First Dog (2010) Movie Script

Mr. President.
Mr. President?
Mr. President.
An urgent matter
has come up
regarding the North Korean
Mr. President?
How many times
have I told you?
Mr. President, I'm sorry.
(Toy squeaking)
I've told Teddy a thousand times
not to sit in your chair.
It's all right, Stuart.
Some mornings,
I think he'd be better
running the country.
What's on the agenda
for today?
North Korean treaty sir.
They need an answer
by noon.
What time is the dedication
11:30 a.m., in Ohio.
The angel will be on the tarmac
waiting for you at 8:30 a.m.
Tell the press room
only 20 minutes,
I need to take care
of this.
Yes, Mr. President.
(Children chattering
(Shouting and laughing)
I've got you now.
Yeah! Whoo-hoo!
Stop! Stop!
Hey, little fella.
I'm sorry, Paul.
I told him not to answer
the door to strangers.
Well, you did a good job.
Can't get these cheques
fast enough.
You ever going to start up
the bed and breakfast again?
Oh, no. These foster kids
are my tenants now,
and I wouldn't have it
any other way.
Thank you.
Bye-bye, Paul.
Bye, Mrs. Angell.
Why did you give that man
your autograph?
That nice man brought me
a cheque from Uncle Sam.
Who's Uncle Sam?
He helps pay for all of you
to stay here with me.
Only sometimes
he's a little cheap.
Cheap, cheap.
Cheap, cheap, cheap.
Cheap, cheap, cheap.
Over here. Over here.
(Cheering over TV)
(Fanfare playing)
Mr. President, we're going to
need to keep this to 35 minutes
so we can make
your second appearance.
Three, two, one, good boy.
"Any man who doesn't like dogs
and doesn't want them around,
doesn't deserve to be
in the White House."
Calvin Coolidge.
He loved dogs.
POTUS is approaching
the green.
(Band playing
"Hail to the Chief")
(Crowd cheering)
I want you to know
how honoured I am,
to have your new school
as my namesake.
You in turn ought to be honoured
for your efforts
in combating
global warming.
Let's preserve more parks
like Woodroffe Park
here at the high school,
and keep our world green.
(Crowd cheering)
You are the future.
I'm depending on you.
The world
is depending on you.
Thank you.
Stay safe.
(Band playing
"Hail to the Chief")
Teddy, what's the matter?
Teddy, what's the matter
with you, buddy?
What's the matter with you?
(People screaming)
(Teddy barking)
The suspect, Lawrence Smythe,
was taken into custody today
at 1:00 p.m.
after an attempt
on the president's life.
We so adore Myles.
He seems to be a wonderful,
bright child.
Oh, he is. Believe me,
what a character he is.
What about that boy
with a gap in his teeth?
Gap in his teeth?
You know, the quiet one
we saw in the corner
the other day?
Oh, you must mean Danny.
Oh, we don't want him, dear.
He seems too quiet,
not much of a personality.
No Danny is-- He's a lovely boy.
He suffered a tragedy
as a child.
Nothing a lot of patience
and love won't overcome.
As for Myles,
we still have a few placements
asking about him.
As you know, I don't have
the final say in these matters.
Well, I don't care
how long it takes,
your stay there
until you find him.
I'd look for him myself,
but I have a country to run.
We have the most sophisticated
technology in the world,
and we can't even find a dog.
Honey, why don't we
informing the press?
They'd have a field day
with this.
That's exactly
what I don't want.
We'll have everyone in America
claiming they found
the first dog.
The last thing I want
is someone demanding a ransom.
They'll find him, honey.
They'll find him.
I hope so.
(Toy squeaking)
Hey, come back!
(Thunder rumbling)
(Teddy barking)
How'd you get in here?
Your collar is soaked.
Teddy, lay down.
I wonder who you
belong to.
Danny, time to get up.
Danny you can't do this
every morning.
Especially on school days.
Come on. Get cracking.
(Lamp shattering)
There's a party up there.
GIRL: But he's so cute.
BUS DRIVER: Yeah, he is.
My mom said I could share him.
Have your mom bring him to
school, then you can share him.
He needs to get off of the bus.
But he...
Honey, I'm sorry, we cannot have
animals on the bus.
But he...
You'll have to leave him here.
I'm sorry.
Better hide him
or he'll get kicked off.
Wait here.
Stay. Wait.
I pledge allegiance
to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic,
for which it stands...
(Children giggling) nation under God,
with liberty and justice
for all.
(All giggling)
What is so funny this morning?
You can sit down.
Stealing will not be tolerated
in this classroom,
or in any classroom
for that matter.
I'm going to close my eyes
for five seconds,
and when I open them
that apple better be back
on my desk.
Five, four, three,
two, one.
(All laughing)
Whose dog is this?
