Fists of Legend (2013) Movie Script

One man against 14 men!
Do you think this is
just one man's bluff?
This actually happened 23 years ago
in Youngju, Gyeongbuk province.
He took down 14 men alone.
This is the guy.
Do you ever wonder what happened
to the best fighters of your school days?
We have the answer for you.
Legendary Fighter!
We have our first contestant, Mr. Kim Bong-chul.
Owns a fried chicken restaurant.
The legendary 14 to 1 fighter!
Let's check out his fighting skills!
A two minute fight test with
a professional mixed martial arts athlete,
Jason Kim, the first Asian person to win
IFC Heavyweight Champion
will be tonight's commentator
and a judge for today's bout
Hello. Nice to meet you.
I'm Jason.
Today we have
Mixed Martial Arts Warrior FC
Middleweight Champion Jung Sang-ho!
Rough blows!
He looks like a wild buffalo!
What do you think, Jason?
He looks more like a cow
Kim takes a middle kick and falls!
Is he really the legendary
14 to 1 man?
I think he was one of the 14 men.
A take-down!
Jung doesn't give the opponent
a second to breathe today!
For contestants with
no basics like him,
- it's better for them to end it quickly.
- Stop, stop!
End of Fight!
The referee calls for a stop!
Legend Verification Failed!
He was in high school when he took down
a crime organization alone.
From Ajoongri, Jeonju.
Legend of the Legends!
Today's second contestant,
Mr. Park Chul-soo!
Unlike the last contestant,
he's got his basics down.
His weight shift in the
lower body is good.
When he throws a punch,
his feet are on toe-heel line.
A right hook!
That was a direct hit!
- Legend Verification Failed!
- Down!
- Another legend dies.
- Are you okay?
Leave him, he'll live.
A High kick!
Our third contestant,
Mr. Na Hyuk-soon!
Is it because of his good
physical strength? He's resilient.
It's been over a minute!
A very strong take-down!
He's doing a choke.
Will Mr. Na hold up?
I think he should give up.
It blocks the blood flow to the brain.
He could die!
Na is still holding up!
Mr. Na, please give up!
You could die!
I think he won't give up.
Or is he?
Is he?
Is he?
Two minutes are up!
- Yes.
- Mr. Na is amazing.
He's the only contestant
to endure the two minutes today!
End of Fight!
This week's legend is born!
Legend Verification Successful!
The last in our program is
a fight between two legends
for the prize money of $20,000.
The three minute Round 3 has begun.
Their skills are both great,
but they're armed with tenacity.
It's so gruesome!
It's a fierce slug fest!
It's an extraordinarily exciting match!
Who will win this week's $20,000?
Both contestants won't back down!
They just won't yield!
Let's get a puppy and
go to the water park
that we went with mom...
Your message has been sent.
Unread, unread, unread...
This noodle dish is delicious!
Thank you.
Did you know?
The better they fight,
the better they cook
I heard you were really
famous back in high school.
You against five South Seoul High's
best fighters is a legend.
I already said no.
Why did you come all the way here?
They keep calling in
I don't know who those
crazy people are.
But I wasn't some school bully.
If you came here for that,
don't pay and just leave.
How can I not pay for this
delicious bowl of noodles?
$20,000 for one week's
prize money! It's quite big!
Legendary Fighter Producer Hang Kyu-min!
$20,000 for one week's prize money!
You don't have too many customers anyway
I already told you I won't do it!
A broadcasting company
won't take no for an answer.
Please go.
If I lacked conviction,
would I have made a rough show
like Legendary Fighter?
I haven't seen, I don't know.
If I lacked conviction about you,
would I be here right now?
How should I know?
I think I can challenge
myself to win that $20,000.
When you have conviction about yourself,
please call me.
A man with pride is
the most beautiful man.
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
He'll call soon
I'm sorry.
It was our job to do it.
A man looks most incompetent
when he has to say sorry.
Let's go.
Yes, mother, I'm at the restaurant.
How have you been?
How are you, girl?
What took you so long?
The food is cold now!
He never got the concept of time.
I came as fast as I could!
Get a bowl of rice-cake soup.
Hey, Soo-bin
What are you doing here?
Why did you come home so early?
What's wrong?
You want a drink?
No, no.
Why not? You quit drinking
after your wife died? Loser.
How did you know?
You're so bad.
Soo-bin, come and eat with me
I guess he's a really special guest.
It's like catering a buffet
every time he comes!
Try some stir-fried noodles.
It's very good!
Mother, don't make all these for me.
You girls stop too!
You must be happy getting
all the love from your mother-in-law.
If you go home hungry,
I won't be able to sleep well tonight.
This is so delicious!
Soo-bin, come here.
Let's eat together.
Come down.
Talk to him while you eat.
Did Soo-bin do something wrong?
You want me to tell him?
Leave me alone!
Don't you dare throw a fit!
If you don't want to talk,
at least come and eat.
You have some free time
tomorrow morning?
Tomorrow? Why?
You got time or not?
I do. I will make time.
What are you doing?
Stop it, dad!
Good job raising your kid!
What do you do for a living?
I run a small restaurant.
Did she learn to use the pen
like a knife from her father?
I'm sorry
I'll pay for the hospital bill
and apologize sincerely.
Please let my daughter attend school.
When I get out of here,
that bitch is dead.
No, sir. It's all my fault.
I didn't raise her right.
I'm happy that you have a dream.
Why did you fight with her?
If I were you, I would've stabbed
her with a fountain pen!
You only got a half of my genetics.
That's why you're nice.
If you stabbed someone with a fountain pen,
you could've killed someone!
Do you think this is funny?
If you got money,
buy me a fountain pen
so I can kill all the annoying
people in my way.
Do you have the money?
Of course
I heard that you can barely
pay your rent for the restaurant.
Who said that?
I have so many customers these days.
I guess you know.
Yes, this is he.
Legendary Fighter?
You know Mr. Lim Deok-kyu?
Your high school friend
who runs a noodle shop.
I heard that you two were rivals
in Sadang high school.
How do you feel about fighting
a great ringside match in 25 years?
Mr. Lim agreed to be on the show
I don't know who told you this.
But I'm just a regular office
employee. This is absurd.
I'm far from being violent
I have to go now.
- Call the police!
- Okay!
The bitches are brainwashed with
communist newspaper and Twitter.
They think an entrepreneur is
a fucking piece of shit!
Manager Lee!
Young people these days
have no fucking morale.
Don't people get a bit aggressive
when they get drunk?
Right, M r. Park?
That's true, President Son
Mountain man wore a cloud hat.
He flew like a butterfly.
He approached quietly.
Which room is it?
It's room number one.
Go bring the boss.
Yes, sir.
Take care of it.
The cumulative prize
money of $40,000.
He has won second time in a row!
Going for the $60,000 is Mr. Choi
Joong-man also known as Mr. Turtle.
Mr. Turtle is dominating the match!
He's got superhuman strength!
He tramples all over his opponent!
Get up!
- Is he really an office worker?
- Get up!
He looks like a professional athlete.
How could you compare him to us?
A finishing blow!
For the first time in this program,
he's going for the third win!
Isn't a soccer kick against the rule?
Mr. Turtle!
- Please stop.
- Stop, stop!
What's wrong with him?
He ignores the referee!
Mr. Turtle is going berserk!
- Hurry and stop him!
