Finding Mr. Right (2013) Movie Script

Yes, right there.
No. You get over there.
Only one week?
I worked so hard for two weeks off.
Just first time come to USA.
Two weeks!
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Good evening.
What is the purpose of your visit?
Why do you come to the US?
Oh, em...
Are you alone?
You're single?
I am single lady, I am single lady
Stop it.
Many people would go to Los Angeles
and New York for holiday.
Why do you come to Seattle?
Can you say again?
I ask why you come to Seattle.
Movie. Movie.
Sleepless in Seattle.
You know that I love that movie. I love it.
Look to the camera.
No smiling.
Romantic love.
Enjoy your stay here.
I did it. Six months.
Thank you. Thank you.
After the tone please record your message
when you've finished recording
you may hang UP
or press 1 for more options
Miss Wen Jiajia from Beijing?
Sorry I'm late.
What took you so long?
30 minutes late!
I'm sorry.
I paid for your service.
I spent 12 hours on that plane.
Don't you know that I really need a rest?
Watch out! My suitcases are very expensive!
Trust me,
you don't wanna break any of those babies!
I definitely file a complaint!
Other people wait there with a sign
and look at you!
Why don't you give me your address
and I go to pick you up instead?
You know how cold it is?
I'm sorry.
Didn't your mother teach you to be on time?
Hurry UP-
It's so cold
that makes my nose running
Open up now!
Is that a mouse?
Haven't you heard of the bird flu?
I'm sorry. It's sterile.
How come!
You let a pregnant woman sit besides mouse?
I'm not getting in this car.
Sit in the front.
It just starts raining like that?
That's Seattle for you.
Why did you take off your seat belt?
It's beautiful.
Fasten your seat belt.
Fasten your seat belt.
Such a bother.
Get in the car.
What are you doing?
Come on.
What's going on?
Any Problem?
No, sir.
Any problem, Ma'am?
Say no.
What's going on?
These maternity centers are illegal.
Looks like they got busted.
Get in the car.
Let's get out of here.
Where to?
You're asking me?
I just got here. How would I know?
You're their driver.
You have to take me somewhere safe
to have the baby.
Come on. What are you waiting for?
Hurry UP-
Where are you taking me?
Don't you want to find a maternity center?
I don't even know your name.
Can I look at your driver's license?
What for?
I've never seen an American driver's license.
What are you doing?
I just put your information on Weibo.
I have like 50 thousand followers.
If you turn out to be some psycho
and something happens to me,
the police will find you.
Give it to me.
You're late. Julie is asleep.
I picked up a pregnant woman at the airport.
She's looking for a maternity center.
Mouse Boy, what place is this?
A center run by a Taiwanese lady.
Taiwanese? Will the police come here?
They never have.
But I don't know if I like Taiwanese cooking.
She's the only one I know.
If you don't like it here,
I'll take you to a hotel,
and you can figure it out tomorrow.
Mouse Boy, don't you threaten me!
This better be honest business.
Don't you forget.
All my weibo followers have seen your license.
Are you staying or not?
This is the storage room
and that's the living room.
That's our dining room...
and that's our kitchen.
The bedrooms are upstairs.
We provide three meals a day
plus two extra ones.
It's USD3,000 per month
before you give birth...
and USD4,500 afterwards.
If you have visitors staying with you,
an extra bed costs USD1,500.
Help yourself to the fruit,
milk and juice in the fridge.
You can call me Mrs. Huang.
What's your name?
Wen Jiajia.
Ms. Wen, this is your room.
It's so small.
It's so small.
I'm not kidding.
This is a standard room,
and the bathroom is downstairs.
What is a standard room?
Standard means without bathroom.
A room with bathroom is called suite.
How is it standard if there's no bathroom?
I want a suite!
Standard? My ass.
Can you keep it down? Ms. Wen
Everyone's asleep.
I don't care. I want a suite.
Put the luggage down.
I want a big suite,
and I can double the price.
Ms. Wen,
can we discuss this tomorrow?
I'll see if they want to switch with you.
You had a long day...
and your baby needs to rest, right?
We have hot water 24 hours a day.
Breakfast is at 9.
Excuse me.
You work for them, don't you?
Bring them up.
She thinks money makes her so special.
Sorry for the trouble.
It's not your fault.
You're trying to bring me business.
I didn't know what else to do.
Hey,don't you knock first?
Don't you lock the door?
Didn't you read the sign?
We are in the same gender!
There's nothing I haven't seen before.
The number you have dial
cannot be reach at this time.
Please try again later.
No no no. Thanks. I'm fine.
You never knock, do you?
It's too early for this noise.
You woke me up.
It's noon, for crying out loud.
I'm so sorry I woke you.
Wait. This means "occupied",
and this means you can go in.
We're home.
I'm so tired.
You missed so much.
Big sales.
I bought a lot of clothes
for my elder daughter,
cost me less than 30 bucks.
I bought some more to sell back home,
and easily double the price. Haha.
Mrs. Huang.
Oh. New tenant. Hello.
Can we talk about the room now?
I asked them this morning,
but neither wants to switch rooms.
I'm sorry, but there are no more rooms.
How about when Joe has her baby
you can have her room,
but that's 3 months from now.
There's a big room upstairs with a crib.
The big one.
I like that one. How much?
That one is Mrs. Huang's, right?
