Five Breakups and a Romance (2023) Movie Script

There's this weird phenomenon
scientists call "Quantum Entanglement."
Hi best friend!
Long time!
This is Gab, my boyfriend.
And this is Matt and Ginny.
And Andie and Kyle.
They will watch the concert with us.
Once entangled,
particles will always have
an effect on each other.
And that's Lance. Gab's best friend.
Regardless of their distance.
Nice to meet you.
Guys! Let's go!
Say we're both microscopic
particles like electrons.
Once we have that connection,
we're basically one.
And whatever change
you go through
affects me too.
Even if we're separated,
even if we are on
opposite sides of the universe.
Actually, Einstein himself was
weirded out by all that physics so
he called it "spooky action at a distance."
It's a very mysterious thing.
Like love at first sight.
Or soulmates.
I don't believe it.
It's science.
It's a pick-up line.
Cute, but still.
You're this guy who thinks you can get
a girl with some bullshit like that.
Can't a person just be
So, what's his name?
The guy you left back home.
But he's not the only reason why I left.
Career, money, independence.
Everything a woman wants.
Except romance.
Well, it's all about romance.
Until it isn't.
That makes leaving easier.
Your turn.
What's her name?
The girl you left in the Philippines.
I have no one to leave.
No one? Why?
You're attractive enough.
Quantum entanglement.
That's what I'm looking for.
Like your friends?
Who just happened to
have found their soulmates.
Keep an eye on your friend, by the way.
Tell him to get it together.
You're looking for perfection.
What I'm trying to say is your best
friend fell in love with my best friend.
So if that didn't happen,
we wouldn't be here right now.
We're the only singles in this group.
Isn't that why this happened?
Even that is fate.
So what time is your flight tomorrow?
10 a.m.
So this is goodbye?
Yeah. Too bad, we can't
even have breakfast together.
If not for the concert,
we wouldn't even run into each other.
I know.
Have a safe flight, okay?
I'll miss you.
Me, too!
Take care, okay?
You, too. Be safe, okay?
Hey! Justine's leaving.
Bye guys.
- Be safe!
- Bye! Nice meeting you.
I'm telling you, Gab.
Take care of my friend.
Of course, I am faithful.
Lance, bye.
- Bye Justine.
- Take care!
Is it safe for you to go home alone
at this time of night?
Yeah. This is Singapore.
Do you want to go somewhere to sober up?
Coffee or...
you want to go somewhere else?
Somewhere quiet?
Wine? Just walk around?
I don't know... Show me around.
No, it's okay. Please.
It's fine...
Thank you.
I'm sorry for keeping you up.
But after this, I can walk you home.
Are you telling me to go home?
I'd rather have you here
if it were up to me.
I mean
But if you want to...
I usually run in the morning
before work to clear my mind.
Wow. Disciplined.
But I'll just skip it.
How many years have
you been staying here?
And I love it here.
They say Singapore lacks soul.
Because a lot of it is artificial.
But look at their progress.
Back home, we dream to
be the next Singapore.
Look at the buildings.
How they designed them.
That one. Marina Bay Sands. Esplanade.
Gardens by the Bay.
You haven't seen it. It's incredible.
I like how the city's sort of
creating and fiercely defining itself.
Wow, you sound like you're
never coming back to the Philippines.
You seem captivated.
I can go home anytime.
I think I'd always want to come back home.
I love the chaos. I love the disorder.
There's some sense in the madness.
But it feels like there's more
of a culture. But that's just me.
I see what you mean. Yeah.
Your space helps you define who you are.
My family owns a small business.
Embroidery. A tailoring shop in Batangas.
I come from a big family.
There's so many of us. It's crazy.
It's always loud and chaotic.
We live on a beach front
so when I'd like some peace
and quiet, I just run to the beach.
I would sit down and let my mind wander.
For hours on end.
Something like this.
My family's very traditional.
Probably why I seemed
like a puzzle to them.
Well, actually, I bet
that hasn't changed one bit.
Maybe I'm just not
cut out for that kind of life.
I don't have to be on that plane tomorrow.
I can stay for you.
So you have someone to talk to.
I'm sorry. Was I talking too much?
No, no! It's fine.
It's okay.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
Thank you for this.
