Finding Dory (2016) Movie Script

I'm Dory.
I suffer from
short-term memory loss.
-That's exactly what you say.
Okay, okay.
We'll pretend to be
the other kids now.
Hi, Dory.
-Ahoy, there.
Do you want to
play hide and seek?
I love to.
We'll hide and you count
and come find us.
Okay, Daddy.
No, no.
Not daddy.
I'm the nice fish
who wants to be your friend.
-Okay, Daddy.
-I'm hiding.
Now count to 10.
1, 2, 3.
4... um...
I like sand.
Sand is squishy.
Mommy, can I go
play with them?
Dory, cupcake.
Dory, honey.
-Hold your toes, sweetie.
Remember, honey.
We have to stay away
from the undertow.
Okay, sweetheart.
What about the rhyme we learned.
We see the undertow
and we say.
Let's go.
It's, "Heck no!"
Let's try it again.
We see the undertow
and we say.
There's the undertow.
There's the undertow.
There's the undertow.
There you find the undertow
and we see the undertow.
Did I forget again?
-No, no.
No, sweetie. It's okay.
-No biggie, cupcake.
What if I forget you?
Would you ever forget me?
Oh cupcake, no.
-We will never forget you, Dory.
And we know
you'll never forget us.
Did you hear that?
-What's that? Hear what?
Stan, I just...
I heard someone say hello.
I didn't hear anybody said hello.
I don't know, Stan.
I just heard someone say hello.
Yeah, there's a lot
of fish here.
Anybody, literally anybody
could have just said hello.
There. There, right there.
-Wh-What am I look?
-Oh my goodness, it's a child.
-Hi, kid.
-Over here. Hello?
Hi, I'm Dory.
Can you please help me?
Oh hi, Dory.
Dory, are you lost?
Where are your parents?
I can't remember.
-We'll look around. Uh.
Are any of this fish
your parents?
Hi, I'm Dory.
Can you please help me?
Honey, you just...
you just said that.
I did?
I'm sorry.
I suffer from
short-term memory loss.
Oh, how awful.
-Short-term memory loss.
Okay, just...
You wait here for one second,
okay, sweetpie.
Stan. Stan. Stan.
-What? What?
What do I do?
The poor thing is lost.
I don't know.
I mean...
We have to do something.
-What do you want me to do? I mean...
She can't remember a thing!
-She could come from anywhere.
You are-You are no help today.
-I'm just...
Dory. sweeitie, how about we...
-Oh, she's gone.
-That's not good.
I'm Dory.
I lost my family.
Can you help me?
I'm Dory.
I suffer from short-term memory... huh!
Just keep swimming.
Just keep swimming.
Hi. I lost my family.
Can you help me?
Where did you see them last?
-Well, uh...
Funny story.
But... I forgot.
Aw, sweetie.
Do you want to come swim with us?
That is the nicest offer
I've gotten all day.
I... I think.
I can't remember.
Anywho, thanks.
But, heheh, I'm looking for someone.
Can't remember.
Can't remember.
I'm Dory.
Was it something I said?
Kidding. Okay, okay.
You're not coming back.
I was looking for something
and I...
Okay, totally get it.
Date night. Have fun.
Well. I hope you find whatever
it is you are looking for.
You and me both.
Any idea what that was?
I'm sorry.
Guess we'll hang out another time.
Don't be a stranger... stranger.
A white boat!
They took my son!
My son!
Help me, please!
Oh. Oh.
Are you-Are you okay?
He's gone. He's gone.
-There, there.
No, he's gone.
-It's alright.
He's gone.
-It'll be okay.
No. No.
They took him away!
I... I have to find the boat.
A boat? Hey, I've seen a boat.
-You have?
Uh-huh. This way!
It went this way.
Follow me.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
one year later
Hand me the ratchet wrench.
So I can fix it.
Hey, Marlin.
Hey, guys.
I was just...
Ow ow ow...
Dory, it's not time
to get up yet.
You have to go back to bed.
-Remember. There aren't any mistakes.
Yeah, sorry.
Back to bed.
Back to bed.
Hey, Marlin.
Go back to bed.
That was it.
Very simple, bed.
Back to...
-Got it.
Hey, Marlin.
-And... we're up.
That's it, ready to start the day.
And we were looking
for something.
I remember it like
it was yesterday.
Of course I don't really
remember yesterday all that well.
I would say, the scariest moment
of the trip was the 4 sharks.
I thought there were 3 sharks.
No. No.
There were definitely 4.
But the last time you told it,
there were 3.
Son. Which one of us traveled
across the entire ocean.
Nemo did.
Obviously we had to cross
the ocean to find him. So...
You know, he went first.
I guess that's true.
Isn't it?
You made it.
You almost missed the field trip.
-A field?
Ooo, I love field trips.
Where are we going?
I thought you told her.
-I did tell her.
Uh, Dory.
Mr. Ray has too many fish
to keep an eye on today.
It would be best if today...
If you weren't exactly...
with the class.
-Oh. Why not?
You know, you have problems
remembering things sometimes.
That's the one thing
I can't remember, yeah.
Sometimes it's not your fault,
but it can cause you to wonder.
And Mr. Ray doesn't really
have time to worry about...
Fish who wonders.
In another words, he doesn't
have enough help.
Poor guy.
You know, he's so overworked.
You understand.
-I totally understand now.
Okay. Good.
He wants me to be
the teacher's assistant.
Uh. No, not exactly.
-Well, I'm so honored.
I've never been a
teaching assistant before.
Mr. Ray, you got help.
Oh ho ho.
Alright, kids.
-Alright, kids.
Today's the day.
-Today's the day.
- Field trip to the stingray migration.
-Stingray migration.
Now, does anyone know
why we migrate?
Come on, you got
to know this stuff.
Migration is about going back to...
The sand!
Migration is about going home.
Which is where you are from.
-Where you are from.
Can someone tell me
where they are from.
I live by a giant rock.
I live 3 coral caves
away from here.
My house is covered in algae.
Where did you grow up, Dory?
I don't know.
My family.
Where are they?
Can I help you?
I'm sorry. Did I forget again?
See, I suffer from...
Short-term memory loss.
-Short-term memory loss.
So how can you remember you have a
family if you have short-term memory loss?
Good question.
Good question.
See, I can remember somethings
because well, they make sense.
Like... what.
I have a family.
I-I know, because I... You know,
I must've come from somewhere, right?
Everyone has a family.
And I may not remember
their names and
what they look like.
And I may not even be able
to ever find them again. But...
What are we talking about?
-Mommies and daddies.
Mommies and daddies, right.
Why are we talking about
mommies and daddies?
Oh. Oh.
That class.
Oh oh.
Why me? Okay.
You guys seem
really young but...
You see, kids.
When 2 fish love each other...
And, we'll stop right there.
Climb aboard, explorers.
I feel a migration
song coming on.
Migration, migration, let's learn about migration.
It's nature's inspiration
to move around the sea.
Here's a scientific commerce.
Where did everyone go?
By myself...
Oh there they are and back.
What's minus 4 degrees
based on solar positioning.
Oh, kids.
Stay away from the edge.
Okay. You hear that.
Everybody stay back from the edge.
Come on.
Okay, that's too far.
-That's too far, come on.
