Firestarter (2022) Movie Script

(sucking and cooing quietly)
(quiet cooing continues)
(exhales playfully)
(baby giggling, babbling)
(chuckles softly)
(baby babbling)
(door squeaks)
(babbling continues)
(mobile creaking)
(soft rumbling)
(crackling, rattling)
(chuckles softly)
- (cooing)
- (mobile rattling)
(fire crackling, whooshing)

(fire roaring)
(baby fussing)
(panting softly)

(slow, quiet clicking)
(lighter clicking)
Where'd you find that?
Promise you'd quit.
Yeah. Yeah, it's not so easy,
you know.
ANDY: Wait, why are you awake,
CHARLIE: Bad dream.
Me, too.
Do you want to talk about it?
Put that down, please.
Come on, that's not a toy.
Come on.
- (sighs)
- (sets lighter down)
What's going on, sweetie?
Something feels weird.
In my body.
I think we should go talk
to your mom about this.
Uh, you know.
Not that thing.
- The other thing.
- The other thing.
The bad thing.
Something's changing.
(breathes deeply)
You remember your tools?
If you ever get nervous,
if you're ever scared...
you start to lose control,
what do you do?
(breathes deeply)
See, uh, forest.
And sweet Charlie.
The bad thing...
it's been gone a long time.
You're strong, Charlie.
So you don't have to be afraid.
(whispers): All right.
Hey. Is everything okay in here?
Yeah. Yeah.
(Andy sighs)
(Andy groans)
I'm really hungry.
Who wants pancakes?
You want pancakes?
- I want pancakes.
- No, you don't like pancakes.
(Charlie chuckles)
Blueberries, what else?
- Mm-hmm.
- Chocolate?
- Yeah.
- What else do you want?
- Strawberries.
- VICKY: Coffee.
- ANDY: Coffee? Black coffee?
- CHARLIE: Orange juice.
- (continues indistinctly)
(VCR whirring, clicking)
WANLESS: Thank you so much
- for coming in today.
- ANDY: Mm-hmm.
How are you enjoying college
so far?
(clicks tongue)
Uh... I'm having fun.
It's busy. Kind of more work
than I thought.
I'm kind of homesick.
WANLESS: I'm just gonna ask you
a few questions here.
- It's kind of background stuff.
- Okay.
Ever used hallucinogenic drugs?
Too scared.
I mean, it's college, man.
You know?
WANLESS: How about
your father's blood type?
VICKY: Do you know
your parents' blood types?
WANLESS: You know what?
I don't. Fair enough.
Where do your parents live?
They don't.
They died when I was ten.
WANLESS: Says here you were
raised in a group home.
Is that correct?
Indeed, I was, uh,
from the time that I was seven.
Numbers are in the threshold,
but let's keep an eye on it.
WANLESS: Telekinetic spikes.
MAN: Confirming here, too.
VICKY: Why do you need to know
so much about my parents?
WANLESS: Genetic history.
It helps us understand
and evaluate the test results.
MAN: Slightly erratic,
but, uh, it's okay.
WOMAN: We need to drop
his levels to five...
The ad said that this was
just an FDA clinical trial.

WANLESS: Half of the people
will be getting
injections of water, and
the other half will get water
mixed with a chemical compound
that we call "Lot Six."
A chemical compound?
- Like what? What is it?
- (static whines)
But half of us are just
gonna get the placebo, right?
WANLESS: Either way,
it's entirely harmless.
Well, how do you know?
I mean, that's why
you're testing it, right?

WANLESS: My next question here
is a little weird.
Can you tell me
if you've ever had
what you would call
an authentic psychic experience?
I'd rather not talk about that.
MAN: Okay, let's make sure
we're recording
her numbers here.
(papers rustling)
Confirmed telekinetic activity.
I don't like
these questions, man.
Just part of the evaluation.
Let me ask you again.
Have you ever experienced
any inexplicable phenomena
that goes against natural law?
I saw my parents die
in a car wreck.
WANLESS: I'm sorry to hear that.
But what about that
makes it inexplicable?
I saw it a week before
it actually happened.
- (static crackles)
- MAN: The readings are erratic!
WANLESS: Turn it off.
We need to unhook him now!
- WANLESS: Turn that camera off!
- (monitor beeping, flatlining)
- (scientists clamoring)
- (woman sobbing loudly)
- WANLESS: Get him out of here.
- I still see it.
(people screaming, clamoring)
MAN: Hold him down!
Turn it off. Turn it off!

(VCR clicks)
ANDY: My service guarantees
that after just three sessions,
your nicotine cravings
will disappear.
And all we do is talk?
Sounds crazy, right?
It's not.
- It's magic.
- (chuckles) Okay.
Uh, uh, I don't know, Mr. McGee.
Well, call me Andy.
Andy, uh, a hundred dollars
per session...
(inhales deeply)
Yeah, that's a lot
for my budget.
Let's just try it.
One session.
If you don't
walk out of here today
feeling better than
you've ever felt,
with these nicotine cravings
already starting to fade,
it's on the house.
Now, close your eyes.
(exhales heavily)
Keep 'em closed.
Now, imagine the Darla
that you want to be.
Picture her.
(soft rumbling)
A beacon of respiratory health.
Now look at me in the eyes.

