Fingernails (2023) Movie Script

I don't know what to do
I'm always in the dark
Forever's gonna start tonight
Forever's gonna start to--
Once upon a time
I was falling in love
Now I'm only falling apart
There's nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart
Okay. That was
a dedication from George to Angela
after their negative result yesterday.
I'm really sorry, guys. But
you know that you are not the only ones.
And next, we're going to a dedication
from Emma to Craig.
And we're gonna hear from the Only Ones
the song "Why Don't You Kill Yourself?"
I was sorry to hear about
St. Leonard's closing down last month.
- It was such a good school.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it was unexpected.
So you've worked mainly
in the third grade.
Yeah. Plus a year in the fifth
and a couple in the fourth.
Can I help?
Okay. Could you write "versatile"?
How'd it go?
Sorry. That's really personal.
No. It's okay.
It didn't go so well actually,
but it's fine.
I'm used to it by now.
What about you? Have you tested?
Yeah. My boyfriend and I are positive.
You're one of the lucky ones.
"And she looked at the tree
and said, 'Wow.
Those apples look so tasty.'
And he looked at her,
and he said, 'Yeah, they do.
We should eat one together.'
So they picked the apple off the tree,
split it and shared it while gazing
into each other's eyes."
And then this is word for word,
"It was peaceful in paradise,
for there were no animals around
to disturb them
or their love for each other."
That's what the poster says?
Yeah. It was at the principal's office.
Can you imagine
what they're teaching these kids?
I think that's gone too far.
I don't think they should
change a story that old.
Why? Did it even really happen?
I'll get it.
Yes, this is she.
I came by and left my CV a few times.
At the Love Institute?
At noon? Great.
Okay. Have a nice evening.
- Another interview?
- Yeah.
That's great. Where is it?
Pinewood Elementary School.
Is that good?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Yeah. Yeah, they have, like--
a lot of famous people studied there.
Really? Like who?
Ginger Spice.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
She's my favorite.
I know.
Andy here is a great cook.
Thank you. Yeah, it's a Spanish recipe.
We've been trying to save up
for a vacation,
and we were thinking of going to Spain.
Carrie's been there once.
It was before she met me.
Yeah, I went to Madrid
with one of my exes,
a thousand years ago.
How did you guys meet?
It was at a friend's wedding.
We were both sitting at the singles table.
It was us, an 80-year-old fireman
and a nerdy biology student.
So, tough choice.
And how long have you been together?
- It's been 94 days.
- Three months.
And have you thought
about taking the test?
I mean, you know my opinion.
We don't believe in it.
The whole crisis overreaction thing,
it's pretty stupid.
- Really good.
- Yeah, great.
We could take some dance classes.
I gotta use the restroom.
Can I ask you something?
Have you guys taken the test?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it was about three years ago.
We were positive.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
And how did it feel?
I mean, when you got your results.
Yeah, I think more than anything it felt
kind of like a relief.
You know, it was like
a weight had been lifted.
You know,
Garth doesn't believe in taking the test.
He says he doesn't need a certificate
to tell him if we're in love.
And he also thinks
losing a nail is ridiculous.
And you? What do you think?
You know, more and more
of my friends have taken it,
and I thought maybe we could too, but--
You know, Anna wanted us to go and,
go to the institute
just do the exercises,
you know, last summer,
but I thought it was
completely unnecessary.
You know, we had tested positive
without the extra help, and--
and even if sometimes
our relationship settles into routine,
we don't need to question that.
- All right. This is for you.
- Great.
Just fill this out,
and Duncan will be with you shortly.
Thank you. Excuse me.
Can I ask, is it raining?
No. No, they just pump that
through the entire building.
Rain makes people feel romantic.
Yeah, it does.
I keep asking them to turn it down.
It just makes me need to pee.
I often put his happiness before my own.
When we have rib eye for dinner,
I know that he likes
the fatty bits of the steak.
So that-- Well, I cut them off mine
and give them to him
and pretend that I don't like them,
but actually I love them.
They're my favorite part.
And may I ask you something personal?
Do you still have strong feelings for him?
Yes. Yeah.
Yeah, I love him.
You do have your love certificate,
so that's not a problem, but--
Well, most of our recent applicants
have all been in an institute as clients.
So they know what it's like
to do these exercises as a couple.
Yeah. Well, they weren't around yet, but--
I really wanna learn how the exercises
help you connect more, you know?
And you guys, you're the best.
Well, it's not easy, but we try.
Now, Anna, as a teacher,
I have to ask you,
you wouldn't prefer to work in a school?