Come on, get back over here.
Back this way.
Now, I need everyone to listen.
-Alright, listen up.
When the rays pass through here,
-The rays, they are going to pass through.
What do we have to be careful of?
-Everybody has to be careful of what?
The undertow.
-The undertow.
That's right.
-That's right.
The under...
The undertow.
Because the current created
by all the flapping is very strong.
If you are not careful,
you can get pull in.
Mr. Ray. So how do the stingrays
all know where to go?
That's what an instinct is, Nemo.
Something deep inside you
that feels so familiar that
... you have to listen to it.
Like a song you've always known.
And I can hear mine now!
Our hearts know where to go.
Oh, we're going home.
To make our way back home.
Oh, we're going home.
We, see the undertow.
And we sang...
Is she dead?
No, she's not dead.
Give her some space, everybody.
The jewel of Morro Bay, California.
The jewel of Morro Bay, California.
Oh. I remembered something.
It's uh.
I remembered something.
I actually remembered something.
Something important.
Something important, what?
What was it?
I'm not sure anymore.
But I can still feel it, it's...
Thank you, Mr. Ray.
Try to remember better.
Don't be such a dory, Dory.
Uh. Oh!
Did you remember?
I don't remember.
It was something.
It was...
Oh, oh, oh.
It was something about... the...
The jewel of Morro Bay, California.
My family!
I remember my family!
They are out there somewhere.
I have to find them.
Guys, you got to help me.
Guys, hello?
Guys, where are you?
Where did you go?
-You were the one who go.
My parents.
I remembered them.
What did you remember?
I remember them.
My mom, my dad!
I have a family!
They don't know where I am.
Let's go. We have to go.
-Dory. No.
This is crazy.
Where exactly are you
trying to go?
To the... To the...
gym of the... Baltic.
The jewel of Morro Bay, California.
No, Dory. California is all
the way across the ocean.
Then we better get going.
-How come everytime
we're on the edge of this reef,
one of us is trying to leave?
For once, can't we
just enjoy the view.
How can you be talking about the view
when I remembered my family.
No! No!
We've done our ocean travels.
That part of our lives is over.
The only reason to travel
in the first place, is so you
don't have to travel ever again.
Yeah, but I want to...
Dory, look.
All I know.
Is that I missed them.
I really, really missed them.
I didn't know what that felt like.
Do you know
what that feels like?
I know what that feels like.
I don't want to forget this.
Somewhere out there
is my family.
Please, Marlin.
I can't find them on my own.
I'll forget.
Please help me find my family.
Yeah, Dad.
You can get us all the way
across the ocean. Right?
But I know a guy.
Woo hoo!
Hoo hoo!
Totally sick!
Totally sick!
I know.
Isn't it great?
I'm going to be totally sick.
It's the California current, dude.
Got some abhorrent job.
Surf's up, dude.
Hey, dude,
if you're going to hurl,
just do me a solid.
Head to the back of the shell.
Lean out and
go for distance.
We call that,
"Feeding the fishes!"
And now, we are looking
for my parents at
the brooch of the
Atlantic or the...
The jewel of Morro Bay, California.
How are you going
to find your parents?
Do you remember what
they looked like?
I'm a bit new to the memory
thing so I can't say for sure.
But something tells me
they were mostly blue with...
... maybe yellow.
-That sounds right.
Also, I'm pretty sure I'm going
to know them when I see them.
We're family.
By the way, crossing the ocean is the
kind of thing you should only do once.
One time!
-Morro bay, California's coming up, dudes.
Woo hoo!
Let's find my family.
Go! Go!
Go, go, go!
Just go, Dad!
-Don't push me, Nemo.
Woo hoo!
Ha ha.
So long, little blue.
I hope you find your parents.
And good luck feeding the fishes.
Too late, I already fed.
This feels familiar.
Dory. Dory. Dory.
Wait. Wait.
Mom! Dad!
-Stop yelling for a second.
Do you really think your parents
are just going to be
floating around here waiting for you?
Well, I... I don't know but
there's only one way to find out.
Mom! Dad!
-Shout louder, Dory.
-Shhh shh shh.
What was that?
I heard that before.
I remembered someone
saying shh shh shh.
Yes, well done.
That was me, 1 minute ago.
Shh shh shh.
Please, have you seen
my mommy and daddy?
Their names are
Jenny and Charlie.
Shh shh shh.
-Shh shh shh.
Jenny and Charlie.
What? Jenny and what?
-Those are their names.
My parents are
Jenny and Charlie!
Shh shh shh.
-Dory, wait!
-Can't we just take a moment
- to come up with a plan.
Jenny! Charlie!
-Shh shh shh.
Are you crazy?
-Sorry, she's-she's a little excited.
Jenny! Charlie!
-Dory. Dory. Stop yelling for a second.
It's not a good idea to come
into a new neighborhood
and call this much
attention to yourself.
You don't understand.
I remembered my parents names.
Jenny Charlie!
-Dory. Dory.
These crabs are locals.
And I get the feeling they are
shushing us for a reason.
You might wake up something dangerous.
-Are you talking about.
Like something with one big eye,
tentacles and a snappy thing?
Well, that's very specific.
But something like that, yes.
You just in general
don't want to...
Oh, hi.
-Oh boy.
We made a mistake.
We're backing away.
Let us live.
And we will...
We'll worship you.
We'll build a...
Do you like a...
Do you like a monument?
Swim for your life!
Nemo, hold on to me!
And don't let go!
Dory! Dory.
Dory, slow down.
We're not being chased anymore.
-Are you sure?
Jenny and Charlie.
Jenny and Charlie!
I just-I just remembered their names.
We have to keep going,
we're so close. Huh?
Are you hurt?
Oh my goodness, Nemo.
Are you okay? What happened?
-Not now, Dory. Please.
Oh no. Oh no. Nemo.
-I'm okay. I'm okay.
Oh no. Oh, Nemo.
I'm sorry. Okay, I'm sorry.
Oh my goodness.
Nemo, are you okay?
-I said not now.
You've done enough.
-I have?
Oh no.
But I... I can fix it.
I can.
I'll go get help.
You know what you can do, Dory?
You can go wait over there.
Go wait over there and forget.
That's what you do best.
You're right.
I don't know why I thought
I could do this.
Find my family, I can't do this.
I'm so sorry.
I'll fix it.
-I'm okay.
I'm going to get help, okay?
Okay? I can do that.
I'll-I'll be...
It will be alright, Nemo.
Someone, hello.
-I'm Sigourney Weaver.
Oh. Hi, Sigourney.
I need your help.
Won't you please join us.
-Oh, Great, great, great.
As we explore the wonders
of the Pacific ocean
and the amazing life
it holds within.
Sigourney Weaver, where are you?
Dory, there you are!
-Guys, I found help.
Sigourney Weaver is going to
tell us where we are.
Look out!
Aw. Look at this.
-No respect for ocean life.
Marlin! Nemo!
No, no, no.
Not again! Not again!
Let's take her inside
and see how she does.
Dory! Dory!
-Don't worry, Dory!
Keep calm!
We'll come find you!
And welcome to the
Marine Life Institute,
where we believe in rescue,
rehabilitation and release.
Hello? Hello?
Can you help me?
Me? Help you?
What's happening?
