Finding Your Feet (2017) Movie Script

[man] Straight through
to the conservatory.
[woman] One always expected Mike to get
the nod after a lifetimes loyal service.
That's not to take away
from CBEs and OBEs.
Of course, any Order of the British Empire
is a huge achievement.
Uh, yes, that's for the kitchen.
Didn't Luke's school dinner lady
get an MBE a couple of years ago?
Yes. MBEs tend to be for more...
- hands on service.
- Hmm.
So, will you be expecting us to call you
Lady Abbott from now on?
[chuckles] Not necessarily,
but it does have a rather nice ring to it.
Come on. Let's have a naughty sherry.
- [Sandra] Not over there!
- [man] Sorry, Ma'am.
[Mike] During my four decades on the beat,
I've worked with some fantastic people.
I've also had the pleasure
of working with a number
of great partners.
- [people] Aw.
- [camera shutter clicks]
- Not in the biblical sense of course.
- [all laugh]
Joking aside,
there's been one very special person
who has walked the thin blue line with me
every step of the way'
throughout every trial, case and verdict,
and that is my wife of 35 years,
Lady Sandra Abbott.
[all] Aw.
[Mike] Thank you.
[Speaking Welsh]
[gentle classical music]
Are you losing sleep about what's going
to be happening from here on in'?
No, thank you. What do you mean?
When Hugo retired,
I was on the verge of getting
a part-time job in Waitrose
just to get away from him.
I'm not concerned about that, Janet
I've been planning our retirement
for the last 35 years.
Oh, well, good for you, darling.
- Top up?
- Oh' lovely. I'll spend a penny.
- Oh, are you enjoying it?
- Marvelous!
[glass shatters]
[glass scraping on floor]
[sighing and moaning]
[door unlocking]
[switch clicks] flaws]
What the hell's going on?
We were just...
It's not what it looks like, Sandra.
- Sandra, wait!
- Get off me!
- How long has it been going on?
- Let's not do this here.
- How long, Mike?
- Since we all went to Sorrento.
Oh. Mandy he.
That's nearly five years ago.
I've had enough of all this
hide-and-seek, Mike.
How could you do this to me?
You're supposed to be my friend.
We even took you to the Palace.
I... I didn't mean for this
to happen, Sandra.
Oh, really? You knew precisely
what you were doing!
Now, please calm down, Sandra.
Remember where you are.
I know exactly where I am.
I'm in my own bloody home.
I have spent my entire married life
putting you and your career first,
and what got me through was knowing
that when you retired,
we would share our golden years together.
But instead,
you've traded me in for a newer model.
Let me tell you, Mike,
she's had more than one previous owner!
- [all exclaiming]
- And, and her bodywork is mainly filler!
- Dad, what have you done'
- [woman] Sandra...
[Mike] Sandra'?
- [Sandra!
- {guests murmuring]
- [knocking]
- [gasps]
[Mike] Sandra'?
- Sandra!
- [knocks]
Please, let me explain.
The last thing I wanted to do
was to hurt you.
I know it must seem like I've behaved
in a terrible way, but...
Look, one thing led to another and...
Oh, you know how it is.
- Hello, Emma.
- Hi.
- [chuckles]
- Ooh!
Excuse me!
It's women only in here.
That's my handbag!
Come back here, you... Wait!
[boat engine chugging]
- [creaking]
- Gotcha.
Yeah, all ready to go this end, Ted.
- Bilge filter.
- Check!
Rodding junction.
- Check.
- Pump outlet.
Oil filter tank? Discharge connection
Check, check, check!
Then we're good to go.
I'll start her up.
[motor running]
- She's sounding good, Charlie.
- Yeah.
What's that'?
Jubilee clip.
Where from?
[both] Oh, bollocks.
Stop! Stop! Oh!
- [mobile phone ringing]
- Flipping hell!
- Turn it off.
- I'm trying.
- [mobile phone continues ringing]
- [sighs]
Charlie? It's Bif.
Is now a good time?
Uh, [sniffles] couldn't be better.
Some chancer took a fancy to my handbag.
Would you be a love
and drop off my spare keys?
Yeah, I'll be there right away.
Thank you, Pru.
I really must get around
to buying one of these
[sarcastically] Why, when you can
just borrow other people's.
Did you get a good look at him?
No. [sniffs]
By the time I made it to the top
of the hill, I was seeing double.
Say when.
Woo-hoo-hoo! When! When! When!
Until he decided to press the red button.
I knew it was a mistake coming here.
How could I have expected you
of all people to understand?
You've never stuck at a relationship
in your life because it takes you away
from your devotion to yourself
and your latest crackpot cause.
There's nothing crackpot
about trying to safeguard the planet.
Oh, right, so what would happen
to the human race
if everyone was too busy saving the planet
to make time to procreate?
Oh, so the universe should be grateful
that you and Mike had a knee trembler?
Ladies, could you please quieten down?
You're upsetting the other customers.
We're upsetting them?
How about the lifetime
of heartbreak and betrayal
that is inevitably coming their way?
