First Love (2022) Movie Script

[electrical sparking]
[peaceful music playing]
[Kay] I met my husband
when I was 17.
I was at the pool,
he came up to me.
He asked me to join him
and his friends for beers.
I didn't tell him my age.
Then months later, when he
found out I was living alone,
he took me in.
I was a senior.
Greg was so...
He still is.
We were living
in an apartment in Santa Rosa
when we had
our first son, Casey.
And then soon after,
Jim was born.
Our priest is coming today
to bless the house.
It's been a tradition
we've had for 18 years.
This'll be a memorable one.
Casey joined the Navy,
and he's leaving
for training next week.
Blessed is he,
both now and ever,
and to the ages of ages.
We pray for life, peace,
health, and salvation
for all who live and dwell
in this home.
Keep them safe from harm.
Grant a prosperous
and peaceful life
and the furtherance
of all good things...
to your servants Gregory, Kay,
Casey and James,
and preserve them
for many years.
[Greg] Before we begin,
I'd like to make a toast.
Casey, this has been a dream
of yours for some time.
-Give 'em hell.
-[Kay chuckles softly]
[couple laughing,
soft piano music playing]
[radio dial turning]
[woman] Let's talk about
the speed with which
we are watching
this market deteriorate.
[man] Lehman, which has
25,000 employees,
will be liquidated.
[man 2] ...could be
the most serious recession
in decades,
and that means life
as most Americans know it...
[knock on door]
Greg. Have a seat. Please.
Like everyone,
we've had some major setbacks
and have to make adjustments.
We've looked over
everything we can do,
but with the way things are...
This meeting is about
a separation of employment.
These are
the severance arrangements.
Look it over.
It's not nothing.
We mean to help you land
on your feet.
It's not just you today.
And this isn't going to be
just us,
markets are correcting
I'm not supposed
to say this, but...
I'm sorry.
[door closes]
Hey, Dad.
Hey, son.
I heard from Mom
about what happened.
I'm really sorry.
Thank you.
It was a curve ball,
but we'll figure it out.
What's going on at school?
We're, uh, we're going through
college applications.
I'm gonna try
for a running scholarship.
I probably won't get a full ride
with my times,
but, uh, I'll try...
and maybe get part of one.
[Greg] We'll all do whatever
we can wherever you get in.
It's a school night.
You turning in?
Good night, Dad.
Good night, son.
I have to pick a night this week
to clear out my office.
They don't want me doing it
during business hours.
What night's best?
I love you.
I'll call you at lunch.
How'd you do on that essay
we had to write
for Flieger's class?
Which one?
On "Araby."
From Dubliners.
-[Nick laughs]
-How long do I have?
-About 20 minutes.
[gentle piano music playing]
" err, to fall, to triumph,
to recreate life out of life!
A wild angel had appeared
to him
to throw open before him
in an instant of ecstasy
the gates of all
the ways of error and glory.
On and on and on and on.
He halted suddenly and heard
his heart..."
Love looks not with the eyes,
but with the mind.
And therefore is winged Cupid
painted blind.
Nor hath Love's mind
of any judgment taste;
Wings, and no eyes,
figure unheedy haste.
And therefore is Love said
to be a child,
Because in choice
he is so oft beguiled.
As waggish boys in game
themselves forswear,
So the boy Love
is perjured everywhere.
[class reciting Spanish lesson]
This is from Mr. Routan.
[teacher] Anna.
[recitation continues]
[Jim] Mr. Routan didn't
actually want to see you.
-But the note said...
-I know. I wrote the note.
I just wanted to talk to you.
But we don't have any classes
together, so I just thought--
Why didn't you wait till lunch?
There's always
so many people around,
and it's so short.
I just thought
this would be better.
So, how long you been
taking Spanish?
A long time.
We should get back to class.
How do you say that
in Spanish?
How do you say what
in Spanish?
"We should get back to class."
Deberamos volver a clase.
volver a clase.
How do you say,
"You have pretty eyes"?
Can you give me a ride?
[surf roaring]
Do you take
all your first dates here?
You gonna be an actress?
Uh, I don't know.
I don't...
I don't think I'm good enough.
Yeah, just to keep going
into college and all that.
It gets competitive, you know?
[Jim] But you're a natural.
[Ann, scoffing] Thanks.
You should see what we do
in my acting class.
You would think
we're all insane.
