Firebreather (2010) Movie Script

Duncan: It was the last day
of the war between humans and
the giant monsters... Kaiju.
Duncan: But to me, it's
more than just history.
It's family history.
That's my mom.
They say her bravery saved the
city that day, saved everything.
This is also the day
my mom met my dad.
Belloc: [Growls quietly]
Duncan: Oh, yeah...
That's my dad.
[Birds cries]
[Birds chirping]
[Dog barking]
Maybe I should skip.
Nothing says freak
like coal for lunch.
Margaret: You're not
a freak, Duncan.
Duncan: Get real, mom.
I eat coal.
And my skin?
You can call it pumpkin.
You can call it tangerine or... Or burnt
Sienna, but let's face it... it's orange.
Margaret: And "orange"
you just adorable?
Duncan: Ugh.
Margaret: Duncan, this is a
new school, not an execution.
Just try to socialize,
make some friends.
And... Duncan: And stop
getting into fights.
But they're the
ones who start it!
Jerks are instinctively drawn to me,
like... Homing pigeons.
Margaret: Duncan, you're a 16-year-old boy,
like every other guy in your class, and
every kid in that school
has problems of their own.
So, if you can just get along
with people and keep your
temper, everything's
going to be just fine.
Duncan: Message received.
Margaret: And, Duncan...
Duncan: I love you too, mom.
Margaret: Actually, that
time, it was "rock on."
Duncan: [Sighs]
[Door closes]
[Dog barking]
[Car alarm blares]
[Breathing heavily]
Wh... [Tires screech]
[Rock music playing]
Whoo! Whoo!
Yeah, Jenna!
What's going on?
[Laughing] Yeah, looking good.
Troy: Check out the new kid.
[Tires screech]
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought there was some bird
crap on my rear view mirror, but
now I can see it was
just your face.
Duncan: Yeah.
That's a good one.
[Tires screech]
[Indistinct conversations]
This is going to be the
best homecoming ever.
Bye, Jenna. See you later.
Jenna: Ugh!
Duncan: Hey!
You're so... Jenna: [Gasps]
Duncan: So... Hot.
Jenna: Hmm?
Duncan: I, uh... the coffee.
[Chuckles nervously]
I meant this coffee is...
is so hot.
Jenna: Oh, I'm so sorry!
I ask them to brew my caf con
leche at 150 degrees so it's
still hot when I get here.
Diva, right?
Uh, how did it not burn you?
Duncan: No, no, it
feels good, actually.
I was freezing.
I don't know why they always have to
blast the AC. In these schools, anyway.
Jenna: It must be
80 degrees in here.
Oh, whatever.
I'm on the student council, so
I'll see what I can do about
getting the heat turned on.
Duncan: [Chuckles]
I wouldn't have pegged you for
the student council type.
Jenna: Student council, chairwoman of the
homecoming committee... I'm that girl.
By the way, it's Jenna.
Duncan: Ugh!
Troy: Oops.
[Imitates slicing]
Duncan: [Growls]
Troy: [Laughs]
I'd like to ask the whole class
to give a warm welcome to
Duncan Xerxes Absalom Belphegor Gressil
Pythius Wu Fan... Duncan: Uh, yeah, just
"Duncan" is fine, Ms. Dreakford.
Oh, all right.
Take a seat, Duncan.
Isabel: Hey, Duncan,
sit here with Kenny.
He doesn't have a lab partner.
Ken: Uh, thanks, Isabel.
Duncan: Hi. Duncan.
Ken: Ken Rogers.
Duncan: Kenny Rogers, huh?
Do you know when to hold 'em,
know when to fold 'em?
Ken: No, not even a little.
Like reptiles and insects,
amphibians are ectotherms and
cannot internally regulate their
body temperature... what we used
to call "cold-blooded."
Isabel: Why did we stop?
Did the amphibians object to
being labeled "cold-blooded"?
Jenna: No, Mrs. Dreakford, this
is so wrong for so many reasons.
Beyond the obvious animal-cruelty
issues, students have a right...
Uh, Jen, that'll be enough.
Jenna: No, a duty to refuse
to do anything unbelievably gross.
That's quite enough.
Jenna: Forcing us to mutilate these
helpless innocent animals.
Duncan: [Sighs]
Jenna: ...Without offering a
choice in the matter is clearly
an abuse of the authority of the
school board... Jenna, just zip it.
Jenna: ...
And a just plain bad example to set.
Duncan: [Gasps]
Jenna: ...In case, you know, some sick kids
actually might enjoy cutting up frogs and
pulling out their guts.
It's inhumane... Duncan: Whoa!
[Students gasping]
Aah! Oh, no!
They're waterboarding Kermit!
[Students gasping]
Whoo! He's a jumper!
Look out!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Ken: Uh... Duncan: Whoa!
What is that?
Jenna: Are you done?
