Five-O (2016) Movie Script

What up boo.
Guess what man.
What, what's wrong?
What's up?
What's wrong nigga?
These nuts, got they have
them foo foo hundreds nigga.
You bull shitting?
I ain't lying nigga,
I swear to god
nigga went right down to
roll in his own top nigga.
Nash bread through none of it?
None of them bitch nigga,
the fake huns at the bottom
with they dumb ass.
Scotch free.
Scotch free nigga,
walked right in that bitch
gave 'em the money, got the
word, I got the fuck on nigga.
That's it?
Yeah nigga think
I'm lyin' nigga?
Hey you!
My six!
Man Lionel's going
through something
big today man, you
know what I mean?
Especially don't pick it up.
He is man, come on now.
What the fuck?
Man what the fuck?
Stay down, don't
move mother fucker.
Man get the fuck off me.
Take this bag off.
Man get the fuck off me.
Take it off, shut up!
Sit on the pops,
sit over!
Sit over.
Who the
fuck you runnin' from boy?
Hey yo shooting at me man.
Shut the fuck up!
Ask me a question.
Check that bag.
That shit ain't
nothin' but my homework.
Shut the fuck up.
Dumb ass can't even read.
This is why they shootin'
at his stupid ass.
That ain't mine.
Well that's why they
shootin' at your ass.
You just got down on niggas.
I don't get down like that.
That's how you play it?
This is my shit nigga.
I'll show you how
the fuck we get down.
Hey, I bet you this boy Duro.
I already know it is.
You hear that shit?
This nigga
Hell no look at this clown man,
thinking he me and shit man.
You a wild boy.
Fuck man.
I know y'all Cop officers
but y'all could at least
knocked on my shit.
Man shut your ass up
you lucky I ain't come through
tearing this bitch up nigga.
You left the door
wide open you idiot.
Slippin' man.
You a wild boy.
Damn bitch you
ain't lock the door?
I thought it slammed shut.
You are
fuckin' ballsy man
all you had to do was push
the door up and lock it man,
go get dressed.
Look at this nigga.
A nice broad man.
I'm tell.
Yo man, this nigga is a clown.
Hey get dressed man,
got stuff we need to talk about.
Yeah man, hurry up.
Man fuck what
he talkin' about,
hey, when y'all came in,
could you hear her moaning?
Hell nah, that weak ass
dick you was plugged up.
Niggas are haters man,
hey she nice though
That bitch was cold you
know cuz will take that
right through there player.
Nah you ain't taking
that one through there.
What the fuck you mean nigga?
You cuffing on us?
I'm gonna go get dressed man.
All right I'm about
to help her get dressed.
I just told you you
ain't getting that one.
Come on man you just
put the bitch out man you.
Sick man hey you
ain't got shit to eat?
Yeah I just had her
cook up man go and get you some.
All right this nigga.
For a matter fact you're
not lockin' that door.
It's your door, you
should've locked it.
Keep actin' like that you
ain't gonna get no more.
Just gonna eat
my man Cheerios?
I ain't fuckin'
with that shit,
that shit is garbage she cooked.
Damn nigga she all in
my face, what's up?
That bitch choosy he
tryin' to cuff her.
This nigga man,
get you a glimpse of
that ass I was seeing?
Hey that bitch cold.
Cooking game garbage
as fuck my nigga.
You don't like that food?
But you open a box
of Cheerios up.
What's the deal cuz?
Shit just got
done dropping dick,
'bout to get high.
Always talking about
that weak ass dick game.
Fuck outta here man.
Hey, what we got?
Well you know we came
through with somethin'.
Flake nigga.
It's a half brick of cocaine.
This nigga just
said cocaine man.
Nigga don't know no better,
hey, shut the fuck up when
it come to this work shit man
let me do all the talking man.
This nigga.
Hold on man,
it's called cocaine right?
Yeah back in the office.
Can't say that out here man
put some bop on that shit.
What y'all mean like
I got a half brick of cocaine.
You just need to say
half brick of somethin'
that's all you gotta say.
You know this
nigga don't know shit
about no bop man.
Y'all niggas save
all the bop for me
and let's get to this money son,
we all know about man come on.
That's your mans yo.
Hey George,
what you know about cocaine man?
Leave him alone
cuz he get pissed now
look at his face.
Hey man for real what you
think we can get for that?
Shit on the real,
we can get about
1820 for this cuz
real talk.
Damn that shit
high right now
What you was thinking?
Shit we taking
that shit anyway,
might as well let
it go for the 15.
Shit free man I
don't give a fuck.
Yeah, I like that.
We need 15 back
on the half kilo.
Hey man I just told you
to shut the fuck up man.
Just as bad as fuckin'.
We don't rock with the 15 man,
stay yo ass out the way man.
My bop man.
Have them hoes cook
that weak ass food.
Yeah yeah
look at my cereal.
Y'all be careful man.
All right.
Lock the door.
on hit that five bro,
let's get up outta here.
Yo hit that 20 nigga,
bet 20.
Bet 20 the both of y'all.
My money down.
Double bet,
nigga I told you.
Bad bet,
you ain't betting shit nigga?
Nah don't worry about him
he ain't here for that fam.
Fuck it.
Here come five dog.
Man fuck them niggas.
Keep shooting.
Hold on big fella caught dice.
Look like everybody
lost this time.
The fuck you looking at
Don't I know you from somewhere?
You ain't even supposed
to be out here do you?
Hey Len.
Ain't this
one of the Banks?
Andre Banks.
Two strikes working
on his third.
Definitely ain't supposed
to be out here though,
but we can fix it.
No we definitely
can fix it.
Let me holla at you big fella.
Let me holla at
these niggas man.
Yo brother they
having some bull shit
we having some fuck 'em man.
Whack ass P's.
What's up big fella?
What's good?
Know you gotta pay
them taxes right?
It's been about a week now,
what you ducking
me or something?
Man look, I ain't
about to keep paying you
and your pussy ass partner
no more for the money.
So what the fuck
is you saying?
You about to leave the
block alone or somethin'?
Man I'm saying y'all
niggas gonna have to do
what the fuck y'all gotta do.
You know I make
this bitch hot,
won't nobody eat.
I'll come through here
stretching niggas every day,
taking everything.
And niggas is going to jail.
I need all mine big fella.
Yeah I'ma pay
y'all y'all's shit.
But this my last mother
fuckin' time though,
for real.
So, take it how
you wanna take it.
Yeah all right,
make that happen though.
And you a bitch.
How was your day?
How was D's day?
