First Lady II Maria's Revenge (2019) Movie Script

Oh, these look good.
Can I get some fruit snacks,
We can go over there together,
baby, stay by me, okay.
But it's right in the other aisle.
I know where they are,
we'll go over there in a second,
okay, hold on.
Michael, baby, come here.
Michael come here, baby.
Let her go.
Nah, she not going no where.
Patrick, let her go.
You want her back,
I wanted my wife.
And I wanted my man.
Well, we all can't have
what we want, now can we?
Patrick let her go.
I will never let anything
happen to you.
What you mean,
this a burner beat
Whole lot of pain, I
feel the pain, yeah
Whole lot of rain, I hear the rain,
yeah, yeah
Whole lot of snakes,
I see the snakes, yeah
Whole lot of hate I feel
the hate, yeah, yeah
Whole lot of pain,
I feel the pain
Whole lot of pain,
whole lot of pain
Whole lot of rain,
I hear the rain
Whole lot of rain,
I hear the rain
Whole lot of snakes,
I see the snakes, yeah
Whole lot of snakes
I see the snakes
Whole lot of hate, I feel the hate,
yeah, yeah
These niggas praying
on my down fall
Well, keep waiting, I'm just
praying that I don't fall
I got patience, I got homies
I know in with me
Just keep watchin' 'cause
they know
How deep I'm in these streets
I'm done playing, I got shooters
hit like Stephen Curry
They gon' beef so many guys
that I'm not even worried
I got family and friends
that still depend on me
Watch who you trust, I had
some homies use that pen on me
We not the same, get off my ass,
I know I had to get it
Sleep in the lake
and losing faith
I promise I was trippin'
Yeah, man I can't lie,
but know I dig
So many times I lost count,
but I'm a hustler
Yup, just like that.
Nice and easy,
don't overdo it though.
I see you been working hard.
Oh man,
I gotta get back in shape.
I gotta get to Detroit.
Detroit, why you going back
to Detroit?
You ain't got nothing
to prove to nobody.
- Really?
- Yeah, really.
I got a gang of shit to prove.
Them motherfuckers
tried to kill me.
They killed my mom, shit,
somebody got to pay.
Okay, so, let's say you do
go back and they kill you,
or worse, they kill somebody
else you love--
Look, that shit right
there not gon' happen again
from nobody.
See, ain't nobody gon'
lay a motherfucking hand
on anybody I love,
without me bodyin' them.
You can believe that.
Your mom is gone and
she's not coming back,
you need to chill.
Did you really just say
that shit to me?
Look, man, I get it,
but I got to get home.
I gotta do what I gotta do, man.
What about me?
You'll be fine.
Okay, what about us?
Fuck it, look.
You know what it was, okay.
I never lied to you, I told you
I'll be going home.
It's about time for me
to make that happen.
I'mma miss you, Will.
Look, look,
I'mma miss you too,
but look, that's too much.
Look, I'mma go get
in the shower, okay.
Okay, yeah, you do that.
Just remember, you don't have
shit to prove to nobody, Will.
I know, but it's some shit
I gotta prove to myself.
See they wanted a war and
it's a war I'm 'bout to give 'em.
At the car wash, yeah
What's up, boy?
Shit, what's up, man?
You know I want some juice,
so I'm business?
Fuck business,
what's up with you?
Shoot, nigga, I don't know.
Would be sometime
in the morning.
They usually call me when
he about an hour out.
What you gon' need?
Brain, Robby and me,
that should be good.
He can break everything down
and they can hit the highway
and go how on the business,
you feel me.
For sure.
Ey, let me ask you a question.
What though?
Nobody still ain't seen
that nigga Will yet?
Yo, no, it's like he disappeared.
But somebody's still flooding
the city with his shit though.
We can't hit none of his houses
'cause all them bitches
on high alert.
Who is moving his bag for him?
Man, who ain't moving it?
'Cause since Pat wife
was murdered,
shit ain't been the same for us.
Ay, nigga, you better watch
what you saying,
that's my sister, nigga.
Nigga and that was my friend.
But she wouldn't want us
out here losing money
because niggas in they feelings.
Look, man, she didn't have
shit to do with it.
We at wat, it's always
gon' be some casualties,
whether we like it or not.
Yeah, the wives and children
spose to be off limits.
What war you fighting?
There used to be a rule that
on Sunday you could rest,
on Sunday, nothing bad
would happen to you.
But now, a nigga
would merk you
in front of Jesus if he got to.
Shit, yeah, you right about that.
Man, we shoulda killed that nigga
when we had the chance.
Now we running in and out of time
trying to move shit that
we was moving around here.
Niggas ain't fucking with
us around here right now.
That's 'cause we giving
these niggas choices.
Dawg, ain't never been
this soft before.
Dawg, you better watch
what you saying man,
niggas come up missing
for shit like that.
Nigga, our whole team going
come up missing then,
'cause everybody saying
the same shit.
- What?
- These niggas on the street
think we some bitches, Cisco.
Shit, nigga,
you a motherfucking liar.
Don't nobody think I'm no bitch.
And besides,
when you getting money
everybody got something to say.
Niggas talks, bitches talk.
What the fuck you care for
what somebody got to say
if they ain't your bills?
You getting money, nigga,
right or wrong?
You right.
Well then, shut the fuck up.
Now I don't give a damn
what nobody got to say they
that ain't paying my bills.
That's easier said
than done, man.
'Cause once the streets
think you a bitch,
it's harder to get them to pay.
Well then, take what's yours.
In the words
of Yung Miami, period.
Speaking of which, all
the drops over there.
- Right there?
- Serious.
See now that's the shit,
I'm talking about.
That's the what I like to hear.
Where it's at?
- Them right there.
- Oh, right here?
All right, man, look,
I'mma hit you in the morning
when the bag touch, all right.
All right, man.
Ay, calm down man.
All right, dawg.
Ay, man, your slow ass
employees got my car ready?
Doubt it.
Yeah, me too.
At the car wash, yeah
Get your ass out of here.
Hey, Sam, there is a Maria
here to see you.
tell her I'll be right with her.
Like I was saying, we'll talk
before the week's out.
Okay, that'll be great.
I'll see you soon.
I hope so, you know,
the older I get
the more I stop being sure
what day it is.
I understand, but hopefully,
I'll see you soon.
- Sounds good.
- All right.
Maria, come on in.
What's up, Sam?
How are things going?
Everything seems
to be going good.
Now that my cousin is gone,
things seem to have calmed down
a little bit.
So the people you had
the problem with
are no longer the problem?
No, not really, I mean,
of course you're gonna
have issues,
every now and again, but
everything seems all right.
Sounds good.
You can't make money
while everybody's trying
to kill each other.
I know that's right.
Are you ready to talk numbers?
That's what I'm here for.
Numbers are a little down, why?
Well, all that's gonna change
in a few weeks.
You see we're getting the product
to our people a little bit different
so it's taking a little longer,
but everything is looking great.
That is good news.
Maria, you know I'm always
here for you.
I feel it's my responsibility
to make sure you're okay,
you and your daughter.
Mike, would've wanted
it that way.
I really appreciate that,
but look,
I know you're a busy man and
I have stuff to do myself,
so I'm gonna get out
of your hair.
I'll send a friend around
to see you in a few days.
You good with that?
That sounds wonderful.
Before I forget, I'll be
out of town for a while.
Remember, I'm always
just a phone call away.
I know you are,
I'll see you, Sam.
See you, babe.
I'll see you in a few.
Okay, well, finish your
meal and call me.
Okay, thanks.
So you just talking
on the phone like
everything okay?
What are you talking about?
Come on, now, you know
I hate when you do that.
Can you please tell me
what you talking about?
It don't even matter.
It matters to me.
- Why?
- Why what?
You know how many people
we lost to the streets.
And now, you wanna do this.
Baby, I don't know
what you talking about.
Now, you gon' sit here
and lie to my face?
You know what
I loved about you?
No, why don't you tell me?
I love the fact that
you would tell me the truth.
It didn't matte how hard the truth
was, you told it to me.
Okay, you right.
What do you wanna know, ask me
anything and I'll tell you.
Are you selling drugs?
- Yes.
- Why?
Because I have to.
Come on, you don't have
to do anything.
Sean, you doing what
you wanna do.
They tried to kill my brother,
I had no choice but to do this.
If I didn't help my brother,
who would?
You told me you had enough
money to stop, so stop.
It's not that easy,
I have to make sure
that my family is taken care of.
I can't just sit here and
watch you live this life.
I mean, you're destroying the city
that you claim to love and
I love you but
I can't just sit here and watch
you live this life, I can't.
Give me a month.
And what's gon' change
in a month?
I'll talk to my brother and
I'll tell him I'm out.
Then what you gon' do?
We can move away,
we could start a business.
We could do whatever
you wanna do.
You haven't even met my kids.
We can't just move away,
it's not that easy.
Look, you want us?
Baby, you know I do.
Then we are all going
to eat tomorrow
and we'll take it from there.
I would like that.
Okay, cool.
What are you doing?
What the hell is wrong with you?
You, you are
what's wrong with me.
I mean, you acting like you
new to this, but you not.
I thought you had some rich mom,
but that was all a lie.
And if me and my kids
are gon' be your family,
I'll be damned if I let this phone
the thing that takes
you away from us.
We be on the phone
like we trafficking
Look, you right.
Baby, I'm sorry.
I promise, I promise, I will never
leave you or them.
I'mma hold you to that.
I'd rather spend my time
with you
What's the deal?
Have you talked to Will?
Nah, man,
buddy disappeared like Tupac.