How do you mean?
Well, you know, it's, um...
The teacher has you try
different exercises
that you can get better.
Like, um...
the mirror game.
Do you know that one?
You wanna show me?
[Jim laughing]
You're already breaking!
[Jim] I know what you mean.
I know what you mean now.
What is that?
What did you just put
in your pocket?
Looks cool.
The-the rock?
-[both laugh]
I like to keep them
if they, like...
they're a different color
or texture or shape.
Can I see it?
Keep it.
Uh, you don't
have to forge notes
if you want to see me again.
You don't have to walk home
from school anymore.
What're you doing this weekend?
I mean, nothing.
Nothing, nothing.
Can I call you?
[Jeannine] Annie?
You're home late.
Oh, yeah, I was just, uh...
friend from school
gave me a ride,
and we just hung out
for a little bit.
Jim. You don't know him.
In your class?
Well, I think it's good
that you look around, you know.
Just, uh... well, at your age,
it's good to date.
I'm not dating.
Okay, I just mean when you
do decide to date,
you don't have to tie yourself
down to just one person.
You can have a lot of partners,
see what you like,
and then, you know,
you'll end up
better suited for one another.
I've never even had
a real boyfriend.
Then you can experiment.
Aunt Irene?
[Sonia] In here.
I tried to give her lunch.
She complained about
how I made it.
Swore at me.
-I quit.
-Oh, Sonia, please.
Your aunt don't belong
in this place on her own.
She needs round-the-clock care,
in a home.
I know.
Let me pay you for this.
No. No, no, it's fine.
I wish you lots of luck.
Thank you.
[softly] Damn it.
[door closes]
[headhunter] Okay, let's get
started, Mr. Albright.
Actually, do you mind
if I call you Greg?
This is new to me,
by the way, uh...
[clears throat] ...meeting
with a recruiter at my age.
I was taking a look here
at your CV,
and let's just take it
from the top.
Tell me about your background.
I don't want a lecture from you.
[Kay] Sonia just quit.
That's the second time
in six weeks.
I can pay for it.
With what, Irene?
[Irene] If I have nothing,
it's because she stole from me,
just like you.
I'm a portfolio manager
and investment strategist.
And are you a CFA?
No, I went for it once,
but I plan to try again.
Greg, tell me about
some of your strengths.
Sure. Um, I'm organized,
I'm methodical.
Uh, if you were to ask
any of my colleagues,
they would say I'm a planner.
What about your weaknesses?
It's okay.
[soft sobbing]
Maybe it's time
we made your life
a little bit easier.
What do you think?
We can find you a home
where people take care of you
and you can be happy.
No, no, no!
You didn't let me finish.
-No, I'm not moving!
-[furniture clatters]
I'm not moving.
You can't live here
any longer alone.
[Irene] You hate me, you want me
out of your life.
I don't hate you.
I wanna help you.
I can't pay
for all of this any longer.
I took you in when
your mother gave up on life.
I sacrificed
everything for you.
I know.
We all want to earn more.
I... I wanna provide
for my family.
I strive for that,
and I keep up on my skills
and I also try to improve them.
A family is like a company.
You pay your bills on time.
In any given year,
there are some things
that are prudent to do
and others that are
best deferred.
[headhunter] Spoken like
a man in control.
[Irene] Get out
of my house, please.
Get out.
Get out of my house.
[door slams]
Well, look at you,
big man, huh? Hey!
Good, man, how are you?
[Kay] I'm really sorry
Trish couldn't make it.
[Mark] Yeah.
Yeah, no, she is, too.
She, uh...
She probably wouldn't want me
telling you guys this yet,
but she actually, uh...
she's starting a second job.
She got her real-estate license,
you know, just to make
ends meet.
Good for her.
That's a really great idea.
That's a really good idea.
She can be her own boss.
She can set
her own hours as an agent.
-And there's no cap
on her income.
She'll make
whatever she sells.
No, we've been doing
our research, and, uh,
you know, it's been a while
since she's been on commission.
You know, it might be a good
idea for her to compare brokers,
because it's tempting at first
to sign with whoever offers the
highest compensation package,
but you wanna make sure
that you have someone who has
knowledge and training--
Buddy, come on,
we don't need your advice.
You're a loser just like us!
[Mark coughing, laughing]
[Kay] Okay, I think we're done.
-Uh, you finished?
