Firecrackers (2018) Movie Script

What the fuck
did you say to me?
Are you fucking kidding me?
I can smell your
dirty cunt from here.
Why don't you wipe the
crust off your mouth?
Why don't you get your
fucking girlfriend
to wipe the crust
off your mouth?
Fucker her up!
Get her!
Go Lou!
Yes, Lou, fuck her up!
Fuck her up!
Go Lou!
Beat her fucking ass!
Come on!
Beat her up!
Go, Lou, go!
Come on! Get her! Get her!
Get her!
Yes! Yes!
Go Lou!
Chariot away!
Hi, hi, hi, hi!
What's up, man?
Your uncle just
gave this to you?
Because I'm special.
Oh yeah?
Guess what.
Shot gun!
Don't get any blood on
my fucking seats, eh.
Hey, boy, you need a ride?
We only accept sexual favors.
You eat pussy?
I think it's faster if we go
this way. Around the
lake will take too long.
Can I drive?
No but you can
keep me company.
I wanna drive.
How long is it gonna take?
Two days, probably.
I'm a fucking speed
demon, you know?
Oh my God!
In two days, we'll
be in New York.
You wanna
leave tomorrow?
We got the cash.
You got the car.
Let's get the fuck
up out of here.
You're not gonna grad?
Lou's dumb ass
didn't graduate.
You always
were the dumb one.
Fuck you.
See this fucking
shit, right here?
Uh oh.
Who is it?
No one.
Fucking dickhead?
He's not gonna, like, hunt
me down or some shit, is he?
We fucking broke up, it's over.
At least I'll be
fucking far away
and I won't have to see any
of these shitty people again.
He had a small dick anyways.
Shut the fuck up!
I seen the picks
on Lou's phone.
I'm, fuck!
I have a fucking King Kong
dong compared to that guy.
Stop it.
No, but for real though,
I always thought
you could do better.
Just saying.
This fucking guy.
Just saying.
Do a freestyle.
Here we go.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
- Come on!
- I don't know.
- Come on! Come on!
- Come on, Josh!
I'm the shit, can't you tell?
My whole team is
dressed so well.
I'm chilling with Chantal
and I'm with Lou too.
Fuck with her and
I'm fucking up you.
Smoking loud shit because
that shit help me spit.
Making out this bitch,
balling out till we rich.
The city don't sleep,
shit, neither do we
and tomorrow best believe
that we fucking free.
This crusty shit.
Stay away from me with
wretched-ass knuckles.
Fuck you, bitch!
Yeah, fuck you.
Oh, your mom's home.
Fuck me.
Oh, fuck!
I got you.
No you didn't.
Yes I did.
No you didn't.
Holy shit, look at your lip.
Will you lick it?
Did you kill that girl?
Yes I did.
I fucking killed her.
Get out of my fucking way.
She's fucking napping.
Fucking napping in
the middle of the day.
Oh, fuck me.
You have so much on
your fucking nose.
Did you even get any?
Check this shit out.
Fucking money.
It's all that shit
plus your shit.
Plus the shit that
Rayna owes us.
We're fucking good to go.
No more scrubbing
fucking toilets, bitch.
No more scrubbing fucking
cum stains off carpets.
No more bitches like,
"Where you from?
"Um, how do you get
your hair like that?
"Is that natural?
"Can I feel it?"
Fuck off.
"I'm white."
Lift your hair.
Is it who I fucking think it is?
"Why are you ignoring me?
"I wanna see you, I know
you miss this dick."
Why the fuck is
he still texting you?
You know how he is.
You gonna text him back?
Let me in, I need
to use the toilet.
One second.
I know the
two of yas are in there.
Hurry up!
Excuse me!
Do you have any idea how
loud you're being right now?
What's that?
Did you get in a fight again?
No, she just
cut herself shaving.
I wanna
see your report card.
Did you pass any
of your classes?
You see this?
Some people know how to
fucking save what they earn.
Oh yeah?
Hurry up!
Get the fuck off.
Guess your aunt
taught you fuck all.
And start paying
rent with that money.
We're fucking leaving!
It was fucking hairy!
I drew like.
Fuck this!
What do you
got to say to him, Josh?
Fuck you!
I never learned
shit in your class.
I fell asleep half the time.
Get him! Get him!
Oh, you better fucking run!
Yeah, girl!
