Flandres (2006) Movie Script

Where are you?
How's it going?
Had your letter?
Yeah, Monday.
You're leaving Monday?.
That's okay, then.
Pleased?. Not pleased?.
So where's the war you're off to?
You don't know?.
- I'm off.
- See you.
Andre. What are you doing?
Having a walk.
Seen Denis?.
He stopped by.
Had your letter?.
Yeah, I leave Monday.
How about that walk, then?
Let's go.
- See you later.
- Yeah.
See you later.
I'll come with France.
Hey, Barbe!
There's nothing to keep me here.
I can leave.
What about me?.
I need money to live with you.
Are you two a couple?.
No, just friends.
We've known each other since
we were kids.
Her farm's near mine.
You're neighbors?. Got a farm too?
I thought you were a couple.
Which regiment are you with?
The third.
Me too. That makes two of us.
You're not scared of dying?
Or of killing innocents?.
There are innocents in every war.
Children are always killed.
You've been watching me.
Want a drink?
You've been watching me too.
- I have?.
- Yes.
You watch me, I watch you.
Got no time for a drink?.
Not really, no.
I've got my car outside.
Want a ride home?
Yeah, okay, you're on.
Guys usually do the picking up.
Come on, we'll drive you back.
Okay?. My name's Blondel.
You recognize me?.
I was at the bar.
Yeah, I recognize you.
Barbe said you're leaving
What regiment are you with?
The third.
We'll be together then?
- All the best.
- Yeah.
You know everyone's calling you a slut?
Don't you have any morals?
- Hey, Demester!
- Yeah.
Who lit the fire?.
A farmer.
It warms you up.
You're not worried, leaving the farm?
But... Will he look after your animals?
I'm not worried.
I'll get some more branches.
- Set the trunks straight.
- What?
The trunks.
Got another beer?
A beer?.
- I'm Mordacq.
- Hi.
I'm France.
Sit down.
This is great.
Are you okay?
Is something wrong?
I don't want you to leave.
We'll come back.
Remembered your gun?.
Are you ready, Demester?
Look at him with his pack.
Come on,
they're waiting for us.
Let's go, chief!
Yes, chief!
- Dune?.
- Yeah!
- Blondel?.
- Yeah.
- Mordacq?.
- Yeah.
- Denis.
- Yeah.
- Dune?.
- Yeah!
- Demester?.
- Yeah!
- Blondel?.
- Yeah.
Come on.
Come on.
Okay, Barbe?
- Fine. And you?.
- Fine.
What's up?.
I'm going to my father-in-law's.
And you?
I'm heading home.
Can we walk together?
If you want.
Heard from your boyfriend?.
Which boyfriend?.
That last one you had, just recently.
He's gone away with the others.
He's gone away...
Aren't you going?
No, I'm too old and I don't want to.
I don't want to go.
So you're all on your own now?
Perhaps we could go out together?
You've got a nerve!
I don't waste time.
- You want me, is that it?
- Yes. So?
You want me, is that it?
Why not?.
You're trying, right?
I can try my luck.
Anyhow, I can't, Denis.
Why?. Are you sick?
Yeah, that's right. I'm sick.
You can go out with me but that's all.
See, it's not very interesting.
Too bad.
I'll be going.
- I'll see you.
- See you.
Go on, Briche, slaughter him!
Hurry up, Briche. We're going.
We're going to wash, Briche.
and I'll waste you!
Tough fight.
What was that?
Say it in French.
I didn't say anything.
I hope not.
He didn't say anything.
Fuck, it's hot.
Fuck, they're firing at us!
Fucking bastards!
We move out in an hour.
Yes, sir!
When was the town bombed?
We need to check it out.
You should be okay to the west of it.
Let me get you a beer.
I've got nothing.
No! I've got nothing.
Get lost!
Go on, get lost!
Dismount! Get to cover!
They're shooting at us!
Fucking get to cover!
Cease fire, for fuck's sake!
Got him.
Gimenez, Briche...
Demester, Leclercq...
