Fish n' Chips (2011) Movie Script

as my mm been here?
- Yeah, she came and got some eggs.
- What eggs?
She said she'll cook them
with the greens she's picking.
What greens, Panayota?
Your mother is just fine, Andy.
Mom, what are you doing there?
I'm looking for chicories, son
but they seem to be off season.
Do chicories grow in London, mom?
My time has come, son.
All I want, is to die in my country.
To be buried in the soil...
To be buried in dry soil.
Not in this mire.
Don't be scared. You're not going to die.
You're still young.
Son, I want to go back to Cyprus.
All right.
All right, let's go. Come.
Are we in Cyprus yet, son?
What happened?
He was with Sophie, eh?
Come, talk to me.
And if I really did, what then?
Do you think I like worrying
about you all the time?
Or that my dream was to work
in a bloody fish shop all day?
At least we have a home
and make a living. I'm doing it for you.
Andy, my son. Come
sit with us, you're good luck.
Tell me.
I need to get my mom to Cyprus.
Is that why you dragged me up here?
How much do you need? Is this enough?
You don't understand.
I have to go with her this time.
Fine. Send your mother first and
then we'll see about your holiday.
Jimmy, I need to get to Cyprus.
So do I. But I don't.
You want to know why?
Because Cyprus is in here, Andriko.
What family? The divorced German
and her pothead daughter?
Wake up, Andrikos. You're a nice guy and
they're just taking advantage.
If you had an ounce of decency
you'd have made me a partner years ago...
...instead of keeping me on as a slave.
Enough! Tomorrow you either show
up for work or you're all fired.
Hassan loves you
like his own, Andriko.
Good morning, my lady.
- Hello, Hassan.
- Hello, Eleni. Is Andy home?
Yes, come on in.
Mom, get inside.
Andy, my son, come to the shop.
Go to Cyprus
but don't come back.
- Mr Andis?
- Yes.
Why didn't Anestis come?
He couldn't. He had some contracts
to sign with some clients.
Those Russians are always like that.
They never have
their driver's licenses.
He'll be waiting
for you at home.
Mommy, they're here.
Is this his new house?
This is how everyone's doing it now,
Mr. Andis. It's not even that big...
Where are we, son?
You're a grown woman.
- Maria.
- Andy.
It's me mother, Maria.
You're getting more handsome with age.
Nice pot belly, mate.
You lost more hair.
Come here,
let me take a good look at you.
Sorry I didn't come pick you up.
I'm your son, mom.
We're going?
Mom, eat it. It's fish.
Mother, please,
let's not start this again.
They look more like sisters
than mother and daughter.
Aren't most English women like that?
They get pregnant at fifteen
and then wonder what went wrong.
Can you imagine Anna
with a baby next year?
No way!
An amateur fisherman can cast a
line as far as thirty metres.
Why did you say you'll teach him how to fish?
You don't know anything about it!
I'm learning now.
I really don't understand you.
A professional fisherman with proper
technique can reach 130 - 150 metres.
Anestis, he's your brother
for God's sake!
- And what am I supposed to tell him?
- The truth.
That I don't know how to fish?
Will you talk to him?
...snell, gang hooks, ground
angling, peg, bob flies, lead fish...
Lead fish?
You need a PhD to go fishing.
I'm all grown up. Speak.
You shouldn't have told them to come.
Are we going fishing?
I'll wait for you downstairs.
Eucalyptus! Pine! Thyme!
Smell it, mate! Smell it!
Roll it up,
you'll get my upholstery all dirty.
- Roll down your window, mate!
- Why? Did you fart?
- Some Cypriot you are!
- Look who's talking! The Englishman.
Did you look into what
I asked you?
Are you insane? Start a business
with just thirty thousand?
Why? You've done alright with less.
Big house, big car, big pool.
We don't say "big pool" in Greek.
Just pool.
"Big pool" sounds like "big arse".
Brush up on your Greek before
you move back, Charlie boy!
Mother! Mother!
Where are you Granny?
Good morning, sweetheart.
Don't worry, it'll be fine.
She's in Cyprus now.
OK, left hand below the right.
Bring the pole up.
Like that, but don't force it.
Grab it with your right hand.
Hold the line with your finger.
That's it, well done.