Not that I would expect you to understand
with your cultural concubines
and polygamy-
I'm going to have to ask you to leave!
I beg your... How dare...
[customers exclaiming]
Officers, there's been
a terrible misunderstanding.
I was simply having
a very nice conversation
- with the young manager there.
- Keep going.
And when the' uh, my hand
inadvertously slipped.
- Will you get your hands off me?
- All right, madam, calm down.
[Sandra] I do hope you know
who you're dealing with.
I'm married to the former
Chief Constable of Surrey Police.
[siren wailing]
Her husband's been cheating on her.
I'm not surprised.
[Bit] What did they charge you with?
Racial aggravation
or drunk and disorderly'?
Could we discuss this
in a less public forum?
Sure, I'm coming down.
Chuck this in the bins, will you?
[people talking loudly in flats]
[sighs in disgust]
I came down to the station, [chuckles]
but they said you were sleeping it off
This Isn't funny, Bif.
If you hadn't been bullying me,
I wouldn't have got so upset
and thrown the onion bhaji at that woman.
It was a man and you assaulted him
with a prawn dumpling
Why are you being so persnickety?
Listen, why don't you have
an Alka-Seltzer, have a lie-down,
and I'll be back this afternoon.
- Why? Where are you going?
- Dancing.
[Chantilly Lace playing]
[instructor] Very good! Good, good, good!
And turn!
Turn! Flick! Flick!
- Flick! Flick! Flick!
- Flick!
- Sorry, Corrinna.
- Oh, no worries. You're with Ted.
I've worked out some new moves for us.
Might want to put
your crash helmet back on.
Very nice.
Good, good! Sheila, great!
[mobile phone ringing and vibrating]
Sandra, it's me.
Oh, yes. [hiccuping]
Pamela's asked me to move in with her.
She wants us to make
a fresh start together.
I thought it through,
and I've decided
it's in everyone's best interest.
How very bloody thoughtful of you.
Sandra, I hope that with time,
you'll understand that
I never set out to hurt you.
Hurt me? How about bloody destroyed me?
[mobile phone clatters]
[lively music continues]
- [music ends]
- [cheering, laughter]
Okay, everyone, let's take a break.
- Oh, I'll never get it.
- Yeah. Here you go, Ted.
Payment for your labor the other day.
What? Danger money, you mean.
Oh, put it away.
How did your Internet date go
at the weekend?
Well, let's just say,
I got more than I bargained for.
- Ooh, lucky you.
- No, he showed up with his wife in tow.
Turns out I'd clicked swinging
instead of swimming on my list of likes.
[Charlie] These old locks are a bloody...
[Bit] You don't fancy changing the one
on my front door, do you?
[both chuckling]
Not in this condition, you haven't.
Gravity hits us all, Sandra.
The challenge is to make sure
our spirits don't drop quite as far.
I want to help you get back on your feet,
but you're making it very difficult.
I'm not like you, Bif.
I can't just...
Open up like a lotus flower.
I know when we were growing up,
showing emotions was seen as a weakness,
but in my experience,
bottling them up gets you nowhere.
This is like a bad dream
that I can't wake up from.
Mike and I were supposed to be setting off
on a cruise around the Adriatic tomorrow.
Why don't you come down with me
to my dance class next Thursday?
It might cheer you up.
I've been made to feel
enough of a fool already, thank you.
[laughs] What are you talking about'
You're a great dancer.
That was a lifetime ago.
[Sandra] Where did you get this
I had Dad's Super-B film
transferred to DVD a few years ago.
I meant to send you a copy.
Do you remember Mum sewing all
that stiff, nasty net onto the petticoat?
Mmm. I remember it. It was like...
dancing in a cheese grater.
What was his name again'?
Gregory Powell.
I bumped into him a few years ago
in Guildford.
Camp as Christmas.
[Bit] No surprises there, though.
I look so happy.
[Bit] You were.
[Sandra sobbing]
Come on, we're gonna miss the warm up.
I'd be happy to miss
the whole bloody thing!
[indistinct chattering]
[Bit] Morning, everyone Sorry we're late.
Oh, here she is Lady Never Shit.
You didn't tell me he'd be here.
Corrinna, this is my sister, Sandra.
She's going to be joining us today,
is that all right?
[Corrinna] Yeah, of course.
Find a space, ladies.
- Hello, I'm Jackie.
- Oh, nice to meet you.
- You staying with Bif?
- Yes
- How long?
- Not really sure,
just taking one day at a time.
Sandra's marriage has just collapsed.
Jackie's a veteran where affairs
of the heart are concerned.
Been married five times.
First one broke down
for religious reasons.
He thought he was God. I didn't.
[Corrinna] Okay, everyone,
time to get rid of the cobwebs.
It's the only thing
that's holding Ted together.
Yeah, that and this bloody Lycra.
All right. Okay, everyone, form a circle.
And everyone hold hands
with their neighbour.
- Sandra?
- [Corrinna] There we go.
All right, I think we all know what to do.