-[Mark] Yes, it was really good.
Jim, you wanna help me
clean up?
A layoff...
Whew! That's a bitch, isn't it?
-But I never knew how you put up
with that cutthroat business.
I mean, I know it's
about the bottom line,
but, come on,
people have families.
What are the alternatives?
Hmm. You have to make yourself
Like look at me, what am I?
A mold inspector.
And there's always
going to be mold.
I always thought you'd be
a short-timer doing that.
So did I. [laughs]
Then 20 years go by.
[Greg] Well, why didn't you
ever make a change?
I think you're the one
that's got change comin'.
What do you mean?
Well, you know,
nice dinners, the cars...
the zip code.
Think your eyes were
bigger than your stomach.
We're middle-class.
That's what everybody says.
And we tithe,
we give our share to charities.
You know, there's pride
in humility, too.
Are you saying
I have this coming?
[Mark] The whole country did.
-[Greg] I've paid my dues.
I'm not greedy.
I've always been ethical.
Same as Dad.
Look where he ended up,
broke in a nursing home.
You know, the tax deferments,
those maxed-out credit cards,
and... all that
finally caught up to him.
No, you have to stay
on high ground.
[hip-hop music playing]
Is Ann here?
Yes, she is. Hi.
Thanks, Tol. Hi, Jim.
I won't call it quits,
got too much out of it, aye
If you need assist then
I'm Chris Pauling it, woah
And I don't need no details
long as you gon' be well
-[woman] Oh.
-[others] Oooh!
You're cold. Ice cold.
Hotter, hotter.
Super hot, super hot.
All right, who's next?
"Put your bra on your head."
"Switch shirts with
the person to your left."
[all laughing]
Four times. [laughing]
[guests] Ohh!
-[woman] Okay.
[clapping and laughter]
[laughs] "Sit blindfolded
while the three people
to your right kiss you
one at a time.
Rate each kiss out of 10."
This is so stupid.
-Okay, all right.
-You have to.
[clears throat]
[woman shrieks, laughs]
[Jim chuckles]
[friends] Happy birthday
to you
[friend] He's kind of weird.
What do you mean?
He's just... awkward, you know?
I don't think he's awkward,
I think he's cute.
Yeah, he's cute, but...
he is...
I like him.
Yeah, you like everybody.
[friend] I think he dresses
kind of weird.
Don't you? I mean...
It's like he's older.
[friend 2] True!
[friend 1]
And he's never around.
That was like the first party
he'd ever been to.
[Ann] He's not that kind
of guy, you know?
[friend 1] What kind of guy?
[Ann] He doesn't need
a big group.
[friend 2] Is this a crush?
What's this?
[Jim] It's a late
birthday present.
You didn't have to
get me anything.
Well, I wanted to.
Open it.
It's a mix.
I wanna listen to it.
This is the sound
Of my voice
In the morning
This is the sound
Of my heart
Trying to warn me
Of all I've got
To win
Of all I've got
To lose
Wrap your arms around me
Wrap your arms around me...
-Wrap your arms
[music continues over dialogue]
Put my feet
Back on the ground
I need them
To hold me
[pill bottle rattles]
[Irene] What are you
going to do?
[Kay] What do you mean?
Well, I hear your phone calls.
Um... Greg is out of work.
Thank you.
We're on it.
This country...
I see the news.
It's all sinking.
Up and down it goes.
You live till 60,
you have 20 careers.
-You're right.
[sighs] You know...
that's what did your mom in.
She didn't take her life.
It was taken from her.
Raising you.
She lost hope.
Pills and booze.
That didn't help.
Church had no answers.
But you were too young to know.
I watched her.
She... dried up.
That's what despair does.
I miss her.
[Irene sniffles]
She'd have a one-liner for me
right now, you know that?
She'd have a one-liner for me
right now, seeing me like this.
[Kay chuckles]
She'd say...
"So, Irene, I hear
you're losing your mind."
[both laughing]
[Kay] Yeah.
I am, I am.
I am, I am losing my mind.
Don't-- don't keep it all
bottled up inside like she did.
That's not good.
You've got to connect.
Oh, Irene.
I'm sorry you're going
through this.
[Irene] No.
No, you're wrong.
You're wrong, I'm...
I'm blessed.
I've got you.
You got me.
[Greg] What's the name
of your coworker?
-Uh, Heather?
-No, the chatty one?