I love that room.
Double price?
That room is for
when the babies are born.
Hey, sister.
Why don't you switch with me?
I have a big room too.
I want yours.
You bought so much? Are you showing off?
Everything was so cheap.
And that's a good reason?
I just want Mrs. Huang's room.
Alright, Miss Wen.
You can have that room for USD4,500, OK?
That's the deal.
You can pay me later.
OK. Let's swap today soon.
What are you looking at?
Mrs. Huang,
be careful with my computer.
Mrs. Huang, I love seafood.
Can I have the, urn...
Alaskan crab everyday?
I'll pay for that.
Did you hear me?
And please do my laundry. I'll pay.
Mary, you would do anything for money, right?
What do you mean?
How about I pay you to take shit for me?
Don't you start messing me around, OK?
Having one prima donna in the house is enough.
Speak your own language.
We're saying Americans don't eat crabs
when they're pregnant
so that the babies
won't come out waving 8 legs.
Hi Stella. Go ahead.
What's the market price now?
When it reaches 9, sell all 20 million.
Yes, sell all 20 million.
who is this Devil Wears Prada?
Miss Wen,
you need to see a doctor this afternoon.
Pick one you like
and Frank will take you.
You're sure my doctor is the best right?
This isn't an illegal clinic, right?
You want a female doctor who speaks Mandarin.
Two conditions are satisfied.
And she's the most expensive one.
It looks real...
but I'm sure there are fakes
in the US as well.
Fill this out.
She's a Chinese doctor. Why all the English?
I can't do this.
It's discrimination.
How many times have you been pregnant before?
This is my fourth time.
You really bought it?
It's my first time.
Any allergies to medication?
Yes, poison.
I don't think there is any.
Any operations?
I fell down a tree when I was a kid.
Had a few stitches on my head.
Does that count?
How many stitches?
Three, four, five... Whatever.
You know the English language well.
You even know how to write "stitches"? Wow.
OK. See you next week. Bye.
DB. Oh, Frank. Long time.
We didn't finish this.
Sorry. You don't have to do this.
Chris, show this lady in.
Doctor Tang said you used to be a doctor,
but you don't look like one.
That's why I quit.
Why did she call you DB?
Isn't your name Frank?
Is it like a respectful term for older men,
like in Korean films?
In the US, it's all privacy.
Oh, crabs. Alaskan crabs.
So big. It's still moving.
280 bucks.
Let me pay all.
No, thank you. I got that.
It's too early,
I don't want to go back to that boring house.
My treat!
Let's go to the best restaurant in Seattle!
I have to go pick up my daughter.
Daughter? Where's her mom?
In China.
And she leaves you here alone
with all the blond bimboes?
Bimboes are no match for a wife
who makes so much money. Right Frank?
8 dollars and 50 cents
8 dollars and 50 cents,
you sure your card won't be declined?
Frank, who's that guy?
That's her baby's father.
White GUY-
OK. Thank you. Bye bye.
Hi, Frank.
He's cute.
What about the girl?
His girlfriend.
I'm just like that leading character,
the type of good wife
They didn't officially marry
but have been approved by the Party.
That's as good as married.
See the other girl?
He has a wife, come on! Shameless girl.
Yue, be quiet.
No one here says pregnant women
can't eat crabs.
What crabs? They're eating dumplings.
Eat your apple.
Watching TV?
I have seen this one.
This 9UY---
He marries that little fox
in green in the end.
And the lady in white...
Do you have to give out the ending?
Say, Joe,
So you are very fluent in English,
did you learn it in bed?
Are you out of your mind?
So you can do it but I can't talk about it?
What did I do?
I saw that cute white boy the other day.
He has a girlfriend,
and you still keep his baby.
It's none of your business.
Another word and I'll slap you in your face.
Such a dumb ass.
You think you're so special
because you speak English,
If I had a white boyfriend,
I'll speak 1000 times better than you.
Let me tell you something, little girl.
Don't think you can get your way...
just because you have some bloody money.
I never believed for a second
that it's honest money earned by yourself.
It's either from your daddy or sugar daddy.
You're just jealous that my man
is happy to pay for everything.
Your man?
From the way you spend the money,
who knows whose man it really is
How dare you!
Bitches see everyone as bitch.
So you think you can hit me, huh?
Stop it.
It's not worth it, not worth it Watch out
Calm down, calm down!
What are you doing?
You're too pregnant for all this!
She hit me!
You deserve it!
Shut up, both of you!
Think of your babies!
Can't believe you're going to be mothers.
Why are you still standing there?
Not my fault.
Damn, damn, damn
Dance with me.
I don't know how to dance.
Come on.
I really can't.
That'll teach you about not calling me.
Don't think I won't get any men just
because I'm pregnant.
Don't drink so much.
Check out the mini-skirt behind you.
It's OK. She doesn't understand.
Check it out.Come on, are you for real?
So your wife is away? How do you manage?
Manage what?
You know what I mean.
What do you do about your needs?
Do you know that this kind of place
is not good for the baby?
If you think your baby is precious,
stop drinking.
All gone.
You don't think I'm a good mother?
Let me tell you
As a mother,
I am 100 times better than those women!
Do you know
at home how many girls in my age
get rid of their babies
instead of keeping them?
Do you have any idea?
It's not easy for many people.
