Five Star (2014) Movie Script

March 24, 2008.
A little boy was born.
Sincere Israel Najir Grant.
My son.
That's my son.
You know where I was?
Nah, not the hospital bed.
Nah, not in the waiting room.
I was locked the fuck up.
Remember getting that call.
Putting the call in,
I should say.
Had a beautiful baby boy,
and I wasn't there to greet him when
he came into the world, and, um...
It's funny.
I was released the week after.
April 1. My pop's birthday.
Came home on April Fool's Day.
Dig that.
I remember walking in,
opening the P's.
"Yo, Primo, Primo. Shit."
Fuck y'all.
I want to go see my son.
Walked up the stairs.
I was nervous.
Haven't seen my daughter
in so long.
Open the door.
Everybody greeting me.
"Welcome home.
Welcome home."
"Yeah, it's nice. That-That was sweet.
Move. I want to see my son."
And I walked into the room.
There's a little baby,
about this big.
Just laying on the bed. Wrapped
up, blankets, sky blue hat on.
And, um... "That's my son."
All I kept saying was,
"That's my son."
I remember my daughter
ran in the room and...
"Daddy, Sincere."
"Sincere, Daddy."
I said, "Yes, baby."
I picked my son up.
I've never...
I can't recall
tearing so hard in my life,
even when my daughter was born.
But I teared like a baby...
because I missed the most
important part of my son's life,
and that was his coming.
And on that day, I promised
my kid... I swore to him.
I swore to my son
and I swore to my daughter.
"I'll never leave you again."
What's good, boy? Yo.
What's good, bro?
What up, yo?
Yeah. What's good, man?
Yo, what's up?
What's good, little man?
You got a nicer ball.
You got a nicer ball.
Holy shit.
Well, well, well.
What's good, man? What's up, man?
No pounds?
I gotta go, man.
Hold on, bro.
Why you moving so fast, man?
I gotta go, man. I gotta go.
Just chill out, bro. What's good with you?
Take it easy, man.
What's good, man?
Why you so nervous, man?
Yo. Relax, bro.
Just a few words, man. When you
gonna start moving it for me, man?
I don't want to do nothing
for you, man.
I'm good. I'm good, man.
Watch your tone, bitch.
This nigga's a big shot.
What you mean you good, man?
Shit, man.
This nigga's a big shot now.
What's up, man?
Filling up your pockets?
You good? You eating?
Yo, John!
If it ain't the moneymaking RayLo.
Big Primo.
RayLo. What's good, boy?
Ain't nothing, man. Macking.
What you doing
with my young 'un?
Just saw him passing
through, chop it up with him.
- You good?
- I'm chilling.
Just about to spin off, man.
It's hot as a bitch out here.
RayLo, make sure the numbers right.
I'm-a holla at you.
Where you been, man? I ain't
seen you since the funeral.
Chilling, bro. You gotta
come out more often, man.
Staying in the house. Shit ain't
as depressing as it looks.
Yeah, I'm stuck in the crib, man.
Well, come back out.
There's a lot more
on the streets.
I'm sorry about
your old man, though.
Yo, I appreciate that, man.
No problem, man.
Yeah, man.
Sorry about your old man.
- Y'all knew my pops?
- Yeah, yo. He was a good dude.
Mel was the best, you know what I mean?
Everybody knew your pops.
Respect. Remember that.
But I got you here now, so...
Got some kicks on. Let's see
how your ball game looking.
Bet it's better than yours.
- Check.
- You know it.
- Don't lose your breath.
- 1-zip.
Check up, bitch.
Why you fouling for?
Don't start crying.
Why you fouling for?
Stop crying.
Why you fouling? Stop crying.
- My point.
- Your push.
My point. Now you playing
like a little man.
You're just a hacker, yo.
Come on, man. Let's play ball.
Put your fucking hands up.
Let's play ball.
It's my ball. Catch up.
Game over! Let's go!
'Bout time.
How's your moms, man?
She's good.
How's she hanging in there?
She's living. You know.
We gonna make sure
she lives great.
You gonna make sure of that. You
gonna make sure and be the man.
Of course, man.
The man of the house.
All this nonsense out here
in the streets, J.
It ain't for you.
Real money.
What you got in mind?
Got a lot of things in mind, but
I know what I want you to do.
I mean, like...
I owe it to your pops, man.
Yo, come on, man. Don't play
me like no little kid, man.
Relax. Nobody playing you
like a kid, John.
Your pops took me in
at the same age you is,
showed me everything
I need to know.
Respected by everybody.
Bloods, Crips,
Kings, etas, everybody.
And he was a neutral dude.
You know why?
'Cause he gave respect.
He had power,
but he never abused it.
Understand? Yeah.
He took me in, five hard.
Didn't discriminate
against me or nothing.
Taught me
everything I need to know.
I mean, this works out for you
and you comfy,
which I'm sure you will be,
bring it to the home team,
know what I mean?
Get the one-eyed willy and do
one of these a little bit.
