Finding Graceland (1998) Movie Script

Damn, I wish you'd let me
take you on a bit further.
You've already gone too far off
your route these past couple of days.
But thank you.
It's generous folk like yourself
keeping our nation great.
I don't know what I'd have done
if you hadn't come along.
I was all bottled up.
Damn close to doin' something.
I know that.
And I hope those thoughts
are nothin' but distant memories now.
It's taken every bit of my strength...
but I finally believe you're right.
Don't worry, friend.
We'll meet again someplace.
I just know it.
God bless.
Did I ever tell you why
I love livin' in Memphis?
You can go further north, south,
east or west...
but you cannot get
any closer to heaven.
You know, that's kind of poetic.
But then what man has ever had
a muse like you?
Say yes again.
You have no idea how perfect
that sounds off your lips.
How do you want
to spend the day, Bea?
A little drive?
Sounds good to me.
Back away from the car.
I gotta tell you...
this car is one of the more beautiful
sights I've seen in a long time.
The 1959 convertible
is the finest machine...
Cadillac ever built.
Titanic V-8...
390 cubic inches...
345 horses.
The cream of American history.
You best take care of this one.
She's runnin' hot...
and it's a mean sun today.
This car keeps no secrets from me.
Maybe we could share some secrets
of our own.
The name's Elvis.
I'm tryin' to find my way to Memphis.
I got a dinner date this Sunday.
And I'm being reeled back home
like a floppin' catfish.
Man, I can't tell you how it excites me
to see folks haven't forgotten me.
Why don't you hightail us
up to that vehicle...
so we can get an eyeful
of who's behind that wheel?
I don't like crowded roads.
Well, everybody has their quirks.
Maybe we should start small.
You got a name?
Byron Gruman.
Byron, huh?
Mind if I call you "Burn"?
I've met so many people over the years,
I've come to rely on nicknames.
We won't be together long enough
for it to matter what you call me.
Perhaps, but you never know
what fate holds in store for you.
Look at me.
When I was a poor sharecropper's son
driving a truck...
every time a big, shiny car
like that drove by...
it started me daydreaming.
So I worked hard,
served my country.
I did all right.
Then one day my life
spiraled out of my hands.
I lost sight
of what was meaningful.
My wife, my child, my music.
I found myself needin' time
just to catch my breath, so I split.
It's a fascinating story.
But besides that hair,
you hardly even look like Elvis.
I think I look pretty good, considering
I've been on my feet for 20 years.
You're a drifter.
The title ain't nearly as rewarding
as the work.
I travel around, lend a hand
to folks who need it.
What about you? What line of work
lies in your tomorrow?
I don't think much about the future.
Well, I've given worse off than you
their footing.
Listen. I'm gonna stop here
for a while.
No matter what, I usually keep
a few states between me and Tennessee.
Tell you what.
Why don't I buy you some lunch here?
Then you drop me off
just over the state line in Texas.
I can catch a good ride there.
I guess I could eat something.
Man alive!
That was almost as tasty
as my mama used to do.
God bless her soul.
You said you had a dinner date
this Sunday?
Recognize the day, do you?
Not really.
Then I guess you're not much
of a fan of mine.
Son, come this Sunday
it'll be August 16.
The anniversary of the day I died.
I suppose this ridiculous tale
is your version of a mid-life crisis?
Well, I did turn 60 a while back.
But it was more than that.
All these years on the trail
made me realize...
that the life I left behind
wasn't so bad after all.
So I decided it was time
to resume my career.
Wrote everyone back home
and told them to have a bash...
waitin' at my estate
come Sunday afternoon.
I wouldn't expect much of a homecoming
if I was you.
That's $10.80 all together.
Listen, Burn, I'll need
a small loan here.
I'm sure the good folks at Graceland
will pay you back.
Plus interest.
- You don't have any money?
- My word is gold.
Then you shouldn't have any problem
talking your way out of washing dishes.
Hold on.
Somebody has to pay for this.
Franny, why don't we settle this
between the two of us.