No. I really want to work here.
- Hey!
- Hey.
Made you dinner to celebrate the new job.
How do you know that?
They called a couple hours ago.
I said you were out,
so they left a message,
and the school secretary wants
to talk to you tomorrow about the details.
Fuck. I didn't realize
you were talking about
the interview the day before yesterday,
'cause today I went
to Pinewood Elementary School,
and they hired me on the spot.
That's great. Did you take it?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Great.
- Congratulations. Come on.
- Thank you.
Excuse me. This would not make Amir happy.
I was just about to say
that the reason they come to us is
to take the risk out of love.
No more uncertainty.
No more wondering
if you've chosen the right partner.
No more divorce.
Now, you know that five years ago,
the test was developed
in order to define love relationships
because there was concern
people weren't falling in love.
However, what they couldn't
have anticipated was
the fact that 87% of the couples
that took the test
received a negative result.
It was a staggering statistic.
Couples broke apart.
And people suffered a great deal.
And you're all aware
of the crisis that followed,
the insecurity that this created
in most couples.
And that's why I founded this institute.
We were the first to buy the machines
to conduct the test,
and I created the program
to make the bond of love stronger.
We're not here
to try to teach people to fall in love.
That would be insane.
We're here to try to bring them
closer together.
Now, yes,
the success rate, it's still low.
But thanks to this institute
and others who imitate us,
the numbers are slowly increasing.
At this point, the test,
it's more popular than ever.
So that shows that
people are searching for an answer,
even if
it's not the one they want to hear.
Now, I hope that,
as new employees, you'll--
- Sorry, I'm late.
- You'll--
- That's okay. Hi.
- Hey.
Anyhow, what I was gonna say was,
in the past, I think we prioritized
seemingly more important things over love
when the truth is...
we're all achingly lonely.
And we're endlessly searching
for ways to fill that void.
Anyhow, each month, we change the courses
so the couples, they don't know
the structure of the program.
And Amir, one of our instructors,
he's been kind enough to design
and build these maquettes
to help illustrate
what's included in those materials,
if you'd like to come take a look.
The first one, it's--
well, it's kind of a domestic scene.
You'll see that when one leaves,
the other one may give themselves
a small electroshock
with the equipment
we will have provided them with.
The person must associate the two pains.
The loss of one manifests itself in--
in actual physical pain
for the one left behind.
Do you understand?
The second, it's kind
of a sporting scene designed by Amir.
Couples engage in a series
of pair-based competitive activities
in the hopes
that they'll be bonded together.
And this is one we've just talked about
but haven't yet
had the chance to implement.
We want to create
a fake fire in a movie theater,
where the clients are gathered.
Now, they'd be unaware
that it's a simulation.
Right now, what we do is
we have them watch romantic movies,
but with the fire,
we'd really be able to--
to gauge their reaction and see just how
protective they are of their other half.
We've also recently acquired
the rights to a compilation--
Compilation of classic love songs
in their French version
to be used in our musical exercises.
If you'd queue that up, please.
Do you have any other questions?
How often do people get 50%?
Not a lot. Not a lot, but sometimes.
And those are often the hardest cases
when only one person is in love.
Especially when the machine,
it can't identify
which member of the couple is in love.
You see, the results,
they can range anywhere from 100% to 0%.
Do they ever come back to retest?
But it really depends on them,
whether or when they will retest or not.
And one more question I've been wondering.
What do we do
if someone doesn't have arms?
To be honest...
well, I have no idea.
- Hey.
- So, you'll be shadowing Amir.
He's only been here for a few months,
but he's already
one of our most successful instructors.
Here. We give this to all of our clients.
This one explains the exercise
where they need to draw one another.
Interesting. Can I ask you something?
Why are the songs in French?
Il Franais est
la linguage plus rotique, non?
- I'm Amir.
- Hi.
I'm Anna.
I'll be shadowing you this session.
Just so you know, you're my first trainee,
so I'll do my best.
Great. Well, we're gonna be spending
our first week doing intake interviews.
You know, new couples.
So, I'll get the files.
Is that your partner?
- You guys look great together.
- Thank you.
It's our two-year anniversary
in a couple of weeks.
How did you meet?
We met at a video store.
We both wanted to rent
Breakfast at Tiffany's.
There was only one copy left,
so we watched it together.
That's amazing.
No, I'm joking. No, we just met normally.
So you've been together for six months?
- Yes.
- Yes.
And you both work together
at the accounting office?
- Yes.
- Yes.
It's nice to have similar interests.
