Fiza (2000) Movie Script

Aman... | My brother...
Very innocent... | Very lovely...
Always smiling...
Aman was very promising.
Until he was happy with his work | - He'll continue improving it.
He was bit naughty too.
He used to make faces | to make us laugh.
We were so happy...!
Really. Me, my mom and Aman | were so happy!
Your papa- May God give him | a place in heaven... used to say...
Daughters are borne only in the | families blessed by God.
Does it mean when God isn't happy | happy He gives sons to them?
Stupid girl! That saying goes | because daughters are helpful.
Presently, you're helping her...! | - Why are you jealous about it?
Let me take out the useless | thoughts stuffed in your head.
Which useless thoughts?
Stop my elder sister mom, | else I'll get mad on her.
Fiza. Don't upset my son.
Let him watch the movie.
I've seen it 10 times. | I'm waiting for the news.
Have you any idea what is going | on in the city?
What's there in the news!
When mischievous leaders have | nothing else they start riots.
Death to leaders who instigate | innocent people to bloodshed.
They may go unpunished here, but | will be punished in God's world.
In our conversation I lost the | sense of time.
It's so late. Go and sleep now.
Watch the news tomorrow. | - No mom! Wait a minute.
No more TV.
Oh mom! | - It's very late son.
Why do you say 'Good Night'? | Can't you Say "Shab-e-Khair"?
Don't tire up your eyes so much. | It's time to sleep.
My God, protect my happy home | from an evil eye.
This dog is crying again - | it's very bad omen.
What happened, Firoze? | - They're killing our people.
Sadiq uncle's shop is burnt too! | - What can we do about it?
Let's go and see.
We'll be caught in the riots. | - We won't. Let's go.
Don't think. Let's go.
They have gone mad. | They will kill each other.
May God destroy the gun makers. | - Mummy!
Move away from the window, dear! | Go to Aman.
Mummy, Aman isn't there! | - Where is Aman?
Greetings. Are you okay? | - All is fine. Please sit.
Your son's hand was injured - | How is he now?
Kids don't bother. No matter how | much they are injured.
Yes. Injury hurts old people.
Pain lasts till death.
Would you've tea?
No, you too avoid it. | Eat this sweat made of chickpea.
I've made it with purified butter | But who knows! He said it's pure.
What's the matter? | You look very happy today!
Fiza has graduated. | - Did she pass BA?
Yes. | - Oh really! Congratulations.
What does she want to do next?
Can't say. She says she will | look for a job.
What else can she do? | She has to run the home.
Her father's pension isn't enough | to live on comfortably these days
Same old rented house, | same old way of living.
God has helped us so far- He'll | see us through for rest of days.
Let's talk about what brings you | here every week for past 6 years.
There is yet no news about | your son.
We've announced him missing on TV | and result of inquiries is zero.
I don't think we will find | anything. 160 people are missing.
They include Hindus and Muslims. | You aren't alone among mourners.
Why should I weep. I'm sure he is | alive and he'll come back.
He'll definitely come back | some day. God is great.
It's so hot today.
Who's there? | - Nobody.
Who was he? | - I said, nobody.
Why were you so tense in the car?
There is nothing.
You did see somebody on the road | who made you react.
She was my mummy.
We should have stopped the car. | - She won't have liked it.
The place she was coming from... | she goes there so I won't know.
Where would aunt go without | your knowledge.
Police station.
I understand.
Someday, everything will | workout.
Who knows when that day | will come.
Okay, let's go. | - Give me a minute.
I can't believe that I passed.
I'd just read your notes.
But they didn't do justice with | you. You should have got 70%% .
65%% are okay too. I didn't | study real hard.
Couldn't study in my home. | I studied only in the library.
You weren't able to study there | with Anil sitting across you.
I don't like hearing such | useless things.
If you continue such nonsense | I'll choke your throat.
Choke it but even my dying voice | will say Anil...
Anil loves Fiza lkramulla very...
God is happy with His children | We'll be blessed by coming to Him
Ask to your heart's content | This is the Temple of Haji Ali."
He is the representative of God.
Hey Shahnaz! | - Mom, you here.
It's hard to see you! | Have you forgotten us.
Not at all. Too much work at | home. That's why.
I'll surely come. | My respects.
Where have you been until now?
Go inside to get blessing and | distribute cookies among kids.
What're you doing mummy? | - Giving in charity.
Stop it now, mummy.
What's the matter! | I didn't say anything!
What was the need to throw away | money like a Queen Empress.
Did you win a lottery that you | were giving away ten rupee bills.
So that's why you're having | such a long face.
My dear, if it was up to me I'd | have distributed 100 rupee bills.
Your papa- May God place him | in the heavens...
Don't want to hear what papa | used to say...
He died and left us here | to die behind him.
Ask for forgiveness, Fiza. | You're cursing the dead!
Why not? Who's alive in this | home? You or me? Only a question...
Enough. You carry a blade | on your tongue.
Learn to control yourself. You'll | go to another home someday.
Such behavior won't be | tolerated there.
You first control yourself mummy.
It has been six years! You've | made this home a waiting room.
Eyes look out from the window...
Ears attached to the door...
Heart that scares at every sound...
For all 24 hours-day and night | it's always the same!
Have you ever thought how | much you have changed?
To hide the red in your eyes, | you turn your face from me.
Why did you stop? | Bring out anger of your heart.
I won't say anything.
Because I'm your mother. | I gave birth to you.
Don't know how long it'll go on!
When can we live in peace?
Don't ask this question from me - | - Ask your own fate.
