First Target (2000) Movie Script

The President's arrived.
Make sure all positions are secure.
Kelsey, you're on point.
Can't keep your eyes
off me, huh?
My wife might get jealous.
Don't flatter yourself.
I'm worried about you getting more
attention than the President.
Your fly's open.
Wow, a sense of humor.
When did you get that?
MAN: Clear.
We're all clear,
Mr. President.
Okay. Let's go.
MAN: ...that due to unexpected
changes in the President's schedule,
each reporter will be limited to one
question only at this press conference.
Our focus today is to discuss the
President's "Get Smart" school measure
and to update you
on his recent proposal...
Positions. increase funding
for the International Emergency
Response Unit program.
Stage right, check in.
Stage right all clear.
Stage left, check in.
Stage left clear.
Point all clear.
Ladies and gentlemen, the
President of the United States.
REPORTER: The President is now
making his way into the auditorium.
Emergency response team.
Get the President
to the motorcade!
Go! Go! Go!
Motorcade, we have the President
in tow and are under fire.
Stand by! Over.
Alpha clear.
MAN: Clear.
Bravo clear.
MAN: Clear.
Delta, are we clear?
Delta, acknowledge!
You gotta be kidding me.
Congratulations, Kelsey.
You just got
the President killed.
Everyone, video viewing
Monday morning, 08:00,
at which point the advanced
team will update each section
on their detail responsibilities
and contacts in Seattle.
Have a nice weekend.
Did you see it?
I had no idea.
God, it is
so beautiful out here.
Another margarita?
Sure, why not?
Oh, I'll make this round.
Go relax.
Any more relaxed
and I'd be passed out.
The pleasure's all mine.
You know, I was thinking, why don't
you stay in Seattle another week?
Maybe I'll introduce you
to the President.
Huh, thanks, but he's not
the one I voted for.
I think I'm gonna go for a swim.
You gonna join me?
Huh, no.
I don't think so.
Come on, Garrett.
Come swimming with me.
You gonna come swimming with me?
Garrett, come on.
That margarita
has one hell of a punch.
What'd you do?
All done?
All done.
SHELDON: I'm not worried about it.
You know, just last...
Look at it as a new life,
a new beginning.
You're about to enter
the dating world.
A jungle where first
impressions mean everything.
Mmm. Why are... Why are
you telling me this?
Because your
sense of style sucks.
Oh, and you waited five years to tell me?
Good friend.
Well, it didn't matter before.
You were married.
Hey, Kelsey. Look, I...
Quick question for ya.
When you meet a guy,
what do you first look for?
Easy, shoes.
They tell me everything I need to know.
Flashy shoes, he's a mirror boy.
Checks himself out a lot.
Italian leather, he's got money.
Pointed shoes,
you can't trust him.
And if his shoes don't
match what he's wearing,
I don't even need to go there.
Now, shoe size, I think we
need to know each other better
before we talk about that, because
that could rule out all the above.
I rest my case.
ALEX: The President has a Sky
Tram dedication on Saturday,
so I'd like you to call Agent
Winslow in Seattle immediately
and tell him exactly
what you're telling me.
Okay? Thanks.
I'm gonna get Kelsey working
on the tram perimeters.
Is there anything else...
I want you to handle that.
Alex, I think Kelsey's
got the potential
to be one of the best agents
in this department.
And you're telling me
this because?
Well, Daley was afraid
of you getting his job,
which you did, for all the
right reasons of course.
I was just wondering if there's something
about Kelsey you were afraid of?
No. I still want you on it.
All right, I'll do it.
Just thought I'd ask.
New toy?
These things are great.
Now there's not a place in the world I can
go where I can get away from fax or email.
Oh. Hey, Ryan.
Could you give this
to Dylan for me
and tell him that I'm really sorry
but I can't make his birthday party?
Grant's coming in tomorrow.
Well, he'll be here later.
Why don't you give it to him?
We're going to Playworld for pizza.
You wanna come?
Oh, gee, you know,
I'd love to, but I can't.
Come on, Alex. Remember how
much fun we had last time?
My point exactly.
Excuse me.
We got another one.
ALEX: This is three
in the last month?
What was this one's route?
Via an email address
in Kentucky.
The last was from Georgia. The
one before that was Florida.
This guy's bouncing emails
all over the place.
And he's getting closer.
They're still working on
tracking the source code.
The FBI says they should have a
profile on him in the next 48 hours.
MAN: Agent McGregor, line two.
Yep, McGregor here.
You're kidding.
Yeah. Okay.
That was the Field Office
in Seattle.
Garrett Winslow's dead.
They think it was
a boating accident.
He'd been drinking, hit his
head, fell overboard. Drowned.
I can't believe it.
Stewart McCall's taking over
Winslow's position as Field Chief.
You know McCall?
I guess you could say that.
Sure you're gonna be all right?
Yeah. Yeah,
I should call Patti.
