Firecrosser (2011) Movie Script

Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
Ukrainian State Film Agency
Insightmedia Producing Center
the film by Mykhailo Illienko
based on historical realities
Dmytro Linartovych
Vitaliy Linetskyy
Olga Gryshyna
Ivanna Illienko
Viktor Andriyenko
Oleg Prymogenov
Oleksandr Ignatusha
Jump, Comrade Captain! Jump!
What are you looking at?
Don't you see what's happening? This is a short way to
The last is being taken, how to feed the children?
The church is closed. The priest is taken, the icons were burnt.
And what now? I am sorry. People come to me for a piece of
But what can i do? My grandfather was a real Cossack, and
what about me?
Would you pay attention to this, otherwise misfortune...
Screenplay by
Mykhailo Illienko
Screenplay by
Kostyantyn Konovalov
Screenplay by
Denis Zamriy
Oleksandr Kryshtalovych
Production Designer
Roman Adamovych
Music by
Volodymyr Hronskyy
General Producer
Volodymyr Filippov
Directed by
Mykhailo Illienko
Father, what is this for?
This is a shelter for God. He has to be in every house
But does He exist?
In our house he does, but there is no more in the church
Is the grain also for God?
No, it's for us.
Dodoka! Dodokas! Where is your rye?
Next year will be a year of famine.
We go through medical board twice a year! Why again?
At least this one is the last one.
About face!
What is the course?
The last course.
About face!
Right wheel! Forward march!
Dodoka! Dodoka!
Cadet Dodoka! To the commander of the school!
Four hours ago following regular rout, a plane departed with
the post.
It hasn't arrived. Your aim is to find the plane, to give help to
the pilot in case of need,
and evacuate him and guard the place of the crash until
Here is he!
Here is he!
What's wrong with you? Help me!
So, is he alive?
Stop! She's got wolf cubs!
(speaking Tatar) Listen to me! You mustn't kill the pilot.
Because we love each other, and I have to bear him a son.
Hey, pal, we're late for the lights-out time!
I don't get it! She took the shuriken with her bare hands!
When It's spinning, the temperature reaches 6 000 degrees!
It's all about love! Degrees have nothing to do with this.
You can't walk here for free.
Have you got money?
50 copecks
I also have one rouble.
The sham fight was shown very well, I admit, but when they
were flying together
at the end of the film... it doesn't happen.
She was the first time in a plane, and he was performing such
flight manoeuvres!
The loop, Immelmann turn, spin, barrel-roll...
I've been just born.
You know, it's my birthday.
Marry me! I mean, will you marry me?
And what is your name?
Dodoka Ivan Orestovich.
You'd better think faster, I've got morning parade in an hour.
I will.
Keep step! Dress! Attention! Doubl-quick!
Lyubov Anvarovna!
Do I know you?
I would like to wish you on your birthday, Comrade Karimova.
The head of the special department has to know everything
about the full strength.
Let me introduce myself... Stepan Shulika.
Can I give you a lift?
Thank you!
Please, don't you be shy, I'm talking in a neighbourly way.
You don't worry, Iwon't lose my way.
Cadet Dodoka, we have found this at the site of occurrence,
acquaint yourself with it.
I've come to rescue you, noodle.
I will serve in the Army here, I've been advanced.
They entrusted me with the special department...
I brought this, as if I had known that I'd meet you. Take it.
So you came from home!
They gave me a ten day holiday, so I went home straight
Mmm, and how is the village, and everybody?
You eat, eat...
Your father was imprisoned.
At your home the hiding place was found, empty.
Father knew, he knew everything before, what would happen
All right. I've got to go. You'll get out, and we'll talk.
I've got three more days.
What did you think to get for AWOL?
Orderly officer!
Lyubov Anvarovna! Why didn't you sign up for our cycle
Well, I can't ride.
I will teach you. At once if you like.
Bicycles can be two-wheeled, three-wheeled,
Yesterday it wasn't here.
How are you?
You'd better blow?
Abicyclist consists of two parts: a huge kind heart and...
Let me go!
I am getting married!
Whom to?
To a Colonel.
But all our Colonels are married.
Lyubov Anvarovna! Dear! You took it all wrong!
I mean... I wanted to say... Let me explain everything!
This is myfriend Ivan.
Lyubov Karimova to Ivan Dodoka
Lyuba, finally I ventured to write to you.
I regret my rash action deeply.