- Stop, stop!
He's brutal!
This is not a bout!
Choi is trying to infflict pain
on his opponent!
This is an insult to the sacred ring!
He's no legend.
He needs to be disqualified!
He loses by disqualification!
Choi fouls and loses his chance
to win the third win!
Choi Joong-man loses by disqualification.
There goes his $60,000!
Sadang High Legend.
Mr. Lim, you're a true man.
You're very manly.
- Please follow me.
- Okay.
Are you a national representative?
Something like that.
Let's shake hands.
I'm Seo Kang-kuk.
Lim Deok-kyu here.
You own a business?
A restaurant?
I can tell a lot by
looking at a person.
Let's talk about that later
and start the fight.
I was a member of
the National Intelligence Service.
Why don't you believe me?
Isn't National Intelligence story
going a bit too far?
Can you get the
content rating approved?
Interesting. We can omit
that part for the ratings board
I'm the victim of the power struggle
of the National Intelligence Service
I was always proud of my job
and got axed suddenly.
Why should the agents get fired
when a new administration comes in?
Do we live in the 1970s
like the Silmido soldiers?
You keep saying that
you were a secret agent.
What do you exactly want?
I want my job back or compensation.
I need to live too!
Why don't you tell that
to the National Intelligence
instead of this program?
They won't let me!
Mr. Seo.
What did you do at the National
Intelligence before you got fired?
It's confidential information.
I can't tell you.
His Taekwondo moves
are very collected.
And he gets hit
like the collected person he is.
If he really was a secret agent,
I'm worried about our national security.
A very strong jab in the abdomen.
It was a big impact for him.
The legendary national intelligence
agent is going down!
Give it up!
Mr. Seo, give it up.
He is holding up Mr. Seo
I said, give up!
He's still doing okay.
Wait. What is that?
Mr. Seo. Where are you going?
Mr. Seo!
Was this show a comedy genre?
I didn't scout you with a big salary
to do comedy.
Don't edit any of the National
Intelligence story and just go.
The National Intelligence will understand
that we did it for the entertainment.
Yes. Let's go to next contestant.
You used to make such
highly rated programs on broadcast TV.
But now, your show continuously has
only one ratings point at our network.
We feel somewhat insulted.
Who's next?
Here we have our last contestant
of Legendary Fighter.
Name is Lim Deok-kyu.
He is 43 years old
and owns a noodle restaurant.
He was a legend at
Sadang High and took
control of Dongjak
district 25 years ago.
The charismatic Legendary Fighter
steps into the ring.
Mr. Lim used to be an amateur
boxer up until high school.
Mr. Lim was a boxer
not a martial arts athlete.
A low kick!
Look at that low kick.
There's nothing like that in boxing!
Mr. Lim seems so lethargic.
Referee, tighten it up.
The show is getting too loose.
Mr. Jung! Hurry and finish him!
What just happened?
Our Jung Sang-ho,
the middleweight
champion is down!
Jung is okay. He's fine. Go!
A left hook! A left hook!
Right uppercut!
Jung is down again!
The contender who came for
a verification of his fighting skills
knocked down our
professional athlete!
This is unbelievable!
- Is Jung okay?
- Holy shit!
Mr. Jung! Jung Sang-ho!
Jung. Get "P!
After one hour, we'll tape the show
Are you going to be okay?
I think one hour will be enough.
Let me see
I'm okay
I think you got it worse than me
I told you I have conviction about you.
Please hold back the pain
and win one more game.
For $20,000
and for the TV ratings
I don't care much about the ratings.
If I win, can I get the money
right away?
On the spot,
in a white envelope.
The contestant won by disqualification
I think Mr. Lim has over 95%
chance of winning.
Your show appearance pay
will be transferred to your account.
So hurry and go home.
That was from two weeks ago.
There was a new winner
from last week.
Who is that?
The National Intelligence agent
doesn't know?
Do they have to know everything?
For the prize of $20,000,
a match between two legends.
Mr. Shin Jae-seok knocked out
Mr. Yoon Sung-jin
and won $20,000.
Will he win against the unprecedented
Mr. Lim Deok-kyu?
Mr. Shin said he never
played any sports.
But as seen last week,
he is animalistic
and has instinctive fighting skills.
Here are the instructions.
Long time no see.
Now you recognize me.
Stop talking to each other.
No headbutts, soccer kicks,
Elbow strikes.
To your corners.
I'm Shin Jae-seok
from South Seoul High.
Coming on the show like this.
Your life must be pretty shitty.
Let's get this over with.
I think the two just
talked to each other.
It was probably something like
"let's not get hurt".
Shin's attack continues!
A take-down!
He's showing superb skills today.
Will Lim survive today?
Did Shin learn martial arts?
He looks like a real fighter.
I just need the money.
That's not right.
Headbutts and elbows, which can
cause injuries, are forbidden.
This is not the back alley, Mr. Shin.
That's a warning. No headbutts!
Stop, stop, stop!
That's a cut. Cut!
We can't have that many tattoos.
We can't air this.
Why not?
Kids these days love these!
Mr. Shin, do you want to
advertise your gangster days?
That's our money.
So you follow my rules.
Edit the scene when he takes the shirt off
and go from where they go again!
This is how I've been doing.
Lim corners Shin!
A ceaseless stream of punches!
This is dangerous for Shin!
A left hook!
A right hook!
A left hook! A right hook!
Continuing left hooks!
Referee stops.
Referee stops the bout.
Lim is the winner!
He is awesome!
After knocking out
a professional athlete,
he perfectly vanquished
last week's winner, Shin Jae-seok!
A new star is born!
Shin Jae-seok, you all right?
I didn't go down.
We're going to aggressively promote
this week's show.
A noodle shop owner
knocks down a professional athlete.
You're going to become
an overnight sensation!
While we are at it,
why don't we go for the 10th win?
I'm done.
Excuse me?
I just need $20,000.
A human shouldn't beat up others
and get kicked around for money
I think you habitually
only think about yourself.
What about our TV station
who just gave you $20,000?
I'm going to stop here.
You can ride this car home.
Thanks for everything.
Mr. Lim Deok-kyu!
Shouldn't you leave the cool stuff for
young ones in their 20s?
40-somethings should do
anything for money.
You got family.
See you in a few days.
Shouldn't you be home already?
You want me to take this cab?
Why don't you call the National
Intelligence chopper?
I told you I got fired.
If you want to be on TV so badly,
just go sit on the first row
of televised talent competitions.
Please don't edit anything
in my episode.
The managerial office of National
Intelligence must see this.
That arrogant bitch.
How old are you?
My birthday is in January, 1970!
How long has it been?
25, 26 years?
It's been a while.
How are your parents?
With a son like me?
They are long gone
I'm sorry I couldn't go to the funerals
I didn't go either.
I was in the slammer.
How are your kids?
I'm a bachelor.
Don't I look like a college student?
Life is tough, huh?
Me? I'm doing all right.
This show was for fun.
Just wanted to warm up.
You still got the punch.
My ride is here. Wait!
If someone bothers you at work,
you call me.
And make a lot of money
at that stupid show.
Do you see the guys still?
The guys?
You know, Jin-ho and Sang-hoon
I haven't seen them
ever since then.
Let's grab a drink sometime.
You must had a tough time there.
I should've visited you.
The juvenile hall.