Who... Who's Patti?
Garrett Winslow's sister.
They were pretty close.
I don't know what the hell you
think you're doing, Mike.
You can't keep catering to
these special interest groups.
Come on, you know how the game
is supposed to be played.
No, why don't you tell me?
Because I'm at a complete loss as
to what you're up to these days.
Cut the pious act, Jonathan.
I've been doing this
a lot longer than you have.
Look, you're the Vice-President.
If and when you're President, can
run the country as you see fit.
Until then, it's my job.
I'm not gonna waste
any more time
playing on opposite sides
of the field with you.
Do you understand me?
Very clearly.
The DRCs for the President and
the Vice-President came in.
Silver is for the President.
Red is for the Vice-President.
I can't understand
all this new technology.
I can barely work
my palm computer.
These are pretty easy, actually.
You push one button
and you have a direct secure line to
any one of the same color phones.
You can also program
cellular numbers into here.
You just hit this last button, and you
scroll down to the number that you need.
Okay, I'll take mine
and the President's now.
Why don't you send one to Jess and
I'll ask him about the other one?
The Vice-President will tell
you who to send his to.
Can I talk to you about something?
We're gonna have to walk and
talk though, 'cause I'm late.
The assassination exercise
on Friday.
I was told we were just being
timed to get to the motorcade.
Well, maybe the person who
told you that was a plant.
There's no room
for assumptions, Kelsey.
As Point person,
it's your responsibility
to protect the President's
ass, not worry about time.
You should have gotten an
all-clear sign on that motorcade
before you opened that door
instead of assuming
that it was fine.
I haven't done anything right in your
eyes since I got on this detail.
Why am I even here?
Do you think I'm hard on you?
Yeah, I do.
Well, you made a mistake in a world
where there's no room for them.
Well, isn't that why we have training
exercises in the first place, Agent McGregor?
To learn from our mistakes?
Kelsey, you, like everyone else
on this team has to prove to me
that you're everything
I think you are.
If that means
coming down harder on you...
...I will.
I don't intend to lose
a President on my watch.
We will talk about
it later, I promise.
I love you too, honey. Bye.
That was Jess.
She wanted me to thank you for
that care package you sent her.
What am I gonna do, Alex?
She wants to get a tattoo.
Deficits I can handle, but my
little girl with a tattoo?
I'm afraid
you're a little late on that.
Don't tell me.
Thank you, Leslie.
What's the tattoo of?
I think I'll let her
tell you that, sir.
At least tell me where it is.
I don't think
you wanna go there, sir.
What do you have?
This is your DRC. Your
Digital Relay Communicator.
You just press
one of these buttons,
and it calls one of
the other phones directly.
I figured you'd want
Jess to have one.
Yes. Absolutely.
Just let me know who you
wanna give the other one to.
This the only color
they come in?
The Vice-President
was issued red ones.
I'm sure we could arrange
to have the red one...
I'm kidding.
Jess doesn't have anything other
than her ears pierced, does she?
Ryan, here's the disk.
Ah, great. Did you...
Did you get all the names?
Yeah. They were on there.
Hey, champ!
How are ya'?
Where's your mom?
Waiting in the car with Gracie.
She's asleep.
Hey, Agent Dylan,
I hear it's your birthday,
and you know what,
I got something for ya.
Hey, how 'bout that?
Huh, happy birthday!
What, you're gonna give him your
favorite police car, Sheldon.
It's been on your desk
for months.
Come on, Alex's got
something for you too.
Just clean it up a little.
It's great.
Hey, you got a visitor.
How did you get in here?
Saturday's my birthday, Alex.
I'll be six.
I just happen to have
something for a six-year-old.
Wow, thanks!
You hangin' in there?
I'm sorry about Winslow. I was really
looking forward to finally meeting him.
Pokeman cards!
Oh, thanks, Alex.
MAN: Grant's on line two.
Oh, tell him to hold on
one second.
Happy Birthday, Dylan.
Thanks, Alex.
Come on, champ.
Mom's waitin'.
See you tomorrow.
See you later.
Grant, I was hoping you'd call.
How was the river?
I had six screaming kids
all decide to paddle on the same
side of the boat at the same time
right before we hit
Devil's swirl.
So, I'm guessing you swirled?
I was hoping
you'd call me this morning.
I was very busy.
I've been out.
I've been out shopping all day.
What, a white sale
at Campers R' Us?
You are so funny.
No, I was just picking up a few
last-minute things for our trip.
We're gonna be at my dad's
for one night.
How much stuff
could you possibly need?
Just the essentials.
You sure you wanna come up
for just one day?
We could reschedule
when we're less busy.
No, Alex. No.
I haven't seen you in three weeks.
It's been too long.
It's just that I'm really swamped here.
There's a lot going on.
What else is new?
I will see you tomorrow.
See ya. Bye.
Christina, another one?