Don't look away.
No matter what.
(high-pitched ringing)
You feel better about
yourself already, Darla.
- (echoing): Healthier.
- (pupil squelching)
More positive. Healthier.
You hate the taste of tobacco.
More positive.
And that stale cigarette smell
makes you want to puke.
(heartbeat pulsing)
You are done with smoking.
(soft whoosh)
(high-pitched ringing)
- (ringing fades)
- (chuckles) You know,
I feel better already.
(whispers): What?
- (clears throat)
- Wow.
Healthier, more positive.
- Wow.
- Mm-hmm. (chuckles)
Okay, um...
Okay, I have 75, but I can...
I can give you
a credit card if you...
No, it's-it's cash only,
so that's fine.
-I'll just take
what you have now. -Oh.
-Yeah? -Yeah. I'm sure
you're good for the rest.
- Oh. I am indeed.
- (chuckles)
Thank you.
(both chuckle)
(whispers): Wild.
(chuckles) Take care.

- (door closes)
- (exhales sharply)
(pained grunting and breathing)
(shallow panting)
(students chattering quietly)
Nice work, goober.
MS. GARDNER: How is it going
over here, Gavin?
- Weird girl killed our frog.
- It was already dead.
Yeah, but now it's extra dead.
That's okay, Charlie.
A quick Google search
will show you all the frog guts
you want dissected perfectly.
We don't even need
to do this anymore.
I don't have Google.
(students laughing)
Quiet, class.
(whispers): I forgot. Sorry.
You ever go
to the public library?
You can use the computers there.
Too much screen time can cause
health problems in children,
like insomnia.
I think a little screen time
would be just fine.
Help with your grades, too.
Now that we dissected our frogs,
let's go back to the diagram
and compare it with what we saw.
- Now, notice the liver...
- (quietly): Hey.
Is it true that Amish families
share the same bathwater?
'Cause that's weird.
And you're weird.
- (soft rumbling)
- (Ms. Gardner's voice fading)
(soft whooshing)
- Calculator.
- (whooshing stops)
Everything okay, Charlie?
Yes, Ms. Gardner.
(birds chirping)
(breathing shakily)
(quiet knocking)
- (gasps)
- (door opens)
Is everything okay in here?
- (sniffles)
- (door closes)
I don't want to go to school.
(breathes deeply)
We just want you
to have a normal life.
I want stupid Wi-Fi.
That's normal.
(crying softly)
That stuff rots your brains.
Do you really believe that?
Plus, it's expensive, you know?
Monthly bills, smartphones.
We just, you know...
we can't afford it right now.
It happened again.
The bad thing.
This boy made fun of me.
(breath trembling)
He called me weird.
You're not weird.
(whispers): I'm worse.
No. No.
You're special.
I knew it
the day that you were born.
You were warm and toasty
like a buttery muffin.

Are you scared of me?
(whispers): I could never
be scared of you.
Come here.
Three years.
We got... (sighs)
we got too comfortable.
ANDY: I just don't get it.
Like, why now?
What's the trigger?
She's not in puberty.
- (scoffs)
- Is she?
(sighs): Oh, God.
It really scared her
when it happened.
Maybe she needs
to be scared, Vick.
- She needs to be trained.
- Oh, my God.
Our responsibility
is getting her ready.
Making her strong
in case they come.
Our responsibility
is to protect her.
Training her is protecting her.
Says the one who hates
her power so much,
- she won't even use it.
- Wha...
It's different for us.
We know what it's like...
Be normal?
But when you're born
this way... (stammers)
She's not a robot.
She's a little girl.
With little girl feelings
and emotions,
which are wildly unpredictable.
It's too dangerous.
She just has to shove it down
and keep it hidden.
She did it before.
She can do it again.
(whistle blows)
- (playful chatter)
- (shoes squeaking)
GAVIN: Ha-ha! Ha-ha!
- Loser.
- (panting)
Let's go.
MS. GARDNER: You okay, Charlie?