On that last peaceful morning of our Soviet Motherland I
went off my heat.
But I admit, as a man, I don't regret it.
Your image doesn't leave me since I first saw you.
I trust paper with what I had to tell you at our first meeting.
First time in my life I experienced a feeling that blazed up and
I lost my mind.
I love you, Lyuba!
And I can do anything for you.
To live without you is torture. Your Stepan.
Petka, keep a seat for me!
Comrade Colonel, report. To the front.
Again? You'll go to the front, and who will teach them to fly?
Don't come to me with this no more.
Comrade lieutenant, Ivan Orestovich,
I was removed from flights.
They are ging to transfer me.
you are said to teach a rail to fly.
Follow me, double-quick!
Is it a battle plain?
You were removed! My grandfather was flying a plough
How is it?
He was a Cossack wizard.
Sit here!
You know there were such Cossacks,
cast-a-spell-over-Cossacks, neither bullets nor sabres harm
and they could fly anything.
Close your eyes.
Without sails, from the ground,
take me up to the skies, hey, hoy, tailless hound.
Without sails, from the ground,
take me up to the skies, hey, hoy, tailless hound.
Close your eyes.
Without sails, from the ground,
take me up to the skies
hey, hoy, tailless hound.
You have to repeat this 17 thousand 3 times...
hey, hoy, tailless hound...
and you'll be able to fly either a plough and a fighter.
Comrade lieutenant, do you also believe in God?
That's all for today. You may leave now.
Post. Stepan Vasilievich, may I go?
You may go.
Hello, Stepan. We can only be friends.
I love an other man, an I don't need anybody else.
Stepan, could you help me to find Ivan?
My dear Ivan, I don't know what to think!
At any free minute I write a letter to you, but I don't receive a
I want to hear from you so much.
Of course you are at the front already, otherwise my letters
would find you at the military school.
It seems an eternity since I saw you last.
Lyuba, my dear, all my letters are unanswered.
They don't let me go from the school, but I have thought
everything over.
I will be at the front soon, and not a single fascist bomb will
fall on the ground where I will fly.
Every time when a wounded pilot is brought the world
stands still, is it you or not?
I reread the only letter from you... about the storks that live
on your house.
As soon as front draws back, I'll write to your home.
...Maybe your family knows, where you are and how you are
The papers are ready.
I've told you not to come here.
But... you didn't come yesterday...
You know, this is no time now, Nadya.
What do you mean, no time? And what? I have to wait for you
till the victory?
You don't have to wait for me at all!
Dear Lyuba! I cannot find Ivan.
May I come in, Comrade Major?
Come in...
It's about Dodoka.
What's that?
The flight route.
The route of what flight?
The flight route to the front, Comrade Major.
Maybe we should let him go?
Or he can ruine it. I know Ivan from my childhood.
I'll fly away he said, as soon as he has enough petrol he'll fly.
Desertion to the front.
He says, I'll fly by myself if you won't let.
Are you telling me that as to the special office head or as
Ivan's friend?
He'll fly.
He won't have time.
We've got an order: those who can fly must go to the front,
those who can't will stay at the rear.
We need to tell your father.
He'll kill us.
He won't touch us. And your Stepan...
Stop crying, enough of bearing from him, you must act.
Smoked? And why are you crying? What happened?
Nothing, father, don't.
Is it because of Stepan? Tell me, Stepan?
Too much time at the rear, little bastard?
I regret Iwanted to take him with me.
Wipe your snot. We'll find you another fiance.
I don't want another one, I want this one!
This one... let him smell powder!
Nikolay, Germans cluched at the American.
They will crash him!
This is Guerard! His board is the nineth!
True, they'll crash Guerard!
Guerard! Move right! How to say right?
Guerard! Move right! How to say right?
I studied German!
Then be quiet! Cover me! Attacking!
Without sails, from the ground...
My leg hurts, I can't walk, help me
My leg!
Shit, must have broken...
Look! He flew to the front with his bike. What pricks
Americans are!
It's pressed with a box.
It's pressed with a box.
Comrade Colonel, if you allow.
Just before landing two Messerschmitts attacked us.
They mauled the American. Nikolay crashed one of them.
I know. The American came, he was looking for you.
He is as black as soot. He'd better be a night bomber pilot,
not a transport work.
Girls, feed him. He is one of our heroes.
Comrade Colonel, would you let me?
I saw my house. Not far from here. This is my home village.
Tchernechy Yar.
