Five Came Back (1939) Movie Script

We've got plenty of time.
Well, we made it, sir.
Yes, thanks. We're very grateful.
I'll have to get some change.
You can keep the
change on one condition.
Anything but murder, mister.
If anybody asks for us...
you've never seen us, and
you never brought us here.
Is that clear?
That's not only clear,
It's the truth, so help me.
There it is.
Our plane, huh?
In a few minutes, we'll
be out of all this mess.
It's wonderful.
Miss Peggy Nolan!
Beg your pardon, are you miss Nolan?
Miss Nolan!
Miss Peggy Nolan!
Miss Peggy Nolan!
That's my name.
Package for you, miss Nolan.
Thank you.
Violets, Madame. Gardenias, 10 cents.
Perhaps you can sell these.
Orchids. Thank you very much.
Next plane, flight
number nine, the silver queen.
Los Angeles to panama via
Tepic, Mexico. Leaving...
I do hope they haven't
misplaced our luggage.
Martha, dear, I'm sure the
young man knows his business
Quite well enough to
take care of everything.
He didn't look to me
As if he had a brain in his head.
Straighten your tie, Henry.
Thank you, dear. Thank you.
Hello, Joe. A note
from the superintendent.
Thanks, ray.
Oh, hello.
Traveling with us?
Yes, we are.
Watch your step, Tommy.
Now, Tommy, I want you to be a good boy
And mind your uncle Pete
just as you would me.
Do I have to go away and leave you?
Oh, I'll be with you in a day or two.
Then we'll get a boat and
go fishing and swimming
And everything.
How would you like that?
I'll join you in about a week.
Mike, why don't you chuck
everything and come with us?
You've squared all your beefs.
Nobody can lay a finger on you.
I'm thinking of him.
O.K. I'll see you in panama city.
See you later, Tommy.
I'll see you later. Don't be long.
I won't. Get going.
Say good-Bye to your pop.
Good-Bye, son.
See you soon, daddy.
That's the two we had trouble with?
Yes, sir. Six and seven cylinders.
Take a look at this, bill
Young man, how many
minutes before we start?
We'll be held up about
a quarter of an hour.
Orders from the department of labor.
The department of labor indeed,
You'll have to find a
better reason than that.
We're taking on an anarchist.
Yes. Murdered some war
minister down south.
They thing he's crazy.
But don't worry, folks.
He'll be in custody the entire trip.
He may not be as crazy as they think.
The government of my country deeply regrets
the trouble to which you've been put.
Oh, it's no trouble at all. Will
you kindly sign right there, please?
You too, Crimm.
Well, there are your deportation papers.
Once again, many thanks.
Here are your tickets and expense money.
You'll get the reward when you
deliver him to the proper authorities.
All this is very useless, gentlemen.
I can promise you you
will never deliver me
To the proper authorities.
With 5,000 bucks waiting
for me when I hand you over?
I'll get you there
If I have to take you in a little box.
Are you positive you don't want
us to send one of our officers
Along with crimp?
I am certain senor crimp
will deliver him safely.
If you please, gentlemen, don't move.
You haven't a chance, Vasquez.
This is the seventh floor, and
between here and the street,
There are at least 50
officers... all armed.
Hanging is such an unpleasant death.
Besides, a hanged man always dies alone.
I much prefer dying in the company
of decent citizens like you...
always provided I'm the last to die.
So don't try to stop me.
Behind you, Vasquez.
Drop that gun.
Your warning might have
cost Murphy his life.
What's the matter with you, crimp?
I said I'd deliver
him alive, and I will.
Nobody's going to do
me out of my reward.
They are holding the plane for you now.
Come on, you.
That's him.
Have you got a match?
Thank you, miss.
Looks like we're taking
the same plane, sister.
I don't talk to cops.
They been bothering you much lately?
Your papers are in order.
The steward will show you to your seats.
Thank you.
That's all right.
The steward will show
you to your seat, too.
Ready to go, miss?
Altitude 3,000 feet. Visibility good.
Ceiling unlimited.
Give me weather at Tepic.
Wx2z to wnwo.
Come in.
Wx2z back to wnwo.
O.K., thanks.
Wx2z off.
Tepic's all clear.
What are you going to do when
we lay over in panama city?
I'm figuring on a round of gaiety.
With the passenger in seat 5?
That's her boss with her, isn't it?
Sure. Young Alice.
She says his old man owns
half of south America.
Rubber and tin.
He might not like the idea
Of you chiseling in on his secretary.
They're mighty friendly.
I suppose if you had a secretary,
You'd give her a slap in the teeth.
I saw them holding hands.
Well, maybe he's got business worries.
Yeah, maybe.
I think I'll go aft and have a sandwich.