(panting continues)
Yeah, run away, you freak.
MS. GARDNER: Charlie?
(steam hissing)
(water running)

What the...
(Charlie breathing shakily)
Please. Charlie?
Whatever's going on...
- Charlie? (gasps)
- (door sizzles)
CHARLIE: Please leave.
(crying softly)
- (door banging)
- (gasps)
(banging continues faster)
(steam hissing)
(breathing shakily)

(steam hissing)
Holy sh-shit.
police radio chatter)
I was in the east end,
uh, of the school...
VICKY: It won't happen again.
How can you be so sure?
Does Charlie have a history
of destructive behavior?
No, of course not.
She's been less than forthcoming
about how she did it.
What she used
to cause the explosion.
Please don't call it
an explosion.
It makes her sound like
a terrorist.
The bathroom stall
exploded, ma'am.
What would you like us
to call it?
Regardless, the police want to
investigate the matter further.
That blast was like
a siren call.
I know you don't want
to hear this,
but none of this
would have happened
- if she knew how to use it.
- (scoffs)
Look at my eyes.
Every time I try to do it,
it-it chips away at me now.
I can't do the push without
my eyes literally bleeding now.
Why didn't you tell me?
(pants) Come on.
But that doesn't mean
it will happen to Charlie.
That's not a risk
I'm willing to take.
I don't have your power.
I can't push her
if she loses control.
Well, I would never push
my own kid.
Our cover is blown, okay?
If they catch her,
they're gonna lock her away.
They're gonna run tests on her
for the rest of her life.
They're gonna take her,
they're gonna put her in a cage.
We'll never see her again, Vick.
Who knows what's gonna
happen to her?
If who catches me?
You're supposed to be
in your room, Charlie.
You were yelling.
Charlie, I need you to go
to your room right now, okay?
And pack a bag.
We're leaving in the morning.
Sweetie, do you think...
Are we bad people, Charlie?
ANDY: Do you know why
we have to move all the time?
Because of your work.
But also because
bad men are after us.
Really bad.
Because of the special things
that we can do,
the pushing and the fire.
And if they catch us,
they're gonna put us in jail.
It's why we can't have
cell phones or Wi-Fi.
Because they can track it.
I'm sorry we lied to you.
But I ran to the bathroom
so I wouldn't hurt anyone.
That was the right thing
to do, Charlie.
That was, that was right.
I tried to throw it in
the water, but it didn't work.
And now we're in trouble
and we're going to jail,
and it's all my fault.
- Okay, you got to stay calm.
- (panting)
- Calm down, Charlie.
- Just stay calm, sweetie.
- You're okay.
- I'm not okay.
Stop saying that.
And I'm not special!
I'm a monster! (crying)
- You are not a monster.
- You just need to calm down.
- I'm a monster. I'm a monster.
- You're not. -Calm down.
- You're not a monster.
- I'm a monster. I'm a monster!
- (panting)
- Charlie.
I hate living like this!
Tough luck, Charlie!
This is who you are!
Please, Andy. Stop.
You made me this way. (crying)
Charlie, please!
I hate who I am, and I hate you!
(screams) Charlie!
(both panting)
You're all right. Oh, God.
I'm really sorry, sweetie.
CHARLIE: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- Charlie.
- Charlie, no. Charlie, no.
- (crying)
- Charlie.
- (phone line ringing)
Charlie, no. I'll be okay.
- (Vicky groans)
- (whispering): She's okay.
DISPATCHER (over phone):
911. What is your emergency?
- See? She's fine.
- (whimpers quietly)
- Come on. Please.
- Are you there...
- (phone beeps)
It's okay. It's all right.
(shallow breathing)
It's okay. It's all right.

("Control, I'm Here"
by Nitzer Ebb playing)
I'm here
We close our eyes,
we close our eyes
Close them in your dreams
Close them in your home
I'm here to stay
I won't go away
You don't need me
I'll slip away
You can't hear me...
- (music stops)
- (phone buzzing)
HOLLISTER (over phone):
Is this Rainbird?
Captain Jane Hollister, DSI.
I'm reactivating you, Rainbird.
If that would be of interest.
Course it's still the cleaning
up other people's shit,
just not literally.
I left that life.
Yeah, and how's that
working out for ya?
I know what happened.
Shop used you up and threw you
out like unwanted trash.
And that wasn't right.
But that was the old guard.
I'm the new.
Something's happened, Rainbird,
and I need it handled
with discretion.
I understand
that was your specialty.
What is the target?
Something for which
you are uniquely qualified.
But unlike the others,
I need this quarry back alive.
Is that something
you can handle?

ANDY (whispers):
Good job. Good job.
- There we go.
- (pained whimpering)
- You okay?
- Ow.
- Ow. Ow. Oh.
- (sighs, grunts)
(pained sigh)
Vick, this is bad.
(pained grunting)
Oh, fuck.
(whispers): Almost done.
(pained breathing)
That's it.
You could've pushed her.
We have no idea
what's happening when
I'm going into those people's
minds, moving things around.
Why would you ever want me
to do that to Charlie?
- What if I mess her up?
- And if she kills one of us?
Don't fucking go there.
- Andy.
- (groans)
This is what happens
when you stuff it down.
(whispers): It doesn't go away.
Can you take her to the movies
or something, please?
Ice cream or something?
(pained whimpering)
- Just get some rest, okay?
- Okay.