Okay. John, I'm gonna ask you first.
What's the one thing you love most
about Maria
that makes you certain
she is the ideal partner for you?
That's the first question?
I'm supposed to answer that now?
Take your time. And reply from the heart.
Sorry, is-- What is-- Is that--
Isn't it a little bit early
for that question?
- No, that's a--
- Well, it's just 'cause--
I love her hair. It's soft.
And her...
Yes, her voice even more.
It soothes me.
- That's a nice answer.
- It's nice.
Rob is also a great dancer...
but he never dances with me at parties.
He feels embarrassed
in front of other people.
But it's fun, 'cause at home he puts on
music and dances alone for hours.
And you, Rob?
I think I'm a good dancer.
No, h--
How does Sally make you feel?
Well, when we're together,
I feel as if I'm... invisible.
So what do you mean by that?
I feel like, normally,
people are always looking at me,
and I'm always aware of that feeling.
Outside. Apart. But I--
I don't have that when I'm with her.
I just blend into her.
I think that's good for today.
Do you think they're lonely together?
I don't know. Or-- Maybe.
I know you can't really tell
from one image,
but I don't know,
there's just something really--
Should we order drinks while we wait?
Oui. D'accord, mon amour.
"Spaghetti carbonara." Yum.
Actually, I wanna have
the "rib eye with caramelized onions."
Are you sure? You always only eat half.
Why don't you go ahead and get the--
- Sorry for being late.
- Hey.
What's that?
Andy-- We took the test again.
I need a drink.
Could I have just a glass of red wine?
- Just make it three glasses, please.
- We'll make it a bottle.
It was positive.
Fuck you.
That's not funny.
- That's great. Great.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah. Congratulations.
Thank you.
Why did you guys
take the test again though?
We've been having some arguments,
and Andy thought it would be
a good idea to know again.
Even if I told him
there would be a lot of risk.
But I hope there's no need to do it again.
I really don't get it.
So many couples would kill
to have a positive result.
Why would they risk it?
What's that?
Probably nothing.
No. No, we should get it booked
for a service.
With you I'm in real danger.
It seems like a perfect situation,
apart from that foul temper of yours,
but my relatively inexperienced heart
would, I fear, not recover,
if I was, once again, cast aside
as I would absolutely expect to be.
There are just too many
pictures of you, too many...
You know, you'd go and I'd be--
- well, buggered, basically.
- Wait.
That really is a real no, isn't it?
I live in Notting Hill.
You live in Beverly Hills.
Everyone in the world knows who you are.
My mother has trouble remembering my name.
The fire was such a good idea.
Yeah, the cinema owner got cold feet.
It wasn't even that dangerous.
I mean, what's the worst that can happen?
We've always had movies in the program.
Duncan thinks it's crucial.
I just don't see it.
Everything's too simple in films.
Besides, watching a love story feels safe.
Being in love doesn't.
No, I prefer doing exercises
based on the movies, you know?
Like Titanic?
Do you like romantic movies?
Nah, I like horrors.
That's all right.
Yeah. Don't worry if you're tired.
Can watch a movie at home. Okay.
I'll see you later. Bye. Love you, bye.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
Are you leaving?
I'm just going. Sorry.
- Oh, Anna?
- Yeah?
Y-- Really great job this week.
Thank you.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Each year, caribou undertake
a long and perilous journey,
migrating from their wintering grounds
to their summering grounds.
The journey begins in winter
when the caribou leave their
wintering grounds in the boreal forest.
They travel south,
following the snowmelt, until they reach
their summering grounds in the tundra.
These things always make me cry.
...a thousand miles long.
And it takes the caribou
several months to complete.
Can I--
I'm running an art project at school where
everyone draws a member of their family.
That's nice.
Can I draw you?
- Really?
- Yeah.
It'll be fun.
You mean, like, now?
Yeah. You don't have to do anything.
I can keep watching the documentary?
I really wanna see what happens
to the caribou.
That's fine. I'm gonna get my things.
And their hooves are sharp and pointed.
It is a reminder that even in the harshest
of environments, life can thrive.
The caribou's journey is also important
for the arctic ecosystem.
- Do you wanna draw me after?
- The caribou are a keystone species.
- Tonight?
- Yeah.
...source for many other animals.
I don't know. It'd be nice.
That's part of the project or...
No. Don't worry.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Did you want milk and sugar?
No, it's okay.
It has both.
Excuse me. Sorry to bother.
I just had a question.
Is this task based on a movie?
It reminds me of something.
It is.