Hey, skipper.
Good evening.
Aren't you going to get any sleep?
Later on maybe.
I just want to be sure my friend here
Doesn't try to go for a walk.
At this altitude?
You might want to get
it over in a hurry,
And you're worth 5,000 bucks to me.
Yes, Mr. Crimp. I'm very
expensive merchandise...
and I
warn you...
You'd better not relax your
vigilance for one minute.
I'll stay awake all night.
All right, now, Tommy,
let's go to sleep.
Well, we have to say our prayers first.
What do you mean "we"?
Don't you say your prayers every night?
Uh, sure, sure, I do.
Shall we say your prayers or mine?
Well, I'm kind of sick of my prayers.
Let's try yours.
Now I lay me down to sleep.
Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the lord my soul to keep.
I pray the lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake...
if I should die before I wake...
I pray the lord my soul to take.
I pray the lord my soul to take.
Please take good care of my daddy.
It's personal right here.
You don't have to say
it if you don't want to.
Oh, sure, sure. I get it.
Please take good care of my daddy
And help us to get back together again
Soon as you think you can.
Thank you. Amen.
O.K., Tommy. Now can
we get some shuteye?
Good night, Pete.
Good night, kid.
Nice night.
We land at Tepic in
the morning, don't we?
That's what the timetable says.
I thought perhaps
you'd like a cigarette.
No smoking allowed in here.
You don't talk much, do you?
Lady, we hit some bumpy
air over the mountains,
You might feel it less if you go to bed.
Go to sleep.
I get it.
Well, good night.
Oh, why don't they go to sleep?
I'll take the call for you, Larry.
Don't bother, Mr. Brooks.
No bother at all.
Oh, I get it. Number 5's
that good-Looking gal.
You want to borrow my steward's coat?
Oh, it's you.
Is there something I can do?
The ventilator's stuck...
but I called for the steward.
I'm pinch-Hitting for him.
I suppose he's flying the ship for you.
Seems to be jammed.
You know, we stop off at
Tepic, Mexico, in the morning.
They told me that when
I bought my ticket.
I'm pretty familiar with the town.
You seem to specialize
in getting familiar.
Sure. It's fun.
You ought to try it sometime.
Maybe we'll leave the
ventilator until morning.
No, no, no. You might catch cold.
Look, I've an idea.
Now, lie back.
Oh, but I don't see how that will help.
What now?
Are you warm enough?
Why, yes, thank you.
Are you sure? It's a bad draft.
Oh, yes, quite sure.
Well, then, good night.
Good night.
Martha, at last I can get a
bowl of real Mexican chili.
Chili for breakfast?
You'll have milk toast as usual.
But, Martha, we're on vacation.
Remember what the doctor said.
Very well, dear.
You'll do as I say.
Ah, senor Joe!
Buenos dias, senor.
Pedro, how are you? I'm glad
to see you. Excuse me a minute.
Oh, hello there.
Good morning.
I trust you slept well.
Like a log.
I hope you weren't bothered
By any draft last night, miss Melhorne.
Oh, our pilots are so
considerate, Judson.
The policy of the company, ma'am.
Can we get a good breakfast here?
I was just going to suggest it.
I don't think I care for anything.
Mexican food's too hot for me.
Oh, but this isn't
Mexican. It's Chinese.
The chef's a very good friend of mine.
Then we should get
some good service, eh?
This your first trip to south America?
You see, um...
very urgent business.
That's right. Some very urgent business.
Mr. Ellis, if I had a good-Looking
secretary like miss Melhorne here,
I'd have trouble keeping
my mind on just business,
Even though it were urgent.
You know, I always make it a rule
Never to mix business with...
Then this! Is
strictly a business trip.
What did you think it was?
Now, Alice, don't embarrass Mr. Brooks.
Hello, Mr. Joe.
Hello there.
Bring you something good
for breakfast this morning?
This is Ching,
The best Chinese cook
this side of san Francisco.
You'd better let me order for you.
Thank you.
You won't, either.
'Cause that's one
racket you can't win at.
How do you know?
I used to know the man who makes them.
You should know how to beat them.
I do... Don't
play them.
You speak Spanish. Could
you order breakfast for me?
Yes, I could.
The waiter here is Chinese,
and he speaks English.
I've got a lot to do. We're
taking off in a few minutes.
Say, Pedro, what are those?
For the oil company in panama city.
Air express.
They must need them in a hurry.
I could have a lot of fun
with the express charges.
Me, too.
Put them on board.
When your old man finds out
you ain't drinking any milk,
What's he going to say?
I don't want it.
You go ahead and drink
your milk like a good boy.
I'm taking care of this kid.
If I need any help,
I'll ask for it, see?
You go ahead and drink your milk anyway.