-Looks like we're done here.
Dude, cut it out.
You're a scientist.
We've talked about this.
Oh, come on.
It's funny.
Just get a hold of yourself.
Everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
Hey, you.
-Huh! Thank goodness.
Hi, I'm Dory. I'm...
-Name's Hank.
How sick are you?
-Sick? I'm sick?
Why else would you
be in quarantine.
Oh no.
How long do I have?
I have to find my family.
-Alright now. Don't get hysterical.
Oh oh.
Not good.
What? What is it?
What happened?
Huh! What's that?
-That there, is bad news.
It's a transport tag for fish who
can't cut it inside the institute.
They get transferred
to permanent digs.
An aquarium in Cleveland.
Fish in here,
go back into the ocean.
Cleveland fish, stay there forever.
Cleveland, no!
I can't go to the Cleveland.
I have to get to the jewel of Morro bay,
California, and find my family.
That's this place,
The Marine Life Institute.
The jewel of Morro bay, California.
You're here.
-You mean I'm from here?
My parents are here.
I have to get to them.
So what exhibit are you from?
-Wait. I'm from an exhibit?
Which one?
I have to get there.
That's a hard one, kid.
Nah. It'd never work.
It's too crazy.
What do you mean? Just tell me.
I'm okay with crazy.
You know I can see that.
Well, there's one thing I can think of
to help you get to your family.
If I just take...
-Yes! Great idea.
You take me to find them.
Why didn't I think of that?
Uh. No, no, no.
If I just take your tag.
I can take your place
on the transport truck.
Then you can go back inside
and find your family.
All you have to do
is give me the tag.
What tag? Huh!
There's a tag on my fin.
Huh? How can you forget
you have a tag on your fin?
Oh no. I' sorry.
I suffer from
short-term memory loss.
You don't remember what
we were talking about?
Mm-mm, not a clue.
What were we talking about?
You were about to
give me your tag.
Well, I kind of like my tag.
Why-Why do you want it?
So that I can go to Cleveland.
I hear good things about Cleveland.
Why do you want to go there.
Because if I stay here I'm going
to get released back into the ocean.
And I have extremely unpleasant
memories of that place!
I just want to live
in a glass box alone.
That's all I want.
Hey, man.
Don't touch my tag.
I don't work here.
It's not like I have
a map of this place.
Huh! A map.
Good idea.
You take me to the map.
I figure out where my parents are.
Oh boy.
If I get you to your family
will you give me...
I don't have much.
I... How about if
I give you this tag.
Great idea.
Are you absolutely sure
that's what I said?
"Go wait over there and forget.
That's what you do best."
Yeah, Dad.
-I said that?
You said that.
Dory swam to the surface, and
then she got taken by someone...
Alright, I don't want to
hear the whole story again.
I was just asking
about the one part.
Because, look, if I said that.
I'm not positive I did.
It's-It's actually a complement.
Because I asked her to wait.
And I said,
"It's what you do best."
So I...
Oh, it's my fault!
It's all my fault!
She got kidnapped and taken into...
whatever this place is.
What if it's a restaurant?
Oy! You two.
Shut it.
Yeah, we're trying to sleep.
And you interrupted my favourite dream.
Is that the one about
you laying on this rock?
-Oh, that is a good one.
Oh. Yeah.
-It's one of my favorites.
Uh, Excuse us. Hello.
-Son. Son. Son.
We're trying...
-Those are sea lions.
They are natural predators.
They could pounce at any moment.
They don't look very pouncey.
-That's what they want you to think.
Just get behind me
and let me do the talking.
Excuse me.
We're worried about our friend.
Is that a restaurant?
Ah ha, mate.
It's not a restaurant.
Your friend is okay.
-She is?
It's a fish hospital.
Sigourney Weaver says,
she'll be rescued, rehabilitated
and released.
She'll be in and out in a jiff.
We should know.
Nasal parasite.
All fixed up and
sent on our way.
Thank goodness.
Sure. That's alright.
Don't you worry...
Oy! Gerald.
-Gerald! Get off!
Shove off!
-Get off, Gerald!
No, you know that! Off!
-You're not fond of.
Don't you worry about a thing.
That place is the Marine Life Institute.
The jewel of Morro Bay, California.
She was right.
Looks like Dory can do
something besides forget.
Thank you, Nemo.
Thank you for that.
So how are we
going to get inside?
You want to get inside, me lad?
Our friend is in there, lost, alone.
She's scared.
She'll have no idea what to do.
We know a way.
-You do?
What are they doing?
I don't know.
It sounds bad.
Are we there yet?
-Shh, keep it down.
Hank, I'm so glad
I found you.
It feels like... destiny.
For what must be the millionth time.
It's not destiny.
Oh oh.
Have I said destiny before?
I'm sorry.
I'm just so nervous
because I'm going
to meet my parents.
I hadn't seen them in...
I don't even know how long.
Because, you see I suffer from
short-term memory loss.
-Short-term memory loss.
Look. No more talking, okay?
I don't like talking.
I don't like chattering,
questions and...
"How are you?",
"Oh, I'm fine."
"How are you?",
"Oh, I'm fine too."
News flash.
Nobody's fine.
Oh, I'm fine.
How are you?
Hank, look.
There's a map.
Shhh. The plan is
you're going to read that.
And figure out
where your parents live.
And I'm on a truck
to Cleveland.
You got it?
-Got it.
What was the first part again?
The octopus escaped again.
Look at all the exhibits.
How can you do this park
in one day, seriously.
Pick one!
Well, tell everyone to
keep an eye out.
I mean, we're suppose to be releasing
the octopus back to the ocean today.
Of course I haven't seen it.
If I was looking...
There you are.
Hurry up.
-Okay. Okay. Okay.
It starts with a 'K'.
[KID ZONE] font
color="#64cdff"[OPEN OCEAN] -Kiidd Zzz onee. Kid zone.
No. No, kids.
Kids grab things.
And I'm not losing
another tentacle for you.
You lost a tentacle?
Well, then you're not an octopus,
you're a septopus.
I may not remember
but I can count.
Hurry up!
Journey to the deep.
Hey look, shells.
Hey look, shells.
Daddy, here's a shell for you.
-Oh, that's great, Dory.
You found another one.
-I did?
Oh yes, you did.
You're getting good at this, Dory.
Hey look, shells.
Hey, I live here.
-Yes. Yes indeed.
I like shells.
That's right, dear.
Do you think you can
find me another shell?
The purple ones are my favourite.
Okay, Mommy.
Oh, Mommy.
Purple shell.
Purple shell.
Hank, my home had a purple shell.
-So what?
Half the exhibits here
have purple shells in them.
No, no, no.
You don't understand.
I remember her now.
Purple shells were her favourite.
And she had this adorable giggle
and my dad was really funny.
And now your wacky memories
are going to get us caught.
Still think this is destiny?
Hank, we need to find my folks.
Base, this is Carol.
I think I might have
found that missing octopus.
See what you did?
This could not be worse.
Huh, Destiny?
Come on.
Don't talk just hide.
-I got a feeling.
I think we should get into the bucket.
-No, stop.
Seriously, it says 'Destiny'.
And it is.
No, no, no, no, no.
-We got to get in that bucket.
I'm not going with you
in that bucket.