[muttered responses]
You put your left leg in
Your left leg out
In out in out you shake it all about
You do the Hokey Cokey
And you tum around
And that's what ifs all about
Whoa the Hokey Cokey
Whoa the Hokey Cokey
Whoa, the Hokey Cokey
Knees bend all stretch
Ra ra ra
[Corrinna] Okay, everybody,
find your partners.
Charlie, where are you, Charlie
It's time to waltz.
I'll be the guy, you be the girl.
["Where do you go to my lovely"
[Bif] One, two, three.
One. two, three, two. two...
One. two, three, two. two...
One. two, three, two. two...
I can count, Bif,
[laughs] I know.
What is it, Ted'?
Just give me a minute, will you?
- Ted?
- It's all right. I've got it.
That was our wedding tune, Charlie.
Sets me... Sets me off every time.
You're spinning me too fast.
I'm getting disorientated.
I can tell.
Where are you going? Sandra
It's just some days, I...
I wish we'd gone together. [sobbing]
Oh, man. Oh, yeah.
I know. I know. I know.
Oh, I... just wanted to spend a penny.
Spend as much as you like.
Bug's down there.
Oh, man. All right, mate.
Come on.
All right, darling,
I'll see you on Saturday.
Okay, bye.
- Who is that?
- Nicola.
- Huh'?
- My daughter, your niece.
- Oh, of course.
- Where did I put my drink?
She's gonna bring Luke' my grandson,
up to visit me,
- so you can finally get to meet him.
- Oh, I'd love to,
but it'll have to be another time.
I've already got plans.
- Like what?
- I'm going on a date.
Aren't you past all that'?
Last time I checked, there wasn't
an age limit for getting your leg over.
Can I borrow your phone a minute
[muffled ringing]
There you are. [chuckles]
Cor, you've...
a bit of a tangle here, Lil.
What is it, love?
Do you want something?
I want to see Charlie.
You're looking at him, love.
I am Charlie.
Don't touch me.
All right, love. Um...
Why don't we... uh, go for a walk, eh?
Get a bit of air?
Get off me.
Leave me alone.
That's a very snazzy hat Luke's wearing.
Pamela bought it for him.
Why is she buying him presents?
I wish I could change what's happened
but I can't.
I know you're hurting, but...
I just want to have a nice clay with you.
Grandma, can you push me
I can. Yes.
Why aren't you living
with grandpa any more?
Remember when
Oscar broke your new Transformer
and you said you never wanted
- to speak to him again'?
- Yeah.
Well, that's sort of what's happened
with me and grandpa.
So, you'll come back
if he buys you a new Transformer?
[man] You're not going to leave me
out here in the...
Gerald, Gerald, Gerald. Come in here.
No, no, let's go in here.
[Bif and Gerald giggling]
[Bif] Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, one sec. One sec.
[I want to wake up with you playing]
What are you doing'?
Warming you up.
Don't worry about that.
I'm armed and dangerous. [chuckles]
Thirty minutes and I'll be good to go.
[softly] I'll get you there at ten.
[laughs] Yeah.
[muffled music playing]
[Gerald] Oh.
- Ahh.
- [both laughing]
[exclaims] Gerald
- You all right?
- I'm fine.
But I don't think Gerald is.
He was a lovely fella.
Funny, kind...
- Hung like a...
- Please.
- Too much information.
- [laughs]
I can't believe you're laughing about him,
poor man
Gerald clocked-off with a smile
on his face, Sandra.
That's all any of us can hope for.
Aren't you [stutters] scared of dying?
What's there to be frightened of'?
Well, the fact that.
that that's it.
As Mark Twain said,
I was dead for billions of years
before I was born and had not suffered
the slightest inconvenience from it.
Slow, slow,
quick, quick, slow,
side together.
Slow, slow,
quick, quick, slow,
side together.
Okay, has everyone got that?
Yeah? AH right, find a partner.
Oh, um, Charlie.
Can you... you know it. Only...
Can you be with Sandra, please'
Yep, thank you.
Zach, music,
[Taking a chance on love playing]
[Corrinna] Five, six, seven, eight.
Okay, turn, turn.
Slow, side, together.
Uh, look,
I know this goes against every instinct,
but, er, it might help if you...
let me lead?
- Yes, I would.
- All right. Yeah?
- Yes.
- Yeah?
[Corrinna] Hands higher.
There, we made ii,
[Corrinna clapping]
Great, lovely, everyone.
Can you make your way up here, class
Before we go onto the next dance,
Jackie has come up with a rather fun idea
of how we can challenge ourselves
this winter.
I'm not tobogganing down
Parliament Hill again.
[Charlie] You're just a sore loser.
Throughout the winter,
every seven minutes,
an elderly person dies from cold.
Now Age UK are trying to change that
by raising funds for their new campaign
called, "Spread the Warmth."
I think we're probably passed
our ice bucket challenge days,
but one thing we all can do
is shake a leg or two.
So how about we put on
a dance performance in public,
and pass the hat around?
Oh, yes.
What dance were you thinking?
Well, how about a bit of everything?
Yeah, like a mash-up.
