Five Day Lover (1961) Movie Script

Five Day Lover
Based on the novel
by Francoise Parturier
Are you nervous?
I only do this twice a year.
I am sure it will be a success.
Your collection is magnificent.
Go sit in the room.
You can tell me all about it.
I am late.
Thank you for calling me.
If you knew what happened to me.
Quick, hurry up.
We'll talk afterwards.
Children, problems,
you know how it is.
Quick, go sit down.
"Wild Flowers."
-May I?
-Please do, Miss.
Or should I say Madam?
Ah, you're married.
Yes, I am married.
And you're British, too.
Oh, I won't hold it against you.
"Fleeting love spell".
-Your glove.
Your glove. If I pick it up,
you'll get the wrong idea.
That being said,
that's all I can ask for.
I'll drop the other one.
"Snow drop."
-I'll keep them.
Yes. And I'll name them.
Name them what?
"Queen of Spades."
-Queenie and Meenie.
-Excuse me?
Queenie Meenie Miney Moe.
That's cute.
There's something even cuter.
-Your name.
Stop it!
Give me my dress.
Don't forget your pearls,
like the other day.
Your husband doesn't like that.
They're too beautiful.
Look, it's almost dark.
All these houses...
All these little boxes
made of little boxes.
Doesn't it make you dizzy,
all these squares,
these drawers made for love?
You can't be dizzy in a drawer.
How many people are like us
in Paris at this hour?
Do you really want to know?
Because of us, yes.
Are they as happy, as crazy,
as free as we are?
My darling.
What are you saying?
You're going to make me sneeze.
That's what I am trying to do.
Well done.
Bless you, Sir.
I think all your wishes
will come true.
Let's start with the first one.
-I wish to find my handkerchief.
-What else?
I always make the same wish.
The first time I eat strawberries,
the first time I eat cherries...
-To eat more of them?
-Yes, always.
-What about me?
You're all the fruits in one.
You're everything.
Well, it's time to go.
-What time is it?
-I don't know, 7:00 p.m.?
Oh, let's hurry up!
I am going to be late!
When are we going to spend
a night together? The whole night.
What are you doing tonight?
I don't know.
I might go to the theater.
With whom?
Oh, it's a business evening.
With Madeleine de Seaulieu.
You know, we met at her place.
Oh, yes, that's right.
Are you interested in fashion?
A little. Also, I've invested
in her fashion house.
Do you know her?
No, no, no.
Not at all.
I don't know her at all,
but I follow all the collections.
What about you?
Where are you going?
There is a reception
at the Embassy of China.
Georges will come home exhausted.
Exhausted and furious
after the council.
It's always the same thing.
Oh, he must be funny,
your Georges.
Why would we hide?
Hide our love, stifle it?
Don't count on me for that!
You might as well
ask a hurricane to be calm,
ask lightning to be quiet.
What, silence my heart?
Well, see you tomorrow.
I know you don't want to use my car.
You'll take a cab as usual.
-Greetings, Mrs. Chapuis.
-Good evening, Mr. Antoine.
Mario, can you call me a cab?
What about tomorrow?
Will you call me or come directly?
You know very well that tomorrow
is the weekend.
Georges has a hunting party
with all his guests.
You're annoying me
with your "Georges this,
Georges that."
His Sologne, his rose garden,
his Embassy.
Thank you, Mario.
Do I bore you
with my own family life?
Let's go.
When it's not
about his grand existence,
it's about his depression.
The more responsibilities you have,
the more you need space and nature.
I am really appalled
by your tactless comments.
Do you want this cab or not?
-See you Monday.
-Sure. See you Monday.
To Madam's place.
-Where are we?
-I'll go check.
It's perfect!
Are you sure?
Yes. I'll lift it with one hand.
And again, and again.
The ruffle is flaring up.
That's right.
Flare up, flare up.
We'll make it a little sultry.
Let's see.
But is it really decent?
Im uncovering the knee
so she can kneel and pray.
But no.
That's not it.
Something is missing.
A little something.
Mr. Antoine, don't forget
that we were at your mother's.
She talks a lot.
We're a little late,
but still on time.
Sorry, Mario.
I am broke.
Hello, my crumpets, my dears,
my doves.
Hello, Mr. Antoine.
I am not happy.
There we are.
Antoine, Antoine, do you know
that you're a genius?
Where we you, rascal?
Thank you, kids.
I am absolutely delighted.
We'll call it "Lily of the Valley".
Come here, Antoine.
I need to talk to you.
Good job, my dear Paulin,
it is absolutely wonderful.
Perfect, charming, very good.
I'll see you on Monday.
I've been thinking of you all day,
naughty boy.
What about you?
Did you think of me?
Oh, you won't believe how much.
We're going to spend the night
together, as lovers, just you and I.
What? You mean, right now?
Come over here, big boss.
Come with your little doll.
I think you need to rest!
Wouldn't you prefer
if we went to a nice... I don't know.
Well, since you don't know,
we'll stay here.
My sweet Madeleine.
-What would you like to drink?
-Your lips!
Bad boy!
Oh, you're tickling me!
-No, I am not tickling you.
-Yes, you are!
How many people are like us,
right now, in Paris?
It's on the meter: 600 francs.
