Firaaq (2008) Movie Script

At least respect the dead
Have mercy, Allah!
No. It's not her
Uncle, come here
What about this one?
A Hindu cannot be buried
Have you gone crazy?
Stop it, Uncle
- Let go off me
I'll kill them all
Everything is destroyed
Leave me
What's the point of killing the dead?
Wish they weren't leaving tomorrow,
isn't it?
How long did you want
to hide in their basement?
Didn't Sameer Saheb shelter
us all of last month?
lf you had your way
you'd go with them to Delhi
Yes, I would. You are so...
They took a big risk
Safe across the bridge,
in a huge house...
what's his risk?
You forget that he
paid for this rickshaw
But we've repaid his entire loan
What have they done, Allah!
They've burnt it all
Everything is destroyed
I told you to get a new lock
So it's my fault?
You won't get away
What will we do now?
They burnt it all
Where's this from?
- What?
From the henna jobs
Don't lie
You haven't taken a henna
job since Nazo was born
I didn't fully repay Sameer Saheb
Why did you do that?
Think you're too smart!
You don't care about the house
You weren't going to
repair the sofa before Eid ?
You want a sofa?
Here... sit!
I told you again and again
let me check on the house. But no!
what if they'd killed you?
That would have been better
She forgot the salt again
Get the salt
Wish these riots got over
Then the vegetable seller would come
Or else we'll be stuck
with onions and potatoes
Where is your mind these days?
No one's knocking!
She's gone crazy
I'm off to Ritesh's place
School is closed,
but shouldn't you be studying?
Then what's this schoolbag for?
This is an astounding
statement of the security situation...
in Gujarat
Especially the remote areas
which are away from the media gaze
These English channels
are bloody liars
when Hindus are killed,
these pimps keep silent
You'll see, the whole world
will give it to these Muslims
What will happen, Sanjay bhai?
I told you. Settle it
with a bottle of Black Label...
then you didn't listen
Now you want my help
What if they come with a warrant?
No report has been filed
They can't shit a
warrant out of their arse
Stop eating or he may leave
We'll be back by eight.
For once cook something nice
Are you leaving?
I like to stand by the
door twirling my scooter keys
Hurry up
There's a vegetable
seller down the lane
Buy something fresh
What? Lost again?
Please... swords...
They'll slaughter me
Open... open the door
They'll kill me
They'll kill me
You fix everyone's
instruments for free
But this TV will not
get repaired till I die
But you can hear it all!
TV is for watching
lf you learn to listen...
you'll know more about the world
I listen all right...
to the crackle of the TV.
And to your snoring
lf you listen carefully, even
there you'll hear the sound of music
But you don't have the brains for that
That is true
Because I have no brains,
I wasted forty years slaving for you
Stop fiddling with that.
Prepare for the morning gathering
So where's the sweet for tomorrow?
See it's full
You call this full?
For the few who'll show up, it's full!
You'll see tomorrow,
more will come
Every Friday...
you tell me to lay the carpet,
rearrange furniture, get things
Like a fool, I do it all
Saturday morning, who comes?
Only your student, the doctor
Wake up, Khan Saheb, open your eyes
In such times, listening is not enough
Why are you worried?
If more come,
three can be broken into six
How will I pursue my
music without Khan Saheb?
I'm really feeling guilty
Forget it
Now we've decided
I just wish we weren't
watching this CD today
I feel finally there
will be some closure
We are leaving this city,
what more closure do you want?
What good is it now watching
the store being looted?
Listen, what time have
you called the movers?
Pick-up's at 8 am tomorrow
While talking to them...
it finally hit me
We are actually moving
You always have a delayed
response to everything
Don't you?
Watch out!
Are you blind or what?
Did you want to kill us?
Shit, we just had it serviced
Please... it's you who were speeding
Is it okay, Sameer?
First you hit, then say okay?
You... Sameer bhai,
forget who's at fault
We both know when women
drive it means trouble
It's the first time...
