Finding Destiny (2023) Movie Script

I thought I
had it all figured out.
Let's face it, I had more of an advantage
than most girls in my neighborhood.
I was a ballplayer,
so I went to a better school
on the other side of town.
They were looking for
a rapper, a ballplayer.
But hell, I was a ballplayer
with a full ride at the
University of Memphis
and on my way to the WNBA.
I wanted to be the ideal
couple of the sports world
and marry another athlete
and live the perfect life.
So I thought.
I knew I was going to be
famous, though, regardless,
even without a nigga.
Dominique, she's my friend
from my neighborhood.
Since now I'm in college,
we hang out more.
I went to a better high
school outside the hood
because I played ball.
- Yo Destiny, guess who
gonna be at the spot tonight?
- Bitch, who?
- Some of the players from Miami
Heat's supposed to be there
after the game with the
- Bitch, I'm so tired
of going to these clubs
and these games trying to
get these niggas' attention
when every groupie in Memphis
is trying to do the
same thing, grab a bag.
- Nah, bitch we in there this time
'cause my brother-in-law
cousin Trace's boyfriend
is the promoter, so we for
sure next to the ballers.
VIP access.
- You sure we in there?
- Yes, bitch, we in there.
Besides, I'm ready for a real come up.
I'm so tired of these fake
ass balling Memphis niggas.
Out of town niggas is where it's at.
Yeah, you right.
- I mean, all these niggas
do is steal and kill.
I met one nigga that
claimed he fixed credit.
He gonna ask me for my social
so he can gimme a loan, right?
Is he crazy?
You really think I'm gonna
give you my info to steal?
- Bitch, yes.
That's what they be on, some bullshit.
- Mhm.
- But nah, at least you got a fuckin' car
out of one of these niggas.
I'm still riding around
with the engine light on.
- Shit, that's all I got,
I'm ready for a real change.
But you can have you a nice car, too,
when you pull a ballplayer tonight.
- Well, I'm gonna meet
you at your crib later on.
- Okay.
Ugh, you is killing me
with this basketball thing.
- What you mean?
This hoop and basketball shit
is gonna get me out this city.
- All right, well, getting a rich nigga
is gonna get me out this city, all right?
And how you think you gonna
pull you a ball player
always playing ball?
Always at the gym, girl, you sweaty.
Guys don't want no sweaty chick.
- Look, I could do both.
Besides, doing my scholarship
is what got me into school.
- Whatever, man.
Just don't be late because
I'm trying to be there
at a decent time so I can be
the first sexy face they see
when they walk in.
- Yeah, aight, bet.
Look, you forgot I'm
going with you, honey.
- I ain't forgot shit.
You will be the second sexy
face they see.
Girl, let's go, it's hot in here.
- Aight, bet.
- Mm, damn hot.
- A financial wellness survey
are lowkey looking to make their jobs-
- Oh, hi, Mama.
- Hey, Miss Tammy.
- It's too early
for all that loud ass
laughing and talking.
Can't even hear myself think.
- What you got to think about?
Getting high or getting a job?
- You know, I'm so sick
of your smart ass mouth.
You can get the fuck out
since you don't like it.
You 18 anyway, I don't know
why you still here anyway.
Damn, Mama.
What, you high?
- Don't worry about what I'm doing.
Y'all need to get the fuck up out my house
with all that damn noise.
Yeah, I'm going
to school anyway.
- You don't pay
no bills around here, all you
do is bounce that damn ball.
You need to bounce your ass
somewhere and get a job.
- Man, I wish my
scholarship paid for this.
- I wish it did, too,
so you can get the fuck
up out my house, you ungrateful heifer.
And stop slamming
my goddamn doors!
- See man, this is what I
gotta deal with every day.
- See this is why I said you
need to be on time tonight.
You need to get out and get your own crib.
I mean, I need to get up out this city,
but at least you got college
and you seeing something
other than this hood.
- Yeah, I mean, that's the
upside of being in college.
But, I don't know, I'm
different from them kids.
They all carefree and shit.
I'm just trying to make it with my ball.
- Well, shit, that's cool
'cause after we pull us
a ballplayer tonight,
we ain't got to worry about that anymore.
- Yeah, I don't know, we'll see.
I'll catch you later, though.
- All right, girl.
Ah, ah, don't be late, bitch.
- Aight.
Birthday, I can cry if I want to
Get high if I want to
Slide if I want to
- Come on, girl.
You gotta be ready for the game tomorrow.
- I am, I'm just tired, shit.
What you got going on this weekend?
- Shit, nothing.
You know, game in the
morning and some homework.
- You always in them books.
- Yeah 'cause I'm trying
to transfer up out of here.
I wanna go to Atlanta and
play ball at Georgia State.
- Yeah, aight.
Aight, why are you trying to leave?
You got it good here.
- Ain't nobody good in Memphis, man.
It doesn't matter what
side of town you live on,
ain't no success here.
It's too many people hating
and trying to kill you
for being successful.
Besides, Atlanta is
where Black people shine.
Black money, Black power.
- You know what I mean.
- No, you saying that
'cause I'm in college.
If that's the case, you too.
- Nah, I ain't like you or
none of these kids here.
I'm just here trying to play ball.
I don't know what I'm doing here.
- If I'm here, then you
definitely should be here.
- I'm just trying to be
successful and balling
and catching me a baller.
- You know, you sort of
sound that Dominique chick,
and she needs a serious reality check.
- Yeah, whatever.
Speaking of which, you should come out
to the club with us tonight.
Find you a real rich nigga
so you ain't gotta worry about leaving.
- Sounds tempting, but we do
have a game in the morning.
I can't be out there getting
drunk and neither can you.
- I ain't got a choice.
Plus, in the WNBA, there
ain't no real money.
I need a backup plan in
case things don't work out.
Well, I guess.
Anyway, I'll see you hoes next weekend.
See you in the morning, future NBA wife.
- Dominique, I just got
out of practice, girl.
I'm on my way.
I know, I ain't about to keep
your future husbands waiting.
Chill out, girl, bye.
Girl, what the hell is this?
I thought you said you
had it under control.
- Trying to get him on the phone now.
Hold on, let's go talk.
Hey handsome, ain't he handsome?
Um, I'm looking for Big L, the promoter?
- Yeah, I don't know where he at.
- Okay, well, can you find him
'cause he expecting us.
We special guests of his.
- No, I don't think so,
this is the VIP section.
Y'all need to step.
- That's fine, we VIP, so can you find him
'cause we should be on the list.
- You need to listen up,
this is VIP, all right?
You need to go party with the others.
- Mm-mm, this is pissing me off
'cause this is why-
- Just call him.
- Dominique, Dominique, come on.
- Get your ass out the way, told you.
- Hood rats.
- And whoever else you with,
let 'em in too.
- Hey boo.
- 'Sup, 'sup?
- Hi.
- Y'all ladies want something to drink?
Hell yeah.
- All right, here y'all go.
Just sip on this and
I'll be back in a second.
- Okay boo, thank you.
- Mm, okay girl, so
where the NBA players at?
I thought we were supposed
to be in they section.
- We are in they section.
You know how NBA players
just be extra late?
- Nah, nah, nah, I know how
promoters in Memphis be,
big liars.
I guess that's how Big L got his name.
- All right, I got somebody
for you guys to meet.
- Ladies, ladies, can
I offer y'all a drink?
- Uh, you see we already got
drinks in our hand, we good.
We got our own bottles,
our own VIP section.
Thank you.
- Damn girl, why you got to be so rude?
- What?
I'm sorry, I don't mean no harm.
We just on a mission and it
don't include no wannabe rappers
or no flaunting ass Memphis niggas
acting like they got some money.
- All right, I don't mean to be rude,
but we don't want your
drinks, hell no.
Bye, shit.
- Let me start this over
since I didn't get to
properly introduce myself.
Darrell Wallace Jr.
They call me DWJ or D Wallace.
Hi, I'm Destiny Bailey.
- Oh, I know who you are.
I've seen you doing
your thing in the paper.
- Oh.
- You go to U of M, right?
- What, you a big fan?
- Nah, I wouldn't say a fan,
but I keep up with college ball.
- Hmm, well, a lot of people don't.
I mean, the guys get a lot of attention.
I don't know so many people that do.
- Well, you definitely got my attention.
- Mm.
- It ain't often
you see someone like you,
beautiful and balling.
What, that was too corny for you?
- Nah, nah, nah.
You just look mad familiar.
Do I know you from somewhere?
- I play ball too.
I played with Miami for a few
years and now I'm overseas.
Plus I grew up in North Memphis.
- So what you doing here?
- I'm here with my homies.
They in town, we just kicking it.
