Finally Found Someone (2017) Movie Script

Mayor, I'll take your picture.
OK. All right. Thank you.
-Aprilyn's here!
-She's here!
Sis! Hi, Sis!
I love you, Pops.
-OK. Stay here first.
-All right.
Sir, we're about to start.
Please stand in line.
-There. Is it starting?
-Where is he?
-I'm sure he's on the way.
-But where exactly?
-Just wait.
What? Randy isn't coming?
-Dad, Randy isn't coming!
-What? He's not coming?
-What's happening?
-It's Randy!
-He's not coming to your wedding anymore.
I'm so sorry.
Stop making excuses!
Where the heck is your son?
-How dare you? I'm the mayor!
-Stop it! Don't do this! Calm down!
You want me to do something
to your daughter?
Sir, let's go! Drive now! Faster!
Aprilyn's leaving!
Where are you going?
I will find him!
I'm sorry, can you drive a little faster?
I really need to talk to my groom!
Don't worry.
-I used to be an ambulance driver.
-Randy, please pick up.
I need to talk to you.
-What is it?
-What's happening?
-What's wrong?
Ma'am, the engine's acting up.
-It's not starting.
-Oh, dear!
This can't be happening!
So... Can you push?
You're not putting in enough energy!
Give me more energy!
-Let's take a picture.
-Push harder!
You can do it, ma'am.
What now?
It's not moving!
Don't tell me you're also canceling on me,
Mr. Driver!
I'm giving you a one-star rating! Bye!
-We're full!
-I can sit on the roof! Just on the roof!
-Miss, it's already full!
Please! Goodness! Sir! Stop!
I'm sorry, sir.
Here you go.
Move out of the way!
We're in a hurry! This is important!
Let's overtake that car!
We need to overtake you! Sorry!
The car in front is too slow!
-Ma'am! Aprilyn!
Wait! That's my bridal car!
-Sir! Thank you very much!
-Ma'am, let's hurry!
Don't worry! I'll find you
and buy all your gallons of water!
-I'll drink them all!
-Hurry now!
-Open the door! Let's talk, please!
-Guard, she's been there too long.
-Ms. Aprilyn.
I'm sorry,
but you're disturbing the other tenants.
Come with me, ma'am.
Let's talk downstairs.
-Let's go down, ma'am!
Until he opens this door,
I will never leave this place!
Sir, hold on! Wait!
Don't do this!
Maybe we can still talk about this!
I promise I'll behave!
Just don't do this to me!
-Ouch! That hurt!
-We'll leave you here.
Miss, that's dangerous! Come down!
My gosh!
It's you again!
Ma'am! Aprilyn! You'll get me fired!
-Come down from there!
What's happening here?
-Why aren't you helping her?
-I already asked her to come down.
Randy, I'm here outside your window!
I'm stuck!
Isn't that Aprilyn?
It is Aprilyn!
Ma'am, Randy already left this morning!
-He took his luggage with him.
He was going to the airport.
Oh, my! OK, I'll come down!
Ma'am, are you OK?
Sir, let's take a shortcut.
-Let's take the skyway!
As long as we reach Randy at the airport
in time!
What now?
Do I have to push the car again?
Where's my cellphone?
-It's Randy!
-Ma'am, why?
Wow, that's too much.
Where are you?
Where are you?
What's taking you so long?
Why aren't you here yet?
Where are you?
I almost fell!
I almost died!
I did everything for you!
I pushed a car! The car was so heavy!
I even rode a sidecar that delivers water!
I bought all that water!
What am I going to do with all that water?
This is how I love,
and this is how I will love you.
That's all you have to do, sir.
You will get married,
because that is what will make you win.
they say every person has someone destined
for them who is The One.
Your "The One" is the person
who will accept you for you.
No matter who you are,
they will accept you...
This is why I need to be honest...
because this is how I love,
this is how I will love you!
With all honesty!
Camera, please! Please!
-I love you, my baby Enrique!
-I love you too, baby.
He told the truth!
The problem with you Raffy,
is you don't have any idea of romance.
But you can do this.
That jerk! Looks like he's also
sticking around for Mr. G's retirement.
Stop it!
You're driving me crazy!
Why aren't you here?
I thought we were sure about each other.
But why did this happen?
Are you really The One?
Is there really someone for me?
Will you still come?
Wherever you are, I hope you're OK.
Uncle Raffy!
Is that for me?
I knew you'd still be awake!
Where's your dad?
He's asleep.
Where's your Aunt Trina? Uncle Rick?
Out on a date, as usual.
I hope you know
I can never get mad at you.
I hope you know I'm thinking of you.
Have you already eaten?
Did you get home safe?
Are you hurting anywhere?
How did your day go?
Are you also tired of being alone?
Don't spend too much time on the computer,
-Take care of your eyes.
Hey. Don't finish this in one go.
Put it back in the freezer.
Sorry, Aprilyn.
I thought this was the master's bedroom.
Are you OK?