First or last,
I'm the one who'll have to pay
Look, it's all smashed
It's too little. Go snack at Mehta's
Let's go. No point arguing
It wasn't my fault, I swear
I know, love. It's okay. Sit
Saw that?
Fault was ours, but I made them pay
That's being smart
Quite a cream cake, wasn't she?
Kavita, hurry up
Give the phone to the Inspector
- Hi
Happy to meet your Anu aunty?
Hi, Sameer
- Hi.
The CD isn't here yet
Raman's been waiting
for the last two hours
So who has my CD?
Sir, the payment was discussed.
Now why the fuss?
You are selling me my own CD?
It's cruel to imagine these
children recounting those horrors
But activists here are saying
the option may be just as bad
What did you hear?
They beat, stripped,
raped, slaughtered and burnt everyone
Was your daughter also there?
- Yes, she was
Will the servant boy return or not?
Don't know
Anwar bhai was sitting outside here
Poor man, was a cripple
when he opened the
railing they stabbed him
They also grabbed the
girl standing behind him
They screamed, "Kill them!"
''We don't want Muslims in India''
They used swords,
petrol, chemicals on us
What's wrong with you?
Go slow
They even used water
pistols to spray petrol
Some were well armed with rifles
As I wear a sari and speak Gujarati...
I was spared
Shut the TV and draw the curtains
We cleaned walls splattered with blood
They dragged people out,
poured petrol to burn them...
Sister, I beg you, please... open
They will kill me
Open the door
These bastards, burnt it all
Left nothing
Do you think it was Mehul's gang?
They've been against you
ever since the tolnaka fight
Would he go this far?
What is it?
Nothing, just a pendant
Ask your friend Jyoti
She'd know for sure
Just because Mehul is her cousin?
Where are you going?
To Munna's
I'll be back by ten
Be careful
Good heavens!
Good heavens!
Now get up
What kind of medicine am I taking?
Listen, phone Subhash
He'd be at the hospital now.
Talk to him at night
Want to speak to Shafiq miyan?
I want tablets, not a talisman
Suffer then!
lf I get your special sherbet...
I'll suffer better
God bless you
Muslims are being slaughtered
Doesn't that bother you?
People are killing people,
that bothers me, Karim miyan
Listen... bring down that harp
I want to give it to little Maya
Khan Saheb...
not one student of yours is Muslim.
Has that occurred to you?
God knows!
Perhaps they don't value music anymore
It's not that
There is not one Muslim
living within a ten mile radius
with your tablets you sleep in peace,
while I stay awake all night
Why? What's there to be scared?
Sure, why should we be?
In the eyes of Allah all are equal
Here Hindu-Muslim
live happily together!
Go, see who's come
You'll live a hundred years!
I'm going to meet Joshi bhai
Thought I'll stop by
How is he keeping?
He sleeps a lot
That's good. Take this snack
Greetings, Khan Saheb
- God bless you
How are you today?
Absolutely fine
I heard that the pills make you sleepy
He's jealous!
Because he lies awake
all night worrying for his life
...and mine too!
- Let me
This is for your daughter, Maya
Khan Saheb, how can I take this?
It is from your childhood
So? It hasn't aged as badly as me
When I bring Maya,
you give it yourself
That's fine
I better go
- God bless you
Is his pressure high?
Is something bothering him?
You know, Doctor saheb...
only you were there for
the last three music gatherings
How do I tell him
why others don't come?
God be with you.
- God be with you.
You know, I just can't get over it
How did they know that
Sameer was a silent partner?
Because Big Brother's watching
Didn't you read?
They've got databases
of all Muslim-owned businesses?
Yes, but...
apart from some bank
papers and legal documents...
Sameer's name shows up nowhere
Forget it, Ketki
I don't want to think about it
Let it be
I promised Sameer I'll
learn to make tea from you
now it's the last day!