(Phone line ringing)
White House, how may I direct
your call?
White House, hello?
How may I direct your call?
Each and every one of you
as a proud American
have a responsibility
to yourself and to society.
So remember,
do the right thing.
Do the right thing.
Excuse me,
is this your dog?
Yeah, it is. Teddy, I told you
to wait outside.
You're going to get us
in trouble again.
Hey, that looks like
your dog.
He looks like
President Woodroffe's dog.
Just like the first dog.
I think he is.
Well, how'd you find him?
I didn't. He found me.
There we go.
Good night Danny.
Mrs. Angell?
Yes, dear?
What if you found something
that belonged
to someone else?
Well, then I'd return it.
It's the right thing to do,
It's the right thing to do.
Did you find something
that isn't yours?
I think so.
Well, then, if you know who
owns it, you have to return it.
Okay. Thanks.
Good night, Danny.
The door...
Oh, I know, I know.
In, in.
Go in. Go in. Go.
What are you doing up
at this hour?
I was thirsty.
Want some milk?
That's what you need...
is a nice glass of milk.
I might have some
chocolate chip cookies.
(Dishes rattling)
Looks like I'm off to bed.
Before you go,
would you put this glass
in the dishwasher for me?
Oh, that's okay.
I think it's already full.
I think I'll just
turn it on.
Principal Perry called.
I know all about Teddy.
Don't I?
Now time for dancing
with the dog.
Bow, wow, wow, wow,
wow, wow, wow, wow
You say, "Jump,"
I say, "How high?"
Do this, do that,
and I try
Your every wish
is my command
Got me eating
right out of your hand
Eager to please,
yeah, that'd be me
You call the shots,
I'm on your leash
Do anything
that you ask of me
It's the doggone truth
I'm eager to please
Bow, wow, wow, wow,
wow, wow, wow, wow
Oh, you like pasta, huh?
Another collarless stray
in the world, hmm?
Oh, how could anybody
give you up, hmm?
(Distant barking)
If you know who owns it,
you have to return it.
So remember,
do the right thing.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Teo, no meat,
just like you like it.
Here we are, movie star.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'll get back to you later.
Visiting another planet?
Just thinking.
Here you go, Chris.
(Phone line ringing)
The White House.
How may I direct your call?
I'd like to speak
to the president, please.
And who may I say
is calling?
My name is Danny Milbright.
And what is the purpose
or your call, young man?
Can you tell the president
I have his dog?
One moment, please.
She's getting
the president.
I'm sorry, the president's busy
at the moment.
Would you like
to leave a message?
Can you tell Mr. President
I have his dog?
Yes, dear.
I'll tell him.
Don't you need
my phone number?
Oh, yes, of course.
It's area code
661, 555-1904.
That's California,
isn't it?
Yes, ma'am.
That's a long way from home.
The president's dog
lives in Washington.
Thank you for calling.
(Phone line disconnecting)
She hung up on me.
Don't worry, the president
will call back.
And I'll get you home safely.
Mrs. Angell?
By any chance
did I get a call
from the president?
I don't remember
getting such a call.
What would you say
if I went on a trip?
A trip?
Where in heavens to?
The White House.
Ah, the White House.
Why of all places
the White House?
I think Teddy belongs
to the president
and I have to return him.
The president?
Of the United States.
Yes, ma'am.
Danny, if the president
lost his dog,
don't you think he would be
looking for him?
We would have heard about it
on the news,
don't you think?
Besides, what if somebody
wants to adopt you?
I mean, what would we say?
You know, he's on the road
with some dog.
No one's going to want me.
Ugh, why would you
say that? Huh?
That's just being silly.
You know, I think Teddy
is your new friend,
and I think you should
hold on to him.
So you wouldn't
let me return him?
Even if he was
the president's dog,
I would never let you
go anywhere by yourself.
Especially not
as far away as Washington.
Come on, Teddy.
Let's go back in the house.
Teddy, come on.
The president.
I got a feeling
Coming on
And I fail to see
The easy in this song
You're a mountain
And I am a rock
We finally built
that bridge
Between the fault
Day-to-day love
Day-to-day love
You're late.
I had to wait
until everyone was asleep.
You're the dude
with the president's mutt?
Name is Brandon. I'll be your
chauffeur this evening.
Hey, sis,
better get home now.
Mom's going to have a fit
if she finds you out this late.
Yeah. Good luck.
Okay, thanks.
Come on, man.
(Rock music blaring)
So how long till we get
to the White House?
The White House?
The one in Washington?
We're not going to Washington,
we're going to Sin City.
We're going to Vegas.
That's nowhere near Washington.
Amber told me you guys were
going to New York, New York,
and were dropping me off
on the way.
Well, we're going to New York,
New York in Las Vegas.