It's based on the opening scene
of a movie named Jaws.
Heard of it?
I'm joking. It's--
I don't think it's based on a movie.
Okay. Thank you.
They seem so good together.
I don't know. I-- Maybe--
I think they've got something real.
Don't get too carried away.
You know, it's difficult to make
your first big love last. People change.
I know. They're only 21.
You never know.
I mean, it's possible
for people to change together.
- I think it's time to start.
- Okay.
Okay. As I told you, main thing
to watch out for is, are their eyes open?
And then how much are they moving around?
How much are they still?
Basically, have they drowned?
Ideally, we don't want anyone dying on us. Again.
Remember, the aim is to hold eye contact
underwater for one minute.
Okay? Three, two, one. Let's go.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
This is just stuck.
Let me help you.
Thank you.
All right. One, two...
Oh, my God, it really is stuck.
God, it really--
I actually think it looks cooler
like that.
- Yeah.
- I might leave it.
Yeah. It looks great.
Yeah, I'll just take it
to the garage tomorrow. Thank you.
- Okay, bye. See you tomorrow.
- See ya.
Okay, Rob.
Sally, step back.
And let's go.
Two, three. Okay.
- Oh, God.
- Easy. Easy there.
Gently, please. Sorry about that.
Rob, that's a wall.
Yeah, everybody's kind of back this way.
No t-- No touching, Rob.
No touching. Thank you.
I think I found her.
Let's find out. Take off that blindfold.
Oh, yes. Yes, yes.
What was that?
It means "wonderful." It's--
What? Okay, I haven't heard that before.
Okay. Thank you, everyone.
Well done, and let's take a break.
- Can I try something? I've got an idea.
- Yeah, yeah. Sure.
That was really great.
I know we asked you not to shower
for a few days
in preparation for this exercise,
but I was wondering maybe if you wanted
to try and take a shower together?
It can be very intimate
to wash each other's bodies.
It might help deepen your connection.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, we'll do it.
- Okay. Good work.
- Great. Great.
Thank you.
That is a really good idea.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Really, really... It's great.
Thank you.
Yeah, well, it's-- I don't-- It's--
Ryan and I bathe together all the time.
- Yeah.
- Right.
Don't-- you and Natasha?
I think it could help them
deepen their connection.
- Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Yeah.
- You know? That's what you said.
- You want a coffee before you go?
- No, thank you.
Hey, how are you gonna get in today?
- Taking the bus is really easy.
- Yeah?
Straight to the school gates.
That's great.
Hey, have you met any kids
you think could become famous yet?
There's a boy
who's very good at Ping-Pong.
- Ping-Pong?
- Yeah.
Are there any famous Ping-Pong players?
No. I d-- Let me think.
I mean, there's gotta be
someone famous in Ping-Pong.
You look really nice today.
I mean, these pants don't really fit.
I think they...
I think they make your butt
look really nice.
I think it looks normal.
How would you feel
about being a little late to work?
I have a team meeting first thing.
I'm sorry.
I'll see you, okay?
- Love you.
- Love you too.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, my God.
- Ouch.
- Here you go.
Thank you.
It's the one-year anniversary
of the institute today.
So, I thought we'd have
a party here Saturday.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
I know it's short notice,
but I hope you can be there.
I usually spend the weekends with Ryan.
Great. Bring him along.
I'd love to meet him.
Well, he's actually
at a conference this weekend, so--
Yeah. And I'm going with him, you know.
Trying to be a supportive partner.
Well, that's nice.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- I-- Yeah, I better go.
- Okay.
- I'll see you later. Bye.
- Bye.
- Duncan held me up.
- It's all right.
At least they seem
to be enjoying the singing.
Can I ask you something?
Do you know any famous Ping-Pong players?
Not personally.
No. I mean what about Forrest Gump?
- Forrest fucking Gump.
- Does that count?
- Yeah, of course.
- Okay.
Did Duncan tell you
about the reallocation?
No, he just told me about the party.
Well, he's had an idea.
Thinks that we should specialize more.
So he wants each instructor
to be an expert on a particular age group.
We're gonna be handling couples
in their 30s.
What about Rob and Sally?
- What about them?
- Well, we won't work with them anymore?
I thought they had a really good chance.
I mean, I thought we were
doing really good work with them.
I agree, but Duncan's made up his mind.
Be too complicated now.
I'm sorry.
Feels very sticky.
Why are we doing this?
I don't know. I thought it'd be fun.
No. It's okay.
It's just messy. That's all.
I don't like it. I'm sorry.
It's horrible.
