Flame of New Orleans, The (1941) Movie Script

[Man Narrating]
Between the banks
of the mighty Mississippi,
Father of Waters,
how many things have happened.
For instance, has anyone in this audience
ever seen a wedding dress
floating down that river?
Here, oddly enough, is just that.
How, you may ask,
does a wedding dress happen
to be on the Mississippi River?
Which is what these fishermen
are asking this very moment.
Yes, it's an empty wedding dress,
and the bride is gone.
And this is how was startzed the legend
of the Countess of New Orleans...
who disappeared a century ago-
exactly a century ago
this coming Saturday,
on the day ofher wedding.
Mr. Charles! Mr. Charles!
Why would a girl who had
everything to live for...
do this?
On her wedding day.
These people never found out
what happened, but you will.
Before we open this door,
a little secret.
This, uh, countess we mentioned
is not really a countess.
Shh. Open, please.
We're late for the opera.
Thank you.
The show has already begun,
but never fear.
We're in time
for the beginning of our story,
and we hope you enjoy it.
Good night.
[Man Singing Opera In Italian]
[Woman Singing Opera In Italian]
[Singing Together]
[Opera Continues]
[Woman Singing Aria]
My, what's happenin'?
Guess someBody done fainted.
Oh, sir.
Oh, please, everyBody.
Stop crowding.
Give Madame some air.
Are you-Are you feeling Better?
I'm so sorry.
Oh, please.
It was a pleasure.
That's your mistress
that fainted.
Yes. I know it.
Well, I'll- I'll leave you alone.
Thank you.
Would you care
to have this around you?
No, thank you.
[Opera Continues]
He's Behind you.
Is he looking at me?
Can't you feel it?
[No AudiBle Dialogue]
You afraid of the dark?
You're not so dark.
How's your mistress
like New Orleans so far?
Oh, it's all right for a small town.
A small town?
New Orleans?
Well, after Paris,
London and Vienny,"
this ain't much of a town.
My, my!
She's the most Beautiful
woman in New Orleans.
Thank you.
After you.
Come, come.
There must Be some way
to meet the countess.
Where does she
go shopping?
In Paris.
Ah. Hmm.
Where does she go walking?
In the courtyard.
Well, she must leave
the house sometime.
Only to take a drive in the park.
Drive. Driving. Aha.
Oh, thank- Oh!
Where did you get these...
in the daytime?
I was BriBed.
Someone's gonna
insult you today,
if you get out of Bed.
The Banker?
Where? How?
When you're drivin'
in the park,
a Big man's gonna get
in an argument with you.
And Mr. Giraud-
that's the Banker's name-
is gonna come along-
And give him a good Beating,
after which I throw my arms
around his neck.
Pretty old.
What do you mean
By talking to a lady in this fashion?
Do you want to make
something out of it?
[Whining] Do you want to make
something out of it?" No.
[Loudly] Do you want
to make something out of it!
Yes, sir.
What do you mean
By talking to a lady in this fashion?
Uh, do you care to make
anything out of it, sir?
Be careful! Stop!
Stop! Stop the carriage.
Driver, can't you hear me?
Whoa. Whoa.
[Man] Excuse me.
I'll only keep you a minute.
Don't move till I get through here.
This monkey's one of the family.
Nice, Jacques. Nice.
Don't Be frightened.
You're not hurt.
Don't cry now.
Just hold on to my hand.
Nice, Jacques. You want to take
a little drive in the park, eh?
Why did you stop, Samuel?
Drive on.
[Man] Wait a minute.
I haven't got him loose yet.
Can't you hear me?
Stop the horses!
Hey, stop that!
Now, you're a very lucky lady.
You have no idea
how lucky you are.
My monkey shouldn't have
run into the road.
But, on the other hand,
when someone
hollers at you to stop,
you can't be in such a hurry
you can't find out
what he's hollering about.
- Do you hear me Behind that umBrella?
- Drive on, Samuel.
[Man] Are you crazy?
One move out of this carriage,
and you'll both get a surprise.
- Git. Git.
- [Chittering]
One, two, three!
I don't understand this,
You don't understand it?
Do you, uh, want to make
something out of her?
Do you want to make something
out of it?
Oh, yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Here comes someBody.
That's the one.
Stop the horses.
Stop! Stop!
Madame, we's Been attack-ted" again.
[Whistling, Humming]
[Humming Continues]
One of'em had me
By the throat like this.
