Five Nights in Maine (2015) Movie Script

Falling asleep?
I think you are.
-Are you sure?
-I am.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
My stomach's gonna start
growling any second now.
I think you're falling asleep.
I'm not falling asleep.
Don't start.
Start what?
What did I start?
-What did I star?
Stop it.
Stop it!
I don't know what
you're talking about.
It's not fair.
Because you're not--
you're not ticklish.
It's not fair.
Oh, sorry.
make fun of me.
Don't go away, yo.
One new message.
Fiona, it's Juan.
Where are you?
I just tried your cell phone.
Uh, I don't know what
you want me to do.
I'm gonna go ahead
and start the meeting.
Come late if you can.
Call me.
This is Fiona.
Leave a message, and
I'll get back to you.
Sherwin, it's me.
I think you're right.
I should go see my mom
before it's too late.
I'll call you on my home.
Love you.
Is this sherwin Owens?
Yeah, who's this?
live at 21 long Avenue?
Yeah, I do.
This is officer holson, the
Atlanta police department.
We sent an officer
by twice today
to get in contact with you.
Uh, what is this concerning?
sorry to tell you
this over the phone, Mr.
Owens, but your wife was
involved in a traffic accident.
And it was a fatal accident.
Mr. Owens, you're still here?
Would you like to
speak to someone, sir?
We can send an officer
by immediately.
can you-- can you please--
can you please, um-- can
you help-- but can you--
hey, this is Fiona.
Leave a message.
Hi, uh, mr Owens?
Uh, John Scott from
Lincoln crematorium.
May I come in?
I-- I know how difficult
it must be to come to us.
So I am happy to
bring her to you.
Thank you.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Mr Owens?
I need you to sign.
Hello, sunshine.
Get up.
Get up.
Sherwin, come on.
Get up.
What are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be at work?
P, seriously, can you--
There we go.
Oh. You need to stop
smoking and drinking.
It's disgusting.
And you stink.
Come eat.
I don't know what would
make you think I want to eat.
Because you haven't
in I don't know how long.
What are you gonna
do about the service?
Seriously, p, I know
you're trying to help,
but you-- you just need to--
I'm getting
15 calls a day.
Well, tell them to get a life.
There's no fucking way.
All right.
I will take care of it.
Just let it go.
Let it go.
Just let it ring.
reached sherwin and Fiona.
Please leave a message.
It's lucina.
It's her mom.
I wanted to see
if you might like to come
up here to Maine for a bit.
I though it might
do us some good.
No need to call.
There is nothing
you could have done.
Course there is.
You did not put her in that car.
I was supposed to
take care of her.
And you did.
How can you say that?
And then missing her.
You have the food.
And there's no reason to
call Fiona's mom back.
I'll deal with her.
Call me if you need me.
I love you.
Everything is
harder than it is.
Should we go see her?
I don't know.
She tried to destroy us.
We're strong.
Come on.
Go see your uncle.
What are
you doing here?
Mom said you wanted to play.
Did she?
I've got a-- I've got a cold.
You swapped these.
No, I didn't.
So why-- where am I?
Click start.
I just clicked start.
No, you didn't.
You're crazy.
I still win.
Oh, you're right.
Can you get out of the way?
Really, mom?
Give me a second.
Give me a second.
Cleaning up after you.
What happened?
Hey, that's-- can I?
No, you don't need this.
Have some apples.
What, you start the
game and not tell me?
Mom said not to talk
about auntie Fiona.
That's ok.
I'm sorry.
Thanks, Jamal.
I'm Ann, Lucinda's nurse.
Oh, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Come in, please.
Thank you.
Lucinda is expecting you.
Um, but she's resting now.
So she'll see you at dinner.
I-- I'll show you to your room.
Yes, just up here.
There's a bathroom right
there to your left.
And there are clean
towels in there for you.
I need to get
back to Lucinda.
If you need anything,
just let me know.
Thank you.
Oh, hey.
Finding everything ok?
Uh, is anything to drink?
Wine or whiskey?
Uh, whiskey would be great.
Here you go.
You gonna have one?
Uh, no, thank you.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
As you know, she was just
here, and it was really
good to finally meet her.
Did you like her?
Very much.
Yeah, me, too.
No one should lose a child.
Or a wife.
Of course.
What is that on the,
um-- on the island
that I can see from upstairs?
