Flashout (2019) Movie Script

REPAIRMAN: Air is low on
fresh additives today.
Of course, it's long
ceased to matter.
[high-pitched whirring and crashing]
REPAIRMAN: The universe is stupid.
But the multiverse?
No, not the infinitely
inter-connected universe
of all universes.
All knowing.
This was my boss.
It gave me, gave those like me
small jobs,
minor adjustments.
That's how it all began for me.
[music playing]
[dance music]
DESA: Imagine you
playing for real
in new worlds that you create,
real as the world
you live in now.
Only you'll actually be there.
[music playing]
DESA: Enjoy an unlimited variety
of temporary but
actual mini-universes.
Thanks to our unprecedented
in the science of cosmic forces.
This is InterMate,
the very latest hyper
interactive reality game.
In a guess who's
real game of chance.
[music playing]
I'm Desa and I love this game.
You will too.
You can share your new
world with friends
and amazing strangers.
Before your
micro-universe collapses,
you must find out who's
real and who's not.
Is he real or is he not?
[music playing]
Signal your choice.
[breaking glass]
But don't get fooled
by the virtual players.
[shattering glass]
Find the real players before
your micro-universe collapses
and experience our
cosmo-neurological jackpot.
Nice moves.
Really nice moves.
DESA: Choose your right players
and your mutual focus ignites
our incredible flashout climax.
[pleasurable breath]
[glass shattering]
The perfect extreme of
ecstasy can be yours.
Subscribe now to our blind
date alternate world game.
Visit real worlds, not virtual.
Experience actual baby universes
for two,
or four players.
ANNOUNCER: Step into cosmically
astonishing new realities
with our exclusive white
hole science breakthrough,
Intermate. Ready now through
all microtainment outlets
within the habitat.
REPAIRMAN: I had been
assigned to this universe,
assigned to shut down InterMate,
to freeze it as is.
Use a simple quantum block,
a small half measure.
To merely suspend their
upstart mini realities?
That's all?
It was another weak work order.
I had more than I
could remember,
mundane, repetitive.
Meanwhile, here, they
were actually decoding
the hidden forces of
space-time itself.
This time I had to
break the rules.
I would improvise.
Use my own advance strategies,
my ideas for protecting
the multiverse.
I would stop these
hackers from unraveling
the actual fabric of reality.
Stop them totally and for good.
Yes, Taloor?
Good news,
I booked you for that
holocast dream song.
Just a moment.
Now is that the
sound of an agent
who sometimes works for me?
Please, I got you
InterMate, didn't I?
Yeah, strange game.
Why, what's strange?
You play, you flashout,
and you're home again.
I wanna work on things
I actually care about.
TALOOR: Come on, Desa.
You're the official
spokesperson for InterMate.
Tell me that's not a good thing.
I'll give you that.
But you also tried to
book me for Vimalux.
Seriously Taloor, Vimalux?
A do-it-yourself gene splicer.
TALOOR: Work is work, Desa.
You were just getting started.
InterMate is making
you a celebrity now.
Yes, it is.
I'm still on for the
Synesthesia project at eight?
TALOOR: It's yours,
holo confirmed.
Auto schedule finalized.
Smooches. [smack]
Desa, time for a quick
game of InterMate?
These face paint
technologies haven't advanced
for a thousand years.
I'm sorry Lleva, no.
I have a holorecording at eight.
I've got it all
set, no prob'lies.
We'll do one with Iastar.
Who's she?
LLEVA: You'll love her.
She's over 200, so
beautifully age-retarded.
She's played just
about every game.
Look, Lleva, I'm just the
spokesperson for InterMate.
I just recite the words.
I never play these
eccentric group games.
I don't need to.
Get out of your
hypocritical rut!
I'm not hypocritical.
I just like to keep things real.
LLEVA: Channels S346.
No, I have a holo
at eight! [static]
[music playing]
DESA: The perfect extreme
of ecstasy can be yours.
Subscribe now to our blind
date alternate world game.
Visit real worlds, not virtual.
ROOM VOICE: Welcome in, Iastar.
Love when you make me
feel so inhabited.
Say, I do have one
prime message.
[static] Hi, I'm keeping
our InterMate date.
It's really like going
some place else, isn't it?
I know I'll see you there.
We're hitting channels
S346, a four player.
[game binder sounds]
Hello - Hello.
Yeah, you knew I'd be up for it.
A flash of fun will do you good.
Hello - Hello.
Where's all the players?
[music playing]
This should be a quick game.
That's not a virtual player?
It's the only one
here, it's real.
Come on.
IASTAR: Are you it?
Wait, where you going?
Chase him!
[music playing]
[chase music]
Why are you chasing me?
Why did you run?
Because you coming at me.
Time to focus.
We know you're not
a virtual player.
Mutually observed
reality ritual.
Hey, hey, hey, I'm
warning you, step back.