All right? You offering
me to be Blood, man?
It's a offer, but...
Don't think you gotta do what the
rest of these dudes gotta do.
Me, I take care of that.
You ain't gotta go
buck 50 no grills.
Steal no cars or some shit.
Know what I mean?
I'll bless you in.
I'm a five star.
They don't question me.
Say the word right now,
I'll put it in the books.
When you walk outside tomorrow
morning, or even in the next hour,
all the fuckers
is gonna salute you.
What's a five star?
Never thought I had to explain
it to you, know what I mean?
Always thought Mel
would be here to tell you.
Five lanes, baby.
First five to ever start
this whole Blood Piru game.
I mean...
It goes deeper than what
you see on the TV.
Right now, what you read...
got Bloods and Crips
fighting over this.
Five stars, we don't
gotta fight over that.
Understand? We generals.
We salute everything.
We done bossed up.
Everybody answers to me.
Shit don't go down
unless it goes through me.
Before it was me,
it was me and your pops.
I love him to death, but what
he taught me, I'm gonna use.
I'm-a do for you
what was done for me.
Put you under the wing. You ain't
gotta worry about nothing.
Know what I mean?
You ready to come home?
You really think
that was a stray bullet?
I mean, you gotta remember, son.
The streets are talking.
The streets are evil.
You feel me? Like...
People are negative.
People were envious of the respect
he had, 'cause he had it.
You feel me? Like,
niggas would be, like...
why he got all that for?"
What about me? What I got?"
Hold on one sec.
What's good?
You can't handle that?
So you want me to come
all the way over there?
All right. I'll be there
in 15 minutes, man.
Fifteen minutes, man.
Look, man,
I make a rule real quick.
Swing by the crib,
we'll chop it up.
I mean talk a little more.
All right.
Look like you're
having a party right now.
We just sitting, chilling, man.
You got a problem.
What's the problem?
I'm here. I know you're here.
- Damn.
- Want my money. That's what's up, like...
Like I said, give me two
days, and you'll have your money.
Two more days.
You sent your little army, squad down
here, whatever you wanna call 'em.
Know what I'm saying? I sent 'em back
empty-handed, as you can see. Look at it.
It's a little rough
down here, man.
I mean, it's hard right now, man.
That's not my problem!
Getting the package to you,
that's my problem.
I get two days? Two extra days?
That's all I ask for, man.
Been running with you for two years, bro.
Know what I'm saying?
You got it.
Two days. That was rude of me.
Good looking, man. Look out.
Know what I'm saying?
It's just business.
That's cool.
Just business.
It was just business.
It's just fucking business.
It's just business, right?
Here. Let me do that for you.
But you... You know that you...
Just being in the kitchen alone
is a privilege right now.
If you showed me how to do what you
do, we could be doing it together.
Ew. That's why your corn
be tasting so sweet.
What? Mind your business and
stay out of my damn kitchen.
Maybe I need to stand in the
kitchen with you more often.
You hear my secrets.
If I find out
anybody's cooking like me,
I'll know where
they got it from.
From you.
I'm not telling nobody
about that.
I don't put sugar in corn.
Time to eat, guys.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on, E'niyah. Eli?
It's time to eat.
Come eat. Come eat.
I'm hungry.
- I found it.
- Go put it in the garbage.
Growing up,
I used to always want
to be a prima ballerina.
I see myself being
somebody important...
and hopefully making a
difference in someone's life.
Making a
difference in whose life?
I don't know.
So what do you want to be?
You'll be, like, a teacher?
No! I mean, maybe. I don't know.
I don't know. I don't think
kids will like me that much.
Go on. Where do
you see yourself?
I don't know.
Sit down.
You ever been to the zoo before?
That's so random, but, no.
It's just a question.
I haven't.
Why not?
I don't know. Because... Not even,
like, a school trip or nothing?
Nothing. I mean, of course
I had chances, I guess.
I just never went.
Why? You were scared? No.
Tell me what's up. Why not?
Isn't it kind of, like,
a kid thing though?
Don't little kids
go to... Hell, no.
You ever seen a grizzly bear?
Them shits is, like, seven
feet tall, 300 pounds.
Like crazy vicious, but at the same
time they're like little kittens.
Mad playful and just...
They're cool. You gotta see it.
I would like that.
So you saying I could take you?
Are you asking me? Kind of.
I think we could
work something out.
Right on time.
What's up, man?
What up, boy?
What's good, yo?
Chillin', man. What up?
What you been up to?
Macking, man.
Why you got this whole
block smelling like sh...
You crazy, man.
I'm-a holla at you, boy.
Where you at?
Girlfriend right here, you know.
Okay. Hubby life.
I feel ya, I feel ya.
Yo. What up?
What's good?
You got that? Yeah.
We good to go.
All right. I took care of it.
I got you, man.
What's good, yo?
You got the goons out here, yo.
Good luck, son.
I'm-a holla at ya.
How's the food?
It's good.
Even though I hate vegetables
or whatever this green stuff is.