He's quite a tea addict
So are the rest of his family
In fact his father says
Muslims are allowed more tea...
because they're not allowed alcohol
But Sameer drinks
And I've never seen him
pray or anything like that
Really, he's so not a Muslim!
But he is, Ketki
He is
Somewhere on a list in big
bold letters is Sameer Arshad Shaikh
I wasn't joking when
I said Big Brother is watching
Tell me honestly, Anu
Do you ever regret marrying a Muslim?
- No
When we got married I
knew it wasn't going to be easy
But this last month has taken
that to a totally different level
What do you think?
Delhi will be any different?
Your brother stays there
In the U.S. of A.
His life is hardly a picnic
So what you're saying is,
no matter where I go...
I'm basically screwed?
What I'm saying is, this is your home.
Just screw the rest
Easy for you to say
lf a Hindu fundamentalist
kills someone, you don't have to hide
But if a bloody Jihadi throws
a bomb anywhere in the world...
we have to hang our head in shame
I don't know when 'me' became 'we'
Tea is ready
Buy more
In such times you never know
No, it's too expensive
Can't you see?
Running like a maniac
Does it hurt?
Are you hungry?
Come with me
You're a Muslim, aren't you?
What's your name?
Here, eat this
Is the servant boy back?
Eat later, okay?
No, he sent a part-timer
Where is he?
Go to him
Don't be scared, he can barely move
Come here
What's your name?
He's so small, what work will he do?
Go wash these
Father did so much for our community
Yet so few are here
Yes, my child
Had he been an ordinary priest,
more would have come
Well, I'm glad that you came
He never goes anywhere...
but insisted on coming here
It was my duty to come
Don't worry
Allah provides for all of us
Father was just like you
A meagre pension...
stuck in a house ready to collapse
And for everything,
'Allah will provide'!
lf you need anything...
don't hesitate to ask me
We better leave now
Please eat before you go
The medicines hardly
leave room for food
God bless you
One look at us and he sped away
Who'd want to take two old men?
Amazing how you choose not to see!
Mirabagh Society?
What happened?
- What else? He refused
He may not want to
go in that direction
Which Muslim would go
to a Hindu locality these days?
Why would he risk his life?
You always see more
than there is to it
Wait here, I'll go look for a rickshaw
How much for the mishri?
Twenty rupees a kilo
Twenty a kilo!
Leave it then
Be happy that it's
available in such times
Khan Saheb, come
I asked you to wait there
Come, sit
Twenty rupees a kilo!
Now you know the prices these days?
And you wanted to help Sakina bibi
Had she asked,
what would you give her?
Your old sitar or the useless TV?
Stop! Stop!
Why stop here?
Where are you going?
Where's the shrine?
Where are you going?
- Wali's grave was here?
You almost got hit.
what are you doing?
Wali's shrine was here
A mob razed it during the riots
Keep quiet!
You can't remember anything
I know I forget, but...
Wali's shrine was definitely here
How can it just disappear?
It's on a different road, let's go
I can't believe it
It was worse
I've been cleaning for hours
Do you know who did this?
I was at my aunt's
Good you were not here
When did all this happen?
Don't think about it. what's the use?
Some food
I hid it from my mother
So you knew the kitchen
would be this bad?
Not as bad as this
- Keep it outside
I have a henna job tonight
will you come?
What? Are you crazy?
You need the money now
A rich family
The bride and six-seven women,
that's it!
Five thousand for each of us!
Then what?
There's a price to
marrying in such times
Oh God! I'll keep this outside
- I have no henna
Don't worry,
I've enough for both of us
So you thought even about this?
Am I not your best friend?
Then tell me, who did this?
I told you I don't know
I was at my aunt's
Forget it
lf we go for the henna,
when will we return?