Plus I'm from here.
- Okay, well, I didn't know that.
I mean, a lot of people don't
make it up outta the city
and following dreams.
- I mean, anybody can make it out.
You just gotta want to.
Hey, I got a crazy idea.
- What's that?
- I mean, it's loud as hell in here
and I'm in town for a few more
days, why don't we kick it?
We can go to a movie, get some dinner?
- She can go and everything,
as long as you got some friend for me.
Oh girl.
- Oh, so now me and my friends
are good enough for you?
- Hell yeah, if y'all ballers, yes.
Actually yes, matter of
fact, pass me that bottle
and where we going after this?
You look cute.
- Man, what's wrong
with your girl?
- I'll do it.
- Get it, girl.
Girl, you did it again.
You made another headline.
Look in today's paper, they
did a special highlight on you
and rumor has it, some WNBA
scouts have been visiting Coach.
No BS, I heard that they
got their eyes on you.
- What's up, Coach?
Heard you wanted to see me?
- Yeah, come in, take a seat.
First, I want to congratulate you
on your feature in the newspaper.
Hey, thank you.
I couldn't have done it without you.
You know, you always
pushing me to do my best.
- You're welcome.
And speaking of pushing
you to do your best,
have some more exciting news for you.
- Aight, what's that?
- Some WNBA reps are watching you closely,
so I'm gonna need you to play
like your life depends
on it this next game.
- Dang, yo, let's get it.
Thank you, yo, thank you,
thank you, thank you, Coach.
Thank you, thank you.
- Don't thank me yet.
I'm gonna need you to
play your best next game.
- Don't worry, I got you, Coach.
I promise, I promise.
- Why haven't I been seeing you
at practice like you usually are?
- Oh, well, I had this
friend that came into town
and I just been kicking it with him.
Well, playtime's over, I need you focused.
- Aight, I'm gonna go in the gym right now
and get this work in.
- You better, I've been making sure
you get all the exposure you need.
Don't let me down.
- I won't, I got you.
- All right.
- Aight.
Where the fuck you been?
- Out.
- Out where?
You not gonna keep coming in my house
anytime you feel like it.
- Um, I just been staying
with some friends,
like you even care.
- You make me sick with your lyin' ass.
You think 'cause you playing
ball at that little school
that you all that?
You ain't shit and you
ain't ever gonna be shit.
As soon as you stop dribbling that ball,
ain't nobody gonna give a damn about you.
And where you get all that stuff from?
You better not be stealing.
- Whatever, Tammy.
Why you always do this?
Was you high or something?
- I do it 'cause you ain't shit.
You think 'cause you half white,
everything's supposed to be handed to you.
Don't nobody want you.
Your white daddy didn't
want your black ass.
He left me to raise you,
that's how much he cared.
- Shut up.
- Shut up, you know what?
You need to stop wasting
your time at that school
and find a damn job so you can
get the fuck up out my house.
- You just old and bitter.
- Baby, I'm not bitter.
I know about that little basketball player
you been hanging out with.
Yeah, everybody talking about it.
He gonna leave your ass
just like your daddy.
I was just one
step closer to my dream career
and having my dream guy.
Man, until I slipped up not being careful.
- Girl, where you been at?
Heard you was all booed up,
barely making it into practice,
not going to practice.
- Yeah, I got a new boo.
But I'm sad though, he back overseas.
- Overseas?
Don't tell me you actually
snatched you a baller, what?
- Yeah, something like that.
But we just been kicking
it though, you know?
Enjoying each other's company.
- You must really like him.
Destiny, you really like him.
Oh my goodness.
- Yeah, nah, yeah I do.
Nah, but guess what though?
- What's up?
- You was right about Coach.
He definitely taking meetings about me.
- See, I told you.
Now you gotta go in there,
show them what you
working with.
- Yeah, I'm gonna bring my
A game next time, watch.
- Well, I got some news for you too.
Yeah, what's that?
- My transfer to Georgia
State got approved.
Your girl's going to ATL.
- Wait, you leaving me?
- You'll be aight.
Besides, you're getting
ready to go into the WNBA,
which is your dream, which
you're so dope at anyway.
For me, playing ball is just
getting me through college
and a degree, I got other plans.
- Yeah, but I'ma miss you though.
I mean, you coulda gave me
a heads up or something.
- Girl, I'ma miss you too.
You good?
- Yeah, I just got this little side pain.
- All right, well,
let's get some layups in
because you know you could use
some more practice or whatever.
- Man, shut up.
My shot fire.
- Destiny, Destiny, Destiny.
You okay, Destiny, Destiny?
Somebody help!
- Hurry up, call 911.
- Can you hear me?
Destiny, Destiny?
- What's up baby girl,
you miss me already?
- Hey boo, yeah, I miss you already.
We gotta talk.
- About what?
- I...
- You what?
You wearing that lingerie I bought you?
- I'm pregnant, D.
- Oh word?
That's what's up.
- Really?
That's a relief.
- Yeah, I mean, you didn't
have to tell me all that,
but I appreciate it.
I'll back off so you and your baby daddy
can handle your business.
- I didn't have to tell you what?
It's your baby, D.
- My baby, what the fuck you mean?
This ain't my baby.
Hey look, we was just having
fun and I can't have kids.
Sounds like you got a little
situation on your hands.
- We got a situation, Darrell.
I haven't been with nobody but you.
- Nah, nah, you got a situation.
You know the deal when you
messing with a ballplayer.
Look, handle the situation,
I'll send you some cash.
- I'm not killing my baby, D.
- Ain't nobody tell you to kill the baby,
just handle the situation.
- You didn't think two
seconds about this, huh?
- Fuck I need to think
two seconds about it for?
- Wow, you can't be serious.
I thought you was a
better person than that.
- I'm being a better person.
Think about this, you saying it's my baby.
Well, if it is my baby, you
think I'm gonna leave him
with you and your crack head ass mama?
No, I'm gonna take custody
before you can even blink an eye.
- I can't believe you.
- Well, believe it.
Look, I got a plane to catch
so my lawyers will send you some cash.
- You think it's that easy
to just throw me to the side, hun?
- It is that easy.
Just handle the fucking
situation before I do.
- Mhm, I knew you was
gonna fuck your life up.
A damn baby?
Let me guess, that nigga
don't want it, huh,
and now he don't want you?
Don't look like you going far now.
- I'm not in the mood for this.
- 18 years is a long, long time.
Yeah, you not staying here with no baby.
Find somewhere to go.
I didn't know what to do.
But who was I to take another life?
Especially the one inside of me.
- Hey girl.
- Hey you.
- I thought I'd just give you a call.
I haven't heard from you in a minute.
And plus, you only came
by to see Little D twice.
- My bad girl, I just been
busy taking care of things.
You know how that is.
- Mhm, I guess.
You must got a new boo.
- Yeah, I got something like that.
You know, he been taking
care of things right
so I just been chilling with him.
- Yeah, well I heard that,
but I'm happy for you.
I just wish Darrell would come
and take care of his business
and responsibilities.
- Didn't he tell you to get an abortion?
- Hold on, what's that
got to do with anything?
I wasn't about to kill my baby.
Besides, he here now.
I just thought he would
have a change of heart.
- Well, if a man tell you to do something,
you should do whatever you
gotta do to hang onto the bag.
But maybe he'll change his
mind and come around one day.
But girl, I gotta go,
my nigga's getting ready
to take me shopping,
- Whatever, just come by the crib soon.
- I will.
Take me shopping.
Wow, I knew Dominique
had jealousy in her, but shit.
I didn't think she would go
behind my back like this.
My life changed drastically.
I left Memphis and moved to ATL
where I learned a lot
about the good life and the street game.
I was a good nigga worst
fear and a bad boy dream.
Fuck it, I had to get this bag
and provide for me and my son.
- Destiny, where you been, girl?
You're on in 30 minutes.
- I know, I know, Joselyn.
At the last minute, I
had to find a babysitter
'cause my homegirl, she
had to go to the club.
- A babysitter?
Me no care about no bomboclaat babysitter.
- Look, I said I was sorry,
it won't happen again.
- Look, you said that the last time
and the time before that
and the time before that.
- Well, this is the last time.
- This is the last time
'cause the next time, you're fired.
- Damn, Joselyn, why you tripping?
Niggas come and see me,
I'm like the hottest thing you
got right now, so chill out.
- My shit was lit before you got here.
And the only reason why you're so popular
is 'cause you're fresh meat.
But meat does spoil after a while.
So enjoy the ride while
you can and do get old.
- Wait, hold up, your club?
I coulda sworn this was Teddy's Club.
- He in jail, I'm the head
bitch in charge, keen?