Oh, it's your third one.
Now, look, don't get any
mustard on your dress, okay?
Okay. Thanks, Grandpa.
Thank you.
I didn't want it
to come to this,
but we have to
protect our interests.
The future.
Excuse me.
Where's your sister?
She's having a shower.
I hope that's okay.
Job well done.
Come here.
When you were
on the boat with him...
...did he touch you?
Like this?
Tell me.
Tell me.
I only thought of you.
You're not afraid of anything
or anyone, are you?
We're talkin' the President
of the United States.
That's the beauty of this country.
When you're as rich as I am,
you can get away with anything.
Now, dry yourself off, come
outside and have a hot dog.
Never thought I'd see the day.
I couldn't get a fishing pole in
her hand as a kid to save my life.
She looks very happy, Grant.
Well, I know I am.
Most women get chocolates and flowers.
I get a fly rod and vest.
You joining me?
Yeah, in a minute.
I want to marry Alex.
You asking for my permission?
Well, yeah, I'm...
I'm sort of a traditional guy,
and I was hoping that that
would be okay with you.
It couldn't be more okay.
I decided to use a wet fly,
'cause the yellow humpers
weren't working.
Step aside,
give the master some room.
Where's your pole?
It's back in the house.
Not bad.
Yeah, I had a good teacher.
You know, Alex,
you and I, we make a good pair.
Yes! Ooh!
Go! Don't just stand there,
get the net! Get the net!
ALEX: Dad is not
gonna believe it.
Okay. Just bring him in.
Oh, my!
Look at the size of this guy!
That is a massive trout.
This is gonna be
tougher than I thought.
So, what's Grant up to?
He's taking a shower.
There you go.
Need some help with that?
No, I'm just cooking this
minnow as a little appetizer.
Very funny.
It's a whale.
You really love him, don't you?
Yeah. I do.
He makes me laugh.
He's kind.
In a lot of ways
he reminds me of you.
I can't explain.
Honey, you don't have to.
I can see it in your face.
Oh, Dad.
Why bother making the bed?
I have plans for messing it up.
Grant, we can't sleep together.
You know my dad's rules.
He's old-fashioned, but only married
couples can sleep together.
Who said anything
about sleeping?
That tickles.
Good night.
I'm not letting you get away.
Oh, really?
Good move.
I had a good teacher.
CLAY: Alex.
Dad? Come, uh...
No, that's okay.
We were just makin' the bed.
Just makin' the bed.
Yeah, okay.
Uh, I wanted to
give you this quilt,
but I see you found a comforter.
Sorry for the intrusion.
I'll see you kids
in the morning.
Good night, Dad.
Good night. Good night.
I'm gonna turn in, too.
Good night.
We should get an early
start in the morning,
'cause the President wants you
to stop by the White House
before I take you
to the airport.
To say hello.
Sure. Great.
Cheer up.
I'll sneak in later.
JP: And I'll personally escort
the President to the Sky Tram
after the dedication.
You going home
after this is over?
Why, is there something else
you'd like us to do?
I like having you around.
We have another job.
Oh, yeah.
Anyone I know?
Show him, Evan.
The beauty of this piece is
that once you set your range,
the bullet will explode whether
you hit your target or not.
The bullet's at a maximum
velocity of 100 meters.
The hit will take place
at that range.
JP: Where'd you get that?
I built it,
through the Internet.
It's amazing what you can do
with the right dot-coms.
Your brother's use of the information
highway is very impressive.
We all have our addictions.
Don't we?
JONATHAN: That's a Monet.
1963, the Kennedy family donated
that to the White House
as a tribute to Kennedy's
love of the outdoors.
So, did you ask her?
After all the great advice I gave
you you chickened out, didn't ya?
It hasn't been the right time.
First there was a fish, then there
was her father, and I just...
Look, I'm gonna try again when you guys
return from the Middle Eastern Peace Summit.
That's six weeks from now.
No offense, but if
you're busy, she's busy.
How's Jess?
One semester of
political science,
she's already telling me
how to run the country.
Huh. Hasn't changed a bit.
Good morning, sir.
RYAN: The FBI's profile
says he's male,
college education,
probably Ph.D. level,
and a personality
that loves temptation.
The advancing time
on the President's watch
in each of the earlier cartoons
is obviously
some kinda countdown.
Now, whoever this guy is, he
obviously wants to have some fun.
Keep us guessing.
Each image suggests
some kind of betrayal.
Like a knife in the back,
you never see it coming.
The cartoon presentation itself
reflects the possibility
that he views his life,
or the President's,
as a joke.
Simple guy.
Excuse me, Mr. President.
Your appointment
with the Ambassador.
Thank you, Leslie.
Mr. President, Grant and I need
to be getting to the airport.
He's got a plane to catch.
It was good to see ya.
It was good seeing you.
Thank you for everything.
Say hello to Jess for me.