Hanif will be back by ten
- For sure by nine
Come on...
people have been raped,
killed, burnt alive,
for no fault of theirs
Anu, there are always
two sides to a coin
lf those people hadn't
started this violence...
things would not have been this bad
No offence, Sameer
I can't believe you're
justifying this madness
Tell me...
when your maid ran away
with all your jewellery...
you didn't go and torch the
whole Chhara community, did you?
Guys, please, come on
You are leaving tomorrow
And can we change the topic please?
In any case,
we too have had our own share of loss
A loss that's covered by insurance!
Let's go
we've got tons to do
Sit, guys
There! That must be Raman
Hail to the Goddess!
we're collecting
funds for the new temple
It's okay
That's all?
Such a big house
and such a small heart
The Goddess will not
be happy with so little
The Goddess will be, but you won't
That's true
- Name?
Last name?
May the Goddess bless
you with more wealth
And you too!
See, Madam
After marriage you
didn't become a Muslim...
but your husband
has just become a Hindu
And that too...
with your surname!
You don't know how many times
I've silently thanked his parents...
for naming him Sameer
Actually, I didn't even
know Sameer was a Muslim name...
until I met you
It's in Arabic
It means a companion who
talks to you in the evening
And stays quiet the whole day
Too scared to open his mouth
There were so many of them.
They were all shouting
They burnt my mother
and also my brother
They even killed my little sister,
my uncle, my aunt
You saw all this?
Some even came with swords
They made my aunt
naked and killed her...
but they didn't take
off the men's clothes
Where were you?
I was hiding inside a garbage bin
Then Yusuf uncle
took me to Shahpur camp
But I want to go to my father
Where is he?
I don't know
when they came,
father had gone to the market
Maybe your mother got saved.
was she wearing a black scarf?
No, mother always wore a sari
Come here
My name is not Mohan, it's Mohsin
In the kitchen Mohsin
and outside Mohan. Okay?
I don't want to go back in camp.
Will you stay here?
Will you help me in finding my father?
They burn your hand too.
Please say something
Say what?
Is there anything left to be said?
Bhai, I really didn't know
Then you should've found out, idiot
Had I known of the police report...
we wouldn't have
stood there like fools
But Barot told me
- Hell with that Barot!
This bloody new DCP is
looking for suckers he can nail
One or two will do.
The rest will go scot free
I know everyone's names
Oh God!
Idiot, in such matters
you can't be a witness
You know that in rape cases
they lock you up for seven years
Now because of you, I'm stuck
Get some water
You say there
are cases of rape. That's not true
What violence? All women are safe
In that society, all are safe
was it fun having the fruit?
It's okay, you can tell me
I wasn't the only one
Are you getting water
or digging a well?
I'm scared
Don't worry
No one comes to the kitchen
You sit...
sit here quietly
Nothing will happen
I swear
They didn't think twice
before killing my young girls
They dishonoured them
How can you 'dishonour'
those who have no honour?
And you have honour?
I meant...
Come in
I don't really enjoy violence
I'm leaving. Are you coming or not?
Oh Allah!
Who is it?
- Munna
Hanif bhai
Munna just told me about your uncle
May Allah keep him safe
we couldn't protect him
when they came,
we didn't realise the mob was so big
we somehow got Uncle out
And ran towards Nanapura crossing
But the police said
go to Pethipada Road
There, a bigger mob...
with trishuls and swords...
waiting for us. Mother-fuckers!
I don't know what happened
I was holding uncle's hand...
and then I don't know
Stop it, Lala!
I've buried more dead
than you've seen alive
Make the kid sleep inside
Look, how scared she is
She doesn't leave the
baby even while cooking
She takes him even to the toilet!
What's the point of living like this?
I'm going to kill them
You were safe across
the bridge so you can say that
You don't think we'd
want to kill those bastards?
Then come, let's do it
Who all will you kill?
First will be Mehul
I'll show him what it
means to wake up in ashes
They are back, sister-fuckers!
Come on, topple it
Sir, what are you doing?
Who's in uniform?