What is up with you?
You make Troy look mature.
Stop it!
[Nail scraping]
Settle down, everyone.
[School bell rings]
[Indistinct conversations]
I can't believe that jerk.
What a dork.
Jenna: And I actually thought he was
kind of cute until he did that.
Duncan: [Sighs]
Ken: Nicely done, man.
Duncan: Just don't
mention it, all right?
Bad joke... that's all.
[Indistinct conversations]
Isabel: Okay, Mr. Belphegor Gressil
Pythius, what's your secret?
Duncan: Hair gel, extra hold.
Isabel: Ha!
How come your name is like an
a-list of mythological bad boys?
Care to explain?
Unconventional parents.
You really know your
Ken: Oh, yeah.
Isabel loves all that
a creepy stuff.
She's a giant monster fangirl.
Isabel: "Monster" is in
the eye of the beholder.
They're Kaiju, Kenny.
Ken: Fine. Whatever.
[Scoffs] Sorry.
Isabel: They're not monsters.
They fight us because we
keep trying to kill them.
16 years since Belloc was last
seen, and we keep thinking the
Kaiju are a threat?
What's the matter?
Duncan: Ugh!
Isabel: What sphincters.
Shouldn't evolution have weeded
those guys out of the gene pool
eons ago?
Duncan: No, cockroaches have
remained unchanged for millions
of years.
Isabel: Well, you're clearly
not a moron, so what was up with
the idiot dance back in class?
Duncan: Did you like it?
Isabel: I've got some notes.
But I liked the part where you
hid something in your jacket.
You gonna show me?
Duncan: Just keep it quiet.
[Indistinct conversations]
Isabel: No way!
Gomorradon... unreal!
Duncan: It's kind of
like a little tiny Kaiju.
Isabel: It's a gomorradon,
my dear Duncan.
These things live on Kaijus.
They scout, warn of danger, and
live off the slime that forms
between their scales.
Duncan: Sorry I asked.
What's it doing here, and how
come you know all this?
Isabel: I read books on this
stuff all the time... small press.
Watch it.
Whatever you do, don't...
Duncan: Ow!
Isabel: [Gasps]
Let it go.
Duncan: [Breathing heavily]
Isabel: [Chuckles]
Duncan: [Chuckles]
[Crickets chirping]
Right here... this is the one.
This is definitely
Jenna's locker.
[Grunting] Hye!
You guys are morons.
Give me your library card.
And that's how it's done.
Barnes: All right,
ladies, line up.
I'm your new gym teacher.
You can call me coach Barnes or,
once you come to love me, "blitz."
Duncan: Hey, "blitz," I was
wondering when I'd run into you.
Gym teacher?
That's your cover? Really?
You're coming down in the
world since the last school.
Barnes: The whole vice principal
thing really cramped my style.
I could only yell at the kids.
Here I can get a
lot more physical.
[Whistle blows]
[Students grunting, laughing]
Troy: A heads up! Unh!
Yeah! That's right!
Troy: Two losers left.
Ken: Up yours, Troy!
[Light laughter]
Troy: Time to take out the trash...
the trailer trash.
Ken: You really are the
king of the jerk wads.
Troy: It's good to be the king.
Duncan: Enough!
Ken: Huh?
Duncan: [Chuckles]
[Bones crack]
Troy: [Stifled laugh]
Troy: Hey, spread out!
Duncan: [Laughs]
Troy: No way.
How'd he do that?
Troy: [Growls]
[Ball bouncing]
Duncan: [Laughs]
Barnes: Troy, catch with
your hands, not your face.
Ken: I didn't ask you
to do that, you know.
Duncan: I know.
Ken: Didn't need you to save me.
Duncan: I didn't.
I just got sick of hearing
the dillweeds crow.
Ken: Well, that was fairly cool.
Actually, you could take that show
on the road and sell tickets.
Duncan: No big deal.
[Bones crack]
Troy: Get lost, trailer park.
Ken: Uh, it's a free
country, amigo.
Duncan: It's okay, Kenny.
Troy: [Chuckles]
You know what happens now?
Duncan: Well, traditionally,
this is where I hand you your
meat, all nice and on a slab.
Duncan: But I pretty much promised my
mom I wouldn't fight, so... Later!
Get him!
What is he doing?
Troy: [Growls]
Duncan: Hey, blitz.
Troy: [Growls]
[Girl screams]
Troy: There he is!
Duncan: [Laughs]
Troy: Come on!
You all right?
Duncan: [Exhales sharply]
Troy: [Breathing heavily]
Duncan: [Breathing heavily]
You don't want to fight me.
Troy: Don't worry.
It's not going to be a
fight, just a beatdown.
Duncan: Leave me alone!
Troy: Oh, forget this.
Duncan: [Breathing heavily]
Barnes: Holy hello, kid.
Way to keep a low profile.