Makes me happy that
we're friends now.
My mom's a cardiologist.
And my grandfather's a pulmonologist.
But he used to be a hardcore smoker.
And my Uncle Mike, the one living in L.A.,
he's the one who
specialized as a nephrologist.
Yes. Doctor for kidneys.
Before he became a full-time musician.
Imagine, in his 40s.
I think that's really cool of him.
Man, did your whole
family take up medicine?
I bet your dad's a doctor, too.
Ah. Neurosurgeon. The best in the family.
Is that why you want to be a doctor, too?
Or is your heart set on
something else like your Uncle Mike?
My problem is, I haven't
figured out what I really want to do.
The pressure can be suffocating.
Especially from my dad.
He's very strong-willed. Same with mom.
Eventually, that proved to
be what split them apart.
I'd like to blame them for
bringing out the rebellious side of me.
You're a rich kid alright.
Well, people with lesser means
don't have that luxury.
Goals have to be defined
from the start.
You can't go hungry.
You'd be lucky if your passion
is the same thing that feeds you.
I thought you were going to say
that you relate to my story.
Mm-mm. I'm sorry.
I would never pass up
on that kind of opportunity.
you'd be busy with something
more worthwhile than picking up chicks.
That's so dated.
What? It's still like
that where I come from.
That's the term?
Hey, chick.
Ick. Cut it out!
You sound like my uncles and my dad.
Lady killers, all of them.
I mean don't get me wrong.
I love them, but that
old patriarchy... ugh!
Ah. So that's where "all men are shit
including that Alex guy" comes from.
It's a matter of fact.
All men are shit.
Okay. So on behalf of all men, I'm sorry!
But still, I like men.
You have your uses.
I knew it.
Excuse me?
Women can manage on our own.
Come on!
I can work with it.
Are you gonna kiss me or...
Hello! Good morning!
Shouldn't you be at the airport by now?
If I don't do this now,
I'll regret it for the rest of my life.
I'm still working.
I can wait.
Wait in the lobby. I'll just wrap this up.
We need to talk. Okay?
Alright, I'll go ahead now.
- Bye.
- Thanks.
Bye, boss! Have fun.
- Bye!
- Bye.
It was a one night stand. Nothing more.
I thought we were clear on that.
Crystal. That's why you sneaked out.
But you will be on that flight tomorrow?
You told me I haven't seen
Gardens by the Bay.
So you're staying as a tourist?
Then we can have a date.
Here, look at our photos.
Except you're not smiling.
Lance, I'm sorry, okay.
I really don't get it.
What's your plan?
Plan? What do you mean?
Why are you doing this?
I like you.
I want to get to know you.
You know what, you wouldn't like me
if you had met me in the Philippines.
It only happened because
we were both drunk.
That's after we've had coffee, though.
- Lance.
- Hey.
You sure you want to
forget about last night?
You really didn't feel anything?
It was just sex?
Hey. For your information...
Men aren't the only ones
who have sex with no feelings involved.
But yeah.
I have feelings.
I like you, too.
But I can't help being cynical about this.
It's just
embracing certainty.
That's how the universe is built, remember?
Spooky action?
There you go again.
Come on.
It doesn't have to be
anything just yet, right?
Let's just enjoy what we have
right here, right now.
Didn't you say,
"never pass up on an opportunity"?
Come in.
Nice place.
Thank you. My sanctuary.
May I?
Seriously? Me?
Thank you.
Let's take one.
Right now?
Ready. One. Two.
Let's eat.
You know what, this dimsum is my favorite.
I can take you to Bugis tomorrow.
If there's something you
want to eat, we'll find it there.
After that, we could walk around.
Just tell me if there's
anything else you want to do.
Do you think we can do long-distance?
I thought we weren't making plans.
Now you're talking about a relationship.
What if we're meant to be?
If we are, then so be it.
I thought you were going to leave
without saying goodbye.
Flee after sex?
No, of course not.
Also, my flight is at 6pm.
Where are you?
Just doing some last-minute
shopping for my mom.
Would you like to get lunch first?
Before you head to the airport.
I'm skipping work today.
Alright. I'll send you the address.
See you.
Oh, I got you this.
You'll find it useful. Open it.