I don't know, ask D.
What's wrong with you?
Nothin' you know
when are you leavin'?
Look we talked
about this all right?
When you get a job and
you get on your feet,
I'll leave.
'Til then I'm here.
Don't touch me.
With D being
diagnosed with this
new illness, he needs
the both of us right now.
Don't worry about
me, I'ma be fine.
I wasn't worried about you,
worried about D.
Don't worry
about D, all right?
Look, I'ma get a job ASAP
'cause I need you out.
I want to be happy.
I want to move on.
I can't even get a nut.
With your whack ass.
You really think
you be disrespect...
All right, da da
da da da, anyway,
I need some money.
For what?
For some shoes for D.
I just bought him some shoes...
Well nigga he needs some more.
You know what?
If he need some,
I'll buy 'em.
Goodnight Karen.
You asleep?
Nothing, I'm just tired.
You call the
insurance agency for me?
No, I ain't got
around to it yet.
Look don't worry about
it, I'll do it all right?
Yeah you
take care of it.
What's up man?
What's up dad?
Sorry I missed
you yesterday man,
had a long day at work.
It's all good.
How was school?
It was great dad, I got an
A on my math test yesterday.
Man that's my dog man.
Hey you got that English report?
All right, go
get started on it,
clean your room first.
Then get started on it,
need you focused all right?
All right.
I'll see you tonight.
Hey you hungry?
You sure?
I'm positive.
All right.
Look, D upstairs doing
homework all right?
So he probably gonna be
hungry in a couple hours
so just wondering you know
if you could feed him.
You know home cooked meal?
Hey whatever.
Come on Karen...
I said whatever!
All right.
It's the money you
was asking for,
you know for D's shoes.
There's some extra
in there for you too.
Please I don't do
nothing for ya.
What's up, you
ready get outta here?
Why the fuck every
time I come over here
you always got me
waitin' outside?
You're really cuttin' up,
what you been drinking
or something man?
Come here.
I'm in there trying to
look good for you and shit
and that's how you acting?
That's a nice outfit, what
bitch bought that for you?
Why a bitch always
gotta buy me something?
You don't ever
question me like that
when I get you shit.
Come on man, you
know I get both parts
stop acting like that.
Yeah, whatever, let's go
the movie about to start.
Yeah you keep you a
cold little bitch
Yeah man on my way
on a little movie date.
That bitch
was cold who that?
My little east side chick
man she down to a drop.
Hell yeah.
Been meaning to holla at
you about somethin' anyway.
Kick it with me what up?
We was in there,
she got to bull
shittin' and shit
about how her brother's
on to pills in the lane,
you know how I cut into it.
Like I need a lot of that shit.
Hell yeah.
She said hey you give
me whatever I want.
Straight up?
Hell yeah, and they
supposed to have a stash house
over there somewhere.
Shit can you get me a address?
Of course so.
I'm gonna have to
hit it with this
eight and a half again
but I can get it.
Always talkin' about that
little weak ass dick game.
Hey where that little money at
we gotta get the fuck on man.
Hey I got that
for you right here,
15 large.
Hey man what is you doin' man?
You got the money
all out in the open?
He's a idiot man.
This nigga.
Have to share this
eight and a half
ain't the only thing bulging.
So you had to show that bitch
you had a roll you got it cuz.
Hey no doubt man.
You was a little
clown ass nigga,
but you know how to
get that money money.
Hey two things
I'm gonna get man
it's that ass and that cash.
You little silly nigga,
hey get at me man.
I'm on you,
gonna text you in a minute.
Hey there's the
crib right there.
Look dead.
Don't look like no spot to me.
Look like that
nigga working to me.
Hold on hold on hold on.
What's up man?
Buzzy said it
was a spot right?
Let's see what he
gonna come out with
he goin' in.
Hey man fuck that,
this ain't no stake out.
We ain't about to
wait five hours
on no nigga man come on.
We ain't even gotta wait that.
Why the
fuck you take off Phillip?
I was scared.
Shut your bitch ass up
you weren't scared of shit.
Should shoot yo ass,
making me do all
that damn runnin'.
What the fuck you
got in that bag?
Ain't shit in the bag.
Ain't shit in there?
Check that bag Len,
you better hope
we find something
if we don't they
gonna find yo ass.
Woo lean.
Pills too.
And a little lean?
You got lean and pills?
This my shit mother fucker.
Man this shit with
a crooked ass cop.
What the fuck you just say?
You putting dirt on my
mother fuckin' name?
Put your mother fuckin'
face on the ground.
Put it on the ground!
Hey man not here not here.
Don't do that here.
Let's go.
Boy you lucky
I don't blow your
mother fuckin' brains out.
Here go some dirt since you like
putting that shit on my name.
Mother fucker.
Hey man what's up though?
Shoot man.
Dang look he
firing up the que.
Look at the sausage though
he burnt the sausages.
That's 'cause he don't
know what the fuck he doing
man I ain't ever seen this
nigga on no grill man.
I can man sometimes boy.
Whatever nigga,
hey that little movie was dope.
Man I ain't even
see that shit.
Man I got in there
she done got to
blowing your mans down
something crazy.
Hey that bitch
look like she'll
blow a nigga down didn't she?
Yeah for sure.
She's one of them.
So what's that problem?
Y'all went in there
and got that cash?
Hell yeah, what the fuck?
Hey, and his ass made us
catch him had me pissed dog.
Cut it out man I
know your slow ass
ain't chasing nobody.
Nah he ain't catch nobody man
I had to catch him.
No you know he caught him,
he be jumping gates and
shit I ain't with all that
extra shit.
Hey but I did make
that nigga speak dirt
on my name.
Yeah that nigga got
to talkin' crazy.
Hey, but them pills in.
Yeah, what I tell you?
Bust 'em open.
Check 'em out.
Yeah nigga.
And it's 10,000 them bitches,
we need 100 a jar.
Got you.
And your boy's got the lean?
Hell yeah Dilly,
and that's that eccy nigga,
that shit goin' for
the high right now
so don't try to play
us nigga look up.
I got y'all.
Hey, hey,
hey why they put
it in baby bottles?
Man shut the fuck up man.
Nah man I know why.
To measure it.
All right, nigga know
a little somethin',
all right man, yeah,
cuz, them pills stat my nigga.
Don't sell them bitches
around here you hear me?
For real, you sell them
bitches around here
they gonna know they got took,
them bitches want 'em
confiscated by no cops.
Do not sell them
bitches around here man.
I got you.
Hold up, seriously,
don't sell them pills here.