- (loud knocking)
- (shouts, gasps)
police radio chatter)
Vicky McGee?
I'm just following up
on an emergency call
from earlier tonight.
Oh, yeah.
It was a grease fire.
On the stove.
My daughter overreacted.
If you or your daughter
need help...
It's nothing like that.
You're sure about that,
you have a good night, then.
(door closes)
Oh, Charlie.
Ow. (grunts, pants)

- (gasps)
- Where did they go?
Your husband and the girl.
- (grunts)
- (voice whispering, echoing)
VICKY (echoing):
Ice cream. Movies.
(Vicky gasps, whimpers)
Ice cream...
or the movies?
Did you think you were unique?
Before they tested their poison
on pretty, young coeds,
they had to use lab rats.
And you're out of practice.

(soft rumble)
(lock clicks)
How could you work for them?
Help them
after what they did to you?
Come peacefully,
and you'll live.
I will die
before I let them have her.
Your life, to them,
is a secondary concern.
And yours?
(grunts, screams)
When you see her,
you'll understand.
And you will regret.
(Vicky panting)
Do you think she'll forgive me?
(breathes deeply)
Well, she's your mom.
She'll always forgive you.
No matter what.
It was supposed to be you.
It was supposed to be you.
(Charlie sighs)
(Andy sighs)
- (door closes)
- (lock clicks)
I feel weird.
Mm, too much rocky road.
She's probably asleep.
I'm gonna go check on her, okay?
Here, take that to the trash.
And then throw on your pj's,
all right?

- ANDY: Charlie?
- Daddy?
RAINBIRD: No one gets hurt.
- (neck cracks)
- (soft rumble)
Let her go.
You know what it costs,
don't you?
To hurt someone.
To take a life.
Would you ask that
of your own child?
- (soft crackling)
- Do you feel that?
Let her go,
or it's gonna get a lot worse.
Where's Mommy?
She has no aim without sight
if she's like the rest of us.
Where's my wife?
(Charlie panting)
CHARLIE: Where's Mommy?
ANDY: I don't know, sweetheart.
RAINBIRD: Yes, you do.
Where's Mommy?! Tell me now!
- (gasps)
- Mom?
(Charlie panting)
- Run.
- (glass breaking)
Run, Charlie!
(alarm blaring)
- Run!
- Mommy!
(alarm continues blaring)
Come on. We have to get
somewhere safe.
(tires squealing)

Dr. Wanless, you have a guest.
Good morning, Joseph.
I brought you something.
Your favorite colors, too.
I'm Captain Hollister,
newly appointed DSI.
Why are you here?
Hmm, Captain?
I made calls
to your predecessor.
They went unanswered.
But now they stuff a new face
into the same old suit,
and that face just comes
knocking on my door!
With all due respect, Doctor,
Captain McConnell doesn't have
the legs for this outfit.
Completely oblivious
to the dire nature
of the situation we've created!
We found them.

Shall we talk?
VICKY: When you see her,
you'll understand.
And you will regret.
(birds chirping)
(vehicles passing)
CHARLIE: I miss you, Mommy.
I'll get 'em.
(exhales sharply)

(grunts softly)

- (screams)
- (laughs)
- (panting)
- (screaming)
(panting softly)
- Oh, hi. Hi, kitty-kitty.
- (meowing)
Come here, kitty-kitty.
Come here. It's okay.
Don't run away. Come on.
- It's okay. I'm nice.
- (purring)
I won't hurt you.
(cat hisses, yowls)
- (panting)
- (fire crackling)
(cat meowing weakly)
He scratched me.
Honey, he's in pain.
You have to put him
out of his misery, all right?
I really didn't mean to.
- I know you didn't. I know.
- (sniffling)
This is what it costs, though.
(Charlie continues crying)
'Cause it can't be
a reaction like that.
- It's got to be a...
- (meows weakly)
a decision.
That's the only way
you can control it.
You can do it.
(meowing weakly)
(breathes deeply)
(fire sizzling)
- (fire roars)
- (cat yowls)
(Charlie crying)
Good job.
I want to help her.
You want to use her.
The girl...
She can't help what she is.
She... the poor thing, she's
been brain-fucked from birth.
This is a chance to turn a past
failure into present success.
I want you to come back
to work, Dr. Wanless.
How hard must it have been
for them?
The parents,
when the girl was born.
The bottle is late,
the baby cries,
and a teddy bear
bursts into flames.
Right there.
In the crib beside her.
Can you imagine their fear?
And it's awful. That's really...
What's your point?
The girl's power
is in its infancy.
Terrible, yes, but trivial
compared to what's coming.
But she's growing,
our little girl.
She's becoming a young woman.
And someday soon,
the power will grow, too.
Perhaps it already has.
And then, one day,
she may be capable...
of creating a nuclear explosion
simply with the force
of her mind.
Doctor, we built a facility
especially for people
like Charlie.
We can teach her.
We can train her.
You can exploit her.
Don't you lecture me
on morality.
You developed Lot Six.
You gave it to those kids.
And it was a mistake!
Well, that's too fucking bad!
It's done!
- (sighs)
- Jesus fuck...
We're not gonna clone her.
We're not gonna make
a little army of Charlies.
We just, we...
We want to understand her.
She's the first of her kind.
And no one understands her
better than you,
the man who made the serum.
You're the father of it all.
What do you say?
There are none so blind
as those who will not see.
Heed my words...
very carefully.
Terminate the girl,
or one day
she will destroy us all.
Do you hear me?
Terminate her.
I hoped
this would've gone better.
(panting softly)
That's good.
- Can we pray?
- (sighs)
Yeah. Sure, we can pray.
(sighs) All right.
Dear God,
please let this... cat
be happy in cat heaven.
And, um, just, you know,
make sure that-that he, uh...
or she...
or they,
it's like a big cat party
in cat heaven.
And bless Mommy, too.