You will go home-but after the victory. We have to fly
Meteorologist won't let you out. Let's talk about it in the
Now you go to the medical unit. There and back.
I seem to be safe.
You are, but your friend has hurt his leg.
Dear Vanya, it's noisy here today-one plane after another.
They all are rushing to the west, like storks, flock after flock.
So am I hurrying to write to you...
Luyba! Luyba!
Put him down, carefully...
Sign it, we are getting married.
Comrade Captain, we've got to wait.
Comrade Colonel, if you allow.
Enjoy your meal.
At ease.
And what's that?
Acity in China. Called Fuzhou...
Have you been there?
Not me, one artist, a blind one.
Ablind artist?
Well he wasn't blind at first but then...
Behind the village -a night,
behind the mountain -a daylight,
at the meadow- A stump, flooded a spit, covered the moon.
Behind the village -a night,
behind the mountain -a daylight,
at the meadow- A stump, flooded a spit, covered the moon.
Your wife is beautiful, very beautiful!
Agolden bucket without water.
What is her origin?
Ah! When did you get married?
Aha! You'll be the head of a collective farm, but not here.
I'll be the head of kolkhoz. Where, at Luyba's place?
Where is she from?
He asks where you are from.
From Karym.
From Crimea.
No, not from Crimea, from Karym. It's behind Lake Baykal,
Chytyn oblast.
That's what I was saying, far away, not here, behind the sea.
Rye is sown on the stone.
You'll have twelve children.
Hmm, one is yours. The son is here, and the rest...
Yes, Stefa.
Thank you for telling fortunes.
I'm running, running, I'm coming.
What did she say?
She said twelve children.
How to say in your language, "Hello, father.
I am Ivan, Lyuba's husband. I love her with all my heart: '
After the war we'll go to yours. How to address to your father?
(Speaking Tatar.)Good afternoon, father. I am Lyuba's
(Speaking Tatar.) I love her with all my heart.
And how to say this in your language?
Dobroho dnya, tatuh.
Dobroho dnya, tatoh.
Tatuh. I am Ivan's wife. I love him with all my heart.
How to say it in your language?
And this?
This is your "zhyvit".
And this?
And this?
And these are your "persah".
And how to say"a road"?
And we say"shlyakh".
And how is "love"?
No, in your language.
My darling, take this.
I'm flying upside down in the sky. I can lose it.
And how to say"I'll wait"?
Jump, Comrade Captain! Jump!
Jump, Ivan! Jump!
Name, last name, patronymic.
I repeat. Your name, last name, patronymic.
Dodoka Ivan.
The Hero of the USSR Captain Dodoka died in the battle
releasing the Soviet Ukraine.
Died. Understand-died! Wasn't captivated.
And you, prisoner, have to tell the truth.
Where, when, under what circumstances and for what
For what reason? For what reason? For what reason?
No, I won't take a sick-list, give me a recipe- I'm tired of this
Anya, we're short offorms.
Can you imagine, I haven't even sneezed at the front, but
Yesterday my neighbour's husband came back from the
Yes, I met Lida this morning...
Maybe I should go to Stepan?
No, don't. I appealed.
Don't neglect the illness, the tonsillitis is dangerous of its
Sanya! Sanya! ...
Luyba, is it you?
Stepan, hello!
You'd... well. Sorry, not proper, come, I'm repairing here.
Thank you.
Come in!
With repairmen it's a bit...
Shall we drink?
Rest in peace.
Ivan is alive!
The neighbour burried her husband in 1942, and he came
back. Help me find him!
We can find...
Noone can hide from us.
But what is there is nobody?
And there is a grave instead of Ivan?
Ashes! Dust!
It was ten years ago!
What if he is a halfman? Aquarterman? One-eights man?
What's then?
Stepan would find him, but you'll say "Thanks, I don't need
him like this!"
What if he has a wife, a mother-in-law and two daughters?
If he is a parricide?
Bring me a son, and I'll find him.
And your wife, Styopa? Have you divorced?
She is undivorcable! You know whose daughter she is?
And children? Do you have children?
No! ...And won't be! I took her to professors, to soothsayers...
to sanatoriums.
Nothing! Barren!
Bring me a son-and I'll find yours!
If he hasn't died in camps!
Bring him a son! That's nothing for you! Do it! I love him, he'll
Will you?
Will you shut up?
What's wrong with him? Strike him!
Go! I said go!
He can sense a wolf. For sure.