Yeah, yeah.
Fuck yeah.
Fucking shake it, honey!
what the fuck is up?
Fuckin' awesome.
What up? What up?
What's up, cuz?
What up?
We cool, brother.
Did you fucking text him?
Boys, look
at this party, man.
- Class, yo.
- Hey, fuck face, what's up?
What's up, baby?
Not even a hug?
fucking cold, bro.
Seeing you shaking your ass
for little Joshie boy, here.
I'll shake my ass
for whoever I want.
Whenever I fucking feel like it.
You got that?
Fuck man, I'm down.
Why don't you give us all a
little show then?
Give us a little show.
So what, y'all fucking
now or something?
No way.
Well you two
can keep fucking.
Me and my girl are
gonna go. Is that cool?
- I'm not your girl.
- She's not going with you.
Yeah, she's not even
your fucking girl.
You heard her.
No, not really her type.
She doesn't like small dicks.
But pussy?
Yeah, he's your type, Lou,
because you love
pussy, don't you?
Yeah, fucking
chirp all you want.
At least we're fucking leaving.
Where you guys going?
Oh, he doesn't know.
We're leaving tomorrow.
Okay, well, bye.
Where y'all going?
Going to New York.
- New York?
- Tomorrow!
What the fuck?
so fucking funny?
Easy, bud.
You know they're not
gonna fuck you, right?
let's have a cigarette.
Hey, Josh, man.
I see that nice, shiny
new truck you got.
Looks good, man.
Yeah, this is also a
nice woman I got here too.
Such a fucking dick.
Oh my God, you
fucking kill me, Josh.
Put me down!
Yo, fuck!
Easy, easy, easy.
- Yo, stop!
- Fucking asshole!
Put me down!
Put me down.
What the
fuck are you doing?!
What the fuck?!
Can't just
fucking pick people up
when you fucking want!
She's gonna be fucking fine.
She's gonna be fucking fine.
take it easy, bro.
They're just talking, look.
Why'd you fucking
text him, huh?
Let's go to my car.
Pussy-whipped, dog.
What's up with that?
I got into a fight.
I know.
I just mean, like,
what's up with being angry
all the time, you know?
You're fucking angry.
You're pretty fucking angry.
That's not you.
You're a sweetie, I can tell.
Life's good, man.
Relax a little.
Gotta be more chill.
Gotta be more chill.
Yeah, yeah.
Like you.
Like you.
You should tell
that to your cousin.
Hey, hey, Kyle's just
like that, you know.
A fucking psycho.
No, he's not a
fucking psycho, okay?
Nah, come on.
He gets territorial
and shit, okay?
It's in our blood.
It's in your blood?
I can get like that
sometimes too, you know.
Come here.
I guess it's stuck.
Do you have a condom?
I'll just pull out.
Hey, I'll just pull out.
Aren't most girls on
the pill these days?
I'm not.
What's the matter?
Do you have like whiskey
dick of something?
I don't know.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
This has literally never
happened to me before, so.
Yeah, I'm usually
rock hard with a girl.
I don't know.
Maybe it does fucking bother me.
What does?
I'm not trying to date
you, I'm trying to fuck you.
Don't, don't,
don't, don't say that.
Why're you saying that?
Oh my God, you are so
fucking precious, dude.
You get me all worked up and
you can't even get me off?
See how fucking wet you make me?
No, you know what, Kyle's
right, you are fucked.
Get the fuck out.
Get the fuck out of my car!
Yeah, go.
Fuck you, you stupid fuck!
Want your wages?
Right here.
Take Chantal's too.
Hey, before you go,
I need you to do
a quick clean 121.
I quit though.
Don't give me that.
You girls are leaving
me high and dry.
Don't forget to visit.
You fucking bitch.
Thanks for ditching
me last night.
Why don't you answer my texts?
What're you doing?
What's wrong?
There's sand in me.
There's sand in me.
Get it out of me!
Crouch down, crouch down.
I know you wanna say
it, so just say it.
You know I got
nothing to say to you.
I just wanna know what happened.
I don't remember.
You don't remember or
you don't wanna tell me?
I don't remember.
I just woke up and
everybody's fucking gone.
I don't think you should've
told him we're leaving.
He got mad?
Kind of.
We don't gotta leave right
away if you need more time.
I wanna get the
fuck out of here.