Honey, I can tell you waited on
some high rollers now and then.
- What's this?
- Don't bother thanking me.
But the tab was nearly $11.00.
I insist you put down more for the tip.
- You what?
- I insist.
I'll wrestle it out of you
if I have to.
Why, Elvis, you are the gentleman.
Keep the faith, sweet lady.
What's your problem, son?
My problem?
You're my only problem.
Other than that,
life's peachy-keen.
First I give you a ride.
Then I'm forced to spring
for your damn lunch.
Okay, you got a right
to be angry.
But walk a mile in my shoes, Burn.
I'm rich, famous, vulnerable.
I got to know the kind of man
I'm befriendin'.
Who the hell are you to judge me?
You don't know me.
You don't know what I've been through.
Judging from that tarnished ring
you wear, it's pretty clear.
Your wife left you.
But taking it out on that woman
back there wasn't fair.
My wife didn't leave me.
She's dead.
She died in a car accident
over a year ago. You happy now?
I don't celebrate death, Byron.
Trust me.
I've lost more than my share
of loved ones.
I don't want to hear any more lies
about your life.
Let's get something straight.
I don't believe you're Elvis.
Frankly, I don't care who you are...
or what terrible things
have happened to your life.
I'm gonna make you care, Burn.
I'm gonna make you believe.
I'm gonna take you to Texas...
because unlike you
I'm a man who keeps his word.
After that, we're history.
If you say so.
But I'm warnin' you.
You'll be sorry once I'm gone.
Don't bet on it.
Well, Burn, I guess this is it.
I'm sorry if I did anything
to pester you.
Forget it.
Good luck, wherever you're headed.
I got a feeling our destinations
aren't so far apart.
But wherever you go,
remember the King.
Just one night.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I've seen better.
Thank you.
Get on up, baby!
It's time to party with the King.
Wake up.
Well, read 'em and weep, Elvis.
Girls, if you're gonna trounce me...
the least you could do is make it look
like you're concentratin'.
Listen, son...
I'm gonna need some help here.
In a few minutes,
this situation...
might be more than a man
of my propriety can handle.
One hand.
Will you promise me you'll leave
right after, rain or shine?
Seeing you take a risk
will be well worth a wet coat.
Girls, you're in trouble now.
I found me an ally.
Sit here, soldier.
We can swap war stories.
Be sweet to me and I might even
let you see my purple heart.
I'm afraid there won't be time
for that.
Full house.
Nice deal, Maggie.
That's not fair, Heather.
Burn hasn't picked you yet.
I know, but I picked him.
One more hand, Burn?
It stopped raining.
- That's not fair.
- Oh, come on.
What about our self-respect?
You want your self-respect back?
Okay, we'll play a new game.
Called "Reality Check."
That sounds dull.
How 'bout it, old timer?
You up for a little identity test?
Happy to oblige.
We'll start easy.
What size shoe did Elvis wear?
My shoe size? Jesus.
But I ain't answered yet.
It's just been so long
since I actually purchased a new pair.
Let me check.
Twelve D.
How'd you know that?
He's right, your flesh is gonna be
public property soon, Burn.
Elvis' purple Cadillac.
How did he describe the shade he wanted?
That's easy.
I said I wanted the car to look like
someone squashed grapes on the hood.
I read that.
What year did Elvis buy Graceland? What
was his Army rank, registration number?
That's hardly one question,
but I'll let it slide.
I bought Gladys her slice of heaven...
in March, '57...
and she was proud I made sergeant.
He's right.
It says so right here.
Put your dancin' shoes on, Burn.
One night with you
I love a man with ssars.
That still hurt
from when your wife died?
How'd you know that?
Oh, baby, Elvis told us
the whole story.
How she was killed in a car accident.
Everybody out.
Calm down, son.
I'm not your son.
I'm awfully sorry about this...
It's all right, Elvis.
We love you like life itself.
But your friend here
has got the manners of a scud missile.
I'm not feelin' so keen.
Mind if I lay down a while?
I was beginning to think I'd have
to walk the rest of the way to Memphis.