Everybody talks about fate. | A good, but a shallow word.
What'd you eat? | Shall I make turnip?
Yes! He relished it very much.
He used to eat until | all was finished.
Sister, a man gave these flowers.
Who was the man? | - Didn't tell. Came in a big car!
He came in a big car! | - Yes. Asked me to give to you.
Alright, you may go.
Who is this crazy that quietly | sends flowers to my daughter.
But he seems miserly. | - These are orchids! Cost a lot!
Really? | Why did you throw them.
Dear, flowers should be decorated | in flowerpot. They'll bless you.
No one brought flowers like your | papa. Basket full of jasmine.
And I used to distribute them | to all our neighbors.
But now. Now there is no one to | put flowers on his grave.
Hi flower girl. We are waiting | too. Throw some flowers on us.
Oh my Raspberry! | - Give us these flowers.
Give us the flowers. | - Come over here, girl.
Hey, she's throwing turnip. | - Please, throw one more.
Where's my fast moving train | going with the flowers.
Don't call me from behind. I'm | going on some important job.
My calling won't hurt you. Even | mother's curse is a good omen.
May I cook a parantha bread! | - I don't have time.
Just in one minute. | - I know how long your minute is.
Okay! Then come back soon. | Come before sunset.
I'm always worried. | - I will obey your curfew.
Mummy! | - It's for good omen.
For God's sake you shouldn't | speak in English.
Good. You should go laughing so | that you can return laughing.
What a beauty! God protect her | from evil eye. Dust in my eyes.
Fiza darling is so beautiful. | Her youth has blossomed.
Lock your lips. You're mad to | say whatever comes to your mind.
Am I mad?
Whole world was mad. Mad about my | voice-mad about my postures.
Things change with times. Gone is | time, people who appreciated me.
Otherwise, my beauty is the same | and my voice is the same.
And your stupidity is the same...
Stop waking late nights for girls | else, you'll always be defeated.
Shall we've one more game. | - Forget about the game.
You've come to see me here!
Why are you carrying this file?
I'm going for an interview.
Must be for a small job.
Come to my dad's office tomorrow | I'll have a job fixed for you.
I don't want to get a job | by recommendation.
Oh, so much pride. | - No, it's self-respect.
But, listen to me.
Is it your first try for a job? | - How did you know?
Because experienced searchers | don't look at the time.
I'm an old hunter in this jungle. | Have patience. May take 4-5 hours
But the ad said it's on the | spot interview!
It means they don't want to use a | Rs.2 postcard to call us.
It is all drama. But don't worry, | you'll get used to it.
Then you won't think about time, | day or month.
Like to have a sip of water?
It isn't Bislery. I boiled tap | water and bottled it at home.
See. What did I say!
Isn't there no other way to | get out of here.
There are many ways, but I | can't leave my vehicle here.
It's Mumbai's traffic. | Relax and listen to music.
Hey! Are you mad or blind. If you | must die, go elsewhere to die!
Go. So much of the lesson today.
What's the matter? | Why are you so late?
I fear, you might leave me too. | - I won't go anywhere.
Where can I go? | Is there a way out for me?
Why are you being cross? | I haven't said anything to you!
Today, I felt he was going | in another auto.
I ran after him, but there | was too much traffic.
Couldn't do anything.
Come mummy, give me my ornaments. | - Why?
I've to pawn them. | - Why do you need to do that?
By God's grace, we've | enough to eat.
I need money. I want to bring | an end to this suspense.
Neither we can live with it, | nor we can die with it.
I want to search Aman and | I need money for that.
How much will you get for an | anklet and pair of earnings?
I won't sell them, | I'll pawn them.
I won't give.
You won't give because you don't | have courage to find the truth.
You don't want to know what | happened that night?
What your son went through? | - Yes, I don't want to know.
In old age there is no better | support than a young son.
I don't have a son today, | but I do have hope.
You want to take away that too | from me Fiza.
I don't have anything else | except that hope.
Mummy! By hiding, the illness | doesn't go away. It aggravates.
I've decided that we won't live | carrying this pain in our hearts.
I won't let you or myself die | with the death of anxiety.
Have faith in me mummy. | I'm right. Please trust me.
I need Rs.25,000. Please give me.
Don't you trust. We bought | these from you.
What do you say sister.
If I didn't trust, I'd taken the | interest. Do you accept Rs.18000?
Okay, please give me.
Can I use your phone. | - Yes, by all means.
Cost of one local call is Rs.3.
These are your Rs.18,000, sister.
Is it as I asked? | - Yes, exactly Rs.4000.
Why are you looking like this.
If I wasn't going on duty, I'd | have taken 7-8 glasses like this.
You were going to tell me what | had happened that night.
This is copy of the statement | I gave in the court.
Whatever happened and I saw is | all written in it.
I've heard your statement. I was | in the court that day.
So, what do you want to hear? | - What isn't in this affidavit.
The truth.
Don't dramatize it. Do you | mean I had lied in the court?
If you can't tell, then | return my Rs.5,000.
I can tell what you want to hear. | But, you're a good family girl.
So, my advice to you is - | forget whatever has happened.
If you remove skin from the | dry wound, it will hurt more.
So many people have police cases.
Old Sawant's son was killed. | Sawant has become a beggar.
Forget all things. | Eat some popcorn.
Tell me what happened that night.
He came running.
Sir, they all are chasing me. | They will kill me.
They killed my friend. | We didn't do anything.
Do you want to be safe? | Better go to Pakistan. Go. Run.
They burn my husband alive by | putting a tire over his neck.