Man I ain't gonna sell
the pills around here man.
Man I said I got y'all man,
y'all boys loosen up man.
They get 'em passed my mans,
they gonna sell
'em in Louisville,
ain't nothing to
worry about you good.
All right my nigga.
Why don't y'all have a
sausage or somethin' man?
I know you want a burger
you look like the burger type.
No no no.
That shit ain't
even got no season
that shit look
worse than that shit
yo bitch cooked up man.
Man I only fuck
bitches who can't cook.
Y'all boys be careful man.
All right my nigga.
Sarge, what's good?
What's goin' on Sarge?
Fellas still wasting your time
down at that corner
Hell yeah, you know
I be craving that
Naruto with the shrooms man.
You know I gotta
have my two Conies.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, two
Conies with mustard for you
I already know.
Damn, Sarge act like he know
what we eat and
shit did you see?
Hey, bet you don't know
them two thick hoes...
Shut up,
listen, I brung y'all
down here to talk to y'all
on a serious note.
I've been going through
these files all morning,
there's too many unsolved cases.
We need to get a grip
back on these streets.
Hey look Sarge we
trying all right?
Damn your effort!
These streets is beating us.
It's like they one
up on us every raid.
It's been a long
time since I've been
beat by these streets like this.
What y'all gonna do about it?
We gonna have to turn up.
Mother fuckers wild as
hell out there Sarge.
We don't go head to head
we gonna lose every
time, flat out.
Hey Sarge we gotta
come up with some
aggressive tactics,
or this gonna be impossible
for us to do the job out here.
But it's like this,
right now it's my job
that's on the line,
and if you girls don't want
no dick to come in here
and change everything
y'all done built,
I advise y'all to get out there
and get me my streets back.
On a way more serious
note though Sarge,
you could've said a pause,
a no homo or something when
you said that dick though.
That shit's.
So aggressive tactics.
That's what you need
Y'all got the green light.
Hey man.
Get ready to slow
down a little bit,
stop being so reckless out here.
Gotta remember
bro we still cops.
Hey man I ain't about to
slow shit down right now.
Especially how this
money comin' in.
Hey look man,
there's some things that
we gotta take serious.
Thing I'll take
seriously is the HIV.
And I'm good, I stay covering
this big mother fucker up.
You know what let's
do it your way then,
no worries, forget it,
we gonna do it your way.
See how far that get us.
I don't think
you understand man.
Where I'm from,
being able to put niggas on
is enough to say I made it.
In the same breath,
the shit done paying all right,
and shit start to go downhill,
look at this shit man.
Shit don't get no worse
than the pain and struggle
I come from.
Fuck it nigga I
ain't got no worries.
Fuck I'm gonna worry about?
What up though?
Chillin' man.
What's been up with you man?
Man chillin' man
same old same old man.
My guy.
Hope you brought
some of that stuff
that you had with you last time,
that shit was real
flaky my nigga.
Hell nah, just
got something pills,
my Kentucky plug
didn't want 'em all,
I wanna see what
you can do with it.
You say you can get
off anything right?
Hell yeah.
Let me see 'em.
Right here?
Man this my hood, we good.
All right, say no more.
Shit man beans man.
I got caught with these
skittles last time,
but you know what I mean
I could fuck with 'em dog
for sure.
Hey P!
Hey what you want for 'em man?
You know I need
my 25 off the top.
I got you man I'm
gonna look out for you
you know we all
gotta eat my baby.
Let's get it.
Hey man what's poppin'?
What's good homie?
This my man Sam man.
What's up?
Say you need
that good shit man.
Fucked up.
Hell yeah man, you know me
I need my 25 off the top.
It look good too.
For sure.
Where you get this shit from?
My people be hooking
me up, what's good?
Y'all be good people,
good people
Give it to you for
a nice ticket too
that's my mans right there.
Where the fuck you
get this shit from?
Man who the fuck
your mans talkin' to?
Nigga this my shit,
where the fuck you get this
shit from?
I would have told
you where the fuck
I got it from.
Man where
the game you flyers at?
Come on pops hit
again, on the green.
Damn pops you hit me too hard.
Hit me.
I'm out.
Hit me.
Hit me again pops.
Damn pops!
Hit me.
I'm out.
Hit me.
16 sir.
Baby you better stay.
No fuck that hit me again.
Should've fuckin' listened.
Always fuckin' up,
don't ask me for no loan,
come on, let's go, come on!
Damn pops.
You done fucked
everybody up
Guess it's just me and you.
Let's play.
Hell no man,
take this bullshit
and get you somethin' to drink.
I ain't about to
keep fuckin' with you
and lose this shit bet.
Every time I play you
one on one I lose.
I'll play.
Damn so
you really did got you
a little nigga
Damn right J.
You don't know how to act,
let alone treat me.
The fuck
that supposed to mean?
Well, you know I
don't care if you
out here fuckin' bitches.
We can take 'em home
and fuck 'em together.
There you go.
But you just so disrespectful
with your shit.
Man shut the fuck up,
come here, come here man.
No, and on top of that,
what you don't
understand is that
I don't want your money,
I just want y'all time.
So your little
nigga ain't got no money
but he got all the
time in the world
Yes, time, I don't
want his money.
That's cool.
I'ma have all the time
in the world for you
one day soon as I finish
chasing this money.
Yeah whatever boy,
you ain't gonna never change.
One day.
How you been though?
Good man, I been staying
the fuck out the way.
What's up with grandma though?
You know I miss the
shit outta her man.
She good, I'm just trying
to get her up out that
apartment building.
I just heard that it was
a shootin' over there,
I know it had to be
over that lean shit.
Yeah straight up?
Damn man come the fuck here man.
Stop playin' with me man
bring yo ass here.
It's crazy man you
playin' on real
you know you miss me man.
Damn this shit's still wild
as hell over there
Yeah, I just gotta
get her up outta there.
Hell yeah you
know I gotta get her
the fuck from over there,
that's my baby.
I hear you talkin'.
Whatever I'm gonna take
care of that for you though.
Since your little
broke ass nigga
ain't got shit but time for you.
Yeah all right
make it happen then.
You know it.
Cut the car off.
Put the keys on the seat,
let me see your hands,
let me see 'em.
License and registration sir.
Get the fuck out man
get the fuck
out the fucking car man.
What the fuck you
got in the car?
My license in my pocket man,
mother fucker car's legit,
fuck you trippin' for?
Shut the fuck up,
you got somethin'!
Check the car.
Thought you ain't had nothing.
Man that shit ain't mine.