Flash time.
[engine starts up]
[music playing]
[heavenly chorus]
[glass shattering
and scrambling]
He is only a virtual.
Where'd I go?
Why didn't he disappear?
It's wrong.
A virtual player with
actual flashouts.
Why aren't we feeling it?
JOGGER: You want players?
Follow me.
REPAIRMAN: It was my time now.
I had the coordinates
for perfect interception.
All I had to do was
intervene with their game,
disrupt it in just
the right way.
My plan was underway,
a masterfully designed
intervention, finely tuned.
Ladies, please
let me be of service.
You're cute.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...
There you go.
You like it?
It's new. I just got it.
A little birthday present.
Gentle now, gentle.
Interesting, the
realtime hasn't run out.
I have a holorecording
to get to.
Sit down, take it easy.
You can work it out.
It's like he's been
flashed out but not really.
DESA: This does nothing.
[music turns on]
There's no escape game
circle, virtual sounds,
fake reality encoder.
Are these simulations?
Excuse me, that's
soul music, baby.
It's only her first
game of InterMate.
You don't seem to
know what's going on.
Where's the fourth player?
You ladies always hitchhike
this far away from traffic?
You must be Canadian.
Yeah, it makes a lot of sense.
[music playing]
[airplane engine starting
up into a high pitch]
[music playing]
[city traffic]
REPAIRMAN: I had diverted the women
to another existing universe,
chosen from the infinite realities
hospitable to human life.
It was a way to stress
the limits of their game.
Stretching it between
two realities
like an elastic deformation,
suspended and pulled
to its breaking point.
I had all details worked out.
[music playing]
[faint club music in background]
Here it is.
What is this?
Lots of players inside.
This reality, a huge
spatial factor.
Our second game, Lleva,
expect surprises.
Sure, it's an upgrade.
Virtual players, now
virtual flashouts.
[collapsing strings]
REPAIRMAN: I made the
choice to confront them
in a crowded situation.
To disorient them.
To split one of them
away from the other two.
Hey old dude,
I bet you miss the
disco days, huh?
No insult, I'm a huge
fan of the eight-track.
Just now appeared,
uh, arrived.
Good timing, your
'70's world is back.
My world doesn't matter.
Got that right, universe sucks.
We're all part of the
same sucky reality game.
Universes kept separate always.
That's the reality game.
You rule, dude.
You a Nintendo core fan or
still playing Donkey Kong?
Just use the humans
to short circuit InterMate.
Three women playing with chaos.
Hacking into, corrupting
the multiverse.
You use chicks?
Like live chicks?
It doesn't matter, it is
nothing you would notice.
These chicks, they here?
I do not care what
becomes of them.
As long as their
game is destroyed.
[music playing]
[club music changes to rap song]
Haven't we
You should maybe come with me.
could break the rules
of their four player game.
By getting one of them alone.
Using her to activate my plan.
Soon, I only had to watch
and wonder.
Why do human body forms
have this compulsion
towards mass wiggling, as if
in this reality mindlessness
is somehow necessary.
[motor starts up... ringing]
[whirring and sparkling]
[amps exploding]
[electrical popping]
[screaming, sparkling]
[more screaming]
I refuse to get stuck here.
Playing this game
was a big mistake.
The game's not
functioning, seems jammed,
and not just the flash.
REPAIRMAN: It was the
situation I wanted,
a neutral reality
to disorient them.
For all I know, you're
incompetent players.
Both of you.
This reality won't
collapse by itself.
We've got to the find
the fourth player.
Where's Lleva?
[music playing]
[music vocal]
I never balled any
of his friends yet.
Hey, buy some molly?
Virtual, just simulated.
Pharmaceutical, moron!
IASTAR: Lleva!
I feel like these people
are starting to look
Well maybe we're the
virtual people.
It's like you're
reading my mind.
I'm having these insights.
Well, wake up.
I'm missing another
Doesn't matter, Desa.
We've got to stick together
to get this game unstuck.
You guys stay stuck.
I don't have your
kind of timeless time
to figure this out.
Desa, wait!
I feel like someone's
playing with this reality.
Not now, Lleva,
we're losing Desa.
Slowly! They tell me fast, fast!
I wanna eat slowly!
They tell me fast!
Fast! Fast!
[music playing]
I'll be in my room
in two minutes.
I want her young,
I want her slim,
and most of all, I want
her fast, like now.
[car honking]
DRIVER: Yo, out of
the way, douche bag.
Not a mere routine work order.
[hotel muzak]
Wow, here already?
Are you the player?
Am I ever, baby.
Oh yeah, baby.
[explosive engine starting up]
[high pitched screech]
Hi, what's going on?
Did this guy double order?
Are you from an agency?
Or did you get an
independent call?
Speak up 'cause I
had an appointment
with this guy right now.
I am Desa.
Great, hi Desa.
Did you jack my client or what?