Are you sure you're OK?
Yes, I'm OK.
I want you to know
that I will never get tired of looking for
and waiting for you.
I will never lose hope.
Once we see each other, I promise you,
we will never be apart again.
I promise you, I will listen
to all of your joys and problems.
And once we meet, I will hug you tight,
so you'll feel my love for you.
I hope we meet soon!
I believe love will make a way.
Do you know the consequences
of the memes you released?
I'm sorry I wasn't able to advise you.
I worked on that project for years.
And... just like that?
All my effort was for nothing?
It was not for nothing.
Mr. Raffy, thank you so much
for this opportunity...
-I am really happy to...
Sir! Thank you so much
for this opportunity, sir.
I'll take care of this.
Promise, sir. Excuse me.
are you sure our daughter's fine?
Look at this. These are all sad faces!
Those are not sad faces.
They just lack sleep!
Our daughter's fine.
I just want to find Randy...
-I just want to know why...
-Aprilyn! Look what I found!
Is it Randy?
-No, it's you. You're trending.
Hashtag JokeBride!
And the netizens are looking
for Hashtag GroomDoom!
-Groom doom?
I'm happy you've finally accepted
this project, Sandoval.
I want my son to win the mayorship
this coming election.
because of this Joke Bride video...
my son has been cast in a bad light.
His trust rating went down.
The people are mad at him.
Because he didn't show up
at his and Aprilyn's wedding.
Why didn't he show up?
I don't know.
Where's your son now, sir?
I don't know.
if I can't talk to your son.
I need to talk to him.
I need to talk to him, too!
He's my son, remember?
Look, Mayor.
please look at me straight in the eye...
and tell me why your son didn't show up
at his own wedding.
I really don't know!
Aprilyn's father.
Aprilyn's mother.
You need to clear my son's name.
Because if people continue
to see Aprilyn crying,
my son's image will get more damaged.
This was Aprilyn's wedding gift to my son.
And that's what he was reading,
before he left for the wedding.
"Dear Future Husband,
Do you know what time it is?
It's time for you to come into my life.
Love, Your Future Wife."
Sir, this is so cute!
She's so cute!
Actually, I saw this girl.
She was crying by the fountain.
She just loved, sir.
You know, if I were calling it,
our work would be so much easier
if we just destroyed this girl
But the mayor won't allow that.
Why is that, sir?
It's that simple.
-The girl is the key.
-Oh, so that's the case, sir.
We'll give them a "social media series".
She'll be the girl who loved,
got hurt, forgave,
and got her love back.
How can we convince the people
with that concept, sir?
Don't worry, sir.
I can handle the village officers.
Good morning. I'm Noah.
Sir, you need to let me in.
I need to talk to Aprilyn!
Good morning. I'm sorry, but Pondong
ordered us to not let anyone inside.
No. I just want to give her something.
I'll come back out right after!
-I'll be quick.
-You can't, sir.
-I'll be quick!
-Remember him. He can't enter.
Please stay here, sir.
We can't let you in.
If you want, you can just watch from here.
I really need to tell her something...
Good morning, sirs. Good morning!
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
I just want to say
that I really admire the work you all do.
-We're just doing our job, sir.
-Thank you.
But since you four are so deserving,
you might fight one another
for the village captain position!
-No, of course not.
-They are my good friends.
He brought flowers.
-Looks like he's going courting!
-Oh, no. Sorry.
I am Rafael Sandoval.
-Raffy. I'm Raffy.
I'm actually their Media PR.
Can I go in?
Well if it's you, sir! Of course!
-Go ahead.
-You can go in. It's OK.
Thank you.
-You're too kind, sir. Thank you.
-Thank you.
We can let him in, right?
Wait! Where's the guy from earlier?
-Weren't they together?
-They were!
-Come on now!
-Oh, it's Randy!
-Excuse me...
Randy, I'm so glad you came back.
Who are you?
to give assistance
regarding our current situation.
My daughter's dignity cannot be bought!
-You there!
Start the interview!
Wait! Hold on!
No. Stop the interview!
Stop the interview.
Sir, ma'am, we're here today...
Randy? Were you able to speak to him?
Where is he now?
Is he coming back?
Start the interview!
Stop the interview!
-Wait! Just wait!
Wait! Let's give them some time!
No... not yet.
Hold on. What did he say?
Why didn't he show up at our wedding?
What was the problem?
You tell me, Aprilyn.
What do you think the reason was?
Do you remember what you talked about,
the last time you saw each other?
I gave him cards.
And I remember I told him that...
I could not live without him.
He just coughed.
He suddenly coughed.
So, he felt pressured?
So, what now?
He's not coming back anymore?
He's not coming back? Start the interview!
Stop the interview!
He will come back, he will.
Randy will come back.
he's going to come back.
Especially now he looks like the bad guy,
because of your...
Yes, Aprilyn,
because of your viral videos.
So what do I need to do?
You'll proceed with the interview...
I'm strong.