They saw wolves jusst beneath the tower.
How they dare.
Closer, closer! Closer I said! Closer! Go!
Article? Purpose of the visit? Name?
They asked your name.
Why without knocking?
Are you numb?
Or proud?
Why are you laughing? Maybe he forgot.
Could a man forget?
That's fine, we'll give you a new name. You will be...
I like Dodoka. Ivan Orestovych.
Bosses were afraid of him. Anything he said came true.
He called himself a Cossack...
ACossack wizard.
He said so:"Tomorrow for the escape attempt I'll be... : '
He ordered me to give yo the cross. Turns out he knew...
Where was he burried?
Nobody saw him dead.
Means he is alive.
They say he comes as a wolf at nights.
This is rubbish!
Why is it rubbish? True.
Is there a way?
Yes, but notfor your credit.
Then show.
I don't have a belt, I'd show.
Take mine.
You can't do it with the other's. You need yours. Worn.
Come what may! Good buy, captivity! Come on! Order!
Well, watch! 'cause I don't know how to get back.
Who will go back? Just show and the rest will force away!
Stand here. Come on!
You, Palyonuy, don't dash to your Comrades.
Don't pee your pants, I won't. So?
Now you must somersault.
What is somersault?
Somersault forward-over the belt.
And what's next?
You, Palyonuy, don't crap. They say not everybody is good at
Nerds! Let me pull!
What are you staring at? Is it a circus or what?
Somersault yourselves! There are enough wolves without me!
Why are you quiet, cuccoo?
She can't. She has neve heard. How can she know beyond
Even at the war cuccoos sang, but here...
I'll go out, find Stepan and kill. Find him and for sure kill!
He is not engaged in any conflicts with criminals...
Though he was noticed in conversations.
Give me facts!
After releasing he is planning to kill you...
Planning, you say?
And can it be simply"At the attempt to escape"?
The cuccoo forgets, do you hear? Cu-ckoo, Cu-ckoo.
Negative, Comrade Colonel.
Get ready for the business trip.
Yes, business-trip, Comrade Colonel.
At the attempt to escape!
Take him!
Give him some water!
At the attempt to escape!
Prisoner 1733, Out!
Get out!
I need to make water.
Vasya, into the car!
Hey, countryman! Countryman! Push. Ok?
Hey, countryman! If you need me -just find me. Everybody
knows me here: Gloomy-Hand my name is.
Double-quick to the commandant's office, call for cordoning.
Get away!
Move aside!
Be off!
These hands... can caress a woman...
These hands can plant a garden, comfort a child, support an
old man,
save a friend and strangle an enemy...
These hands can build a house, shoe a horse,
can fix a toy and a regimental mortar,
write a letter to mother in a poem...
These hands can do everything!
So why... why the hell...
this fascist slut can't understand with his SS-brains,
that these hands... These hands...
Got ya! Fascist slut!
Well, contusion, I had it before the penal batallion
a mine!
What did I twaddle in the car?
Something about trophy machinery... I didn't get that.
And my fellow got
in 1941.
And reported about it.
And reported about it.
ljabbered something about Comrade Stalin!
I'm lucky with you, fugitives!
I'm lucky with you, fugitives!
Now it's your turn to tell! Where from? Where to? Who are
My name is Ivan.
I've got to find a man in Karym. Anvar Karymov.
Do you know him?
Do you know him?
I know!
And his daughter? Luyba? Is she here?
His daughter is far away! With her son!
With what son?
With Vanya. I gave them a drive to the station yesterday.
With Vanya. I gave them a drive to the station yesterday.
Give me a lift, Gloomy-Hand, back... to the station.
You can't go back! After the bath -only forward.
You can't go back! After the bath -only forward.
I need to find Karymov.
Here I am. I am Karymov. Speak.
Here I am. I am Karymov. Speak.
(Speaking Tatar.)Good afternoon, father. I am Lyuba's
(Speaking Tatar.)Good afternoon, father. I am Lyuba's
(Speaking Tatar.) I love her very much.
Finally, we met.
Tomorrow morning I'll put you on a freight train.
You'll go by the railways to Narchynsk. Then to Anadyr.
There, remember, my nephew works at the geological party
There, remember, my nephew works at the geological party
He'll help you find the God ofWar.
This is how yakuts call him. It is him!
My brother-soldier. Give it to him.
My brother-soldier. Give it to him.
He is chasing deer inTundra. Asmuggler.