So who's gonna join us
[Bif] I am.
- Oh, come on, it's Christmas.
- Come on!
[Bif] Come on.
Sandra, have you actually ever seen
a central healing bill?
Don't be so patronising.
I would happily make a generous donation.
I do not want to embarrass myself
in public
Surely one of the perks of being old
is it doesn't matter anymore
Well, it does to me,
You know, it's one thing being scared
of dying, Sandra,
it's a whole different matter
being scared of living.
That's it. Nearly there.
All right. Oh, there we go, love.
What're you doing?
Having tea with you.
Same as every Thursday.
Here you are.
It's your favourite, love. It's chicken.
Well, it was chicken,
Oh, it's all right, Lilly,
it's okay, love. Calm down, love.
It's all right, it's all right,
it's all right, Lilly. It's all right.
- It's all right. It's your husband.
- Lilly.
It's Charlie.
[screams] Liar!
[Lilly sobbing]
[nurse] It's all right.
It's all right, Lilly.
I take it you've not seen daylight today?
I've just been checking up
on some important emails.
Virtual curtain twitching, you mean.
Just because you choose
not to do social media...
How do you expect
to take control of your life
when you're so obsessed
with everyone else's?
Why don't you take the bike out'?
Go for a ride?
Get some fresh air.
I can think of easier ways to kill myself.
[Le freak paying]
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
[Ran kan Kan playing]
Okay, stop, stop' stop!
This really is a mash-up.
All right, wok, don't get disheartened.
We will get there.
Yeah, if I don't have a coronary first.
But you must practise these steps at home.
It's the only way we're gonna remember.
I can't even remember my own name.
Okay, are we ready to go again
- Yes.
- [all] Yeah.
Okay. Zach, music.
What the hell have you done'
Tidied up.
Well, how am I supposed
to find anything now'?
Just trying to help.
All this food is way
past its sell-by date.
Please don't tell me you subscribe
to the "Best Before" conspiracy?
You won't be saying that
when you're struck down with botulism.
"Best before 19..."
Oh, blimey.
[Ran kan Kan playing]
It's left foot back, feet together,
right foot forward, feet together.
You're losing your balance because
you're setting off on the wrong foot
Easy for you to say
from the comfort of the sofa.
- Just trying to help.
- Well, don't!
Hi, Charlie.
She's in the day room.
- Oh, I've come to see you, actually.
- Oh.
Charlie' most of the time'
shes in a comfortable routine.
Well, then that's the way
I want her to be all the time.
Uh, I've been thinking, um...
Maybe it's better for Lilly if I, er...
don't come any more.
Is that a bad idea'?
There's no right or wrong
in these situations.
Look, you sold your house
to care for her, Charlie.
No one could have done anything more.
Hello' love,
Huh. [laughs]
Take care, love,
[cycle bell rings]
L was just passing and I thought maybe...
Oh, wish you'd get
this bloody door sorted.
What's up'
Er, it was time to say goodbye.
I'm so sorry, Charlie.
Thanks, uh.
[sniffles] Me too.
You know, I,
I spent my whole life
fixing things, Bif, you know?
Pretty good at it.
But there's nothing...
abs... absolutely nothing,
nothing I could...
[sobbing] I can do to fix... fix her.
I'm sorry.
[woman] How dare you do this to me?
I hate you so much!
[Salsa music playing on speakers]
[muffled music playing]
[Sandra humming]
Oh, didn't hear you come in.
Just walked in the door. I got us a curry.
You seem more upbeat today.
Oh, I just got this annoying tune
going round in my head.
Hmm, this one's for you.
More bills.
What's the matter?
Divorce petition.
Well, weren't you expecting that?
What did you think was gonna happen'?
Well, I thought he would come
to his senses and
phone me up and beg me to come home and
so I could get on with my life.
Oh, surely you wouldn't have gone
I know you think I'm mad, Bif, but I've...
I've loved Mike for most of my life
and whatever he's done,
those feelings don't just...
Go away.
[sighs] Nor this.
You need to get an expert opinion.
What about him selling the house'
Well, if the bastard wants to sell it,
let him.
Then Sandra could buy
something smaller with her share.
And live comfortably
off the remaining equity.
The good news is,
you get first dibs of the contents.
All he's requested
is the Elizabethan dining table,
six cut glass tumblers,
and his tennis trophies.
35 years of marriage,
and that's all he values'?
I'm sorry, Sandra,
that was shockingly clumsy of me.
But I can still keep my title'?
I'm afraid it's not your title, Sandra.
When the marriage is dissolved, it will
be transferred to his chosen consort.
Surely becoming a free woman
is better than being a kept lady.
Good God, this place is obscene.
- Did you have staff?
- You're looking at her.
When we bought this house,
I thought we'd be here forever.
What are you doing here'?
Sandra, what a surprise!
No, I was just collecting some spare balls
from your court.
I thought you wouldn't mind,
for the annual tennis tournament,
this afternoon.
Janet, this is my sister, Elizabeth.
Bif, hi,
How long are you back for?
