Firecracker (1981) Movie Script

- I put my money on Chuck.
- Kill him, goddammit!
- Hello, I'm Susanna Carter.
I have a reservation.
- Please fill out
this form, ma'am.
How long are you staying?
- Just overnight.
But I will be needing
a wake up call
for 6:30 in the morning.
- Yes, ma'am.
Feel at home.
Have a nice day.
- Thank you.
- Hi, how you doing?
- Is Pete around?
- I'm Pete, what do you need?
- Vanessa Goodman.
Do you know her?
- She rents a room from me.
She hasn't been
around for weeks.
- Sounds like you keep
pretty close tabs on her.
- Well, generally I
mind my own business.
Just so happens I've been trying
to give her a telegram
for a week or so.
- May I see it?
The telegram's from me.
I'm Susie Carter,
Bonnie's sister.
Vanessa Goodman's just a by-law.
- Hey Rey.
Where's that
telegram of Bonnie's?
- It's in her room.
I slipped it under her door.
- That's the one I sent.
- Get off of me!
Hey, you're okay.
- How did this happen anyway?
- They're looking for trouble,
let's give it to 'em!
Bonnie never went anywhere
without her camera.
- What makes you think
she's in trouble?
- She told me.
She said she couldn't
explain it on the phone.
- She's probably out
visiting some friends.
- Couldn't be that.
She said she had a big story.
- Let me see that.
Chuck Donner.
- Who's he?
- He's bad news.
- Where can I find him?
- Works down the arena
for Erik Stallard.
Drugs, prostitution, gambling.
I don't think you
want to meet him.
- Guess again.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the arena
and another night of
martial arts entertainment.
And for the first
exhibition, we present to you
the exponent of the honka
style, Mr. Lou Conbleu!
- Chuck!
Who's she?
- I don't know, I've
never seen her before.
- Go check her out.
Woman who walks into my place
like she's looking for something
is not just another dame.
Now check her out.
- Yes sir.
In case you're not aware of
it, this club is off limits
to all military personnel
and their dependents.
- I'm independent, over 21,
and just passing through.
- Gin.
So you're a black belt.
- That's right.
And I'm looking for
a place to work out.
I heard about you, so here I am.
- I still don't
get the connection.
I mean, there are many
gyms in this town.
Why this club?
- I need a place to work out.
If I can get paid for doing
it, so much the better.
- You putting me on?
- Try me.
- Wait here.
- And here they are, fight fans!
Big Billy and Bruno!
- I want you to watch this.
May just change your mind.
- No holds barred.
- So this kid stuff is
supposed to convince me
this is strictly for men?
- You think you can take that?
- If the money's right.
- I'm not talking money.
I'm talking physical punishment.
- I can take it.
- I have 500 dollars
says you can't
go three minutes with Bruno.
- Rack 'em up.
- You're pretty good.
- You still find me amusing?
- Well, let's change
that to interesting.
- You're still trying to
size me up, aren't you?
- I like your style.
But if you're trying to pull
some kind of scam, forget it.
- I'm just trying
to pay the rent.
- We'll let you know.
In the meantime, don't
call us, we'll call you.
- Rey!
What are you doing here?
- Thought you might need a ride.
- Okay.
- She's good.
Too good.
- She's a martial arts teacher.
Six damn black belt.
Owns her own dojo in LA.
Out here on vacation.
- Vacation!
- You get on her tail, charm
her, do whatever you have to.
But find out her real reason.
- Except I gotta get closer.
A little more on the inside.
- You teach martial arts, right?
- Right.
- Ever hear of arnis?
- That's the thing they
do with the sticks.
- Yeah.
A special form of defense
unique to the Philippines.
- That's it, you're
here to research arnis!
- There are several
schools on the island,
and one of the master gurus
lives on the nearby mountain.
Bonnie did the story on it.
- She did?
- To what, pray tell, do
we owe this great honor?
- Don't worry, I'm
here to see a lady.
Not you.
- Maybe the lady has
something to say about that.
- It's nice to see someone
has taste around here.
- Thank you.
You know, I didn't expect
you to call so soon.
Much less know where to find me.
- Well, it's not everyday a
fox like you comes into town.
I'd be a fool to pass
up this opportunity.
- Is that the reason
for this dinner?
- You might say.
- You might say what?
You said you liked
everything straight.
- Okay, fair enough.
I'm here to check
out your credentials.
- For an exhibition match?