Troy: Dude breathed fire, man.
W-what is he?
Barnes: Get to class now,
or you're expelled.
Duncan: It's not my fault!
It just happened!
Barnes: Later, kid.
Duncan: If Troy's hurt,
he was asking for it.
Barnes: Don't worry about it.
I was going to
bench him, anyway.
He runs fine, but he couldn't
hold onto a ball with a handle.
[Keypad beeps]
[Energy pulsing]
Well, this doesn't look too bad.
Duncan: Are you kidding me?
My face looks like the
Australian outback.
Barnes: More like the
surface of Mars.
[Laughs] Mars?
No, it's not mar...
I mean, a little bit Mars, but no.
Barnes: Is this it, doc?
Or should we expect
other surprises?
Well, obviously, Duncan's
innate strength and resilience
have been growing steadily
since birth, but his natural
fight-or-flight response created
a hyper-stimulated state, which
manifested itself as
incendia respiro.
It's fire breath.
Yeah, you have it, Duncan.
You'll learn to control it in
time, but until then, you're
just going to have to stay out of
situations with, uh, potential conflict.
Duncan: Like high school?
[Chuckling] High school.
I remember high school.
That place didn't
work out well for me.
Barnes: What I'm asking is...
When will Duncan constitute a threat?
To humanity? Duncan?
No, no. He's a sweet boy.
He's not a pandemic.
Barnes: It's only a matter of time
before... Margaret: Duncan.
Duncan: Hi, mom.
Margaret: Whose brilliant idea
was it to bring Duncan here?
Barnes: Uh...
How have you been, Margaret?
It's been a while.
Look... I-I don't like this,
either, but there was little
incendia respiro incident at school and...
Margaret: That's what we call
a "your problem."
I have a legal contract with
megtaf, stipulating my son have
as normal a life as
humanly possible.
Barnes: And that's exactly
what I'm doing, Margaret.
Your son's a fine kid, especially
for a boy without a father.
I'd be happy to give you my two cents
about him over dinner sometime.
Margaret: Ah.
Barnes: A son of a buck!
Margaret: [Gasps]
Duncan: [Chuckles]
Not bad, huh?
Very interesting.
Margaret: Oh, baby.
Barnes: It's an old
gag, a classic.
The flash powder ignites on contact and...
poof!... Fireworks.
You can buy it at any
decent magic shop.
Troy: What?
That is such a load of bullcrap!
The freak's mouth shot flames!
Troy, we have discussed school
policy on name-calling.
And, Duncan, your prank could
have ended in serious injury.
Troy: No, I-it did!
My eyebrows were
totally burned off!
Troy, no offense, but I've had you in here
so many times, your name should be on that
chair on a brass plaque.
Now, since you're both at
fault, you can either choose
suspension, or work together
to clean up the damage.
Your call.
Troy: Oh, yeah, right!
Like I'm gonna do
anything with that yob?
Duncan: [Exhales sharply]
Look, Troy, um... I'm truly ashamed of my
thoughtless, dangerous, and immature prank.
I'm sorry.
Troy: Are you kidding me?
I know what I saw.
You are some kind of freak.
Just stay away from me.
Isabel: Could've told you
how that one would go.
So, you coming to the big party
on berkshire Lane Saturday?
Duncan: I wasn't
invited to any party.
Isabel: Nobody was.
It's a "someone's parents are out of town"
party, where everybody just shows up.
Duncan: Uh, yeah, I-it's not
really my kind of scene.
I-I'm not totally comfortable.
Isabel: Oh, come on.
You just tried to shake
hands with Troy Adams.
This is like 10 times
easier than that.
[Indistinct conversations]
Jenna: Guys, seriously,
it was in my locker.
When I got back,
it was just gone.
Why were you keeping the money
in your locker, anyway, Jenna?
Isabel: About that party...
Everyone is going, seriously.
Duncan: Uh...
Maybe I might stop by.
[Crickets chirping]
[Dog barking]
[Owl hooting]
Duncan: Hmm.
Margaret: Duncan rosenblatt.
Duncan: [Clears throat]
Margaret: Where do you
think you're going?
Duncan: Well, uh, it's like this...
I'm kind of going to a, um, party.
Margaret: You were
invited to a party?
Oh, I'm so happy.
Duncan: Your confidence in my
people skills is overwhelming, mom.
Anyway, it's probably going to be a couple
of dorks sitting around playing video
Margaret: Well, I
hope you have fun.
[Tires screech]
[Dog barking]
[Electronic music playing]
[Indistinct conversations]
Duncan: Hey, Jenna.
Uh, so, about my little dork show
in biology... Jenna: What?
Duncan: Y-you see, there was this
thing, and I had to catch it.
Jenna: What are you
talking about?
Duncan, right?
As humiliating as I'm sure that was, I
would trade places with you in a heartbeat.
Duncan: What's up?