We're going to Vegas, baby!
(All cheering)
Brandon, I am not!
You wish.
You moron.
(Tire screeching)
(All screaming)
Dude, your uncle's
going to kill you.
It was her fault.
She was texting me.
You started, you idiot.
(All shouting)
GIRL: Stop it! Stop!
BOY: Chill out.
(Arguing resuming)
They can't see the stars
For the clouds
in the way
Still, I hold you
You'll get through
this day
The world just
makes you sad
And you harbour
its pain
Still, I hold you
Thank you very much.
Have a good trip.
I'd like two tickets
to Washington, please.
Which Washington?
How many are there?
Well, you have
Seattle, Washington,
and then you have Washington
in the District of Columbia.
Which one does the president
live in?
Now that would be
Washington, D.C.
Where are your parents, son?
Uh, they're...
they're waiting for me
in Washington.
Washington, D.C.
My Dad is.
My Mom, she just had to go
use the bathroom.
Animals are not allowed
on the bus.
But there's a picture of a dog
on the bus.
But that doesn't mean
they're allowed on the bus.
You're going to have
to crate him.
That'll be $99 one way.
Can I pay when I get
to Washington? Please.
Hold on. Let me just
check something here.
Come on, Teddy! Let's go!
(Teddy barking)
(Clock ticking)
(Phone rings)
Yes, will you accept
a collect call from Danny?
Yes, yes, yes.
DANNY: Hello?
Mrs. Angell?
Danny, thank God.
I was so worried.
Danny, you have to tell me
exactly where you are.
I'm coming to get you.
I'm okay.
You have to tell me
where you are.
I had to call the police.
I'm in New York, New York,
Las Vegas.
What? What are you
doing there?
I have to return Teddy.
I have to.
Danny, you have to come back
to the home right now.
I can't. Did the president
return my call?
Danny, Teddy is just
a regular dog.
I don't know
what makes you think
he belongs
to the president.
Um, I have to go now.
No, don't hang up!
When every word
has escaped us
And the air we draw
is still
I will wait right here
beside you
I will, I will
You can hold all
of my secrets
Inside this heart
we share
...Seventy, eighty.
Just enough
to get some chips.
All right,
you wait here.
Teddy, I told you
to wait outside.
You have another 30 cents?
Thank you, sir.
Is this your best friend?
Well, I think he belongs to the
President of the United States.
He does?
I think so.
So I'm taking him back
to the White House.
Are you a Republican?
Thank you, sir.
Take care
of the president's
dog now.
You guys work on the Strip?
I guess this is the end
of our trip.
We'll have to find a way
back home.
Where are you going?
Teddy! Teddy!
Teddy, where are you going?
Come on,
where are you?
You're going to get me
in trouble.
There's nothing like
a riddle and rhyme
To pass time
Every time
So call me today
Riddles and rhymes
Whose dog is this?
Hello, little fella.
Are you a stowaway on my bus?
There's no room for dogs
on this tour.
I'm sorry, ma'am,
but there were some men
after me.
Why is there men
after you?
Well, back at the gas station,
they probably overheard me
telling the store clerk
that I have the president's dog.
That's the president's dog?
The president?
The president.
I'm returning him
to the White House.
Big bullfrog
on a little lily pad
This bank and moon
is all I ever had
Accept this dream
ever since I was young
To go down to the ocean,
eat some big bugs
I think this kid's
had too much sugar.
Eat some bugs, eat some bugs,
eat some bugs
Eat some bugs
down by the sea
Eat some bugs, eat some bugs,
eat some bugs...
So, what are we
going to do?
Well, let's just wait
till we get to the next town,
call the local
Somebody's going to be
looking for him.
All right.
(Guitar being played)
Darling, do have a number to
the local sheriff's department?
Are you having problems?
No ma'am.
I'm going to go check on Teddy,
since I can't bring him inside.
Hey, we'll bring you
some bacon and eggs, okay?
He's a good kid.
Bacon and eggs, please.
Bacon and eggs.
Make that four.
Take one to the kid.
Come on, Teddy.
There you go.
Thank you.
Could you please take this out
to the kid?
The kid left
about 10 minutes ago.
He did?
What are we going to do?
Got to be in Nashville by dawn.
There's absolutely no way
we can wait for him.
That kid probably already caught
a ride with someone else anyway.
I can't believe
we fell for this.
Thank you, Sally.
I like your hat.
Don't worry, they left.
I'm going to be famous
country singer one day.
Oh, yeah?
Thought your friend
might like some croutons,
and I bet he's thirsty.
So how did he get
so far from home?
I don't know, but it's my duty
to get him home safely.
Because it's the right thing
to do.
You know, I think you should
become a singer.
When you go
for something,
you've got to go for it
all the way.