Oh, that's the lighthouse.
It has a great story, too.
What, the lighthouse?
You gonna tell me the story?
Um, well, the lighthouse
is on an island,
and the caretaker was lonely,
so he married this young girl
and brought her over with him.
But when she had been there
for a while, she looked at him
and said, there's nothing to do.
So he brought her a piano.
But when the boat came
with the instrument,
it only had one sheet of music.
And she played and
played and played
that same song over and over
again until he went mad.
He chopped the piano with
an ax, chopped her head off,
and then killed himself.
I'm sorry.
Was that inappropriate?
I don't know why I said that.
No, it's ok.
Hello, Mrs. Wright.
Please, have a seat.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Here we are.
This looks very nice.
I'm surprised you came.
Me, too.
Me, too.
How was your drive?
Oh, fine.
Actually, everything's
excruciating right now.
I'm barely myself.
She was just here,
and she was fine.
So what happened?
Um, well, from
what I was told, she
was in traffic changing lanes--
I know that.
I read what happened.
Oh, I see.
I don't believe it.
--We sang
karaoke the night before.
Was she drunk?
It was the middle of the day.
She was a good driver.
Not that day.
What was different?
I don't know.
It was raining.
She was rushing.
It was an accident.
Excuse me.
Would you like to eat with us?
No, thank you.
I need to get to the
store before it closes.
Do you need anything?
No, thank you.
Well, you
look very tired.
Maybe she should get
you some sleeping pills.
That's ok.
Ann is very good.
She does more than she should.
All the time.
I've done
all right up till now.
It's the light of day
that shows me how.
And when the night falls.
Be serious.
My loneliness calls.
Oh, i
wanna dance with somebody.
You were great.
You were great.
Suzy, could I get another
gin and tonic, please?
What are you doing?
Why are you drinking so much?
I thought we were having fun.
We are having fun.
But I just don't understand.
What, fun?
Oh, come on, Fiona.
Just leave it.
Why are you
drinking so much when
we're trying to get pregnant?
If I'm drinking
right now, I guess
I'm not trying to get pregnant,
not thinking about it.
How is he today?
He should have flown.
He's stubborn.
What makes you say that?
He seems kind.
He wants something.
Like what?
Didn't you invite him?
But I didn't think he'd come.
I hadn't seen her in so long.
And i--
Fiona, stop.
Can we just talk about us?
Sherwin, what's the point?
Because you're
confusing things,
and you're confusing me.
I can't.
I thought
we talked about this.
Didn't we have a plan?
It's-- it's-- it's--
better like this.
For who?
It's not
better for me, baby.
I wanna be a father.
What are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of?
I'm afraid of making
a child feel unwanted.
But you wouldn't.
You don't know that,
baby, I do.
She's the only mother
i know, sherwin.
You are being
so selfish right now.
Is he friendly?
She's good.
She's all right.
She won't do anything.
What's his name?
That's her name.
Hey, Tammy.
She's a good dog.
Uncle George.
It's good of you to come.
I can't imagine it's easy.
It's a horrible thing.
You meant a lot to her.
She tell you we went fishing?
She hated fishing.
Well, she probably just
wanted to get out on the lake.
And to get away
from her mother.
Well, they-- if you ask me,
they're both a little dramatic.
It's wild here.
You think?
It's home.
Look what I just hung.
That's gonna drive
Lucinda crazy.
I hope she can hear it.
From her bedroom
and think about me.
How is she today?
She's-- never great
in the morning.
Oh, um-- she would like
to have lunch with you.
Would you mind
eating in her room?
Is that what she wants?
I think so.
That's weird.
Is it?
In her room?
Is egg salad ok?
Oh, I make a mean egg salad.
You sure?
What, that my egg salad's good?
No, i-- um.
Um, I'll let you know
when she's ready.
All right.
Thank you.
Come in.
Ann said you made lunch.
I don't remember
hearing that you cook.
They're just sandwiches.
Where were you?
Uh, I went for a
walk down to the lake.
Um, I should have changed.
I'm sorry.
beautiful down there.
Do you-- do you mind if i--
no, no, no.
Yeah, it's very, uh--
it's very quiet down there.
How many people live here?
In the town?
Not many.
Yeah, I can tell.
You don't mind
being so isolated?
I don't think of it that way.
It's peaceful.
What do you do all day?