If you don't like it, there's the door.
- Damn, J, why you sweating me?
Huh, why you tripping?
I think you would
understand, you got kids.
And here, you was on the pole
just last week, so chill out.
- Yes, I do know how it is.
That's why I ain't fire you yet.
But my money comes before all that shit.
So you need to get it together.
- Whatever.
Yeah, Sky
was my ace in the club.
It wasn't too many
bitches I talked to here.
Too many jealous of me
and on that bullshit.
Trying to take my customers
and take money outta
me and my son's mouth.
Shit, but not Sky.
She was my number one.
We always get this money together.
- Don't even sweat her, sis.
She gonna be out this bitch
soon as Teddy get out.
You already know what time it is, hmm.
- Yeah, you right.
Who knows when that nigga getting out?
The way she running things around here,
he may never get out.
Trust that
nigga gonna be out soon.
This ain't his first time locked up
and leave whatever bitch he
fucking at the time in charge.
You know how he is, making
every bitch feel special
like they gonna come up
then dump 'em for the next.
Trust that bitch gonna be
outta here when he get out.
- Yeah, you right.
You know what, fuck her.
- Exactly, don't let
her mess up your move.
That party we did last night was lit.
- Yeah, you right, you know what?
We did make a lot of money at that bitch.
- Oh you know, I got another
party for us tonight.
Corporate clowns, easy money.
- For real?
- Yeah, bitch.
- Girl, I'm down.
I just gotta get a babysitter on deck.
- Damn, Sky, why you not gonna
put somebody on some money?
- First of all-
- Where the money at?
- Wasn't nobody talking to your nosy ass.
- Well, you talking loud enough.
The whole locker room can hear you.
- Oh bitch, lemme tell you something.
Once again, I was not talking to you.
And besides, you gonna
pay me for hooking you up.
I remember one party I invited
you to, you didn't gimme shit
but made all the money.
You didn't ask for shit.
- Bitch, it's the fucking code.
I do not work for free.
So when you pay me for the last situation,
then we'll talk about the next one.
Other than that, mind your
fucking business, bitch.
Fucking up my press-ons.
- Girl.
- All right, all right,
everybody calm down, calm down.
Now coming to the stage, one
of my personal favorites.
I'm sure it's going to be one of yours.
It's one of the most prettiest
girls here in the club,
so get your pockets ready.
Get your money out for the
one, the only, Treasure.
I'ma get the bag, give
you cash like the lottery
Like that shit?
Let's go, yeah!
Don't be greedy with that money.
Gimme my money
All the way from Memphis,
Tennessee, ladies and gentlemen.
Gonna greet you with that
southern hospitality, oh yes.
Then he ask me how I do that
Stay grounded like two flats
Collect all your due cash
Then grab the bag
- Hey Tiff.
- Hey Jack.
- Can you do me a favor real quick?
- Sure, what are you having?
- Lemme get a double Henn.
- On the rocks or straight up?
- Surprise me.
- You got it.
- Yo, who's this?
- Who?
- This girl on stage, I
ain't never seen her before.
- Oh new girl, that's Treasure.
She hasn't been here long.
Hell, she just started dancing.
- I don't understand
why she's here though.
- Well, she has to work.
- Yeah.
You know, it's something about her vibe.
She's different than
other girls, you know?
- She's cool.
- Now, do me a favor.
Go ahead and send a couple
bottles in my section
and get that set up for me.
- Cool.
And put this in your pocket.
- Thanks, Jackson.
- Appreciate you.
- Appreciate you too.
How you live, how you feel
I'm a king, get the money, I'm a G
Get the honey, I'm a B
Yes it's funny, come and see
I'm a dog, you a flea
Fill this safe, turn the key
There is nothing that is free
Even love costs a fee
Wait, tell me what you're gonna do
If they take will
take away your dollar
I'ma have the hoodie on
And then I gotta rob the robber
You don't really want it
If you're sleeping like
there's no tomorrow
Friends and family can be
like enemies over the dolla
- Girl, you killed it.
As usual!
- Thanks, boo.
- Mm-mm, damn!
Who droppin' $100 bills on you?
- Girl, some white boy came for my set
and dropped all these hundreds,
but he wasn't one of my regulars though.
- Damn, he must really want you.
- Girl, he was fine too.
- He just came over to the stage,
dropped it off, and walked away.
Mhm, bitch, I wonder who he is.
Everybody move out the
way, tryna get the dollar
Gotta pay my dues,
gotta get the dollar
I'm not trying to lose anything
Gotta get the dollar
- Oh, hey, Shirell.
Girl, thank you for watching
D on such short notice.
- Short notice?
Hell D, you didn't
even come home, you can't keep doing this.
I need you to be more
responsible and be stable.
What you mean by stable?
- Yeah, stable, did I fucking stutter?
- I am stable.
Shit, I'm here, ain't I?
Working my ass off.
Giving you money and paying
half the bills up in here,
so what you talking about?
- You barely see your son.
You're either out dancing, tricking,
partying your life away.
- I'm working, all right?
Doing what I got to do to give you money
and support my son.
I give him and provide
him food and clothes.
So when Sky wanna hit me up about a party
to make some extra money
because the slow fucking club
was so slow last night, I
had to do what I had to do.
- Yeah, you provide the
material things for your son.
But what about being a mother
and a responsible parent for your son?
How about that?
- Look, I don't need you judging me.
I just need you to watch
him from time to time.
Shit, it ain't like I don't give you money
or pay half the bills!
- You feel like you paying
the bills and stuff.
I don't need your money.
I don't want it, all right?
I care about Little D, I care about you.
You are in Atlanta, Georgia.
It's a much faster city than Memphis
and you can get into a whole
lot of trouble out here.
I don't want you to get
caught up into that.
- Shirell, everybody can't be innocent
and have a corporate job like you, aight?
Look, you smart, you always been smart.
- Destiny, you're smart
too, you're smart too.
I mean, we both went through
the same high school,
the same college.
- No, all I had was my hoop dreams
and having Little D kinda
ruined that shit for me, aight?
Look, I tried to get a job
when I first moved out here.
I did, it didn't work out for me.
I'm making way more money
doing what I'm doing now.
- You are so much better than this shit.
You are so much better, Destiny.
And those chicks you're
running the streets with,
you're better than them too.
Just go back to school and finish please.
- Look, I ain't gonna be
doing this shit for long,
aight, so chill.
Plus I ain't got time to be-
- Whatever.
Little D's in the room sleeping.
Yuh, everybody trying to
get a piece of the pie
But so am I
I'ma get the bag, give
you cash like the lottery
Niggas think they bad
They just mad they can't bother me
Money on my mind like
I just got a lobotomy
Where's the ATM, I'ma
be where the dollars be
Gimme my money
- Hey boo.
- What's up?
- Hey, hey girl, hey.
I got somebody who's interested in you.
- What, he want me to come dance for him?
- Something like that.
- Something like that?
Girl, you know I am not the one.
Wrong chick for that.
- Bitch, he is not that
type of customer, okay?
He'll be good for you, trust me.
If you can believe anybody in
this club, who is it gonna be?
- You're right.
- Exactly.
So get your ass up and go out
there and see what's going on.
- Aight, gimme a minute.
- Listen, he asked about you
and he don't never do that, okay?
So come on, let's just go so
you can just check things out
because like I said, he
is not the type of man
that you're going to give
the door, he's just not.
So let's go.
- Aight, girl, gimme a minute, shit.
Hurry your ass up.
It stank in here.
- You got that shit fucked up.
I heard
you was looking for me.
- Lemme call you back.
Yeah, I guess you heard right.
Caught my eye up there.
Just so you know, I'm not most people.
- Mhm, well, I don't know who you are.
- You're feisty, I like that.
Well, I don't wanna be rude.
I'm Jackson and you are?
- Treasure.
Jackson who, I mean, does
Jackson have a last name?
- My first name speaks for itself.
I want your real name,
not your dancer name.
- Nah, only people that know me personally
can call me by my real name.
- Hmm, well, maybe I'm trying
to be one of those people.
Make you forget you ever worked
here if you gimme a chance.
- It's Destiny, Jackson no last name.
Okay, so stop all the small talk
because that money that you
was throwing the other night
tells me you want more
than a conversation.
- I think I can help you
more than you can help me.
- Yeah, I heard that before.
- Look, Destiny, I think
you're the prettiest girl
in this club, but I honestly
don't know why you're here.
- Look, I got bills to pay and
I gotta take care of my son.
- All right, so what you looking for?
- I don't know.
- Well, you looking for a man?
- I'm definitely not looking for a man.
- No one said I was
looking for a girl either.
You and I both know that
most girls come in here
looking for money in a purse
and that's all they want outta life.