You mean the prison.
Are you sorry?
If you were sorry, you should've
let me win.
See you.
Why did you sit in the back?
I'm not your driver.
Sorry. That's my friend.
Just let me have this one today.
What's with your face?
Did you lose today?
I'll tell you later.
Hurry and go.
You call yourself a gangster.
You're a disgrace to gangsters!
Oh, my head!
See you.
One, two. Faster!
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
You're late. One, two.
Wake up! Huh?
One touch.
Why do we box?
To enhance the national prestige?
My ass!
We box because we want to get rich.
For poor people like you who don't study,
the only way to get rich is
getting a medal that pays pension
or becoming a boxing champion.
So work hard.
Yes, coach.
Until the Olympics in 1988,
let's work hard for one year.
Got it?
- Dismissed.
- Thank you, coach.
You kids.
Lim Deok-kyu!
What the fuck?
I'm a junior here.
We're in the same class.
Don't hurt an innocent by-stander.
We only want to kick your ass.
Just stop.
Sadang High kids! Just go!
Aren't you cocky?
Sadang High bastards
are just hopeless
I told you to go.
Let's go.
I'm sorry
I'm Lim Deok-kyu from
Sadang High
I'm an athlete
so I can't get in trouble.
See you later.
You stop right there.
Study hard guys.
We have to go to college.
Hey, 88 Olympics
88 Olympics!
When do you have time to sleep?
You have to work out.
Who are you guys?
I heard that you manhandled
South Seoul High kids yesterday.
All right. Just go away.
I won't cause
any problems at school.
That's not why I came.
After you moved here,
you should've come to us first.
Are you the leader here?
He's number one.
You're number two.
Got it.
We want to be friends with
the national representative.
What asshole?
Shall we step out?
Leave me in peace, you assholes!
You have an awesome voice,
but you've got a bad attitude.
Were you in an oratorical contest?
I, Lim...
Yo, what's his name?
Lim Deok-kyu!
Lim Deok-kyu! Come out, bitch!
Lim Deok-kyu!
Lim Deok-kyu! Come out, bitch!
Who are you?
What the fuck?
- Mr. Park. Call the dean. Hurry!
- Lim Deok-kyu!
- Get lost.
- What the fuck!
- Are you crazy?
- Who are you?
Get out of my fucking way.
Lim Deok-kyu!
Where are you? Lim Deok-kyu!
You know him?
You want to do it here?
Or go some place quiet?
Let's go.
Hey! Olympics.
Where are you from?
I'm Shin Jae-seok from
South Seoul High. Asshole!
Why did you come to our
school without permission?
That was a pretty good punch.
I'm not here to see you.
Where are you going?
I'm running away.
Bitch. Stop right there!
You can stop
I'm not here to see you.
- Hope it's delicious.
- Yes. Hope you like it.
- Is this a bribe?
- Yes, it is
- Thanks.
- Please enjoy it.
You guys get down from there.
All right.
Just leave them alone.
Are you hungry?
You told me not to pack lunch
and what do I get in return?
Just wait.
My old man gave me some money
for the field trip.
What do you want to do after?
It'll be over by 3 PM
What else is there to do?
Let's just watch a movie
and grab a beer
I have something better.
Why don't you two fight?
We'll gather kids around.
Whoever wins,
I'll give you the money.
How about it?
Do you think I'm stupid?
I just want to bet on a fair
sporting event.
Sun Jin-ho.
You must be an imbecile.
Your dad is the imbecile!
- What, asshole?
- Forget it.
Don't do it if you don't want to.
It's for $200.
You pussies have no ambition.
He's so freaking late.
- What took you so long?
- I'm sorry, sir.
What's with that?
Is he rich or something?
You know Chung-myung Group?
His grandfather is the founder.
His father is the president
of Chung-myung Construction.
Is that why you always
keep your mouth shut in front of him?
Drink up.
To 88 Olympics,
let's not offer alcohol
or cigarettes.
That's right.
Get a gold medal.
What is that?
That persevering bastard.
He must've seen A Better Tomorrow
too many times.
He thinks he's Chow Yun Fat.
You want me to go again?
I have to make it to the Olympics.
Then don't go to the Olympics
Lee Sang-hoon.
He's calling for you.
Lim Deok-kyu.
You two losers come out
Lee Sang-hoon, Lim Deok-kyu!
I'm eating, asshole
I haven't had lunch either.
He's got good punches.
Hit me with it.
Hurry and do it.
This isn't right
I want a duel.
You can't do it?
Then punch me one time
and get it over with.
You hit me twice.
Last blow to the stomach is embarrassing
so I won't say anything.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Now that we're friends,
it's friends till the end!
Did you see Chow Yun Fat
and Lung Ti?
One more time, Cheers!
Thank you so much for
the wonderful food and drinks
It's my pleasure.
Did you think I'd say that?
Lobbying with food
is the lowest kind
I won't touch the food.
Let's just drink.
The second generation of rich
family business owners never does.
But the third generation is always
getting in trouble, drinking alcohol.
Maybe because they mix their drinks.
By the way...
Who tipped off reporter Seo
about the incident?
It must've been
one of the employees there.
The informer?
I'll tell you after you drink this.
Is the informer important?
It's important that the readers
love these gossips.
Stories of the rich and famous.
It's important to us that you hold back
that piece forever.
As soon as I go to my office,
I'm going to print it for tomorrow's paper.
Please, sir, I beg you.
Just follow the custom.
What custom?
You want to withdraw
the advertisements?
Please understand.
That's the only thing we can do
I heard that you and Mr. Son
are best friends.
We are classmates.
Have a drink.
Birds of a feather truly
do flock together.
One beats up a bar hostess.
One threatens a chief editor
that he's going to withdraw advertisements.
You two must be great friends.
Are you okay?
Once a high school boxing star,
Lim Deok-kyu becomes a TV star
1. Lim Deok-kyu
2. Jung Sang-ho KO clips
3. Legendary Fighter
We'll cheer for you,
Mr. Lim Deok-kyu.
Holy shit!
Look at these comments.
The tattooed gangster video clip is up,
and it's a big hit.
Someone from the audience
must have posted it.
Ms. Hong please come and look.
Soo-bin's Noodle Shop
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you. Please come back!
- Four Bowls to table number two.
- Please enjoy.
Yes. Four bowls. I'll get
the ones that are ready first.
- I'll be right there to clean up.
- Here is your food.
If you go on TV one more time,
you'll kill me.
Don't come to work anymore
You might get sick
I don't know how to beat up someone
but I got better stamina than you.
Don't worry about others
and go work out
I don't need to work out
I'm not going back to the show.
What? You're not going
for the second and third win?
I got the money I need.
Are you insane?
It's a great opportunity.
Do you think you're rich?
What's wrong, mom?
Bring him to his senses.
Pour a cold bucket of water over him.
You hit the jack pot!
Winner of Legendary Fighter,
Lim Deok-kyu's Noodle Shop!
From National Intelligence Agent,
Seo Kang-kuk!
How is it?
It's embarrassing!
Strike while the iron is hot.
Did you get what you wished for?
The network edited so much out
that they won't budge
I need something stronger.
Stronger? How?
This man heated up
the internet all last week.
Mr. Lim Deok-kyu who knocked out
a professional martial arts athlete
is going for his second win.
The contender is this week's
Legendary Fighter, Mr. Min Young-ki.