I will.
You know, Alex,
I just had a thought.
After Seattle, instead of playing
golf with Senator Burdge,
I think I'd rather stick around
and do a little fishing.
I didn't say anything.
And I'd like Grant to
come along and be my guide.
Which means he'd have to
come to Seattle with us.
There's some good fishing on the
straits up through Puget Sound there.
What's your schedule?
Do you think you could
come along with us?
Sir, this is awfully short notice.
You've had less.
Come on, Grant, what do you say?
Well, I'm supposed to be guiding
a rafting trip on Friday, but...
I bet I could get somebody
else to cover for me.
I'm not sure
this is a good idea.
I don't want it to interfere
with the Seattle assignment.
Lighten up.
He's not coming for you.
He's coming for me.
MAN: Okay, hold it.
Well, hey, handsome.
Rachel, uh...
How'd you get in here?
I've got my ways.
And where have you been?
I tried calling you all weekend.
I was just on a friend's boat.
Sorry. Miss me?
Yeah, I... I sort of thought
we had something goin'.
Well, we still do, don't we?
Yeah, I... I have to get back
to the Control Room, though.
Well, how 'bout some company?
You really wanna get me
in trouble, don't you?
Come on, you know what happens when
you come in the booth with me.
Yeah, I know exactly
what happens.
NEWSWOMAN: President Hayes
arrived in Seattle today,
to participate in the dedication
of the new Sky Tram Cable System
and Recreational Facilities at
Mountaingate Park on Saturday.
As expected, downtown traffic
came to a standstill.
Here they come.
ALEX: The President's
in his suite.
Why don't you check your shift
rotations and have your reports ready.
You guys have a little time
to get settled,
then I'm gonna meet you
upstairs in operations.
Agent McGregor?
Welcome to Seattle.
Thank you. Agents
Nicholson, Bryant, Innes.
And this is my, um...
Mr. Coleman,
the President's...
Personal wardrobe coordinator.
Nice to meet you.
We have some
updated intel for you.
Our Field Operations Office
is on the third floor.
Agent McCall
is waiting for you there.
I'm sure he is.
Excuse me a second.
Let's go.
Nice shoes.
Could you do me a favor and take
this up to the room for me?
I need to head up to the
Operations Office, and...
This badge, it has to be facing
out or somebody's gonna stop you.
I'll see you later.
He's over there.
Agent McCall.
Miss Alex McGregor.
Or is it missus now?
Hello, McCall.
It's Miss, actually.
So, I see you met Brinkman,
my right-hand man.
Anything you need.
Thank you.
Where's the rest of your team?
They're getting settled.
Well, you look beautiful, but then
again, what else is new, right?
Still a charmer, huh?
I'm impressed.
Head of Presidential detail.
We had a pillow talk
about that, didn't we?
I don't remember.
Still chipping away
at my ego, I can see.
It would take a nuclear blast
to chip away at your ego.
I'm sorry to hear
about Garrett Winslow.
Hell of a way
to get a promotion.
He's gonna be
missed around here.
Why don't I
introduce you around?
Why don't you.
They have got
a Jacuzzi tub in here
big enough for the two of us.
This place is huge.
It's bigger than my house.
Yeah, well, a lot of tree houses
are bigger than your house.
If that's your dad,
I'm gonna kill him.
GRANT: What is it?
It's for you.
It's from the President.
Is there something going on between
the two of you I should know about?
Hmm, no. Mmm-mm.
"Timing is only a restriction
one places on oneself."
What's that about?
It's a guy thing.
Don't worry. I'm gonna
share it with you.
I gotta take off for a scout.
You gonna be okay?
Yeah. I'm a big boy.
I take care of myself.
But maybe later we can have
this in the tub together?
Grant, I'm not on vacation here, okay.
I'm working.
I understand that.
I was, just thinking...
I know what you were thinking.
You do?
Tell me.
'Cause I like it when you
tell me what I'm thinking.
You were thinking get Alex in the tub,
drink a little champagne, loosen her up...
Was I that obvious?
Actually, it sounds pretty good.
You just better not be asleep
when I come back this time.
Good God.
Are you ready?
Oh... McCall,
this is Grant Coleman.
The famous river guide
we've heard so much about.
Hey, how you doin'?
Okay, well. Could you
excuse us for a second?
Sure. Sure.
I'll see you later.
Okay, I'll take care...
of the last-minute
fishing details, okay.
Oh, thanks.
Hurry back.
RYAN: I spoke to Patti.
She wanted me to pick up some of his
personal things and send them to her.
The Coast Guard picked
them up out of the water
a couple of miles from his boat.
Hey, here.
Well, thank God it's moored.
I turn green on these things.
It's called "docked," Sheldon.
Hey, this is...
This is nice.
This was his life
outside the Service.
We used to come out
on this boat a lot
when I was at college
with his sister, Patti.
Oh, yeah?