Yeah, okay.
is Josh, leave a message.
Hey, I've been fucking
calling and texting you.
Yeah, I
mean, I just had some shit
I had to deal with.
We're still
going today, right?
I gotta check something
out on my truck.
Something's busted,
I don't know.
You just got it.
I don't know.
Shit happens.
Okay, so,
can we go tomorrow?
Yeah, tomorrow's good.
You're gonna pick
us up though, right?
At the motel?
Okay, I'll text you.
Okay, bye.
Come on, Jesse,
give me back my shirt.
Cause it's my fucking
shirt, give it back!
I don't want to.
Seriously, what the fuck?!
Give me back my fucking shirt!
Are you...
Oh my fucking God, Jesse.
What are you doing?
I told you to fucking put
the cap back on this thing.
You never use it.
Doesn't matter if I
don't fucking use it.
Look at it.
There's a fucking hair on it.
Oh my God, this is my shit!
Take off the shirt!
Take your shirt, bitch.
Where are you going?
I'm going to New York.
That's really far.
Will you come back?
Can I come wit you?
I wanna go with you.
Looks good.
Is this mom's?
It's really ugly.
It is.
Don't I look pretty?
Yes you do.
Pretty little girl.
You work it.
Oh, I like this.
Oh wow, this is really good.
Stop it, Jesse.
Music's good,
you should dance.
What the fuck are you doing?
What, you think I
can fucking vogue?
Oh, kill 'em.
Kill 'em.
Mom, watch this.
Turn the music off.
I said turn it off.
Come here.
Come here!
Trying to turn him into
a goddamn faggot now?
Wash that shit
off your face, all of it!
Mom, it's fucking
makeup, relax!
What the
fuck do you want?
Is Kyle here?
I need to talk
to Kyle, come on, Eric.
Yeah, well,
he's not fucking here.
I know he's
fucking here, Eric!
That's a great fucking
story but he's not.
This has nothing to
do with you though!
I told you he's not here.
His car's right fucking there!
You need to go.
You're fucking lying!
Are you deaf?!
Come on.
No, no, no, let's go, come on.
Come on.
I'm fucking serious.
He blocked
me on everything.
He's afraid.
That's why.
I feel like I can't breathe.
I know, me too.
We're getting out.
Tomorrow, we're gone.
Yeah, is
that where it goes?
You want that
to be in the center.
All right, there you go.
You wanna tell me why
that fuck-o's on our front lawn?
- Don't start.
- What the fuck are you doing?
Are you making yourself
all fucking pretty for him?
What do you care?
Are you
fucking kidding me?
What do you care?
You're leaving anyways, right?
Are you
fucking him again?
Oh my God.
Mom, he's not good for you.
He's not fucking good for Jesse.
- No, no, no, no.
- You're my child.
You don't get to
tell me what's good for me
and I'm telling you
that everything is fine.
- It's different now.
- How is it fucking different?
- He's clean.
- Is he?
I'm clean, we
have God in out lives.
Fucking God.
- Not God...
- I'm not doing this with you.
I'm just not doing
this with you.
Mom, mom, he is
half your fucking age.
No he's not.
Yes he is half
your fucking age.
He could be my fucking brother.
Now you're
just being crazy.
Am I being crazy?
you're being crazy.
You're being absolutely crazy.
Do you even know
how old he is?
I don't know, like 33.
Not quite.
Don't listen to her,
she's just being a brat.
It's okay.
I probably deserve it.
Well, I just came here to
get my shit and leave, so,
have a nice fucking life.
Hey, baby.
Is the load too big?
Is it a big load?
Won't fucking miss ya.
it's Josh, leave a message.
Hey, we've been fucking
waiting here for you!
I've called you like 20 times!
Maybe you went to
my fucking house.
Call me back!
When's the last time
you talked to him?
Hey, look.
Beat don't stop till
someone gets shot
We don't talk
Living my life
so fucked a lot
Momma say I'm reckless,
peep the necklace
Yeah, whoa!
My man! My man!
All right,
get that shit.
Yo, yo, hold up.
Fuck y'all.
Fuck you.
Hey, Josh!
Hey, are you fucking serious?
I like your new friends.
I don't want any drama, okay?
Oh, you don't want
any fucking drama?
What do you think, you
fucking piece of shit?!
Oh, shit.
You're a phony-ass
little fuck, aren't you?!