Trust in what
your heart tells you.
Like my heart tells me
I have to take Teddy
back to his home.
You're a smart kid, Danny.
You're going to make somebody
very proud
to be your parents one day.
Now you look like
a famous country singer.
I do?
Sure do.
(Truck horn honking)
Sal, I don't allow no kids
in my truck.
You know that.
I'm a loner.
You're going right by D.C.,
aren't you?
Yeah, but...
He'll be no trouble,
and his dog
is better behaved
than most who come through here.
But the transport don't allow
no passengers in my truck.
You know, insurance reasons
and stuff.
You're just a heartless,
son of a...
Can I have a piece of pie?
Get it yourself.
This ain't very nice.
I didn't do anything.
Sal, there's a dog in here.
I'm really sorry, mister.
I guess he's really hungry.
Big Mike,
meet little Teddy and Danny.
You're going to get me
in trouble.
Teddy better wait outside.
I don't have a leash.
He'll just wander back in here.
I got some rope
in the truck.
Danny, he'll be fine
right here.
I'm sorry, sir, again,
about your burger.
I told you, I had three
before that one anyway.
And don't call me sir.
It's Big Mike to you.
Yes sir, Big Mike.
Hey, you want some pie?
I'd always like some pie.
That's my kind of kid.
Come on, let's go.
Stay here, Teddy.
I think you both
had enough.
I'm going to go check on Teddy,
bring him some more croutons.
I got to get on the move.
I got to be in Philadelphia
by tomorrow morning.
I can't, Sal.
I just can't.
That pie was good, though.
They found us.
The men in black.
They're trying to steal Teddy.
Get in the back. Take your dog
in the back right now.
Come on, Teddy.
Teddy, hurry, come on.
I'll take care of him, Sal.
Evening, gentlemen.
Thanks for
rescuing us, sir.
What did I tell you?
Don't be calling me no sir.
It's Big Mike to you.
Okay, Big Mike To Me.
Now, who are the men
after you?
I think they wanted
to steal Teddy.
Probably because
I told the store clerk,
that Teddy belonged
to the president.
What are you
talking about?
Didn't Sally tell you?
She said you need
to get to Washington.
Yes, but the one in D.C.,
not Seattle.
Well, I'm going to Jersey,
so I can drop you off
in Washington.
Hopefully not
New Jersey, Las Vegas.
I never did
understand kids.
So, what are we
Excuse me?
What's our cargo?
What kind of stuff?
If I tell you,
I have to kill you.
Just kidding.
I'm transporting.
Every time it's something
It seems like somebody always
needs something moved
from one place
to another.
Can't tell you how many times
I been down this same road.
All 3,000 miles of it.
You want to try
the horn?
(Horn honking)
You drove a truck
ever since you were 15?
Rode with a trucker
until I was 17.
I got my truck license,
then got my own truck.
Don't you miss your home?
Don't have no home.
The road is my home.
Don't you have any kids?
Or a wife?
Nobody's waiting for me.
What about you?
Well, there's this lady, June.
Really nice lady.
She's just a foster mom.
She isn't my real mom.
Not my real mom.
You're a oner too?
A oner?
Orphan, foster dude.
I didn't know
that's what it's called.
Welcome to the club.
You're a foster kid?
I was.
Lost my folks when I was 15.
Been on the road
ever since.
What happened
to your family?
Car accident.
They drove a little
tiny thing.
And they came up
on a drunk driver at the wheel.
I'm really sorry for you.
Where's your mom?
My folks died in a fire.
It's all my fault.
They say she fell asleep
and her cigarette
burned down the house.
How can that be
your fault?
I never liked the smell
of cigarette smoke
so I had to shut my door.
And they'd still be alive
if I'd opened that door.
I just couldn't open it,
to save them.
There wasn't nothing
you could have did.
The fact was because the door
was closed,
it probably
saved your life.
Why them?
They didn't deserve to die.
And you did?
You wanted to save them.
You couldn't.
But the fact is
you wanted to.
Your intentions
was good.
That's all that matters.
I think we need
to pull off.
Turn in for the night?
Oh. Well, where are we
going to sleep?
Big Mike's hotel.
They have a hotel
named after you?
Sort of.
You're riding in it.
There's a whole room
back there.
Where are you going
to sleep?
Right here.
Somebody got to keep watch.
I don't need much sleep.
Maybe an hour or two.
Got to keep on driving.
But you and Teddy
can climb back there,
make y'all self at home.
Big Mike, thanks helping me
and Teddy out.
Anytime, kid.
You got it.
Good morning.
Where are you headed?
New Jersey.
And what's your business?
Novelty products.
Do you have
any paperwork?
Got it here somewhere.
Here your go, sir.
Thank you.
Let's just go have a look,
shall we?