I saw everyone acting
weird around you.
Jenna: You haven't heard?
I lost all the money we'd
raised for homecoming.
Duncan: No way.
Jenna: I thought it was in my
locker, but it's just gone.
I've looked everywhere.
I think I'm losing my mind.
I'm sure people think
I just pocketed it.
Duncan: Then people have
their heads up their butts.
You'd never do that.
Jenna: Thanks.
Anyway, it doesn't matter
what anybody thinks.
The fact is, there's no
dance without that money.
I'd do whatever job to pay it back,
but there's only two weeks left.
Troy: Look, Jenna... I know you don't want
to talk to me, but this guy is bad news.
Stay away from him.
Jenna: What is up with you?
You want to know the punishment for
being stupid enough to date you?
Dating you!
Troy: I'm telling you...
he can do freaky stuff!
[Door slams]
[Music stops]
What part of "grounded"
didn't you understand?
He is so busted.
Troy: [Whimpers]
You must be a glutton
for punishment, boy.
[Partygoers murmuring]
[Engine turns over]
[Tires screech]
Duncan: Wow. Is that his dad?
I guess the rage issue doesn't
fall very far from the tree.
I bet he wishes his dad
would just disappear.
Jenna: [Scoffs]
It's getting late. Excuse me.
Duncan: What?
I... okay.
Unh! Idiot!
Isabel: Struck out
with Jenna, huh?
You're not the first.
Duncan: I wish I knew what
I said to set her off.
Isabel: Jenna's dad is dead.
Duncan: Oh, man.
How stupid am I?
I mean, I totally know how bad it
bites to grow up without a dad.
There's a rat in here!
Isabel: [Gasps]
Something just
crawled on my leg.
My purse... it's in my purse!
There's one right there!
[Partygoers murmuring]
Duncan: It's those things again.
Isabel: Gomorradons.
Duncan: Whoa! Whoa!
[Partygoers screaming]
Whoa. Aah.
Belloc: [Snarling]
Isabel: They didn't come alone.
That's their master.
Kaiju! Look out!
Isabel: It's Belloc!
Seriously... Belloc!
Belloc: [Growling]
Isabel: It doesn't make sense!
Why now? Why here?
Duncan: Because I'm here.
He's looking for me.
Isabel: Why?
Duncan: Because he's not only
Belloc, king of the Kaiju.
He's also.... My dad.
Belloc: [Roars]
[Partygoers screaming]
Belloc: [Roars]
Isabel: Is it smelling for you?
Duncan: He must know my scent.
I'm not kidding about
him being my dad.
You better run, Isabel.
Isabel: Aah!
[Metal creaking]
Belloc: [Snarling]
Duncan: I said run!
Isabel: [Breathing heavily]
Belloc: [Sniffing]
Isabel: Ugh!
Duncan: No! Let her go!
You'll crush her!
Belloc: [Laughs evilly]
Duncan: I said let her go!
Isabel: Duncan.
Duncan: Aah!
Belloc: [Snarling]
Duncan: Let me go!
[Footsteps pounding]
Belloc: [Snarling]
Duncan: Where are you taking me?
Belloc: [Roars]
Duncan: Huh?
Belloc: Duncan...
Let me look at you.
Duncan: Why don't you just
kill me and get it over with?
Belloc: If I wanted to
kill you, you'd be dead.
[Inhales deeply]
Duncan: [Gasps lightly]
Belloc: We are an ancient race, Duncan,
so old we became myths to the humans.
They call us invaders, when it is
they who have infested our world.
Duncan: Where are we?
Belloc: Home, Duncan,
your true home.
Duncan: No way.
This isn't my home.
That doesn't change just
because my father's a Kaiju!
Belloc: I am not a Kaiju.
I am Belloc, king of the Kaiju!
Though you are my
son, you are weak.
Duncan: [Breathing heavily]
I'm strong enough!
Belloc: No.
The human world has
made your heart soft.
You must be hard and remorseless
if you are to rule over the Kaiju.
They're assembling.
They've caught our scent.
Duncan: [Grunts]
Belloc: There is a war coming, Duncan,
between Human and Kaiju,
a war that could end
It is a terrible burden to bear.
But for the good of all,
you have no choice.
Duncan: You think I'm going to
be king of these creatures?
I am not a monster!
Belloc: You are my son!
You are half-Kaiju, Duncan, superior
to everyone you have ever known.
Duncan: That's why
you brought me here?
You ignore me for 16 years, and
and you expect to train me for
something that I
don't even want?!
Belloc: [Snarling]
Belloc: I'm your king.
This is my son.
You desecrate our race!
You shame our ceremony!
Bad enough you keep us from
exterminating the human vermin.
Now you mate with them.
Belloc: Who challenges
their king?!
You, abaddon?
Or you, astaroth?
Belloc: I thought as much.
Then I make my choice.