Just the day,
I'm collecting some personal things
from the house
before it's shown to buyers.
I know. We saw it had gone on the market
Such a shame.
After all that work you'd done
with the patio.
But still, you know, life goes on.
Maybe I'll find a minute to pop over and
say hello to the gang, before we leave.
Oh, that would be a bit awkward.
Mike is coming.
And Pamela.
Sadly, as much as one loves playing
with balls, one's rather pressed for time.
No wonder you stuck it out for so long.
You must have barely seen one another.
And what's with all this silverware'?
It's like a moody shrine.
I used to spend hours polishing those.
And I Think...
Yes, from that tournament on,
he was sleeping with her.
Well, he doesn't deserve
any prizes for that.
[{machine whirring]
- Come on, your turn!
- No, I can't!
Just do it.
Go on, Sandra. Give it to him.
How does that make you feel?
Well, I was gonna... I was gonna say
better than sex, but it's been so long,
I've forgotten what it's like.
Was Mike a good lover?
I... I think so.
Please tell me there
was life before Mike'?
No wonder you put all that crap
on a pedestal.
- Hello.
- Hi.
What are they doing here'?
Well, you needed a man with a van.
I got you two for the price of one.
Charlie, I think I owe you an apology.
I must have come across
quite rude when we first met.
Ah, it's already forgotten.
Anyway, I know
how disorientating it can be
when you find yourself on your own.
Does it get any easier?
I hope so.
Oi! Are Ted and I the only ones
working around here?
Oh, sorry.
I'll need to report you
for an unscheduled rest break, Charlie.
- You grass!
- Bugger!
- Oh, er, hang on.
- Okay.
[Bif panting]
Perhaps we should take
a bit of a tea break, eh?
- Yeah.
- Obviously with
- Comrade Ted's permission here.
- Da.
Any chance of something stronger?
Ow! Ooh.
Are you all right?
- I don't fancy being Fred without Ginger.
- What?
At the mash-up
if you can't flippin' dance.
The last thing I want to miss is the fun.
- Worst case, maybe someone else...
- Not happening.
- No.
- Why?
[Ted] She won't have time
to learn it, anyway.
- [Bif] She knows it better than I do.
- What difference does that make?
[lively chatter]
No, it's all right. My treat.
Thank you.
It's my round.
- What do you fancy?
- Yes, ladies.
- Erm, a half of lager, please.
- Half a lager.
- Okay, I'll have a gin and tonic.
- G and T.
What are you doing here'?
Just picking up a few souvenirs
from our life together.
Come on, Mikey, let's go.
That's right, run along,
pretend that nothing's happened.
Let's not cause another scene, Sandra.
Heaven forbid.
Perfectly all right to destroy a marriage,
not okay to talk about it.
Home wrecker.
Home maker, more like,
You may look as if you're in some
washing powder commercial, but underneath,
you'll always be a grubby little bitch.
- [crowd gasping]
- Come on, Pamela, let's go.
Come on, leave it.
[all exclaiming]
[Charlie] Whoa! Well, that's her told!
This one's on the house.
[Bit] Well done!
[horn honking]
- Here she is!
- Sony I'm late. I couldn't find my keys.
- Come on, Bif,
- [Charlie] Come on, you lot.
- Are you sure you're up to this?
- [Charlie] Shake a leg! Crack on!
- I better be. [groans]
- [Ted] Yes. Move along, get inside.
[lively chatter]
Go! Let's go!
- You look nervous, Ted.
- I'm not nervous.
- I'm bloody terrified.
- You'll be fine.
I hope.
Charlie, hang on.
- Room for a small one?
- [all] Yay!
So, you changed your mind, lass.
[sighs] About a lot of things,
actually, Ted.
[all] J' One two three o'clock
four o'clock rock!
I think she regretted it, though.
We used to drive her mad squabbling over
the glitter' didn't we?
My favourite Christmas treat was being
taken up to London to see the lights.
Apart from that time when we went
to see Santa at Selfridges,
and you peed yourself
when you sat on his knee.
I don't know who was more upset,
me or him.
Him probably.
Shall we go tomorrow
Huh'? What? To see the lights?
Why not'?
We could do a bit of shopping,
'cause I need to get something for Luke.
Hmm. All right, well, you do that first
and then I'll meet you later.
- Wait, I'm gonna help you down.
- Help you down?
- Or I'll go down.
- No, no, no, no. Come on.
Hello' Sandra.
Oh, Charlie.
[Sandra] Well, Bif didn't say
you were coming.
No, no, she didn't say
you were coming either, is she here?
All right, um...
I'll, I'll just call her.
All right, yeah, yeah.
[mobile phone ringing]
- [beep]
- Sandra, hi.
[laughs] Oh, I'm so sorry.
I ran into an old flame this afternoon,
I completely lost track of time.
- [whispers] Sorry, we're ready.
- What?
Didn't I mention he was joining us?
Yeah. Listen, I've got to go.
I'll see you back at home.
Okay, bye.
[man] Standard! Standard!
She's not coming, is she'?