Do something. In the name | of God, do something.
What're you looking? Don't create | a commotion-go from here.
What can we do. Move back. Go | Move the from here. Go away.
A constable said, the same boy | was attacked again viciously.
What could I do. End of the show. | Popcorn is finished.
You left a dying boy on the road.
That was no time for showing | sentiments.
Had I tried to save one person | four others could have died.
Any idea where my brother | could have gone?
What can I say. If someone had | seen him, how can he remember.
Can't you remember anything? | Somewhere! Perhaps, something.
It's such an old matter. | What can I say.
Was my brother among | those corpses?
May be...! | - Maybe not...!
Yes. Maybe not.
Are you able to sleep | peacefully during night.
What did you say?
Don't know who should I curse. | - What? What did you say?
Take it. Pay for your beer.
Burnt him...! As if I was living | for hearing this!
But isn't it possible that he | may not be among those corpses.
Even after hearing everything | it seems unbelievable.
My eyes won't be so dry, if | my heart had believed it.
He can't die.
What are you going to do?
I don't know exactly.
I've some unclear idea.
Don't put yourself in any danger. | Take an oath on my life.
Don't put me under an oath. | Just have faith on me.
Give whatever you want to give.
May you be happy.
Aren't you Mr. Sawant? | - Who are you?
Fiza lkramulla.
Ikramulla! | I don't want your money.
Take back. I don't want | this money.
Inspector Prakash Shingle | told me about you.
Your story is similar | to my story.
What is my story? | What story did he tell you?
What story did that bastard | inspector told you?
That your son... | - Yes they killed my son.
They killed my son and now | they want a proof.
They say bring a proof that your | son has died.
This government wants proof.
Aren't you Muslim? Why did your | people killed my son?
Why was my son Chandu killed | by your people?
What harm had he done to you?
It isn't question of yours vs. | Ours. We all have same problem.
A Hindu father lost his son. A | Muslim sister lost her brother.
But people responsible for this | are neither Hindu nor Muslim.
Nobody knows about their | religion or faith.
But why did they kill my Chandu - | a laborer returning from work.
They would have taken him. They | would have put him in the truck.
I don't even know if his last | rituals were performed or not.
Who could have lighted | his sacred pyre.
Must have burnt him with ten | other corpses. Unclaimed bodies!
They want a proof to give | compensation.
Two lakh rupees. An alive young | man's rate is two lakh rupees.
My son, my Chandu's rate is two | lakh pieces of paper.
I don't want their money. | No, I don't want.
What will I do with that money.
Somebody will give me charity.
If I die, municipality will burn | me free as unclaimed body.
As they burned my Chandu.
Can I do anything for you?
Yes. Can you bring the proof of | my Chandu's death.
Nobody want's to hear | Sawant's voice
Humanity seems to have been | lost from this world.
As Aman is lost till today.
You haven't even typed it!
Has any of your article been | published before?
Our paper doesn't take stories | from free-lancers.
I'm neither a free-lancer nor I | like to be a journalist.
I've come to you because you | have closed this issue.
But what's new in this report? | It's a six-year-old dead story.
Yes it's dead. It's dead because | it hasn't been mixed with spices.
Give back my papers. But tell | me one thing Mr. Menon.
If a member of your family was | missing, what would you do?
Won't you write about him. Won't | you use your newspaper for that.
If your brother or sister comes | to see you, will you turn him out
And then you profess that 'pen is | more powerful than sword'.
Is this the way?
I'm sorry, sir. | I've said bit too much.
But one cries as much | and as long as pain persists.
Give this report to me. I'll see | what I can do.
Did you see this news brother.
You stupid! I've not only seen | I've read it too.
Now go and find the writer of | this sad story.
And tell her that V.K. Singh | wants to meet her, soon.
Read it and mourn about it. | It's crime against our people.
It isn't time to sit quietly | but it's time to do something.
Call that girl-what's her | name - Fiza.
Tell her Syed wants to see her. | We'll get her justice.
Yes I'm ready for the interview.
Don't worry mummy.
Wherever we tried to search him | we found the darkness.
It seems Aman is lost in this | darkness.
My goal is not limited to what | has happened to my brother.
I also want to know why has | also this happened.
And who was benefited by this.
Fiza lkramulah has raised many | questions for the country.
How long cover of poison will be | spread in the name of religion.
Do you have his photograph. | - Yes.
He is a beautiful boy.
What was he doing? | Was he studying?
Books were not for him. | He wasn't interested in studies.
But he was expert in drawing, | painting, and working with hands.
You mean though uneducated, he | could be successful in his life.
Yes sir. That's what I mean.
How does your family pull on now.
Mummy teaches Urdu, and we get | papa's pension.
His fixed deposits were used | to complete my college education.
You're trying to find your | brother so that he can earn and...
take care of your family | expenditures.
That wasn't what I meant.
You seem annoyed Miss Fiza. I | asked it just for my information.
Yes, then come to the point.
Why not. You too are now a | reputed personality.
If you tell people that we are | not against any religion or sect...
People will listen to you.
For example, Moguls attacked us, | ruled over us-we forgave them.
You too carved your own country, | yet we've no objection to it.
Don't say 'you people', Mr Singh.
The people who made Pakistan have | already gone there.
And those who didn't go | are mostly dead.
There is no one in this country | who made Pakistan.
We're as much Indian as you are!
You seem to be offended again | Miss Fiza.
I only meant to say that an | educated and enlightened girl...
like you must have correct | information about our party.
You do one thing. Whenever you've | time you contact our youth wing.