Man, he getting his mind right.
Getting his mind right?
It's been a long time for him
to get his mind right,
if it ain't right by now,
it ain't gon' get right.
What is you talking 'bout, man?
You act like we done
missed a beat
around this bitch or something.
Sean been making sure we good.
Damn right, keeping everything
good around these parts.
I swear, man, it's like
the calm before the storm
or something.
I mean, first he was trying
to keep us off the block,
now it's all good?
Oh, that's because we hit
them niggas hard.
No, nigga,
we hit them niggas hard.
Your ass sat
in the motherfucking car, man.
What's wrong with this nigga?
Man, get your man.
Oh yeah?
Well, imagine if you came
out and the car wasn't there?
Yeah, whatever.
You don't find
that shit funny, huh?
Whatever, nigga.
Got a point.
Wise man, what you got up?
Shit I'm probably 'bout to slide down
on Warren, dawg
and grab me something to eat,
I'm starved.
You always trying to hit them
hot ass spots.
I mean, Warren cool and all,
but take your ass Downtown.
Man, I'm hungry as fuck.
And they give you way
more food on Warren
than they give your ass
Downtown, you feel me.
Man, you right,
I never thought about that.
Hell yeah.
They do give you a lot more food
at them mom and pop joints,
Man, look, go ahead and
take that shit to the crib.
I'm about to open up
shop up here.
Get these bitches
out here, dawg.
I'm starving, I'm trying to hit
the block, you feel me.
All right, bro.
Y'all be easy, man, be safe.
All right, my nigga.
Lost one
But didn't get one
But I say unto you who hear,
love your enemies and do good
onto those who hate you.
God I hear you.
I do.
But the only good that
I plan on doing
is making sure that
people that I love
never have to worry about bill,
'cause I'mma kill everybody
that have something to do
with my wife being murdered.
Now, Lord, I ask you
to forgive me.
I don't even care!
Boy, what's wrong with you?
Now, you could do
a lot of things,
but throwing the Bible ain't
one of 'em.
It's just a book.
It's not just a book,
it's the Bible, the holy book.
The same holy Bible, that
tell me to love my enemy.
You can't hate your enemies,
That means, you acting out
of emotions
and men cannot act out
of emotions,
they don't live very long.
I've got nothing
to live for anyway.
You have your baby
to live for.
Her mama ain't been dead
a full year,
she can't lose you too.
She don't even love me no more.
She blame me for everything
that happened to her mother.
She's a little girl,
she'll be okay.
What she want?
You don't even know
the whole story.
Well, why don't you tell me
the whole story.
All right.
The woman that killed Jasmine,
is the same woman that
I was messing with.
She crazy.
She murdered my wife right
in front of my little girl.
Me cheating on my wife
is what got her killed,
not these streets.
Baby, she's dead and
you have to move on.
Now, I understand
you blame yourself,
but you gotta get back
to business,
the business that feed
this entire family.
Now, your uncle, he put a lot
of work out there
just to make sure that
we gon' work out.
I know, I know,
I gotta move on,
but it's just hard, it's hard.
I'm lucky that I have
LaToya in my life.
Yeah, I met her at a meeting
for murdered loved ones.
You did?
Now, who'd she lose?
She lost her husband
and her son,
they died in a car accident.
It's like Jas sent her herself.
She knew I didn't wanna date,
but there was something
so special about her.
Well, baby,
love her and protect her.
Be her strength.
How is her relationship
with Danielle?
They met a few times.
But you know Dani been away
at boarding school
with May since the funeral.
I had to get my baby up
out of here.
I couldn't protect her while
she was here.
She was trying to run
with the wrong crowd.
You did the right thing.
But look, Lavon will be here
in a few days.
She went out to North Carolina
to set up her foundation, okay.
Now it's a little town
called Salisbury,
it's near Charlotte and Winston,
not too far from South Carolina.
It's the perfect spot
for distribution,
nobody know we there.
I like that.
But I can't help but feel like
we made the wrong move
trying to move in on Will's spots.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
We didn't make the wrong move,
it just wasn't planned right.
You see, you was spose to kill
the bitch, but you didn't.
Now we just have to do things
the right way the first time,
so it won't come back and bite
us in the ass like it did.
I still can't believe
she gone though.
I understand, baby,
but time heals all.
I believe that.
I sure hope so.
Take it easy, nigga
Pass the blunt, dawg
I know y'all a nigga
just rapping and shit
Nigga, I'm still out here
in these streets, you know
Grab the straps
Hell nah, nigga
'Cause I'm gon' get mines,
believe that
I hop you do the same,
all right
My blood spot, drinking
My weed spot, drinking
Be on spot, while we're
on all spot, drinking
My dope's spot, my weed's spot
Little motherfucker late, man.
My pills spot, drinking
Rolling, rolling, rolling,
rolling, rolling, rolling
Rolling, rolling, rolling
Nigga, killed my sister, man,
and I ain't done
nothing about it.
Yeah, first little nigga
out the hood
With them eight-balls,
tucked in his drawers
Well, I'm about to do
something right now.
Hey, how you doing?
- Hey.
- Ey, is Robert home?
No, he not here who are you?
I'm one of his dad's friends.
No, I know all his dad's friends.
Dang, well, maybe not the ones
that wanna kill you, bitch.
Huh, yeah.
Now you see what
you made me do,
you little smart mouth bitch.
I ain't even come here for you,
I wanted the little nigga.
Yeah, I'm right here, nigga.
What the fuck?
Damn, girl, you ain't see that?
Oh shit.
Where you going?
I gotta go pick
my brother son up.
Wait, why you taking that?
India, look, I can't talk,
we'll talk about it
when I come back.
- No, baby, talk now--
- India, move out
the goddamned way, somebody
trying to kill my nephew.
I cannot talk right now.
Little nigga, where are you?
I know you ain't get that far.
You can run but you can't hide.
I'll catch your little ass, nigga.
Yeah, where you at?
Shit I was trying to smoke
that rat out the hole.
Shit, I didn't get the mouse,
but the smoke was definitely
put in the hole.
All right, cool,
meet out at my new crib.
All right, man.
Hey, where you at?
I'm in the gas station.
I'm out here, come on.
You all right?
I am, I don't think
my mama friend is.
You know we gon' have
to call the police, right?
They must be after my dad,
did you call him?
I'm not calling him,
I'mma handle this.
911, what's your emergency?
Hello, yes, I would like
to report a break in
at my nephew's mother's house.
Yes, there were shots fired.
He's with me now, I'm taking him
to my house.
His address,
what's your address?
20131, St. Mary's.
- What?
- 20131 St. Mary's.
20131 St. Mary's, but like I said,
I'm taking him to my house
and we'll be waiting
for you there.
1423 Lake Point Drive.
Okay, thank you.
I still think you should've
called my dad.
I'll handle it.
- What's up girl?
- What's up?
You here late.
I know, I've been running
around all day.
I'm not used to picking up money,
that's all Will did.
Hey, how is Will anyway?
- He's fine.
- That's good.
So, when you think
Will coming back?
I don't know, why,
something wrong?
Hell, no, ever since
he been gone,
we've been making so
much money, it's crazy.
That's what's up,
the numbers add up nice,
don't they?
I swear, with you
and Sean running things,
we've been getting 25%
of everything that we do.
Plus, y'all been sitting
here fronting us everything,
so we ain't even gotta
put out own money up.
When I tell you it's crazy
and my team love
working for y'all.
That's what's up, when
everybody's making money,
everybody's happy.
Let me get y'all cash, okay.
Now, whatever y'all did with
this last batch, do it again,
please, because the people
are going nuts over it.
We got you.
Okay, thank you.
No, thank you, I'm about
to get out of here.
Wait, wait a minute, let me
have Pete walk you out.
Oh that's all right, I'm all right.
I know you could hold your own,
but I would rather be safe
than sorry, girl.
Ay, Pete, walk her out for me,
Damn, that's a big
motherfucker right there.
I already feel safe.
No, that's my goon
right there, baby, he got you.
All right, listen,
Sean will be back by
to drop your package off,
all right.
Okay, babe, see you.
Let me get that, babe.
- What's up, dawg?
- What up though?
- You good?
- Good as ever, bro.
Like the new crib.
Appreciate it, bro.
You ain't gon' believe this shit.
What now?
I had the little nigga.
What you mean you had him?
Nigga, he came in
and started bussin'.
Oh shit, dawg, who is shorty?
That's LaToya, LaToya
this is my brother, Cisco.
It's nice to meet you.
Yeah, nice meeting you too.
Ay, Pat.
What's up?
Why don't you let me
holla at you
in private for a minute, dawg?
No, I'll let you two talk.
I'm going to bed.
- All right, baby.
- I love you.
All right, love you too.
Nice to meet you, Cisco.
Yeah, nice to meet you too.
Dawg, what the fuck was that?
Damn, dawg,
my sister ain't even
turned into dust yet, nigga.
It's been a whole year.
What you expect me to do?
What I expect you to do?
What I expect you to do?
How about you kil the bitch
that killed her, nigga?
I'm taking care of it.
After a year,
it don't seem to me
like you trying to take care
of shit, dawg.
I really don't give a fuck
what it seem like to you.
I know what the fuck I'm doing.
Nah, I don't think you do.
I mean, look around.
Your daughter hates you,
she don't wanna come home for shit.
I asked her yesterday when
the last time she talked to you.
And you know what
she said to me, Patrick?
She asked me why did God
take her mother
but let your ass live.
Yeah, I know that's some
fucked up shit, ain't it.
