Five Thirteen (2013) Movie Script

(fly buzzing)
(police radio chatter)
2-5, K.
Man: K, 0-5 can you ascertain if the apprehension
team on the S-N.
man: Apprehension team on the S-N.
Man: 3-0-1 to 3-3-2.
man: All units, 10-31.
(radio chatter continues)
man: All units 10-6.
man: Yeah, we're gonna be
stuck up here for a while,
so we're not gonna be
able to run over there for you.
(siren blaring)
(police radio chatter)
man: ls there a problem, officer?
Officer: Not yet.
Put your keys
on the dashboard.
Put your hands on
the wheel.
What do we got here?
One, two, three,
four, five, six beers, wow.
That's impressive.
We call that a DUI
around here.
You drink all
those by yourself?
No, sir.
Are you under
the influence?
No, I'm not, sir.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, sir.
Well, who did drink?
A friend had a couple of beers,
I dropped him off
about two miles down the road.
- Oh, your friend?
- Yes, sir.
Your friend,
I remember him.
All right...
All right.
License and registration.
Nice and slow.
(police radio squawks)
Take it easy.
Put your hands back up
where I can see them.
Man: 5-4-9-6, you got a live one?
- Yeah?
- man: Go ahead.
Can I get a license
check on...
A s-a 5.3
- 7-92-3.
- man: 10-4.
- Step out of the car.
- Officer, is there a problem?
Step out of the car,
nice and slow.
Yes, sir.
Officer: Face me.
behind your head.
Is there anything in the vehicle
that I should be aware of?
Man: No, sir.
- Weapons?
- No, sir.
- Drugs?
- No, sir.
What's in the bags?
Clothes, sir.
are you going?
What's in Vegas?
I'm going to do
some gambling
with some friends.
What's in the ice box?
Some sodas and
some water.
What the hell...
What the fuck?
- Officer, it's not what you think!
- What the fuck is that?
- It's not what you think, officer!
- What is it?
- What the fuck is it, tell me!
- I can explain, it's not--
It's not
what you think!
- Walk towards the car!
- It's not what you think.
Walk towards the car--
put your hands on the car.
It's not what you
think, officer.
Don't you dare move.
(gun firing)
(police radio chatter)
(siren blaring)
man: Yo.
Yo, what's up, Glen?
- What's up, man?
- What's up?
This is my man, Mike,
I was telling you about.
Mike's gonna help us
out with the job.
How old are you?
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Think you're gonna make 30?
- Yeah.
- What?
- Yeah.
Well, confident.
You tried
How much time
you do?
Four years.
Man: When did you get out?
Just a couple of
weeks back.
I haven't
been to prison.
- Never.
- Lucky you.
Man: No, smart me.
Who's your PO?
I don't give a fuck.
Hey, look...
I need an extra gunner,
for Reggie and me, okay?
We take the cash and
then we bounce.
But I need a gunner in case
something goes South, you know?
You ever killed anybody?
- No.
I have.
I've killed many
And I'm glad every
fucking one of them is dead.
Fuck it,
you tell him.
Man: All right.
It's a simple job.
- The bank--
- Private bank.
My wife works at a private bank
and they're about to receive...
- 4 million in cash.
- $4 million in cash, huh?
Plain and simple.
4:00 p.m., we go to the bank.
We get off the elevator.
- Everybody down!
- Reggie and me go to the bathroom,
where my wife will be
waiting for us.
Be quiet!
(gun cocks)
We come out from the bathroom,
and I will have taken my wife hostage,
and we are going to the safe.
Get the key,
let's go to the safe.
We go in.
We don't do nothing wrong...
but take the money,
and then we leave.
Oxsana is the driver.
My wife will take care of the cameras,
all the other, you know,
internal bullshit.
internal bullshit?
Man: Basic shit.
Cameras, alarms.
Hamburgers, party favors,
shit like that.
Hey, look, if you don't think I know
what I'm doing, you should just go.
I'm just trying to make sure
you all know what y'all--
I said, if you don't think
we know what we are doing,
you should just go.
All right?
We go to
point "B," okay?
We split into two
Pablo and I in one car,
three of you in another,
and we meet back here
in an hour.
Whole job should
take no more than, uh...
- No more than two minutes.
- No more than two minutes.
So what do you think?
You in?
Look, man, it's
all about the cash.
- I'm not bringing you into some bullshit.
- Shut the fuck up, okay?
Come on,
Pablo, he knows that.
Now, it would be in your
best interest to say yes,
because we might have to kill
you now, you know too much.
Yeah, I'm in, man.
Let's get this--
let's get paid, come on.
Let's get paid?
I like you, Mike.
I think.
Babe, I was talking to this guy,
an old friend of mine, Jonas.
He's got a little
office in Brooklyn.
He was telling me, he's got a
couple little investors,
looking to find some business,
so when we get there,
I might get couple of clients.
- That's great, honey.
- It's gonna be good.
New York
is gonna be good.
You're not eating?
I'm not hungry.
You Okay?
Shelley's not here
and it's late.
She probably
hasn't even eaten yet,
knowing him--
He's so irresponsible.
I think she's
probably fine.
- She's with her daddy.
- Yeah, that's the whole point.
I don't need him
around her.
Not after all this time.
Man: Babe.
It's Shelley's dad.
Give him a couple of hours with his daughter
before we go to New York.
That's another thing.
- He's coming too.
- Who told you that?
Woman: Pablo.
- Pablo, your brother?
- Yes.
I mean, that's the whole reason
we're leaving in the first place,
to get away and...
- There you go.
- Babe, relax.
We're gonna go to New York,
you, me, Shelley.
We're gonna have a great
life, great apartment, great job.
If Mike comes to New York,
so what?
No, it's better for
her if he's not in her life.
He's not gonna--
(car horn honking)
See, you got nothing
to worry about.
He's here now.
Mommy, Mommy, Daddy's
coming to New York with us.
Woman: Oh, is he now?
- Did you have fun, darling?
- Yes.
Would you go inside and make sure
all your toys are packed for Mommy?