What's this?
Soap dispenser.
Pretty sure you know how to use it, right?
Of course I do.
Thank you.
I got you something, too.
Are you sure?
Sorry. That's all I could come up with.
I didn't know what else to give you.
No worries.
You already took so many pictures of me.
I'll still like you
even if we're back home.
You're just saying that.
I'm jealous. I'm a workaholic.
Sometimes, a bit of a killjoy.
So you broke up because
Alex said those things?
And another woman.
I might not
like you in the Philippines.
You might be a different person there.
Like how you're a different person here.
Here, we don't have any problems.
It's all fun.
Well, I'm glad I made you happy
even just for a little bit.
I'm glad, too.
But a few more days and
I would have strangled you.
You're so annoying!
I'd like to court you.
I'll call you every day.
Lance, maybe you should
focus on med school.
At least be sure of what you want in life.
For once in my life, I'm sure of this.
I'll come back. I'll come back for you.
You said it's easy, right?
It was fun.
It's just one of those things.
No hard feelings?
I knew it. I knew you'd miss me too.
Idiot. As if.
Fine. I'll miss how corny you are.
Ask me what I'll miss about you.
What will you miss?
The sex, of course!
- The mind-blowing s...
- Hey!
Hmmph! Stop it.
Bye. Bye. Bye.
All right. All right.
Just go.
Just one more.
That's enough. Go on.
I'll see you.
Ah, Justine.
Where is he?
Still no answer.
I've been texting and calling but...
Come on, Justine. Chill!
More wine. Drink up. Let's enjoy the night.
Let's go. Let's go!
So cute!
Look at the little baby.
What's his name?
Hi! Hello.
- Happy Holidays!
- Oh my god, so cute! What's his name?
Hey Lance! At long last, you're here.
We've been waiting for you!
So I've heard. New car?
Yeah, yeah. I had no choice.
Had to get a new car.
It's a total wreck, bro. So...
I got a G-Wagon this time, man. So, yeah...
G- G-Wagon?
What took you so long?
Ah, the traffic.
Where were you?
I mean, you said you had to
take care of something important.
That's why you made me go first.
Hey. You'd better not fight here.
Ah, dude. Why don't we smoke first?
Come on.
We had a group study.
I'm struggling with Microbio. I had to...
My god!
How are you? Long time!
Merry Christmas.
Hi, Pia.
I didn't know you were coming.
Blame it on Lance.
He insisted.
You know how the traffic is.
He didn't want to drive by himself.
Imagine! Two hours and 30 minutes
from Espaa to Alabang.
Right. Huh. Excuse me.
Let him be.
I love Tokyo!
The people. The food. The
culture, the tradition!
And above all, I love,
love, love the fashion!
Had herself checked out
six months ago. Same symptoms.
Yeah, at that point,
uh, the diagnosis was...
acute bronchitis so the treatments were...
I heard you did fashion in Singapore.
Ginny was just talking to me about it.
Uh, yes.
Brand management.
So? How long has it been
since you visited Singapore?
It's been more than a year.
So why did you come back?
I mean, you were already in Singapore.
You could've easily done Tokyo.
Who knows?
I just had to.
I just needed to do some things.
I needed to do some things for myself.
You're gonna put up your own brand?
That sounds too ambitious.
Maybe just a small boutique.
So, what are you doing now?
I mean, I'm sorry.
I'm just really passionate about fashion.
Because I'm studying fashion.
No, it's okay.
I'm a consultant at Express.
Like, fast fashion?
Just until I find my footing.
I mean, it's a different clientele but...
I can learn a lot from it.
There's a lot of issues there.
Sustainability, labor...
Yeah, but that's such a big shift.
I don't get it.
But a job's a job, right?
Excuse me.
Sorry. Excuse me.
Did I say something wrong?
Uh, how about we just be quiet first?
How about we give them some space?
Let's go to the living room.
Are you okay?
You don't look okay.
Then why ask?
Okay, look.
If you were offended by
what Aila said, I'm sorry.
Hold on.
Me? Offended?
I wasn't offended.
I even answered all that kid's questions.
Kid? She's not a kid.
She's a child.
Eighteen. Barely legal.
What are you implying?
Your friend is an asshole.