Is Mr. so-called Intelligence agent
Seo Kang-kuk Mr. Lim's manager?
The world has become
a better place.
If you mentioned Intelligence Service in
the old days, they would've locked you up.
Perfect counter punch.
Four, five, six.
He won't stop punching
Min is in danger.
He's down!
This is Lim's chance!
But he just stands there.
Mr. Lim.
- In mixed martial arts,
- Fight!
You don't wait when your
opponent goes down.
The bout continues until
the referee stops.
This action is ridiculing
the opponent even more.
A strong right body punch!
Referee stops!
He wins second week in a row!
Mr. Lim receives $40,000!
I don't know if we'll find
a worthy opponent for Mr. Lim soon.
Unless a professional athlete
like our Jason here.
How dare you compare him to me?
You need to refrain from insulting
professional martial arts athletes
I think you need to be quiet.
Mr. Lim has good manners.
Tonight, the owner
of Soo-bin's Noodle
House continues to
turn his life around.
Lim Soo-bin.
You have friends who have
something like this?
Like everybody.
No matter what,
don't give up on your dreams.
You'll regret it later like daddy.
Can you not talk something stupid
when we're eating food?
This is not just food,
it's pork cutlet.
Is this funny?
It's not.
That Eun-seo kid
Is she back in school?
That was a good experience for you.
So next time, don't beat up
anyone for no reason.
When you get mad,
take a deep breath.
If you still can't calm down.
Then hit some place
like the cheeks.
Not the eyes or nose
but spots like cheeks.
One, two!
Just punch hard once and end it.
You said you won't go back
to that lousy show again.
Your grandmother keeps
insisting that I go
and the restaurant is swarming
with customers.
If I want to keep that up,
I need to do some advertising.
It is him.
- Then change the name of the restaurant.
- He looks just like him.
Stop using my name.
Check out his fists.
He looks scary.
- If he hits us, we might die.
- Isn't that the picture girl?
It's her.
What's with that?
Let's go
I don't know if getting famous
is such a good idea
I heard that there is a camera in there.
Want to take a picture together?
You said you have a daughter
in middle school.
Does she like you?
Of course.
When you live
abroad for a long time,
a family becomes very tight.
Saying that you lived abroad
makes you look like a real agent
I don't lie.
Lose him! What are you doing?
Defense! Don't just get hit!
Move away and punch.
Put your guard up! Put it up!
Lim meets a very strong contender
in three weeks.
Mr. Kim Sang-rok has learned
martial arts from long ago.
As I said, the best martial arts
is the mixed martial arts.
Lim is still putting up
a pretty good defense.
He's up again.
Kim's attack continues.
Lim seems helpless.
A high kick! Right on the spot.
Lim must've taken a big hit.
Lim is continuously pushed back.
Does Lim grab this chance?
Continuous blows.
A left hook.
Left! Right!
Now, Lim doesn't wait
on his opponent.
Look at that.
Massive pounding
That's what I call mixed martial arts.
Before he knew it, Lim has
assimilated mixed martial arts.
Referee stops.
Lim is the winner.
Lim has shown us
some shocking stuff.
Without consoling his opponent,
Lim enjoys the joy of victory.
He becomes a true fighter.
- Welcome.
- Yes.
If you already paid you due,
I guess I can't do anything about it.
Lim Deok-kyu.
It's Deok-kyu.
Hey, Deok-kyu.
Long time no see
I saw you on TV. You kick ass!
He showed that middle-aged
Korean men are still alive.
That we are still very much alive.
A pride of Class of 88
Legendary Fighter, Lim Deok-kyu.
Say something
I thought it'll be awkward to come
to the reunion since this is my first time.
But thank you for greeting me
so warmly.
Take it easy.
We won't hit you.
Okay. Hope we keep in
touch more often.
I'll come to the reunions more often.
So come and dine
at my restaurant
I heard that Soo-bin's Noodle House
is doing really good.
What are you going to do
with your prize money?
Pay for this reunion today.
Okay, today, it's on me.
Go Sadang High!
How have you been?
It sucks.
Doesn't everybody?
Today, why don't we
listen to Deok-kyu's story?
The story of the Legendary Fighter.
- That sounds good. Let's hear it.
- Great.
In senior year, a few kids from our school
got beat up by Myeon-seok High kids.
Are they here today?
The ones who got beat up?
- Who is it?
- That's him right there
I took revenge on them
and kicked few butts.
They chased me for months
It was really tough.
Boxers work out tremendously.
They are different from
normal people.
They didn't know so they just
came at me.
It's like a kindergartner
picking a fight with a grad school student.
If you were so different,
why did you kick around the normal kids?
I didn't hit anyone
We were just fooling around.
Human memory is so convenient
Isn't it?
Yo, everybody fooled
around back then.
Hey, Deok-kyu
Why did you quit boxing?
At first, I was into boxing without
knowing much about it and competed.
When everybody kept complimenting me,
I lost interest
I thought you got in trouble
hanging out with Lee Sang-hoon
and had to quit boxing.
Who said that?
I heard Sang-hoon works for
Son Jin-ho's CM Group
I guess he wants to spend
his life as a henchman.
That's so sad.
You don't see Sang-hoon?
Why not? You should.
You were best friends with Sang-hoon.
Have a drink.
You don't recognize me?
South Seoul High kids were
kicking my ass
when you came and saved me
It's me Jang Joon-soo.
Oh, Joon-soo.
- Nice to see you.
- Same here.
- How are you?
- I'm doing great
I didn't expect to see you here.
How did you even think about
coming to the reunion?
Now that you're here
I've been meaning to
tell you something.
The time you saved me
I'm not grateful at all.
Because after you learned my face,
you were very mean to me
I didn't use profanity back then
so I didn't know, but now I think about it.
You were a piece of trash.
Hey, Joon-soo Are you drunk?
What are you talking about?
This was all in the past,
we're all friends.
A friend? What friend?
Let's not do this.
We need another round.
Are you leaving?
No, I'm just paying right now.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
This is bull shit.
He's not a legend.
He's an outcast. An outcast!
We just ignored those
fist fighting bastards.
Better alone than in bad company.
Stop it guys. If you start talking
about the past, there is no end to this.
Block it! Mark it!
Nice shot.
Shorter, shorter! Shoot!
- Let's go play by ourselves.
- Okay.
You only need to punch
Why are you always running?
Are you going to run a marathon?
Go to your own school.
You better get over here.
This is all you got, right?
If I find another cent,
you're dead
Lee Sang-hoon.
Go away.
Just walk away
This is embarrassing.
Is this what number one does?
You stay in the gym
and stop worrying about school stuff
I thought you were good.
How can a tiger survive
on eating grass?
If I'm going to play,
I need to fatten my wallet.
Then go earn it, asshole
or ask for allowance
from Son Jin-ho.
- What the fuck?
- Fuck!
What are you doing?
I thought you two were friends
Didn't you watch A Better Tomorrow?
Chow Yun Fat never fights Lung Ti.
You disloyal bastards.
Nothing happened between you two
Got it?
Go away.
I said go
I said no.
The Olympics will be held
in Jamsil district.
Why are they taking down
Sadang district?
What do you want?
Do you think I hang out with Jin-ho
for his money?
Did you come to argue about that?
On the field trip day.
Do you remember the guy
who brought Jin-ho's lunch?