You let go when you cast.
Cast and drop.
- Show me again.
- Watch me.
Cast and drop.
You need to drop your finger
to release the line, OK?
That's about right.
Should we take her
to her village?
I asked you something.
I'm not going.
Only traitors cross to the other side.
I brought her to Cyprus. I've done my part.
If you want to take her, be my guest.
I'm not using a passport
to visit my own village, got it?
Calm down, mate.
- Can you spare a car?
- Any particular preference?
I always said I would pay you that money
back when I stood on my own two feet.
I'll even repay my college tuition.
I don't want anything from you.
I've got a good one for 40 euros.
- Thirty.
- Twenty!
- Are you really planning to stay in Cyprus?
- Yes.
Come on, let's go.
Get up.
- Where are we going?
- To find you a shop.
I was looking for mallows my dear,
but they seem to be off season.
Do you know where we are?
- Anna, stop teasing her.
- We're not teasing her.
- Will you change use?
- Yes, fish 'n' chips shop.
I was a cook in London
and I know the ropes.
You'll be rich within a year!
Kids love chips.
What's your asking price?
For you, eighty thousand euros.
Rent is not included.
It's a sure thing.
No glitches.
Didn't I tell you?
You won't find anything cheaper.
And stop saying you're from England,
they always double the price!
Oh, shit!
Mom, I think I'd like it here.
Finally something different,
not the same old thing over and over again.
I don't know.
- Mother, I've already added olive oil.
- No dear, it would show.
Even a little bit would show.
That's enough.
And you believe her? She's just a kid.
Anna has changed sinced they came.
Haven't you noticed anything?
I think you're exaggerating,
she's just entering puberty.
- Where is Giorgos?
- At the airport.
- Have you talked to Andy?
- A little bit...
I won't be your mother's nurse.
I can't go through what
I went through last year, alright?
Maria, he's had her for a year.
More than a year.
I can't cope with it, Anestis.
Why don't we hire someone
to look after her?
I could use some help around the house too.
It's turned into a hotel.
Are you out of your mind? We can't afford it.
I can't get another loan, Maria.
All my credit cards are maxed out.
We'll end up losing everything.
Have a little patience.
Anestis, take pity on me.
You're the one who should take pity on me.
Go on now, I have customers.
I'll bring her to work with me, OK?
Not now, Maria.
Come and sit here.
Who are you, dearie?
I'm your son, mom.
Turn off that music!
Is this the best cod you have?
Yes. Don't look at it like that,
it makes a delicious fish soup.
Do you have sole?
No sole, but I have very
fresh bass and sea bream.
I locked her in the car.
I turned the air-condition on.
If you want a bigger cod
I've got this one too.
Use frozen cod instead.
No one will know the difference.
Make it a fish tavern.
Grilled octopus, minnow,
red mullets, sea breams.
This is the Mediterranean, mate.
Not the Atlantic Ocean.
You'll never get the cod you're after.
Why do they have fresh tuna fish?
Is there tuna in the Mediterranean?
How should I know? Maybe.
Under Regulation 2065/61
of the European Union...
...fishery products must bear
an appropriate label...
...stating the trade name of the species,
production method and catch area.
You may continue in Greek.
Very well.
Essentially we are trying
to avert the illegal imports...
...from third countries.
Tell me, are you planning to import
fish from the occupied areas?
- Of course not!
- Then there is absolutely no problem.
Yes, but the fish will go off
by the time it gets here.
Others import high quality raw fish
from Japan for sushi.
And it stays very fresh.
Thousands of kilos too,
not small quantities like yours.
I didn't know fish
needed a visa to enter Cyprus.
We're Europeans now.
I popped out to get some tobacco.
Where are you going, auntie?
- To Cyprus, son.
- But we are in Cyprus.
- Eleni Papageorgiou.
- Yes.
Don't you worry about granny.
We'll get along just fine.
We teach them traditional
Cypriot dances, songs...
In fact, next Sunday...
...we have organized along with
the "Free Karpasia" Union...
...a visit to the Apostle Andreas Monastery
in the occupied areas.
We can put her on the list if you like.
You see?
She'll pass right by her village.
Thank you.
- Who are you, my dear?
- I'm alright.
Where are they taking me, son?
To your room, mom.