Even if you don't know
what will it will do to Randy,
or if Randy is OK with all of this?
Have you already forgotten about Randy?
But whatever you decide, so be it.
We'll just have to hope for the best,
I guess.
Let's just pray that Randy's situation
doesn't worsen.
But, OK, sir.
-Noah, go. Let them do the interview.
Wait! Stop the interview!
What happened?
So, sir,
our goal is to convince the people
that Randy and Aprilyn's love story
will have a happy ending.
But sir, how are we going to do that?
April should look like she has moved on.
Is this OK? Do I look good?
What's wrong?
Is there a problem with my outfit?
I just don't want people to see me.
Because when I walk outside, I hear people
say, "Joke Bride! Let's take a picture!"
It's embarrassing!
People who love know how to forgive,
Can't we just go inside?
No, we'll stay here.
April, you're not in hiding, OK?
And that is part of loving.
The pain you're feeling,
that's part of love.
You're able to face everything, because?
we need to make it look like
she has recovered.
She should bloom.
Really, wow? You're too kind!
So, sir, can we be their best friends too?
Yes, and their social media managers!
And make her a new social media account,
I don't have a phone.
I gave it to Junilyn.
I'm avoiding the bashers.
They're so harsh!
-No cellphone?
No problem.
Here's Mr. Raffy's order.
You can test it first.
Take a selfie. Let's try it.
Selfie? OK.
-Isn't she the girl who's trending now?
-Yes, she's Joke Bride!
What took you so long? It's getting late!
Sorry, sir. She's so slow.
The gown...
Sir, look!
-My gown was so much prettier.
-Oh shit.
Yeah. Sorry, sir. Let's go there!
What a nice view!
Do your job properly!
as long as Randy's still gone,
we can't do anything about it.
I don't care! I will take care of Randy!
Just make that girl happy!
-Just a second, sir!
Yes, sir. I'm having
the negative comments removed, sir.
Hi, Raffy! Good morning!
-You're both influencers?
-Hey, speak!
Of course, sir!
We're influencers on social media.
-Yes, sir. I'm really an influencer.
-OK, that's good enough. Let's go!
In this case,
Aprilyn's sadness must disappear.
Whenever you're sad
and you want to make it disappear,
just shake your hips!
Are you serious?
Feel the ground.
The ground will give it to you. Trust me.
It will go up from your feet...
To your legs...
Then your knees, your thighs...
until it reaches here!
And once it reaches there,
you stop having to put in effort.
Your hips will move on their own.
Just let go. Just shake your hips.
-Just feel it.
-Like that?
Tears, disappear! Try it!
-Tears, disappear!
-"Tears... disappear!"
You can even turn around.
If you have a lot on your mind,
you can double time!
Shake it double time!
-Tears, disappear!
-Tears, disappear!
-Tears, disappear!
-Tears, disappear!
There! It's working!
See, it made you smile!
We will do everything
to show the world that Aprilyn is happy.
-Yeah! Just happy.
-Next shot, hashtag, just happy.
-Just happy.
-One, two, three.
Ms. Aprilyn, Like this, lift your chest.
Just be happy!
Just happy!
Just happy!
Just happy!
Just happy!
Enough. You're already fooling us!
And when her sadness finally disappears,
we will bring something back.
What are we going to do?
So, Ms. Aprilyn, our peg for this one is,
hashtag, look of love.
Just relax.
-Just relax.
Go back to that moment...
when you realized
you were in love with him.
Are you there?
Stay there.
My gosh! Too sweet!
There are ants everywhere!
-Gian, why did you shout?
-The ant bite hurt!
-The shot's good!
-Were you able to get it?
-Are we OK?
-OK, let's go.
Noah, we'll proceed with the briefing
for Ms. April's interview.
Raffy made her agree!
OK. Did you get that?
You know,
all you guys ever talk about is work.
Stay for dinner! I will cook.
I'll have to pass, Ms. April.
I have a date.
Me too, Ms. April.
I'm wearing my blind date outfit!
Raffy can stay. He's single.
-Oh, he's single?
-Right, sir?
The driver's here! All right.
OK, bye, Ms. April. Sir.
-Take care!
So, you're single?
That's why you're a little hot-headed.
You don't have a love life.
Actually, I also have a date tonight.
-OK. Sure. Good night.
Oh, no. He's calling!
Hello? I'm sorry.
I knew it! You're working.
Whatever happened to,
Does your dinner offer still stand?
Yes! Of course.
Come back here!
Eat slowly!
Isn't it delicious?
It's OK.
Hey, you.
Why did you lie about having a date?
Hey, you. Why did you lie
about not texting Randy anymore?
I just missed texting someone!
That's the problem.
You're too honest,
that's why you get hurt.
Have some water, first.
You know...
My mom once told me,
So, is that why,
you gave all your cards to Randy?
Actually, ever since I was a kid,
I have been writing letters
to my future husband.
I got that from my parents.
That's what they did.