So, you want that I should become | a member of your youth wing.
That'll be really good. You help | us and we help you.
You need two hands for clapping.
Then you will put me on flag and | show to world to get Muslim votes
Miss Fiza I thought your views...
No need to say more, Mr. Singh. | If you can do anything, do it.
And remember Bhagavat Geeta. | Act without seeking its fruit.
Thank you. | - Long live India.
Save me... | Somebody save me...
What happened? | Why are you shouting.
Kill it... | - You're afraid of rat.
Kill it, else it'll eat | me bit by bit.
Even if it tastes you...
it'll die of indigestion.
It won't come back, would it?
If you sing unmelodiously it'll | surely come back.
You called me unmelodious.
It's you, your mom, your grandma | who are unmelodious.
By running out a rat you think | as if you've killed a lion.
Get out of home.
You're so ungrateful, Ulfat. | You abuse those who feed you.
Abuse! Who is abusing? This is | my style of talking.
Show your style over there. This | is respectful neighborhood.
Say what you like.
If my lover was here, he would | have gagged you.
Really! Let me hear, who is | your lover. What's his name?
Aman. My life. I was his beloved. | Confident and caretaker.
Whenever we met, we used to | enjoy like kids.
I used to keep an eye on him so | nobody put an evil eye on him.
Gotch you. Now pay your fine.
No Aman. Not that. | Have something else.
No. Only that.
Old man is watching. | You're so good, Aman.
No, I'm not good. | I'm very bad.
I'll weep. | - Okay! Go ahead. Quickly
The moment you close your eyes | and I will...
Shameless. | - That later. First-fine.
Okay then. If not that then... | 100 sit ups, holding your ears.
Start it now. | - Okay.
Alright, close your eyes. | - That is better.
On the lips. | - On the cheek.
Alright. On the cheek.
But, close your eyes.
Shahnaz dear.
Aman. What're you doing.
Nothing! Respects. | - Respects.
What was going on.
We were playing hid and seek.
I saw it too that you were | playing hide and seek of love.
No Ulfat, it wasn't like that...!
In my youth I've often played | such hide and seek.
It appears now time has covered | my eyes and forgotten.
I'm waiting here playing thief | for so long.
You won't tell mummy, will you? | - Why not?
Because, I'm the only one left | from your true admirers.
Prove it.
If I hadn't refused my admirers, | I'd have had a son of your age.
Shahnaz dear is gone. Go after | her. Go get her. Follow her.
Tomorrow will be a new dawn. | Don't let this day pass.
Oh my beloved...!
Come my beloved...!
Come, let me spread | Sunshine on your hands"
Come, let me say a | Prayer on your hands."
Come, morning has | Spread its yellow colors."
Do you know Shahnaz is getting | married day after tomorrow?
Then why don't you tell her to | wait for Aman.
He'll come. | Surely, he'll come.
There are no secrets | from a mother.
I too wanted him to marry Shahnaz | - To have children...
our home should prosper.
If it was up to me, I would have | stopped Shahnaz' marriage.
But, how could I tell Shahnaz, | Dear, wait some more time!
What a beautiful pair!
What an unharmonious band! | It's so boring.
It's time of unharmonious people. | So, harmonious people are quiet.
Welcome sir. I was waiting | for you. Please come.
Shall I get some cold drink? | I'll be back in a minute.
Who is he? | - Ulfat, keep your voice down.
He is Mr. Syed. | He is very big leader.
Congratulations, brother. | - Thank you. With your blessing.
Forgive me sis. | I couldn't wait longer.
Why are you seeking my | forgiveness?
Try to forgive my unfortunate | brother, who has left you.
Mr. Syed wants to see you.
Your late father used to | come to me often.
You were very small when God | took him from us.
He had a heart attack. | - Yes.
What are you doing these days? | - Job search.
That's not difficult. We've a | small school. You can start there
It's so well said that world is | respected with mothers, sisters.
Thank you, but I can't | start tomorrow.
Any special reason? | - I'm doing some important work.
Some people are looking at it | differently.
They say you're instigating riots | similar to those of 1992-93.
It's a very dangerous situation.
Your search may be useful for you | but it can harm our community.
Can you rethink about it.
You too think about a sister's | right to search her brother.
About a mother's right to | get back her son.
If people have misunderstanding - | try to explain it to them.
Tell them I'm not with you.
Control your emotions my child. | Who said you're not with us.
Listen carefully. The wound has | healed.
If you try to open it again, | it will start bleeding.
I don't know what to tell you. | Why are you so afraid of truth?
You. That inspector. Editor | Menon. V. K. Singh...
All of you want me to be quiet. | But why? What if I be quiet?
Justice Hari Kishan report is | already out. What happened to it.
We are striving for peace, girl. | And you want to start riots.
Peace will come when all of us | live within our boundaries.
Truth is that green and saffron | colors are parts of India's flag.
They should remain as parts. Must | not try to become the whole flag.
Do you understand? | Goodbye.
Here comes a beauty. | - Hi, you've become TV star now...
Don't pay attention to them. | - Do you want to do MTV with us?
Oh, see. She's annoyed. | - Whom are you showing annoyance...
Control your tongue, else... | - What will you do...?
Somebody help... | - Nobody is there to help...
Why are you running. You were | harassing women. Now face men.
This was just a trailer. We will | show you the full picture later.
These shameless people harass | the weaker people.
Never say this again mummy. | We are not weak.
Sis, he gave flowers for you.
Truthfully speaking, your flower | giver seems to be very good man.
Best of all, sincerity and | concern reflect from his eyes.