Only for me to come
over here today
and you got a whole bitch
in my sister bed.
Probably walking around
in her clothes too
or some weird ass shit,
huh, nigga.
Listen bro, you need
to calm the fuck down.
No, nigga, you need
to calm the fuck down.
Got us out here looking
weak as fuck.
They killed your wife,
we didn't get them blocks
and that nigga still alive.
that's your motherfucking fault.
You ain't killed Will, nigga.
Look, man,
we Swiss cheesed that nigga.
How the fuck am I spose
to know
when he had 19 lives like some
kinda fucking super cat?
Bro, we gotta stop this shit,
all right.
We got work to do.
Yeah, I hear you.
So what happened?
Went over to the crib,
dude son wasn't there.
But I ended up killing some bitch
who was there.
Was it his baby mama?
Nigga, I don't know.
Shit, all I know is, the little nigga
came in bussin'.
He damn near hit me.
Little motherfucker got some
balls on him if you ask me.
All right, look,
put somebody on him.
All right,
Will gon' be home soon.
We gon' go from there.
All right, hey, dawg,
you know I love you, bro.
Come on, man, look, ain't
nobody more hurt than me
about your sister and
my wife being dead.
It ain't a day that go by that
I don't regret
fucking with that bitch, man.
Look, I'm never gon' cheat again,
Yeah, I hear you,
but listen to me,
read my lips, I'm putting
somebody on Will brother.
Good, but don't touch him yet.
Look, man, we need to find out
how long this nigga reach is.
We gotta get our blocks back,
Yeah, that's the point.
All right, well, let's make
this shit happen then.
All right, I'm getting ready to dip.
All right.
And look, man, you be safe.
I got you, bro.
Who is it?
Detroit Police, Detective Bracey.
Ay, ay, ay, hold on.
What I'm gon' do with this?
Where the hell that come from?
Out the closet.
Shit, give it here,
go answer the door
while I put this up.
- Okay.
- Coming.
- How you doing?
- Hey, how you doing?
Detroit Police, Detective Bracey.
This is my partner,
Detective Richards.
Is your father home?
My uncle, he's in the back,
he should be coming right out.
Oh, hey, how y'all doing?
I'm Sean Sinclair, I'm the one
who called you.
How's it going?
All right,
so we got one person dead
and a bunch of bullet
holes everywhere.
Yeah, like I said,
my nephew came home.
There was someone in the house.
He shot at him and ran out,
I went and picked him up
and I called you guys.
Okay, so the guy was there
already when you got home?
Yes, I never seen him before.
He was standing over Liz's body
and he just start shooting.
Don't I know you?
No, I don't think so.
I think you do, I had
your mother's case.
Your father is William Sinclair,
Okay and?
Okay, and no one has seen
your father in almost a year.
Is he dead?
Nigga, fuck you.
Oh, you that tough
calling us for help?
Robert, chill.
Ay, officer you are way
out of line.
- Detective.
- Detective,
you are way out of line.
- Hey, hey, hey--
- I'll be in the car.
Hey, man, I apologize
for my partner, man.
Yeah, that sound
like a plan, big dawg.
Okay, so what happened?
Man, I just told you,
a man was in my house,
I don't know why.
Okay, so did you see his face
and if I showed you
a couple pictures,
would you be able to pick him
out of a line up?
No, I was trying to get up
outta there.
Okay, I understand.
You mind if I talk to your uncle
for a second?
Give me a sec.
All right.
We know who your brother is,
they tried to kill him
a while back.
Now all of a sudden
we got bodies
popping up all over the place?
And your brother ain't
been seen in a while.
That's because he's trying
to get his self together.
Okay, but we don't want
a war to happen.
Neither do we.
All right, here's my card.
Call me if you need me,
if your nephew has any
more information for us.
Yeah, sure, thanks.
Hey, we got a problem.
Is everybody okay?
Yeah, everybody's okay,
but everything isn't.
Is it that bad?
- We'll talk tomorrow.
- All right,
all right, love you.
- Okay, love you too.
- Bye.
I need to see my dad.
Look, I'mma get a call out
to your father real soon,
all right?
Is he close?
Look, your father was real
messed up.
He had to be away for minute.
It's been a long minute.
Look I appreciate you
taking care of all of us,
but we need our dad, shit.
Hey, watch your mouth,
I'm still you uncle.
I'm sorry, I could help
you out anyway I can.
Help us out with what?
Run the family business.
I don't know what family
business you talking about,
but your father wants you
to stay in school, okay.
Man, I told him what I wanted
and he said the same
thing you saying.
But look, since my mam
been out,
the feds, money ain't
been right,
and my father has been gone.
So I made me a team
and we working.
Oh really?
You do know what comes
with that, right?
Yeah, I seen it first
hand tonight.
I know it's a cost
to be the boss.
And you saw what the streets
did to your father, right?
I'm not my father.
Well, if the streets did that to
your father,
they'll chew your little ass up
and spit you out.
Yeah, well,
I'm a hard pill to swallow.
Good night.
I got that swag,
you peeped it, yeah
Don't mean to brag,
but yeah, I did
I got the source,
you need to dip
I don't want to be late for school.
Michael, you're not gonna be
ate for school.
I am, I need to be there early.
Why do you need to be
to school early, Michael?
Because I wanna see Jason
in the lunch room for breakfast.
Who is Jason?
A boy in my class that I like.
You can't have a boyfriend,
your father will kill me
if I let you have one of them.
He's dead, who's gonna
tell him?
Well, he's your guardian angel,
so that means
he knows everything.
I think I see sparkles
in the corner.
You may wanna check that out.
What's the matter?
Did that hurt?
Well, it wasn't me, I told you
your father sees everything.
It's the earrings, they're magic.
I'm going to get ready,
okay, get your stuff.
Overcame everything,
I can move mountains
Don't have to brace myself
for a fall
With you around me
counting my blessings
That got me sticking out
my chest
I feel mighty, my best foot's
forward when you got me
Putting me on the right path
Keep striving,
you're unbelievable
I believe in you
Okay, honey, have a good day
at school today.
Okay, I will.
Hey and don't you be talking
to that Jason boy either,
all right?
We can't be friends?
Okay, maybe just friends,
but anything else,
your dad's gonna tell me.
He see everything.
Okay, I love yoU.
Okay, I love you too.
Don't forget your backpack.
Okay, I won't.
It's 97.7 DET Radio,
it's your mans DJ DDT, check it out.
I know you 'bout to get off work,
so I gotta play this one
classic for you.
Mister Exit Nine, my man,
It's your boy K-Doe,
you know
In my hood, let's rock
with this y'all
And I'm straight from 281,
Detroit, you know
Sup, baby,
where you from, dawg
You know what up,
man, east side
Why don't you throw it up
and let me see you, man
Ay, ay, ay
You might get shot,
in my hood
Get stuck, in my hood
Flip bark, in my hood
We got balls, in my hood
It's some hoes, in my hood
We getting dough, in my hood
Custos, in my hood
Homie hoes, in my hood
What you know about my hood
What you know about my hood
What you know about my hood
What you know about my hood
What you know about my hood
What you know about my hood
What you know about my hood
So how was your flight?
It was cool.
Okay, so, where we going?
Go ahead and take me home.
You sure about that?
It's time we get that Cisco.
That motherfucker gon'
regret not killing me.
So who all knows you're here?
Dreco and Jay.
So home it is.
Ay, DDT is up outta here,
but keep it locked.
My man Deejay IV
is coming up next.
Running chappo on my hip
Ain't no bitches where I live
For my niggas, I'll kill
Ain't no maybe, bitch, I will
I ain't worried 'bout no bill
I'm out trying to chase a meal
I got karma in my past
I know one day it might
catch up to me
Come home to my city, I got juice,
you should fuck with me
1326 Will and Tommy
that's our company
No bitch, you can't come
over tonight, I got company
Trap still banging with my mans
I aint involved though
Police still looking for
him steady, feel like Waldo
Could've gave a earring for
a fucking brand new car note
Chappo on my arm, got
lift it like a barbell
Terminator three
Sup cuz?
Hey, what's up?
Not much, you talk to Will?
No, that's why I wanted
to talk to you.
Here you go.
Thank you.
What's going on, what's up?
They killed Liz, Robert's friend.
Who the fuck, how are they?
I don't know, but they
was looking for Will.
He ain't even been here
in a minute, like, what?
Yeah, I know.
You think it's that Cisco dude
doing this?
I'm not sure, but I will find out.
We gotta find out who dude is.
But Robert told me this morning
that dude had crazy hair
with a tattoo on his face.
Crazy hair, tattoo on his face.
Look, that ain't helping us now.
We know somebody's
coming for Will.
It ain't over just like we thought.
Come on, man, we gotta go.
Let's go, we got work to do.
Oh, there they go,
there they go.
Oh, look, that's who
you looking for?
Turn it sideways,
you get both of 'em.
I gotta send these
to Cisco, bro.
You gonna follow them?
Ay, bro, man, what the fuck?
I told your stupid ass
you should've went
to the bar with me last night.
Nigga, all them bitches
was trying to fuck.
Shoot, which bar y'all go to?
What's that shit called?
Truth, on eight mile.
Oh shit.
What you want to eat, baby?
I don't know, it's up to you.
All right.
Dawg, I know this bitch.
Where do I know
this bitch from, man?
What up though?
Yo, where you at?
At the spot.
Ay dawg, who is girl?
Dawg, that's the bitch
that killed my wife.
Baby, are you okay?
No, I ain't okay.
Yo, where she at?
All right, I'm on my way
right now.
Yeah, me too.