- Okay.
- Okay, kissy.
Bye, daddy,
I love you.
Bye, baby, love you.
Wow, you look--
you look amazing.
Where we going tonight?
We going dancing?
Do you realize
what time it is?
We said 6:00.
It's 8.30, Mike.
I took my daughter
to the amusement park.
She wanted to ride
all the rides.
So now you're telling her
you're coming to New York, huh?
I got a business opportunity.
Do you now?
Some things never change--
Give me the bag.
And don't bother
coming tomorrow, either.
That'll be way too hard
on Shelley.
- All right?
- Oh, really?
- Bye, Mike.
- What's all this about?
(car engine starts)
woman: Hey, Lisa, it's Mom.
Call me back sweetie.
Love you.
man: Hey, Lisa.
It's me.
I've been calling.
I've left a few messages.
I really want to talk
to you.
I'm starting to get worried,
I haven't heard from you in a while.
Um... Can you call me as soon as
you get this message?
I hope everything's okay.
You know
I love you, right?
man: Hey.
I called you.
And I stopped by
your place.
A little bit of
a stalker, I know.
I have to go back
to work.
I am so confused.
I've told you.
I mean!!!
Did I-- did
I do something?
- No, not at all, Charles--
- No, not in the slightest bit?
Charles, you want to do
this here at work?
No, I don't want
to do this here at work.
Let's go somewhere,
let's talk.
I just-- I want
to talk to you.
I don't want to talk, Charles,
I've already told you.
What have you told me?
I told you that
I'm going through...
I'm just going through stuff right
now and I really just need space.
It has nothing to
do with you.
Well, are you in-are you in
some kind of trouble?
- What's--
- No, no.
Well, what's
going on with you?
Is there something I can do?
Please, let me know.
- I mean, I'm--
- You can respect me.
What does that mean?
It means to give me
space like I asked.
I really-- I care
about you so much.
I mean!!!
I do, I just-- I can't do
this right now.
Please, just...
I'm really sorry.
If you...
If you need space,
you can have space.
If we're done and that's it...
Then that's what it is.
Which is..
How can you love
somebody like me?
I mean, honestly.
I don't have any
love to give.
How do you...
I'm so sorry.
(door closing)
What about
that cat, Glen, man?
He seemed kinda
shaky, man.
Don't worry about
Glen, he's a little bipolar.
He takes medication for it...
He's a little off.
But he's
always looked out.
Every time Glen's given
me a call, man,
it's always been
about something legit.
I've made a lot of money
with Glen, yo.
Why me?
Why not?
You need the money
just like the rest of us.
Oxsana, Reggie, they need to get
the hell out of the country.
You can't be
doing this, man.
You're gonna be putting me
in a bad situation.
You looked them right
in the eye the other night
and you told them that
you were down.
Are you trying
to get me killed?
You trying to get
yourself killed?
(toilet flushing)
Better be sure.
(door closing)
man: All right,
y'all, I'm out.
Yo, let me holler at
you for a minute, Mike.
Mike: What's good, bro?
Man: You good?
You know, I'm all right.
Looking for work.
You know how
that go.
That's what's up.
You do that.
Look, I gotta
go home and pack.
I'll be gone for a
couple of days.
But when I get back...
I got something that's
gonna make you smile.
Big surprise.
All right?
All right.
You good?
I'm good,
I'm good.
Yo, Pablo!
Would you do
me a favor?
Take him out
and get him a drink.
I mean, he's acting like the world
is on his shoulders,
like it's coming to an end.
I'll be going for couple of days,
when I get back, I want
to see you smiling, Mike.
I got you, man.
Ya'll be safe, all right?
All right.
Your brother's cool, man.
He's all right with me.
(door closing)
So what's up?
What's all this
"unsurity" about?
- Why you so doubtful?
- Do you want to know why I'm unsure?
I just got out of jail
for a crime I didn't do.
Man: Good.
If everything is
what you say it is...
I'm pleased.
So you got the money,
you got the map.
The gentleman's
name is El Loco.
I don't want you to give the money
to anyone but him, personally.
So, let me get this straight.
You want me to take the side
road down to Mexicali, the border.
I'm gonna meet with El Loco.
Make the drop.
Sounds easy.
Sounds easy--
don't fuck it up.
- Want some coffee?
- No, thanks.
All right.
Now I want to talk to
you about something.
After this weekend, I'm gonna
need an early retirement.
I'm done.
Where's my letter
of resignation?
My two weeks' notice?
I mean, that's
corporate shit.
You see, you know my little
brother got out of prison...
You know, we want to see
the world, we want to travel..
Your little brother...
Do I talk to you
about my family shit?
The shit in my family that causes
me problems?
Do we ever talk
about that kind of shit?
I don't understand-- I mean...
How much money we
made together over the years?
We made a ton of money.
Man: Fuck it.
You make sure you don't
fuck this job up.
All right?
Don't fuck
this one up.
We'll talk about your retirement
when you get back.
This the spot?
I don't see shit.
What you see
down that way?
Man: That's Mexico,
over there.
Oh, you're
smart now, huh?
Yeah, I know stuff.
Yeah, what you know?
I know that
that's Mexico.
And that they're late.
I can't argue with that.
Did I ever tell you about the story
when I was at Ensenada
and that whore house?
You only tell me every
time we talk about Mexico.
Man, they got them line up,
you just walk in the door...
You pick one--
Well, you pick one..
You know, I pick like
three or four.
Yeah, you're gonna be like
three or four minutes anyway
so what's the difference?
How long are we
supposed to wait, man?
I don't know, but I don't
see nothing, man.
Well, we could take
the 500 and just go to Mexico.
I ever tell you about this
whorehouse in Ensenada--
Here we go!
Man, we had a good time
down there.
Knowing you, you'll spend the
whole 500K on a whore house in Mexico.
I'd open a new one.
Real classy spot.
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho...
(gun firing)
What the...
Let me do the talking,
all right?
I hope you
habla espafiol.
Which one of you
is El Loco?
El quiere
pedir para El Loco.