So what do you want?
- Money first.
But a little fame don't hurt.
Look, I had big dreams before this.
- All right, well, check me out.
I'm well connected and I can get you
in some videos to start, how about that?
- Videos, I'm not doing no porn.
I don't wanna be that damn famous.
- Yo, I ain't talking about no porn.
Talking about music videos, all right?
I got a lot of celebrity friends.
All right, this my guy right here, Calico.
He's from Memphis.
Get you in some music
videos, ain't that right?
- How you doing, gorgeous?
Calico Jones, Memphis.
Think we can
get her in some videos, bro?
- Definitely, she definitely
got what it takes.
You know, we can make
her a star overnight.
See, look at that.
You already got your
first big video shoot.
- Wait a minute, so you
a manager or something?
- I ain't a manager but I could
be yours if you want me to.
- You still haven't told
me what the hell you do.
- I'm just someone you need to know
and I'm someone can get
you outta this club.
So why don't you take my number down,
you gimme a call later.
We'll set up a meeting outside
away from here in my office
and I'll show you what I
can do, how about that?
- Hmm.
- Jackson, how my favorite person?
- What up, Josie?
- You being entertained
proper by the new girl?
- Yeah, actually I am.
Perfect fit for me, thank you.
When's Teddy getting out?
- Soon come, I'm tired of these hoes
and these hoes tired.
I'm ready to go back
to just being his girl.
- That's good, make sure you tell him
business as usual over here, all right?
- I need you on stage.
You haven't danced since you clocked in.
You know what, I'm gonna
charge you extra tonight.
- Damn, Joselyn, it's
slow as fuck up in here.
You gonna cause me to go in the negative.
- No, hey, hey, hey, look.
It's fine, all right?
I'll take care of it.
She's been a great host to me,
so I'll cover whatever she would've made,
you know, whatever she
would've missed out on.
- Of course.
- Good, you can go
back to work, we're still talking.
- Damn, you must be somebody
to show her ass up like that.
- Like I said, I'm
someone you need to know.
So I'm gonna go and I'll
call you when you're ready.
Y'all ready?
- Yeah we are.
Let's go.
- Ooh child, that Atlanta
traffic is no joke today.
Oh my God.
- Bitch, it took you
long enough.
Hell, we done started
drinking without you.
- Girl, even if I wasn't
five minutes late,
you would've still been here
getting drunk without me.
That's facts.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you
might be right.
- Okay, so where the fuck have you been
'cause you have not been at the club.
- Girl, I'm not going back to that club
until Teddy is back outta
jail and running that place.
- I feel that.
Well, you know, Joselyn's
about to fire you.
And they're
acting like she Dolla Bills
from "Players Club".
- Yo, she do be acting like his ass,
talking 'bout she want a percentage.
- Right.
- Girl please.
- She wish, first of all,
you already know Teddy gonna come out
and she gonna be out the door.
- Boop.
- Excuse me, can we get
some more drinks please?
Hello ladies.
- Hi.
- You ready to order
your drinks?
- Yes, can I get a mojito
with a shot on the side?
- Actually, can we get
a whole round of shots?
Yeah, yeah, we trying
to get lit.
- Okay, all right, I got you.
Some shots coming up.
Thank you.
- She's so nice.
- Well, you gonna need
a minute 'cause you need to catch up,
so you gonna be taking all the shots.
Okay, okay.
- So yeah, so give us the tea.
Where you been,
how you doing?
- Tea time.
- No, I got a new trick, girl.
He been taking care of me
so I really don't gotta be
in that raggedy ass club right now.
Well, I met him at happy hour by the bar.
You know, all the white
businessmen be by the bar
and getting drinks after work.
- Hell yeah, that's where I need to go.
- I been trying to get
y'all to come chill with me
and get this real bag.
- You have, but you know I don't be
liking white men like that.
- So how's Little D?
Oh girl, bad as hell.
You already know.
- He is.
- Girl, don't worry, mine too, girl.
Yeah, well, you know,
my mama just called me
for the first time.
- What?
- Yeah, I haven't talked
to her ass in years, yeah.
Claiming that she wanted
to check up on us.
- Didn't she throw all ass out?
- Yes.
- Girl.
- That's why I stopped
talking to her ass for years.
I asked her for my
dad's info and she said,
"How much money do you wanna send me?"
- Uh-uh.
- Mm-mm.
- Girl, yeah, it's that serious.
And I don't even know my dad.
Like, he's out here in Atlanta,
supposed to be some successful businessman
and I haven't even looked for him yet.
- She is on drugs, right?
- Yeah, but she claiming
that she's clean so.
- So what you gonna do about your dad?
- I don't know, I don't know.
- Well, you know, my new dude, he is a PI.
He might be able to help you.
- Ah.
- Are you serious?
- Yes, girl.
- No for real.
- Told you the white man.
- Well, I might need that, seriously.
I mean, no, for real.
I mean, I don't know, I'm
a little nervous but...
I don't know what I'm talking about.
He didn't want me then and I'm
sure he don't want me now so.
- Girl, it's not even about all of that.
First of all, that's some
bullshit your mama told you
and you know she be lying, okay?
And you're grown, it's
not even about that.
It's about wanting to find out who he is
and just, you know,
figure some things out.
- You right.
- You need to talk to him
for yourself and see if he even wanna
be a part of your life at all.
- Yeah, it would be good
for Little D too, you know?
- Facts.
- At least one grandparent
in his life, some father figure.
- Mhm.
- Look, cheer up, shit.
We didn't come here for all that, okay?
- Bingo, yes sir.
- We came here to get lit,
y'all need to cheer up.
- Yes, yes, yes.
- Aight, aight.
- Where's the waitress?
- Shots, shots.
- Can we get
some more shots over here-
- Here we go, here we go.
Come on.
- At this point.
Yes, toast up, yes.
- I mean, oh well how 'bout this?
What is one plus two?
- Don't start with me, Shirell.
Work ran a little later than I thought
and I didn't feel like driving home.
- Someone needs to start with you.
All right, sweetie, how
about you wanna go upstairs
for a second and play
that game for me, okay?
Me and Mommy are gonna talk, all right?
- Come on, buddy, come on.
- I'm tired of this.
I'm not his mother, you are.
- I know who his damn mother is.
It's me, not you.
- You're being such a great mother.
I bet you would win
mother of the year, not.
- You know, I'm tired of you judging me.
I don't care what you think.
You supposed to be my best friend.
Hell, you supposed to have my back.
- I have your back.
I let y'all move in here and stay with me.
I keep Little D, help
him with this homework
while you're out with God knows who.
Yeah, I have your back,
but I didn't sign up to
be a mother to your child.
- No one asked you to
take my place as a mother.
- But I am.
You don't do shit, you hardly here.
He don't see you,
you don't assist with
the homework, nothing.
- You know what?
I'm 'bout tired of you judging me,
always looking down on me.
You don't live my life,
you don't know what I've been through.
- It's the same story from you.
You're walking around here
blaming your childhood
for your actions and
your crack head mother.
I've been through some shit too, Destiny.
- You know, I'm sorry.
Everyone can't be perfect like you.
My life is complicated.
I have a son I have to care for
so I gotta do what I gotta do.
- A child you can't keep.
Ever since you moved here,
I've been watching him.
If you can just spend some time with him,
the same energy and the time
you give those hoes and tricks
at the end of the fucking streets,
I wouldn't have to say a word.
I'm so tired of being your crutch.
- My crutch?
How the hell are you my crutch?
- Yes, your crutch.
Ever since the ninth grade,
you always chasing these
basketball players.
You finally got one, look
where you at right now.
A fucking stripper and a single mother.
- Okay, wow.
You wanna act all innocent, huh?
Act like you never went through some shit.
Act like you wasn't that chick
in high school and college,
trying to find the next sugar daddy.
You didn't do that?
- Yeah, you right, I did.
- Mhm.
- And it got me through school.
I never said I wasn't out
there partying with you.
- Well, you know what, you
ain't gotta be my crutch no more
'cause we moving out.
- Where are you going?
- Don't worry about it.
We'll be outta here by
the end of the week.
You ain't our problem no more.
- D, where are you going?
- Little D.
- Where the hell
you taking him?
He has to finish his work.
- Don't worry about it, we'll
be back for our things later.
- You are so selfish to be
dragging him out of this house.
I hope God has mercy on you, Destiny.
- Forget your God, he
hasn't done shit for me.
I don't need him and I sure
the hell don't need you.
- Well, I hope you don't need him then.
- Little D, come on.
Come on, baby, come on.
You haven't even told me what you do
or what I'm about to get myself into.