Get down!
Shit, the cunt hasn't finished!
Get down!
Fuck, they're kids!
Drop it, I said!
Shut up!
- Fucking hell! Fuck!
- Fuck!
Fucking hell! Fuck!
Let's pull out, guys.
Shut it!
Shut it!
Shut it!
Shut it!
Shut it!
Shut it!
Shut your mouth!
Shut the fuck up!
Mordacq, let go of him!
Shut it!
Shut it!
Let go!
He's dying anyway.
You're looking odd.
I'm tired.
So... have you written to Blondel?
Yeah, I wrote to him.
But I'm not keeping it.
Okay. And him?.
He won't know. I'll say I lost it.
It's not too late?.
No, I asked around.
I can do it Belgium.
You know,
I don't really want to have kids.
What shall we do?.
I'm going to have a smoke.
Did you watch TV last night?.
No, I've stopped watching.
There's no change anyway.
It's nice here.
You know what I fancy?
Is she a soldier?.
Look at this, lads!
Go on...
Hold her other hand.
Go for it.
Hold her other hand.
Spread her legs.
Hold her other hand.
Hold her other hand.
Your turn.
- Go on, Demester.
- Hurry it up!
Spread her legs.
We'll rest here but stay on your guard.
Is it different if she was a soldier?
What did you say?.
How is it different?.
It's not. A hole's a hole.
What the hell do care?.
You didn't fuck her.
I'm just asking. Blondel said.
Shut your mouth, okay.
- Learning it by heart?.
- Yeah.
Had any news?.
Barbe's expecting a kid.
Your kid?.
Yeah, from my balls.
You're expecting a kid?.
Yeah, mate.
The fastest gun in the West!
Shut up.
Hey, Leclercq...
Are you queer?.
He proved that earlier!
Only natural we should wonder.
He likes men.
What the fuck's that?
We stay here.
Let's go!
- Hey, Briche.
- What?
We should've waited.
Why?. We waited for them all night.
They got caught, that's all.
And we pull out.
Yes, we pull out.
I'll belt you one, you wanker!
Go and find them
if you want or shut up!
Leclercq, search him.
Briche, he's armed!
Down on your knees!
Down on your knees!
What's this?.
Where are the others?.
Where are they?
Where's the gun from?
Where are the others?
Get up!
Get out of here!
Move it! Get out of here!
Turn round!
Turn round! Get out of here!
Hey, Blondel...
What did they do?
Punched me in the face.
- Fucker!
- And Mordacq?
- And Briche?.
- Dead.
That hurts!
Fucking stop it!
I didn't do anything!
"ll go and see your dad. Goodbye.
- Psychiatric hospital?.
- Yes.
First the mother, now the daughter.
She'll be better off in hospital.
She'll be well looked after.
Shall I get the ambulance
sent this afternoon?
Thank you.
Mr. Dethoor... It's going to be all right.
You heard what the doctor said?
Sit down.
You can wait here, Barbe.
I won't be long.
Miss Dethoor?.
You have an appointment
with Dr Mondrian.
Fucking shrink!
I'll fuck you!
Calm down!
Calm down!
It's over.
It's over now.
There, it's over now.
It's over now.
It's over now.
Come on, let's go!
Let's go!
My legs!
No, don't leave me!
Don't leave me!
They got killed then?
You heard I was in hospital?
For my nerves.
You hadn't known him long.
It's not that.
You can't understand.
Come on.
Andre, you're back?
Go on.
Can I have a word?
Tell me about it.
It's not easy.
It was hell back there.
Come on, Andre.
How did Blondel die?
Answer me! How did he die?
A bullet in the head.
You're lying!
I saw. I was there!
I know everything!
I know what you did!
You killed peasants and you left him behind
because he got me pregnant!
You want me but you won't have me!
You'll never have me!
What are you doing?
I'm off to Michel's.
I'll come with you.
You were right.
I left him behind.
I'm a bastard.
Come on.
I love you.
Me too.
I love you, Barbe.
I love you.