You think it's easy for me?
I don't have a job,
He won't get divorced.
There's no way for me to
get a legal permission
to give birth at home.
No permission then
I can't go to the hospital for checkups.
Even the baby born,
I can't even register him legally.
You think I want to have the baby in America?
You think I came here just to have the baby?
Who would cross
the entire ocean to give birth
if everything is fine?
His father can leave us both,
but I can never leave my son.
I will never give up on him.
Sit down
Leave me alone.
Your phone.
Did you see the picture of the cute guy
I sent you? See it? Feel jealous?
First call in two days
and he talked about money.
He wouldn't have called
if I hadn't spent so much.
But you did call in the end.
Where are you?
In bed.
Who is he?
Who? What he?
That guy in your bed.
The only man on bed with me is your son.
Yeah. Ultrasound says it's a boy.
But who were you with last night?
Last night?
Oh, that was a nurse.
You think I'm stupid?
What nurse works at midnight,
and looks like a wanted criminal?
Believe it or not.
How do you know what he looks like?
Oh, you read my Weibo.
So are you calling about
your money or your gm?
Spend all you want, but not on other men.
Get some rest. I'll try to visit you soon.
Really? When?
Christmas. Very soon. Wait for me.
It's a deal!
The double ring structure
is a symbol of long-lasting freedom.
what do you think?
For you or him?
I'll wear this one,
Will he look good in this?
Matched shirts.
You think?
Frank, which color is better?
Stand up and try them on.
Which color is better?
Frank, will you wear that?
Frank, will you wear that?
This is for me.
Come to the mirror.
She is so difficult to be with.
Did you two have a fight?
Which one?
Both are nice.
Both of them?
You men seem OK with everything,
but you're in fact so picky.
It's the thought that counts.
He'll like either one.
Go pick out something for yourself.
I haven't thanked you
for paying the bills at the club.
No need.
My man is coming over
for Christmas.
How about driving us around?
Triple the usual price.
Not during Christmas.
Julie's mother will be here.
Then let's hang out together.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Mrs. Huang, let me get it! I'll get it!
Hi. Hi.
Merry Christmas.
I missed you so much.
Look who's here.
This is my Mom, Mary.
It's not like I'm a racist.
Obama and Jordan are both black.
I wouldn't mind if you get a guy like that,
but just a car dealer,
and taking care of his kids.
Look at how
skinny you've become.
Mom, we agreed not to discuss this.
Alright. Drop it.
Let's dance.
Miss Wen, come have some cake.
No, thanks.
Maybe the flight was delayed.
Zhong could be here any minute.
Who is Wen Jiajia?
Honey, sorry I can't make it.
Can't leave my family during the holiday.
I'll make it up to you. Zhong
It's really you.
What are you doing here?
Merry Christmas.
I saw your car outside, so here I am.
Is something wrong?
Can I come in?
Have you been drinking?
A bit.
You had a fight with Mrs. Huang, didn't you?
Your house looks amazing.
Can't believe it's the house of a driver.
How many storeys?
It's huge.
Such a big kitchen.
Now that is a real kitchen.
Tasteful. You even have a basement.
How big is the whole place?
And how much did you pay for it?
Half a million.
Half a million.
Less than 4 million yuan.
That means two bathrooms in downtown Beijing.
I need to get one of these.
Are you sure you didn't have a fight
with Mrs. Huang?
So you just happened to walk all the way here?
Your wife and daughter?
Cute. Where are they?
Julie's mother took her to a party.
So you're left alone?
Isn't your baby's father
supposed to be here today?
He stood me up.
I'll get you some water.
No. Come sit here.
Since we're both alone,
let's celebrate Christmas together.
At my house?
Where else?
I'll cook.Cook something good.
Let me show you what I'm capable of.
Dumplings, donut
ls there any meat?
Way to go, Dad!
I want dumplings!
My daughter wrote that.
Lovely. You get along so well with her.
You're not wearing any shoes.
Are you aware of what day it is?
It's the day Jesus Christ was born.
Is that how you plan to greet him?
Show some respect.
You need to wear something
nice for special occasions.
Didn't your mom teach you that?
So move.
Let me do that.
I'm good.
You look very good.
Let me do that.
The kitchen is mine today.
Help me put that on.
Tie it up.
Pull my hair out.
I didn't know you were such a good cook.
I thought girls your age
can only "cook" bowl ramen.
I used to be an editor
for a gourmet food magazine.
Yeah. You think I'm a professional mistress?
Your wife is very pretty.
She's very proud.
Women like that are all proud.
Have some tea.
How did you meet?
We were in college together.
After we graduated,
we worked in the same hospital...
until she quit.
She's now regional manager
of Phaeton Pharmaceuticals.
Phaeton? That's a big company.
No wonder you have such a house.
She does make more than me.
I don't even know your Chinese name.
Hao Zhi.
Hao Zhi? Don't tell me that
you are the Hao Zhi at Fuwai Hospital?
Were you a patient there?
Sort of. So it's you!
When my dad had to have a heart operation,
I stood in line for three days just
for your appointment. But didn't get it.
It couldn't have been that hard.
Your appointment cost RMB3,000
in the black market.
I wish I knew you then.
Why did you leave the hospital
to be a driver here?
My daughter couldn't fit
into schools in China.