He talked about the Secret Service
so much, I ended up joining.
So, what are we packing?
Just the personal stuff for now.
McCALL: The President will enter
stage right to give his speech.
ALEX: How many exits
are there?
Make sure all primary and alternate
exit routes are cleared and secured.
...alternate exit routes are
cleared and secured. Alex, I know.
What happened to us?
You were cheating on me.
That's why you declined my
request for Presidential detail.
I needed people
around me I could trust.
Ouch. Alex, you know
that was always my dream.
Well, you did it to yourself.
In my book, character counts.
Why'd you quit working for
the Vice-President anyway?
Because he wasn't the President.
So, your Grant and the
President become buddy-buddy
after he saves his daughter.
Is that right?
They actually have
a lot in common.
You know, I never pictured you
falling for the outdoors type.
You always preferred
the indoors with me.
Well, some people change.
You and mountain man serious?
I can't see how that's
any of your business.
I just thought that because you
brought the guy along with you.
I didn't. Okay.
The President invited him.
So you guys aren't serious?
Why are you so interested
in my love life?
So, you're in love.
Marriage material?
You know, I would really like to check
out this Sky Tram and finish this scout,
if you don't mind.
Look, I've made arrangements to
go over there this afternoon,
after I take you out
for lunch of course.
I've got a debriefing with the
President this afternoon.
I'll treat you to a hot dog
at the tram. Get in.
Your dog.
Mustard, no ketchup.
You remembered.
Sorry to disappoint you.
They were out of ketchup.
That tree cover up there
makes me nervous.
Don't be.
We're gonna have the entire mountain
shut down and only invited guests.
Sheriff's Department will secure
the perimeter after today's sweep
and my guys will do a final walk through
an hour before the President arrives.
ALEX: The tram people are aware the
President's not gonna ride to the top?
Just the dedication
and we're out?
Yes. The tram
will be shut down.
Okay. You've done
a nice job with all this.
Thank you.
That means a lot
coming from you.
Oh, excuse me.
You haven't changed one bit.
Kelsey, this guest list needs to be
circulated for the banquet tonight.
Make sure local PD has a copy.
Okay. Anything else?
Anyone tell you I flunked
the point test twice?
No. Really?
Oh, yeah.
First time I had
a break in contact.
I turned around and the
President wasn't behind me.
So there I was, running
away, all by myself.
Second time, there was
an initiation of fire,
and instead of taking
the President down,
I ended up body-slamming him.
The point is, I'm still here,
and you'll make it, too.
There's always gonna be something in
that test. It's designed that way.
So hopefully
it doesn't happen out here.
Thanks, Ryan.
Has anyone ever passed the
test their first time?
Yeah. One.
BOTH: Alex.
All right.
McCall, this is Agents Innes,
Nicholson and Bryant.
Agent Innes is the newest member
on our Presidential Detail.
Oh, so you're the lucky one
that got my spot, huh?
Excuse me?
Never mind.
We ready for the banquet tonight?
All set.
MAN: I cannot stand in support of
unilateral economic sanctions against them
because they are being
proposed not for...
You mind me asking you where
you bought your shoes?
...for domestic
political gains.
They were having a sale.
Today, implement program, that 20
years ago would be unattainable...
Hey, you know how much
longer they're gonna be?
Not long.
Oh, good. Thanks.
It's, um, McCall, right?
Yeah. Yeah, that's right.
Hey, that's a nice watch.
What is that, a Tag?
A watch connoisseur amongst
your many talents, is it?
No, I just always wanted one.
I guess river guiding probably
wouldn't pay that much, would it?
No, no.
But it's not just a job, it's a...
It's an adventure.
The best part about it
is I don't...
I don't have to wear
one of these suits.
Did Alex ever mention to you the
wonderful times that we spent together?
No, she never mentioned it.
Just two minutes, everybody.
Grant, just the man
I was looking for.
The President would like you to come
upstairs to discuss your fishing trip.
Okay. I'll let him know.
Mr. Hunter
is on his way up.
We should get going, Grant.
I know a great restaurant you and
Grant should go to for dinner.
Sir, I've got
a lot of work to do.
Take one of the limos.
Thank you so much, but we can't.
I am giving you a full Presidential
pardon for dinner to go out with Grant.
You gotta eat sometime.
He's right.
All right. We'll grab a bite.
Hi, Jess.
Yes, these phones are very cool,
but I'm sure not
as cool as your tattoo.
Hold on a sec.
I'll let her sweat.
Will you two go already.
Thank you so much.
(SOFTLY) Good luck.
Okay, Jess, let's talk about the difference
between wanting to have a tattoo
and actually already having one.
Alex, how are ya?
Mr. Hunter.
Now, how many times
have I told ya call me JP.
JP, I'm sorry.
This is Grant.
Yeah. Hi! Nice to meet you.
How do you... You know me?
Jonathan told me all about you.