Are you fucking kidding me?
It's fallen in,
man, you missed.
What, you're just gonna
pretend like I'm not here?
Like I don't fucking exist?
Like I'm not fucking
standing right next to you?
So fucking clingy, bro.
What the fuck is this?
Look at me.
Nice shot,
bro, nice shot.
Thanks, dog.
Look at me!
Fuck this.
All right, guess
the game's over.
Where the fuck
are you going, huh?
Get the fuck out...
Huh, are you
trying to run away?
Get the
fuck out of my face.
- Are you a fucking coward?
- Back the fuck up.
Are you a
fucking coward?!
You gonna kiss me too?
You fucking sick fuck!
Oh, fuck!
Don't fucking touch me!
Don't touch me,
you fucking dyke!
What is this, man?
Fuck you, man.
Get the
fuck out, let's go!
Get the fuck out of here!
Get out!
Let's go!
Out the door!
Let's get
the party going.
Shots, let do one.
All right, all right.
Hang on.
Come on, man, fuck you.
Close, close, close, close.
Teach you kids a lesson now.
What're you doing?
Lou, what're you doing?
Come on!
Fuck you.
You fucked up his car.
You fucked it up real bad.
Come here.
Ew, ew, ew, ew.
Give me all your
lunch money, bitch.
Come at my pussy!
Don't you fucking!
I'm coming
up to the door, okay?
Yep, they're here.
Yep, I know.
Both of yous up, now!
Get up!
What the fuck are you doing?
Get out right now!
You can't just
fucking barge in here.
Yeah, I'm sending her home.
Stay right here.
Where are you going?
I gotta
talk to you right now.
What the fuck?
I like I don't even have
enough shit to deal with,
I wake up this morning to
two fucking cops at my door!
Oh my God!
Do you think you could
just drive through town
smashing shit up and
nobody was gonna notice?
He fucking deserved it.
You're like a
fucking two year old.
You think every time
a boy goes off on you,
you get to just fuck
around with him?
Yeah, I fucking do.
They're gonna charge you
and you're gonna end up
with a fucking criminal record!
That's if you don't
end up in fucking jail!
Yeah, now she figures it out.
You really made a big
fucking mess this time.
Now I'm cleaning it up.
This isn't coming out of my ass.
Where's that money
you were flashing?
I'm gonna take it
down to Kyle's house
and I'm gonna apologize to
those people for what you did!
I am not giving you anything.
Give it!
- No, I'm not!
- Tell me where it is!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Listen to your mom.
You want this to be an out
of court thing, trust me.
Who the fuck asked you?
Give me the money, Lou, now!
Well, if you're
not gonna tell me,
I'm gonna look for it myself.
Go ahead.
Give me the backpack.
I said give me your back pack!
- Calm down!
- No!
Mom! Mom!
Mom, no!
No! No! No!
Let go of it.
Let go of it.
Let go of it!
Mom, come on.
Calm down.
Come on, please?
Mom, give me my
money back, come on.
I worked so hard for that money.
Mom, please.
Mom, Mom, Mom!
Please! Please! Please!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, baby.
Let go of me!
Let go of her!
No, mom!
So what's going on?
I've been calling
and texting you.
My phone
ran out of minutes.
Leanne took all my
money to pay off Kyle.
I know.
Your mom told Rayna.
They took all my money too.
What? Why'd you
let her do that?
You think I had
a fucking choice?
Yes you fucking did,
she's not your mom...
I'm not fucking
going to jail, Lou!
Fuck! Fuck!
You shouldn't have told him,
we shouldn't have fucking
gone out that night.
None of this would've happened.
So this is my fault?
It wasn't worth it.
So no matter how bad it gets,
you're just gonna let
them get away with it?
What the fuck do
you want me to do?
That's just the way
things are, Lou.
How do you not fucking
understand that?
He's always gonna
get away with it.
I will find a way to
make that money back.
By scrubbing fucking
toilets for another year?
You guys
got a light by chance?
Oh, fuck me.
I'm just in the middle
of something right now.
Looks pretty serious.
No, can you leave though?
We're having a private
fucking conversation.
Yeah, I don't think we've met.
Okay, Johnny, here's
your fucking lighter.
Now go.
Heard you guys went on a bit
of a bender the other night.
Didn't I tell you
to stay out of it?