Yeah, all right.
Cisco, what's popping?
Nigga, they found the bitch
that killed my sister.
- Shit let's go.
- That's what's popping.
Nah, you chill.
The fuck you mean?
Ay, man, just hold
it down, I'll be back.
Yo, so tell me
what happened again.
All right, we followed him
from the gym, right.
He came here, went in there,
we was watching him.
You know, so he came out,
I took them pictures
and I sent 'em to you,
you know what I'm saying.
Chick light skinned.
Kinda look like Hoopz.
Ay man, where the fuck she at?
She got away, bro.
Oh shit.
So she was with dude brother?
Why the fuck would
she be with him?
Oh my God.
Yo, Sean, where you at?
- I'm on the freeway.
- Oh my God,
you would not believe this.
- Believe what?
- I just seen the Cisco dude.
You need to call Will right now,
he has to come home.
No, I don't think
we need to do that.
What you mean it's not
a good idea?
We need him, and honestly,
we don't have a choice.
They came for him.
- Where are you?
- I was driving back
by the wing shop, I was gonna
go back there
and get something
for Jennifer later.
I was driving past and
I seen a guy I know.
He was with the Cisco dude,
Crazy hair, tattoo on his eye,
that's him.
Oh my God, how the fuck did
they know we were there?
Are you sure somebody
didn't follow you?
Damn, I'm slipping.
Come on, man,
you know better than that.
Hold on, Will's calling me,
one second.
What's up, cuz, you good?
What's up, I will be.
Hey, look, I got Sean on the line,
I'mma merge you.
Hold on.
Hello, Sean, I got Will.
What's up with it, boy?
Hey, nothing, what's going on
with you?
Could be better, man, I'm ready
to get back to work.
- We need to talk.
- Okay, so what's up?
Something wrong?
I think the guy that tried
to kill you
and killed Aunt B is working with
the same guy that killed Mike.
Straight out, why you think that?
Did you hear what happened
about Robin's house?
Yeah, yeah,
that's why I'm calling.
Is my son okay?
Yeah, he good, he at my house.
What about baby moms?
She okay too,
but they killed Liz.
Ay yo, what that Cisco dude
look like,
that you said shot you?
Dude had a tat on his face
and some dreads.
Yeah, that's the same guy
that killed her.
So the beef is still going,
just like we thought.
This shit ain't over with.
Look, I was talking to the guy
that killed Mike,
but I did not know it was
the same guy
until I was about
to sleep with him.
Wait, what?
What the hell you mean,
killed Mike?
And how you know he did it?
He had on a rosary
that mIke gave to me.
How did you know it was
the same rosary?
I know it was the same rosary
because I can never forget
how he was trying to give it to me.
It's the exact same one.
What did you do?
I took from him what
he took from me.
So now what?
We have to go at them
like they came at us.
Look, I need to come home.
Nah, bro, stay there, you need
to be health when you come.
- I'm healthy.
- Look we can't handle it.
You know, I'm starting to think
you two don't want me
to be there.
Come on, bro,
it's not like that,
you know we need you,
just not now.
I hear you.
I'mma talk to you two later
and make sure my son
is good, please.
I'mma call his mom and
give her instructions.
I can handle that.
It's my family, I'll handle it.
They my family too.
I said I'll handle it.
Sean, tell him he has
to come home.
He not ready.
Well that ain't your decision
to make,
I'll call you later.
Man, I don't think they want me
back here.
Now why would you say that?
They care about you.
You do know you almost died?
But I didn't.
They need to get off
that protect Will shit,
'cause I'm good, man.
Look, baby, I know you're good,
but they don't.
You know, you can go ahead
and get outta here,
I'm good,
I'll talk to you later on, okay.
Baby, are you sure,
you want me to leave?
- I'm sure.
- No, are you sure?
I'm sure.
All right, be safe.
Man, where buddy at, man?
I'm trying to get up outta here,
man, I gotta shit.
He should be on his way, bro.
There he go, right there.
Yeah, boy.
Oh shit, my man's home.
- What's good?
- Shit, everything,
now that you back.
So little bro haven't been
handling things?
Yeah, but you know, dawg.
Bro good and shit, you know
what I'm saying,
but he ain't like you.
He be paying us percentages
and shit like that.
You know what I'm saying.
You know,
some people like that shit
but I like to cash my shit out,
you feel.
I'm straight on that boss shit.
Yeah, that's baby bro though.
Hey, look, dawg, as long
as he give me what I need
and the shit good, I ain't trippin'.
I love him to death, you feel me.
Ay, now that you back,
what's the next move?
Nah, man, y'all go ahead
and keep dealing with
Sean until I say so.
Why you say that?
I can't be seen just yet,
but soon.
But you know what,
let me go ahead
and thank y'all for y'all loyalty.
Come on, dawg, don't even play
this like that, dawg.
Real niggas do real things,
you already know.
All right.
- Yeah.
- You feel me?
Sorry about Liz.
Yeah, I'm sorry 'bout that too.
It's all good.
eah, I heard it's the same guy
that wet me out.
You need to go get
that nigga, straight up.
- For real.
- In due time, baby.
Ay, why don't y'all go ahead
and cut, man?
I'mma chop it up
with y'all tomorrow.
All right.
What you want us to do?
Just lay low.
- You sure?
- Absolutely.
Shit, we out then,
come on, bruh.
Come here.
Let me look at you.
God, thank you.
I was so scared they was kill
her in my house?
How did they even
know where I live?
My name ain't on nothing there.
But you know what, I bet you
it was your little hot ass son.
What do you mean?
What do I mean?
He's been selling whatever
he can get his hands on now
for the last few months.
Well, shit, why didn't
you stop him?
Stop him?
How are you gonna
stop anybody
from doing whatever it
is that they wanna do?
And besides, you keep
disappearing, not me.
Now Robin, you know
that was some bullshit.
I would've never left.
You know what happened.
But now, he's following
in your footsteps.
You should be so fucking proud.
I tell you what.
You think we can do something
to stop him?
Yeah, we could try
to talk to him.
But I'm not sure at this point
if that's gonna work.
Well, bring him to me.
No, nobody can know you're
here if the plan's gonna work.
I mean, I've been fucking
with Cisco for a minute now
and nobody knows that.
And besides,
when I was in the feds,
my mom was watching
him for me.
And they don't even know
I was fucking with you.
So now, he went
to go kill him
because he doesn't have
a clue where you are.
But you know what,
they'll know soon enough.
Go ahead and get outta here.
I'mma see you later.
I love you.
You love me?
I love you too.
Baby, what's going on?
Baby, are you all right?
What the fuck do you want
me to say?
You know, I can leave.
Baby, listen, look, I'm sorry.
I just need to think.
Think about what?
How I'm gon' kill this bitch.
You know, is it really
that important to you?
Listen, I'm here now
and we can start a family,
you can kill the world and it
still wouldn't bring her back.
But it'd bring me some peace.
I need peace, hell,
I need my wife.
She was my best friend.
Well, if she was
your best friend,
then why were you cheating
on her?
I was a fool and that's
why God allowed
that bitch to take my wife.
So you believe the reason
why your wife is dead
is because you were cheating
on her?
Baby, I mean, did you do
something in your past
that brought this on or--
Something like what?
I don't know, did you buy
something and didn't pay for it?
Hell no.
Look ,baby, I just want us
to be honest with each other.
And I love you and I'mma
do whatever it takes
to make your heart feel better,
Let me get that.
Can I help y'all?
Hey, how you doing?
I'm Detective Bracey,
this is my partner,
Detective Richards.
Nice to meet you.
Can we have a minute
of your time?
- For what?
- I got a couple questions
to ask about your wife.
My wife?
Man, my wife is dead, what
else there for me to answer?
Like perhaps, do you know
who killed her?
If I knew who killed her,
y'all would be taking me
out in handcuffs right now.
Well, you know, your daughter
gave us a call.
She said it was a lady
you were seeing
or dating or something like that.
My daughter?
Man, my daughter
is taking the death
of her mother really hard,
all right.
If I knew who did it,
I would tell y'all
or I would kill her myself.
Her, how do you know
it was a her?
What you talking about?
What are you talking about?
You said you woulda killed her.
How do you know it was
a woman that killed your wife?
Man, y'all just told me
that my daughter called y'all
and told y'all that it was
a woman that I was seeing.
Look, nobody is taking
the death of my wife
harder than I am, all right.
Seeing ain't believing.
Seems like you made
a quick recovery.
Yeah, she been here for me.
She lost her husband
and her son too.
Listen, detective, I feel
like you're really outta line.
Really, how so?
Your line of questioning
isn't right.
How would you possibly
know about our line of work?
Because I'm assistant prosecutor,
LaToya Freedman
and I'll be making a few
phone calls in the morning
to see if this is really
how police departments
are supposed to handle
their cases.
Well now, no, ma'am have
yourself a nice day.
Have a nice day?
Man, you ain't talked
to me like that.
What y'all need to be doing
is getting out in these streets
and finding out who
murdered my wife,
whether it be a man
or a woman.
Detectives, have a nice day.
All right, see y'all soon.
When were you gon' tell me?
Tell you what?
That you was a prosecutor.
You said you were a lawyer,
you never said anything
about being a prosecutor.
And you never asked, listen,
I don't go around telling people,
hey, how are you doing,
I'm assistant prosecutor,
LaToya Freedman.
And besides, if you're not doing
anything illegal
then why does it matter?
Because it does, I feel
like I'm dating a cop.
And once again,
what's wrong with that?
Listen, baby, I'm here to help you,
not hurt you.