Who's wearing the uniform?
- You, sir
Then why are you asking questions?
lf you like asking questions...
come to the police station
you'll get all the answers
Spill it. what are you waiting for?
Saw that!
How they take care of us?
We fill up water to put out fires
And they,
come and spill it
I can't take any more.
I'll go mad
Do you still have it?
Suleiman's pistol?
Go on, who will he tell?
lf I had it,
wouldn't I have protected Uncle?
Suleiman took it back
Bloody hen-pecked husband...
ran away to Surat
I need a weapon. Just for tonight
Have you even seen a pistol?
Don't know if the pistol is there
But Altaf's uncle has
the key to Suleiman's shop
Are you thinking what I am thinking?
Yes, get it and bore
a hole right through my head
Have you gone crazy?
- Yes, I have
All my life I baked bread in a bakery
was that so wrong?
Was that so wrong?
I want a pistol
where is Haleem's Khadki?
You run home there's trouble ahead
Go now
You, come here
What's the hurry? Why are you running?
Because they're stolen berries!
Ask him his name?
- What's your name?
Mo... Mohan
We know of the Mohan
who stole butter...
but this one steals berries
Give... give...
In Saudi Arabia,
you know what they do to thieves?
Chop their hands off
Hang them upside down and thrash them
Look how scared he is
- Where do you live?
There, he says
Then why are you here?
Run before your mother calls the cops
See how he ran. So scared!
This is sick!
Look, how she's got
a Honda waiting for her
Fatso, show us your face
lf that was visible, the
police would have bled her for lakhs
Stop! Stop!
The bastard who rammed into our car!
Didn't you note his number?
I did something even smarter
I gave them 800 rupees
For damaging our car
and for looting our store!
Great, Sameer Shaikh.
Stop it
It's not your fault
Of course it is
Can't you see it?
To begin with, your store
was looted because I am your partner
But I would not have
had that store without you
You wouldn't have
had that store without me
And now you don't have
the store because of me
See it this way
Anu was with you,
so you had to pay those guys
That's our system
we live in a country like this
Didn't I have to pay?
10,000 for a CD that belongs to me?
That too just five minutes of it
It didn't pay because
of Anu was with me
I paid because...
I was scared
Sameer, come on...
I'm not going to let you
play the victim now, please
Stop it
What would you know
about being a victim?
Have you ever had to change your name?
Before praising a Pakistani player,
do you have to think twice?
Do you ever have to worry about
someone stripping your pants... check your...
- Hey, come on. Don't over react.
Don't overdo this.
Did you go through with strip search?
- But I could be.
And that terrifies me.
scared at some point of time
Of who you are?
You can thank my parents a
thousand times for naming me Sameer
But I can feel the burden of that name
what happened when the
donation guy asked your surname?
Then you should have said
Sameer Shaikh. why didn't you?
Because I have no balls, okay?
I'm shit scared!
God! what a wimp I've become
when the going gets tough,
I decide to run
You know what?
We don't need to go to Delhi
Let's not go to Delhi
Seriously, Anu
Can we reconsider this?
Don't do this to me
Please don't do this
15 days ago you give
me a million reasons...
why this move is good for us
I hated the idea, absolutely hated it
Then I began convincing myself
You just said how
bloody scared you are
Do you think after hearing this,
I would want us to stay here?
The point is you
are Sameer Arshad Shaikh
And that will change nowhere
we have our life packed in boxes
And the movers are coming at eight
I want to go home
When did you return from your aunt's?
This morning
When did you go there?
Don't remember
I told you, I don't know
Quiet! wear this,
or you'll catch a cold
lf I could lay my hands
on those bastards, I'd kill them
Now try and look better.
It's a wedding house
You look fine, so that should do
They know me. Come
Tom tana na na
dere na?