This is Duncan, my heir!
Duncan: Huh?
W-what happens now?
Belloc: [Snarling]
Duncan: [Snarling]
[Exhales slowly]
Belloc: [Roars]
Duncan: Ugh.
[Bird crying]
[Exhales heavily]
[Bird crying]
[Insects chirping]
[Knock on door]
Duncan: Ken, it's me.
Ken: Duncan?
Duncan: Wait up.
Before you open the door,
you need to know... I look weird.
Ken: Yeah, I know.
Duncan: No, I mean
weirder than before.
Compared to this, I
used to look great.
So brace yourself.
Ken: Okay.
You want a soda?
Duncan: So, you're
not freaked out?
Ken: Not really.
Belloc's all over the tv.
Our Kaiju alert level is red,
which is like the highest.
Compared to that, you're
just not that shocking, man.
Besides, when Isabel told me
your old man was Belloc...
Duncan: She told you?
Ken: She tells me everything.
We're best friends.
It's like we have some kind of
deep, mysterious connection.
Duncan: Uh, yeah.
You can totally tell.
Ken: So, your dad's
king of all monsters.
Duncan: No, not cool.
First of all, he did this to me.
That's why I came here.
My mom is going to seizure
when she sees this.
Ken: It's not that bad, bro.
So, your mom...
she's human, right?
Duncan: Huh?
Ken: Cool.
Duncan: Yeah, so, not only is my dad, you
know, a monster, but he's psychotic.
I'm not big enough.
I'm not tough enough.
I'm a total disappointment to him
unless I do everything his way.
He... [Fly buzzing]
Y-your dad...
he's on a trip or something, right?
Ken: Yeah, pretty much.
Duncan: When does he get back?
Ken: Yeah.
That's a good question.
We're friends, right?
I mean, you can keep a secret?
I think my old man is
a spy or something.
Duncan: Mm-hmm.
Ken: He can't talk about it,
obviously, but the pieces fit.
He's always vanishing for months at a time,
then reappearing without explanation.
Duncan: Hmm.
That could explain it.
Ken: You can't
tell anyone, okay?
Duncan: Consider
your secret kept.
And if you could refrain from
mentioning that it was my dad
who crashed the party last
night, that would be great.
Ken: What were you doing
at that party anyway, bro?
Duncan: Isabel invited me.
Ken: Isabel invited you?
Duncan: No, no, she just
told me about the party.
Ken: But Isabel was
there, at the party?
Duncan: Yeah.
[Telephone rings]
Ken: Hello?
Yes, this is Ken Rogers.
Who is this?
Margaret: Duncan?
Duncan: [Sighs] Hi, mom.
[Dog barking]
Barnes: Half of megtaf is scouring
the desert for him, Margaret.
If Belloc's out there,
we'll find him.
Margaret: Colonel Barnes, maybe
you should send out all of
megtaf, since half of it is having
difficulty finding a 120-foot giant.
Barnes: But mar...
[Receiver slams]
Margaret: Ugh!
Duncan: Easy, mom.
It's not Barnes' fault
Belloc is back.
Margaret: [Sighs]
Well, it's certainly not your fault, and
it's.. Duncan, are you blaming me for this?
Duncan, everything I've done,
every choice I've made... coming
here, the deal, megtaf...
it's all been to protect you.
Duncan: Well, it
didn't do much good.
Nothing can stop the biggest
monster in the world.
Margaret: Your father is a great many
things, but he is not a monster.
You don't know the things he's been
through, the good things he's done.
I don't expect you to
understand, but I did love him.
And he gave me you.
Duncan: So, what am I?
Am I human, or am I Kaiju?
Margaret: You're you.
That's all that matters.
I suppose, now that you've seen
your father, you've probably got
questions about how
you were conceived.
Duncan: Uh, I've got questions,
but that is not one of them.
Margaret: It couldn't
have been more simple.
Duncan: No, no. No.
No, no, no, no, not listening.
La la la la la la la
Margaret: See, now
you're just being rude.
This is why you don't
have any friends.
Duncan: I have friends...
Kind of.
I was at Kenny's house
when you called.
Margaret: He sounded
very polite.
I'd love to meet him...
and your other friends.
I got time tomorrow
after school.
Duncan: Tomorrow?!
You seriously think I'm gonna
go back to school tomorrow?!
Like this?!
What do you think's
gonna happen?
Margaret: I don't know what's
going to happen, but this
doesn't determine who you are.
You make your own choices.
Except for college.
You're going to
college, no choice.
Duncan: [Sighs]
[Birds chirping]
[School bell rings]
[Indistinct conversations]
Hey, hey, look...
there's the guy.
There he is.
[Students cheering]
Awesome, dude.
You are awesome.
He's so cool!
Duncan: Ugh!
[Body thuds]
Troy: Freak.
Duncan: [Sighs]
At least Troy still hates me.
