Flashback (2023) Movie Script

(woman breathing deeply, exhaling)
(woman) They say that when you die,
your life flashes before your eyes.
Close your eyes.
(woman) A jukebox of special moments
Bring your awareness to your breath.
collected together to remind you
of all the incredible things
that life can offer.
(tense music playing)
(woman) The good, the bad,
and everything in between.
(heart beating)
(woman) If you could control
that flashback
and live in the moment again
would you change things?
- (heart beating faster)
- (tense music swelling)
(woman 2) Jess?
(music stops)
Something is up.
You know I can always tell with you.
(indistinct chatter)
Come on.
Tell me.
(baby crying)
I keep seeing something.
What what do you mean "seeing something?"
Well, it's (exhaling)
It's always vague and in my periphery.
(tense, discordant music playing)
Do you remember Dr. Bones?
He was this thing
when we were growing up.
This this, like,
vulture skull creature, and...
- (woman laughing)
- (music stops)
You're fucking with me.
No. You're right.
You're right. It sounds mad.
Well, saying it out loud,
it does sound a bit crazy.
Dr. Bones.
- Yeah, Dr. Bones.
- (discordant music playing)
- (Jess brushing teeth)
- (orchestral music playing)
(man sighing)
(water running)
(water stopping)
(man gasping, clearing throat)
Uh, tell me again why we have,
uh, Vulture Man in here every night.
(sighing) He's called Dr. Bones,
and he makes me feel safe.
I thought that was my job.
Well, every hero needs a sidekick.
- I'm the sidekick?
- Uh-huh. (chuckling)
- Fine.
- He's on yo (clearing throat)
- Come on!
- Okay.
(both) He's on your street,
and he's in your home, sound the alarm
(exclaiming) It's Dr. Bones
(both vocalizing)
(in funny voice) Time to wake up!
Get off. God, you're such a kid.
(both chuckling)
Fine. The doll can stay.
- And you know that tatty old thing with
- (gasping) Rude.
Well, it would actually look
much nicer in a in a nursery
surrounded by some other
slightly less terrifying toys,
don't you think?
(emotional music playing)
You know I'm ready.
For real?
I love you more than chips.
(both chuckling softly)
- That's a lot.
- That is a lot.
(Jess exhaling)
(Jess) And if it finally gets you
to decorate that spare room,
then I'm in.
(both chuckling)
Oh, I
- I have to ask you something, actually.
- (Jess) Mm-hmm.
(dramatic music swelling)
(drawer opening)
(loud thudding)
What was that?
(music fades)
I heard something.
- Go check it out.
- Why me?
If you wanna be Dr. Bones' sidekick,
you're gonna have to prove yourself.
All right, look,
if I'm not back in five minutes,
avenge my death.
(Jess) Always. Now, go.
Get out.
(tense music playing)
- (gun firing)
- (thudding)
(music stops)
(Jess breathing heavily)
(man grunting)
(man crying, breathing heavily)
(Jess breathing shakily)
(Jess crying)
- I didn't mean it. He just came at me.
- Scott?
Dude, I'm so sorry.
(tense music playing)
(Jess panting) Oh my God.
Where am I?
Am I dead?
I'm dead.
(discordant music playing)
(Jess) Come on, Jess.
You can do this.
Practice what you preach.
Control your breathing.
Slow it down.
Control your breath.
You're doing it.
Slow your breath down.
Oh my God.
I'm thirteen.
(indistinct chatter)
(Jess) It worked.
I need to find Scott. Warn him.
Jess, you having a good birthday, love?
Go follow your friends.
No. Dad, I've been shot!
You haven't started.
How've you been shot already?
Someone broke into the apartment.
Scott is dead! And they shot me!
(man) What? That Scott?
Scott? (panting)
(dramatic music playing)
(Jess) Scott!
Hey, Jess, I
Gross. Jess, what are you doing?
I I just saw you dead!
You have to stay away from me!
But you invited me.
In twelve years' time,
we work together at a local gym.
You as a PT and me as a yoga instructor.
It's my 25th birthday
and all my friends forget
so you take me
to the worst Italian place in the city,
and we eat spaghetti bolognese
like Lady and the Tramp.
- What are you talking about, Jess?
- I get wine drunk.
Slip and hurt my ankle.
You offer to drive me home, and I accept.
You carry me all the way to my door,
and it's the third-floor apartment.
You're so tired you end up
passed out on my sofa
watching The Office on Netflix.
The DVD company?
(Jess) Sort sort of.
(sighing) You'll find out.
In the morning, we have breakfast,
and you tell me you've liked me
since we were 13.
Since my thirteenth birthday.
That's today.
Yes, that's today.
So you'll have to promise me
you'll do what I say.
(woman) Battle commences
in T-minus one minute.
Jess, you're being weird.
I've got to go.
(Jess exhaling)
(electronic music playing)
(Jess sighing)
(woman) Five, four, three, two, one.
Let the battle commence.
(kids clamoring)
Got you, Jess!
(Jess) I really need you to understand.
Maybe if we never get together,
things will change.
You'd be alive!
(computer) Incoming fire.
Oh my God, Scott.
- What the hell, Jess?
- (Jess) No!
No, not yet!
(Dr. Bones growling)
(Scott) Come on!
(laughing) Jess, I didn't know
there would be a Dr. Bones here as well.
Did your dad hire him? (chuckling)
(Jess) Scott,
I need you to promise
you'll never talk to me again.
We can't get into a relationship.
If we do, we both die.
- You've got to believe me.
- Okay.
- I believe you. I won't talk to you again.
- Please.
(Dr. Bones warbling)
It's okay. It's okay, it's time.
(dramatic music playing)
I love you more than chips.
And if I'm not back in five minutes,
avenge my death.
(Jess gasping)
- (Jess breathing shakily)
- (music stops)
(Jess) This has to work.
Control your breath, Jess.
- (Jess exhaling)
- (tense music swelling)
- (music stops)
- (alarm beeping)
(Jess groaning)
(motor winds down)
(water running)
(light orchestral music playing)
And breathe out.
(all exhaling)
(music fades)
Give gratitude to your mind,
your body,
and your breath,
for allowing you to practice today.
(all) Thank you.
You're welcome.
(Jess breathing deeply, exhaling)
(indistinct chatter)
(Jess) What if you could change the past?
(dramatic music playing)
(Jess) Avoid what went wrong
the first time around?
What if you're presented
with an opportunity
to take another path?
Would you take it?
Even if it leads
to someone else's happy ending?
(Jess) Well
I've got all the time in the world
to find mine.
(somber ballad playing)
(man vocalizing)
And if I could go back
Just to kiss you one more time
Just to hold you one more time
Yeah, if I could go back
Just to see you one more time
And to talk to you one more time
'Cause love is forever
And I'll never
(music distorting discordantly)
(children's song playing)
Dr. Bones
He's on your street
And he's in your home
Sound the alarm
It's Dr. Bones
(song fading)
(somber ballad playing)
'Cause love is forever
And I'll never
Never forget you
And if I could go back
I'd paint you in the stars
And show you what was in my heart
But if I could go back
I'd do it all the same
And there'd be no one to blame
But me
Love is forever
And I'll never
Never forget you
Love is forever
And I'll never
Never forget you
(song fades)