Flashburn (2017) Movie Script

[running footsteps]
[beeping stops]
- [beeping]
- [electric buzzing]
[siren blaring]
- [audio rewinding]
- [beeping]
What the hell?
How the hell did I drive a car
into a warehouse?
Come on.
Son of a...
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
- [ring]
- Wait!
Hello. Hello?
I'm glad you can
finally join us.
No, it's...
Dr. Wes Nolan?
Doctor? No, no, no.
It doesn't ring a bell.
I just...
We know you lost your memory.
Please, listen carefully.
What am I doing here and
what the hell is on my ankle?
Precautions have been taken
to ensure you do what's needed.
Who are you?!
I'm Lazarus.
Right, right.
So Bethany's just
an empty warehouse, right?
Will you listen to me,
Mrs. Lazarus?
When I say I don't know,
that's exactly what I mean.
I don't know!
I don't remember!
I-I... I don't.
I don't remember.
I just...
I'll call you back.
[line beeping]
Hello. Hello?
There you are.
Wes Nolan.
LAZARUS: I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
Do what?
Do not try
to get out of here.
It isn't safe, Wes.
Tell me this, can you see me?
See and hear you.
Why all the bullshit
with the phone, huh?
I couldn't get connected
to the system.
Please, Wes, don't do it.
We need you in here.
I have no idea what the hell
you're talking about.
[electric buzzing]
I tried to warn you, Wes.
We can't let you go.
It's dangerous out there.
We don't want you
to get hurt.
Who's we?
You, Mary, and Martha?
That is not important
right now.
What is important is that you
understand a few ground rules.
Tell me what the hell
the ground rules are.
You can move anywhere within
the confines of this facility,
but any attempt to leave
will have consequences.
First, the ankle bracelet
you are wearing
will deliver a thousand volts
through your body.
Surely, that's enough
to keep me here, right?
Sadly not.
Some of us thought you would
require a stronger incentive.
Well, what the hell is that?
You cross the line,
and the signal
will automatically be sent
to our representatives,
keeping a close eye
on your family.
What the hell are you
talking about, family?
Look at your left hand.
Her name is Leah.
She is with your daughter.
You can't.
You can't!
It's for your own protection.
There's a third thing
you need to know.
Let me guess.
I try to take it off,
you shock my ass again, right?
Not quite.
If you make any attempt
to tamper to bracelet,
it will explode and
take off your lower half.
Of course.
Of course.
It's my least favorite half
Why don't you tell me what
the hell you want from me, huh?
What do you want?
You can start
by going upstairs.
Wes, I'm your ally,
not your enemy.
I can understand
you cannot remember,
but this is not
you against us.
We're in it together.
We are a team.
Our methods may be extreme,
but necessary.
It's the only way for you
to get back your memory.
It's the only way for us
to get what we paid for
and stop this nightmare.
I need your help, Wes.
What the hell is that?
Your new home.
And I need you to tell me
everything that you
know about it.
You seem to be forgetting
I'm suffering
from a little situation
of my own.
How the hell
I'm supposed to help you
if I can't even recognize
my own face?
We're willing
to take that chance.
What if you're wrong?
That isn't an option.
You still there?
I'm not going anywhere.
You're stuck with me.
You said I was your last hope.
I didn't say that, exactly.
Well, it's close enough.
Yes, close enough.
Tell your associates
they're screwed.
I don't recognize any of this.
I don't know the password.
This means nothing to me.
I can talk you through
what needs to be done.
that would jog your memory.
Not a good start, Wes.
If you're counting on me for
this, you're out of luck, okay?
You remember Leah.
You mean my family, right?
Tell me,
what's my daughter's name?
Loni. L-O-N-I.
Why the hell
can't I remember that?
Because of the accident.
You gonna tell me
what this place is,
what the hell
I'm doing here?
You are a virologist.
I'm not sure these are
the hands of a scientist.
I can assure you they are.
Do we know each other?
Better than you think,
but we never met.
Why don't you get your ass
in here and help me, huh?
That's not how this works.
No? Well, how does it
work then, huh?
What if I trash the place?
Do you know
what is in there?
No. Should I?
The most dangerous virus
known to mankind.
You created it.
Of course.
Of course. Things are just
getting better and better.
Did the virus get out?
How many were infected?
How many were infected?!