Right now I'm trying
to eat my lunch.
I always liked
swimming down there.
Fiona always
preferred the ocean.
I never understood it.
It's punishingly cold.
Yeah, she loved the water.
I haven't run an
obituary here yet.
I was wondering if
you'd like to write it.
My sister sent one from Atlanta.
Did you get it?
There's been too much mail.
Well, you can modify that.
Do you want to
take it down to the paper?
Um, I, uh, found this
just before I left.
She never talked
about cheerleading.
She was only a cheerleader
for a little while.
That's probably why she
didn't mention it to you.
And she became embarrassed, you
know, when she found feminism.
I, uh-- met George.
He's a
pain but attentive.
Thank god he shaved that beard.
He looked like a troll.
--Did you
tell him to shave it?
I let him know it
wasn't attractive.
He has a nice face.
Did he tell you the joke?
No, he didn't, uh-- he
didn't tell any jokes.
Do you wanna hear it?
George is from here, you know.
Well, there was this man.
We'll call him bill.
And he moved here from another
state when he was an infant.
Let's say New Hampshire.
And he lived to be 93.
And when he died, his tombstone
read, "almost a mainer."
That's it.
George's one joke.
It's funny.
I don't
know about that.
I hate pickles.
Of course, you'd have no way
of knowing that, would you?
Uh, no.
Can I get you something else?
Maybe cup of coffee in a bit.
Thank you.
Oh, I'd like dinner to be nice.
We didn't need him.
Oh, it's exhausting.
Need anything?
I think I'd
like a cup of coffee.
I was beginning to worry
you had gotten lost.
I, uh-- I noticed you almost
finished yours, so, um--
you didn't need to do that.
Thank you.
Want a drink?
How do you take it?
Um, I don't know.
How do you take it?
Uh, usually straight.
Drink every day?
So, uh, what are we
making for dinner?
No, no, no.
You-- you've done enough.
What else am I doing?
George brought over some fish.
I think he scaled them, but
they need to be cleaned.
We just open them up, gut them.
Wait, am I doing this?
Yes, you are.
You'll be fine.
Ann, can I get a plate, please?
Thank you.
Oh, not bad for a city boy.
So heavy.
Hey, sherwin.
Look at that.
Did you make it?
Oh, no, I'm not that nice.
A neighbor heard that
we have a special guest,
and she made it just for you.
Is it safe to eat?
What happened when
Fiona was here?
Ooh, honey.
They fought a lot.
She meant well,
but it's complicated.
Lucinda had been
through chemo, and Fiona
wasn't here to see that.
It's hard to tell
how sick she is.
She's sick.
How sick?
She has a lot of pain.
She's tough.
But Fiona, she didn't--
excuse my language--
take any of Lucinda's shit.
She was really upset
when she came home.
Well, I imagine she knew
she'd never see her mom again.
How would she know that?
She knew.
You know.
I'm sure Lucinda knew, too.
She just thought
it would be her.
It was thoughtful of
you to get some wine.
It's the same bottle Fiona
bought when she was here.
She said it was the only
decent wine they had.
Well, that's true.
I guess you shared taste.
That's what happens.
So you seem to, uh, have
a good support system
here with Ann and George.
Paid help is hardly support.
And my brother-in-law just
wants to get into my bed.
Do you doubt it?
I-- no.
But, uh, at least
you're not alone.
I've been alone
since Fiona left.
I just don't know why she
always had to be so tight.
So in control.
Control of what?
She always had to have her way.
She was a strong woman.
But it's not that.
It's her rigidity.
Maybe she acted that
way when she felt threatened.
Is my cancer threatening?
She even wanted to control that.
Can't remember the last
time I saw her relaxed.
Well, when was the last
time you were relaxed?
Well, I'm barely alive.
There must be something
relaxed about that.
Is there any way
i can help you?
This might make you smile.
I, uh-- I found this upstairs.
Um-- there is--
yeah, right here,
this-- this part right here.
My eyes
aren't too good.
Will you read it?
Oh, yeah, of course.
"Mommy made us lunch, and Shane
said, where's the bathroom?
Oh, never mind.
It was just gas."
When did
she write that?
Oh, she was probably five.
She said she was
trying to get pregnant.
She told you that?
Parenthood brings out
the best in people.
And the worst.
She took
so much with her.
I'm sorry.