If you findThe god ofWar, take it as if you've been born for
the second time.
No dog will find you.
He has one safe place, just in case of emergency.
He has one safe place, just in case of emergency.
I'll tell you tomorrow.
And when everything comes down-you'll get documents.
And Luyba? Her address?
No, I won't give you her address.
You'll impatient- And come back. Here Stepan will catch you.
You'll impatient- And come back. Here Stepan will catch you.
And Luyba will come here by herself.
Father! Father!
Father! Father!
Mother of God!
I'm Ivan's wife.
I love him so much!
Mother of God!
I'm Ivan's wife.
I love him so much!
I'll never forgive myself this sin,
it is a vile sin.
I'll never forgive myself this sin,
it is a vile sin.
(Speaking Tatar.) Please, help him.
(Speaking Tatar.) Please, help him.
(Speaking Tatar.) I woludn't ask, but...
(Speaking Tatar.) I woludn't ask, but...
But I have a condition: first you bring me Ivan,
and then I give you a son.
Acondition... Agood condition. But where can I take him?
But I have a condition: first you bring me Ivan,
and then I give you a son.
Acondition... Agood condition. But where can I take him?
Stepan! Where is Stepan, where is Stepan? He left! Left! Left!
Stepan! Where is Stepan, where is Stepan? He left! Left! Left!
When I opened the door he was lyinf on the floor. Didn't
recognize me.
He said somebody had broken the door and assaulted him.
Anything missed? You can go and check.
He went through a penal batallion-and there's not even a
scratch on him...
I told him-you'd die there... but he: "no, it's range here, I got
Listen... they looked for him at neighbours.
When the snowstorm finishes -they'll come here.
When the snowstorm finishes -they'll come here.
Take him with you, Yerdygey...
When time passes- Bring him back.
I can take. And can bring back.
But he won't get there, he is totally bad.
But he won't get there, he is totally bad.
And if they come here-what will you say?
Listen to me- Troubles won't leave.
And they- Let them dig frozen earth. Where we burried the
unknown last autumn.
Make no resistance. That's my last warning. Or I'll bury you
You aren't the first, you aren't the last. I've made a lot of you
calm in such a way.
You aren't the first, you aren't the last. I've made a lot of you
calm in such a way.
Clean harder, don't forget under the armchairs.
Go to sleep, it's late.
Will you tell?
You are not a child!
Anyways tell me.
Anyways tell me.
Once during a fight two pilots saw storks, "leleky", coming
back home,
and they had a front line ahead. Explosion, smoke, fire...
and they had a front line ahead. Explosion, smoke, fire...
And then our father and uncle Kolya decided to escort
Will father come back?
Yes. When will all the birds.
Nikolay! Right and down! Do you see?
Storks are coming back home. See?
Storks? They are heading for antiaircrafts! -Across the front
Ivan! They won't make it!
We've got to help!
Jump, Ivan! Jump!
Without sails, from the ground,
take me up to the skies, hey, hoy, tailless hound.
So I decided to visit my fellows,
and they say that we've got a new neighbour.
There's no Ivan, yesterday I got a report.
I don't believe you. Understand? Even if you brought the
document, I wouldn't believe you.
Why did you come?
That's not good. Our condition: you give to me, I give to you.
Let Ivan rest in peace, and I... get divorced.
Marry me!
You won't survive alone. And you have to raise your son.
And I love you! Once I saw you I...
Don't approach! I'll call Stefa.
My mother beat me with a birch root so that Iwon't walk with
a young recruit!
So that I won't walk with a young recruit.
My mother beat me with a birch root so that Iwon't walk with
a young recruit!
My mother beat me with a birch root.
Germans caught me, strike me and than said me:"Welcome
to our army".
And I say: Khren vam!
What's "Khren vam?"
My mother beat me with a birch root so that Iwon't walk with
a young recruit!
Welcome, Stepan Vasilievich! Did you rest well?
Aah.! As if I am born again! Good...
But on the last day what on earth made me to go to a witch,
to a fortune-teller.
She predicted the victory to the day. Can you believe it?
Where is Ivan, I said? And she replied, at the cemetery.
And what did I tell you?
Well, let's pray for him.
But, she said, the cemetery isn't human.
It's birds'.
Good, good. Bring the keys there...
I have to scalp one person.
Come, come, come.
Give me the jaws.