Calm down, Wes.
Please calm down.
It was an accident.
How did it happen?
It was the fourth
Ebola outbreak of 2018.
We thought we contained it,
but we were wrong.
The virus had mutated.
Okay. What the hell
did I have to do with it?
You tried to engineer
a bacteria
that would attack the Ebola
before it could destroy
the human cells.
What do you mean?
You tried to save
the human race.
So what went wrong?
Instead of destroying
the Ebola,
the virus mutated to something
we'd never seen before.
How bad?
Worse than
we could've ever imagined.
The body count is immeasurable.
So the virus leaked out.
Because the lab was destroyed.
It's dangerous out there.
You have to stay in here.
You can still make
a difference if you don't die.
Things have changed.
What do you mean, changed?
- Lazarus...
- Don't do it.
WES: Lazarus.
I need a password.
I can't...
I don't have it.
What is it?
There's someone else here.
That's impossible.
You're wasting your time.
We need you in the lab.
Please, Wes, come back.
You are only wasting time.
I'll be the judge of that.
What are you doing?
I'm just making shit up
as I go.
Look, I mean no harm.
[woman grunts]
Stop! Stop it!
Calm down.
I thought you were dead.
How do I know you?
I'm Kalie.
How do I...
How do I know you?
I'm Kalie Jorgensen.
[beeping accelerates]
[beeping continues]
What did they do to you?
I was in a car accident,
and I just...
It was a car accident.
But I...
I don't remember this.
Where am I?
What is this place?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean?
I'm here to help you.
Let's get you back the lab.
Come on.
- I thought...
- Come on. Now!
KALIE: Come in!
We found a signal
and have located Lazarus.
Are you sure?
She's in the Dark Zone.
Okay, I'll be right there.
What the hell?
Is Lazarus with you?
I'm here, Mrs. Jorgensen.
I'm just here to help.
This can only work
in our favor.
What the hell
is she talking about?
- You really don't remember?
- No, I don't!
I was your assistant.
Okay, do you remember
how we created the virus?
I don't.
I need you to show me.
KALIE: Are you sure
she's with him?
Where there's Lazarus,
there is Nolan.
Come on,
they're in the Dark Zone.
We have no other choice.
It's a risk we're
gonna have to take.
I take it that you know
the password, right?
Only you know it.
Security precaution.
Is there anything,
any details you can give me
to help me remember?
What did you name the virus?
I named it Flashburn.
Well done, Wes.
That's it.
Jesus Christ!
- Ah!
- Stop, stop.
Let me look at this.
Show him, Kalie.
Okay, fine, but you have
to wear a mask and gloves.
I need to see her arm.
WES: Here. Satisfied?
I need you to do
exactly as I say.
You'll find syringes
in the drawer.
You don't have to do this.
Open the fridge and take
the vial Flashburn number 7.
Mix it with her blood
and see if it turns black.
WES: Okay, that can't be good.
I need a vaccine.
You're my only hope.
How did it happen?
I cut it...
coming out of your car.
What do you mean, my car?
Where were we going?
I don't know for sure.
Something was happening
back at GenoCal.
There was
a facility lockdown.
- GenoCal.
- You were the lead virologist.
There was some sort
of security breach,
and you insisted
that we leave right away.
Wes, wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up, Wes!
So the men came,
and they were shooting at us.
I thought you were dead,
so I ran, and I hid for hours.
How did we crash my car
in a locked warehouse, Kalie?
I... I don't know.
I need you tell me
the truth, Kalie,
if you want me to help you.
I don't know.
Straight to the van, Kalie.
I have a visual.
Look! The fence.
No! Sit down!
[distant shouting]
[shouting continues]
Get this car started.
[shouting continues]
KALIE: Milton.
I'm on it.
[shouting continues]
[electric buzzing]
Okay, you said that we're
using the virus as a weapon.
Who? The army?
We should get back to work.
I'm getting you out of here.
Don't do it, Wes.
Yeah, well, I'm not
listening to you anymore.
Do not trust her.
I'm your only way out.
She is manipulating you.
She's playing
with your emotions.
Let me see your leg.
Ankle, the other one.
Please, Wes.
Go back.
I need you focused
on finding the vaccine.
- [gunfire]
- [screams]
What did I tell you?
Stop it!
I will let you out of here
once you fix
what you have created.