Lucin-- Lucinda!
Are you ok?
Can you hear me?
It's gonna be ok, ok?
I'm gonna get you
to the hospital.
All right?
Stay away from the hospital!
Stay away!
-Ok, ok.
Away from the hospital!
Listen, are you hurt?
Are you hurt?
Are you hurt?
Let's get you on the bed.
Oh, Ann!
She left.
Ann left.
Ann, god.
Oh, god, please!
Oh, god!
Oh, god.
Ok, I'm-- no.
What are you--
what are you doing?
Don't leave me!
Please don't leave me!
Oh, please don't leave me!
Please don't leave me.
Oh, please.
Ann hello?
Ann, i-- I need your help.
She's-- she's hysterical.
there's a bottle
of valium on top of the shelf
right next to or in a vase.
Give her one and
she'll calm down.
Did you find it?
Yeah, I've got it.
I'll be right over.
Try to get some sleep.
Come back!
Traveling so fucking long.
We're gonna have
to cut the pant leg.
What happened?
I was shot at.
It's open season.
I am so sorry.
Careful, please.
All right.
It's just a bad scrape.
I see why she hated this place.
I'm exhausted.
How you feeling?
You'll be ok.
It'll look bad
for a couple days.
But you'll be fine.
Think you can hobble over and
have some tea with Lucinda?
What, now?
She's worried about you.
Oh, yeah, I'm sure.
Ann said you wanted to see me.
You should always be careful
when running in the country.
Well, I'm not gonna be
running again anytime soon.
Sit down.
No, no.
I'm gonna rest upstairs.
-No, honestly, I'm fine.
Just hand me
the pillow, please.
Give me the pillow.
There you go.
How does it feel?
It-- it really hurts.
It's throbbing.
Ann said I got
you up last night.
Are you ok?
I feel-- strange.
I'm sorry I disturbed you.
As long as you're ok.
What are you planning
to do with her ashes?
Lucinda, please.
Well, we don't want to
have a double funeral.
I will tell you when
i make up my mind.
We have a plot
next to her father.
Well, she didn't
want to be buried.
Oh, I wouldn't be
too sure about that.
She always wanted to
be next to her father.
I didn't bring her ashes.
I'm gonna go rest upstairs.
The house smells like smoke.
I was smoking on the porch.
Not a good time to
pick up old habits.
Thanks for the advice.
Want some salad?
We could use real plates,
even if it's just sandwiches.
Ann didn't want to do dishes.
Thank you.
Your leg seems better.
You're not limping around.
You should, uh, go
in the living room,
be more comfortable.
I was just on my way.
Stop smoking in my house.
Thank you.
Thank you.
This sandwich wasn't half bad.
Sorry, what?
I just said the
sandwich was fine.
That's good.
You really should get
some sleeping pills.
You look like you
haven't slept in ages.
Well, my wife just died.
My child died.
My child.
I know that.
Why do you act so pious?
It's pathetic.
It's a good thing you
never had children.
Oh, I'm sure you think that.
You would.
Don't presume to know me.
I can see why she
never came here.
She just did.
Look how that turned out.
That wasn't my fault.
I saw how she came
back from here.
That was you.
How dare you.
Excuse me?
I found her ashes.
So what?
Why did you come here?
Trying to see what
she was hiding from?
The truth is she just
wanted to be different.
She spent her whole life trying.
And you-- you were just another
way to make her feel special.
She always needed
to feel so special.
You could have been anyone.
You forget about me?
You forget to call your sister?
All right.
You ok?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm coming home.
Thank god.
I've been worried about you.
I'll call you when I'm back.
All right.
Drive safe.
It's afternoon, I think.
You must be hungry.
I-- I brought you a Danish.
How did you get here?
Ann drove me.
Took me all morning to
convince her to leave me,
she shouldn't have.
Oh, I get my way, too.
I needed to see you
before you left.
Can I take you home?
I'm pretty cold.
I brought a photo to show you.
That's Carl, my
husband, holding Fiona.
I was so young when I met him.
You would have liked him.
He was smart, too.
I put my life on
hold after Carl.
You don't have to do that.
Fiona hated me for
the life I chose.
She certainly wouldn't
want it for you.
I'm not sure it's that easy.
It's not.
I couldn't do it.
But you?
You try.
It should
have been me, not Fiona!
I don't regret coming.