- Should we wait for it to stop?
- Yeah.
Are you okay?
Excuse me.
I need to tell you something.
I haven't been very honest
with you recently.
I didn't take the job at the school.
I've been--
I've been working at the
Love Training Institute downtown.
Why didn't you tell me that?
I don't know. I didn't wanna worry you.
Why would that worry me?
I don't know. I was stupid.
I thought if I told you, you would think
there was something wrong with us.
I don't know-- It was stupid.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I should've.
Don't you wanna say anything?
I'm gonna take a shower.
Do you wanna go first?
No. I'm gonna watch some TV.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Come in?
- Yeah.
Did you lie to me because
that training program is nonsense?
Well, I thought if I told you,
you would encourage me
to take the job at school instead.
I wouldn't do that.
I know.
I just really wanted to work there.
I understand that, but it still is--
- Anna, that's fucking serious.
- I know.
Have you ever hidden anything from me?
Nina Simone bores me to death,
but I listen to her songs
because I know you like them.
Hey, there's a party
at the office on Saturday.
I told them I couldn't make it,
but if you want to, we could go together.
It'll be nice for you to see where I work.
- You wanna go in?
- Yeah.
Only you
Sometimes when I think of her name
When it's only a game
And I need you
Listen to the words that I say
It's getting harder to stay
When I see you
All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed was another way
And all I ever knew
Only you
We're ready.
So, I--
I clamp down and pull?
Yeah. Just press down hard.
When you pull, you pull out, not up.
Okay. Yeah.
This. Not this.
You'll be great.
You've got very steady hands.
Thank you.
- We're ready.
- Yeah.
- Okay. Could you grab that?
- Yeah.
Okay. So, you know how the test works?
- Yes.
- Yes.
So, how you feeling?
I think we're feeling pretty confident
- after all those exercises.
- Great.
We have been having sex
every night this week
for at least an hour each time.
Lucky you.
Well, this will be quicker than that.
Shall we?
Here you go.
They usually don't scream
if you wanna-- No.
- Okay. You're gonna bite down.
- You ready?
- Great. Okay, just bite down on that.
- Thank you.
Have you chosen which nail?
- Yeah.
- That's a good nail.
Okay. Three, two, one.
It'll pass.
- Happens every day. Okay?
- You're doing great.
You're doing great.
Okay. Let me have a look at that.
- That looks fine.
- Keep your fingers straight.
You're doing good.
Do you want some?
Thanks. I can't.
I'm gluten intolerant. Yeah.
So, if I have any, I'll die in pain.
- Oh, my gosh. Sorry.
- It's okay.
It means it's--
I have to eat more healthily, and--
I mean, I miss the taste
of some things, but it's fine.
You're just gonna have to get used to it.
To what?
To all the zero percents.
Did you think they would get
a positive result?
No. No, not at all, really.
You know, but even when
you know they're not going to get there,
at least they're trying.
And it gets worse than that.
The worst is when you think
they're perfect for each other and still...
Look, I know you're sad
because we've lost Rob and Sally too,
but I promise you, next time,
we'll nail it.
This is my girlfriend, Gina.
- Hi. Ryan. Very nice to meet you.
- Hi. Anna.
- Thank you so much for coming tonight.
- Of course.
- It's a pretty exciting evening. One year.
- You look amazing.
I know, right?
Now, I understand you're in sales?
- Hey, everyone. Hey. This is Natasha.
- Hi.
Hi, it's so nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
- Hi. Hey. Ryan. Very nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- I'm with Anna. Yeah.
- Hi, there. Duncan. Nice to meet you.
- Hey.
- Hey. Ryan.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
- Hey. Nice to meet you. Ryan.
- Ryan?
- Yeah.
- Nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
- Yeah?
- From Anna. Yeah.
We've been working together, haven't we?
- Last few weeks.
- We have.
Sorry, your name was...
- Amir.
- Amir. Right.
No, I've heard about you too. Yeah.
- Cool.
- Nice.
- Oh, yeah, he is.
- Yeah.
It's been very exciting
having him on the team, so...
Congratulations. I just wanted to say.
- Yeah, I mean...
- Thank you.
Hey, I spoke to Duncan,
and we can keep Sally and Rob.
- What?
- Yeah.
That's amazing.
- Yes.
- Thought you'd like it.
- Hi. Hey.
- Hi.
Are you enjoying the party?
Yeah, everyone's so nice.
Well, you and Amir are such great dancers.
Well, we have fun.
- Can I get you a slice?
- Yes, please.
And one for Amir too, if you don't mind.