And I can help you
in many ways,
but if you know something
about your wife's murder
you need to let them know.
I can't tell on her.
I just can't.
My daughter seen it all.
So she's seen
your wife's murder?
No, but she seen the woman
get into the car.
And later that night we
were at the gas station,
she seen a car that
was similar to it.
So she never actually
seen your wife's murder?
Thank God, no.
But she did overhear
the conversation
of me cheating on my wife.
She asked if she could
go to a boarding school
because she couldn't stand
the thought
of being in my sight.
When was the last time
you seen her?
- I haven't.
- Well, do you want to?
Not for the reason
that you think.
I need closure, all right.
Listen, I think you need
to let me know
who she is so I can have
her ass picked up.
Why not?
She destroyed my family.
So let me destroy hers
by locking her ass up.
It's not gon' be good enough.
Listen, baby, I hope it will be
because once again,
like I said, I love you.
I would kill for you.
I will lie for you.
And again, I love you.
Hit me with that sugar
I know you been fiending
Like you are the queen,
and queen with the, yeah
Hit me with that sugar
putting down that act right
Yes, we didn't act right,
come and get some, yeah
Come and get some sugar
Did you finish all
of your homework?
Most of it
What do you mean most of it?
You already know
how you mom is.
She's gonna be so
upset with you
and me if that work
is not done.
Okay, I will go finish it.
Thank you, baby.
What's happening, baby girl?
You good?
How are you?
Cool, cool.
Trying to get something to eat.
What you want for diner?
It doesn't matter, whatever
you chose, I'm fine with it.
How long your niece
gon' be here?
I picked her up from school,
I took her to see her dad.
It's been a while since
she's last seen him.
You took her to the graveyard?
Yeah, how else is she gonna
see her dad?
Girl, calm down,
it was just a question.
I'm sorry, you already know
how I am when it comes to Mike.
I just miss him so much.
I can get that, I'm fitting to slide
and get us something
to eat though.
But I gotta make a stop first.
It won't be long.
All right, love you.
Love you too.
Come here,
let me look at your homework.
Okay, I have to get it.
All right.
Man, this shit gon' be
gone tomorrow
before we get outta school.
Damn, them white kids be
buying that shit like that.
Nigga, hell yeah.
Dawg, they rich as fuck,
what else they gon' do
with that money besides
get high and party?
I guess you right.
Hey, I'mma let my cousin
know we copping for him.
Man, my uncle should be
fronting us this shit.
He act like I'm a baby
or something,
like I can't hold my own.
That nigga don't know
how much weight we moving,
that's why.
Hell, no.
All right, come on, we out.
Where we going?
My cousin say come grab
that shit tonight,
he don't want us to run
out while he OT.
Yo, we ain't done
over here yet.
He said it don't even matter.
What we waiting of then,
bro, let's go.
Come on.
And then
you not tell me
that shit,
Even on the backer.
Blazers in their last seven games,
they are leading the NBA.
Defensive efficiency though,
they've ramped up their defense.
How are you?
I'm good, how are you?
- I'm good.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you too.
- Got you a drink here.
- Thank you.
- You're very welcome.
I need this.
Why, what's going on?
You look like something
on your mind.
Yeah, there's a lot going on,
it's been a long day.
How's business?
Business is good, it can
always be better,
but I'm not complaining,
everybody's happy.
Make a cheers to that.
That's good.
That's good though so.
And we are underway.
Officiator brother is the chief.
Nick Gilbert and CJ Washington.
He's going after him and he
gets into play on the back.
Blazers in their last seven
games, they're leading the NBA.
Defensive efficiency though.
You know, so, we double up
on the shipment,
I'm trying to move 12.
I can make that happen.
So, what's up with pops,
what's he talking about?
You already know,
he loves you.
You're like a daughter
he never had.
I love him too.
Ay, but he's worried
about you though.
Babe, you know he doesn't
have to worry about me.
All right.
Ay, yo, let me ask
you a question.
You think niggas some
hoes or something?
Oh, you think it's okay for you
to just be out like this?
You got me fucked up.
And actually,
it's more than okay.
Get your fucking hands off me.
What's up, nigga, ain't
nobody scared of you.
Look around, homie.
So, like I said, get the fuck out.
It means you put that out, bro.
What up, cuz?
My niggas
I was telling you about.
That's Rob and that's Chaka.
What it do?
So y'all boys been moving
a lot real fast.
Yeah, that's what we do.
Okay, well, I'mma give y'all that
and y'all pay me
when I get back.
How 'bout that?
And when would that be?
Damn, so you the one that
talk for the three amigos, huh?
Ay, nigga, who the fuck
is three amigos?
You mean amigos?
Yeah, nah, I talk for us,
I don't know nothing
'bout no migos.
Okay, I get that, take that,
gimme back 10.
That cool?
Is it gon' be just like last time?
Bet, better?
Ay, can I use your bathroom?
Yeah, sure it's right
through there, man.
Right, sure.
Now look, cuz, I'm trusting you
with this shit.
Flow beats, dig this
I'mma candy dealer,
Mr. Abe Pankey
This mil's creeping,
million 80 rankin'
Back when I had
the gray shirt
With the gray belt
with the gray bet
See, I was out selling dope,
While y'all was out
playing ping pong
Ay, G, what up nigga?
We was selling dope out
the boy club
I'm coming in, nigga,
don't pull no gun on me.
Ay, what up, Ken?
What up though?
Yeah, what's up, bro?
- Yo, G.
- What up?
Who these little ass niggas?
Oh, that's my cousin
Dre and his boy Chaka.
The other one go
in the bathroom
but he there taking a minute.
Ay, man, go check
on your boy.
What the nigga in there doing?
Little nigga in there probably
taking a shit on my new toilet.
What you doing in there
taking a shit?
Dawg, he ain't in there.
The fuck you mean
he ain't in there?
Yo, G, now what kinda
weird ass shit
you got going on over here,
Ay, man, watch out.
Man, where the fuck is he?
Where is he?
Nigga, how I'm spose to know
I'm out here talking to you.
Fuck, the car gone too.
Man, how we gon' get home?
You know what, I'mma take y'all.
What's that little nigga name?
- Rob what, nigga?
- Robert, nigga.
I don't know his last name.
And what about you, nigga?
Shit, his dad name Will,
you might know the nigga.
Dude was a big time
nigga last year.
Some nigga shot his ass up.
Homie gon' be out for a minute.
Get the fuck outta here.
Yeah, dude's mad, his uncle
took over for his dad
and ain't nobody wanna
front him no work.
Are you sure?
Fuck yeah.
Yo, G,
this shit is amazing.
Man, you ain't never lied.
Ay, take that shit with you.
Why you think my boy left?
Shit, nigga, I don't know,
ask him when you see him.
Ay, matter of fact,
y'all take G car, man,
and we gon' get at y'all
in a minute, all right.
Don't fuck up my whip.
I'll see you in minute
cuz, come on, we out.
Yo, I don't believe this shit
right here, Ken.
You mean to tell me
to tell me
the little nigga Robert
is Will's son
and you had him right here?
I know, man,
but fuck that though.
When we leaving?
Nigga, we not, we gotta get
with Patrick's ass right away.
Didn't you hear what
your cousin just said.
Shit which part,
the nigga said a lot?
The nigga Sean, Will's brother
been running the show all along.
We've been wondering
who the hell doing it.
Well, now we know.
Fuck it, we gotta go get this nigga.
Goddamned right,
been waiting on some dude
ass in a minute.
Yeah, right, 'bout you ready,
that's why your ass stay
up under old girl all day.
- Right.
- You'll see.
You all right?
Baby, will you talk to me?
Are you gon' be okay?
I'll be all right.
Well, what can I do?
Ain't nothing you can do.
That's beautiful.
What you talking about?
Your rosary, it's beautiful.
How I got it isn't.
What do you mean?
How I got it, it isn't beautiful.
I feel like it's cursed.
How could something
so beautiful be a curse?
Baby and if it's a curse,
then why are you wearing it?
'Cause I feel like a fool.
I feel like if I don't have
it, I might get killed.
Where did it come from?
You know you asking a whole
lot of questions.
Baby, because I love you
and I care about you
and I wanna know everything
about you.
- Everything?
- Yes, everything.
All right, well,
I had this best friend,
he was more like
a big brother to me.
And an uncle that used to give
us his work to distribute.
He found out that he was
thinking about quitting.
So, he wanted to quit,
what's wrong with that?
But he knew that the only
way to leave this family
is in jail or in a box.
And I told him.
I told him.
He said he had
to do it anyway
because his girl is gon'
to be a doctor.
My uncle told me
if I wanted his spot
that I had to kill him.
So I did.
And now this is the only thing
that I have left.
So that's the reason
why you didn't want
the police involved
in your wife's death,
because you killed somebody
and you didn't wanna feel
like a snitch.
Man, the streets take
care of they own business.
Now, baby, I understand.
When will you every change?
Change, change?
Listen baby,
we can leave all of this.
We can go hoe
and pack out bags
and listen, we could
just get out,
we can get away
from this place.
You don't understand,
you don't.
The only way you leave
in this family
is jail or in a box.
So your uncle won't let you
have a pass?
He made you kill him.
And I don't want that
to happen to us.
What up though?
What up though?
Shit, man,
we need to talk, dawg.
Where you at right now?
I'm over at the lab.
All right, I'm on my way,
hold tight.
All right, bet.
Baby, I gotta take you home.
Yeah, okay, whatever, let's go.
What you wanna watch
on TV, babe?
Why don't you put
on "I Declare War"?