Surely, Sophie has moved on, right?
And why are you acting
like you're the ex-girlfriend?
Well, same feathers.
I know you weren't at a group study.
But seriously?
You actually brought Pia here?
I'm not easily offended.
But, really?
You brought her here?
Don't start with me.
Hang on. Start what?
Me? I'm testing you?
You're so insensitive.
I was at a group study!
We didn't notice the time.
What else do you want to hear?
How couldn't you have noticed the time?
Even just for a second,
you never glanced at your phone?
You're always like this.
Really? Always?
Yes, always!
Why? Am I wrong?
Because you know what,
if you cared, you would text me.
You'll think about your girlfriend.
Because Alabang is so far.
Two and half hours, right?
"I wonder how my girlfriend
is doing with my elitist friends?"
Wow! Elitist? Look at yourself!
You come here, drunk, having just-
Having just what?
I only had a few drinks.
I'm not drunk.
Just what?
I know you.
Then say it!
Having just?
Fucked that woman!
I'm not cheating on you.
Since when were you this neurotic?
I'm your girlfriend and
you don't even talk to me.
I don't know what's going on with you...
Okay, fine!
Fine, I wasn't at a group study!
I was at the dean's office with my dad!
I flunked all semester.
And my dad had to save me again. Happy?
What do you want to hear?
There it is!
I was useless there, Justine.
I looked like a worthless piece of shit
watching them talk about my future.
A future I don't even know I want.
Why didn't you tell me?
Tell you and then what?
What could you do?
- You'll take all my exams?
- No.
You'll write my papers? Do my practicals?
- What?
- I would be there for you!
Be there for me?
I asked Pia to be with me-
- because she knew exactly
what I was going through.
Because I know you won't.
Because you always see me as this.
This privileged kid!
Fuck that!
You're just like my father.
You're always right.
Always the best.
That's the reason why-
That's the reason why my mom left him.
You're acting all nice
and perfect and innocent-
You know-it-all fucking assholes!
But the truth is-
- you're all just fucking
narcissists hiding behind all that-
What do you mean...?
You want to leave me?
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way.
- No
Because everything you just said
wasn't about med school.
Everything you said... it's resentment.
What do you mean by them?
That I'm angry.
I'm mad at the situation, Justine.
Mad at the situation?
You're angry so you're lashing out at me?
That's always been the problem.
You don't see me as your partner.
You don't see me as your friend.
You have this notion of
who I am, of what I am.
Whatever the hell I'm feeling.
You don't know me at all.
You keep projecting
the reason for your anger on me.
The problems you're working through.
Because you know-
you know I won't say a thing.
Because you know damn well
that I'll always take it.
Because in this relationship,
I'm the one that always gives.
That's it.
You've been wanting
to say that all night, right?
Go on.
Justine. We're here now.
Speak out. You love
pointing that out, don't you?
That in this relationship, yes!
You're always the giver.
You gave up all your dreams?
You stopped thinking about yourself?
Giving up everything for fucking love!
And for what?
A loser?
You know how that makes me feel, huh?
Every fucking day.
That's how you make me feel.
You make me feel so small.
That's not what I want you to feel.
Everything I did?
I did it because I believe in you.
I believe in us.
Because I fell in love with you.
Because I love you.
I didn't make you come to Singapore
because I knew you didn't want to.
Everything I did-everything I did-
All of it.
I did it for fucking love.
But the love?
I don't see it anymore.
I don't see how you love me now.
I don't see it anywhere.
Lance, what happened to the love?
Where is it?
I'll drive you home.
Come on.
No thanks. I'll just
get a taxi at the gate.
The gate is far. It's almost midnight.
I was right.
You wouldn't like me in the Philippines.
That's not true.
Are we breaking up?
Maybe that's our problem.
We're just trying to relive our moments in-
-in Singapore.
I look at you every day.
And it's the same feeling
the first time I met you.
That's why it hurts that I'm not-
I'm not the person I promised I would be.
You think we can make it?
Fuck love.
I am honored to pronounce Roger and Milette
as once again, happily married.
May the renewal of your
vows strengthen the love you share
and reaffirm your commitment to each other.
Why are you here?
Your parents invited me.
I miss you.