I need to make sure
you're not carrying anything
you're not supposed to.
You got it, sir.
You got to wake up.
Wake up now.
You got to go.
Are we having breakfast?
You got to take that dog
and go now. We got problems.
But we can't leave you.
Man, they'll put you in jail
or send you back.
You got to go now!
Don't "but" me
or I'll call
the police myself.
Hit the road!
Come on, Teddy.
Come on.
(Tires screeching)
(Horn honking)
(Brakes squealing)
WOMAN: Hey! Boy!
We didn't see you.
You jumped right
in our path.
Let me take a look.
It's okay.
I just twisted it.
Looks like you're bleeding
a little bit.
Here, let me go see if I can
find you a bandage, okay?
Hey, who are you
running from?
Are you in some kind
of trouble?
Come on, Vicky-Ann, let's go!
What are you doing?
Shut up, will you?
These two men in black,
they're after me
and my dog.
Well, why's that?
Probably because
I ran away from home.
Come on over here.
I'm going to get you fixed up.
Lean on me, all right?
open the door.
The boy's hurt,
you idiot.
Come on, Vicky-Ann, we don't
have time to play with kids.
You darn near ran him over.
All right.
Give me your knee.
Don't worry.
Look, good as new.
So, where are you headed?
Well, Washington, D.C.
You want us
to give you a lift?
It's not out of our way
to drop you off in Washington.
That's real nice
of you, but...
Yes, yes, I will.
Thank you.
Thank you for the offer.
I will.
Hop in.
Teddy, come on.
Watch your tail.
What are you doing?
We can't take the kid with us.
We're going
in that direction.
I don't like kids.
And you know
I don't like dogs.
Don't mind Henderson.
He hates everything.
(Engine stalling and turning)
Come on.
Come on.
So why are those men
chasing you and your mutt?
It's okay, boy.
You can trust me.
Trust me.
Does the boy have a name?
(Henderson grunting)
What's your name?
Danny, ma'am.
Well, I'm Vicky-Ann,
this here's Jimbo,
although he likes
to be called Henderson.
All right, already.
I'm not going to light it.
Danny, maybe we can
help you.
Come on.
Well, what would you say
if I told you
this dog
is the president's dog?
President of Kiwanis
or of the United States?
Shut up!
Of the United States.
I remember that dog.
I've seen him on TV
with Woodroffe.
I've seen the brindle colour
Wait, you believe me?
Well, why wouldn't we?
You can't have any chocolate.
It isn't good for dogs.
Must be a big reward.
Well, it's the first dog
of the United States of America.
Must be a big reward.
Well, I don't want
any reward.
Well, then why the he--
Ahem, heck you going through
all this trouble for then?
Because it's the right thing
to do.
(Bell clanging)
You're absolutely right, kid.
That's the right thing to do.
Let's go! Let's go!
(Alarm ringing)
Just hold it.
(Engine stalling)
She's stuck again!
Stuck again.
HENDERSON: Come on, come on.
(Engine turning)
Forget about the seat belts.
They don't work.
Stop! Come back here!
(Tires screeching)
Why is that man
so upset?
I didn't have the exact change
so he got angry.
Here, want some chips?
So how did you guys meet?
He picked me up
at a square dance.
She picked me up.
I did not.
I was your knight
in shining armour,
and you wanted me bad.
You guys have any kids?
Henderson never wanted
any kids.
And I still don't.
But I wanted a couple.
They ain't nothing but trouble.
I don't think so.
They're just a reflection
of their parents.
What do you mean?
Like if they are raised
with proper manners,
then they'll turn out okay.
If they're not
so good parents,
they're going to turn out
like brats,
always misbehaving
and probably going to jail.
Hey, Teddy, you thirsty?
There's a bottle of water
in the car.
Okay, thanks.
Come on. Come on.
I'll beat you there.
Okay, you'll beat me there!
I'm thinking.
Do you think that really is
the president's dog?
It's got to be.
How long till Washington?
Not far, kid.
Just a few hundred
miles more.
This looks like
a great place.
Are you sure?
Are we there?
Stopped to stretch our legs
and get some cigarettes.
Henderson, the money
for cigarettes.
Hey, Danny, you want to run on
in and get us some cigarettes?
Uh, smoking isn't good
for you.
I don't think I should.
Yeah, kid's right.
Just get me some gum.
All right, go ahead and get
yourself and the mutt something.
I'll get a beef stick for you,
is that all right?
And I'll get me
some kettle corn.
And every word
has escaped us
And the air we draw
is still
I will lay right here
beside you
I will, I will
You can hold
all of my secrets
Inside this heart
we share
And I'll feel you
always with me
Everywhere, everywhere
From now until forever
You will be
this part of me
Most precious and protected
In a world
no one can see
Oh, I will, I will
Oh, I will,
I will
Lay right here
beside you
I will
(Zipper rasping)
What are you doing?