-They also wrote letters?
Because when my mom worked in Thailand,
there was still no video call technology.
So instead, they wrote letters
and sent cards to each other,
That's why even though
they didn't see each other for a while,
nothing changed.
You know why?
Try writing a letter, too!
You might find your future wife.
-Did you make this?
It's good.
That's why, I wrote everything
in the letters I gave Randy.
All my hopes... all my dreams...
I put my soul into those letters.
Unfortunately, the real me
causes people to have breakdowns.
Wait a minute!
Why am I the only one talking?
It's your turn!
Since I met you until now,
I haven't gotten to know much about you.
I will share my stories,
only if you promise me
that you won't cry during your interview.
Sure. Game!
OK, let's play a game.
Which one is the lie?
so I had to be a breadwinner,
at an early age.
And she only came back,
after she was diagnosed with dementia.
I am now happy on my own!
This is a no-brainer.
It's not true that you're happy now.
Come on.
It's so obvious.
Raffy, the eyes never lie.
It's OK to admit that
you also want to be loved.
There's nothing wrong with that.
There we go! He's about to give in!
Come on! Admit it!
You don't want to be alone.
You're scared of growing old alone.
You want to have someone in your life.
-He's about to admit it!
About what?
Why is it that everything we talk about
has to be connected with love?
What's wrong with that?
-That's it.
-That's the problem.
Oh, no. No, no. That's not true.
Is that really your only dream?
-To love, be loved, get married...
Is that all you ever dream about?
To be married to your work?
To each his own. Mind your own business.
You're just repeating what I said.
So? What's wrong with that?
I mean, I finished school.
I am somewhat successful at work
with my career.
What is so wrong if the only thing
I want now is to have a family?
To have a family?
Yes! To have a family of my own!
So where is Randy in that equation?
He's the groom, of course.
Why didn't you mention him?
Because I wasn't done yet...
No. That's not true.
-No! You're wrong...
-I mean, look... No, listen.
Because all you want is to get married,
and have a family,
because like you said, "it's your dream".
That means that dream can happen
no matter who the groom is.
-You're wrong.
-Like Gian.
Are you kidding me?
Or me!
You will marry me?
You're putting this on me again.
Wait. Why do you keep asking me
these questions?
-Why can't you answer them?
-Why are you interested?
I wonder why?
Why can't you answer my question?
What was your question?
If you will...
will marry me?
Wait a minute!
Take this home.
Thank you.
I almost got hit.
-Take care.
-Ma'am, Mr. Pondong?
I just want to inform you both
of the scheduled photo op
with Mayor Garcia tomorrow.
-Wait a minute.
-All right.
Pops, we have to do that
to show Randy we're OK.
Excuse me. Sir, I have good news.
As of this morning, sir,
we're already trending on social media.
This means people are waiting
for what will happen next.
But after this,
that they can relate to April.
about when Randy and April
will finally meet again.
Can you check up on April?
Oh. She's here!
-My daughter looks fresh!
You're pretty, sis!
You look so pretty!
What did you eat last night?
I want to have some!
Will it make me prettier, too?
So, are you ready?
Don't worry, next time,
I'll give you another exclusive.
Thank you! You're the best.
Excuse me.
You can do this. Just remember...
Tears, disappear.
-OK. Noah! Are we good?
-Yes, sir.
because they want to see you
in your natural environment.
Better known as the Joke Bride!
How are you now?
I feel better now.
How do you feel about
the netizens' reaction on social media?
Aren't you mad at Randy?
Because the netizens are!
Let me clarify. I'm not mad at Randy.
There you have it.
You heard it first,
here on Scoop with Rachel Santos.
I heard your family was so affected...
Noah, look at this.
Aprilyn, Randy is apparently
in Hong Kong with a girl!
Wait, you didn't know?
We found Randy.
But he's with another girl.
I know you can fix this. Right, Sandoval?
Is it true?
Is that the reason
he didn't come to our wedding?
Because he already had someone else?
How long have you known about this?
April, I didn't know that...
Come on.
I did everything!
I did everything you asked me to.
For what?
For what, Raffy? Tell me!
Tell me the truth!
Tell me the truth!
Oh, right, I forgot.
You work for the mayor.
You need to clean up Randy's image.
I forgot I was just your project.
What were you thinking?
That the pain I'm feeling
was so superficial
it could be a trending topic?
You're impossible!
Raffy, I was left alone!
I was left at the altar,
in front of my family!
I was hurt!
My family was hurt by that too!
Did you think all of that was just a joke?
Those were real!
My feelings were real!
Everything was real for me!
Raffy, let's stop this.
I don't want to do this anymore.
This is all a big mess!
My Twitter and Facebook
are full of negative comments!
What's happening, Sandoval?
Isn't this your forte?
You should be making my son look good!
What's the problem?
Galvez, fix this!
If you don't fix this asap...
Your town mayor? He's my classmate.
He is my classmate at the casino.
I will have your business permit revoked!