Don't drink it so fast.
You'll get indigestion.
Look, it's a kitty!
Look, Mr. Crimp, a
black cat... An ill omen.
You're not going to
have the best of luck.
But this cat crossed in front
of both of us, my friend.
Time to go.
Oh, no, this is on me.
Oh, no, really, you shouldn't do that.
Quite all right.
Thanks very much, Juan.
Here, keep the change.
Thank you.
Not at all. It was my
pleasure. Thank you.
Uh, excuse me. Aren't you Judson Ellis?
Uh, yes.
I'm the American pressman from Tampico.
You're miss Melhorne, ain't you?
We don't have anything to say.
Come on, Judson.
Oh, Ellis. No need denying anything.
We got a wire from new York
that you were on this plane.
Yeah, your old man talked plenty,
Practically busted a
blood vessel doing it.
Yours, too.
You may quote us the same.
We have nothing to say.
All we want to know
is why you're eloping.
The newspapers are full of it anyway,
But we want to get
your side of the story.
We'd like to give you a break.
Please leave us alone. What
we do is our own affair.
It's no use, Alice. We've
got to talk sometime.
If I make a statement,
Will you promise to
print exactly what I say?
You bet we will.
Sure thing.
The reason we're being married
is because we're in love.
The reason our parents object
Is because they don't
think we've sense enough
To know our own minds.
That's the truth.
That's the whole story.
No mystery, no scandal, no nothing.
Where are you going to be married?
Panama city. Tomorrow.
Would you mind standing
there for a picture, please?
Get out of there, will you, boy?
I want to make this romantic.
Thank you.
So she's his secretary.
So what?
I bought their breakfast for them.
Come on, boy.
What do they say?
Keep on going.
Weather at panama is zero, zero.
He thinks we're about
in the middle of it.
Can we get above it?
We'll try.
But I think it's the
same clear to the moon.
Will you leave that radio alone?
It's going away from our station so fast
I have to keep retuning it all the time
Or we won't get anything.
It's too bad we're not a
little further south, Mr. Ellis,
I could point out the most
interesting territory...
The home of the Jivaros,
a tribe of headhunters.
Oh, I've heard a great
deal about them, professor.
When they kill an enemy, they cut
off his head as a trophy of war.
Exactly. I must write a book
about the Jivaros sometime.
After obtaining the head of an enemy,
They slit the skin from
crown to nape of neck
And remove the skull.
Then they fill the empty skin
With hot sand or gravel and sew it up.
I believe I told you, my dear,
That has the effect
of shrinking the head
To the size of a large orange.
Will you please be quiet?
And in
several days...
I asked you to be quiet.
You're a very unusual fellow, Mr. Crimp.
Are you a simple maniac
depressive or a schizophrenic?
Your nerves are going
back on you, Mr. Crimp.
I'd rather have a drink.
You'd be better without it, sir.
Will we be out of this soon?
Yes, miss. These tropical
storms go faster than they come.
May I lower your berth?
No, thanks.
Doesn't seem to bother him any.
He's like a baby.
tell the driver to be very careful.
Yes, ma'am.
We interrupt this program
to bring you a special bulletin
From American press.
The end of a notorious career
was reached in the gutter
Outside the Winslow hotel
in san Francisco today
When Michael Mulvaney was shot to death.
Mulvaney, one-Time
big-Shot mob leader,
Was riddled by a dozen bullets
When he attempted to shoot his
way out of a trap set for him
By members of his former gang...
shut that thing off!
Who resented
his attempt...
Was someone talking about my daddy?
You was hearing things, kid.
When am I going back to see my daddy?
It's hard to say, Tommy.
Let me take him. He needs a woman.
He needs a lady.
I want to go home.
Shall I hold him?
Come, honey.
You mustn't cry.
I used to have a little boy.
Can't raise Tepic or panama anymore.
Too much static.
Well, we'll try the beam. Take over.
We've lost that, too.
Keep trying the range.
Want some hot coffee?
How are the passengers?
Not bad,
But that detective fellow's
getting liquored up pretty fast.
Watch him. If he turns mean, call me.
Yes, sir.
Here comes the wind.
Any idea where we are?
We're a long ways south
of where we ought to be.
This wind is probably driving us inland.
Left engine. I may have to set her down.
Turn out the cabin
lights and drop a flare.
What's the matter with the lights?
Everybody fasten their
safety belts, please.
Look there! It will
set fire to the plane.
That's only the exhaust.
There's no danger from that.
This thing's worse
than a roller coaster.
Why don't they turn around and go back?
That's what I say.
Why should we risk our lives
Just so the pilot can get a good record?
Mr. Crimp, I'm sure the pilots
Know much more about it than we do.