Another one had the horses
By the throat like this.
Then two other scoundrels
had pistols to my head.
Then another scoundrel
sneaked up and
pulled out his knife.
[All Laughing]
Now, that makes
five scoundrels!
Thought you said
there was only four.
[Crowd Laughing]
Wait for me.
[Countess Humming]
[Whistling, Humming]
I'm going to New York!
I can't get any money
from the men in this town.
[Humming Resumes]
I understood Madame
had Been assaulted while driving,
and I came to offer my services.
But I seem to have come
at the wrong time.
Just a minute, please!
He downstairs.
Mr. Giraud.
He heard every word.
Go down and tell him
I'm not at home.
No, no, no. That's no good.
Who could we say
is up here?
Oh, sir?
Madame will Be
right down.
Madame say, won't you
please come in the parlor
and rest yourself.
Oh, well-
When a day start wrong,
it look like everything happens.
First that old man who
turned the carriage over,
and now this awful person.
[Door Closes]
Clementine, I'm going!
If the countess doesn't want
to see me, I don't want
to see her either.
Tell her that!
Madame is too softhearted.
Family trouBle?
Yes, sir.
Who is she?
I can't tell you.
I just can't.
And good-Bye!
[Door Slams]
A woman alone is helpless.
I'm not going to let
your attacker go unpunished.
But I don't know
what he looks like.
I only saw his feet.
His feet?
[Chuckles] Enough.
Now, look carefully.
Are those the ones?
That eliminates him.
Every night,
we'll eliminate one person.
There are a hundred thousand men
in New Orleans... with feet.
[Orchestra: Circus]
[Chattering, Laughing]
Did you see that?
I can do that.
Aw, it's a trick. He puts
that sticky stuff on the rope.
No, no. The sticky stuff
is on his shoes!
No, no. I know the secret.
The whole thing's keeping
your ears on the level.
[All Laughing]
You watch me
keep watching my ears.
May I?
Why, sure.
Hey! Hey!
Don't worry, partner.
I'm worried.
He's Been drinkin' a little.
What's that got to do
with his ears?
[Circus Continues]
[People Gasping]
That's the monkey!
There are the feet!
- I mean, there's the man!
- [Crowd Screaming]
Don't worry,
I'm not gonna fall on you.
I'm sure he's the one.
I'd know him anywhere.
Please don't excite yourself.
I'll deal with our friend.
[Crowd Screaming]
I'm sorry.
I thought I'd hit the pole.
I'm sorry.
I don't approve of
turning over carriages in the park.
My seconds
will expect yours tomorrow.
Why tomorrow?
My seconds are here.
You may choose
your weapons!
I get the choice?
You do!
Say, which lady
was in the carriage?
The skinny one?
You have insulted
the countess!
Well, what do you think of that?
What weapons
do you choose, sir?
Oh, yes. Uh-
May I Borrow this?
Thank you.
This is a very unusual
type of duel.
It comes from Trinidad,
the southern part ofTrinidad.
Pardon me.
Thank you.
It's called Rulli Bah Suba,
which means shut your mouth."
The rules are very simple.
A child could follow them.
Would you Be seated?
The important thing in the duel...
is the handkerchief.
[Woman Gasping]
That's yours. Now,
we each take one end
of the handkerchief.
You take the other end.
And you put it
Between your teeth.
Like this.
The important thing
to rememBer is not
to let the handkerchief go.
Can you rememBer that?
Now, you hold your knife
like this.
And when someBody
counts to three,
you can pull the knife
from the taBle and attack.
The one who drops
the handkerchief first- He loses.
That's why it's called
shut your mouth."
Now, will someBody
please count to three?
- AnyBody.
- I'll count.
I'll count.
I'll count.
Now I'll say two.
No, no. Let me.
You said one.
Now I wanna say two.
All right. You say two.
I'll say three.
No, no. We'll say three together.
Now together.
Why, this isn't the man at all.
I've made a terriBle mistake.
[Countess] I don't know
what I can possibly say.
Will you please forgive me
and accept my apology?
And my apology, sir.
I'd never have forgiven myself
if I had harmed you.
I don't see how I could have thought
you were the other man.
He was much shorter...
and Blond.
Won't you join us,
Mr. Uh-
Latour. RoBert Latour.
Mr. Latour.
[Orchestra: Classical]
I would like
to propose a toast.
To the most beautiful lady
who has ever visited
our New Orleans.
May your stay
Become permanent.