My God, 600 francs!
Well, Mrs. Thibault.
You're always running at this hour.
That's true!
I don't know why I run.
It's about time you came home!
Husbands can wait...
Husbands always wait, right?
Is it you, my dear?
I'll be right there. I'm late.
Oh, yes?
There's a note for you
in the bedroom.
It's from Madeleine.
-I thought you were just with her?
-I was, why?
So, not only do you see her
every afternoon,
but she also sends you notes?
If you had a telephone...
I wonder what you talk about,
you two.
I bet it's not pretty.
Stories of songs and soldiers.
What are you doing?
Running around Paris
is becoming insufferable.
All the dust...
I am putting my face on.
In five years, the situation
will be unworkable.
Unworkable, I am telling you!
-I don't see why it bothers you.
We don't have a car.
I am an archivist,
and we don't have a car. I know.
But we can ponder the issue.
Speaking of issues,
I didn't buy shoes for the children.
You forgot to give me
some money again.
More shoes?
Your children's feet grow every
three months, if you want to know.
A car would be cheaper, after all.
Yes! A car!
Soon, I hope.
I am really counting on my glossary.
Are they going to publish it,
this time?
They're waiting for it.
In two months, we'll be well off.
-What time is it?
-It's 7:35pm.
I set the table
and I fed the children.
You're late.
Come sit down, I'm hungry.
With a car, we wouldn't have to stay
in hotels when we go on vacation.
We could even consider
buying a small piece of land.
Why small?
A regular piece of land.
With a house on it, even.
I'll take care of the garden.
I can already see the roses.
I'm almost there.
You won't be disappointed.
The curator won't be
disappointed either, for that matter.
Listen to this.
I am listening.
Ambroise Par, whom everyone
talks about since 1405,
discovers, they say,
the seal in the 1 5th century,
which was to become a key element
of all waterworks
in the 1 6th, 1 7th and 1 8th centuries.
I am not surprised.
I have proved the opposite.
I have tirelessly tried
to build a case
against Ambroise Par, this phony.
I prove that he never existed,
the bastard,
which is an admirable discovery,
and you're not surprised.
I am.
What were you saying?
-Ambroise Par has never...
-Oh, yes!
No, a nice little house in the middle
of the forest would be nice
where we would go on weekends.
In Sologne, for example.
Speaking of weekends,
I have a surprise for you.
-We're going to Chantilly.
What, again?
Can you please explain to me
why you hate Chantilly this much?
I love Chantilly,
but not every week.
My dream is to have
some peace and quiet.
Do you understand?
Some peace and quiet.
Just you and I.
Some peace and quiet.
Give me that, darling.
Don't worry.
Please let me take my baby.
He will have a runny nose, that's all.
That's our luggage.
Let's start off
with a nice breath of fresh air.
And to think
that some people stay in Paris...
"...He turned, filled with emotion,
towards the wild fields,
and blessed the Lord,
Creator of all Nature."
No, no. I don't understand
why you like poetry.
What did you say?
I don't understand
why you like poetry.
Keep going, it's very good.
"Didn't you dream
of an ancient mirror
where your face could dive
and be rejuvenated?
And suddenly catch your eyes
with your own hands..."
Really. Catch your eyes
with your own hands?
"Catch your eyes
with your own hands..."
I am terribly moved.
Ah, this is completely wrong.
The tree.
-You're not going to move it again?
-Yes, I am.
Come. Come!
You're going to move it to the right.
Come on.
No, straight ahead.
No, to the left.
Again, again.
It's much better.
-I am exhausted.
-Not yet. Grab the ladder.
-No! No!
-You have to trim the top.
I can't wait for this weekend
to be over.
I can't stand
these "back to the land" Sundays.
Give me the pruner.
Come up here.
Oh, you want me to come up!
I'll go up to the moon!
Little tease!
Antoine, the neighbors.
-They can come and watch.
What are you doing?
You want me to come up, I come up.
You want me to stop, I stop.
Go on!
Right here.
Not even 1 0 centuries ago,
as far as the eye could see,
it was all clay, mud, and frogs.
The Prince set foot here
in his fine boots,
he made plans and gave orders,
and here we are.
What about the fountains?
Impressive, magnificent!
Irrigated by an elevated rice field,
projected through pipes that even
our modern engineers admire.
In 1 682, I remember.
The ambassadors were gathered
on these stairs.
Speaking of stairs, this is fun.
One, two, three, four...
The fourth one.
Right on this step,
the famed Chevillard...
You know, Chevillard?
He was a friend of Saint-Simon.
Who was, actually,
on the other side.
And let us never forget
that Saint-Simon wrote
only lit by candlelight.
And when I say candlelight,
don't forget that...
Anyway, so it was
Saint-Simon and Chevillard,
on these stairs,
in front of the ambassadors.
Captivating, isn't it?
As for the great castle,
it was rebuilt five times.
Her lover, the Cardinal,
comes closer.
The duke shudders.
The superb scarlet lover jumps.
Damn Arts Ministry!
They can't even maintain
their stupid stones!
And the Duke?
I don't care about the duke.
With my luck, I probably
have a pericardial effusion.
-Come here, you.
-What's wrong, my darling?
What's wrong?
I am tired of your little excursions.