I go in that bucket.
-Don't. Don't go in that bucket!
Hey, guys.
I'm looking for my family.
Oh, good idea.
Play dead.
I'm sorry.
I got to blink.
How do you hold your
eyes open that long?
Hey, guys.
Wait a second.
Our next guest, has been
here a very long time.
She's a whale shark.
Her name is Destiny.
Destiny, really?
You'll notice,
she's extremely near sighted.
And has trouble navigating
her environments.
And here she comes now.
Ooo. Destiny.
Huh! You're a fish?
Hi. Hello there.
Can you help me?
Alright, I'll go with you.
Excuse me, hi.
-Who is that?
Is that blue blob talking?
Can you help me?
I lost my family.
You lost your family?
-Well, it's a long story.
And truth be told,
I don't remember most of it.
Oh, that is so sad.
You poor thing.
Sorry, not a great swimmer.
I can't see very well.
I think you swim beautifully.
In fact, I've never seen a fish
swim like that before.
Thank youuu.
Youuuu're welcommme.
Say that again.
Youuuu're welcommme.
Ah, Dory.
You and I were friends!
Dory, it's me, Destiny.
-You know me?
Of course. We talked through
the pipes when we were little.
We were pipe-pals!
-We were?
Aw, you're so pretty.
So you know where I'm from?
You, are from the
open ocean exhibit.
-I'm from the open ocean exhibit?
Then that's where my parents are.
We got to go.
Can you take me there?
Uh. Kind of tough for a whale
to travel around here.
Can you please keep it
down over there.
My head hurts.
-Who's that?
That's my neighbor, Bailey.
He was brought in
with a head injury.
I know you're talking
about me, Destiny.
He thinks he can't
use his echolocation
but I overheard the doctors talking.
-I'm right here.
There's not a thing
wrong with him.
I can hear every word
you're saying about me.
What's echolocation?
Well, Bailey's head is suppose
to put out a call and the echo
helps him find objects far away.
Oh but apparently,
he's still healing.
Now I know you're
talking about me.
I really can... echolocate.
I cannot have this conversation again.
I just can't.
I hit my head very
hard out there.
See how swollen it is?
-Your head is suppose to be big.
You're a Beluga.
Oh. Like the world's most
powerful pair of glasses?
-What are glasses?
Sort of like, you go wooo.
And then you see things.
Why do I know that?
That's interesting.
There you are.
Listen up. You and I are square.
I took you to the map,
now give me that tag.
Wait, wait, wait.
I know where my parents are.
They are in...
What's it called.
The place... it's... silted ocean.
Open ocean.
-Open ocean.
Open ocean!
Open ocean.
I know where that is!
That's the exhibit located
right next to, I don't care.
If you are trying to get to
the open ocean exhibit,
just go through the pipes.
Through the pipes, great.
-Through the pipes?
Yep. Take two lefts.
Swim straight, and you'll hit it.
Oh, that's a lot of directions.
That's... Did you get that, Hank?
All that?
Uh, yeah.
-Great, let's go.
I'm not going with you.
I won't fit.
You'll have to go by yourself.
Uh. That's...
That... I'm...
See, I can't.
Because I'm not so good with directions.
Well, that's too bad.
A deal is a deal.
You want to find your parents.
That's how you get to them.
Now give me your tag.
-But, Hank.
I... can't go in the pipes alone.
I'll forget where I'm going.
Not my problem.
But I can't get in that way.
Well, I'm sorry.
But there's no other way!
There's no other way.
There's no other way.
Now, now, don't panic.
-No dear.
It's okay.
You know, not everything in life
is easy to do.
Isn't that right, Charlie?
Your mother's right.
When something is too hard, Dory.
You should just give up.
-A joke.
I'm kidding, just a joke.
A joke.
Uh, caution.
Joker at work.
-Joke, I got it.
You see, cupcake.
There's always another way.
Thank you, Daddy.
Thank you, Daddy.
Huh! Nope.
My father said there's always another way.
There is no other way.
Open ocean. Open ocean.
Open ocean.
Open Ocean, I'm pretty sure
it's the building over there.
It's ill defined and roundish.
Like Bailey's head.
-Wait. What?
There's always another way.
There's always... huh!
Guys, follow me.
I know how we can get to locomotion.
Open ocean. -Open
ocean. -Exactly.
Guys. You know I can't
swim over there, right?
I don't see how this is
going to get us inside.
What are you even doing?
-We're calling her over, of course.
Calling her over.
Calling who over?
Meet Becky.
No no no...
New information.
Listen, tell her thank you.
I mean, you guys have gone
above and beyond, really.
But is there a way to get in
that involves like swimming.
Because that's really our strength.
Look, your friend is going
to be in quarantine.
-That's where they take the sick fish.
And the one and only one way
into that place is Becky.
Hi, Becky.
Lets call her Pecky.
This is really...
-I think she likes you, Dad.
Becky, love.
These 2 nice fish need
to get into quarantine.
Are you free today, Rebecca darling?
Becky, is...
Would that work with your schedule?
She doesn't understand what I'm saying.
All you have to do
is imprint with her, mate.
I'm... what?
Look her in the eye
and say, Oorrooo.
And she'll be
in sync with you.
Now, look her in the eye.
I think we should device
and alternate plan.
One that involves
staying in the water
That's all I'm saying.
Because this bird, this bird...
This ain't the bird!
-That's find, Dad.
And in the mean time,
Dory will just forget us.
Like you say.
It's what she does best.
Uh, okay.
Look her in the eye.
Which-Which eye?
-Just pick one, mate.
Oorroo, Becky.
This is all great.
How exactly is Becky
suppose to carry us?
Oh, yeah.
I almost forgot.
Give us your pail.
We'll let you sit on the rock.
Yeah, Gerald.
We swear it.
That's right.
Chive on over here.
Come on, you can do it.
That's right.
-Mind your nose, scuff your bump.
Thank you so much, Gerald.
Welcome to your time
on this rock.
Comfortable, ain't it?
Time's up.
-Time's up.
Now get off!
-Get off, Gerald!
This is nuts!
Why do I keep getting
talked into insane choices?
Good luck!
When I tell you, you're gonna...
Yeah, yeah, I know.
I'm gonna signal with a big splash.
On my mark.
Not clear yet.
Not clear yet.
-Not till Destiny gives the signal.
You know something?
I've no idea why
you're even doing this.
What do you mean?
It seems like a lot of trouble
just to find some more fish.
If I had short-term memory loss,
I just swim off into the blue
and forget everything.
I don't want to do that.
I want my family.
Not me, kid.
I don't want anyone to worry about.
You're lucky, no memories.
No problems.
No memories, no problems.
Still not clear.
Still not clear.
You don't have to say it
when it's not time.
-Just tell me when it is time.
Okay, here we go.
And wait!
Here we go, wait.
Are you serious?
Okay, on the count of three.
Don't count, just say go.
Now! Now!
Do it! Do it!
Wow, look at that.
I mean...
That's the signal!
-Go, go, go. That's the signal!
Now remember.
Destiny said, follow the signs to
the Open Ocean exhibit. -Uh-huh.
I can't see squat.
So it's your job to look for it.
Got it.
Follow the signs to Open Ocean.
I'm just going to repeat it, okay?