You think so, do you?
Well, I know what I'm doing, too.
I'm going to turn this ship around.
What do you want?
You fellows may be after
a record, but I'm not.
Turn this ship around. Go back.
Go back and sit down.
Mr. Crimp, please
go back to your seat.
You keep out of this.
It's all right, Larry, we'll handle him.
Mrs. Spengler!
You must be tired. Let me
take the baby for a while.
Thank you, miss Melhorne.
Be careful, Martha!
Hold on! Hold on!
Go back, I tell you!
Shut up! Can't you see
I have my hands full?
I said go back!
You, too! Can you hear me?
Stay where you are,
Joe. Drop another flare.
Left motor's dead.
I'll have to set her down.
Hold tight, everyone!
I'm going to set her down!
Give me your belt!
Fasten your belts!
I' got you. Ha on that kid.
Lipcakeer I Joe
Here go
Yo brlfe yoe. Selfhejoe. E he we
Yb huanyb y hu
Hoto ho s to
Piim pi j him p, j
You all right, Judson?
Wrenched my arm, I think.
Are you all right, Mr. Spengler?
Yes, I'm all right. And you, dear?
I'm not hurt.
The steward's gone.
What are we going to do now?
There's nothing to do
but wait for daylight.
Make yourselves as
comfortable as you can.
We can't be far off the coast.
Hike it in a day or so.
Do you know how far we
are off our course, really?
Well, no, not exactly.
Well, it's easy to calculate.
We know how fast we
went and for how long.
Simple arithmetic.
Simple arithmetic, eh?
You know, I suppose, how
fast the wind was blowing...
and the degree of curve
the ship took inland, huh?
We'll allow for that.
Young man, you haven't the
faintest idea where we are.
All right, you tell us, then.
Probably on the east side of the Andes,
Somewhere near the
headwaters of the Amazon.
How do you know that?
Well, I'm a professor of
botany amongst other things.
I recognize several kinds of vegetation
That only grow in that locality.
We're in a valley between
the two ranges of mountains,
And you won't get out
unless you fly out.
Honestly, what chance
is there to repair?
Well, we smashed the right
oil tank when we set her down.
We've got to work on the
motors and jack up the plane.
That will probably take
two, maybe three weeks.
What about the radio?
We can receive,
But we can't send without another tube,
And we haven't got one.
We have food for a week,
maybe two if we diet.
Well, what do you say
about getting breakfast, eh?
Not a bad idea.
The last radio message
from brooks was received
Four hours after they left Tepic.
According to the speed reporters,
He must be down somewhere in this area.
All our available planes
are searching the route.
We have one squadron of
reconnaissance ships in the air now.
There will be two
more by this afternoon.
Thank you very much, commander.
The coast guard is also cooperating.
We're borrowing additional
planes for you men
From the Mexican government.
You'll all take a
transport plane to Acapulco,
Where the ships are waiting.
Concentrate your search to the north.
It's not likely that
they crossed the mountains
Into the valleys near the Amazon.
That's all, gentlemen. Thank you.
This will do it.
They ought to be able to see it
if they fly anywhere near here.
We'll keep the fire going all night.
Pardon me.
Hey, pilot, you might have
chosen a less forsaken spot.
I'm sure this place is
just crawling with insects.
Personally I think it's very pleasant.
Hmm. No accounting for taste.
Madame, you might think
it was pleasant, too,
If you were being
taken home to be hanged.
Hey, pilot, you can't do all
that work on an empty stomach.
What are our chances
for getting out of here?
Pretty slim.
I guess we're lucky to be alive, huh?
Thanks to you.
Don't thank me, lady,
And don't blame anyone.
Larry's dead, and we're cracked up,
And things happen, and
nobody can stop them.
Yeah, I guess they do.
You know you're the first
woman I ever met who...
who could make a good cup of coffee.
Thanks, but the professor made it.
Should have turned
around like I wanted to.
But we're here, and we've
got a tough job ahead of us...
That's to stay alive.
He's right. There will
be work for us all.
Everybody's got to help.
Mrs. Spengler, you'll be in
charge of the cooking department.
I'll be nothing of the sort.
I'm not a servant.
Did you hear what he said,
Martha? You're the cook.
Don't you use that tone to me, Henry.
You were a very good
cook when we married.
Now let's see if you've forgotten.
Don't argue. Cook.
Better take off the left cowling, Joe.
We'll need enough
wood to last all night.
Alice, take the ax. We
can use our hands, crimp.
I'm a passenger.
I don't have to work.
Well, that's all right with me,
But those that don't work, don't eat.
Casey, take everything out
of the plane we can use.
Give him a hand, Vasquez.
Stay where you are, you.
What's the idea?
He's my prisoner. He
takes orders from me.