I told them that it's been
a month since we broke up.
But they said they wanted
to see me, I couldn't say no.
And your mom?
I just talked to her last night.
She was consulting with me
about your dad's heart.
My dad? Does he have a heart disease?
It's nothing.
Your mom's just worried about him.
Paranoid, just like you.
I think he was just excited
about their wedding.
No heart problems.
More like financial problems.
I told them not to go through with this.
It's just a waste of money.
Come on.
They've been together for 30 years.
That's cause for celebration.
And your siblings all chipped in.
Hang on, how did you know?
Your sister Audrey sold me some pigs.
I only bought two-
and I donated the other
one for the party later.
Come on, Lance.
We've talked about this.
That we'll give each other some space.
Oh, I know.
But this is a trial period, right?
We're still friends.
Hang on. Wait.
We're taking a family picture.
Come take your places.
Hurry, hurry!
Give them some room.
Adjust, adjust.
Come on, scoot, so they can join us.
Family! Family! Family!
Congratulations, ma'am.
Thank you very much.
- Uncle, congratulations.
- Thank you.
One, two, three, smile!
One more, I'll move.
Blocking! Check your blocking!
I can't be seen there.
Tighter shot! Tighter shot. Tighter shot.
- Tighter, tighter.
- Closer, closer.
One, two three!
Even tighter!
Tight hug!
Thanks again for coming.
Enjoy yourselves.
Why are you in a staring contest
with the roasted pig?
Why don't you eat?
Or help out with the guests maybe?
Hey, Audrey.
You sold a pig to Lance?
And what of it?
You were together
for three years.
He's part of the family.
There's nothing wrong with it.
But we broke up.
Please! You're just
being childish.
Why aren't you and our Justina married yet?
Oh, well, I have no problem with it.
If you ask me, I'm ready
to get married.
Maybe you should ask her.
Oh my.
What's with her?
That's okay, Doc.
Just keep trying.
You two are perfect
for each other.
You're like a celebrity couple.
So romantic, right?
Well you know, Justine
is a bit of a tomboy.
Auntie, that's not true!
She was, a little bit, when
we were in high school.
High school?
Mm-hm. People even thought she
and Sophie Marie were a couple.
Who's Sophie Marie?
Her best friend.
Ah yeah, I remember.
But of course, it's different now.
You know how my cousin is.
Such a pretty face.
Come now, Merly...
Stop comparing the women of
today to the women back then.
Hey, Grandma.
How old were you when
Grandpa Pet courted you?
Now we all know how it was
back in the day.
You were all just horny teens.
That's crazy!
That's because there was no electricity.
There was nothing else to do.
Hey, Lance.
Thank you for the vitamins
you gave to my grandma.
And could we have some more
of her maintenance medicine?
We're running out.
Me, too, Doc. Actually,
My Pocholo stopped
having asthma attacks
because of the meds from you.
You know what to do.
Grandma, you should let Doc look at you.
You know, Doc, recently she's
been having dizzy spells.
- We're worried about her.
- Yeah, I get headaches.
I'm not really a certified doctor yet.
I'm still in residency.
I think it's better if you
go to a real doctor.
Oh, please! Doesn't matter
if you're not certified.
For us, you're already Doctor Lance.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
And it's not as if
you'll perform a surgery on us.
Hey, what's going on here?
Doc, this is for you.
There's more over there.
You should join us.
Hey, stop that!
Don't make him drink.
He still has to drive home.
You know what, Grandma, you should be
the one staying away from the bottle.
You do some crazy shit
when you're drunk.
Oh please.
That's true.
Doc, are you really leaving? Stay.
You're acting like
you're not family.
I know! You should
stay the night.
There's always room
for you here.
That depends on Justine.
Ah, Auntie, Uncle.
Oh, thank you!
What did you call us?
Uncle and Auntie.
You should stop calling us that.
Call us, "Mama" and "Papa."
Stop ganging up on Lance.
As you all know, he and Justine broke up.
Yeah right!
You know what, just push
through with your plan.
Push through with it.
Your daughter is so fussy.
Well, I already talked to Justine.
I told her to stop fussing.
- Kids these days.
- Yeah, they're so different now.
Yes, exactly.