That's my dad.
He's Jin-ho's mom's driver
I'm being nice to Jin-ho for
my old man so don't take it wrong
I'm not a coward who will
brown-nose for money.
The people here are getting kicked out
of their or your beloved Olympics.
So what?
So be sorry, qualify for the game,
and get that gold medal.
What does this have to do with me?
National Amateur Boxing Championship
and 88 Olympics 2nd Qualifying Round.
That's it. One, two
One, two. Okay.
More. Go further in.
That's good!
Push him back.
That's good!
We'll announce the judges' decision.
For the 40th National Amateur
Boxing Championship
and 2nd Qualifying Round for the
national boxing representative.
Final round for welterweight division.
With the score of 11 to 10
Red corner, Hwang Yoon-chul wins.
- What happened?
- Why?
This game is rigged.
Hey, did we win?
Lim Deok-kyu! Lim Deok-kyu!
Coach Choi.
What is this? This is nonsense.
Coach Choi! Let's talk.
Let go of me.
For a big game like the Olympics,
an experienced athlete should compete.
Isn't that how the world works?
Open the fucking scoring card.
You call yourselves judges?
Lim Deok-kyu won.
Lim Deok-kyu.
Lim Deok-kyu! Lim Deok-kyu!
That's good.
Isn't it?
Hey, Deok-kyu.
Lim Deok-kyu!
Who is he?
Don't you know the amateur boxer?
- He's fine.
- Oh yeah?
Hey, where are you going?
Come and join us.
Lim Deok-kyu?
Am I your friend?
Just leave him.
You be careful
Nice clothes.
Look at these ladies.
Let's have fun tonight.
Buddy, laugh a little.
Look at these bastards.
- Hello.
- Yo, yo.
- Where are you going?
- Go down.
Come on! Let us in!
We got money. We'll tip you.
Bastards! Go to Cheongryangri!
Don't come around here.
Come on
We won't come back tomorrow.
Yo, bastard.
You want to go in that badly?
Then go bring your mom.
When I'm done with her,
I'll let you in.
What the fuck?
- What the fuck did you say?
- Fucker.
- Just leave him.
- What the...?
What, bitch?
Let go of me
What the fuck did you say?
Stop it.
For Lim Deok-kyu!
- Where are they?
- Which ones are they?
Hey, guys!
Fuckers! Get them!
Hurry and drink up
Let's open for the day.
Yes, sir.
Fucking asshole! Get them!
You really want to die?
Kill them.
Cuff them
and haul them all in.
Let me fucking go.
Come on!
I'll never lose. Never!
I'll never lose.
Bow down to me, you bitches!
Mr. Lee, wait.
Lim Deok-kyu is the talk
of the town right now.
Can't you just use him
for few more months?
We've been getting tipped off
about his bad boy days.
So I'm a bit concerned.
What kind of bad stories?
You were his classmate,
don't you know?
That he played rough back then?
Did they say bad things
about me too?
That's only for us to know.
Every show needs some
human drama.
Two friends meet in the ringside.
One man is a manager
at a big corporation
who sent his kids abroad
for good education and lives alone.
If you win, we'll make you
the idol of office workers.
Ms. Hong.
Do you know how many news media
I'm in charge of?
If I go on that show, they'll
take me for a joke.
How can I control them afterward?
I'm sorry that you had to come
all the way here.
You're in charge of PR.
So you must know your basics?
That our XTM channel is
owned by Minjoo Daily
I know.
My boss is from Minjoo Daily.
My boss called the chief editor there
this morning.
He said he knows you well.
That you two met recently.
I heard you turned it down.
What do you mean?
Going on the Legendary Fighter show
I call a direct call from Minjoo Daily.
If you go on the show, they'll make
my bar incident go away forever.
Is that show popular?
Just this once.
If you can handle a brief embarrassing
moment, our company can thrive.
We're 43
You're about to take off.
You have to get your promotion.
You'll go, right?
There goes my $20 million again.
Answer me.
Okay, sir
I've always wanted to see you
fight Lim Deok-kyu.
Back in the day, you two almost did
and never actually did.
Can you win against Deok-kyu?
Kang-kuk, let's go.
Let me drink some water.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
Come out, I'll clean up.
You're going to be late for the taping
Let's clean later.
We can't leave it like this
I told you to stay out of the kitchen.
Isn't breaking something
a bad omen?
Thanks for the encouragement.
We're closed today.
We're closed.
Mr. Lim.
Soo-bin What happened to you?
What happened? Tell me.
Oh no! Are you okay?
You'll be okay.
What should I do?
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay, baby.
Soo-bin Oh no.
Soo-bin, tell us what happened
so we can help you.
Soo-bin, it's okay.
Tell us everything, it's okay.
Why can't you talk to us?
You're just like your mom.
After all that, she came here
To her dad.
What happened?
You're Soo-bin's friend, right?
Is Soo-bin okay?
Are you Soo-bin's friend?
I'm Soo-bin's dad.
What happened to Soo-bin?
I know who did that to Soo-bin.
- Where?
- Over there.
Move, move, move.
Asshole! Stop acting up!
It's the Legendary Fighter.
You really brought him here.
You kick ass
I'll love you forever
I gave my best acting face.
Who is it?
Who did that to Soo-bin?
Who is it?
Who did that to Soo-bin?
Hey! Look at his acting face!
Look at that face.
It's a piece of art!
Did you do it?
Why would I pick on a girl?
The girls probably
went at it in school.
Did you do it?
She's like brittle noodles
There's no fun in punching her
I know.
One man against many is cowardly
I know Soo-bin has a temper
and beat up some girls.
But how can you do that
to a girl's body?
What did he just say?
Lim Soo-bin beating up kids?
She didn't hit anybody
She's an outcast.
The outcast of our class.
Is she his real daughter?
Lim Soo-bin Loser.
She acts so snooty
because she can draw a little.
That's why she gets beat up
The reason I called you here is
because I want to fight you
I'm going to be on the show
after 20 years.
you made her an outcast.
Wasn't that enough?
Be quiet, old man.
Listen to me first
I'll start from the beginning
I'm going to be on the show
in 20 years
I want to be introduced as the
guy who fought you.
Will the show still be on air?
Hey! He's number one
in the internet fight community.
Fight him! He's pretty good!
Stop this, guys.
What do you mean?
A master challenging
another master.
Isn't that a beautiful Asian tradition?
If you win against me,
I'll make sure that
no one touches your daughter.
Girls, you promise?
Stop this.
Stop whining and hit me for real.
Is it like father, like daughter?
You two are fucking resilient.
Record it! Hurry!
He's good.
He's a dead man.
You can't record him
without his manager's permission.
He's the face of Legendary Fighter.
This week's Legendary Fighter is.
Mr. Lee Sang-hoon.
He was selected as
this week's Legendary Fighter.
He works as the PR manager
for CM Group.
A successful white-collar,
a wonderful family man.
Interesting thing is
Mr. Lim and Mr. Lee
were classmates at Sadang High.
Ladies and gentlemen,
are you excited?
Legend of the Legends
Mr. Lim Deok-kyu enters the ring.
The crazed contestant of
Legendary Fighter, Mr. Lim Deok-kyu!
The contender came here to give dreams
to the 10 million white-collars.
Mr. Lee Sang-hoon!