No trouble.
Tell me about the nightmare
you had last night...
and I might let you take the wheel.
My dreams ain't but
a bunch of nonsense, Burn.
That's a pity, 'cause this car's
running silky smooth.
Don't I know it.
What was it you called it?
"The cream of American history"?
Ho! Let me think.
There's these two people...
they hang about my sleep all the time.
A woman and a child.
When I wake, they're gone.
Who are they?
I never see their faces.
I wish they'd introduce themselves to me
or leave me alone.
What's your name?
Maybe if you told me your name,
then you could remember theirs.
That's twice in two days
you've let that car fly by.
It's just a coincidence.
There's no such thing as coincidence.
All you got to do is open
your eyes and ears...
and you'll see the beauty in fate.
I'll bet the first look you got
of Beatrice...
you knew it was preordained.
How'd you know her name?
It must've stumbled
out of you somewhere.
I was gonna be a doctor.
I was the most coordinated person
I knew.
I never tripped,
never broke a bone in my body.
Then one day I wind up killing
the woman I lived for.
Exastly how did you do that?
You have ten minutes.
You drive no faster than 35,
and you stop when I say.
This car is one of
the more beautiful sights...
I've seen in a long time.
it's been ages since I've handled
a baby like this.
I do believe a moment of reflection
is in order.
Now, by God, grab hold of somethin'!
Slow down.
How did you kill Beatrice, Byron?
Did you blow a tire?
Did you lose your brakes?
I don't remember.
Bull! You're just afraid
to face the truth.
Slow down!
Why you--
I wanna rip it up
I wanna shake it up
Pull over!
- Look at that! An escort.
- Shit!
Relax. I can handle this.
You're certifiable.
- Do you have a driver's license?
- 'Course I do.
Though come to think of it,
I haven't renewed it since I died.
License and registration, please.
Officer Haynes. I'm afraid I left
my I.D. in my other pants this mornin'.
But you can recognize the King.
So what can I do for you today?
An autographed five by ten
for the loved ones perhaps?
Both of you,
out of the car now.
He's just kiddin', Officer.
I don't have a sense of humor.
Since your friend don't have a license,
you both have a right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used
against you in a court of law.
You're arresting both of us?
Just arrest this lunatic.
I was just giving him a lift.
You picked the wrong cargo.
Far as I'm concerned, Elvis was nothin'
but an overrated saloon singer.
Can I help it if your high school
sweetheart had the hots for me?
Get over here!
What do you think, Burn?
Maybe I should show the man the light by
beltin' out a little "Jailhouse Rock."
One note.
One note, and I cannot
be held responsible for my actions.
Like what?
Tearing at my clothes
and wettin' yourself?
Don't fret, Burn.
I haven't met a law enforcement agent
yet wasn't soft on the King.
Sheriff Haynes?
What now?
Are you from Mississippi?
Born in East Tupelo.
No tall tale!
I had a schoolyard friend by the name
of Harold looked just like you.
We used to call him "Hap."
Friends used to call me that.
See, Burn?
Me and Haynes are kin.
He didn't say he knows you.
Sure he does.
Hap, you recall Mrs. Grimes'
fifth grade homeroom?
How we had to recite
those God-long poems?
"Sunset and evening star...
and one clear call for me.
And may there be no moaning of the bar
when I put out to sea."
"But such a tide as moving
seems asleep...
too full of sound and foam.
When that which drew
from out the boundless deep...
turns once again home.
Twilight and evening bell,
and after that the dark.
And may there be no sadness
of farewell when I embark."
That's why I left Memphis
in the first place.
Elvis impersonators, reporters
knockin' on my door night and day...
looking for some small detail of the
final years they could turn into money.
A bad dose of celebrity, huh?
You know what the worst was?
There was nothin' I could tell 'em.
The day I heard Elvis had gone,
I was surprised as any.
I'd no idea he wasn't well.
Sure, he was under
a lot of pressure, but--
Let's just say sometimes
I wonder.
Well, I never could play you, Hap.