Moreover, now he isn't miser in | sending the flowers.
What's it? Are you thinking about | getting me married to him.
What's in thinking dear. I've no | objection to his caste or sect.
He should have clean heart. | Why can't there be a...
Muslim's heart in Hindu's chest | or a Hindu heart in Muslim chest.
Your papa used to say that only | love is the real religion.
Now, let us go... | - Finish your book tomorrow.
Any information about Aman. | - No.
Has nobody except media and | politicians contacted you?
Who knows if others read | the news report or not.
People only read headlines.
Okay, assuming he is alive, then... | - He is alive.
My eyes can't be deceived. | And my heart confirms it.
Then, where could he be hiding. | Why doesn't he come back.
Could he have joined some group?
What kind of group?
Don't mind, but I mean some | terrorist group, extremists!
Show me Aman's photograph.
What are you doing?
Look at this. | I downloaded from the Internet.
Compare eyes of these two.
The terrorist in this photograph | was seen in the border area.
I'll go with you Fiza. It isn't | good for girls to go alone.
It isn't the matter of being | a boy or girl.
I'll have to do this alone.
Can't I do nothing for you, Fiza?
Take care of my mother.
Sister...! | - Do you want to photograph me?
You must have seen the desert.
This Thar Desert is like the | front yard of our house.
We don't have a roof over our | head, but front yard is real big.
You look like and educated lady. | Why are you alone here?
I'm trying to find someone.
It's hard to find anything lost | in this ocean of sand.
Have you seen him anywhere?
Haven't seen. | - Please look carefully.
Hey girl! If you try to be clever | I'll cut you to pieces.
Sis, please look. | - Haven't seen him.
Please look carefully. | - Didn't I tell you.
What's going on Bhairav? | - Spending another day.
Did you do anything wrong | last night?
Listen to him. I do everything | legal. What would you take.
Food, or good liquor. | - Shut up.
You know what I'm asking. | Where is she?
Reshma is getting ready inside | for today's function.
Oh, my darling | Let me drink from your eyes."
I've pain in my heart | Let me live this moment of love."
I've searched Aman everywhere - | but he shows up only in thoughts.
So, enough of my search...!
Where had you gone, Aman?
Why did you leave us?
What was our crime, Aman?
We suffered whatever we had to.
But what have you done | to yourself?
And you are with such people!
They aren't so bad people.
So, what kind of people are they?
Tell me. | Why don't you tell?
Look into my eyes and say.
You don't know what | I did to search you.
And I find you in this condition! | Like this? My own brother?
I wanted to be happy to | see you alive.
And is this the happiness | you have given me?
Do you want to know...?
Come with me.
It is my religious fight. | - With whom?
With tyranny, injustice | and hatred.
Do you call this unprincipled | fight as religious fight?
What kind of religious fight | permits looting.
We took from that shop only | that much which was our right.
And what about the right | of your mother and sister?
Have you come to argue with me?
No. But I must ask, whatever you | did-why was it necessary to do?
Hey, look there. | He has killed the child.
After that even if I had come | back, what would have happened?
You would have been happy. Maybe | all would have been happy.
But how long?
Someone would have raised | finger towards me.
And you know the consequence | as well as me.
In this desert too everyone knows | what was going on in that city...
How the people were being | massacred.
How women and old men were being | tortured in name of TADA.
I tried very hard to return | to you, sis.
I came up to Mumbai too.
But couldn't come up to home.
I remembered your innocent eyes.
Used to see mummy's | shaking hands.
Then I used to see a picture | peeping from policeman's net.
And your helpless face.
I couldn't tolerate those.
So, whatever I did was right. | That was the only way.
And I was happy. Because no one | else knew that truth, except me.
Don't know what would have | happened without Murad Khan.
Who is Murad Khan?
He met me in Mumbai.
Don't be afraid. | We both have same destination.
I wanted you and mummy should | believe that I was dead.
But I forgot how obstinate | you could be.
When my colleagues told that you | are searching me, then I prayed.
I prayed hard so you won't | be able to find me.
But none of my prayers have | ever succeeded.
One who Leaves two helpless women | like this is called coward.
I don't like to be a hero, sis. | They're products of storybooks.
What happened after that?
They brought me here.
In beginning they laughed on me.
Later they ignited my hidden | craze and anger.
Told me that living is not a | compulsion but it is a goal.
These bullets and arms. Murdering | to hide the first murder...
If that is objective of your life | then what more could I say?
You have made a decision | for your life.
I haven't made any decision for | my life, sister.
But my life has suddenly thrust | its decision upon me.
If you can quietly tolerate the | tyranny and injustice...
If you can see our people | being insulted...
If you can see our mothers and | sisters being dishonored...
Then this place is not for you.
If you can see our land and | humanity being stolen...
You can go back by all means.
But remember, that the place | where you're going...
You can neither get honorable | life, nor honorable death.
The decision is in your hands.
I'll stay here.
With you.
Just is our slogan. | Death to injustice.
I'll be indebted to you for this.
This is my advice Aman. | Never be afraid of darkness.
Your are not helpless. | You're like us.
All of us have lost our honor, | Self-respect, homes in riots.
We won't let it happen to others, | whether he is Muslim or Hindu.
I'll spare you from other tests, | until you're strong like steel.
Neither I'll question you nor | you will question me.
From today, you are | Murad Khan's brother.
Hide your fire in your heart.
And what happened to Aman - | who was my brother.
He died.
No. That can't happen.
You'll have to live, Aman. | For me. For mummy.
You can't die for these | selfish people.