I was afraid I'd lost my mind.
That's incredible.
You should have seen...
Look... there he is.
We just want to say, what you did...
Uh, mind if we take a picture?
Duncan: [Inhales slowly]
Isabel: What up, superstar?
Duncan: This is nuts.
What were you telling
those two just now?
Isabel: Just about how you got
Belloc's attention,
lured him away from the party and
saved all their skins.
Duncan: Oh, thanks, I guess.
Speaking of skins, I kind of thought
everybody would be freaked out by this.
Isabel: Haven't you heard?
Scaly is the new suede.
You see, when Belloc nailed you
with the fire breath, your skin
got all weird.
Duncan: Isabel, what I told you...
About Belloc.
Isabel: Jusbefore
you saved my life?
Yeah, what about it?
Troy: [Chuckles]
Hey, Jenna.
Troy: What?
Isabel: I'm still here.
Duncan: Um...
I'll catch you later, Isabel.
I-I just remembered there's
something I got to do.
Isabel: Yeah. Sure.
There she is.
Let's get out of here.
[Locker door opens]
Jenna: Hey.
Duncan: Hey.
Jenna: I just wanted to say
that was really amazing, you
saving everyone and everything.
Isabel: [Sighs]
Jenna: You're a real hero.
Duncan: I just ran.
He chased me.
Jenna: First time I leave a
party early and look what I miss.
Duncan: Totally my fault.
I'm... I'm really sorry I brought up...
Jenna: What? Fathers?
It would be kind of weird if no
one talked about their dads in
front of me.
Lots of people have them.
What's yours like?
Duncan: He... Travels a lot.
So, is, uh, is homecoming
off, or what?
[Cellphone ringing]
Jenna: No. No, it's back on.
Turns out homecoming is
going to be big this year.
Duncan: Great.
So, who...
who are you going with?
[Ringing continues]
Jenna: Are you asking me?
Duncan: Yeah!
[Ringing continues]
I-I mean, yeah.
I am.
[Cellphone hangs up]
Jenna: Great.
For a minute there, I was afraid
that I'd have to ask you.
Duncan: [Sighs]
Barnes: Going for a check-up
with doc pytell doesn't usually
make you so happy.
Duncan: I'm not.
I doubt very much that she's
got a skin cream that can
handle this.
Barnes: Well, then I'm
guessing it has something to do
with taking Jenna to homecoming.
Duncan: Yeah, how... how did you...
Barnes: I'm your guardian
angel... I know everything, except
how you got her to say yes.
Duncan: Well, some of us got it
and some... wait, this isn't
the way to the base.
Barnes: Thought we'd take a
little detour, see if anything
out here'd jar your memory.
Duncan: I already told you, I
don't know where his lair is!
Barnes: Maybe.
But I think your body'll know when
he's near and do the funky Kaiju.
Duncan: Not
happening, Barnes!
I'm not your personal
monster detector.
Barnes: Try and
stop me, junior.
I'm... Duncan: So dead...
Barnes: Is that a threat, boy?
Duncan: No. We're so dead.
Barnes: Hold on!
Can't hold her!
Get down!
Duncan: Aaah!
Barnes: Duncan!
Duncan: [Grunting]
Barnes: No!
Dunn: [Gasping]
Duncan: [Chomps]
Duncan: [Grunts]
Barnes: Huh?
This is Barnes.
I want every unit we've got deployed inside
the perimeter, and I want it yesterday.
Duncan: Aaaah!
Belloc: Yes!
Duncan: What is this?
A test?
A stupid test?!
Belloc: Duncan, kill the xornga,
or it will surely kill you.
Duncan: I don't want to fight!
Belloc: The Kaiju know
of your existence!
Any of them may challenge your
right to succeed me at any time!
Duncan: I don't want
to succeed you!
Belloc: But you do want to live.
Only your bloodlust
will save you!
Excellent, my son!
Perhaps it is not
too late for you.
Duncan: [Grunts]
Belloc: Finish it!
Belloc: Barnes!
Barnes: Fire!
Belloc: Get down!
Duncan: Stop it!
Stop firing!
You'll kill him!
Barnes: That's the
general idea, kid!
We kill monsters!
Duncan: But he's my father!
You can stop this!
Barnes: Aaaah!
Belloc: [Growls]
Barnes: Come on!
What are you doing?
Shoot! Do it now!
Duncan: No!
[Breathing heavily]
Belloc: [Growls softly]
I surrender.
Duncan: What?!
Barnes: Okay, boys.
Wrap him up!
[Men cheering]
Margaret: Duncan!
Duncan: Oh, boy.
[Doorbell rings]
[Clears throat]
Jenna: Well.
You look nice.
Duncan: Oh, yeah.
My mom picked out this suit.
I-I think it's kind of... Oh!
You look nice, too.
Jenna: You haven't been
on many dates, have you?