Episode four, I think we saw
three already, right?
I'll get it, babe, sit down.
No, you relax, baby, I'll get it.
Ready to get this paper,
bust a nigga in my way--
Slow down now, dude?
There's some food in the refrigerator
if you want it.
I seen the dude who
tried to kill me.
What, what you talking about?
The same one who killed Liz.
Come here.
Man, what the hell you done
got yourself into?
Look, I swear I don't know,
but I'mma handle dude.
So you gon' handle dude.
Oh, you think you got it
like that, huh?
You either about this life
or you ain't.
And you not.
How did you even get
over there?
Look, I went to a spot
to a re-up,
he came in, so I went out
the bathroom window.
The bathroom window?
Yeah, I had to.
Why was you even over there?
Look, my dude, Dre,
took me to his cousin spot
to re-up, like, I said.
You wouldn't help me so
I had to find my own way.
Where your friends at now?
They probably at our spot.
We need to go, come on.
You know since you been gone,
your brother did cut
everybody off right?
They either copping
from Cisco and them
or people we don't even know.
So why would he cut anyone off?
We need the money.
He said he didn't wanna
risk going to war
if ain't have to.
Oh, okay, so he just trying
to play it safe?
Listen, my nigga,
he made it very clear
not to tell you what
was going on.
He just want you
to get well, dawg.
You can't do that shit worrying
about what's going on here.
Wait, wait a minute, Jay.
You telling me that nigga told you
to keep me out the loop?
Come on, man, he ain't say
it like that, dawg.
But you know,
word on the street is,
they was really trying to pop
Rob when they got Liz, dawg.
What the fuck you talking about?
Man, you ain't heard?
Oh so, you out the loop loop
then, huh?
Nigga, your shorty
was the one
that was popping back
on old boy
that tried to kill her.
Where the fuck is Dreco?
Man, get that nigga
on the phone, man.
He spose to be on his way
over here.
Yeah, man,
where the fuck you at?
Like five minutes away.
Oh, five minutes, all right
we on our way.
Come on.
Man, we have to get
this shit gone.
Just put all this shit
in here, dawg.
Bro, what the fuck up
with Rob?
Man, I don't fucking know.
Why the fuck would
he leave us like that?
I don't know, bro.
I just texted that nigga phone,
he wouldn't answer.
Some bullshit.
Wait a minute,
this him right here.
Bro, where the fuck you at?
Dre cousin's.
No dude, why?
Bro, he asking if
your cousin's here.
Bro, where the fuck you at?
What would make you just up
and leave like that?
Bro, you hear me
talking to you?
Put the phone down and
give me your guns, nigga.
That one right there.
What about him?
He good,
Chaka don't carry no gun.
So who the dude
you took my nephew
to get work from earlier?
Nigga, who is you?
I'm Sean, now who is he?
That's my cousin.
Nah, dude who came in
when I went to the bathroom?
That's my cousin mans,
he said his name was Cisco.
That's the nigga that
tried to kill me.
You heard me,
dude tried to kill me.
That's why he was asking
all those questions.
Questions like what?
Who Robert was.
Back up.
All y'all put that shit down.
And who are you?
Oh, me?
See, I'm the one with
all the questions.
Now, why the fuck you messing
with my cousin?
Who is dude that came in
when I went to the bathroom?
Oh that don't matter.
You got my work, cuz?
It's all right here, cuz.
Ay, look, man, why font you let
these kids go, man?
We could take this from here.
Who a kid?
No, see they playing a grown
up game, so they grown.
Dre, these your friends?
No, they ain't my friends.
Dawg, what the fuck you
mean we ain't your friends?
Damn, you sound like you
willing to die for dude.
Nigga, I'm ready for whatever,
you could kill me right now,
little nigga.
All right mister big nigga.
Hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on.
Why don't yo let these
boys go, man?
You got me.
Look at this shit here.
Everybody put the guns
down now.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
come on, man.
Come on,
y'all don't gotta do this.
Dre, right,
you don't gotta do this.
Bro, what you doing
that's my pops?
And that's my fucking cousin.
Chaka get over here, nigga.
Put the fucking gun down, Dre.
Fuck that.
Kill him.
Bro, what are we?
We're brothers.
You damn right.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on, man, let's go,
gie me the gun, man.
Come on, let's go.
Get Maria on the fucking phone,
we need to meet tonight.
Man, who is this?
It's our fucking nightmare,
I'm back from the dead, nigga.
Look at this here.
I guess this is Mr. Will, huh?
I guess this is Mr. Will,
hell, yeah.
Nigga, you ready?
Damn, I tried to kill your son
but he got nine lives like
a fucking cat.
You know I wonder if
you'll be that lucky.
But let me help you, see,
y'all came for Robert,
that means that kids are
not off limits, right.
Ay, homie, I ain't got no kids.
So what you talking about?
I've been gone,
but I've been watching.
Your partner, Patrick,
he has a daughter, right?
You heard me, nigga.
Your partner Patrick, he has
a daughter, right?
My niece nigga?
I'm sorry to tell you this,
but that little bitch
killed herself today.
You might wanna get
to your people, dawg.
I got a feeling, they getting
the news right about now.
What you do?
What I should've did
last year, nigga.
And what's that?
Killed they whole fucking family.
Patrick's sister, the aunt,
is next, nigga.
I talked to Sam earlier today
and he say he's gonna have
the shipment here in the morning.
All right, bet, I'mma go get
his money together.
Fuck, man, I'mma go get that.
All right.
Hey, man,
how you doing tonight, man?
What's up y'all?
Hey, it ain't even
about that, man.
Can we come in for a second?
For what?
I got something to tell you, man.
Who are they?
These two cops that seem like
they ain't got shit better
to do than fuck with me.
Nah, I apologize, man.
I'm hear to inform you that
your daughter killed herself.
Wait, what the fuck?
What you just say?
- Man.
- No, don't tell me that.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry.
- Man, how did this--
- No.
- How did this shit--
- No.
How did this shit happen, man?
My baby, oh my God no.
Not my baby, no.
How does it feel
to be me, nigga?
What the hell you talking about?
Yeah, you feel like you
the boss now, huh?
No, I feel like the man
who put us in a position
to walk away with
a lot of money.
Walk away,
I guess that's the reason
why they been coming
after my son.
Look, you want
the streets so bad,
then you could have 'em.
Ay, y'all need to stop this.
We family, we don't fight.
My brother back there is sick,
'cause he just killed his cousin.
And we don't got nothing to do
with what y'all got going on.
Now, we all kill people.
What do you mean
we all kill people?
Yeah, one of the dudes
that shot me up
was out to kill my son.
But see, look,
Rob got some partners
that understand
we're friends, mans.
Not leave when shits all bad,
they all in.
They 17 year old boys,
of course they all in.
Somebody want to tell me
what's going on, please.
No problem,
the bottom line is this.
I've been gone,
but I had to take actions
in my own hands to make sure
when I came back
the streets are safe for us.
What are you, what did you do?
What did I do?
Maria, you've been dating
a guy named Patrick, right?
Yeah, okay.
Okay, that nigga is
the same nigga
that been trying to take over
our blocks, right?
Well, shit, Maria, when
were you gon' tell us.
- What was there to tell?
- What the fuck you kill
that nigga's wife for?
You killed his wife?
Yeah, speak on it,
'cause we're supposed to be
a fucking team.
Tell us what's up, 'cause
I know you didn't kill
that nigga's wife 'cause
he was married.
Shit, nah, that ain't
even you, Maria.
Leave it alone, all right.
That's some shit I had to deal
with by myself.
No, it ain't, ain't no I in team.
Look, what you want from us?
I wanted you to keep
my son from this shit.
Keep him from it?
He wanted to be like you.
He wanted to be jut like you.
Look at him,
he act that just like you.
It don't even matter,
'cause I'mma fuck up
all them niggas that killed my mom,
then I'll rest.
But until then, nigga,
we at what, war.
What did you do?
I killed Patrick's daughter.
You did what?
I killed that little bitch and them
other two niggas next.
You son of a bitch, you put
my daughter in danger.
Maria, where are you going?
I'm going to get Michael.
They about to come
at us hard as fuck
and it ain't gonna be
no protecting anybody.
You happy now?
Won't be happy
'til all them niggas that
killed my mom is dead.
She was my mother too.
Was she?
You ain't do shit
to avenge her death.
I killed a lot of 'em,
but I couldn't kill
the whole damn city.
Well, for mom,
you shoulda put
the whole damn city
to sleep, nigga.
For this family, I didn't.
Then maybe you need to choose
another family.
You want this life youngin?
I already told you, I wanna be
just like you.
So you just gon' ruin
them boys?
I thought we supposed
to be trying
to keep our kids not to follow
in our footsteps.
Fuck that, man.
I tried to keep him
from this shit,
but it's in his motherfucking
bloodline, school boy.
I wish it was in yours.
Man, look you gon' stop
fucking disrespecting me.
This what you want, nigga, huh?
- Yeah.
- Fuck.
Ay, ay.
Ay y'all need to stop--
Fuck this shit.
Dad, dad.
Yes, yes, I wish your ass
was that tough
with them niggas
that split mom.
But I'mma get
that nigga, Cisco.
Get the fuck outta here.
This nigga ain't.
What's up, Maria?
What's up?
- How are you?
- Good, how are you?
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm all right.
You sure?
You look like something
bothering you.
Oh, I'm good, but thanks
for asking.
You know your little girl,
she little but she can
eat a lot, man.
She's a growing baby, that's
what they usually do.
I could dig that.
Baby, Maria here.
- Hey.