What can I say to make you see fit
to forgive such an abrupt farewell?
Remember this with me.
Once when me and Elvis was just boys...
ridin' around in a little red wagon
in his backyard...
I guess I turned a tad fast.
Anyway, he fell out.
He didn't get hurt, just got scared
and started cryin'.
And you started screaming,
"Hiss! Hiss!"
Because you couldn't say "Elvis"
till you was almost grown.
I'll be damned!
I have never related that tale
to a soul.
I'll never forget it. My mama
came flyin' out the back door...
with that broom of hers like a hen
to protect her chicks.
I can't believe you believe this.
Watch your manners, boy.
I'll write you up for every
moving violation I can drum up.
Now, Hap, is that really necessary?
I never did apologize
for flippin' that wagon over.
Sorry about that...
Remember the King.
- How do you know that man?
- He was my childhood--
No, no. Don't tell me
he was your childhood friend.
Okay. I heard the remnant's of a lisp
when he spoke...
and I guessed he was a fan.
So you admit you lied to him!
- Does it matter?
- What?
So what if I might have lied to Hap?
And I'm not saying I did,
but he believed me.
He can rest easier now.
So what harm am l?
You think your games are harmless?
Let me tell you what kind of damage
a car can do when it's out of control.
Just imagine you're driving
alongside a train.
You take your eyes off the road
for just one second to kiss your wife.
When you turn back,
the train's comin' at you.
That's tragic, all right, Burn.
But imagine the freedom you'd feel...
if you would admit
what really happened that night.
How would you know what happened?
Great! Now look what you did!
I fix what I break.
Stay away from this car.
Come near this car again, I'll kill you.
All right. It's all right.
It's all right by me.
I'll walk the rest of the way.
Remember the--
Ah, hell. Forget the King.
The King's dead!
besides needin' a new radiator
and some serious bodywork...
man, this thing
is surprisingly healthy.
Come back first light in the mornin',
you'll be surprised how she runs.
How much is it gonna cost me?
Not a penny.
You're kiddin'.
No, man. Elvis covered you.
And we take special care
of friend's of the King.
You know where he went?
Head down that road there
with your eyes open.
You can't miss him.
See ya later.
Ladies and gentlemen,
dress up the front line.
We have a new shooter coming out.
Eleven! Yes, ladies and gentlemen,
play the game.
Baby needs a new pair of shoes!
- Seven the winner!
- Way to go!
Hey, there.
Let it ride, dealer, for my friend.
Norma Jean, I wonder
if you'd do me the honor...
of bringin' Lady Luck
to these here cubes.
- Oh, I couldn't possibly gamble.
- Come on, Marilyn.
You know you can't refuse the King.
No good subject would.
- Come on, baby!
- No more bets. Comin' out.
A winner! Eleven!
Damn, I told her to lay off
the sleeping pills.
Is there a doctor in the house?
Don't worry, the boy's in med school.
Ma'am. Ma'am!
I'll be damned.
What the hell are you doing?
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I guess the sight of all that money
must've taken my breath away.
Then when I woke to find such
a handsome young man kissing me...
I just couldn't help myself.
Are you all right, honey?
I think so.
Can you make out my face?
- She sounds healthy to me!
- Marilyn lives!
Let's hear it, ladies and gentlemen!
All right!
Come to our show tonight...
in the Bijou Theatre
and see her live on stage.
Thank you, Elvis.
And to this brave, young man.
I do love doctors, almost as much as
I love playwrights and baseball players.
Thanks. Bye.
Come on, Elvis.
Place your bets on the front line.
All bets down, sir.
Let it ride, dealer.
Do or die.
Are you crazy?
There must be $5,000 there.
Who invited you to the party?
Baby needs a new pair of shoes!
Snake eyes! Crap dice.
I'm sorry, sir.
That's all right.
I guess Lady Luck's been frightened away
to another table.
Remember the King!
You got enough for bus fare?
What's the matter?
Forget some insult
you wanted to hurl at me?
I wanted to thank you
for sending that tow back.