You ought to take orders from us.
We paid our fares.
Somebody's got to boss things
If we're going to try
and get out of here.
Any other objections
to my taking charge?
Certainly not.
The pilot of the wrecked plane
Has as much authority as the
captain of a wrecked ship.
I think that's the law.
Yeah, maybe it is, but
how's he going to enforce it?
Excuse me, gentlemen, but I
think the officer in charge
Ought to have an emblem of authority.
You want my rod, too?
No, you better keep
it. You might need it.
Now don't make us waste
any bullets on you.
We might need them for food.
All right.
three men in a tub
The butcher, the baker,
the candlestick maker
They all jumped out of the sweet potato
Come on, Tommy. Time to go to bed.
You sure know how to handle kids.
Yes. I love them.
I guess yours is grown up by now, huh?
Mine... My little boy died
when he was just that age.
That's tough.
Come on if you want a listen!
We got the cabin radio working,
Trying to get a news broadcast.
Hope they're looking for us.
They better be!
It's almost time for
the 10:00 news broadcast
From san Francisco.
Maybe we'll find out
what's happened to us.
Well, go ahead and tune it in.
No. We're waiting for the exact time.
Got to save our batteries.
O.K., Joe.
Giants nicked two dodger pitchers
For six hits and two runs
But were retired by a fast double play
Before they could cut
down the dodger lead.
This is the first time in my life
That I don't care whether
the giants win or lose.
And from san Diego comes tragic news
That commander Wilson
of the naval air base
Has recalled two of the squadrons
Of reconnaissance planes
Which have been searching for
the lost airliner " silver queen,
Which vanished in a tropical
storm with 12 people on board.
However, in the belief
that the! Silver queen
Was far off her course,
One squadron of naval planes
And several private planes
chartered by the airline
Will continue the search,
Which has been switched to
the west coast of panama.
Little hope, however,
Is held that any trace
of the missing airliner
And its cargo of 12 human
lives will ever be found,
As the country over
which the plane was driven
By the violent storm is
dense and inaccessible jungle.
O.K., Joe. Shut her off.
A moose!
He's got our scent. Let's get nearer.
No, no. I'll get him from here.
Darn! Missed him.
There must be something
the matter with this rod.
No, you hit him! He's down!
Oh, boy! Now we won't have
to be vegetarians anymore.
Do you mean it?
Wait a minute. Wait a
minute. You move too fast.
I've seen guys lose a hand for less.
I'll play you again, double or nothing.
Well, I...
I better go. It's past my bedtime.
Turning in, Mr. Spengler?
Yes. Good night, boys.
Good night.
I always thought professors were dumb,
But that guy will surprise you.
He tied me in a knot.
I never was any good at games anyway.
You're certainly handy
with that rod of yours.
Yeah. That was the
best steak I ever ate.
I don't want to blow my own horn,
But in some circles, I'm
considered very handy with a heater.
Thanks for letting me keep it, though.
I'm so used to it,
I've even got a shoulder
holster in one of my nightshirts.
I had a reason for
letting you keep it, Pete.
Somebody has to stand guard here nights.
You know, there might be animals around.
Well, I'm a guardsman of the old school.
Shall I start now?
No. You better go to bed.
I ain't sleepy. You go to bed.
You got a lot of work to
do on that plane tomorrow.
Joe will relieve me at 2:00.
You better turn in.
O.K. If you need me, holler.
He's a pretty good guy.
Yeah. They've all been pretty good...
except crimp.
I only hope they keep on
feeling the way they do.
That airliner's certainly a mess.
Well, we can fix that in time.
You know, Joe,
This is going to be a very fine place
To try to make a takeoff from.
You think we can straighten that prop?
We can try. What else can we do?
I tell you what you can do.
In fact, I've got a suggestion
That will temporarily at
least solve the whole problem,
A solution I've tried
before and has never failed.
You're drunk.
Elementary, my dear Watson.
Don't you wish you were?
You could be, you know.
In fact, I've got a whole
suitcase full of liquor
Back there.
I always provide against
The minor inconveniences
of modern travel.
It's one of the secrets
of my great success.
Don't you think you better go to bed?
Why don't you act your age, Ellis?
All right, big shot.
But I might as well go
on the record for saying
That I think you're carrying
This guardianship of yours too far.
You're the boss now,
But if ever we get out of this,
I'm liable to buy up that whole airline,
And then I'll be the boss, see?
Go to bed.
Stand up. Sit down.
Do this and do that.
Who do they think they are anyhow?
Hey, pipe down, you.
What's the matter with you?
You want a drink?
No. Go to bed.
I would if I could see.
Why don't they have some
sort of light in here anyhow?
Here. Let me help you.
You needn't bother.