Sandoval, I'm warning you!
The mayor wants you replaced,
but I asked for a second chance.
-Hello, Raffy.
Mom's sickness is acting up again.
She's looking for you!
Mom, get a check-up.
Raffy, good thing you're here.
Mom's been looking for you all day.
Why do you look sad?
Didn't I tell you? I'll come back for you.
I'll just work abroad for a few years.
Have you eaten? Come on, let's eat!
-You left a long time ago, Ma.
And it took you years to come back.
Raffy, don't. Mom has dementia.
Raffy, didn't I promise you
I'd come back for you?
Don't you believe me?
I missed you.
Thank you, Raffy.
Are you leaving already?
Tell me a story first.
You used to always tell me stories.
Just go along with it.
How was school?
Did something happen?
Tell me the truth.
Did your teacher scold you?
Tell me.
What happened?
I hurt someone.
Apologize to your teacher.
Always do what is right, OK, Raffy?
-Bye, Uncle Raffy!
Stop playing with your iPad.
-Wait for me in the car.
Drive carefully!
OK. Take care!
Raffy, we need to leave first.
The kids have classes tomorrow.
I've also got a graveyard shift.
It's a long way home.
Take care of yourself.
Thanks, Raffy.
You too. You should also go home.
I'll stay here for now.
Mom's nurse will be here tomorrow, right?
Go now. Take care.
Thank you, Raffy.
Drive carefully!
Yes, Mom?
I'm OK. I'm still alive!
Just check our group chat
if you want Mom to stop knocking
on your door! OK?
Let's go.
I hope you had a better day than I did.
If not,
I hope we both feel better tomorrow.
I hope I can forgive him.
Because I know I'm his only friend.
And even if he doesn't admit it,
I know he doesn't want to be alone.
If I send this, it means we're already OK.
Should I send it?
Sorry if I also made you believe
that I knew where Randy was.
But I promise you,
Raffy and I really had no idea.
Raffy never stopped looking for Randy.
Noah, it's fine.
No, April.
I don't want your friendship
to break apart
just because things were unclear.
-Bye, teacher!
-Bye! Don't forget your homework.
Come on. Let's go home!
I heard there will be a rally!
-There'll be lots of people.
-A rally?
-She's there.
-Sir, no!
-I'll take you home! Come on!
What are you doing here?
Because someone didn't reply to me
last night.
I just want to make sure you're OK.
I heard you got fired from the preschool
because of what happened.
I truly believe you can be so much more.
Why would you think
I'd still want your help?
Because... I'm your friend.
I want to clean your name.
It's OK, sir.
-Let's do a group hug, sir.
-Group hug.
You're so handsome, sir.
Should I send this?
I don't know.
Did it send?
-Just chill. I can do this.
Chill. Wait, not like that.
-Trust me.
-There you go.
-Include my knees.
-I'm a pro at this.
-Keep my knees in. Up to my head. OK?
-Sure, got it. Go!
-I'll get a cookie too, OK?
-Sure, go ahead.
-This is really the best cookie.
-Thank you.
I'm sorry. Smile!
-How are you?
-Yes, Raffy?
Is your sister there?
I need to talk to her.
She isn't here. She left a while ago.
Could you tell her
I'll wait for her reply?
OK, sure.
Props to him and his efforts.
Am I too cold-hearted
if I still don't forgive him?
-No, no way.
He might think I'm a sucker
for his cute smiles.
But then, his hip-swaying!
That's what got me!
It really did!
Should I send it or not?
Just send it!
Feeling shaken?
It died.
Why did you come here?
I was hoping to invite Aprilyn
to dinner later.
She hasn't replied to any of my texts.
She's ignoring me.
Could you please tell her
I'll wait at Cuisine Restaurant?
At eight o'clock tonight. Just to talk.
But... no pressure, really.
That's it. Thank you.
I hope I can forgive him.
Because I know I'm his only friend.
And even if he doesn't admit it,
I know he doesn't want to be alone.
If I send this, it means we're already OK.
Should I send it?
Have a seat.
Did you miss me?
Lying is not allowed.
Raffy, I just want to tell you that, yes,
I need your help.
that I'm getting by, and that
they can get through any pain, too,
if they just take the time
to know themselves better.
Right? That's why I'm also giving myself
a second chance.
I missed you.
Lying is not allowed, right?
Wow, it's expensive here!
-There's a special, it's not on the menu.
It's right in front of you.
No, I'm kidding.
Stop kidding! I might take you seriously.
I want you to write something new.
-For them to know the real you.
You have to remember that there was a you
before you and him got together.
And there's also a you after you break up.
I hope you're fair-skinned.
I hope you have a good smile.
You'll tear it! You're so annoying!
Why? It's cute!
You're such a liar!
-I'm a liar?
-Shut up!
You're needy!
Huh? What?
Wow! Your cookie is amazing!
It's making me tell the truth!
I like that!
-Hey, I'm home!