- That's nothing
compared to what I might
have planned for you.
- I'm listening.
- First, we have a lot of
getting to know you to do.
- Did she talk?
- You gotta understand,
Grip's a little paranoid.
He doesn't like strangers
in his part of the forest.
- This Mata Hari, she's
got you by the balls!
- Stay out of this, Grip.
Do you think she's clean?
- Yeah, she's fine.
She doesn't want to cause
problems for anyone.
- Yeah, well she better not.
- She wants to work here.
- Screw her!
- I intend to, but
that's not the point.
Look, Humpty-Dumpty
here might not think so,
but I think she
could add some color
to the games and the club.
- I'll think about it.
- Why don't you
give her a break?
She could use the money.
- We got enough problems
without worrying
about getting some female
karate expert a job.
Grip, is everything
under control?
- My contacts will have
the merchandise available.
I only hope that lover boy here
gets the money to us on time.
- It'll be there, Grip.
- That's enough out of
both of you for right now.
Now get your asses out of here.
- About the girl...
- Look, I told you, forget
about the girl for now.
- I have a feeling we haven't
heard the last of that girl.
- He asks what he can teach you
that you still do not know.
- Arnis.
- Why do you wish
to learn arnis?
- My knowledge of
the martial arts
would not be
complete without it.
- The fruits of wisdom fall
on different lands
on different times.
You are right in
gathering all you can.
Only be cautioned
against violence.
Arnis is a form of defense.
Were the sticks
meant for killing,
they would have sharp edges.
- I understand.
- Seems to me like Chuck is
getting a little out of control.
- I can handle him.
- I don't know why you bother.
- Simple, I need him
to keep an eye on Grip.
- That's another one.
He's absolutely useless,
not to mention crude.
- No, I need Grip.
He's the contact
for the suppliers.
- That's just it.
Like I've said time and again,
why can't you buy past Grip,
make contact with the
suppliers yourself?
- You underestimate Grip.
He's a clever old bastard.
He's not about to let anybody
get next to his suppliers.
- I'm sure you
can think of a way
if you only put your mind to it.
- Don't you worry about it.
I'm perfectly capable of
taking care of things myself.
- I was just trying to help.
- Sir, we lost him.
- I was hoping this
would not be necessary.
- I could scream and call
the police, you know.
- I am the police.
I want you to lay
off Chuck Donner.
- What's the
matter, you jealous?
- Go home, this is
no place for you.
Bonnie found out the hard way.
- Where is she?
- We don't know yet.
Look, if you interfere,
we'll never be able
to solve this case.
- Okay, I'll stay
out of your way.
- What in the hell
is going on here?
- It's what they call a fiesta.
- Well how in the world do
you expect your suppliers
to get us the stuff with this
crowd watching all the time?
- You are not supposed to
ask the questions, my friend.
You are just a lackey
who carries the money.
Would you be kind
enough to hand it to me?
- I don't like it.
- Is it all here?
- Well why don't
you just take it out
and count it in front of all
these people, fish-brain.
- Good day.
It's ready, come.
- I want you to scare 'em
off, then get the stuff.
- Wait, you can't
go in there Grip!
- Boss...
- You know damn well I
don't like being disturbed
when I'm ranking the fighters.
- I know, boss, I know.
But this is important.
- It damn well better be.
- We lost the shipment.
- What?
The shipment?
- My men murdered.
Not a trace who did it.
- How did it happen?
Nevermind, I don't
want to know how.
I want to know why.
Now you get your ass
out on the street,
talk to every Tom,
Dick, and Harry.
Check on their faces.
I want that shipment back,
and I want the bastards
who ripped me off.
- No, no!
- Welcome to our little
question and answer session.
- Would you mind telling
me what this is all about?
- I am here to
ask the questions.
You are here to
provide the answers.
- Not until I know
what's going on.
- It seems you don't
quite understand
the seriousness of
this little meeting.
- That's right, I haven't
the foggiest idea!
- Perhaps you need
a little convincing.
This is my little
concoction of truth serum.
You answer the
question correctly,
the snake stays locked up.
You tell a lie, it is released.
I warn you, the Philippine Cobra
is the deadliest of its kind.
Tell me...
Where did you go
yesterday morning?
- I went for a ride.
You know, touring
the countryside.
- Sightseeing?
Is that all?
- That's all.
- You were at the
ambush, weren't you?
- What ambush?