- Okay, so I have business dealings
with clubs in the area, all right?
I lend them money and in exchange,
they let me sell my party
drugs and clean my money.
Now is there anything else
that you need to know?
- So what, you like a loan
shark and a drug dealer?
- Yeah, I'm whatever
makes me money, all right?
And that's the difference
between someone like me
and someone like you.
I know who I am and I know what I want
and I know how to get it.
- I know who I am.
- Hmm, so who are you?
Look, I got a ton of girls
that are in these clubs
pushing to make extra money.
We're dealing with big names
and we're dealing with
big, big party products
and I need you to understand that.
- Okay, so you know everyone.
So that's how you was able
to give me the connects and the contacts?
- Bingo, catching on.
And I'm just letting you know
there's a lot of people that owe me.
- So that's how you're
able to run up the tabs
up at the club?
- Yes, I provide a lot of things
for the club atmosphere, all right?
And I told you before,
Teddy owes me so much money,
I pretty much own the club, all right?
I do what I want when I want
and that includes cleaning my money.
Just do what I need you to do.
You can make some money along the way,
take care of your kid.
Everything will be kosher, okay?
- Aight, I'm down.
I just need to get a crib
ASAP and a sitter for my son.
- What's wrong with your crib?
- When I first moved down here,
my so-called best friend had my back,
but that shit ain't what it used to be
so I gotta bounce by the end
of this week and I got my son.
- All right, well say no more.
I'll have you a new crib by
tomorrow and you find a sitter.
I'll pay whatever it costs,
I'll cover everything.
How about that?
- Aight, I'm down.
So where we need to go?
- We need to go make your first pickup.
So what I need you to
do is sit back, relax,
take this ride with me and I
will show you the entire game.
I feel like I can trust you now
so I guess we could be
like Bonnie and Clyde
or something like that.
Yeah, the oil version.
- I guess something like that.
- What the hell?
What kind of business is this?
- This is my office.
Now can you please stop
with the questions?
- Whoa, whoa, state your business here.
- State my business?
This is my office, now
move your ass outta my way.
I'm afraid I can't do that.
- Hmm, really?
Well, let me help you with that.
You're on my fucking
property, you hear me?
So move your ass before I move you.
Sonny, what the hell are you doing here?
- What am I doing here?
I need an excuse to be at my own property?
- Nah, but I'm just saying like-
- Who the hell's this chick?
What's she doing here while I'm here?
- This is my girl, she's
helping me run the business.
- I don't care who she is.
You know how I feel about new faces.
Tell your little right
now chick to step outside
while the men talk.
- Yo, who is this Papa
Smurf white motherfucker
think he talking to?
- Hey, hey, Destiny.
Don't ever disrespect him, you hear me?
Go wait out by the car, please.
- Jackson, are you serious?
- Go wait out by the car, please.
- Fine.
- Please don't bring hood
rats around my business.
She's got no manners and we
don't have time for extra drama.
- She's not a hood rat,
she's actually really smart
and she's a good business woman.
Plus you saw her, she's fine as hell so.
- I don't care how fine she is,
she better not fuck up my money.
All I need you to do is run my business,
not act like a rapper.
- She's not gonna fuck
your money up, okay?
I got this, that's why
you put me in charge.
I can handle this, Dad, I promise you.
- You can be easily replaced,
especially if my money
keeps coming in slow.
I need you to have my drugs in the clubs.
Money's not coming in
fast and clean enough.
- Yeah, I understand that,
but the money's only in
a few clubs right now.
That's why I was telling you
I got some business meetings
set up with club owners, they owe me.
- Listen-
- I'm gonna take care of it.
- Listen, I know you got your
little side shit going on,
but your top priority is selling my drugs
and cleaning my money.
Nobody's stopping me from
winning this campaign.
- I know, and I got this, I told you that.
I even brought you this money today.
- Just one bag, huh?
You're losing your touch, boy.
I'm not who I am in this community
from making small business moves.
I'm the big fucking fish.
- Yeah, I understand that, Dad, all right?
That's why I promised you that
this money would be moving
much faster this week and it will.
- Yeah, we'll see, Alonzo.
Here is some more product.
I need it gone by next week
and clean cash for my campaign.
- Sonny, next week?
That's a shitload of product
to be moved by next week.
- If this is too much for you,
I can find another number one, I can-
- No, it's not.
It's fine, I got it.
- Alonzo, go get the car.
So we'll see each other next week
with all my cash in hand, yeah?
- Yeah, I'll take care of it.
- Jackson, what the hell was that?
- You got fucking no idea
who that was, do you?
He runs this shit.
- So wait, he's the
man in charge, not you?
- No, I run this shit as well,
but there's always a man
that's above the man.
That's the fucking man right there.
- So he's the white man in charge.
And this whole time I thought it was you.
Looks like I'm with the wrong man.
- Destiny, don't start this
shit right now with me, please.
Look, I'm gonna need
you to run these drugs
to the club by yourself.
Sonny just put a shitload
of work in front of me
and I really wanted us
to do this together,
but I think we need to
cover as much ground
as we can separately.
- So you trust me to run
the business now, all alone?
- Yeah, I do.
You're my number one girl now
and I've already showed
you the entire game.
You're beautiful and I think
you're gonna fit right in
with these club owners.
- I can do that.
So lemme get this straight.
Rich politician is trusting
you with everything?
- I mean, that's mostly right, yeah.
- What's mostly right?
- I'm his son.
- His son?
So that means, what,
everything he got going on,
that would become yours, right?
- No, I'm his stepson.
The bastard didn't even
leave me in his will.
I don't know, my mom's his
third wife, I came with it.
I mean, it just doesn't
matter, I don't know.
I gotta start speeding this shit up
and I really need you here to help me.
- Okay, I got it.
We got it.
- All right.
- Are you up?
- I'm just getting up.
Well, get up,
I've been calling you all morning.
- Aight, I'm up, what's up?
It's your mom.
- What about my mom, what's wrong?
D, she had a heart
attack, she didn't make it.
No, no.
I'm sorry, D.
- Listen, what the fuck are you doing?
- My mom just died, I need this.
- Yo, put that shit away, man.
I can't have you fucking high
today, what are you doing?
- Just a little.
- No man, put that shit away.
What the fuck?
You heard my dad, man, we got
fucking weight to move today.
- Thanks for caring.
- Wasn't your mom like a crack
head or something anyway?
- You know, fuck you, Jackson.
Says the boy with all the daddy issues.
- Right, too bad the old
man ain't my real pops.
It's a package deal.
Get your ass up, get dressed.
Meet me at the office
and don't bring that shit back in here.
- Thank you for helping me
with my mama's arrangements.
I don't know what I would do without you.
- Girl, we've been friends
since we were kids.
I would never, never
completely turn my back on you
in a difficult time like this.
- I know, but I wasn't
expecting it though.
I mean, after that fight
that we had, Shirell,
I didn't think we was
gonna be friends again.
- Regardless, Destiny, we got history
and Little D is my godson
and there isn't anything
I wouldn't do for him.
Come here, girl, here.
I got you.
- I'm so thankful for you, Shirell.
I don't know, I'm just not ready
for all this, I'm just not.
I mean, go back to Memphis
and deal with all them fake folks?
- Girl, don't worry about them.
Just focus on burying your mom.
- I know, but they already judging me.
I can just hear them, "There she goes."
- Girl, listen, forget them.
Girl, forget them, don't worry about them.
And I'm gonna be right there by your side,
you know they're not
coming for me, all right?
Look, you're not supposed to be
that girl you were years
ago, that's the past.
- I know, but this wasn't
supposed to be the change for me.
- Well, I still believe in you.
- Thanks.
- No problem, girl, I got you.
- Oh girl, so you know
I've been going through
my mama's things and getting
ready to sell this house.
You know I came across this
box of my baby pictures
and all my daddy info.
- Wow, really?
- Mhm, when I be questioning my mama,
she gives me basically little
to nothing, no details.
But I knew, I knew he
was in there somewhere.
- Are you gonna go look
for him for real now?
- No, I mean, I'm thinking about it.
Man, I just want Little D
to have some kind of father figure.
- I think you should go for it.
I really think you should.
- I mean, he's supposed to be
some big time businessman
out here, but I don't know.
Chances are he don't even want me.
- You should try to Google him.
- Yeah, well, I don't know.
I don't even got his
full name, only his first
and on some checks that
he sent to my mama for me
in the past.
- Start there.
- Yeah, you're right.
Shit, I'm even thinking about hiring a PI
and giving him all his info.
I think that's a good idea.
I mean, if he's that successful,
it shouldn't be that hard to find him.
- Yeah, but some people
don't wanna be found, girl.