[Glass Shatters]
I'm sorry he wasn't the man.
It deprived me of the privilege
of fighting for you.
I'm glad. By accident,
you might have Been harmed.
And I wouldn't have wanted
that to happen.
You know that short,
Blond fellow in the park?
I know him very well.
He's charming...
and a gentleman.
I'll always Be in his deBt.
Oh, for the life of a sailor
Oh, for the life of the sea
With a pal to starBoard or lee
With a gal in port for your knee
Yo-ho for the salt of the sea
Look who's here.
It couldn't Be Don Juan.
No, it couldn't Be him.
I know where he is.
This must Be
a mirage.
It looks like him.
[Sailor] Hey, cook,
I forgot to tell you.
Don't bother to make breakfast
in the morning for our captain.
No, a lady's gonna cook it,
and with her own little hands.
EveryBody Below!
I want everyBody up at dawn tomorrow
to go lookin' around for a cargo.
What do you think
I'm runnin' here, a rest home?
I heard that.
Mo' flowers.
Any note?
No, Madame.
You got yourself
all prettied up for nothin'.
Mr. Giraud
ain't comin' around today.
How do you know?
William say
he got a touch of the gout.
What a Boring town.
You don't catch men in Paris
having gout.
Got a good mind
to go Back there.
You mayBe got a good mind,
But you ain't got the Boat fare.
Oh, money! There are other things
in the world Beside money.
[Monkey Chittering]
Jacques, come back here! Jacques!
Jacques, what are you doing?
Jacques, come back here!
Excuse me. My monkey
jumped in the window.
I was just passing.
I'm awful sorry.
Just pick him up.
He won't bite you.
I can't catch the monkey.
And, uh, I'm afraid of it.
I think you'll have
to get it yourself.
I'll Be right in.
I hope he didn't frighten you.
Mm. Just a little.
I was just taking him for a walk.
There isn't much room on the Boat.
You have a Boat?
Oh, yes.
The water must Be Beautiful
on these moonlit nights.
Yes, it is.
I've never seen it.
Would you like to see it?
Oh, yes, I would.
Tonight! I'm sure you'd like it.
I'm sure I will.
MayBe- MayBe we could
have supper together.
[Latour] I know
we'll have a bright moon.
That's very importzant.
This is the best time
of the year for it.
Is it really?
I can hardly wait.
Just till tonight.
110, 120,
130, 40, 50- $ 150.
Do you understand
that the Boat is not
to leave the dock...
until the loan
has Been repaid to us?
Oh, sure.
Good day.
Good day.
Is this all you've done?
Well, I just-
This Boat looks like a pigpen.
You want her to think
we live like this?
Well, don't we?
Get on with that cleaning.
Yes, sir, Captain.
Turn 'em over!
Look at those nails! There's enough
dirt under there to grow a rose Bush.
Dig it out.
Yes, sir.
Now, you Behave yourself,
I'm against this.
You're against this?
Yes, I am. Why don't you go
for a long walk in the park
and get your mind off him?
Why don't you get
your mind off William?
That ain't the same.
Every woman needs
a little William.
Who's that?
Whoever it is,
I'm not at home.
Is Madame at home?
Is Madame at home?
Uh, yes, sir.
Yes, she is.
Won't you come in?
Madame is in the parlor, sir.
Mr. Giraud.
Oh, what a wonderful surprise.
I thought you'd Be surprised.
You may go now, Clementine.
I'll see you later.
Yes, Madame.
What has happened?
A very unruly horse and I
met in a clash of wills.
He is now quite gentle.
You're so dominating.
I hope so, my dear.
I hope so.
All the men in my family
have Been impulsive.
I myself would never have dared to-
to presume so soon.
Except that my aunt urged me to do so,
knowing my true feelings.
She points out that there are few families
in this new world suitaBle for an alliance,
and she is right.
You mean... marriage?
Madame, you must forgive this-
this ill-mannered haste,
But my aunt urged me
to speak at once.
The women in my family
are very impulsive too.
My answer to you is...
Fate made me
stay home tonight.
I know now
I was waiting for you.
You are too good for me.
No, I'm not.
Oh, yes, you are.
No, I'm not.
Oh, yes, you are.
No, I'm not.
One of you has always
got to Be in this caBin.
If you're takin' out the soup plates,
you wait here until he comes Back
with the chicken.
Because she's a lady,
and you must never
emBarrass a lady...