That should work.
Follow the signs to Open Ocean.
Follow the signs to Open Ocean.
Go right.
Follow the signs to Open Ocean.
Follow the signs to Open Ocean.
And steer clear of people, will you.
Especially kids.
I don't want to be touched.
-Shh. Do not mess me up.
Oh, poor baby.
Let me get that for you.
Here you...
Oh my.
Where do we go?
Where do we go?
Oh, sorry.
I was looking, looking...
Oorroo, Becky.
Drop us anywhere.
We're okay.
Just wait, Dad.
I think she's looking
for a place to land.
She's confuse, Nemo!
She doesn't even know
which way to look!
Wait, wait, wait!
Becky! Becky!
What are you doing?
Oorroo roo roo roo.
Okay, it's going somewhere.
The question is where?
Which way?
Do you see the sign?
I'm looking.
I'm looking.
Something to something
that gets me to my family.
My family!
The world's most powerful pair of glasses.
I know that.
Why do I know that?
It's another memory.
Hank, we need to go that way.
Go-go left.
Oorroo, oorroo.
She can't hear you, Dad.
Alright, alright, alright.
New plan.
We have to get closer to Becky
so she can hear us.
I don't think we should
move the pail.
Without me, Becky's lost.
Dad, just trust her.
-Trust her?
So she can forget us altogether?
I trust Becky.
-You trust Becky.
Becky's eating a cup.
Becky. Beck?
At least we're not stuck
in a bucket anymore.
We're on top of quarantine.
The baby otter tour
is beginning now.
Why, thanks, Sigourney Weaver.
Hey, who want's to
learn about otters?
Looking for the world's most
powerful pair of glasses.
It's a huge cuddle party!
Cuddle party, I'm in.
Where are we?
Are we close to open ocean?
Uh, yes, I think.
Well, I don't know.
But I saw that other sign so...
-What? What other sign?
The world's most powerful
pair of glasses.
What are you talking about?
Why would we follow that sign?
-Well... Because I remembered it.
No, no, no.
That wasn't the plan.
Alright, that's it!
You've wasted my time.
-Wait, no.
That transport truck leaves at dawn
and I'm not missing it.
So give me your tag.
-Wait. No.
Now I remember that sign.
So I'm remembering more and more
and I feel like my memory is getting better.
I think we should...
-NO! Your memory is not working!
You can't remember anything!
It's probably how you lost
your family in the first place!
Alright. Look.
Let's just take it down a notch.
Just give me the tag, you know.
-You know something?
For a guy with 3 hearts
you're not very nice.
3 hearts?
What are you talking about?
I don't have 3 hearts.
-Yes, you do.
I don't.
-You do.
Stop saying that!
-Fun fact.
The octopus has 3 hearts.
2 pump blood to the gills.
While the third pumps blood
through out the body. -Wait.
You know, someone with 3 hearts
shouldn't be so mean.
And it's mean to say that
I would lose someone I love!
I did not lose them!
No, not Hans.
I'm looking for Hank.
-Hank, with a 'k'. "Hankk."
Oh, hands!
My arm!
Where are you, Hank?!
Can you please help me?
I'm looking for...
Please help me.
I've lost my friend, Frank.
I'm sorry, not Frank.
-You're in my space!
He's an octopus.
No, sep-septopus.
He-That's right, he's a septopus.
Septopus. Septopus. Septopus.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, septopus.
He's camouflaged.
Come on, Hank.
Let's get out of here.
Hey, what are you doing?
Wh-Wh-What's the plan?
The plan is I'm going to
stay here forever.
Good plan.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Hank.
I'm sorry I can't remember right.
Sweetie. Sweeite. Careful.
-Watch out, cupcake.
Ho ho.
Watch where you are going.
I'm sorry, Daddy.
I'm sorry I can't remember right.
Sweetie. Sweeite.
You don't need to be sorry.
You know what you need to do?
Just, keep swimming.
And I bet you can
remember that because...
We just... We're gonna...
We're gonna sing a song about it.
Just keep swimming.
-Just keep swimming.
What do we do? We swim.
-What do we do? We swim.
Just keep swimming.
Just keep swimming.
My parents taught me that song!
We sang it as a family.
All this time I thought I made it up.
What song?
-Just keep swimming.
We... just got to keep swimming.
No way!
Listen to me.
It's too dangerous to move.
No, you listen to me.
I know you're scared.
But you can't give up.
Follow me.
Just keep swimming.
Just keep swimming.
My mom wrote this song for me.
It's gonna get us out of here.
Sing with me, Hank.
Come on.
I'm coming Mommy.
I'm coming Daddy.
Turn back.
-Turn back.
You are heading right for poker's cove.
-You are heading right for poker's cove.
Poker's cove.
-Poker's cove.
Poker's cove?
What is it?
-That's okay.
Everybody does it.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
Oh, Hank.
There you are.
You got us out of there.
I did.
I got us out of there.
I mean technically,
you also got us in there.
But, if you hadn't, I'm not sure
we would have gotten... here.
The world's most powerful pair of glasses.
We found it.
No, no, no.
You found that.
Welcome to the open ocean.
Oorroo Oorroo.
Dad, stop.
She's not coming back.
She might.
Dad. You made her feel
like she couldn't do it.
You're not talking about Becky,
are you?
I missed Dory.
Me too.
The truth is I'm just
so worried about her.
She's the one that should be
worried about us.
Well, she would definitely have
an idea what to do if she were here.
I don't know how she does that?
-I don't think she knows, Dad.
She just... does.
Then we'll just have to think.
What would Dory do?
-What would Dory do?
What would Dory do?
She would access her situation.
And she would evaluate.
And she would analyze her options.
Dad, that's what would Marlin do.
Right, that's what I would do.
She wouldn't even think twice.
She would just look at the
first thing she sees and...
That was awesome.
Dory would do it.
Nemo, hold on to me.
Hey, it's working!
Just keep gasping.
Are you okay?
What would Dory do now?
-Who's Dory?
Oh boy.
Are we happy to see you.
Happy to see me?
I'm happy to see you!
I haven't had anyone
to talk to in years.
Years, wow.
Well, unfortunately we can't stay long,
we have to go because we...
Now why would you want to go?
You just landed.
Stay a while.
Tell me all about yourself.
Well I would love to, but my son
and I have to get to quarantine so...
Wonderful thing to have a son.
-Ah yeah, it is.
Of course I don't have a family.
I dated a nice scallop for a while.
-Well that's fascinating.
But scallops have eyes, she was
looking for something different.
I'm kidding, well not about
scallops having eyes, they do.
And they see into your soul
and they break your heart.
Oh Shelley.
Why! Why!
Now what would Dory do?
Come with us, as we explore the
mysterious world of the open ocean.
Okay, follow me.
You're in a cup.
-Right, I'll follow you then.
An octopus has three hearts.
Huh, that's a fun fact.
We're-We're here.
This is-This is really happening.
Looks like this is it, kid.
Now, I got a truck to catch.
-Wait. Wait.
I had something for you.
-The tag, right.
You know.
I think I'm going to remember you.
You'll forget me in a heartbeat, kid.
Three heartbeats.
I'll have a hard time
forgetting you though.
My parents are actually down there.
You okay?
I'm ready.