- Hey, what's going on?
Oh, nothing.
How are you?
Baby, hi, you okay.
Stacee, I need to talk
to you for a second.
All right, come on, let's go.
Baby, hey,
I'll be right back, okay.
Wait for me in there.
Hey, what's wrong.
Listen, Michael's in trouble,
I need you to take
her to California.
What's going on?
Detroit's 'bout to be
a blood bath.
I can't really get into
it right now,
but listen, here's four
travel's check
worth 100 grand okay.
Please just take her
get her safe.
I can't leave Ken.
Okay, take him with you,
it doesn't matter
shit's about to get crazy anyway.
You're scaring me.
Maria, you sure you all right?
Yeah, why you keep
asking me that?
Bitch, 'cause I can.
Thank you.
Mad son of a bitch.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Go, please,
get her out of here.
Fucking bitch.
All right, have Cydney come get
this fucking boy up
and Diana.
Dawg, your way
hasn't worked yet.
This shit right here, is the wackest
shit ever, Pat.
Got my sister killed
and my niece, nigga.
Man, shut the fuck up.
I ain't do shit
Yes, you did, Dani overdosed
'cause she could stand the sight
of your ass no more, nigga.
You need to watch
how you talking to me.
This ain't what you want,
Fuck you, nigga.
No, no, no, no, both
of you stop it right now.
The baby killed herself.
Cisco have some
fucking compassion.
I do!
She was my niece and I loved
her more than anybody.
And he's her father,
he's hurting too.
Fuck him.
I don't even see
no reason to go on.
Ay, auntie,
fuck him through you.
Well, kiss my ass motherfucker.
Baby, baby, wait.
What can I do?
Ain't nothing that you can do.
I keep letting people down.
- No, don't--
- I let my baby down.
No, she was hurt because
she had lost her mother.
No, Cisco is right,
that shit is my fault.
He's an asshole, okay
and we will fix this, okay.
My bad, auntie.
It's all right, baby.
So what you want me to do?
Just get my baby home.
I can do that.
All right, good.
Ay, look, man, it's time,
get G on the phone.
That's what I came to tell you.
Will ass is back around
and we had a run in.
It's a long story,
but G, he outta here, dawg.
And Ken ain't been answering
the phone all damn day.
Damn, yo, that ain't even
like him.
Listen, man, read my lips.
I'm going to grab
Will brother up.
All right, I'mma go holla at Sam.
I gotta go give him this money.
Hold off for a minute.
Let me get him on the phone
and I'll tell him
everything tomorrow.
what do you need me to do?
Get outta here.
Will you please stop?
Stop what, she ain't family.
She the only family I got
besides you two and Lavon.
Come on, now.
All right, I'm sorry, I understand.
Thank you.
Man, now, look, both of y'all
gon' have to lay off LaToya,
Listen, man,
we got work to do.
All right,
let's get this work then.
Now see I like this, this is
what I'm talking about.
This is what family supposed
to be like.
Thank you, baby.
You're welcome.
So what you got
planned for today?
Nothing much, just gotta
make a few runs,
pick up some money.
You know,
since my brother back,
think I'mma fall back
a little bit.
You don't look like that's
what you wanna do.
It's what I have to do.
My brother just not the same.
It's like he got a death wish
or something.
You know, I used to think
that he loved his son,
but now, I think he just
want him to be just like him.
Well, maybe he understands
that he's gonna do
what he wants him to do,
regardless of what
he wants him to do.
So, maybe he feels
the only way
is to keep him close and
maybe he can save him.
That don't make sense.
Well, it makes sense to me.
Man, dawg,
losing his mind again.
What's going on?
Man, he just put
a mil on whoever
brings Cisco and
Patrick to him.
Well, if that's how he wanna
spend his money,
then so be it.
Man, he making the hood
hot again, we was just good.
Did you tell him that?
Man, he ain't listening
to shit I say.
Man, tell him to go back
to where he was.
- I can't do that.
- Why not?
Because honestly, I'm done
with all of this shit.
I wanted to be done
with this last year,
but I stayed because I thought
it was best for the family.
Man, we need you.
Yeah, all right,
we'll talk, I promise.
Just give him a few days
to calm down and
we'll talk.
Yeah, all right.
All right, bro, thanks.
My girl look like a Barbie
Babe, I gotta run home,
one of the babies
is not feeling good.
You want me to go with you?
No, handle your business.
I love you.
Love you.
Fuck how you feel,
this my life now.
There she is.
Damn, man,
what took you so long?
Got me over here feeding
your kids and shit.
Ay, you, put your goddamned
motherfucking head down
and eat your motherfucking cereal,
Why are you here, Cisco?
I haven't seen you since
my brother was home?
Yeah, how is he?
Matter of fact, you shut up.
Ay, lady, how your sone doing?
You know that's some shit.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you.
- Look, he good.
- Bitch.
Why are you here?
Damned, dawg, you ant like
you don't miss me or something.
Miss you,
we talked for about a month
and you told me I wasn't
what you wanted.
Or did you forget that?
No, I did not forget it.
Look, your brother asked
me to leave you alone.
After your baby
daddy got killed,
he felt like you and the kids
would be better off with
a regular dude.
You know, like somebody
with a job and some shit.
And I felt him on that.
He's my brother, not my father.
Yeah, but I respected him.
And besides,
he's the only person
that even really knew
about our situation.
We don't have to talk
about the past, okay.
You're here now and you got
my mother and my kids
sitting here like they can't leave.
'Cause they can't but they can
if you tell me what I need
to know though.
Cisco, what's up?
Look, I need to know
where your man is.
My man, I don't have a man.
Well, your fucking friend then,
Who are you talking about?
you must've forgot why
they call me full set.
Look, I'm looking for Sean
and if you can't tell me where he at,
then I'mma have to get all
of y'all a new place to rest,
if you know what I mean.
I ain't telling you shit
and I'm not afraid of you.
- All right, good.
- Let me go.
Yeah, yeah, huh, huh.
You need to stop this shit.
Let go of my sister!
Oh, you want me to stop,
you want me to stop?
Well you tell me
where he at then.
Huh, yeah.
If anything happens to them,
I will kill you.
Nah, what you gon' do is,
you gon' tell me
where Sean live at.
And if you don't,
you already know I'll drop
one in her head.
What, you gon' call the police.
Ain't that what you do?
Call the police.
You pick up that phone,
India, and I swear to God
I'll lift her soul to the most high.
Now, let's go bitch.
Are you okay?
Am I okay?
No, I'm not okay.
Man, my daughter is dead.
Why did you come here?
I had to see you, man.
My mind been
all over the place.
My baby girl is gone.
I know, but you have
to stay strong.
Stay strong for who?
My wife is dead,
so is my little girl.
I should be too.
When Mike died
I was torn apart.
I still see his face
in my dreams.
But that was the day
you became my son.
I knew how hard it was
for you to kill him,
but you put the family first.
Just like you always have
and for that, you have a
special place in my heart.
Yeah, Mike, Mike was
like a big brother to me.
You told him you didn't
want him to go,
I told him I didn't
want him to go.
I told you he was leaving, but
that wasn't the whole truth.
Police informant told me,
Mike was talking to the feds.
Nah, man,
I don't believe that shit.
It's true, why would I lie?
Nah, nah, not Mike, that wasn't
even his style, man.
He would've put a bullet
to his own head
before he snitched on us.
Ask Lavon.
Ask Lavon, for what?
She barely even knew Mike.
He was messing with
your sister for years.
Mike introduced us,
they broke up
when he met the woman
he wanted to marry.
Nah, that shit ain't true.
Ask her, here, use my phone, call her.
Hey, how are you?
Was you fucking Mike?
Where you get that from?
Nah, no, no, no, no, listen,
none of that other shit matters.
Was you fucking Mike?
I loved him.
So it's true?
I wanna tell you what happened
face to face
I don't wanna do this
over the phone.
Meet me at my house
in 30 minutes.
What are you gonna do
about your daughter?
I'mma bury her next
to your mother
and I'mma find everybody
that had something to do
with them being dead.
I'mma find him, getting
better with time
I understand, just let me know
what you need
and I'll take care of it.
And it's best for you know.
Appreciate it.
That we need
some time, yeah
Don't wanna cross
enemy lines, no
But, you think I'm selfish
I think you're worthless
Going back and
forth with you
So crazy baby, I don't know
why we do this
You call me crazy,
I call you foolish
Don't want it to be
this way with you boy
But you know it's a
Girl, you look like you
just seen a ghost.
Oh, yeah, I do.
I know you not talking about
that fine motherfucker
right there.
That fine motherfucker
right there is the devil.
Nah, he too fine
to be the devil.
Oh shit.
I'll be right back, I gotta go.
- Where you going?
- Help me take this coat off.
What you 'bout to do?
Just have the car ready.
Oh, shit.
Two way street
Two way street
Can I help you?
Where is Sam?
- I can go get him.
- No, I'll let myself in.
- Sam, I'm sorry.
- It's okay, give us a minute.
How do you know him?
Know who,
what are talking about?
How do you know him?
He's been working with me
since he was a kid.
Mike introduced us.
So you know he killed Mike?
Where did you get that from?
He told me.
- Did he?
- Yes.
He wouldn't to it,
I don't believe that.
Put the phone down.
Sam, put the phone down.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Did you know he killed my man?
I gave the order,
Mike, rolled over,
he was talking to the feds.
So you better know the truth.
He was not a snitch!
Mike was not a snitch.
Yes he was, why would I lie?
Because you lie
about everything,
the same reason you act
like you didn't know him.
That's what people do!