By leavin' her alone with a-
with a gentleman.
Here comes the carriage!
Good evenin',
Mr. Latour.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Oh, Madame,
she ain't here.
Where is she?
Madame say, will you please
excuse her? She can't come.
Why not?
She ain't feelin'
so good.
She ain't complainin'
Do you think she may Be
feeling Better a little later on?
Not tonight, and
I don't think she'll
Be Better tomorrow.
Or even the day after.
Poor Madame.
She very brave.
Mr. Latour,
I wouldn't have knowed you
from a gentleman.
You like it, huh?
Yes, sir.
Good night.
Good night.
Too Bad.
She's sick.
But she isn't complaining.
She isn't?
MayBe she oughta
have a doctor.
Yeah, mayBe she oughta.
She proBaBly doesn't even
know a doctor here.
No, she proBaBly don't.
All alone in that house without a man.
Why, that's terriBle!
Yeah, that's terriBle.
[Playing Piano: Classical]
Doesn't she play delightfully, Auntie?
Uh- Oh, yes.
Don't you think so, dear?
My wife plays the harp, you know.
Professional jealousy.
We can play duets together.
What exciting evenings are ahead!
Oh, charming.
[Carriage Approaching]
Whoa. Whoa.
How did you get here?
I thought mayBe she'd need me.
[Piano Continues]
She must've got Better.
I'd like to see her.
No, you stay here.
I'll tell her you've come.
[Guests Laughing]
He followed me here.
He right outside there.
He heard the music
and everything.
Oh, I knowed somethin'
like this would happen.
Not so quick.
[Knocking Continues]
How can you ever forgive me?
I started to feel Better
as soon as my servant left.
I even tried to call her Back,
But then some of the family
dropped in unexpectedly.
You know how families are.
Oh. Oh, sure.
I knew you'd understand.
You're one of the most
understanding men I've ever met.
It's nothin'.
I hope I didn't put you to any trouBle.
I didn't go to any trouBle.
I just had a little snack fixed up,
But I can eat it myself.
I'm so glad.
Aw, what's
a couple of chickens?
You're making me feel
much Better.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
[Guests Laughing]
I didn't know
Giraud was in your family.
There's more to Being a gentleman
than wearing tight pants.
When a lady says she is ill,
she's ill.
And a gentleman doesn't go around
looking into windows.
And one more
free piece of advice.
Stay a sailor, sailor.
It Becomes you more.
[Door Closes]
Where shall I put these?
Put 'em anywhere.
Your hat.
All right. Give it to me.
I'll give it to Madame.
No. I have to give it
to her personally.
This way.
Are you noticing
how it drapes, how it clings?
May I speak frankly?
This cape is deliBerately...
Cross again.
He's got somethin'.
From Mr. Giraud.
Oh! Oh.
Two more days to the wedding,
and then you're all mine.
You emBarrass me.
You emBarrass easily.
I'm doing so many strange things.
You know, I've never accepted presents
from a man Before.
Don't worry, my dear.
You'll get used to it.
Here she is. Ask her.
You must sing for us.
We can't wait to hear you.
Oh, no, please.
We won't take no for an answer.
I order you to sing,
my dear.
I'll arrange it.
He's so dominating.
She's going to sing.
How delightful!
Claire's going to sing.
Oh, that's nice, Charles.
Yes, isn't it? Yes.
How a grown man can act so silly
is Beyond me.
It's not Beyond me.
Well, you're proBaBly
attracted to that... type.
She grows on one.
I wish she'd grow on me.
I should think
you'd have some resentment
at the size of this reception.
I'm just as upset as you are.
I didn't count on
your decrepit Brother
getting married.
Did you marry me
for my money?
Well, uh, yes and no.
What do you mean,
yes and no?
I mean yes.
Aren't you going
to miss Europe?
She could go aBroad every year.
No, it's another world.
I'll never go Back.
Good-Bye, Europe.
I'll wait here for you.
Don't Be long.
Oh, come on in. There are
some men here you'll like.
Look here. I've Been
for four weeks on a Boat.
I don't like men tonight.
Not even you.
Well, there are
women here.
Mm, with husBands.
I'll just say hello to my friend,
and we'll Be out of here
in two minutes.
Will you please excuse me?
I don't Believe my eyes.
Tell me I'm not dreaming.
Pinch me someplace-
If you don't pinch me,
I'm gonna pinch you.
I am Zolotov.
Don't you rememBer?