Hell yeah,
this my shit nigga.
No it ain't.
Smell good too
There you go Sarge, Sarge.
Come on put that up.
Get yo ass.
You better not say shit either.
I was near the area
when I heard the stop
over to dispatch.
Look like y'all officers
got this one under control.
Yeah you know us Sarge.
Ain't nothin' what's up Sarge?
Fellas been updated about
the reports from yesterday?
No what's going on?
We had a robbery gone wrong
they borrowed some ecstasy
pills for methazine.
We had a murder victim by
the name of Jill Ferguson,
and we got a good
lead on the suspect
believe committed
this heinous crime.
You got a description
on that suspect?
Local resident
left a description
of a young male in his early 20s
of Middle Eastern decent.
She also mentioned something
of a third suspect.
Hey Sarge you
ain't got no name
for the third suspect either?
Philip O'Connor,
also known in the
area for moving
heavy ecstasy pills.
What you need us to do?
Need you fellas
to hit these streets
and bring me back some info.
There's a lot
missing in this case,
and we gonna figure
this one out.
No problem.
What's up?
We fucked up man.
What you talkin' about?
Phil O'Connor?
That's the nigga we got down on
for the pills and the lean man.
Buzzy dumb ass.
Damn Buzzy.
Look, it's gotta be an
explanation all right?
Buzzy wouldn't do
that all right.
Look let's call him,
let's see what's going on.
Hey man fuck callin' him.
We about to pull it down on him.
What about him?
Hey man fuck him,
take them cuffs off,
we gotta go.
Damn Buzzy.
Get yo ass up.
Open the fucking door!
Here I come!
That's cousin.
He gone love this.
Y'all thought you was gonna
catch me fuckin' again
What the fuck
is wrong with you
What you talkin' about man?
I specifically told you
not to sell that shit here!
Sell what here?
You wanna play crazy?
You don't know what the
fuck I'm talkin' about now?
You still fuck with
them Louisville niggas?
Hell yeah, strong too.
How you think I be
killin' 'em OT man?
I'm so good with them niggas
they pay me ahead of time
just so I won't sell
the work to nobody else.
Them pills?
You came here talkin' about them
I gave them my man he
wouldn't sell 'em...
Shut the fuck up!
Your man sold that shit here.
To somebody who had to
know we took the shit.
You talkin' about
your avid mans.
Yeah he is.
Your avid partner.
It's a reason why
we told you not to
sell that shit here.
There's a reason dog.
Now yo dumb ass
about to get us all
jailed up.
But cuz...
Cuz what?
I ain't sellin'...
You ain't what?
You's a stupid mother fucker.
I got half your money man.
The fuck you mean
you got half the money?
When I
gave him the pills
he gave me half the money.
Mother fucker.
I need all the money.
Fuck is wrong with you nigga?
Hey where your mans stay?
The bar.
Man give me an address man!
4312 Stopple...
The fuck is you bossing up to?
Nigga you fucked up!
Where the fuck is my
mother fuckin' money?
Got it right here man.
We good.
Stopple right?
You got that Len?
Stay the fuck out the way.
Damn we've been
taking all mother fuckin' day
with the kush.
Get yo mother fuckin' ass...
Hold on man,
I ain't do nothing man.
Shut the fuck up,
you killed them niggas at
that apartment building.
What y'all talkin' about man?
You know what the
fuck I'm talkin' about.
You know who the fuck I am too.
I'm Buzzy cousin JP.
So you better tell us everything
you know mother fucker.
Seeing as you know him.
And you know what
he'd do to you,
so let's cut the bullshit and
get straight to the answers,
what happened the other night?
Man I went to go sell my
dude the pills and the lean.
Did you know who?
Hell yeah I knew him.
I didn't know the other
mother fucker that was there.
Who you talkin' about?
When I gave my guy the pills,
he gave it to his mans,
he must've recognized 'em
and started tripping out.
And that's your story?
Yeah that's the story.
You sure?
Yeah I'm sure.
You better not be
lying mother fucker.
Man look at this.
What we got?
You a rapper?
This you?
This your mix tape?
No no, the LP.
You ain't been rapping
no bars to nobody
about the situation have you?
Fuck no.
I mean that's what
rappers do right?
Yeah they do.
How you the prime
suspect in the case then?
How's it that I know
exactly who.
What the fuck is you doing?
You sound like you
wanna do a feature
with the nigga or somethin'.
Fuck all that rap shit.
Man bring your ass home man
I gotta go, you lookin'
like a little bitch man.
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
Man what the fuck is wrong
with your little ass
now man, damn?
Get the fuck home man.
Didn't I tell you?
You didn't have to shoot him?
What's wrong with you?
Hey man fuck that nigga.
That's what the fuck
gonna happen to any nigga
got a chance to take me down!
That's how you feel?
Hell yeah.
Fuck it.
Fuck it.
Come on,
let's get all the guns.
Come on me and you.
Let's shoot the whole
city, then what?
Then what?
Clown man.
What happens when we locked up
with the same niggas we
trying to put behind bars?
Hey man fuck them niggas!
I ain't worried about
none of that shit.
Come the fuck on man I'm
trying to get to this pussy.
Hey man, I'm not
gonna keep tellin' you.
We can't keep doing this.
We can't shoot everybody up,
nigga we still cops!
Hey what the fuck
is wrong with you
Nigga you dirty!
And that little nigga
coulda set you down
for a long time.
Time to see to think
about another nigga
raising your mother
fuckin' son, yeah.
So fuck that nigga!
He had to go.
Better get your mother
fuckin' head right boy.
Fuck wrong with you?
Come the fuck on man I gotta go.
Hey good morning dad!
Good morning man.
Good morning dad!
Good morning son.
What you doing today?
What you doing?
Chillin' and
probably eating pizza.
So cleaning ain't
one of your plans
I wasn't planning on it.
Let's change those plans.
Come on dad.
You should take a day off
and chill eating pizza with me.
I can even order your favorite.
Meat lovers.
Man I wish I could.
Ya could.
Hey go get started
on that bathroom okay?
Be in in a minute.
Hey Len.
You know you got
that meeting with the
insurance company today?
Yeah I do.
Look Karen I was
thinking that maybe
both of us should go.
Yo don't worry about
it, I'll take care of it.
Yeah you do that,
and while you at it,
I need some money.
For what?
To pay the light
and gas bill, what?
How much you need?
$300 and what the
fuck is so funny?
When do you need it by?
What's with all the questions?
Are you gonna give
me the money or not?
I paid the light and gas bill.