Thank you.
I think it might have gluten.
Why is that a problem?
Well, I mean,
Amir will die from pain if he eats gluten.
His allergy?
Right. That's right.
He is gluten-free. I just-- I forgot. So...
- Don't tell him I forgot.
- No.
- So just-- I'll take the one. Thank you.
- The one?
Great. Great. Thank you.
See you out there.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I'm just gonna go grab some beers.
We're all out.
You leaving?
Ryan, he forgot his scarf.
He's just gone inside.
All right. I'll wait with you.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Where's Natasha?
She's gone home. Yeah. Early start.
Sorry, I was just-- I was thinking.
What's the purpose
of the underwater exercise?
You know, with the staring?
I knew it.
You never looked at the materials.
I could tell.
- Just making it all up as you went along.
- Yes, I did.
It's supposed to simulate
the feeling of breathlessness.
And the action of staring
into each other's eyes.
It can create-- I don't know-- intimacy.
It's a nice idea. They all are.
I mean, once you're reminded of it
you realize how little any of us
look each other in the eyes anymore.
We're so fucking stupid.
- Well, not you. Well, not just you.
- Yeah, I know what you mean.
And I am fucking stupid.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Got it.
- Great.
- You set? Okay. Good.
- Yeah.
Hey, man, so nice meeting you.
Have a good night.
- See ya.
- Night.
What time
did the party finish on Saturday?
About 5:00 a.m.
I liked your dancing.
Thank you.
How are you two doing?
I'm excited! I've never done this before!
I'm a bit scared,
but we'll do it together.
All right, it's our turn now.
- Yeah, we can do this. Okay?
- No. I--
- I can't-- No, I can't do this.
- We got this.
- We can do this.
- I can't-- I can't fucking do this.
Is everything okay?
We were just wondering
if this exercise is really necessary.
Well, we have found that the adrenaline,
you know, and having your lives in
each other's hands, it's pretty effective.
It's just that my partner, Andrew,
he just told me that
he has a deathly fear of heights.
It's, like, deathly.
What if we go with,
like, an instructor or someone?
What if one of you
falls in love with the instructor?
You don't have to do this
if you don't want to, okay?
Just have a seat.
We'll work it out for later.
Thank you.
- You good? All right.
- I'm good.
Don't forget to pull the cord, okay?
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Look out. Watch out.
- We'll be right there!
- Hello?
We're here. Over here.
You think this red light's
gonna last forever?
Do you have a change of clothes
at the office?
Yeah, I'm wearing it.
Well, do you wanna go by your place
and pick up some? I don't mind.
Yeah, okay. Yeah, I'll be quick.
All right. I'll be quick.
Do you mind if I come up?
I'll be two minutes.
Oh, yeah.
Just to wash the mud off my hands.
- Right.
- Unless I'll bother Natasha.
Oh, no. Nat--
Natasha's at work. It's just messy.
I haven't had a chance to--
You know. It's gross.
Oh, yeah. Okay. No, I'll stay here.
You know what? Come up.
Yeah, I'll make you a coffee.
- Okay.
- Yeah. Okay.
You can sit here.
And this is for you.
Yeah. And...
if you get bored,
then this is...
Okay. Yeah. Quick read.
I'll be quick.
- I'll just be ready in a minute.
- Okay.
- Anna.
- You okay?
I don't wanna lose him.
Don't worry, Sally.
But what if it's--
I mean, what do we do then?
Hey, it's gonna be fine. Okay?
Why don't you sit down?
Here, take a seat.
I don't think I like this.
That's okay. Don't worry.
No, I really don't like this.
Rob, it's just a brief, little
moment of pain, and then it's done. Okay?
I don't wanna do it.
Okay. Hey.
Close your eyes.
Open your mouth. Bite down. Okay?
I'm not doing it.
Rob. Rob, look at me.
It's gonna be okay.
We've waited a long time to do this.
I'm sorry, Sally.
I'm just fucking freaking out.
You know how I feel about blood.
There's really not a lot of blood.
Look, I'm scared too.
But it'll be quick. Right?
- Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
Look, you guys have been so nice to us,
- but I'm not in the right place for this.
- Rob, look at me.
Look at me. Listen, I know you're afraid.
And more than that,
I know you feel vulnerable.
I know exactly how that feels.
I've done this before.
It's not as bad as you think.
- Look at it. Look.
- I don't care.
You don't have to do it right now.
I have to. Not you.
Rob, look-- Just sit down and do it.
I want you to do this.
do you realize this is a form of torture?