You'll have to come with me. | Nobody can stop you. Come Aman.
You are being carried away by | emotions. I can't come.
If you don't come, I'll go | straight to the police...
I'll have your group arrested.
Police can't even catch our dust.
See Aman. You don't challenge me. | I took an oath before coming here
That if you were alive, I'll | bring you back.
You'll have to come with me, | right now. Come.
You try to understand me, sis. | I can't return back.
You'll go with me, right now. | I'll see who can stop me.
No. Don't.
I was indebted | freed me today. Let him go to him
God is so kind. | I'm so grateful to God.
Where had you gone | leaving us behind.
You didn't remember your mummy.
You should have called me.
Forgive me, mummy. | - Who had held you back?
First you promise that you'll | not go leaving us behind.
Until Fiza is married and you | have put dust on my grave...
you'll not go anywhere | from here.
I won't go. | - Promise?
You've grown so tall. Sit near. | You have beard and moustache too.
Didn't write a letter.
How are you able to sleep without | saying good night to your mummy.
You've become so weak. | Shall I bring something to eat?
I haven't slept for many nights. | I would like to sleep, mummy.
Oh, my baby.
What a noise!
Sweeten your mouth, my son | has come back home.
Aman bhai, let's play. | - No, not today. You play.
Why? Have you become too big.
What was the need of all this.
Need. Today is so auspicious day | and you're talking about need.
Your mummy is so happy today.
Come on Aman Bhai.
Come mummy, let's burn some | fire crackers.
Well, qualifications are okay, | but, I don't know...
I think I've heard your name.
Are you the same Miss lkramulla | who created a sensation on...
See, our company is a big world | renowned company.
We don't need any problem or... | - Where is the problem in it.
You seem a very clever and | practical girl.
You're attractive too. | Let's meet in the evening.
Dinner etc. And then... | I'll make you very happy.
Keep your dirty thoughts | to yourself.
Really, it's so peaceful here.
Sometimes I think it'd have been | better had we not grown up.
We could have gone out, bunked | lectures,
With complex dreams, expectations | and desire to grow up fast.
You're becoming too nostalgic!
Really, all these problems start | after we grow up.
If we had not grown we would | be free from all problems.
Don't you like Anirudh. | - I don't know.
I'm afraid to ask my heart.
Take my advice. Marry him.
Go to some other county.
Nobody will ask what is your | religious belief.
Whether you believe or not.
Everybody needs some support | in this world.
There is no better support than | the support of love.
You're air, or heavenly nature | You don't belong to this earth."
You're a cloud then | Why don't you shower your love."
You always fly like a bird | Come into my nest of heart."
I am air | I don't stop anywhere."
If I stop somewhere | I don't often stay there."
I carry leaves on my feathers | I don't have a nest anywhere."
I've never talked clearly | about it...
I have recorded something | in this for you.
After you hear it you | will understand.
What are you looking at, Fiza?
These politicians are everywhere.
Forget these politicians. | Take this.
And you don't meet anybody.
There are good people | you should meet.
You know. We're have a party on | Saturday. Will you come with me?
You enjoy your parties.
Okay. No harm in asking. If you | decide, come at 1800 hours.
Where are you coming from, sis?
How are you concerned?
Don't I have even this | much right to ask.
You want to know-who's this | boy- What does he do.
He is my friend Anurudh. He gave | me support when you were gone.
Aren't you Aman? | - You got me right.
There is no need to be angry | with me.
If we understand each other, | we can be good friends.
I haven't come here to take | a lesson in friendship.
Just tell me why do you | see Fiza.
My intentions are absolutely | honorable.
I want to marry Fiza.
Does she knows about it? | - No.
And you think you are | worthy of Fiza.
It isn't a matter of little or | more. It's my sister's life.
Tell me one thing. What is Fiza's | most important happiness.
I know, you and mummy are the | smile of Fiza's life.
So you want like her smile to be | snatched away from her lips.
After today, you will never meet | Fiza. Okay?
Okay. If that's what you want. | I lose.
You have won.
I take back my words.
Promise me Anurudh. You'll | always keep Fiza happy.
You'll always be with sis and mom | - Always.
What are you doing, Aman?
Nothing mummy. Throwing my old | useless drawings.
I'll save them. | I'm worried about you.
Neither you talk, nor you | chat with mummy.
You've forgotten to laugh | my child.
Let me teach you 'how to laugh. ' | - Like this.
Friends we'll laugh like always - | but in a new style.
You would have noticed that each | one laughs in a special way.
We laugh just by looking at them | or by thinking about them.
For example our Club watchman | Mr. Nepal Singh.
We've a prize to anyone who tells | if he is laughing or weeping.
And I've a Punjabi friend.
He laughs like he is going | to fight on the border.
And our Gujarati - Mehta Bhai. | When he laughs...
He looks like he's playing Garba.
And our Maharashtrian brother | laughs like this.
He is chewing tobacco | yet he laughs.
And there's a friend | Subramanian from Madras.
We've to put something in his | mouth to stop his laughter.
So my friends I'm asking you | to laugh wholeheartedly.
Laugh like Punjabis.
Laugh like Madrasi.
There are many advantages | of laughter.
World is empty without laughter. | Keep laughing...!
This "Ha Ha- Hi Hi Club' is | the specialty of this city.
Go and enjoy. I'll be back | after shopping.
What will I do there alone. | - I've to go to bazaar, my son.
We don't charge any fee | for laughing. Come join us.
I was saying. There are different | type of people like film stars.
Take our Shahrukh Khan.