- Yo, you mind if I get in the ring?
It's a public
gym, I can't say no.
- I'm just asking 'cause, you know,
I don't wanna invade your
personal space or whatever.
You good.
- Check you out.
You look like you need to
let off some steam, girl.
You wanna hit the gloves?
I got my mitts, what's up?
- Aight, if you want this ass whoopin'.
You gonna whoop my ass?
I'm being all nice and polite
and you gonna whoop my ass?
Show me, oh.
Get in there oh shit.
You know, this is kinda weird,
but, you know I really used
to have a crush on you?
- Yeah, that ain't nothing new.
I mean, coming to the
club, follow my Instagram.
Yeah, sounds about right.
- Nah, I ain't never seen you in the club.
And I damn sure don't
follow your Instagram.
I'm from Memphis.
- Word?
- Yeah.
- Me too.
- I know,
that's why I said it.
Used to play for UM,
University of Memphis, right?
- You used to watch me ball?
- Yeah, I remember you.
You used to be a baller.
I mean, it didn't help that
you were the prettiest thing
on the court, but you used to be out there
acting all manish and shit
but it was kind of cute.
You had game.
- Yo, I hold the court down.
I was too fast for anybody.
- Yeah, you was a baller.
- Yeah.
- But I was wondering
what happened to you.
- Life happened so I stopped playing ball.
- Oh damn, I mean, sorry to hear that.
Look, I'm being rude, my name is Ryan.
- Nice to meet you, Ryan.
Yeah, look, I know
you probably get approached
by dudes all the time or
whatever and you probably busy,
but I was wondering if I
could have some of your time.
- What makes you think I got time?
- I don't know, that's why I asked for it.
Shot my shot, right?
Just like you did against Alabama State
when you hit that three pointer.
- What?
- The buzzer,
there was like three seconds
left on the clock, right?
- How do you remember that?
That was so long ago.
- That was one of your
biggest moments though, right?
Look at me, I'm being weird,
openly fantasizing about
my old college crush.
- Okay, that was cute.
All right
then, so you think I'm cute?
- Barely.
- Yeah.
- You know, it was nice meeting you, Ryan.
- So hold on, you not
gonna gimme your number?
- No.
But I'll take your number.
- All right.
Cool, you just hit me up
whenever you're ready.
- I might.
- I hope so.
- Ooh, I'm tired.
- You look good.
- Whatever, who was that you
was over there talking to?
He fine as hell, damn.
- Someone that can't afford me.
See, you live a savage
life, I can't.
- Bitch, you already know.
- Hi baby, so what you need me to do?
Yeah, okay, all right.
Oh yeah, handle that, please.
Yeah 'cause she's out here
just embarrassing herself.
Mhm, broke hoe.
- Shit, my arms is too tired,
I can't work out with your ass.
- Mm, I loved it.
- What the fuck is this
bitch looking at us
like we got on training bras?
- Yeah, so I know who you are
and I just want you to know
I'm running shit for Jackson now so.
- Yo, who this bitch?
- Nobody.
- Who the fuck you calling a bitch, bitch?
You crazy?
- Ah, we not-
- You fucking crazy, bitch?
- You too, hoe.
- Bitch, shut the fuck up,
get the fuck outta here.
- You look at us.
- Fucking broke hoe.
- Fuck her.
- Nah, he got me messed up now.
- You need to calm down, damn.
- God, nah, he got me playing
like I'm a fucking sucka?
You know I'm from Memphis,
where we come from pimping?
- But all this yelling he got you doing,
your ass out here looking
like a fool in these streets.
Need to calm down and boss the hell up.
- I am a boss and I'm about to show him
how much a boss I really am.
- What the hell that supposed to mean?
- It means I'm never gonna let
a nigga play me ever again.
- Whatever, D.
- Here, I need you to drive.
I need to handle some business.
- See, uh-uh, what kind of business?
- Business that's gonna put
you in a better position,
make you lots of money, and
so you don't gotta worry about
none of these tricks out here.
I want you to come work for me.
Work for you?
I knew your ass was up to something.
Come on, what we gotta do?
- Aight.
- What kinda bills we talking about?
- I'm about to take over
Jackson's entire operation.
I'm not about to let no nigga play me
like I'm some hoe in the street.
I got kids and him and I come first.
- His operation?
What you mean, being a loan shark?
- Nah, he doing a lot more than that.
He got all this running in the club.
- Oh shit, D, what the fuck is this?
- This right here, this our future.
I got all his contacts, all his info.
And little do he know, I got all his dirt
and his stepdaddy too.
- Sis, after seeing this, I'm down.
What you need me to do?
- I just need you to drive
so I can take some calls
and get Little D hooked
up and squared away
and somewhere safe.
- Safe, what you mean,
it's gonna be dangerous?
- We just need to be careful.
Well, we're ready.
Let's go.
- Hey, little man.
Aww, gimme a hug, baby.
All right, go upstairs
for me for a second, okay?
I'm gonna talk to Moms.
- Come on, come here,
come here, come here.
Gimme a hug, I'll be back soon, okay?
I love you.
- Dang, all of this?
I mean, you said you
was coming back soon so-
- I am.
One's for Little D's clothes
and the other one's for you.
Make sure y'all good.
- Some beef.
Wow, wait, what is, what is this?
Is everything, is everything's okay, like-
- Look, everything's fine.
I just gotta handle a few things.
- Okay, all right, sis.
I love you, just be safe.
- I love you too.
And thank you for having my back.
- No problem.
Yeah, I picked up the shipment
Jackson asked me to, but
that was the last shipment
he would ever see.
- What want, Destiny, why you here?
No payday for your man or whatever he is.
- I got a proposition for you.
- What can you offer?
I can offer you free of debt.
I'll give you the money
to pay off Jackson.
- Lemme get this straight.
Gimme money to pay off your man?
- That's exactly what I want you to do.
- Why, what's in it for me?
- What's in it for you?
You get to pay off Jackson
and don't let him run his money
through here and his drugs.
- So then I owe you?
That's even worse.
- Nah, you don't owe me nothing.
- Sounds tempting, what else do I get?
- 10%.
- That's it?
- Yeah, that's it.
You know what, it looks like
I'm doing a lot for you.
And this money right here?
You get a chance to get rid of Teddy,
he don't know nothing about it.
- We got a deal.
Don't screw me, Destiny.
Destiny only care about Destiny.
- Nah, you don't screw me
and we'll make lots of money together.
I just need you to take that money,
clean it up, and give it back to me.
- We got a deal.
Can't believe I'm doing business with you.
- Well, believe it.
After all, it is you that
believes that you made me.
Oh yeah, Sky ain't
working for you no more.
She work for me now.
So she'll be doing the exchanges with you,
so you'll be dealing with
her for all the exchanges.
Destiny, where are you?
Look, I'm sorry about the other day.
Please, please call me back.
I just need to know that
all the business is handled.
Shit, it was easy
taking over Jackson's operation.
He basically handed it to me.
I just made better deals than he did.
And besides, the guys love
seeing my face more than his.
- Tell me you guys found Destiny.
- Nah, boss, we ain't found her yet.
- You guys, the city ain't
that fucking big, all right?
You check every club I do business with?
That's where she's usually at.
- Yeah, we did check and they
basically gave me a check
for the rest of the payments that they owe
and said they're done
doing business with you.
- What the fuck you talking
about, that's not possible.
They decided
to pay all their debts
and clear all the drugs in their clubs.
- All of 'em?
- Yeah, all of 'em.
- Okay.
Okay, she ain't fucking answering, dude.
Okay, okay.
I need one of you guys to drop
in on a supplier, all right?
'Cause we're all in the shit right now.
- I'll take it, boss.
- That's cool, all right.
I'm gonna need you to hang tight here
and keep looking for her.
- I got you.
- Yeah Dad?
Come see me now, Jackson.
- Yeah I'd love to,
but I'm actually headed
somewhere right now.
I don't care
where you were going.
Come to my office right
now and not a minute later.
- Dad, I have some business...
Change of plans, I'm gonna go see Sonny.
You guys check the
warehouse and the supplier,
lemme know what you find.
- All right.
- You got it, boss man.
- Hey, call me when you get
there, you understand me?
- Well, well, well, if it isn't
the famous Action Jackson.
- Where the hell is my dad at, Alonzo?
- Relax, he's in a meeting.
He wants you to wait right here
till he's done and not go anywhere.
- Yeah right, Sam, talk to me.
What do you mean the building's empty?
Well, call the supplier then.
I don't give a shit if the
phones are disconnected,
figure it out.
All right, call me back.
- Hmm.
- Where the hell is he,
come on.
- You fucked up again, huh?
- Shut the hell up, man.