Soy el loco, pero no me
Ilame El Loco.
g Tienes el dinero?
You guys got the money?
Man: You El Loco?
Come on, t6
tienes el dinero, puto.
Yo, I need to see El Loco,
4' Qu quiere?
g Quieres ver El Loco?
G Quieres ver El Loco?
Pis tola.
Yo, Tre, Tre...
What's up, man?
It's good, it's cool,
it's cool, it's cool.
You want to
see El Loco, cooperate.
IA p fires e, ap fires e,
vamos, vamos!
IVamos, vamos, vamos!
(gun firing)
I'm El Loco.
(thunder rumbling)
(bills shuffling)
El Loco: Hey.
Te acuerdas de esos dos
cabrones que no querian pagar.
Oh, Simon?
Venian con una historia
que no s qu pas con el dinero.
El Loco: Cabrones.
Y qu hiciste
to dos los--
Yo no s.
Tre: Excuse me, I
don't mean to interrupt.
By any chance, you think we could
get a ride back to the car?
It's all there.
We haven't finished
counting the money.
It's all there.
gSer que matamos esto, guey?
Our people
are waiting for us.
You're not going
The package
is not ready yet.
What packae?
W-w-we ...
We transport
No comprende.
Yo, my man, this supposed
to be a quick in-and-out.
Hold-- hold up.
Nah, this isn't supposed
to be a prom date.
I got this, I got it.
You know, I think that
right now would be a good time
for you to call your people.
(music playing)
(phone ringing)
Tre: Yeah, it's me.
We're with your friends down here
and there's a misunderstanding.
They talking about a package.
I don't know about a package.
- You never said--
- Calm down.
I know all about it.
I suggest you just
do what the man says.
If I was in your position,
I would do exactly what
the man says.
You know why
they call him El Loco?
When he was 13 years old, he
came home from school
to find two
strangers raping his sister.
13 years old.
He took a pencil...
killed them both.
Grown men.
You heard me?
And he killed his sister so she
wouldn't have to live with the shame
of what had happened to her.
Now, if he did that to his own sister,
imagine what he'd
do to your bitch asses.
Come back in a straight line,
don't stop for nothing.
Call me as soon
as you get in the states.
I got winner.
MY-u my apologies.
Looks like we're
gonna be staying.
I think so.
iSefior, ayudame!
(screaming in Spanish)
Tre: What's his problem?
You don't got no problem.
Where do you think
the kidneys are coming from?
What the fuck?
I don't get it.
Man, relax, man.
No, 'cause I
didn't sign up for this.
Not no kidneys-- body parts!
This is crazy, man.
Yo, what'd
did Nestor say?
That's another one.
He knew that we were getting down
here to get some kidneys.
He didn't say
nothing about it.
You know why?
'Cause he knew, I would
have said no.
I would have said no!
This ain't right, man,
I'm not down with no kidneys!
I don't do that.
Now, I thought it was a couple
of keys, a little bit of yayo.
- Yo, Tre, listen, listen.
- But they're doing kidneys, man?
You see
the tattoos on that kid?
For all we know, he
with his click.
They do that to him,
just think what they'll do to us.
I don't know about you,
but I ain't trying to fight
my way back up to America, man.
Just stick to the fucking
plan and let's be out.
All right?
El Loco, he thinks
he's tough.
Yeah, you know what?
He a crazy motherfucker, if he thinks
I'm gonna take somebody else kidneys
that I seen walk in here,
screaming and crying.
I'm not doing that.
- Dog...
- Yo, have some dignity.
I'm thinking about
you and me.
I'm thinking
about our lives.
What are you talking
What, you want to
take on this whole crew?
You don't even know where
the fuck we are, man.
Let's just do it.
Just relax.
Let's get the job done
and go back to L.A.
You're just as crazy
as that motherfucker.
The operation will take
place at 5:00 a.m.
You will be
ready to leave at 6:00.
But for the night, please,
enjoy our hospitality.
man: I've done a lot
of things in my life.
I made a lot of money.
Everybody's scared
of me.
But there's a few
things that I haven't done.
For example, I haven't
been to the islands.
Fuck an island girl.
There's a lot
I haven't done.
You see where I'm going
with this?
Like, you tickled my
imagination the other day.
The doctor here.
Because, I'm powerful.
Oh, I can get
anything done.
But I can't get
a motherfucking kidney.
Mr. Esteban, every
minute counts.
We have a private place where
we'll do the surgery in two days.
Doc, spare me.
You tell my people
and I'll be on the plane.
You take care
of the rest.
And you, you offered me this
and you want something in return.
And I can give it to you.
My reputation
is at stake.
But then again,
if I die, who gives a fuck?
So, I'm gonna make this
deal with you.
I just want Miami.
You know that.
I will give you Miami.
But I gotta live.
You hear me?
I have to make it.
I have to be able to walk
and talk and fuck,
and curse and I have
to live, to give you Miami.
It can be a beginning of a long
collaboration together.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I hope so, yeah.
A long relationship.
you know what?
If I die, you're fucked.
Oh, my God!
So these
are kidneys.
Damn, that's disgusting.
I've never seen him from
the outside before.
Yo, Stick.
Look, let's go to a payphone,
I want to call Nestor
and let him know we good.
All right?
Yo, we in the middle
of the desert.
Call him
on your celly.
Use your head.
I don't want
to use my cell!
Cells could be traced.
Come on, be smart!
Now close this up,
let's get the hell out of here.
Damn, that's disgusting!
Tre: Get your ass out.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
it's me.
I got the delivery.
Two pies, one with pepperoni,
one with cheese.
Yeah, I'm
back in the states.
All right.
I'll phone you
when I get to L.A.
Come on.
Get your ass
out here.
(change clattering)
(fly buzzing)
(car starting)
(police radio chatter)
Tre: Yo, what the fuck
is wrong with you man?
Did you see that?
The motherfucking police,
he checking us out.
You know
where the fuck you at?
You need to relax,
You that fucking
thirsty over a fucking beer?