Think he broke your heart, eh?
You don't know shit.
me, I seen the kid.
I know his type.
What's that?
Well, he didn't
treat you too good.
Probably thought that
he cared about you.
You thought he'd change.
He never did.
Only got worse.
Am I getting warmer?
If you won't leave then we will.
- Come on, Chantal.
- Why do you have a gun?
It's a BB gun.
You ever fired one?
You wanna?
Come on.
All right, cool,
I'll show you.
Stand right here.
Promise you won't shoot me?
Well, I'll risk it.
Just grab this.
Don't put your finger on the
trigger just yet, all right.
Lift it like that.
You're gonna aim at
the can right there.
Okay, you see this
thing right here?
All right, you
want it to line up
with that spike at
the end there, okay?
You gotta keep your sights
aimed at the target.
All right, good.
Now I'm turning the safety off.
Keep it steady.
Okay, very steady.
Don't worry, okay, because
I'm right behind you.
Okay now take your finger there,
you're gonna press down with
a very slow and steady pressure.
All right, there you go.
Felt good, right?
Did I say you could have
guests over to my house?
We were just
leaving, actually.
Hey, baby, you got some meats?
What the fuck are you doing
showing the girls
a gun for anyways?
We were just playing.
Where the
fuck are you going?!
Letting him drive the car now?
He needs to go to work, Lou.
I don't want that girl
coming over here anymore.
What the fuck do
you mean, "that girl?"
You know
who I'm talking about.
You know her name.
There are lots of bad people
in this world, sweetheart.
You better get used to it.
Don't worry, you're
not hurting my feelings.
I've been turned down before.
Come on, let's get
your haircut, okay?
Do you want a chocolate bar?
How about an ice cream cone?
You drive a hard
bargain there, kid.
Come on.
Don't tell your mom.
All the girls will be all over
you if you get your hair cut.
Come on, get in the chair.
Jesse, we
don't have time for this.
Get in the chair, son.
Come on, Jesse.
I don't want to.
Jesse, come on,
you're getting your hair cut.
He says he doesn't
want to get his hair cut.
Enough, Lou.
Jesse, get in the chair.
Hey, bud?
You see this?
All right, it's just
hair, man, okay?
It means nothing.
You still nervous?
Okay, I'll tell you what.
Watch me over here, okay?
See this bad boy?
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Still sexy.
You'll be
looking great in no time.
Jesus, keep me
near the cross
There, a precious fountain
Free to all, a
healing stream
Flows from
Calvary's Mountain
In the cross, in the cross
Be my glory ever
Jesse, the Lord is so happy.
So, so happy, come.
The Lord is gonna take
care of you, Jesse.
Plug your nose.
Upon your profession faith
and your obedience
to God's word,
we baptize you in the
name of our Lord, Jesus,
for the forgiveness
of all your sins.
It's so good to see you here.
Upon your profession of faith
and your obedience
to God's word,
we no baptize you in
the name of Jesus Christ
for the forgiveness
of all your sins.
You stupid fucker!
Get away from me.
Get away from me.
Get the fuck away from my truck.
I thought I heard your voice.
I just found us a way out.
Don't move.
Feel good?
Does it kinda feel like this?
Feels good, right?
Have some.
No, I'm good.
Have some.
Yeah, come on.
There you go.
She tells me you girls
wanna get out of this place.
That was the plan.
Shit got fucked up.
Well, I mean, we've
got room in the truck
if you wanna roll with us.
Where are you going?
Out west.
It's where they say
all the jobs are.
Plus, there's the mountains.
I've never
seen mountain in real life.
They're real pretty.
Right, man?
How old are you guys?
Nah, you
girls are cool, right?
You play nice?
wanna get on this?
What's wrong?
Since when do you
wanna go out west?
I don't.
I just can't stay here anymore.
You wanna get out, don't you?
around the corner, man.
Stay out there.
Come on.
I dunno.
I know you're a good girl.
I just wanna lay
with you, that's it.
we don't gotta do nothing
you don't wanna do.
I promise.
Are you Lou?
Come on in.
You're all right,
you're all right.
Come on in.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So we're just
gonna go to the back.
Just right down
the hall there.
Just the room at
the very, very end.
I'm just dealing
with some shit right now.
I'll be with you in a second.
You have really pretty hair.
I bet people tell
you that all the time.
Did you bring ID with you?