My wife wanted to immigrant here anyways,
and one of us
needed to be with our girl here...
She was the bread-earner, so I quit.
Do you regret it?
Sometimes I wake up at night
thinking there's an operation next morning,
but instead there's someone
to be picked up at the airport.
You're such a nice guy.
Your wife must love you so much.
She thinks I'm boring, not romantic,
and not good at making money.
Sometimes money
could be the worst thing in the world.
Money can mean nice dinners and yachts,
but it can also mean a simple breakfast
like soy milk and fried bread stick.
Depends on how you look at it.
Dinners, yachts, breakfasts...
I have none of that.
But I have bags.
Lots of bags.
A bag for Christmas, a bag for New Year,
a bag for Women's Day
and even a bag for Children's Day.
All those bags.
Always bags.
This is for you. Merry Christmas.
It's important for you
to keep your spirits up.
It's good for the baby.
You can do this.
How could you not take her medicine with you?
What happened?
It's my daughter. Asthma attack.
Wait. I'll go with you.
Julie, look at me.
I'm sorry.
I don't know if it was the food
or something she touched.
Is there a dog?
Is there?
There are stuffed toys.
Maybe they're made of dog hair.
I can handle this.
Are you feeling better?
I think I'll be alright soon.
I have to get back inside.
The partners are still here.
I'll be very late.
I'll take Julie home.
How is she?
Open the door.
Are you better?
I think so.
You can stop it now.
You didn't even inhale.
You old fox.
You little fox.
I don't like her perfume
and I don't like her friends.
Why are you wearing it inside out?
That's auntie. She's staying with Mrs. Huang.
Call me sister.
You said you wouldn't bring work home.
Are you guys on a date?
No. Frank, I have to go.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Daddy, look!
In the sky.
Come on. Get out.
Come on.
SQ pretty.
Look at that one.
I booked the penthouse, Presidential Suite.
Perfect for watching fireworks.
There are chocolates and ice cream.
We shouldn't impose, really.
I was just asking.
Go ahead.
Wow. It's so pretty. So pretty!
Silent night, holy night!
All is calm, all is bright.
Wish my julie have wonderful life
OK. We're done.
Merry Christmas, Daddy.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Mrs. Huang? Yue? ls that you?
It's me, Jiajia.
can you do me a favor?
Are you talking to me?
I didn't know we were friends.
You peed.
I will never sit on that couch again.
My water broke.
Please dial 911 for me.
Your water broke?
The baby's coming out. Jiajia,
please dial 911.
Hello. Um... Woman.
Hang on.
You talk to him.
There's a baby coming out.
Very urgent. hurry hurry
Damn the language.
Jiajia, don't go.
I don't know how to deliver your baby.
After the tone please record your message
when you've finished recording
you may hang UP
or press 1 for more options
This country sucks.
All this space
and no one on the streets.
I had to run three blocks.
What's wrong?
What is it?
Come sit down.
It's alright.
Everything's fine.
I'll go find a doctor.
He's moving.
The baby is moving?
I don't know. It never happened before.
Give me your hand.
Can you feel it? Such a long time
means torso movement.
Yes. He's turning over.
Come on. Talk to him.
What do I say?
Hey buddy. How you doin'?
Buddy, this is your Mom. Remember her voice.
I'm your Mom,
but that wasn't your dad.
Daddy's not here.
He stopped.
He's resting now.
Remember to talk to him
whenever he moves. He can hear you.
Can he?
Where are your shoes?
Lost them in the running.
If I keep pushing
my belly's gonna explode.
Push. Push.
Shut up!
Who's gonna cut the umbilical cord?
That's usually a father's job.
No no no.
You have to do it. I can't do it.
You can do it.
I finally learned Joe's story.
The cute white guy is a sperm donor.
Rumor has it that he went to Harvard.
As for Joe and her girl,
they have our blessings.
Joe, I have your drink ready.
So cute. I want a picture with him.
Good boy.
Mrs. Huang,
I want to move back to the small room.
Something wrong?
It's so sunny here.
I don't want to get tanned.
Let the baby have the big room.
Drink while it's hot.
Thank you.
This is a special drink from Taiwan.
Very good for you.
Will help you lose that baby fat.
Thank you.
Oh, you're awake.
So cute.
My baby.
Pity he doesn't look like me at all.
His teeth are the same as yours.
Which one?
This is for you. I think you could use it.
Thank you.
That word you threw at me, is it included?
Shh. Not in front of the baby.
Look. That's his hand.
He's holding a fist.
Looks like he's smiling. See?
He's growing well. He will be a smart boy.
Hey, Julie.
Julie, be a lady.
See you.
How's it going?
Sorry for all this.
No trouble at all.
No. I'm doing my best.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Where did your dad go?
To New York.
And he didn't
take you along?
He's there for the Board Exam.
What's a "Board"?
It's a license for doctors.
So what are you guys gonna
do on the weekend?
I'm having a play at my house.
You both can come if you like.
OK. I'll be there.
OK. Bye.
Hi, Julie.
Why are you here?
Neither your mom or Mrs. Huang is available,
so here I am.
Nice school.
It's OK.
You like him?
He has an IQ of 170.
Who would like a freak like that?
Don't pretend like you know me.
I see.
I can make him your boyfriend, you know.
Impossible. He doesn't even know what love is.