Stick: I'm gonna miss that girl
in Mexico, man.
That ass... l'ma have dreams--
I'ma have nightmares
about that ass for months.
You know, at one point, she squatted
down and suffocated me.
I don't want
to hear that shit, man.
I don't give a fuck
about that, man.
She put her ass cheeks,
like, it engulfed my whole head.
I got a big head too.
Man, that was good.
Your butt is mine...
(mumbling "Bad-w
You're too high stressed.
No, look, man we doing
this thing, man.
We've been
moving that shit here.
Last night, that wasn't
enough for you, man?
- Stay between the lines.
- Wasn't that enough for you?
Just stay between the lines
when you're driving.
God damn.
You get me
fucking upset, man!
You play too fucking much, you
don't take nothing serious!
Yo, it's smooth sailing, we
take the kidneys back to L.A.,
get them to Henry, get paid,
make Nestor happy,
that crazy motherfucker.
And we enjoy ourselves,
I'm just starting the party early.
- Yeah, whatever.
- All right?
Yeah, all right.
Don't party
too fucking hard.
Fucking dummy.
(music playing)
Stick: Oh, man...
Yo, them beers
got me fucked up, man.
Yo, pull over up here,
man, I gotta take a shit.
I gotta take a shit,
man, now.
I gotta take a shit.
You see
where the fuck we at?
We in the fucking desert.
I can't see in front of my face,
you want me to pull over
'cause you gotta take a shit?
You better hold your ass-cheeks tight,
I ain't pulling over.
Yo, dog, I gotta take
a shit, I gotta take a shit.
I gotta get to L.A.
Man, unless you want
to smell shit from here to L.A.,
you better pull over, 'cause this
shit's coming out.
It's coming out quick, man.
Damn, Stick, you get on
my fucking nerves, man!
Dog, it's peeking, for real.
- Pull over right up here.
- What the fuck ever, man.
Tre: ls there a problem,
Officer: Not yet.
(gun cocking)
(gun firing)
What the fuck?
Stick, what you doing?
Put him
in the car!
Put him in the car,
get his legs!
What the fuck?
Come on!
Go' go'
(police radio chatter)
What the fuck
was that, Stick?
Why did you do
that for, man?
It's a motherfucking cop!
Fuck that cop.
If it wasn't for me, your
ass would be doing ten years,
trafficking body parts.
Now I'm facing life!
Thanks a lot,
- You're stupid!
- What are you talking about?
What do you mean
I'm stupid?
We got a
cop in the back.
We got a cop in the
fucking trunk!
What are we
gonna do now?
Yo man, no body,
no crime.
Don't worry about
it, we ditch the body,
we get back to L.A.,
we still cool.
Fucking relax.
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
You keep fucking up!
Yo, I don't see what you're so upset
about, man-- all right?
We're gonna be
all right, we got the cop.
We just take the cop, we dump
him in the desert,
we keep on
getting up back to L.A., man.
There's no problem.
They got my fucking
license, Stick.
They got my
fucking license!
They know my
fucking name!
They know my name!
You could have been the last guy
that fucking cop pulled over
before he went to
the fucking Poconos.
He could be there, they could think
he's going to Vegas or some shit.
Come on.
They're gonna think he
went to Vegas with his girlfriend.
Fuck that shit.
How you know he dead?
Check him.
Let me pull over
so you can check him.
You get fucking
paranoid, man.
Now, this cowboy
here is definitely dead.
You think you funny?
This is what
we gonna do.
We gonna clean up
your mess.
We gonna take him, bury him
out here somewhere in the desert.
Go back to L.A., do
what we gotta do,
pack up, and get
the fuck out of there.
Look at me.
Don't go running your mouth
when we get back.
'Cause you know if
Henry finds out, we're both dead.
This is the type of shit that could
take us to the next level.
And that's
exactly what I don't want.
You got that?
Got it.
Glen: It's easy.
It's easy!
Come on, since when
robbing a bank been easy?
Oh, wow--
Honey, I'm sorry.
This is my wife,
I forgot.
I mean, I forgot-- I didn't forget
my wife, I forgot to introduce you.
She's gonna tell
you all just how...
...easy it can be,
how easy it is.
Go on.
I work
in this bank.
And they are so corrupt that
they launder money.
So tomorrow
morning at 9:00 a.m.,
two armed men are going
to deliver $4 million.
My only job is to
let these two men in,
tell the guards on duty to
cut the video,
then, tell them
to go on their break,
which is precisely 15 minutes.
After that, I walk them into
the vault, they deposit $4 million,
I walk them out, lock the door
behind them.
That's it.
So, we're in, out,
two minutes tops.
All right?
You all ready
to get paid?
- I was ready yesterday.
- Yup.
Hell motherfucking
It's so easy, I notice that bitch
is again-- Her tits is up there.
Anyway, um-- Oh.
You all deviate,
and you're all fucked.
So don't do it.
'Cause it's so easy.
Well, gentlemen.
Oh, man.
Yeah, I'm glad
you're out, man.
Shit, you?
The streets missing you
while you were gone.
I already know it, man.
Shit, just being able to shit,
piss in my own time,
it's good enough for me, man.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
I feel you, man, them guards
up in there, they're the worst.
Yo, I don't know about
them cats, man.
What you mean
you don't know?
I just don't know,
man, I'm just saying.
Look, man, I got
a tight crew.
They're my peoples.
Know what I mean?
Look, man, You know what
I'm going through right now, right?
And you not the issue.
'Cause I know you for forever, but
those motherfuckers in there...
- Come on, man.
- Look.
I won't bring
you to no bullshit.
You feel me?
You think I want
my niece, your daughter,
to be without a father for
another four years?
You think I want
to be your cellmate?
Come on, man...
I ain't going back.
Fuck that.
- All right, man.
- Go wherever the fuck we want.
Go hit New York.
Be with your
(helicopter blades chopping)
It's break time, big boy.
You got 15 minutes.
Stop pretending that
you're working, let's get out of here.
All right.
(phone ringing)
woman: I see money coming our way.