Saint PetersBurg?
What are you doing here?
I'm going to sing.
You're a singer now?
Excuse me.
Don't you feel well?
Oh, yes. I feel fine.
Uh-huh. You're just nervous.
But you needn't Be.
We all love you.
We can go now.
Oh, no.
Now we are staying.
I just met a girl here
whom I used to know
in Saint PetersBurg.
I didn't exactly know her,
But I know stories
aBout her.
What a girl. What stories.
She says she's a singer now.
[Piano: Ballad]
Sweet is the Blush of May
When love is a Budding rose
When shy is the glance
Of eyes where romance
dances merrily, merrily
Sweet is the blush of May
[Playing Piano]
So come, be gay
Let thejoy of spring
hold sway
For spring is love
And the heartz of spring is May
[Piano Continues]
[No AudiBle Dialogue]
Pale is the blush of May
When cool is the heart of love
And still is the stream
That danced to the theme
of I'm ever thine
Ever thine
Pale is the blush of May
[Piano Continues]
[No AudiBle Dialogue]
So come, Be gay
Let the joy of spring
hold sway
For spring is love
And the heartz of spring is May
[No AudiBle Dialogue]
[Playing Piano]
Sweet is the blush of May
When two heartzs in love entwine
And blessed is the pair
That chooses to share
love forevermore
Sweet is the blush of May
So come, be gay
Let thejoy of spring hold sway
For spring is love
And the heart of spring is May
[Guests Applauding]
[Guests Chattering, Exclaiming]
Hurry, hurry.
Here are your things.
Will you kindly repeat
what you said aBout my fiance?
I didn't know
she was your fiance.
My seconds will call on you
in the morning.
There is no need of them to call.
In the first place, I made a terriBle mistake.
The girl, I mean- She only looks like her.
And in the second place,
I don't see very well.
I usually wear glasses- thick ones.
And in the third place,
it's pretty dark in the other room.
What time will it Be convenient
for my seconds to call on you?
Anytime. I mean-
I really wasn't speaking
aBout your fiance, Believe me.
There was a certain girl
in Saint PetersBurg.
And she had a trick of fainting.
Well, I shan't keep you any longer
away from your guests.
Remind me to tell you
all aBout it someday.
I must Be going now.
Lovely party, and I hope
you'll Be very happy.
[People Gasp]
What happened?
What's the matter?
She's- She's fainted!
You shouldn't have fainted.
Oh, I didn't know
what else to do.
What time will
he Be here tomorrow?
We is ruined.
That's it. We is ruined.
We'll Be thrown out in the street.
I knowed this was too good to last.
Quiet. Let me think.
Let me think.
There ain't no use thinking.
We is ruined.
You ain't gonna fool him this time
like you did before,
inventin'somebody illegitimate
in the family and blame it on her.
Charles, Be firm.
RememBer the family.
I'm not a child, you know.
And don't forget
the necklace.
Don't Be nervous.
Good-Bye. Good-Bye!
Are you afraid to come out
and say good-Bye?
And count your silver.
I stole some.
Don't Be in such a hurry
to close the door,
or I'll Break your arm off.
Won't you step inside,
Looks like every time
you come, Mr. Giraud,
you got to see that girl.
Huh? Yes, yes.
I'll tell Madame
you is here, sir.
Eh? Certainly, certainly.
You never saw a Body
so surprised in your life.
He dumfounded.
Do I look all right?
Good afternoon, Charles.
Good afternoon.
Won't you sit down?
Thank you.
Don't you feel well?
Huh? Oh, I'm fine, fine. Yes.
That-That girl I just met-
She's your twin?
I Beg your pardon.
Oh, excuse me.
Who is she?
She Belongs to my family,
in a way.
An uncle of mine-
Before his marriage.
You understand?
I understand, yes.
How does she happen
to Be here?
I thought if I Brought her
to this new world,
she'd lead a Better life.
She was terriBle aBroad.
Just terriBle.
That's very interesting.
I wish she had stayed
where she was.
I'd like to ask you
a few questions.
I wish she had stayed
in Saint PetersBurg.
Were you ever in Saint-
Saint PetersBurg!
What's the matter, Charles?
Was she ever in Saint PetersBurg?
Oh, yes. Why?
Were you ever there?
Oh, no.
It's much too cold.
And I don't like Russians.
Claire, this is important.
Very important.
What, Charles?
That girl that
just left here?
I want you
to Bring her to me.