Well, it'd be a shame not to see
the lights... now we're here.
- Right.
- Shall we? Yeah.
[chatting indistinctly]
I don't know.
What was wrong with a Satsuma
and a couple of walnuts in a stocking?
I wanted to make up for not being there.
- Here, let me take that
- Oh, thank you.
Makes it a bit easier for you, yeah.
Actually, this will be the first year
I won't see my grandson
open his stocking.
Christmas without any children
is going to feel very strange.
Yeah. We tried for kids, but.
it just didn't happen.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, it's okay. No. In some ways, it...
it brought us closer together.
Anyway, Lilly always said I was
enough trouble to look after, you know?
[indistinct chatter]
Tonight's been a trip down memory lane.
I once stood on this corner with 300 girls
queuing around the block.
Yeah? For what?
Waiting to audition for Chorus Line.
You're a dark horse, aren't you'?
I had a feeling you had a bit of form!
[both laugh]
Did you make the cut?
Well, sort of. Erm, I got through
the second round
but then I discovered I was pregnant.
So, I embraced a different role.
Ever fancy giving it another go'?
Mike had a rather traditional view
of family life,
and being a West-End Wendy
didn't really fit into that.
[truck beeping]
That's your van, isn't it?
Oh, no. No.
Hey, excuse me, mate, I say, excuse me!
You've gotta be kidding me.
I mean, I've paid till 11 o'clock.
Not to park on a motorbike bay,
you didn't.
Yeah, but its gotta be
a matter of inches, isn't it?
Come on, where's your Christmas spirit
I drive a tow truck, mate,
not Santa's sleigh.
How much is the fine, anyway?
280 for moving it,
plus the parking ticket of 65 quid.
Then, 40 quid a day storage after that.
Surely, in a situation like this, where
someone has made a genuine mistake...
You are breaking my heart, lady.
Ah, well, as a matter of fact,
I happen to be .. Ooh!
[{engine starting]
What the hell are you doing?
You coming'?
Oi! You can't do that!
[tyres screeching]
[both laughing]
[laughs] Okay. Keep your eye out
for the wanted posters.
Thank you for the
door-to-door service.
[speaks French]
- Goodnight, Charlie.
- Yeah, goodnight.
How long had you been planning
that little stunt?
At our stage of life,
why waste time waiting for things
to take their natural course?
- So, did you?
- No!
He didn't try to kiss me or get his leg
over or anything else untoward.
- He was a perfect gentleman.
- I need to have a word with him.
No, you need to leave it alone.
You've meddled quite enough,
thank you very much.
Tell me you at least had fun.
- Yes, I did.
- [chuckles]
[{chatter and laughter]
[all] Cheers.
Before you go off
and join the queue for Santa's grotto,
I've got an early Christmas present
for you all.
We've been talent spotted.
The artistic director of the Rome Biennale
has invited us to perform,
after seeing our flash mob online.
We leave on the 10th of February,
for two nights, all expenses paid.
[Sandra] We're going to Rome!
This hotel better have satellite TV.
I cannot miss Arsenal
beating the Spurs again.
Oh, Ted, we're going to Rome,
City of Lovers!
Exactly! The only question
you should ask yourself
is whether you can upgrade
to a bigger bed!
Come on, come on! Go fast, go faster!
Go faster!
On three. One. two...
[all cheering]
- We've all got one!
- Ooh, a little frame.
Hang on, let's have a look here.
Oh, here we are.
What's this'? Oh... Okay, all right.
All right, erm...
"Which, er, playwright
was terrified of Christmas?"
Don't know.
Nol Coward!
- [all groan]
- Ha-ha-ha!
Okay, okay, okay.
"What do you get if you eat
Christmas decorations?"
[all] Tinsel-itis.
Bif, what have you got'?
You know how they say,
you can't choose your family
- but you can choose your friends?
- [all] Yeah.
Well, I couldn't have chosen
a better bunch than you lot.
And Sandra, over the last few months,
I've realised I've got my sister back.
And that's the most precious
Christmas gift I could have wished for.
Aw, good.
- [Charlie] To family and friends.
- Yeah.
- To family and friends.
- [all] Cheers!
[Charlie] Now, does anybody fancy
another one of these rissoles'?
Rissoles are cheap today!
[chatter continues]
It's been a disaster from start
to finish, Mum.
It's the worst Christmas ever!
- What happened'?
- Lunch was inedible.
ll all came out of a packet
and Pamela still managed to burn the lot.
Luke wasn't even allowed to play
on her new carpet
with the remote-control jeep you bought.
And then, she and Dad got drunk
on mulled wine and had a blazing row.
So the day got better then
- Mum!
- [chuckles] Sorry, sorry.
I'll take some of these pies back home.
- Oh, that's a good idea.
- Shame to let them go to waste!
Can you pick up a couple of glasses
from in there?
Yeah, let's get this carnage cleared up.
[Sandra] Shh, shh, shh, she's asleep.
[music playing]
She's out for the count.
To be honest,
I was really dreading Christmas this year,
but it has been one
of the most enjoyable I can remember.