Okay, I get it, get out.
Get out!
You think I'm gonna take you
for a measly ass $300?
What, get outta my house!
What's up little man?
How we lookin' man?
Not good.
Dad I hate doing the bathroom
can I just cut the grass?
Hang on buddy that's next.
Dad, why do I
have to go more stuff?
I'm trying to teach
you to be a young man.
And doing that,
I gotta teach you
how to take care of
your responsibilities.
Listen you do this,
and I'll order you
your favorite pizza.
Meat lovers.
Can I ask you somethin'?
Yeah of course.
Are we gonna be okay?
Yeah why do you ask that?
All the time you
and mom arguing.
Hey listen man,
sometimes when two
people love each other
they don't always agree.
Kinda like you and your cousin,
when y'all playing 2K
and y'all always arguing
about which camera angle to use.
You're right.
But when the game's over,
we stop arguing.
I guess you right.
Well I guess when me
and mommy's game is over
we'll stop arguing too.
Hope so.
Mr. Crawford?
Yeah that's me.
Do you mind if we...
No no, he's
fine, I don't mind.
So looking at your application
you're looking for
insurance to cover
your son's cancer
treatments, correct?
Yes, yes that's right.
Has he
had any treatments
since he's been diagnosed
with the illness?
Yeah, he's had a couple,
but that was before
the insurance expired.
I'm just looking to
see what I need to do
for the new coverage.
I see.
The problem is you
haven't been covered
for over three months.
And we can't
transfer your policy
to our company,
because it's expired.
Yeah, I'm aware of that.
I can't wait on this
paperwork to go through,
so what would be the price
if I wanted to take
the cost myself?
Well, it would be
$30,000 down,
and a premium of 375 per month.
And I take it that's
all due at once.
The down payment is
all due in one lump sum,
however the policy won't
start for two months
after we receive the payment,
unless you're willing to pay
the rapid processing fee
of $15,000.
You telling me if
I give you $30,000,
that my son's coverage
won't start for two months?
That's just like waiting
on the insurance companies,
what's the purpose of me
taking the cost myself?
I don't have that type of money,
that's 45,000.
I'm truly sorry.
Man I already
told y'all niggas
I ain't paying
y'all niggas shit.
So what the fuck
is you saying?
I'm saying y'all
niggas ain't finna
keep shining off of me homeboy.
I done told you that before.
You or your pussy ass partner.
And I told you I need
all mines mother fucker.
Or I'm shutting this bitch down.
You better make
somethin' happen.
Nigga you trip...
Man cut the bullshit.
You know what we here for.
Kill all the small talk.
I got somethin'.
If my man here whoop your
pussy ass partner ass,
I ain't gotta pay
you niggas shit.
But if he whoop my man ass,
I'll pay y'all all y'all's shit,
for the rest of the year.
But you gotta take
that badge off homeboy.
Nah fuck that.
After he beat your man's ass,
gonna pay me double
mother fucker.
Man fuck this nigga up.
Beat the fuck
out that boy Len.
Fuck him up bro.
Yeah mother fucker come on.
Yeah come on mother fucker.
Hell yeah, fuck
that boy up Len!
Man don't let
that pussy ass nigga
whoop your ass bro.
Man whoop his ass bro.
Fuck him up!
This shit over nigga,
and that's double too nigga
I need all of my shit.
Get yo punk ass
up mother fucker.
Get up!
You want some more?
Hell yeah.
Shit over boy.
That's double big fella.
I mean mine on the
first of every month.
Good shit Len come on,
I'm in the car.
First of the month big fella.
I would've beat yo ass.
You still a bitch.
we got a suspect that's
been under our radar
for under 10 years now.
Latrel Jones.
AKA Guy.
He got the largest
heroin operation
on this side of the mid west,
he's still growing.
And we got any opportunity
of taking Guy down,
I'm gonna need
y'all to drop best.
So when the
investigation start?
It already have.
And yeah,
our suspect from the pill case
got found murdered.
Just our lucky day fellas,
we got a witness
that came forward.
Y'all fellas enjoy
the rest of y'all day.
What's up man?
You ain't been
fuckin' with cuz
It ain't like that.
Come on man I
know I was tripping.
You family though.
Still gotta get this money.
I know you like fuckin'
these hoes my nigga.
You know I love doing that man
but what's poppin', you know
I got a shit load to move
in a minute man.
Yeah you probably gotta
catch that precinct
That supposed to mean?
You don't know
what I'm talking about?
Hell no.
Your little Arab homeboy,
he dead.
I blew his fuckin' face off.
So he ain't talkin'.
Me you and Len the
only ones who know
what the fuck popped off.
So you can get your
snitch ass the fuck on.
Man what you talkin'
'bout snitching?
You ain't snitching?
Hell nah.
That's your word?
I'd rather die
before I snitch.
My bad cuz man.
Trippin' man.
Fucked up in the
head right now man
there's so much
shit going on man.
You had me threw
off for a minute man
you know it's death
before dishonor this way.
We cut from the same
cloth I know you wouldn't
play me like that.
Fuck no.
I'm still gonna put something
together for you though.
Now that's what
I'm talking about man
let's get to this money.
All right then.
Hey me and Len gonna
chill at your crib though,
until shit cool down.
It's hot around this bitch.
Yeah go
ahead man you know
you can go there any time.
You ain't gonna
need my key though
I left the side
door open for ya.
Look at you man you
still leaving doors open,
slippin' and shit
man you don't learn.
Hey y'all
boys be cool man.
All right, holler
at me though.
Hey cuz.
What up dog?
Chill out.
Calm down.
All right, all
right I'm on my way.
I'm on my way.
Who was that?
Nobody man chill out.
It's Buzzy mama wasn't it?
Yeah man so what?
JP he was your cousin man.
Your family.
He was your blood.
Man fuck all that blood shit,
that nigga was a snitch.
You know what the
fuck happen to rats
in this game we play.
Fuck is you talkin' 'bout?
Yeah but Buzzy man?
Come on J.
It's Buzzy.
I mean how you know he
wasn't telling the truth?
The truth?
What the fuck is
you talkin' 'bout?
Only me you and him
know what the fuck
popped off,
and for sure I ain't said
shit to nobody nigga.
That nigga was lying.
And that's what the
fuck gonna happen
any nigga that lie to me.
Tired of telling you that shit.
You just a hood ass nigga.
You damn right nigga.
Fuck it, it is what it is.
Hey man.
What the fuck Sarge
got us out here for?
I don't know man.
We missin' something though.