You're never in a good mood
on Sundays.
I can't wait for tomorrow
so I can go to work.
Oh, because you work
on Mondays now?
With Madeleine, I suppose?
What's with you and Madeleine?
I don't see what you're doing
with this sack of bones.
I am tired of your jokes.
Be serious, please.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
There we are.
Something else.
Even better!
It's difficult.
I know.
It's hot.
No, don't take them off.
What, you want me to pose?
Like this? Or this?
Or like that?
Anything you do doesn't change
the way you are.
Then I'll stay like this.
I'll close my eyes,
and I'll fall sleep standing up.
Don't move.
This sweater is too much.
I know what you need.
Madam, your own skin
is what suits you best.
It's just for you.
Did you have fun yesterday?
Without you? No.
Is that true?
What about you?
Did they have a good hunting day?
I brought you these.
Did you kill it with one shot?
There were many of them.
Watch out, you'll hurt yourself.
It's not fresh.
Me? I can eat bags of it.
I asked Georges to plant them
all over his park.
Flowers everywhere,
as far as the eye can see.
You can see them from here.
So, you spend your Sundays
gardening as well?
If you could see Georges
amidst the azalea, the rhododendron.
If you could see him
walk on his lawn.
And in the evening, like yesterday,
friends everywhere,
rifles in the large room,
quarrels when it's time
to share the game.
And when night falls,
you can smell the grass
even deep in the wardrobes.
Can you smell it?
You see,
what more could I ask for?
How I would like to offer you parks...
filled with flowers.
What stops you?
You can't?
I would like to give you all that.
But you do, my darling.
You give me everything.
Tell me about Georges.
What time is it?
Time for dinner.
Ill order something.
-Not tonight.
I am late, please.
My chauffeur is downstairs,
he can give you a ride.
No, Ill take a cab.
I don't know anything about you.
I don't even know where you live.
See you tomorrow.
-You'll stay over?
-That's impossible.
-Find a way.
-It's so difficult.
-Isn't this nice?
You're here every night.
Actually, I probably won't be able
to come home tomorrow.
I am going to Montfort
with Madeleine.
at Madeleine's.
And you'll spend the night?
Madeleine is only available
late at night.
Look me in the eyes.
I am starting to think that
your Madeleine wears a moustache.
When I say Madeleine,
I mean Madeleine, my darling.
-How much is it?
I have to tell you, I am spending
the night at your place.
What do you mean?
If Georges asks questions,
you tell him
that you're taking me to Montfort.
And actually,
you and I have become inseparable.
Since when?
Three weeks ago.
Since your fashion show.
By the way,
your collection was excellent.
I see, new adventures?
Are you well?
Are you happy?
-If you only knew...
-Another one!
I see. He's handsome, he's rich,
he hunts in Sologne,
he owns a castle in Spain,
and he's been to China.
What about Georges in all this?
Georges... You know him.
He doesn't know anything.
He's happy.
I am thankful for the fact
that he's happy.
A man that lets you sit around.
I can see
that you need another one.
And I don't blame you,
by the way.
What about the other guy?
Is he married?
I don't know. I don't think so.
Lt doesn't matter to me.
I hope you're being careful, at least?
You seem to feel responsible for me.
I have experience.
If you had listened to me...
Look who you're married to.
Whether you like my husband
is not important.
Look at this guy, how funny!
So, you're still a dreamer.
More than ever.
Would you be jealous,
by any chance?
Jealous of what, my God?
The basics.
I have what I need, thank you.
He would be to your liking,
believe me.
Are you in love?
A little.
A lot.
It scares me.
You found a rare gem, in short.
Not at all.
But you would like Antoine
as a lover.
Antoine Chrier.
Nice name, isn't it?
You must have seen him
at the fashion show.
Dark-haired, tall, slender.
The one in the back?
So you think so as well?
Yes. We talked a little.
He told me that he has
some investment in your house.
So to speak, yes.
What, he doesn't have anything?
He has everything.
He's funny, silly, affectionate,
That's true.
-I adore him.
-Me too.
The boy I was telling you about.
Actually, he's probably
waiting for me.
-What time is it?
-It's 5:00 p.m.
I need to run.
Ill see you soon!
Yes. Run.
And about Georges,
you can count on me.
We're inseparable!
So, are you done with cleaning,
Mrs. Chanut?
-Hurry up, she'll be here any minute.
-Yes, Yes.
Carnations are really my favorite.
However, it's a matter of taste.
As long as they please.
Because, say what you like,
you wouldn't buy flowers just for you.
Flowers are for others.
Yes, thank you.
That will be all, Mrs. Chanut.
Oh, I know you need flowers.
Here, let me put some gladiolus
in the bathroom.
Not the gladiolus, I don't think so.
-Okay, I'll be going then.
-And... You know.
-Thank you.
Come in!
Your mouth whispers
What the breeze can't...
It's me again.
Don't be. I just wanted to tell you
that she's here.
Hello, miss!
How are you?
Very well.
That's it, thank you Mrs. Chanut.
Thank you.
Happy Tuesday, Antoine.
Thank you.
You see, I searched to find
the element that would suit you best.
Water, air, earth, fire?
No. Flowers.
I could see you surrounded
with flowers all day long.
-Why not all night long as well?