Always on time,
good to see you.
- How are you doing?
- Very well, thank you.
- How are you?
- man: This way, please.
I'm great-- It's always
good to see you.
You're gonna
come skeet shooting with me?
- Is that an invitation?
- Of course.
I'd like that.
You never
call me anymore.
man: Yeah.
I don't have to
count it, do I?
You should
because I'm terrible at math.
You know what-- I'm gonna
trust you on this one, okay?
So, usual arrangements,
Send 50% to
London this time.
I'll be there next week, make sure
it gets there on time.
And 10% to St Croix,
it's my mother's birthday.
Okay, so 50%, 10% and
the rest as usual.
Yes, please.
I know exactly
how to take care of you.
I know you do.
So I told her, baby, I never
called your mom ugly.
I said she was homely.
big difference.
It's always good to do
business with you.
What do you got
going on today, anything?
Oh, it's a busy day, but
thanks for your time.
When do we
get to see you next?
Very soon, very soon.
I'm looking
forward to it.
You have my
number, so give me a call.
- Take care, Walter.
- man: Take care.
Let's do
this thing right.
Get up!
(sun firing)
Get on the ground!
On the ground!
Hey, you--
Face to the ground!
Down, down!
Man: Get down, get down!
Man: Now, get down--
Man: Everybody out, now!
Man: Heads down,
heads down!
- Turn your head,
- man: Get on the ground!
- Turn your head this way!
- man: Move, now!
Don't look at 'em!
Everybody down!
Man: Remember,
this is not your money.
Are you okay?
Yes, you are.
You can do this.
You can do this.
We don't have
much time.
- Renee.
- Yeah.
I love you.
I love you.
Let's do this.
Get to the back--
No talking!
- Keep your face to the ground!
- man: Down!
Get over there!
Go, that way!
Billy: Okay, all right,
all right!
Glen: Load the bags.
Load the bags right now,
load the bags.
- Load the bags!
- man: Open them!
Now fill them up!
God damn it.
Woman: Okay, okay, okay!
I'll fucking kill you,
calm down!
Keep them down.
Stop moving.
Face down.
What are you doing?
What are you doing--
No, no, no!
You want to die?
She called the cops!
- She called the cops!
- No, man, no!
You want to go
back in the joint, huh?
That's the first thing that came to
my head, like, farm animals,
your mom's face,
they go together.
It came out--
(phone ringing)
- Glen: What's going on?
- man: She called the cops.
Okay, let's go,
let's go.
Go' go'
(sirens approaching)
Walter: You girls okay?
(phone ringing)
I just want you to
understand, please,
- how embarrassed I am--
- You should be embarrassed.
And your money is
going to be--
I need to know that my
money is going to be secured today.
It will be.
I guarantee it.
I'm gonna leave a man here for
you to make sure you have no problem.
Okay, that'll be fine.
Do you have any idea who would've done such stupid
Who robbed your bank?
Do you know?
Renee: I'm so sorry to interrupt,
but Henry's on the phone.
He wants to talk to you.
Yeah, I have
a really good idea.
You do?
Then we have no
problem, Billy.
No, we don't
have a problem.
I'll be hearing from
you later.
Yes, you will.
Speak to you later.
Is that all?
- Thank you.
- He's waiting.
(phone ringing)
recording: The number you have
reached is not in service at this-
So I called three
times and there's no answer.
So try again.
So you gonna tell me
what's going on?
We've been waiting here.
We're waiting
for Pablo and Glen.
Hey, they're supposed
to be here.
- Where's Pablo?
- I don't know, he's not here.
I trust Glen, you don't
trust Pablo?
Maybe we should just stay put
until they get back, don't you think?
This is where we said we
were gonna meet.
I can tell you we got a bag of
cash here, we got another bag coming.
Sit tight and don't
get nervous.
This is not gonna work.
I mean, what if they got caught
by the police or something?
I gotta
get out of here.
We've all gotta get
out of here.
Let's give
them 30 more minutes.
He's not here in 30 minutes,
we take our cut,
what's left of it,
and we get the fuck out.
But you're making--
You're beginning to make me nervous.
And we gotta stay cool
right now, man.
Pablo: Yo.
Jesus fucking Christ,
where the fuck have you two been?
Where the fuck you
think, man?
Cops every-fucking-where,
man, we had to take a detour.
Yeah, man, it was a landslide
or earthquake some shit
and traffic is bad, cops
trying to kill us, and all kinds of shit.
Oh, that is fucking beautiful.
- A hard day's work, baby.
- Yeah.
It's all fucked up.
Yes, sir-- yes, sir.
- Not bad, right?
- There it is, it's green and it spins,
and it's good.
Where's the fucking
money, huh?
Glen: What?
What are
you talking about?
Where's the fucking money--
That's not it.
Glen: This bitch
is talking to me?
"Is this bitch talking to me?"
Mike: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey...
What is this?
What's this, what's this?
What are you talking
about man?
- Money.
- Where's the rest of it?
What's wrong with you?
Mike: Go ahead, look at the bag
and look at this bag.
I mean, where's
the rest of the money?
You guys stash it?
I don't wanna look at shit, man,
I don't want to look at you either.
What is wrong--
Who is this motherfucker?
Why'd you bring him
over here?
Mike, it's good,
it's all there.
All right?
- No, I'm not stupid, all right.
- Everybody be cool.
calling you stupid, man.
Look at how light this bag is,
and look how heavy mine--
If it's green and it spins, then it's good,
and the rest of it
is in your fuckin' ass, I guess.
Mike: What the fuck is this--
You think I'm some--
- Shut the fuck up!
- You shut the fuck up!
Where the fuck is the rest
of the money at?
Mike, relax, man.
Trust me, relax.
Shut the fuck up
and sit the fuck down.
I'll kill you, you motherfucker.
- Yo Mike, man, it's cool.
- Pablo, shut the fuck up, I'll shoot you!
Shut the fuck up
and sit down!
the fucking money, huh?
You did take it, didn't you?
Whoa, hey, baby, baby, calm--
Baby, calm down!