Take the two of us, for example.
So many.
Are you confessing?
But we are still together.
Hang on, I want to know
something. Do you still...
You've been here all this time?
Everyone's looking for you.
I'm sorry.
Mom, how many of you here
still do embroidery?
Ah, well. Let's see.
Your Aunt Marlene,
your godmother, Lita.
Oh, and of course, Audrey.
When she's not busy
tending to her pigs.
Your Grandma Ineng
can't do it anymore.
But she still crochets.
Nothing, I just thought about
putting up a small business.
Maybe start out online.
Design my own clothing.
Something that's really my own.
Authentic. Local.
With proper marketing-
I feel like I could really go solo.
I could expand this.
And it would give me the chance
to introduce your craft
to a younger and wider market.
And to uphold this
embroidery tradition.
I love that idea!
I'll support you, dear.
The thing is-
I don't really have any
capital to start with.
But it will come along.
Maybe your father and
I could help you out.
It's fine.
I haven't even paid you for
the money I borrowed.
Is that why you and
Lance broke up?
You buried yourself in work?
Mom, I'm just thinking
about Lance's well-being.
He's doing okay now.
He's doing his residency.
He's a graduate.
His job is so demanding.
It really takes a lot from him.
He has a lot to prove.
I don't want to bother him
with my problems.
With my depression.
Don't think of it like that.
He's your partner.
Through the highs and lows.
That's what it means when
you love each other.
Oh, hang on.
I want to show you something.
Wait. Here.
I'll show you.
Look at this.
Wow, you kept all this?
Of course. Look!
You made these when
you were in high school.
- Wow.
- You embroidered these.
They're still pretty, right?
You know what?
You're my youngest
yet you're the bravest.
No matter what happens,
you never ask for my help.
I know why.
You don't want to end up
like me and your aunts.
Shh. Don't worry about it.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I understand.
That's why I made you
study in Manila.
That's how people are.
We all have our own journeys.
Our own ways to find ourselves.
It is what it is.
130 over 80.
- All normal.
- Thank you, Doc.
Just drink water and...
We're so glad you're here, Doc.
I'm sorry.
I was put on the spot earlier.
That's why I let slip that
there was supposed to be a proposal.
It's okay.
It's not true, right?
It's not.
You didn't buy a ring?
I didn't.
Thanks for playing
doctor for my family.
My pleasure.
You're going back to corporate?
That's not you anymore.
I just don't want to be
a burden to my family.
I don't want to depend
on them for capital.
They need it more than I do.
Don't even think about saying
you'll loan me some money.
Because you're not rich,
your parents are.
Also, I could totally do it.
And opening my own shop?
I could probably do it.
You can do it.
You're Superwoman.
It wasn't the right fit
in the beginning.
Poor idea, poor execution.
But now?
You know, I can feel it in my bones.
This is it.
"Back to your roots", as they say.
To Justine!
Woo! To me!
Justine, why...
Why don't you move in to my condo?
I know you want to concentrate.
I do, too.
I'm kind of in a good place right now.
Dad gave me a condo.
Graduation gift.
Or him just saying,
"Get out of my house".
So, let me help you.
It's a load off your expenses
when you don't have to pay rent.
Live in?
Well, we're not
together anymore.
So technically-
Hi, Ma.
Hi, Lance.
Well? How are
you holding up?
I'm okay.
You should be taking
care of yourself.
Oh no, I'm feeling much better.
I already tested negative.
In a couple of days,
I'll be taking shifts, too.
Mom, you don't have to.
Lance, I'm not that old.
Besides, every member of
the family is doing their job.
Why should I be exempted?
What about your dad?
How is he?
He's fine.
Well, you take care of him, okay?
You know how he is.
Okay. I just really
wanted to see you.
Alright, I might be keeping you.
Of course not.
Stay healthy, Mom. Bye.
Okay. Bye. Love you.
Love you.
What about Flores?
Ah, you go ahead.
How are you at the COVID ICU?
A lot more deaths.
And we're depleted, Dad.
Some of the staff already have Covid.
Including Dr. Ramos.
We don't have an attending physician.
But I can do more hours.
Just until we find a replacement.
I mean-
Only if you'll approve it.
Oh yeah. I'll approve it.