- Kalie.
- Yeah.
MILTON: Someone else
is with Lazarus.
What do you mean,
someone else?
- A second dot has appeared.
- Like a glitch?
MILTON: That's what I thought
at first, but it moves.
Definitely not a shadow image.
We'll just be careful
when we get there.
Thank you.
KALIE: We're gonna need gas.
32 miles ahead of you.
How can there be
someone else with Lazarus?
I don't know.
LAZARUS: They are not going
to come to the second floor.
You know what?
I'm not taking any chances.
We are the ones
who wanted you here.
You wanted out.
Maybe so, lady,
but I'm having a big problem
finding any logic
in this at all.
This is not about you,
Kalie, or I.
The epidemic is spreading fast.
The world needs you.
Are you Leah?
Who's Leah?
She's my wife.
I'm Kalie.
How do you feel?
What about this?
These red dots.
That mean anything to you?
It means nothing to me.
This is an old map.
How do you know it's old?
The red dots
are the infected areas,
the blue dots are at risk,
and the yellow dots,
they were safe havens.
What do you mean, were?
It's not like this anymore.
The entire North American
continent is contaminated.
That's why we don't want you
to leave the premises.
WES: Yeah, well, I was
just out on the rooftop.
How did that happen?
The rooftop
was not a good idea.
You may be contaminated.
What about this?
Any of this?
I'm trying, but I just...
I can't remember.
Some of it, but I can't
figure out the equations
unless I know
how you applied them.
What about this?
Does it help any?
I don't know what this is.
Oh, my God,
I understand it all.
Is your memory coming back?
I think so.
You have to make an effort,
Wes, please.
We knew each other.
- I was just your assistant.
- No.
It was more than that.
KALIE: Milton.
I'm here.
KALIE: Where were you?
I have to pee
once in a while.
Try that in a hazmat suit.
We're at the gas station.
I have a visual.
KALIE: Any danger?
MILTON: Area secured.
Okay, thank you.
We're stepping out.
It's working.
Everything's okay.
SINCLAIR: Come out!
- KALIE: Lower your rifle!
- I won't!
We don't want to hurt you!
- You already did!
- What do you want?
The vaccine
I've been promised!
- We don't have it!
- Then he dies.
Guns on the ground.
You heard what I said.
Guns on the ground!
What's your name?
Dylan McKenzie.
I'm Kalie Jorgensen.
This is Jack Stewart,
and the man you're about to kill
is Luke Sinclair.
I don't wanna kill anyone!
I just want the vaccine
the government promised me!
KALIE: Are you alone in there?
I proved you
my good faith.
Are you alone in there?
My wife and my daughter
are with me.
- Are they infected?
- They are.
- What about yourself?
- Not yet.
We can help you.
You just have to trust me.
I want the vaccine
the government promised me!
There is no government!
- You're U.S. Army.
- What's left of it.
Dylan, you have to let us in!
Get in!
Move it!
Move it!
I said get in! Move!
So, Ms. Jorgensen...
Call me Kalie.
What the fuck is going on?
You know as much as I do.
I don't know anything,
except what I been promised.
Yeah, I got that part,
but the people that promised it
to you are no longer with us.
Where's your wife and daughter?
In there.
KALIE: What stage?
DYLAN: Terminal, for all I know.
KALIE: You know about
the meltdown?
Whatever I saw on the TV till
all the channels went blank.
The first one to give up
was Arkansas Nuclear One.
It provoked a chain reaction.
In a matter of hours,
it was followed by
the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station
in Mississippi,
then the Waterford Steam
Electric Station in Louisiana,
and the South Texas Project
in Bay City.
A total of 12 nuclear reactors
gave up,
creating the Dark Zone.
What's this have to do
with the epidemic?
Because of the meltdown,
an experimental virus
called Flashburn
was released by a secret
facility called GenoCal.
So it was
the government's fault.
We're not here to point fingers.
We're not on trial.
My wife and my daughter
need it now.
Look, I wish I could help you,
but I can't yet.
They have no time left.
There's a man.
His name is Wes Nolan.
He's a virologist.
He may have the vaccine.
- Where is he?
- Deep in the Dark Zone.
No one survives the Dark Zone.
Our intel says
that he's alive,
and that's where
we're headed now.
You've got two choices.
