Five Dances (2013) Movie Script

That's the first performance
I saw when I came to New York.
It is, two years ago,
in the fall festival.
Oh my god, I remember your solo.
You were amazing.
- Is it only the three of us?
- I think there's supposed to
be another dancer.
- Hi!
- Hi.
- I'm Katie.
- I'm Tho.
And you are?
We're on the opening night
of the festival.
Which is a big deal.
It's about ten minutes.
It'll... it's going to be the first
piece of the program.
You'll all be dancing it.
I'm going to be dancing in it too.
Umm, first off, I'm going to need
you all here everyday,
Fill the spaces later as we need,
so we'll be working some evenings,
but we'll figure out the schedule
as we go along.
Any questions?
Right, let's get started.
Did you hear me?
I said I have to move out
at the end of the month.
What am I gonna do?
Can't you just go stay with Grampa?
No, I can't!
You have to come home.
You have to come home
and help me, Chip.
- I can't, I have a job here.
-I have nowhere to go.
No, I know.
-I'm losing my house, baby,
all our things...
I know.
- I don't know what to do.
You have to come back here.
- I can't.
I'll just throw all your things
on the street if you don't come home.
I can't.
- They'll all go in the garbage.
I'm serious, Chip.
- I know.
Into the trash.
- Fine.
I have to go.
- Bye.
...the seconds...
the hand solo now...
Foots are here...
Then it gets to there and this
corner the hand just trails out...
Let's try and synch this off.
Let's do two armswings...
one, two...
And can I have Theo for a second?
- Could you just come into the space?
- Yes, boss.
- Can you just... pass,
just pass on... arm thing.
You've got a nice figure,
range of motion here.
Yeah... I got it.
And I used to take a plate,
I put the ragout sauce on it.
I would microwave it...
- Omg, you made it?
-My husband. No big deals.
- Good Morning.
- Hi.
Chip, do you want some frittata?
It's really good!
What's a frittata?
It's like an omelette.
- Is there meat in it?
- Eggs and dairy.
- Tastes good. Thanks.
- How old are you?
- 18.
Do you have parents?
Of course.
Where do they live?
My mother lives in Kansas and
my father's in Indiana.
When did you come to New York?
In the summer,
for the Joffrey programme.
- They gave me a scholarship.
- And that's where Anthony saw you dance?
Your parents must be so proud of you.
I should get dressed.
So it's not so much about stepping
forward for an arabesque...
as much as it's about...
You know, so that's the head is
headed somewhere.
For our dance history lectures,
someone likes Merce Cunningham or
Eric Hawkins who had that idea that...
If you actually just go over to the corner...
And just face, face the back door.
Thank you.
So, it's just that, going,
rather than "Chip!" "-Yes?".
You know, so you just have, here, here,
and in yeh, so it's not, er...
- Ok, breathe in.
Nice and deep, and out.
Is it, um, beach?
Is it all icecaps?
It's like, it's like South Pole, right?
Not that far under!
It's like the ocean down there.
Are you hungry?
What's your middle name?
Chip Daniel.
It's time to go home, Chip Daniel.
Get some rest, yeh?
Goodnight, Chip.
- Tea.
- Thanks.
Careful, it's hot.
It's herbal tea. It's good for you.
I like coffee.
I used to like coffee too.
Not anymore?
My ex-boyfriend was a barista.
You spent the night here?
Just last night?
Are you going to tell Anthony?
You should put this away.
Everyone's gonna be here soon.
I'm not shy.
Did you go to military school?
Just for two years.
How come?
My mom sent me to live with my dad,
but he didn't want me.
I bet you haven't had breakfast.
I have a yogurt and an apple.
I have this man in my mouth.
- What?
Thank you Katie,
that you been so nice to me.
You are very nice person.
I like something to eat,
if you don't mind.
That's so weird!
How do you do that?
- Do what?
- Ok, stop it.
Please! Get me outta here! Please!
He's gonna swallow me! Help!
Too late.
- Chip.
- Yeh?
- Theo.
- Yes, boss?
Let's see the recital, the solo.
Chip? You try it now.
Nobody wants to join
for a movie?
No thanks.
- Another night. I'm going home
and have a bath.
Walk me to the subway,
on Broadway?
- Have fun!
- Goodnight.
- Enjoy your bath.
- I will.
You don't have to stay.
How many nights have you been
sleeping here?
Since last week.
- I got kicked out of my apartment.
- What happened?