Oh, that's all right.
I've handled drunks before.
No doubt.
I want you to know
That Alice and I are
going to be married.
Oh, relax.
Can I have another one of those?
Oh, yeah, sure.
Take a drag of it.
What's the matter? Can't you sleep?
Mr. Ellis is kind of noisy.
Oh, he's drunk.
I better go quiet him down.
Well, you can't blame him much.
He's trying to be a good guy,
But he's scared to death.
Aren't you?
Well, I'd feel a little better
If we were out of this jam here.
I've been in trouble before,
But nothing like this.
Yeah? What kind?
You didn't think I was going to panama
To see the sights, did you?
Well, it's mighty pretty
scenery down there.
You don't care much for women, do you?
Oh, yeah, sure. They're all right.
Never found one that
really hurt, though.
Is that it?
Yeah, I did once.
My wife.
Run out on you?
No. We got married right
after the war, and...
weren't any jobs then,
So I bought an old jenny, and...
and took to barnstorming.
I used to fly the plane.
She was a wing walker.
We played carnivals and fairs,
You know, that stuff.
One time down in Indiana,
she didn't feel so good.
I told her not to go up,
But she just laughed at me,
So we went up.
She crawled out on the wing and fainted.
We cracked up.
I lived.
Funny, you know. Things happen,
And nobody can stop them.
You better get some shuteye.
Good night.
Good night.
Why don't you guys get wise to yourself?
That thing will never fly again.
Maybe you've got a better idea
For getting out of here.
You bet I have.
We should have started
to walk weeks ago.
Sure, and we'd still be walking,
Just as far from
civilization as we are now.
The only way we'll get
out of here is to fly.
Fly. You know what I think of you two?
You're a couple of fools.
Cut it out, Joe.
That's right, Joe.
Mind the boss.
Be a good little boy.
Let me help you, eh?
No, thanks. I'm all right.
Why do you take your
whiskers off, uncle Pete?
You want me to look like a gorilla?
Well, no.
Mrs. Spengler, do you
happen to have a pin?
See a pin and pick it up,
All the day you have good luck.
Thank you.
The fisherman, eh?
Your wife is very kind to me.
I'm tempted to be
jealous of you, Vasquez.
We get fried bananas quite frequently
Since Mrs. Spengler learned
you were fond of them.
Perhaps she's only sorry for me.
Not at all, Mr. Vasquez.
The moment that plane takes the air,
All of you will begin to live again.
As for
You mustn't allow yourself
To think of that.
We're getting to know one
another pretty well now.
I feel I can speak
freely to you, Vasquez.
If you had it all over again,
Would you do what you did?
I don't know.
My experiences here have made me think.
Now, look at this camp.
There are no classes here.
We have chosen a leader
In whom we all have supreme confidence
And whom we respect completely.
We have
plenty to eat...
The best.
We are well-Sheltered.
We are in good health.
By all theories,
Ours is an ideal community,
And yet, everyone here except myself
Is living for the day when
all this will come to an end.
That is how tightly modern living
Has become wrapped up in nonessentials.
Personally, I should be happy
To spend all my life here.
So you see, even in the
jungle, I'm antisocial.
I doubt that.
See, this experience
has changed most of us.
Bill is more human.
Alice has grown stronger.
Ellis has grown a little weaker.
Our friend Pete developed
a paternal affection
For little Tommy...
and you, Vasquez,
I think it's changed
you more than anyone.
Possibly, although it seems to me
I have noticed some change
In you people, too.
Quite right. Quite a change.
One I'm sure will make you very happy.
Thank you for the pin, Mrs. Spengler.
You know, Henry...
I'm afraid you'll think
I'm a little crazy, but...
in a way, I'm glad the plane crashed.
I think I am, too.
We've rediscovered
each other, haven't we?
What are you doing in there?
Getting myself a drink.
Well, why didn't you ask for one?
'Cause I wouldn't get it.
Give me that.
Give me that.
Why don't you mind your own business?
What's going on here?
Oh. This, huh?
I caught him stealing from my bag.
I don't want anymore drinking
Going on here, understand?
Oh, you don't, eh?
Well, we'll see about that.
I'm getting tired of
being bossed around by you.
You know, Judson, I'd
hate to have to hit you.
Now, you do what I tell you.
Wasn't my fault.
Martha, we'll get back to our laundry.
You see, he stole my liquor.
That's tough.
Jud, you've got to
pull yourself together.
Oh, so you're against me, too, eh?
No, I'm not,
Jud. It's just...
Yes, you are.
Everybody in this whole outfit's
Acting like a Pollyanna, including you.
We might as well face the...
well, we might as well face the facts.
Well, aren't you going to say anything?
I was thinking of what you just said.