You did take it!
(everyone shouting)
This is not it--
Where's the fucking money?
- You got--
- Where's the fucking money?
- You did take it!
- Put the gun down!
You did, didn't you?
- Where's the money?
- I'll kill you by looking at you, bitch!
I'll kill looking
at you!
Get your bitch man.
Put your gun down,
I'll kill by looking at you.
I'll look at you and kill you.
I'm a killer!
I kill people.
You pull a gun on me,
you god damn whore?
Are you out of your fuckin' mind?
Look, man, I just
want my fucking money!
Calm the fuck down!
We gonna split this shit up, we gonna
get the fuck out of here, all right?
Good idea he's got.
Let's cut the money up
and let's go.
Okay, come on,
let's get paid, all right?
Y'all ready to get paid?
Let's get the fuck
out of here.
- We got it, we did it.
- Let's go.
Yeah, let's go.
Let's go.
What the fuck
are you doing, man?
Oh, my gosh, I just killed
three people.
Fucking asshole.
I couldn't kill her
looking at her,
but I had to shoot her.
Some things never
You know
what I like, Pablo?
I like winning.
I like pussy.
I like beer, too.
I like you.
listen to me.
I like you right now.
But just right now.
Let's keep it
that way, okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
We still have
a million dollars.
- You know where it is.
- Yeah, yeah.
- So we're down, right?
- Yeah.
- We're down.
- It's all good.
- We're down, just now.
- Yeah, we great.
- We're down just now, just now!
- We're beautiful.
- Listen to me!
- Yeah.
- We're down forjust now.
- Yeah.
- But let's keep it that way.
- Yeah.
- I like you.
- You're fuckin' crazy man.
Let's keep it that way--
Let's keep it that way.
I like you,
Pablo, I like you.
Keep it that way--
Grab this bag, and let's go.
(gun fires)
Hey, Pablo.
"Shit" is the second most common people
say right before they're killed.
"Fuck," being number one,
dumb spic.
(metallic clattering)
Yeah, done deal.
officer: Get down, get down!
(guns firing, sirens blaring)
Hold up, hold up!
Yo, be easy,
yo, be easy, man!
No, no, not the car!
(shouting, gun firing)
Yo, Stick,
the kidneys, man!
(phone ringing)
Yeah, it's me.
Yo, where the fuck
are you guys, man?
(clears throat)
Look, we-we got a problem.
- The kidneys.
- What?
We got carjacked.
What the fuck you
mean you got carjacked?
We got robbed
for the car.
The kidneys
are in the car.
Come on, man!
Do you know we got
robbed earlier today, motherfucker?
Do you know that?
You know, you put me in an
awkward position, man.
Do you know who
this is we're talking about?
So how are you gonna
fuck this up?
- we
- Shut up, listen.
You find those fucking
kidneys, man.
You find them shits
like they was yours.
Y'all a couple of fuck-ups,
you know that?
What did he say?
What you think
he said?
We fucked.
Just please tell
me what happened.
What happened?
I am okay with robbing a bank,
but not murdering people.
- Okay, look, um...
- Who are you?
Sshh, I'm your husband
and I love you
and you need to go
back there right now.
Listen, Renee, you
need to go--
You got five minutes.
Get whatever
matters to you the most,
because we're going
somewhere, okay?
We're leaving on
a jet plane, okay, honey?
- What about those people?
- What?
- What about those people?
- They're dead, let's go.
They're dead.
Forget about them--
We're all gonna die.
- Look, look, look--
- This is not funny!
I know it's not,
I'm sorry.
Get ready,
we gotta go.
We gotta go.
We're going somewhere beautiful,
you're gonna love it there.
Hey, Renee?
Come here, honey.
Let's have a...
A toast to
the nouveau riche.
(banging, clattering)
Renee, come over
here to me.
I'm gonna make
you feel better, I promise.
Hey, stop crying,
we gotta go.
We gotta go,
let's get out of this house.
I'm scared.
We gotta get out
of the house.
Come on.
Let's get out of here,
it feels creepy here, I don't--
(gun cocking)
Walter: No sudden movements.
- Hey...
' The gun!
- Slowly!
- Okay,
Hey, just
don't hurt my wife.
Don't hurt my wife,
all right?
Be cool.
Oh, I know you,
you're the bank manager.
Don't do nothing, okay.
'Cause you're gonna believe
what I'm gonna I tell you.
I got $4 million right now.
I got it.
I got $4 million,
$4 million large, man,
I can give it to you right now.
You just let my wife go.
I'm not bullshiting you,
man, I got the money.
Come on, let her go.
Come on,
we're men, she's a woman.
Let her go, we'll
work it out.
You're gonna
hurt that woman?
She's a woman, for
God's sakes.
You don't want the money?
You don't want
the money.
You must
want to kill me, then.
'Cause if you don't kill me,
I'm about to come over there
and take the gun away from you
and put it in your asshole
and blow your fucking brains
out top of your skull.
You don't think I'm gonna?
I'm gonna...
I'm gonna,
now let my wife go.
She ain't done nothing to
nobody ever in her life.
Now let her go.
You want
the 4 million?
You don't want the 4 million,
you want to kill me then.
Then go
ahead and kill me.
Now listen.
I killed a whole bunch
of motherfuckers myself.
Wasn't shit to it,
you know?
'Cause I'm a natural-born,
motherfucking, goddamn, fucking killer.
You're a natural born
punk-ass bitch.
You got a dick?
Let me see it--
I don't believe you got one.
What am I doing here?
I see a gun, you're supposed
to pull the trigger, punk!
Now kill me!
Kill me!
What am I still
doing here, Renee?
What am I doing
here alive?
You punk ass mother--
(gun fires)
What took you so long?
Come on.
(siren blaring)
Tre: Look, the reason
why I called you guys
is because I'm ready
to relocate.
I need those new IDs for
myself, Sticky, my brother, and my girl.
Got a nice job working
for us,
so nice, I-- I'd like to see
us work together a little longer.
How do you feel
about that?