-Will she be here?
I won't let you get cornered.
I was thinking of you, Greg.
I wanted your two cents
on this awful downturn.
Has it put a dent
into your day-to-day?
Uh, sure, just like
everybody else's.
What's the prognosis?
Uh, it can only
go up from here, right?
Oh, I am glad to hear that.
I'll have to call you later.
I want your advice on whether
I should hold or bail
on some investments of mine.
Sure, I'm around.
You call me any time.
[door closes]
Guess it's just us.
Finally really building
a team that...
-Exactly. Exactly.
Like you and I are the core.
[indistinct conversation]
-[Kay] Aw, you're so sweet.
-[man] No, come on, it's true.
[Kay] I think you have
a positive energy
-and everybody
loves you at work.
-[man] Oh, come on.
-No, really.
-[man] I love everybody.
We've got such a good team.
[Kay] Oh, thank you, honey.
-[Vance] Vance.
Vance Hughes.
-Uh, no, I'm Greg Albright.
No, Greg, I'm Vance.
We met last year
at one of these things.
That's right, I'm sorry.
You're in...
[snaps fingers]
...banking, right?
That's it, yes.
That's a very good memory.
Uh-huh. Tell you what,
it's lucky you made it out okay.
Seems like people
are dropping like flies
all over the country.
Yeah, I'm one of the lucky ones.
Very good to hear.
Do you want to?
I didn't say it
to his face, did I?
Uh, kinda.
That was the scotch talking.
-Come on.
Do a dance with me.
You have to dance with me.
I don't like dancing,
and nobody else is dancing.
But you're so good at it.
You're forgetful.
How so?
It's our anniversary.
I'm sorry. I...
I just...
I think you mean
"happy anniversary."
21 years.
I love you, Kay.
Happy anniversary.
I love you, too.
Does this change anything?
What would change?
[Ann] Good.
I love you.
Do you want me to do
your hair tonight?
No. Thank you.
Do you think you'll see...
Jim this summer?
Why wouldn't I?
Well, I don't know,
I thought, you know,
with you heading off to college,
I didn't know if you'd start
thinking about that.
I'm so proud of you.
I mean, you couldn't have gotten
into a better program.
There's gonna be, uh...
exciting new teachers
and new people.
Why are you saying this?
I'm just, uh...
You seem unhappy.
I thought it might be
because of Jim.
I don't want your happiness
to depend on just one person.
Especially a boy.
You know, I remember
your grandfather
gave me this gorgeous set
of china when I was your age.
And he told me...
I'll never forget it.
He told me that
I didn't need a man.
I didn't need to get married
in order to have nice things.
This whole new life
is about to start for you.
Do you hear me?
It couldn't be brighter.
A world of possibility
and experience.
I just, I don't want you
to miss out.
I want you to be
available for all of it.
The brows.
Eh... No looking.
[clicks tongue]
I don't want it to look bad.
You're not supposed to
control it, that's the point.
I love it.
My turn.
How should I look?
Just like that.
I got in a school.
New York.
That was your first choice?
Hey, we should celebrate.
You wanna do something?
I'm telling you because
I didn't know what it meant
for the future.
What do you mean?
For us.
I don't get it.
We'll be apart.
Well, what do you think?
I'm sure it will be hard,
but we can call and plan trips.
If you want to.
You don't?
I don't know, I guess I hadn't
planned this far ahead.
We don't need
to figure it out now.
It's a long time away, right?
I just wanna keep things light.
What does "light" mean?
Think I'm done.
I handle our taxes...
[clears throat]
...and I know that we've already
filed for two extensions,
but, um...
I'd like to discuss
the possibility of a third.
[auditor] There is no third.
And given that, we're now going
to have to look into things.
I understand.
Is that last year's return?
Uh, yes.
[auditor] Can I see this?
I don't need that.
Or that.
I see copies.
And a bank statement.
Is your husband sick?
Why is he not working?
He was laid off last fall.
He's searching.
We're trying to get him
back to work.
If he's not sick,
he needs to find a job.
-I understand that.
But a minimum-wage job
would cancel his unemployment.
Even a minimum-wage job would
look better on the record
than things do now.
Well, we're hoping to find
something that would be equal
to his history.
Sure, but we need to see
a strategy, how you'll
get out of this.
We need to see clear attempts.
Have you considered downsizing?
Moving, I mean?