You can kill us and
kill your family or let us go,
and we bring Wes back
and help them.
It's gonna be too late.
It may be.
Stop it! I said stop!
Stop! Stop it, please!
Stop it, honey!
Stop, stop, stop!
Stop it!
WES: So what went wrong?
The initial tests
were successful, then...
this happened.
We don't know why, but the virus
and the modified bacteria
joined together in symbiosis.
What does Flashburn do?
It takes control of your brain
and makes you do things.
Like what?
What things does it make you do?
Anything to infect
other people.
A bite, a scratch,
a kiss, sex.
Then what?
It eats you from the inside.
WES: I remember.
I remember everything.
- [tires skidding]
- [crash]
It's high-security premises.
Something is going on.
What are you talking about?
I started noticing
a week ago that...
...vials are going missing.
- They're being misplaced.
- What?
The color of the vaccine
is being different.
Why didn't you
tell me this earlier?
I wasn't sure, so I started
to take pictures. Look.
Kalie, this is empty.
There's no photos
in this folder.
There were 349 last night.
The birthdays, Christmases,
my parents' 50th anniversary,
they're all gone.
Okay, that doesn't
mean anything.
It doesn't,
but this morning,
I woke up with
a severe headache.
Did you have
one of your migraines?
No. It was so bad
that it felt like
I was drugged.
So I tested myself
for Diprivan.
I think they're using
our mutated virus as a weapon.
WES: This is it.
I remember this.
This is the vaccine.
It was always here.
Right in front of our eyes.
Then why?
Where did you find it?
Let's go.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
[gunfire continues]
[gunfire continues]
Do you understand the risk?
Okay, do it.
Just do it.
It works.
Just wait to make sure
it stabilizes.
- Stay right there. Stay here.
- You only have one bullet.
You only have one bullet left.
Just stay here.
Lazarus, I...
Where the hell are you?
I'm on the roof.
Can't you see me?
I have no visual
on the roof.
What the fuck is...
Why is she...
...with the shooters?
Lazarus, what...
I don't... I...
Go back to the door now.
Okay, okay.
[silenced gunshot]
KALIE: Nolan.
Nolan, wake up.
- What happened?
- You fainted.
Stop it.
What, am I not
good enough for you?
It's the virus
trying to spread, right?
Tell me, Kalie.
I'm sorry.
KALIE: Hasn't been responding
since you passed out.
I just need a minute.
I didn't know.
I didn't know.
- I'm so sorry.
- Hey, hey.
We'll find the vaccine, okay?
We'll find it.
Try that. Try it.
What do you see?
How did you know?
It's coming back.
All of it. It's coming back.
Okay, okay.
Okay, where's the vial?
Okay, now we wait.
You lied to me, didn't you?
I didn't.
Yeah, you did, Kalie.
You said all the photos
were erased.
Where did you find it?
It doesn't matter.
Lazarus must have
placed it here.
Don't you get it?
She's playing with your mind.
She doesn't want us
to cooperate.
Tell me the truth, Kalie.
You have to believe me.
You and I both depend on it.
I just want the truth.
Where is my wife?
Lazarus lied about that too.
Said I had a wife
and a daughter.
A family.
Something that she knew
I've always wanted.
She said she would harm them
if I didn't do what she said.
Doesn't sound very smart.
I know I have a wife.
I can feel it.
And that feeling gets stronger
every single second.
But I've never had a daughter.
My brain, maybe,
or my soul would never
let me forget that.
Even this is a lie.
The indentation
on my finger's
twice as fat
as this piece of garbage.
Position confirmed.
Lazarus is in there.
Wes, it works.
It works!
It works!
LAZARUS: You really think
we are that stupid?
You brought the virus in here
and jeopardized
our only chance.
It's over.
I remember.
I've always had it.
I just forgot where I put it.
LAZARUS: Don't tell her.
Don't listen to Lazarus.
Tell me.
She is not
who she pretends to be.
The game is up.
I remember where it is.
You can't threaten me anymore.
I would never hurt you.
We are the only ones
who know how to stop
the epidemic.
That's why we were running away,
Wes, I swear.
That's when we found out that
GenoCal started the epidemic
to sell the vaccine
to the highest bidder.
Not true.
They shot at us.
You crashed the car.
Don't you remember that?
The warehouse.
Was it in the warehouse?