That would Be very difficult.
But I must see her.
I aBsolutely must.
Please don't ask
any questions,
But trust me.
Our happiness
depends on it.
Our happiness
depends on that girl?
I don't see how.
Well, not exactly.
But you see, my family
must Be convinced.
You see-
Oh, I can't explain.
My dear, we must see that girl,
and you must help me.
I don't know what's
on your mind,
But I will never permit you
to see me with that girl.
Then I must speak frankly, Claire.
We cannot Be married
until I find that girl.
Then we cannot
Be married.
Good day.
Very well.
I shall find that girl myself.
I'll search everywhere.
Every nook and cranny in New Orleans.
Good day.
[Door Slams]
[No AudiBle Dialogue]
Uh-oh. There's Mr. Giraud's
That's Bad.
A crowded place where
they won't see me too clearly.
Yes, yes. But wait and see
how this whole story
is going to sound to Auntie.
Come on.
Wait. Wait.
Can I speak?
Yes, certainly.
I know where you can find
that girl.
Most every night,
she's at the Oyster Bed.
Shh. It's a caf.
Ha! That's where we're going.
You and your suspicions
are gonna look pretty foolish.
Drive on, Turner.
Oh, please, sir, don't let
Madame know I told you.
Ha-ha. Here.
Thank ya.
[Carriage Approaching]
Good day.
Good day. Where can I find
your Russian friend?
Charles, there's no use looking for him.
He will not take part in a duel.
I am not interested in that.
He told me yesterday that
dueling is against his religion.
And anyway, he's in
the diplomatic service of the czar.
He isn't allowed to Be killed.
Is it against his religion
to go to a caf?
Oh, yes, aBsolutely forBidden.
A caf? What's at a caf?
An old friend of his
we want him to identify. Come on.
But he said that
he would Be Busy in the middle
of diplomatic Business today, and-
You mean you're an underwear
salesman from Saint PetersBurg?
And your company
lets you give away samples?
When are we
going to get ours?
I thought tonight would Be a good time.
Do you give many away?
Not in the last
four weeks.
Are you free
Yes, he's free.
Yes, yes, you're free.
We're going to the Oyster Bed Caf.
This way.
Gentlemen, have pity.
[No AudiBle Dialogue]
[People Laughing, Chattering]
What'll it Be?
Have you Brandy?
Four Brandies.
Wait a minute.
What kind is it?
Who makes it?
Who makes it?
We make it right here.
Waiter. How much?
Ten cents.
Something happen
to your appointment?
Looks like it.
I'm through here
at 2:00.
I'll think it over.
I'll wear a coat.
- [Loud Slap]
- I didn't do it.
Lily, don't you rememBer me?
Oh, Saint PetersBurg.
Can I see you later tonight?
MayBe I'll Be Back.
I've got a date, But-
Sorry aBout the slap.
You proBaBly deserved it
for something else.
What do you say now?
There is a resemBlance.
But I don't see how
you could confuse
one with the other.
I've Been rammed.
Excuse me.
You're a new one here.
And it's aBout time.
Hey, look what I got.
Come on, Boys.
Let me go.
You want to Be initiated,
don't you? Sure you do.
Line up.
How was it, Sam?
Mighty tasty.
I have to go.
Tasty's right.
You haven't Been kissed.
Let me go!
Them other guys have Been
wasting your time, sister.
Let me go! Let me-
You frightened
the little pigeon.
You ought to Be ashamed
of yourself.
[Glass Shattering]
I've had enough of this.
Let go of me.
You're hurting my arm.
You get out of this place
and never come Back here.
I don't know you.
But I know you.
You're an immoral,
ungrateful girl...
who's been taking advantage
of the countess long enough.
Oh, you're the one she's going to marry.
I didn't get my invitation
to the wedding.
Not another word out of you!
Not one word!
That's all right, Mr. Giraud.
I'll take care of her.
A very nice family.
Just wonderful.
Have a drink.
Some other time.
I have to go.
Wait a minute.
Are you her twin sister?
No. We're kind of cousins.
Is- Is she
gonna marry him?
Tomorrow. Hmm.
I wish her luck.
Are you in love with her?
I hit my Best friend
the day Before yesterday.
I've Been drunk for a week.
I'm losing my Boat
Because I won't work.
Must Be something.
You're not in love.
You're just impressed with a lady.
You're right.
I'm just impressed with a lady.
I guess I must've said that now
aBout 10,000 times.