So you saw Jasmin today?
How was that?
Yeah. Yeah?
What, Mom?
Did I teach you how to speak...
so you can answer my question
with one word?
She's nice, Ma. She's nice.
I'm not gonna be home
tomorrow night.
Where you going?
I-I gotta go out.
Out where? You got a date?
And me find out.
I'm gonna go play bingo. Bingo!
In Titi's house?
It's Friday.
You told me to get out
of the house and do something,
so I'm going to play bingo
in Titi's house.
Tell Titi I say hi.
She was asking about you, so why
don't you go say hi yourself.
I don't wanna go over there.
She annoys me.
And she got those couches with the
freaking... with the plastic on it.
It be sticking to my skin.
I hate... I hate her house.
Are you giving me
that look, like...
You know exactly
what I'm talking about.
You know she put that plastic there
so you can protect the furniture.
She protecting the furniture
for the past, like, 40 years.
But she got it for 40 years
'cause she put that plastic...
She gonna protect it
for another 40 years, right?
Tell her to take that shit off.
Now you're getting too, like,
plastic in the furniture
and shit.
Come on, Ma.
Do you know, um, about...
About what? Safe sex?
Come on, Ma.
Don't start talking
about this stuff.
So who is supposed to
talk to you about this stuff?
I know about this stuff.
What do you know about?
I took sex ed.
Okay. What did it teach you?
First of all, I learned
how to put a condom on.
You know?
Back in my days, you didn't
have to wear condoms, because...
Come on, Ma.
You'd be with just one person.
And you don't be running around
with Tom, Dick and Harry.
You just stay with one man, and you didn't
have to worry about condoms or no condoms.
There's nothing wrong
with more than one girl.
I did not raise you
to be a player.
I raised you better than that.
Come on, Ma.
I told you about respecting...
I told you about
respecting a woman.
I do respect women.
If Jasmin comes here crying,
you're gonna get it.
Ma, she's not gonna come here crying.
If Jasmin comes over here...
complaining about you and telling
me that you broke her heart,
you're gonna deal with me, boy.
I love you, Mother.
Yeah, I love you too.
The A/C is on.
So why's it not working?
Call the landlord.
So, what, he can come get punched
in the face?
Why you gonna
punch him in his face?
Because he's fucking annoying
with all this bullshit.
Fucking yesterday
he texted me...
"f you have a problem
with paying the rent..."
and you have a problem
with being there,
"I'll refund you
your security deposit."
Complaining... You ain't fixed the
fucking closet doors for six months.
How long we waited
for the closet doors,
the bathroom,
the sink was fucked up?
Six months.
Now you complaining
'cause of one month?
And you gonna tell me
I can get my deposit back?
Come bring my deposit
so I can kick your ass...
all up and down
the fucking block,
then ship him back
to fucking Nigeria.
You can't put hands on him.
Why not?
You put your hands on him
and risk him calling the police.
That's why you
do the job to the T.
You mean kill him?
You gonna kill him?
No. Don't have to kill him.
Just bust his head to a coma.
Put him in a permanent sleep.
That is funny, though,
because... Don't say that.
Don't say it.
Give me it!
Give it to him
and leave him alone.
What is he crying for? 'Cause he
went in there with the little stick.
Give it to him.
And y'all be nice.
I ain't got it.
E'niyah, give it back.
Give it to him. And be nice.
Don't start, 'cause I'll shut
down the whole park operation,
and everybody can
stay home and have naps.
No, I... I put
to Elijah, because...
It's supposed to be
duck, duck, duck, goose!
Well, we gotta figure something
out, 'cause I'm pregnant.
I mean, we havin' a baby.
Another one. Yeah.
That means bigger place,
more room.
We're a team. We'll do it.
A kiss?
This what I'm gonna have to deal with
in seven months? We can't reach?
It's gonna be worse.
I love you.
What's good?
'Sup, man? Chilling.
Talk to me. What's up?
I'm ready to make some money.
This ain't no easy game, though.
You know that, right?
Yeah, I know.
How much do you know?
I'm not, like, an expert on
everything, but I can learn.
But if someone wants to run a
kilo, how much would they make?
Off a kilo alone,
running that...
He'll see more than
three, five stacks.
After you drop off,
package is complete...
Two minutes, you make one call.
"Cookies are finished."
Everything is in code.
You never say,
"The package is delivered."
'Cause then you just
signed yourself over.
And if you in this, you in this.
Ain't no room for error.
There's no room for slipup.
First little small mistake...
will get you a large sentence.
Once that's done... You make
everything seem so freaking...
Everything sounds like
a death threat, bro.
Well, what path you think we on?
I'm trying to... I'm trying to
earn some extra cash, man.
Bro, if you want to earn extra
cash, get a job at Mickey D's.
Come on, man. You know what kind
of extra cash I'm talking about.
All right. Well, this is
what I'm talking about.
We talking about the same thing.
You said you want to man up. Ain't
no room for boys over here.
I'm listening. All right.