He laughs miserly.
May be he laughed yesterday | and it is coming out today.
Anil Kapoor...
As if he is advertising | for some toothpaste.
Everybody has his style. | And Govinda!
He laughs from heart. He shows | teeth. You can count them.
There are different type of | people. Like Amrish Puri.
Even jungle animals will run | away.
Children might refuse | to be borne.
First stop his laughter, | else we won't come out.
Similarly, world's big leader | Bill Clinton who laughs like...!
As if he is obliging the world.
Who gave you permission to have | your gathering here.
Stop this. Have you no other job | than to fight with people.
You bastard, where had you gone? | Were you hiding in Dubai?
We come here for laughing | not for quarreling.
Why are you showing eyes.
Must be living off your sister | and showing your power to us.
We won't spare you...!
We know. You had run after | murdering. We'll see you.
Wound is deep have it bandaged | regularly.
Thank you doctor.
Saleem, he is Aman. | I've told you about him.
So he is the person who | used to bother you.
Hey man, why you had been | bothering my wife.
If I had not bothered her how | she would have married you.
She would have married me. | - You've a point. Where were you?
You didn't attend our marriage. | - Just I couldn't reach in time.
Meeting you has been a pleasure.
How are you Shahnaz?
I'm fine. You left without | saying anything.
Had you indicated - | I would have waited for you.
Forgive me Shahnaz for not | fulfilling the dreams I'd shown.
You're forgiven.
Why you women are so big hearted?
Sister, mummy- Everybody forgave | me. Nobody said anything.
I'd said. On the day I was | engaged I'd said it to God.
Just once Aman should see me | taken by another man.
And should ask my forgiveness.
Today, that prayer has | been granted.
Shahzad, doctor has confirmed.
Congratulate me. I'm going | to be a dad.
Who am I? What am I doing? | I have nothing.
Can't give anything to anybody.
All my aspirations have been | chewed by circumstances.
I'm burden on sister and mummy, | which they're carrying with love.
I don't deserve their love.
I'm living a life of deceit.
What mummy will go through if | she finds out the truth.
Wherever I seek a job, people | turn their face.
I've now concern with games | of caste, creed or religion.
I'm concerned with Murad | Khan's advice only.
We won't tolerate helplessness.
We won't let others suffer the | tyranny which we've suffered.
That life of anonymity was good | for me. I should return to it.
Who told you that I'm here.
Nobody. I guessed like every year | you may be in Mumbai this month.
Why have you come?
I made a mistake. I left without | telling you.
No. It was our mistake. | We took a hero like you with us.
What do you want?
You had said correctly.
I can neither get life of respect | nor respectable death here.
What do you want?
I want to join you again. | - We won't repeat our mistake.
You've made a joke of this.
Is it a game of cricket that you | join or leave a team as you like?
Why are you still alive? | Why?
Because you took Murad Khan's | bullet on yourself.
That's why! Will I make the same | mistake again. No. Never.
I'm ready to do anything. | I feel suffocated here.
Don't know where should I go - | what I should do!
Keep this. If you've mother or | sister, provide for them.
But after you come here - | don't look back.
Okay, go.
Listen Gitanjali.
Couldn't say no to Gitanjali.
She would have bullied you in | wearing this outfit.
I know Gitanjali for a long time.
And I also know she would be | flirting with someone outside.
And before she comes... | Let's go and dance.
How long will your 'no-no' | go on. I'm frustrated.
You're worried about Aman. | But I'm worried more about you.
I'm just fine as I am.
Why can't you little fun in life | like other girls.
You want to see fun. Go ahead.
Fiza is good as she is.
What do you keep thinking alone?
If you want to pass time | find some job.
Rather I suggest you finish | your studies.
You have unnecessarily wasted | so many years.
I've not wasted anything.
You've not understood me, sis.
Perhaps you can never | understand me.
I'll say only this much that I'm | not useless. I've something.
I have a destination.
I understand everything.
I know what is in your mind.
I won't let you go back, Aman.
If you want to bring the change | understand pain of others.
Involve yourself with them.
I don't want to argue with you. | Why do you quarrel with me.
Because I want to see that Aman | in you who was ours.
Have you ever thought | how much have you changed?
I haven't changed. | Circumstances have changed.
Remember sis. In childhood we | used to play and fight here.
How much fun was that!
I've only one request, sister.
Give it as charity, but don't | refuse.
What do you want?
What is this?
Open it.
Can't a brother do this bit | for his sister.
Family ornaments will remain | in the family.
And I give you the oath of | our childhood...
oath of our innocent memories. | Please don't refuse.
But Aman.
Hug me once sister.
I owe you the answer to your | questions.
I'll have to tell mummy some day.
What're you whispering | to each other?
Nothing mummy.
No problem. | I'll find out some day.
Keeping secret is lot of fun.
Should I tell you my secret.
Sometimes I too do things | stealthily.
Sometimes I use Ulfat's lipstick | and powder without telling her.
And to please myself | I move my nose ring.
And make sweet dish for myself.
Oh my God, why are you standing | here? Switch on the TV.
There is something coming | on the cable.
Be quick hope nothing is wrong.
You frightened us.
I was afraid song will be | finished.
She hasn't changed a bit.
Take him. | - What are you doing?
Leave me.
Stop. | I say stop.
He had murdered three | people during the riots.
Aman. Don't be afraid. | I am bringing a lawyer.
You challenged us. | You burnt my bike.
See how we have taken | the revenge.
After you're in jail, we'll put | up your mom for prostitution.
Hey old woman, say final | goodbye to your son.