(whispers): Bless Mommy, too.
You know what Mom
wanted you to learn
more than anything in the world?
She wanted you to learn
to use your power.
Because it's incredible.
And I bet if you have
her powers, you...
probably have mine, too.
- The push?
- Yep.
It's serious stuff, Charlie.
That's why Mom wanted
to teach you,
to help you understand
how to use it.
If you do it too much,
it'll really hurt you.
But I don't feel the heat
when it happens.
It hurts you
on the inside, I mean.
it feels kind of good.
Why can't we drive our own car?
Because they're looking for us.
They won't really
put us in jail.
Not you.
They'll study you.
Like the frog.
Yeah, like the frog.
Here's one.
Oh, come on, please. Yes!
Do you really think
this is safe?
Right now, I think
we have to get off this road.
So... (sighs)
Come on. We'll be smart.
(music playing quietly
over truck stereo)
Be clever. Let's go.
Oh, man.
I didn't think anyone
was gonna stop. (chuckles)
There's a lot of weirdos
around these parts. (laughs)
You one of 'em?
No, no, no, we're very normal.
Y... Uh, tell the nice man
your name, sweetheart.
I'm Roberta,
but they call me Bobbi.
ANDY: Yeah,
we're headed up to Boston.
My car broke down a ways back.
Boston's a hell of a walk
from here.
Yeah, I know.
We really got to get there.
Is there any chance
you can take us?
To Boston?
I'll cover your gas.
I got things to do.
I got to check up on my wife.
What about a hundred bucks?
- (high-pitched ringing)
- (soft rumbling)
(heartbeat pulsing)
(pupils squelching)
(echoing): One hundred bucks.
(soft whoosh)
Well, I'm not above a Benjamin.
(chuckles) Climb in.
Hey, it's lunchtime.
The wife and I usually put out
a little sandwich spread
about now.
Why don't you come to the house
and-and fuel up for a bit?
I don't know. We...
My wife's waiting.
But Bobbi needs to eat.
Coming up.

- (sighs)
- Come on in.
Let's get some food
in your bellies.
Would it be okay
if I played with your chickens?
Just watch out for the turds.
(chuckles softly)
Yeah, sure.
- Stay close, all right?
- Yep.
Try not to cook any of them.
(grunts softly, chuckles)

(woman's voice whispering
IRV: Essi! We're home.
Got some guests
for supper, Essi.
Little Bobbi and her dad... I
don't think I caught your name.
Bobbi and Frank.
- (refrigerator opens)
- (bottles rattle)
Cold beer?
Yeah, sure. Why not?
Thank you.
So, what do you do, Frank?
To keep the lights on.
I'm a life coach.
No shit.
- Like Tony Robbins on TV?
- No.
-No, not really like that,
but... -(both laugh)
I saw that documentary
on Netflix.
Old Tony cusses like
a son of a bitch,
but folks seem to like him.
People will give you
their life savings
just to tell them
they're special.
- Life coach?
- Yeah.
Man. (laughs)
The whole world goin' to hell.
(woman's breath echoing)
(distorted woman's voice
Is anyone in there?
(rhythmic pulsing)
(panting softly)
- (respirator pumping slowly)
- (labored breathing)
What's your name?
ESSI (echoing): Essi.
Hi, Essi.
I'm Charlie.
I'm here with my dad.
How did you...?
Don't go disturbing Essi!
She needs quiet!
Hey, we're really sorry.
You've been more than kind.
Come on.
We should probably get going.
Where you headed?
And how you getting there?
I don't know.
Hey, look, I...
I overreact sometimes.
Especially with the missus.
I apologize.
Oh, how rude of me.
Come on.
Essi, this is Frank.
And I guess
you already met Roberta.
She was making a left turn
out on Route 14,
and some a-hole ran a light.
She never saw it coming.
I'm so sorry.
We lost our boy that day, too.
But Essi's still alive,
and for that,
I'm more than grateful.
You can stay here till you go.
We'd enjoy the company.
- (crickets chirping)
- (night birds calling)
Will they find us?
You let me worry about that.
The most important thing
we can do is just keep running.
If they do, I can hurt them.
(breathes deeply)
I'll only hurt bad people,
I promise.
The day you were born.
Do you remember that story?
Mommy said
I was a buttery muffin.
Oh, my gosh, you were.
You were just
a little buttery muffin.
There's more to that story.
It was so cute
how warm you were,
but pretty soon, your
body temperature just went...
Shot off the charts.
And the doctors,
they were all...
they were all confused.
They were, uh...
They didn't know
what could cause this,
so we stayed up with you
all night.
All day.
I could barely keep
my eyes open.
I was falling asleep everywhere.
(chuckles softly)
And that's when they took you.
I used to get
these premonitions,
this really weird,
weird feeling.
Like how I did at the house.
I could sense where you were.
I could see you.
And I found you.
What did you do?
(sighs softly)