I'd probably still be sitting there.
Look, I apologize for getting
a bit dramatic back there.
But you've got to admit,
you are a bit jarring on one's system.
Why is that, Burn?
What exactly is it about me
that rattles you...
besides my music?
Actually, I like your singing.
Beatrice loved your sing--
I mean Elvis' songs.
Son, just once I'd like to hear you
call me by my name.
Just once!
Then maybe I'd believe...
you could take a likin' to something
other than your own misery.
Hold on.
What's this?
It's the last of my savings.
It should cover the cost of the car.
I'm drowning in human kindness.
Damn it. Take the money.
You haven't heard a word I've said
since we met, have you?
The best gratuity you could show me
is friendship.
If money meant anything to me...
I wouldn't have left
the mansion and plane behind.
Seems to me you haven't traveled
as far as you think.
My God! That girl
does resemble Marilyn.
For a moment,
she actually had me fooled.
I like that in a woman.
I thought you would.
It got a pretty good reaction,
you know.
"Remember the King!"
That's great.
And that accent.
Have you ever seen anyone
so convinced he was Elvis?
What's there to doubt?
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Save the song and dance for the show,
Miss Monroe.
I'm always one for enjoying humor
at my expense.
Especially from one so beautiful.
Very smooth. I like it.
Thank you.
Friends, these are those kind guests
I was telling you about.
Elvis, this is Corey and Connie.
That's Al. He's a lawyer from L.A.
This is Sheldon, who runs a chain
of carpet stores in Oregon.
And that's his wife Pam.
I think you met Gene.
He's the casino entertainment director.
And I'm actually Giles.
"A rose by any other name
would still smell as sweet."
Thank you.
This is Byron Gruman.
Yes, we're quite intimate already.
I'm in shock that you're not
in Graceland this time of the year.
It's been murder trying to find
a good Elvis during the annual vigil.
It's true. Although with a little
mousse, this one might do the trick.
- Don't you think?
- Only one of us is headed to Memphis.
Excuse me.
I have to pick up my car.
- Forgive my friend.
- Sure.
Hold on, Burn!
Where're you goin'?
The party was just gearing up.
Those people can help you to where
you're going quicker than I can.
You still don't believe a thing
I've told you about myself, do you?
You want me to lie to you?
Of course not.
But give me one last chance
to prove myself.
Step outside for a spell,
and I swear, when you return...
I'll have evidence
even you can't question.
What are you scheming now?
Just help me out this once.
Besides, I happen to know your car
won't be ready till morning.
See anything you like?
Is this yours?
When the payments are met,
which isn't always.
So, if you moonlight as a thief,
may I suggest the guest parking lot?
No, I'm just curious.
You passed us on the road
the past couple days.
I pass a lot of people.
You mean you make passes
at a lot of people.
Comes with the job.
Let me ask you something.
When you faint in casinos,
do you kiss every man that revives you?
Actually, that was a first.
But I've learned to trust
my impulses.
Did you ever think someone
might not want to be kissed?
Isn't every American male
attracted to Marilyn Monroe?
Another deranged soul.
Is there something you wanted?
That's what I thought.
I didn't mean to be cold.
It's just that I didn't think
life could get any stranger.
Now I find myself stuck
in Mississippi...
the only person sane enough
to recall his own name.
It's cooler inside.
There's a beer in the fridge
if you want it.
What's the deal with your father?
He takes his Elvis pretty seriously.
He's not my father.
He sort of attached himself to me.
He cries in his sleep. I imagine he's
been through some sort of tragedy...
but I can't seem to get
a straight answer out of him.
I've seen a good deal of tragedy
among impersonators.
Without the gear,
you hardly look like Marilyn Monroe.
I know.
Spooky, isn't it?
Lipstick and wigs.
I actually happened to be singing once
at happy hour...
and a guy said I sounded like Marilyn,
so I bought that ticket out.
Don't you find living in here
a bit cramped?
I'm only in here
a few months out of the year.
Usually I'm pretty much
booked solid in Vegas.