I can write a book on that,
So, what do I do?
First we go downtown and have fun.
My dad said not to go out
with strangers when he's away.
Am I still a stranger?
So that is love?
It's just an illusion of love.
This is just some story made up
by screenwriters
with the evil intention
of beguiling you little girls.
Although I don't believe
in that romantic love crap,
just imagine
if you can really meet your Mr. Right
on top of the Empire State Building...
That would be wonderful.
So I think it's kind of cool
to spend Valentine's Day
on top of the Empire State Building.
What do you mean?
Do you want to visit your dad in New York?
Yes, of course!
I'll pay for everything
and you just have to get up there with me.
And the Metropolitan Museum.
Alright. The Metropolitan Museum.
Why not?
I want to see the mummies at the Met first.
What's so interesting about mummies?
I paid for this trip.
You do what I say.
The Met closes early.
Your building is open at night.
You can't see anything at night.
You lied! We had a deal yesterday!
According to Confucius,
only women and petty men are difficult.
I'm a woman. I can go back on my word.
I'm a petty man.
No, you're a child.
Empire State Building.
The Metropolitan Museum, please.
Don't think I don't understand that.
Empire State Building. I'm the boss.
You're so unreasonable.
Am I?
This line is unbelievable.
Come here. Hurry.
Julie, hurry up.
Here's the end of the line.
So many people.
Help! Julie, what's going on?
Of course I'm not her mother.
I'm her friend, right?
I brought her here to have some fun,
and to visit her dad.
He's taking that... what's it called
Yes. The "Bird".
Please sit down.
You know?
Now translate for this idiot.
She says you're stupid, you're an idiot.
She says she's not my guardian
and she knows that
it's illegal for her to take a minor
away from home without the guardian's consent,
but she doesn't care
about the laws in this country.
She says in the movie Sleepless in Seattle,
she's seen the Empire State Building.
Yes. That's right.
What does that mean?
I have no idea.
Perhaps it's just a landmark,
like World Trade Center.
He looks so stupid.
We didn't do anything,
Officer, I got a phone call, asking me
to come here to pick up my daughter.
Are you sure you know them?
Yeah, yeah, of course.
I'm the kid's father.
This was a complete misunderstanding.
This must be one of those mirrors in movies.
I bet it's glass on the other side.
Turn off the lights so we can see. Come on.
Frank. Daddy.
I'll deal with you later.
How can you bring her to New York?
I want her to have some fun.
It's getting complicated.
They're checking your visa.
You came as a traveler.
You're not supposed to give birth here.
What do I do?
Are they going to deport me?
Can you call your lawyer?
I don't have one.
Don't they all have lawyers
in American movies?
Calm down.Calm down.
I told them you're my girlfriend.
They have records of my return
to China 6 months ago.
Do you know what to say?
Mr. Frank Hao?
I need you and your daughter to go with him.
I have to talk to her for a moment.
Where are you going? I don't speak English.
I met her in Beijing
when she took her father to doctors.
He was a doctor at Fuwai Hospital,
a very well-known cardiologist.
She is an editor for a gourmet food magazine,
and knows many strange places for great food.
We both love great food.
I understood this was not quite acceptable,
but we still fell in love anyway,
and she even got pregnant.
You know, for a woman, there's nothing better
than having a child with someone you love.
She used to love alcohol and wear high heels,
and she would never go out without makeup.
After her pregnancy,
she has completely changed.
He's the greatest guy in the world.
Maybe he can't afford
expensive dinners or yachts,
but every morning he'd walk for blocks
just to get my favorite breakfast,
soy milk and fried twist bread
It says here that you're married.
I divorced a year ago.
I didn't tell my daughter.
I know this is difficult for my daughter.
That's why she behaves in such a manner,
and stirs up all sorts of trouble.
I know he has a daughter,
but that doesn't prevent me
and my baby from loving them.
I never thought I'd come across
another chance at love like this.
I want to spend more time with them here
so we can get along better.
I watched a lot of American films.
In my mind, the perfect family consists of
a couple with two extremely cute kids,
and a dog.
But Julie is allergic to dogs
so we can't have one.
That's not an issue.
Obama's daughter is allergic to dogs too,
But they have a Portuguese water dog,
and everything's fine.
Don't worry.
Just be patient with the kid.
You'll get along.
Thank you.
Wen Jiajia, what right do you have
to take my daughter to New York
without even telling me?
If anything happens to her...
Watch your attitude!
Nothing happened, alright?
I paid for her trip here,
and she turned me into the police station!
I almost got deported!
What do you have to say about that?
So you paid for everything!
Big deal!
This is my little girl. She's my life.
3,800 kilometers from her home!
Stop lecturing me!
So I have money.
Is that a crime?
You think I don't know
why everyone calls you DB?
Dead Beat! You live off your wife!
Don't tell me you don't like money!
Shut up!
Julie, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
Dad, as long as I have you, it's enough!
I'm sorry. There appears to be problems
with your credit card.
Your credit card's been declined.
I don't understand. Try again.
I've already tried 3 times.
Your card's been declined.
He says your card was declined.
That's impossible.
What are you doing here?
Julie said you live here.
Julie. Where is she?
I'm sorry.
Perhaps you have another credit card?
He asks if you have another card?
This card has unlimited credit.
I only brought this one.
The subscriber you dialed is power off.