- (cooing)
- (chuckles softly)
(soft rumbling)
I was so angry
at what they had done,
I snapped.
- (heartbeat pulsing)
- (fussing)
When your partner comes back,
you're gonna shoot him
in the chest.
And then you're gonna forget
how to breathe.
And I hurt those men.
(cries out)
(gasping, wheezing)
And those guys,
they probably had wives.
That they loved.
Just like I love you.
And I do, Charlie.
I love you so much.
But when you hurt people...
you don't just hurt them.
It hurts everyone around them.
You don't come back from that.
Not ever.
Okay, promise me
that you'll never
use your gifts to hurt people.
Now, sleep.
Get some sleep, all right?
Come here.
- Love you.
- Love you.
(breathes deeply)

NEWSMAN (over TV):
Massachusetts fugitive
now suspected
of killing his wife
and kidnapping
their 11-year-old daughter.
Authorities say 35-year-old
Aaron Jeffery Cooper
is operating under the alias
"Andy McGee."
He has been wanted ever since
being linked to the killing
of two federal agents in 2013.
Police say he had been living
in Lewiston
with his wife and daughter,
and asked the public, if they
come in contact with Cooper,
to contact the police
We'll have the full details
on this story and more
on our next news update.
(TV audio rewinds)
Police are on the lookout
for a Massachusetts fugitive
now suspected
of killing his wife
and kidnapping
their 11-year-old daughter.
Authorities say 35-year-old
Aaron Jeffery Cooper
is operating under the alias
"Andy McGee."
He has been wanted
ever since being linked
to the killing of
two federal agents in 2013.
Police say he had been
living in Lewiston
with his wife and daughter,
and asked the public, if they
come in contact with Cooper,
to contact the police imm...
(TV audio rewinding)
Hey, Irv.
It's not true.
I didn't kill my wife.
You know I didn't kidnap
my daughter either.
I don't know shit.
You been up all night, Irv?
Coming in my house,
eating my food,
drink my beer,
and all the time,
you were a goddamn wife killer!
I didn't kill her.
Does my daughter seem
upset with me in any way?
Does she seem scared of me?
I'm trying to protect her.
I'm trying to protect her
from them.
You telling me
I-I can't trust the TV?
Shocker, I know.
(Irv groaning)
Irv, come on, man.
I know what happened.
What are you talking about?
You were driving that day,
and you were arguing.
It got out of control,
and you hit a car head-on.
That's how she got hurt.
That's how Justin died.
Essi told me.
Told you?
That's why they're after us.
But there's something else.
Something she's been wanting
to tell you for 30 years.
She forgives you.
You've hated yourself
all this time.
It was an accident.
And she forgives you.
(vehicles approaching)
What is that?
Uh, I called them.
(sighs) The police.
When I s-saw the news.
Oh, my God.
Like I said,
I-I overreact sometimes.
(panting softly)

- You two hide.
- (car door closes)
I-I'll take care of this.
What are you talking about, Irv?
You're drunk.
Ought to make this
interesting, then.
police radio chatter)
Aaron Jeffery Cooper!
- Surrender!
- IRV: Hide in there.
PERRY: Girl inside,
hands on top of your head!
Come on out, now.
Mr. Cooper!
Hey, I-I'm sorry, Wendell.
I was mistaken.
I thought I saw the man
and the girl, but I was wrong.
You sounded pretty convinced
on the phone, Irv.
Y-You know, just last month,
I saw this documentary on TV
about, um,
uh, I-I can't recall
the exact name,
but i-it was something like
"walking dreaming."
There was this guy on there
dreamt he swallowed a cockroach
-and he jumped up and made
himself puke. -(Andy shushing)
- It seemed so real.
- (whispering): It's all right.
- (panting)
- (shushes)
(fire crackling)
- No, Charlie, Charlie.
- (panting rapidly)
Hey, stay with me,
stay with me, stay with me.
- Just breathe. Breathe.
- (panting slows)
Breathe. That's right.
(breathes deeply)
I feel something.
Someone's here.
You saying you called us out
on account of a dream?
A pretty convincing one, too.
Uh, uh, the news was on,
I-I drifted off, and...
and I'm drunk.
Want to know what I think?
Not particularly.
I think we're here,
and this man Cooper,
he's considerably dangerous.
So even if you were
just dreaming it, Irv,
we'd like to search your...
- (gunshot echoing)
- (grunts)
Shit! Shit!
Officer down!
- We need back up now! Now!
- OFFICER: I see him!
Tree line!