Yeah' me too,
Yeah, I'm.
Although, I'll tell you,
I'll be pleased not to have to listen to
any more Christmas tunes until next year.
[both laugh]
What, er... What music are you into, then'?
This sounds terrible,
but I'm not really sure.
Mike used to play drive time compilations
in the car, but we didn't really
have any in the house.
How can a couple
not have music in their lives?
I mean, the pressure on conversation
is insane.
[both laughing]
[upbeat music playing]
Now that's more like it.
Well, what, don't you know this one?
[Sandra] No.
Yeah, it's, er,
it's called the Harlem Shake.
- Come on, give it a go.
- No, I'll just do this lot.
Come on, come on, come on, they're not
going to go anywhere, are they?
Come on, come on, right,
so it's all about the hips, right?
It's in the hips and the shoulders, so...
Right, so hips...
- I don't know what kind...
- Come on, what's going on down here?
I thought you were supposed to be a pro
or something.
I mean, you look like you're trying
to crack a walnut down there!
Thank you! Charming!
Come on, you're gonna
have to loosen up a little bit.
Shake it out a little bit, all right
Oh, now you look like
you're trying to hump the wall!
[both laughing]
Okay, all right.
[Bif coughing]
Are you all right?
What's the matter?
Can you get my inhaler?
It's in my cardigan.
All right?
- There you go.
- Thanks.
- I didn't know you had asthma.
- [inhales deeply]
Mmm... It flares up from time to time.
It's fine now.
I'm sorry for being such a bad host.
Falling asleep on the job.
Don't worry about it. Don't apologise.
You left me in very capable hands.
[panting] I'm fine now.
- All right'?
- Mmm.
[Bif coughing]
Use your inhaler!
[whispers] Oh.
[{coughing continues]
- Morning.
- Mmm.
Oh, I'm starving.
What are all those?
They're for the asthma.
I'm dying.
There had better be
a good punchline to this.
How about Stage 4 lung cancer
They referred me to an oncologist,
when they couldn't make out
why my back wasn't mending.
And then I got the result of a scan,
a couple of weeks ago.
[exhales sharply]
Why didn't you tell me?
Well, I needed the time,
just to get my head around everything.
So when do you start chemo'?
I'm not going to put myself
through all of that.
You have to.
No, I don't
[Sandra sobs]
I don't want any tears, Charlie.
You aren't getting any.
Purely medicinal purposes.
- Mmm
- Can I have a puff?
[both chuckle]
You're the only people I'm telling.
I couldn't bear everyone else to start
treating me like a sick old woman.
What about Jackie and Ted?
What I need most
are things to look forward to.
And if I tell everyone,
it will spoil Rome.
You're not still thinking of going?
I thought I'd just sit here
and wait to die.
[both laugh]
- Buongiorno, madame.
- Buongiorno.
[speaking Italian]
[Jackie] Did you know
she could speak Italian?
- [Sandra] Not a clue!
- [Bit] Okay, everybody, let's get
our glad rags on.
It's called the Eternal City for a reason.
- I'll take it.
- It's all right, Sandra.
I've got cancer, I'm not an amputee!
[church bells tolling]
[Charlie] Stunning!
- Thank you.
- Oh, I meant the view.
- Oh, yes.
- No, no, I'm only joking.
Of course, lam.
Oh, no, you look bellissimo.
Look, Sandra,
I know it's difficult...
Bif has made her choice.
I'm trying to be strong for her,
but we're out from different cloth.
You two are more similar than you realize.
[Italian song playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[song continues]
Ah, it's a good job we don't have
a bloody matine tomorrow.
We do.
What can you do'? Signore!
[Bif] That's exactly
what the doctor ordered.
[Sandra] I've eaten so much,
I think I might need a doctor!
[Bif laughs]
[Bif] Oh, I love this city.
[Sandra] And it seems to love you.
Okay, and what's this one for
No, I'm not telling you
till you've thrown it.
Yes! Bosh! Right. Yeah, right.
It says that the second one...
Leads to new romance.
What's the third one for'?
It's... Marriage.
One sec. Sandra, erm...
There's something I need...
Well, you're not going to tell me
you're married?
Yeah, Lilly's in the advanced stage
of Alzheimer's.
I thought you told me your wife had died.
No, no, I never said that,
She's been in a care home
for the past five years.
She doesn't recognise me.
She doesn't remember anything
about our life together any more.
Does Bif know?
- Yeah.
- Well, why wouldn't she have told me'?
Well, perhaps she wanted us both
to be happy again.
Oh, I... I can't do this.
Sandra, Sandra, Sandra,
wait, wait, wait' wait.
Please, please, listen, just listen.
I didn't imagine for a minute
that I would be able to move on.
- But then you come into my life...
- I wouldn't have dropped my guard
if I'd known the truth.
But I promise you,
I didn't set out to deceive you.
I've grown really fond of you, Charlie.
But after what I've been through,
I can't be the other woman.
[mobile phone vibrating]
[indistinct chatter]
Jackie, was Bif at breakfast?