Can I borrow your card?
I'll give you the money tomorrow,
with 20% interest.
Let's go to another hotel. My treat.
I made a reservation.
Leaving now would make me look bad.
Let's go.
Hey, Frank.
Happy Valentine's Day.
You too.
Ah, two dates.
Two. Two.
Two rooms.
Mrs. Zhang, has Zhong been home these days?
Hi, Mr. Qian. This is Jiajia.
Has Zhong
played golf with you recently?
did you drive Zhong these days?
(Welcome to CMBC.)
something happened to my man.
What happened?
I called everyone he knows
and no one knows where he is.
Frank, what do I do?
He must be dead
or kidnapped.
That's too dramatic. You're imagining it.
He must be.
He must be dead.
He must be.
Otherwise his wife would
never cancel his card.
His is the master card
and mine is the additional one,
and his card is canceled.
I'm penniless.
Let's go to your room.
Julie, sleep tight.
I'm pregnant.
This is an Indian way of fortune telling.
Think of a question,
and you will get the answer.
Isn't that superstition?
Do you wear this hairpin all the time?
Give me your hands.
Now start thinking.
This means he's alive.
Ask where Zhong is.
We can only do this once a day.
Otherwise it doesn't work.
Sleep well, and everything will be fine.
Hurry UP-
Watch the steps.
I know. I know.
Are you due?
Yeah, finally.
Miss Wen,
you need to cook for yourself today.
OK. Don't worry.
Someone called you.
The number is on the fridge.
Let's go.
Watch your head.
Hello. Who called me?
Hello, Jiajia.
This is Mrs. Zhong.
Zhong is dead, isn't he?
Who says he's dead?
So he's alive?
Of course he is still alive,
but it's no better than being dead.
What happened?
He was arrested for fraud.
What did I say?
I told him to be careful
and lay low,
but he didn't listen to me.
Shut up.
It's nonsense you talk about this now.
With your kind of spending,
all men will end up in jail.
I'm calling to inform you
that all his assets have been frozen.
The police are looking for you too.
If it weren't for that bastard baby,
I wouldn't even call you.
Do what you need to do.
What are you doing on the floor?
How else would I clean the toilet?
You're pregnant.
I can't let anything happen to you.
If you really care,
pay me more.
I'll pay you alright,
but don't do this anymore.
Big sale. Big sale.
Cheap. Cheap.
Very nice
Sit down for a while.
Thank you. I'm alright.
The exercise will help me give birth.
Do you know that
natural labor costs 2,000 less than operation?
Of course you do.
Why would I give up a bargain
like that, right?
What's your plan?
He'll be born and I'll raise him.
let's do that again.
Do what?
The fortune telling in New York.
You said Zhong's not dead.
You're all liars,
except for Zhong.
At least he never said he'd marry me.
But he promised me everything else.
At first I did feel guilty,
but gradually I got used to it.
Sale. Sale.
Try. Try-
What? No one recognizes a bargain?
I kept worrying that you won't want the baby.
I will have him
to show everyone that
I live for more than just money.
If he doesn't come out alive,
at least I've given him a son.
If he needs to spend years in there,
at least he knows he has a son out there.
That'll keep him alive.
Good luck.
Did you really buy all this?
I want to make back every dollar I spent.
Let me help you.
It's OK.
I need to talk to you.
Check it out.
Look, I bought all these during sales.
I can't take them all,
but you can use them.
No. No.
Take them. I don't want to pay for overweight.
Look at this. This is for one month,
then two months... it's all here.
I'll be right back.
This is for you.
Yours is a fake.
I know. I want to look good,
but I think it's crazy to spend
so much money on a bag.
You're absolutely right.
Look at you.
You're such a nice girl.
You deserve someone
who really appreciates you.
Money is not important.
Find an honest man who takes care of you,
That call for you, I took it.
When you get back home, call me.
I'll set you up with a nice guy.
Do you hear me?
No tears.
Call me.
It's getting cold.
Thank you, Mrs. Huang.
Miss Wen, I need to talk to you.
I won't be here when the baby is born.
My daughter is getting married next week.
Oh. Congratulations.
She's now four months pregnant.
You know,
I've taken care of dozens of women.
Now my own daughter needs me,
of course I'll be there for her.
Of course.
Congratulations. You'll be a grandmother.
Thank you, Jiajia.
I realize that
this is not a good time
to tell you this,
but don't worry. You'll get a refund,
and I'll make up for the inconvenience.
And don't worry about
after the baby's born.
Frank said he'd take care of you
until you return to China.
everything will be alright.
Thank you.
Hey, Frank.
Where's Julie? I made her favorite dish.
When is she gonna be here?
She's with her mother.
What's wrong?
You're so quiet these days,
like a ghost.
You're getting on my nerves.
Let's go pick up Julie at the school.
I bet you miss her.
I need to do something today.
You have some good rest.
What's really going on
with you, Julie and her mother?
Her mother is getting married.
You're divorced?
Yeah. A year ago.
I didn't tell Julie.
Did that bitch throw you out?
It's not like that.
Julie's mother is being transferred
to the US headquarters.
We can't live together anymore.
I really have things to do. You stay here.
I'll stay out of your way.
When you're done, we'll go pick up Julie.
Maybe you don't miss her, but I do.