Man, I've been searched
this bitch up and down,
I'm about to find shit man.
No man we
overlooking something.
Ain't shit in here man
this bitch abandoned man,
there's old ass boats
and shit in here man,
we're not about to find shit.
Let's get the fuck
on man, come on.
The boat.
Man you ain't
about to find shit
in them old ass boats man.
You always being extra,
come the fuck on.
Come on think think think.
That's gotta be it.
Yo JP!
Look what I got.
The fuck?
It's like
30 of 'em in here man.
Hey we got like 30 of 'em.
Damn this some flake too.
Let me see another.
This definitely some flake.
Man I'm keepin'
these two, come on.
Hey man, hey you
heard Sarge all right?
Look this a special
Look we need to lay
low on this one.
Hey man, fuck what you
and Sarge talkin' 'bout,
I need this shit
I'm taking these.
Hey look do what
you wanna do all right
but I'm telling you
you need to lay low.
Hey man, report what
the fuck we got man.
I'm taking these.
Yeah we got somethin'.
Think you gonna
want to see this.
Told you you was gonna
wanna see this Sarge.
38 kilos of cocaine.
Yes sir.
Great bust.
Good job fellas.
Now you earnin' you paychecks,
that's what I'm talkin' about.
What's the count
on this evidence
you say you recovered?
38 kilos.
I want you to keep
that number right
for reports later on all right?
A bust this big I know
the media gonna be
all over it.
No Sarge,
you know we don't
do the media man,
that's your thing
Sarge, you do that.
You boys deserve the
recognition you about to get.
Now wrap this evidence up
and get it back to the office.
Damn man.
Sarge always got a nigga
on some bullshit man.
You know you about to
do all the talking nigga
I don't fuck with no media.
Nah I got it man,
don't worry about it.
Yeah I hope so.
Hey, how we gonna
get all this stuff
back to the room though?
Shit, I'll take a couple
more of these bitches man
you already know
and get the fuck on.
Nah I got 'em.
You straight?
Yeah all right,
know what I'd do
with them bitches.
I definitely know that.
No that
ain't just Coney,
that's the best Coney.
That shit good as hell ain't it?
I mean it's just Coney.
Ain't none of that
Finkle Ackbar shit
you be eating.
Lolo, holler at them though?
Trippin' man.
Hey what's up, you
need some help?
Yeah man,
hey look, I just came over here
to congratulate you boys.
Ain't y'all them officers
that had that big bust today?
Yeah that's us what's up?
What's up?
Hey, how big was
that bust anyway?
Definitely the biggest
bust in our career
so far.
Yeah you know it.
About a 30 brick bust.
Hey man if you gonna
tell it tell it right,
38 to be exact.
Big boy bust.
38, okay,
was more like 40.
If you being exact.
Hey man how the
hell you know that?
What the
fuck you just say?
That ain't what you wanna do.
Look around you.
I don't give a fuck
who in this bitch.
Man put it down.
So if you don't want
your brains splattered
all over this mother
fuckin' floor,
I suggest you chill.
And sit down,
enjoy y'all lunch.
You don't know who the
fuck you talkin' to boy.
Nah I do.
Two crooked ass,
thieving ass
little pigs.
Fuck you nigga.
Chill man.
And if you don't
play y'all cards right,
y'all will never
have to make another
traffic stop again
in y'all lives.
Yeah and FYI,
that little 40
brick that was lost
wasn't shit but a tax write off
if you wanna be real about it.
You know what though,
here man, take it.
Take this.
Y'all caught me, all right?
Know what?
I'ma change y'all lives fellas.
All this hard work
y'all doing out here
in these streets.
Y'all deserve what
I'ma do for y'all.
and that two
to the 40,
keep that.
No harm no foul right?
I hate waitin' on this
bitch to cook man.
Shit be good as fuck though.
Shit how you tryin'
to play it now?
Whatever we do,
we gotta take her serious.
Real serious.
Nah for sure.
No matter what though man
we gotta get some
real money man.
Man you ain't hear Sarge?
Man they gonna be lookin'
at us through a microscope.
One false move
one slip up,
we could be dead.
Or in jail
for the long haul.
Hey man I ain't even
thinkin' like that man.
Hey man we ain't
gettin' locked up.
And for damn sure
ain't nobody dying.
But we can get this
money my nigga.
Shit we gotta least see what
the nigga talkin' 'bout.
Fuck everything else
nigga, you need this shit
for your son right?
Shit this might be the way.
You sure?
Hell yeah I'm sure.
Even Sarge on this nigga dick.
He gotta be somebody.
I say we get this
cash and serve justice
at the same time my nigga.
Look we dealin' with a dude
that at the snap of a finger.
Could have your family
and mines killed.
Look this case bigger than us.
And if we mess up,
we're going down.
For good.
We good my nigga.
Let's get this money man
we need that shit.
Look I got your
back all right?
I'm down with you.
That's what the fuck
I'm talkin' 'bout.
Hit that nigga up man.
Sit tight man I'm
about to go get this
mother fuckin' food man.
All right.
Man you sure this where we
supposed to meet him at?
Hell yeah.
You ready my nigga?
Time to get this money.
Look man I just
hope he's serious.
I need this money to
put little man together.
Hey man why you always
worried about some shit?
Chill out, we good.
Man you sure?
Yeah I'm sure.
And for damn sure
little man good.
Shut the fuck up with
all that shit man.
Fuck around and
scare the nigga off.
This him too, chill all
that shit out man.
What up though?
How y'all feelin'?
Like we about to get rich
if you ain't been
talkin' us to death.
Y'all silly.
No we serious.
As fuck.
Listen here, Officer Len.
If there's any
understanding of loyalty,
and everybody keep they
mother fuckin' mouth shut,
getting rich will be the least
of your worries my nigga.
Trying to find somewhere
to hide all that shit
is where the real
problem come in at.
Hell yeah,
he talkin' that shit
I wanna hear now.
Hey man what we
gonna be doin'?
Hey chill the fuck out.
Hey we with whatever.
We will tear this
bitch up if we have to.
Long as that money right.
Y'all definitely
ain't gonna be doing
none of that hot shit.
None of that corrupt
shit y'all been into.
Instead, y'all gonna
become my mules.
See I need more insurance
get my shit from
point A to point B.
That's where y'all come in at.
I mean it's simple.
For each hole when y'all move,
give y'all two bands.
We're moving none less
than 20 at a time.
No money exchange,
no questions asked,
just pick up
and drop off.
Hell yeah.
you tellin' us we ain't
gotta tamper with evidence?