Besides, this thing's got character.
Don't you think what a person drives
reveals a lot about them?
One time in my life
I thought that.
Before you wrecked that Caddy?
How'd you know?
The second I saw you in the Casino,
I recognized you from the road.
Kind of hard to forget.
I thought to myself...
"There's a soul
who looks like he's suffered."
Maybe that's why I kissed you.
Suffering can really make a person
and interesting.
Though I didn't taste too much life
in your lips, I must say.
Because my wife died
in that car accident.
About a year ago in Memphis.
Well, I'm sorry.
I guess if I were you, I wouldn't
be rushing back to Tennessee...
let alone kissing strangers
dressed up like the dead.
What is it about impersonators...
that makes everything you say
sound like philosophy?
I don't know.
Everybody needs guidance.
What difference does it make if
you get it from Jesus, Buddha or Elvis?
I don't want to keep you.
Thanks for the talk.
Sure. What's a performer
without a fan?
I'm an idiot.
Casanova returns.
Something tropical.
Are you drunk?
Me? Not quite.
Just nursing a bad case
of jitters is all.
I tell you,
the closer I get to Memphis...
the farther away
it just seems to get.
At least we have that in common.
What? Marilyn didn't ease
your burden none?
How would she do that?
Come now. I saw you two heading
in the same direction.
I guess she's attractive.
I loved someone like that once.
The type that would gamble
their life on a whim.
And that's bad?
If they lose.
when we buried my mama...
I tried jumping into the grave
after her as well.
She was all I lived for.
My best girl.
Then one day in Germany
I met this young lady.
She wasn't like so many
of the rest of them.
I guess most of them
were overawed by me...
by what I was supposed to be.
But with this chick,
it was different.
She never gave the impression at all
she was tongue-tied...
and I was hooked.
Now, nobody will ever replace
my mama...
but I swear, letting myself get close
to another warm soul...
filled a great void in me.
if I was interested in her...
what would you suggest I do?
Crooning always did wonders for me.
You forgot this.
That's for you. A ticket
to the mother of all comebacks.
You performing here?
As the crow flies.
This isn't gonna prove you're Elvis.
I defy anyone who sees me tonight
to call me a fraud.
He's not so good in a crowd
But when you get him alone
You'd be surprised
He isn't much at a dance
But when he takes you home
You'd be surprised
He doesn't look like much of a lover
Don't judge a book by its cover
He's got the face of an angel but
There's a devil in his eye
He's such a delicate thing
But when he starts in the squeeze
You'd be surprised
He doesn't look very strong
But when you sit on his knee
You would be surprised
At a party or at a ball
I've got to admit he's nothing at all
But in an easy chair
You'd be surprised
He doesn't look like much of a lover
Don't judge a book by its cover
'Cause he's got the face
of an angel but
There's a devil in his eyes
He doesn't say very much
But when he starts in to speak
You'd be surprised
He's not so good at the start
But at the end of the week
You would be surprised
On a streetcar or on a train
You'd think he was born
without any brain
But in a taxicab
And when he start to grab
I said a taxicab
You would be surprised
This one's a real danger
Ladies and gentlemen, Marilyn.
Before the Hollywood Casino
brings on its next legend...
I have a message
for a very important guest...
Mr. Byron Gruman.
Would you come backstage? Come on up.
It's very important. It can't wait.
We'll be right back.
Thank you.
We'll be back with Elvis.
- There you are.
- What's going on?
See for yourself.
Hey, Burn.
How long has he been like this?
About an hour. I've seen it before.
He's afraid to go on.
I don't care if he lives or he dies.
I advanced you $600 for an Elvis.
You're his manager. Manage him.
Give him some coffee.
- He said I managed him?
- That's right.
I should've left you in Texas.
Now get up! Where's the money?
Lost it. Roulette.
I don't give a damn. If he's not
on stage soon, I'm calling the police.
And both of you are going down
for fraud. You got it?
Get up! Come on, get up.
Come on.
There you go.
All right.
I can't.
I know.