No headbutts,
soccer kicks, elbows!
Lee Sang-hoon, I'm sick of this.
Let's do this fast.
Stop talking to each other.
This is a big game.
The classmate match of
Legendary Fighter begins now.
Cheer up.
Go around and around.
A middle kick like a bolt of lightning.
- It's okay. Put your guard up.
- Lee is incredible.
Lim seems to have taken
a big hit in the abdomen.
He seems impassive today.
Lim doesn't look good today.
He's wobbly when he throws a punch.
He's not defending at all.
Put your guard up
Lee doesn't attack.
Lim Deok-kyu doesn't seem
to have any will to attack either.
You guys can't do this.
Take it slow.
A front kick!
Another middle kick.
He can't seem to get it together.
That bout ends in vain.
That was so unexpected
Lee Sang-hoon, a Knockout win.
Lim Deok-kyu is through.
- Winner.
- This is shocking
Lee Sang-hoon becomes
the new Legendary Fighter
I think I can hear the 10 million
white-collars cheering for him.
Let go of me.
When daddy was young,
he was a boxer.
Then I used those boxing skills
to beat up things
and take money from people
I was a piece of trash.
That's why I'm getting punished now
I've failed to protect you.
It wouldn't make a difference
if I take revenge on those kids now
I just wanted to...
I just wanted...
to be a good dad.
when I meet your mom up there,
I don't want to be ashamed
for failing to protect you.
I'm sorry daddy is a loser
I'm sorry, Soo-bin
Daddy is a loser.
You're awesome.
This is Lee Sang-hoon from PR.
- Hey, you came.
- Yes.
Get up
I told you
I can put up with anything
except for the labor union
getting in my way.
Bet your position on it.
If you got enough money,
then go sloppy as usual
I'll bet my life on it.
Give them a pep rally
and fire all those union asses.
Yes, sir.
Go away now.
Give me back the watch.
Good job.
Is Deok-kyu okay?
That was a direct hit
I think he's okay.
But Deok-kyu is not the type
to get beat up like that.
There must've been something
I wanted to see a real bout.
How well do you think
you can fight?
How different are you
from high school?
Bring him in
I want to see your real fighting skills.
If it's good.
I want to sponsor
that Legendary Fighter show.
Thanks to you, we'll get
some good publicity.
Sta rt.
You don't think you can win?
Should I not sponsor?
Mr. Son... are we 18 years old?
Is this something you should ask
a person who had a fist fight
on TV for the company?
What the fuck did you say?
Why did you stop
growing up after 18?
Do you want to get fired?
It's been too long
Let's end it here
I'm deeply indebted to you.
Manger Lee! Lee Sang-hoon!
Lee Sang-hoon!
Manager Lee
That was a great show.
Okay Hyun-joon, I got you!
I got you so listen to me.
When you pick a school,
you need to evaluate the quality
such as how many graduates
make it to Harvard or Yale.
Don't you worry about the tuition.
What do I do the best?
What does daddy do the best?
I'm best at making money.
Ask mom if there was a time
daddy didn't send money on time.
So don't.
So don't think about anything else
and simply study.
Ask mom for anything
If you need more money, you tell me.
Daddy can send you everything.
You know I make good money
I'm the key person at work.
You know?
Thanks, son.
Now, you can tell me
what you really wanted to say in English.
What are you doing?
I'm sitting
I told you so
Lee Sang-hoon is not making
enough buzz around the white-collars.
I think this lukewarm response
of the viewers.
Mr. Cho!
Match of Legends?
We ask people to vote online
for the best eight players.
For the prize of $100,000,
an 8 player knock-out tournament.
A contest to find the best
middle-aged fighter.
Isn't it sexy?
Not for $100,000.
Why not?
It's too little.
Then for $200,000?
I'll take the $200,000
and raise live broadcast.
When people dial in to vote,
we can also charge them money.
If I may add one more,
these untamed fights
no longer draw attention.
So we train them with
an intensive course
Jason owns a gym
We train all of them there
so they can fight like
the professional athletes.
So you didn't get your title
by winning a poker game.
You like my idea?
Legend Let's all gather in the meeting room.
Ms. Hong.
Remember the guy who was
bluffing about National Intelligence?
Mr. Seo Kang-kuk?
That's him.
He called me.
I got his old job back.
He wanted to thank me
for getting what he wants
and thank the show
$200,000 Prize.
The Street Fighter, Shin Jae-seok.
Fried Chicken Restaurant Owner
Yoo Tae-kyung.
The Legendary Fighter.
Former high school boxer
Legendary Lim Deok-kyu.
White-collar Fighter Lee Sang-hoon.
Unruly Fighter
Mr. Turtle, Choi Joong-man.
Who will
as the true
Don't I cook well?
You're about half as good as mom.
Eat a lot.
You too.
That's your favorite
I had 7 pieces out of 8
You eat it.
Since my cutie pie gave it to me,
I'll try it.
It's yummy.
Hello. I told you I won't go.
Stop calling me.
You made that tournament
without asking me.
What can I possibly do now?
Match of Legends?
There are many guys
who want to show off their strength.
So bring them to the show
I'm not interested.
Are you kidding me?
You told me never to
give up on a dream.
What dream?
When you were boxing,
did you ever win a championship?
No. I haven't.
Lim Soo-bin.
Granny called. She told me
to make you go on the tournament.
Kick with your weight into it.
Sang-hoon, harder
It's too weak.
Kick with your weight into it.
That's it! A knee kick!
Hi, Deok-kyu You came.
One, two! One, two!
Jab into it!
Grab it by the neck!
Knee kick! A knee kick!
Next is pounding.
You see the hands going up.
Hold it and go for an arm bar.
Game over.
You okay?
Yes, I'm fine.
That's it! Grab the neck!
A knee kick.
A knee kick A take-down.
After pounding, hold the hand
and throw an arm bar.
Are you okay?
No, I'm not okay
I'll go easy
We should've had a drink
after taping the show that day
I don't want to drink with someone
who purposely lost the game
I'm sorry about that day
I didn't think much about it.
If we really fought,
who would've won?
I don't know.
You, me, and Shin Jae-seok.
We might fight at the tournament.
But I have to win this time
I have my reasons.
Me too.
Let's forget everything
when this is over.
You haven't changed.
You've always been the cool one
and I was the mean one.
There's nothing cool or mean about it.
We were all young.
Young and stupid.
You're still the cool one.
You think this is your bedroom?
Which one is Son Jin-ho?
I'm Shin Jae-seok
Shin Jae-seok.
Come out.
Wait in here for a bit.
Yes, chief.
You all right?
I was so worried about you.
Please make sure your dad
doesn't worry too much about this.
You're 18. What do you want
to do with your life?
You want to come in and out
of the prison?
Listen to me carefully
I'll introduce you to a person
who will save you from all.
Or you can call your
parents to pick you up
and go in front of the judge later
I'll go with the first option.
Go on.
That's the good guy
I've told you about.
Get in.
Today, you become adults.
In the world of adults,
you can't always win by working hard.
A person who knows how to win, wins.
We're trying to get every person
in this lot to sign the contract.
And one guy is holding out.
Do you how to win that?
You threaten him.
At the end of the hallway
on the 3rd floor,
there's an office without a sign.
There will be a guy sitting alone.
Stab his stomach
two, three times and come back.
If you bring back the knife,
there's no evidence.