The dang dog's locked us
out of the car.
How'd he do that?
You little...
(Honking horn)
Mutt rolled the damn window up
on me.
Stand back,
You little...
Get over here.
This ought to hold you.
Stay there.
Oh, you're going
to make us rich.
Stupid dog.
(Engine stalling)
Come on.
VICKY-ANN: Get us going.
HENDERSON: I'm trying.
I told this car
is a piece of crap.
Then steal me a new one.
(Truck horn honking)
Hey, Danny.
What happened, son?
Where's Teddy?
He's gone.
They took him.
Who? The men in black?
No, a man and a lady.
Everything's going
to be okay.
Big Mike promises.
We'll find him.
We're back together again.
Let's go find Teddy.
Come on.
This is trucker Sam I Am.
Got a lead on your description:
black Mercedes station wagon.
I'm on route 186,
junction 5.
A man and a woman,
and a canine in the back seat.
That guy's coming fast.
(Horn honking)
Step on it, you idiot!
I'm going, I'm going!
(Truck horn blasting)
(Tires screeching)
Hey, Danny.
We've got some trouble
on our tails.
Look in the side mirror.
Oh, no.
It's the men in black.
Oh, they want to play?
Well, let's play.
Hold this for me.
You're carrying fireworks?
I got a truckload of them
in back.
Motion to them
to lower their window down.
I got a little something
for them.
They're coming
on the side right now.
Look, look!
He did it.
He rolled down his window.
How's your pitching arm,
Uh, I'm no good at baseball.
This is your big chance
to redeem yourself.
Come on, y'all! Come on.
Come around the side.
Throw it, Danny!
(Big Mike laughing)
Throw it now!
(Firecrackers popping)
(Tires squealing)
Whoo! Sorry about your ride!
Welcome to the big leagues,
Welcome to the big leagues!
VICKY-ANN: Hurry, Henderson!
(Engine stalling)
Oh, come on, you stupid car!
He's coming!
You little mutt.
Come any closer
and this dog is dog meat.
HENDERSON: Stay back, kid.
BIG MIKE: Danny, stay back.
Don't hurt him.
You better have
good life insurance.
I didn't hurt that dog.
All right,
it's all right.
Don't make another move.
See what's on him.
Stay back, Danny.
Stay back.
Grab the mutt
and let's get out of here.
Shouldn't have done that.
Give me the dog, kid.
Give me the dog.
Don't move.
I swear I'll shoot, I swear.
Give me that dog.
What are you going to do
with that besides make me mad?
Give me the gun.
Give me the gun!
Give me the gun!
I didn't want anyone
to get hurt.
That's my Danny boy.
Come on.
Teddy, come on.
I'll be right back.
True friends
Fall right out
of the blue
True friends
Sneak right up
on you
What'd you do with them?
They going to be there
for a while.
She told me I could trust her,
but you know what?
Can't trust a person
on what they say.
It's what they do.
Hey, what's friends for?
Let's get out of here.
(Computer beeping)
Help! Help!
How come you didn't have any
bullets in the dang gun?
I'd slap you right now
if I wasn't tied up.
(Truck horn blowing)
Why are we stopping here?
We are a few blocks away
from the White House.
I don't think we need
to get any closer.
Remember what we got
in this thing.
What's wrong
with fireworks?
Danny, the fireworks are illegal
in most states.
That's why they stopped me
back there.
I had to prove to them
I was going to a legal state.
So that's why
you don't want to drive up
to the president's place?
Not a good idea.
Pennsylvania Avenue's closed.
The road's closed?
For security reasons,
public transportation's
not allowed.
The only way you can get
to the house is by foot.
Now Danny, when you get through
dropping Teddy off,
you can ride over to Jersey with
me to drop the explosives off
and ride back
to California with me.
That's my boy.
(Truck door opening)
Here we go, son.
You all right?
This is it.
You're a brave kid, Danny.
And you're a good person too.
You're a good boy, Teddy.
Yes, you are.
It's been an honour
meeting the first dog.
Now I've got
to find a place,
to park this big old monster.
Here's my cell phone number.
Don't lose it.
Call me when
your mission's complete,
and we'll hook back up.
Now you can see it from here,
the big needle in the sky.
What is that?
That's the
Washington Monument.
The White House
is close to it.
Just follow the needle.
I guess it's time
to say goodbye.
I have to give you
back now.
It's the right thing to do,
You have a home,
you have a family.
You belong there.
There are people
who love you.
But you're the best friend
I ever had.
Come on,
let's get you home.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
You little mutt!
Come back with my dog!
Ah. Thanks, Teddy.
I was famished.
But you shouldn't
have stolen it.