Look. I never told you this before...
but Beatrice knew everything
about Elvis.
She told me that the first time
he was on stage, he was scared to death.
He didn't know what all the yelling
was about, that his body was moving.
So when he went off stage
and asked his manager, he said...
"What'd I do? What'd I do?"
Know what he said? "Whatever it is--"
"Go back out there and do it again."
I know you're not Elvis.
And I know you're scared to death,
but if you don't go out there...
you're gonna see a violent side of me
that you never even dreamed of.
You look good.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
- Here.
- I can't do this.
You're gonna do it, believe me.
Take this and do it.
Go ahead. Go ahead.
Get him out there.
You're gonna be great, Elvis.
If you forget any words, do some karate.
This crowd will love it.
Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee,
our final legend...
the King of Rock and Roll!
We're caught in a trap
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much
Why can't you see
What you're doing to me
When you don't believe a word
I'm saying
We can't go on together
With suspicious minds
And we can't build our dreams
On suspicious minds
So if an old friend I know
Drops by to say hello
Would I still see suspicion
In your eyes
So here we go again
Asking where I've been
Can't you see these tears are real
I'm trying
We can't go on together
With suspicious minds
And we can't build our dreams
On suspicious minds
Oh, let our love survive
I'll dry the tears from your eyes
Let's don't let a good thing die
'Cause, honey
You know
I'd never lie to you
Oh, no
Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
I'm broiling alive.
Are you all right?
You were great!
Watch his head.
Is he okay?
You all right?
- What is it?
- I think he's just dehydrated.
Let's get him to your trailer.
Call the paramedics.
I want to check his case,
see if there's any medication.
Help me get him up.
You should've seen it.
Two thousand screaming fans.
But don't worry.
I'll send you all tickets
to the next one.
How's the patient?
I think we can save him
if he'd stop talking for a minute.
I've never been so insulted.
- Can I talk to you alone?
- Sure.
- Did you find anything in his case?
- More than I was looking for. Here.
"Marian and Lilli Burrows...
wife and daughter
of local businessman Jon Burrows...
were confirmed to be...
fatalities aboard yesterday's
ill-fated flight bound for Memphis.
Friends expressed concern
for Mr. Burrows who they described...
as a generous philanthropist known
to entertain with his renditions...
of the music of Elvis Presley
who passed on early yesterday as well."
- Oh, no.
- It's incredible.
There must be something we can do.
Maybe if you take him home.
What do you say, Doctor?
What's the prognosis?
There's nothing wrong that an immediate
red-eye to Graceland won't cure.
You arrange for a chaperone?
- You're looking at him.
- You?
Why, I've never seen such an act
of selfless generosity in all my days.
In that case...
I do declare
my next set of sandwiches...
will have Memphis
written all over them.
Heaven help me.
I do love those sandwiches.
You were great! We loved it.
Miss Ashley, Burn and l
can't thank you enough...
for the pre-coffee delivery.
It was my pleasure.
You two just say your farewells,
and I'll check on the car's progress.
Maybe you can call around, see if any
of the Burrows family is in Memphis.
All right.
Look me up if you ever find your way
through Nevada, okay?
I'm just trying to survive Memphis.
We did it, boys. Look at him.
Ladies and gentlemen...
the car of cars.
What the hell did you do?
Brought out the beauty that was lurking
beneath this baby's pained exterior.
What do you think?
Quite a vision now, isn't she?
The car is beautiful!
How did you pay for this?
It don't matter.
Consider it a donation
from some very generous technicians.
It's like new.
You're gifted.
Anything to get the King
of Rock and Roll home in style.
See, Miss Ashley,
my efforts are flowering.
A day ago, this boy threatened to kill
anybody that came close to this vehicle.
What a difference a day makes.
Hop in, Burn.
Leave now when we can reach
my heavenly home by noon.
- Thank you.
- You got it, Burn.
Thank you all.
Miss Ashley, it was a pleasure
making your acquaintance.
Come on by Graceland someday soon.
I'd be honored.
Remember the King!