-Raffy, you're early! It's a miracle!
What's up, Raffy? Why are you so happy?
Yes! Cool!
-Did I get the right pair?
Thank you, Uncle!
-This was what you wanted, right?
-That's mine!
-You thought this is yours?
I was just showing it to you
because it looks good on me.
-It doesn't look good on you!
It would look better on me!
They suit me well!
I will fix myself first.
I hope you can wait for me.
We were given a spot at the Sunday Market,
for your honesty cookies!
How will that work?
How many cookies do I have to bake?
Are you OK?
Sorry. I'm just nervous.
I'm afraid these won't sell.
Give me that.
-Don't come closer!
Why don't you try writing a letter
to your Future Wife?
Only if you want to.
No, I'm warning you!
Stop it, April!
April, stop it!
Here, get ready for much more fun!
-Guys, stop her! No!
-Come here, Raffy!
April, please. Enough!
You're wasting flour! Stop!
Stop it!
Enough already!
You think you can stop me?
There's no stopping this!
Try and stop me now!
Is this you in front of me now?
If you look at me... it's a yes.
-I can't tell what this is?
-I don't know.
Is that flour or dirt?
You have some too! There! And there!
Let's take a group-fie!
-They're here!
Will we fit in one frame?
We will!
One more!
Let me see.
It's beautiful.
-Where's Raffy?
-There he is!
-Ms. Aprilyn, congratulations.
Uncle, looks like you finally
have a love life, too!
You know how to cook?
I used to cook for my siblings.
I even prepared their school lunches.
You're so sweet, Raffy.
What did you say?
I said, my cookies are sweet!
I didn't hear you. What was that?
The cookies!
You've already tasted the cookies, right?
Aren't they sweet?
April! Raffy's here!
-He's here, sis!
Yes! Your Dear Future Me cards
are all sold out!
You're amazing!
-No. This is because of you!
-No, this is because of you!
Of course not! This is all you, April!
-No! This is all you!
-OK, fine! We did this together!
OK, we're together!
-We're together?
-We're together?
I mean, the both of us working together!
OK, the both of us!
Ah, love.
"To the person I will marry:
When are you coming?"
-You're taking too long!
I'm here! No, I'm kidding!
How are you doing?
We're OK.
Were you happy earlier?
Where are you, Raffy?
I'm here.
Let's share this, OK?
I'll just eat there.
-I'm sorry. Mom has dementia.
-Oh, OK.
How have you been?
And... have you already planned
your wedding?
Do you already have a gown?
Do you already have a design?
Ma, please. Lynn...
Let's talk about this another time.
-Ma'am, let's go.
Doesn't Joana have a gown yet?
Mom... I have!
Of course, I have one!
Here! Look at this!
I want you to be the first one to see it.
So that's why your eyes were always so sad
from the first time I met you.
Because even to your own mother,
you can't be honest about your feelings.
The person who cannot guess
what the lie is...
will get icing on the face!
Are you game?
What? Come on!
Isn't it your birthday today?
this will be my birthday gift to you!
Because even for a short while,
I want you to be honest
about how you feel.
-I'll go first.
-OK, go first.
I'll make this easy for you.
My mom was diagnosed with dementia
when I was in college.
The cake you just had was delicious.
Number three was a lie!
The cake wasn't delicious!
I can't finish it.
-April! Come on!
It's obvious that number two was a lie.
She already has a family of her own.
Why didn't you two get married?
She wanted to have a family.
I wanted to work more to save more.
So, you don't regret anything?
I've been thinking...
Can it still happen?
Will it still happen?
Things like that.
Why did you do that?
That's the game, right?
Your answer was wrong.
So I should put icing on you, remember?
Stand up!
-Stand up!
-This is my revenge!
OK! Bring it on!
I am happy right now!
I don't think about Randy as much lately.
-You're jealous of Joana.
-I'm jealous of Joana.
I'm not jealous!
Who's jealous? Why would I be jealous?
Number three is a lie.
Hey! Wait!
-You can only do it once!
-You can only do it once!
-But I've only done it once!
No! You can only do it once!
It's because your answer was very wrong!
Very wrong!
Let me put more on you!
Let's stop playing games.
It's time to listen to music.
Let's play mom's favorite song.
What, why? That's too much!
-Here he goes!
Really, huh?
-You really wanna do this?
-You want this, huh? Wait!
Is this OK?
Ms. Aprilyn!
I've been looking everywhere for you!
Good thing this guy helped me find you.
-I'm sorry, sir.
-Let's go home, Ms. Aprilyn.
You ruined my plans! You're so annoying!
Let's go.
Oh, no, Aprilyn! I'm sorry!
I took too long in the bathroom!
Why did you pee there?
No, I did not pee yet.
I was just about to pee.
-Is that it?
Go ahead, dear.
-Go straight to the bathroom.
Wait, I just need to double check if...
It's clean!
that you're still the most qualified
to take my place.
Are you happy, Aprilyn?