Stop playing games with me.
- You know, I just don't see
how you let a broad you barely even know
steal your business.
I mean, how fucking stupid can you be?
- I don't know what the hell
you're talking about, dude.
- You don't know that we already know
you can't find your girlfriend?
Or why the businesses decided
not to clean our money anymore?
I mean, why do you think
he wants to talk to you?
He doesn't want to give you a fucking hug.
- This shit ain't none of
your business, all right?
I'm fixing it, I'm fixing all this.
- Sonny should have never sent a boy
to do a grown man's job.
- A little boy?
I ain't no fucking little boy, all right?
That's why you're jealous of me?
- I have nothing to be
jealous of you about.
You're still wet behind the ears.
- Hmm, that's why you want my dad
to put you in my position
so bad, don't you?
You just wish you were
one of Sonny's kids, huh?
Always following him around
like a little puppet.
- Yeah, well, I'm sure you wish
you were one of his sons too.
I mean, let's not forget
he's not your real father.
The only reason why he
still deals with you
is because of your mother.
I mean, I would have never
took a random chick from the strip club
and gave her the keys to my operation.
News flash, Junior.
You were never gonna be in charge
when Sonny got into
office, I'm up next, okay?
And with all the money you lost us,
you better hope he doesn't
cut you completely off.
- Yeah, you don't know
what the hell you're
talking about, all right?
Sonny would never cut me loose
and he damn sure ain't
putting you in charge,
I'm gonna tell you that right now.
- Well, you can ask the old man.
He'll tell you the truth,
especially since you fucked up big time.
I mean, let's be real, you're
gonna be working for me soon.
I mean, that is if I decide
to keep you on, of course.
You didn't earn your
seat, it was given to you.
- You know what the funny thing is,
we grew up together, right?
I'm pretty sure you watched
me come up, didn't you?
- I didn't watch you come up.
You were lifted and I was stuck
having to cleanup after you like I am now.
- Dad, let me explain.
- It's a beautiful campaign
day, don't you think?
Everything I've worked so hard for
is finally coming to light.
- Yes sir.
- And nothing's
gonna stand in my way.
- Sweet smell of success,
it's the best inhale.
right about that, my boy.
Alonzo, could you wait
outside for a moment?
Have to have a word with my wife's son.
- Well, if you need me, I'll be outside.
- Thank you.
- Dad, look, I can
explain everything, okay?
Just gimme a minute.
- Explain what?
Explain how in the middle of my campaign,
I have to deal with my product and money
being stolen by a stripper?
- It's not being stolen by a stripper
and I've got everything handled.
- How do you have it handled
when you don't even know where she is?
Where is your mother?
- What, I don't know, at home, I guess.
- Correct, she is at home
and out of my business
and she only shows her
face when I need her to.
- Dad, this is completely
different and you know it.
Me and you are totally different.
Destiny's my business partner.
Your business partner
who took over your business.
You haven't learned a thing from me.
That's why I'm sending you home.
- What, what do you mean send me home?
I got a business to run.
- Correction, you had a business to run.
You don't run anything anymore.
You tell your boys they
work for Alonzo now.
You're out, go home and make
music videos or whatever.
- Are you fucking serious right now?
You're gonna put Alonzo
in charge of everything?
Dad, how could you do this to me?
- I wanted to send you
off to boarding school,
but no, you mother nagged
me into bonding with you.
When I married her, you
came with the package.
Alonzo, he studied me, he
watched me very closely.
He would never mess up this bad.
And he'll listen when I tell
him not to show his face,
hire boys to go in for you.
But no, not you, you
wanted everybody to know
that you was the head white boy in charge
and that you got the juice.
You lost focus on what we were doing.
So no, I will not keep you in charge.
You're lucky I don't kill you too.
- Now you wanna threaten me, kill me too?
Sonny, I literally just
told you I will find her
and I'll recover everything and handle it.
I'm not
looking for her anymore.
I sent her a message that
guarantees she finds me.
I'm one week away from this election.
I'm not about to let you ruin it for me
and everything I've built.
- Everything you've built?
Everything you've built, really?
I'm the one that helped
you build this shit.
Did you forget that?
I'm also the one that helped
cover all your tracks.
All the dirt, the money,
the women, the clubs.
Yeah, that was me.
And I'm also the one that
protected you from mom
before she tried to take
everything, so what about that?
- Listen, son, we're still family.
You just need to chill out a bit, yeah?
Take some time off,
get your head straight,
then come back and work for Alonzo.
It doesn't have to be this hard.
- Mm, I already told you I'm
not fucking working for Alonzo.
How many times do I gotta say that?
- Okay, then you're not working at all.
Show yourself out, we've got
a press conference shortly.
Try not to make eye contact
with the media on the way out.
- They're ready for you, sir.
- And son, you're welcome.
- For what?
- For sparing your life.
Get the fuck out of my face.
- Coward.
- I'm ready for them.
Put your TV smile on, my boy.
- Yes sir, you know I
got you, right hand man.
After you.
All this trap money
All this trap money
All this trap money
- Whatever, I was glad
that you hit me back
so soon, you know?
- Yeah, well, I freed up.
And since you wanna offer to cook for me,
that was a definitely good.
- Well, I wanted to show
you my man skills, you know?
So you know what I was working with.
- Yeah, I never had a man
cater to me like this before.
- Well, you ain't never
had a real man before
'cause now your wish is my every command.
- Mm, that looks good.
- It is good too.
Taste it.
- Mm.
- Uh-huh.
- You like that, don't you?
- It is good.
Where'd you park your car
because I didn't see
it when you pulled up?
- Oh, I didn't drive.
Took a Uber here, my car's
in the shop right now.
- Oh okay, so what you do for a living?
- What you mean what I do
for a living, you can't tell?
I'm a damn chef, girl.
- Oh okay, so that's what happened.
See, that's why you wanted to cook for me.
This whole time, I thought
you was just being cheap.
- Hell nah, I ain't cheap.
I just wanted to give you
a little taste, you know,
make you fall in love with a nigga.
Hmm, okay.
- Well, what about you though?
I thought you was Miss WNBA and all that.
- Nah, that was a long
time ago, college dreams.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I got
big girl bills now.
- It ain't never too late
to chase your dreams, girl.
You gotta do what you're passionate about.
- Nah.
- Yeah.
- Me and ball is over,
it's too late for all that.
I haven't touched a basketball in decades.
- Hmm.
- But, I have been
thinking about going back
to school though and getting my degree.
- Yeah, that's what's up.
You should do that.
- Nah, I ain't got time.
I just wanna get to this
money and take care of my son.
- Mm, well, dreams take time, baby.
You gotta put time and
effort into what you want.
- Yeah, that shit sound good and all.
But once you make this fast money,
you can't go back to no slow money.
I mean, really.
What can a degree get me
that I ain't already got?
Everything about money.
- Nah, money ain't everything.
Sanity, peace of mind,
that can go a long way.
Remember that, that's important too.
You need to get that?
- Nah.
- Eat your food then
- All right.
I don't want
it to get cold, you know?
- Okay, okay.
- You know, you done have me
slaving up in here for you.
- You right, you right.
It's good, it's good.
So where'd you learn how to cook?
- You know, I done worked at
a few restaurants in my life.
You know, you pick up skills.
But cooking just happens to be
a passion of mine, you know?
- Cheers.
- Thank you, boo.
Hopefully one day, yeah, I can open up
a restaurant on my own, you know?
Why don't you move over some?
What, you think
we about to fuck or something?
- What, nah, what you talking about?
I mean, we vibing.
I'm just trying to hold you, love, cuddle.
Aight, I
guess we can do that.
- Yeah, you ain't ever had no
man want to cuddle with you?
- Mm, no, I'm not used to a man like you.
- What kinda man you used to then?
- Mm-mm, athletes, drug
dealers, sugar daddies.
You know, the usual.
- Sugar daddies?
Well, look, I
ain't none of that, aight?
I'm just a regular ass dude,
trying to live my best life, you know?
- Well, I think I can get used to regular.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I think it'd be good
for me and my son.
- You want me to be step-daddy?
- I can play step-daddy.
- Okay.
- You know, maybe make him
brothers, some sisters.
Yo, D, where you at?
Girl, we all here waiting on you.
- Damn, what time is it?
8:00 a.m.
- I overslept, my bad.
Yo, gimme an hour.
I'll meet you soon.
- Girl, hurry your ass up.
Come on.
- Hey you.
- Hey you, hey boo.
You sleep all right?
- Yeah, I slept well.
- Good, I mean, you fell asleep.
I was gonna carry you to your room,
but you were so comfortable
I didn't wanna wake you.
- Thanks, that's sweet.