Hi raspberry we'll taste you now. | We are alive, we'll take you.
Eat something mummy. You haven't | eaten since last night.
You will fall sick.
I have talked with a lawyer. | Their record will be checked.
Aman won't be punished harshly.
They were hooligans. Creating | trouble was their profession.
I should be punished.
[I couldn't do anything | for my children.]
[My child. My Aman.]
[They took him away | before my eyes.]
[I couldn't do anything.]
It's time for her departure. | Cover her face my child.
[Sister. My dear sister.]
[Weather has been changing for | centuries and they will change.]
[But you should never change.]
[This world is very bad, sister. | It'll compel you to change]
[But you should not change.]
[Mummy hasn't gone anywhere. | She is with us.]
[She will always be with us.]
[Even now I can hear | her laughter.]
[Knowingly and unknowingly I have | give you to much trouble, sister]
[Lf possible bury my memories. | And start your life anew.]
Don't taunt Syed bhai.
With your grace my nephew | is a union leader here.
I'm not taunting, brother.
I'm thinking I'm still here and | you are there in 5-star hotels.
It's certain that this time we | will form the government.
Because majority is with us. | And support of other parties too.
If Muslim brethren also join us | party will have secular image.
Do you know how many | Muslims are with us.
Now you are the most effective | Muslim leader of this state.
And 15-20 lakh people are ready | to lay their lives for you.
You are very intelligent.
Do you know the cost of support | of 15-20 lakh lives.
Whatever you ask. | I'll explain it my party.
Of course you're not going to | offer me the Chief Ministership.
What about Home Ministry.
We have already promised | Home ministry to...
Bhagat has also been calling me | everyday. He is offering...
I accept. | - So, let us shake hands.
Hand shake isn't enough. Stand up | and let us embrace each other.
So, on Eid we will keep the big | prayer in our temple.
Very good.
This alliance can start riots. | - That will be beneficial to us.
Why should we change our plan.
Election isn't going to stop | for us.
If enemy comes in power | then we will have to weep.
It's important that we | strike first.
This government by the Alliance | is all farce in this country.
The only truth which survives in | this country is this...
Whether it is state or politics | all are governed by this.
And when this talks, | everybody listens.
But Murad Bhai it is necessary to | take permission from headquarter.
It is not permission, | we take orders.
And that too is from me.
Do you have any problem? | - Who will do it?
I know.
Are you thinking about that boy?
Yes... and he is weak. He isn't | trained for this mission.
In all these years he hasn't done | any big job. All have been small.
But what I see in him no | one has it.
He has that strange craze. | - Risk is very great.
Prepare him.
Now you have to become | like steel.
It's your biggest test.
What happened to you earlier is | going to happen again.
You can stop another | riot from happening.
Get ready Aman, else many Aman's | like you will be killed alive.
March ahead Aman. Don't let next | dangerous incident happen.
Do you understand.
Happy Eid sister. | - Happy Eid to you.
I saw Aman, sis.
Where? Where is he.
This morning I went to see my | doctor in Mahim.
I saw Aman there near | Surya Temple.
What are you saying Shahnaz?
I wasn't mistaken sister. | He was there.
Why didn't you talk with him. | Why didn't you stop him.
My husband was with me.
Take care of yourself.
Who are you? | - Nobody...
What do you mean by nobody?
Everybody must have a name
What is you name? | - Uday.
Uday. | You go home now.
Listen... | What happened?
Is the job done? | - Yes, it's done.
Kill him.
Throw the weapon, Aman.
I had thrown it once.
Throw it Aman. | Then what will happen?
Some one else will pick it up.
So much hatred!
Just forget all that | There is still time.
This hatred... | - This is not hatred.
This is a protest | against hatred.
And those who die in such | a 'Jehad' are called martyrs.
Jehad means fight for truth.
And truth is that we belong to | this country.
And we will remain Indians
Where in Quran is written to kill | for winning your point.
What kind of religious fighter | are you?
That you can't accept this truth.
Take the correct path Aman. | There is still time to accept.
Look, only right will prevail.
What is right, sis. What happened | to me-was that right?
Are people like Singh and Syed | right?
If such people want they can | set everything right.
But they don't do that, sister.
They have power. But they use it | to make us fight each other.
Separate us from each other.
So that they can retain their | position-retain their chair.
If such people are right then | I have committed no crime.
I'm clean. I did not get this | weapon for my hobby.
It just came as a line of | fate in my hand.
What has all this happened, Aman? | What has happened?
Our happiness has been snatched. | Perhaps our laugh is cursed.
There was a time when your | scolding was full of love.
That love is still here. | Yes.
Each Sunday, we ate sour berries. | Massaging my head with oil.
Hiding my mischievous | deeds form mummy
Else, mummy would give you a | hard slap.
Don't remind me. | Don't remind me, Aman.
You go now, sister! Go! | - No
Police is taking their position
I will never leave you behind. | - Go sister. Go.
Give me the gun...!
Okay. But on one condition. | - What condition?
Look at me, sister.
Look at your Aman.
In a short while either police | will kill me. Or law will hang me
And people will see | the show of my death.
How can they know that I had died | on streets of city on that night.
You won't put me in their | hands, sister.
Promise me.
I'm not proud of my life.
At least let me die with honor.
Take the gun, sis.
I've no other option, sister.
Mummy will be very lonely, sis.
I've to go to mummy.
I want put my head in her lap.
I'm very tired.
Let me go. | - Aman
My child, come soon. | I worry about you.
God, give me courage.
Is there any news about | my son, madam?