- What is your purpose
here in Olongapo?
- Okay.
I'm a martial arts
instructor by profession.
I'm here to study
the arnis technique.
In the meantime,
I'm looking around
for a way to support myself.
- What is your real
purpose here in Olongapo?
- I just told you!
- You lie!
You work for the police!
- I don't work for the police.
They picked me up for
questioning, that's all.
- Aha!
You were with the
police yesterday!
This is the moment
of truth, Susanna.
Why are you here in Olongapo?
Who sent you?
- I came on my own.
How many times do I
have to tell you that?
- Who ambushed us yesterday?
- I told you, I don't know
what you're talking about.
- You informed the police,
you had us ambushed!
Admit it, admit it!
- You have the
situation well in hand.
- You might say I had
to snake my way through.
- I was worried about you.
- Thanks anyway.
- You look like you
could use a drink.
- You are a mind reader.
- One of my many talents.
- So how does one earn enough
to afford this kind of luxury?
- One uses his head.
Decides what he wants,
then goes after it.
- You seem to be
quite successful.
- I'm persistent.
- I can see what you mean.
- I can also be...
Very passionate.
- And how are you on patience?
But don't make me wait too long.
I hate suspense.
- Frankly, so do I.
- I'm gonna get a drink.
- I heard about Grip bringing
that girl in for questioning.
I hear Chuck got in the way.
- You hear too much.
- I have a right to
know some things.
Chuck's mind is so
full of that girl.
- He's found a new
toy, leave him be.
- But he's giving her
a run of the place!
He wants to take her
to the training camp.
- Look, I asked him
to take her there.
I want to see her in
the arena of death.
She's got killer
instincts, I can sense it.
I want her to know that we
sanction a fight to the death.
- What makes you
think she's that way?
- Once you learn how to kill,
you often wonder if
you'll ever do it.
But you never get a
chance, except in a war
or a fight to the death.
There's no war
that she can join,
there's no one to
tango with her,
except my gladiators.
- I'm impressed.
- There's more, you
haven't seen it all yet.
- Bring her to the
fights tonight.
- Well, what do you think?
- I mean, is this the kind
of thing that you think
you might be
interested in trying?
- Frankly I don't
think it's something
I want to get involved with.
- A true fighter fights to kill.
Otherwise it's only a game.
- Hey baby!
What are you doing tonight?
Hey baby, come on back!
- Help, these guys are after me!
- Okay, hold it!
- Don't shoot mister!
- I said hold it!
- I've contacted my suppliers.
Arranged for a delivery of
another shipment tomorrow.
- What's the method of delivery?
- For security
reasons I am compelled
to retain that information.
You understand my
little precautions.
- Yes, but I would like
to take a few myself.
I mean, just to make
sure the shipment
doesn't get ripped
off like the last one.
- The more you know
about this transaction,
the greater the risk.
I must refuse.
- You don't quite understand.
I'm not giving you a choice.
I'm giving you an escort.
Chuck goes along on the pickup.
- The arrangements
have been made.
Bringing a conspicuous American
will only draw attention
to me and my men.
- He goes or there's no deal.
- Hello?
- Susie, hi, it's Chuck!
- Hello Chuck.
- Yeah, listen, I gotta go
away for a couple of days
so you won't be
seeing me for a while.
Call you when I get back?
- Okay.
- All right,
talk to you later.
- Bye.
- I don't want to use this.
Don't make me.
I'm Alu Juarez.
Lieutenant JG.
Narcotics division on
Thai narcotics unit.
- Police woman?
- And you're Susanna Carter.
Born October 17,
Augusta, Georgia.
Physical education
graduate from UCLA.
Six time black belt.
Undefeated karate champion.
And you're here looking
for your sister, Bonnie.
Alias Vanessa Goodman.
There's a whole lot more
if you're interested.
- How long have you
been working with Erik?
- Longer than I
care to remember.
- And Bonnie, what about Bonnie?
Do you know anything about her?
- I couldn't warn her
without blowing my cover.
Seems she stumbled
on the dope run.
Much like you did.
Erik didn't like that.
- Where is she?
- I don't know.
No one seems to know.
- Can't you find out?
- Let's see what
I can do about it.
But you've got to tow
your end of the line.
Don't tell anybody
about my being here.
- Hit it.
- All right, I
hope you guys know
what kind of fix we're in.
We are in bad shape.
First we gotta get the bastards
who ripped off the shipment.