He is not a player.
Well, he might not be
a player but I am.
[engine starting up]
[high-pitched screeching]
Wait up a second.
What are you doing?
Look, hey, back there.
What was that?
It's a game.
A game, so you control it,
because it was excellent.
I just need to find my friends.
There's more of you?
Is that what you're looking for?
Thank you.
Yeah, how it works.
It's like a kennel that
moves, now get in.
Hi - [iastar screams]
Good to find you alone.
I don't have time.
A little only attention,
it's important.
DESA: Iastar. Desa.
Hands off the lady, slime.
The guy's filth.
Wait, I am not.
Purely accidental.
Umm, coincidence.
Normal local habitant.
Okay, perv.
You two are friends?
Us three.
What happened to Lleva now?
We have to find her.
The door's this way. Let's go.
HOMELESS MAN: They tell me fast!
I wanna eat slowly but
they tell me fast!
Fast! I wanna eat slowly,
slowly, they want.
Where did she go?
My car's parked across
the street, come on.
Fast! I wanna eat slowly.
They tell me, they
tell me fast! fast!
[music playing]
[soft piano music]
BIKER: Whoo!
Round, nobody gets
round anymore.
Jesus, fuck.
Simple cellular programing.
How would you like to
take a ride with me?
On this?
Yes, on this, a bike, a bus.
Shit, I'll even let you
pull the train. [laughs]
Why don't you jump on?
I'm gonna need you
to hold tight.
[motorcycle motor]
[gleeful screams]
Oh, those are my friends.
Damn, they're your friends?
Tell you what, why don't
you tell 'em to run with us?
What's up, girl?
Where you going?
[airplane engine starts up
What was that?
Are looking for a gang bang?
What are you doing?
We can't get hurt.
This is a micro-universe.
It may be micro but
it's always real.
You can get killed here.
A game is guaranteed safe.
Yeah, well you better
ask for a refund.
REPAIRMAN: I thought it was
supposed to be a simple job.
Still, I figured I'd
been resourceful.
I had credentials,
currency, all in order.
[sign] Radio Telescope
Antenna Complex
The walk here had
gone on and on.
[music playing]
Into the dark
but I had a reason.
My assignment, a routine repair,
disable a certain
quantum interference.
Nevermind, it's
weak work orders.
I had a more permanent remedy,
my own plan to protect
the multiverse.
This InterMate game needed to be
so it had never even existed.
Those three women, my key to
severing my outstretched link
from their world to this world,
blowing out their outlaw game.
I knew I could do that.
I just had to find them again.
It's warm already.
We got one more observation.
Like piss.
It's a stellar source
frequency in NGC3516.
Just what I need, overtime.
Ah... Reality readout.
Search three unit
anomaly, locate.
METER: Class Four reality.
Mega-universe Y321E48,
expansion type two.
I thought I heard something.
Wait, that is my universe.
I did not ask for memory.
METER: You have neglected
to select appropriate
adjustment programs.
Please re-access.
Why did I have to choose this
entropy infested universe?
No auto quantum pairing
communicode service.
It's just tracking Voyager 2.
Are you listening?
There are three additional
beings mislocated
in this reality.
METER: No multiversal
fluent conversate service
this interverse node.
So language it your way.
METER: Your function to repair.
As Licensed Reality
Repair Agent,
you are programmed for
precise protocols.
I am not programmed.
Ahh, except language.
I have a work order,
locate anomaly.
METER: A triumph of analysis,
processing near random
events in the sample field.
Just give the
locationary reading.
METER: Always have your
locationary coordinates.
Find do I where the players.
METER: Your anomaly
coordinate data adjusted
for local communicode interface.
It is my job on the
talk we are blocking.
METER: 900-555-0198.
Reference numbers again.
I know galactic prefixes.
I have to been to numberless
parallel universes.
METER: Not reference.
Telephone number.
[yelling] Anything?
Backfeed, nine signal minimode.
[yelling] What's going on?
The dish, it's sweeping!
[loud mechanical sound]
[yelling] Cut the power!
Hey, where's your hard pass?
[yelling] No!
What the hell are you doing
here? All right game over, pal.
Come on.
[music playing]
[music playing]
[music playing]
[upbeat music vocal]
[engine starting up]
[pop, sizzle]
[electronic chord]
Well it's great.
Yeah, it's a whole new product.
Oh, it is better
than full service.
Is it kinky? [chuckles]
It's beyond kinky and
it's ours exclusively.
Hold on.
You are all that
they're asking for.
Not that they don't
love you, Nastya.
Or you, Angel.
You're just the new flavor.
Yeah, so what's it gonna be?
Okay great, I'll have you give
your information to Nastya
and then we'll be right over.
This new ad is working great.
You girls are gonna find your
fourth player or whatever it is.
Just trust me.
I don't get this, I
don't get any of it.
Well, better than being
on the streets, right?