It's been six months.
How would you feel if...
if I got a second job?
I looked at our budget
for the fall,
and, um, I just think it would
be easier on all of us.
-I've got more callbacks
this week.
-I know.
I know, I know.
It's just...
you know, plan B.
Are you scared?
What is it then?
[Kay] We just need
to have a plan in case...
[Greg] Things don't get better?
[Kay] At least for a while.
Okay. [sighs]
-What do you want for dinner?
-[Greg] Nothing, I'm fasting.
I'm fasting every Sunday now,
they say it's good for you.
Well, I don't like that idea.
[Greg sighs]
Well, what do you like
these days, Kay?
We need to talk about
making big changes.
[Greg] We're not
selling the house, we agreed.
If change doesn't come soon,
we will have to.
[Greg] Let's just not
jump the gun.
We might not have a choice.
[Greg] What do we have
to offer them now?
We can't protect them.
Jim should do like Casey
and get as far away
from us as possible.
[somber music playing]
[somber music
rising over dialogue]
Is Ann home?
No, she's not.
Did she know you were
coming over?
You know when she'll be back?
[door opens]
-Hey, Mom.
-I was just telling Jim
that you were going out?
[Ann] It's okay.
[Jim] I just wanted to see
where things stand.
I don't know.
Things are...
[Jim] Can I call you?
I guess.
We're done?
You don't have to say it
like that.
I care about you.
We had fun.
Is that all this was to you?
[priest] Where is
the pleasure in life
which is unmixed with sorrow?
Where is the glory which,
on Earth,
has stood firm and unchanged?
Mother of the never-setting sun,
preserve them
that set their hope in ye,
that repose may be granted her
that now is departed.
[distant crowd cheering]
[woman] Jasmine Marissa Bryant.
Elizabeth Abigail Roalt.
Oh, uh, I didn't tell you,
but I got an internship
through my dad.
You did? Where?
[Nick exhales sharply]
Paine Waterhouse in New York.
Paine? No way.
Congratulations, man.
Man, I can't wait.
Starts in three weeks.
Three weeks, that's soon.
Happy for you.
What about you?
[Jim] UCLA.
Why didn't you tell me
you got in, asshole?
That's awesome.
Thank you.
Gonna keep on running,
you know.
See how I do.
[indistinct chatter, laughter]
[Nick] Forget her.
Forget her, man.
Yeah, I will.
Hey, hold on a minute.
I got a question for you.
Yeah? What?
[Tol] Did you, uh...
Did you get in her panties?
Damn, bro, I mean...
what's your advice?
I've been trying for weeks now,
I haven't gotten anywhere.
No oral or nothing.
You two, you two did it, right?
-Oh, no.
-Wait. Hey.
-Hey! Stop!
-Something's wrong with you.
-Get off me!
-Stop it! Get off!
What is wrong with you?
[door closes]
[Kay] You're home early.
The party was a drag.
[Kay] Oh, yeah?
Was Ann there?
[Greg] Hey, son. Uh...
Your mother and I were talking,
and, uh...
we were hoping to discuss
something with you,
but if now is not a good time...
We've been looking
to simplify things,
make things easier
for all of us,
so we've decided
to sell the house.
We're moving?
[Greg] Well, your mother
and I are moving,
but you'll be starting
at UCLA.
[Kay] Mm-hmm.
It really doesn't change
anything for your semester.
[Jim] Okay.
So, where are you going to live?
We haven't figured that out yet,
but don't you worry about us.
You keep your head down,
you focus on your studies.
That's what's important.
-[Kay] You okay?
-You sure?
You want me
to make you something?
I'm okay, I'm tired.
I'll go to bed.
Penny for your thoughts, son.
-Nothing, I'm fine.
-Come on, I can
read you like a book.
What's going on?
How are you and Ann?
I'm sorry.
I don't know what to do now.
You know?
I keep wanting to call her.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
Why don't you just give it time?
[Jim] How much time?
If it's meant to be,
she'll come back.
And if not...
[contemplative music playing]
...September 11th, 2001.
[crowd on TV clamoring]
...the familiar chants
of "USA! USA!" sounded
as citizens heard that
Osama bin Laden was dead...
In Times Square,
people gathered around to see
the latest updates
and take in the moment
that the world's most wanted
terrorist was dead...
...with celebrations rolling,
the U.S. Secret Service
brought in barriers...