I'm not sure but I'm not
at my best this morning.
Ted and I stayed up until 3:00
testing various Grappas.
- Do you want me to go and check'?
- No, no, she's probably just having
a lie in, it's fine,
Thank you, grazie.
- Prego.
Did you hear me?
I've been knocking for ages.
Come on, we're gonna miss
the best of the day.
Oh... [sobs]
Growing up with Bif as my big sister,
I inherited my very own
alternative life coach.
I learned the ways of the world
through her example,
and as you can imagine,
it wasn't all textbook stuff.
The one thing she wasn't able to teach me
was how to say her name properly,
which is how she ended up
being known as Bif,
due to my inability
to pronounce Elizabeth.
My biggest regret
is that over the years we grew apart,
and it was only
when we reconnected last summer,
that I realized quite how much I missed...
Her guiding hand.
Her lust for life was contagious.
And being around her again
forced me to wake up
and start making the most of it.
My sister was loyal,
mischievous, generous, loving
and stubborn as a mule.
[mild laughter]
She quite simply refused to be defined
by convention, or more recently,
She was truly a one-off.
The world is going to be a duller place
without you, Bif.
[ducks quacking]
[whispers] Last one in is a sissy.
[indistinct chatter]
- You did very well.
- Are you coming afterwards?
Yes, I'm see you back up there.
Hey, uh...
Can we talk?
About what'?
[Nicola] Mum.
- About how you're coping...
- Mum?
- L...
- I'm going to go ahead and get the car.
- You look shattered.
- I'm fine.
No, you're not.
We're not.
Please come home, Mum,
I want to have you with us
for your big birthday.
There's nothing keeping you here,
any more.
I'll see you at the top.
[sighs] Sandra.
- I know there's no point in...
- No. None at all, Mike.
I know I behaved like a complete idiot.
Whatever gave you that idea.
But sometimes the wrong turns in life
bring us to the right place.
I'd do anything, and everything
to take away the pain and humiliation
my stupidity has caused you.
I realize now how much
I really do love you,
have always loved you.
Give me... Us' a second chance,
and I promise,
I won't take you for granted ever again.
[Ted] Is that the lot, Sandra
Yep, that's it.
Well, the charity shops
will not know what hit them.
Half of most of it came
from there in the first place.
- Good luck, Sandra.
- Thank you.
I really do hope it works out for you.
Well, everyone deserves a second chance.
Even my husband.
And I hope he knows how lucky he is.
[door opens and shuts]
Welcome home, love. [chuckles]
I went to Marks and did
a bit of a food shop.
I got the veal and ham pie we like
for tea.
Er, I couldn't find your pickle.
As you know,
I'm a bit of a stranger to the larder.
I had a whisk round with the hoover.
But I fear my efforts
will not pass muster.
[whirring stops]
[Charlie] Dear Sandra,
I wanted to let you know that Lilly
has sadly passed away.
Now that she has reached the end
of her journey,
it feels like the right time
to embark on a new one of my own.
I'm setting sail for France on the 15th,
from my moorings in Paddington
to make the tide.
So if you're life is still without music,
and you fancy a decent croissant or two...
[girl] Give it to me.
Stop it.
- [clinks glass]
- [feedback whines]
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
and those of you who are undecided.
We're gathered here today to celebrate
the birthday of my wonderful wife.
Like a fine wine,
she only grows better with time,
and I'm looking forward to sharing
many more vintage years with her.
- [crowd] Aw!
- Happy birthday, my love.
[all singing] Happy birthday to you I
I' Happy birthday to you S'
Come on.
I Happy Birthday, dear Sandra
I' Happy birthday to you S'
[all cheering]
[music playing]
God, look what Gloria is wearing.
Do you remember
that time in Claridge's when,
when we told her to
get the sommelier,
and she tried to order
two bottles of it'?
Do you remember?
Oh, was it Claridge's? My memory.
Granny, can you teach
me how to dance
Oh, I'm in the middle of a story!
Of course, I can, darling. Come on.
- I want you to take your shoes off.
- Okay.
Now, I want you to put your feet on mine.
This is really boring.
Can't we do Gangnam Style?
Oh, I don't think I know that.
Wait, wait, wait, stay there, stay there.
EXCUSE me, excuse me,
[upbeat instrumental music playing]
You're making a spectacle of yourself,
Sandra. Everybody's looking.
Who fucking cares?
I do. You've had too much to drink,
let's get you a coffee.
Come on. Come on.
The last thing I need is a bloody coffee.
I'm stone-cold sober, Mike,
You know, I didn't think anything
could be worse than being betrayed by you.
But actually, I've realized I've spent
the last 35 years betraying myself.
I want you to remember
that granny loves you very much.
I love you, too, darling.
- I'll keep in touch.
- Mum, where are you going?
To see the world. It's bigger than this.
[Ted] Charlie, where'd you want the bait
Yeah, just there by the hatch,
mate, thanks.
Hey, Ted, if you change your mind, mate,
plenty of room in here for a stowaway.