Julie was sent by her mother to summer camp.
I'm not going anywhere.
I need to keep an eye on you.
You're not focused.
What if you get into an accident?
Then who would take care of me
and the baby? Go.
Wait for me.
Frank, what are you doing?
Julie's mother is on a business trip.
I'm here to pick up her dress.
Are you kidding me?
Who do you think you are, an angel?
I'll come with you.
I have to see what precious dress
she's wearing.
Hello. Can I help you?
Oh my God. Congratulations!
We totally have suitable gowns for you guys.
If you can't find the perfect one,
we can make one for you.
Yeah yeah. Me try. Me try.
Ok lets go
OK. Behind this door,
are the best dresses in the store.
Are you ready?
Diamonds. So many diamonds.
It's very expensive.
Who would wear so much money on them?
OK. I'm gonna go pick out a couple of dresses
for you to start with, and you stay here.
Let me finish my business first.
What's the rush?
You can pick up the dress for her
but can't wait for me?
Two choices. I've got two to start with.
This one for the wedding. That one for...
That one?
No. Because you're pregnant.
It's OK.
It's his fault. It's his fault.
Bad. Bad.
These are very good.
This one is... It's too much.
Come on. It's OK. Everything's fine.
Now get in there
So is it a boy or a girl?
Boy. My goodness.
That's amazing. Congratulations.
Does my belly look weird?
Oh my God. You look amazing.
You look so beautiful.
We have a little tradition here
where we take a photo of all the couples
that come here.
Sir, if you can just stand up there.
Maybe she alone would be better.
No. No, it wouldn't be better, sir.
This is your wife,
and you love her.
Come here.
Maybe I'll never get to wear one again.
Maybe just a little bit closer.
Put your arm around her.
Yes. There it is. OK. Smile.
Perfect. OK. Here we go. Follow me,
and there should be a copy on the screen.
There it is.
So fast.
And here is your copy.
Isn't it so good? Look at your eyes.
Look at how they sparkle off the dress.
Your body.
Oh my God I love it!
Yeah. Excuse me.
And you're very nice too
Excuse me,
I'm here to pick up Linda's wedding dress.
Oh the diamond one.
Can I come in?
It's hot.
Wait till it cools off.
What's this?
Does grey or white go better
with a black suit?
What for?
Julie's mother's wedding.
Jesus, Frank. Why are you so cheap?
Julie is going as well.
I want to look good for her.
And for her mom.
Don't bother. Let me do that.
Sit there.
You know what your problem is?
You're too nice.
Women don't like guys that are too nice.
They don't know what's good for them,
just a word "Cheap"
You want to make her look good
after she dumped you?
Such a masochist.
Is Julie going to live with her mother?
You gave her up?
Her mother can give her
a better life and a better education.
Can't believe you would say
that after all this time.
Why don't you ask Julie what she wants.
She's too young to know.
She will grow up,and become mature like you
and want luxury brand clothes like you.
No one knows better than me.
Luxury brands for what,
they don't make you happy.
She doesn't need them at all.
They're meaningless.
Even if she doesn't need these things,
she will need her mother.
She didn't get to spend
a lot of time with her mother
when she is a little.
I have watched her grown
since she was a baby.
I'm quite contented.
Let me do that.
Let me do this for you, will you?
After the health check, wait for me here.
I'll get you when I'm done.
No problem. Don't worry.
Remember to ask Doctor Tang
for an ECG and eye checkup.
See you later.
Come back.
Want me to wear this?
It looks good on you.
OK. See you.
For better or worse, for richer
or poorer, through times of happiness
or travail, to love and to cherish,
for as long as you both shall live?
Yes, I do.
Linda, do you take this man Richard
to be your lawfully wedded husband,
to have and to hold,
in sickness and in health,
for better or worse, for richer or poorer...
What are you doing here?
What do you think?
It's the dress from that shop.
You better pay me back
the USD200 I paid for it.
Forever and ever?
Yes, I do.
You may place the ring on your right.
My darling, may we spend our life together
as these double rings
and never let each other behind
Sounds like a ring salesman.
You may kiss the bride.
So dramatic.
Where's Julie?
Her mom said she's having
such a good time at the camp
that she doesn't want to come here.
Crap. She obviously doesn't want to be here.
Good time, my ass.
I think Julie needs time to adjust herself,
so it's actually good that she's not here.
Hi, Frank.
Thank you for coming. This is...
I'm his girlfriend. Hi. I'm Annie.
Like in Sleepless in Seattle, you know?
Well, it's a pleasure to meet you.
It's my pleasure.
Would you like to introduce
your husband to us?
Of course. Richard, my husband.
He's the executive director
of a finance company.
This is Frank, my ex-husband,
and that is his girlfriend.
Nice to meet you.
Congratulations! You're going to be a dad.
Frank is the most wonderful
father in the world.
He's the best guy.
And, um,
Frank is awesome in bed,
so you'd better work very very very hard.
Well, this is indeed an important issue.
Frank, your girlfriend is very sweet.
How come you never introduced her to me?
Congratulations! Looks like
the baby's coming out soon. Boy or girl?
Pity. Frank likes girls.
I find girls your age really open-minded.
You like getting pregnant
before getting married, don't you?
Hey, Richard. Maurice is calling us.
Please excuse us.
You spoke good English.
I practiced all night.