What's after that? I lost you there
It's because I lost myself
Suddenly, I remembered the
first time I went to Wali's shrine
It was a full moon night
It rained all day, which was unusual
So Panditji and I decided to
sing Raga Malhar at the radio station
He insisted on dropping me home
On the way
he suddenly stopped his
scooter at the shrine
There he started reciting wali
My beloved's lane
is like the holy city
Therein resides my ascetic heart
After a day's rain
and bathed in moonlight...
I felt something stir at his grave
Do you know what it was?
A rat!
In the dark,
In the dark, all three of
us lost ourselves in Wali's words
Nobody moved
Not me,
not Panditji, not Lord Ganesha's rat
Pamphlets had been
distributed in villages that said...
'Sarkhej is mini-Pakistan.
Finish it off
Truckloads from villages attacked us
Wali was originally from the south
But he loved Gujarat so much...
that this became his home
Every time I passed the shrine...
I stopped by to pray
When I read in the papers
that his shrine was destroyed...
that's when I learnt
who this great poet was
I knew it
I knew we were on the right road
Turn your thumb up
What were you doing at this hour?
I was cutting pumpkin
to make you both some pudding
All because of this stupid television
How do you switch it off?
We'll have to go to the hospital
A few stitches will fix it. Let's go
Don't waste time. Come, let's go
You stay here. I'll take him
Let's go
Take care
That's nice
Now it feels like a henna night
Hardly! Remember Sonia's wedding?
Just for the henna night,
there were 50 people
I don't want to remember
Aunty, Vineet and his
friends did a fab dance
- Just like Shahrukh!
So you guys also dance
Oh God! I'd so many plans
These bloody riots
have ruined everything
But there's nothing in our area
It's all the same
- Aunty, let's not take this too lightly
Actually, that's true. Yesterday
I got an email from a friend...
that had a list of all Muslim
rickshaw numbers to be avoided
I find these Muslims damn scary.
what if they kill you?
Anyways, forget it please
Let's just have some fun
What are you doing?
Manasi, come on, let's dance
- No, it's just getting done
Come on....
Come on, Aunty
Are you sure you didn't
see anyone break into my house?
lf you ask me ten times,
you think I'll say I did?
Hanif said you'd know everything
Listen, Muneera
we both know...
Mehul and Hanif don't get along
But that's never come between us
why start now?
You started it
I think Mehul's gang did it
You never know
In such times anyone can do anything
Everyone take a break
and have the snacks
And give those two some tea
Give her to me
No, it's fine
Stop it
Why isn't mother serving us today?
Son, your mother's gone mad
Are you crazy?
What the hell are you doing?
Morning you opened your mouth,
now you've shut your ears
I'll give you one whack
Altaf will meet you at Suleiman's shop
I can't leave Zehra alone
who's that?
It's Ghogha
What are you doing here? Come home
What? What's he saying?
That he likes Preity Zinta
The Uncle who got killed, he's his son
Let him come with us
- How will he go without me?
So you also come
Yes, come
lf the woman next door
sits with Zehra, I'll come
It'll be good for me to get out
Come soon
Is he always like this?
- Yes, since childhood
Ever since he hurt his head
Does he know?
That his father is no more?
How would I know?
Hanif, since when
did you start smoking?
Recently, out of tension
Quick, get in
we must come back soon
Let's go
Lucky! Keep three bun omelettes ready.
I'll be back soon
Some people carry on
like nothing's happened
Because they can
And we can't
That's why we must leave
Come... Sameer Saheb
Seeing you after ages
Lucky's night is now double lucky
Two bun omelettes, the best
One with chillies cancelled
- Very good
Should we get it packed?
It's getting late
No, please have a seat, Madam
Come, let's eat it here, nice and hot
Lucky, what's new?
These bloody riots
have flattened my business
I can't ask the shopkeepers
to give me a special riot discount
Don't worry
whatever happens,
your omelette will remain a hit
You don't know...
to be here I have to
feed the entire lot for free.
That too all alone
where's your help, Chhotiya?