So then listen.
And like I said...
You go for your pickup.
You got cash on you.
After you grip your package,
one route.
There's no stops,
there's no in-betweens.
Ain't no go see your girl
or go see your mans.
One route to the drop-off.
Nah. It ain't "a'ight."
It's one route.
I'm not saying I'm, like...
Come with me.
That's my son Sincere.
Come. Come. Quick.
Come here. Putt-Putt.
Come here.
They're not...
They're not sharing.
They're not sharing? Yes.
Okay. What is that, a boo-boo?
Let me see.
Okay, listen. I
need you to do me a favor.
Look at me. Look at me.
I need you to do me a favor.
Daddy's doing business
right now.
Can you stay outside for a
little bit for me, please?
Yes. And I'll come get you?
Yes. It's a deal?
Yes. Can I have a hug?
Don't gimme that cheap stuff.
Give me the real stuff.
Go ahead, fat butt.
And I'll be outside
in a minute, all right?
Okay? Yeah.
I ain't trying to be
in this forever, man.
I got my family
to really provide for.
They depend on me.
But bottom line, everything
I do is for my family.
And there are certain changes in
place right now for my family.
Take it down to brown tacks,
it's like...
I don't touch a package.
I got kids.
Four of 'em.
It ain't for me,
you know? Like...
Especially when I think about
Sincere, you know, like...
The doctors diagnosed him
as being "autistic."
I think my son is perfect.
He's just different from
all other kids out there.
Because he chooses not to maintain
eye contact with a stranger...
My son is perfect.
Come on, Zoe. Get down.
Come on.
So I'm gonna let you try,
but don't fuck up.
Do a run and see what happens.
I got this, man.
Ain't no sympathy in this shit.
It's real.
She looks like the quiet one.
Tequila maybe.
Enjoy yourself, baby.
Take it. Have a sample.
You always got some new shit.
That's called Barack Obama.
And this is Michelle Obama.
Together, I call it Health Care.
All right. See me
at the end of the night.
Swing back.
You keep the sample.
What's up, guys? ID's?
Both of you? Yeah. That's me.
Lucky bitch.
Thanks, man.
He wanted to know if you could
do security tonight at his club.
For Tony Yayo,
the guy from G-Unit.
Bodyguard work or just...
Yeah. It's bodyguard work.
It's one night.
What do you think?
I'll do it. How many guys?
You'd need, like,
three or four guys.
I got some people.
See that Henny?
I need a drink.
See the liquor all out?
Nah, I wanna pour my own drink.
It's my brother.
He shoulda came too. We
played all right. Let me speak to him.
- Hold it up.
- Hold it, hold it.
Wish he was
right here, right now.
Say, "Man, you missed the show."
Been locked up for 12 years.
Don't worry. He be good.
Nah, 12 years is a long time.
But he learning, though.
Shit, yo.
Don't smoke.
Where I know you from?
From the hood. What's good?
Shit, yo. What up?
- What's up?
- What's good?
What's goin' on, nigga?
How 'bout you?
Everything good, man. Cool.
- Take a seat. Sit down, man.
- Good show, man. Good shit.
I'll sit down for a little bit.
Have, you know, 50
while we working.
What's up with you, man?
Working, man. Trying to stay out
the hood, stay out the bullshit.
I got something. Yo, White.
I got my nigga from Edgemere right here.
That's the homeys way.
What's shaking, dog?
What's shaking, homey?
You know him?
Big homey supreme.
188 Westside Piru.
GBK LA bangers. You dig?
Why wouldn't it be?
I got the
homeys with me too, man.
You ain't gotta tell me that.
I know how you move.
What's good, though?
I'm staying out of trouble.
How 'bout you?
Same shit. Just doing
this legal hustle, man.
Bodyguarding niggas like you.
So you staying out the street?
You ain't on the streets.
I've seen you throwing
it up over there, homey.
I mean... That's Blood to the heart, man.
That shit don't change, but...
Kids. You got kids, Primo?
Yeah, plans two of two.
You gotta live
for them kids, man.
After a while, a nigga
get a little older.
Gotta switch up his hustle, man.
Get kids, you gotta grow up.
You gotta leave certain things alone.
Yeah, man. I had
to retire my ratchet.
You gotta know when to switch it up.
Know what I'm saying?
Like, the hood got love for
you, and I love the hood,
but you gotta know
when to, you know...
I'm in and out.
You know what I'm saying?
I stop by, show niggas love.
Appreciate that.
Try not to be caught up
in the bullshit,
'cause you know niggas die over
petty shit in the streets, homey.
You Blood.
You from Brooklyn, homey.
I already know
what it is, nigga.
Niggas ain't smiling
where you from.
Niggas definitely ain't
smiling where I'm from.
You can't wake up
smiling and be happy.
Nah. You gotta walk around with
a certain kind of persona on.
You know what I'm saying.
Daddy. What's
your favorite color?
Your favorite color? Red?
What's your favorite color?
My favorite color's blue.