There's no
more job for me.
I'm trying to start over.
Okay, well, Jack.
What do you think?
Should we stand up
and just let him go?
Or should we talk him
about the job?
What do we do here?
What do I think?
What do I think...
I think it's pretty fucked up when you work
for someone for two years
and you turn around for a career
change and don't even fucking tell you.
What's he talking about?
- What are you talking about?
- What am I talking about?
I tell you what
the fuck I'm talking about.
Two years we let you fly,
here and there,
running and gunning.
Carrying money,
back and forth.
All we want is to know who,
what, when, where, why and how.
Stay out of the way.
But you start
transporting body parts?
This is..
See, this is where
this is your responsibility.
Legally, you sent me
out there.
You knew about the kidneys, I
didn't know anything about any kidneys.
So that's you guys--
That's your responsibility.
Not mine.
Okay, okay.
What do you know about
a Sheriff O'Connor?
I saw a video,
patrol car video.
Where Sheriff O'Connor
was shot in the head.
By a Mr. Sticky--
Friend of yours?
And you were standing
right next to him.
Did you hear about that?
Not only I heard about it, I saw it
and you looked
fucking great on camera,
standing there with your
hands in the air,
Sheriff O'Connol's brain
on the side of your face.
It's a back shot too.
Great cameo.
Great angle for jail.
Know anything
about that?
Don't waste my time.
Don't waste my time.
(phone ringing)
Fuck you.
Fuck you, too--
I work harder than both of you.
(keyboard clacking)
Well, y'all know
the kidneys--
You know
the car got stolen.
Look, can I just say
this, okay?
These guys,
they will kill me, okay?
They'll kill me and they'll
kill my whole family.
Man: Well, you're fortunate,
cause you have three choices.
Two of which suck.
You go to jail for life.
Two, you can burn.
And third, is what Chuck's
offering you, which is a free hall pass.
The good news is, we know exactly
where the bathroom is.
That car had
GPS tracking system.
3555 Johnson.
It's very simple.
What you need to do is
go to 3555 Johnson.
Get in the fuckin' car, and drive
the kidneys to where they belong.
And you're done.
So let me get this
We go, pick up
the kidneys, deliver...
And we walk.
Okay, you do the job.
You don't shoot
anybody else.
You don't fuck up.
You don't get anybody
else involved.
And you, your
girlfriend, and your brother.
We set you up.
Another place,
another identity.
'Kay, but what about Stick?
Sticky shot a cop.
That's the death sentence
in this state.
Stick's gonna burn.
Worry about yourself.
See, y'all Pl3Yil19-
Man, somebody
playing games.
That's called
a sticky situation.
Tre: Look, y-you yourself.
You let me--
You know Sticky
rides with me, you know that.
I brought him into
this thing.
You did what you
said you were gonna do.
I'll push, and he
just gets life.
I can't guarantee that,
but you got my word.
Which seems a little
better than your word.
So now you tell me.
Are you gonna
do this for us?
Leave us alone.
You know
what that is?
It's a code.
You never
heard of that before?
Between you and me.
I don't really give a fuck
that you and that bald-headed bastard
killed that sheriff.
What I really care
about is Henry Martinez.
Do you know
who he is?
He's a money launderer.
Controls most of the west coast
through private banks.
His tentacles reach
out from Moscow to Rome.
He's power crazed.
He wants to control the east coast
as well, especially Miami.
Have you ever heard
of Ernesto Esteban?
French Cognac.
The best one.
He's a Cuban, druglord
monster who controls Miami.
In order for Martinez to even
think about Miami,
he has to get
Esteban's blessings.
Unfortunately, Mr. Esteban's
insides are rotting.
He needs a kidney.
Martinez arranged through his Mexican
connections to get him a kidney.
The same kidney that you
let slip through your fucking hands.
Now, don't ask me why.
But I cannot nail Martinez unless
Esteban gets that kidney.
So I need you to find that
kidney and get it to Esteban.
Do you understand?
Find it.
(music playing)
man: It's taking him forever
just to roll a blunt.
Man: I've been rolling blunts since
you was in diapers, both of y'all.
That shit right
there, though?
That's that fire.
Get over here!
(helicopter passing overhead)
You crazy, "i993?
I don't like that at all--
Stick: Get the fuck down!
Man: What the fuck?
(music playing)
Yo, it's me.
we got the kidneys.
Nestor: You got them?
All right.
I'll meet you at
the spot in 30 minutes.
So let's drop this shit off
and we out.
(siren blaring)
Tre: Yo.
That paper, baby.
Another job
well done.
We, like,
in a rush, too.
Man: Boys.
Yo! yo!
Yo, what's up man?
what's up man?
Stick: Nestor, what's
up man?
What you doing, man?
Henry wants you
to take the kidneys to him
at which point he's gonna pay you,
but I told him I had to
talk to you first.
So I just got a
few questions for you.
First thing first.
Oh, Nestor.
Let me ask you.
Did you know he's
a snitch?
Come on.
Did you know he's
a snitch?
I've known
him my whole life, man.
He ain't a cop, Nestor,
come on.
An informant
for the police.
- Tre: Snitch?
- A stool pigeon.
What's he talking
What are
you talking about?
What am I talking
Your boy
is a cop, man.
Tre: You're joking, right?
Fucking tattletale!
First of all, let's dispense
with all the bullshit.
You know howl know
that you're an informant?
It's because I...
work for the DEA.
I'm a DEA agent, motherfucker.
But you knew that--
Did you know that?
That's howl know
you're a fucking snitch.
That's howl know.
I believe you when
you say you didn't know.
That's fucked up, right?
Your boy's a snitch.
Yeah, I looked up
your file.
Sticky: What?
Yeah, nigga.
What the fuck
is that, Tre?
I don't know.
He's a cop, that's what
the fuck I'm talking about.
I'm not a cop!
Tre, what the fuck's he
talking about, man?
Now, you mad, huh?
You damn right
I'm mad.
Nestor: Now you mad, nigga?
Tre, what
the fuck's he talking about?