We might as well face the facts.
He's going to be all right.
He's just a little
mixed-Up, that's all.
Yeah. I suppose so.
You know, any man might go a bit haywire
In a situation like this.
Bill didn't.
Professor Spengler didn't.
Neither did Vasquez...
or you.
He hasn't been any help, has he?
Has he?
Crimp? Hey, crimp?
Find any trace of him, Joe?
No. I've been a mile upstream.
He's been gone about seven hours.
No signs of him, eh?
Wouldn't it be unfortunate
If something has happened him?
The man is a fool.
He's probably sulking
around here someplace.
He'll be back.
Yes, if nothing has happened to him.
I suppose you're going
to start blabbering
About Indians again the
way you did on the plane.
Is there Indians around here?
Sure, there are.
Ask your uncle Henry.
Very bad Indians, too.
They get you and cut your head off.
Justin, for heaven's sake, be quiet.
Listen you, if you're
trying to scare this kid,
I'm going to poke you in the jaw.
Henry, you don't
really think there's any danger?
No, my dear, of course not.
We're too far north.
Why all the fuss
Just because a man has
been away a few hours?
He'd better be back soon.
Because with any luck at all,
We'll be out of here by tomorrow.
That means I get to see my daddy.
Yeah, sure.
I'll be so happy to see him.
It's time for you to go to bed, kid.
May I take him, Pete?
Here, you go on with your aunt Peggy.
Come on.
So we're getting out of here, huh?
Yeah, looks like it.
Back to our normal living, huh?
To you, Mr. Ellis, it will
mean marriage and happiness.
I think I'll turn in.
Alice, I want to talk to you.
We'll talk tomorrow.
No. Now.
I don't care what those fellows say.
They'll never get that
thing in the air again.
We'll know tomorrow for sure.
Do you realize that we might
be stuck here from now on?
Do you know what that means?
Yes, but if we are,
We'll just have to make
the best of it, that's all.
If we do get out of here,
We can be married right away...
but supposing we don't get out of here?
You better leave...
before I call someone.
All right.
You better go to bed, too.
We're getting out of here tomorrow.
Good night.
Good night.
You know, she's all right.
Well, she is.
Come on, boy.
Yes, sir?
I don't want to be an alarmist,
But I think you ought to
keep special watch tonight.
I'm pretty confident I
heard the sound of drums.
Over there. At intervals.
Maybe I'm mistaken, but...
whether you were or not,
We'd better keep it to ourselves.
And double the watch.
All right, Joe! Kill it!
work, men! Great work!
Well, now we've got to
finish clearing a runway.
That'll be a big job.
I wish we had a lawn mower.
Well, if we work hard, we
ought to finish by tonight.
What are you going to do about crimp?
He ought to have been here
this morning, unless...
Let's not worry about
him now. He'll be back.
Come on, boys.
Come on, little monkey.
Won't you have something to eat?
Please don't feel frightened.
I won't hurt you.
Here, junior.
Hey, junior.
Water boy?
Water boy?
Has anybody seen him?
Ain't he around?
Maybe he went to sleep somewhere.
What if he's run off in that jungle
And gotten lost?
I'm going to look for him.
Better take your gun, Pete.
I got it.
I'm going to look, too.
Careful, Peggy.
Here's the water pan.
He must be somewhere on the other side.
Here I am.
I ought to wham the
daylights out of you,
Scaring everybody to death.
I found Mr. Crimp.
Over there.
Don't make any noise. He's asleep.
Show me.
Take him.
Oh, Pete!
We better get back to camp right away.
You take the kid back. I'll stay here.
Oh, Pete, no!
Go on. Do like I say. I
can take care of myself.
Give her a hand.
I should think this is about
as light as we can get it.
Every ounce counts.
We've got to climb fast
If we're going to clear those trees.
Hurry up.
Here comes Peggy. She's
got Tommy with her.
Thank heaven you're safe!
Is he all right?
He's all right.
Where's Pete?
He stayed back there.
Back where?
Where we found crimp.
Crimp's dead.
He's been killed.
We'd better get out of here
Before we're all killed.
We're not going to leave without Pete.
Here he comes.
Uncle Pete! Uncle Pete!
Tommy, go in.
Poison dart.
We'd better get him on the plane.
No. You guys better get going.
Is Tommy all right?
Yes. He's safe.
Tell him, his old man...
I'm taking care of him.
He's gone.
Everybody on the plane. Quick!
We can't leave him here like this.
The lighter we are,
The better chance we have of taking off.
Go on. Move.
Come on, Peggy.
Go on, Vasquez. We can't
spare any more time.
Everybody on the plane, fast!
Bring those water bottles!
I hope she'll lift.
They've got to be racing when we try it.