It wasn't really my apartment.
It was this guy's...
I didn't know where else to stay.
I have a sofa, it's pretty comfortable.
Just for a few nights, only 'til
you can figure something else out.
My boyfriend and I broke up
a few months ago.
Seven years.
It's longer than my parents
were together.
- Do you have a cat?
- No.
- I'm allergic.
- I don't have a cat.
I can make you dinner.
You can cook?
I can make spaghetti.
Some other night, ok?
You ready?
Talk normally.
- Sorry.
And don't forget your sleeping bag.
I don't want to have to wash extra sheets.
I don't want the others to know.
It's just for a few nights.
I don't have a lot of room.
I don't take up a lot of room.
What do you want?
Do you know what time it is here?
You just stop calling me all the time.
I can't talk to you when you're
like this.
Oh, you're drunk.
No, you're drunk!
Yes, you are!
I'm hanging up.
Shit! I brought the wrong sweatpants.
These aren't even washed.
Um, do you mind if I have some
of your coffee?
- You don't have a cold or anything?
- Completely healthy.
- Thanks.
I was so afraid I was going to be late
I didn't stop to pick one up.
Where do you live?
Battery Park.
I hate it, but, I'm married.
- How nice.
- Thanks.
So we'll go from the start...
and on your own time.
I'm, I'm having trouble...
because you, you've asked me
to turn this way...
and I'm supposed to do all
these arms together...
But by the time I'm getting here,
everyone's leaving.
So this is just from when you're
in this corner here.
That it's, as long as I, get from here
to this left foot.
- And then you'll back up
and I'll come into this channel
and I'll replace you.
- Yeh, yeh...
My husband finally took the tree
down last night.
It almost turned to compost!
He wanted to throw these away.
Ok, wait: let's just do the chorus.
Oh, my goodness!
Good morning.
I had a weird dream last night.
As I at the Oscars and
Chris Maloney was sitting there.
- Who?
- The guy from "Law & Order".
I was sitting across the aisle
from him, and he started to choke,
and suddenly he was on the ground,
and I was giving him CPR,
and the police were there,
and everybody watched
while I saved his life.
Nice. You were a hero.
I guess.
- Did you have a nice dream last night?
- I don't dream.
- Everybody dreams.
- I know.
- You probably just don't
remember them.
Katie, if you just come over to
this side and face her.
Gentlemen, you may want to
learn this too.
- Which rows?
- Both of them.
Maybe a hair for the back.
So you're going to step
forward on your left
and move your head around and
launch, wrap in and tuck in and go.
You're here.
And... it opens,
- Sorry.
You come around, and you can
there's something about you being there,
like also pre-empting his step.
- Let me try one more time.
Yeah, that works better, thanks.
- I'm sorry.
- That's ok.
That was hard, huh?
You wanna stay later and
work on it together?
You wanna try that again?
From here?
What are you doing?
Come on, you like it.
No, I don't.
- You like me though, right?
- No!
I don't know.
- Just let me kiss you.
- Stop it!
I really wanna to kiss you.
Why are you doing this?
I was just fooling around.
Can we get back to work?
I have to go.
I'm sorry.
And... lets go back to the counterbalance.
And breakaway...
That's all there,
and then this arm...
is going to take my weight.
- Katie?
- Yes.
You turned out, your arms are
trailing back through your back space
Your arms are going up as well,
even the head.
So ideally, these two shapes
happen at the same time.
Come up, and get the
support from Cynthia.
So ideally, this hand is together
this hand together
and then THIS hand is together
Cynthia, let me try with you.
And... we're in.
Up... over...
- I'm sorry. You alright?
- Anthony?
Yeh, I'm fine.
My achilles, a bit scary.
Chip, let's have a try with Katie.
Er, what about me?
- What about you?
Anthony, I think Cynthia and I
can make this work.
Yeh, maybe you can work
on it with me later.
- Ok.
- Thank you.
Back to being.
I'm gonna call right now and
make a reservation on the bus.
- No you can't come here.
What else can I do?
I'm all alone.
- I'll come home.
Do you promise me?
Because if you don't...
Yes, I'll call Greyhound.
- You call right now!
I mean it!
- Fine.
Whatever you're doing there in
New York, you stop and come home!
I know what you're doing,
and I don't like it Chip.
Your Dad wouldn't like what
you're doing, either.
Now call Greyhound.
- OK, bye.
- Chip!
They're really good.
They're vegan.
They are not.
Thanks. They're good.