Why your dance is so strange?
Let's stop. I don't really feel like it.
Don't be sad.
It's good she got married.
Now she's someone else's problem.
I mean it's hard dancing with you.
If you keep bumping me, I'll fly away.
Let's stop.
You can't just hang on me like this.
Jiajia. Jiajia.
Excuse me.
Doctor Tang speaking.
Didn't you notice Wen Jiajia's urine
proportion over 1.02
and two pluses in urine protein?
I've seen many like that. It's OK.
Many signs in your report indicates
she might have hypertension.
Please, that only happens to older women.
First timers are equally susceptible.
DB, please realize
which one of us is a licensed doctor.
I used to see more patients in a day
than you do in a week.
If you want her to be alright,
go to the hospital now.
Jiajia, stay with me.
Stay with me.
26 years old. First pregnancy.
10 days overdue.
Rule out Pre-eclampsia first.
You're a doctor?
Tell them to keep the baby alive,
by all means.
Don't worry. Everything's fine.
And I want to give birth myself.
Can't afford the operation.
Spent every last penny on this dress.
They don't do rentals.
Don't worry. I'll take care of everything.
Frank, go take that "Bird" Exam again.
You look so amazing as a doctor.
I'll do my best.
You're awake. Baby is fine,
8 pounds 6 ounces.
Oh.3.9 kilos.
You were amazing.
I learned later
that Frank saved us both.
Maomao is in the nursery for jaundice,
and I was in a coma
for 3 days due to hypertension.
The nurse said they never
saw a more caring husband.
For 3 days he stayed by us
without even changing his clothes.
Jaundice is quite common
among new-born babies. He'll be fine.
You can't cry in the first month.
Stay happy. Stay healthy.
Be brave.
I miss you so much
Julie, keep it down. The baby's sleeping.
Hey, Julie.
Hey, Darwin.
So you nailed him?
No. Just having some fun.
Yeah right.
Dad, don't steal my TV time today.
I promise I won't.
I find that really really unbelievable.
I found something better.
What do you mean?
Oh, I mean him.
Miss Wen,
Mr. Zhong sent me to pick you up.
Who's that?
Zhong's driver.
She'll be fine in a minute.
I know about the money Julie's mother
gave you for Julies child support
and I know you never touch that money.
You spent it all on me and the baby.
It's too much.
It's nothing
compared to what
you did for me.
Get a red envelope.
Tell Julie that
she's the loveliest girl I've ever seen.
I Will.
You should go.
He's divorced and got out from that law suit.
It's what you waited for.
You know, I often wonder
what you'll look like without the beard.
He's the best guy in the world.
He can't afford expensive dinners and yachts,
but every morning he would walk for blocks
just to get my favorite breakfast,
soy milk and fried twist bread.
10 more minutes.
What does it say here?
To live in hearts we leave is not to die.
And this one?
You're the most wonderful man I've ever met.
You like the view here.
Madam, your snack
is ready on the table,
and your bath is ready as well.
Where's Mr. Zhong?
The driver is back.
He says boss won't be home tonight.
When will you be back?
I have no idea.
There's a crowd here. I can't leave.
Don't wait up.
Zhong, let's break up.
Stop whining.
You're just complaining because
I don't keep you accompany all the time.
That's not what I mean.
I want to break up.
What the hell are you thinking?
Who can ever be successful by staying home?
How many successful businessmen
can spend time with their wife
and kids every night?
You want the sun when it rains,
and you want the rain when it's sunny.
You are so hard to please.
If you leave me,
Maomao won't get another penny from me.
It has nothing to do with money.
You're not in my heart anymore.
Mommy, I'm hungry.
Lunch coming soon.
After leaving Zhong, I started a website.
And it's about what I do best - cooking.
But I only cook for babies.
It's doing well.
I got my first advertisement
payment last month.
if you don't post that lunch soon
my son will have to starve.
I'm filing a complaint.
It's the second time this week.
Zhong and his wife got back together.
I think he appreciates her more
because of me.
Jiajia, I found you another man.
He's really interested.
When do you want to meet him?
That's why I'm working hard to be stronger.
Sometimes it gets really hard,
but I do enjoy spending
honestly-earned money.
When I feel like I have enough strength,
I will say to the one I love,
"Hey. I'm ready for some heavenly love.
What about you?"
You're 44 years old.
Can you tell us
why you want to return to practice
at such a late age?
To get my life back.
Those old guys didn't hire you, did they?
It's OK. There are other hospitals.
They're not the only one.
One. Two. Three.
I wonder what Jiajia is doing now.
She's being a mother.
I want to send her this.
We're no longer in her life, are we?
Two years ago, she didn't manage
to be here because of me.
I want to tell her that we're here for her.
It's been two years.
She must have forgotten about us.
Let's go.
Daddy, look!
Please. We really have to get up there.
Please. We really have to get up there.
After the tone please record your message
when you've finished recording
Who sends down all the rain? I hate rain.
When it rains I can't go out.
He loves talking.
He does talk a lot these days.
Daddy, Maomao and I will be over there.
Be careful.
How have you been the past two years?
Not bad. I've been taking care
of Maomao by myself.
I'm a doctor again.
You are?
As if we haven't seen enough rain
in Seattle already!
The first time I met you,
it was also raining.
Can't believe you still remember.
Back then...