Well, here we go.
There goes an oil line.
What happened?
Oil line on the left engine let go.
Can you fix it?
Well, I can try.
I hope we have enough time.
Listen. They're going to attack us.
No. As long as the drums sound,
We're all right.
It's when they stop
drumming they'll attack.
Come on, Joe.
How much longer?
We're nearly ready.
They've got to know, Joe.
Folks, I've got bad news for you.
I can fix the engine so it
will get us in the air...
but it won't last long.
We've got that mountain
range to go over,
And one engine can't
make it with a full load.
How many will it take?
Four of us and the kid.
I know these planes.
I've tested them at the factory.
I know exactly what they'll do.
So that means five of us get out, and...
the rest stay.
There's need for only one pilot.
That's bill.
Wait a minute.
You're as good a pilot as I am.
I'll stay.
I'll stay, too.
I'm pretty fed up with things outside.
I don't care much what happens.
Now, look here, if you
two want to play hero,
That's all right with me, but...
there's one rule we can use.
Women and children first.
I think the women
Have as much right to
a choice as the men.
We could draw lots.
No. Chance is too tricky.
The wrong people might win.
We've got to be logical.
Excuse me. I think this is necessary.
I don't think so.
It hasn't been decided yet
Whether you go or stay.
Oh, yes, it has. I stay.
Now, some of you want to live,
Others deserve to,
But the question cannot
be decided emotionally.
It's got to be decided
by cold, hard logic,
By one kind of savage
or stretched by another,
I have nothing to gain either way.
I am the only one you can depend on
To decide things logically.
Stay where you are, Mr. Ellis.
I'm the law now.
Legally, the question
ought to be decided
By bill or Joe,
But I for one am quite content
To let the matter lie with Mr. Vasquez.
Thank you, professor.
Don't you see?
You've all formed
attachments, friendships.
I'm the only one who hasn't.
I wish you all well.
So whether you like it or not,
I'm going to choose for you.
All right, Vasquez. Make your decision,
But make it quick.
We'll be ready to take
off in a few minutes.
Come on, Joe.
The drums have stopped.
That means they may attack soon.
Well, what about it? Who gets to go?
I have to think it over
Until the plane is
ready to fly, Mr. Ellis.
The same moon was shining
When we got married.
It was much larger then.
And 35 years younger.
Vasquez must not choose us.
I know, dear.
I know.
I'm grateful to you, Martha...
for our life together.
Thank you, Henry.
I'm going to speak to Vasquez.
my wife and I have grown to like you.
Can't allow that to influence
my decision, professor.
Oh, yes, you can.
Mrs. Spengler and I
Have only a short time left at the best.
The others have a life before them.
Leave us behind.
I ask it as a favor.
If there were more men
like you, professor,
There would be fewer men like me.
Thank you.
Sometimes people find out
their mistakes too late, but...
suppose things turn out
that one of us goes back
And one of us has to stay here?
I think I know what you mean...
'cause I've wanted
to say the same thing.
All right, Joe.
Let's turn them over.
Vasquez, I want to talk to you.
I am very rich, you know.
If... If you and
I were to go back
On that plane together,
I'd... I'd hire the finest
lawyer in the world for you.
Thank you.
I'll think it over, Mr. Ellis.
How's the kid?
Never thought I'd be the motherly type.
Chances are you'll be
going back with him.
You stay, I want to stay, too.
If Vasquez says you're to go, you'll go.
I've got some
dough saved up...
Enough to give you and the kid a start.
I'll give you a note to the airport,
They'll let you have the money.
All right, bill.
O.K. Hit the throttle.
Clear the prop.
Give me more gas!
All right. We're ready.
Come on, Vasquez. Let's have it.
First I pick bill.
I think he's the one to fly the ship.
Now, wait
a minute...
What he says goes.
Right. Tommy's second, of course.
Third, Alice,
fourth, Joe brooks...
Please let me finish. Fifth, miss Peggy.
Well, what's the matter with me?
You're not worth saving, Mr. Ellis.
Mr. And Mrs. Spengler are
remaining at their own request,
And as for me,
There was certainly no bravery
involved in my decision.
Now, you better get going.
You haven't much time.
I'm not going to leave
Mr. And Mrs. Spengler.
Me, neither.
Oh, yes, you are.
Martha and I...
My choice goes!
Get them on the plane.
Get them in the plane!
It's all right. It's not serious.
Get him in the plane.
Hurry up, there!
Hurry up, all of you! In the plane!
It's like having children
of our own, isn't it?
Yes. Five young people all going back.
Well, I'll go and fix the fire.
If we're taken alive,
It means torture.
Three shots left.
When she's not looking.
Can I lend you a hand, Martha?
Henry, you old darling.
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