We're very grateful for your
involvement in getting Jessica back.
Oh, well, she's a great kid.
Well, good to see you again.
Nice to have met you.
Nice meeting you.
This way, Mr. Hunter.
Hey, JP.
Your generosity with this tram
dedication is really overwhelming.
The pleasure is all mine.
I know I haven't been showing it very much,
but I'm really glad
that you came.
So, you actually went out
with this McCall guy?
We're all entitled to one mistake
in our lifetimes, right?
So, what'd you see in him?
More like, what didn't I see?
What should we toast to?
To us.
No foam, low-fat latte.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
In Seattle, coffee
comes out of the taps.
Have Alex take a look at these spotter
team locations for the parade.
She's gonna need to sign off on them.
All right.
You call me on my cell if
you need anything. Okay.
Good night.
Good night, boss.
Good night.
I've just been
cross-checking the VIP list
for the parade and dedication ceremonies,
and it all looks good to me.
Aren't you off duty?
Go on, get outta here.
I will. I was just finishing
up some work with Josh here.
Oh, yeah. Mr. Shoes.
What is it with my shoes?
Nothing, nothing.
It's just that they're very nice.
That's all.
Are you calling it a night?
Not yet.
I've gotta pack up Garrett's stuff
and ship it back to his sister.
Hey, guys.
That was the FBI.
We got a break on our hacker.
They broke one of
his tracing codes
and followed it to a chat room.
But get this,
it's called "Predators."
They got a partial location
trace before he went offline.
Partial to where?
Right here in Seattle.
Anyhow, if he goes back online
again, we may get lucky.
I'm not saying that. You're
a good president, Jonathan.
But, quite frankly,
you're beginning to
antagonize the wrong people.
Now, I understand you have to make
certain promises to get re-elected,
but those promises are starting
to cost some people financially.
Including you, I'm sure.
Look, I am here
as a friend to tell you...
No, to implore you
to quit butting heads with the
people who backed your campaign.
You're beginning to sound
like the Vice-President.
Look, I made no promises
to anyone who backed me,
other than to do what I believe
is right for this country.
Now, did you come here
to discuss politics
or to have a long
overdue dinner with a friend?
A bit of both, I guess.
Patti, it's Ryan.
Oh, hi.
I got Garrett's stuff
together here.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you for doing that.
You're welcome.
Listen, I'm just curious.
Was he dating anyone that you know of?
You know Garrett, he
always had someone. Why?
Because I found a picture he took
of a blonde woman on his boat.
It was taken the same day
that he died.
Can I email it to you?
See if you recognize her.
Do you like it
when he touches you?
You know me better than that.
That's why I'm asking.
Evan, it's all about seduction.
Sensuality is a weapon.
You need to embrace that.
You never know
when it can prove useful.
Do you understand?
It's open. Come in.
Ryan, we just got a call.
The hacker went back online.
We got an address.
Let's move.
Open your mouth, please.
They're edamame, that's what they're
called, but they're actually steamed.
Edam... edamame?
Oh, thank you.
What? You don't like it?
No, go ahead.
I just...
I like my food cooked.
That's what I love about you.
You're so honest.
Here, have some sake.
You'll like that.
Yeah, what's up, Kelsey?
Of course. I'm on my way.
Get a hold of McCall.
What... What are you doing?
I gotta go.
You have to go?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Alex, what are you...
What are you afraid of?
What are...
Are you afraid to be alone with me?
Or are you afraid of
someone else doing their job
without you
breathing down their neck?
I wish I had time to stay
and figure out what you meant
by that, but I don't.
I'm sorry.
Can you catch a cab
back to the hotel?
We're in.
Welcome to Sky Tram.
Okay. Here she is.
RYAN: House is up there.
He's still online.
Alex, something's bothering me.
There was a woman
on Garrett's boat
the day he died.
How do you know?
He had a camera.
And there was a picture
taken that day.
I thought there were
no other bodies found.
There weren't.
So, who is she?
I don't know,
but I downloaded
the picture.
You can see it when we get back.
What if Winslow's death
wasn't an accident?
SWAT team's ready.
Okay. Let's go.
I've got the back.
RYAN: Hey, stop!
Suspect's gone into the woods!
RYAN: Hey!
Okay, stop right there!
That's enough!
Put your hands on your head!
On your head!
Now, turn around!
Now get down,
on your knees.
On your knees!
He's the murderer, man.
He deserves to die.
Forget it.
He killed my brother, man.
You'll get a chance to talk.
He killed my brother.
All right, I got him.
Go ahead. Cuff him.
Wait! Wait a minute.
Shut up.
Over here.
I was too late.
No. He's alive.
Yeah, feel that.
He's alive.
Yeah. He's okay.
PARAMEDIC 1: I'm gonna
keep pressure on him.
We got a bleeder.
Go, go, go, go!
Out of the way!
It's all right, Ryan.