Let me see you do your best fish.
What you gonna draw, E'niyah?
- I like to draw a balloon.
- You want to draw me balloons, E'niyah?
Draw me balloons.
Like this. Yeah.
A circle. Like that.
Okay. Okay.
What's wrong, Putt-Putt?
He didn't want
to change his pants.
Okay. Come here. Come here.
You don't want to... Come here.
Come sit.
Okay, okay, okay. Come.
Can you stop?
Can you stop, please?
- All right. Enough.
- Write Mommy's name.
- How do you spell your name?
- Sound it out.
Um... Two name. Um, three.
What three names? I
have to sound out three letters.
Who wants breakfast? Me!
You can make your own breakfast.
What do y'all want? Cereal?
Let me see what this says.
"Mom, you love me because
you like 'mens'?" What?
And this one says,
"Happy birthday, Dad. For
Dad, who I love. Boy."
Ew! That's him.
Thanks very much. She called
me a boy, right, E'niyah?
That looks like a... I did
not make nothing on this.
You didn't make nothing? You just
folded up the pink paper for me?
I'll go make another one.
Can you try and make me
a triangle, please?
I don't know how!
I gotta hang all the
pictures on the wall.
You gotta make me a triangle
so I can put it on the wall.
I don't know how.
Go ask Mommy to help you.
Or do you want me to help you?
I want you to help me.
So go get a crayon, and we're
gonna do it right here.
That guy came knocking
on my door. He said...
Hi, baby. How you doing?
Look at him.
Spend some time with your titi.
She came to see you.
Hi, Titi.
My God. You got
so handsome and big.
Where you going? I gotta, um...
You know where he's going? He's
coming with us for a caf con leche.
We're gonna have some caf.
You know I hate coffee, Ma.
Come on. You have to come with me.
Your aunt came to see you.
Let's go and spend a
little time with her,
have a caf con leche con pan.
You look like you lost weight.
I'm, like...
Now he's making Titi feel good.
Your titi came to see you.
And you don't give me
a kiss or a hug either, macho?
Come on, Ma. Ant's waiting.
My God. I don't know.
They get big too fast.
I didn't realize I was so heavy.
He told me I lost some weight.
Want you to make a
run, pick up a little package.
Holla back at me later on.
All right?
Take a walk. Talk it out.
We out of here.
Is he bothering you?
Just a bit. Just a little bit?
We're drinking
our drinks right now.
How do we stay in touch?
Yo, what's good, man?
What the fuck you doing out here?
What you doing?
Nothing. Just chilling.
Enjoying the night.
Who this? Who this?
Hi. Jasmin.
This my girl, Jasmin.
This your girl? Yeah, man.
You got a good one. Come here.
You all right? Yeah, I'm okay.
Tell her relax.
She around family.
She a little too nice for you.
Turn around for me, sweetie.
Taking care of John?
Of course. All the time.
Don't work him out too much.
I need him to, you know, be
energized in the morning.
Bye, brother. Why?
None of your business right now.
We'll see how long
you stick around.
Come on, man.
Watch your mouth, yo.
For her? Yeah, man.
Fuck outta here. Go ahead.
Take her home, Johnny.
You some disrespectful-ass
nigga, man.
What happened? John.
What, man? Don't get too
big for your britches.
You're disrespectful, man.
Where does
your mom think you're at?
She thinks I'm here, just alone.
She probably knows that
someone's over here.
I don't want her to know that.
She started talking to me
about condoms earlier.
So what else did she say? Did
she mention anything about me?
Of course. She always mentions you.
What did she say? She said,
"When is the wedding day?"
My God. Shut up.
You know my mom.
And what did
you tell her? Did you tell her a date?
Look at you. Look at
you, moving hella fast.
I told her that I like you.
I told her you were cute too.
My phone is, like,
going crazy over here.
Why don't you put it on silent?
All these people... I wonder
who's texting me right now.
It's not me.
No, but, seriously,
don't try to fight
for something so hard.
You might get answers
you don't wanna know.
What if I do wanna know?
Sometimes things
are better left unsaid.
It was like when I was, like, seven.
We were just at the park.
And he would always run and I would always
chase him, but I could never catch him.
He was way too fast.
And he grabbed my right hand
with his right hand,
and he grabbed my left hand
with his left hand.
He just started running,
and I had to, like, try to keep up
with him because he had my hands.
And I could.
For like a brief second I was
running just as fast as him.
And, like, I knew I was flying.
I'm up!
Are you up or are you awake?
I'm up, Ma. I'm up.
You better clean this room before
you leave the house! You hear me?
I got it, I got it, I got it, Ma.
I got it.
I mean it.
I don't wanna work
in no supermarket.
Nene, you know, work is work.
As long as it's honest
work, it's work. This...
What's wrong
with the supermarket?
Can you just stop by
before you go to the park?
I'll stop by and see
what they're hiring for.
Because Don Jose's
waiting for you.
I already talked to him about it.
He's already waiting for you.