Well, first of all, relax.
And don't forget to give a
girl a little attention.
Duncan: Um. Yeah.
Ken: Hello.
Jenna: Oh, look, you
brought your friends!
That's so thoughtful.
Isabel: We usually don't do school
functions, but since this
is the first dance with a Kaiju alert
level, we didn't want to miss it.
Jenna: Any other surprises
I should know about?
Duncan: No.
[Horn honks]
Margaret: Let's get
this show on the road.
I'm supposed to be there early.
Duncan: Oh, yeah.
Jenna: Mm.
Margaret: Easy there, chief.
Save some for the after-party.
Hey, there.
[Dance music plays]
Jenna: Duncan, did your mom
just flash you the "rock on"
devil horns?
Duncan: That's "I love you"
in sign language.
Jenna: Oh, that's so cute.
Duncan: I guess the suit
clashes with orange.
Everyone is staring.
Jenna: Could you be just an
eensy-weensy bit more
self-absorbed, please?
Duncan: Duncan is not the
center of the universe.
Got it.
Jenna: Come on!
Ken: So, this is pretty cool,
right... that we came and everything?
Isabel: What is up with you?
Ken: I'm just...
I just want to make sure you're glad...
You're here... With me.
Isabel: Oh, yeah.
Happy to be here.
Ken: So... You want to dance?
Isabel: No, thanks.
I don't feel like dancing.
[Music stops]
And now, without further ado,
the results have been tabulated,
and this year's homecoming king is...
...Troy Adams.
[Cheers and applause]
Big reveal time here.
Big reveal time, but remember...
Everyone here is a winner.
This year's Herbert hoover high
homecoming queen is... [Drumroll]
...Jenna shwartzendruber!
Jenna: [Coughing]
You've got to be kidding me!
Duncan: Yeah! Whoo!
If the queen will please
receive her crown, she may then
perform the coronation
dance with her king.
Jenna: No way.
No way am I doing that to you.
Duncan: It's okay.
Jenna: No, I came with you, and
I'm going to dance with you.
Duncan: It's only one dance.
Isabel: It's
tradition, Jenna.
You have to.
[Cheers and applause]
[Cheers and applause continue]
[Indistinct talking]
Isabel: Now
I feel like dancing.
Come on, wallflower.
Let's dance.
[Yeah yeah yeah's "runaway"
...Can't help looking back
highways flew by...
Ken: And what am I?
...Run, runaway
Ken: [Grunts]
Duncan: Whoa!
Ken: She came with me!
Isabel: Ken!
What is up with you?
Are you mental?
Ken: No, I'm human, unlike
some people around here!
Duncan: Calm down.
You're with friends, Kenny.
Everything is cool.
Ken: Everything is not cool!
Duncan: Ken, why don't we
go talk about this outside?
It's not what you think.
Ken: No!
The only reason Isabel likes you is
because she knows your old man is Belloc!
Jenna: What?!
It's not true.
Is it?
Duncan: Jenna.
Jenna: Get away from me!
Get away.
Duncan: Forget this.
This is a joke.
Margaret: Huh?
Duncan: Dad's right.
I'm wasting my time here.
[Door slams]
["Runaway" plays indistinctly]
Duncan: [Sighs]
[Can crinkles, sizzles]
[Breathing heavily]
[Up-tempo dance music plays]
Isabel: Oh, Kenny.
Ken: I don't know.
Don't ask me!
Isabel: No! I want to know!
Isabel: Wha?
Isabel: [Gasps]
Ken: Wha?
What's going on?
Margaret: [Grunts]
This isn't good.
[Crowd gasping]
What is that?
Kaiju! Aaah!
There's another one!
[Indistinct screaming]
Children, please find the nearest emergency
exit and in an orderly manner... Aaaaahh!
Jenna: No! Ms. Dreakford!
Isabel: Aah!
Ken: Isabel!
Isabel: Get off!
Ken: [Grunts]
Right here, ugly!
Do it!
Isabel: Ken!
Ken: [Grunts]
Isabel: [Gasps]
Duncan: Stay away
from my friends!
Jenna: Huh?
Ken: Duncan, sorry.
I can't believe I told everyone yoyour...
Duncan: It's okay, Ken.
You told the truth.
Ken: You do look
real weird, man.
I guess right now, that's
probably a good thing.
Isabel: Kenny.
Troy: Let's get him clear.
Duncan: Aaah!
Aaah! Aah!
Okay, you filthy, fat freaks.
Let's see you keep up.
Barnes: Okay, we've got two unidentified
Kaiju heading out of town, so let's move.
[Indistinct screaming]
Jenna: Where are you going?
Margaret: I'm going
to help my son.
Jenna: I know you must hate
me, but let me help, too.
Margaret: I don't
have time for this.
Get in!
Jenna: Whoa, this is crazy!
Margaret: Oh, it gets better.