-Are you staying over tonight?
Yes, I made it work.
Georges went to London
for his horses.
Not another word!
Yes, I assure you.
Georges loves his horses.
Now, listen to me.
No more Georges.
At least not tonight.
Are you going to lock me up?
To the contrary.
I am taking you out!
I want to show you off,
so the whole night can see you.
Do you know whom you should thank
for this water?
He wanted the water to flow here
to wash the blood of the guillotine.
How do you know that?
I like to know things.
Coach, to Vincennes.
How much did you bet?
I bet 1 0,000 that the loser will win.
-The loser?
-Yes, number nine.
I want to give him a chance
since we're being lucky.
Go! Go, number nine!
There was a horse like this one
at my father's house, among others.
-It had a chest, a nose, some legs...
-Thank God!
-And its thighs...
-Its thighs?
Come on, closer!
Pass him! Yes, bravo!
Look, number four is passing him.
Closer, closer, closer!
He can't gallop. Bastard!
We're going to get him.
Go ahead!
That's it! We won!
Let's go get our money.
Look, we won
at least 200,000 francs.
Let's spend it all tonight.
I want to have everything.
Yes, that's it.
We'll spend it all.
We're in a hurry.
A big hurry.
-What does Madam want to eat?
Fish! Very well.
-On a lace bed.
-But, Madam...
I want, on a lace bed:
sturgeon, trout, sole, sea bass,
salmon, obviously, and herring.
And a little bit of meat.
Okay, so I want a whole veal,
some poultry, and a whole cow.
But, Sir...
Well-done, medium rare,
rare, raw?
Yes... No.
Very, very well-done.
-And also, meat and kidney pie.
-But, Madam...
-And meat and kidney pie.
-But, Sir!
Ah, I also count on you
to have some good cheese.
That, we have.
All of them.
Do you have any cheese curd
from Limousin?
-Alas, no.
-Go get me some.
Are you still hungry?
I'd like some fries.
Stop everything!
I want some fries.
What else?
I feel like singing.
I want strings, singing, and lights!
We love each other
On the shores of the Seine
You are my queen
Sailing on the Seine
It's 5:00 a.m., Sir.
The sun is going to rise.
Let's not miss this!
Chantilly is funny.
To think that this was all swamps
in ancient times.
And all of a sudden,
it was windows, marble,
and the most beautiful language.
I love you.
We shouldn't stay here.
They're going to open.
There is no room
for us here anymore.
It's so much nicer
when everyone's at work.
I am freezing.
I am burning.
Can I see you again later?
Yes, yes, yes!
Dip your bread in the egg.
And what do we call that?
A "Captain",
in memory of Du Guesclin,
who was the only soldier in his army
who didn't swallow his eggs whole.
One does not make noise
while sitting at the dinner table.
Very good.
Listen to the grown-ups.
She's with Madeleine.
Her friend, Madeleine.
You don't like eggs?
Well, then,
let's take you guys to bed.
Mommy will come
give you a kiss later.
Come on!
Let's go take a nap!
Ah, yes.
Of course, she is late.
And you're wondering why.
That's because
she wears high heels.
It's hard to walk with high heels.
Come on, rascals!
That's it.
Yes, of course.
My little guys.
Yes, hurry up!
I'm home!
You see, they were waiting for you.
Are the little ones sleeping?
I couldn't get here faster.
If you knew what happened to me!
-Your car broke down?
And nobody was there
to change the tire?
That's it.
At last, a driver stopped.
Yes, very elegant, I must say.
Anyway, we got there.
And guess what Madeleine found
when we got there?
-When you arrived at Montfort?
The door was closed,
and she forgot her keys.
How did you know?
It already happened six months ago.
-l don't think so.
-Sure, try to remember.
You're annoying me
with your questions.
I didn't ask you anything.
Well, anyway, I am here.
Madeleine is well.
I just went to the archives
to make a copy of the two documents
you asked for.
I would really like to help you
more than I do.
They're talking about promoting me.
-To be a curator?
-Inspector General.
And we would live along the Seine?
As you can see,
my glossary has made waves.
I am moving up the ladder.
I wouldn't be surprised
if they gave me an award.
And we would socialize
with all of Paris!
I adore you.
Don't sleep on your back,
you're snoring.
Me? Snore?
Ive never snored.
Well, in that case...
One must not snore
until the age of 50.
I came back here to please you,
to chat a little.
You have a strange way to chat.
Come here.
I am very happy with Paulin.
He paid attention,
and he's becoming efficient.
You have hair growing on your nose.
Why not?
He may be an orphan,
but it didn't affect his character.
Do you want me to pull it out?
-No, your hair.
You know, he's a real nice man.
I was really impressed by his hands
when I first met him.
Weren't you?
It's really irritating.
Oh, you know, itll pass.
I will raise your children.
What are you talking about?
Clear... By the clear fountain
I went strolling by
Why are you singing?
Me? Singing?
So I sing, I snore,
I am a bother.
Well, then,
I will leave, my dear.
No, come here.
Let's snuggle.
Fine, it's your house,
but you make it a little too obvious!
I have anxiety, I have doubts,
I need sleep.
-Take some pills.
-I'm trying to keep it together!
I sing to entertain you,
and you pull my hair out!