I think you are.
Whoa oh.
Where are they?
Pardon me.
Uh. Oh.
Hi. Hello. Have you seen
a mom and a dad without me?
Excuse me.
Have you seen a couple?
They are old like you, not old
like you but older than you even.
Hi. Do you know anyone
who lost a kid?
A long time ago,
that would be me.
I don't know how long ago exact...
Okay, you're in a hurry.
Ho ho.
Watch where you are going.
It's our goal that every animal
we rescued and cared for
will eventually returned home
to where they belong.
And, there we go.
Now, if you ever get lost, Dory.
-You just follow the shells.
I love shells.
Follow the shells.
Hey, I live here.
-Yes. Yes, indeed.
Huh! My home!
That's my home!
Okay, cupcake.
Now count to 10.
1, 2, 3.
Youuu're welcome.
Who're you talking to, cupcake?
-My pipe-pal, Destiny.
Mommy loves purple shells.
What's going to happen to her?
-There, there, Jenny.
Oh no. Don't cry, Mommy.
Don't cry.
Do you think she's... that she
can make it on her own, Charlie?
Oh honey.
It will be okay.
Mommy loves purple shells.
My parents.
I lost them.
It was my fault.
Where's your tag?
Your tag, it's missing.
Is that why you are
not in quarantine?
That's where they took
all the blue tangs.
Isn't that right, Bill?
The blue tangs are getting
their own exhibit in Cleveland.
They'd ship out on a truck
at the crack of dawn.
Must be nice.
No. No.
My parents are back in quarantine?
They are being shipped to Cleveland.
But I just-I just got here.
I've got to get to them.
They don't know I'm here.
Don't worry, it's easy
to get to quarantine.
You can just go through
the pipes, honey.
Oh, I can't do that.
-Why not?
I'll forget where I'm going.
And I can't be somewhere
where I... have nobody to help me.
Well, then I guess you're stuck here.
You're not helping, Bill.
Just go in there if you want to.
You'll be fine.
Oh boy.
Could you uh.
Could you tell me how to
get there, through the pipes?
Sure, honey.
It's 2 lefts and then a right.
2 lefts and a right.
I can do this.
2 lefts and a right.
Don't forget.
2 lefts and a right.
2 lefts and a right.
2 lefts,
and-and a right?
Left and right.
Did I already take a left?
Oh no, it's happening.
Okay, hold on.
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
Which way?
Where am I going?
I can't remember. Okay.
Okay, I'm lost.
This is too hard, I can't remember.
I'm forgetting everything.
I'm going to be
stuck forever in the pipes.
The pipes.
The pipe-pals.
And... Swim, swim, swim.
-Yeah, I don't know about this.
Trust me.
I won't let you hit anything.
What's the point!
I'll never learn to get around.
You better.
If you can't do it in here,
you'll never do it
out in the ocean.
Now really focus, okay?
I'm lost in the pipes and
my parents are departing.
Hang on, Doryyy.
Bailey, you got to use your echolocation.
-You know it's broken.
Just stop it and try the ooo thing
Dory talked about, will you?!
Huh, I don't think I can.
-Don't bail on me, Bailey!
Come on, Bailey.
What did you just tell me, huh?
I feel stupid.
-Uh, here.
We're hereee.
What? What?
What is it?
I'm getting something.
Here we go.
Oh yes.
I can see the quarantine!
Ha ha ha!
This is amazing!
I can see everything!
And I can see you!
He can see youuu.
My life's a rainbow!
Can you see me?
Oh wait.
It doesn't work that way.
Tell Dory to go left.
He says go leeeft.
Go right.
I'm light headed.
I'm picking up something else.
Hold on, let me zoom out.
Holy Neptune.
She's not alone.
-What? What is it?
I can't tell but it's coming for her.
-Oh no!
Doryyy, swimmm!
Swim the other wayyy.
-What? Whereee?
What? Where?
-Go right!
No, my right!
Oh no.
She's heading right towards it.
Dory, turn around!
That's great, Dory!
You're heading right towards us.
You want me to go right?
No. No. Not right.
Oh, I can't look.
Dory! -Dory!
Oh my gosh!
-Dory, you're okay!
It's consuming her.
It's eating her alive.
-Oh Dory.
You're okay.
You found me!
How did you find me?
There was a crazy clam.
He wouldn't stop talking.
We just slowly back away from
him and into these pipes.
And then we just
started looking.
Doryyy, I'm sorryyy.
What was that?
Hang on, I got to take this.
It's oook.
Sorry for whaaat?
What? You're okayyy?
I found Marlin and Nemooo.
Dad, did you hear that?
Dory really does speak whale.
I heard it.
And it's bringing back
some very bad memories.
So let's get out of here.
I say we... we go this way.
Follow me.
It's time to head home.
Wait, wait, wait. Um. Um.
My parents are here.
They are?
-You found your parents?
Well, not exactly.
I mean, not yet.
But uh, I know where they are.
And I don't know exactly
how to get there.
But I know that...
Well, I'm getting help.
Down to quarantinnne.
-Quarantine, that's it.
Oh, and I met this septopus.
Super cranky but secretly kind of sweet.
And he got me into the exhibit...
The exhibit.
Do you think my parents
will want to see me?
Why wouldn't they want to see you?
I lost them.
Your parents are going to be
overjoyed to see you.
They're going to miss
everything about you.
Do you know how we found you?
-Something about a clam or...
No. No.
-No, an oyster.
Something... I don't know.
-No. No clam.
We were having a very hard time.
Until Nemo thought,
"What would Dory do?"
Why would you say that?
Because ever since I've met you,
you showed me how to do
stuff I never dream of doing.
Crazy things.
Outsmarting sharks and
jumping jellyfish.
And finding my son.
You made all that happened.
I didn't know you thought that.
Unless I forgot.
No, you didn't forget.
I never told you.
And I'm sorry about that.
But Dory,
because of who you are
you are about to find
your parents.
And when you do that.
You'll be home.
Does this mean we have
to say goodbye to Dory?
Yes, Nemo.
We do.
Hey! So how much more
we got left to load?
Uh, just this last row.
The sooner we finish.
The sooner this truck gets to Cleveland.
-Watch the turn. -Watch what?
-Too late.
Okay, I think we're close.
Is this quarantine?
-Yes, this is it.
We're in quarantine.
My parents are here!
Where are we going?
Hey, no no no.
Why are we going
towards the door?
We are all better!
-I feel fantastic!
My family.
Come on, let's go.
Excuse me.
-Dory, wait a minute!
I'm coming, Mommy!
I'm coming, Daddy!
Almost home.
I think I'm getting
the hang of this.
I heard footsteps.
Huh! Hank!
Hank, we need to
get in that tank.
Huh! That rhyme.
Her parents are there.
You got 3 minutes to get
everyone in this cup with you.
And then I'm on
that truck to Cleveland.
Got it?
-Got it.
Oh boy.
Hey, everybody.
It's me, Dory.
She should just pick two
and let's go.
I'm kidding.
It's a reunion.
Where are my parents?
Are you really Jenny
and Charlie's girl?
Yes, I am.
That's me.
Where are they?
Well, Dory.
Right after you disappeared.
They thought you...
Well, they thought you must have
ended up here, in quarantine.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
So they came here.