Especially so close
to the president's place.
Mmm. Well, come on.
Animal control?
Lafayette Park.
Near Madison.
Teddy, no! Come back!
Teddy, come back!
No, Teddy!
Big Mike's number.
They've taken
the president's dog away.
The dog catcher.
If the dog catcher's
got your dog,
there's nothing
I can do about it.
Look, can't you tell
the president?
He's the only one
who can save him now.
The president doesn't have time
to save your dog.
I told you
it's not my dog.
Run along, kid.
So remember,
do the right thing.
(Siren whooping)
Hey there, young man.
Where are you going?
I have to see
the president.
Aren't you a little young
to be worried
about political issues?
They've taken Teddy.
Well, the president
can't help you with that.
Why don't you come with me,
and maybe I can help.
You're going to help me
find Teddy?
Well, first I need to know
who you are.
I'm Danny.
You got a last name, Danny?
All right,
Danny Milbright.
Let's see if my computer
can find you.
So, what you in for?
Trying to return
the president's dog,
running away from a foster home
and stealing a hot dog.
What are you in for?
Armed robbery.
Why would they send him
to Asia?
Not Asia, stupid.
That means
they put him down.
Put him to sleep?
Usually hold him
a few days,
and if no one claims him...
Food fight!
No! I have to save Teddy!
No! No!
I have to save Teddy!
(Teddy whining and barking)
Okay, mutt.
Your time's up.
Nobody wants you.
Dead dog walking
Dead dog walking
Set him down.
Come on, buddy.
How are you doing?
Why are you bothering?
Because we do it once on the way
in and once on the way out.
That's the policy.
You told me you scanned him
on the way in.
Danny, tell me more
about what caused
this explosion in you.
They're going to kill Teddy.
Who? The men in black?
Danny you've got
to understand
there are no men in black,
this dog doesn't exist
and he doesn't belong to the
President of the United States.
You've created them
in your mind,
probably since your parents'
Excuse me. Sorry.
Sir, the boy
has visitors.
It's okay.
They work
for the government.
They're Secret Service agents.
You're the good guys?
Agent Morello
and Agent Alcove.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Let me see some ID.
Are you here to help me
save Teddy?
Or am I in more trouble?
(Helicopter blades
(All cheering)
(Toy squeaking)
Teddy, you're alive.
Hey, Teddy.
Hi, I'm Stuart Brentwood.
I work with
President Woodroffe.
Nice to meet you,
Mr. Brentwood.
You too.
Here have a seat.
Now Danny, the president
is going to be down momentarily.
We're going to shoot a couple
of photos with you and him,
and you'll be out of here
in 15 minutes.
I want everything on my desk
first thing in the morning.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, Jennifer.
(Door closing)
Robert Woodroffe.
Nice to meet you,
Mr. President.
You can call me Robert or you
can call me Mr. Woodroffe,
whichever you're more
comfortable with.
Nice to meet you,
Mr. Woodroffe President.
Or that too. Have a seat.
I want to thank you for bringing
Teddy back to Washington,
and tell you what a brave thing
you did.
I kind of messed up.
Kind of messed up? No.
No, you didn't.
The main thing is
Teddy's back and he's safe,
and it's because of you.
Danny, you did
the right thing.
Excuse me, Mr. President.
Yes, Stuart?
Mr. Kesser, the official
White House photographer
would like to take
some photos with you and Danny.
That's a good idea.
Would you like that,
You okay?
So, what happens
to him now?
I believe they're sending
a social worker
to fly with him back to
the foster home in California.
Danny, how would you like
to have dinner with us
and the Prime Minister
of Canada?
But Mr. Brentwood said
it's time to leave now.
Well the president and I
have some authority
over Mr. Brentwood,
and we would like you to stay.
Okay? Yeah?
Mr. Brentwood?
(Phone ringing)
This is Robert Woodroffe
calling from the White House.
Is June Angell there?
Who is this?
It's the President
of the United States.
Give me--
Sit down.
Oh, oh, oh.
Mrs. Angell?
Yup, that's me.
This is Robert Woodroffe.
The President.
This is Robert Woodroffe,
the President
of the United States?
Sure you are.
You-- You-- Mr. Woodroffe--
I mean, you're--
You are the president.
You are the President.
You are the President
of the United States.
Oh, Mr. Woodroffe.
I mean--
I mean, Mister--
I'm sorry, sir. Mr. President.
We've made arrangements
for a social worker
to bring Danny back to
California to your foster home.
I-- I don't...
I was informed that he was
in juvenile hall.
It's all been worked out.
I-- I--
I don't understand, sir.
How did you come across Danny?
He's a very brave and noble lad,
Mrs. Angell.
He went through quite a bit
to return my dog to me.
Your-- Your dog?