[both laughing]
Oh, my goodness!
What are you doing here?!
You, uh, drink coffee now?
[Jim] I feel like
you have to in college.
[sighs] So how's
the work search?
It's fine. I do odd jobs
here and there.
We're lucky your mom
has the position she does.
Anything I can do to help?
Don't worry about us.
We just love having you here.
Should reach out
to Uncle Randall.
Maybe he has something...
No, people don't answer
your call
when it's like this.
They know why
you're reaching out.
Your poor mom.
Her brother hasn't even called
over here since it started.
The man lives 20 minutes
from here.
He just cut her off.
Family can be cruel.
None of this is your fault.
Of course it is.
Whose fault is it?
[Jim] So, how're you holding up?
[Kay] Trying to find happiness
in the little things.
Sometimes the really
little things.
It's hard to watch your dad
right now.
He says everything's fine.
He won't spend a dime
on anything.
Scared me the other night.
He said, uh...
"I'd be worth
more dead than alive."
Well, that's a lie.
Hard for him to see that.
You know,
he just feels like, um...
He feels like
he disappointed you and Casey,
about how things
turned out, you know?
[Jim sighs]
I want you to take this, Mom.
What's this?
I sold a computer
and some sports stuff, so...
Oh, no, no, no,
I don't want this.
-Please, Mom.
-I don't want you
to go selling stuff.
I want to.
And you don't have to tell dad.
Just take it, please.
Wanna help.
[Kay] I'm so sorry.
[phone buzzing]
[Ann] Hi.
It's been a long time.
Was just listening
to the album you made me
and thought of you.
I wanna tell you that...
I'm sorry I did what I did.
You must hate me.
I've grown since then.
If you ever wanna talk again,
I'd like that.
[line ringing]
[Ann] Hello?
It's good to hear your voice.
I don't hate you.
Well, that's nice of you.
There we go.
-Thanks. Cheers.
So, what's the latest?
Caught up with Ann.
Like Ann Ann?
[Nick] You two a thing again?
We're just talking.
-Has it been good?
Well, go ahead, say it.
[Nick] Come on.
Why get back into that?
Lesson learned, you know?
We're young.
Think about
all the cities to see,
the money to be made,
the women we can meet.
Think about all the positions
you'll miss out on,
and you've gotta try them all,
man, figure out what you like.
We've got to make the most
of this wild time while we can.
Like right now,
I've gotta say hi
to whoever that is over there.
[chuckles] Gimme a minute.
No, no, no.
Why don't you come with me?
-No, no, no.
-There are one, two,
three of them.
I can prove my point
to you that way.
[Jim] Go ahead.
Go ahead, I'll be here.
[peaceful music playing]
You've changed your hair.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I guess I did.
Uh, you look the same,
in the best way.
Thank you.
Should we?
Plan to stay up in New York
after you finish?
You know, I don't know.
Graduation seems far away,
but it's only next year, and...
I am chasing some internships.
I feel like you fit in
well up there.
What do you mean?
It's in the city.
Feel like it suits you.
[Ann] Hmm.
What about you?
Are you still running?
Times are getting better.
I wanna see you race again.
You dating anyone?
Well... no! I'm not.
Who was the last lucky guy?
He wasn't lucky.
We just went out for
a couple dates and some shows
and then things went dark.
Dark like bad?
No, I mean silent.
It's kind of how things
work up there.
-You pick up fast and then
you just go nowhere.
If you're fishing
for any juicy details,
you'll find the water's
pretty shallow.
What about you?
I'm sure you've had
some romances.
Okay, sure.
Come on, come on.
Tell me about your hot flings.
Be honest.
You know, I was gonna tell you
all the steamy details and...
[Ann] Mm-hmm.
...and then I just thought
now I've heard
that you're solo, I don't
want to embarrass you, so...
Oh! Oh, okay.
You've just been a man
in demand, I see, busy.
-You know me.
-Busy boy. Mm-hmm.
-What was that?
That look, that shake.
Are you gonna do that?
What, get married?
No, I mean, have your picture
taken like that.
Oh, um, maybe.
But I wouldn't do it here,
I would do it
in a place that, uh,
felt like home.
I was looking through this book
of Japanese wedding portraits
from before World War I.
Don't ask me why.
And I loved how intimate
they felt.
It didn't feel like
a glamour shot
or a magazine.