So like, how do you, you know...
do that without doing it?
A technique of mental focus.
Then flash bam?
I have to be careful.
It happens too easily
in this reality.
Do you think there is a reality?
Karen says there
are dances here.
Lap dancing.
Like in the Hologuild legends.
Like in Cactus Strip Lounge.
I like that, live performance.
Way live, honey.
No simulation but real.
Normally, I balance
phoneme to function ratios.
I am sure you do.
Normally we weren't meant
to disturb our reality.
No games,
just live in it.
Like there's some
kind of cosmic law.
[music playing]
[moody serious music]
[heavy breathing]
[bubbly water]
[accelerating tone]
[draining water]
REPAIRMAN: I should've been
out of this reality long ago.
At least I had a second chance,
a locationary number
from this world.
I really needed it.
I lost my multiverse meter.
I had to find one of the women.
Get her alone, short
circuit her reality game.
Or I'd be stuck in this
motel universe forever.
[telephone beeping]
[telephone ringing]
[cell phone ringing]
[bedroom muzak]
Hello, extra sensual flashouts.
Coordinates, I mean, number for
three travelers.
To fly you where?
You have them, the women?
Of course women, escorts.
We have the best, first class.
Where to send them?
You send them?
Then who are you?
Wait, you make fun about me?
I mean...
I've been with trouble
to know who I am today.
Ohh, poor honey.
I right away fix you.
Three new escorts to take
you out of this world.
Three that will...
No, no,
Just want one.
REPAIRMAN: Townhouse
Motel, room 156.
Fine, one escort,
Townhouse Motel, room 156.
Prepare blast off.
REPAIRMAN: I kept telling
myself it was a simple job.
Their own game would destroy
itself. [repeating phone tone]
Soon as I could activate
the flashout effect
with one of them alone.
She'd think I'd be just
another virtual person.
She wouldn't know who I am.
Is this the usual?
Yeah, you collect payment,
flashout, off we go.
I don't see the point.
Don't you get bored with this?
Yes, but I just take these.
Go ahead, try one.
What are they?
Get you loaded.
PCP spiked with a time-release
equivalent of amyl nitrate.
Then I add a dash of
ketamine hydrochloride.
With this, real people
don't bother you.
They're just a bunch of worms.
I'm fine.
Suit yourself.
REPAIRMAN: It's open.
[music playing]
[suspenseful music]
You're the perv.
You stopped me at the hotel.
Yes, but come left in.
These are proper
circumstances for us.
You're not like the
other so-called
similar simulations here.
Because I saw you before.
Before they had your
locationary code.
I'll make it double
the trouble usual.
Big come now.
Just one of those little
flash-flashes for me,
and then we'll be doing fine.
I suppose there's no harm.
[door slam]
What are you doing?
Your neck, look at your neck.
[screams] Angel!
IASTAR: [muffled screaming]
Get in the car.
I'll collect payment.
Fry enough gray matter
to make you nice.
Now swallow that, there you go.
Have fun with that, shithead.
What the hell's going on?
What kind of animal
you let in here?
The dude inside is cranked.
Something unnatural about him.
What happen to your
famous flashout zap-out?
It's a mental focus, fear
blocks it in this reality.
the name of the lord?
Get me out of this mind!
Angel dust?
What did you do to the lamp?
Keep people in their
own whirls... words...
Did you just take
a dump on my bed?
Watch out, behind you!
In front of you!
Are you one of the
Oh hell. [rattling doorknob]
Can't get out of this mind.
ANNETTE: Either reality is
very fragile or my mind is.
[computer sounds]
I have to find out what's
in those micro-crystals.
Maybe quantum pairs.
It's unknown materials science!
This makes no sense, Frank.
It's an impossible device.
I got a voice readout.
Couldn't have repeated
any numbers but it did.
You know, a guy breached security
and he roughed up a tech.
I want to know who he works for.
Not for anyone on this planet.
Look, this is extreme
game changing technology.
You know, you spend your
days and nights listening
to the universe, trying to see
if there's anything
else out there.
You really think now the cosmos
just dropped proof into
Annette's lap. [slaps]
You think it's Siri, Frank?
Look at it!
There no semi-conductors,
no friendly lady microchips.
It's not earthly technology.
You know, it's not
your department.
You brought this to me.
It's a security breach.
If we don't know who the user is
we're gonna ship it off to
Washington. They'll bury it!
I had to develop new
techniques just to access it,
which got me a voice
readout, a series of numbers.
A code?
Okay, well, we're gonna
ship it off to Fort Meade.
They'll decode it.
I already did.
Just one phrase only,
a phone number.
I'm checking it out now.
You might want to sit down.
A phone number?
And only I know it.
So Frank, you wanna track down
the source of this device?
Oh geez.
Turns out they have a
serious front operation.
They'll send over a woman
that will take you
out of this world.