You've been doing great.
But I asked how you are.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Straight shifts?
Yes, Dad.
Ten days.
Mom called me earlier.
What did she say?
I'm sure she's raring
to get back to work.
You know how she is.
I just don't get it, Dad.
What's happening to the
world, this country-
How we can't fight back-
How we can't help these people.
I just don't get it.
Go home, Lance.
You'll need that.
Hey, Justine.
'Been calling you.
I know.
I know you're not answering
because you're still mad at me.
No, no...
You're not just mad.
You probably hate me now.
I just miss you.
So much.
I keep on recounting our early days.
Those three days we spent
together in Singapore?
Best days of my life.
You've given me a lot of best days.
Even the bad days-
were good days because you were there.
Because at least I could talk to you.
I could see you.
Embrace you.
Do you remember last year?
It was our fourth year anniversary.
You cooked a special dinner.
You waited for me until the crack of dawn.
I pretended that I forgot so-
So when I came home, your books-
Your books were flying at me.
I got a huge bump on my forehead.
And just when you're about to cry...
I showed you our tickets
going to Singapore.
Then we flew that same night and
only got to eat when we arrived.
You took so many photos even
though I looked like hell.
But my god.
God, you were laughing.
You have the best laugh.
You have the most beautiful smile.
It was love at first sight.
And as I got to know you,
I loved you even more.
I know you'll think
that I'm just saying this
because I made a mistake.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for cheating on you.
It happened a long time ago.
After one of our fights.
And Pia was there.
I'm sorry that-
That I kept it from you for a long time.
I'm sorry that you...
You had to find out from someone else.
It was not about sex.
I was broken.
I needed something.
Something like-
Something like a drug.
It was wrong...
But I used another person to fix my shit.
I won't-
I won't ask you to-
To trust me again.
If you need to leave me,
I will accept it.
How I wish I could hug you right now.
The world is going crazy.
I just want to see you.
I just want to see you.
I just want to see you.
Why didn't you say
you were coming?
I swear to god
Mom and Dad were fighting again.
It was getting crazy there.
I was just drinking at Mario's.
Had a few too many.
So I spent the night
there instead of driving.
I was drunk. So there.
Then your mother let me have it.
The mouth on that
woman. So hurtful.
So you ran away?
Dad, I already called Mom, okay?
She's picking you up.
Ah. Ow.
You okay, Dad?
Yeah, I'm okay.
I'll just drink some water
and it will go away.
Are you sure?
You look pale.
- Come on, I'll take you to the hospital.
- What do you mean pale?
What are you...
- Come on.
- You'll take me...
- Yeah.
- Stop overreacting. The hospital, really?
Come on, Dad.
You two are just like your mother.
Dad, please. Or Mom
will really have at you.
- You're pale.
- You're getting cold sweats too. Come.
I told you, just a bit of warm water...
- You're in charge here.
- Yeah, I'm on it.
and this will go away.
No need to go to the hospital.
- Come on.
- Mom will just pick you up from there, Dad.
It's just a check-up. It's okay.
Hello, Mom?
Yeah, I'm just at the lobby.
I'll wait for you here.
Justine, dear.
- Mom.
- So?
Where's your fool of a father?
He's fine, mom.
He's gotten some rest.
I already got him a room.
That's good.
Come, let's go see him.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
Excuse us.
Come on, Roger.
Aren't we too old for this
running away drama?
Why couldn't you have told
me about those pains?
So I could have seen to
them earlier.
Now I find out you've been
having those stomach aches.
We don't know what's happening
with the world anymore!
I just went out on the street, and
you're talking about the world?
What the...
Hello, Mr. Ramos.
Are you the missus?
There's no other.
Your tests results are normal.
Most likely just anxiety or stress.
But I'm giving him supplements.
Please take care of your liver.
We're not getting any younger.
Drink less alcohol.
- Did you hear that?
- Yes, I heard.
Nurse Lyran will take care of you now.
Thank you, Doc.
Good day.
Are you feeling any pain?
Nah, just my ears are ringing.
Hey, Dr. Lance.
How are you? Come in!
Come here. Come here.
How are you? Hm?
How are you, Uncle?
Everything good, Uncle?
How's it going?