This is Nuria, from Spain.
Aren't we going to Cyprus, son?
We are, mom...
Oh, it's beautiful.
Will you marry me?
They said they'll leave
once the shop is open.
Do you love me?
I wish you had all stayed in England.
- Hey mister, get in line!
- One second.
This isn't fair.
You're selling ice-cream
outside my shop.
Has it reopened? "The Godfather".
Is it a video store?
Come again?
Come again?
As in fish.
I'm not stealing your clients.
I only sell ice-cream.
Can you at least move
a little further down?
You think you'll sell fish and chips if I do?
It's just locals here, there's no English.
You don't sound like a Cypriot to me.
Listen, mate. I've been selling my
ice-cream here for the past four years.
I'm not leaving. If you don't
like it, you move your shack.
Get me a strawberry
and a vanilla cone.
How much do you want to get out?
How much are you offering?
I opened my own fish 'n' chips shop.
In Cyprus, not London.
I'll rent a big house
and I'll get you out of here.
You'll have your own garden
to plant whatever you like.
Bless you, my son.
Where is your roommate?
Don't be afraid, you're not dying.
You're still young.
I'm not afraid, son.
Where many die, fear not death.
- Boss, make me another.
- Me, too. Hold the vinegar.
Fine, but step outside please.
The DJ and the bartender are here.
The best place for a bar is on the beach.
Should we move the bar outside?
We need a generator for tonight
or the lights will blow out the fuses.
I'll take care of it. Don't worry.
Forget about the party.
You need to stay in the hospital
for a few more days.
If you hadn't come in,
you would have fallen into a coma.
You're suffering from severe dehydration.
Nobody comes to see me.
Costakis? Is that you, son?
It's me, dad.
Go back to sleep, don't be afraid.
I want to go to the party too!
- You're not going anywhere!
- I'm going!
Anna, open the door!
I said I'm going.
Anestis, you need to reason with her.
Anna! Anna!
Ladies and gentlemen...
...I proudly present
this beautiful man.
The heart and soul of this awesome shop.
Don't worry.
We'll turn the lights back on.
I turned them off.
Do you want some?
- Darling, have you finished shitting?
- No, mommy but I'm trying.
Sorry, guys. The party's over.
Let's trash this joint.
This is awesome!
Anna, open the door.
Maria, get the kid.
Fire! Maria!
Find Anna!
Anna? My Anna?
Anestis, we should take her
to the hospital. Anestis!
What did you take?
It wasn't my fault, mommy.
Come on sweetheart,
get up - please.
Come on get up, get up...
You're an idiot.
Why don't you ask him to leave?
Maria, calm down please.
I'll come back
when the last of them is gone.
Andy, why didn't you leave
with your tourist girls?
- Don't you touch me, you jerk!
- Maria, calm down.
Fine, I'll tell him myself.
I'll be doing you a favor.
You're bastards, Andy.
You get in the car.
Move over.
Why did Maria call us bastards?
Why don't you answer your cell phone?
Tell Maria I left. I'll sleep here
I bought a camp-bed.
The care home called.
Mom got lost on the trip.
What are you, then?
- Have you been to our village?
- Yes, many times.
Who lives here now?
Hasn't Jimmy told you anything?
He sold it to some English woman
because I needed the money.
Isn't that why you came?
To claim your share?
Then why did you come to Cyprus?
And don't tell me you came
to open a fish 'n' chips shop.
I did.
What kind of Cypriot eats fish and chips?
It's one thing to come back
on a holiday every 3 or 4 years... you do, and quite
another to actually live here.
Do you remember our father?
Why do you ask?
He wasn't killed by the Turks.
I caught him and mom
shagging in the shop.
She was shagging him
like a whore.
The bitch was enjoying it too.
That's why I left England.
I couldn't stand them anymore.
I've never told anyone
except Maria.
You knew.
You knew all along.
Did you know?
Did you?
You are Mr. Haros (Death),
aren't you?
Mom, are you alright?
I'm waiting for death to come for me, son.
- Where are you going?
- Back to London.
- Are you walking there?
- We're swimming.
Come on.
Who are you? Who?
Hassan's son.
Come on.
- Stop the car.
- What?
It's mom. Pull over.
Mom! Mom!
You're welcome, son.