Maris, put down the gun,
put it down.
Sam, Sam, why'd you have
that man kill Mike?
And be honest with me.
He said he was leaving us
and I wasn't gonna
let that happen.
Mike knew the rules,
you leave,
you're either going to jail,
or you're dead.
So you had him murdered and
chopped up like a fucking dog?
It was business,
it had to be done.
He loved you,
you said you loved him.
You loved him too,
but that didn't stop you
from fucking Patrick.
I never slept with him.
Maybe you should have.
You need me, bitch.
Come on, let's go, we gotta go.
Oh my God, what the fuck
just happened?
Oh my God.
What, what the fuck
did you just do?
What the fuck just happened?
Are you straight?
Actually, I feel a little better.
And what is that
spose to mean?
Oh, shit, I don't know
what I just did.
I just killed man that brings in
30% of the heroine
to the Mid West,
fuck the whole East Coast
for that matter.
Oh, yeah, you tripping,
so guess what.
Now you 'bout to be the bitch
that supply all the heroine.
Sean, you here?
Yeah, babe, I'm in the shower,
I'll be out in a minute.
Is the babies okay?
Yeah, they aight, nigga.
Who the fuck is you?
I'm that nigga that tried to kill
your old ass brother, nigga.
I ain't know he had nine
lives like a super cat.
What the fuck you want?
I want your whole fucking
family tree dead, nigga.
Kill me, what you waiting for?
I'll be honored to.
Put the motherfucking gun down!
I said put it down, nigga!
That's what I was doing.
You're coming with us,
you have the right
to remain silent
anything you say can and
will be used against you--
Y'all some lucky motherfuckers.
This shit ain't over, nigga.
I'll see you soon, boy.
Lucky ass motherfuckers.
Baby, I am so sorry,
I'm so sorry.
You brought this bitch
to my crib?
I called the police and
told them what was happening.
My babies were in danger,
you gotta understand.
Yeah, whatever.
Baby, I am so sorry.
Look, I called the police,
I didn't know what to do,
they had my babies,
you gotta understand,
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, she gave us
a heads up.
She let us know how he had
her mother and children
held at gun point in
her mother's home,
so we've been following
her ever since she left.
I understand.
I appreciate y'all for coming.
No, problem, no problem, man.
Y'all have a good night.
Take care.
It's okay.
Sam, just call me back.
All right, what's going on?
You tell me,
since I know you know.
Don't put that on her, I was
the one sleeping with him.
And why you ain't tell me?
'Cause I didn't think it was
gonna be that serious.
Fuck, man, yo was Mike
talking to the feds?
- No.
- So why the hell
would Sam tell me that?
- Because--
- No.
- No, he needs to know.
- I'll tell him.
Tell me what?
Sam had you kill Mike
because he knew
that I was sleeping with Mike.
I was with Sam first.
Sam was my man and he couldn't
accept the fact
that I was cheating on him.
I didn't know he was gonna
have you kill him.
Baby, she didn't know.
So when you found out,
why didn't you tell me?
I didn't know how.
I'd rather drink my drink
Get the fuck out.
Patrick, I'm sorry.
I don't wanna hear that shit.
Get the fuck outta my house.
No soliloquies, OC melodies,
like they switch us
And you knew, so you just
as bad as them.
You right, but listen--
But nothing, you can go too.
I'm highly unapproachable
Single ladies put
your hands up
I'm not here to change
your fortune
It's unfortunate he loves you
Welcome to the wheel of fortune
I can do bad all by myself
We need a new connect.
Wait, what are you
talking about?
We are not about to have this
discussion with Robert here.
What you mean, college boy?
He's here, 'cause I said
he can be here.
Well, I'm not doing business
with my nephew.
And you shouldn't be doing
business with your son.
My son, my responsibility.
Sean's right.
- Says who?
- Say me.
Look, Robert,
you need to leave.
Man, stay your ass
right there, boy.
You know what, I'll leave
because this shit ain't right
and I don't want no parts of it.
You walking out the door,
you ruined it
He just a kid, man.
We were kids before too.
We was kids without a father.
This shit sick, man.
You wrong for allowing him
to do this.
Oh so now you disrespecting me,
Tell my bank teller I would
never forget her
You disrespecting yourself.
You, don't call me when
they lock your ass up.
And you, don't me when
you gotta a bury his ass.
Single ladies put
your hands up
You know you're wrong, right?
I'm wrong, no,
you and Sean are wrong.
Y'all done turned the whole
fucking crew against me.
No, we made the business
better for this family.
No, y'all made the business
better for the two of you.
You got a third of what we did.
And because of it, out family
is in a better position.
That's why they killed Liz
and that's why they trying
to kill my son.
I can't explain that,
but what I can tell you is
we need a new supplier.
What the fuck happened to Sam?
Sam's dead, I killed him.
'Cause I had to.
I can do bad all by myself
So, with that being said,
you continue to allow your son
to be in this family business
with us, you're out.
It's like that?
Yeah, it's like that.
Well, fuck you and fuck Sean.
I thought you might say
something like that.
Your money will be
deposited tomorrow.
Good luck, Will.
I ain't forget about
that smack either.
Oh, I didn't expect you to.
See you later college kid.
Yo, man, what y'all some
kinda feds or something?
How the hell y'all know I was
fitting to put that play down?
Pull over, Bracey.
Pull over?
What the fuck you mean
pull over?
Y'all trying to kill me?
Nah, man, we ain't gon' kill you,
we'll do just the opposite.
We're letting you go free.
Fuck you mean?
All right, man, I'm about to go out
and have a smoke, man.
I'll let y'all boys do y'all.
Man, what the fuck is
going on, man?
What's going on, the way
I feel the city is hot,
so much genocidal bloodshed
and truthfully, I'm sick of it.
My twin brother has been
missing for over a year now
and goddamned Will Sinclair
is the motherfucker
he was seen meeting with.
So what, you think Will killed
your brother?
I know he did,
I know my brother.
Man, so what the fuck
you want me to do?
I want you to do
whatever the fuck
you wanna do with
that motherfucker.
This a set up or something?
Not at all, my guy, not at all.
Hey, man, you could've took
these tight ass cuffs off
of me to say that shit.
Cisco, man, we only a block
away, we 'bout to get you.
We good, bro?
Oh yeah, I'm good,
yeah, let's get him home.
Did you tell him?
Tell me what, there's more?
There's always more.
Your girl, Robin, the dirty bitch,
that dirty bitch,
is also Will's girl and she's plotting
to set you up.
Man, you bullshitting.
Not at all, my guy.
Do your homework,
you'll figure it out.
Yeah, we gon' see about this.
I promise you,
honest to God truth.
Come on, man, get these
fucking cuffs off.
Hey, man, hold on, man.
Hey, baby, you're home.
Yeah, I'm home.
You good, I mean,
let me help you
get out of those wet clothes.
Nah, you stay right there.
Just relax, baby.
You better have something
special for me tonight.
Yeah, I got something
special for you.
Guess what, we're all grown
So what's the difference
between me and you
Wanting to bone,
wanting to bone
Don't say you love me
Don't say you care,
don't say you care
I just wanna see you
out your underwear
Don't be afraid to tell me
what you want
When I'm the one who calls
you 2:30 in the morning
I'm trying to get the business,
I know you with it
And I hope that you're alone
But if you're not, I can wait
outside of your door
I wanna be your everything,
I'm the one for you
I'm just playing,
I just wanna do you
I'm only in love with you,
when you're going in me
But as soon as my legs shake,
all those feelings leave me
All I wanna do is fuck,
outside, fuck, day and night
Fuck, in the party, after dark
Fuck, outside, spreading wide
What I want, I do it to you
Thank you for believing in me.
Yeah, well, I don't.
I just can't let you out here
on your own.
Fuck, Rob, I don't want
you to do this shit, man.
But it's your choice, not mine.
I'm gonna have to go talk
to your mom.
Oh, fuck, oh shit.
Damn, baby.
Fuck, girl.
Goddamn that shit was good.
I know, right.
Let me ask you a question.
What's that?
If you had one wish in this world,
what would it be?
To make you love me more
than any other woman
you've ever been with.
How about you?
If I had one wish,
it'll probably be that you ain't
try to play me.
What are you talking about?
Don't worry about what
I'm talking about.
Thank Will for this.
Fucking bitch.
Goddamn it, Robin.
Stupid bitch, goddamn it,
told this bitch.
Why the fuck you do that,
Damn, bitch,
I loved you for real.
Man, what the fuck.
What do you really do, Patrick?
What, you wanna know
what I do?
I'm a motherfucking drug dealer.
Give it to me.
Give you what?
The rosary you took from Mike.
Mike, man, how you know Mike.
Mike was my man
and you killed him.
You chopped his body up and
left it on my front door.
Nah, nah, nah,
Sam made that call.
And Mike was like
a big brother to me.
I don't believe you,
now give it to me.
I made a promise
to kill you
and tonight, I make that promise
come true.
Man, what the fuck is going on?
You looking for this?
She's my sister.
I've been hunting to everyday
for a year.
Killed your wife, I wanted to kill
your daughter
but Will took care of that.
Now, I have to kill you.
Fuck you.
Come on.
Man, what the fuck.
Where you at, Pat?
Pat, get the fuck up.
Pat, get the fuck up, man!
I told you, fuck them bitches,
I'm killing that bitch Maria.
I'm killing that bitch.
Good, I'll be waiting.
Who was that?
- Cisco.
- That nigga's next.
What's the plan?
I gotta find a new connect.
St. Martin.
All right, I'm ready, let's go.