Duncan: Ugh!
Margaret: And since you wanted to
come so badly, you're gonna help me.
Jenna: [Gasps]
Uh, where did you get that?
Margaret: Duncan's father gave
it to me a long time ago.
Jenna: Duncan.
Duncan: I can do this.
[Roaring in distance]
Barnes: Get that
transport loaded up.
Move it, double time!
And I mean speed of heat!
Margaret: [Grunts]
Jenna: Whoa! What's that for?
Margaret: Duncan's father and I
have some unresolved issues.
Ready to meet Duncan's daddy?
[Indistinct shouting]
Belloc: [Rumbles]
Margaret: One chance, Belloc.
Belloc: You haven't changed.
Margaret: I'm going to
ask you a question.
Lie to me, and I
pull the trigger.
Belloc: I don't doubt it.
Margaret: Did you send those things
that are trying to kill Duncan?
Belloc: Abaddon and astaroth.
Margaret: Answer the question.
Belloc: I did not send them.
But I suspected they
might come for him.
That's why I let the humans take me...
to be close, to protect him.
Margaret: I knew it.
I'm not going to let you
take my n, you know.
Belloc: I know.
But if he chooses to come freely,
what will you be willing to do?
Margaret: For now, let's just
hope we can keep him alive.
Belloc: [Roars]
Margaret: [Gasps]
Get down!
Barnes: What the...?
Aw, dang!
Turn it around!
Turn it around!
Return to base!
Return to base!
Aw, dang it!
Belloc: [Roars]
[Tires screech]
[Indistinct shouting]
[Jetpack whirs]
Margaret: [Groans]
Barnes: Here we go.
[Shouting continues]
Jenna: That... that guy on the jetpack
looked just like my gym teacher.
Margaret: Come on.
Duncan: [Grunting]
[Breathing heavily]
Aah! Huh?
Barnes: Get up here!
Barnes: This is all your fault!
Belloc is back because of you.
Duncan: What? I haven...
Barnes: Shut it!
Let's drop the act, junior.
I ain't no father figure
and you ain't no kid.
Duncan: Kaiju!
Barnes: I know what you are.
I saw you tear apart that
thing in the desert.
Duncan: There!
Barnes: Aaaah!
Just hold still, buttercup.
[Laughing evilly]
Barnes: [Grunting]
Duncan: Barnes!
Barnes: W-w-whoa!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Duncan: Aaah!
Barnes: Whoa!
Flap harder!
Aah! Aah!
Duncan: Oof!
I think you'll be okay here.
They seem pretty focused on me.
Barnes: Why?
Why'd you save me?
Duncan: You know I need
an "a" in gym class.
Consider this extra credit.
Barnes: They'll
probably kill you anyway.
Duncan: Before they do, I'll
be sure to tell them where they
can grab some lunch afterwards.
Duncan: Aah! Aah!
[Laughs evilly]
Belloc: [Roars]
Duncan: Dad!
Belloc: [Roaring]
Duncan: Dad!
Margaret: Strap in.
Jenna: What are you gonna do?
Margaret: Help him.
Jenna: How?
Margaret: Hold on tight!
Jenna: Aaah!
Duncan: Uhh.
Jenna: [Gasps]
Margaret: [Grunting]
Duncan: Mom!
Ha ha!
Belloc: Fight, Duncan!
Kill them.
Duncan: There has
to be another way.
Be ready to move.
Jenna: [Gasps]
Margaret: Belloc!
Jenna: Aahh!
Margaret: Aaah!
Duncan: Dad!
Get mom!
Jenna: Uhh!
[Both grunting and gasping]
Duncan: Mom!
Belloc: [Growls]
You did not kill them.
Duncan: I wanted to.
But it wouldn't have
changed anything.
Margaret: It would have
changed you.
Belloc: But you
did beat them.
I wouldn't have
thought it possible.
Perhaps there was value
in leaving you with your mother.
Duncan: You don't have to
go back there to that cage.
I'll free you.
Belloc: You will stay with your
mother for the time being.
And I... Will be nearby.
[Engine turns over]
Barnes: Holy hello, kid.
What did you do to 'em?
Duncan: Nothing.
They're cold-blooded.
They're hibernating.
Barnes: What about you?
Duncan: I'm not like them.
Barnes: What are you geniuses
waiting for, a written invitation?
Let's get these popsicles
in the freezer.
Jenna: Hi.
Duncan: Hey.
Jenna: So, I figured out who.
Thanks for saving homecoming.
Like any of that
stuff matters now.
Duncan: It mattered to you.
Jenna: So, I'll see
you at school Monday?
Duncan: I don't know.
You still want me
to go to school?
Margaret: Oh, yeah.
You're going to school.
Duncan: Then I'll see you there.
Margaret: Looks like our
Duncan: You know what, mom?
I think I'll find
my own way home.