To look for you?
-They're here!
Where are they?
Dory, that was years ago.
They never came back.
Oh no.
You see, Dory.
When fish don't come back
from quarantine, it means.
They're not...
Dory, they're gone.
They're... dead?
They wanted to find you.
-Wait, are you sure?
Are you sure they're gone?
Dory, listen.
It's going to be okay.
Oh Dory,
they loved you so much.
Anyone not looking to go
to Cleveland, final warning.
Dory, are you alright?
-Are you okay?
I was too late.
-Dory, no.
Now listen.
-I don't have a family.
No, Dory.
That's not true.
Time to go!
I'm-I'm all alone.
Where's everybody else?
Your orange friends are
on their way to Cleveland.
I found the octopus.
Where did he go?
No. No.
Help me.
Help me, please.
Somebody help me!
Hey, can...
Help me.
Can you help me.
I've lost them.
-Lost who?
Sorry, honey.
I can't help you if
you don't remember.
Hey, can you help me?
I've lost... them.
-Uh, can you be more specific?
My. My them.
Them. Them.
They're gone!
I've lost everyone.
There's nothing I can do.
Shoot, I can't forget.
What was I forgetting?
Something important.
What was it?
What was it?
It's going away.
It's going away.
It's going because
all I can do is forget.
I just forget
and I forget.
It's what I do best.
It's what I do.
What do I do?
What do I do?
What would Dory do?
I would look around.
And um,
it's just water over there.
And a lot of kelp over here.
Kelp is better, okay.
Now what?
Lots of kelp, looks the same.
They all look the same
except there's a rock.
Over there,
and some sand... this way.
I like sand.
Sand is squishy.
This isn't going anywhere.
There's nothing here.
Nothing but kelp.
Lots of kelp and
some shells.
This... way.
I like shells.
I like... shells.
Look at you.
Oh, my baby.
-I believe you.
I mean, look at you.
-You found us.
I'm never letting you go again.
-My missing girl, you are here.
It's you.
Really you.
-Oh, absolutely.
Mom, you're actually here.
I am.
And Dad, so are you.
-I'm right here, cupcake.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, honey.
Oh, honey.
No, no, no, cupcake.
I know I've got a problem.
I know I'm...
And I'm so sorry that all this
time and I want to fix it.
And I can't. And I try I try.
-Oh, Dory.
But my thoughts, they leave my head.
And ideas changed and...
I've forgotten you
and I'm so sorry.
Dory, Dory, Dory.
Don't you dare be sorry.
Look what you did.
You found us!
-That's right, you found us.
Why do you think we
stay put here all these years?
Because we believe one day
you'd find us again.
I thought you were gone.
How did you?
We went into quarantine
to look for you.
But you weren't there.
And we knew you must have
gotten out through the pipes.
Through the pipes.
That's right, sweetie.
-So, we did too.
And we stayed, in this spot
for you ever since.
Because-Because we thought
you might come back.
So everyday, we go out
and lay out...
And you found us.
Oh honey.
You found us.
And you know why you found us
because you remembered.
You remembered in your own
amazing Dory way.
I did.
All by myself.
-Oh honey, really?
Have you been by yourself
all these years?
Oh my poor little girl.
Oh, I haven't been all by myself.
Marlin and Nemo!
Nobody saw where Dory went?
That's a lot of eyeballs doing nothing.
Oh oh oh. Excuse me.
Can you help us.
We're look...
-Me? Help you?
Huh! Dad, look!
It's Dory!
Oh, thank goodness.
See, Nemo.
I knew she'd find a way... What?
Hey, where's Dory?
Is she with you?
I'm sorry.
I tried to hold on
but I couldn't and...
I lost her.
Let's get going.
And then, the whale swallowed us,
even though I speak whale.
A whale?
-Good thing I wasn't there to see that.
Actually, Marlin never believes that
I even know how to speak whale.
But, you know what?
He always kind of trust me anyway.
You know.
I like this Marlin already.
Yeah, and then somehow
we found Nemo.
Or did he find me?
I don't know.
But, you now what?
Nemo is the sweetest.
He just never gives up
on me no matter what.
What would Dory do?
Okay. We'll go this way.
-Well. We'll certainly have to thank...
Wait, I know this place.
I'm Sigourney Weaver.
Won't you please join us.
-That's the Marine Life Institute.
Oh, you were born there.
-Dory, is that where your friends are?
Yes, they were stuck in...
in something.
They were-They were going...
Huh, a truck.
They're in the truck.
That means I can... huh!
Never see them again.
No no no.
What would Dory do?
What would Dory do?
I know they are good friends of yours.
But a truck is kind of a tall order.
Yeah. You mother's right, Dory.
-Please! Please!
All I know is that I... missed them.
I... I...
I really-I really missed them.
I've said that before.
Marlin and Nemo are
more than good friends.
They're family.
And I have to
get them back.
See. When they found me,
it felt like fate.
Do you know what I mean?
What's another word for fate.
Morning, Destiny.
-Shh shh shh, shush.
It's Dory.
Something's wrong.
I got her!
She's right outside the institute.
We got to jump.
No time to argue!
-Dory. Dory.
The truck thing with
your friends is leaving.
Oh no! That's bad.
-No no no no.
What do we do?
Here we go.
I can't do it!
I'll never make it out there!
I got the world's most
powerful pair of glasses.
You got the world's most
powerful pair of glasses.
I will be your eyes.
-You're going to be my eyes.
But-But the walls!
-There are no walls in the ocean.
No walls?
It's your destiny, Destiny.
Well, why didn't you say so!
-What? No, Destiny.
NO, that's a wall!
Mom, Dad.
This is my pipe-pal, Destiny.
Say hi.
Are these little blue blobs your parents?
They look just like you.
Hello, I'm Bailey.
Mrs. Dory, Mr. Dory.
Oh please, call me Jenny.
-Oh, I'm-I'm Charlie.
Okay, okay, we got to go.
We got to stop that truck.
What truck?
Bailey, status report.
Oh yes!
My beautiful gift!
Found it!
The truck's merging onto the
freeway, it's heading south.
Let's go.
We are stopping that truck.
This, I got to see.
-Yeah, yeah, me too.
Oh boy, this is going to be good.
Huh! What the?
Have you lost your marbles?
-Don't get used to it, Gerald!
Cheeky Joe, that one.
Bailey, I forgot everything,
catch me up.
Yes, ma'am.
Your friends are still
on the truck.
They're heading north
towards the bridge.
Oh look.
There's a bunch of
cute otters over there.
I want one.
Oh oh oh.
I see the truck!
It's over there!
I don't see how
we can get on it, Dory.
Oh man, if only there was
a way to stop traffic.
Stop traffic.
Stop traffic.
Everyone needs to stop.
People stop to look at things.
Things that they like.
Things that are cute.
Things that are cute!
Okay, I got it.
-What? What is it?
Quickly before I forget.
Destiny, when the truck reaches the bridge,
you flip me up there.
-Got it.
You guys.
Follow me.
Everyone else, stay here.
-Whoa. Whoa.
Dory, honey.
You're not leaving us again.
Your mother is right.
You have to stay with us.
Dory, sweetie.
What happens if...
You know, if you're gone for...
I don't know, too long and...
What if you get confused.