Since the riots began,
he's been missing
I pray for him everyday
we'll be fine in Delhi
A fresh start is always a good thing
whatever doesn't kill you,
makes you stronger
Sameer Saheb...
if those Muslims didn't begin
all this, the city wouldn't be burning
Violence is in their blood
we are taught to be tolerant.
And they, to be Jihadis
Then Chhotiya also must be a Jihadi?
Chhotiya and Jihadi?
He wouldn't hurt an ant
But Chhotiya is not like them
I've known many Muslims.
All bloody fanatics
I am...
a Muslim
Stop it
That's a good one
No, really
I am a Muslim
Will you stop it, Sameer?
These days it's dangerous
to even joke like that
You never know when
Sir, today what would you like?
Omelette, scrambled or boiled egg?
Come on, wind up
There's going to be trouble tonight
Also you two
Let's go
A minute, Sir. Just finishing
In such times you
can't indulge like this
Stop licking your fingers and go
Sir, we're leaving
In fact,
we're leaving the city for good
He loves Lucky's omelette,
so for the last time
What's your name?
I'm Anuradha Desai.
He's my husband, Sameer
Tell Mr. Desai not to act too smart.
Now get going
Give this to Chhotiya
when you meet him
Let me clarify
I'm not Mr. Desai
I am Mr. Shaikh
Shaikh? Then why did you lie?
I didn't
My name is Sameer Shaikh
And she's my wife, Anuradha Desai
Now I understand...
why you're so cocky
Get going
- We're going
Go straight to Pakistan
And you, shut your shop now
Why did you do that?
Because it felt good
Bloody good
Yusuf Uncle
Mohsin? what are you doing here?
Come... careful
You said father would come to the camp
But he didn't
How did you come here?
I ran away from the camp
At night, never roam around like this
Sit here
I'll drop you in a bit
give me Suleiman's keys
I know who wrecked Suleiman's shop
They are going to pay for it
I can't understand...
why you guys act so smart?
Those who have died,
are they going to come back?
Give me the keys
Before you go,
drop him at Shahpur relief camp
I can't go there right now
- In Allah's name, have a heart
He's become an orphan
Hurry up
Come, he'll drop you to the camp
I'll be there in the morning
With my father?
Drop him to the camp first
I'm so scared
Don't worry
we'll reach soon
- Open the boot
Go ahead
Don't worry,
bindi is there on your forehead
It's so late. Hanif's going to kill me
I'll handle it
Come ahead
At this hour?
we'd gone on a henna job
- Sure... I have it
And she?
Both of us went
Okay, go
- Thank you
Mohsin, get in
Be careful of the glass
Sit here.
Sit here quietly
Who is it?
- It's us. Open
- Open
Where the hell were you?
We left the rickshaw
near Lal Darwaza and walked -
Oh Allah!
Who's this?
- What could I do?
Yusuf Uncle dumped him on me.
I've to drop him at Shahpur camp
what's your name?
Where the hell is that pistol?
First let's clear this mess.
Then I'll look for the hidden safe
Suleiman was a rich bugger
What's the use of being rich?
He ran at the first sight of trouble
It's better than living here in fear
Of course you'd say that
You too ran away
wonder how you slept
among those Hindus
And you slept better
amongst the Muslims?
he named his shop Parimal
what good was it to keep a Hindu name!
Couldn't you have done something?
weren't there weapons anywhere?
where they were,
there was curfew all the time
when you're scared to even
breathe you don't think of weapons
Sure you do,
I thought of guns, pistols, bombs
But what I most thought of,
was my mother
I could do nothing
My pores still smell of the dead
I still dream of their dried blood,
the burnt flesh -
It's been so long.
Where the hell is your hidden safe?
There is no safe here.
He is just bullshitting
Found it!
Is it real?
Yes, it's small but real
Careful, might be loaded
- Open and see
it's empty!
They broke open locks,
destroyed our homes
Most families have only
one surviving member...