You saw my cop friend.
Those cops won't come
near this area today.
All my kids are dying to do this job.
Because they want to succeed
with one shot.
But I want to give you guys
this opportunity.
Because I want to teach you
how to win.
- Thank you.
- Hey
I'll wait here
Hurry and finish the job.
You just lay low for a while
It's game over.
Yes, sir.
Shin Jae-seok.
Come on.
Shin Jae-seok.
This is so wrong.
What is?
This is wrong.
If you can't do it, then go
I'll do it alone.
Don't go outside.
Deok-kyu We were duped.
There's nobody here.
Nobody's fucking waiting.
Let's go tell Jae-seok.
Forget it.
He won't stab anyone.
Let's fucking study
and go to college.
Get hold of yourself, asshole.
You get hold of yourself.
You don't want to do it either
Why did you follow him?
Lee Sang-hoon
Lee Sang-hoon!
Please help me.
Deok-kyu, I'm scared.
Let's go. Come on.
Just run.
It's the 3rd floor, get him!
I'm Shin Jae-seok from
South Seoul High.
You were here.
What are you doing here
at this hour?
Can we go somewhere together?
Hello, come this way.
Nice to meet you
I'm Ahn Yong-chul.
You know Choi Joong-man, Mr. Turtle.
Jae-seok says we've met before.
But I just don't remember.
Have a seat.
How long ago? 25 years ago?
Back then, I was involved
with organized crime.
Now, I just run a normal business
This is my shop.
My daughter is waiting
I have to get back soon
I see
Then let's make this short.
Do you know sports betting sites?
I'm running one.
Aren't you short tempered?
Listen closely.
This Match of Legends
is up on our site.
Naturally, I'm going to bet on
my kid Joong-man.
You've seen the tournament chart.
You're up against Joong-man
for the semi-final.
And that's practically the final round.
Comparing the skills or physique
my Joong-man will certainly win
I lied to the TV producers
but he's been preparing to become
a professional athlete for a long time.
Mr. Lim?
Let's be honest.
You need that $200,000.
Here is $200,000
I don't need that
I'm not here to get
that petty money.
So don't think too hard.
You just need to hit few times
then let him win.
Did you pay off the other 6 players?
No. I'm not that rich.
Jae-seok and other 40-somethings
are just sidekicks.
You admit that too
Right, Jae-seok?
Are you going to chase
after the uncertain prize money?
Or take my certain $200,000
Make your choice.
Of all things,
think about your child.
Are you going to make your daughter
sleep in a restaurant?
Mr. Lim, you're a father, all right.
You made money, huh?
Noodle shop owner makes it big,
a $200,000 overnight.
You got more to say?
You want some sort of fee
or something?
You've changed a lot.
Guess no one can win against time.
Mr. perfect Lim Deok-kyu
crumbles in front of money.
What do you want from me?
Isn't this what you want?
Let go.
We can fight at the tournament.
Frankly, I thought you'd refuse.
That's the Lim Deok-kyu I know
I can't ever do it,
but you can.
Are you embarrassed?
Then I'll try to finish
what you couldn't.
See you in the ring.
You did good
You made money anyway.
Long time no see.
How are your kids?
I'm a bachelor
Don't I look like a college student?
Lim Soo-bin.
You have to win.
Is this your daughter?
Soo-bin, say hello.
They are my friends.
Is she your real daughter?
It's a live TV so focus.
Do you want to be the producer?
Maybe I should.
They are your brothers and uncles.
They are your fathers.
Tonight's contestants are
regular people like you.
The Match of Legends will begin now.
Stop, stop!
A High Kick.
Mr. Lee is incredible.
There goes an arm bar
An arm bar.
Stop, stop! Stop, stop!
Game over.
That technique
I taught him that myself.
Final match of the first round.
The front-runner
Mr. Turtle, Choi Joong-man.
His opponent is the street fighter,
- Mr. Shin Jae-seok!
- The instructions.
No headbutts,
soccer kicks, and elbows.
Hey! Elbow!
To your corners.
The match begins.
A knee kick.
Choi starts aggressive
from the beginning.
Another knee kick.
Look at that.
Shin is putting up a pretty
good fight.
Shin is having a hand-to-hand
combat with Choi.
Choi throws in a choke.
Shin is in danger.
Let's end this.
Let's end it.
Come here.
You come here, come here.
After Shin miraculously holds up
the first round,
he has a different style
for round 2.
- Referee is stopping the bout.
- A warning.
This is my strategy
Avoiding by running away.
That's right.
- Purely with strength,
- Fight.
Shin can't win against Choi.
Shin knows that
so he uses his head.
Now, Choi will take
a big physical toll.
Choi thought this was going
to be an easy win.
But he looks so exhausted.
No one imagined this fight
would go to round 3.
I'm Shin Jae-seok.
A warning.
Cheer up, bastard.
It's the guillotine choke.
Mr. Turtle turns the game
around in matter of seconds.
This is Choi's best technique.
This one is hard to escape.
Shin desperately tries to get out.
He seems to be in a lot of pain.
- Stop, stop!
- A tap out. Game over.
Choi, Mr. Turtle is the winner.
The game went as expected.
But Shin put up a good fight.
Yes. He lost, but his intelligent
play was superb.
What are you doing?
I tried hard not to look so obvious.
Go Lee Sang-hoon.
Did you see?
He spent about
half of his strength on me
I know you'll lose
but I want you to know
Lee Sang-hoon vs. Yoo Tae-kyung
It's the first match of the semi-finals
Lee often uses kicks,
but he has yet to attack.
Yoo learned mixed martial arts
as a hobby.
He's cleverly using
his ground-fighting skills
Lee is holding up pretty well
but it's a tough fight.
Pounding by Lee!
Yoo is trying everything
to get close to the ground.
Closer he gets,
more damaging it is
Lee's middle kick hits
right on the spot
Lee's strike continues.
He grabs the chance
Lee is bringing out
his best techniques.
But Yoo counterattacks.
Can he reverse the situation?
Yoo's attack continues with
Kimura attack.
The situation has reversed
Lee is in dangerous situation.
A knee bar
Lee seems to be in a lot of pain.
Will the idol of 10 million white-collars
go down like this?
It's the triangle choke.
Yes. Lee gets in position.
- A tap out.
- Stop.
- Lee Sang-hoon.
- Bravo.
Lee Sang hoon to the Finals.
Mr. Park, I think Sang-hoon
went on the show for the money.
Raise $100,000 to his salary
and bring him back right away.
Yes, sir
I feel so lonely these days.
- Cheers.
- Cheers
Lee Sang-hoon,
the idol of white-collars.
He didn't let the 10 million
white-collars down.
He made it to the finals
I think Lee was injured.
Mr. Lee, are you okay?
Where does it hurt the most?
Is it your leg? Your knee?
I'm okay.
Are you going to make it
to the finals?
I'm fine.
That's good.
Between Choi and Lim,
who would you like to fight
at the finals?
It doesn't matter.
Is it because you're confident
that you'll win?
Yes, I'm here to win.
He's so cool.
- He's a man.
- That was Lee Sang-hoon!
Mr. Lee.
Mr. Lee.
- We need paramedics.
- Step back.
Mr. Lee.
What's wrong?
Take emergency measures
He needs to go to the finals.
Shouldn't you go see a doctor?
