Fiona On Fire (1978) Movie Script

Come in.
Oh lieutenant, Barney Ross ,
please take a seat.
You can't belief how awful this is for me.
Such a gorgeous girl and nice. Very nice.
I can't believe it.
Fiona...Mae he'd a diary.
With very interest tender enrollments.
You are in this diary also Mr. Ross.
Look lieutenant... - Davis-
Yes lieutenant Davis ... I have a woman
and children. You understand what i say.
We don't want to make you problems Mr. Ross.
Ok..ok lieutenant.
As i said.
She was only be here a few month.
But she was
first class.
Real first class.
On her looked a rabbitcoat like a mink.
When she was smiling i was charmed.
I loved this girl.
I am not a dreamer, you understand.
I am 15 years in this branch and i am not after
every pussy .
Believe me.... you do not believe me. Whatever!
We had this fantastic day, a sale over
I let call her, to thank her.
Honey you did great.
It was not my earnings.
She was it.
It was here success.
You are more than a magnificent model.
She was gorgeous.
You bring me luck.
My customers bought because of here.
Not because of the merchandise.
I'm gonna tell you.
This was the best day of Barnie Ross in 10 years.
And that i owe her.
You were wonderful.
Tell me how to thank you.
Really i don't need anything Mr. Ross,
i am delighted about ours success.
Oh, Barnie Ross is not ungrateful.
Believe me.
Oh no..
-Go and buy you something nice.-
Tell me what you want.
Barney Ross pays everything.
That is not necessary Mr. Ross.
-Ok what else.-
If you real mean this.
I'd love to have this coat.
That's a bit of a object!
For the coat i do a lots... a lots of.
If it matters so much to you.
You will have it. Listen must...
-Mae Anne has time for everything.-
You make me crazy Mae, what girl you are.
I can't get it anymore!
-Ok than come-
Oh, is this nice.
Listen Mae, you know how the people talk.
They gossip viciously about!
If you wearing the pelt to work.
I will never wear it Mr. Ross.
You will not wear it.
-No would you send him away-
All right.
Louisa Days Locamp.
R F D 632...
That's my mother.
All right, lovely.
I felt miserable.
I want to help her.
I afford her more money.
Forgive me.
It was so unusual. It occurs me,
that she want to pay off a debt with the coat.
She was a unusual girl.
How long you were together
with Fiona M. Ross.
Over 6 month.
And than one day, she came in.
And said her mother died.
And than she disappeared
again. As true as i sit here.
I have all publications...
Oh Fiona.
What a name.
I saw them together. But the jackal
succeeded to get away, before i get revenge.
Fiona was not so lucky.
She beg me.
And requested me for forgiveness.
But there are things that are
She runs into the bathroom signor.
She wept and begged me to save her.
But my feeling for her was gone away.
Than it happens.
I enforced the death sentence.
Arrest me.
I admit everything.
What did you do with the rifle?
That was my revenge.
And now god should judge me.
Holy mother god forgive me sinner
in the hour of my death.
Please senior,
you hurt me.
Throw this damn idiot out!
It was bound to. I have only fulfilled a mission.
It was ordered.
My hat senior, my hat!
My hat senior.
Crappy job.