And you talk about Paulin.
This inept piece of fabric.
Paulin! You talk to me
about Paulin.
To me! For whom a woman is
the most precious gem in the world.
Me, who loves all women,
from Venus to Joan of Arc.
All of them.
And you, in particular.
Paulin, really.
No, I'd rather not talk about him.
Actually, I am not unhappy
you started this discussion.
I can't do this any longer.
Are you sleeping?
You too, are beautiful.
My little darling slept on the stairs
so he wouldn't bother his girl.
You slept with your shoes on!
You're all rumpled.
You look miserable.
No, no!
I'll make you a nice cup
of coffee with some croissants.
You don't want to have a bite
of your little Madeleine?
You don't want
to tell me what's wrong?
I was joking, you weren't irritating.
No, no no.
Listen, Madeleine.
We need to talk
about our situation.
I know that some people enjoy
being mean,
but believe me,
I am not like that.
Do you want me to help?
When you least expect it,
lives go on different paths,
and you're faced with a dilemma.
Roads where things go awry.
Your pronunciation is incorrect.
You're going to give me
lessons now?
I am sorry,
but it's like "rye" or "pry".
-You said it like "hairy".
-Fine, leave my hair alone.
You meet someone,
a man or a woman...
A man?
Does he have blond hair?
Is he short and podgy?
My alter ego, in other words.
Who is it?
You don't know her.
I can picture her
as if she were my daughter.
You think so?
I would really like you
to meet her, actually.
-Sure, I'll go have coffee with her.
-l have made up my mind.
Are you leaving me for her?
-Please, she's a classy lady.
-So, you're staying.
I love a woman,
and she loves me.
-And she's rich.
-Very rich.
-And you're taking advantage of her.
-Certainly not.
-Don't worry, that'll come.
-l would never tolerate it.
You won't tolerate it the first day...
Are you done?
-And how will you make a living?
-l'll figure it out.
-You'll give her my money, maybe?
-Don't be rude!
I'm done with your money.
As I told you,
I am going back to work.
The job I had when I met you.
Selling insurance,
going up the stairs, door-to-door...
That's how I knocked at your door.
And you regret it?
Fine. You refuse to understand.
I'm leaving.
I was hoping you would remain
my dear, old friend.
No, thank you, Mario.
From now on,
I am taking the metro.
Yes, and watch out!
-Yes, Madam.
My dearest Mario,
you're going to tell me what you do
in the afternoon with Mr. Antoine.
-I am silent as the grave.
-I'll let you think about it.
Halavoine & Co.
Life insurance and other disasters
I am listening.
Do you remember me?
My name is Chrier.
What is it? Remorse?
You're coming back?
Well, here is the thing,
Mr. Halavoine.
May I?
There comes a time
when you tell yourself,
"Life is at a crossroads.
There are several roads
you can take."
-Would you have a light?
-Certainly, Mr. Halavoine.
So, I said to myself,
"Your health is back,
you can go back to the job
you're made for,
that job you love
where you've proven yourself."
So I thought,
"Let's go back to Mr. Halavoine."
I'll give you one last chance.
You'll start from scratch.
Thank you, Mr. Halavoine.
Thank you.
-I'll start whenever you want.
-Right away.
Halavoine & Co.
Life Insurance and...
Let me introduce myself.
Halavoine & Co.
Insurance for life and hail.
-You have the wrong address.
-Oh, I know.
Antoine Chrier,
Halavoine & Co, Life Insurance.
I am their main agent.
Do you live here? Perfect.
You go down the stairs
four times a day.
One slip and you break
your thighbone. Hospital, fever.
You come out of there with a limp,
you relapse, and this time, you die.
I came at the right time.
With a ridiculously low premium,
your death will make you rich.
No, it must be next door.
It's not here.
Halavoine & Co.
"The Little Grey Cat"?
Definitely not here.
-Oh, crap.
-You're welcome.
Right, sure.
But most of all, don't tell anyone.
Oh, yes.
The sun will come out.
I've lost it.
I am really bad at this.
Have you been waiting long?
Oh, no. Waiting is marvelous.
Half of love is waiting.
-Where did you learn this?
-At home.
Daddy was a pastor.
You said he owned horses?
-Me? I said that?
It's not true.
I am yours.
Well, it's not that simple.
I thought about it.
Lt might be difficult.
I walked here.
I crossed the Seine.
It was beautiful, so beautiful.
Tell me, could you bear
with a simple life, to live with me?
With you?
You should buy a houseboat.
We would have a little dog
and boxers of all colors drying
on a clothing line on the deck.
A houseboat?
You call that saving money?
You're boring me
with your money talk.
-You're not fun.
-Men don't have to be fun.
Come here.
Lt will make you forget all that.
Claire? Mrs. Thibault?
Mrs. Thibault, your friend.
You knew
and you didn't say anything?
Me? Make you sad? No.
Since when are they having
their little affair?
-A month, at the most.
-Do they see each other often?
No. Only from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Everyone does that.
Every day?
Not on Sunday.
Mrs. Thibault goes hunting.
Oh, of course.
She's wealthy.
-I don't mean to gossip...
But it was inevitable that Mr. Antoine
should be attracted to her wealth.