And that makes you distracted.
And what if...
I lose you again?
Mom, Dad.
It's going to be okay.
I know that even if I forget.
I can find you again.
Okay, a little left.
Back the other way a bit.
Okay, that's it.
Yo. Don't do it.
Okay. Now, now!
Do it! Do it!
Time for your idea.
-Okay. What idea?
Okay. Okay.
What do I do? What do I do?
What would Dory do?
Come on, cars.
Cars, I see cars.
Otters in front of cars.
Car have to stop.
Stop traffic!
Cuddle party!
Look out!
They're so cute!
Look at them.
There must be, 1, 2, 3...
What's going on, Dad?
I don't know how.
I don't know in what way.
But I think this has
something to do with...
Water. Water.
I need water.
Are you crazy?
How do you get here?
I thought we'd
never see you again.
Ah, me too.
But darn it.
No matter how hard I tried,
I just couldn't forget you.
Guess I miss the rest of
my family too much, huh.
We're family?
Do you know what
that feels like?
I know what that feels like.
Hey, come on.
Out of the truck.
Those aren't your fish. Shoo.
Oh no.
There goes our ride.
Back in the water, come on.
Doryyy, the traffic is starting to mooove.
Leave it to me.
I got this.
Becky, come back!
We need your help, Becky!
Dory, follow me.
No, no, wait.
We don't have Dory!
No, no, Becky.
Wait. Stop.
We need to go back.
Back, back, Becky.
Please don't eat us!
Where's Dory?
-Who are you?
Oh, thank you. Thank you so much.
-Thank you for taking care of our Dory.
She's still in the truck!
Back to Dory!
Oorroo Dory!
Okay, kid.
I guess this is goodbye.
-What do you mean, no?
I mean, you're not
going to the Cleveland.
You are coming to
the ocean with me.
What is it with you
and ruining my plans.
Listen to me.
I have one goal in life.
One. And it is to...
-No, you listen to me.
What is so great about plans?
I never had a plan.
Did I plan to lose my parents?
Did I plan to find Marlin?
Did you and I plan to meet?
Wait, did we?
-Are you almost done?
Well, I don't think we did.
And that's because the best things
happened by chance.
Because that's life.
And that's you being with me,
out in the ocean.
Not safe in some
stupid glass box.
Can I say something?
-I'm not done!
A friend of mine,
her name's Sigourney,
once told me that all
it takes is 3 simple steps.
Rescue, rehabilitation and
one other thing, that is...
That's right.
So, what do you say?
I was going to say, okay.
Not good.
Oh, no, no.
-Where are they going?
Charlie, they are going away.
-What do we do?
Quick, guys, grab my fin.
He's trying to get
the door open
It's locked from the outside!
Come on, Dory.
You can do it!
Wall! Wall! Wall!
Oh no.
-Oh no.
No, wait!
Bailey, where are they heading?
I'm losing them!
It's over.
No. There's-There's...
There's got to be away.
Dory, now listen to me.
There's no way to get out.
But, there's got to be a way.
There's always a way.
There isn't, Dory.
I'm telling you,
this time there's
no other way!
Well, what about that?
Holy carp.
There is another way.
Take a deep breath, kid.
Excuse me.
What is that?
-I don't care! Just get it off!
-What the?
Suck it, bipeds.
Alright, Hank.
You got 7 arms.
I don't know.
Just try something.
Here we go!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
That's doing something.
-And we are moving.
Good job, Hank.
-Wait. Wait. Wait.
-Come on!
Listen, I'm not trying
to tell you how to drive,
certainly I can't...
I'm not in any position.
But could you...
could you go faster?
Hey, slow...
Give us our truck back!
I can't see squat!
Which way are we going?
All the cars are going left.
So-So, go left.
Gilman Street.
Ashby Avenue.
Oh, Gilman street... again.
Huh, Gilman street again.
How much longer are
we going to veer left?
It's okay.
We just need to
know how we got on.
And then we'll know
how to get off.
Well, let me know
when you figured it out.
Unfortunately I can't remember
how we got on.
Hey, I know those guys.
That's where we came from.
Turn right.
Here we go!
Hey, hey, hey!
We are so fired.
Keep straight, straight.
Left. Left.
No, no, no, no.
Right. Right. Right.
Good driving, Hank.
-Pay attention to the road.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh oh. Fork in the road.
Which way?
Ocean. Ocean.
Hey, a boat!
You know, I have had great
experiences with boats but...
Which way!
Boats go to the ocean!
-Hold on!
We're out of time, kid.
Where do we go now?
Um. Well, um.
Okay, I'll figure it out.
I don't-I don't know.
But, well.
Something will come and...
Hank, follow those birds.
The ocean is left, Hank.
Hold on.
I'm getting something.
Is it them?
Is everything perfect?
Oh oh, it's the fuzz.
Okay, we're good.
Huh, the ocean.
It's straight ahead, floor it.
-Now we're talking.
Oh. Oh oh.
-What do you mean, oh oh?
Oh no.
What would I do?
What would I do? What would I do?
What would I do?
Hank, I'm gonna ask you
to do something crazy.
I'm okay with crazy.
Alright, Hank.
There's no way out!
It's over!
They are going to fish jail!
Oh no.
Get back!
Get back...
I see trees of green,
red roses too.
I see them bloom,
for me and you.
What lies before you represents
the third and final part
of the marine life mission.
Rescue, rehabilitation and release.
Come to Papa.
I'm Sigourney Weaver.
Thank you for joining me.
1, 2, 3, 4.
Uh... Wait a minute.
Why am I counting?
Hey, where's everyone?
Oh oh, did...
Did they leave me?
No. No no.
They wouldn't do that.
Okay, that's okay.
I can figure this out.
What was I just doing then?
I was um...
I was covering my face.
So I was trying to hide.
So why was I trying to hide?
Wait, huh!
Oh, I'm...
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Ready or not, here I come!
Ah ha, found you.
I see you.
Ha ha!
Alright, you little shrimps,
recess is over.
Oh man.
-Ha! Nobody found me.
Bring it in.
Bring it in.
Time for another...
Don't touch me.
Time for another lesson.
When is Mr. Ray coming back
from his migration?
If he is smart, he'll stay away
from here as long as he can.
But until he does,
I'm your substitute teacher.
Okay, kids.
Who wants to learn about echolocation?
Okay, cupcake.
Have fun.
Nice day for a swim, huh?
Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad.
I guess we'll go back home and...
brush up on the anemone.
You coming, Dory?
Me? Oh.
I'm just going to the drop-off.
The drop-off?
That's-That's-That's a good idea?
I just thought
I go enjoy the view.
Bye bye.
The view.
Well, you have a good time.
All by yourself.
Not getting... lost.
No no no...
Hey, Marlin.
-Oh, hey.
Hello, Dory.
You alright?
You looked worried.
No, no, no.
I'm-I'm fine.
It's how I always look.
Well, I just...
You did it.
-You did it, cupcake.
-Did what?
You just followed the shells
all the way back home.
Oh my gosh, I did?
All by myself?
Do you know what
this means, honey?
It means.
You can do whatever
you put your mind to, Dory.
Look at us go!
Mommy, can I go play with them?
Go get them, cupcake.
I did it.
It really is quite a view.