It's crazy stuff.
I'm working on it.
Time for our medicine.
It is not me.
Space habitat agents didn't it.
Door them in, trap
them... their game.
Lemme get me get them!
We're not coherent yet, are we?
This body programmed
for good English.
Don't worry. [gags]
We get recreational
OD's all the time.
Hold it, baby, there you go.
Little pills superimpose
pseudo reality.
Make mind leak out.
You'll be fine in a moment.
[dramatic sting]
[telephone beeping]
[telephone ringing]
NASTYA: Hello, extra
sensual flashouts.
REPAIRMAN: Needing girl, quick.
You are where?
REPAIRMAN: Counting Hospital.
County Mental Hospital.
REPAIRMAN: For leaving .. out.
Getting out this afternoon?
REPAIRMAN: Big help me.
You deserving escort.
Has to be one of the
flashy new ones.
Oh, hell no.
They have a game, game
within our game, InterMate.
They could learn to
create themselves.
Ahhh! [groaning]...Awww!
Ahh, I'm beginning to
diswant keeping people
out of their own realities.
I know just how you feel.
It's the Protectors,
Protectors of the Multiverse.
They can't let just
anyone create universes,
tip incomprehensible balances,
disrupt the forces
of space and time.
You wouldn't want to risk
the disintegration of
all existence, would you?
So the Protectors, they're
paranoid, aren't they?
That's not really my concern.
Come on, baby.
You a strange one, baby.
[wind flapping]
Just what I need for
when the next player
decides to get rough.
Yeah, next time I
might not be there
to save your ass.
I won't stand being
thrown around.
It won't happen again, Iastar.
Not in any universe, I'm
through playing your game.
Look, I've given
each of you a phone
and I've shown you
how to use it,
so I can track where you're
at or you can call me.
You're still looking for
your fourth player, right?
I mean, do we really
have a choice, Iastar?
We are homeless
on this universe.
[phone ringing]
Extra sensual flashouts,
girls that take you
out of this world.
ANGEL: Yeah, got your request.
We were busy.
That's kinda far.
Yeah, see what we can do.
Who was that?
That tech bitch again?
Well, I told you
to blow her off.
She offered to pay
double this time.
KAREN: It doesn't matter.
Who is RTA?
Space place, rockets
and junk like that.
They'll take you
out of this world.
I can't have you girls
become a lab experiment.
They're always looking
for friends of yours.
You know, little green men type.
Where were you educated?
This toxic planet?
Yeah... why?
I'll take this RTA job.
Iastar, you're not
gonna take that job.
Would you get her
back here please?
KAREN: Thank you so much.
[door ring]
[door ring]
Hey, we need you back inside.
Will you take me
there, to this RTA?
Karen thinks it's not worth it.
This worth it?
Oh yeah.
[car starts]
Desa, sweetie, go see what's up.
I don't want you girls
getting separated.
Okay, I guess we did
come as a trio act.
[door rings]
Lose someone?
My friends, they
just walked out.
Yeah, I saw 'em drive
off a second ago.
Right up the street.
You want a ride?
Would you mind?
Not at all.
MATHEW: I'm Matthew.
Well it's nice to
meet you, Desa.
I like your nails.
Thank you.
One of the nicest
things you can do.
Help someone out.
[car starts]
[music playing]
[piano music]
[door slam]
My, uhh...
You know who I am?
Quick, let's go. Push me out.
Like normal.
Like normal?
In this world, if we
do not leave now,
it could be your last collapse.
Collapse, as in InterMate?
Can't taste time now.
[hospital paging]
Ahh... Ahhh.
You keep track of visitors
but don't bother us.
[hallway speaker] Paging Dr
Stateman, Dr Stateman please.
[music playing]
[country music playing in car]
So, where are they?
You said they were just ahead.
Did I say that?
Yes, you did.
You look so healthy.
You're lucky, you can
come home with me.
You don't understand.
You could just write 'em
a note, explain it later.
DESA: Write them a note?
But I'm looking for my friends.
MATTHEW: And I'm helping you.
Then how much further are they?
Not far.
No one's gonna be there.
When we get to
where we're going,
I want you to get
out of the car,
take off all your
clothes for me.
Would you get whatever that
is away from me, please?
See, I'm an okay guy.
And I'm an okay girl.
I'll take that.
No phones, Desa.
If you tell anyone about this,
I'll make sure we see
each other again.
Real soon.
Do you wanna see me again?
No, I don't think
you're an okay guy.
MATTHEW: They always say that.
We flashout now. Now
is a good chance.
It takes four of us to break
the link with this reality.
This is a two player game.
I selected a four
player. Me, Iaster, Desa.
I selected a two!
Flashout now!
Even if you did, the
others do not belong.
Now come on, you want to get out
of this universe, don't you?
Of course I do but I
can't leave my friends.
I take your word.
