible spirit.
It must be very near you.
Well? Which one is it?
Which one?
I'm having difficulty in narrowing it down.
Just a moment, please.
It's getting crowded in here.
Aki, we don't have much time.
Aki! Aki!
With the hope of new life...
...has Gaia changed the Phantom within?
I have it.
Gray, get in here. I need you!
Hear me, Sid?
The wave pattern is complete.
Yes, I read you. This is wonderful.
I don't see how you found the final spirit.
It found me, doctor.
Oh, my word.
I see now. I understand.
But I don't understand!
What the hell is going on?
Give me your ovo-pac. I need it to project the complete wave.
-But we'll be defenseless.
-Just do it!
-I hope you know what you're doing, Aki.
-We can use the shield to project the wave.
Dr. Sid's theory was right.
I have it. The eighth spirit.
I'm cured, Gray.
-Are you sure you have the final spirit?
-Yes, yes, I'm sure.
-How can you know?
-Don't worry. A Phantom told me.
Oh, great.
That's it. Shield on.
It's not working.
We have to do something before it's too late.
If this doesn't work,
then it's already too late.
Gray, trust me.
I'll blast you all to hell.
Oh, no. No!
Get down!
-Warning. System overload.
-I know.
-Warning. System overload.
-I know!
But it must be done.
Fire, damn you!
Gray, Gray.
Don't leave me, Gray.
Told Sid this was a one-way trip.
Looks llke I was right.
No, Gray. Hang on, please.
I still have the wave.
We can get through this.
-We're not gonna make it.
-We are going to make it.
We both know that isn't true.
Help me.
Listen to me.
You saved my llfe once.
Now I want you to save yourself.
Gray, no. Please!
Let me do this, Aki. Trust me.
Don't leave me, Gray.
You've been trying to tell me the death isn't the end.
Don't back out on me now that I finally believe.
I love you.
Oh, it's warm.
Free the dream within
The stars are crying a tear
A sigh escapes from heaven
And the world's end
Breathe the dream within
The mystifying
We tremble and spin
Suspended within
Look beyond where hearts can see
Dream in peace
Trust, love, believe
We tremble and spin
Suspended within
Free the dream within
The voices calling, a song
A prayer from deep inside you
To guide you
Be the dream within
The light is shining
A flame on the wind
Salvation begins
Look beyond where hearts can see
Dream in peace
Trust, love, believe
We tremble and spin
Suspended within