- Breathe, okay?
- (panting)
- He killed Mommy.
- Just breathe, Charlie.
No, Charlie.
Charlie! Charlie! No!
I'm so sorry.
Charlie, do you remember
what I taught you?
- Keep running.
- Yeah.
I love you, Daddy.
I love you, too, sweetheart.
Now, run.
(high-pitched ringing)
- (neck cracks)
- (soft rumbling)
(breath shuddering)
(Irv groaning)

Very clever.
(pained grunting)
(high-pitched ringing)

They will never stop
until they have her.
You'll never catch her.
(chuckles softly)
(vehicle doors opening, closing)
AGENT: Lenses in. Lenses in.
AGENT (over radio): Containment
team has arrived on site.
Beginning perimeter search now.
- (sighs)
- AGENT: Subject's down.
Everybody's down.
Except him.
On your knees! Move in.
- Move!
- Careful.
He's dangerous.
- (neck cracks)
- (soft rumbling)
Give me your gun.
No dice, freak.
- We've got protection.
- (electronic chirp)
LEAD AGENT: Any sign of her?
AGENT (over radio): Negative.
We're checking
the other structures.
We found the owners inside.
(search dogs barking
in distance)

You lost her, Rainbird.
You left a trail of dead cops
in your wake.
You call that discretion?
You have the father.
So she's just gonna what?
She's gonna feel her way here?
They are connected.
She will come for him.
Retirement has made you
sloppy and soft.
Is that why you blindfold me?
(door closes)
I don't need to see your eyes
to feel your fear.
You don't know what I feel.
She will come for him.
She will come for us all.
She is my sister.
My mother.
Well, you killed her mother.
She will be your death.
A fate which I deserve.
When you see her,
you will understand.

(birds chirping)
(laughter echoing)
(Vicky screaming)
(panting softly)
Where are you, Daddy?
Tell me.

(footsteps approaching)
Rise and shine, Mr. McGee.
Or is it Mr. Burton?
Mr. Rozelle?
No more pseudonyms, Cooper.
No more running.
It's just you and me now.
Wake up.
Rainbird... the man
who killed your poor wife...
He believes that
you and your daughter,
you have some kind of
a spiritual connection.
Lot Six is full of surprises.
Tell me where she is.
Charlie is out there all alone.
Without you, her emotions
will get the best of her.
And what happens
when she gets upset?
She gets scared.
She is going to blow some
poor bastard to smithereens.
She's gonna be killing people.
How's she gonna live with that?
Bring her here.
What other choice do you have?

ANDY (whispering): Charlie.
(echoing): Charlie.
- (ocean waves lapping)
- (seagulls squawking)

(soft whooshing)
(soft rumbling)
I'm coming, Daddy.
I'll find you.

(boy laughs,
speaks indistinctly)

- What happened to your clothes?
- What happened to your face?
Don't you ever bathe, weirdo?
I'd like your bike.
- (echoing): Please.
- (soft rumbling)
(high-pitched ringing)
(pupils squelching)
The hell are you doing, Dale?
(soft rumbling)
(high-pitched ringing)
(pupils squelching)
- (soft rumbling)
- (heartbeat pulsing)

Which way is the coast?
The coast, dummies,
where the water is.

(buoy clangs quietly)
(ocean waves lapping)

(low radio chatter)
MAN (in distance):
So let me know
- what the final numbers are.
- MAN: All right, will do.
- (scanner beeps)
- (lock clicks)
I mean, how's the nausea today?
(groans) Sorry, babe.
I mean, first trimester's
almost over, right?
-The light at the end of
the tunnel. -(car alarm chirps)
- Yeah.
- (car door opens, closes)
All right. I'll see you
when I get home. Love you.
(car door opens)
(car door closes)
It's you.
Take your hand off the key.
Give me your phone.
And the card.
Do you have a gun...
- Agent Jules?
- No.
Uh, I'm just a tech.
They don't let us carry guns.
This says you're an agent.
JULES: We're all agents.
It's just... just a title.
Is my father inside?
- I don't know.
- (door handle rattling)
- CHARLIE: Is he?
- I don't know.
I swear, okay? I don't have
that kind of clearance.
I don't want to hurt you, sir.
Please, why are you doing this?
Is my father inside?
I don't know! Okay?
Stop. Please.
If he's here, he'll be, uh,
he'll be at the bottom.
Who else is in there?
Computer techs, s-scientists,
uh, that kind of thing.
No long-haired men?
Answer me!
JULES: Please, just...
Okay, just stay calm.
- We can work something...
- (echoing): Tell me!
You said you didn't have a gun.
(breathing weakly, wheezing)
I don't want to hurt anyone.
I promised.
He's in pain, Charlie.
You'll have to put him
out of his misery.
This is what it costs.
(fire crackling, roaring)
(Jules screams)
What's going on?
Ah, shit.
(radio beeps)
We got a disturbance
in the east lot.
All units stand by.
- (scanner beeps)
- (lock clicks)