Ah... it must be a tangle in
the crossed InterMate channels.
These things really
aren't uncommon.
I haven't thought of that.
But it means you and I
have to flashout now.
Then we can all return.
Obviously I can't end
this game without you,
but even if you're right...
If I am right?
You will see.
You have no stuff to lose.
If I am wrong, no harm.
No, you must relieve me.
There is beally no problem.
You can trust me.
This crazy world is
making you suspicious.
Yeah, of you.
You are wasting too touch time.
You seem confused how to play.
No one knows this
game better than me.
Then tell me, how did
the channels get tangled?
Double asymmetrical
focal points.
A rare unstable configuration.
Before you said
that's not uncommon.
Now it's rare.
Listen, we have to
follow out of here.
And what about
your garble-mouth?
There's something
you're not telling me.
I am telling me we
need each other,
to get out of this universe.
First agree, we consult
all four players.
[thwack] Awww!
All right, what did
you say he had now?
A pink neck.
I never seen a patient
like him before.
All right, hold on.
Code 2, this is Larry 381.
Yeah, I got a male
mental 451, possible 211.
Subject is medium build
with a pink neck.
POLICE: Copy that, I'll
send it out on the radio.
Gonna be a long night.
Hope they come soon.
Oh boy.
[music playing]
[country music playing in car]
You're so pretty, you know that?
Always like to tease me.
Look, I'm available on Thursday.
Would Thursday be good for you?
Wow, that was some performance.
You are quite the actress, Desa.
MATTHEW: Just cooperate 100 percent.
I could do you a favor.
MATTHEW: Yeah, what's that?
Flash you out.
It's a wonderful experience.
This kind of wonderful?
I read this story about a girl.
A girl who thinks
she's dreaming.
Except she wakes up
and she finds out
that she's in reality.
I was gonna get out
of this reality.
Sorry, Desa.
This is the real world.
I'm not from this universe.
MATTHEW: See, now
you're lying, Desa.
I'm not.
And I hate liars!
MATTHEW: You fucking liar!
[car horn honks]
[glass shattered]
[screeching crash]
[pinball machines]
[cell phone rings]
Jesus, finally someone
checks in with me.
Are you at the hospital?
I'm with a dangerous player.
Pink neck. He violates the
rules of all realities.
KAREN: What?
I need to get out of here.
Wait, out of where?
Tell me where you are, Lleva.
It's simple.
It is much better if we
de-align from this reality now.
Not without my friends.
[sighs] Where are you, kid?
I can force you.
They're only worms here.
Get away, I'll scream.
Let's talk this upper.
After you give me back my phone.
You don't me understand!
I'm telling the real
truth this time.
[music playing]
[country music repeating over and over]
[car horn honking]
Can I help you?
I don't know, can you?
You know this is one big
massive security breach, right?
Yeah, talk to your boss.
Annette asked us to come.
Why didn't you say that?
TECH: Ahhh...
What's your name?
Wouldn't you like to know?
I would actually.
I like your jumpsuit.
I bet you'd look even
better without it.
There we go.
Yeah, that's better.
It feels better.
Is that a hard hat?
Yeah, yeah, you wanna try it on?
I like hard things.
It's a little dirty.
It's all right and it's ribbed.
TECH: [chuckles]
TECH: Be careful,
it might be tight.
So what do you do here?
I work inside.
I see you have a
really big dish.
Psionic pulse reference.
Fifth continuum
parameter analog, okay?
Elementary stuff.
What is this about?
The crystals, Frank.
They contain electrons
imprisoned by molecular lattices.
Entangled across time-space
constraints by spin pairs.
Myriads of 'em.
It's a quantum
supercomputer but more.
It's tremendous!
You really do know about
this meter thing?
It's a cross-dimensional
analysis meter,
but not for InterMate.
But, InterMate?
A reality game but not
just mini-realities,
extreme realities.
It's from a kind of
super advanced game.
Not a game, it's a new paradigm!
Okay, let's forget
about paradigm.
What about that guy who
dropped the device, who is he?
Yeah, not just who, but where?
FRANK: You know who he is?
No, no, stop her.
I need to know how it's done,
the quantum engineering.
I've answered all I can.
I don't build this stuff.
No, no, wait, wait, we need you.
I thought you'd be able to help,
that you'd be the fourth player.
What can I do to
persuade you to stay?
I'm sorry.
[sexy breath]
This never happened
to me before.
That's too bad.
You deserve a little
perk of the job, right?
ANGEL: So, maybe there's
somewhere better that we can go.
I need the phone!
It's not working.
You got to turn it on.
[cell beep]
Iastar, where are you?
Your phone's been off.
I've got to talk
to Lleva and Desa.
KAREN: Yeah, me too.
Look, Lleva is messed up.
She's on a date with some
lunatic with a pink neck.
Pink neck?
KAREN: Yeah, said
he talks like you.
He's violating reality rules.