Chuck, I'm holding you
responsible for that.
Grip, get in touch
with your suppliers.
Arrange for an open
line of credit.
- It's impossible.
- Nothing is impossible.
- They will not listen to me.
- You don't have a choice.
They won't listen to
you, let me talk to 'em.
Otherwise, we close shop.
It's that simple.
- I will think about it.
- I can't get over it.
How did you convince Grip?
- Let's just say that
I made him an offer
that he couldn't refuse.
- When is it set for?
- He didn't want to tell me.
He was afraid I might
eliminate him altogether.
- What about Chuck?
- Chuck?
He won't even go to the
john without my permission.
- Never take
anything for granted.
- Baby, I don't take
anything for granted.
Not even you.
I know what I'm doing.
- What if Grip can prove that
Chuck was really behind it?
- He won't have to prove it.
- The meeting has been set,
but I don't have the
exact details yet.
- When will you know?
- That's the problem.
Grip isn't taking any chances.
It could be any time, any place.
- Great.
Another 48 hour red alert.
- I'll get word to you as
soon as anything's definite.
Beat's place?
I'll have everyone ready
at a moment's notice.
- The way Grip's playing it,
that's just about
all you'll get.
I gotta go.
I think Bruno's onto me.
Yes, about Bonnie Carter.
You talk to Chin, he knows.
- Sorry to put you through this,
but we need you to
identify the body.
We found her in the river.
- It's open.
Susie, what's the matter?
Let's talk about it.
- No.
Let's not talk.
Hold me!
I can feel the blood
pulse inside your head.
You're so good.
You're so good.
- You idiot.
You know, here I thought
you had some smarts,
but no, you can't
even get rid of a body
without it turning up for
the whole world to see.
- All right, look, so I blew it.
But there's no way they can
trace that body back to us.
- I don't like it.
The meeting is all
set for tonight.
I'll call the suppliers
and cancel it.
- No.
Maybe it's better this way.
Police will be preoccupied
trying to solve the murder.
It'll give them something to do
while we go ahead with
the meeting as planned.
- Sorry I had to meet you here,
but I think I'm being followed.
- Okay.
But keep it short and sweet.
- It'll have to be.
Grip sprung the
meeting out of the blue
and it's set for tonight.
You've got to move now.
Close in on the arena
if you want to catch
them all together.
- Anything else?
- About Bonnie.
Chuck killed her.
She was gonna do a story
on Erik's old setup.
- Are you sure about that?
- I'm sorry.
- Look, I know what you're
thinking, but don't do it.
You leave Chuck to me.
He'll be behind bars
within the hour, I promise.
Just what I need.
- She's gotta be stopped.
- I'll get her.
- Chuck!
- Susie!
Let the police handle this.
They know what they're doing.
I know how you feel,
but I won't let you throw
away your life like this.
- The boys are all set.
You stay here, that's an order.
Your job's over.
- Tony!
- Hold it!
Don't talk.
We'll get him for you.
- Mr. Stallard, this is Susie.
I want to fight
tonight, the death bout.
- Good.
I knew you wouldn't be able
to resist the challenge.
- But I mean right now.
It's gotta be on my terms.
- Whatever you say.
- He's on his way up.
- Well, then you
know what to do.
- The suppliers are here.
They're all waiting at the club.
- Good.
I lied to you.
Purposefully ripped
off my own shipment.
Deceived you into thinking
that I needed to work out
some sort of direct credit
arrangement with you.
My apologies, gentlemen, for
that little misrepresentation.
But it was the only way that
I knew how to remove Grip
and deal directly with you.
Well gentlemen, this is it.
To the arena of death.
I'm sure you're all
going to enjoy this.
- So this is what we've
been hearing so much about.
- Except that tonight is going
to be a little different.
This will be the
first time a woman
will be fighting in this arena.
- I'm not fighting any of you.
I want him.
- All right, what seems
to be the problem?
- I challenge him.
My terms, remember?
- Chuck, you're on.
- What is this?
- Bonnie's my sister.
- Hey, I don't
want to fight you.
There's gotta be a better way.
Look, I'm sorry.
What can I say?
- Police are here!
- What?
- I'm getting out of here.
- Get out of my way!
- What the hell is this?
- Come on, let's
get out of here!
God damn police are here!
Come on!
- All right,
outside, all of you.
Come on.
- Stallard!
- Rey, no!
Don't do it.
I want him.