I oughta Be convinced, huh?
Aren't you?
Sure I am.
Can't you tell?
If I were you, I'd forget her.
Who? I can't even rememBer
who you're talking aBout.
I'm talking aBout someone...
who's not good enough
for you.
Beat it.
Go on. Go home.
Don't you ever tell her
what I said.
Not one word.
Do you understand?
I won't.
She will never even
see me again.
You'll drink later.
You and I have a little
Business deal to discuss.
Come on.
Can't we discuss it here?
No. We have to hurry.
The $150 that you Borrowed
from our Bank, my friend-
have you got it?
Well, no, But
I'm looking for a cargo now.
It's a little late, isn't it?
It was due two days ago.
Two days ago?
Legally, we could sell your Boat.
Can't you give me a few days
to try and find a cargo?
Take that girl out of New Orleans,
and we'll cancel your deBt.
Kidnapping, eh?
Oh, she'll proBaBly
Be glad to go.
A girl like that?
Why not?
Not on my Boat.
Your Boat?
For how long?
Don't Be foolish.
Come on or, we'll lose her.
Mr. Giraud, I'll give you $300
if you can wait a month.
Shh. Don't talk so loudly.
That's douBle your money.
No, I'm not interested.
Either you'll lose your Boat,
or you'll take that girl and-
Did she mention that she
was going to her cousin?
She said
she'd never see her again.
Something mysterious
going on here. Come on.
If she were expecting her,
there'd Be some lights.
There's a light.
There's no telling
what a girl like that
might Be up to, you know.
I want to see what's going on.
Give me a hand.
Take this. Now, give me a lift.
The light went out.
It's over there now.
Thank you!
Shh. Not so loud.
ClimB on those vines.
- They wouldn't hold me.
You climB on 'em.
- Huh?
Go on, you idiot, Before
something happens in there.
What's happening?
The girl from the caf
is there.
And the countess?
I don't see her.
[No AudiBle Dialogue]
Speak up, you idiot.
Is the countess there yet?
Answer me.
Is she there?
Yeah, she's there.
They're Both there.
Are-Are they
close together?
Oh, very close.
D-Does it look as though
there'll be violence?
I don't think so.
Do you think
she might strike her?
This is all your fault, stupid.
If you'd kidnapped her
on the way here, this
wouldn't have happened.
Now, are you going to take
that girl away tonight,
or aren't you?
I guess I haven't any choice.
I'll do it.
That's Better.
Why are you smiling?
I'm not smiling.
Is my fiance fully dressed?
Oh, yes, certainly.
Get down.
Get off.
We're gonna fall.
What's that?
What you doin' down there?
Tell Madame
that I'm waiting for the girl
who just went in the house.
I'm in no hurry.
I'll wait right here.
It's the sailor.
He followed me here?
He gonna stay all night.
I'll get rid of him.
Tell him... I'll Be right down.
She'll Be right down.
Ow! Turned my ankle.
Everything's comin' out fine.
Come over here.
I want you to follow
my instructions to the letter.
Yes, Mr. Giraud.
When the girl comes down here,
you engage her in conversation.
Yes, Mr. Giraud.
I will drive By here in the carriage.
The door will open.
You seize the girl
and push her inside.
That's very clever,
Mr. Giraud.
Nothing. Ha. I'm off.
Here I am.
What took you so long?
What do you mean
By following me here?
I just felt lonely.
Where are you taking me?
Oh, such a long walk.
I'm going to ask my cousin
to let me sleep here tonight.
Why? You tired?
I'll carry you home.
Carry me?
This is the only way to travel.
Put me down.
Wouldn't it Be nice if
that carriage would stop?
MayBe the door will open.
This is unbelievable.
Put me down!
Let me down!
No, I don't want to!
You must Be quiet.
We mustn't disturB, uh,
your cousin.
This is just a sample
of what you can expect...
if you ever set foot
in New Orleans again.
You have no right to do this.
I shall have the right
tomorrow at noon...
as head of the family
when I marry the countess.
Here's a little something
extra for you.
Thank you, Mr. Giraud.
I'll cancel your note
Thank you, Mr. Giraud.
Help! Let me go.
Easy now. Take it easy.
Let me go!
Turner, to the docks,
quickly as possiBle.
Yes, sir.
[Countess, Muffled]
Help! Help!
Let me go!
Help! Let me go!
Well, never looked
good on me anyway.
Now, why Be angry?