- My God. You really--
- What do you think?
I just didn't expect him
to behave like that.
Why did we do all these exercises?
Just sit down.
- Look, I'm--
- Just sit down and do it.
Do you think they're gonna leave?
Sally, you realize this
is a form of punishment?
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
- Please, Rob--
- Just-- Come on.
- Rob, look at me. It's not that bad.
- We can go right now. Please.
I'm gonna show you. Okay?
If I do it, will you do it?
- Are you doing it?
- What?
If I do it, will you do it?
Wh-- I mean--
I don't know. I mean...
Okay. Then I'm gonna do it,
and you're gonna see it's not that bad.
And-- But then it's your turn.
- No. Whoa. What are you doing?
- Okay. Okay.
We can just reschedule.
This isn't a big deal.
We can just reschedule.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
It's just a little scratch.
Just a little scratch.
- I can do it.
- You can do it.
- Okay. You're up next.
- You're gonna do it, right, Rob?
- Look up there.
- No, no. It's all right.
You think you can do it?
You're gonna do it, Rob?
Thank you.
Hey, you're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
I'll be okay.
- You did really well.
- Thank you.
- We're almost... Done.
- Hey. You did great.
Thank you.
Okay. Coming back soon.
Thank you.
Can you just take one step to your left?
Yeah-- Split the difference.
- Yeah, perfect.
- Okay.
Well, congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Well done. Of course.
- Thank you.
- Good job.
Okay, great. If I could just
get you looking here, please.
Perfect. Okay.
We'll do one more.
Just gonna make a slight adjustment here.
Thank you for your patience.
Looks great. Looks great.
Okay, ready?
- Hi.
- Hey.
How was your day?
Why? What happened?
It was Ronan again.
He came in completely unprepared and--
I don't know, he just made me
look like an idiot in the presentation.
What happened?
I tripped in the street
and sprained my fingers.
Did you go to the hospital?
No. It's fine. It's just in case.
- You sure?
- It's fine. Yeah. Are you hungry?
Yeah. Starving.
Do you want some leftovers from yesterday?
You sure you're okay?
Hi. Is Duncan busy?
- No. Go ahead.
- Okay. Great.
Do you have a moment?
Of course.
What's the--
I was with my son, Milo, yesterday,
and we were playing with these.
He made them fly through space.
Then he was trying to make them kiss.
I didn't know you had a son.
I do. He's nine now. A great kid.
He's from my previous marriage.
His mother and I divorced three years ago.
We had a negative test.
And-- Well, that's why
we're no longer together.
Anyhow. What can I help you with?
I was wondering if it was possible that
one person could be in love--
I mean, have a positive result
with two people at the same time?
Yeah. Sadly, it's not possible.
It'd be like--
It'd be like a six-months-pregnant woman
suddenly becoming pregnant
with another child.
Biological impossibility.
Yeah. That's what I thought too, yeah.
So, he's singing about his mother?
No. "La mer" means "the sea."
So, he's singing about the sea.
Which sea?
Good question.
Not any particular sea.
But just more the sea in general.
All the seas?
You know, it's more like-- more--
more the sea as a kind of idea.
You know? And the idea is...
It's love.
Yeah, the sea is love.
And what about the rest of the lyrics?
He's singing
about white sheep and white birds
and angels and little, rusted houses.
- And how is any of that romantic?
- It just is. It's--
There's a feeling that just--
The music is very romantic.
It almost doesn't matter what he's saying.
Should I sing now?
- Oh, shit.
- Not again.
Okay, wait.
I think it's--
- Take it.
- Can I?
Thanks for the lift.
No worries. Try not to hurt yourself.
Yeah, I'll try.
Can I ask you something?
Why do you work at the institute?
- I mean--
- I like pulling out people's fingernails.
What? I'm trying to open up here.
I just wanted to be there. You know?
Maybe understand love a little better.
Thought I did.
But I don-- Lately--
Especially lately, I'm not so sure.
You're welcome.
I'll see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Have you ever wondered
what holds the planets
in orbit around the sun?
Or what keeps us
from floating off into space?
The answer is gravity.
You remember
it's Carrie's birthday tomorrow?
Yeah. I got her a present yesterday.
I didn't see it. What did you get?
Sorry. I forgot to tell you. An album.
Which one?
The Best of Nina Simone.
I hope you got the gift receipt.
I think it's kind of cool
that they retook the test. Don't you?
I was thinking since I work there
and get a discount,
that we could take advantage
of it and do it again.
Yeah. You know, just for fun.