Kill nobody or nothin'?
Come on man, keep
it 100 with us.
What the fuck you
really want us to do?
Hey why us?
Because man,
y'all five.
Y'all my insurance.
Y'all the law.
Hey that shit
make sense to me,
let's get this money my baby.
It's crazy.
This really worked out.
We started gettin' real money,
and all we had to
do was pick it up
and drop it off.
Boy that really put
us on the money.
But we was makin' money.
But JP wanted more.
He started gambling,
and the more money we made,
the higher the bets.
Me on the other hand,
I had to save,
and save it all
for me and my son.
I need my son happy and healthy
like every other kid.
And as long as we
keep working the bags
and working these streets,
everything should play
out like it's supposed to.
Shit we even got
some extras coming.
JP gave one of his guys
two kilos we had
at the boat bust.
And life ain't half bad.
Nah, it ain't half bad at all.
That shit hit the spot boy.
All I need is a blunt now.
Look at your ass
smiling and shit,
what I tell you?
Stick to the script
shit was gonna fall
right in place didn't it?
Finally man.
I finally got this money to
get little man procedure.
What I tell you?
Man I already knew that
shit was gonna happen
nigga you be
worried all the time
nigga I already knew.
Yeah you did.
You did tell me.
But you know what,
be honest with you bro,
I ain't wanna believe it.
Like, I ain't think
we was gonna come up
with all this money.
I already know nigga.
you my nigga right?
For sure.
All right then nigga
we in this shit together,
flat out.
Hey man,
I wanna thank you.
Here you go.
Nah for real bro.
Fuck off man.
I love you bro.
This nigga on that
sensitive shit right now man.
Ain't gotta thank me nigga,
that's what real niggas do.
Already told you my nigga.
We mans.
Come your ass Sarge man.
Come on.
The fuck he want?
-What's up Sarge?
Enjoying y'all lunch break?
It's cool.
I just smashed some shit.
We finally got enough
to move in on Boy,
and I need you
fellas to be on point
when I get a word all right?
We gonna raid his house
and the street operation
at the same time.
All right we got you.
what y'all charge anyway Sarge?
No physical evidence
but we got enough to
hit him with the Rico.
And I'ma make sure
that any asshole
who had anything
to do with making
a red cent with him go down too.
You boys stay attentive
and be on point
when I get a word all right?
All right we got you Sarge.
Hey, we made a lot
of money with him.
I'm saying this
conspiracy shit,
we can't get caught up in it.
He don't give a fuck
about us going down.
I don't give a fuck about him.
It's all part of
the game my nigga.
Shit we ain't the ones hot.
I mean,
we can go holla at
the nigga let him know
what's going down but shit,
fuck good that's gonna
do they on his ass now.
I mean we got what
we needed right?
Hell yeah, we good.
That's little man right now.
What's up little buddy?
All right slow down slow down.
I'll be there in a minute.
Hey run me to the house man.
D you all right?
Yeah I'm okay.
Where's your mom?
in the front room
with Aunt Gigi!
Look, go upstairs,
and stay there okay?
Gigi what happened to Karen?
I don't know.
What you
mean you don't know?
I don't know!
Gigi I'm gonna ask
you one more time,
what happened to Karen?
D told me to get
here so I got here.
So what happened to her?
She said somebody
beat and robbed her.
Fuck no!
Thank you sis.
You're welcome,
you need anything?
I'm good, I'm fine, okay?
All right.
Thanks for everything.
Hey listen, but if
I do need something
I'll call you okay?
Text me I'm
going on a date.
Whatever, go on your date.
All right I love you sister.
I love you too baby.
You sure you
don't need anything?
I'm sure.
All right.
You're about to
knock me down again.
How you feel?
What'd the doctor say?
Nothin', he just told
me to take my pain meds,
and get some rest.
Let me ask you somethin',
what'd you do with my money?
What are you
talking about Len?
What did you
do with my money Karen?
What money?
What money?
The money that
was in the basement!
In our safe!
That money.
That money.
You talkin' about the money
you tried to hide from me?
Or are we talking
about the money
you didn't wanna
give me none of.
Exactly what are we
talking about Len?
Are we talking about the
money that's in my house,
in my basement,
in my god damn safe?
Well the key word, Officer Len,
is my.
That's my mother fuckin' money.
I'm gonna ask you
one more god damn time,
what you do with my money?
It got took, all right?
Look I was gonna go
shopping with most of it
but then I made a pit stop
to buy my escape from life.
I ran into my homeboy.
Well a dude who I thought
was my homeboy and
he beat my ass.
And robbed me.
But you know what?
You know maybe this is karma
for all the shit you did.
Len you don't
deserve that badge,
let alone all that
money you took.
So why don't you hide
behind your badge,
go back out there,
and take some more money?
Teach you the mother,
that was D's money I was saving
you stupid bitch, I hate you!
Dad dad stop!
I thought you said
it was gonna be okay.
You lied to me dad.
You gonna leave this
bitch broke tonight
you keep fuckin' with me.
Tell him pops.
Tell him he keep
fuckin' with me.
Come on
man you know I ain't
worried about that.
Talkin' about that
big money shit right?
Fuck you think you talkin' to?
Double up.
Double the fuck up.
Give him the dice pops.
You wanna blow on
these bitches babe?
Yeah babe.
Seven, winner.
It's all right
baby, it's okay.
It's all right.
Good hit, good hit.
I know I know.
You had enough of
that shit right?
Make the bet.
Fuck you think you
talkin' to nigga?
Double that shit again.
You know what?
It's your spot.
I'm ready to go baby.
We had a couple drinks.
Won enough of your
money, we out.
Okay baby.
Bring yo bitch ass back.
Y'all ain't going nowhere
'til I finish betting.
Fuck wrong with you?
Double the fuck up.
Give him the dice pops.
It's all right.
Gonna let this little petty shit
make you act like that?
Shoot the fuckin' dice.
Seven, winner!
Damn baby that's okay.
Just ain't your
night tonight right?
Hey fuck you nigga!
And fuck you too pops.
Y'all cheating me in
this bitch tonight.
Lucky I don't blow your
fuckin' brains out.
But I like you.
Good gamble.
Come on baby.
Where the fuck is
this nigga being man?
She stole it.
What the fuck is
you talkin' 'bout?
Look Karen stole the
money for D's procedure.
Yeah dude she got robbed.
Can you believe that?
Damn man!
And my dumb ass just
lost everything.
At the gambling spot?
Hell yeah.
Damn JP.
And B little ass
ain't answering the phone.