You're gonna be all right.
PARAMEDIC: Clear the way.
Clear the way, please.
Hang in there, buddy.
Be strong, Ryan.
You can fight it.
I'm gonna ride with him.
Look at these
three control panels.
Which one does Sky Tram use?
The one in the middle.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
All right.
So, what else did you learn
from your tram friend?
No, no. Keep working.
I don't want any glitches.
Tomorrow is our day.
KELSEY: His name
was Karl Whitford.
He was 32 years old,
lived alone.
Worked as a research analyst
specializing in the Internet.
He had a Ph.D.,
and his brother
was in the Marines.
Rank of Sergeant.
Served in Desert Storm.
The President
was his battalion commander
at the time.
He believed that his brother
contracted Gulf War Syndrome
and then died.
He blamed the President
because of it.
What's on your mind?
I just keep thinking
about what Ryan said.
I need to see that picture.
I'm going up to Ryan's room.
Have this photo
circulated immediately.
I wanna know who this woman is.
You think
she had something to do
with Winslow's death?
I just want to make
sure she didn't.
I'll get it over to Seattle PD
and find out
if any missing persons
are a match.
Get it to the FBI
and see what
they can find out as well.
Ryan didn't make it.
Katie, you love me.
I want you to...
WOMAN: I didn't say
I didn't love you.
I said stay away from me!
I want you to say it to me.
Stay away from me!
Hey, Alex.
I thought
you'd be asleep by now.
I'm sorry about earlier.
I just...
I shouldn't be here.
I shouldn't be here.
I got caught up in the idea
of us spending
more time together,
and I realize
that that's probably
never gonna happen.
I'm just gettin' in the way,
and I left a message
for the President,
and told him
forget about the fishing.
What's wrong?
Ryan's dead.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Are you gonna be okay?
I don't want you to go anywhere.
Will you stay with me?
Yes. Of course.
Thank you.
JP: Oh, as usual... must be unanimous.
we go as scheduled.
Yeah, that sounds good.
Just make sure
everybody knows
that it's moved.
Thank you. Bye.
Here, I thought
you could use this.
(SIGHS) I just bumped
the tram dedication up to noon
just to change the schedule,
and I rearranged
the motorcade positioning
in the parade.
Good idea.
Anything on our brunette?
FBI came back negative.
So did Seattle PD.
Something up?
You were right about me
being harder on you
than the rest.
We live in a world where
people see us as women first
and agents second.
I'm trying to change that.
If that means that I have
to be tougher on you,
then I'm afraid
that's what
we're gonna have to do.
I understand.
I'd like to change that, too.
Hi, Kelsey.
Hi. You look like you didn't
get much sleep either.
I still can't believe it.
Listen, I...
I thought you might
like to do
the site prelim for
the Sky Tram yourself.
I'll ride with the President
in the motorcade if you want.
No, I think
that's an excellent idea.
Brinkman and McCall
are clearing the route
as we speak.
Great. Well, I'm gonna
head on over there.
You don't think it's over,
do you?
No. I don't.
What time does
the President get here?
In about an hour.
And about how long's
the dedication?
An hour, maybe longer. Why?
That should give me
enough time to hike
to that top and back.
All the way up there and back?
Sure, there's a fire trail
that goes right up
to the lodge.
You don't think
I can do it, do ya?
You just want me
to challenge you
so you will.
You know what,
you better go off to work.
I'm gonna bring you back
a souvenir to prove it.
It's closed today.
I'll find something.
Hey, call me later
if you get off early.
Okay. Oh.
Alex, ETA for the motorcade
is about four minutes.
Roger that.
Let's have the President
go directly to the podium.
If he wants to work the ropes,
we can do it
after the dedication.
He says he's fine with that.
Alex, Operations
put a call
through to me.
It's Winslow's sister.
She wants to talk to Ryan.
Patti, hi.
It's Alex McGregor.
Special Agent in charge
on Presidential Detail.
I work with Ryan.
Well, can you just
tell Ryan for me
that I have no idea
who the blonde is
in the picture he emailed me.
He'll know
what I'm talking about.
I thought it was a brunette.
Well, he sent me
a picture of a blonde woman.
Listen, I gotta go.
Patti, could you do me a favor?
Could you email me
that picture back, please?
Well, I'm not gonna be home
for about half an hour.
Why don't you
just get it from Ryan?
I'm sorry to have
to tell you this...
Ryan was killed
in the line of duty
last night.
I'm in.
This tram,
which has been in operation
for the past 30 years,
will be retired to
the Museum of Transportation
and replaced by
a whole new state-of-the-art
cable system.
And, thanks to
Mr. Hunter's generosity,
we will have a year-round
recreational facility,
where low-income families
will have a place to go.
The great thing about it
is that many more people
will be able to take advantage
of these beautiful mountains.