Mom! You scared me!
You want cookies?
That's not a question.
You're happy.
Is there someone making you happy?
Mom, I also...
I also don't know.
I'm not sure about what I'm feeling.
But, yes, I'm happy.
Then that's your answer!
But is it OK to feel this way?
Isn't it...
Isn't it wrong?
Why would it be wrong?
Because it feels like...
it's too soon.
April, should there be a proper time line
for someone to be OK?
Good night.
OK, good night!
I've been trying to contact you
for a week!
I feel like you're ignoring me.
That's not true, sir!
It's just that a lot has happened,
since the last time we talked.
I know!
And I have good news for you!
Randy... is back!
Didn't you hear me?
Randy is back!
So, let's go back to our old plan.
The engagement will push through.
What did you say?
Remember when I resigned
from this project,
after the whole fiasco
of Aprilyn's interview?
You told me...
You told me
the planned engagement was off.
You said you didn't want
their love story to continue.
That's why we changed the strategy, right?
You also said, Mayor,
I changed my mind!
You know what happened?
My son's trust rating went down!
My constituents...
still want to see April.
So, let's devise a plan about what to do.
But, Mayor, it'll be difficult
to just go back to the engagement plan.
I will find another way to help Randy.
your son's trust ratings will go up...
You know, Sandoval,
you used to be easy to talk to.
What happened to you?
Do you have a problem?
Are you in love?
-Mayor, hold on...
-Tell me what you want.
Please don't use Aprilyn anymore.
Please don't do that. She's happy now.
If you don't help build their love story,
I won't just ruin your career
and your office!
I will ruin Aprilyn's life...
including her whole family!
Don't cross me!
You don't know what I can do!
This is it!
This is
the "define the relationship" talk!
Have a seat.
Why are you still standing?
Sit down!
I was wrong.
I shouldn't have left you at the altar.
Raffy, what is this?
Dad asked Raffy
to arrange our dinner tonight.
So we can talk.
So I can answer all your questions.
Raffy, is that true?
-Aprilyn, the girl wasn't...
-Excuse me!
Raffy, what was that?
How long have you been planning that?
Raffy, be honest with me.
When you apologized to me, was it sincere?
The messages you sent me, what were those?
Everything you did for me to forgive you,
Everything that happened.
Everything we went through.
What was that? Was that real?
Or were you just doing your job?
Fix things with him, OK?
Raffy, is that what you really want?
You want me to get back together with him?
I don't care!
What I want is the truth.
Do you love me or not?
You don't understand.
You will not understand, OK?
-You will not understand!
I'm doing this because I'm protecting you!
Raffy, I'm asking you.
Do you love me or not?
Do you know why you will grow old alone?
Because... you're scared to be honest
about what you feel.
Well, I'm not.
Yes. I was scared at first.
Because it was wrong.
Because it was too soon.
Because I should be thinking about Randy!
But how? How do I fight this?
Because that's what I really feel.
That's the truth.
I love you.
You know, no matter who you are...
no matter what you've done...
I just want to tell you...
I thought I was, too.
You better fix this.
Ma, let's go to the guest room
I prepared for you.
Aren't you going to stay there?
-Raffy's on his way! He doesn't want...
My son!
Raffy, I'm sorry.
She was throwing a tantrum.
She wants to see you.
It's good you're home. Look at this.
-Edna made this.
-Ma, let's go.
Ma, Raffy needs to rest.
I already cleaned your room.
-I'll stay here. It's cool here.
-Ma, come on!
Are you OK, Raffy?
OK. I'll handle it.
I'll just put her things
in the other room.
Ma, not now.
Tell Mama everything.
Ma, not today, OK?
OK? Please. Not today.
Tell Mama the truth. Did something happen?
Does something hurt? Where?
-What happened to my son?
Raffy, are you mad that Mama's leaving?
I'll come back!
You believe Mama, right?
I'm just really tired.
I'm just tired.
I'm really tired.
I'm tired of lying to myself, Ma.
I'm tired of pretending.
I'm tired of pretending I'm OK.
That we're OK.
I'm tired of convincing myself
that you came back.
Because you didn't...
Ma, you didn't come back.
You left us!
You left me alone
to take care of my siblings!
That's the truth, Ma.
when you came home...
I couldn't get mad at you anymore
you don't know anything.
You don't remember anything.
my anger brought me to dark places.
You're unfair, Ma!
You're so unfair!
I'm tired of being strong, Ma.
I'm tired of worrying.
I'm tired of being scared.
I want to stop being scared!
Because, Ma,
ever since Papa died,
and since you left us,
fear never left me.
I feared...
not being able to provide for my siblings
by myself.
I can't...
I'm tired of being alone, Ma.
I'm tired!
I'm so tired, Ma!
I want to stop being tired! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, I'm tired, Ma.
Why did you only tell me this now?
I didn't want to hurt you.
people who love always tell the truth.
Even if it hurts.
As long as it's true. Am I right?