It's like each bride
felt so personal.
In their own space,
in their home.
There's just like
these souvenirs around,
and it showed
their families and...
Yeah, you could get
a real sense of them that way.
Um... do you want water
or anything?
-Sure. I can get it.
Um, I'll just...
I'll be right back.
This is the sound
Of my voice
In the morning
This is the sound
Of my heart
Trying to warn me
Of all I've got
To win
Of all I've got
To lose
Wrap your arm around me
Wrap your arm around me...
Wrap your arm
I need it
To pull me down
[Jim] When did you
get this done?
[Ann] Hmm, last year.
A girl in the city
did it for me.
[Jim] I love it.
What now for us?
Well, what do you want?
What time's your flight
At noon.
I'll drive you to the airport.
-I want to.
No, it will just be depressing.
I don't mind.
I love you.
I do.
I always have.
I want you to know that.
I love you, too.
Don't cry.
[Ann chuckles]
I'm just happy.
I missed you.
[TV playing softly]
[football commentary on TV]
Why don't you open the blinds?
[Greg] It gets too hot.
Can't sit in the dark.
Any callbacks today?
Any callbacks?
[Greg] You'll know
when there's news.
Why don't we sit together
tonight and update
your rsum?
Why don't we try having
a normal conversation?
-Excuse me?
-Can we act like husband
and wife when you come home?
Don't just jump
into a list of chores.
I was just offering my help.
Well, it's nagging.
Yeah, well,
when I come home from work
and there's no dinner
and no help and the TV's on,
maybe there needs to be
a little bit of nagging.
[switches TV off]
Where are you going?
[Greg] To the gym.
Look, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to launch
into a to-do list.
I just want things to be
different when I get home.
You went to the gym
this morning.
Greg, we're not roommates.
We need to be talking.
We need to get
through this together.
Look, I know you're unhappy,
and believe me,
I'm unhappy too.
You don't just walk out, though.
-This place is a box.
-Let's go for a walk!
I don't wanna go for a walk
and I don't wanna hear
about your job.
I don't wanna hear about
your staff or your problems,
I just wanna watch the game.
Well, I-I'm sorry
I'm so boring to you.
-No, really, I should be
more interesting for you.
[door slams]
Do you think that you
are interesting to me?
Do you think
I love watching you
sit in front
of the TV all day long?
At the very least,
when you go to the gym,
you should be wearing
your wedding band.
-Oh, why?
You don't want
the little spin class girls
knowing that you're married?
-Don't be small.
-Oh, I feel small.
All of this is feeling
very small,
and I feel like I'm invisible.
Go pity yourself somewhere else.
I would love to!
I would love to escape, Greg,
but I'm not.
I'm here, and I'm here with you.
I'm not walking out,
that's what you're doing.
How would you feel
if I did that?
[door slams]
[doctor] James has what's called
a spontaneous pneumothorax
on the right side,
which means that he has
a tear in his lung.
Air has escaped out,
-has gone between his lung
and the chest wall...
-Oh, my goodness.
...and compressed
his lungs down.
That's why he's having
shortness of breath.
-So the plan's going to be
to make an incision
about 2 centimeters
into his rib cage
and place a tube
into that space...
[somber music playing]
[monitor beeping]
[Jim] I miss you.
[Kay, whispering] She's here.
She took a late flight
last night.
[Ann] Inhale.
Breathe. Hold it.
2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7...
Exhale, let it go.
5, 6, 7, 8...
You got one more in ya?
My flight's at 3:00.
I can drive you.
My mom will take me.
I'm getting tired
of all these goodbyes.
Me too.
Thank you.
[Kay] When did you decide?
Last month.
I'm sorry, Jim, you can't
get married right now.
Listen, I know you and Ann
have gone through a lot, but...
it's too soon.
Have you talked to her already?
-And her mom?
-[Jim] I will.
-Well, I have something to say
about this too, you know?
What if I say no?
I feel like the house
just caved in.
How did Dad propose?
Did you know it was coming?
I suppose so.
The truth is...
I always knew
he was my soulmate,
even though I was very young.
Would you change anything?
It's a very pretty ring.
I was curious as to what
this little meeting was about.
What's on your mind?
I'm going to New York
for Ann's graduation.
And I plan to propose
to her, so I've come
to ask for your permission.
I know you love my daughter,
but, um, love doesn't need
to have an end.