So with the implementation
of this new program,
Mountain Gate,
I accept
this wonderful bestowment
from Mr. Hunter,
and the dedication
of the Sky Tram in my name.
I am truly honored.
Mr. President,
we'll head this way
to the dedication.
Alex, we're taking
the President to the tram
for the signing.
JP: Wonderful speech,
JONATHAN: Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Ladies and gentlemen,
on behalf
of the Mountaingate Park,
we would like to inform you...
Not coming in?
No, Mr. President.
This is your moment.
Mr. President.
Shall we?
Oh, this is great.
I used to go up
skiing in this as a kid.
McCall, abort the signing.
Get the President
out of here right now.
We may have a hitter.
She's blonde,
mid 20s,
medium build.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Mr. President, over here.
McCall, get the President
out now.
Do you copy?
Close them. Now.
Open these doors!
I can't control it.
MCCALL: Stand back!
Hold on!
JONATHAN: Hold on.
I can't.
You can do it!
Sir, this way.
This way, sir.
I can't breathe.
I can't...
It's all right.
It's all right.
I'm sure they're gonna
figure it out.
MAN ON P.A.: Please move
to the exits immediately.
I repeat.
Get the Viper teams
moving to the towers ASAP.
Also alert the EMS,
I want some eyes
scanning those ridges.
What's going on?
I don't know.
KELSEY: Alex, the operator
can't stop it.
Someone else is controlling it.
McCall's getting
a chopper up here.
No, we don't have time
for a chopper.
There's gotta be
a way to stop it!
We can't!
It's all computerized.
Damn it!
Get to the top, Kelsey.
Lock down the area.
What's going on, Alex?
I'm not sure, sir.
I need you down on the floor.
Everybody should be.
Now, please.
As a precaution,
they'd like us all
to get to the floor.
Get down.
Let's go.
Hey, you wondering
if I'm there yet?
Grant, where are you?
I'm almost to the top.
I bet you didn't think
I could...
We're in trouble, Grant.
Listen, the President
is trapped in the tram, okay.
It's on its way
up the mountain
to who knows what.
I'm on my way,
but it's gonna be there
before I am.
Now, I need you to be my eyes.
You've got to get to the top.
There might be
a woman up there.
She's blonde.
There might be others.
Okay, please hurry.
Got it.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
we're behind you,
do you copy?
Alex, do you copy?
She's not answering.
You got a shooter on the roof.
It's your blonde.
You're gonna have to do
something, Grant.
The tram's almost there.
JONATHAN: Stay calm.
Keep your head down.
Come on. Come on,
come on, come on.
Head down.
JONATHAN: Stay down.
Are you all right,
Mr. President?
Stand back, sir.
We'll get you outta here, sir.
What about the rest of them?
I'm afraid
it's you they're after.
Kelsey, I've got
the President.
Where are you?
KELSEY: Almost there.
There's another shooter
around here someplace,
and we're too exposed
going back around,
so I'm gonna have to
take him through the lodge.
Okay, you're gonna
have to stay down, sir.
Follow me.
Stay down.
I'm out.
Okay. Stay down.
Is the President with you?
ALEX: Yeah, Brinkman.
He's with me,
but I've been shot.
I can't move.
There's another shooter
on the roof somewhere.
You've gotta get
the President to the car.
She's hurt pretty bad.
Are you all right, sir?
Just covering the President.
Alex, we'll get him outta here.
Step away from
the President, McCall.
Don't make me shoot you.
I will.
What's going on with you, Alex?
You were the only one
who knew that I would
recognize her
as the one we bumped into
from the scout.
So you changed
that picture, right?
You were in Ryan's room.
Afraid I'd cancel
the dedication?
Step away from the President.
You're losing it, Alex,
aren't ya?
Am I?
Winslow's death wasn't
just a boating accident.
It was the only way
to put you in charge,
and Brinkman
was your little helper.
What was in it for you, McCall?
We already talked
about that, Alex.
Let's get out of here.
You're gonna be okay, Kelsey.
I'm proud of you.
Wait a minute.
What's wrong?
This red DRC
was in McCall's pocket.
The red phone
is a private direct line
to the Vice-President.
Why did McCall have it?
All right.
I want you to say two words.
GRANT: It's over.
Now it's our turn, McCall.
Let's go.
ALEX: The FBI's on their way
to the White House right now.
GRANT: What if
it doesn't end there?
You okay?
You wanna get married?
What's so funny?
Wait a minute.
Wait, wait. Wait, wait.
I've been carrying this
around all week.
Don't cry.
We have a special
news bulletin.
We just received word
that moments ago,
Vice-President Michael Warner
was arrested
on conspiracy charges
to assassinate the President.
His involvement
in the attack in Seattle
was uncovered
by Secret Service Agent
Alex McGregor,
head of the President's
Protection Detail.
There has been
no official statement yet
from President Hayes,
but a source close to him
at the White House
called this a dark day
in American history.