- Yeah.
- But look, I gotta get to work.
I enjoyed our evening though.
- I did too, I already called
my Uber so it's all good.
- You sure, I could drop you off.
- No, no, no, no, no, it's already outside
so don't worry about it.
- All right, well, I'm gonna get ready.
- Sounds good, just holla
at me when you get off work.
Okay girl,
so what we working on today.
- Girl, now you already know.
Ass and abs.
Let's get this work.
Yo, you know Shirell
hasn't answered my phone
and that's not like her.
- I mean, you know,
she's always super busy.
Plus she got Little D now and
she's probably just swamped.
- Yeah, yeah, you right.
- Speaking of Little D.
I've been meaning to give you this.
- Girl, what is this?
- The answers you've been
looking for about your dad.
It's everything
you need to know.
- No, I can't believe this.
Do you know, this will be the answers
to everything that I've
been missing in my life?
So you gonna open it?
Nah, nah,
look, I ain't ready.
- I feel you, girl.
- Okay, let's just get
back to this workout
and focus on this money, aight?
- All right, girl, you're
speaking my language.
- I'll worry about that later.
- Ladies, what's popping, what's popping?
- What's up, Terry?
- What's up Terry, with your fine ass?
- Oh God.
- You know, you are,
you're something else.
- Well, I could be your
wifey if you let me.
- Well first-
- Okay.
- You gotta lemme take you out.
- How about you gimme your
phone, I give you my number
so we can set that up?
Okay, oh my God, can we please
get back to this workout?
- Ah, okay, okay, girl.
- Sorry, Destiny.
But anyway, so go ahead and grab your 20s
and let's get to work.
- Aight, okay.
- What you got for me?
Man, your Pops ain't playing.
- What are you talking about?
He made a move.
- Sam, what the fuck
you mean he made a move?
What does that mean?
- Girl, where's my phone?
- In my gym bag, in my gym bag.
- Yo, Shirell still ain't
answering the phone.
We need to go.
- Oh yeah, we gotta go.
- Oh my God, Shirell!
Shirell, where are you?
Little D, Mama, Mama here, Little D.
Where are you, baby?
No, no, Shirell.
Oh shit!
Fuck, the bag of money I
gave to Shirell is gone.
- We need to call the police.
- And tell them what?
That the drug dealer money I took
killed my friend and took my son?
- Yes, what the hell else you gonna do?
- Nah, we ain't gonna do that.
If we do that, we all fucked.
I gotta figure this shit out.
- Fuck we gonna do, D?
- What do you mean figure
it out, they have your son.
- My ex did this to get my attention.
- Look, we just gonna call
the police anonymously
and let 'em know that we heard
some fighting at this apartment.
- Fuck that, I think we
need to stop everything.
- No, this is when we need
to speed this shit up.
Look, I want one girl at
every club we work at.
- I'm on it, I'll call
the rest of the girls.
- I'm gonna drop y'all off
so y'all can get to work.
I gotta get my son.
- You want me to go with you?
- Nah, no, no, I gotta
handle this on my own.
But look, Sky, you need to
cover for me while I do this.
Everyone will follow your
lead until I get back.
- You know I got you.
- Yeah, me too.
- Look, whatever happens, we
ain't leaving this game broke.
Nigga, where the fuck is my son?
- Calm down shorty, we
ain't take your son.
- Or kill Shirell.
- I ain't got time for this shit.
Where the fuck is Jackson?
- You gonna take your gun outta
my man face so we can talk?
Now, you know Jackson ain't no killer.
But his dad Sonny, shit.
He liable to kill anyone.
- So Sonny got my son.
Don't y'all work for him?
- We did, but thanks to you, we out.
- What does he want?
- I mean, of course he wants
the money back you stole.
But you can keep it if you
help us take down Sonny.
- What y'all talking about?
- While we were tagging Shirell's house,
we saw Sonny's people
go in and get your son.
We ain't know he was gonna kill Shirell,
but we do know where he took Little D.
- So what y'all want in exchange
to tell me where my son is?
- We're gonna help you
get your little boy back.
But you're gonna help us take down Sonny.
- We'll even let you keep the
last of the product you have,
but it was his money anyways.
- So what, y'all want
the connects in the club?
- Hell yeah, we've been
working on taking Sonny down
and exposing him right
before the election.
And you, you a major part of that.
- How am I a major part of that?
- You didn't find the
information you was looking for?
- What info?
- The one you hired a PI for.
- How'd you know I hired a PI?
- Jackson tells us
everything regarding Sonny.
- Regarding Sonny?
- Every time Sonny was
searched, he was tipped off.
Now Sonny's got a lot of enemies,
and to our surprise, he was so
occupied with this election,
he didn't see it.
But we did.
- I wasn't searching for Sonny.
I was searching for my father.
I guess your mom's
one of the many black chicks he was with.
- Yo, watch your mouth.
I just buried my mom.
- I wasn't trying to talk about your mom,
but it's the truth.
- You guys gonna tell me where my son is?
- Nah, not now.
Everything will happen
before Sonny's conference.
We know where he's keeping him.
- We need to handle
Alonzo the first thing,
get him outta the way.
- Then what?
He wants his money tomorrow.
We ain't got time for this.
- No worries, we'll stall
Sonny a little longer.
You just be by the phone when we call.
- So what, I'm supposed
to just wait by the phone
and wait for your call?
- Hell yeah, hell yeah.
- Well, well, well, Miss Pretty Lady,
I'm glad you could join us.
- Where's my son?
- Patience.
Pat you down.
You know, you stripper chicks sure do
tend to keep a nice body on you.
- You done?
- That way.
- Well, isn't this something?
So you're the one giving
my stupid ass stepson
all these problems, hmm?
Lemme take a look at you.
You are a pretty one.
I can see how he lost his shit over you.
- I just want my son.
- And I just wanted my money you stole.
Go get the boy.
- Yes sir.
- He's fine, he's actually
a very well behaved kid.
I've grown quite fond of him actually.
I'd hate to do anything ugly,
like what we did to your friend.
Alonzo said she cried out for you
before he put the bullet in her head.
- You don't even know who I am, huh?
- Does it matter?
- You know, I thought
I'd have a proud moment
to look into your eyes.
- What are you, one of my fans?
- We even sound alike.
I've been waiting for this
moment my entire life.
- Were you taking my drugs too?
What the hell is this?
- You know, I always wanted a father
and I always wanted my
son to have a grandfather.
And who would've thought
the man to kidnap my son
would've been the person
that come into our lives?
- How is this possible?
- I guess me and my mom
is just one of your dirty little secrets.
- This is impossible.
- Aw shit, what's wrong, Dad?
One of your many past mistakes
coming to bite you in the ass again, huh?
So the way I see it, we can
do this one of two ways.
Ain't that right?
One, you hand everything over,
and I do mean everything,
and I'll let you live out
the rest of your pathetic
political aspirations in peace.
Or two, I can go ahead
and put a bullet in his-
- Jackson, this was not part of the plan.
I just want my son.
- I don't give a shit, all right?
You think I give a rat's
ass about you and that kid
after what you did to me?
You're just as bad as
this asshole right here.
- Please forgive me, I'm just so proud.
The little boy is a
man now, I'm impressed.
- As you should be, you taught me well.
What's it gonna be?
- You know, you're just
another disappointment.
- I'm sure your mother was too.
- FBI, get down, get down, get down!
- Don't move.
- I have no idea
what's going on here.
These people just came
in here, barging things,
ordering me to do things.
- We found him, we got the kid.
You better have a
warrant, do you know who I am?
- Yeah, we definitely know who you are.
- Yeah.
- What the hell?
- No, you're all right.
Because you got the
right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used
against you in a court of law.
You have a right to an attorney
and if you can't afford one,
one will be appointed to your ass.
Get this piece of shit out of my face.
- Yo, Terry, you know those
guys that just walked out?
- Yeah, I think he works for the FBI,
but he always in here though.
- FBI?
Yeah, FBI.
- Oh nah, who was that, D?
Was anything real?
- Everything was real.
My feelings for you are
still real, I'm real.
Just the way that we met,
that's the part that's not real.
- So what you need me to do, detective?
They got my son.
Then we need to move on this right now.
Three years ago, I was lost,
chasing after nothing but the money.
I lost friends, myself, and almost my son.
After working with the
police, taking down Sonny,
I took a plea deal, no jail time.
I finished school and
I wrote my first book.
I really figured out who I
was and where I was going.
And as you can see, I'm
starting a new chapter.
Life isn't about money, fame,
or the clout that comes with it.
Life is about finding who you are,
loving the people around you,
man, and most importantly,
loving yourself.
And I love her.