It's okay, I'm all right.
You want to fight with
a body like this?
You want me to give up?
$200,000 must be a lot of money.
It's not about the money
I want to fight fair and square
till the end.
Sang-hoon, you're awesome
You're different from someone.
You know the Turtle
will go to the finals.
If you go up against like that,
you could die.
He won't let you get off easily.
Second match of the semi-finals.
The highlight of tonight's tournament.
With a face of the Grim Reaper.
The best of the best
The Turtle.
Mr. Choi Joong-man.
Mr. Lim You need to go up.
Yes, Sang-hoon.
You can't fight the Turtle
in this condition.
Give up and go to the hospital.
Why do you only think
the Turtle will win, bastards?
Deok-kyu, don't you have
any self-confidence?
Are you that scared of the Turtle?
Mr. Lim Hurry.
This is an exciting match.
The Grim Reaper
vs. the Devil himself.
Two best fighters of
Legendary Fighter.
It might end as soon as it starts
so stay alert
I bet on Mr. Turtle.
Round 1 begins.
They're engaging in
During the first round,
he used a lot of his strength.
But Choi still seems relaxed.
Hit me.
Choi is provoking Lim.
Lim should not play into
Choi's scheme.
A left high kick.
Choi pushes Lim back with punches.
A strong take-down.
And a choke.
Lim is in dangerous situation.
Aren't Choi's ground skills superb?
It won't be easy to
get out of that hold.
Is the bout going to end like this?
Lim fights back with all his might.
He is holding up
as much as he can.
But Choi is just too powerful.
He's out.
He got out of the choke hold.
But Choi doesn't give him
any time to rest.
A left hook.
One, two
A punch in the abdomen.
Continues with a stream of punches.
One more take-down.
An arm bar.
Choi is displaying
superhuman strength.
Lim seems to be in pain.
Oh my!
He is holding up again
with all his might.
- End of round 1
- Stop, stop.
- Lim escapes from the danger.
- Release him.
Choi shows lack of sportsmanship.
He did that last time
and lost by disqualification.
- That bastard.
- Jae-seok.
Are you okay?
It's fun.
She must be his real daughter.
Now, two contestants are getting
too emotional.
It is so different from when they were
fighting for $20,000
$20,000 and $200,000
are very different.
Do you think they are fighting
hard for the prize money?
They're not?
Martial arts athletes bet their souls
in the ring.
A low kick.
Lim's movement seems better.
Another low kick.
It's the guillotine choke.
Lim seems to be suffering.
Shin went down for this technique
during the first round.
He cannot escape from that.
It's cutting off air completely.
He's in pain.
What are you doing, Deok-kyu?
Hit him on the side.
Right there. It's open.
Hit him.
Jae-seok Turn it off.
Leave it on.
My dad won't lose. He can't.
- He gets out, Mr. Lim Deok-kyu.
- That's it.
- Okay, that's good.
- Okay.
Yes. It's a miracle to escape
from a choke twice.
Choi probably thought
he finished the bout.
Choi seems to have taken
a big blow in the abdomen.
End of Round 2.
The two contestants are
showing a true fighting spirit.
We expected no worthy
opponent for Choi.
But the bout is going
into the final round.
Lim throws a superman punch.
A left hook.
Once again, a left hook!
A left hook, down!
Lim throws powerful punches.
Doing good.
You have to thank me for that.
Lim is waiting for Choi to get up
as he did during the first show
I think he wants to go back to
the 18 year old boxer at this moment.
You're wonderful
Mr. Lim Deok-kyu.
Choi gets up again.
Punches to the stomach.
Down again.
Finish it, go in.
Get up.
Get up!
A left hook
Choi is down for the third time.
Lim's blows are hitting accurately
right on the mark.
Get up.
Go Lim Deok-kyu.
Deok-kyu told me to return this.
Get up.
Hey, you promised to let me win.
A backdrop suplex.
Choi reverses the situation
with one backdrop suplex.
Mr. Turtle is still alive.
Look at that pounding
It's ruthless.
Lim seems to have
taken a big damage.
- Stop, stop.
- Referee stops.
Lim wins the bloody battle
He's great.
- He's amazing.
- Winner.
This is amazing
It was the best bout ever.
Lim Deok-kyu to the finals!
Isn't your dad awesome?
Go, Lim Deok-kyu!
I was tipped off that someone
is trying to rig the game.
Do you know anything about that?
No, sir.
Oh really?
Look at this
Look at the ratings.
Get me new graphics quickly.
Friendship or money?
Two high school classmates
Lee vs. Lim.
Their ill-fated finals Okay?
Mr. Lim, you're great!
How do you feel right now?
Now the dramatic finals
of the two classmates has come.
For the $200,000,
you will have to win.
Do you feel disturbed?
How will you fight the finals?
I'm done
I don't want to fight anymore.
Why should two friends fight?
Mr. Lim Deok-kyu!
Get Lim Deok-kyu
What is he doing?
Emcee, talk about something,
buy time.
Mr. Lim just displayed
an unpredictable behavior!
I think he's still excited
from the earlier match.
No. Go follow him for an interview
or bring him back.
But he can't give up like this.
He can't be so irresponsible
in front of all the audiences
I'll go meet Mr. Lim
and try to convince him.
Move, Jason.
Please respect the noble decision
of an martial arts athlete.
What are you talking about?
Move, Jason.
An arm bar.
Game over.
What are you doing, Jason?
Mr. Lim Please wait.
Mr. Lim Deok-kyu.
You can't do this
This is a live show.
You're about to stop
a live broadcast.
You have to keep your
promise with the viewers.
Why did you change your clothes?
You told me to go see a doctor.
You don't want to fight either?
Why do you always have
to be the cool one?
Let me be the cool one today.
Wait up. I'll go with you.
- Deok-kyu.
- What are you two doing?
You think you two run this show.
But I created this show
I bet $200,000.
So you go back in that chicken coop
and fight or chew each other.
And take your $200,000.
Ms. Hong.
Come and eat noodles sometime.
Mr. Lim. Is it so important
to act like a man?
When $200,000 is about to
slip through your fingers?
Ms. Hong.
Is it a big deal to stop a live show?
Of course
They'll fire me for good.
You don't have to
stop broadcasting the show.
Every sports has something called
win by withdrawal.
Do you need two chickens
in that cage?
I'll go in alone
and receive my $200,000
I'll smile for the camera.
Prepare the caption.
Lim Deok-kyu chooses friendship
Lee Sang-hoon chooses money.
- Yes, ma'am.
- And.
Put a trailer up for Legendary Fighter 2:
The Women Fighters
You're lucky
to have a good friend.
You're getting $200,000
without a fight
I'm going to split it with Deok-kyu.
That's a promise.
That's some flexibility you got there
I've worked at an office for 17 years.
It was a fierce tournament.
The winner, Lee Sang-hoon
is entering the stadium.
What is it?
I've decided to go back to school.
You're not going to transfer?
Yeah. I'm going to go
face-to-face like you.
What if they bully you even more?
You told me to stab
with a fountain pen.
That's not good
I'm joking
I'm going to forget about it all
and talk to them first
I have to fight it out.
Something will turn up.
If it gets too hard,
I'll tell you.
Let's go.
But Mr. Lim Deok-kyu is
still not a champion.
I know.
But this is enough.
Champion Lim Deok-kyu!