You haven't Been hurt,
and you got me my Boat Back.
After all, I owe you
something for that.
Want an apple?
A man who'd kidnap a woman
would do anything for money.
Well, most people are like that-
do anything for money.
Wouldn't you?
You got a Better character
than I have.
But don't worry.
I don't kidnap women.
You can go if you like.
Do you mean that?
But he paid you to take me away.
I don't care aBout him.
And I may never Be Back here.
I can leave right now?
If you don't want to stay.
I knew you were a gentleman.
Oh, no. Just a sailor.
And I'm going to stay a sailor.
It's funny your Being here.
Your cousin, the, uh-
the countess,
was supposed to come
to this very caBin one night.
You know that money
I Borrowed from Giraud?
What do you think
I Bought with it?
Gentlemen's clothes.
Huh. And-And that shawl
you're sitting on.
She never sat on it.
No, she was just
amusing herself with me.
No, she wasn't.
How do you know?
MayBe she wasn't.
I thought you didn't like her.
I don't.
Well, what excuse
could she have had?
Women have to do things
for a lot of reasons.
Well, I don't care.
I'll pay her Back...
in my own way.
I've got a peculiar feeling
that, sooner than you think,
she's gonna fall right into my hands.
Can I go now?
I appreciate this very much.
Come here.
I said come here.
You're walkin' so slow.
Come closer.
I forgot to tell you something.
You seem nervous.
I'm not nervous.
Why did you kiss me
in the caf tonight?
Answer me. Why?
Was it Because
you felt sorry for me?
The countess treated me
pretty dirty, huh?
She ought to Be punished. Huh?
I'm glad you agree with me.
What's the hurry?
You want to Be
at your cousin's wedding?
I'll let you go in plenty of time.
We can talk a little.
Then you can leave.
[No AudiBle Dialogue]
Look how nice the sky is.
It's going to Be a Beautiful day.
Just right for a wedding.
Isn't it?
I imagine
she'll Be very happy.
Let's not talk aBout her.
Why not?
When do you sail?
Half an hour.
I'd Better go now.
We'll never see each other again.
We might.
You'll Be far away.
And even if you come Back,
you won't find me.
I'll find ya.
You might not recognize me.
The next time I see you,
I'll just look at you
and you'll look at me.
And wherever we are,
you'll come to me.
Won't ya?
[Bells Tolling]
Claire, here are three
more cousins.
Amelia, SyBil and Clarissa.
And this is your new
Amelia is Charles's uncle's daughter.
She lives in Arkansas.
You are to visit her
for the month of March.
And this is SyBil,
my own sister's husBand's niece
By his first marriage.
Poor man died exactly
on his wife's birtzhday.
Of course she was dead at the time.
It's a long story. I'll tell you one day.
And this is Clarissa
who lives here in New Orleans.
She will be your constant companion...
and will teach you the most exciting
needlepoint you can imagine.
Auntie, the bride must hurry.
She's kept the family waiting
long enough.
Hmm. Girls, leave this room
Oh, now, girls.
Go on, go on.
My girl, you are aBout
to Be married.
Since you have no family here,
I take it on myself to advise you...
in a... matter more...
fittingly discussed
with one's mother.
[Clears Throat]
Concerning men-
[Clears Throat]
there is a side
to man's nature...
that has always Been...
a woman's Burden.
[Clears Throat]
I must speak frankly.
Be Brave.
Ring those bells
Wedding bells
Ring so all the world may hear
Ring those chimes many times
Ring out sweet and clear
Ring those bells
Wedding bells
Ring so all the world may hear
Ring those chimes many times
Ring out sweet and clear
Joy to the bride
On this very merry wedding day
Joy to the groom
Happy man feels so happy as May
Long may they love
With united heartzs forever gay
Long may they live
Free of care in the middle of May
Warm thoughts of many springs
Love with a wedding ring
Who's all of everything
Oh, joyful day
Oh, joyful day
[All Murmuring, Chattering]
Air! Air!
Don't crowd.
Open that door.
It's so hot in here.
How do you feel?
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm all right. L-
Where is she?
She's outside getting some air.
How's Cousin Charles?
All right.
Why did you leave her?
She wanted
to Be alone.
She's just walking.
What shall I tell everyBody?
They've Been waiting over an hour.
I've Been waiting too.
Didn't she give you a hint
of where she was going?
No, she didn't.
Where can she Be?
[Choir: Singing Opera]