Yes, hello. How are you feeling?
Uh, good. I'm good.
But my daughter and my wife-
They're going nuts.
Looks like you left your head
in the bottle again.
I've missed you.
Good thing Uncle Roger's
doing quite well, huh?
He's so stubborn.
We always tell him to
quit drinking.
Don't worry.
They're not that upset with you.
Just a little bit.
And a little disappointed.
I want to make it up to them.
Please, there's no need for that.
You did it to me, not them.
Just kidding.
By the way, I put up a shop here.
It's nearby, at 25th.
Congratulations. Is this-
Is this still the embroidery?
Oh. Hang on.
I'll show you.
There. Yari Store.
Wow. That's nice.
And Audrey's helping you?
When I returned to Batangas,
we did nothing but
stitch and sew.
It was like I had a rush
of creativity.
And I also poured out all of my savings
to put up this business.
Not the best time to
put up the business but-
I just closed my eyes.
And jumped.
I love it.
While the world was in standstill,
you were following your dreams.
Yeah, you could say that.
What about you? How are you?
Lance Sandoval, MD?
- Wow.
- Mm-hm.
Just pushing through.
Dang. Congratulations.
Thank you.
What's your specialization?
Uh, general surgery.
Hey, if you ever need a doctor-
Or if your family does,
I'm just one call away.
Uh, do you live here?
Like, around here?
I'm still living in the same condo.
Uh, I'll just move when
I have a reason to.
I live on my own anyway, so...
But I'm usually at my Dad's.
And every now and then,
I fly over to Iloilo to visit Mom.
You know how it is. Oldies.
You have to make the
most out of their years.
That's good.
Looks like the pandemic is
almost over, huh?
Oh man, the effect it had on all of us.
Especially on the health workers?
A lot of people resigned.
Got burnt out.
A lot of them went abroad.
Shifted to something else.
No, you can't blame them.
You really need to find out
what matters to you.
Good thing you're still here.
I'm just here.
I get it now.
Do you remember when you said
you want to be left alone?
The past three years,
I was in isolation.
I mean, yeah, I was
with my co-workers
I was with the patients but
for the first time in my life,
that's when I felt that
I was utterly alone.
The conversations I had with myself.
I was not lost.
I was just really cocky.
Too proud to realize my weaknesses.
Angry at the world.
Angry at my parents.
I was so hateful to realize that-
I have some good in me.
That people are good.
We can still care.
You know, they're predicting that
the pandemic can happen
again in this lifetime?
God, I hope not!
Well, since COVID happened-
Anything is possible.
You know, they also discovered this
certain zombie virus.
And because of climate
change, all the frost?
'Starting to melt.
A lot of things-
That have been long
buried are resurfacing.
Like us?
There it is.
I missed that.
Your laugh.
What about me?
Did you miss me?
There you are, reticent.
Same as always.
You're no different.
What was that thing
you used to say?
Your pick-up line.
Pick-up line?
Quantum entanglement.
You really believe in that?
If Einstein believed in it,
why shouldn't we?
We're forever entangled.
There's no escaping each other.
You changed me.
You changed me a lot.
Thank you.
Alex also changed me.
That guy I left when I went
to Singapore, remember?
Of course, that one.
And Pia also changed me.
That was my biggest mistake.
Forgive me.
People make mistakes.
And then suffer the consequences.
You changed me too, Lance.
Before I met you, I thought
I already knew myself.
I thought that other people's
opinions didn't matter.
I was out to conquer the world.
I believed in myself.
Until you came and
upended all that.
And I let you.
Hook, line, and sinker.
I was so in love.
It could have been
anyone that night.
But it was you.
It was you that night.
You tested how much
my heart could take.
You tested how much
I'm capable of doing.
How much I could take.
Hope for.
Believe in.
And let go of.
No regrets.
We are all changed by
the people around us.
By the world.
By the seasons.
But while all of that's happening-
If only there were no
pain and suffering, huh?
Yeah. If only.
Well, it can't all be rainbows.
It can't all be good.
I was just wishing
things could have been-
Maybe it was just how things
were supposed to play out.
We're still friends though.
That's it.
That's something that
will never change.
I should probably check on Mom.
What about you?
I'll stay here.