I don't know, she
sounded really panicked
and then the call
just dropped out.
It's that perv from the motel.
It's his meter.
A rogue player, no, not
a player, something else.
He could short circuit the game.
IASTAR: Where's Lleva?
I know we're looking
for the same guy.
I can help.
Hold on, okay, one second.
Let me pull this up.
KAREN: I was able to get
GPS on Lleva's last call,
the Plaza Park Mall Arcade.
Do you know where
Plaza Park Mall is?
NASTYA: Iastar, it's me Nastya.
Where the keys?
Look, I need you.
Karen and me, we're
called to frat party.
My body can't take it more.
I need for you doing flashouts.
Okay, give me that.
Iastar, hold on.
KAREN: Listen, I was saving
this for something special but
I just wanna tell you now.
I'd like to make you a partner.
So, I just need to come on back.
I can't, Karen, but I
will always remember this.
KAREN: I'm concerned
for you, Iastar.
Be careful doll.
Where's the meter!
What did you do?
Hand it over to me!
Move, go!
It's government property.
It is mine!
You bastard!
Frank, Frank!
Okay, so what happened to me?
I hallucinated some
time-energy-space thing.
It's an enhanced charge.
I'm carrying the entropy
of two parallel universes,
plus one mini universe.
Can you just start
from the beginning?
It's sort of
primitive from here.
This guy, he's some
kind of outsider.
He diverted us to this world.
We were playing a four
player game, InterMate.
He tried to flash me out to
short circuit the game reality.
So, it's his reality game.
No, ours, we ride small
short lived mini-realities.
His game is much bigger.
You saw the logo on his meter.
FRANK: The Mobius strip?
The dimensional curve,
it's like a brand name,
for the universe game.
For all possible universes
with everybody in
them, even you.
And this guy, or whatever he is,
manipulating the universe game,
performing some deranged
reality experiment.
At the Plaza Park Mall?
[music playing]
REPAIRMAN: All along,
one whole premise
of my plan was screwed.
It takes cooperation to
activate the flashout.
Right then I felt
like letting her go.
Let them control reality.
Create it, destroy it,
choose their own.
But I had my job.
That's what makes us
civilized, right?
Hey, she got a purse.
So, dude, don't take the purse.
You need a new purse, yo?
What happened?
You pass out on the pizza?
She got maybe somethin'
better to do, fuckface.
"Serial Killers", you
play with them, don't you?
No, I never do, I have a
holorecording to get to.
I got a record.
Wanna hear it?
You fuckin' leave her alone.
It's in here.
I don't remember.
[yelling] Ahhhh!
Dude, seriously?
You gonna be okay?
Let's eat.
[music playing]
Can we get three
burgers, three fries.
Make it five burgers.
Three drinks.
[boots scraping]
[music playing]
You have to believe me.
The truth.
I can get you out of this fix.
I am a reality repairman.
I am not normally in a
universe like this.
I never go to your space
habitat universe.
There is a much bigger game.
I know I am routine maintenance
but it is an important job.
Like the last universe,
routine mega-matrix,
replacing a simple
field anomaly,
next thing you know you
feel your baryons contract,
the intervolic windows
turn black, your...
You really believe all that?
For real though, I just hope
he didn't spit in it this time.
Yeah, I hope he did
more than that.
Ready to get tweaked.
I'm just kidding.
Help yourself.
[desa playfully screaming]
I am sorry, Mom,
but we are alone.
It's okay, these are my friends.
Yeah, we're her friends.
Yeah, tasty friend.
We can not be divided.
Well, aren't we rude?
Lewd, did you say lewd?
Are you an idiot?
You can not take me
out of me doing my job.
'Ludes, you say you got 'ludes?
Playing, think you are playing.
None of this is important.
I represent a being with
extraordinary powers.
Alien, papers please.
If you persist in
interfacing with me. I...
Fuck you, asshole.
Fuck me?
Out of my way.
Whoa, whoa, hey, easy, boy.
What the fuck is that?
What is that shit, man?
If Lleva's still with
him, she's not answering
and who knows whether they're
still at the Plaza Park.
Wait, is her phone
on your account?
We can use a mobile locator.
Here, give it to me.
He couldn't be more dangerous.
We're all created and
packaged by his game.
I wish I had that
kind of control.
Billions of universes,
infinite singularities.
Billions and billions
of Big Bangs.
We're inside one now.
You know you speak
pretty fancy English
for someone who's a space alien.
My world exists right here.
I'm human, like you. But from
a parallel, alternate present.
Or don't you get it?
You mean event horizons and
wormholes in hyperspace.
So, you're human, just from
the other side of here.
So you do get it.
FRANK: Oh, I'm getting her
GPS, it's not far from here.
[music playing]
Dude had this powdery pink neck.
Hold on.
This is 3 Larry 81,
disturbance at the drive-in.