I'm here. Just talk to me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I'm getting tired.
Guys! Look at this!
"Mayorable Randy Garcia.
Was he cheated on by Joke Bride April?"
Oh my gosh!
They're challenging Raffy and Ms. April
to deny the accusation!
Good morning! I'm Maricar Dela Cuesta!
You're my idol, ma'am!
Shit. This fake news! So annoying!
-Guys! We have a mission!
-What is it?
There are articles circulating,
that April cheated on Randy first.
What can you say about that?
My siblings, how are you?
Sir Raffy, Mr. G is on his way.
You're welcome.
Always remember that whatever happens,
we will fight for you.
Junilyn, come here!
Create an account for me!
I will answer all the trolls!
They're just brave
because they're anonymous.
-Who are they? Right?
That's true.
Always remember
that even if they continue bashing you,
as long as the people who love you
know the truth,
they will never be able to break you.
Pops, Mom, Junilyn...
don't worry.
If anything good
came out of this experience,
it's that I know myself more now.
Petty things like those false news
can't make me cry anymore.
That's good.
However, what will make me cry
is how happy I am
that no matter what the world says,
you still love me.
My family is awesome!
You're the best!
Not because I can't do it...
or because I have grudges
against this company.
What's your plan now?
Life goes on.
I need to face something first.
I hope I can do it.
Sir, are you ready for your interview?
-Hey, Raffy.
-Ready to shoot?
-Thank you. OK, good.
-Sir, you know what to do. Thank you.
-Let's prepare here. OK.
I wrote all of this...
That I thought was you.
Well, if before,
I gave these to you, for you.
Now, I'm giving these to you...
for myself.
Now we will hear the answers...
to the allegations of Mayor Garcia...
I've already let go.
I realized that...
what I was holding onto was not you.
And Raffy...
Raffy woke me up.
He made me realize that...
Wow! I can do so much more!
Raffy, social media went crazy
-Mom, come quick! Hurry!
-when your photo with...
-What is it?
-the joke bride was uploaded.
-It's Randy! Look!
-Now, in front of the people here,
tell us,
what is your relationship with Aprilyn?
What's the truth?
April and I are not in a relationship.
The truth...
Aren't you scared of the outcome
of this revelation?
I already hurt the person I love so...
Is there anything scarier than that?
What do you want to tell her?
April, you're the best thing
that has ever happened to me.
You're my truth.
Because I'm the one
who got scared of what I'm feeling.
And I will accept everything,
April, I will give everything...
just to be with you.
Maybe... there are a lot of people
in this world who are sad because...
they're not honest about their feelings.
I don't want to be like them.
I want to love.
And I want...
to give you all that love.
Honeybabes, don't cry! It's OK!
Babe, I will marry you, babe.
-Way to go, bro!
-That's our brother!
That's all, Rachel.
And there we have it...
straight from Raffy.
The question right now is...
will Aprilyn come?
-Did April comment on social media?
-No, not even a view.
-There was also no comment?
Call again.
Text. Please text her.
But, we can't wait for Aprilyn.
Let's go.
It'll be fine, sir.
Didn't you say, sir, it's OK to get hurt
as long as you're honest?
That's normal! That's what you call...
I'm OK. I'll stay here.
It's OK.
Yes, sir.
-OK, sir.
I'll just call you.
-Bye, sir.
-Bye, sir.
Don't be hard on yourself, sir.
I guess, sir, it's her move now.
Maybe this is my fate, Noah.
To grow old... alone.
-Sir, bye.
-All right. Take care!
Actually, I was already here earlier.
But there were a lot of people.
I want the truth to be for us alone.
You know I'm allergic to viral videos
and all that.
So, I waited for everyone to leave...
I've been looking for you all this time!
Why were you late?
The traffic was bad.
let's do this for real.
I'm all yours.
Finally, I heard you say it!
Finally, you said it!
I love you too.
The future has arrived!
You're a killjoy!
What am I? Your grandmother?
I want to kiss you like this!
Go on! Please!
-Shake your hips.
-Tears, disappear.
-What did you say?
-Tears, disappear.
Isn't this your move in ASAP?
-Tears, disappear.
-What's the feeling?
-You feel light, right?
-Yes, it feels good.
I'm also so light. Look at all the sweat.
What was it again?
Is that OK?
-Sorry, I got distracted!
I shouldn't lie, right?
You shouldn't lie.
I'm just thinking
of how I should say the line.
-It's expensive here.
-It's expensive here.
Yes. You want to eat elsewhere?
Sure, let's go.
Miss, here.
We'll just go buy shawarma.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
One more!
What truth is still there?
Hey, your cookie fell!
What are you doing?
Your cookie fell!
I just read what was on the card!
Cut! What are you two doing?
My gosh! Ah!
we won't finish anything here, promise!
She lost it.
They're tired already.
Look at his forehead.
What is this movie doing?
I'll just kiss him
so this will all be over with!
Mommy! It's mommy!
It's mommy!