(Speaking Tatar.)Good afternoon, father. I am Lyuba's
I love her with all my heart. Bread! Road! Son! Water! I love
Yes, Comrade Colonel.
Take it! Shave! Shave my hair, Naskrizny.
What for?
Give it to me.
It's more difficult to sculp.
Abit further. Fine! Fine, Fine.
Good day, Lyubov Anvarovna!
This is a gift for you from Kamchatka. Vanya! You are so heavy
This is for you.
What's this?
Achewing gum.
Does the gum exist?
Yes, there is on Chukchi Peninsula.
Get dressed!
Sashka told me, a chewing gum doesn't exist.
I'll be right back
Listen, Lyuba, do you remember Guerard? An African pilot.
Ivan rescued him. I am in correspondence with him.
But don't say a word to anybody- We are corresponding with
the help of a Polish pilot.
Guerard is in Canada now. He is working for Red Cross.
They are waiting for me.
Guerard saw Ivan in Canada!
Oh... but... I have to tidy up the flat.
Lyuba! Lyuba, I am going to Minsk now.
I 'll be back in a month. We'll try to write a letter to Ivan.
When I am back- I'll report!
Good day, sir!
Lyuba was killed.
Uncle Kolya, what is your plane?
Vanya, nip down to the shops. Buy some bread.
Who? Why? Unknown.
She was found killed.
They didn't take anything. The Gold Star of the Hero wasn't
That's the way we play ball in the ball park- I am alone, and
Vanya is alone.
We will act through Red Cross, meanwhile I am completing
the formalities about adopting.
Vanya is adult now, he understands everything.
Uncle Kolya? Can you bring papa from Canada on your plain?
Not by MiG. We need an other plain for this.
You will have to wait, Ivan.
I will.
Thank you.
That's enogh. Spare the wings.
(Speaking Indian.) Don't forget us, Ivan!
My mother beat me with a birch root so that Iwon't walk with
a young recruit!
And I walked until cocks-crow...
Without sails, from the ground, take me up to the skies, hey,
hoy, tailless hound.
Hey, be quiet. Americans are all over here.
Wow! The hostile grew tall, more than 2 metres!
Comrade?! Comrade Indian! Comrade Indian Are you local
(Speaking Ukrainian) Of this place.
And where is the post here?
Two miles away.
I have to... telegraph, urgently.
Comrade Colonel!
You telegram.
May I go? Go. Yes sir!
Today, at 12.07 Moscow time nearby the Black Folks
I met Dodoka as an American Indian.
The delegation head of the Soviet collective farfers, Major
Telegram. Where is it?
Was I sleeping for long?
Wait here.
Found. He is found.
Found. He is found. Lyuba. That's true. I swear. He was seen.
He is alive. Telegram. Seen.
Let me go! Let me go! Take your hands off! I don't believe you!
You think I believe you You promised me a son,
and now when he is found... Don't bite me, you fool!
Telegram. Anybody home? A telegram for you.
Ivan, my son, finally, I can write a letter to you.
I will try to pass it with help of Guerard, uncle Kolya and
I don't know, if you get the letter or not, its way will be long
and unsafe.
I don't know, where we'll live.
In our house in Tchernechy Yar or here among the Indians,
who saved me and restored my hopes.
Indians say, happiness has two halves.
You and I have a long way to the second half.
You know, I had everything. I had friends, enemies, and a
Long ago I had an ancestral home.
Today I have an old plain, where I live,
but I will not settle a son in it.
Let they bloody try!
(Speaking Indian)The time has come to give you a name.
The tribal chief addressed himself to the guests in Ukrainian.
He said his Indian name -
"The-one-who-has-gone-through-fire"/ "FireCrosser",
and the name given by his parents - Ivan Datsenko.
Ivan Datsenko was a front-line pilot. He made 21 operation
flights. He is a Hero of the Soviet Union.
Directed by
Mykhailo Illienko
Screenplay by
Mykhailo Illienko, Kostyantyn Konovalov, Denys Zamriy
Oleksandr Kryshtalovych
Music by
Volodymyr Hronskyy
Production Designer
Roman Adamovych
Viktor Malyarenko
Sound Designer
Artem Mostoviy
Dolby Sound Designer
Oleg Kulchitskiy
ethnic songs
Andriy Suyarko, Alla Ovsyannikova
Oleksiy Shaparev
Author of the literary work"FireCrosser"
Vadym Drapei
Thanks to
Oleksandr Kovalenko
General Producer
Volodymyr Filippov