Look at you. He gonna come up to me and
gonna start asking me mad questions.
Well, he gonna ask you questions
to give you the job, John.
I don't even wanna work there.
You just walk in
and they gonna hire you?
But you setting me up for interviews
you haven't even talked to me about.
Cause if I talk to you
about it, you're gonna say no.
I'm just looking out. You're
always doing that, Ma.
I'm just looking out. I know
you always looking out for me.
So, what up, yo? You Primo boy?
Primo sent me. I'm not his boy, man.
My name is John.
So whose boy you be? Melvin.
You Melvin's boy?
Yeah, man.
Your old man was good people, man.
Definitely, definitely.
Well, come here, man.
Let me holla at you, man.
Yo, anything you need,
you come holla at me, all right?
I got you.
Melvin was good to me.
You heard? All right, man.
Good looks, man. I got a little
something for you though, man.
Yes, sir.
You know I respect that.
That's just good business.
Hold up, man.
All right, let me see it.
All right, I like that.
I like that.
Stay where you are. Stay
where you are. My man.
All right. Yes, sir. All right.
That's just good business, man.
I like that. Yeah, man.
All right. Three hundred
for two shifts.
Thanks, bro.
You should count that.
I just watched you count it.
I trust you.
Well, um...
Question: Kinda need some more shifts.
You got anything going?
Thing is, I only need
bouncers two nights a week.
Friday and Saturday.
Well, I can kind of use
anything right now.
I got something.
My sister's ex is a nut job.
Nothing serious. But he just
gets out of hand sometimes.
I'll take it.
Hold on. I'll call you later.
All right.
What's up, Ma? Hi, baby.
What happened?
I was outside.
Come here.
Come on, Ma. Come here.
What's up?
What's up?
Stop looking at me like that, Ma.
Come on.
You think I don't know, John?
Know what?
Did you went to talk to Don Jose
about the job in the supermarket?
Come on, Ma, don't start with this.
Please don't.
What were you doing in the park?
Nothing. I was just playing
ball with Ant. Come on.
That's what your father
used to say to me, John.
But I didn't
pay attention to him,
'cause we were little kids
and I was in love and...
Come on, Ma. I'm not a baby.
But you're my kid, John.
I'm not a baby, Ma. You're
not fooling anybody, John.
You're not fooling me.
Can you please stop asking me questions?
I'm gonna go to my room.
Don't walk away from me
when I'm talking to you.
Come on. I really don't wanna
talk right now.
If you knew he was
doing all of this,
why you stay with him so long?
Because I loved him, John.
I couldn't tell you
what he was really doing...
because I was
not there with him.
He protected me
from things like that.
He loved you.
He can't even protect me now.
How does he love me?
And when I needed
something, he was there.
When he would call...
You don't remember because
you were so young, but he...
Ma, but it's not all
about the money, Ma.
It's not all about what he gives
you every first of the month.
It's not anything
about that, Ma.
He tried to be a father, a man
of his house, but he couldn't.
All he knew was the streets, so
he went back on the streets,
and I couldn't stop him.
He just couldn't be here, John.
He chose to be out there.
You don't understand that.
When people look at you,
they remember your father.
And sometimes people
wanted to hurt him.
And I don't want the same
thing to happen to you...
just because you
remind people of him.
And every day,
every single time you walk out
that door and you go to that park,
all I can do is worry.
Me and my father are not
the same people, Mother.
You're putting yourself in the same
position that your father did.
No, I'm not. We're
not the same person.
Hanging out with who knows...
with the wrong kind of people.
Ma, can I just go to my room?
I really don't wanna talk
about this right now.
Don't walk away from me.
I'm here. I'm talking to you, but
you're not telling me anything.
What is it that you
want me to tell you?
I want you to tell me who my father was.
What... Who was he?
I told you... Why did he leave me
when I was five years old, Ma? Why?
You're too young to understand.
And that's all I hear over and over
again... that I'm too young, Ma.
Why does no one understand that I
don't have a father anymore, Ma?
And I don't have a husband!
Like I told you before, Ma, just... I
just don't understand this anymore.
I don't know
what I'm supposed to do.
I don't know
what people want from me.
Everybody talks about my father,
saying he's so... he's such a big man.
Like people... people want me
to follow in his footsteps.
Did I told you to follow
your father's footsteps?
No, Ma, but I'm not
talking about you.
Who wants you to follow
your father's footsteps?
Who's putting all this shit
in your head?
'Cause I know it's not me.
He was in the streets and he
got shot in the head, okay?
For being in the wrong place
with the wrong people.
I don't want nobody
knocking on that door...
telling me, "Your son
got shot in the head."
How many times...
in just one month you hear that
something happened to somebody...
out there in that street?
Somebody got shot.
Somebody got stabbed.
I ain't my fa... They found
somebody dead in a building.
Me and my father is
two different people, Mother.
We two different people.
That's what you think.
You don't know, John.
Looking sharp.
Think it was a setup?
I don't think it was
a stray bullet.