Tre: Let me handle this.
What you mean
be quiet?
Yeah, don't let this
nigga tell you to be quiet.
That's fucked up.
We brought the
"We brought the kidneys."
Look, nigga, don't--
Look, I know you're a cop,
I'm a cop too, I'm DEA.
So let's dispense
with the bullshit.
You're gonna fucking
make me lose my temper.
Seriously, you're gonna end
up fucking around
and rub me
the wrong way, man.
I'm about two seconds off your
ass, motherfucker.
You know?
Sometimes you gotta
tell the truth, nigga,
that's life, all right?
Hey, go get that thing.
Go get that thing
we were talking about earlier.
Yo, Mike!
Nestor: Fall back, fall back.
Fall back, motherfucker!
Tre: Mike, you all right?
I'm all right.
Tre: What are
you doing, man?
Listen-listen to me,
listen to me.
Listen to me--
First of all...
First of all,
listen to me.
Listen to me.
First of all.
I ain't shoot
this motherfucker.
We had nothing to
do with that.
This wannabe
Jesse James-ass nigga robbed a bank
and got shot in the process.
We actually keeping
this motherfucker alive, man.
Tre: What?
You should be
thanking my ass.
Tre: Mike.
Here's the fucked up
thing, though.
the fucked up thing.
Here's the part that's
fucked up.
He robbed one
of Henry's banks.
Yeah, this stupid motherfucker
robbed one of Henry's banks.
- Tre: Look...
- I didn't know.
No, you look,
You know what kind of position
that puts me in, man?
You're fucking with
my livelihood at this point.
Look, all I want to do is make extra
paper on the side, man,
it's a bad economy.
And you
fucking with that.
You're fucking with that.
You've been slipping
for a minute.
Now you expect me to
believe you want to take one last trip
and your brother robs one
of Henry's banks?
You put me in a
fucking awkward position.
You understand?
You put me in
an awkward position.
And it's making me very
angry right now.
Let me just talk to Henry.
Let them go, and let me
go talk to Henry.
Don't try to be noble now,
motherfucker, you fucked up.
You, stop grilling me
like that.
I'm serious, stop grilling
me like that, motherfucker.
One more question
for you.
And this shit that I'm
about to ask you right now is--
This is probably the most
important answer
you ever give
in your life, my dude.
I'm being straight up
with you.
What do you
know about 5-13?
Tre: Help me.
(everyone shouting)
(sirens approaching)
No-- No!
Damn, Tre!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, this way!
- Go, get out of here.
- No, I'm gonna stick with you.
Look, I'm working
for the cops.
You understand?
You gotta go.
You gotta go, Stick!
Let's go.
Wait, wait...
Wait, wait.
We gotta
keep moving.
Dude, we gotta go.
I need a break.
Tre: Come on man.
Come on,
give me two minutes, man.
(sirens approaching)
Stay right here.
I'm gonna get us
out of here.
Don't move.
What are
you doing?
I told you I got
your back.
I told you
to get out of here.
I told you I got your back,
let's go.
I'm not leaving you
and Mike here by yourself.
We gotta move.
I 9011 your."...
your back.
I know, bro.
Mike: Tre.
Tre... We gotta go.
Tre, he's dead,
we gotta go!
I'm sorry, bro.
I'm sorry.
(engine purring)
So how you
gonna do now?
I mean, they bandaged
me up.
I mean...
nothing but a flesh wound.
I should be all right.
You know when I first
got out of jail?
I kinda felt like there
was nobody there for me.
I felt like my daughter didn't even
know who her father was.
I kinda felt
the same way about you, too.
When you were locked up,
I was locked up.
I felt like I was
in prison every day.
I couldn't stand to see
you in there.
You didn't
do anything.
You know?
That hurt me
the most.
We blood.
We blood...
And that's that.
Always have your back, I'll be here for you,
even when I'm not around.
Thank you.
For what?
Thank you
for everything.
That's what I'm
here for, bro.
Look, uh...
Do me a favor.
Sit tight, alright.
I don't want you to
move too much.
I'm going to run in
the crib and pick up something.
See, all this time, I've been working and
putting together some money.
I got enough
for us to start over.
I got enough.
It's gonna be
all right.
Today is the beginning.
(gun firing)
(no audio)
(gun firing)
(siren approaching)
(tires screeching)
(gun firing)
Tre: No!
What did you do?
See what you did?
Officer: Police, get on
the ground!
- Officer: Get down on the ground!
- Get on the ground now!
Tre: You gonna
be all right, bro.
No, Mike.
I gotta take care
of you, bro.
You can't go!
Just fight it,
fight it, bro!
Fight it!
I need an ambulance!
I need an ambulance!
Come on, bro.
I'm supposed
to take care of you.
Oh, God.
Oh, come on, bro.
Look at me,
look at me!
Wake up!
Tre: I still never really figured out
what they meant by the code 5-1-3.
For what I understand
or believe it to be,
it's the name the Feds used
when dealing with this operation.
When I looked it up, it read:
"When a bullet comes
out the barrel of a gun,
it comes out at 513 degrees
I found it to be ironic.
That they arrested
my brother on 5/13.
Looking back, I never
questioned how or why
the feds were putting so much
pressure on me to help them.
They held my brother over
my head like a dangling carrot,
knowing that my brother
was innocent.
After a four-and-a-half
year full-on investigation,
the district attorney's office dropped
all charges against my brother.
A matter of which
I knew nothing about.
And so the trap was laid.
I would sign the deal that would
ultimately cause bullets to fly
and lives to be lost.
The day my brother
walked into that store,
the bait was set and
5-13 was born.
Lisa, the girl who
shot my brother...
Just a civilian touched
by the air of confusion.
Me, I thought I was smarter
that everyone.
I didn't realize that I was, in fact,
the metaphor of the dog
who ran in circles chasing his tail
only to be stopped by
his own fatigue.
And when I open my eyes,
I saw a pregnant girlfriend.
I figured out something,
You have to be
careful of the deals you sign,
because it's true what they say.
What comes around
goes around.