The one you gave the keys to?
Man I think this nigga
trying to spin me.
Damn man!
Look man we gotta come
up with some money.
Look I gotta get D's
procedure done you know that.
You know what the
fuck time it is then.
You know what we gotta do.
Hey look you heard Sarge.
All right, he hot!
Listen man.
We can't deal with
him all right?
We can't get caught
up in this bullshit.
Fuck some shit man.
Listen JP,
it's gotta be another way.
Hey let's just
think about it man.
Come on, we can't do it.
Hey man fuck all
this thinkin' shit.
Is you with it or not?
'Cause dog here now.
Yo JP,
find a new hiding spot for
all that money you gettin'?
Nah I can't even
hide this shit.
You see me.
Yeah I see you.
We got bad news.
Bad news?
No good and bad?
Just bad
Man it's all bad.
All right,
hit me with it.
You hot.
They want you.
All right look them
feds own you man.
They talkin' about
slapping you with a Rico.
Man what the fuck is all that
laughing shit for?
Fuck hiding that money,
you need to go hide my nigga.
They on yo ass right now.
Yeah what the fuck
is y'all so scared of?
They been talkin' that Rico shit
for a minute.
I've been dodging
them bitches forever.
Trust me fellas,
it ain't nothin' to worry about.
Now back to our regularly
scheduled program.
We got a drop today,
and I need y'all to
drop off this weight
and pick up this cash.
Simple and easy.
Hey my mans,
you acting like we
didn't tip you off.
Like I ain't just say you hot.
You actin' like you
ain't got nothin'
to worry about.
You only worry about
shit you can control.
Don't be late my niggas.
Damn, them niggas
still ain't put up there?
Hell no, hey
but look dog look,
I really do not
fuckin' like this
crooked ass nigga dog.
Like for real shit.
I feel you I feel you.
The fuck these niggas at man?
Hey, hey hey there go
them niggas right there.
They pulled up?
Yup yup.
Okay I see 'em, okay okay.
Man I thought five
was always on time.
I ain't even know workers
was supposed to
worry about time.
Shit, y'all mother
fuckers ought to be on time.
When this money on the floor.
Y'all crooked asses.
Bitch if you don't
drop that pistol
I'ma noodle yo ass.
These guys.
It's cool.
She don't know no better
it's cool it's cool.
My bad officers.
We started off on
the wrong foot.
How y'all boys feeling?
How we feelin'?
How you feelin' King?
Hey J!
Let's go!
Hey King!
What up man?
What's good boy?
Man I came home and dozed off.
Yo I missed boy medicine man,
trying to get these
treatments in line.
That little nigga good?
Yeah he good, he straight.
That's what's
up, that's what's up.
How'd that situation go?
You got what you needed?
Hell yeah man,
shit got wild out there too.
I had to tear shit up.
You know that's what
your mans do though.
Yeah I know you.
Come on man get your ass up,
come spend some of
this money with me.
We on nigga.
Nah yeah give me about an hour
I'll be ready though.
All right.
All right, yeah.
Len Crawford?
How can I help you?
Nice home.
I see crime pays.
What you need?
I'm Agent Mansub
this is Agent Jackson
we're from the Federal
Bureau of Investigation,
we need to have a talk with you.
No we need
to have a talk with you
down at the station.
No I'd rather have it here.
No fuck that,
you and your partner been
calling shots long enough.
We gonna have this fuckin' talk.
Look, you got a problem,
call my lawyer.
Look, we can do
this the easy way,
or the hard way,
we gonna have this fuckin' talk.
And it's gonna be
down at the station.
Lead the way.
Damn big fella.
The fuck is all the faces for?
Lookin' like you don't
wanna pay up or somethin'.
No man.
That was some bullshit
you and your mans pulled
man at that as stake bro.
There you go man.
For real.
Come on now.
You made the bet,
your mans got his ass beat.
Nigga you owe up.
You know what it is.
That's why I'm
a man of my word.
And that's why
I fucks with you.
Hey you fuck with
the white right?
I fuck with it all.
I got somethin' for you.
What's up?
I got some loose bricks
I need you to get rid of for me.
Hell yeah.
What you talkin'?
Come on now.
You know I got them
bitches for the lows.
You gonna take a nigga money
and tax a nigga
Come on man you know that shit
hot as hell right now man.
I'll tell you what,
you give me them bitches at 38
I'll cash 'em up.
All of 'em.
Shit you ready right now?
You got 'em right now?
Hell yeah nigga you know
I ain't talkin' for nothin'.
Well shit you know I ain't
got the money on me right now
I gotta shoot around
the corner and get it.
Come on now.
You know I ain't
worried about you
going no mother fucking where.
'Cause what you gonna do,
beat my ass?
Come on man
you a clown man.
You a wild nigga too.
'Bout to grab this
shit out the van man.
I'm gonna make the
call right quick.
Now we even mother fucker.
So this what we
doing, Officer Len?
Drug trafficking?
After all I've done for you.
You boys sure pulled the wools
over my eyes with this one.
Y'all went out
there and tormented
those streets under my name.
On my watch.
Make every officer
in the uniform
feel corrupted.
I know you sittin'
there wondering
how we know about
things that lead back
to about a year and a half
that you and JP was into.
Does the name Sergio Nunez
mean something to you?
Or how about Daniel Adams?
What about that evidence
count that was 38?
It should've been 40.
From the boat bust.
I know all about it.
The drugs y'all was
moving around town.
They belong to a guy,
guy named Latrel Jones,
AKA Boy.
Let me get a honest
where they do.
Officer Latrel Jones.
A true man in blue.
You see Len?
We set up a sting to
set up you and JP.
Were all undercover officers,
and it worked.
But luckily you
things got a little messy.
Thanks to you and JP,
evidence start
coming up missing.
So with a good lawyer
and some of that filthy money
I know you might have put away,
you might be able to walk
away from your charges
as a free man.
If only it wasn't
for that murder.
Sam Laseer?
The victim from the pill case
at the Wescott building?
So he turned out
to be a ladies man.
All the lady cougars was just
running around falling
in love with him.
Even Karen.
You look kinda surprised.
You had to know she was spending
all your money on
drugs and pills.
And also young men.
Say she was in the apartment
when the whole thing went down.
Saw JP pull that trigger.
Karen told us everything
you and JP was into.
But lucky for him,
he got off easy.
JP dead Len.
But I'ma make sure you serve
the rest of your
life in this cell
for everything that y'all did.
You'll never see the
light of day again.
It's over.
I thought you said
it was gonna be okay.