No, it wasn't
in the warehouse.
They brought us here
when we were unconscious.
Don't you realize
how ridiculous that sounds?
Kalie Jorgensen
is a foreign agent.
KALIE: Stop it!
She's lying,
and we're gonna die.
She will kill you
as soon as you find it.
I really wanna believe you.
And I can't give you
a reason to, can I?
Just go, Nolan.
Go by yourself.
You don't even need to show me
where it is.
Just put a few CCs in this
at the bottom of the stairs,
so I can live.
Once you walk out that door,
it's over.
You never have
to see me again.
She is playing you, Wes.
Don't fall for it.
Your daughter.
I'd never forget a daughter.
LAZARUS: They are here.
What do plan to do with it?
They want to stop you.
But not Kalie, right?
I need to lock down
the facility.
Could've told me that
a long time ago.
Why'd you lie to me
about my family?
I'm not.
They're going to kill me.
I'm scared, Wes.
Open the door!
Lazarus, open the door!
If I don't get the vaccine,
no one gets it!
- It's stuck.
- I need you to stop them.
They're going to destroy
all the hard work we have done.
Oh, say can you see
- By the dawn's early light
- Lazarus?
What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's
last gleaming
Whose broad stripes
and bright stars
Through the perilous fight
O'er the ramparts
We watched
Were so gallantly streaming
And the rockets' red glare
[lower pitch]
The bombs bursting in air
[oxygen pumping]
[oxygen pumping]
What the hell?
KALIE: All circuits are intact.
It looks like Lazarus
resisted the radiations.
KALIE: I hope it worked.
If only he could tell us
where the vaccine is.
We don't have sound.
WES: I need a password.
I can't...
There's someone else here.
Stop it! Calm...
You put yourself
in the program?
I'm sorry.
I couldn't tell you.
I'm the computer virus.
I'm the glitch
that creates controversy,
danger, doubt, and love.
I put myself into the program
to make sure that Lazarus
would perform to the maximum
of his abilities,
to see if he would
remember something.
GenoCal started the epidemic
in order to sell the vaccine
to the highest bidder.
WES: Do you realize
how ridiculous that sounds?
Wait, wait, slow down.
Slow down.
I really wanna believe you.
And I can't give you
a reason to, can I?
Just go, Nolan.
Go by yourself.
You don't even need to show me
where it is.
Just put a few CCs in this
at the bottom of the stairs,
so I can live.
It's not his fault, Kalie.
That part of him is dead.
Just fast-forward.
[audio fast-forwarding]
SINCLAIR: What the hell?
My... We found it!
Where is it?
In the car!
We already searched the car.
It's in the driver's seat.
Should I disconnect Lazarus?
Not yet.
Not until Milton
finds the vaccine.
Will you give me a moment?
[oxygen pumping continues]
KALIE: I know you can hear me.
And you probably
want answers by now.
We stole the vaccine
when we found out what
GenoCal was gonna do with it.
I don't know if the world
even knows what GenoCal is,
but I do.
After the accident...
you never recovered.
You weren't dead,
but you weren't alive,
and the vaccine
was gone forever.
That was until
GenoCal contacted me
and asked me
to create Lazarus,
a program that would jolt
your memory and record it.
They figured only someone
who knew you as well I did
could complete this task.
Since then, you'd been
wandering through a world
that I've created for you.
Every time you hit a dead end,
it would reboot itself...
until this moment.
[distant shouting]
KALIE: Twelve days after GenoCal
moved you to a secret location,
the big meltdown happened.
The virus was set free,
and the epidemic spread like
a tsunami all over the world.
We needed the vaccine
more than ever.
But the GenoCal facility
was destroyed,
and you and Lazarus were lost
until this morning.
SINCLAIR: We gotta go now.
No! He's here!
KALIE: I found out two days
before the crash.
You named her Loni.
It was the only time
you've ever seen me cry.
I want her to be
everything like you.
[shouting continues]
- He's alive.
- He won't make it long, though.
We can't leave him here.
- What?
- We have to take him with us.
We have to!
[oxygen pumping]
How romantic.
A daughter?
A wife who saves you?
What else?
I've been programmed to know
you like happy endings.
But that was a bit
over the top.
Don't you think?
It's only you and I.
You won't get out of here
until I get the vaccine.
Therefore, I suggest...
we start all over again.