Is this real?
Are you good?
Sit on the bed.
Are you posting this?
Yes, of course I'm
fucking posting this.
When we get out,
I'm gonna fucking wear
my hair however I want.
I'm gonna paint my nails
all the wrong colors.
let my titties hang out.
You hear that fucking shit?
Be far away.
Far, far, far
Now it's
fucking your turn.
Hey, big red's here.
Big red's here.
Hey, come on.
Hey, Lou!
How's it going?
Hey, Lou.
What's up, girl?
Don't fucking touch me!
What's wrong, Lou?
What the fuck you
guys doing in my back yard?
What're we doing?
Johnny boy's what we're doing.
They said they were gonna go
pick up their friend Johnny,
I said, "Fuck off, I know him!"
We were
at Gagetown together.
Years and years ago.
Johnny's drinking again, eh?
We're just having
a good time, Lou.
Let me get you a beer.
No, I don't want
a fucking beer, man.
Your friend knows
how to get fucked.
Cheers, guys.
To getting the fuck
out of this shithole
and going back west.
To new beginnings!
New beginnings.
Yeah, yeah.
Making money.
Cheers to you, Johnny boy.
Johnny boy!
My dog, man!
Come on, Lou!
We're fucking leaving.
We're leaving.
I don't know about you two.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
You got gas money?
I'm not fucking giving
you any gas money.
Hey, hey.
Okay, seriously?
Come on.
Let's hit the fucking
road, let's go.
Just wait a second.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I'm not going with them.
Why not?
We don't need them.
Yes we do.
No we don't.
Yes we do.
No, fuck them.
Lou, I can't
fucking stay here anymore.
Chantal's cool.
you fucking get that?
She's cool.
You know what?
So you're just gonna let
yourself be passed around.
By some fucked up dudes, huh?
Stop fucking
whispering over there.
Girls are always fucking
whispering and it's fucking rude.
You have no idea what it's
fucking like for me, Lou.
You have no fucking clue.
Don't even fucking
worry about her.
She's just in a mood.
I'm sick of these little
girls and their problems, man.
They're fucking drama.
I know but calm down.
She's the problem.
She's cool.
you promised.
I know.
She's cool though, Shane.
You guys are tough girls, huh?
I'll tell you what.
Y'all can come with.
But you gotta do
something first.
Seven seconds in Heaven.
You serious?
I'm not fucking
making out with her.
That's unfortunate.
There's a whole big plane.
Making out, that's
some tame ass shit.
going for it, Shane?
Come on.
Come on.
Yo man,
get the riffle.
Ever seen one of
these before, Lou?
Hold that, Lou.
Now what you're gonna do is,
you're gonna
put this in your mouth,
loaded, for seven seconds.
I'm not fucking
putting that in my mouth.
What about you?
Hey, Shane, come on man.
stay out of this.
Trust me, Johnny.
Shit gets tons of hits, bro.
Come on.
I'll do it.
But he's gotta hold the gun.
Who, Johnny?
Ready to fucking do this, bro?
Johnny, get over here.
I don't know about this.
Johnny, get over here!
Get the
fuck over there, man!
Take the gun, John.
Take the fucking gun.
Put the barrel in her mouth.
Stop it.
But the barrel...
Stop it!
Stop it!
Johnny, stop it!
Shane, hold her back.
This is
so fucking stupid!
Get the fuck back!
Put the gun in
her mouth, Johnny.
Don't be a fucking pussy.
you got your camera?
that shit, Johnny!
Oh, shit.
Fuck me.
Holy shit!
Shit was legend, dude.
Johnny, you're
a fucking legend, man!
Oh, by the power of click.
Can't believe people
pull that shit off.
Here's your fucking gas money.
Wanna pop one?
Get it, get it.
All right,
I'm recording. Go.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
That was crazy.
You gotta help
me with this right now.
Go away.
I didn't wanna do that thing.
You know, with the,
with your friend and the gun.
Why did you then?
I don't know.
I don't know why I
do things sometimes.
So you're just gonna
fuck my mom and leave?
I didn't know those
guys were coming.
I don't wanna go with them.
I'm not like that anymore.
I'm trying to,
I'm really trying
to do good things.
It's so hard, you know?
I'm pretty fucked up.
Don't do that.
What're you doing?
Oh, fuck.
Get the fuck up.