No way. That's not my idea of fun,
having my fingernails ripped out.
I know, it's just--
You know, the institute has got
such a good reputation,
and with the discount--
Yeah, we've already passed the test.
Why would we take it again?
Well, 'cause, like,
Carrie and Andy took it.
I don't care what other people do.
...that we still don't fully understand.
But it's one of the most important forces
in the universe.
And it's what makes life
on Earth possible.
- Without gravity the planet...
- Do you think that we should...
...would fly off into space. it? To retake the test?
And have your feelings changed?
Yeah, 'cause my feelings haven't changed.
You know, if anything, I feel like
my feelings have only gotten stronger.
- Yeah, but it's not about that.
- What's it about?
I don't know. It's--
I don't wanna have this conversation.
I'm sorry, what do you want?
Yeah, I think it's normal to get
into a bit of a routine.
Right? I think
that's the nature of a relationship.
You can't take it for granted.
I think a relationship should be worked on
every day. All the time.
Nothing. Forget it.
Why aren't you sleeping?
Can't sleep.
Okay. Let's go and do it now.
What? Now?
Do you wanna come
and see the results together?
I don't know
how I'm gonna explain this at work.
It was positive.
Why do you need to explain it?
We're never doing this again.
Amir. I--
I need to talk to you about something.
Hi, excuse me.
So, Marcus, he's out sick today.
But he had two clients
that were due for testing right now.
Would you two mind stepping in?
I'm sorry for the late notice.
Yeah. Sure.
Yeah, it's fi-- I don't think
we have any tests booked this morning.
Great. There's his file.
Just take a quick look at it.
Thank you.
What were you gonna say?
I'll go set up the tests.
Amir, would you mind
taking a look at something?
- Sure.
- What? Is everything okay?
I think there's
something wrong with the machine.
Won't be a minute.
There was a strange sound,
and then it just stopped.
Oh, shit.
Okay, what are we gonna tell 'em?
I need to tell you something.
I tested our fingernails.
What? Wait, whose fingernails?
What do-- How did--
Look, I know you're not with Natasha.
She doesn't know anything about you.
She's my neighbor.
What were the results?
Fifty percent.
So I...
I retested with Ryan last night
and it was 100%.
Excuse me? Is everything okay in there?
I mean, I don't know.
I don't know what it means.
I mean, maybe that-- I don't know.
Maybe that you're in--
you're in love with me, and...
I'm not in love with you.
Yeah, I think it does.
I just gotta--
Thanks. Okay.
- Take care. All right.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
It's a shame
they got a negative test result.
But I am glad
we got the machine fixed quickly.
Make sure to send them vouchers
for a free test, all right?
Where did Amir go?
I have no idea.
He called me.
He had to leave urgently.
He said he wasn't feeling well.
He might have to miss a few days of work.
Maybe it's the same thing that Marcus had.
I guess we'll get it figured out tomorrow.
- Hey! Happy birthday!
- Thank you.
I'm gonna go and grab something to eat.
It's past midnight.
I know. I didn't eat much at the party.
I think we have something in the fridge.
I feel like chicken soup.
Do you want some?
No. I'm tired.
I brought you some soup.
You were sick, so I brought you some soup.
Do you want to eat it now?
- Now, now?
- Yeah.
Soup's really bad.
I know.
I'm sorry.
It was the only place that was open.
It's fine. Just don't ask me to eat it.
I think I--
I think I wanna kiss you.
You have a scar just there.
Yeah. Yeah, I had my appendix out.
Think I was eight.
Looks like a tiny train track.
It does.
What about Ryan?
I don't know.
I don't know. Sometimes being in love
is lonelier than being alone, you know?
So, I've tested many times.
I've never been positive till now.
And-- Yeah. So, I just wanted to know
what was wrong with me.
What's wrong with me?
I don't wanna go back.
As in you wanna stay the night?
Yeah, I wanna stay here.
I would love that.
I would really love that.
But you saw the test.
I don't care.
You tested positive with Ryan. Twice.
I'm thirsty.
Maybe it's better if you leave.
Is that what you want?
But what are we gonna do?
I don't know.
I'm tired.
Just stay the night.
I'll take you home in the morning.
Anna, What are you doing?
- Oh, my God.
- Hey.
What have you done?
Why would you do this?
- I don't--
- Look at me. I'm here.
- I don't want them anymore.
- I'm right here with you.
- Okay.
- I'm here with you. Okay?
Okay? Okay.
Shouldn't have done this.
I'm here with you, Anna.
It's okay.
This is gonna hurt.