Who would wanna kill him though?
Well, people get envious.
He was handsome, he was
strong and he could fight.
A stray bullet to the head.
I don't think so.
I'm gonna jump to you, okay?
What the hell? That was like
a ballet jump right there.
I wasn't prepared for that.
I need to have weight
structure, weight balance.
My God, whatever.
Salsa is like the same thing.
Hey, hey, you gotta catch.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You know Primo
runs everything, right?
That's what people say.
But then my pop gets capped
and it's, like, bad luck?
What are you trying to say?
How does my pops die
and nobody knows anything?
What do you...
Okay, so this is
what he looks like.
This is the man
you wanna look for.
And I don't even know
if he's gonna show up.
But if he does, just keep it calm.
I just don't want a scene.
Just diffuse the situation.
All the men.
All the ladies.
Grab a hand, girls.
One, two, three!
You gotta shake it better than that.
Let's go.
Get 'em up there!
Get 'em up there!
All the way around.
All the way around.
One more time.
Big pose for that camera.
Give me a pose.
Looking good.
Let's go. Raise your hands!
And now my man.
For Rocky himself. Let's hear it for Adam.
Grab a handle. Grab a handle.
One, two, three!
It's a coming-of-age thing.
You know, the kid's gotta learn
a whole part of the Torah.
He's gotta sing it and read it.
So he recites a mantra and, you
know, memorizes it and says it out,
and that makes him a man?
It's kind of like a mantra. Yeah,
I never thought about it... Yeah.
Yeah, I mean... And we all know
it's not really being a man.
I mean, you're 13. He's got
enough problems, but...
It's kind of similar
to what I do.
I recited and remembered
an oath, a pledge.
Said it out loud to my brothers.
Did my initiation, and...
Now, this is for what? Initiation
for... Being Blood, you know.
Okay. Had to fight
seven different dudes.
What do you mean, at the same time?
Yeah. Shows strength.
When I changed and turned
Blood, I was 12.
After that, you get an oath.
You get a pledge that you have
to recite, you gotta memorize.
You know, back in the days,
you felt like, boom,
I just fought seven dudes.
You know, I feel like I'm a man.
That's like my kid's age.
I was 12. He's 13.
Jesus Christ, he didn't
have to fight seven guys.
A lot of people
look at me and say,
"You know, Prim, at 12
years old, you're a kid."
Behind that was I had nobody.
And the only people that really
embraced me and showed me love...
was dudes that my brother
knew, and, you know...
I joined the life, you know.
I made the decision that if I didn't
have the family at home that I wanted,
that the family outside on the
streets, they accepted me.
I can't give it up, but I'm
ready for a big change.
Like, I don't want the
same things for my kids.
You know, I don't want
my son to ever feel like...
the only choice he has
is the streets.
You know?
That's why I take that time.
I'm getting money.
It'll be good tomorrow.
Promised the kids
I'd take 'em to the park.
So that means you have to do it.
And they're not gonna
let you forget.
No, especially Nevaeh or Elijah.
Why are you with me?
Why am I with you?
You make me happy.
What's up, baby? What up?
What's good?
- Yo, you remember BB?
- Yeah.
All right. You remember RayLo?
Yeah, what's up?
Go over to BB's, pick something
up and take it over to RayLo.
I could do that, man.
We need to get this shit popping.
For real.
Yo, what up, yo?
What's good, RayLo?
What's going on, big man?
Hear you working with Primo now.
Yeah, man. What's up?
- Think you big time, yo?
- Shut the fuck up, man.
Yeah, you pussy. Shut the fuck up, man.
What up, man?
What you mean, shut the fuck up?
You heard me.
You know where you at right now?
I know exactly where I'm at.
Where you at right now?
Where you at right now?
You gonna do something right now?
This is Lo's block, man.
You work for Primo, man.
Shut the fuck up, man.
What happened, man? What up?
What you mean, what up?
Yo, man. Yo, keep your bitches tamed, yo.
You know where you at, man?
Keep your bitches tamed, yo.
What happened?
Chill out. Chill out.
You got that?
With the business, man.
Hey, yo,
tell your man I said
what's up, man.
Be safe in these streets, man.
Fuck you, man. Get
the fuck outta here.
Tell your boy
to take his tampon out, yo.
All right. Fuck outta here, yo.
Funny man. Tank-top
ass, rookie niggas.
Swag off the boat
And I'm just
hopping in the moat
Fuck her up
like a bad bitch
No more side sit, doing the
high flip fly, flip fly
Flip fly, high tip
get outta here
Yo, P.
Man, that shit ain't
touched down yet.
He left a hour ago though.
Well, I guess you got
a problem, homey.
All right. Heard.
What up?
Yo, what's good?
What's up? Nothing.
Just hanging out.
What up, Ang? Hey.
What are you doing? Man, I'm about
to... I gotta go run real quick.
Where are you going?
Don't ask questions, babe.
Just stop asking questions.
I'm good. You good?
Yeah. All right.