Oh, my God!
Would you get dressed?
Thanks, it's cold.
Mmm, a glass of red wine
would be so perfect now.
I don't drink anymore.
Right. I'm sorry.
I forgot.
When I came in to
audition for you,
I never thought...
I'm not a teacher anymore.
And you're not my student.
That was one night a long time ago.
It's only six years.
I have a husband now.
I hired you
because you're a really...
talented dancer.
This shouldn't have happened. Ok?
Hello? Oh, hey mom!
No, Cynthia just got home
from rehearsal.
We're about to do something
for dinner.
Thanks, for calling Greyhound.
for buses to Louisiana press 1.
Kentucky press 2.
Kansas press 3.
For buses going to Wichita press 1.
Topeka press 2.
- Sorry, ok?
- Cynthia!
Where's the focus?
I'm sleeping with Anthony.
Slept with, once.
- Twice! In total.
Huh, God... I'm being such a jerk.
I'm sorry.
Come on.
And there was this turn...
I don't know what this turn is.
It's like...
- Like that.
I think...
Let me see!
- Better!
- Feels the same to me.
I think...
I think if Chip ends up more like this,
he can step more easily into this.
- Into the role.
- Like this.
- Chip, can I see that?
- Sure.
Good, good! Right, let's go on,
we'll go back.
So and up, and out, and down...
- Goodnight everybody!
- See you in the morning.
- Goodnight.
- Again.
Don't worry about it so much.
This is Chip's solo.
Katie, are you coming?
- Goodnight, guys.
- Goodnight.
Hey! I can help you with it,
if you want.
That's ok, I'm not going to get
to dance it anyway.
That was fun.
I have to pee.
I've never done this before.
- I'm all sweaty.
- I don't care...
Was it ok?
Was what ok?
Don't be a jerk.
What do you think?
You first.
It was great.
You have an accent.
You just noticed?
No, I mean, England, right?
- So you're Australian?
- And you're a vegetarian.
We should go.
It's late.
You go ahead.
You sure?
See you tomorrow?
Yeh, tomorrow.
Chip, stop worrying about
what you look like
and start thinking about what
you're doing with your partner.
This section is not just the prequel to your solo,
it's a section in itself and it would be
nice if you gave it a bit of attention.
Can we take it again?
Relax your neck!
That was better.
I wish you like coffee.
I wish I did too.
I think maybe I'm gonna
be dating Theo.
I like Theo!
Is that ok?
- You don't need my approval.
Can I still stay here?
Why don't we just wait
and see what happens?
Thanks for staying.
What did you want to
talk to me about?
I'm sorry for being a jerk the
other night, for leaving...
It wasn't your fault.
I was an idiot.
No you weren't!
I just got so scared.
Of what?
That you wouldn't
want to be with me.
I think about you all the time.
So do you really have plans?
It's my roommate's birthday.
I'm meeting her for dinner.
Do you want to come?
Are you sure?
U-huh, I'm fine.
I'm just so happy right now.
Me too.
I'll see you tomorrow, ok?
...on the Arabesque step...
.. this could be changing too...
Oh, we should do it!
We should do 'Showgirls'
Oh my god, we should do 'Showgirls'!
We can do it just as we want...
How high can you go?
We should pu up, like, a circus tent
and put like a bell here...
Anthony, we've made
some changes.
Theo! Wait up!
What are you doing after rehearsal?
- I've planned something.
Yeh, ok.
- Where did you get those?
- I bought them.
You're not old enough to buy wine.
Katie bought it for me.
You asked her to?
I paid for it, though.
Let me.
- cheers.
- cheers.
I called my mom last night.
And I told her about you.
What did you tell her?
What do you think?
I don't know.
I told her that you're my boyfriend.
I am?
You've had two boyfriends?
Two serious ones.
That's a lot.
They weren't at the same time.
What happened to them?
Well, they both have
new boyfriends now.
Are you jealous?
No. I just don't understand.
That's for my father.
He's been sick for a while.
What's wrong with him?
I don't know exactly.
He had to go live with his
parents in Indiana,
so they could take care of him.
You guys must be close.
I hardly ever saw him.
Do you call him?
He doesn't like to talk
on the phone.
And your mother?
She's at home.
- With who?
She's all alone.
I'm going to see my mom
next week.
Would you come with me?
- Of course.
I am a better turner than you are.
- No you're not!
You're up!
Whoa! Nice!
You gotta keep turning.
and kevdman