-Mario, you just gave me an idea.
We're going to have some fun.
Good evening, my dear.
Is somebody home?
Well, I never!
What is it?
You're gorgeous!
And you've put on weight!
I haven't seen you forever.
It's ancient history.
You, on the other hand,
haven't changed one bit.
-Claire isn't home?
-I thought she was with you.
I know.
She'll be here any minute.
-Always punctual?
-Always. Like clockwork.
It's nice to see simple people
who are organized.
-Would you like a drop?
-Do you have beer?
An ocean, then!
You're funny, Georges.
Claire must have such fun.
-What is she doing?
-She'll be here soon.
You've really put on some weight!
Yes, yes, you have.
You're in great shape, Madeleine.
You know that I get these ideas
when I see you...
Me as well.
No, I don't have time.
Do I scare you?
Did you have a message for Claire?
No, I don't think so.
It's a surprise.
Oh, you women and your secrets.
Your gossip!
Are you in trouble?
Is it serious?
-Not at all.
-You can't fool me.
Who would fool you?
Always content.
And happy.
I only count on myself.
You're the only one.
Just you and me!
How naughty!
You've grown taller.
Yes, you have!
-Do you know that...
-You're really something.
-Calm down, Georges.
-Well, I can't wait any longer.
-What about the surprise?
Oh, I wanted to tell Claire
that I am giving a party on Friday.
Won't you join us?
I rarely go out,
but it will be my pleasure.
I'll make an exception.
It will be very private.
Ill be waiting for you.
Please wear a black tie.
I told you we'd be
the first ones to arrive.
-You always have to rush.
-I like to be on time.
Besides, somebody has
to be here first.
It's all right, Miss.
You don't have to do this.
We're the first ones here, well, fine!
How are you?
Claire, what are you doing?
She's furious. She hates being
the first one at the party.
But as I told her,
one must be punctual.
Besides, somebody
has to be here first.
Oh, I am spilling everything.
My dear Claire.
I am so happy you came.
Thanks for inviting me.
-May I use the...
-Of course!
Mr. Loriol, this is Mr. Thibault.
Will you show this gentleman around?
Loriol, Loriol.
Lt reminds me of something.
Me as well!
Watch out!
You're gorgeous.
You too.
Did you change your hair?
You looked so good
with that other hairdo.
Pardon me.
Thank you so much for coming.
What about the affair you told me
about? How is that going?
-Good. What about you?
-No. Somebody stole him from me.
Tell me the story!
Oh, it's silly and boring.
As usual.
-A little tart took him from me.
-You don't see him anymore?
I do. He's coming tonight.
This party is like a break-up gift.
He's coming tonight?
What did I hear?
A break-up?
He's coming tonight?
My archivist friend,
I have a question for you.
What do you call a man
who takes another man's wife?
A hard-working man.
What about a woman
who steals her best friend's man?
A lazy woman.
What's wrong?
You're not feeling well?
You're more charming
and more attractive than ever!
My dear Andre.
Your wife didn't come?
Be merry, have fun, celebrate,
go crazy!
You can count on us!
-I am going home.
-No, stay.
Everything will be all right,
you'll see.
Antoine will help us.
I really want to see his face
when I introduce you to him.
-What are you talking about?
-Good evening.
You've got some nerve!
I don't understand
what you're saying.
Oh, but you do.
Fine. So what?
You're not going to make this public
in front of everyone?
What am I supposed to hide
from these gentlemen?
Everything. We must always
hide everything from them.
If you don't understand that,
if you ruin our act.
You're astounding.
I'd really like to know
what your husband thinks
of these nuances.
It's none of his business.
Not our lovely Antoine's business
We're closer, you and I,
than they are from us.
How clever.
Ciao, Renato!
Chrier... Would you be related
to the former prosecutor in Albi?
He wanted
the Count of Oustressac's head.
And got it.
I don't know.
I was born in Paris, 1 2th district.
The 1 2th district!
Then you must know
Castanets Street, number 1 4.
There is a very interesting marker
I drove my wife there one Sunday.
Quite simply,
it has the shape of a sexual organ.
Oh, this piece of junk.
Would you mind helping me?
Sure. Sorry.
You can pull it.
I am so sorry!
Don't worry. The same thing
happened to me last year.
Here, take this pin.
These parties...
Last year, precisely,
I was with Mrs. Pouget,
a remarkable woman,
a Gallic burial site
excavation specialist....
-Pardon me?
-Gallic burial sites.
She found a pitcher shard
not far from here.
All the evidence seems to indicate
that this was a druidic site.
And bam! I tore my collar.
There we are.
You can pull on it all you want.
-What happened?
Oh! Well, allow me.
-Let's not panic.
I can't afford a collar every year.
Don't move.
If only our wives were up to par.
They're never around
when we need them.
You don't say!
Watch out. Here.
Yours as well.
Thank you, my dear Chrier.
Very well, then.
-Pardon me.
-No, Balpo.
Then it changes everything.
I knew a Valpo whose mother's
maiden name was Chassagne.
She was very sensual.
-I was wondering if you would come.
-You insisted.
-Who is this crackpot?
-It's a surprise. Come here.
That's nice.
Claire, this is Antoine.
My poor Antoine,
you're all emotional.