(gasps softly)
She's inside the building.
(over radio): Clearing her path
to the restricted level now.
(soft rumbling)
What the...?
Oh, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.

(soft warbling)
- (scanner beeps)
- (lock clicks)
GUARD (over radio):
She's on the restricted level.
GUARD (whispers): Oh, come on.
- (alarm beeps)
- (gasps)
GUARD (over radio):
She's headed your way, B team.
(light clinking)
(lens clicks)
GUARD (over radio):
Asset moving down hallway 12.
(over radio):
Passing her off to beta team.
BETA TEAM GUARD (over radio):
We've got her.
Target visual acquired.
Securing hallways
and doors behind her.
- (door closes)
- (lock clanks)
She's all yours, Cap.
(Charlie gasps)
Daddy, wake up!
(pounding continues)
Daddy, wake up.
Wh-Why-Why are you here?
I came. I got your message.
That wasn't me, Charlie.
I would never bring you here.
That wasn't me.
- But I can get you out.
- No.
No, Charlie.
There's no getting out.
(groans softly)
- There's no getting out for me.
- HOLLISTER: Charlie.
It wasn't supposed to be
this way.
Wasn't supposed to be
this difficult.
Stay calm, dear.
If you try to burn me,
you'll burn your daddy, too.
My name's Captain Hollister,
but you can call me Cap.
I run this facility.
You can trust me, Charlie.
You'll be safe here.
You'll be protected.
We'll take really good care
of you and your father.
My dad needs a doctor.
HOLLISTER: They've seen him
already, Charlie.
His brain bleeds
when he uses his power.
The same thing could happen
to you, too, Charlie,
but we can teach you.
- It's what your mother wanted.
- No.
Call a doctor right now,
or I'll hurt myself.
Don't do it, Charlie.
Don't do it.
Call a doctor right now.
Do it!
You're a very determined
young lady.
Use it wisely,
it'll take you far in this life.
I should know.
You do bad things here.
I can feel it.
No, we-we do great things.
We make things better here.
We-we make people better.
We make them stronger,
people like you.
Haven't you realized?
You are a real-life
You're very special.
The world out there...
They don't know
how to handle your power.
Here, we can handle it.
Because we made you.
Look at your father.
(stifled grunt)
They say
if he does one more push,
it might kill him.
You need us.
I don't want to hurt anyone.
I-I know you don't, honey.
I know.
But we can't run anymore.
I need you
to break your promise.
(sobs softly): Daddy.
You have to burn it down,
starting with us.
Daddy, what are you...
- (neck cracks)
- (loud rumbling)
I'm sorry to make you do this.
(pupils squelching)
Burn it all down.
- It's the only way.
- Easy. Easy.
Burn me, you burn him, too.
(distorted whooshing)
- (heartbeat pulsing)
- (panicked panting, whimpering)
(fire crackling, roaring)
(Hollister screaming)
Cap's down.
We got a fire
in the restricted area.
Call in the containment team.
(distorted warbling)

(tires squealing)
(urgent shouting)
MAN (over P.A.): Evacuate
all non-military staff.
(door rattles)
(soft rumbling)
Evacuate all non-military staff.
- (scanners beeping)
- (locks clicking)
Evacuate all non-military staff.
- (door buzzes)
- (lock clanks)
Evacuate all non-military staff.
- Stop there!
- It's over!
(both screaming)
- (heartbeat pulsing)
- (gun cocks)
- Surrender!
- (distorted warbling)
(stifled grunting)
(heartbeat pulsing)
Please, please.
I don't want to hurt you.
I-I can help you.
- My name's Gail.
- (distorted warbling)
I... I can lead you
out of here to safety.
Hmm? Just come with me.
- (man screams)
- (Gail gasping)
- (pupils squelching)
- (distorted whooshing)
(heartbeat pulsing)
(gasps softly)
- (rumbling)
- No. Please.
Please, no, no,
please, please, pl...
Liar, liar,
- pants on fire.
- (fire roaring)

(door opens)
(Charlie screaming)
(pupils squelching)
MAN: We got her.
- It's okay, Charlie.
- (gunshot)

(distorted warbling)
(soft rumbling)
(fire crackling)
(soft rumbling)

(multiple explosions)
(explosions continue)
(explosions continue)

(seagulls squawking in distance)

(music fades)