Yeah, we got the wild
man from county.
Suspect is on foot, over.
Hey, you okay?
God, that was weird.
[music playing]
to quit right there.
It was the creeps, I tell you,
and I was homesick too.
You figure it out.
You are going to let
me flash us out, now!
It is time to make
this underwith.
Or make sure you never
see another reality again.
Mutual observed reality ritual.
You know the technique!
[bells tinkling]
I finish my job one
way or another.
IASTAR: Lleva!
Do not interfere.
It is not your four
player game anymore.
You don't dare hurt her.
You'll get stranded
here yourself.
You have no way, no
way of knowing that.
Get back, you'll
distort the process.
It is a two player game.
[music playing]
[music builds]
[yelling] No, no, you'll
dislocate the real time!
[electricity crackling]
IASTAR: Oh yes!
[orgasmic moaning]
IASTAR: Mmmm...
Seems like years since
we did it that way.
You feel what I'm feeling.
Oh, I'm feeling it.
You always get me there, Frank.
[music playing]
[classical music]
FRANK: But...
But what?
This time, I don't know, it
felt strangely different.
No, I mean, different, great.
Like it was our first time.
This was our first time.
Okay, I'll play along.
No, look, we were just there
on that hillside moments ago.
The Earth universe, Frank.
Angel's car, the RTA room.
Metaphysics, really?
We were always here.
Yes, here.
The RTA, the radio
telescope complex...
Annette. You mean all
that, that was real?
We were there and we
were always here too...
this time. Our history's
been changed.
Seems we're not in the same
habitat I came from either.
We're in a similar but
other parallel universe.
Okay, now I'm clear.
Our bizarre flashouts with
the wrong players, Frank,
it twisted and overlaps
the space time geometry,
creating two
simultaneous universes.
ROOM VOICE: Hi lovers,
we've got a call from Lleva.
Hey kids, time for a
quick round of MetaMate?
Found an awesome channel
for us, great reviews.
Should be fun. [beep]
We're in a whole other
version of our habitat world
and this is no longer
a mini-reality game.
Let's do it!
All this tripping around.
Here, there, okay.
I get it.
Now we can enter all the
players from any one device.
All set, kids, no prob'lies.
Our newest four player
game crew together again.
LLEVA: His game is ours now.
And we control it.
That perv, he wanted
to kill InterMate,
and we beat him or it.
Now we have access to
everywhere and everywhen.
Thanks to one strange
deranged player.
They're starting it up.
It's actually
happening for real.
Frank, you know what this means?
We can now choose any
realities together!
Any Earth we want, Frank.
Any universe we want.
All the space-times of
the grand multiverse!
This universe is ending,
it really is, isn't it?
IASTAR: There's plenty
more versions of it.
I always liked this one.
[glass shattering]
Let's do it.
[myriad of shuffling glass]
[electronic gurgling]
[sound evaporates]
REPAIRMAN: Really blew it.
Screwed it up.
I don't know what really
happened to those women.
I don't know for sure
but that was a long time ago.
Shouldn't have any trouble
now with your televironment.
But I'll tell you
getting a hold of these
old parts ain't so easy.
Yep, this set's
from the punk zone.
Classic, like I used to be.
If you get interrupted by
any of those weather shows,
your set will switch
to your favorite commercial.
Call anytime you need me.
You do plumbing?
REPAIRMAN: In a curious
way, I feel relieved.
I feel, wasn't this
always reality?
I've even given up
resuming my natural shape,
too vulnerable.
I wouldn't even want to.
I must admit wondering
now and then,
what happened to InterMate?
Maybe it was destroyed,
maybe there was some sort
of time warp, a side effect.
Maybe some other repairman
has been sent to rescue me,
and I only have to wait until
space-time comes full circle.
But I no longer really care
or remember all too well.
WEATHERMAN: Much of the Miami
Dade area is no more today,
as vast areas of shoreland
have collapsed.
Millions are...
Hi, I'm Desa, and
welcome to Park Andromeda.
188 luxury condos built
for the quantified you.
This luxury development
has all the luxury features
that you've come to expect
in a modern day space
habitat, and more.
You can experience the
universe's cosmic splendor
with a wink of an eye. [twinkle]
Biometrics tell you it's
been a hard day at work?
Switch your projection wall
and fall into the
hypnotizing gaze of NCG 1300.
Party time?
Thrill your friends with
a celestial meteor shower.
Or a romantic night
alone with your lover
while Scorpious hovers above.
This can all be yours
with an ever-rotating
360 degree view.
Park Andromeda is a new way
of living among the stars.
Conveniently located
just 17 hours away
from Earth's thermosphere.
Now we can breathe a pure
ionized air with scents,
ranging from Neo-Citrus,
Balinese Rainforest or...
Mint Ocean, my favorite.
Park Andromeda, your luxury
place in outer space.
[music playing]
[heavenly chorus]