Kind of hard to forget him.
Burn, I got to tell you something.
This ain't the first time
I've tried coming home.
Honestly, I've held up that
cardboard sign around my birthday...
just about every year
in the past 20 now.
Only I've never come this close before.
Guess I owe it
to my chance meeting with you...
a man who shares as much history
with this town as I do.
So promise me something.
What's that?
If I turn and run,
shoot me in the back.
I'll be right behind you.
The tour is closed in preparation
for the vigil tonight, gentlemen.
I understand.
But this man here claims to be Elvis.
Is that right?
Sorry I'm late.
It's been a long road home.
I'm sorry, sir.
There must be some mistake.
The line forms at 7:00.
Why not come back then and we'll try
to bump you to the front of it.
I guess that ends that.
Ends what?
The boys used to play this game
with me all the time.
Lock me out...
testing how long it took
for me to break into my own home.
And you can bet right now
they're in the dining room...
laughing their heads off
at our expense.
We'll show 'em.
Back out of here.
Please, don't do this.
I don't wanna get arrested again.
I've gotten you this far safely,
haven't l?
I'm insane.
I'm home.
Maybe we should go.
Don't be silly.
Just look surprised
when they jump out.
Something don't feel right.
There's nobody here.
I saw your clipping
about the plane crash.
you really bought that tale?
Hell, I had that thing
printed up ages ago.
Like yourself, some folks need me
to have a more believable identity...
before they can accept my sympathy.
Everything about this trip...
fixing the car, getting arrested,
meeting Ashley...
you planned it all, didn't you?
One never knows what's chance
and what's fate till the ride is over.
So why don't we turn this car around,
and finish what we started?
You sure this is where they are?
Your wife and child.
That's not who we're here for.
How'd you know she was here?
That's a long story.
Let's just say I met a trucker once
who used to drive a train.
Travel as much as I do,
and you're bound to come across...
two people that have been touched
by the same tragedy.
I can't believe
I never came here before.
We all travel at our own pace, Byron.
And you've nothing to feel guilty about.
After all, you didn't really
kill Beatrice, did you?
I wasn't even drivin'.
See, in my head,
I see myself behind that wheel.
But it was her.
Beatrice was drivin'.
She just wanted to kiss me.
God, if I'd been drivin'--
She might be alive?
Or you might be dead.
Maybe both of you would have perished.
How could something so perfect
be taken away from me?
I've searched a lifetime
for an answer to that question.
All I know is
you have to forgive yourself...
the woman...
and have faith that the next love
you know won't cause you so much pain.
My God! Will you look at
this glorious congregation?
I'm sorry there wasn't a party
for you.
Right. But I'm sure
it was just a mistake.
Anyway, it doesn't matter.
I never dreamed
I'd be this loved by so many.
To these people I'm home.
And I guess it should remain that way
for them...
and maybe for my own sake.
Sometimes a man has to give up
what's dearest to him to find peace.
What will you do now?
Keep moving, I guess.
I always thought
I'd ride a train a while.
And what about you?
Where are you headed?
I was thinking about going west...
visiting a woman in Vegas.
Listen, why don't you let me
take you back west a few states?
Thank you, but no.
You've already gone too far out
of your way these past couple of days.
I don't know what I would've done
if you hadn't come along.
I was pretty close to doing something.
I know.
And I hope those thoughts
are nothing but distant memories.
It's taken all my strength...
but I believe you're right.
One last question.
What's my name?
What'd I tell you?
It's never too late for a comeback.
I'll be right back.
What a perfect surprise.
Can you believe this? This is amazing.
Elvis lives.
What are you doing here?
I really didn't know what else to do.
I couldn't find the Burrows family
anywhere near Memphis.
I tried calling information. I even
checked the public library, and nothing.
Well, maybe we missed something
in that clipping.
- Do you still have it?
- No.
What's the matter?
Remember the King.
Remember the King!
Friend, I gotta tell you.
It's been a long time since I rode
in the belly of a boxcar.
Let me introduce myself.
The name's Elvis.