You both have...
exactly what you need
right now, enough.
I'm ready for it to be forever.
How will you marry her?
With what?
I work, and I plan
to finish school.
[Jeannine] Where will you live?
-In an apartment.
Wherever she wants.
We'll look around.
We'll... we'll have options.
How can you think to marry now,
when she has graduate school
ahead of her,
and I'm sure you have
plans of your own?
I'm aware the timing
will never be perfect.
What makes you think
she'd be a good wife?
She's smart.
She's smarter than me.
She's passionate.
She has a fire in her
and I can see it.
And you deserve her?
[Jim] I wanna protect her.
I want to put her first,
and I'll never give up on her.
I know how much
she means to you.
I won't let you down.
[door opens, closes]
-[keys clatter]
I'm sorry I'm late.
They added a new route.
The Phoenix company called.
They want an interview.
In person.
It's good news.
I told them Thursday.
I played assistant.
That's soon.
I know, but...
I have a good feeling
about this.
They were very nice
on the phone.
We can't move now.
We'd be breaking the lease.
Greg, we can move ten times
if we have to.
-And what about your job?
-I'll figure it out.
Come here.
It's just an interview.
We shouldn't get ahead
of ourselves.
Just enjoy this.
Oh, please let me.
We can make a trip out of it.
We can drive, stay at the lodge.
I don't know about
spending all that money.
I'm not talking
about spending money.
I'm talking about
being grateful,
about gratitude.
We should be grateful.
[peaceful music playing]
It's like I was just here.
Nothing's changed.
I remember, every summer
my dad insisted on unit 9,
even through high school.
My brother thought
it was lucky.
Don't forget we stayed here
some too after college.
Oh, I remember.
I was thinking,
if this Phoenix job
doesn't work out...
Why even think like that?
If the job doesn't turn up,
what would you think about
moving farther than we thought?
Maybe even out of the country.
Becoming expats.
Like where?
Costa Rica.
I've just been reading about it.
You can get
a three-bedroom house,
live off of only 1,500 a month.
The healthcare is fine.
It's supposed to be beautiful.
I don't think I could be away
from the boys like that.
[Greg] Casey's already away,
and Jim and Ann are...
After the wedding,
it's just them now, it's not us.
The flights are cheap.
They can come visit.
Is there no place here for us?
[Greg] In this country?
I don't know anymore.
[peaceful music playing
over distant chatter, laughter]
Hi, Greg.
Why don't you have a seat?
Would you like a cup of coffee
or water?
-No, thank you.
-Mr. Kittredge will be out
in just a few minutes.
Mr. Albright, are you ready?
[Kay] How do you feel?
[Greg] Good.
I feel good.
We'll see what happens.
Well, let's not be worried
for once.
I'm not.
I was.
For the longest time,
I felt the whole world
opened up and was
trying to swallow us.
But you saw us through.
[peaceful music playing]
They're ready.
We'll see you out there.
-Good luck.
-Thank you.
You look beautiful, Mom.
You're sweet.
You okay? What's wrong?
Nothing, nothing.
Mom, what is it?
It just all went by
so fast, you know?
I just wanted
more time with you.
I won't disappear.
I know.
Everything's perfect.
You're right.
Everything's perfect.
[priest officiating
as peaceful music swells]
...and to join these,
your servants, James and Ann...
[Kay] Sweetheart,
you can't go through life
waiting for happiness.
You have to make your own.
Marriage alone
won't lead to it.
You have to find it
in your new life together.
Sometimes it takes years.
Happiness only comes
through effort.
That's what makes you
husband and wife.
-[Jim] Want to head inside?
-Getting cold, huh?
-[Kay] Yeah.
-I'll be right in, okay?
-Sure. You sure?
[peaceful music playing]
[man] Look at that!
[guests chatting]
[peaceful music continues]
[Ann, giggling]
Start in the middle?
-[man] They're arguing already.
-[laughter and applause]
-[cork pops]
-[guests cheering]
[Greg] I'd like to make a toast.
[men laughing]
Hey, boys.
[laughing stops]
These times together,
the holidays,
the birthdays, the weddings,
they're memories.
That's what we're making.
And there's nothing stronger,
nothing better
than a good memory,
especially when it has to do
with your children.
Or home.
Those are the best.
Look around.
Keep all of this with you.
All the way to the very end.
It saves you.
[peaceful music playing]