Give him a napkin, Max.
Where is Georges?
I must introduce them.
-What are you doing here?
-Wipe this off.
-You know Madeleine?
-Of course.
I mean, besides going
to her fashion shows.
Yes... No.
You know how it is.
I met her during a cruise
one weekend.
Why didn't you say anything?
One cannot say everything.
Not right away.
You should leave.
What about her?
Does she know about us?
Why does it matter?
Did she tell you? Did you tell her?
Did you talk about it?
-Of course not.
-Is your husband here?
-Yes. Please, hurry.
-I don't want you to see him.
-But why?
Because he has a diabolical instinct.
He would suspect something.
Please, leave.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Sure. See you tomorrow.
Go, quick!
That's not the exit.
Antoine, don't go anywhere.
Georges, let me introduce you
to the man who is leaving me.
So, it's him! Why would you leave
a woman like Madeleine?
For whom?
I must see her.
Antoine Chrier,
this is Georges Thibault.
-Georges Thibault?
-We've already met.
Where did you meet?
Mr. Chrier was nice enough
to fix my collar with a pin.
It slipped, like last year.
You remember? At the Pougets'.
Oh, yes.
The Thibaults go out a lot.
Almost every year.
So, this break-up?
Awkward silence.
Tell me, my dear...
Come with me.
Ill fix your collar.
Oh, it's perfectly in place!
Mr. Chrier has the magic touch.
-I insist. Come with me.
-See you later, my friend.
Follow my example.
Listen to the ladies.
Don't you see that Madeleine is hurt?
Your blunders irritate me.
Let's go.
I've never felt so good.
Come over here, Chrier.
Come have a toast.
Who is this individual?
-What do you think of Mr. Thibault?
-He's funny.
Too bad his wife, this wealthy woman,
doesn't buy him shirt collars.
He's very nice.
He has a pin in his collar,
but he's a nice guy.
-He doesn't bother you?
Such a ravishing woman
with a husband like him.
I don't see
why that would bother me.
When people
make fun of the husband,
they also make fun of the lover.
I don't find Georges ridiculous.
Claire either.
Do they invite you over
for hunting parties?
I love her.
You love hunting?
I love Claire.
She's not the wealthy woman
you think she is.
-I don't think she's wealthy.
-She thinks you are.
I love Claire the way she is.
Without fortune, without anything.
You're changing, old chap.
I've changed a lot.
I hate you.
I don't know New York very well.
Ive never been there.
But I've studied its map.
I know the place you're talking about.
I know exactly where it is.
-Did you know that Madeleine knows?
-What in the world...
-Yes, exactly, Chrier.
It's a whole world.
There are Turks, Chinese, Jews...
It's the largest Jewish city,
let's not forget that.
This little number she planned
to mock your husband.
She thinks she's so clever.
Forget it.
Let's talk about it some other time.
Let's go over there, then.
I have many things to tell you.
As Davis says,
the future belongs to the masses.
-So, you know, our little problems...
-Ah, yes.
-It's cold.
-Why did you lie to me?
Why these stories
of hunting, castles, horses?
You don't believe them anymore?
It doesn't matter to me.
My God, I am so unhappy!
What about Madeleine?
I didn't know you knew her.
Why didn't you say something?
-What about you?
-That's completely different.
-What do you want?
-A light.
I don't have one.
What did you do with the gold-plated
lighter I gave you?
I don't remember.
It would be nice if you didn't
throw away everything I give you.
-Madeleine, let us go.
-Not yet.
Georges! Georges!
I beg you, Madeleine.
-You don't want him to know?
-Why hurt him?
Georges, your wife hasn't been
feeling well lately.
You take her out too often!
Where did Chrier go?
We can't leave Mrs. Blanchet
with the kids all night.
-You can't go home alone, little bird?
-Why? You're staying?
I found a friend.
I am not going to leave him so easily.
Where did he go, that gangly man?
My dear Chrier,
let's not rot here.
Grab a glass, young man.
I am thirsty like a priest!
You know, I like you, Thibault.
That's not surprising!
We do have one thing in common.
-Really, which one?
-We both love striking women.
Look at them.
Lithe, elegant. Such class.
To our ladies!
Both of them!
-We have to go.
-Thanks for coming.
-It was really lovely.
-Thanks for coming.
You mix two drops of anisette,
an egg yolk,
a mint leaf,
and a little maraschino,
and you serve it warm
in a cognac glass.
If I may say, I would not drink that.
Me neither.
Oh, no!
I wonder what they're talking about.
Certainly not what you think
they're talking about.
Georges will always have
the upper hand.
You can't beat a happy man.
So, you love him?
You can have him.
You're leaving already?
-Good evening.
-Good evening.
-Good evening, dear.
-Thanks for coming.
-See you soon.
-Good evening.
Is everyone leaving?
You're going to leave me
standing here by myself
like a cheated man?
You can stay.
You again, Madeleine!
Come on.
You see, everyone's leaving.
I'm sorry
but I see twice as many people!
Madeleine, I wouldn't mind
dancing with you.
-Good-bye, Madeleine.
-Can't you wait a little longer?
I'd be delighted, Georges.
Chrier, take care of my wife.
Here, darling.
Gentlemen, a waltz, please.
You'll make my head spin.