I'm gonna holla
at you, all right?
Yo, Ang, I'm gonna holla at you.
What's up? We all good?
Yeah, we good.
Took the long route home?
I ain't know you was timing me.
Why you looking at me like that?
What happened?
What... What happened?
RayLo just called.
He ain't get the package.
Had a nice stroll?
Nah... Yo, Primo, man,
I gave him the package.
Well, seems like we
got a problem then.
Grip everybody up. I mean,
get 'em all together.
And check in on RayLo and
see what's up with that.
All right. Cool?
Sit down, John.
I gave him the package.
If I find out otherwise, John,
your pops is gonna roll over in
his grave right next to you.
Yo, Prim, man.
I gave him that...
Stop... talking.
I put a lot of faith in you.
You know that?
You know what that means?
Come on, man, I gave him that...
Shut up.
Look at me...
and listen.
Everybody is
giving you respect...
because of me.
Because of who your father was.
This business...
this out there...
is based off one thing...
Kasey. Benz.
Vito. Midnight.
They all work for me
because of respect.
You know why?
Because they fear me.
Because if one slip up,
there are consequences.
Even RayLo, he knows that.
He wouldn't even think
of coming to me...
with that bullshit lie.
I gave him... Shut...
We been doing business
too long, too right.
But you... these motherfuckers
is watching you.
Then this happens?
- What's good?
- What's going on?
Talk to me. So what happened?
Your man ain't show up. Yo,
why you lying for, man?
You already know
our history, man.
Yo, fuck you, man. You
really lying right now.
Yo, you better get your man.
You really gonna believe him? You
really gonna believe him right now?
Yo. Come
on, man, this guy...
Shut the fuck up.
So you're saying he's lying.
That he stole the package.
And now he's saying he didn't.
You know what that means?
I know you know what that mean.
RayLo is lying to me right now.
That's what you saying.
Did he take what was mine?
- Yeah.
- Son of a bitch.
Yo. Kasey.
Fuck this nigga.
You already know.
Get the fuck off.
Come on.
Don't worry about that.
Get the fuck off.
It's done.
This out here...
this ain't no joke, man.
A young nigga like you...
you get bodied,
shit won't even make the news.
You're just another number.
Nobody gonna care.
Nobody gonna stop. Nothing.
Back there with RayLo,
I was just defending myself.
And I really don't care
what you think about it.
Then you're a ballsy-ass kid.
'Cause for once you
standing up for yourself.
You know, me and your old man used
to come out here and kick back.
Always at night though.
He liked this place.
He used to take me here
at night too.
Let me ask you something.
What do you know about his murder?
What happened?
I know what you know.
Stray bullet.
Wrong time,
wrong place.
Wrong time, wrong place.
I guess that's right where
you don't wanna be?
You know, sometimes...
I feel like I'm in the wrong
place at the wrong time.
You ever feel like that?
Son, that's where we were born.
You think this shit is funny?
Your dad would be proud.
You look just like him.
I don't look shit like him.
Looks like little man might
be growing up now?
I'm not playing, Primo.
I know how things work.
There's no such thing as a stray
bullet when you're involved.
When people got beefs,
they settle them.
When my pops died,
it's like no one
had to pay for it.
That's not how the boss man's
supposed to live, right?
That's what you taught me.
Actions have consequences.
But you know what, John?
It's not the first time I had a
gun pointed at my head, homey.
I remember the first time.
Enough with the stories, man.
Tell me what happened.
You're a big boy, John.
Figure it out.
He got big.
Too big.
He didn't wanna do
business... the right way.
Everybody has bosses.
Your pops act like
he ain't have any.
So it was his time.
Sad to say, it's just business.
So what you gonna do now?
What your pops would've done?
I ain't even know my pops.
Maybe a basketball game.
Maybe a trip to the beach
every two years.
But I thank you for teaching me.
Now I know him.
I understand him.
I know exactly
what he would do right now...
or what you would do.
But I'm not gonna even do that.
I want ice cream!
You want ice cream? Yeah.
Ain't you just eat?
Okay. Let's do it.
Yeah, I had it all
to the average eyes
From my block to block
they demand supply
All the cash I earn
got me cars to drive
All the deeds I done
they really got me five
Yeah Really got me five
They really got me five
Really got me five
Really got me five
Five years in the pen
I couldn't do that
Ballplayer dreams
Man, I couldn't do that
I'm missing my team
living our dreams
Bars after bars
Getting nasty on the scene
Dolla after dolla
It all seems fake
Broken-up lines
on this broken suitcase
I said misunderstood
Riding for the hood
Five star, I said give
your boy different bush
Went to Fort Greene
Macking with the team
White so clean
so I sell it to a fiend
Then we flip it to a dream
You can call it an assist
Pass it to the right
That's my main man Rich
Flip it to the back
Bolo beans on a grit
I said my team all about it
Yeah, I had it all
to the average eyes
From my block to block
they demand supply
All the cash I earn
got me cars to drive
All the deeds I done
they really got me five