Thread is all it took
It's okay, leave it
No, I'm fine. I'll do it
It won't be needed
There'll be no gathering tomorrow
What do you mean?
You were right
I was wrong
It's pointless... pointless
Khan Saheb
lf you lose hope,
then what happens to the likes of us
How can just seven musical
notes have the strength...
to stand up against such hatred
Wait here. Let me see
Go from here...go...
Jyoti, what happened?
Say nothing, just follow me
Just come
- Tell me what's going on?
The police say there are
weapons in your house - what?
What weapons?
Softly, others will wake up
Look, stay here till the search ends
Put Nazo here
Need anything?
Instead of weapons, they should
look for those who burnt our house?
Softly, Nazo will wake up
You still won't tell me?
Enough now, stop it
Change, if you want to
By keeping quiet,
who are you protecting?
Me or you?
- God! Forget it
It's easy for you.
It's not your house they burnt
You're still burning, what about that?
Tell the truth that you were there.
I won't tell Hanif, I swear
My pendant...
My pendant...
What? What did you say?
The gold pendant
My grandma gave me.
I dropped it somewhere
So it was you in my house?
Hanif found your pendant
So you saw it all
How could you do it?
Did Mehul force you?
Tell me. Did you bring kerosene
from my kitchen or yours?
All we found was one bullet
That too oversized
I'm telling you, it'll fit
You were right
Now what'll you do with this pistol?
What I've wanted to do all day.
Get that mother-fucker
Mehul to taste some real fear
And then what?
- Nothing. I'll go home
Or what's left of it
what if a mob comes to your
house to take your little girl?
Then what'll you do?
- I'll kill them all
That one bullet you
would have wasted on Mehul
lf anyone really needs
the pistol, it's me
You saw how the police behaves
But they didn't burn your house
- You know I have a pregnant wife
Wait. I brought the keys,
fitted the bullet
So I have the first right
It was my idea to get a weapon.
what did you all do?
And you?
Spent the month, hiding happily
- Happily?
Hidden in that basement,
scared to even
Ask me what it is to be scared
lf there is anyone who
deserves the pistol, it's me
It's always about you
from the time I've known you
It's always me, me, me
Shut up, you haven't suffered like him
Do you know how I've suffered?
Because my hands don't
smell of the dead...
doesn't mean I've not suffered
The keys were with
Yusuf Uncle, not you
lf I was there,
he'd have given it to me
You just called him
a hen-pecked husband!
I did, so?
- You are no less?
Meaning? - We know who
wears the pants in your house
In fact, you can take the pistol,
Muneera is like fifty bullets!
That was our only bullet
Don't be scared. Come
Shut up
What's he saying?
He's saying he'll handle the police
So let him go
- Are you mad?
They won't get a word out of him
Go, keep them engaged
- Let's go
- Let's go
Hanif, I can't leave Ghogha behind
- No, you go
Come here
Where did the gunshot come from?
He can't speak
But he is able to hear.
where did the gunshot...
Sir, wait. Let me ask
where did the gunshot come from?
Let's go
I can't leave him like this
- Nothing will happen to him
Are you crazy? He is a child
- Exactly
Not a bomb... gunshot
Don't look down, look up.
He is making a fool of us
They've caught him.
Hanif, take the kid and run
- Someone's there
Put him in the jeep
Please leave him, he is my brother.
He's innocent
Stop, you bastard
You Muslim, stop
Hide here
I'll be back
Who was he?
A bloody Muslim. Where did he go?
This way
There's still time
Why are you up so early?
What happened?
I just realized something
Every single box in this house is...
packed with my fears
So what's the point of moving?
What do you mean?
Just what you said
I am Sameer Arshad Shaikh
And that's not going
to change anywhere
But, what if tomorrow
we're scared again?
It's possible
But this is our home
So let's screw the rest
Sorry for the delayed response
where's the tea?
Want to play?