It's better than losing it.
I didn't lose it.
Yes, you did.
With whom?
You know very well.
But it's too bad,
you deserved better.
You too.
Well, then,
good night, Madeleine.
My only wish is
to see you more often.
Please excuse her. She would
stay in bed all day if she could.
I'll be in touch.
See you soon.
-See you tomorrow.
-See you tomorrow.
You wanted him to come
so he could be the joke of the party,
but the joke is on you.
It's contagious.
Thank you, Sir.
It was great.
I am so happy.
Lt was a great party.
I am so happy.
Where are you going?
But Georges...
It's not my fault
if you didn't like the party.
If you made a fool of yourself
with your conversations.
What's wrong?
Just dust.
What are you thinking?
I am going out.
At this hour?
I can't go to bed.
Because you'll be in there.
And I will be forced
to say unpleasant things.
So, I am going out.
Metaphorically speaking.
Do you know what would be nice?
We could go away,
just the two of us.
For no reason.
Just for a change.
What if we went to the North Sea?
The wind there...
The heavy sweaters, the seals.
What is this shirt?
It's my shirt.
My little Georges.
-My little pigeon.
-My little chick.
Tell me what's wrong.
My hat.
You put ideas in my head,
and now, my hat is too small.
Don't be mad at me.
Look at me.
Is this attractive to you?
Do you really want to ridicule me?
You're mad at me.
I am mostly mad at you
for not being happy.
You think it's easy?
Yes. You just need
to start being happy.
I'll try.
Talk to me some more.
I feel like I hear voices
when I listen to you.
As if there were poets
behind those trees
who were whispering words to you.
You smell good.
You're tickling me.
When I smelled you the first time,
I knew right away
that we would be together forever.
We've already had one summer.
We're going to endure
our first cold season.
We'll make a fire.
And one day,
you won't be able to leave.
You'll stay in my house,
amenable and always ready.
-Ready to go?
-Sure. Wherever you want.
-No, wherever you want.
-It's the same thing.
I'll give orders to the maids.
The foyer is filled with trunks!
The gardeners await
to send us off with good wishes.
-We didn't forget anything?
I'll even bring our tapestries.
Like kings.
I'd like to be Georges.
Shut up.
Let's come back to earth, Antoine.
We were lying to ourselves,
but we can't do that anymore.
I don't care about your husband's
imaginary hunts.
And I don't care about the chauffeur
that you borrowed.
If I borrowed a chauffeur,
a limousine, a situation,
it's because I wanted to fit
in your world, your imagery.
I've known that for a long time.
It's only now
that everything is falling apart.
It's the opposite.
Everything is clear.
We can start from scratch.
It's impossible to start over.
We don't have to lie anymore.
Love is a lie.
It's like a bubble.
When it reaches the ground,
it's over.
I've started to work again.
I'll earn enough
to support you and your family.
Georges included?
Look at me, Claire.
You're mine.
Leave Georges.
Move in here.
What I make in one week,
your husband makes in six months.
You would leave in the morning,
at eight.
Even earlier.
-You wouldn't come home for lunch.
-If I need to.
You would come to bed
very late at night,
exhausted and worn out.
If I need to.
And what would I do all day long?
You'd raise the children.
I don't need another Georges.
Georges is great, you know.
If he's so great,
why are you inventing
hunts, castles, rose gardens?
Because he deserves them.
So you love him?
Of course!
-No, you don't.
-l do.
Oh, whatever.
-You're all prickly.
-No, you are!
You're a rude man!
You made me late.
That's not good.
I can't do that anymore.
Look at me.
How am I going to get home?
I am in spectacular shape.
Get some rest.
See you tomorrow.
And be on time.
Of course.
I can't stand it anymore
when you leave.
Usually, at this hour,
you just got here.
Where are you going?
Claire, do you hear me?
I want to know.
I have a right to know.
Hello, Madeleine?
It's me, Antoine.
I'm fine. Yes.
What, that passing fling?
It was a joke.
Yes, I am talking about Claire.
You know, just to have a good time.
See something else.
You know how it is.
Yes, she's funny for a minute.
You know the type.
And then I had all the trouble
in the world getting rid of her.
But finally, she's gone.
I can breathe.
And besides that?
You work? That's good.
It's good to keep busy.
I work all the time.
Yes, I am fine.
Whenever you want.
I'm sorry, I have another call.
You're home very early today.
Do you think it's fun
for a woman to go out by herself?
If only I had time, my darling...
When I walk in the street by myself,
I immediately get harassed by men.
Oh, come on.
I don't listen, I keep walking.
They continue.
Sometimes they put a hand
on my shoulder.
I turn around.
The man is there.
His eyes are wide open.
I close my eyes.
I wait.
I receive.
It's done.
When I open my eyes,
he's gone.
Maybe that's what happiness is.
What if he stays?
When he puts his hand
back on my shoulder,
that's how I know who he is.
Lord or bohemian.
And his voice comes from far away.
At that moment,
all men are true and beautiful.
Sweet and terrible.
And you want me to go out?
If it's like that...
But I don't want
to put you in a cage.
You were born to roam outside, free.
And you are so beautiful
when you come back.
Bless you, Miss.
Thank you.
That's the least I can do.
The End