You mean Teddy really is
your dog?
He sure is.
I'm indebted to Danny
for bringing him back
to Washington safely.
I didn't have any idea.
I mean, I thought that he was...
I mean, he's really
your dog?
Thanks again for inviting me,
Mr. and Mrs. President,
and for the new clothes, too.
It's our pleasure, Danny.
You know, Danny,
the first lady tells us
that you're quite the hero.
She did?
Here you go, Danny.
So why did you
name your dog Teddy?
That's a good question, Danny.
I named him after
a great American president
named Theodore Roosevelt.
Teddy's name
isn't Theodore though.
is a playful nickname
for Theodore.
And did you know
that teddy bears
were named after Roosevelt?
Stuffed toy bears
got the nickname
from a famous incident
that happened to Roosevelt
during his presidency.
What happened?
Well, President Roosevelt
loved to go hunting.
He and his pals
were out in the woods.
They all had their rifles.
And they see
a great big bear.
They take aim.
They're ready
to take it down.
Then suddenly
Roosevelt goes, "Stop!"
Because there was
a baby cub.
It was a mother
and her baby.
So since he saved
that baby cub,
all stuffed bears in America
were then called teddy bears.
They have sold
more teddy bears
than any other stuffed animal
or doll in America.
Is that President Lincoln?
That is President Lincoln.
The 16th President
of the United States.
And he was a great man.
What did he do
that was so great?
Well, he was known
for his honesty,
and his compassion
and his integrity.
He was so respected
that a national holiday
was reserved in his honour.
What is that?
Presidents' Day.
Good night, sweetheart.
Good night.
Sleep tight. Let me know
if you need anything.
Good night, you guys.
Can you leave it open
a crack, please?
Of course.
Can I come in?
Um, sure.
We're still awake.
I just wanted to tell you
how honoured Rebecca and I are
to have you as a guest here
at the White House.
Really? You are?
You sound so surprised.
Well, it's just I'm Danny.
Just some kid.
You're not just Danny.
You're not just a kid.
You are a very
special somebody.
Back at the foster home,
I'm not that special.
Why do you say that?
I've been there a while.
Nobody really likes me.
I'm never the chosen one.
Well, maybe you should look
at who's doing the choosing.
Maybe they're
not worthy of you.
I've got a new motto
for you.
You do?
We progress
through strength,
not weakness.
Strength is what brought you
to Washington.
Not weakness.
Think about that.
Thanks. Good night.
Have sweet dreams,
You too, Teddy.
Good night.
(Teddy barking)
Somebody's missing you
Somebody's wishing you
Were here
beside me too
You mean the world
to me
Your on somebody's mind
Just almost
all the time
Bet you already knew
Somebody's missing you
The days go slowly by
When I'm away from you
I got it.
I miss the warmth
of you
Danny come on.
(Cell phone rings)
Got to get to the airport
before 7:00.
Even you don't want me
That's not true.
It's not my decision.
It's Social Services'.
They feel that this is the best
placement for you.
But you're my family.
Hey, Danny, wait up.
Going to miss you,
(Emergency sirens blaring)
(Airplane wheels
With that,
it's time for America
to take care of its own.
So with my new Angell fund,
we'll begin to fight poverty
and homelessness,
and find good
and loving homes
for all foster children
And not forget
our furry friends.
Save thousands of animals
awaiting their fate
in shelters
all over America.
(Camera shutters clicking)
I'll be your family
I'll be your friend
If life shut you out
Well, I'll take you in
When you are losing
I'll help you win
There's much to be said
For a family
of friends
Friends are a blessing
They're angels all in
And closer in some way
Than one's closest kin
Blood's not an issue
Love's all that counts
And I'll be there
with you
And give every ounce
Of love and devotion
Through thick
and through thin
Humbled by love
From a family
of friends
Families are made
From a close-knitted blend
The fabric of love
A family of friends
Friends are a blessing
They're angels all in
Closer in some ways
Than one's closest kin
You know God loves
his children
It's his care we're in
We're all brothers
and sisters
In a family of friends
And there's much
to be said
For a family of friends
I'll be your family
And I'll be your friend
And when life
shuts you out
You know
I'll take you in
And I'll be there
with you
Through thick
and through thin
Humbled by love
From a family of
Bow, wow, wow, wow,
wow, wow, wow, wow
You say, "Jump,"
I say, "How high?"
Do this, do that,
and I try
Your every wish
is my command
Got me eating
right out of your hand
Eager to please,
yeah, that'd be me
You call the shots,
I'm on your leash
Do anything
that you ask of me
It's the doggone truth
I'm eager to please
So eager to please
I feel loved
and I feel blessed
Proud to be
your loving pet
I won't whine
and I won't pout
Even when you throw me
in your doghouse